Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, October 22, 1864, Image 2

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The Election in Bloomsburg.
"Onr Constitution guard II evert
Our glorious Union haM It dear I
Our Htatrv FlaK forHko It never I
The proud Caucattlan our only pecrt
1 It is duo to Iho oauso of truth and ins-
Itloo that a narrativo of tho events occur
" ring hero on tho day of tho late oltction,
'should ho Riven to the public, nnd It will
I bo instructive "to all whom it may con
Dnnirit Holder, ft mi till find rnlor ol
Saturday Morning, Oct. 22,1064. 1IomIock townrtilp, was arreted by Dep.
juty I'rovost Marshal Silver on Saturday
evening procodlDg tho olcotion and com
mitted to jail hero, whero he still romaincd
without a hoanncr on i ucsday. It was
said or proteuded that ho was a deserter
On Monday, Win II. llcllcr, atiothor
voter of Hemlock, was ntrested on the
tamo charge or protenco, and also put in
jail. Ho was promised an inquiry or
healing on Monday, again for Tuesday
morning, but none was given him, and
both ho and Holder rcmainod in prison on
Ol' M:V JEttBT.Y. '
or onto.
AST Okn. McOriEr.t.AN is 25,000 votes
stronger in Pennsylvania than our local
party tickets as run at tholato clecliou. ! Tuesday afternoon, without any apparent
Thousauds of men who do cot voto with prospect of au investigation of their oases
our nartv. will voto for Gen. MoUlcllan until after the EUction. Tho fact was
. ,
to save the Country. Tho army vote will
bo better, nnd fraud will bo watched and
kopt down.
Considering military interference and
tho light vote, the majority! 1375 in this
County is a fine one. But it can bo in
creased to at least 1,500 for Gen. McClcl
lan, and will be if our friends aro prudent,
active nnd confident, as thoy should be,
tgir An set of 1780 authorizes Sheriffs
to receivo prisoners of the United States
"oomuiilted by virtuo of legal process;"
meaning in judicial proceedings by the
Courts. And an act of 1814 authorizes
them to receive "hostages and prisoners
of war" of tho United States. There is
no law requiring Sheriffs to receivo men
nrrostcd by Provost Marshals in draft
oases, and tho use of our jails for tuch
purpose is purely a voluntary act of the
Sheriff ; a favor extended to tho United
Slates ond not the performance of a legal
obligation. Considered m tho light of
this explanation, tho arrest of Shoriff
Furman was a most peculiar case of in
Holenco and outrage.
VST" Last week tho soldiers camo down
from Benton to Orangevillo whero a part
of them yet remain. At tho iustancc, n?
it is believed of Sanderson Woods, Sam
Aehcnbach & Co. Professor J. B. Pat
ton was ordered by the military to vaeato
his school houss on one day's notice foT
the use of tho troops. He had a flourish
ing delect school of seventy or eighty
young men and women, which wa? broken
up and scattered. Tho Academy of Prof.
H. D. Walker, at tho tame plaoo with a
smaller number of scholars and younger
pupils, was unmolested, Prolcssor Pat
ton is supposed to he a McClellan man,
whilo Walker is a Yankee Abolitionist of
tho Cist water. This unauthorized ap
propriation of private property and de
struction of a useful institution, whilo a
rival ono was spared, is one instructive
example of the exuting condition of our
country under Abraham the First.
S Soldiers were placed on the day
of election upon the roads of approach to
tho polls in Fishing-creek township, The
Bame thing was dono in Sugarloaf and
Benton. In the latter township ono of
tho elcctiou officers wa3 arrested In the
morning just before the polls opened, aud
several citizens belonging to that and
neighboring districts wore arrested the
night before ana kopt from voting.
They wcro released afterwards, Troops
were also sent to Boaver. Seo tho re
duced voto in all those districts as given
in another article. Citizens wcro intimi
dated and deterred from going to the
polls, for no wan can know that ho i?
safe from arrest. The pretence thai the
eoluiers were looking for deserters in Ben
ton, &c, is false. None wcro heard of
nor were there any in that section. The
arrests were of Citizens, and tho whole
proceeding an interference with the freo
dom of elections. How long will free
government exist in this country undei
Buch a system ? Its end will bo speedy
and inglorious unless new men are put in
power. Friend t You who read this I
ponder this subject and then act as a
Freeman and Patriot ; for your own se
curity and tho good of your country.
prononnood upon nil tho arrests, except
that of Downs, who had been ecnt to
Washington, anil whoso oasa is ono of
much injustice and hardship.
Wo will only odd a few romaika upon
tho caio of tho Shoriff, IIo was 'not ro-
quired by law to receivo and hold tho ar
rested men nfall. And in rooeiving thorn
voluntarily tho only obligation ho assum
ed toward tho Deputy Marshal was to de
liver them back again when called for.
Thoro was, of course, no warrant orpnpor
of commitment, nor any regular authority
for hii holding thorn. Hit normittinc
Tho ltosult of tho Eloctioti.!p0'',RE-wllBon'1,,,roor'rray'
mi., ii t? r M
a. lit' xcfiiooniiiu gam iu xnuuiu iwpj
Tho Smoko of tho Battle Clear
ing Away.
Affairs nt Pcteisburu aro still without
To change Tim two, armios lio qtitolly in
w.ia ItvnnU'.lVmr eiticn lint election.
whom are wo most indebted for this glo; t P f'jt? tto'lal
nous result I Tho "appostato preacher," Grant has rolloved Generals Meade and
or tho "attorney to tho Provost Marshal?' Wairon from command. Thoy woro or
, .. , ... . , , dored to attack Iho strong Corimderalo po
Wo say.tho "Brawler" bears off the palm. ,j,nns nc"at ,0 Wehlon Ilallroad ; they
Tho Democracy Victorious.
There is a clear, certain Democratic
majority of near y,000 in this Slato upon
tho homo voto, inoluding all the hospilala ' aftoc- nil."
Proof. Men wcro heard to say, whilo re- protested against it, as it would cause an
inrninn tmm lir,irln,r il'irt nnni Immcnao loss o lilc, anu moM probably be
turning rrom Iioaring li d Kev s. genu, lmmee,MM . nm Grant removed them.
that thoy ''had supposed this war was for llnncock, it l rumoreil, will bo Meade's
tho restoration of the Union: but now successor. Wlieihnr lhoio roports aro true
.. .1 t iii' 1 .. wo cannot say, but all Iho old cabal ogams!
thoy find it is for tho abolition ofslavcry J Monde, which onco were so srnnB, havo
tlm T)mnntnta nrn rlirhl been revived. HirnoV Is Still In l'llilauol-
i.i i ...i.i r-... Ii ...ill l, -
rni i i nil n. von iuw wim n iuvui. n n, "
x no imuuriau uus iruiy sa.u, -fa bofofJ m Cftn ,,,, commiim
. ' .! Pt,!ln.llr.t.t. n,1 l Jn u.t. in il.n mnnlll uoioio no can resume ins coinrnHuii.
those men to voto was not only no viola. in 1 mlaUclplna ana olsouuero " ' that "tho connection betweon tho throno Sheridan's Wnlmroui duvasiHlion in ih
lion oflaw-f but wasTn fact carrying out SutB uporintotidod and controlled by nIia the all!ir j3 80 intimato, that tho ban- Shenandoah Valley lim already borne lis
,,i,,. ii.. Ii.-ti-t.. I Lincoln Surccons nnd offioo holdora. ... .... ...,. i - ffllilR lho niictnllas are ko numerous
tho law which confers upon them the right J"ulom uu noiue. ; nof flf tho churob ,1M
ofBuflrago. And tho Marshall had no 1 " 0U,c,Bl rurD3 wu ruu' ,0n tho sido of tho
business to meddle with tho question of wcol
thoir voting.
soldom been soon n.i Rn nnvaut In thplr attacks nnon liih
tinnnln." Tim ninttx rnnrjnnnls mill Miniilv Iraino. liat III) fillll
i. r.,il,A nii ... i,n nl in f, liiiiiiMsIl unable to hold a pofliioii so far ad
llcv. fmleil to tell us that ho was in favor ynncei n sa,bufJ ,, lrains frnm tlar
of rc-clcctinir Lincoln, in ordor that the ner's Kurrv nre in'iercented, and Mo.ol;y
churoh might wield tho temporal power, will noi allow his aniis of laborers to re
, .... ,, . . . ' . pnir tlio Manassas Gap I!nlltoail. bo bher
make tithes the subiect of leral cnaotment f .. .1 1.... . k...i..
... , , .. r ., , a n un 11ns no h imihuiku i" uuuuuhh
Besides, it was well known tlial the , npponiicu uy uov t-urun, one 01 luc in n,i3 country, havo nil clorgjmon rccoivo Sirasburg, and retreat northward towards
Tl,n RnorSiT uommissionors ior nrmy toiiuc uuuer uio ,. na frnm .,,,,, na u inciioier. 11 t saiu im win umii;
Ho could have complained
only in oaso they had been permitted to
Col. W. II. Ent, of this County was from tho government, as do "JctZu
and lawless arrest.
that neither of them was linblo to arrest
as wo shall presently show.
On Monday another arrest was made
by a squad of soldiers in Main township,
aud the man, (named D. II. Fry) brought
hero and lodged in jail, where ho remain
cd duriog election day, IIo was a legal
voter and deprived of his voto by tho ar
rest. His father camo hero and papers
were drawn up and Bworn to showing the
facts in his case, and most clearly tint
thoro was not tho slightest ground for his
arrest or dctontion, but his discharge
could not bo procured. His 11 a mo hap
pens to ho tho samn ns his fathers, except
that ho lias a middle name. The father's
name was drawn in tho draft, and upon
duo no'ico ho attended at the place of ex
amination and was disoha'rgcd for legal
cause. Upon tho shallow pretence th-t
tha son was really meant in that old pro
ceeding, tho latter was, without any pre
vious notice whatever, seized tho day bo
fore the election and thrust iuto jail as a
iiustTiu auu nvjiv tuuu 111 iu iu ui iuii ,y Urum-lieau UomnusMon, yclept, a
explanation and proof. jTi;lli M 0f wliols is in positive violation
And still auothcr case is to bo men-j0f tho Act of Congress,
tioncd, A young man, named Downs, a j We should think that this farce of ar
votcr in this district, was approaching tho resting unoffending citizens, by thomilita
polls for tho purposo of exercising his ' ry fatraps, without warrant or evidenoe
mon wcro illccallv arrested.
received full legal advioj on the subject, nct onast sossslon Pa830U 1,1 P""uanco 0inpai03 , ,lie army, and bring tho civil iVrner's Ferrv. A tin Mtrpt, his dovai
and tho men themselves were carefully ,of 11,0 amendment to the Uonstitution. powcr , tlcir aiJ -w t(j0 coeol;0 0f tithes. tioii is as uuiver-l as Hint made-in the
examined upon , ho facts before anything, f Passcd . us'ood , Lincoln's snuffing, yelping, bloody-mouth. ,L tITIU ,M u"
was dono. In short, tho conduct of thQ!lhat oppomt'oonts Wcro to bo made Iroin . ,1Qlln(1, .i.mnr fnr -k,,! nnd ,1.,, 0er since tho war becati has uiierrilla
Sliprlff tens tint nnlv iinnTRGntionablo lint
both political partios to insuro somo show tnoro i,inn,i.K,n,i mm,,, , rnnr, W(,'war been so bloody as it is now in the
laudable, and he desorved tho thanks of f of fairness, and (ho Covernor therefore hcar.l from Mr
all honorable men instead of tho foul e,cc,i:u a ,uw "-" s luu
nl.n. t.rnnod nnnn him hv nartv malirr-' bori wuo U;,U beo ,ffioors iu aotivu Ecrvio
nit v. and the ro outrarro of an insolent . aml 1,ad an established eharaotcr-for gal
-'j j r a-
. The only report we nnXth 1
Clark's performance, is The New Yi
York Independent sta'os that
e ..1 .1 1 i.:. uenera s iermnu win niiiKH no auem iiimn
iruui iiiuii (viiu ouv iiii-y vvuuw iu nuur hiiu 1 . .. , ... t? ...,.
."'.'. . . vear to ailvniicc siiulh ol Atlanta. I'or ovel
out of moro curiosity, as it was unileritood ,iirea Wnek w Inivu noi had a lino ol
The railroad anil
that tin h.iil Sullivan. Wvnmincr news Ifom Ills arm V
i 1 , ... .1 ' I leluuranh cnnnectiim Atlanta with ('data
uuu nrou.oru cou.mes, iruora no mirouuc-, ru t.rokcii. anil Hie Coiilmleratun
ed himself as from tho ''hcbcl County of
lantry and honor. When tho news of
Col. Ent's 'appointment camo to BIooidb-
t i t-,i:a; l Ti..:nnmT.n m 11 1 . r t
xtoiuuau ui ruUuwiiiiiui. uurg, u.uru u..ii ig n um iuu ( Co(iita." They fuppoied, thoreforo,
llotmMoIICNnY, Ksq., Commissioner j "loyal' leaders who denounced the Gov that by tmo ,10 ,t for 0cc bo
of Columbia county, and lato one of "Old ornor as a "traitor" of the worst kiud.and Me ,Q lnok(J ft ro loblo ,cchi j,t
iVbes political prisoners," was on wonuay , """""" ' " t"-"'u th0y say, '-his epeoch was the flmoitthing
last, released from confinement at liar-1 him to compel n withdrawal of the !'P' 1 ttj0? (.vor heard. " "That it was mere
risbu:g, and returned to his homo near pointmont . ltcmonstranoos woro got up 1.. Ink nml wator the
Benton. Also, Messrs. Jojeph Coleman, nd signed by the faithful, &o , but sad to m,k ,cfl olt .rh(j ou,y Mng coM
,i:M,n,nri ,1 ,nimn m iIt! rn,nnf.Jeeeded to discharge his duties in a faith
ivc homos on Tuesday. There aro somo 1 and satisfactory manner and. returned
eight or ten more of these innocent but hoiDO alul not tbo slightest attention was
much injured mou iu durance vile at liar- paid-in any quarter to the "loyal" llc
risburg, awaiting lite formula of a millta- monstranta and Denouucers who had to
swallow tueir venomous spittle as tnoy
bott could. Here was tho caso of an offi
cer who had Bervcd with much credit, who
had been promoted and who had been
wounded, and who had no motive for act
ing as Commissioner but to perforin a pub
ilias Mellenry, and John York, three tall without the. slightest effect upon his j Q ri,collmod of S)oeoIli was UlBl ,)(J
noro of the "Fort MiQlin victims," wcro treacherous Lxcellency. Col. Lut pro 1, , hjj jid tfccn the Pvi(Ionc(! iust thc
Fii-hingi'reck rchoN, and they had i'er
taiuly funned a conspiracy to overthrow
the Govoriimcnt.'' Mirabilu ciictu !
When and nhuro was the testimony taken ?
certainly the political prisoners knew
nothing of it.
To thc Democracy of Penn'a.
right as a freeman, when ho was seized as thus far they are found to bo innocent, 1' duty lo which ho had been assigned
by soldiers and taken to tho qnartcrs of was about 'played nut.'
the Deputy Provost Marshal. He was About twenty more of theso poor men,
kept there during the day, permitted to go wo Carn, havo been released. Wo tell
home some distance for Ids dinner but not the violators of law, hero and clsewhoro,
permitted t go to thc polls. Wo beliovo that this is not thc ond of this ''political
ho was in scrvico under tho old stato cxperimont."
Iraft, was taken prisoner aud parolled. 1 Mr. Bonn Mcllr.NitY, only returns
His term of service expired and ho was alivo. lie is deeply alllioied with Diarrhoea
enrolled and his name drawn in tho U. S. and llheumatism f.iko W. E. Koberts,
draft. He then paid co emulation mouoy in a few more days, ho would havo been
and obtained a certificate of discharge in destroyed in ihu Lincoln bastile.
duo form. This was, perhaps a year ago ""
.ami hn Im, livfid hem nnmilv nnd withonl " lli,am Armstrong, Of A ll-
question until now. Wo will add, that bo 'amsport, addressed thc Hepublicans on
was shipped off to "Washingion on the M"ket F1,Jar,,' TJ Evening. W 0
evening of tho election and wo do not not hear "liulo Billy V ispcech, but
know what has become of him. are l0lu 11 was unimporiani. iJii.y noipcu
Thus stood thc case on Toosdny after- Pass tbc Pro?cnt inlamo3 Congressional
noon at three o'clock. Four good voters apportionment law, and then going home
wcro safe in hand. The ponderous doors ran 33 tbo K"Publican candidate for Cou-
of the jail bad olosed upou three, and the grcss in tho district he had fixed for him-
4 ' -...If ... . 7 - . TT I 11 1
fourth naa tindnr vigilant rruard iu a mod- bB" ucl"ul- 110 was uami oca-
est room where the maiestvof thc United tan Halo, a volunteer candidate.
Tlnu vnnr Tallin U'nnltrl rl.n nA..m t!nn
States was represented in tbc person of a. '"7 j """""""
decreet official. No danger ol ihose four u"' ' "' u:lu "au eno"S 01
votes! Thov would bo entered upon no bim and lie had to stand aside. Doing
toll-book ; they would contaminate no re- 1u,e ,dt Ie'8ar,e! " M ribt tbat U111
turn. Thc faces of tho Hepublicans beam- 1"M h"f Slivering a lew
ed with intense satisfaction 1 A dozen fat weak, insincere and unimportant speeches
contracts distributed upon thc spot among to Pwp'wvilhnB to bear him.
.he faithful "friends of tho Union," could ' A Rt;PubllJB moctinS is to be hold to
notbavo bad a more i xhilarating and , da' nt Ucut0D to bo by Maj.
happy effect than the knowledge of theso
without his knowledge or solicitation. Hut
both he and thc Governor woro bitterly
denounced by theso ''loyal" rogues who
Jlooms oj the Democratic State Central
Committee, Jo. OIvJ Cic-itnu. SticcL,
I'ltihitkliua, October I'i, ldfll.
Returns from tho election held on Tues
day of last week have enme to hand, suf
fice to prove beyond question, that wo
Democratic Moolinss will hn l,i.t ,
Columbia county, as follows j
Oh Wednesday oycnlng, October 30th
Franklin twp , at Clayton's SchJ
IIOUbc. Mpoakers, J, II. OarnnU
of D7t.vl!lo. Aleni 13, Tate?0 '
Harkloy and W. II. Jacobv. En' '
At Nowmcdia, on Thursday afiernunn
Oct. 27lh, Spsakrn, O. Q. B.u '
Alom 1. Tato, . II. Jacobv ami i
II. Campbell. Huitu, J'
uonyngiiam, i'riuay ovontug, Uct. SSiW
1... 1 1... 1 1..11 s .. J"J.
u juuuuj, vaiiipumi, jiarKiey nJ
iimo Ridco, at John Q rover's Uninl
Saturday oveniug, Oct. SO, by Ja,
K. Rruglor, K. II. Littlo, K-qrs 8n(J
Montour township, Rrlck SohooUousij
near P)lias DicttoriekS, on Friday ovcti!
ing Uct. satli, by Ur. P, U Frcfl,
Wesley Wift, Ei., Col. L I,. Tato'
and others. '
Mount-Pleasan!, at Julia' Hoti-1 on Mon.
day evening, Oot. illst , by James K
Rrugler, Alom B. Tato, & E. 11. LiUc
Other ap'pointm'cnta I71H bo nnnounceJ
nest week. H. H. LITTLE,
Chairman Dtm. Standing Com.
niooinsburg, Oct. 22, 18(31,
wanted a Commissioner 10 defraud for 'vo triuniphod in the State by a majority
arrests; mado so judioiously, and so well
limed 1
But human joys aro transitory. Pres
ently it transpired that tho Sheriff had
taken the two Hemlock voters towards
their placo of election, and that their dis
franchisement might not be accomplished.
Soldiers wero hurried after him in hot
hasto, but too lato to avert tho mischief;;
for two honest votes had already beon
)iivcn pursuant to tho Constitution and
laws of this Commonwealth, and thc
Shciiff had returned almot homo with
the voters safely in charge ll was too
bad distressing to the hearts of all
"lo al'' men and tho rago manifested
on tho occasion was well proportioned to
the grievous character of the provocation.
Chas, II. Shrinor and Clinton Llovd.
E-q Tho former has just been defeated
as a Republican candidate for thc State
Senate in a Republican district, and Mr.
Lloyd wa3 also beaten last year boforo the
people and had to take refuge in a Clerk
ship at Washington. The Republicans
aro Bending their lame ducks into this
County where it is thought tbey can do
no harm. Wo hope the pay of these lit
tlo sp outers is put at a good figure. Shod,
dy is rich, and oan afford to pay.
them, and were enraged that an hnnora
bio man instead of a tool for their guilty
purpose, hod been selected. Shame on
theso pretended "no party" menl thetc
"union men";wr excellence, who love the
'"dear soldiers'' who uphold the flag ! and
whose righteous souls are moved with in
dignation at thc bare suggestion that any
one in martial uniform can be iu tho
slightest degree insolent or unworthy!
Notwithstanding all this, they seem to
eotuidor elections as a grand cheat, to be
controlled by fraud and force, and wo '0
the unlucky officer or private who will not
subserve their purposes ond gratify their
will. lie is to be denounced and caium?
niatcd and along with him even a Repub
lican Governor who may happen to have
a better senso ol honor a -d deceuey than
By the election laws tho officers who
hold elections are divided between politi
cal parties; as in selecting them but one
Inspector is voted for by eaoh oleotor,
whilo two aro chosen. This arrangement
preserves election" from fraud and secures
honesty, and the principlo on which it is
founded requires a division botwoen par
ties of tho Commissioners for army voting
All this is very plain and very reasonable
to men o( sense and fairness,among whom,
however, wo cannot rank tho leading Re
publicans of Bloomsburg, Thoy have
groat capacity for calumniating their
of about two thousand of homo voles.
Thc votes of the soldier in tho hospitals
and iii thc army, may, or may not, roduco
tills aggregate.
We congratulate you on this glorious
result! All honor to the noblu and faith
ful men who havo achieved suoh a victory,
in tpitc of the frowns of powcr, the cor
ruption of money, and the iufluuiico of a
bliad and remortiless fanaticism !
Our victory, however, is but half com
plete. We hold the vantago ground bo
gloriously obtained, only for one grand
movement more to reclaim in Novombor
ilic threatened liberties of our country, and
restore to it the peace and prosperity ol
former times.
We cniijure you, then, by all that free
men hold dear, lo rally onco more for a
final struggle ! Organize anew ! Shako
off the creeping ap.ithy which comes too
often aftsr a successful coute-t ; and let
us hurl from p nvcr the insolent contem
ners of the people's rights, overthrowing
at the same time thc baud of public plun
derers which follow in their train.
By order of thc Committee :
C. L. Waud, Chairman.
Robukt J IlKMi'inr.t,, Secretary.
"inooh nro slill broken, unit ihe Conlmler;!
1 have iheir own way. On Saturday Inst
Wheoler ruptured Homo, a town 111 ueor-
a'n naM of blicriiiuii'H supply, and
look three thnvNaml neuro troop i)rioners.
On Ihe same u-i). he dailieil nun Alu nulla,
hear ilia Iumuhi'.v Mountain and on the
raifroail, nml nuked th cmmo'i. Mood is
near Marietta, where ttie bulk of Slier
man's troops are, Ihe two armies are
reMine: on their urine, watching each other
All tho Federal trnnpi hn u been driven
frnm Sniil'iwc-iorii Virginia. One body
ns liillnue.i by (JcuoMl llieekiiimdtie a1
miMt () Kunxrille, 111 Kail Tenneiec
Iturhridye, whose command l now imnr
l.exniuion, Kentucky, lepurls ihul he lust
heavily ui the retreat.
The detent ol Washburne's command
near Point, Alabama, by Forrest, is
confirmed. All Wasliburne's iirlillery
e'mhl utin win raptured. Two ol his
eais-oiii were exploded, nt'd nne of 111-
inn.4iii.rts disabled ()' Ihe Confederate,
shol's. Wa-dibiirna ha h rnlroaled.
Genera' Price lias iri.ulo hi headquar
ter al II iiuievillti, Mi--onri j'il ciinlh ol
ihe Mifiiiui Hiver. North ol Hie river the
Federal tronpi have abandoned nearly ail
Ihu Slaic, and are coniviuruluiy al Macon
Cilv, iinrihwest of St. I.oai
In front ol I'oler-bnrs:. there is the iiMial
picket and artillery firmtT. A reconnni
anco sent net b) (iiineral Untlfr, on Thiiri
day lal, advanced about twn and a half
miles in llie direction ol Richmond, nml
alier enlne .kirm.-tiin'4 wnh parlies ol Cn.i
ledeMte, returned. 1'he.y did nni frid the
enemy in lorce. The Cnnfedernle cavalry
are reported concentrating nn (Jranl's lelt,
upparemly 10 inak a raid on ht railrnad
comtiiunicaiinn. l'rep.'irctiont were tna
kinjj to provenl lh'n. e(reary Slanlon and
older eiitineii cmmik'led with the Ad-iniiii-tra
ion are. on a v 1 -1 1 :n tlie Irunt.
General Selmtield tins arrived at Uhata
noogu, and K.Ken cimiinainl there. I'lie
place in In be MfeniJiliened in anticipation
ol an attack by the enemy. Ilnod 1 army
i reponuil at D.iluiu, and Slierman
iJallon n nuar
P101. let's Waj
7" a
O -1
;, c.
o r
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j The balanco o( tho Coui ty Ticket iR
' nlnnlDil frill.. Hit nnnn.ltinu. tkAlH.-ll
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SHr RTFF, Samubi. Ssiukr.
AUDITOR -Damei. S.sydku.
to uy Shoddy.
uy the Lord OniHcitn
On tlie day f tho Con
nppeari. aru Mill beM'eaini; Alainona, a a table citizen wdit to thc polli to i0tt
duMwlch a that iho jarrion ai tl ! l0 was handed tho tet-oath, wliicli hi
placu eie iiiakinu an cib-tmalo deleni-e. ,,
It now ernes out ihat 111 ihe receni aiiaek tok.- lie was then a6Ued : If tho Le
on Alatecina, ihe Onnletlermoi cupinred ion and Cor.tidcr-.ta nrinifB wcro loth
two Fed.ral regime,.-. ... drawn 1,'p in lino of buUit, wlroh would
Gfiitral Pr.ti!, 111 Mi'W.ri, ha lelt1 1 '
Hnoncvd'o, and mcned In- iir-i.v toward yoa hope to In u:.'0Mt'il ! 1 o will h lo
l.e.viimtnn. Tlie Federal cavalry under ! answered promptly, I would Lavu it wuh
General Sanborn, met widi a 1lele.1i dli . . T , ,, ,,,, , . ... , ,
Wednesday la-i, al Pise Ge,.eral l!o,c- lhe Lortl- Ho Judg then raphtd-
erans lias urnved al J.-ller-on City.
General A-bmh'f expe.liinm in Flnriiln
1 You cannot vote ; the nuwer in no: s";ti.i
' factorv." Of cuiirpa eat. The Lird'i
li;.d . 111 11r1.1l lit. tmvn nt M.irianni,
Federal Im- wa small. dccition, could not he l'ik. n by any of the
We have accounts ol varimn cavalry ex- n01l forsaken crew wh ) nr:- tramniin'r out
puiiiunns in i.uui-iana 111 an m viiii;ii iiiu
L'olllelleal,l were delea'ed.
Mokk Tviian.nv The mnt tyrannical
and urbi'.rary ontraye cnmmilleJ lately by
any tei of men, cither civil or olhorw'e,
wan Ihe acl perpetrated mi Iho Okangkvii.i.r
AcAnK.v.V, a few day rince, by the military
in this county. 'Ihe fcIiooI was vicited by
a pair olhoulder strap, accompanied, as
we nudei'and, by a fanatic or two of thai
i place, ami the Principal, J. H: Pal 011, in
humed that he muni evacea'e the building
The War. Wo havo nothing en
couraging from tho Army of tho Potomac.
Gen. Grant's losses, according lo tho best
information, during the past month, have ! Cheating honest freo men out of their votes
...:i.i r .1 r, .ui uci-i. puwv.uua, uuu I will, great carnestnesj of purpose, nfter
swearing big oaths at Gov. Curtin and thc yeaM preparation, with a thousand pik
Dornoorats; but when it comca to a ques
tion of politioal honesty they arc to be ox
oused ! Thoy have not tho slightest idea
of what that means and probably never
will havo, as witness tbur noisy and in
decent approval of the unlawful and outrag
eous arrc?t3 mado hero on election day !
Tbc btinging of such a mass of troops
to this County aud keeping them or part
of thorn hero so long at very heavy ex
peiuo 7 Perhaps the reason can be con-; OVCuiog train,'whcn thoy woro hurried off
jectured from considering the effect, which 1 10 Hartisburg under guard. It is difficult
is as follows in three districts : t0 fay whether folly or malice was most
Whole vole in 1803. 1604. pr0iuincnt iu this impudent proceeding,
Freok. 300 102 j whch WflS applau(cd by moat f
Sugarloaf. 100 100 1 publicans 01 iJioomsourg ami insugaica
by unlawful and impudent force, and foul
abuse ol those who resent tho iniquity
these arc tbo thing? suited lo thoir tastes
boon very heavy. A big quarrol has
grown up betweeu Meade and Butler,call
in.'' Stunion tbore to quell it, which will
I .. .1 . 1.... .1 . . ..:. ...c.
The Sheriff and his assistant were BOiZf!(l i mo't oueiy result 111 the dismissal of ono j iy , ''"
as if thoy wcro felous, and aloDg with tho
voters, held in strict confinement until the
CST Hod. John W. Dawson, has ro
tired from the oontrol of the F'H Wayne
200 112
100 100
This shows a falling off of forty votes
upon the hundred in ono year. In Reaver
by their loaders.
And now for tho finale :
Tho Sheriff
also, to which troops wero tent on the eve ' and Mr. FrtuiT (his assistant), after do?-
of tho election, tho vote in 1603 was 181, ; tenlion for a day and night in a filthy'
and it is now but 1 33. In the other parts ' guard-room at Ilarrisburg were trans
of tho county tho former vote ii nearly ferred to tho Dauphin County prison. On
maintained, tho falling off not reaching , Thursday afternoon thoy wero discharged
fifteen votes to tho hundred. Making all by order of tbo Provost Marshal of the
allowances tor arrested men nnd abson- Western Distriot of Pennsylvania, and
tees, it is plain that a largo number of left fot homo that night. At the same
citizens havo been detcircd from attend- time were discharged both the Hemloak
log tbo election by the prcsenco of a mill- voters as having been arretted unlawfully
tary force in the county, in connection and without cause, and they also camo
with arrest and throats intended to intimi- homo. Thoy bad never beon in servioe,
date and broak the spirit of tbo people, nor had they beon drawn in cither ono of
General Couch; coming to understand tho U. 8. drafts. Mr. Fry of Main twp.,
iho use mado of his troops bore is very was also diecharged, booauso his arrest
properly removing them from the county was illegal, Thus coudomnatiou was
9 m w
of them, which of courie, will be General He0 ttl0 conduct of Gov. Curtin in oxo-
T 1 1 Ai.llnn tlia I n nl tlm PnivimAHmnnllli i r
cuting the lawsol tho Commonwealth in a
reasonable and proper manner.
The Chicago Convention deliberated
Specrh nf Hon. llc'n; A. Fid.'rr, at. the
Union Meiling, I'hilu., Dec. ISO1.).
The history of this attempted iujurrce
tiou discloses a remarkable fact, that John
llrowu, a man ol intelligence, of btronir , lat;B nm 1,1,5 fl,n'-s wil1' a" llis Rw, "''h
nfter n m Mich a lenglli 01 lime, or lliey would bo
es '-thrown out. Thin was accordingly dono.
in possession, with ammunition at his com-! and the Academy laken possession of by
mand holding two day the Government j tho military, and turned into n hn-pital
arsenal, could only induce two neeroes to . ,v,iH there wore other buildinas iu the
join his standard, aud they woro thc first1 place lliat could have beer, obtained, and
10 Burreniici. i nuru iu irgmia, a oiaio 1 whjch wo(l ilV0 ani,Weied
with ;J,OUU negro siavcf witliiu a circuit
every pur
pose, without interferins with iho Aca
demy. Il looks very much like the work
ol a little partisan malice on the pari nl
certain citizens ol that place. This school
has boeu called in our presence a "Demo.
Times, He has ripened a Law Office and ' in a spirit of patriotic intelligent directed
resumed the practice of his profession, j to tho end of displacing, by legal and
Gov. Dawson h a Scholar, Democrat and
Gentleman. Tho "Times and Union"
office, and a most excellent ono it is, is
offered for sale'.
Sy It is reported that Gen, Couch
has ordored the dischargQ of sixtoon of the
arrested men from this county in Port
Mifflin, Also several of them at Harris-burg.
constitutional means tho unworthy men
who for nearly four long dreary years
have prostitued their pubic functions aud
dragged this nation along in bloody ruin.
The peoplo aro longing for a change of
thc wicked incompetents now at tho Load
of affairs for MoUlcllan aud Pendleton.
More of Lincoln'3 Policy.
Sheridan reports that lm has burned, in
of fifteen miles, to whom liberation nnd
froedom wero promised, only two camo
lorward to accept this boon. Docs not this
provo that the alayes as a mass aro contcn-
inil ns lliev arc? The.v wjint. no elmnna-
least of rtll, such a chango as John Rro'wn cralic InMilution", hut wo will guarantee in
could givo them. Treuiondous cheering ' "" 0(10 lllMt Pf0'- 1llllon dees not attempt
Wiser than John Drown, and wher than to teanh politics in his school. Would thai
those who aided and abetted him, they are we could say so much for the oilier Imiilu
coutont rather to bear tho ills they havo lion, under ihe coairol ol Professor Walker,
than fly to others they know not of. Cer- This lurniaij a public or private school into
tainly tho worst enemies tho slaves can the street, and taking chargo of the build
have are thoy who disturb his quiet, and jg hy ,10 tuiliiary, is Iho moil high-hand -inoite
himto rebellion and insurreoiion. eil ncl ,hal has ll0RI) perpelra,ed in ,hk
We adopt the language ofthe great states. c b Uncoln., oJlo d be
man 0 the est, ol Henry Clay-''Wo ,h0 a,Bti7(I.
prefer the liberty of our own country to ..
that ot every other country, and the hap
piness of our own race to that of every
other raco."
every vestige of coii'ii'n'.K-iial rights iu
tho name of Uncoil' nd Liuvrt)."
" We wero iuforniid of an aiuiiaii
incident tho other day. I. happened ou
thc ydiuylkill canal. A bout wa paBin
through the lock, with a Me luilan fl..g
flying when thc lock-te.i c snecrirgly
derided it and added th u McC elUu wn
a "traitor." The boatman very mild
ly answered that ho served under McClol
lau on the Peninsula and at Anil tarn, and
that no mm should call him a traitor with
out going under. With that he seized tlioj
lock tender by tho napo of tho Book and
the seat of the pantaloons, und pitched
him into tho canal. He "went under,"
and camo up a wiser man. Lebanon Ad
vert i set .
tCT" Hon. Rcvcrdy Johnson, of Mary
land is out with another strong letter for
McClellan, in which ho sums up iho griev
ance, r'bortcoming? and failures of Lin
coln's administration, and then dcolaros
that "this must be arrested, or, in my
"Jn re;)fe to Mr Lincoln, 1 continue to
hold exactly the sentiments contained in my
tetter of acceptance. I (onsittcr tint his ri
minNiation Iw been VOU1ICALLY, MIL
amltlnd its nocessary continuance is a cause
of regret lor iho country "John C. Fre
mont's Letter of withdrawal.
Tho evidonco in tho caso of John t,ie Shenoudooh Valley, 2000 barns, 70j0(linion ,Ue country will be ruined."
,atnarmburg boforn Iho military mil'8.' " 0 dwellings. Just as suroj ...
!.,.! 1,00 i,n i..,i.i a ..: 1 as Lincoln is ro-eleotod th border coun- Lincoln Enthusiasm, It woul
commission, has been concluded, A writ
ten defence will bo put in and a decision
reached some days hence.
Jon-Work, Sic., Wo aro prepared lo
do almost all kinds of job work neatly
and expeditiously. Wo have blanks for
Justices, Constables, School Boards, &o ,
for salo.-
tie3 Mi Pennsylvania will havo to suffer in
return for this barbaroui work. Now,
marko tho prediction,
Tho MoClollan doctrine is,
The Union at all hazards.
The Lincoln doctrine i,
Abolition al all hazards.
General MtCi.Ki.i.AN says that the Union
is the only condition ol poaco. Mr. Lincoln
says iho freedom of Iho negro is tho oulv
would bo condition of poaco. livery man, therefore
a s'ght to seo any man not a shoddy con
traotor or oflioc-holdor who can bo on
thusiaslio over Lincoln's nomination, and
who would rejoico in tho prospect of a
four years continuance of his roign.
who prefers the negro 10 the Union, will
vote for Lincoln, debt, taxation and oodles
. 11
The consistency of Abolitionism is beau
tiful ! The Administration journals revile
General McClellan becausa he did not bag
fcSTA Western papor call. Lincoln tho "mJ ' Antielam, yet ihoy are per
,, ., , ' ' . leclly fatiofied with General bherman'
"wiflniff maker " Annrnnrihln noMA ..:i . 1 11 i. . a.i-....
' ....u.v. iuiiuic 10 nag iiuvu d biiii) ni (vuuniu.
Wo have already auounced tho aban
donment of the Rcpui'lnan candidates by
several journals in different parts of the
country. Wo hear of auothrr oasa todiy
that of the Weschcster(X. V ) Monitor,
which,in mnking the chango known to its
readers, says :
"In viow nf those indictments agaiiKt
the Lincoln Adininistratiou,tho rovolutum
iu public sentiment ts nstouiulinir, and tin
couutry with ono accord exclaims give us
a change 111 tho Aumiiintration. Influ
ential presses, heretofore its adfoeatos, sll
cry alouc, -give us a chango !' Wc cer
tainly cannot bo any worse off. We nm-
havo it, or may high licaveu alone prob-ci
our common country from tho impiidia?
doom that awaits us in iho downUH ol oui
The Shoddy orgaus aro Hunting up
slanders against McClellan, and quite na
turally they quoto from rebel papers and
other secession sources. This is hut evi
dence of what wo havo often stated j tht
Abolition and secession are allies andhvi
a joint interest.
On tho 13th inst., by the Rev. Nathan
iel Spear, Mr. Washington Kanousk, of
Jaoks'ou, aud Mins Sauaij H. TukneUi of
On tho 15th inst., by tho same, Mr.
CoriNRMua Hellas, of Fithiugcrrck,
and Mis Jaku Schi'TLEK, of Oramjovilb-