Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, June 17, 1865, Image 4

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    Farmer's Department.'
Bran Mashes for Horses.
Naoy who koepa horeca gtvo thcifl no
chango of feed. It ia hay 'And oats all tho
ilrao. Thoeo who prtlcad io keep febo
bones, via will not cvou suppose to Xhtko
a (ecular feed of oorn, For .h'oraoA, w
know, aro almost onlircly on oorn in tlio
West. It may do as a feed for plow team
but certainly not for fino carriages or
or I
buggy horses- But horacs, whether fed )
regularly on ooru or oats, should hato a 1
bran mailt at least unoe a vreek and if
twice all tho bettor. It cools tho system
It bpehB tho bowols and clcanso and
tJiirifloo llietn. It keens the horse in health.!
. 1
It wards off tho cholio and other bowel
oomplaints. There will bo fever horses!
horses dying with tho botts cholio simi
lar diseasos,if bran mashes ato given week
ly. V
They are made by heating tbo water to
tho boiling point, and then pouring it on
bran'. About six quarts of bran should
bo used for oaoh horao. A couplo qaurt3
of oaTs may be put with tho barn and a
little salt and tho boiling water poured
oyer all. When cool, feed to tho horse.
Thoy should gcnorally bd given at night.
Rural I 'fit Id.
Setting Fence Posts.
Whoro it necessary to set wooden post?,
it will bo found that their durability will
bo greatly promotod by slightly charring
ot oarbonizing the surface beforo inserting
them into tho soil. There are few substan
ces moro indestruotablo lian charcoal
when buried beneath the surface and kopt
constantly in contact with nroist'iotl, or
soil that is oonstantly wet. We have seen
posts thus protected, taken from the soil
after having stood for upwards of thirty
years, in perfectly sound condition, so far
as rot was concerned, below the surface,
while the upper part, which bad been ex
posed to the atmosphere, was in a state of
Complete deoay. The cost of charring is
but a trifle, and may be effected by means
of chips brush or refuse matter of any kind.
A very slight oharring will be sufficient to
insure the preservation' of most kinds of
wood whether hard or soft. Stakes are
also equally benefitted by this process.
Animals. A correspondent of tho Ru
ral Neto Yorker writes as follows : "Buck
wheat and buckwheat straw create, when
feed to thorn, on all tho domestic animals
a variola-like cutaneons eruption, called
buokwheat eruption, appearing on all tho
spots poorly covered with hair or wool
around the mouth, on tho cars and inside
the hind logs. This disappears without
farther injury as soon as tho food is chang
ed." Will any of our readers who have
fod buckwheat or buokwheat straw, gives
ns tho result of thoir experience ?
' Chaeooal is a powerful absorbment.
Water filtered through it loses not ouly
its coarser impurities, but even tho more
subtle matter by which it may bo discol
ored. Baked Beans without Pork.
Excellent in taste, easily digested, good
for dyspeptics, free from swinish flavors.
Soak a quart of beans in water over night;
draw tho water away ; boil it in clean
water, until soft ; put it in a bakeing dish
with a lump of butter tho size of an egg ;
alt and peper, and bake as usual.
Sorohtjm Breau. The Green Lake
Spectator acknowledges tho recoipt ol a
sample of flour, manufactured from Sor
ghum seed. It is of- a light pink color,
much (finer, softer, and lighter than buck
wheat flour, but somewhat coarser than
wheat flour. He says it will make rice
griddle cakes or bread. This adds still
another inducement to farmors to enter
into the cultivation of sorghum.
The farmers of Livingston county, 111.,
have adopted the plan to do without fences
every one taking care of his own cattle.
The system works well,nnd tho whole ex
pense offences is saved.
"What aro wages here !' asked a la
borer of a boy. "I don't know, sir."
"What does your father get Saturday
Bight?" "Get!" saidi tho- boy; "why
be gets as tight as a prick.!''
Oua AROBTocitAcr. A wag says a
codfish aristocrat is one of thoso men who
dan pin a dried herring to his coat tail
and immagine himsolf to'be a whalo.
r Life is a thing which many people
in a hurry to get rid of, il ire may
judge by the number of "fast"
men nowa-days, who uio themselves
up I
with the greatest apparent satisfaction.
r If you know' anything that will
make a brother's hsart glad,run quiok and
Ull it but it is something that will oauto
a sigh ; bottle it up.
Why is coDsoionoo liko the stran
on the insido of an omnjbus I Heoaure
it it sn inward eheok. Io tho outward juau,
DR. 15, W, WILLS'
THIS old established, tlmtbughly tried
Rimcdy, rtcommcdat by some of the most
nihwit Physicins, has attained a celcbri
y in tnost parts of tht country, iti cwing
(Scrofulous Horn, Rom or Erysipelas, Seated Head
and Ring Worm, Tetter or Salt RhtumOiittor or Swell
ed Neck, (to common with onr American Females) cu
rable Canccraand Cancerous Sorca, Dlains or Uoili,
Chronic Ulcerated Sore,
ttilue, Mouth and Throat, Syphilis In all Its fornn, By
N'oailie or mercerrial Sore moutli, and throat, chronic
plccration of the Lung, Stomach and Kidneys, Plm
pie, roatunea, and Dlotchea. Rheumatism, Female
Wcaiincaa. Lereorrhao, (arising from Internal ulcera
'on) Dropay, Gonetial Debility, Emaciation and nil (Us
aiea of the
In cases of Costivcness or Constipation it
lta mild In ita action, Juat aufllcicnl to regulate tho
bowels and keep them regular, lta unlika all prep?
rations for the Dlood, having the laxative propertlca
combined, .Aa it contains
Wild Cherry, Mandrake and Dandelion
prepared in a scientific manner
it works wonderfully in cos.
ti of chronic affections
0 the
Chronic PILE9. and permanently cured by thoAlt-r
nativo and Laxative affect one great feature In It,
products aa
from thecorameneeraent-in short it is a very line Ton
ic. Its patataole and can be taken by tho most del
icoto Female or Child. It being purely vegetable there
will be no harm dono in taking It, If thero is no benefit
Preparea by
Dr, E, W, Wells',
Practical Physician
OFFICE over L. 0. Pains Store,
AIahket Street.
For Sale by all Druggists throughout
t ntuwwry,
r.B.-Every agent is authorized to refund the money
wbora the compound falls to relieve. Full Dlrectiona
accumpuny eacnooiue in English, French and Gcr
N. B. No
Carthetio medicine is re
quired. In troating Fivo thousand cases
T't. 1
t. wuvu mjver nuown a caso io requiro
byoio, or have I ever known it to fail in
thoroughly rcmoviB lfio di
devoto all my timo at the study and treat.
ment f Diseases OF THE BLOOD I
jam prepared to giro advico (gratis) by op.
( plying to my office or by letter, accom
panled by a Stamp.
. K,;W. .VELLS,
WBd hiv,tvS1iFWf!l4?,i ' New y'ork' '
JC Jl,l60.-H(t3
Schenk's Mandrake
Its Symptoms, Oaube and Cuhfc,
""HIS has rccoived its name from a bott-
tant nauica or alckness at tho stomach, which
attenda the pain in the head. Thia headaehJ U apt
to begin In the morning on waving from a deop ikqi,
andnhon some Irregulgtity of die, haa been continu
ed on the day before, or eometlmca for aoveratda)s
previous. Al Crtl ihtra ia a distressingly oppreaalvo
farting in the head, which gradually merges Into a s:
vcre licavy puin In tht temples, frcjuently alien ded
by a sense of fullness and tenderness in one eye, and
envmdlog across the forehead. There ia a clammy.
tnplearant Urte iu the mouth, on oflensire brcalb.and
the tongue covered w 1th a yellowish white fur. Tho
suffer!r desires to be atono In a dark room. As noon
as tne patient foils the fullness in the head and Vain
in tnc templet, tae a large dose of ScblnVa audrako
Pills' and in an hour or two they will feel as WeTles
over. This has been triod by thousands, and ia nlway
sure to euro, and idstend of tho nick headache coming
on every wck or leu days, they will act bo troubled
with it ouc in throe months
Scholia's Mandrake Pills are compssod of number
of root besides rodopbinln, or concentrated Mandrake
all of which tend to relax tha serretlona of the liver
and act moro prompt than blue pills or mercury, and
without leaving any dangerous effecta. In a bitliuus
person fhev will show themselves by tho stools. They
will expel worms, mueup, bile and all morbid matter
from the system. In sik headache, if they oro taken
as directed abovrs, (afull dose aa soon aa they fed the
Brst symptoms nfil Dr. Bcu'cnck will and has directed
his agents to return tho money If they da not give per
fete satisfaction.
If a person has .been compelled to etay out late at
night, or dring too much wine, by taking a dose of
rills on going to bod, next morning be will foel as tho
the bad not drank a drop, unless he forgets to go to
bed at all.
They only cost 54 cmts a box.
Whoever takos them wilt never use any other. They
are north a dollar to a sick
man or every cent tho
Don't forget tha name-SUIJISNCK'd MANDATE
Bold wholesale and retail at Dr.Schenck's Prlucigay
Office, No. IS, North filth Btreet, relladelfhia, and by
Druggists and Storekeepers generally,
Price for Pulmonic Byrup, Bcawood Tonic, tutl 81 JO
per bottle. 17 50 tho halfdoien.ortWoboltlca cfayr.
rup and oneofTonlc, for 17 7J,
Df.SchcnckwIllbo at his offlco, No. is 0rth St,
i-hiityqeipnia, every gaturdey to see patients. Ilo
mikes no charge for advice, but fat a thorough exam.
Inatlon of the lungs with his Uciplromctcr
three dellars.
llueJi U.Hci
Keep Youk Eye
HA3 enlarged and greatly Improved til Store noon
nnd stocked It Willi n largo mid superior Block of
RAM. nnd WINTER nooIlS, Xvlilch will bo sold as
low as at any other establishment In the country.
idicos Ut 10, 18. UO und '25 cents,
Muslins, Uliaehedand Urown at '25,28,
up 10 48 cents
tlli:Sr3 nOOIJS nf every shade, quality
and price a full lino of Bomoslle, floods,
vit : Checks, Vtrlpcs. Ticks.Lliincn nnd Cotton
Table Diaper, Olnghams, Nankeens, Jcc , A.C. A
good supply of l.ndles Which ami (.altera
N'pwtnck of llrils ami Cans.
111 tVtltJI llll illll illlll tlllilf,! I 111 11 13) I
a splendid niticlo Just opened and for inle.
111 I - - I ..... J....A,.i
A iresn tuppiy oi
fjitnnnmnc! ri iwf !inif)iu
VH X UtlI IVO mm Kj-sO)
a now lot or
imii imiiAIV IIMDI,'
CADAH AND WILLUW AIU'.. oy ine quarter, nan aim wnoiu uarrri
Noa. I und 1, medium and large. Also, u large and
splendid assortment ot
new designs. Also, a now lot of TRUNKS and
Oil Cloth Satchels,
Having bought theso goods beforo tho lato Hid, I am
prepnredto sell low,chcap as the cheapest for cash or
country produce.
.ttloo!jburg, Jan. 7, lc03.
Reding Kail-road.
November 7th. 1804.
Great Trunk Lino from tho and
North .Veht for I'hllodc'phia, NcwVor'c, Read,
iti ir. Pottsllln, Lebanon, Allenlowii, Eastou, c 4c.
Trains leave llarrlsburg for Nuw-Vork, as follows
At 3 UU arid H. IS A. M. and 1.43 1'. M., arrlviiig at .New
Vork at IU A. M and 2.45 and 10 1)0 P. II.
'I'h i! above connect with similar Tram on th Pciin
syivnnla jtall ltoad, liml Sleeping Cars acconip ny the
Qrst two Trains, without cli.ingi;.
Leava for Heading, PottsvlllcTamd'Stia, Mint .-svllle,
Allcntowii.aud Philadelphia ut fj.15 A. M. nn 1 1 45 P.
.M., slopping at Lebanon and principal Slatlou. only.
Way Trains, stopping at all point, at 7 95 A iM.dnd
4.40 P.M. Itt'tarning: Leave New-York at 0 V M.,1'2
noon, and 7.00 P. M. Philadelphia ntBA.M nlid 3.:it)
P, M ! Pottsvillc at 8 SO A. M. and 2.33 P. M ; l'amnun
at 8.10 A. M.nnd2.1SP. M.nnd Hendingat 12 .iildnigUt,
7.35 and 10.45 A. M 1.3d and G03 P. .M.
Kcadlng Accomodation Train; Leaves R'ndlngatO
3D A. M. returning from Philadelphia nt 4.3 P. .11.
Columbia Railroad Trains lenvc heading at (i.40 and
11 A M. for Ephruta, l.lliz, Columbia, ttc
On Sundays; Leave New-. Vork nt7P JI., Philadel
phia 3.15 P. M.. Pottsvlllo 7.3d A. M.. Tic.iaqua 7 A; M ,
llarrisburg S 15 A. M.. and Heading at-'S midnight, for
Commutation, Mileage, Season. Sr ,onl, and Incur
sion Tickets to and from all points. at reduced Rates.
Baggage checked through ; bO pound allowed each
C. A. N1COL1.S,
Ptncral Superlnltndtnt
Rsnpca, Pa. Nov. S5, l&',4
ExaiiisH, Swiss and American
618 Market. Street, corner of Decatur,
I Philadelphia
Healer in American, English and Sis Watches,
making a speciality of ilu celebrated Amuucan
VVatiii, which hu woald reLomnicud to all wanting a
good time keepjr, am will be sold at tho lowest
prices and arc tlio cheapest and bjgt fur the piicc.
March 4, IbUo.-ly.
The Berwick House
I Benvi'-.k, Columbia co.y Pi- j
ffjtf tm undersigned would repttVully nnnotmce to
Igij' his fuiends nnd the public generally, that- j
having leased this w ell-known house -lio has given it
a thorough renovation. The rooms have been re.papoi j
eil nnul'ie emir, establishment elegantly rcfurnitlied I
I king pleasantly and eligibly loValod, and provided
with all tho rcpiioilo couveiiiencos, it offers to the I
puuuc me comoiseu aovautagos oi
A First-Glass Ootel
quors. Travellers, drovers, teamsters, boar.lcrs. .c.
accommodate, to general atjsfaitl..n. Careful and uc
comiuodatlng llosllers nlwnys in alter.daiics. Stabliu
Ike uio.l compluto and cit.iui.ivii in this seitinn.
May 28.180 1.
: how Lost how lUslort'd.
Just publishnd. a new edition of Dr. Cub
vemcll'st flebratt.l Essay on the radical
euro (without liiediclnut of
Ol SCllIn.,1 U'.Jibllai. I ,,,..,, ... n ... I..-,
Losses. Impoiency, Mental ami Phj.lcnl Incapacity,
Impendiiiicnts to marriage, etc., also, Consumption.
Lpilepsy, and Pits, induced by sclf indulgouce or sex
ual extravagance, 1
'',ice in n sealed envelope, only six cents.
I he celebrated author in this admirable er say clcarlv
demonstrates, from a thirty yeats' succrfu pruclicu.
tnot the nlurming conso.ueuces of sell-abuse unv to
rndicarv cured wiihootiim .., .
!rmodi.no0rC, uV.!Qf f.'nif li0" ,or XU" 'nire-pi.lnlliiB out
hi ,?,...? r , fcil"P'V.' certain, and of 'canal,
end hi, ? nlv h'!,""' V EV"? "m,l"'r
and radically.' ' v" "'"P""
7 'I his Lcflorn &hn,llr1 l,n In lltn ImJ. ..r
youth and every man in tho land.
Bent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any address,
post pai. , . n rceipt of lt rents, or two post slams.
Address the publKlicrs,
. .'"fS??wa'r r,cw York' V"1 Ullli:a " s.S'-U.
April I J cuo
628. HO f KINS' 620.
HOOP $ K S n T
No. 028 ARCH Street, above Utti . PhiPa
The niort cnmplctn .tss 'rtmeiit and bjsi quality anJ
st)lcs of Ladips', Misses' and Children's Hoop tikirts,
In the city. Those of "Our Own Make," am otn-H mi
expressly to meet tho wants of l'ust i lass Retail
l rado.-embracing all tho new and dosirnbla stylus.
Bites, engt lis and mo walls, in trail nod plain Skirts
'Jh SI.3.3J, 3i, and 3t yards round the bottom : makf
lug mors than a hundred arlclies for Ladles : in Mis
ser onil Cliildren's Skirt, wo aro beyoud all comneti.
linn ; all that arn mado by us havo ttainped on ihi kid
pad, "lloiikiii's lloop Bkirt Manufactory; No. Arch
tacUoi'i r8 w"rra,u,!l"0 eivo Bats-
C-Agents for tho "NEW I'LEXlllLE- SKIRT. tho
most pliable Ilnop Skats made, equal lu llrndley's
"Duplex l.llptic" rlkin, and ut much lower prices.
A so. constantly In receipt of u full assortment of
good I. tstern made Skirts, which aro being sold nt
very low prices. Kid padded and mctalic fastened 15
springs ea cents. 2U springs 31 uu, W springs 81 13, 30
spring. SI M and 40 springs SI 50, Hkirts mado to
order, altered und repaired- Terms Ca.h -Ono Prlci
Only, for Liicuiar containing Cataloguo of stilee,
engths. sizes and t'rircs, cull at or uddrcss by mail.
Inclosing Stamp for Postago, ,
Hopkins' Hoop Skirl Manufaetory, 1
No. 0S8 Arch Stroct, PLiladtiphia.
March II, 16C3,-3m. r
Baker & Confectioner
T,15';;!lffiiKir:is'',,Td tot "a,c-
French and Domestic Confec
tions In gieu and eplcndid vnriety i Nuta. Fruita.nnd evcrv.
tU.f if.,U? Vy ,?,un'1 a "' i'a-s confer on" , y store
ee'ved ."lock of ' ""CC'al '""!,Ui", ,0
riUYlDl' reCCIlt V Ittiirl nn n n .l
a j I' uv u DUU
elegant i
onlllpto KEAM SAIsOoiV, ;
IZZIH ',' Ice Croat, as clieap n. "o
wlth Ice Cream, Coutenionery, &c at reosoobie rates
Bloomsbuig, April SM.ieiU.
No. 'JCr North Third Slrtct. HUila'd
' wli
.U .'I Ull 00,1
The rcrtlllxoTji rlrcpnrc.l by tho Agrlcultual Chemical
Co., (a Company chattered by tho legislature o't'enn-1
syivnnla with a cAiltal nf S'50,001),) liavo been proved ,
In practlro to bo the chsapdlt.iuost profttaMaahd best,
for Ilia iFnlmer, Onrdcfiof ni d I'rult-growcr, of all
1 concentrated mnniiros now otlercd In nny market, Tha
Coiiipan)'a list embraces tlio following i I
8-P'sFkii lnNf Th's Fertilizer Is com
ClMUIVy LIVj. fis ,0 and tlio
Vertlllilnii olcincnl hf urine, ciuiibliied clH mlcally
and iiircluiilc.illy with other valuublo fcrtllliluir a
genii and absorbents . ,,. .
It Is reduced to n pulverulent condition! rrndy for
Iniiiiodlato iiSB..nnd wilhout loss of Us highly nllro.
gciinin lerllll?.iiigiirop,rlli,. t.. ., ,, ...
Us lililtcisnl tippllmlil-liywUI cropnd soils, And
Its duiablllty tmincilvn tiunllllr's are well known to
it an tiMt nrricimiiriristaii uimu.
Thl. VttUitsr Is I .irmly composed of niilmnl mat
Ur.'iic'l as meat, . ou. Ilfli. Icullitr, hair and wool,
toiftlier rt Itti clmlnlcals Mid iimrcnnle ferllllieVi,
which (lffoin.o(i! the muss, and rolaln the iiilrorcn
cus elements.
It Is n very valuable fertlllicr for Held crops pener- ,
ally, nud vsVicclatly ror puatoo, and (jurdfii purposes.
Its excellent iimllllos, strenrjtli nnd tlu-apnrss, havo
niadu it very popular with ull who have used It, I
This Injlily phu.pliatlc rcrllllter is pnttlcnlaily aJ;
adapted f 'r iho iiilllvuln'i oi tlcvs, frulta, lawns nnd
lloners. It will prouioto a vigorous and healthy
ouuiilitv and ncrfect the mat irlty of the frull. l'nr hot I
crnwlli df wnoil mill Iron, nnu largeiv increase uio
liou.ound housi'hold plants ami flower'. It will bo
' found tin ludliprnsnble nrllclo to aeeuic their Rrcateit
I perfection. It w III prevent and euro ilscascd condi.
ti0ns of the peach and grope, and Is excellent for grass
mm ihhiif.
It liTmnnoitnd nf such elements ns make It ndanted i
to tho growth of ulkliids of crops In all kind" ofaoila.
The formula or method of combining Its constituent
ertllulni! ingredients kavo received the hitthpst ,,.
froval of eminent chemists k scientific ngiicultutl.t.
Tho Agricultural Chemical Company irlanuf.icturc a
I'ho.nhaiu uf l.iom In accor.laueo with a new and vat.
uablc loiuiula by which a very superior article Is pro
duced, so as to ho utl'oriled at n losi price than other
manufacturers clurgo. I'ranticnl tests havo proed
that, lis vulue, its n tertillt'.T, is i"iuul to thu best Phos
phate of l.liin In tlu- lonrkjt,
Terms Cash. All orders of a Ton or
i more, will be iti livorcd ot tho Rul'rcnd.Jitutlmia and
1 tho Wharves of Shipment, Iroe of enrtagc. Cartage
: will bo charged on nil ordora of U barrels r less
Ono dollar per Tun ullowanco for cartngo will bo
I mado oh all .all s delivered at the Works ol tlu Com
pany, on Canal Wharf.
.luinuiji.i uii.M, uiii;.iiii;.i.i uju'.in s n;urvo
A l UANAl. WllARr, OH HID lltl-AWtRE.
OHico. 4131 Arch St,, Pliiladelpliia, I'a.
It. II l'l i'Tr', (Jenrrnl Agent.
The Comnaiiv's Paiiiolilet Circular, embracing full
directions tor using the nbovo Fertilizers, scut hy
null,, Tree, wlion requested.
March II, ldli5.-3m. (Jiy, rret.C
nrtolsnlu ! c
Chqap Grocjeiy Store,
'I Ull undersigned h as rpiunvei) bis Hat and Capf-lorc
1. uptu Uvans' old ttand, wlurc in addition to u
superior assortment ol'
J3 Hats and Cups
iMolasfes, Supar,
Coffee, Teas,
Tubucco Suuff,
Cigars, Spices,
Dried Fruit, Duller,
Coiil Oil, Drug.,
l'arlor and Hand Laiitps,
Books. Writing Paper & Ink.
Uurdicarc und Cedurware,
Picket Knives, Cuiiibi,
ij'C., iyc, )-c
Togilher with u variety of articles generally krpt in a 1
Also-A fine lut of KltW, MOt'Oi.CCM and LiMiiusto
which he invites the at eution nf .hueinaliers anil the
Uloomiliiirg, May 13. 1EC5 cii"0ivfy engaged In t11'
UnilcrttiJ.iHe liutintsi. and keepscoiistamly on hand
nd for salo ut itia Warcniouis, a Inrra Kssortmcnt of
Hy which ho I. enable
Aim-Keens a good II
' ""-v
I to till orders on nrcsentation '
1 1 or so and Hearse, and will at nl '
attend I'lluerda.
llioomabi'rg, January '.'J. I WD ;
J. f. tYiin.
l k. siovk
ew Drug Si ' O 14 lL
THE undcrslgni-.l would Inform their friends und the
llllblic cenorullv.tlint Ihcv li:,ei Ink,.,, II, ,,,.1
iiiorly nciupieil by Geo. .M, llugeubiich, Iu the Eichaugs
Uiiililing, on .Main street, in Iilooi.iiinir... uhp.n i. i,nu
juc, reeciveu n mil sii)piy oi
c", ---.jj ,...,
jilOPS, ttC
W,m 5 vnrVnvK1 " ,"u;!,'ra, l,'r,M8 ",'mi PV.
AlHO. NO 1 IO.b generally, of every variety, sort and
.times 'SnU ra&",e,U11' "'"'ounned. a,
nil times and on short notice.
U. contectlor
Water iu ten son.
.rrr-Confectione.yof thu best .election,, and Soda
L? A sharo of the public custom is respectfully so.
idled, '
Oloonisburg, April 11. I8CS.
tTT f r fW iw m wnv. -
0 wjti.Lju.m.a.imiussD
No, 1 18 North Second St., i-or. of Quarry,
An assortment of Watches. Jewelry, Filvcr and
,, Plated Waro constantly on hand,
tended to uf Wolcl,0li ani1 Jowelry promptly at
Januury'l, 16CJ, ly.
II. c.
RrsPECTPUI.LV offers his profrsi
"".i services 10 110 Untie, no, I ntl
i men of lll.ionuljyrK and vicinity.
lie is
operations iu tl.Vi.onfl i. profession and snJovi.i
w,l ,.i.ol1..est,I,roveiI POKMM rKfr. nf "u uu
,i""w iu uiiciiii m jiij nig
.Ml icr il nl'jlH nn.l l.ii. i in..! .. . . ..
111 ,1 . V . '
o, erli,.n.- teeth. Z,Ytoi,ySnfitu$X i"
ii.,)u7elr.!;a.,i'di,o.o,li' fe,v
Uljti.nsburg, June Q 18U3
BELL & ALLABAOH, Proprietors.
WASIllNfJitON, D, Ol
4i If yi ar ru sr m -
'iujiw unucrsigood, desires to call tio
JL attcntioif of tho Public in 1,1. r,,.ini. f.,.'
Acroiuiti. br
Acrmiiits. tr. l)i.rhan.,.,i I
i get i uir lull uounties, though generally tlwY iialS .,
recuivou nan. rvn rni.rna r ir . -.-
Irliini is
uni is secure. i. unlet, with . . i.ini,,
nils fiamo building below Kiehmgo llolel,'
. - . ...luriuaiiun.
mo building below Klrhn L,l" ln
.fril I l4i ly
ERS. :
Tho laws that regulate health, ate of Importance to Ml.
Bryan's Life Pills
A sure amldoto for sickness, and a rcfugo from
. , i
Sorrow, Tain and Disease
They are adinltied to be tho
Best Family Medicine
lor cenoral use. rntlfylnr tho lllood
nnd eteasnmi.
the system from all nnpurily.
they oio
anJ mild In their operation.
Read What They Witt Do:
.A gcntlo anJ ollrctual purgative.
Bilous derangement removed.
Cleaner of the Dlood and system.
' ,
I ,fcl,,, i ,, f,f i,uivor disrsllet'.
ibillty and Los or power .iispeuei , .
' Jlinercj supplied to the Muscles 4. Neives,
p-,,,,,. irr(BUitJtios! removed.
emm "rcguiariuis rcmuti.u.
Gloomy anllelpatlona banlsheJ.
FTcaduche entirely cuicd.
Irritation uf the atoniach leaioied.
J nuudice an t l.ivcr Cumplalnti cured,
Kidney diseases rill'veil,
Loss of appetite aild sicK stonncH
Melancholy and L'nnti) diipciled.
iNcutalgla and Nervousness cured.
plum und other Stimulants nvoiilcii,
Pimples nnd nruptions reiiToved.
Quinsy and Sore throat healed,
r-iiimiti sin soon alleviate I.
VJlm p produced Sweet nnd Sound.
1 outhache and Isljnin! gums rcllcud
' U rinary diseases beni f.lle.l
j Vitality produced in the iicrious,
' Worms i IvnriuLty cajm ll,l.
i V
Vnctly the Mcditluu lianted I. r
dung and old win iiso them.
jv.nn Mu.tiiiiUF, CijxtQlis
Bryan's Life
have been used by tliodsan'ds with sitccos,
Iluudreds ol CcitiQeate can be i
'liny rrrjilalr-th" Ktnmaih. Live nnd llili.irv S rr-.
Ions wlilc'i Is th'Mlii-1 r.iue .,r,'. ii,,n.
i,rs. Iiimncs of Sight, Headaiho, fkn ytrimach and
othr-r hiudrcd roinptam a.
'J ho.c of a ncrwius l-!in,i'-r.iiin.-iit wU.m rirlilss
adds .. kcror un pils.. to thu ill. of jf,., i., ,m, .
sed ,llti n i'."W cAislciite an , ll. u ttius of nu'vuMi
uro ciiangca tu s.'uln of joy. by using tli.-ni.
I II 12
in! ":tli brilliu'it llion-htj
wit'i new Ide cr, ictrds of f,n
niih niiSm.itjble courage
,,., bright coiurptioiiscf the futuri'.
With l.'J-ill..U0 111 r n-.,t ,.,.-. .
Willi unfailing energy,
with hkill that cntrancss.
.... with a swfet mi'lodious voice.
nitlf rjpturoos uinoiioii...
becomes Iinpi'ful and
Bryan's Life Pills
, Aro u'luptcd for all Aires & Constitution'.
' 'lrr.a' cnmpoaeil of the activi-prinriplis of IIinu,
, "uuia iinie.i iroin nor nuns and rhev
! Xl?
51J De ,!lKc" b? nl1 ages, icjcs or condlilon wlihoiii
I T.? cl,lt0 1
1 ' now
in cure diso.iso we must go fjrthcr than simply nur
tho bowe s : wo tiiitttt .i.,.f, .. '
""""""f " wi ine laws oi Mature, in the "i hih-
, . - in. .ici Mi
act iu
i'"t man
lor oilier
luriieusiiiio iii very many cases
ill i i . ".wu"' "' "ccumulate.l uciid roultiT. A
action' of n.Jdiciuo m, ' to ,,?,ko ZnnoV' 'i.i'.'e ' I
, though local iu its character, allccu "more or lc,H u 'J
cr.'o th ?y., ,u by K'lIStffi
' and then otVthJ wholis "tem tK.?!!
!'. ?" B1 1 "UBh the hodi . hhould parli..lly runali
iu ...Ti inango H nllected. so us to nccoiiipliil,
Ike woik designed , therefore, a slinplo cathartic, im
I s not what th., usiom wholly reiui t's. A , n'.licj m
s necessary that will ,,ot ,.y W'U1'UJ V bu '.
ls, but have uuo-pecial union on thu secretions if
!?, I' VCr' J101"""' "ves, Kidneys and Ah , ? ?ary
I tnuiil ami finally u,o lilood. Much, then. Is tlio on.
!!nr,ih!,,.C.r "O'an'.I.iru Pills; consaiue . fly ,h,.y,;rPe
I InvnluabU In mi cases of Dyspep.l.t llmd achu and
blood. '1 hoy act on ull parts of til . sy.teir. ami in
lluenco a change in ihos',, uteaut ,', lu " 'u '
lects the human fame. They'luvt heallhlul and life.
; f vnig which, being tlk, up l.v t "i n any '
mlnuto vessels, enters Urn hlo.iii no I i"", ,V, aturo ?.
pejrori,. he funciionr. If a.iehlion ,s j,il j to ili0 Ji
I."'1"" und ''f 'lar uvaruations of tlio body, i
I ,u?1' ''"'".""'y be prevented : and the.o .ills ,,r, 1
uiiK . i Cl111' a" ,ll!y ""t '"iiy nit on tlm
olf, Ihrouel. ih. .nU'.. :, c '"".V. ca"y
Mi'iry PUCreilDrisI 1V lirninrl im .11...,. il,.' i -
""K. rtJlurs cxnouilds tier Inw. .ml l.
mora vT,...:. . ''.' on. uniting in..
Uulfall. in harmonic with lU.mlVVo,? iZJi'SSCll
lej,, j ,J' !. taken that weaken, tho svs-1
M'lM ' ,t var:n,fc,,rr,c,f0 .f'SS
iiuuiitiicii. ur it i ipb ssi ii.... i
l''V,nJ4 "I""' l uhlilou, Upon uS
K,'',,C" ;l1-'1,t 1?''8.U',,, b '"" '"U'Utforcesof ,1. tu o'and I
I'll inrl II... ....... - -. """ 'h' M IIII1U
luinurtic, they never weaken tho system, bit ,ruata
I to natural eiuilibriuni-uiid tills great nrh eloln
es nt foundliti..,, of, ve?y dlcase. They 'ie t m
-.. i.,,. ,.i mo sysieiii.nnu innueiicu a chaiigoin th
organs aro deranged, Thu utmo.i relianco mav
placed ill those Pills: thuv .,, l.. .
sought study and j-xp,.,ioeoin tlio true union or
turo's remedies, dircited to tho euuso tlm lie, at
foundat on of UI.Bst. They-hafo been tiled by th
vc Il
the .and. w ith auccos.ful result's ami they n o vXci
. befom tho people with lit u fc-reulcbt to.ilJ.lci'c. '
greuleti loiifldeucu,
A Box of Hiuv..S''b Lu'E 1' will (Sott
They wllacco,p,iinii(in,,y.u ,, ,!6ellcJ
-J e.isu.ll.y pui Uruy mo
nmedlciuo long and favorably tun ta tK AuicMiaS
If you wish to buy IHIV AND I.IPE PM i n,i
mU 'lout tak- ?nv"L ?.! ;
r UK. J. BRYAN, .
Box 5070, 70 1,'ediir Street. N, v
trbrunr, , i, . ,MW
CnlilQ i'oirdcr
warranted to
1 bfi the moat power.
In .agent . or , tho atom,
nth and blond nf Catllo,
Rwlno, or Snep, in pro
intllng dlgcsllniilcana.
In? tho system and.lrrfrt.
sferlng the purirliid nn
llmnl Hold In flelj. Tat,
milk, butter nmlttrcngtii
1,'n d establishing health
and vi;nr,
iiiivovs tionsr. U.
nnly tiicdiclnes Iclnlly
pati ntedln France. Kng"
' laud. (Switzerland and
OuRtS llnllnnd, nnd duly ad.
SilSi1" mlllA.I bv tlimr L'ourlS.
LLeMTOWtr'' hniiorert wltbptlM tnc
nU ami Invented by Mr. Iluvny. Prnrcasor or tnc im
Xerlil Co Iw for Agrlciilmw al Pntls. nnd now man.
nfacinredby C' IL llllt.i:it. lr "f Z. r.d A. Allen
town. I.i-hlgh County. Pennsylvania. ,
All nsVs of thu ftm.H.h. ISIuo L I. n ga
rls. speedily and rrttainlv rnred. lien"!')! ty
be brought tho very highest Half P"f
and ono or twn tnhlrspnnnlul a week, Is of great vf.lui
i irrctunllVDVorromo nil Uif obstacles which ilsunlly
prevriit the oprlllng nf worms, arc plcnenn to take.
I i.l I ii so on., ol Ihc m.i.t agr.rnl. e piirgntlv s for
c l l drcii. Po fnnildcnt I. the Inventor nf th-success
ol Vila liibotious studios, In tlio palliolnglcal compost,
ttnn ftrthis(.r.p.iiiillou.that ho furnishes every glad,
uatcd phyriilnii, with u written prescription, oa a new
t ru In innlirlii medlcn. .,, . ,vv
Till'. UNION ROM.'II. RAT. Mtfi: AND AM" I'.X.
I . Tl'.ll MINATOU. .
Is a'r for tho sun- ojlermlnation of all Vermins,
' vlirn"ver iliaugB with ago und tllmrttc, nn.l much
' preferable In lli.i old I'ho.phornus Paste, wlilrli hard.
! ens In n skort lime, innklng II w n.-thtoss. I or direc
I lions nnd pnrllculnrs seo Ihn snnll bills in llio boles.
: rr7" Ono liuiidred and Ihlrty-si ven prnnlnms hnvo
, been nwarded in theso eclcbrnted prrparutlona. up ti
' ''VtoVA'.Vllnvin aro th1" whol.'snle Agrnts In PhH'a
j irilU,ESAL!jy lib' MIL
' For s-ale by W Erasmus, fole Agent for
Fharples, Cntawlssa. ,
I, II. U J. Klinciiiukrr, flucx lloin.
Ma.tor x Urn. Mill.iHu.
(', I'icsl Iliihtsbiirg.,
Btsn art & glonn, Orngr.vllte.
Ilciidcrtlioil, lllooiui.burg.
i f. Fowler, I'.'py.
' Crcnv k Co., LlghtBlrcil
. f v k Spuigler, Limn Rlilgi.
nnwn.m, & Owen mid Miller, Her wick.
j U.II. ronicr, f owiersMne.
, fo"" All oidci'3 for Columbia
; pril! be addressed Io
Wh. l.'salc Av-'iit, lllooni'lmig
l 0. U, UUt.NKU.
N'. ven.bcr IS), li'OI ISin.
' Nos. !), l!j 13, 15, 17 Couitlanrib Sfeel
This otil-ostablislie.l nnd faVOrlto ri'sort nf tho llufl.
lies Colillndnlly has been rerentl rc(Hlrt, and iscuoi.
)lrtc In i vorj thliig that can ioiilit.-r to tlio tni-ifurts nf
Us patrons La.lins ilild.familles tiro specially d'.ltl v n4
, fully provided for. ;
!'. j centrally IricMod ln the bu iuess part f th rli
nud Is cjotiguous t.'jli" principal linbs i.l'l.';iinlii,,u
i urs, .mi"i!)Ussoi li'rrt.-s, .
i. oni..fiUssG4 li'rrl.-s. a-p.
In conre.piitico of the pressure caused by the ltel,
. Hon, prices havo beou rc.lucud to
One Dollar u d 1'ijty C ctH.i per )u
i 1 lu tabic is amply silpjili. d w ith all llioJiiiurl..s r
tlu- n'asoii.auilise.puil to th.'.t nl any uifi, r hotel iu tlf,
i Ample accoinmoilations arc onured tor upward of t i
' gui'.ts.
1 SjT Do not belicvi luiini'rs.iisckm. n, and ntHi-rs i'
may say "tho Western llot.-l is full."
II l WIVCIILMTnit Prnprli,
, r. i,. is. lt-M.
I be uniJcrsinuil, g'aic.'u! f,.r pi " j. it.
r'liig.-, rraprrtfully inf run I Tn.v Kin-.- I' ,
svp.,thnt loi In. just prrcircd Tr it). New .l, i
new. Ii ' nn.i
Phoenix Coinp"! y 'Joach,
win- Ii loe.niH he i now .oi hi ,1 i, rnut , ,
f;''g"r and li.isiiijsu n.fjly
'OOll.-tl '.'.I ,
oiooiiuio,,. a,i , v,,r ll ,.,
b"! Tlili.lS. I HiH i,,. 1H ,,
ru.toni'rs l' their sati.l nil m,
patroli.'.g l.
'..'.inn II ti r in , .
I ' ,U l N III i!jl
.1 s.jI.i u, t . li'l
'j.t.'oa i. mi: to-;
"Oni.h.irg, Jam, lrv
j.Vey (Grocer if
MOKE 'Ill'SII ;oou.s.
!n.i;ul,j EniMtltg-i,Vl Sait) 0.t M.ut
Sin ft, Uulii'ilhliur !.
ll'J underMcrucd hs in.t r,,t
P'Od stork f " " -
of .III hud". M n', . JV.
"l 10 III" mil I Kel ; h i;-.03 Aj..)itoi , ,.r I.. , , . .
und Children'
Miuea uf ull kui ij.
A Freeh Lot ( Gro
of kin-' a. mrh nf
Teas, I Ric,., I
ugaiM, ColL'C. Spiixw. I
M Ii .1 Jt ,1 llllil c
lobaecti, S'cnrfi, Citudi.T, Rnzco hit I,
iVi'.. Ai', ,tc
l.'g'l ni with a tr,.Ht
n'l' iy hi ni.ijuuft.iiKj U" f.
us tin, iiiii,,. ri,( ln ,,, , j(Jll
n i iiier, i:,-s. ,i,j i
I i i'ciiiiii2o tor n'iod.,
H-nburg.c., J1' G1GER.
''Ql! K SAIaSS ,.!)SimLL I'ROFHS.'
fS II E undersiirneil,
S ."tore I n, leii.M.n. ..i
Il Vj undersirneil. Ii ilUI
no laksii i in
fjl.ct.nboK. Iron firett, ni
11 Ull every rnriMv ,.r
l.iuiLs K. Kyer. on Mum
Mon:n, lurg, ,n,, du.i.ej
I!.i....r . . -
o..a i' (,r : r:r." .' ."
public i.airolmgo, and tn at he .ah r.a t i '." ""'
a. .l..l4lI,o by .elliog lllMLh&ft$'0?US'
on fair tetnis and at satisfariorv prices,
ui:oci;i;ii'h. nyu,
audcspe,,,y wilha.pleii.lM tanety of'Vm CAl"X
golds';0'"""' Pr0l'"r0' s,,cr:"l- I" exchange fo,
llljj.mbiri!, Jm
ationai Foundry.
iii nrntoinnm "
mT. . .. U UJj U M CO., PA.
J '.'''f 1"1"' "f Iho abovo naino.l ....
' WP.- u, L
...... : miiiull-b, c-iii iniiarv i:iinit.u iiuk
it,... '""'HN'C MACIIINEti. kb. ic
" ', tor.S,?'1 ,mako "". and
"om.burg, Hept. IS, lcflJ.,,U''Clt B'l'MBVi:.
in7mo"rw l',e , , fi."S ''!.."? ''??..
.. valuab ti i n . VI "': L !n!mu- .".. i Wiom
marry li.ii.nili- n,i ....i.i . ,V'U ',' l"n.UIB J'ou to
nrbeulllv. T.,1- l, M.""' '.""" "I '
I age.wealih
and if you w'i.i u, , X" .i. ' '.'?!. .J'"1' P"l"ihj
. .,,
tlim sent by-yi ihiVi an. "iL ri laid
Mir .!.-,, Kiu C., Nw Yerk.
0f every rJcecription for le at this ofSea.