Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, December 03, 1864, Image 3

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UDLUIUDIA UililUUlllilli
Saturday Morning, Dec. 3, 1BG-1.
Court commences in Bluomsbtirg,
tt...i1nii tiif nltirf nrtl lit Pntilimm nrm
iw A lamo Meat Vessel, as cood as
hi i.. ..i.i ..i. .. ... ...i!....!... i. I
ibo editor of tbo Local department.
t2r Mr. John Him., of Ccnlro town.
ihlp, recently lost a valuablu two year
olil colt, by tbo Unrs on the L. & IJ, R. It.
1ST It is yet uucurtaiti wbetber Lin
jolu or JI Olcllau Las n majority on tbo
omi vote. 6f tlio St.tto of Wisconsin,
jdT A National It ink bas btencslab-
l!,hfd in litrwick, with a canital of 800,-
' " i
Hon. M.
E. Jackso.Ni has been
fleeted Cashier.
tQr QuitoaourioMly'pasVcd through '
(... ... Mninln I..I ol.nn r t
large drove of turkey
There were on-
icuto for Kailon. I
. ' ii - t
tw Hon. C. H. Huckaluw, U. S. S.,
left li'oouitburg, on Tuesday last, for
Washington, via. Ni.w York City. 'Tho)
'Sfnato couvenes ou Monday next. 'j
BST" Mr. Kmab Ijietierich, of Mon- j
lour townjbip.liad a valuable horse badly
msitned in ono l.'g by nepfiingou a round
iiono in the road near Danville.
COT TI'O iVancsylvaui.i Election Com -
n.iiioucrs linvo just beet) roltasod from the
Old Cipitol I'tison, where they wero con-,
tiiicd for tevcral ucks. Nb proof was ,
-....!. fi.ffict ttmtn
n;lcu,,H l0 rl.JO,c0 over ttic irauuuicnt
nss- Onnfoolh F,h,mPh.13Conie to'el,'clion of Lincoln. The Democratic !
cn'ght. On the iiOth of June two mini
nnd t dog fltartci from Now Ymk toeios"
ihr Athntio in a little lout of I no or three j
ons,aid since gftting to it nothing I bh i
hen bi'HrJ of thorn. We tray well pity
the do that was dilodcd and scducd (o'
M,rh an umlcrtakinc:. i
Our townsman, 0
ho e lecrtffd from Gov.
Curtin, tlio
C3ln i
tni'Mon a- i aptain nl J5atier7 in .P0.eilU'd c'nnlmn mminorH, Ne.v Etr.'-
Ight Ar 'y, Penn'a Ro-rrro Vol Corpf. i )fim InG((.ls atl,i Lhi-kitrirds, who bad
Wo do not know ube'.lifr bo will tc-ep' j hurangucd tbrm, creat rentlis were proin
o: not, I in it sIimum tho'ocr fu. J i-fa liy cur o,jllMl)(,ia counly ubolitionibti.
T0"'id in him by hi' supari. r ofii o-s Ul), 0f nceomp'i'bifg great re
Capi. Rii'k H has b-teu n M j r in I .!,,; ,i1(,y nveivi d il.c l"..t 'drubbing
i .
ths 5 itno H"2tn)?!'t
fi;T lly i p'. rrifj In llio Inb'r rnTi I nift '
vif.t 'if ('ii'nmbi a rotinly,,
ni'l in i' o'lir ni'tnnn , it .
tttlTll V ' I t
will bo ' ,
in j ri' "!
h )' I ':
few wci .1
Hi 'j ir.t v co
lilM G
, ' Dr
Mo l. lUtt lti a I
Tlio c'diflr !-.')nw j
J"iia r xnlaiiiit.i
;'ii, wo fully
i.t nisl'od th
t?ii'ior.i. 'I'l c
fl etor l'ut lie
lia tiej'i ! jiI :o tio'leo n at -ill in bis pa j
prr. 1 1 o do you ft el, an? how, about!
it Doctor! You are inai;itig pojr progress
.n "icv.i'uiioiii. iij;" mil Oo'unibia, nitlier
wilK lt.T .tfi7priK nt Iiciim. etc lu.r '
ttrs ill tl'i? Q id.
ri-Ji" SiMgt-ant OiiAitnEi A. Ksonn.son'
cf Mr.Tr.i.iin., ICuorr.of Hloom Ion ub:p, i
hafiiig savi-d liis full trnn uf ciilirliiirm i
in i?huiid:.'s Army of iho Shenandoah
Valu-y, atlJ bn-n lionoritdy disfltarged, 1
iius jut nturiied homo afier au iibsnce of.
ilin.'e years. Scrg'.t K.,p.iid ti a visit on
last Wuduusday, and wr wrcrc gra'ified to
observe him looking exceedingly v.'eil and
lu.-iriy Ho is a fine young man, aud
whut urn-1 be vu-r graiilsing to his fiii tids,
i the fact, lhai his dircliarga ."els forth
I is ebarac'or as 11 oft rsci'llent bolh on
duty and in piivate li'e.
Themes Puun. t till fiut'a fi.ult
'villi the j oMiicsl complfciiou uf the Jur
er.". ' He thinks tho number drann, one
sided, there beinir but six uboliiiunitts on
the list for the approaching tcnn. I'or
. r, -t tun ttitiil lliij n f t i i- nnrni-l inn.
mui uuii, in. 10 .....
. :. .,;,lo.,i;.. .t, fnn I
111 Till . L I U 111 LL 11IIU IJl'UO U' I ttllUII ..... llli.,
- r
ibet outfidc of throe or four towiiih'pi. io
Colu'jibia county, there is hardly a fufiiei
rut uim.ber of bolitioriits to coinp"se a
good ''corporal guard." Tho truth if,
the rommi'.s'ioiior's, if tbey have any great
detire to pU-aro Thomas, mu t put his
name in the wheel. Ha itchea to serve
hii country for the Gr-t liine in the ca-1
pncily of a county jouror. He is willing'
to ruu his cbaneo in 0 drafi of this kind,
if in no other. '
tor ElwixrdMcllinry, of Benton tvi-p.,
ibis county, has been a conspicuous wit
ness be fore the Military Connnis-ion al
Hrrriburg. 'ihh individual, a di.-graeo
by tho way, to all others beating the hon
ored naino of Mclh.Miv, has been in
Btrumei'tal in bringing two ajed and in
firm men to pass the last days of their
lives in a military basiilo, by his hard
Mvaring, is well kuowu. That tho evi
dence ho has thus far given, before tho
Military Commission is un-reliablo, as far
as truth aud voracity aro concerned, is
proven from tbo fact, that over Tvvii.ntv
of bis neighbor, rami of honor, known
far aud near for their truth fulncs.i, sworo
that they would not credit bis tcstiinoney
nuder oath. That fuoh an out-cast as
Ed. MsIIenry, who having tumid State
rvidocco, to avoid punishment, fiom deser
tion and disloyalty, ehould be credited by
tbo military board at llorrisburg, Is mar
velous. We hope tbo GomiiiiFsion bore-
tfttr will tobe bis tcbtiumiiey for
U worth, nnmtly, noihinj.
. . .
hftt II,
- Tbo Abolition Jubilee in IJIooois
burg on Saturday afternoon nnd evening
of last week was a gorry nfTair, Like all
former demonstrations made by tbo Abol
ition party in this county, It was r fiixlo.
Tlio enthusiasm (what littlo thoro was)
was manufactured to order by tbo expect
antsof'Tat contracts" nnd official pat
ronage. S, P, Lonnstrect, of Wilk'os-
uarrc) "clu ,(,rtu in 0I of tbo Forks
Hotel, to an nudienca nl nhnill itvn turn
' "
died, 2cu and children, in tbo after
noon. In ordur to collect tbo crowd for
Mr. Loiigftrcct, tbo "loyal'1 merchants
and shop-keepers c! tbeir places of
bushes, giving all under their control au
opportunity, or ralbor compelling them to
attend. Jiut after all, the thing was't right
"not big enough" "ibo country folks
did "nt turn out," &c, as wo beard a prom-
, incut man of their party exclaim, lu tbo
even imr iIip .trnml finnlrt 1Ifn. ,l(r
1 o n- " uuuju mi,
torch-light procession, illumination, iiro
works, Ste., wom to bo inhibited The
i,tle ks waited patiently for tbo fun,
WUi. WPro (llSappOIDtCU bod tt Ul C 0 11110 aild
uii iiro woiks cMiiuiicn. i no oiuor juvcu
ties not to be entirely deceived, collected
togclhcr.'a largo number of old boxes aud
barrels, and bar at them on Market htreet.
The other performances of the evening
(!onistd in the illumiuation of many of
tbo Abolition dwellings w!th tallow dipsi
lie , alio, a small proeojfion of men and !
boys carrying widc-awako lamps, lteallv, !
i wo lu" ""' ,or ol,r Kcpubliean friends.;
j They wanted a littlo fun, and had ex-
i pciulcd a codsiderablo amouut of tbeir ill-1
lgoiten gains to have it, but, like their rot-1
j tl,u principle, it all ended in smoke. It '
was a pic0 0f nreMiuj;vion, however, for !
tn Abolilionils of Columbh county to
..i a ;. . "11..
ll) t0rity lu t 111: county was tlio largest '
that hu been east for a e.mdidato forJ
Prmiiirnl. .inc. tlm .lira f .T.Mrcnn. ..,,1 '
t lit-t faet should have indue-d the shoddy
itM of ttia couiitv to Fav vtry littlo about
t,"il' "victcry."
of money tb-y
Cousivleritig i ho amount
fpent money from the
corruption fund the tlicuaiid i of lying
(liiotmioiitF that hail becu"tont them, tlio
nti'tiler of " obln fpeakers," embracii';
thnt liid li'on admiiiif ti rf I to ih'im, sinee.
the ortriniitttion of tbi' ciintj . They j
Invo not fin tribiitcd much to the "grand
rr.Ju'l,' ul.d lor I'mn to Hitmnpl l" put oil j
HT ami Io rtjjiue nvor llin wotk jf ulhc.'
oiiut e, i-' niprrni'ly i i.lit tt'ous. i
rorth-'' ru'tTi r.t-Mc.cH? ' !
J.Ki"i ni-ticy cf tt t'i liiic:il Iff y ins
U't i-- M'TKR wall damtiins cu- ht'f t'.ie ccn- j
To j.iay i.irt ta Seep ALL lu pcaca nnd In unity."
"Vhen rcgtiei are AI.I. p!ou, 'tii htril to detect !
WH1UH roiin.'8 arc tko rtprcbito, WUI-H tho
tloct " I
Camta ion SuinTKinEiia. Wo have1
. bctn chtiiug lite nemoc-m uunng m
olecion campaign, to a number of persons
v.l3 arc not fcular mb-eriliers After
'w- fliull tiny sending ihein the
paper, uukss wo rrcive ncl'e
of their do
sr Io continue.
Our trnn'', until the
next, will be t yiar,
Iks'- of J.tYinary
t r .-J tor ms tnoritni. Alter iiiaio,ni',H
fball bo compellid to raio.
J.ibt nf laiises fur Her. lerm IMJl.
I niliih Mitlna I'.n Jonir of V iro n Wolf v Cliris-
tiun Wolf.
! J.nob llattH vs r.'fr 1 ic by.
3 i."ort'e li iii'ltr, 1 1 al J. V. Trinvll.
I Ru I'M'ikir. vj v in U'd-r.
.'. II I'. Ilhih.iit & -iln II IM;nr
r. to.i ph liiittiuan vs lleiib 'li I. in-.
7 i,.vnl Ai l.ei.liark 3. hn Warilm.
S ui I nnj, vs I' r l( iiiliait.
B l7H..ise I,oo:"iiiieri;er(..'ing3 Miller eta! v Jo.Itua
tn it. n. v Gilmer, vs Moor'.- l'r"vc lin:.
II Jno Alle.'.ir A Alleaar tn Jno Y MiJar.
U l-imuel Williaum v t lurles II Dn l"iich jnJ Heo
A llerrini. '
11" U".in and Anna rimn vs ( Im II DlelierlJh. !
II I'lii'ip I'l' lU.nh v Win l.oni. I
H UiIhou Al'er v J Ofcjili K I.niisi.
10 liuh Melt- 1 1 al v IVn r oliphint ,
t7 Ann W I're.iui'r is llnorli linn ell.
la Kahard I n.iliad f.rrus- of llatlnl lloajlanl vs J
I..WK Yelter mlm'r of Je-se Hvnnsdcc. ,
19 A W I reamer v- I. at II II It cmupany
... .. .. ..
II.1..I1T 1 11 Divl I Mill
'I J1.lmlleisu letnl1s.-sr lie I III' "Lit
.... :.. ... .
..t'ii4i. 1 .....ii-. u ... ' " ."..'"" 1
SI Hi.plien ll.ildv a t:at'awi..i Williannpori anj
Krm nit c.mip.iny.
I IJ'. la ...III II ......''. ...'....fc.
'J5 Uiihsrd vs r iiiiudI lloa.'lind.
Sil lllnomebuti! Iron t'ominiuy is Kii'hiird 11 Mcaajh.
1 Amo W I'reiimt's 1 j l:nnck lluivell.
Jr.-.'B Coi.CMAN',
GrntKl.1 is for IKcbr. Term, I8G1.
Ilorniifh I'.erwick- U.idi'1 .Martt.
lllo.1111--WIH1.1m I raminn, J, t.. (Iro'll. r-U illiani 1'isher.
I Vnlre Saiiuul i.'rfp'liug. famuel Kclchnor.
Caliiw issi -Nathin Creasy.
('oiiynjham--Johii 1 tVoiuer.
I'lrlmik's-rt-s "k tltiuti Mclltiilo.
lUmlocl.--Is.iac l.'-ldy. ' . ,
I.ouist Jolin I. Ilutst, Win. (.'oodwin. Mo)berry
Mi)der. Jacob I'lsher.
.Mount I'leiisiut Amos K, llcarock.
Mail 1 sou lames Welliver.
vli'lh 11 Daniel Noyer.
tjrnngi' John llernni 'i hoi. Mrllenr)'.
l'lue .'.In... s atts
PntMrhuf Jacob t'nlz, Kzekhl I'ole.
Sclt Joseph Lilly, Willium II. Iloivcr.
Tntvfi.sfi Jul ors lc. Tirm, IbC 1.
H. n iii-Jaikou J. Ilnl.btne. Leonard 11. HupJII.
I'm "n-h uf In rn'ick- J nuts Juenby.
Hi ii. nr. k - J.i-. L. rl'inm berit, l."il I'll ifer.
Il -ni'ii- l-a'n luie'bui Ii, I'ctur llauck.
ilentuii Jac .b Wohv r.
t'ai.twissa P. ter lieedi r. J. U tharpless.
Cenlro- John Mill. Iine Lhrwine.
oiiinchaiii -Jumilh.iii J. Ilontl.ind.
I'rahkliu-John Aitley. Samuel l.nrenlan
tirei Dewnt. Win. Hoiit, Adamttt.
Ilemloek-Welluiliton I'ursel
Locust-Jacob llurin r. Iluuh Aitk-y, John ILirner'
Madison John Ussirk.Ja'nh IL ier .
Milllin Mhcrl t.'. Ile.s. Isaac K. Sivcppenliciser.
.Ml. I'lensniit J.n kson . Ilowcr.
(Iraiige Daniel Klluu, Rlijan ti Itn kells.
Ro.irinscreek-S.iiiiuel l.enly. Jarnh Lonsenbrriier.
Ktoii lleorec Joint, I'heiias 'l'rinch, LI I Crcieling,
James Lake.
t?ujntlojf Vlonlgoinery Cole.
01' r,Vr.HY SIZCnn.l UlTAI.irV.Ki:PT CONTANT.
ly on I1t.11d.u11d will be H'ld i lie.tper than the cheapest.
I I... P. IP Dt.,1 VSIISM
uy tno iiuuersitfiieu. si ms ...-. .... ..... ,"'
, .lobliihmem, No I0J, Miikd etieel. rinlade dp hi.
Octok.r 1 l'l 3"
Cnltlc JPowdcr.J
"I S warranted to
i tin tlio most power,
fill Mrellt far llin lnin.
ntli nnd blond of Cattle,
fitvlnp, r Hheep, In pro.
Irullnj illtestloii.rlciiiii.
In? tlm system mid tran
sfi'f.iiB tlio purified nn. I
1 inn I Unlit In Hi-nil,,
milk, butter nmntrencth
mill establishing lien I ill
ami vlitr. i
iiUYuv H iionni: u
MILL' POVI)i:il is tlm
only medl rliiiA It-ifnlly '
patented in I'm.ico, I'.nit
land, Wiv It i r n n .1 unit
GmeMIs' Holland, and ilnly ml.
jr. -rt.. tun i "ii ny ill' ir Limns,
'iLLENTOVW r honored withpriMi . ,
nU, nnd Invented hy lr. Hiivoy- r"niftor of tlio tin
perhlCnllfjn tor Auririilturi. at i'.irls, mnl lion man
iifnctiircilhyC (). IllltVCIt, llr or "J A. Allen-i
town, Lehigh County, retinsylvnul t.
All dlenes of til" ftmii iclt. Wool. Lungs ami How 1
fts, speedily mid ceitnlnlv cured. Healthy uttick will
I'u hrouaht Into the very hichist (Into nf perfection,
mnl ono or two lahlespnnufui n week. In liferent value i
to hard wnrklnjt horses, hroeillrijr stork nml mils, mnl
saved thousands nl vnliiabln hor-t- from tr.ntn Eiou
diseases, wcilnl tlio narinyard as In the unity. I
rfn'rtunllv overcome all tin? obstacles which 11.11.1lly
prevent the cir llii nf worms, iiro pleasant to lake,
mnl nlo nnt' of the mnt ucfprnhlu pntuittlv's fi.r
rhlMri'ii, So oiufiili'iit I the Inventor nf tlio mirri'KH
T,1 '"'"rioii-tii,n.-. h,.. p.uhninticni .n,p0,i
nun ni inm pnp.iiaiinn.uiai no inriii-ii.
1'i'i'rv eiail
TI,U u?"uN 'ffifflf AN'H V UX"
prurrratilu la Iho ol.l l'li"fphoru Pn.lf, which haril.
n in n "tnirt tl'ue ma k I ii c i ' wn.'thle.a. Tor itirnr
tlmm mi l p.irlli ul.irs .re the mil ill hill- lu tlm b.ixen
3 7" tine humlreil ami thirty. xeveu premium have'
bei n nwanleil to lhet-cclcbriiti.'il preinratluin., up 11
Oetnlier ftl. Im!I.
KiiVai, ft. Kovin. are tho wholenale Ajent in I'hil'n.
I nr fain by till repeunbl.j Drug ami cmiutr tnre
xsnvutiibor 111, I "til -lain. j
i Tl AS Jurt rveejveil from riiilaili'lphni. an. I n now
1 l npeninz at tht nl.l Ktauil l it" y icii'ieil by Marti
At Km, h t..lemliit n"i"rlnioiit of
S 1?1" P I I A TT m r S? ! ii.'
jjl JUJJLlAj 1 1 fLlS kJL.J ill :
which will be unl.l cheap for
"I !"' kconaiMii of l.adica Duaa Uoodi choice.l tyle.
and lile.t fihiom
Shav.ic ,
I Oasiimuret,
! Satineti,
j Cottonadi!."",
! Kentucky Jeans,
Thread, S:o.
. Gioccrics,
i Queenswarc,
, Ccdarware,
Hard warn,
i Medicines,
j . Dru;?,
! Oils,
I - -ilc.
I In hnn fvvty tliinp iMintiy li'l in n country nlor;.
' The patrnpupo of nUl fncmN, tutil the jtubliL "'''i' ii
ly, i" rfi-ji 'ttfully sa iriieii.
I Tin Iiliilie-t nutrkct nrit paiil fur cunMry pro.I'u-rt.
i I Ijltl ?trcrt, Nov 19, lfc(M.
irall au& iBiiUfi
'1 liff
q'W MXtW'tk l,
- roit-
IIH uni'eri."ll.'il. crnt. fill lor n-t ttrnn.iie. t-r
A full int. this hiKciiNiuun'r- and t'i.- n'iMici:"u...
llinl he h.ihjiiKt rereivnl iroin the r.jr.i"iuu i iuef
ateiit ami imt lclei t stock nl
tl e
Fall and Winter
tJ jJ &Jj ,a. AAA ASa. -M. m
! iff. W W& 'Sr"Y".-V 'Vf.'tT' ftf-i.
That has yet b"en op.'iied in Ulooinsbnri;. t" ii'blrh hi
im ites the ,iiliMitioii of his friends, nml injures tin m
that they nre olfi md tor ale r.t irr 'at baivaius, His
Sunk l prikft 11 Inrpe uscnrtmein 01
! t'ouri.'iine in rmmiiMi'ir Dnn'Ci.t.. of eitry it"
rrlption; I'ains, Ves's .-hirts, fraviis
ftnr.l'i;, ijoltnii
llamlker:liul-. i;io es. usi'""'ier- .c
(Jtild Wotolies and Jfwt'lry
Of everj description, line ami tiieap.
. It. iteiuenuitT " l.ortnntri cacot;.orlLn.'
rail nml ee
No rhari:e for t'laminii l.nnds.
DAViti i.uu i;in;itf)
nioomshiiri:, ov. 19, 13.M. .June l-5'i )
Public Vi:.nduk,
WIIsL be exposed to public snle. oil
the prcmi"s.-nt th" late renduKe if uideoit
I',.!,.,. iiuli..itft.J to ll".tv..r Iri.vnliin. IViltlnilns rn
On Wediionlsy, the nOlh of Nov. ISti l,
The folloivini; described nerional propity, vU j
Truck Wagon, Two Cows, one Ilciil-r,
Three Hosts, r.ioht Hives til sees. i
Hav bv iho Ton, Ihdk Bye Sttcw and
Oorn fodder by the bundle
Potatoes und Apples, by the bu-hcl,
Yellow pico boards, ono Bureau, eight
dny Olot'k, and Corner Cuplioardogclbor
Willi all his Household anil K telieu fur
niluro, and otliur tilings too uuuiuioui to
ty Kale to enmm-nre .It 10 o't I pi k in., of said il.i v,
when aiteinlaiici. u ill lie KIH'O anjl couuition Im mniln
kilo nu by
,'Jdm'r of the PMaic 0 Utdeon Pis'iet.
Nov. la, I fetll.
. Estray.
" tamo to tho enelosure ol the fuhperiher,
rcu llni in franklin township, Columbia,
011 or about the '.'Olh 01 Oelouer
supposed to ben year old. Tl:f owner nr oh mrs aro
reoiirsltd to cull, prove propeily, p.ij rli u jjt n, and
lake the oiiiioal nwiiy, otherwise she will h. ;i M'oul
..f llin. In law. DAVID LIU Ilk .
Estate of licorgo Hittle, Dew-accd.
Ll'.TTl.lW Testiinentary on the inno "t i.eorito tv. i
mule, lato o .Ml. l'leasani t"W ns' ip, Comuil'i.i ru, '
, in c ased, hate been srnnted by the lte,isler ot Wills
lie,, to the undersigned both resnlnnt lu said twp.
lull p. 'nuns haviui; ilnima ncalii.t tho. ennlu of tlm
I deredtiil lire re'iueiteil to preseni Ihem to the rteru-
Irix williuut iieiny, nun an persons nun'ute.i in nmr
pe)un.ut ftnthiMlh. .MAliY Hl'l'I'LK,
.Ml. i'lcnsanttwp., Nov. U. 18f.l. Ilx'rs,
Of tverjr deficription, for sale at thisoflio
The Loliiffh
VO OONal Ml 1
ft t'liimimpllvu uir rrt4 will recolvi n rnlunble
prcrcrtpllnn fnr thiciira nf t'nnminiptlnn, Anlima.
riirliitl., nml nil throat nml Inn; i.llcctlnm. (fee cf
cliafgc.) by iciiillng their nJnrf to
Iter.iiliu Mil) A VVILPON.
Wllllainiljuritlii Klnet co .
Kept !)'. IPH4,-3m Now York
t rlerro cf in INV.M.II).
I'nl.llrlii'il for llin lirncdl, nnd nn n caution tn Young
M mi nml othcrr.. wlm miller from Kcivnim Dchility.
I ti'innlii 'O llecaj' nf Mannnoil, tc. uppl)lnz at the
..tine thin) thu Mum or rl.r(.,unl; lly ono who liai
i iiiciI liiinaclf nfti r iimlcrit lini tonMJprahlo 'piackcry
ti iiitlCKllie n nr.t pilil nililffiiuil cnvolnpo flnjlo
t oi'lcs Hi'iy l.o hrd or tlm nullir.r.
Juno I, IfCl.- ly llronkljn, King! co N, Y
13 M ha 11.
I'rofriiinr'J. Irf AI.'H, M. M OotfttiT owl Atm ht
formerly of l.ilon. Ilollaml, Is now Incatml sto,.MI ;
I'lM! Htreet. l'itit,iKt i-ika, uliorn ' pemnnn nfllietfil
with ill.iainnr the I3VI1 ami UAH will bo nrli'iitlfi. ;
ally tri'.itinl nml cunt. If curable. Sv" Attlflcial I
t'.jn InsL'ttoil with. nit pain, ;
N. II Nocliantun iinnlofor llinmlnallon. ItiiMeil.
Icil farully in invllcil.ui ho bit no secret o till 1
mi. .li; nl irentnieiit.
July'i. IMI.-IJui
5V1 A T ft iM 0 U 3 A 1 1
If fpu wlrli to marry, rnl.ttena the ittntnrfieneit, who
w 111 tenil ymi with. ml nmncy anil without price alu
able iiiruriiiatiou that will enahle yon to marry happy
ami fpeei'lly, irrc perllvc nf nao, wealth nr beauty.
'I 111- Inrnriiialluu will rnn you nnthlni!, ami If )"'i
whh to imiriv. I Hill theertully nlt oil. All letters
I Uriclly fotillileiitlal. The ilcj (red leforinntion tent by
I return mall, uinkiiu 'pirhtluu. nakeil, ndilrensi
B;i nib !!. Lambert, (Ireenpoliit, Uitign Co.. New Ymk.
tlnlformltv of I'tlcci ' A New I'vatur. in f!iiine.
,i;eryonn hla own Haleainmi! JONI'.rt ,st U'O. nf tho
t'reheutOim Price l.'Kithiiiir titnre. No, 'Jill Murketuree
ul.nvo fUtli, I'lillailelpliia
In n.l.lHM.ii In linvltt.r tlm tarei.Mt. mint t'nrleil mnl
I fanlilonable ttnik oft luthlni! in l'lill.v.lelihl.i inmlupx
. pieHnly (or retail :il"p. Imve i iinmllutinl eery ono
I iiH own a.ilemuu, by having maikeil lu liuurei, nu enoh i
I nitirleat the very luwet piice it he cnlit fer rothty !
ciiimit vary all muni buy alike. i
' The pool- are in II npniiseil mnl pri pnre,lnnil great ,
i paiunl.ikoii Willi tho maklni! m that alliiiiilniy with I
! lit" till! amnrana ot ctltnir n Roo'l iiiticlo at the very
1 lowest price.. AIo, n luisu tocknf pl. ie eomli on linml '
nf the l,ite-t ptyleainl beet 'inalitiei., ulm Ii will be 1
t.toriler, In tin: mont faihinunhlr anil tiert uiuiiuer. 'Ji '
per ri tit, b'.low croiHt nicft.
Remember thu Creci lit. In Uutkit nlimu Ciith ttrrel
no '.'HI. JD i:ci (t- CI).
TLHiiini.r. iiis(:i.o-fiii;d-Hi:cnr.T3 run Tin:
A mon vntuaMo mnl wninlerl'iil iublicalon. A wjrk I
hi 4iiH pane, nnd an coor"d inra ins., tilt IIIIN
Tl.lfr? V,lli:-MI;rtlM. an oiiclnnl nml popular Heat.
I' .4 1 11 Man ami Woman their l'liynnlnjy, I'nnitlon-,
iindHnxital r nf i n ry kind with never ftilln?
K.'iiii ,11... f'..r their eneeilv cure 'the 111,1 tiCe nf Dr. '
Milliter has Ions beiN and Htill It, tinhntindeil, but nt '
Ihe earu' tt miicltmioii nf iiniiieruuii pecniH ho '
en induced to extend hU im dical uft r.iinei..t inrnutin
Hi" medium of hi- "VADi: MKOl'.M ': Hit ft volutins '
III it -liinild be In th" hands nf every tamiw lu tho land
hk a ureieiitito of mcrct vie."., or an n uuldc for tlm
at et intiiui of 1 ne -f th" inurt hvm'iI nnd di.tructtve
di-.iiirpti-. . r vllte,l nnnkiii'l. I'nc copy 1 11 will I,., fcmmriled ire" nlpint.tiji' to any part
l the 1,'uiti.l Hiati for 51 cimli in I'll nauip-.
Addt's. p.i.t paid, 11 r. Hunter, .No. a Diilun,
Hlrcel, N'ew York.
May SI. I'l l.- y.
I ) r.ANTrn is i.t. t'.-n -t'nn bo ri.liJ on I N'. ver ' to cite1 Ho tint iiaiiHcnte ' Ar' upeodv In nrlion!
I N" rhnniie o iln t required' Ho ini interfer" i iih
I b'isiiwii purniita I t'un b" iihoiI ultlioitt deti ctiou 1
' 1'pwards nl ilntl t ine tlio pant month -"ume "f tli"iii
I very nevere ca.-ei4. Hv. r nin-liundred phviiian. h ivo '
I iied th"iu ill tin ir praftio . and nl1 pcnk ueil of their
et?U act, r.iitt approv" nf tin ir compo.ilion, whl'h n,
I enlneiy n Kilnbl". aim liar ml. mi the aji teni Hum
I drdi of c"rtilu it"- niit b" !i'iwi.
Hell'., tipecifie rills urn li- rimal and only O'tmlno ,
; rippriAY I'lll. Tlm aie ndni.ti-d for mnl : and f-malc,
old or spun, ard Hi" only r.'liiib o r.meily for ell' ethM
a peimnio-ut nl.d (peedy cur-in all rum") of rip"rma J
torrh.-.i, i.r Mo.innl Wftiktifni. nh all its train of
rilij, mich ar 1'n'lhral nml Vniiinal Din-hirces. Ulent .
the luti Nnilitiy or liivoluutnr Hiiut'ioiii. Inn n
' tiiiu.ince, (ieiiil.-il in bilit mil Irritahill'), lmu.eiice,
I Vt'eaknefa or l.t.h of i'l'.ver. Nertina". Debility, &e. .
j etl nf n In. h .iri'M pnm ip.tlli fr'inif'ejiial r.xci net or
i rfelf b'l;.", nr tnme eniii.titiiti.imil ileriiinti'nieikt, ami ,
i ine.itini ital"j tho .nfT'tnr I'ih.i lulllllini! Hie duln; ot I
inairi'-.l life' In rill K' rii.'.iti. a' iiiunithi .i,
, tlleit, and SJtiuior". mid in liisea-je of the lil.uldrr
' ond Kiitnt'te. IH"y id in a charm 1 I'.ilkf it evperi.
i euced hy tnklni; a motile but.
rinid by nil ilie piintipal ilru;itils. Trie-SI
I Tiny will be "Hit !i mail, fcteurely himIuJ, and con
' ft Initially, on reti ipl of the money, hv
I J. HI1VAM, M. P.
! No 7ii IV nr Hi , New Yorl"
I ('("Multin!! I'hvuciai! for the Ir. utni.'tit nf K initial.
I iii.iity. Stxuil, urn! .Vrvuun 1'id ti" b. wfio will
tend fr"e Io all the follow m valuable work, lu aeal-
I i 1 en wl.'.p :
I 'I iik liriiTH Timf3n-1'R. lltl.Id Til II ATI.4 n
I on t-el.AI,iiM I' e ii.miiu I ieii, Impnti'iic" nnd loi
; of power, b' mini I.K.'i.sei. ti iiilnal weakiies-, Ni.'litly
K. nii f.eiiit.ii Ui'bilit) ki., l-c, a p.iinphut of bl
I naif"-, containio',' important iidviee to th ; uf.llcted. mi l
wiinh hniil.i ber.'ii'lhy i very null' ht, a- Hie means
' o cure in the evi'rel is plainl bit forth Two
Ht.impn re on oil to pav piihl.'ige.
! D..iell'llel 1-. It OJ ly. .
g 1
S I In the Ccitrl ij am mm P'c::s'f Colitui
! .la I oitnty.
riinobr Mill-r by her
' next friend saiimrl 11 'it er,
, rs Haniul .Millar
il.ibel fcr Divorce ln iuh
) N'o ?.), svp.lcrui ltej
j 'ihe (nininonwi allk nf Pennsylvania to tho fh-rinof
sal I eo.inty . fireetini;. ivherean I'hneee Jlillur by
1 lier neit l-ioii.l Miiim-I llnwer, did on the fi.-t rlav
nf IVUriaiy. I 'bl. picfer her peiiHon to our s.uJ
J idites of uiir t'o.itt ot t'oinmon Pleas' fur tlm sti
I (ounlv .f Cnliimtii.i nraviuz for the cnuiies ih.'r-in fi
f.irlh. rhe liimhl In dunned from Iln- bonds of
1 Matnieony enteceil into with D.1.11 I .Miller, lie ,to
tbereforo cimiman I you. the -:ud D.iiuel .Mil.'r. as bo-
i tore e .iil. ietlllli: ItMite Ull nth"r Ii Isl lleas .nift
eieiMes ithaiso.'ier oii bo and appear 111 your proper
; ,ei,(in In f.ou our JiiiIci'k .it liloom-S'irB' at n Court 01
' t'limui'i'i I' lliru In ho held lor lb- mnl counly ,11"
t.'.,luiiilii 1 0.1 the first day of Sepli iub. r Term mat, tn
n 11 e -r the petition 01 iiiiei or llin --nil I'ltoeba Miller,
and 10 shun tau-e it any you Mat", why the mid
rho-be .Miilrr, our wile, should not be divorced front
Hie bolide of until luiony agreeably to th i net ot Assent.
bi In bitch ca-e, mttdo and provided. And hmeif
fail not.
Witness Iho Honorable Willm'i r,t'VKit,, J!ieUlre
I'n eideut of our said c -urt at Itlonui-buri, ihis tilth,
day of May. A. D., 011a thousand t iiiht hgnilred and '
sixty four. J sdi l.'tjl.l'. 11 AN', I'stornv.
Aim iii.y, to tut: :"alia fub
plin. nil" rrturned nnd proof made thai tho ilieudint
could not he lo'iud in the t'ountv ot Columbia :
1 ivhereupon Hie ilherttf ' dtrecle.l to caimi nonre to be
' in one ..r more neii-pap"rs priuud 11 illiiu
1 faul (ounlv for lour iveidi- sotee.sively prior to tba
lirslclay 01'next term, .c, uccordiu? 10 act of assymbly.
lly the Couit.
Reading Kail-roatl.
VViiMliii ilti J.lAXvjril lVJ.ii i ,
November Tth. lSO-i.
f reat Trunk L'no from the North and
vJt Nmiii -West for rhiiade pbi.i, New-Yotk, Rmd
mi, 1'i.llfMlle, Lebanon, AHeiitown. i: isliin, tc, Kc.
Truitu leave llarrlshiiri! for Neiv-Yotk, ns follows
Al a HO and IS A !. nml 1 si I'. M , nrrlvius at New
York nt I') .M.. and -Mi and IU tu) 1'. tl.
The atioio eon n ri with siniil ir Trains on l!n I'enn
f.linula liuil Ro.-id. t.u I Sl'epiuj Unrs uciuinpuny llu'
llritt two Ti in ns, without clt. nii!!
I.e.iv for lie'iilins. I'o'.tsvill.-.T.nn.i.pii, MmersviMe,
Mlentow'ii, und I'hil.-.dclphi t il r IS A M and I 45 P.
.M.. sioiieiu ,il L. liiU'ui .ui.l nrim inil Htminns only.
Way Trniu. .sloppnnj .il nil pninis, at 7 il A- .M .and '
-l.-ib P. M. It. firmu;' i.iave w -York at !l A M..IJ
noon, and 7 in V ,M. l'hilaileliihn at 8 A M'und'dUd
1' ,M . I'..tlst illeni i 50 A. M..iml -IM 1'. M ; Taiuiqun
nl H.iu A. .11. .-in.l-J.I.'i P M. and Readinsnt li uil-liiij III, 1
7 M and ID. li A. M , l.iH and li Oi f. .M,
Riailiuii Arcomoil ilinn Ti.'.in; Leaves Una Imitate.
311 A. .M, rt lurnimj Horn I'hilidelphn nt 1.3 J I'. .M, I
I t'olumbni lliilroid Trim j leave Ucadim; at O.s0 and
II A M.l'oi l.phi.iM, Liti.. I'uliiiubii. &e.
tin Mundavs ; Leave Nini.York at 7 I' M I'hihdel.
phni M. II I' 'tl.. 1'i.llsvill" 7.30 A. M . Titina.tia 7 A. M ,
, llnrrisliua' 8 13 . .M.. and K-.nli'M at I- ii.l.liut'lil.fer
1 llartisbiK;. . !
Coniniuiatinii, Mileage. Hsa.nn, Sehonl, and Ktcur
1 s inn Tickets to end from .ill point, m reduced Rales.
Hai.'saso clierk' d throinth ; i-'O pounds allowed each
l''""""8er' fi A.N'II'OLI.H, !
(Itntral iutrrtn(fnuunt.
Pivwung, P.i v 2(1.
triscajn,,, ft oifs, V rt J vYl 1 Wl i?
iHil3llCi Hi 3 A Anil!) iTt J4Kt3
rJ",nE Mill' -riher reopecifully gives no-
J iiccto the t -bile that hi. Mitoon, on
.Main (tre;t, 111 ns'iurg, constantly on bund.
i FRlisll OYSTERS.
Hither in the SU ' I.L or bv the CAM to suit custom
ers, ruimliei i i bo supplied by the can or by th.
uu.rl unnn shon lotieo. He also keeps constantly on
hand XX ALU, ' dir and Minetals. Uivn him a call.
Ulnnmbiir. N'V.SO, l?M.
LudicrV acl Childven'B Hata.
I men soli'i ' I'HARIsGS OAKfORIl k SONS,
renlioeolsillii' rbiMilpnU
Diseases Resulting fiotn Disorders nf the
J.ivcr and Digestive Organs,
Tbesp Hitters bavo pcrfnrmnd moro Ou'i: no rnrr. ur.rrr.n mtiwci'
HAvr. M i it h .win: nc ,
si'F.ojjiiii.k pKuvt.n ru ration hon,
Tit.i.y ji.vy OTinM jinricLKi.y rim si.ntia.r )
Vo ilefy any one to contradict till nerrtinti, ami 1
will pay $IC0tn any nut- Hint ulll proilucua
cirtllicatu publishoil by us, that ii not kciiuIiio,
wilt curopvery cue tf !
! tmronio nr ifivous ucoiiuy, uiscascs ot
the Kidney'', and discuses ariing
I io in a diforuoreil btomacli.
Obifrvc Ihf follow lujr syinptoinn Urrutllng fruio
oiilera of tin; Uluexllvc Orfaim:
an Cnn-lipa-tlnn,
Inward I'lle",
Tulneiit nf Hlood tnthc
lleml, Aeiility of tho rUnmach
Nhiis' M. Ikarthuru. Illigut fur t'oo.l,
I'iiIiii'm nf wilulit in the t?t r. in.'u li . Hour
KrncUtlonf. Pinking or riulleiinintthe i It
ot the .-tnmncli, vl iiihi I r.c of t Nu Head, llur-
ti'-.i nii't imii" .in .iri;iiiiin, . iimeiiug l inn ,
Heart, Cnnkiuir or Siillwntini! i!euiatii.n when in n !
lying poJline, liimuea. or Vliiun, Unit or Webs
bufor tint vlslit. I'ever unit Dull fain
the Head, Deficiency nf I'crtpiration,
-Yellotvne-. of thodkln ami Uyei,
I'l In In the Siil u. Mack, t'lio-l, ic Siidilcn Kluilif
nt Hi nt. hunilng in II. d
I'le.h.l'oiiKt'inl lt.
a:l:ilnj;ofel II,
h. depreaioii
of iplrits.
I rti.1T Tim iinriM
h Not Alcoholic.
nt; r
irMV 1MiO'ti i-.Wtn .1 it- 11
lb 111b J5ES I JUilU III thij World.
I'rnin tho Rev f.-vi Il'rk.l'a-toroftli.. Itaptl.t CbuiCh,
tVmli'tioii. V J. fonmily uf thg North lUptlst
f huiili, I'llila Iclphia
I hive know 11 HootliRils Oernrin Hitlers favorably
for n ninnb.'r of years. I tnv use,) them in my own
f.imili. nml liavu been so pleased with their ilTects
Hint I was iinUiceil to ree.omin..nn. t.iem to inmv nth
1 rh. titid ktitniriliat they hale operated in a atri kingly
benefit lal manner I take yrciit pleasure in thus pub
luly pr..claimiin.' this i.ict, an I callin? tho i,tt.:iitiou of
thus" ittilii led wnh Ihove dl-enst - for iilmh they nre
recommended, to Iho-e liitlrs, kiiuwini; fiomexperi
t-nee Hint my ri't.iit.iiiieiii,iii'iii will l.e -ustatimd. I do
Mils more theeri'ully as lluntlaud'e Hitler- Is- Intended
1 b'Miefil the at.ln.tcd, and is not "a rum drink."
Yours truly, LUVI tl. IlLCK.
Fron ff. J. Vevtoi cVrefn II, It ,'Fdltvr of Its F.nty.
r f.i.Mi.i " litlwioui ithJ.-i, .mil (.'Arl-nas C'lrti;l
UltH'hitaitt'phm . Itht'Uuli not ill. poi..'il tol',ivor or reconmend Tntcnl
Mediclin s in ftii"ri.l. throush .'Ktnutof their Dure.
i!i"iits and eireets ; I yet know nf no siilucieut reasons
w hy a man 1101) not testily in the ben. lit be bellen.6
!:imelf lu h.iie r it 1 il from anv simple tre .a rat 1011
10 the fiouu that mi in.i thus contribute tothe hineflt ol
I do this the more leadily in re-aut to Ilnofland's
K 'r.naii llitt'Ts prepared h Dr I', M. J.nkson, nf tin
city beei' se I was piojuiiieeil against il.em Inr i.uny
ti;rs. under he iniiieinii th 11 Hiev were clneflv 1111
al oholie mulor.!. I .tin iod litml tu iu Inend Robert
r-hn, iu.iker, lis'i , for lb" r 10 ival f this ptejudic.! b)
prop, r tests, ind for en o iras'emeiii tu try them, linen
iillVrins from nml lime cnntintied debility. '1 he
use of threo hollies of the., Hitlers, at the besinnint
of the pre-smt 51 nr. wits rollow. d by t viden: reli"f
and restornlirli to u iieqree 1,1 nodily rtml mental viirm
whb'li 1 ii-. 1 l.-lt for ri innuihs before, ami Inul al
must despaired nr r.valninit. I theret'oio thank tloil
and my friend "or dlrei.'inK .im toiheme of Ihem.
j J. MIWl ON UltOW.V.
1 I'loni the Rev. Jos. II Kenuar', I'nstor of the intli
, ll 1 1 t (Tiiinh
I t)- Jsmsot sir.- I have heen freoiienlly re.
'pi 'steii 10 couni'et my innin niih commendations o
diirer' lit kinds nt in.'ilj. i in s but n-t'.iri!i lip thu practice
is out nf my appropriate sphere. I have in all cases
deeli'i" I : b it v 11I1 .1 rl. ar proof in annus Instances,
nnd tiarlicu hrly 111 my r.iitii y. of Hi list fulness or Dr
iirou.ine s Herman ni:iers, 1 iii.pirt tor once trout rn
usual course, to eiprcss my full conviction that, fur
.vii"rnl ileliility nf ilie svsteui -Hid especially for Llr
t.uuiplnint, it is a safe mid valualdu preparation. Il
Kinie ciscs 11 nut) fail ; Imt usually. 1 doubt not, it wip
be very bcntI1c1.1l to those who mtl-r (rem the nboe
tuiiaei. Yours, very rtipectfully,
J. II KLN.VUtll,
Ki;'bth b 'low L'oateo t., 1 hilad a
I'.roni licv. Wjrren Randolph l'nter tf Iljptlit Churcl.
I.'ernriutowii, t'a.
Dn. C, .M. jAtiCMiN Dear Sir: Personal eperieno
nnuliles me tu Miy Hint 1 regard tho ;. rman Hitter.
prep.! red by )ou as 11 must exri'llent medii lite. In cn-t 1
of were told ittni lUbjlily I liate he"ii ureal
ly benefitted hy Hie use nf thu Hitlers, nml duilM 1ml
they v, ill produce similar ef'n'.is nu oth rs.
Yours respoetlully. WAUHIIN' R VN'DOLI'H,
t.ermuutow 11, 1'cnn'u
Kroni Rev. J. II,
(.'mirth, I'll 1 1 .nl .'i -
Turner. 1'astor of IlnMing M. I'.
Dr Jack os : D nr Sir HaviniMie,l ynnr fleniisi
Hitters in my fami' fr.'q lently I am prvpaied tu sai
lint it ha- h'-en rf reit . n ue. I li( , . tliaa in mn
cases i,f gen -rnllv ii lulity of the si sieiu it is the sufes
nnd most iiilunbl" reno'dy of which I have any snuwi
edri. Yours, At, J. Il.Trit.M'.i:.
No. Mil N Nintleeiitli Sir-' I
I'ron the Itev J M I. yo formerly Paslnr nf the Co
liimbun t..V. J.; and .Milestowu, (l'.i) tntpust I huich
N.'W Columbus, N' V.
Dr. CM Jri.niw :-li'ar Ir . -I ! I it n pleasuri
thus, nf my own uiruid, to bear ttstiuiuny to theev
cellenieof'thj ( Hitlers, l-ome )".irs sinci betnt
much niDiiteil Willi llvp"pia, I ussd tln-m with prea,
benrhi'ial resulti-. I h.iie i fteu recemmen.l'ul th"in t
persons enfeebled by toi merit imrdissas't. and hav.
h.'ard from them the most Ilittrni't tesiliuouials ns ti
1 their Kreat value. In eaes of gein'ral del'ility, I be
nn. 11 tobe 1: Ionic mat cannot be surpassi d.
J. .11. LYONH.
I'rnnith" Rev. Thus, Winter, ras'er of Uosboroiish,
Ibintitt Chiireh.
j Dr. Jai'siui ; Dear Hir ' I feel it dii" tn your eTCel
I li nt pri p.tralioii. Iloitlanu's H.'i lii.u. .ilt''is. to jih
I my testimony to the deserved reputation it lias obtain
ltd. I liavo for years, nt turns, het n tiouhle.l with
1 great disorder in my h".'id and ii"roiis system 1 tin.
itilvised hi .t Inend tn try aboltlu of yuur tletiiiin Hit
i ters. 1 did mi ami Inn e ripi rieiici-il sreat and tinei
, pitle.i roll. I ; in) lie.ilih has been very inatiTi.illy h"ii
tfittel. I conildt liny rfcoinuieinl the article where I
inei t with i ases simiiir to my n.i n and haio bctn as
nured l.y mai.) ot' Hn-ir c.nnl .-H'. ets.
I Kesp. ctluily j'mrs, T. WIN I Hit. Knitoroub, Ta.
I'roin Rfv. J. S. II. mi in, ef Hu Oerntn Refonned
Church, Kuu'utin. l erks county. I'a,
Dr C.M. J tcKsnt-Itesp.cti .1 Sir -I li am been sit
with D,vspi'p-iii nentl) twenty v ars, nml Inv nee
usi'd any ui"ilieine thtt did tn.t ns iiiurh itoou us Hoof
Ltud's l illers. I .im )ery much iinprovi d in health
ufltr takiuir fno bull 9, tt spejliiilly yours,
Iii;u fize (holding nearly double 'piantity.)
s)l,(i I per llotile lull .1,.
nicn. S5 Ou
Entail Pise 73 cenis p r I'nltlo
lull' dozen, tl Ul)
Hec lhat Hit' nitimluro or
the Wmiytli ol euih hnttle.
C. M. JACKSON," is on
Khoiild your nearest ilruct'ist not hive tho article,
do'iitit he uil ull' by mi) nf tho intoxic itintr prepara
tions Hint mi) ho nd'ered in its place, but semi to its,
and we will torwnrd, serutely packed, by express.
Prinripal Oi)ke and Manufactory,
rYo. 1 Arch Slrce.
Jones & Evans.-
(Successors to C, M. JAOKSON & Co.,)
PROPRIETORS. by Dtiti(8lt and Dealers In every
lwn io the llntd itaKI
jH ti 11 1S4, net.. I . lliuo
THIS ull ettubluhftl, thnroiigUi trhti
' rtcovnnetM l,u ,m, nfthe most !
tminenl Physicians hvs atltiincd it cikbrU
y in nwl parU oj Hit cmnitri, in ruring
I acrofulom Sor(, lime or Rryilpelat. Sculoil llei.
mnl llin j Worm, Tetter or Jstt Ilium Otlner or Sn ell
ed N'ock, (in common with our American Tcmalci) cu
ratio (,'ancen and Ctnturotia .Sorti, Illolm or Hoili,
Cltronle UlcrtJ Rnr.
Ilore, Mouth and Throat, P) phllli In till ttn fnrroi, By.
phitllic or ucrecrrlil 8or month, nJ throat, chronic
ulceration oltha I.unf, Stomach aud Kidneye. Plin.
l'oStue,. ami Dlotchc nheumatiim. Female
Weaknen. Lcrcorrhao. (nri.lnn from Internal ulcera-
on", iJropny. tiouwtl D.-bllity, umacution .nu an o..
llil.lf tb
n csjea of Co'tivenees ov U'onstipatiou m
.s ..' ..
It. wild in it. action. Jiul uf!llanl to re.lw tb.
boiTCls and kiep thuu tegular. It. unlike all props,
rations for the Ulood. having th. laxative propeitle.
combined, Asit.ontalns
Wild Cherry, Mandrake and Dandelion
prepared in a scitntiftc manner
is worki wonderfully in cos
tt oj chtonic ujj'ectlont
0 the
Chronic nt.r.fS, nd permsnsntly cur.J by Hit Alt w
native and I.aiatirs affect ono (real fs.tur. In II. li.H
produces an
-'HI. 0
from Ihe ommencenitnt-in thortitis a very fins Ton
ic Its palatable and can bo taken by the most del.
icata 1'cmr.luor Child. Il bciajr pursly vojenbln there
will be nohirm done in tskiuj it, if thers is nobeooflt
J'repnrtd by
Dr. E. W. Wells',
Pi actual Physieian
Ol'b'ICK over L. 0. I'nins Store,
M.v it KKT Sthekv.
For Sale ly all DntspUs throughout
the Country.
P.H. Every atml 11 suthorued to rcfunJ tho mon. j
where the compound falls to relieve, full Directions,
accompany tuehbi tile in English, r'reiich and 0r
'o Carthelic medicine is re
quired, lu tro-jting Five thousand ease,
I have never Known a ease to require
Physic, or have I ever knovrn It to fail in
lliorottnblv romoviric tho diseases At
' devote all my timo at tho study and treat
ment of Diseajcs OF THE BLOOD- I
am prepared to give advice (gratis) by ap
plying to my office or by lettor, uocom
pauied by a St-imp.
M. 1)
Wholesale. 34 Cortland Stroct New York,
gold by W II. Creasy ei. Light tel
HwlMMi, iforlyl'vW
Capture of Hogor A. Pryor.
Tbo Ilooxn A. lnr
or, now a privato eoldicr in tbo Coaftdor
alo Army, was onptHrcd on Friday last by
tbo Fifth Corps' pickets of tbo Army of the
Potomac, wbilo attempting to exchange
papors with our pickets, as a retaliatory
act for tbo recent capture of Captain UrjK-.
flitlDas by tho ltcbel picket nndor similar
Ho eoyo that General Leu bad issued an
order for the return of Captain BunnnmoB
,on Saturday and ho will probably ba
j returned as soon as HiiinniDois is cent
; l,ack' Sinco bis capture Captain Hur
,' nntnR has been dismissed from tho army
tor msoocying iuo order forbidding tho
.-! e
' l'"n or l,0,c,1Dfi 'ntcrcouro
witn tlio eucmv under nn n-m.t
I'uYori has been to Washington and
j committed to tlio Old Capital prijon.
$1 8050,000 Worth of $1
! HATCHES, 1IAI.VS, l!fGS, &c.
j 0. S. IIASKINS & CO.,
I 30 Urckman Street, New York.
ore-urn Tiin roi.i.owts-a ikuuccme.t3 to
Buyers of Valuable Jewelry.
' vcnuiry 10 lllll way we .,, .,....,
1 'tolalrVnl 'a",f,C"" " flitX
, ii5ll,00l) worth of Vi.tche. ni. n... . .
Ac, to be sulci for one Dollar each, w thoui ,iWrf
value, am tint to l.f ......i r.,. ' "".noul ""a to
lire to receive. ,v" " R"ow J
1 for One D0o,Ur,each,ill0n'"11 f A"k'" 10 b!
i -. . ..... i , .
, .....cni t,uaniunmiy cnirrnved, nnd wartAniarf
,VHZe J,"'1,,? ! Price from SW IHI n 8lw I
i Sin l,!tdli.V Watdiei. nollil (I.. M n..n. i.?. ttln
i till '::!!! .,,l.i:,:".,Y,;rv?.,c'- 5oui25ot'
s m j e , . ' J. ? i ii?4L:iS?.Kiri,,,' i 5!i 3" Ofl
yiiZtnrSa'MwKd " "
a uoo t.'ollfnrni.i Olamond nnd Cnamelled '" C 10 25 W
,Jm) AIu,01llc ,;,,,',,'(.,,
.y;; soot., is ro
3 m to m oo
. . uoiu nana bracelets, enirraTed and
' plnin.
S.UOU Jet iindMoiaienrnn..
3 00 to 30 00
V.OV.) Uaineo Uroochci, rich pkttsrni.Vory
3 OU tu 70 DO
4.5UJ rioretitlno nnd tan Pint, the
3 OJ to CO 00
4 00 to 10 01
3 CO to 10 IK1
' e u ".?, '"'''. J"t and flold. 15 nt So w
IS inu .et. ? i h'.' s','1 P"-',''id a.sor't, a 00 to 15 00
. ..tUU Gold Pens, and Silver Cases? it nn tn 111 no
c..u... 7 . .'..."'""
4 ou toll 00
' .wu uoiu reus. Hint miiui nn ... .u.
tiu, m list of b.iTiitimi ami vninauc inods n'm
" """ une uollar inch. Cf rtillcat". i f n'l tho
above articles will bo placed in envelope., and sealed.
lean! "to. I T. o"1 by Rs n'"' 'Without
Lfii ili 1 J. ' " """'1" cf certinca'e ycu
1 2n' W 0U '" nd than it is at your
ri'.ii "" n'J ,"a iMV ar"1 tnke tllc nr""' or hot.
ror J. , tl lrty-flvo fur ti; auty.flve for SIO; and on.
nn snn - S. IIASKINS tz CO..
n vrr. ?,i -.
ipsibs mm
lij'J (HJJCil
Eiual In Quality and Cheaper In I'rlca than the Uaa-
.lie. and Wines 01 th 01J World
For Summer Complaint, Cholera luf-amum, Rowsl
Complaint, Cramp, Colic, and DUr,
, A sure Cure It guaranteed, nr'.iio I,,,, refunded.
In support nf tho above ttntcmentj, nro nresectal
the Certificate,, of Dr . Jas. tt. Cbilton, t ,ei,,iat, Ne
n t ' "rv'lr,','-"i. Chemical Inspector, Ohio (
Dr. James R. Nn ios Chemist Uostnn 1 Doctor N. n.
Jones, Chemical Inspector, Circleiille, Ohio: Prof O
I. Jackton, Chemist, Uostoiii Dr. Chas. Upham 6hp.
ard, Charleston, H. C. ; and J. V. Z, lllaney, and O As
, Jliiriiitr.Consullii.jCbeinists.Chicngo, ull of wi'iorn
have nnalvzed the Cittaivba llran.iy, and eommend il
In lh Inchest terms, for medicinal use.
Analysis oj the Massachusetts State As.
, suyei Jim. 25. 1858.
I When evaporated through clean linen it left no oft
or otreii-He nutter. In every reapact it is n puro spir
ituous Honor. The nil wplrli fives to tilts Urandy its
flavor nnd aroma, ij wholly unlike fusil, or oraiii oil
Its ndor pnrtnkep of both the rruit nnd oil i-r crapui.
U Ull -iclds, it produces ethers of n fragranco
The substitution of tl is llriuidy for Cognac Ilrandy
will donwav with Ihe manufjcturo of llctillous spirlti
sold under this name both ul hnmo und abroad,
Kvspecirmly, A. A, ll.W ua. M. D,
Assayer to State Maf.. ill l!o)eton Su
.' Hu the same, in 1801.
.,i!Ab0.T,t.Mn'1,yf.c'1 " LVOXd' fUItU CATAWBA
IIIlAsin.' with rcferenco to its composition and
el.nrncter, beini; thu tame as that produced in' nasi
years. A sample taken from ten casks afforded th
same results with regard to purity ; a slishtly mcreat.
nl amount nf the principle on w Inch its flavor depends
was determined by compan-un with former samples.
Tile Indications of analysis show that this Ilrandy
is produced hy tho same process as most of the its
ported Urandy. lt"sptitfully, A.A.HAYES.
State Assayer. IG lliiylesiun at.
Manufactured only bv II. il JACO i & CO,
(To whooi all Orders should bn addressed )
Depot, PI LiKrty St., uw York.
i. uTvmuer ... icui..iiii.
imms mmy vumi
No. 718 Arch St., abore 7lb,
P H I L A I) E',L P II I A.
I have now in store of my own Im-
porlntion aud Manufacture, one of tho LAItOEST and
most UKALI'lt'l'L -elettionof
Fancy Furs,
for LADIES' and Cilll.HISHv'd WIJAIt in tho elly.
Also, a fine arrortinontof t.ent's Kor Olov.'s Sc Collars.
As my furs were ull purchased when was at a
much lower premium than at preasent. I am enable 1
to dispose ot them nt try n asonal.le prices, and f
th return solicit a cull from my triendi of Country and
UV Itemember the Name. Number and Ptrect I
713 ARCH Street, above 7th., .-outb sido,
' ID" Tliave no rnrtner. nor connection with any
1 other flore In Philadelphia I
jjep, 10. IMi.-:iui.
Pais & V inter Goods
Miller's Store.
'"PI'S sube'riber has j'it returned from Iho Cllise
X with another hirt'u and select nssorlmet of
purchased at I'hilidelphla. nt tho lowest ftjturo.anj
which they ate d. termuied to sell nu as moderate terms
as rnu be prniured elseiiiieie in lllooluiburg, Ills
stock comprises
lauihh' nut.f.s noons,
of chnic st l)Tcs and latest fashion.
Dili' UUO IIS, OhOVKltlF.S,
mitiM'titr. Ciur.f.Y'ir.mic,
cy.u.iit ir.utK, iwua'ii-
HATS i- CjJJ'A. die.. e.. Sc..
I . eieryihiiiitiisimlly kept In country Stores
! to wlm h he mule the
the n
iiiblle c'liernlly.
Tiie HiKhesi price paid I'or country produce.
S. 11. MILLER1.
Bloomsburs, Nov 15. 1MU.
Timhfi' fjand for Sale.
PHE uiidfripncd ofl'-ra tn sell at Pri-
X vnle Sale. coo 1 Tract of TI.MIIRK UASBi sit.
itste In llenfoii sndtfiiijarluaf lownhipJ, Columbia co.
i'a., adjoining lands of Jo. Inn llrln;, Dodioit and
tstfua .'.l lllat.lll rMliti.l.llnOT at......
FdSr Uundicd Acres
All ofwliuh is tillable land,
eeiilililo of easy i ulti.alluii.
well watered and sttt-
The said tract ; will he w..'.d entirj or in parts of
. niiriiui'.iiL-.i, urni imy ncr .is, ns may oe uesi reo,
I Sv" Terms easy with liberal lliuo ou part of the
1 pmtncntt,
! t'nr furtther parllruhrs enquire of the subscriber at
Mr I his rctiduicc in llrinl.vk township, or by address ut
nuck Horn TilOMAH J VANllHMSHCf:,
Oct is, iir,i