Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, November 12, 1864, Image 1

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VOL. IS. NO. 37.
Ifvru wish to mnrry, .address tho undcrslgncdwlm
vsl'll sdidvml wllliout Hinncy nml without price, valu
able iuforitintltiu that will cnnhlo you to mnrry happy
iml ci!ly. irrcspcctlvu of iirc, wcnlth or beauty.
Till. Information will costymt nothing, nnd II you
n to innirv,! will chmfully nssl.t you. All Icttori
strictly cpnnilcnllnl. Tlio limited If formation scut by
rilurn mail, nml no questions nuked, address
' Varali II. I.ninlicrt, (Irccnpolnl, Kings Co., New York.
Oct. Hi, ICiil. Urn.
. Z fEYB to EAlT
rrofrmor'J. IH'VAiSj, M. M., Oocvliiit nud Ai-mst
K f'jrinccly of l.odon, Holland, la now located nt NV,."II
i Asi'i Stre't. I'mnnEl.ruiA, whern persons allllcted
ivith licenses of 1'ic HYK and I', All will be sclcnlin.
tally trrnled and cured, if curable. E7 Artifiiial
' Utrs Inserted wltliimt pain.
'S. II NochiirRf. made for r.iaminatlon. "J lie Mod'
Ictil faculty is invited, aa he tina no smcU lo hl
inmlc of treatment.
July '.'. Irtil. l'.'m
Uniformity oiIrlcc!-A New Feature in llusslnes
..""",,," hl own! JONI1S U 0(1. ofthe
Cri'sentOnel'riio flnlhlng Store, No. Silll Mnrkctstreo
above Sixth, riill.idrlplila,
IiiaiUitlnit to hnliiR the lanrest, most varied and
fmlilonnlite stork ofUlothlnir In Philadelphia. madcrr.
uressly t'r retail sales, liavo constituted every one
Mil own Fleman, by hiving marked in figures, on enoh
nrtlclont the very lowest prlrc It ran be sold for sothey
cannot po.nlbly vary nil must buy alike.
The pnndu are well spouted and prepared and ureal
nalnst.ikon Willi the mahlinc hi thai nil ran buy with
th-rull L'ettiiiKii Itond nrtidi! at the very
lowest price. Also, a Inrgu stock of pieie sooils on hand
of the latest style ami best qualities, w hlrh ill be madu
to order, In the most fashionable, and best manner, '.'5
ocr cent, below credit prices. ,,.,..
Ilenieuibcr the l.'resceut. In Market above ftlli street
ID Stll. JO 1.8 It CO.
ri-t:n1it"u.t: ins : i .o.-uiir.H i77n u-rd KimTH!
A most vnliiulili: and wonilerlul puMirnlion. A vVJrk
uHim pages, andai colored trnurnv inys. llt.MU.N
Ti;i; ri .MI.CU.M, no and popular Hem-
..s mi .(Ian anil woman meir rnysiun-ij , ,...,r,
In J Sex lal disorder t every kiml with never f.i ling
w ... ,, run. I e 11 iliu
Hunter has long tees, and still l, unbouod.u. but at
'tii .1.MI...1 h.iIii nation of numerous persons he
Select Poctni.
'Wfl y .It'you ilWruntR' whence comes this sorrow,
Why o'er yiur pallid chesks do the tears How t
Biud up your tresses now, hupo for biipjit morrow,
Yield not to saddest come banish your woe,"
So sps.ko n thou(htlcss one ton sad mourner.
Sitting disconsolate, burled In gloom;
Killed were her cherished ones, slaln.ln the battle,
All crowded uncofllncd the trenches their tomb.
Msv. to the laden breeze 1 sobbing and sighing I
Widows and orphan's moans, boine on the gale ;
All u'er our stricken land, mothers are crying
Northern nml Southern their dead ones bewail.
Crd I biing us back again pcacefand reunion ;
Wo oar Cicmplnr hail I Halt Prince of I'eaci I
Good will, not venffoprv, invltelh communion ;
Then, nil tills sobbing and'slglling will cease.
An Ameiucan Dictionary op the En
omsii Language ; by Nodh WebstoriL
L.D. Tliorouiilily roviscd. ana greatly
1. Jlprlitil to human Ittnpt.
holiness Is purity of heart
or dispositions; sairtilloil
nirectlnnsj piety ; moral
goodness but not ncifccl.
"Il'e tttfUl) and Aolnrj
ri'iicuren as Moron sinf si
3, Hncredness, the state
of anjthing hallowed, or
romei-rateil to flo.l or to
hli worship, applled4.tiJ
bitiiirnes or icinpies.
4. which is rcpsra
ted totha service of f;nd.
"Itrail trat hohntit uvtc
thr Uri "Jir. (I.
5. A title of Hie Pope.and
rinrria or tno areck Liu
"Who is like thef.,.gtorl .
ous In hninessl"
xv : II,
3. Tlio state of anything ,
halloweJ, or consecrated
to Ood or to his worship ; i
sacrcuness, i
till olisnt-a title of I
the Pope of Home and tlto
uf Greek itiiliops.
of History," or tlio "Father of Letters,''
or tlio "Father of Tng dy," or tho "Irre
fragable Doctor,' or "King Log," or tlio
"Lako Foots," or ''Kit North," or tho
"Northern Giant," or ''Peof-log Tom,"or
tho "Royal Martyr," or "Timothy Tit.
comb," or "Gail Hamilton," or "Yellow
Jack," or "adkiel" may bo j you open
to this table, and your curiosity is satisGcd.
Suuh a work has lour been a desideratum
in our literature, and tho entiro rcadinc
A slight examination will oonvinco aDy public owo thanks to tho publishers for so.
ono of tho suporior neatness of tho con
donsation of the new edition with its omis
sion of tho 2d head of tho old definition,
which was merely tho main definition,
right over again. Wo migtt add many
muoh more forcible illustrations of tho
curing and incorporating here what else
wa should all have bceu compelled to buy
ns a scpa'mto work, and consult as a ecpa
ruto vclumo.
Tho ftudent will not fail lo noiiee,a'so,
tho improvements introduced into the pro
same point which wo have markod,but wo nounoiug vUoalwlariei of Grot-k and Latin,
have not the space for them.
It should ho added, undor this head of
dcGnition, that this edition has received
enlarRcd and improved, by Ohauncey ! ti,e i,cuefit ofs tl)Q mosl cilrefu, rcvisiou of
a, uooiiriciii u, i., Ji ii. u ana ioan i . , .-, .
l'urtor.DD. Sprinliuld : G, & C Mer- fP" nnd art: e.g., Unpt.
riam. 1804. For sale by Messrs. Mason ralhill, late Professor at West Point,
& llainliii. Pp. 1840. has gone over the wholu category of mil-
Woliavcwonourscars,ifnotourfpursiUrlcrmsi IIon- J- 0- 1'crkins, those
in tho great Dictionary war; and have rolali,,e! tho law ; Prof. Dana, those in
urmMl. with an hot,et conscience, tho use tti0 dcP"tnu'nt of natural fcience; Dr.
of Wt-b-itor u..abrilged, as havinf, in 1 owu'l Maou and Mr. J. L. Dwight,
many itjport:.nt points, superiority ovcr llu;so ,rea,iK ' ""i, o.
ti enK..iH.,i,;,t..tion or numerous i'r"'1' I WoicoMor, nnd rverv competitor. Wo! " 1U tuu ",u"cr prontiuuiauoD, great
oS'lilr: V'r'uul mTur c.ailll,.(1) h0Wl!Vt;r) ,; lu Veb,tcr P to indicate tl.cliror:.
:';it.vJW I wa perfect ; iud-irtJ; vr have hud perpet-, er craiico ol cacU word acord.ngto the
oust ianuara oi tasio. several new ui
i aoritical mark have beoti introduced, and
1 tho eccondary accent has bcoit indicated
wharo it occurs, I'y a lighter etroke than
the primary. A "synopsis of more than
l.'JDII words differently pronounced,'' also,
furnishes, at a glance, the material oi a
comparative judgment bt tho weirjlH of ev
idence. I 4. In the matter of Synonyms, tho ad
mirable articles prefixed by Frof. Good
rice to tho edition of 859 are here dis
tributed through tho text, while lists ol
synonymous words without comparative
expositions aro added to every term invit
idg such treatment'
0 Iti the matter of Pictorial Illustra-
tbjt .hi
ii. a nri'iviitmt of si rret vices, or as a guide fur III
nlvi intiiin of i. nc of the must anful and ik'.tnirtin
srourgi s ev. r iiti d mankinil, ('lie ropy si cun iy en.
telopid w III be foi warded ire"' of pontine to any pait
ulllic United Slnli' fur "i'l n uts tn I" t rtnin.
Address, po.l liai.l, Dr. Hunter, No. :t Uivuimi
Htr-U. New Yik.
Aluv 'JI. 1 -- - y.
! u;i o it).cioiiPni!K of noine inipct iVctiotia
in i. which materially alloyed its txeel
! IctiCtf. Wo tin vc regarded it as immoas
utbly upcrior to an ) o'htr nuinunl in its
4 vKLIi S SPKOIFIO PILLS Wau- definition- an important c'pet,
I n u n in 41 1. Cass -Can be retiejon! Never
fail ! ror.' Ho not ninseate ! in a, lion!
No , linnlre of ili't ri-'iiire,l ! Hi t liitiil'er- with
busiiw iuicoit' I'an be used niih'mt d. leitiou '
1,'pwnriU o -.'hi . oret Hie past mouth souie i f lli.-in
t ry severe i"i s. liver on hundred phv -n li.n
ih,. their pi.wlie". nnd ol' speak well i.fihi if
elliiaiy. and approve of th, ir roiiipollli"i. will. Ii l
entirely v, n, nml linnnless on the syMvm. IIiiii
dr.'ils of r.'itilii.iles ran be hllHn
lleir- .-I" i iflr I'ills are the ' riginal and only u, inline
Hpei ilk I'l l. 'I he' M'e lol.ll'teil fur m.ile and lelo.'lle,
..UI nr iiuug. aril Hi ly r. li ib e remedy lor i-il'-i ling
h perniaio ot .iii.i .pei dy n t . in nil r.i .1 t'p rui.i
t.irrhe.i or M'liiinal Weakness, nh .ill it trum ,,1
lis. uili as I r llual an I Y.ginnl Uncharges. (11,-et
Ihi U biles, M.htl) hi Invi.luiil.iry Cints'iuiis. I i-
lininiii... Ii. i. in. I l' lulit) and lriil.ii.ilil)', lui'ot,uire,
V. e;iliie.K or I "fS "I Power. N'enlnlls lli lillll) . .'cr..
,i l ,.i w ii, n an . iirni, i liu . u.-n, . a. pr- a ... . . . . . ,
r..l- bus,, or Mime i .oifllliMlioial d r iiigeu.eiii, and trlnjrii ll,c !l . Stl nt L'illllCO Cl'llld gril.-p
intnpat"S tne uiieri-r iroio im i; iir- .in,,,
mairl. d lit.- In all s. o'il a- Ii nihei.
tile t. mid Wfi tuii" and in I'i-e.n I the I'.l.ilhler
and ki iiu th.yart a-a h.irin ! t.ili f in iperl-
Hired oy taking a made box.
tfunl b all ilie druggists. l'rireJI
The " ill I"' " in bj hi c up ly i- -.ileil. and run
ll,l.-nlMll,,oi,rci..illo ll"!"""lj''1l,'t5VSN, M
No 70 (Vlsr Ht., New York.
I , insulting Phvsirinn for lis ; treatment of Hemin-il.
t ....... I h Oil Nervous I'iseaes, who will
. mi He. I... .ii. tin tuiii'wing valuable work, in M-ai- tlieni, h.vl iVfi not htmvVil tKt another
Uil eeiii" '
Tut KiMirni TiniLsiMi-I'ii. m:i.i.'M nii.vri-i.
mi ridl-Alnise. Pri iii.itori! I eray, linpoleini. and liws
of power ri. III-eases. .Seminal akin ss, Nightly
r.niis.ions. (Iinit.d Debility, i.c..i.i a p-nuphletofiil
oiig. s.iontaiuing important ad vice nuhe alllnted. and
V I,,,!, shoul'i be read by every soil rer. as lb eans
.d cuie iuthesevetet stages is plainly sit lo.-lli Iwo
stamps reipured to pay pnst.ig':.
December Vi. let!! - ly.
cspet, the
great thing in stieh a work while wc
have fell that in the department ol etymol
ogy it vn far behind the ao, pb must
necessarily be true of any work compiled
almost before the p-cent fciern'o of com-,
p iraiivc IMiilology c tine into c.i.toice at
all We iult also that oree-tor j'oor
and uiiimportni t as of its pietoiiul illus
triiiiniis were had f et in! advantago in ,
haing tl cm iurop' rati d into tin; text,
whi!ri! the h. S'iiht glanco could gra.-p, at
m, ii.iv onlilrllllltioi) 111. Til I! llV till 111 to '
, " , . . ,, , ,., .i,;i, ,i. tion, this edi'ion now stands immoiikurabh
tt.A ,,ihvinri nl tho tnrm wli Cli IUCV ' J
.119 w, m ... ... -
wi re iutcudfj to present to iho eye. Wo
alionld h ive publicly refered to th'S" and
other defects, and urtd some action on
the psrt of the Messrs Merriam upsn
in advance of the last, or of any other
manual ol tho r-ort. Every word, whoe
1 sense could be made clearly by Sin illufl-
Ciip't. Speake's Adventure Avitlx cning thom several times n? the crushed
a Boa Constrictor. buffalo quivorcd, he unwound ono fold
. , , . . i entirely. Thus hn Tha'tee'il. Tho next
At tho earliest possible moment after,. ... . , . . .
, r , i. . , , , , . iron-liko band was tho oue. that held me
onmp had been pitched, a hunt was sot , T , ,. . .
. r I ,n . n j prisoner j and as I felt it httlo by Iittlo un
.. ,. , olasnini;, my heart stood still with hope
attendants wore soon making our way to , , , . , t .1
no animals , , ....
m,n r.rfTAiti.ifiit'.n
No. 718 Arch St., above 7th,
t I have now 10 btore rd my own im-
... ....1 ,, e. . I... l,!l,. .l.Ia
i,j MTi,rirtnrn. one ot .ilia lasuw IU05C leaitnea v ti:iuu iu.i
r - . ...
from tho bet thai has pitccdct it.
' tration, it has been intended thus to cx
pound to the eye, by a beautifully elear
1 1 : 1.. .1..
e.lition-or nUhcr, an entiro rcconstuction wqou BuSraiuK iu..Bm, nuu .uu iu --of
the work nut m process in tho hand . W ua" u r00,n ll0re t0 e,T0 ll,B dtt:,iIa
of a. Multitude of competent rcholars who J of our examination, but the result of a
nouhl, in due time, give us a Webster, i eompaiativo view of these illustrations.and
with its txe.ellencie.s highteued, and its tie-, n Woroestcr, impress us with the
ftcir r. moM d.thnt rhould satis'y the ncds . 'ba' '"epo are U1UCU tho " " f"'
of tho and be th uiiiuestioncd it.tlis i aa lheJ s,lrelJ aro alundant, of tho two,
pensahle eompanion of the scholar's libary , conscientiously dceignod, not for
t..ble. This work htn now been aceom-' pictorial oruamcnt to tho pages, or for
plished.and the. nCw American Dictionary ' " clluaP aculatin of cuts which may
,ni.n nf th.- war. and the naner famine, , bo counted; but for the strict purpose of
. r , . .
and Scripture proper names i tho new
and most useful Etymological Vocahular
of modern Geographical names 4 tho tablo
of Abbreviations and Constructions used in
Writing and Printing, and that of Arbi
trary Signs used in Writing and Printing,
including aetronomyical, botanical, mathe
matical, medical signs, &o., &o.
Wo must not forgot, moreover, to otll
attention to Prof. IIajloy's',I5ricf Iliitory
of the English Language," in the introduc
tion, which is an admirable monogr.iphjnor
to tho opt additions to tho Vocabulary,
making this edition now include upwards
of 114,000 words, or moro than 10,000
mori than Worocster,or iny other in the
language; nor to tho evident care bestowo 1
upon tho important department of Orthog
raphy, with "Rules for spelling certain
clashes of words," from the pen of Mr
Arthur W.Wright. Take it all in all, this
Dictionary is not only now" the best," in
every sense, which tlio market affords to
1 he rdiolars, amPto every mau it woman
who rends, but it is .1 magnificent monu
ment of American scholarsh'p and learn
ing. Scores of most competent pens have
been employed in bringing it to its present
excellence; and let no mau f.til to sec that
it is not a!: old work revamped for the
.narkct, but a two ivork conscientiously
an.l most laboriously prepared. It adds, to
our cwn enjoyment of itj that Yalo tcbol
arship is to largely represented in it, Prof.
Porter having edited it, and mans ol its
professors atd graduates having labored
on it. Western Consrcgatioiiulist, Oct.
S, 1801
t I ! 1
anc' every otlier onstacie lies ncioru us.
V3 will mdtavor briefly to iudieate
illustrating tho meaning of words defined.
It is a very marked featuro of sup eiior
edition differs cclle,icc f,,r this Webster, also, that
tlicit- a,0ill) cuts so many ot tuera as
could be i'nactc useful in such repeated use
most lUl.U; I il'U I. -election nf
TTrinr.V PurS.
rer i.nir.3'nnd ciiiMmEVfl in the city. I i. In the departniQiit of Etymology.
.... ' . r ntii(j Vnr Clown & LollnrH. .... ...
A!n,?ft?.V Aswchuvesaul, this was detective in I - , ,
rSir'yD ; Wy-J former edition, judged by the standard of to,cthcrwhcr; a solicit a call from my tnend, of ( ountry and , . U-hile cm Dent V Successfu l . " ., ,t -
vicinity. ., , ,,, rn,i - - c ancc, cau compare ino uoric, iohio, unu
,r-f- it,., ,,,., l.r ibe N'nme. Number and Street ! , ti. .1.:. ........... .i. :. fa'""1"') r i '
" i. vi iv i.t a tr 1.' T If ,
Invasion of Bears.
The citizens of Minesota aro at present
in n statu of excitement arising from a ia
titer unusal cause. It is not tho stirring
news from Phil Sheridan, not the advanco
of Grant nor yet the rebel invasion of the
West, which disturbs their equinanity ;
neither is it an onslought of Indians on
their unprotected towns. It is none of
these, anil yet it is the inroad of an enemy
no lcs savage, cruel, or remorseless than
the red man, one of the most pestilent and
dangerous foca of civilization the Ameii
oin Dear. It seems that a largo numbor
of theso animals lii'73 recently invaded
! the Bettlod portions of .Minesota, rendering
and respectable thiity yours ago, the im-
718 ARCH Street, abovo 7th., outh bide, r.Vensc progress of research in this dircc
PHILADELPHIA, iiion. audthe (almost) creation of tho
offi.!lBnVBrhI.t,,or C" iHcienco of Comparative Philology, with its
Hep, in. iroi,-3iu, ' new jjht fi om ludu European sources,
MANHOOD! 1 has madu it indiopenjable that in this re-H-'W
How l.nst. HOW Ucslorctl. 1 nnect the Dictionary bhould be re written-
1 V"'V.V-?.Rr1?,i,:S,AftI,o.. tn00,;175i Acoordiuglyjho services of Dr. A. .
cur.u'itiout ...dicinej orfi'e.Momnim.:,orseuii. jiai,,, of IJurlin whoso .cniincnco as' a
X', iMyV'X ' ....- PI.5lnlUt fi, troll known.
Huoe ftr, ;:iUo, cmriiuiit iciti Lpilcpxy. ana
rMi,t, i ii i it i pvirnvnirri ice.
TSf,Yr iV u. "R led envrl..Ji. n.,y 0 S-nlH.
1 he re bra ed author in tils-admirable. esny ilenr-
ih.t Hi,, nlanniie' ronseiuences of selt-anusu uia no
ridic- iv cur" wilhout he dam-erous use of interna
by means oi nmnn-.u, , i...,,,,!.. nrlv.itelv.
condition may be, may cure, himself clieapl) prlv.uuy.
ml radically
K7- Tins
erv man hi '
. t.. ..l.-tlo iinvi
or two I'"' stamps.
" b :'Th,s!'i.ectre shouhlhe in iho hands of every
foit-jinld. on rereip' oi i v.....,
Adrdess tho publls irrs. fc ,-(,..
127 Hon env. Ntw Voru. I'o.t 'dfice boi 80.
Juno IP. IfiH. ly.
"thoratch." Thero wero
thcro when wc arrived, exoept a few hip
popottaini, and wc were, therefore, obliged
to aw nit tho coming of some moro palata
ble game. Our pitlcncc, however, '.vas
severely taxed, and, alter a lung delay,
wo were about to ''bag" a hippopotamus,
when an attendant perched in a trco about
a hnlf a jtiilo distant began waving his
blanket. Th is was a sign il that patno
was approaching. We immediately drew
into cover, and awaited tli'u coming of the
We wcro not long delayed, for presen
tly 1 long column of animal, from tho
elephant to tbo hoodoo, appeared in view,
trotting at a good pace to the river, Their
flanks wcro eoon presented to ns,and each
selecting His object, fired. M Coll shot a
fine you- g buffalo, whilt-t Captain Grant
was equally successful with a hoodoo, and
several spears, oast by our attendants,
stopped the career of ono or two different
animals of tho herd.
At this juncture, however, occurred an
unexpected adventure, that finished our
sport, nt least for that day. I bad sprung
forward immediately after firing in order
tn obtain a fair shot at a huge elephant
that I wanted to bring down on account of
bis immenc tik. 1 c't tbo desired aim,
and pulled the Irlggcr of my second bar
rel. At the moment of my doing to a
wild cry of alarm, uttered by ono of tho
blacks, called my attention. Glancing
around, my eye chanood to rango up in
the foliage of the tree bcncaih which Capt
Grant and myself had lain for several
hours previous. My feelings may possi
bly ha imagined, as I beheld an enormous
boa constrictor, who.-e head and neck pro
iucting some distance into view, showed
that he was about to make a fatal spring.
His direction was certainly towards me;
and as he fhshed from his position like n
thunder-bolt, I gavo myself up, for ere
aid'could reach me, the folds of tho nion
ster would have crushed my strong frame
into a quivering pulp. I fell, seemingly
caught in a whirlwind of dust, and
strange indescribable scuffle ensued.
In the midst of this strife I suddenly
became conscious of tho presenco of
second victim, nnd oven after tho tfme
that has elapsed sinco then, I still rccol
lect with what a vividness tho though
shot across my mind that this second vie
tim was Captain Grant, my noble com
nauion. At last, after being whirled
about for several scoonds, each second
scorning to be interminable, thcro ensued
a lull, a stillness as of death and I opcu
cd iny eyes, expecting to look upon those
unexplored laudecapes which arc seen
only in the country bovond tho tomb.
Instead of that T saw Captain Grant le
cliDg his rifle towards mo, while standing
beside and behind him wero tho blacks in
every conceivable altitude and most in
tcuso suspense
I5ut in a moment I comprehended all
Tho huge serpent had struck a young buf
benumed arm, uocoutroled by my
might fall from tbo cushion like bed in
which it lay And such a mishap might
bring tbo tp iro fold around my nock or
ohest, and then farewell to tho eourcea of
tho Nile Oh, how hardly, how despo
ntely I struggled to command my self?
I glanced at Grant, and saw him handlo
ing bis rifle anxiously. I glanced at tho
negroes, and saw them gazing as though
petrified with astonishment.
I glanced at tho serpent's loathsome
head and saw its bright,doadly cyc8,watoh
iuc for tho beast rcntilo losscncd its fold
n my arm a hair's.brcatb, and now.'a lit
o rH'oro, until half r.n inch separated my
arm nnd its mottlotl skin. I could havo
whipped out my, hand but dared not tako
tho risk, Atom of time dragged tbsm
selves into aces, and a Diiiiutc secmod
eternity itself I Tho second fold wai re
moved entirely and tbo ono was casing.
Should I dash away now or wait a moro
favorable moment I I decided upon tho
tho former ; and, with lightning speed, I
bounded away toward Grunt, tho crack, of
whose piece 1 heard at lUo instant. For
the first time in my life, I was thoroughly
overcome and sinking down I remained
in a semiconscious stato several minutes.
When I fullv recovered Grant and tho
ovcijoycd negroes held mo up aBd point-
ed out tho boa, who was still writhing in
his death agonies. I. shuddered as I
looked upon tho effects of his tremen
dous dying strength. Tor yards around
whero ho lay, grass and bushes and sap
lings, oud in fact everything except the
moro fully grown trees, wcro cat clean off
as though they had been trimmed with
an immense scythe. This monster,
when measured, was ..fty-or.o feet two
inches and a half in extremo length,
whilo around the thickest portion of its
body, tho girth was nearly threo feet,
thus proving, I belicvo,to ba the largest
serpant that was ever authentically; hoard
of. .
Picture Gallery.
MU! underslened informs tlio cp''''' "'' "'"'T'
i' neigiinoriiooii, inui in- i ""r.r
i..i,n,,,. inork. extend mi over Harney fctohner
ho has put lit
nt tlio IHchai'tre lilor , exienuiiiK ove
.... ... .1. Itnnkulnri, whero
uiiKi.rv. tin.. .
oiarseikyliplt. It Isonly by 8kjliShttiiai uoim pic
tures call beti ton especially uroups where each person
can bu taken 1st as well as separate.
lo has gmi to considerable expense to mako is cs
rpnr.iindersiivi'd would announce,
JL Mhisllatnndl'ap llinporliini, nrl'.Mn h 'i U,D?'U"'
hurg, Ai.V.sort.nenl of dirVerei.t Ml.d orient W. iilih
flue rnlf skins, morocco, red anil hlacip and I i 1 1 is all
f which ho will sell cheaper triaii can bo had elsewhere
in (hit markst. Call ond eitnilne Itafw kTlU'ON
BloomslUrs,M7 M, J861,
Of every description, for sale at this offico
were secured, and ho has speut Dvo years
in roviseiug and recreating this department
of this Dictonary ; which is now confident
ly regarded us unapproach'd in excellence
by any other work of the sort, whatsoev
2. In the department of definition.where
Dr. WebRtor's greatest excellenco was
manifested, thoro has been also great im
provement made fof this issue. Not only
aro new words defined, aud nowly-eurreut
senses of old words u. g. "contraband"
in gen, llutlcr,,s sonso (by tho way, in this
-;.-.. 1 Tj nnf o ((nnntrnVlfind " 1
Ut'uuuiou rigui . " "
a freed slave ; and, il not, it is necessarily
aiiegroslavo ?) addcd.but Dr. Webster's
tautologies (if that is not too harsh a term)
aro remedied, and bis specifications of
sense often rendered moro natural and
significant by arrangoment. A singlo
illustration will point out what wo niean.
f Ncvy edition. I
1 Tho stale or quality of
beina holy's purity or in
tegrity of moral characmr ;
.in - sanctity Api'llea m treeuoui in u , pio in.
the Src". ilf'. Imliim" ""''""'"' ",""",
.. . . 1 .... 1 , n,,,Jrullil at III Or QIC iitHUl-
essentia, .,,. Applied j. Urn up.
arc lusurinu ii acuuuu iiuuu iu iuu M . , . m, s..t. .,
1., . t .... e ..r.L i :..
Iliac auOUl bixty-iour ui iuu urum niv:i;ii:3
i have been soen duiing a week within an
! nrnn nf n'fiA ii'Viln frn'm fl.eir nnrilir; Sfiiiirf.
Corinthian styles, &c, as it could not ,, , , , .,. . , . . ...
,. , ' , , , Many havo been killed, but in some of the
wituout uimcuuj , were cacu oniy given in - . . , rfp. r.nll,a (nn tUp . . ulwppn ilim nn,i wilieh I had
I IIVWllUtV1 U II 111! .wvl i VUM "VS" " . - -
slayer has not oomo off unscathed. Mr. unluckily placed myself at tho moment of
Twitchell, of Auoka, in company with a firing upon the elephant. A most tmgu
friend, attacked a bear near Sand Creeks,' lar good fortune had attended me, how
aud succeeded in shooting him down. ever, lor instead of being orushed into a
Supposing him to bo effectually crippled ( maugled mass with tho unfortunate cow,
Mr. 'J'. approached him with an axo to , my left forearm only had been caught in
despatch him, when the bear sprung upon between the bi ffalo's body, and a single
his atsailant, and btriking the axo from , fold ol tho constriotor. Tho limb laid
hi hand, attempted to seize him b'y tho just in front of tit's shoulder at tho root of
breatt. In stepping back, Mr. T. tripped . tho neck, and thus had a soft bed of flesh,
against a small bush and fell, and as tho 1 into which it was jammed, as it wcro, by
About Great Men and Boys.
Among tho mountains of California
stands somo of tho tnoit wotodcilul trocs
ever discovered. They tower no moro
than threo hundred feet, or taller tian tho
highoit steeplo in this country. Thqri
thoy stood hundreds of years before civil
ized .men over saw Micm. But they wero
just as grand while alone in the solitudo
of tho unbroken vrilderncfls, when only
visited by the winds, and wild beastg, ond
birds, and tho equally wild Indians, at
they aro now, whon travelers flock 'to id.
tniro tho statelincss. So all truly greal
men possoas tho samo noblones.i of nature
before, thai thoydoaftor tho world La9
discovered, acknowledged, nnd applauded
it; Those who long for opportunities ef
becoming great, forget that greatness is.ia
the man, not in tho opportunity. Tfal
opportunity only gives occasion for great
ness to exhibit itself. Washington poi
sossed the samo high qualities when ho
told tho truth and loved Us mother, and
when ho headed tho American arcii'cs,ani
presided over the counoils of the nation.
A man may bo great, though oircumstan
ocs oonGnc him to a narrow sphero, just aa
a ray of light is as pure, as cheerful, and
as much tho child of tho sun whon shining
in a rudo hovel, as when flashing from tho
n irrorgof a palace. Goodness, courage,
devotion, "manlincsc, pationco, persever
ance, rovorence, and love, will mako a boy
great, though ho live on tho most scoluded
farm in tho baok woods. There aro thous
ands of such boys many of them will
road those words for their onoourangmont.
Tho day may como when their noble quat
ities will bo wanted in tho publio service,
and all men shall see and appreciato their
worth. Bnt if not, they aro Htill rioh ia
enduring wcaltlS, and let them remember
also, that life only begins in this world.
How II u Got the Apple. When tho
Hon. William , now M. 0., was a
Marry for a Show.
In tho following wo find dispayod a
volume of honest and wholesome good
sense, unusnal to such commodities. 'Pul
a pin here," good swains and lovers :
"To tho question ufton askod of young
men as to why they Hd not marry, wo.
sometimes Hear the rcp.y : "I am not ab'-
to support a wife." Inpuo cpsa in threa
perhaps, this may be so,; but as agoneral
thing tho truo reply would be: ul am not
able to support tho stylo in which I think
my wilo ought to live."
'In this again wc see a false viow of
marriage a looking to tho appearance ia
tlio world, instead of a union with loving
Tucre are very
boy at Bchool, his bench was shared by
an urchin named Muggs. Tho teacher
had instituted a rule that any scholar seen
eatinr durimr school hours should como woman of her own soke
on to the floorand finisheating.what he men f industrious habiis, who cannpi
bad begun, to the merriment of his fellow- i maintain a wifo, if they are willing to livo
pupils. Ono day Bill brought a Sno large economically, and without reference to tho
annlo Irom homo, and laid it on his desk : opinion of the world- Tho great evil as
aud so tempting was tho fruit to Muggs ley aro not content to begin life humblo,
connection with tho word with which it be
longs. Some idea of tbo fullness and val
ue of this feature may bo gained from the
kuowltdge of the fact that they are 310
outs thu grouped under tho head of Bot
any, 200 in Ornithology, 191) under quad
rupeds, 1UU under Ichthyology, 100 un
der Heralpry, &o., &o. Now cngravingrt,
alo, of a size impossible to bo inwrought
into tho text, are hero gived, and add very
m neli to the value of this new unequalled ,
caiureoi mis wunv)U. jj., o-.u! u..., i . . ... ,. ,.,,, ,,,, snl 1 .i,n :,.. nmsMtro of the scrnont's
. w-i i.i i ri I. i UUUI IKU Ul Uliui mhiiwu ui- wmu mw tuw "-- i
bU,p, bicao engine, ana tno uuman okc , boJy thal u w nko ir0) ifJ ,,.
eton. by bi(teDi held tl)0 infuriated monster i As I saw Grant about to .hoot a terror
0. Ono of tho most importanUnd valu- whJo muUr acspatohed Him with 1 possessed mo, for if ho refrained I might
able ot iui uow n .u-, . Mr. Twitchell was shockincly , possibly e.-capo, alter luo Doa reieaseu
JJut slioulu
r Rdition of 1P3'). I
t, -tutn of heini hulv I
purity or intrerity of inoral
'.V.'. inn, from
mains, it is tuo wouueriui rionncss oi us
appended tables. Prominent among theso
is one wholly new, which would alone ro-
pay the purchase of this Dictionary, viz',
An Explanatory and Pronouncing Vocab
ulary of dam'c'B of noted fictitious persons)
places, &o., ito., by Mr. Wins A, Wheeler
occupying moro than fifty largo quarto
pages, in fiuo type. Tho use of this will
im seen at ouco. You meet' in your read
ing with tbo term ''tbo nameless city;"
you turn hither, aud Gnd it a synonym for
aneieut Uomo. botuebody is likened in
tho newspaper to "Mrs. Malaprop," or
''Martin Mar Prolato," or the "Wizard of
the North :"you turn hither, aud discorn
at once the alluiion. Or you can't make
out who "John Doe and Richard Roo,'
aro in tho Court Reports ; or who the
"Father of h People," or tho "Father
that, in coii'ltleration of his best-slate pun
oil. Bill promised him a "taste" when he
should eat it at recess. Not many minu
tes after this Bill's attention was called
another way, and Muggs, watching .the
oppoilunity took tho apple, and purposely
commenced munching, it, directly beforo
the eyeB of tho teachor. "Tho young
man who is eating an apple como on to
the floor and finish it," baid the teacher.
Muggs obeyed with well -feigned reluct
anco, blinking at Rill under tne arm that
shaded his roguish eyes, while Bill shook
his fist and. vowed vengcanco the very
first recesj.
What MAitxiAt, Law has Done. It
was thought that, when martial law was
proclaimed in Kentucky, guerrilla' bands
would be expelled from the State, and tho
pcoplo would bo allowed to reposo in quiet.
Time has furnished a result entirely dif
ferent. The State was never so fearfully
disorganized as now, Tho policy has
proved ruinous in tho extreme. Kentucky
is overrniij'by guerrilla bands, and the
authorities seem powerless to furnish re
lief. The peoplo are insulted , robbed and
plundered by tho lawless desperadoes.
to retire together into an obscure nosition.
and together work their way in tho world
ho by industry in bis oalling, and she by
.1! ! .-.I 1 ..' '
uispenaiug- wuu pruocnoo tno monoy that
nc earns, uut ttiey must standout and
attract tho attention of others by fine
houses and fine clo'thc ."
lacerated on his arms and hands, and , his folds from tho dead cow,
badlv bitten in tho richt thiiih. Tho St ho flrn and strike tHo reptile, it would,
Cloud (Minn.) Demcorat says : j in its convulsions, crum or urag mo to
"From every street corner the cry is pieces, liven as tuts tuea camo to uu.-,
' ... - - I IT J 1
still they como 1 Scarcely n team comes beheld tyrant pause, no appuurcu to
i Inr lir.nrt ri flnln'nrt nnmnrp hfilitl all. liC COUlU SCO UOW lWftS
1U I l I'll! tltU VVUUMJ - ' - ...... i. I .
. ir. ,'. ,!, .!,..v.,i dint T wnn till livinrr. and that ' possesiion ol tbo estato
nruin or un uuh. u .k v,u., . , - -n. , j.,.: mn t,n
all the bears outside of Wall street have my life depended on the will of tho eon- - -
,, .... 0. nuij'. i..s' it. 1 1 l- . l i veu wun mo uei-ensuu, uiio, una. uouiiiijj
congregated in" around St. CloUd, but Blric,or. We conld ,eo every line of each ....... ft . naturcJ
whHher it is a convention called togetlier ' other's faro, so oloso wero wo.and 1 woum . '
t55T" A man down on Capo (od, who
scperatcd f om his wiie,;niarried a 3econt'.
woman, with whom ho lived a year and
a half, and then died. Ilia first wile took
Tho second wife
to discuss the financial topics of tho day, have shouted or spoken, or evon whisper
or to adopt some plan to pi event further 0,j t0 him, had I dared. Hut tho boa's
encroachments ol tho white wan, we aro head was reared within a fow inohes ol
utiablo to toll. At any rato, tho ontero mine, and tho wink of an eyelid would
family including young.and old, and tho perhaps settle my doom ; so I stared,star-
result is that boars aro as plenty as para-. ,,i t:i.e tt joaj man at Grant and at the
rio gophers, and far loss timid."
tQT Captain Kricsaon has invented a
gun wbioh throws a boll oight miles.
Presently the serpent began vory grad
ually to relax his folds, and after tight-
Oapo Cod jury gave her a verdict, allow
ing her two dollars por week.
t&" An Eastern editor heads his list
of births marriages and deaths thus:
''Hatched, Matched and Dispatched.
Tho raBoal's face desorves to be scratched,
tSyH. II. Dodd, tho escaped Indiana
eonsnirator. has been heard from. Ho is
i - - f
iif Canada.
A Shrewd Fellow.
In 1822, M. Labouchere, then a clerk
In tho banking houso of Hopo & Co.,
Amsterdam, was sent by this patrons, to
Mr. Baring, tho ,London banker, to nego
tiate a loan. Ho displayed in tho affair
bo muoh ability as to entirely win the es
teem and conGdcnoc of tbo great English
"Faith 1" said.Labouchero, ono dajf to
Baring, "your daughter is a charming1
creature ; I wish I could persuado you to
give mo her hand.
"Young man.your aro jokeing : for scfi
ously you must allow that Miss Baring
oould never bseomo tho wife of a simple
''But said Libouchore, "if 1 wora in'
partnership with Mr llopo ?"
"Oh ! that would be quito & different
thing ; that would entirely make up for all'
other dcllbienccs."
Returned to Amsterdam, Labu'chorfr
said to his patron :
"You must take mo into parnorship."
"My young friend, how can you think
of such a thing ? It is impossible You
aro without lortune, and "
"But if I become too Bon-indaw of Mr.
Daring V
"In that csso tho affair would bo loon
settled, and so you have my word."
Fortified with these two promises, Mr,
Labouehero roturned to England, and la
two monthi after marriod Mus
oauio Mr. Hopo had promised to take him'
into partnership, and ho thus becamo all.
led to the houso of Hope & Co, His was a'
magnifioont career.