Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, April 22, 1865, Image 1

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    ' "JMtifU All Jsj V IS
VOL. 19 1VQ. a
Pens to Suit the nnd, and Piccs to Sitit
the Pocket.
The boot Gold Pons in the Wcirld
On tic rccrlpt oftlip following sunn, uc will send,
b mall, or nil dlrcrsed, n OoM ln or l'ns, (electing
j,I1ib uni i according in Ihii description, tiaiiiply :
,, Gold Pens, ill Silver Plated Extension
4 Cases with Pencils.
' I'ot 81 Nn 2 pen : for 81 2.5, Nn. 3 p-n ! for 51 50 No.
4p'."in fin SV Nn. 5 poll for Si 25 Nn.Upiti
These pen? nrr stamped THE IMI'Kltt L PEN', nnd
ore well finished and flue wrlilngOud t'ens.with good
nriduui point' although they are unwarranted, und
cannot tin exchanged.
Our name (American Onlil Pen Co., V. V) In stamp
ed on nil our flrrt quality Pens, ami the point are
warranted for clx mouths, except ngulnst ai ciilint -
)ur second quality Pun, lire stamped TIIK S ITIU.S.
AS I EN. wllh tlita Initial of our firm (A. .P. to,)
And lire enri fully iiuido, having the mine pnjntsns imr
tlr-t quality IVn? the ouly eat uiflereiicv being iu
M iallly i.f tlm Gold.
Gold Peti', l.t :ind 2d quality iu Solid
Silver Extension Ouse, with Pencil.
Tor S J on n Nn. 1 pen tut quality or Nti S pi n 2d qual
I or 8 J 25 a Ft 11. pen Id quiilliy, or a No a pen '.'dqual
Fur it -.5 a Null pen In qu.ilily, or a No 4 pen 2dqunl.
rorC iU a No 1 11 IM quality, or a N5 p. 11 Jd qual,
I'or SI ou a No 4 p.n 11 q ialily. or a Noll pen 2d qual,
for UI 5UaNo. ti pen lit quallt).
The Miiuo Gold Pens, in Solid Silver Gold
Plated Ehouy Desk Holders and
Morocco Cuses.
For ? 2.1 No 3 pioi I I qun'lty. orn V 1 4 pen 5d qual
1' ir 3 "') a No 4 pi 11 l-i quality or a n5p"ii 2.1 qual.
I'oi .( 2,1 u nifi 11 1. 1 quiilliv. or 11 Now p '11 2 1 qual,
4 I'or ? I IU n No 0 pi n 1st quality I'or S5oiln No 7.
v pi n. For 9o 73 p No. b pen. For Sit t)d a No. 12
pen ; nil llrtt qu.ilitv,
Our Pun rnnk throiirlinut the country ai equal If
to t superior to any eolo pens iiianufaituri'd. Nnl only
. f. r III 'ir w riling .finliti b i. durability ami elegant
, t n li I ho gri ale! citrrt id nse.l iu their uianur.iciure,
1 n . 'lone arj foil with the sllghto.i Imncrfuttiun
v h ch r k i 1 1 can den rt.
' 1'nlie? 111 iirJoriiia iiiiiKt tperlfy (tie nam", number
nihlquility in all i ii'Luicl s and whether .titror llin
tier, to-irse or Hue.
A rll.-o.iui of 12 per cent will bt allowi it on sums
of IS if tut to nun a.ldrrs-i, at nuu tunc , 15 p.-rceni
ou $25 -.(I per eeiii on $4.1.
All ri ioittiiucr liy mail. Itcelit-red. are at our rink
T.i nil w hu em I se 20 n-nts extra lor reentering, we
tuar.iiit 'e th i f 1 0"I v.iry of ilio K"Oitii.
; t.tri'Ulirs of tilt our iii'A tyl u ith tfngravini. of
cxurl iz t, 1111. 1 prieiM. 5 111 up 01 r.'ciyt of utauip, If
j U'"irni IVos r (! 11 t.-t for Su r"iit. Uv mall.
'ifi tU iu i'tr a'i'i leivoler- aro reqii 1hiI to correspond
' A Ml 1 in a we cm oiler them gp at iiidurenieuts,
f?, AMUKII'AN tiill.I) I'EV CO.,
' f .No. 2U0 Uroaiivay, N'mv York,
January 2d, lSOS. 3m.
U. & 13. T. Asiihruy & Co.,
BJau.H'.ciiiu r.- oi ! ,Hat
ciiitl:., (ilik' & tUiail.
501 1 4 HO !)WAV, '. Y.
Ill aililltl'oi In ,11 r 10, in lioi.'aJ nf I'liOtnirrai lilo
Material, io iir ilea iquurt r. 101 to tuliowiug, viz : I
Of tlofe vii liavo 3.1 noui"iwi. i.iicit, lurtodii;
V,ii .cni"p. Aoieiltiiii 'n'l I'oi iyii I'ttji'd ntol 1,1 .
fca (irooi, ,-uitui ry, i.e. fie Am Revnlvini:
Mi reotfopi'ii for p loic or privut exhibition Our
, igue iMIl be . ut to .my a idrio on rectipt of
Photojraphic Albums.
We were llm hrt m iiilro.luce Uieai ii to th 1 Unlied
H'litee. nml we 111 uitif.iUiiri! ltiiincne qiianlitieif In
(.rent vaii-ty. 'ilium 1,1 prien from iiJecnts to Jill
itch. O'tr AMIUMH have ih.i rev nation of beinp su
perior In b mii ty anil durability 10 any others. They
will b.i lent liy in.(i, free, on receipt of price.
ILjVic Albums wade to Ordtr.mft
Our "atalo.'U" now I'mhrucci iv;t fict thoutand dlf.
d rent eiilijnti (to win. Ii ti.lililinua are coutluu.iliy
t.'iou huHl') uf Portrait! 01 Kiuintiui Ainericuus, Sec ,
ix ' aliout
, IUI M.iJor.Ccil'ral', State men,
Ml Knu.-lieiiurald, I Uu rii1iiea,
2io OolmieN, I2 Autl orb,
lim l.i ul t'lilnin U, 40 ilin,
Ejil Oth -i ', I :S tflnur,
75 .Vivy oiHcri. I IM I'riunincnt Women.
Ion Proniiut Foreign Portrailo.
S.U'I'I t.'Ul'li:- '' vMHtKrj OF ART,
1 nc'ii.llnc ropniiiii(.lioP. llhe iont tel. braled Dn.
. fr.iviii, Puiuttuitd. cH.itu t, 'c. I'a.nioyaes nen un
r ci-ipt of M.diip An ord.'r for One I) zm I'in
from .nir I'm il uur will b- lilled on th.' rer. 1 f
3l.rll, au l k.miI by in. ill
PI otoyrapliers .1 lid oth mm ordering gnoiU (7, P.
ilhT'le ie r uilt tvv. nty live per cent of thi 1 m
with th. Ir or.ier
1:. n 11 t. an mow & c'i
.TT:a(fiii.urrc " Pholernphie MiUrli.
.iul Hroi.lway, Xuw '1 t.
V" The prue, an I quality ot our goods c.m'1' fail
firatisf). Ueui'O-0111.
1SU5 t WladWiiliia & I'i'ic m.
r. ai 1. s oaIi
Till? grcnt line traverse? the Northern and North.
Weft counties of l'enns)lvania to the city of Erie, on
Lake llrie.
It has been leaed by thn Tennsylvania Kailroad
L'oinpany, and Is operated by them.
It? entire length was opened for pasicnger and
freight biiiiuer, Ortober Kill, Irli4
Mini Traiii leave?, East IU In V. M.
Eliuira Exprei? Train, II 27 V. M,
l.or.k Haven AecoiiiniodHtinn, IU 27 A.M.
Williumnport ArcoiiiiilmlaOoii. 3 25 1'. M.
Mil Train 4 '.'4 A, M,
Fiinlta fiipre?? Train, . 5 2'JA. .M.
I.ih'K Haven Accomiiiod jtlcn 4 tit P.M.
Vllliiiint.port Accoiunindatioil 1 1 5.4 I. 111
- 1'nfM.iigem Cnra run Ihroui'li on Mail Train, umi
(.jtciiano I101I1 aya between Philadelphia and Erie,
mid ll.illiiiiiiri'iiml Erie.
Elegant r-leeping l.'.ir on Eliutre Express Train?
,1 liolh way? b.'lvM'i'ii Williatiiiporl and ILittiuioru.
1 for iiiloriiialion reupcctnig I'.iHuenger biitiuess, ap
ily at the for. IMth and .Market tils.
Ami for Freight tiGtmcsiiot the Company's Agents.
' H. 11, Kingston, Jr., I'or. I lull ami .Market fits., l'lill'a
J. IV. Ituviiolds, Erie.
J..M. Hull. Agi ut S.V. It' It., Il.illiuinre.
II Ii. Iloiisloii, tlen'l. Freight Ast . I'liiladclpliia,
II tV liuium r. lieii'l.Tiikel Ai I'liil.iditptitu.
Joueph I). I'uttn, Reu'l. .Manager, Williaiiupou.
Jan. , leoi.
U 11 O (IKS Si RO E N II E I M
WIIOhKS LH deaLlir,
ffNo. i.'V Maiki't Street, north Hdc.Pliila.
flave now opened their uual liaudtioiutf
variety of KihbotH, IJoiuii'l Mate.
it riala.Siraw iV lMtioy lion
in t, L'ldiei & MieV
Ft.OWr.US, ItUCIIES.I.At Eri, and all other arti
ties requited by ttio
n .. t I a, r . , t nllanllnnlfi ihl, l..n..l.
SI llj imii; cpi:(ieni." nii'ieui. , .. .... uiuimi
'of biKlnu?? exrliiHvily wo Hatter ourselves we
. on odor inducement?, in Xiriely, stjles, quality anil
' nndrrnto pikes -not over jwheru to bo found. TI10
alleutiuu 01 .Milliners ilild 3lertliuut. Is respectfully
solicited. . ,
ne l ai titular attention pal I to filling Orders.
Jlarili II, IM 5, :iio.
SoilOLASlllis F'OR SALE?
Pittsburgh Commercial College,
, lllnghamptln " "
' Crilteiuleii's " riilladolphia.
Btriilton, llrymit It Co.. " (
Tlicso f'criHi nro in nmouuls of $15 nnd $5(1 and are
x so much cash, by tlin Hliuleiit on enlriiig cither nl'ihe
above I'nlli'gcs, nuag men desiring tnobtain a finish
rd ilollegiuti Ediieiition, will here Hilda good specula
linn bv applvln. ut llm ofuci ol'tlin
May I Iftil. l.dr.UMUIA DEMOCRAT
Select Poctrn.
Nearer lidnid.
One ?wet solemn thought
Ceines to me. o'er and o'er !
I'm nearer to my home to day,
Than I've ever bsen brfsre.
Nearer to my father's house,
Whie many inanlens lis
Nearer th great white throne,
Nearer thtjasper sea.
Nearer the bogpd of life
. Whsre we lay our buHeiu dorva I
Nearer leaving my crest,
Nearer wearing my crown;
Gut lying darkly between,
Winding down ihn night,
I? dim and unknmvn stream
Which leads at last to light,
Father I perfect my trust,
Strengthen uly feebla filth j
Let me feci ns If I tiod
'J he shore of the river death.
I'ttf even now ray feet
May staiH upon its brink j
I may be nesrer to u y home,
Nearer now than I think.
For the Ooluuilda Democrat.
Kitty Wello.
Vmi a?k what makes thli darkey weep,
VMille lie li.e others am not away I
What cauied His tear it nv down my check
From cariy cto till dawn of day I
My story, Darkles, you shill hear,
For In my memory fresh it dwells,
It will cuuio you all to drop a tear
On the grave uf sweet KUty Weill.
Whilc tlie.lilfdi n, r'sng (nthe mnrnfng,
h'jn the myrtle nd the Ivv were In bloom,
And the sue nu tile hill top win dawning,
It was then w laid her in the tomb.
t never shall forget the ilayj
Tint w together rung the bells.
I kic;ed her iheok and blesssd the day
That 1 would mar y Kitty We'l
But Death came up 10 her Cabin donr
And stolu frum 1:10 my jo) aiirl pride,
And when I found she was no more
1 laid my baiUudowu uii.l crl.J
I oft times that I was d.-ad
And laid besi lc her 111 til 1 I una.
'1 he sorrow th it hoiva down my heR'i
Lies silent III (lie mlllllijllt ilr'uiil
Th spring tmio h.n no ch iron for m.
The fl.wers ur' nloo'inng in Ihii dil...
That "ueet form I ne 1 "lillU'c -Tlu
lor n ol ,u) frteelKilly Wti...
Armi. April I, lii.
A Ghost Siopy.
By .E Landon.
To t!ioc wl.o rend thi -tory, I would
a -y, that hotvev r bully Mid it ill iy be, it
it th- truth i a itnpie s'utoiiieiii ol' fact.",
unaided by lino) or imagination. I was
never calu.or, m re eallcctvil, or w d. r
awake in my hf i than when the occurrence
I am about to relate took plane ; oDd al
tiioucb it terrifed aud appalled uie.I fancy
tlut it would have produced that effect
upon persons with stronger nerves that
ttiino. A few words by way of explana
tion will bo iiccessury
Previous to my marriage, which took
placo nearly thrte years ago, I was much
annoyed by the periiistent attentions of
Robert Lisle. He was a violent, ielf
willed, headstrong boy, whose msny good
and generous qualitio'wero obscured by
Ungovernable passions. The only child ol
a rich widower, he had becu indulged un
til any oppoition to his wishes made him
perfectly furious. Had I accepted bis
suite, he Would most probably have tired
of me; but my n j ction, aud the kmwl
edge that I was betrothed to aiiothpr, en
raged him, and made him more detcrmin
fd in his purpose. 1 was poor, and
hereforo his father had not approved of
the match, although he would have cci
Hentcd lo it, to pleasa lib von ; but altho'
mortified, lie was scarcely riioiocd at my
rel'uja1, and, esertiug Lis authority for
once, linully r-ucceeded iu sending Robeit
away greatly to my relief.
Not long afirrward I was married, and,
with my hunb&nd, went on a visit to his
relatives, who roiidcd at s-oaio distance.
We were gono three month.
On my reiurii, onu of the Cm persons
whom I recognized was nobert Lisle. He
wa reeling down thu street, iuioxieatcd
aud half senseless, in the uniform of a pri
valo soldier. Ho had r turned home a
(ew days previous to ray return, and, hear
ing of my marriage in a fit of rago ai.d
intoxication he had enlisted. He had been
intoxicated ever since, resisting all the at
tempts of his father to bring him to rea
son. With oliaraoteribtio obstinauoy, he
persisted the moro strongly in his purpose
tho more ho wai opposed in it, aud tho
utruost hi father oould do, was to obtain
a lieutenancy for him and let him go to
He went, leaving tho poor old man
nearly broken hearlod, ir myeolf,I was
both glad and giieved at his departure ;
glad t be rclievud from his presence, for
I dreaded him, and grieved to have been
tho oause of so much trouble
A jear fn.ssed away , a year of quiet,
uneventful iiappincsn to me ; of what tor
riblu auipense, agony and di pair to thou
nnds of others, lei llio-u tell whose bfimm
and hearts have been lcft dessoUto by llii-t
horrible war. At tho end ol tho year a
cbango came, a great joy and a great nar
row, My baby, my precious little coin
forter, wiU born ; and a few weeks after
wards my husband, a young suigcou stitib'
gling upwatds iu his profeesinn, received
a highly advantageous offer from the mil
itary authorities, which ho felt that he had
no right lo decline, although it involved
our Gcpurution for a lime, as ho oould not
take me with him. So when I had entire
ly rcoovercd my strength, he went away,
and I was left alone with uiy baby and
my sorrow. It is trua ho was in Oo actual
danger, b it it was our Orst separalion,and
it was hard to bear. I did not go boinci
although he proposed it, thinking I should
feel less IoloI y. I preferred to remain in
the little cottage on tho outskirts of the
town, which wo had occupied since our
Some time afier my husbaud's depart
ure, Hubert Lisle came home on a futloiigh
his first will homo since his enlistment.
llo was much changed. Thu storu dis
cipline of a soldier's lifo seemed to have
tamed even his wild spirit. IL was quiet
in mat)uer,tievur drank, and iudeed,-eem d
so tady in every respect, that bin fa
ther's delight wus only tq-ialled by his
sorrow at losing him again so soon. Il'
madi! no to renew his acquain
tance with rac, further than by a quiet bow
bkU we met, as We did, once or twice, (n
the stre.'t. llo wa- a captain having been
promoted, it is but j ut lo say, I'or b'S gal
lant uomlijet m soiik' tug tg"meiii, ami no
trmn Any iiflience ol til lii lid". II
nmaiiii-il at Immu but a few wci ki. au i
then ri-joiutd his ritiiut.ii'.j rcuieivLcrt i
And f coi'.icn phrt of my stnry
which, m nro it not tnii.l. y acd
; ci'" ;?" .r.; v.u. lar I rh.i i ii
not have nu va eu ub :o write, ljr tii
r cl tclio i ol it s ekens me with terror.
I the niolit of ihi" uitilb of Augu-t
Iloboit L'sle bud hei'U y i e sortie week-,
ami I bail entirely lorg itiuu him ; al U-.j-t
lb" iho''i;ht of him never once crossud m)
mind on th tt cvetiif. 1 hail ftn nr l-a
by t) sirup, and laid her in the bid j anil
then, not being sleepy mysell.I weut back
i ito the sitting-room, and sat down iu the
moonlight by the open window. I sat
there uulil I was startled from my revalry
by hearing the town clock strike ten. 1
arose, lowered and fastened the window,
aud taking u lamp went through the house
to sec if all the djOM and windows w rc
properly fastened, as had been my ha'iit
ever since my hu-band's departure. Thcte
was no danger, I suppose, but as then
was only myself and a servant girl in the
house, il was more eatiifactory lo know
that everything was secure. Having com
pleted my survey, I returned to the sitting
room and fastened the door of that, which
led into the hall ;theu I went into the bed
room aud place! the lamp on a small table
by the bed. I had commenced to uudress,
by looscing and couibing out my hair, when
the thought struck ino that 1 had not
woand up a clock which stood on tho man
tei in the sitliDg-room, and I returned for
the purpose of doing so. 1 passed
ihroogh thu door a cold shudder ran over
me, and I was seUed with a vague terror,
which I was angry with myself for feel
iug. 1 went to the tuantal and begun to
wind up tho clock, when th cold bhudder
shook me a;ain .-o strongly that tho key
of tho clock dripped from my hand. In
voluntarily I looked backward, over my
shoulder, and thero, great God ! between
mo aud tfcu open door, the light of the
lamp stream. ng full upou mo, stood Rob
ert Lisle ! Even iu the Uiomeut of wild
titrror tuy uiiud seemed lo grasp, how, I
know not, every dttuil of his appearance.
He wore a tlurk blue uniform eott, much
soiled and tlifordered. His head was bare
his hair looked as if blown buck by tho
wind. His faco was ghastly pile, and
seemed to wear a look of ming ed rage and
di Ii an i'o. lie did not move, and, for an
iu-t'iut, I did not stir from my place; I
stood pwrfcotly paralized. Then, shiiek
ing wildly for help, I sprang to tho door,
which I sought with franiio to un
fastcu. Doing this. I east a terrified
glance backwards, and, to my utter aston
ishment, perceived that ho was gone, I
thought of my oluld, and, seized with a
now fear, rushed wildly into the bedroom
Lisle was not there ; nuthiog was dis
turbed. My baby was awake, however,
iiwakoned by my screan s, prolmbly. Tho
sight of her innocent face seemed to givo
,, O'vnga CaUbiug hor ut ,and hastily
wrapping her in a shawl, i fled from tho
house s fast m my tremblings could oar-
ry mo My mother lived not far away,
and fortunately I reached her house with
out meeting any one. My knocks soon
broUght her to the door, terrified half out
of her senses at my appearand j but when
I told my story, sbo laughed at me, and
declared that t had been dreaming j n
theory in which sho porsited, in cpitu of
all I oould say to tho contrary.
Now, although I knew Iliad not dream
ed it, I never doubted but that it was the
living Robert Lisle that I had seen, until,
about ten days later, a letter from my
huBbaiul filled me with a new horror, and
rnv mother with dismay. I givo tho part
relating to my story in his own words. "I
am sorry to say that Robert Lislo is killedk
Hu was not killed iu aclion, but after the
battle, through his own recklessness and
Want of solf-coutrol. You liavo probably
read in tho papers how dreadfully our
m-n, especially Crawford's Urigade, to
which ho belonged, wore cut up and scat
tered. After the last charge of that gul
I ant and ill -late J brigade, perceiving that
the rout was hopeless, Lisle aud about 15
ol his company , who wore all ro
iiuined tooctder. took refuge in a paich
of wooJ, intending to wait a favorable mo
ment to joiu Pope's division, which was
momentarily expected on the. field. This
they found it impossible to do, and buttl al
tho nil; lit had closed in, would iuuvitably
liavo been lakeu prisoners. As it was,
ibiy kfpt hitided in tho woods, lisiening to
the tiradual'y increasing sounds of thu
batile. which toased ut la.-t, but lelt them
no better chanee of c.-eapo, for Humorous
parties ol t!,e enemy wero moving about
ih" fii Id lijptwceu them and our lines' At
length, about len o'clock, lohurt's impa
ticuce coul I no lonjjnr by restrained, nnd'ing to his men to follow bun he made
i dash aurora the open spac.' towar s our
.iiie-, the camp fire, of which 1 1 . i-y could
. f in tie di-iauee. 'I here was clear,
li'iiliui.t in dip igor, uid i hey hail notg'in.
r w'cti .ley- were si u by a mourned
p cjj'l tt: ec, whi da-lied ifur them,
culling upon them in surrender The rest
wou'd hiv.i doi.o so for it was lolly lo re
si-t. but U 'bert s blond was up, and lor
nply, ho turned and dischargid bis pistol
it the ..?'.'l?r. Tho next moment he fell,
-hot dead The re t of the uum were t.i
kon prisoners, ess -pting two, who oou
ttivdc to mrkc their cscups in the confu
sion. I have these particulars from them '
1 hii battle was fought ou the Oth of
August, shortly alter ten o'clock, Roberi
wis lulled. I tan rc the reader to make
such explanation as he or slip pleases. Por
myself, if I did not know that it was no
dream, I wou'd most gladly persuade my
se.f ihat it was one.
An Artie Story.
Wo take from an o'd publication the
following extraordinary narrative of an
adventure, in tho Polar Seas. The cir
cumstances are c rtainly within thft range
of possibility, sino" no utn.'faaiiiin would
take place whilst ibe bodies of the stiff-rers
wire in tho tempeiaitire of a vessel "on
cased iu tbiek-ribbed ice."
In the spring of the year 1S40, a whal
ing vessel sailed from tho port of Loudon
upon a voyage, to thu Polar Sua. Noth
ing material is said to have occurred un
til iheir arrival in those solitary regions,
when it became the duly of the crew to
keep a perpetual Lokout upon tho hori
zon, in search of fish Whilst thus oc
cupied, it was fancied by one of the sea
men tbot a sail was disceruable, as far to
tho northward as the uye oould roach j as
the course of the whaler was toward thu
supposed vessel, a mast became gradually
distirigut-hiiblo amidst the mountains ot
ice, which appeared iu that quarter to
bouud the sea.
It was now eiimmnr ud tho Efiemoon
uuu-ually calm, whil t the whaler gradu
ally uear'd the o'ject in view, thu supn
sition being thut it was a vessel engaged
in operating upon tho blubber, in u bay
wbteh would upon to tho view upon ap
pro ching nearer to tho ice. Upon ar
riving, however, at the spot, it became
clear that thu vessel was a wieck embed
ded in the ic'i, and it oould only bo ap
proached by a boat This having been
loweied, the captain and several of the
seamon landed upon tho ice, and pro
ceeded to tho vestel, which proved to be a
brig. The sails were furled, very little
appeared upo i tho deck, and all tho ar
riiugeiuents were tho-o of a vessel laid up
(or a long period of tiuiu. Descending to
tho cabin, the first objtot that was scon
was a large Newloundland dog coiled up
on n mat, and apparently asleep' Upon
touching the animal it was found to ho
dead, arid the body frozen to the hardness
of stono, Entering tho oabio was next
seen a young lady seated at a table ; her
oyes v7ro open, and gazing with a mild
and steadfast expression opon the new
eoinors to that solit'iry spot' Sho was a
corpse ! and in that apparently resigned
and religion's attitude had1 bcon frozen to
tlcath. Reside tier was a yoitnc man, who.
it appeared, was tho brother of the lady
and commander of tho brig, lie, too, was
dead, but sitting at ttie tdblo, and before
him lay a sheet of paper, upon which was
written tho following words S ,lOur cook
ha3 endeavored sineu yesterday morning
to strike a light, but in vain; all is now
over.' At the other side of the cibin
stood the cook, with a Hint and steel in his
hand, ffozen to a statute, in the vain en
doavor to procuro that fire which alone
could save him and his companions from
the cold arms of death.
The superstitious terrors of the seamen
now burrivd the cnpuiu away from the
wreck, the log-book ulono being brought
uway and from this it appeared that, tho
ill fated vcsel was a brig, which had be
longed to the port of Loudon, and hud
titled for the Aitio region moro that four
ecu yo-irs agj.
fFrom tho Delkfonto Watchman
Five Days in the Service.
For the past three years We have, with
out reserve, expro-sed our opinion of ar
bitrary arrests and the treatment of po
litical prisoners. These opinions, our
readers well know, wero anything but
complimcntar) to the "loyal" pay triois
that now hold the reins of power. The
'government' feeling and knowing the un
bounded influence of our paper, aud hop
ing 'o eoiiviuco us that we had been labor
lug under a grievous error, ou tin; 2d inst,,
kind y scut us an invitation to vi-lt the
military prisons ut Hurrisburg. The iu
citation was no formal, halfhearted, care
less one, but u real, warm, beany iu faei
pressing on? so iressbi, iudeed, that
we did not feel like declining it, lc.-t the
governments' feelings, or our own, might
ho liuit by such a course. In order that
we might not miss the place wo were ie
quested to call at, und that our vide might
not be iuteiferetl with by those jealous of
the distinguished honors paid us an arm
ed escort was geuerou-ly furnished to
piotect us from all annoyances, pay our
fare, furnish subsistence, and bear iho ex
pet). us gcnerully. Kiud and considerate,
wasn't it ! We appreciated the kindness
who wouldn't f and to the beat of onr
ability, notwithstanding our excesci.e
modesty, drilled the squad of men uiiibr
our command rouud town until the time
for our departure, to thu evident satisfdc
tiou of the miscegcn-, who huped our vHt
would prove euicrtaiuiug enough to keep
U-. iu tho set vice ten years, und to thu
great delight of tho progeny of both nig
gers aud ubolitiouiMS which iu this place
are exceedingly difficult to distinguish one
from the other. Is it any wonder we felt
proud of the positiou wo occupied ? hadu't
we, like a majority of the shoulucr strap
ped gen Icmcn of thu day, got a command
uoioie we enlisted f What mattered it to
us if a few dirty fingered lojalisti did
point at us and laugh as we passed lln i.
places of bus'iue-s. We hadn't to bowl
war for three years, sod pay half we were
worth to get our commission, as many of
them would be ilJiur' to do ! We didn't
march behind our meu when on duty as
I heir kiud does when there is danger
ahead I We can forgive them. They
felt euvious.aud would have taken our place
had it led them to (iutiada or out of tie
drafi, It didn't, however, and we went
ou, while they remained at heme lorejo ee
over the unexpected honors heaped upou
a fellow-townsman by their six foot gov
ernment. In time we reached Hurrisburg, the ciiy
where ju-tlcu sits enthioued iu tho Statu
Capitol aud vutuu and sobriety decorate
the streets (J) not however, w.thout hav
'ng numerous ojinpliineiits paid us b)
loyal Iriends (f) who declared there was
no one moro deserving euch n mark ol
distinctiou than our humble self. Not
wiuing to keep tho agents of our frieud
the 'government1 in stispcu'c, and hiving
a desire to relievo our escort from tho ar
duous duties of atteuiliug to nur wants,
we proceeded forthwith lo tho office pf the
provot marshal to afoortain what we
could do for our country and suffering Im
munity. That prnteotor of the puople's
liberty not heing present, ionic onu that
was anting in his stead amiably r ui irk. d
that we could take a positiou in a corner
and await his coming, Wo did so, while
ho prooecded immediately to station our
tsoort between us and the door, in order
ai wo suppoio, to protect us from tho fury
of Bny ooemy that might have bcon lurk-
iug without. CousideratCi wasn't It ? Wo
thought so at lcact. Well, wo waited for
a c'onsldorublo length of timo for the dis
penser of our rights to maku his appear
ance; ho didn't appear, however, but
quite a number of individuals honored iu
the sumo way wo wero, with an invitation
and an o-cort did, among them an old
veterun whom we shall remember a" long
a memory la-ts, in const quiMirc of thu
smell ho brought with him aud the degreo
to which he was overcome by gratitude
or whiskey. Alter waiting a while longer,
wo conoluded that, if the government wan
ted us to get au insight into its military
prisons, Rastites, &o., for the benefit of tho
human ruce, it had bettor bo bringing
them along, and was about telling our
amiable friend behind the desk that such
was our conclusion, when ho politely in
vited us to lake i new escort that was in
readjueesund proceed immediately to the
quarters prepared for our reception. We
did so. in company with several ethers
and the veteran aforesaid, and in due time
reched our destination, into which we
weru usherttl by a file of soldiers, the
ba)oie-u of wh"so guns protected our
r. ar from flank uttacks from any quarter.
The door wa closed behind us, and two
rugged looking sons of Mars stationed on
either side thereof. There we wero ; and
there, too, were scores of other recipients
of thu blf'sdugo of this great frco country
men of all classes, colors and condi
tions, from the aged frther, wbo6o gray
hairs plead piteously for him, to tho youth
scarcely out of his teens, niggers and
white, drunken men and sober men, nil
tumbled in proud. cuouly, numbering up
wards of an hundred.
Afier satisfying the curiosity of our new
associates as far a- possible by answering
the many questi 'iis put to us, we set about
making un i samiuaiiun of the habitation
of which wu had so lately become an in
mat'!- Tho main room, termed !d military
pariaucs, "guard house," is about fifty
leet long by twenty broad, built of plank,
about twelve feet high. There are three
windows, with lattice work of iron ncros
them, which answers as a checkerboard
for those who desire to play checkers with
their nose, nnd also for light and ventila
tion 'I he floor, which was laid flit ou
the earth, in order to save tho ''govern
ment'' the expense ol sleepers or joints is
made to auwer a triple purpose floor,
.-cats and bed. (Wo do uot wish it to
be understood that per-ous there are com
pelled to sleep upon the fl lor iu order lo
atone lor off. ueo given to some of the
agents of the "government." Not at all
it is entirely owing to iho desire of those
in power to bo economical habits that
the) have contracted since taking posses
sion of the public treasury.)
In older
that everything may ho haudy, aud that
the boarders may not bo tioubled going
out when tne weather is damp, or when it
is not, to attend to the calls of nature, a
trough is lised up iu one end of the apart
inci.t, which serves admirably for the pur
pose, aud also as a water and wash stand
Thu odor that arises from this is accep
ted as a substitute for the roses and flow
ers of .-pi ing, and saves the "government''
the vxpiii-uol lurnishing boquets aud vu
ses ol l iwjrs to perfume tbu air. lgu
nioiis. aiu'l it I Eiouumical, very ! This
trougth, together with a bucket, wash j an
and Etovu, constitute tho furniture and
utensils of the room.
Hunting "graybacks" which aro as
plenty as abolitionists will bo in the re
gions of Pluio hereafter, is tho priticipal
occupation and mini emcut of persons iu
this branch of tho Government service,
andlrsiig lo keep clear of theso little
'pets ' that "st.ek closer th ui a brother,"
lurni-hes atiy uuiouut of exercise.
Wo had about Uui-hcd making nn rx
annual on. when tho oider came to pre
pare fur dinner, and along with the rest,
niggers, drunks and all, wu inaivh" d forth
to Kueivea piece uf xlty bread, and a tin
cup liill of something thut was called
bean soup" we couldu't seo the brans ;
but luurued uftcrwards from uue that hud
been iu the service several months, that
for the purpose of economizing still fur-
thor, the "government" had ordered iheni
to bo cooked in u bog aud kept over for
the next days rntious. Didn't we feel
thauklul that wo wero a citizen of the
if utest government devi-cd by mau f
Ddu't wo sing "Hail Columbia" und
' Long live the King," as wo sut on the
dirt) floor, supping "bean soup" and eat-
ing "dry Dreau i man t we shout ' ivr
..i i t it ... 1
Abraham, as wo watcht tl tbo regiments
of "gray baok" soek ng for a fiieud whom
thuy might "devour with kindi.e?-
Didn't we turn "loyal' and dennunco
"oopporbeads and dii)orat ) e
sceutcd the sweet perfume of ou't reaidfnee
and chewed at the dry end of a bar t
crust! Didn't wo sweet nrlitrnry at roll.. '
wero 'right ? Didn't wo oonrludo that Pro
vost Marshals, spies and detectives wero
an honor to a Republic ? Didn't' wo oi n
aider that Hastiles, gu'.ird houses and po
litical prisons wero institutions for Irec
iiun to boast of I lUiknpi tec ti'tn t J
Let that be as it May, nftcr rciiuininr,
two days and a half in the guard bouse,
for fear we would liraome too "loyal,'1
iho.-o in charge invited us to other quar
ters, known as the Hold tie BntUr, that
stands just opposite. Here, although
"gray backs" uro not furnished in such
profusion, other mat'ers are a little moru
pleutilul. A few rough bercbej.and hunks,
without bedding, decorated the room
There were at tho time about forty occu
pants, mostly citizens of Ulearfit-ld and
Oumbria couuiies. Somo of whom bad
been serving their country three moiithe.
iti-the various forts, hastiles, ic., iu can
tequenco of di-aguoing with the ''govern
tueut" on the "African" question. Per
haps tho kiudno s (.') shown them by tl
-powers that ho," will cause them to n
pant and become "lojal," Peihups l
won't. Of thii p'aee and tho friend- ke
rnel thero w-! slialljaavc more to say Ui .
The "government" after permitti'ij m
to subsist on its bouuty, for th-j spac oi
two days and a half more tensib'y vu"
eluded, that we had seeu enough L.-
pre cut, and without the trouble oi' : n
inoig into our fj'iuijictitioiis to v t
our own iiviUin, generously disiin-- a m
from the service, lor whicli act bi
abolition friends (j) vferc not prj ouua y
'J'EiiHiur.t; Ftnu at Ssa. Ov. ii 5uC
Lives Lost I ho Uuitcd S at' - a j
trasport 'Ueii. Sedgwick,' arrived : N w
lro:k, on Sunday tioou last, with y
nine perione saved from the wftes u' the
transport steamer'Gen. Lyon ' Ibu - t.Ji.ii
LycJu' left Wilmington for Fortress M,n
roo on Wednesday morning of la-t v.c.I. ,
with from five to sis hundred sass oi.
boird and jvhen off Gape Hatteia-, took
fire through the tireless luudlinr of i
light a barrel of kerosone,-.i d t urn
ed to the water's edgo. Twetity-nu e
persons were picked up by the G"U S.-'J-wick-'all
the others are su,ip.j..ei to uivo
perished. Tho sen vq ruuning s i b h
ut the time th'it on'y oae bot succ.'Ldt-d
in reachitig tr.e Geu. Sedgwick. Tuepa
seugois of the ill-!4ted rteamtsr. co is s eJ
ot paroled und disch irg i soldei-, i. t
refugees, among who.n bjih tb-ir. t'. . v
women and twuiuy-firo .mail chi. '. i.
Ouiuaoeous I'lscttiMiN.mow. h.
iu-' can be more m i.ul ai;J o..'.- i vus
! than that clause iu the Tas l.uv.'
I which exempt from tasat'ou u .d r :t
those who are in the evil and military er
! vice of the United y.aies. Lu ot'iei v r'.i
thu office-holders aru oicate.: a : iu. J
class. The member uf Oongrcss, 'i.lilij
salary of $3,1)01); tho Posimasi r-, i
their salaries of from 8' ,000 to 4( ) aod
tho Collector of Customs, with hu sa - y
of S10.000, and tho President of ,ri
United States with his salary of $:?) ooj
are topuv no income Us. ; but cvry m
borer, evtrymechanic, and ev.ry clerk,
who has u pittuicu over 'iddti, i tis u
upon it. The luittr not m ly piv t ei
own taxes, but have to bear tho la .
o! tho exempt ola-j. A webht is iid o
prop. it for iho benefit of tj ri- i an
powerful. Is there tiny one t..o . .,. &
defvnd this diseriiniiiaiion ? ; t i J .
One Mom: Reuei. In hu
Washington on Moduy,lJ tl.l I'l.j.
lor sud : ''In the future lie u
oar liberties can ootuo only rm : .
baioiM of tho-o in tho ir '.
coii'pire again-t the life f '.-'
Does Hen Htitler refer t buns. ?
tho only ofheer in cur hiiiiv guidv
subordination ; und had' he hclnti.r
auy other army ,1)0 wou d bsvc Ih u .
iiiarlialed und .-ImI fn i.ih mutin.'us
ungue at Lowell. :V )' Iktvi.i.
-. -
TiieNi.w U. s. vSi'amp Eir i-
t i
I v
1S0.J Messr,. T. 15. IV r-oo
H""' Chestnut street, P t1
jut issued a new euid, e .i.talul
ctal li-t of tho ''N.'W Stiui;i pu
posed by iho act ol ''j
ss of M;
1805. This caul w!l b" .ouud i
ful for all biisUis-M r . n as If- s,.,w
glauce tbu muoui.t -l' rUinp ilu-y 'm
uuij to be p ud on ei ttluvg in .
nusiue.-s fiiee, m uem, a to., , , i ,-a'
eopi.s fur ce ts ot ijl per j
i .)
l''l,Ei HON' AT 'I'ki
f.llj It is mint iriiL i
"I .
the ci,y f Iri-htou,
by an tncieaud nit,
Dnuocr 'Mc n t v 'ik
MiSiiiri - v- -tit y -,