Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, October 22, 1864, Image 3

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    4 T 'TAi'00IT0,h
Bttturday Morning, Oct. 22, 1004.
SALUTATOHY. Jcsi: 0. Tate, my
Junior Brother, having voluntcored In tho
icrvico of his country, and is now in tho j
front boforo Petersburg, I havo assumed
his lalo position as Local Editor of thd (
' Coi.umhia Dkmociiat." I will in this
I .. I. ...,4 .JTrtKiii In ;
U.lllllvll. V VIAUIb 11, V IHVll.-- U IIU1MUVU
.... , lit
IUU ujjiiuui iiiiuu ui una u uui uui uuu 'jiiuiiiico
.- 1 I !... . A ...I f 1
t'xperienco in journaliMt, it may not liu
deemed fniitloss to at least hopo that ud
tlitional intcrett will be imparted and re
newed vigor Biiperiuduccd in iia futuio
publications Alkm B. Tatu.
iSlnninfburg, Oct. 22, 1804
CT Judge Emvuj-.m on a visit to his
A arni.near lowanun, nnu win uo nosont
frnm homo for several gcclcrt j
t&T Iftomo of our country Bubfori-,
i'cin will brine us a few Idoncn heads of
cabbage, wo will allow a liberal piioo lor
thorn. Don't delay it.
Cssf Mr 1'eteu Hnuni.En, of Hemlock
lowufhip, wi- arc informed, raised a l'ump
kin thin season, measuring over fix feet in
circitoifcronco and weighing 128 lbs.
f3?' Why is it, that iu all the townships
in this county, whero tho United States'
Troop. were brought up to assist tho cibo
lilioii ntvup, that there was a woful falling
off in tlitir votes.
tK3" Tho' t'ounty Pair, last week, was
not very good, as a Pair, but was well
a'lcudi'd It brought a liaiiilnyme income.
N 'xt wed: we may publish the List of
CJa?" We
i e puniisit on tin; lat
column i
an elcit-j
send llio ,
tons in
ot iiii natri'i
. o ,.,.,t,.,r r r..fii..n
8' ' ,"UU..'U. vl HUVJIIill
toral tickets, f'ut them out, or
Mitiro paper to jour friends or
tiic army.
The iain in tbis- Couniy is from
ono to t wo hundred, niitcitlii of the l)i
liiets in military occupation, notwiihsland-it-g
1 1 o outrages committed on our citizens,
by illegal arrest. &o. In November, il
will bo twice this. Mark iho assertion.
tuT The "Snutl Mucin
"tK """r,l"
u lat week, Hint Capl. Clad; l.een !
making -pceehi'.s in :ill llio oilier counties
iti ibis Congra:ioiinl District, and the re
"iilt is it largely increased Deinoci ntin
v.iti" Good for tho Captain. Hope he
wiil "do it more."
CcSy Our Columbia county bos neem
to lie n'aiteri'd everywhere through the
I'riion arinit!, and we receive almost ovory
liiy the mo.-1 encouraging rtpoiN (ruin
tbetn on political Mibjerts, anil of the
gVcnt cntbu-'iiii-iii that ever where, abound
t'ir Little Jinn. We puhlit-li a fc,v com
."iiu!caiioin from tbum on our first page.
Our Demoerutic
in beott
t wiisb'p, at llio bile election, coveied
tiirutselvOH all over with political gloi'y
'i bey elected M r. Jo?i;i'ii Lilly, :i Jus
' cc of tht Poaro and rcdueed the u-u;ii
i DO abolition majority to ouo voto. Ann
ilicr pop, and litilu Scott, will be Deuio-
tii5 If prevcnliiig tho llepublic in3 from
beating two bonusl men out of tin it
voles at tho late election, made Iliciu bc
siiio tbemaelves passion what would
have loen tbo cnuseqiieneo had all four
oi I heir victims b tonic me.tris been cn
nblod to volo? They would doubtless
ii.ivo burst with rage.
- . -. - -
CctV" Tho returns uf Soldier vdting now
coming by mail to the PiothonotaryN of
fice here show very well, Our boys havo
net been much-cheated, and ,l,o Lincoln- j
ites tiro disappointed at lefu'.ts. 'J'hoy
"ill be still
uinri) disappointed over the
Presidential returns, and will find lhat
Iraud aud lor ci as
ore not omnipotent.
applied to elections
5 Another p'Tiion of tho "Army ol
the Fisliingereek," took their departure
from Columbia county, for parts uo
known this week. There i3 now only
Hiuall number left to fubduo tho "great
conspiracy,1' which tho abolitloiiitis say
"exists in the Rebel county of Colum
bia. 1 Isu'tit lime, these pimps aud aboli
tionists, got ashamed of themselves.
C3T Our friuiid SA.NDt.RS of tho Per
wick Gazette, is giving unwholesome food
to Peo John for digestion. Thu shot
dealt him by tho Gazette, a few weeks
ago, wa-i so eficciual and severe, that
tho packago of Gazettes failed to reach
its subscribers in Uloomsburg What hay
you, Pec, Posima-tcr at Bloomsbuig,
guilty or not guilty !
tT Mr. Bucicalkw hired carriage
nt thu Risewiuk Livery Stable on election
day ''for a journey of u few-milos to oo
rupy a couple of hours,'" drove it through
tho most public part of tho town and to
tho Sheriffs gate, when tho latter tool; it
and conveyed the lleinloolc voters to their
placo of Election, Ono curtain of tho
cirriago was buttoned down for security
iu preventing an escape. This was tho
whole proceeding, and it prevented a gross
fraud. Wc give tho facts accurately only
becauso thoy have been uiitrcprcjeitted.
lu auothor part cf this paper thu wholo
.subject of the arreted men is fully
intimates that llio Dcmoornlit) Editors here,
havo not yot hoard Hint nn election was
.lately hold in Ohio and Indiana. Why,
Doctor, Mess your simple soul, wo have !
hoard it, ami not only ro, but would In-
form you and nil "whom it may concern,"
that iu Indiana wo havo gained ovor
7,000, and io Ohio ritiodt 71,000. And
also in Pennsylvania, where wo havo gain
td over 23,000. More each of thoio
States arc good for McOlollan.
,t I 1 I. . 4 ,1 . .
l- Mould it not bo well, iu viow
importnnco of tho November clcciltfn.1,
lor mo Democracy to raise a little money
. . . . ..
uy ruuaui iiiiuii iu lauiiau jiswycr jiari
and Reverend Wilson, to continua uiok
ing Abolition speeches I They served
our cause most effectively up to Tuesday
of last wook, and may o'ill do (is much
good. Pass along tho hat.
AN0Tinil Viotim.-Wid. K.
Ttnlinrtj 1
wt,n AltA in ?,, ., . .
nml who WM otlQ Q, t,0 Columbift 0Qm
prisoners, was r7 years of ago, and, no
doubt, perished from hardMiips And a
broken heart,
Itu died without
why he
was arrested. Ilurrisliuri;
trial and Union
EST Ascertain at onco whether there oro
any persons in your district that should
bs assessed, and, if so.havc it attended to.
T l 11 ,,.,.. 1 l f ,. ii '
1M CVOry UelllOCrat exert himself. Wo i
.. 1, .. r 1 I
navo carrieu l'cnnsvlvan a. Lat its in.
ni'Miumtr in.!i,.t r,n mm', v t.
Cicaso Our majority to 00,000 ID iNovcml'cr 1
Work, woik, work !
Col.UMniA-UoUNTY PltlSONI'.US. Tho
trial of John Kant, ono of the Columbia
county political prisoners is iu progress
to-day, but the ca-o advances slowly,
Romi McIPeniiy, Eq., ono of tho pris
oner., being unwell, was allowed to go
liiiniu for a while, b? iakimr thi n,ilh nf
a -
alhgiunrc. Col. John G . Free ra. of Cat-1
unibia county, Hamilton Aliicks and
A ,
i- i
J. Ilerr, Esqrs , of this cily appear for
the defendant, Mr. Paiilz The easo will
not be coitcluileil to-day in tium lor pub
licaiioii. Ihvrhlmrg Patriot
Oclnhrr i, WU.
) I
Tho fnlluwiiijr payments have been made
to.tlio CilumUa ;iiK;rrnf!in,.,liinn.r,1
..,,. 1)f .,.,,.. lsfU :
i'.iki. i low i ii. ei no
, lli'liiumin's I'i , .0 nn
' Hi i i) I'cirliwalil. .i'l j
Cain e I'lirnt .ufliy,8 00
dlllll"! Itl'W-T, ' J III)
. riiiiiii r i i. iu' rit k, '-' en I
1 I )..! . 1... ,11 I...
lion. (Sen. P. Slealo, II so
John M. I'o nrtty, 1 .',(,
l. a-1: ii. tn.. i mi
lien P., (rtl
John lea op. in no
Son'ph II, i'u'dcrlc., 2 U'l
.li.llll Alt. ,-,
fi'orL'i' Moore, 1 1 no
.Mr. .Mary ll.iiillimg. .In
Irani Kitrht'ii, M Oil
I". Weuweith, v 3D
Henry lit. r. a no
Dnvi l C Alliertsnn, i! on
David 1'hilipH. ii 7.1
lion John Milt.-MinPN-J n.i
.iiiii,.d II. on k. I i ll
I'hliif.i- ri.nilli, '.' Oil
Jih nli l.ilnt r, Vl
l.i' iii ( . n. Uroi kwny ! on
Jam h l.l!rujt.lfi,n-'i.J no
Wilti.nii Her,;. I mi
S.ilu'l II lluli li!o
II. COiy Mill..
I 'inn II. ii;- lllmi II.
Il.' U'lnpple,
J'il N II. 1 rinia i,
Lew I" lli tlerlrk.
II. I. ll.Hil.'li. i.h.,
Lllj.-ill 'eilllil,
.lut lei t. Ui al,
Jnlltl IJ l-'li'T,
.1 it i, lli'iii r,
V. Mi I'll,.,
U. nn, I P. L.iycnck.
' Ininii. IN.,
lien. rt. I'.llrilit!.
I .',11
S W)
IM-ito l(ui l White
a till
:i on !
j t.i I
Li'iime Oman,
S imiii'l l'arli,
t in.. I Kiiiiuer. D.'itii rirk,
o.veu 11. r.jerly.
LstJIe S McMirhaol
Cul.Neal Mi Coy,
Siuiiitel Sti I't-r.
Win. I' ( reveling,
John llenrv. llarl:i'l.
Henry Miller,
lleiir.v W'.itin'r.
Win .Mi I, nn I.
'I buyer .V N',,)us,
Tlinut is, Ii.
Weli-v Ihiltlrin.
t-.iiut.'l W. Cirton,
Atlntil Keller,
! Ill)
'.' IH
II tl)
3 ll.l
;i an
1 III)
J .'ill
1 (III
i! 00
B 5ll
2 mi
i 01
, i a;
.', on
i en
a nn
I no
0 III)
7 ;.u
a ii
2 u.)
ii .'.
d mi
t mi
n i
1 mi
in no
i'i, 4 0.)
." on
,1 on
.1. J.I'pDegi.-lll,
II I.V Cii)ll!
liii'ieit ll.iuli ll.'i .
S mi I.o.tii. L I
J.ii-il I', l-!a , -J
1. A. Ileitis, i:at.,lll Oil
ThiMillta Ui'lil.T, '-',011
J. nll.lrd Klllir.
lb or) J. Vnplj. 4 n;i I U heeler at Wilsen.
tfer Wo acknowledge, with pleasure,
libti al p;i nr. n s for (hu nmnili of tiiaptcin-
bi r. lnle our friciidf in tins vicinity i!
are duins.' v.'e!
:.. .i c - J
hi iiiu w ,iy oi piynii; up
their iudobtiMlnvhs to this olii ;i', it is to be !
rt'greiteil tint in my distant subscribers, '
who owe fur enrs, i-re doing nothing. Wc
appeal to Iho-io men, and thoir teusn of
justice, for our bouestly earned aud just i
We want our money Pe thoughtful,'
ifriunds, and as wo Invo dealt generously
with you, in return, treat us justly. Send
I the amount promptly by mail, at our rifk,
j and it will be carefully receipted. We.
I wait in hope.
Estate of Abraham IP. Kline, deceased.
'PlIE iiiidcrbinncd, pppoiiited by the or-
plian'a court nt Col'iiiiliiii county, nn auditor to nu
111 lb aecniitit uf the iti'imnlFtralrix Sir., of Abraham
',V. Kline, in-censed, w ill ailnld in tho duiie-of bis
appointment, ai Ills offiee in lilnoiusbiirL'. on Triday,
Nov ember 'J.'i. lent, at ill oVork. a m.. at w hiili tium
n ml plnco.ill MutMius ii.teretU'd are rcpiested lo ntteu 1.
It F.ULAllh, Auditor.
lllii.iiiisbiirz. Oft 5'. l-iit.
i'j tti'supleani piiiillsh.
Will be c.xpnsetl tn Public Vendiio, nt the r,'iJen,-o
of thu umlui4li'd, iu lli'iiilork Towiisbi(, ('omiiibia
count) ,-ueai thu residence of Levi l.iehls,-uii
Monday, tht "st of Octolmr, 1601,
Tlu following described in'rieuiil property, vln.'
thrco of which arc good Colts,
7 1 VR It RJl D OF C.I T'PL E,
Cousi. of two MiUd'ons an 4 three caives.
One two.i"r-e Wujou, one Med, Pluw, Harrow , Cul
tivator. h-c. ILiruos. uml Flv nets,
Al.cio :
WHIIAT, OA'I'rt.COUN-4; pOTATOKS. AND COllN, by tilt llumile.
' . Sab- to coiuni "iici i.t a n'el ink .1. ni.. nf said d.iy,
n bin atteudanco will be given and condition bo made
k,inby I'L'lLIt ANDLS.
HeinlocU', Oct 2.', IriH.
TsBuJier D.jiikS fibr Sail'.
,.sm, , i n . i, . ri
rpiIL UUilejSlcncil, Oil :rs to sell at I n-
Ji viite tf iln. .1 good Tract oi TI.M mil; I. Wll, sit
11, lie In Iteiimn suit r-ugiti loaf low u,h ins, Coluinblii co
Pu., uiljoi'iiug uiuds of J i.lrn.i llrlng, uoo. Dndauu and I'i'uiiiglou, l oiii.iinli'g uboul
Puar Uaudied Acres,
All of which is tillable (and, will watered nud sus
ceptible ofcMsy iiilliiali.i.l.
The a.inl tiuvl ; will be sold cntir.i or lu parts nf
one hundred, nr In fifty airn li. 11 may I"1 desired,
ii- 'IVruia easy willi libeial Hutu uu part of tho
pa iiieiita.
Fur fiiutbi'r particulars 1110.11I111 ufihs .ubacribi r nt
Ins residenui in lUinlflck nnvn.lii.i, or by it Idross ut
llurk Horn' TIIO.ilAt) J. V ANUUiirtLICH,
Oct. 15, InUI.
it's." to t.iko chum
Hu Main and Plr Fnmalo Tcnh
,If U.7 Public7d,no.a' 'of Union
Uiwsslup. r', ini i k 1 11 roomy.
I hu Lvuiniuiiiiuii will tuko placo nt Itingloivn. oil
the '.'otliitf (Limber, lSdLcoiuuieiicliig at 10 n'rloelt, u.
I.I, 'iiiu ricliools will iipi u nu the second Monday of
N'ovoiuber, and couiiuuo Four month.
l.ibeial Valines will be paid
TI10S1AS RYAN, Becl y
JtinHtoir'n Oct. . I?63 -
wfn 'Vlm 7h',
If Jf"i wjali to marry, nddrcaa tho iirtdtStalgned, who
. . . .u'" money nnu without price vnlu-
able Hirtif mntinri Hint will MiAiiinvimin miut u
J!!!' '('"cilHy, lrre,octlvo or ago, wealth or licaiity,
I hla Information will costymt iii,tlilnc, mul II you
Wlah Jo tnnrry, 1 w HI cheerfully nsalat joii. All tetters
strictly rnnnuciitlnt,. Tho desired Irfor'mntlon cent by
return irmll, ntnt no 'piosllons naked, ilJreM
" "!' 'J-""Huetl. lrcciiiolnt, Kings to., New York,
oct, jct itjui, :im,
fofeaadT J. ISAACS, M. M., OoccttaT nmt AumeT
(v.,,..,,.!., I . T.:. ii.. i '
n p Y . . .'I ,n"n'", l,n"w ":lCl1 ntNo.311
, m u . '. f i n Ji!14' .".'.'fC? Vi!."?" nn'ittnd
; thillaonaalof tbo I.YIi and IJAft will bo aclonlin.
nlly trented nml ciinmI, If curable, ay Artificial
lV? llliCftOil Witllnilt Im1m
Htl) rruScJ,ftific'it'"ll,,of,!r ,:.llir,,nMlftn i,lflMr(i'
l""". . V ..v. hub hit BV III' tat IV II1B
.mW ' i"oi'w
Uniformity nf Trices I A New l'cnturc in lluaalnoa
Hveryonn hla own H.ileainnlll JONI18 ft CO. or tho
CrcaentOnoi'rlro Clothing Store, No. iiUI AInrkctilreo
above Hlxlh, riillndclphln,
Innd.lltlon In Imvinij the lnrjet, moat varied nml
fntlilininhltt flock of Clothing In l'hllo.lclphlii. madocf
prraaly Tor retail anlca, have conalltmcd every onn
hla own aalciiiau, by havlnir marked In acurce, on canh
nrtlrlent the vcryloweat price It can be aold for aothuy
ronaot po.albly vary all imiat buy nllko.
I he poods are well aponped ami prepared nnd prent
11"'"' taken with tho inaklni! ao that nllrnnbity with
ilicrull naaiirnora nl gi iung n pond article nt tho cty.
prire. i nn, n larite tincKii piecopnoila on hand
of the luteal atylo and beat ipialitlca, blcli will bo made
I to order, In tho niol fashionable and beat manner. SJ.5
) per cent, ln low credit pxlcca.
Itenieuibcr tho Creaccnt. In Market above Sixth street
in 21)1. Jiwim , i'n
rpi!u itiiiM! nisoi,o.itinnH-sr.cai;Ta kohtiiu
A mn.t vnlunblo and wnnderfill publirallon. A VMrk
nMWpapoa. ami an colored uncraVlnj.. nil. HUN
TI.ICH VADIJ .MlirUM, an 01I2I11.1I and popular Heat,
iea 1111 Mnu and Woman their Physiology, l'nncllnna,
nndPi'xual disorder nf every kind with iicvi'r fjlllng
Remedlea Tor ilielr apeedy chip. Tho pactlreof Dr,
lliinter haa long been nud atill la, unbounded, but at
llni onrne.t atiMrltnllrin ,if ,...rb.,tt Itn l.n.
been induced liiextnid 111 it moillcal uefiilnean throiieh
IIih meiliuiii of hia "V.M1I! .MI'.i-'UM " Itia 11 viiliinio
.'"?''' '0 annua of every family In 11.,. Innd
n ('"'I'lilivo nf aecret vlcca, or as a puidp for the
nMotl.uion of onoortlm moat awful nml .lintructive
acoiirgea ever vliter! mankind, One copy aecurrly crl-
vo hm ivmii 1,.. nrn..,h r ,.. ,. ...1
"fllto LTnitt-,1 Htnten for J'J centa In l'"o alainp.
Ad.lroaa, post paid, llr. lluhter, No. a Dlvlalorl
nurui, iijv 1 orR,
May 21, lHGIy.
J kamted tn Atr. CAnu-Cnn bo rclloJ out Never
fail to curt! Itn not iinuacnto I Are apnedv In aclionl
Nn ihangenf dU t required I Ilo net interfere with
hiiaiUY.a puraiiilal Can bo used wlllinut detection I
Upwurda uf '.'oiHurea the pifat month -some of them
Very aevere ensea. Over noe hundreil pliyiriuin liavo
iiaeil them in their pratlicu, nud al' apeak well of their
tlllrncy, ami approve of Ihelr rnuipoiilion, which Is
ciitlicly vecetiilile, nml hnrmli'sa on the system. Iluil.
ilr"dt, of cerlilicatea can ho shown
?.i'.l:ciflF...I'll, nrc 'r't!,?n" ""'! ni,l-.'"ilno
upi'iiuc i in. i ney are eii.tpteu lor man; nun leuiulo,
'" """V "'" "'lla!' 0 '""iy r.,r eir.-ctinsr
" i ini.iii'ii , nnu pj.ri'ii , iirw in mi;-, lit rirrill.l
torriiea, nr Miiiiiual i Mf.iifa, Willi nil Ha iriiln uf
evils. iich an Hrelhral and aulnnl Dlichnrgea, (ileel
(lie IVIlltus. Muhrtv nr iHVntolllnrv t-nilalnlifl. Inrt.ti
tlooauce, Ceiiitiil 1Kb! lily nud irrft.ililllty, impotence,
V. enkiieaa or Loss of I'ov , Ncrvinui Debility, (tc.,
nllof w blili arii-ea principally fromexunl DxceaaiHor
rj'i'ir- -bine, or aoino euOftitutionat ilefn-igemenl, and
linapacllat-a the nill'urer from I'ulfillina the ilutleiof
'untried lilf In alt a.-xual dlmies, As (innorrhea.
(ileet. and Slridiirea. and in I). eases nf tho llladder
nnd Milne) s. they ait us a charm I Itellof is oxperi
encod by liiliinu a siuglv box.
rioid I iy nil ihe driig;i..!.1. Price 31.
The) will be sent by mail, stcur'ly sealed, end con
fidcutially, on receipt u;" the inuncy, hy
J. llltYAN, T.I. D.
No. 70 Cedar St., Now York.
Consulting Physician for tho In iitnifiii of Heiulnal,
t'riu.irv., atld Nervous Diseases. v.ho will
si-nil . free tn nil, the following valuable work, in peal-
vit envelope :
Tins I'lrm-Tii Tiini-atiiD-ln. RI'.LI.'S TKKATI3C
on f-eir-.Miuse. rremiitiiro I', cay, Imoiitrmf. and (na
of power, Siwiril lliKt'iisrs. Henilnal enkness, Nightly I
:iiiisious, lie'iiini I), luliti , A;r.. cc. n puuiplili t of i,J I
p-ii;es, i-ont. lining imiiort.iut it'lviee to the ullliitcd, ami
wluih hhoiild be reatl hy every sulf rer, us tlie means
of uire in the M'vere-.t Maites la plainly set lorlh. 'i'wo
sl.iinpa rt-,nirou to p.iy posia
DecembtT 1. Ifb.l ly.
French Breakfatst and Dinner
OWING tn Ihe very high price nf cofTee, nnd the
great iliifinilly in proi uriiig n good, unil'orui and 1
reliable arln le our rutiimor have ofiun expressed u
w that they could lie supplied iioin nrst hand.. It
una tbc intention of the i
tn do a Mrirtly Tea liUim, hut n we Inve hnitl
fittni' ciiKtmiicrrt living al n l istuncc l Ii at hive relieil '
tip m Ui lo uply tfifin f-xrlOdU i-ly with 'Va ami (.'of- I
Iff. it lioinc inrcni vfTxiont fr ilium to mniu tn New I
York. Tut CukatTka, and Coifek r.MpoiutM cif tin J
rtumtt y - ami as our 'JVri T.i-tcr w as pftl.9.'(l of in
funnalinii rflatniL' to n Cot lei that coulcl hf furni!ifil
at a itio'Uratc pru an J mvo mm i ral -atirtt'irti(iii
ami at t c t-ama Ii f a'l'inl thu n tuilt r a Imiul-oipu
irnfit f Unf Ix-i'ii ci'inpt'llfil tn Mippty ttmst p;ir
im tims coii'Li: ii At iii;cumi: u iupt'i,.ii
w Hh our nistiini' r- ami lh"ir eailos Invo inrrfa-cd to
Mtli an rt, nt w have hecn inmpi'llnl in inaki
lair aiMitit'iM tn our )ii;u huiary, w Im Ii will inalif 113
in supply a tew niiir- (UsturiM'ii with it. U'cv. ill
Hu rt tin ti si'inl it tti thusc who may onler.
Il is 1-aU Supmrding all other Co'rcs.
This (.'nlleo has liren used for more than a century in
Paris, and alnee its iiitroduition into tins tmiulry it
hsy bees used by snme of tdu lea.liui; French Ki a
t.iiirnnlt. here. 'Ihe i'ausia s .ire said lo he the beat
linlees of ri.lieo : and the areat liver in whirb it ,s
liebl by tlieiit is the hei.1 refcoUiiiiendntlon lhat can ho
iV,;.. .'': .",,, '",vur """ "ram'y t!,lBC,B !
W put up but one gratle of this coflee, and tint is of I our customers liuve foiiti.l from exp" '
rum ii w ill give pirl'eit anti.f n Inni and meet all llio I
ileui mils of ilielr Ira.le. It l.- lne louest price that wo I
L.lll r.'CCOIIIIIIellll.
We do nil our Irisinesq on tin most extrusive scale, I
buy by I Mo cerrn nnd fii.l nl only two cents per pound I
prelH. I
V,'e put up this ("nlTee in P.nrrtls onlv, of l.'J Pounds
eaih. This method of putting it up'savos from 1 ti,
.1 cent per pound to Hie cutt'ione r, ami by its hem-f in
a lurje tiiiiiniity it renins its Him ti.ivor much longer
iu this firm than in any other. We send with inch
barrel r'how I'aiils. lirculars Pouters to nssistihe
dealer to iiitrodiiie it tn his ciiilmiiv-j. w'e hope our
ciistonit is will tnl.e p. i ma to have them well posied up i
and distrihutrd, as it , Mil lit to lot i r :, .1 v :i it I to do so.
Tins Cnileo we w arrant In cl v e per fi ct .ilir.iriitui,
ami if il does not pb u e, the pnruhaser h is Hie privi
lees of n liiriini!; the whole or any part of it within
ll day,., ami hiviinj his money refunded together with
all tlie I'Aeetiht's, tin both wa.vs. !
o ishini u Price I' of our 'IVas'iuhI (.'oncts.
which wi are plad lu d freo to all who vi-.h it-,
I'oiisumers ol (.oil'. e ,, I'mpi fa for the "French ami diungr l'oll';c" and bo sure that it was
pun hnsed of tho
fint'Cftft Atuerictn Tea Coaupny,
35 & 37 VliSEY ST., New Youic.
Ju'y, 2.1 ieiH.-3m.
A Valuable iirm for Sale.
'Ilfi undersigned
iersigned offers to sell at pri-
, a valuable Farm ami PL-intnilm,
v lite sale
uute iu Locust tnwnshln, ('oliiiiihia rnuniv. n.iiniu'nn. I
farms of Mues V t-'lineuiaker, Hnas (Jeorgo and .Mrs.
.Me.Murtr). containing nt, out
Two HuHdivd Acies of Land,
One Hundred of which la cleurud, nnd in a i-ood slate
' nl inllivalinn. nnd the balance is wellninbercd.
mil" is erecieu upon sail! prcnilseu, ugoud
Franie g House,
LOO IIAIIJ,. with other out buildinjs, good Orchard,
nnd fcicrnl excellent Springs of Water on various
parts uf tho Farm.
Pohesion given on the first of next April,
U.V For comliiioiis.and furlher parliculara, apply to
,.tu .uir,,iiu,, nt;., HIV 1'rillllHl'S.
i:r.i j ah yocom,
Atli.til Ct.r s. ...I , I
Pmtcnbi.r 17. Irfel.-Huif. ' " - I
The Berwick Houao.
Ihricfck, Columbia ro., Pi'
III, undersigned would resneitfiilly nnnnuno to
bis fuioiids und (ho pul'lic generally, tbat
haviug leased -.Ills vvoll-kiinwu house -he litis given M
ttnii.ii.K ,,iiii, i nu im, ma nave neon re ' pel
1 oil uudthe tiitire eaioblirhnient elegantly refurnished.
' leiug ineasaiiiiy 110,1 , iigiuiy incnied, aim provided
wilh all thu ru.uisilo roiiveutencos, it offers lo tin.
public tlie comuiacd advantages of
A First-Class'. Hotel :
IIIH TAIII.U will always be supplied with tin) beat the
markets aifonl, ami HIS BAR with the choicest Ii
quota. Travellers, drovers, teamsters, hoarders, tot,
urrummoilaled to general satisfaction. Careful nml ae
coiuiiuiil.'iliiig Hostlers ulnnya In attendance. Ptabliu
tho moil complete and extensive In this section.
J. P. SlUliET.
S!ny2s, IfGt.
DU.fJ WFA'TWOIl'ni.phvsiclan from Oermany. hav
ing Incited potuiaueiitly nt SIurdanvilli,. Coluiil'
"P'T! "l? 'W., e".''
' ,. 1 1 I':,.... ,.C A.-UIMI .....I
.. v- s, j. rfi w.sreH'.
Wulirronipnic. anil on moderate tetma and wfl 1
oaranNe general latiihftton
t,T'iu, i r
Public Sale
Valuable ileal Estate.
WIM, bo cxpnicd toflnlo nl Public Oiii-tlr, orf lire
premises on
JH'lm,, the '25th of October. 1901.
A farm nml Plnutnllnn. Kltnnto In Mmllann township,
Oolsmldn county, I'n , about one mile aouth of Jcrary
tnwn, (nrnr tho Danville rood.) uiljoinlng funis of
John I'rait. Hobott Johnson, Thos, A. l'unaton, nml
John fllriglca, contolnlng over
. i.mmy ncrci 01 wnicn nro cip.iron nnu n ft men i
'at.Un or cultivation. Tho k.ilnneo In wood. land of an
excellent .innllly, There nro crpctod upon tho premlica
. nnnn iitiinrnvfi ttm nn I
some Highly' Acres of which nro cleared mid In ft Inch
nml larco Itnrn, Arc. fcc., together with a good Orchard
or chotco rrult Tree.
A Well nnd good Spring near tin) liouno, with paitur
nge and medowa well watered,
lO"Snlo to tninniencent IU uVlork n. m.. .ifanldday,
when nttcnJanca will be given and condition bo tnmlo
known by AilllAIIAM rJIIIJIttlAN.
Mnillaiu, twp , Oct. P, I8f I.- ta
oi.n i sTAr.i.iniii:i)
No. 718 ArclSt., abovo 7lh,
I have now Injstoro nfmynnn Im
portation and Manufacture, one of ,lho I AHOP.ST and
moat DEAUIU'IJI. aclcctlonnf
Fancy Furo,
for T,Antr,8' nnd OIIILIiltllV'fl WI'.AIt In tho city.
Aln, a flue nrrnrlincntnftient'a I'ur tllnvca A. Collar.
Aa my L'ura weru all purehased when Hold was nt a
milch lower preiuiilRi than nt prrnairit, I nm enabled
to !t'posu ot iliciu nt cry reaiiinatili' prleea. and I
therefori! solicit n call from my lrieuda of Country and
C Itciucnibcr the Name, Number and Street I
71o AHI1TT Rfront. nt,nvo 7tV,.. .null, si.Ir..
..w- . . .............
Vy I havo in Tartner. nor
other More in Philadelphia!
Sep. 10, lelil. 3ui.
connection with any
At A. J. Evans'
nfmiiiwi mm
r Mil uiiiler.imieil rejpectr.illy lufnrnis his friends
'I nud the public eenerally, lhat he has Jtiat received
from thu Lin-tern cllu s, a large uaaortiiu-iit of
fttHW .CvX-OTKr.NG
beini the best nsorluicnt over ollured in this market.
Also a cniupletu nsoitiuent nf lluvs (,'li'lliln. Iu fact
everything in tlie Llotlnng Lino l'"r those w bo prefer
to leavu Iheir measures, n perffd lit Biiaranteeii, and
, nthini! but the heat workmanship allowed nt this es
tn lishiueiit. lie nlo keeps on hand a large nsvnrl
11101 of
HATS Nl) CAP?, tocrtlier with a variety of notions.
A. J. r.VAMH.
Ulonmsburg, April. 2.1, ISG1.
Juel Published in a Scaled Envelope.
A Lecture on the Noliire .Treatment and Ka.liral Ture
of Kprrniiitoriliuuor ironiiiuil Weakness, iiivnloiilaiy
Ilinlssions.Uexuiil Debility, nnd Impediments to Vnr
rmu'e Renerallv Nervtoin.n"ss, roiiiinpln n, llpilep
ay. nnd Fits: Mental and Pliyslnil incapa. ity. r.-ult-inclroni
.-iolf Almsc. ir. Hy UtlU'T J. iJUI.VDU
Wr.LL, M. I)., Aulhoj of llio vJrccii Honk." fee.
The wourld rjiiown I niillmr. In tlii-nnlinir.ill: Lee
tun, clearly proves from his own rxperinnrn tn it thu
awful conseqveiires , f iSelf.Aliiiso may Im ellei.tiirlly
lemoveil vutliollt med.o'lue, an. I witlmut
anrcicil operations, bount-i '. instrumi'ii's, riots, or
toriiials, pniutiiii; n n a le of euro at once eeitaiu
nud ellei tual, by w huh every siiir. rer no oialii'r w hat
hisio di. Ion mav be. may cure lilnielf tlo-nper, tin
vat. I). nml radirsliy. .I hn Lecture will provo a
boon to ihoii.itd- aiitl thousauila.
bvnl under mm tonnv nddri'ss, in u plain, Fenled
envelope, on Die r.'ei ii.i of six ce. Is, or two po.tego
(tntnP3. by addreaaine.
L'IIA)5-J,C.KI.!Np. fct'o.,
127 ItnWefy, New- York, Poa'- UH'co IK. -to-
Oct 1. ltJ.
X a
or r.vnr.Y siznnn.i o.iiai,itv,ki:pt(,o-'tant.
Iy on hand. mi l will be soldi helper than tile chei.pcn
bv the timtrrsizned, at his Trunk. Fur and Valise
tslablislimeut, No. -10
Market street. Pliiladoloh ia.
October 1, -Hm
of Vaiuablfi
Till", untlersisneil offers his piivate residence at pub
lie sale. It Is sitii.itutl iu n pleasant part of PIooiih
burg, the countv seat nf Columbia, has n commodious
well finished, and the lot contains all the necessary
improvements. Tin: sale will take place on
SaUndny, Oclober 22.1, 186 1.
nt 1 o. clock P. M, There is a cood varli tv of Fruit nn
tho preirnsis. I'ni-asiii:i Riven on the lirst of April.
U Also, nt the same time I will offer TWO V A L
UAIILL OF P I.'i'J', for iC.le ULIAS IIIUKr).
Illooiu-burg. Oct, I, KOa. at
:' Estrays..
STUAYHI) from the rnrlo'itrc of tho itnilrrslsneil. In
.Mi ill i n town.hlp, Columbia county.aboul len weeks
I Three Calves, Two rid Unjftrs, and
i One Young Bull,
all umlcr one yiar obi. Any nrnn who w"l return
I tbein to Ihe owm-r, or cue inl'oriii.itiouof Iheirwhere
uboiits, so that Ibt-y inn)' be resti rod to linn ngaiu. will
bo liberally riw.inlel. WILLIA51 I LI TIF.
Millliiivllie, Oil. 15, Hfil.-
Eitate oj Ilusicl While, tltc'd.
I r.TTHRr'nf administration on thu Fatnleof Ruae
J White, latu of Ueiitr twp., i.oliiinbin Co., der'd,
' have been granted by tho llegi.ier of Columbia co., to
the undersigned ; all persons having claims u'ialust the
estate of the decedent aro ri-.piestcd to present them to
tho AdiuiiiiMrntiir nt his resldrlito in Filldtiiwit
I ship without delay, Slid all pereoria indebted td make
payment forthwith.
' ' PAS1UF.L NTYI1AKD, Adin'r.
i Pep. 2-1. liM flw S't Wl'
Estate of Silas McMichail, deed.
, n
fL v.
' '
I3TTPRS of ndu.mi. trntion nn the Hstato of Pilau
MeSlii liai.l late of llnarnrek tw 11. Col. ro dre'd..
have been granted b) Ho Iteglsler of Columbia rolo the
umlersigui'd : nil persons having rliiiius against the es
Into 1.1 the deeeileiit lire retpieslod loireaeut lpnio
tlie utldoraiijniid, residing 111 aaid township, without
delay, nnd nil pctxoiu indebted tu uiako payment
OKOItfiU HVANS, Adtn'r.
Pep. 51, IFiil.-fHv 'SS no.
ti Oonsuiiiptlvo euffdrcrs will recclr) a valuable
prescription tor tlu rum of Consumption, Asthma,
ArouchitH, nml all throat and lung nlleetions, (free of
charge,) by .ending their address tu
, , iiiiuiii.uurgii, jvioga en , 1
a..,., ni ,aa., -!.,. v..w '.,lc '
Five Teachers Wanted. i
ITtlVH jS'lALF. THACIIL'U.S nro wanted for thu
School, of lllnoui School Dl.trict Tho Hoard of
Direitorn will meet nt the Ptnre of the undersigned, nu 1
PATHHDAY, the 15th. at which tlinu the applicationa
will b: luted upiiu. J. J. PROWL It.
Illuoiu.burg, Ocl.rt.17lll.-2n.
' TJUSirKlNS, Com. llder, Apples! Cnrn-8ockf, Oata,
I JL nnd product, generally, wanted at this office, on
i account. Ottober I- ltit.
: iMi..nni.n..c Taar I
IA I iiDiiti i if tniisu,
1 For CoU Ugliam Township Coluillbia 00
t Those pi.inillas Kl eerliflcetea will raaolre libera.
1 flJn)st. J, J. AdL'AND, Sreij,
1 11 ti 11 h i iiMM
UJiscaitcs icsuiuncc liom msoracri qf int
Lwr and Digcitivc Organi, i
Aim cmiKD nr
Tlicso Hitters havo performed moro O uro
itnrv; suvn, ; iurK nr.riT.n SATtfFJiCTlOtf ,
njiri: Mutli: n:sriMu.vr i -itjirt: mohk hu-
hi'ixmtui.K pr.wiM ro t ntriw run tiiujh
I We defy any nno tn contradict this nucmlon, sail
will piy Sicnntonnv one that will pruducaa
I ccrtilkntc published by iia.tliatlt nut gonuliiu,
will cureovtry caro c
Cbronio or Nervous Debility, Diseases of
the Kidney, aud discuses arising
from a disordered Stomach.
Observe the following njinptoms: nrrultlni frm M.
uruura ot iiiu irignauvu urgana;
as L'oiislina-
Hon, Inward Pilis,
I'ulneas of lllnnd to tho
Head, Aridity of tho Htimiiich
Nousen, llenrtburn, lUsRost for I'ood,
Fulness of wi lijlit In tine Htoiiiach. Hour
Ilructntlona.Fiiikiiiiror I'lullerlnsattho I'il
of tho tjliiinnch, Hu inmilng cf Iiiu Mend, Hur
ried nnd Dlflb'Ult llrc.illilni;, I'liitterin; at tht
Heart, t.'hnklne or Huirocatlne t'ensutiona when la a
Ijlne poeture, liiuiness nf Vlslim, Dola nr Weba
befnri) the alglit. Fever and Doll Pain ia
tho Mead, Deficiency nf Perapiintiou,
Vcllowneaa oftbctlkln nml Lyca,
Ptiu In tho Side, Hick, (.'heat
1.1 "Hi-, A.c, Huddeu It il n Ii c-
ef Ileal. Iliiriiiii In the
Flosh.Cniistnnl Im
aKioiiiofeul, Sl depression
of spirits.
Is Not Alcoholic.
fj cji.y tmakv. nnu.VK.tuas,
IS TIIE PEST TONIC in tho World.
From the Uer Levi neck,Patoroftha Itantlst Cliutch,
Peinliertoii. N J., fnnneily of tlm North Ilantlst
I'hurrh, Phili lelpbia.
I have known lloollands Herman Hitters favorably
forn niiinlier of years. 1 havo used them In my own
rimily, an I have been so pleased with their effects
that I was induced to recomiiiL-nnJ tlinin lo many nth.
ers, nnd know that they have operated in strikiny
beneficial manner I lake great pleasure in thus pub
licly pr.ieliiiinius this fact, nod calhnr; the attention of
those nlllii ted with those diseares for whh h thuy nrc
rccntiimemled, to llinsi; Hitters, kiuming frnmeiperi
euro tlnit my ri ininiiiendatimi will he sustained. I do
this more ilieerlolly as llurillanil'a Hitters Is intended
, i benefit the allliited, and Is not "n rum drink."
Yours truly, i,i;vi o. UUCK.
From r.rv. J. Xrstct rtrmcn. I). I)., Mtor of IU r.neif
ehptilla cf llrUgujtt KimdttZt, and Chriulan Chroit
ulc, Vlitfadctphxa
A llhnmtli not disposed to f.ivor or reco iunend Tntcnt
Medicines in t'eneinl, thro-i-ii distrust or their lucre,
dients and ellert. ; I yet know nf nn sutllclent reasons
why n man may not testlfi- In the liehetit ho believes
hiiii-elf lo have received I'rnmaiiy simple prep iralion,
in Hie hope that he may thus contribute tulliubeuvlH ol
I do this the more iradily in rcgaid tn IloollnniPa
Lerinan llnti rs. prepared by Dr. O, l. Jackson, of this
city, becauso I was prejudiced against tl.eni for many, iimler lie imprulsleli tliat tliey were r.bietly an
al.oholic mixture. 1 an, imlebtcd tn niv I'rli'iid Ilobert
liiH-iiiakur, Hs.., fur tlie of this prejudice by
proper tesla. add for en.ouragemeiit tn trv them, when
Millerih!.' Iroui nml long continued d'elnlity. 'I he
usu of Ihree bottles of t!:e-n Ihttors, at the beginnnm
ol the present) ear. was folidv'.ed !-y e i.lent relief
nml resiornllim lo a decree of bodily and mental vigoi
w hii li I in ,1 frit for siv mouths hefol-c, and al
most despaired nf regaining. I therefore iimnk Hod
and my lneiid "or directing mo In tho use nf th.-iu.
From tho Itcv. .Jos. II Keimard, Pator nf tho 10th
Itnpti.t I'liurch.
Dr. Jaiksos :-l)ear sir: I have I c.m froiuently re.
queatril to c.onueet my name willi loiiiiieiitlatious u'
dillerenl kinds of inediriiii-s but recardiug the practice
as out of my appropriate .sphere, I have in all ease,
declined ; hut wnh a clear proof iu various Instances,
and partita l.irly iu my r.iuii y. or the usifulm-ss of Or
llo.ul.inii s Herman l!i:ters, I depart for mire Irom is)
usual rourse. to evpress my full conviction that, loi
general debility of the system and especially for Llvrr
(.oinpl.iint, it is a safe ami valuable preparation. It
some cases it may fail; bill usually, 1 doubt not, it will
be very benellcial tu i'ios who sutler from thu abuvc
auusca. Yours, very respectfully,
Kighlll below L'oatca at., 1 hil jd'a.
Crom Rev. Warren P.andolph. Paster cf Uaptltt Cliurok
(ieriu'inloiVn, Pa.
Dr. C. M. Jackso- j Dear Sir : Personal experience
enables mo tu say that I regard the Herman Hitler"
prepared by you as a most erolieiu nu dicine. Iu rosea
uf severe mid and general debility I have been great
Iy l enetltteil by the use of the Hitters, mid duubl not
they will produce similar clletts on others.
Yours respectlully, WAIlllCN ILWDOLPII,
Hcriuantowii, Peun'a.
From n,v. J. II. Turner, Pastor ot Holding Af. V,
Church. Philadn-
Dr. Jack sos Dear Sir : Having used yonr Herman
Uitu-rs iu my family fre.iit-ntly 1 nm prepared to say
that it has l-een IT great service. I believe Hint ,n most
I rases of generally debility of the svati-io it Is tho safest
nnu uio.i vaiuniiie remeiiy ot winch 1 Invo ni
nnv know!
Yours, c,
J. II. 1 Ull.M-li,
No. P10 N. Nineteenth Str.ot.
Frnm tho Rev. J M. Lyons, formerly Pnstclrof the Co
liiHibus IN, J.) and Milestown, (Pa) Ilaptiat Church
New Columbus, N Y.
Ilrt. C SI. Jackson : Dear S-lr. I feel il n pleasure
thus, of my own accord, to bear testimony to the ex
cellenrenl tin Herman Hitters, rioiue.ycars sinro being
inurh ntlliiled w ith Dyapepsia, 1 us-rd them with great
ht rraiilts. I havo tdten ii-cein mended them to
tiersoiis eiifeebled tormenling disease, and have
. luaid froiu thiiu the must ll.itlerius
teFtlmonials as to
their great value. In cases of at uoral debility, I be
levo it to be a tonic thai cannot be burpassi-il.
Trom lie not-. Thns, Winter, Pnatcr of Itoxborough,
Ibiptist Church.
Hit. Jacksov ; Dear Sir : I feel it duo to your excel
lent preparation. Ilooll, mil's German llittera. to add
my testimony tu the deserved reputation it has obtain
int. I have fur years, at times, been troubled with
great disorder 111 my head ami nervous system. I w as
advised by a lneiid tu try abottlo of your (iernnn Hit
ters. I did so nml have cxiu rleuced great and unex
pelted relief! my health lias been Very materially ben
elltled. I cinilidetitiy recommend I be nMirle whero 1
men w 1th cases similar to my own nud havo been us
aiired l.y many of their good effects.
ltespectfully jours, T. WIN'THU. lloxborougu, Pa.
From Rev. J. S. Herman, nf tho German Reformed
Church, Kutwown, llcrka county, Pa,
Da. CM. Jacksoi Respscted Pir : I haVe been sic
with Dyspepsia nearly twenty years, ami have novo
used any medicine. Hint did mo at much eon, I as 1 1 nor
land's Hitters. 1 niuvcry miiclt Improved In health
alter taking nvo buit.s, lietpccirully yours,
J. S, Il.UlSIAN.
Lnrgo Pito (holding nearly double quantity.)
SLIM) per llotlle half dnicn, S3 09
Paiall Piio 75 cento per Udttlu-half dozen, 81 UO
Beothat tho signaturn or "O. SI, JACKSON,'
tho Wbai'I-kk uf each bottle.
It on
Should your nearcat druggist not havo the article,
do not lie put oil' by nny nf tho intoxicating prepara
tions that may Im offered in its place, but semi to as,
and wo will forward, securely packed, by express,
Prvieipal Office und Manufactory,
Wo. 6ttE Arch Sfrce?.
Jones & Evans.
(Successors to 0, M. JAtjKSON k Co.,)
ItS-FOltaALH br llrugilati tad Dials ra la ever
Inwu la lai Unite Wmva
Imie ft. (40. ,'idt. SI lioJ I'Juei
ia,.ii..,n ffa'iH, ' "i 11 1 iiui.TTmi 1 11 viMtmSvipmymifp'i''it(ti
SCROFlJIAJMcCTe"W,0,0t for
7775 old established, thoroughly tried
Rtmttly, recmnmeded by some qflhomosl
tmiilcnl Physicians has attained a cclebru
) "l!t Parl l W""'" "tring
Scrofulotia Porta, Rose or Erysipelas, Scaled Head.
and Ring Worm, Tetter or Sail Rhtum (1 titter or Sw oil
ed Neck, (an common with our American Fcmaloa)aii
rdlilo Cancers ami Cancerous Pons, Ulalaa or Balls,
Chronic Ulcerated Soro,
Nose, Mouth nnd Throat, Pyptillla fn nil lis forma, By
phitllic or mcrcerrlal Pore tuouill, rind throat, chronic
ulceration of tho Lung., Stomach end Kldneya, Pirn
plea, Postiinca, and lllotches. llhcumad'im, Female
Weakness. Lercorrhao, (arising from Intcrndl ulccra
on; Dropsy, Gcneiial Debility, Emaciation and all dli
.ates of tlu
In caseo of Costivcness or Constipation it
Ha rulM tn Its action. nst aofnclenl to rcgulnto the
bovvcla nnd keep them regular. Hb unlika all preps
rations for tho Illood, havliij tto laiatlvo properties
combined, Aa it contains
Wild Cherry, Mandrake and Dandelion
prqmred in a scientific manlier
it works wonderfully in Col
ts qf chronic affections
of tht
Chronic riLF.3, and permanently eared by tho Alter
native hh J Laxative affect one great fcatuto In It,
produces aa
ftoin the tonimenccinrnt In ahort It Is n very fine Tonic-
Its palataMc and can be taken by tho most del
icate Femalo or Child. It being purely vegetable thero
will bo no barm done in taking it, iftbere l nobeneflt
Prepared 6
Dr. E W. Wells', .
Piactical Physician
OFFICE over L. C. Pains. Store,
RIakkkt Sthekt.
For Sale by all Druggists throughout
the Country.
P.P. Kvcry agent is nuthorized to refund the money
whero tho compound falls to relieve. Full Directions
accompany cactibnttle in F.ngliib, French and Her
N B. No Oartlietio medicino is re
quired. In treating Fivo thousand cases,
I havo ncvor known u case to roquire
Physic, or have' I ever known it to fail in
thoroughly removing the diseases As I
' devoto nil my time at tho tludy aud treat-
raont of Diseases OF THE BLOOD 1
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Wholesale, il Cortland Hired New York.
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Wo print bolow o column ol nlcUlellan
Electoral Tickets, In order that overy man
may bo supplied with thorn without troub
lo Lot our friends bo careful that thoy
havo the right tiokot boforo voting, as tho
opposition will no doubt ciroulato puri
ous ones i
Robert L. Johnston';
lliohard Vauz.
William Lotigblin,
Edward U. Uulmboldy
Edward P. Dunn,
Thomas MoOullougb,
Edward T. IIoss,
Pnillp S. Gerhard,
Ucorgo G. Loipcr,
Michael Selticr,
Patrick MoEvoyj
Thomas II. Walker
Oliver S. Dimmick,
Abram 1). Dunuinj',
Paul Loidy,
llobort Swincfordj
John Ahl,
George A. Smith,
Thaddcus Banks,
Hugh Montgomery!
John M. Iriinc,
Joseph M. Thompson,
liassclas Brown,
James P. Barr,
William J. KoudIj,
William Montiromeryi
If you want low taxes, no more'
oonsorlptioti ' aud the good old times wo
onc cojoyad, vote tho following ticket:
Robert L. Johnston j
Richard Vaux,
Willinm Lo.tghlin,
Jildward R, Ilelmbold,
Edward P. PJunn,
Thomas McCullough,
Edward T. Hess,
Philip S. Gerhard,
George O. Leipcr,
Michael Sultzer,
Patrick McEvoy,
Thomas II. Walker.
Oliver 8. Dimmick,
Abram R. Dunning,
Paul Leidy,
Robert Swineford,
John Ahl,
Geurgo A. Smith)
Thaddeus Banks,
Hugh Montgomery,
John M. Irvine,
Joseph M. Thompson,
llassclas Brown,
James P. Barr,
William J Kountz,
William Montgomery.
-Tf you want men who bellovo lit
the Buprcmaoy of ihu white race, and oro
in favor of Pcaoo, Union and Prosperity,
voto tho followiug tiokot :
Robert L. Johnston,
Ilichard Vaux,
William Loughlin,
Edward 11. Ilelmbold,
Edward P. Dunn,
Thomas McCullough;
Edward 'J'. IIbss,
Philip S. Gerhard,
Gcorgo G. Lcipor(
Michael Seltzer,
Patrick MoEvoy,
Thomas II. Walker,
Olivor S. Dimmick,
Abram B. Dunning,
Paul Leidy,
llobcrt Swineford j
John Ahl, .
George A. Smith
Thaddeus Banksj
Hugh Montgomery,
John M. Irvine,
Joseph M. Thompson,
llassclas Brown,
James P. Barr,
William J. Konntz,
William Montgomery,
-If you tire opposed to abolitionism
and bcliovo this government wai made for1
white men, voto the following ticket s
llobort L. Johnston,
Ilichard Vaux,
William Loughlin,
Edward 11.' Ilelmbold,
Edward P. Dunn,
Thomas McCullough,
Edward T. Hess.
Philip S, Gerhard,
(leorgo G. Lciper,
Michael Seltzer,
Patrick McEvoy,
Thomas II. Walker
Oliver S. Dimmick ,
Abram B. Dunning,
Paul Leidy,
i llobcrt Swinoford,
John Ahl,
Gcorgo A. Smithy
Thaddeus Bank,
Hugh Montgomery,
John M. Irvine,
Joseph M.TIioiupioiiv
RassulH Browu,'
Jnmos P. Barr,
William J. KouiitJ,
William Montgomery .