Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, January 28, 1865, Image 2

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The Polioy of Peace.
Mr. Blair's mission to Richmond is un-
SWV V-n N, - -
ofpolUionl conclusion is plainer " " Vobhcs at Fort Fisher. Who rropoBoiL Dissolution of List of Drafted Me".
.i .1. . n , ,1 i, i . i iM! mi i , r r , the Union. The fo lowing list of men, wero drafted
than tbat Groat Britain is, to-day, biding Tho explosion of the niagaaino of Fort , u ufc,.ip"i ,.,, n Tno-dav.
doubtcdlyanoutcnofgood. Ita spcciQo bcr time, to make good ll.o dissolution of Fisher cost tho federal army and navy a " I ...,. .. ,', ifrtlrf. to fill the deuoichUlc. in
tho union H nccossary,uy lior guns or nor loss hi upwara oi two nunurcu uvea. --- , .. .
gold. This confL'ssion,tho usu
A hundred brains watch tlio Mruirelo of aateriitio of Fcdornl ncoounts
tho sections in ill mnrul pronrofs, Agents oonclude is muoh below tho truth. Two poacoful
purposo dobs not appear) but it,nevortho
less,polnts genorally to the dawn of return
ing rcasotl. Tho gossip of Washington
newsmonger's wo regard with CThtoinpt ;
tired' livds nation of secessionists, and Kccessiomsni. Jnn. 17, 1QU0. to till tne ueuoicnuios m
honesty char- I'ltcrj one is awate of th'o tfttliblo evil thi ( tho several dolintiucnt town.hips iU Ibis
. Innrt n in dolusivo doetrino has Worked, fdr our onco county.
,1T I! Peaceful nation- With ccocssionlsm, we' MADISON TOWNSHIP.
Saturday Morning, Jan. 20,1065.
- but,ou the broad facts of tho onB0,vo must -of Franco or
it.. M "!,..!- 1,,-t rnro vnrv litlln
TV...!., I l.:.J.!..l .tinlm. llirt Atlnntin. Ilm Wilmtrntlrni. Ir.- n,nv m nnUnnnnm ll.n tinniKrr nt bor that tho firit fOimal propoiltion 10 U1S-
unvia ia uub mv iintnu aiujj ui u oiitiomiM- r j ... tj'w v - ..v. - M - ft i M iti
BUIVU IIIU uiiiuii nun iu vmw iwif
r i linn., i i. ..,! i naturally link tho South lud Southerners, Jacob M. liusbllno, of tho Savau- number which-tho (.fptdBlon killed, how but it will temper one's wrath to rc.ncm-, Wtlj ""W''""'
lf Our Oonstltullon-'gttant It' everl
Our clorlous Uiilori"-hold It dear !
Onr Starry riag forsake It ncVcM .
Th proud Oaucasilanour only peer!
( At'TEll JANUARY 1st, UC3. )
$& 00 per Year, or
2 u Off paid strictly in advance.
llko policy. Tho npiuo.tchmrntH that may
bo expected to follow from it, whether
or not they take from in actual negotiation,
Will lead, we hopo earnestly, to some moro
intelligible course on tho part of tho Cabi
net than that oi the dopcration of a blind
and bloody fury.
The Southern pooplc insist on separa
tion, with terriblo earnestness. Their do
mcstio affections they hava already sacri
ficed in pursuit of that purpoio Tuoy
Ports may bo
carried, cities occupied, Golds laid wasto ; Fisher appoars to havo been carried out
but tho work of conquest begins and ends iu utter rt'cklesnntss. The tncu who were
in the soul. Every pulsation of tho popu- sent to assault that side of the vall,appear
lar purpose, thoso ucutc miuds watoh at to huvo been led forward as though about
Yolping of the Abolition Hounds
Ivio weeks ago, we stooped to notioo tho
ravings of the abolitlbn Editors of tho propose now to givo up for its accomplish
Pittston CJazctlo, AVyoming ltciiublioan, mcnt an immcmo interest, that has found
and liloomeburg Smut Machine, in which deep root in thoir polilioal passions. Tho
artiolo wo stated a fow facts matters in hates which their hearts have been inflam-' stop-watch.
Tlinv know tlint tlin nrnrrrrnH nf cunniinit tlm.n itlinm ir lm rennmlpil 1
is not material but moral. Forts may bo The naval attaok on tho soa face of Fort il origmwou uu ioyu
it was carried out ny traitorous oouin
Carolina. On the '-'1th of January IBA'i,
John Quinoy AdanlS presented the fol
lowing petition to Congress :
both tho North and at tho tiouth and re- to ipring to close quarters by the simple ,. 10 " V0Brcs.s.01 ,,,,,,
, , , .. . , c . b ,. . t i , Tho undersigned, citizen of Haverhill, in
port regularly for the cold consideration of operation of jumping on board an enemy s ho Commonwealth of Massachusetts, pray
Lord Palmorslon oud Louis Napoleon.- ship ! Tlicy were armed, accounts admit, ii,at j0U wi immediately adopt measures,
These two groat statesmen ocupy. thus, a with but cutlussus and pistols! For a pcacoab'y, to divide tho Union of thoso
while they moved along tho naked beach,
oxposcd evoy step of tho way to a Ore from
Port Fisher in front 'and from Mound
position to deal with tho "American ques
tion'' with thoir hands on the pulto of each
section : and estimate its condition alter
which they Beldom deal and for which
tho first named Editor, appears to have
been satisGod and has returned us his
thanks. Wo dismiss Mr. -Rich art for tho
prosent, .and hopo if ho is not a hotter, ho
is at loast a wiser man. Of tho othor two
littlo can bo expected, as their oalibers
arc so aevorely demented with ,lnegro-on
thc-brain," that they aro almost hopelessly
boyond reclamation.
Wo then expected that the balanoc of
tho abolition gang, hereabouts, would
Bcent our track and join chorus in yolping
music. Nor woro tVe disappointed. Most
oi them havo already given tongue and
joined in tho chase.
But last and least, came along last
week, our sooty neighbor, Dr. lirower, of
the "Montour American." Well, really,
this was moro than wo bargained for, and
places us in tho unenviable dilemma of
cither quitting tho contest, or running tho
risk of serious contamination. And as we
oan't consent to onter into a controversy
with tho "Old Rhinoceros" and aro un
willing to uso our columns to give him his
wonted notoriety, we pass him for the
present, and hand him ovor to tho Devil.
States. First, because no Union can ue
agreeable or permanent which docs not
present prospects of reciprocal benefit.
Second, booauie a vat nronositiuu of the
tho fa.hion of a physician with his car to a Battery in flank ! Corpses dropped from resources of ono section of the Union is
their ranks into the turfs that dashod un- annually drained to sustain tho views and
h. having marked thus, oourso of another section without any au also strewed the 1 eqt Third because (judging
1 frfttn Ilm lnalnrv nf nnat nntiittiQi this Mil
whole length ot their tracK. ioD if pcrilj8lc,j jD) iu tue present oourso of
The ditch of lllo fori galncd,they floun things, will certainly overwhelm this
dcrcd in its loose sand as iu a slough of whole nation in utter destruction.''
despond. A ccadly Grc swept throunb 1 Well may Massachusetts send her men
Silas Johnson,
Ualonder Claik,
John Qei'cr,
Peter B Shultz,
Jeremiah Stiles,
James S. Lazirm
iliram LI ow in an
Henry Stint-'r,
William Huidlay
-Bezalcel llayhurst
Martin Mbort.MU)
John Dcitterick
Joseph Wagdhor,
Jos. It. Pennington.
Wesley Diltlin'-,
Jacob Flick,
Ashby Layiati,
Darnel Shultz,
John Zci lloft)
(Jeorgo Gibbons.
Kmanuo' H Johnson
Ceo W M Abbott.
Di'ithic II Mr.Garglo
Jonathan Poiist
Thomas Mcllenry.
.Monroe Marklo
the South should begin to sink, to Gnd N. tbeni) arj( lhcy f0ij d0ZCU)i) holplcss as lo Gel(1 and ' 03st ftS ioit her Govoiuor bccn ca um0ue to mak
poloou and Palmcrston apply their remc-! shoon : ,i10 eliamhles. TIn.lnr rrrnnr..nan. ' tlat Ihcro has been no loyal army, tho I nro ..:,;,. De U't.b..
dies to the thci dangerous case of "tho ;jtor miic ja nnj s,cnS)a iar0 nutI,bcr ' sll0Ul of whoso victory has not drowned the worlhy 0f ,i,e racc i,e ag', ami thu lan
The Peace Rumors.
It is stated that "Francis P. Blair, Sr.,
returns to Richmond with full authority
from President Lincoln to give a safo
conduct to Washington for Peace Com
missioners from Jefferson Davis." This
slhtement i? made upon questionable au
thority ; but, whethor true or falsest gives
cvWonce, in connection with other oir
cumstanoes, that the popular mind is now
taking into serious consideration the prac
ticability of negotiation between the sec
tions. Wtien newspaper correspondents,
day after day, ttunk it worth their while to
writo and telegraph concerning peace ru
mors and peace propositions, it is safe to
conclude thai the current of popular
thought is tunniDg in that direction. It is
certain that tho pcoplo, of all parties, in
the North, have received the impression
that something is being douo diplomati
cally to bring about a compromise. Mil
lions of anxious hfcarts ore awaiting tho
rcBult of tho mjstorious movements that
conjecture pronounces to bo iu behalf of
negotiation. The masso3,bonding boceath
their load of tbSatiOhrshrinking' from the
terrors of conscription, and mourning for
their slaughtered kindred, listen with
painful Eusf.euso for tho confirmation of
their hopes. If tho missions that they
have been led to suppose wore favored by
the Administration with a view to recon
ciliation should turn out to bo some in
triguo to deccivo them or to complicate
the questions in dispute for the purpose of
giving a Xresh impulse to tho war senti
ment, there will be sore disappointment in
tho land. If tbeso journeyings to and fro,
betwocn Washington and Kiohtnouu, have
really no slgniGcancc of peace, it is tho
duty of the Administration to be frank
with tho pcoplo, and break at once tho
rose-hucd bubble that floats so fascinat
ingly before their eyes.
But, if it be true that Peace Commis
cd Hy Federal atrocities.thoy stand deter- Southern emancipation will havo Bwept on tho beach. Death
mined to follow out, at ovon tho cost of the 1 nn obstaolo from the purposes of Lranco their point oi departtiri
sacriGco of the institution of slavery ! If and England. Popular sympathy aud pop
tho President bo capable of rising superior !"'ar waD'', the heels of tho j ol
to the passions or tho intrigues of faction, !' f hc Governments of thoso countries ;
ho must learn to deal with tho relations of i aI1(1 we may therefore expcot, if the soul o(
the sections with a correct appreciation of
of that astounding fact.
Slavery lies at the foundation of South
ern society. That system of labor Is in-1
tcrtwiuod in the Confederacy around all
tho rights o( property. Prodjudioo and
pride bedgo it round about in tho South
ern soul. Attachment and duty have en
grafted it in the Confederacy side by side
with domostio affection. To p'hiclr that
system from their hearts, to tear it from
the very baso of their social organization,
shows a terriblencss of purposo at which
even bloody fanaticism mmtstaud aghast.
The South declares that, bhe Gghts but
for hor freedom. Tho sincerity of that
declaration, she proposes now to place un
der tho proof of a sublime sacrGco. The
republicanism which mado he; States free
and independontjsho vows between clenoh
oil teeth to preserve at the cost of not oii"
ly her hoart's blood, but by the sacriGco
of deep passions of her toul. Tho Gerce
determination placed thus in proof, will
undoubtedly satisfy mankind that tho issue
of tho war henocforth is ono involving tho
sacred right of self-government. The Ab
olitionist or tho Democrat who in these
States, continues honeafroth to sustain the
George McBride.
Theodore W Smith. I Thomas Wollenry,
I Jacob Farvcr. Noah Bogart.
Elinas Colo, Samuel Park.
John E, Cerinan, David Shojiuaktfr.
G Itl'.ATEST I.ITEtlAHY WbllK or TtlK
AaK.-"So far a I can judge, nothing has
make this work Mho
Wri D'elionary
Administrator'n NdtiHb.
Estate of Jous SinqiiKy, Di:ceasei
LKTTKRri of (iiliiiliil.l rallnii, on the Ertnte of Jom
HixiiLir, ller, llcnver toHnM. Culmnbln u.
dtceaicil, liavo been itrimlcil by tli'i l(eillff ur Cdl
umbln cmnily, to Ilm umliii.lsned nil pi'c.uin hatlm,
clnttus OKaliifl ihtf llalnto of tho ilvccilent. atu ri-'iiivt-ted
to pru.ent them to tliw midotf Ijncd, te.Mjnit hi
.aid lowiulilp, mtliout duluy, and all I'or.oin IiiJeU.
ted to umki) nnyiuciit rnrlliltli.
I January !itf, I605.-0W. 8J Adm.u
! Administrator's .iv'olico.
Estate or Jacoii IlARTzj!t,L, Ju , Dko'u.
LCTTEHS of admliilitrnllmi, on Urn IMotc (,r Jncol,'
llnrUill. Jr., lute of All HI In tmwnhii, t'olumbl.t .
couniv, dcceaied, liaxu been i!rnnled by tUi lU'Rislm.
of Uoluniliia county, to tho niiduriljinid nil n:r.oni
having claiiiM uiniln.l tho HUatenf ilm rlcdeiil unl
re'iui-Mud tn )ieent Ihein tu Iho undinlgiitd, ruaiil,
lug In laid town! ip, without delay, ami all vnttiui
Indebted lo make payment forthwith.
JOHN l. UCTLER. Adm'r.
January W, lib.). liw.
TIuco Hundred: Dollitts'
' I'lius.TflEru.Ta. .
pilE boaul oi Svliool Dircninr
I if Centre tiwiulilp, In the Uouiily of
'Culuiuliia, I'a.. oiler
A Itanium of Tirtc Huntret
lJt.ll u a,
I'a) aide In Tc p lli n It lo u ly and every
litiii'U uf .aid tnilil), wliii will pul u
Hubitllute lulu Ilm .rvli-u for three yeern.
until I he quiil.i of .aid Tuuilili, nhall
libve been Mlljd, under Ihe prcient call of
3UU,Wu men.
JOIIV Mil. I,.
IrfAAl) III H-
I'ltliU'lC. IIAUIlVlllJOIt.
&cAod Ihrtttojt.
sick man" of tho West.
What, lhen,will he the fato of tbo coun
try ,if wo turn our backs on alt offers of ne- 1
gotiationl Exhaustion in tho meantime
and foreign intervention in the end 1 Let
us save from tho wreck of our glories at
least the pride of our Ameticauism. Im
mense interests, political prestige, and per-1
iiaps, in the end, oven rolations of renew-1
cd friendship, may be plucked from tho
ruin of our prosperity and greatness.
Missions of peace, interchanges of senti
ment, and generous concessions, wo hail,
thereforo, with joy as the only means left
us, now, for saving all that yet remains of
onr moral and material grcatnoss from de
struction by, in the Fust place, domcstio
war, aud,in the end, foreign intervention.
The Draft and Local Bounties.
But a fow wocks remain before the
Draft General Hancook, in hio specoh
before tho Lcgislaturo the other day, gave
it as his opinion that the Draft is to take
place punctually on the loth of February.
A committee appointed by tho Legisla
ture tb Visit Washington to make an effort
to have tho quota reduced, has returned,
and although no official announcement has
been made of tho fact it is understood tbat
they were measurably successful, and that
the unjust decision of the authorities in
saddling tho enormous quota of near 07,
000 on Pennsylvania has. bein rccallod,
and that the number will bo much less.
Governor Curtin,in his last message took
strong ground against tho j.ayment of lo
cal Bounties, and thd Legislature seems
to bo of tho samo temper. Tho probabil
ity is that tbo law allowing tho paymont
of local Bounties, will 60on be repealed,
and those who so vauntingly said ''volt
for L'urtin and uvovl the Draft" and
lUc-cltct Lincoln. and the tear will be over
without any mote men being requited,"
will havo an opportunity of feeling as well
as seeing how cruelly they deceived un
suspecting au honest men into the support
of Abolitionism. Tho Governor and Re-
etill further in tho aecendanoy. Early's publican Legislature will make it lmpos
march of last year into tho Valley of tho ' sibltrto esoapo tho Draft, by r.aing local
Shenandoah, teaches us that the work of Bounties, and thus Glliug quotas. Mr.
decimation having been carried out upon Lincoln and CoDgreps havo cut off the
Fedsral invasion, Leo will again throw off means ol escape by tho paying of commu
his spate troops,by ordering an army of ne tation money ; and between tho two the
groes to water its horses, next Autumn, in pcoplo will stand a splondid chance of be-
tho Potomao, or the Susquchannah. I "K compelled to go into thejmny in per-
Southorn emancipation will not havo ex- so11
pended its material consequences next' The Bounty Law as it at present stands
year. Tho throe millions of people made authorizes the paying of largo Bounties to
by that measuro a basis of enlistments, vrill " 'ho quotas uuder the pending call but
furnish an available force of about Gvo D0 tax cau be levied to pay tho same iu
nf tln Kllrrionrs rnolinrl mi. of Hint ,.... uyillC 312" Ot a Sell Ol Ma3aCIIUJCtt3. Ull
dermis ditch toward tho beach, marking I 'ier an '19r 6'3'or South Caroiiua, iu tbo
war, docs so, thoreforo, in the full knowl
edge of tho fact that tho States of the South
can Dever be brsught baok save only as
couqucrcd Provinces trailing at tho heels
of a despotic centralization.
Southern emancipation accomplishes a
chango in tho struggle, materially. Sla
very alono stands between tho Confeder
ates and the employment in the army of
their black rcservts. Two hundred thou
sand negroes, they are about to plaoe im
mediately in cmps of instruction. By
next Summer these men will have beoome
a formidable army. With these, and the
whito men that may bo gathered up at the
posts throughout tho interior, the rocruit
meut nf the Southern armies will have moro
than cpunterbalanced all tho rc-enforoe-monts
likely to bi obtained from Mr. Lin
coln's current call. Fighting behind braBt
works for two months of such a campaign
as thatjiiit ended, tbo economy of life in
tho Southern ranks will have plaoed them
suoh townships as have already levied a
tax of two per cent, uutil tho expiration
of one year from the dato of tho laying
of tbo lust tax. Such townships as wish
to Gil their quotas by payment of Boun
ties, will havo to act promtly or the repeal
of tho law, which may be expected at an
early day will prevent their action.
hundred thousand men. Two hundred
thousand of these placed in the Geld, and
three hundred thousand hsld still in re
servo, thu resources of the South in men,
Bioners are to be received at Washington, from their black reserves alono, aro seen
the AbolittoD-journals aro neithtr just nor , to bo enormous. Sixty or eoventy thou
disorect in redoubling, at this importune t sand whites and blaoks, of tho Confedvra
moment, their Gerce denunciations ol tho cy, pass annually into the military age ;
Southern people, and in miisting,in ad-! and constituting a constant element of re '
vanoo, upon cxtrerao conditions, If we eruitmcnt almobt equal in number to the' Hotel Changes.
nro upon the eve of a discussion of politi- cajua'.tics of a carapaign,provo the supplies! Richard Fnun, Esq has sold the
cal is duo to our own dignity , of soldiers at the South to bo practically White Hall Hotel and Farm of 100 acres,
to suppres3 lor tno wnua tlio utterance, it Hicxhaustablo. to Mr. Beriger, of Schuylkill county for
not the sentiment,oi antagonism, courtesy uonieucrato emancipation extends its 55,000.
and prudence aliko ilotnand that wo should 6ignihoanoe to the cabinets of Europe. I Mr. & Mrs. Fruit, have honestly won
mako no exhibition of temper at such a The pride and polioy of Franco stand com- tho reputation of keoninn tho best Hnuso
muted to tho support ol thn Empire of of Enteitainmont known in Pennsylvania
Mexioo. A triumphant consolidation at! Mr. John A. Shaman, has sold tho Ho
Washington would this, under tho Monroe' tel in Maiuvillo, to Abraham Shutnan-
Uoctrine, plungo Louis Napoloou into a chango on the first of April.
their retreat, as they did their advance,
with the corpses of its bloody vioiims.
The remnant, quailing before the terrors
of that dreadful flight, rcmaiued in the
ditch, sheltered by screens of sand ; but
whenever, any of their nuuibors raised his
head, he fell forward, under tho Confede
rate rifle, a stiffenod corpse 1 Fourteen
hundred, or, as somo of the accounts say,
two thousand, oven, havibg.bcl'n engaged
in that operation of tho navy, it is tho
sheerest folly to ask the country to be
hove tho statements which set down the
losses on the occasion at lut two hundred
The surprhc allegod in explanation of
tho capture of the western salient ol Fort
Fisher appears to us highly improbable.
A terriblo sacriGce of life may in that way
have been avoidedi but theCghtiog subse
quently in confessed to have been exceed
ingly stubborn. The defensos of tho fort
consisted of a series of traverses, and
thereforo took the form of a succession of
formidable breastworks. 'J be garrison
resisted sternly at every one of these, aud
therefore fought from the time of Terry's
first footing upuu the parapet uutil the
close of the struggle, behind works. For
six or seven hours the battle raged under
circumstances so opp-jllingly unequal.
Tho original force engaged in the attack
was. early iu the evening, nearly crushed.
An additional brigado having been brought
up from tho rear, this lighting was main
taincd with renewed vigor; but. inasmuch
as the contest was about to bo suspended
for the night when the Confederates cvac
ualed the place, even the ro iuforcdmonts
of the original ussailauts uiu3t have been
very nearly shattered to pieces. Four or
Gve thousand men, exposed for so many
hours to a fire from behind breastworks,
must havo suffered terribly j and this gen
eral fast must, apart from the evidence
otherwise showing that it had becu para
Ijzed, satisfy every ono that its losses are
not stated truly in tho reports which sot
them down at nine hundred.
Tlio navy must have lost in killed and
wounded twenty-five per cent. o( its at
tacking forco. This would Gx its casual
ties on the occasion at between three huu-
,t.4 ....1 p. n t .1 i i i
uicu uuu uitjr uiiu uve iiuuutuu, i. Ulgli
er proportion may, wo think, bo supposed
fairly to have fallon in the series ol bloody-
attacks by which the work has bcon car
ried ; and, in consideration of the force
employed in tbeso, load to tho conclusion
that tho losses of the army must amount
to at least thirteen or fourteen hundred.
Tho two hundred deaths confessed to have
resulted from tho explosion of the maga
zine of Fort Fisher, point to the supposi
tion that the number of wounded would
swell the list of casualties on that occasion
to eighf or ten hundred. The cost of tho
capluro of Fort Fisher in men, can cer
tainly not bo estimated by one who wishes
to look at things as they really arc,at less
than.Gve hundred killed and two thousand
to two thousand five hundred wounded.
What a sacriGce to tho impossible 1
Whom the Gods wish toy destroy the first
set mad !
advocacy of the fatal doctrine of secession
it would have been Well ojuIiI tho whole
weight of the war have fallon. But it
could not be, all must share the respon
sibilities incurred by their ''crr'ng si.
.T , , .!-. .1 ...
guagS. CiO nOUICr IWllOllui uiunmueiu nan
yet been reared than this American Dic
tionary. I wa anilcipailii t'ie g'Cittcit
literary wo. I; of thenar., and' it seems lo
mo this" anticipation wai not extravrgant."
J. G. McMtjxn, &' 1 Pub. Imtrudbn,
The TuiitiAT. Fmnili'S' woold do well
to kit-p always nt home a box ol B nun's
Bronchial Troches.a simple but m"M r
vllouily eflifacioiH . pro i flu for nff cii'.ns
ol the 'I hroat, affoiding prompt relict in
ca-os of coughs, colds, bronchial 'roub'os,
etc Singer and public speaker will fi"d
them also cxocl ent to clear the voire and
rentier articulation wonderfully ca-iy.
Moiitlhj Mtig'izii.c
Bf Among the change in real c-taie,
we woitld muiition that our old nc'glb r
ll. J Yaple, of the Exchange Hold, in
ibid orough, ban pun-hated die Shick
shinay hotel propnty lor Sfl.'-iflO
Luzerne Unio-i,
Chushed ! Cent ral B.-nj-iiiiin
. . ... . . . i . .i i.
oompu'iny "ltusiicu ii,)-
BKkToW, Cor, Co , Pa.,
January UOth, 1805.
Mr. Editor ; Undoubtedly a coinniu
nication from mc will be unexpected, and
I hope you will excuse ihe liberty I have
taken in introducing myself, as ciicn in
stances aro so that I thiuk I havo a right
to speak as well as some of my opponents
I have been a reader of the Columbia
Democrat, for some time past, and always
found it advocating good Union Doctrine.
I have bien a soldier in Uncle Sam's ser
vice since this mis.serablc rebellion has
been iu exi&ienoc, but thank God, I havo
not been abohtionhcl enough so as to ad
vocate all the doctrines of.tho present ad
ministration, neither do 1 ever expect to
advooato them, as long aB we have to
many corrupt qicn at the head of affairs.
I voted against illegal arrests and against
all tho evils of the present administration,
and when 1 did that, of course, I voted
against Abraham Lincoln, our abolition
frionds call him "The Government."
I havo been tramping around a great
deal of Ittto and scon tho evils of Lincoln
and his officeholders in making aircts, ,
carrying people from their homos and
confining them in bastiles, for no pretense )
whatever ; and every such tight I see it
makes me a moro bitter enemy of tho ad
ministration ; so hereafter, as heretofore,!
shall use my energies toward putting down I
abolitionism, and raising the Democracy,'
so as onco more to restore the Uuion,whieh
in my estimation, will never be done until
we have the roins of government iu our JKaV A Pardee, of ll. z l:on; o ihc firm
Ja.,unry i, ISoS.
Pefis to Suit thelhnid, and Prices to Suit
the Pocket.
Tho best Gold li.s iu the Wodd !
On lie fscelpt of the following tumn, ue uill m-nd,
li mail, ur n. dir. clod, (iold I'eu or I'.iin, HjUtlinj
the tain i nccordinif lo the decriHiu, n.uiii ly :
Cold Plus, in Silver l'l.-itod Extciisinu
Cases, with l'ci.eil.
Kor 81 No 'l pen : fur $1 S3, No. a pwi ; for SI ..
4 pen ; tor H 2 No. i i H for o. C pen 1
These ..-u lire .lamped Till! mvifiil W.,1'1 V. an11
are well ittiiiln d mid Hue writing Cu d I'. mi,, null goo'
urnliiui pointi, although they are uimurraiiled, tin I
cannot be cxchanied,- 0
Our tiuini- lAim tiinu (icdj IVn l.'ci., ,V, V..) in .lamp
ed on all our lir.t ipj.ilily rem, and Un- point, urn
wnrruuled lor .lx otoiitlij, i-tpt iiai:l ctcidi iil
Our second 'iiinlity l'cn, are .luuipej I'll t' N TK.lV.
AM I EN, 1II1 the initial, of our firm (A. .t'.Lu.)
mid are ciir.full) made, lunula iff n.iiriu poiuU u our
lirsl iti.ility IVn.. tlig 1 ul) grcnl Lilli-uine bn.iu iu
Huallly . l llicliul.l.
Gold Polls, ltl and 2d q'lality in Solid
Silver Extension Case-, with Pencil?.
1-or SI UOu No. 1 pen la iiinllly or u .No 4 pi-n-JJ u.11
Tor ! u No. -.' pen l.t 'pulity, ur 11 No a pen -.-d 'J
I'or jU' -.'6 a No J ueu J-l Miiiihtt. nm N.. a -;.i mi
Tor ss l JU u No t pi n li-l .Ujliiy, cr a NoSp.n -d iUol.
for 81 M a No 5 pen III iiuulily, or a Not! piu Md euiil.
rot ou a .mi. o pvu- lt ipiailiy.
The same Gold Pens, in Solid Silver Gold
Plalcd Ebony Dc-4 lloldeiaund
Morocco Casts.
1 or tii 25 a No J pen lit .uu'ily. urn. N 1 4 pen id 'pial
F. Butler was
the fa.l of Fort Fisher, on the 10 h iim'
We extend our sympathy to the fricu.Uof I.'',' ;.g.s ::;'::!!! :!;;.u;
tor .31 un .1 ioii ,im is, uuiiiy l'ur J OU u N. J.
pen. I'ur 30 ',3 .No. e ptu. Tor U Ud a No. 1.
pen ; nil hr.l 'pulll).
l')ur 1'uiu rank lliroiifhout tbo munlry ni e'unl If
not !up-rioi loan) cum pen. iu,ino-.i.iiireil. Nolouly
mr lluir urliiui; 'iiulili. . l.,i. .mr.tonily and elexai.l I lie ri iile.l iiuc ia a.uu 111 llieir ni.iniiiniiuru,
and nuiie nr.- .old with the .h.liii .t i.i.puilckliou
huh .kill cm Ji-iul.
fame. 111 cnif-riii s mu.t ll ' 'ilaMH. number
and nualily in nil i i,.liuu uu, iili.tbcl full or lim.
bir, cuur.e or hue.
t'ie Goucral
This Administration is bound to do
ono of two things. It mu-t carry on this
war four year- more, or make wlut bef re
the election the Ki publicans oiled a .li-"-
honorablu pe ico.
----- -, - - .1 ...
ll h no fhrmo to Iji-long to tile mi
North aud his f in il- in ihe
crisis. Our Abolition contemporaries pro
fess to havo great couGdenco in the jus
tice of their cause. Thoy should, there
fore, bo content' to havo tho North ap-
u 'rity
minoiity, while the vast nmjority went to
destrui'tioh pretty itnu-li a-, tln-y are going
SMAI.I. Pom. The small pox prevails
with alarming poverty iu Uppur uueou,
l.ohiL'h county. Out 1 otic liimily M'jiih
it curried oil' nix perron la. t week
pie ettrj tWitie should rusort
tiou without de'ay.
t i
Most Respectfully,
I ot Pardee. V Co., coal lit alert, paid a spu
! eial war tax of over. SJ-1 ,ii00 on an iucoiuu
I of about S'-iiiO.UUO iu IsOIl
Enoch Arden, by Alfred Tenny- Institute ,ut NVu,h-
' I. . . I 1 1
lotion, lias uuuu nuriicu iinwu.
The universal interest felt in this charm I
ing poem baa induced Messrs. TiciiNpit &'
Fields, Mr. Tennyson's Amefiean pub-1
Ushers, to issiic a twenty -five cent edition t
At tb.ii residence ol Jo.i!h
A dl.rount of I'.' per .i nt. m ill be oIIim-i d on mu,,
ol 5.5, 1 1 .col u one adiin nt one lime , iu run
on ; -.u per ll III I I. hi.
All ruiiiltaiici M by umil. Ileti.icred, nrj ,i ,.m ,i.
To all ho i nih.,0 -ju uliti ixiin or nei.Uinie, ii,
liunranlii' til- . j ilelivvry m Un- food..
I Huular. i.' all our ne i)e, uilh l.iniriiviiig. of
eil -ii. ., .iti J priee.. ni upon rec.ipt ol, it' n. I elm r.-poiui..-u lor iu leni., by n.iiil.
Ma loner, nn j ji-noler afr i.-.piii,.,i t inrrerpond
v illi ii. a. ivu .nil oiler Ihrui ai.t in.ii.iuuKnt..
A.MLItlCAN ('.III. II l-1 : V i (..,
..'.iw i,j,o, .Sou or.
January J1, iei .1. .i,n.
of the
2iia ' m Am iiiJJil,
Oil Companies, of Clarion River.
aci.o.MJ ri.ooit,
CapHul Stock, each SuO,()00. 00.000
Share in euch, I'ur Vulue, 810.
0. L. LAM HE it TON , President.
Ofiico, No. Walnut Mi.,
li;,.L-, hi
' T e I it lun i mi m i .
n ... .i. rr .. .1. . 17.1. . I... .. o. oijirourt xi'IllUA. ji': rv A, "i,
fn ..a.,.1.. :.. ,iv . , L'CUCIl uavuu, uu me i nil u-ai., " .iv;. i .......
I""-? - -b '"0 AI f.rnnvnitn. Mr. m
and Mies 1iia . Lal
,il. 1 ... .1.. .,:.! i , , .,
uiuiii uuu uiuiu uusiiv uuiiious which mev i r t'ii
- J I UI ?1 11 11 l.lliailVl b,
puoiisli. I hey sond copies to tho press by, of Berwick,
hoping that the exteuded publicity given) On Thursday, iho 12th inst., by Usv.
by this ohoan edition mav result in tho in. Geo. Paison, at tbc lesideneo of Dr. Gurt-
troduotion of this most beautiful and ncr' iu Jerseytown,Mr. Jucob E Weliver,
touching idyl into all tlu households in
the laud.
proach tho tribunal of reason with calm- bloody war.Dissolution of tho Uniou.tllcn, Mr JoUN Hi.nijeiiuteu, has taken the
ooib anu decorum, aoooroiug to their op
ponents a respoctful hearing and a dis
passionato consideration.
Convention of Publisheril.
Aoonvcntion uf publishers w ill hi held
at Harrisburg, on THURSDAY, FEB.
Oth, 1805, for tho purposo ef petitioning
Gongrcsitn favor of tho ropeal of tho duty
on paper, and of taking suoh other action
as may be deemed beneficial to tho busi
ness of printers and publishers, The pub
lishers of tho State, aro retpeotfully re
quested to nttondi
a reBmi 10 "10U 00 1S) 'horeioro, open-, iIotci n eavcr Valley, formerly kept by
ly and deeply committed. A s a political 1 Frank L. Shuman, and being a social jol
deduction, he has hold it an accomplished ' y fciow, js doing a rousing basiness.
lact. as a iruiiuamcntat assumption ot his
The Duty on Paper1.
A large delegation of paper manufac
turers havo been in Washington for some
weeks, importning members nut to vote
for a repeal of tho worso than Useless pro
hibitory duty on printing paper. Wo are
glad to leant from a correspondent in
A Pictorial Double Numher. Tho
Phronological Journal and Life Illustrated,
lor January ,'appeara with !J2 quai to pa
ges, and a beautiful illustrated cover. It
coutains Portraits ofTonayson, Silliman,
Sheridan, Cobb, Philips, Suianna Wesley
mother of John au Indian Chief,Frans
Mullor, Miss Muggins, Miss Fury, tho
Princess of Wales, Floronoo Nightin
gale, A Group of Warriors Hannibal, ven, Luz. co , Pa.
JuliU3, Pizarro, Cromwell, Charles
Xlf, Frederick the Great, Scott, Wol-'
lington, Napoleon, with Ethnology,Phrcn-
of th same placo, to Miss Rllic Gorti-c-,
of Muncy Creek twp., daughter ol .Mr.
Philip Gortocr, deceasid.
On the UOth u't., by ham Dcrr, Eq.,
Mr. 11. S. Applegatc, to Mi-s tsarah ll.
Cornelison, both of Pine twp , Col. co.
At Town Hill, Jan. 22d, 1605, by the
Rev. E. Wadsworlh, Oapt. John Robison,
of Co. F T tli Penna re-rrves, to Mis?
Suruh E. liuckaliw, of Fairmotint, Luz.
In Beach Havcu, Jan. 2'3, 1805, by
Rev. B Sharer, Mr, Thomas Ahtiruw,io
Miss Rosunnnh Jloach, all uf Beach lia
In Berwick, on Monday eveniug, lOih
The lie Wit and SMI Creek til rr mpsr-je-, uwe or
;ani.i'd lu the month ul'Uttnbvr, A 11 . ItOJ.
'i lie property of Ih.-.u (.'outvalue. i ,itiuti uu 11m
(.'laiion Itiver. in Mill l.'reek tu-.Muliip l.'larion Cu ,
IVnu.jKani.i. uiiil I. known :i in.,
ll l imi.ts of tiu hundred niiif uvoniy-llvu ji- -. hi
fi-o i ople, iu each Company, Willi a Ir mta-r mi Urn
Clarion Itiver, lo 11.11 h, .f tlireo lourtln ol r.,u 1111 u.
I heClarion Itivir 11.13 loii(j ln-ni faii.nut I, r r 1 Oil
ipriu?ii aud depj.itii. It rum parallel lh Hi. i.pper
Alli-iiluny lluer.aud both iru.n the i-nt-rii I.jiiu of
the name coal bahin i.nd Hie unmu .tralilii aliuii
The Clarion Itlvol is a I a run Igaulu .triniii for
flatb'iau and rail, capabl.-of carryiiigun caeh bout
one thuu.und barrel, of Oil tn 111.11 kit
Clarion Cuunly udjoina Ver.ansn County, aud the Al
lejiheiiy I Her makes .1 ureal itti-ep around boili coun
lien, leavlni; them in the .liapu of a peiiiu.ul 1.
A glance al thu map will sliuiv, 4 line -Iriwu
from the appur bend of thu Allishi-ny Hun. iuilii
vlcinlU of OH Creek, tu tlio lowei 0.1. 1 of 11. b.-lmv
thu nioulli o tho CI.iiiuu, will buecl tn j Oil nui 111. of
lliu Clrriou liner. Dunns Iho pre.ei.t i"-a.ou, expert
tuccd Oil men and Beolo,'uti hay made a thoruiu'li
upmraiion ofiln rivir, and have large 1111 e.luieul..
.Mn-ady, thu wliolo lliH-r 1V0111 1 momh tu aliuoit
ll. .ource, hn. b.'eu leased nud pun (Used by OH men,
and nclla are beiu;' .link nluii I'1 whole lei. tin ..nil
great rapidity and with liaturius.' p.-utpecUof ..ux. j.
A bin e mid uppokiie the uu tVittuiid .Mill l.'r.ili Oil
Conipuuies, some leu other Coiiipaulen ure boring with
engine,, one of tilnch .truck lliu Ant e,'n ol Lnl at
my feel, and auoilier immediately udloiulnj .Iruit
it at lifty light feel in Ihe r k.
Twenty years ago, on tho rifr below lhcu Com
pail)', l.iuda, at thu modlh of Oeer CreeK. .Mr. Fucker,
nhu boring fur nail, Urml.uuo u( ihulari.l flowing
Oil Weill kuunii in thu oil coiinuy.
'lllid well lutii lone been f.toiou nn.l h:ik hecn ever
i in , T, , , . j .nice, and la.nuw, gu.hiiig out u eoiMtaiil .irunoi ol
ology, l'hystognomy, and Psyohology,No, inst , Major Nuiiiati 6eety,agcd 5"Jyeais, on and water, iiunon u-mg prep ued fur oi, ,mr-
1, Vol. 41st. Published at 20 cunts a 7 months, and 0 days. His remains were
number, or 82 00 a year,by Messrs. Fow-1 takcn 10 lieach I,av?" for iu,crailinl'
in ueaver towusnip, uoiumnia county,
on tho first day ol January, 1805, Mr
oi?t Mngley, aged 50 yrs. and 10 days,
policy in Mexico,ho has placed the success
of tho Pouth wider the guaranty of his
Louis Napoleon stands committed
against a reconstruction of tho Union on
tho evidents of actual uvenco. Political
inference, tho man who would rise to thu
iovel of statesmanship, must learn to deal
with as with existing fact. Tho overt aot
of Franco is not more eonolusi ve of hor pol
Hie Bankrupt Bill.
In Beaver township, on the 25lh of last
December, Mr. Jacdt Singley, sou of the
abovo named deceased, ag'jd 17 years, 2
mos, and 4 days.
In Mount Pleasant township, Col. co.,
C . . 1 T I ' . n ,
ovreei-rumora in xvionmond say that on Thursbay, the 12th inst., Mrs. Uutnu
jjgy Senator BOckaeew, has our thanks ioy in roferonco to tho war of the sections
for a valuable prosent, in the nhapo of than aro tho interest's of that other great
four bound volumes of the Congressional power, of those of England. Whether on
ler & Wells, 380, Broadway, Now York.
- -
Interesting News i-rom Richmond.
The Richmond Whig of Tuesday last
states that tho Hon. Pierre Soulo had ar
Washington that members geuora-lly havo rived in Mexioo on a mission from tho
the good sense to perceive tho fallaoy of Confederate States.
no arguments oi these disinterested gen-, Street-rumors In Richmond say that
ItUUJUU , Willi UlUJUVSO UUUULMI IU IVSIBfe llll'll -r a r, 1 I 1 , . -r I ' I. I , 1 1 I 1
i ,,!, ri'u,.,fiii,i ii.i. James A. Soddon has been removed and rme Jacoby, wife of John Jocoby, deed,
X- - - - iiiiifiiiuiil.uai xuu eiu.iii.vio uiu mui. una . , - . ., , n ,
Tin. Balikriint Bill intrndncnl inlr. fl.o tax, WhlOS UrlngS UOtUlllg into tUO puDIIO UDU- "'utt'""K CBoretary oi var. t ..- -j-
i he Bankrupt JJ.I . troduced into the ' b b Other changes aro talked aboutbut there 1 of MottvIHe, St. Joseph
present Congress is before tho Senate ,mon ' oa(innubiio for tllQ ,1Rnnlu of io .,.: L,, h county. Michian, Jau. 14. 1805, of Dip-
-r 1 r ... ik l . t "I O I " ID iiULLIlUl' UU1U U . ' L .. .' t .
dudictary omm.ttee. un.y ahout six paper monopolists, will bo greatly modifi-, The Confederato House of Reprcsenta
weeks of tho present session remain for cd, or, better still, abolished altogother. . . , , , . .
Congress to Gnish up the business it has The thanks of publishers and readers are 'ves declared by a rosolution.on Monday,
marked out. Many bills will thoreforo i"0 ,0 Me""' A"Uer and "yil ,n th CaS0 f lUaty S' looto t,,at' under
utuiu, u i "! wi .wMi ait mo uircuumtautTca oi iuo case, u 13 ex
. - i . .1 i . . i .
navo to go uuacteu u.u, u..u is nut exL,rtiong in defcDS0 0f VTnleti aml tbo 8.Ient that the ln,,itar ' .. "
llkolv that tho Senato w aareo in all tho rn,li0 n,,t,)in .i.. '.Im mninnnt,, P8"leDt tliat lhB mMa! authority dis-
details with tbo Bankrupt Bill passed by ootnoina'iion of paper manufacturers
tho Houso. Tho moasuro may bo throWn .
Imnl.- fnr rnvision in the llouso or to a IttV lion. Wi, II, Jacouy, our Mem'-
Age cu'rgo him from custody, and it ii pre-
Biiiucu tuai uu una uouu cei ai noercy.
theria Minnie Vulsella, infant daughter
of Iliram and Sallio A. Bitteubendcr, aged
1 year and B days.
I In llemlook township, Col co,, on tbo
10th inst., Mrs. 6arah Jl'ugncr, in the
1 74th year of her ago.
In Hemlock township, Col. no , on the
18th inst., Mr. Michuel Stcclcir, aged 73
I years
further below, a. Alum Cork. Oil li.n been obiaiuod
bill lliu well ban noi yet b en ti-.led with uu en;;. no
.Memm. l.yoii, fhaili i. CV'-ipauy of lliu Jjllo Irort
iurk, .mernl itnle below ihe.e Cumpanien, during
Itii- pa.l rail, i truck a tluw iug will. It it Huiv beiu
Ureal rumirea are found in thu blufft. and rituit
acros. tne rner In tin. vRinlty, from wluili ga. i.
emitted, and Oil jaea in largo globulri, nl.iclmur.t
uu reaching the .urface of Hie water und cover uwiiH
Oil. Tliia ia cuu.idered luiU.iiutiblu proof oil
Abundance of Umber and cual it found ou the lanA
for uiigiuo ami ulher purpo.ea.
One well will uu put down immediately on racli
properly, A cuiiipeieiil Situ "uaruetrc iupc-riiil--'"1
i. now uu (ho iround, .uperiiilendiiig lira upernliuii
Jf both Uompnule..
Tin .lock of ihe adjoining Comiauli-. liavn already
advanced, by rea.on Of the early idccen ulreuiiy i.t
tallied, A limited number of tjharet in cnult (.'oinruny. fir
thu uiu of tho landholder, will uu .old at S.J pi-r
January es, 1SCS, 'Jin.
J- The Quota of PcnnsylvaniaAindcri In Danville, on tho 18th inrt.,
.-.... i f. . . . r.l li- ll 1
Globe and Appendix,
grounds of comnwct&l oggrandiiomont,or jmyj to Uy over until next sejtfon
joint cdmmittce, In either caso it may lor of tbo H. ol R., paid a visit bom'? last' tlio new Assignment, is announced at 50 residence of bis father, Dr. I. L S
have to Uv over until next sejiion. Saturday. 000. ' 6'to, I), &.ott, in the 20th year of bi
at the
THE undersigned beiug regularly licencd
AJXIQVfl. S3 E-Q3 Qii
Hereby cHeri hiu .irvice as .iicli tn all who may foul lo give him a call, III. long experuncu in
lliu b, willenablu liim to render auliafactiuii lu
hi. cuiioimrn.
All persona deiirlag my aervlcea, will pleao Inform
inn lu that eil'ect befura llicy udveili'.u
lit AM DERR.
rii.f.oftico addtuit Roln.ibiir; Oolmabia tuuuly I'a
Jaikion lorviuhip, Jan T, leu'