Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, June 04, 1864, Image 2

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" Onr Oonitltntlon gnard It ever!
Oar clorloua Union hold It dear I
Oar Starry riag foUako It novcrl
Tha proud Oancatelan our only pearl
Saturday Morning, Juno 4, 1064.
(Subject tolhe ireeleton of the National Convention.)
Tho War Dcmocraoy.
Thoro is a class of politioiaos and of
people, now vary rapidly tloorcasiDg, who
exult in tho namo of War Democrats.
Tlioir organs of tho press aro mony of
thorn, disappointed Republican sheets,
which now talk blatantly about tho Dom
ooralio party which thoy claim to rcpro-
sent : and if wo should beliovo their non.l?il,
senso wo should think that thcro had been 12th
no chauiro whatever in nuhllo sentiment' 17th
i!nnn 1 flfll wliitn llinan an.n. l.,,,......!. mam I 7tll
w,uw inmu .iikab SUUIU jlltllUIII0 liutu
Expiration of Sonatorial Terms.
Tho torms of tho following named Sen
ators ezplro with the session of tho Leg
islature to bo hold in August next :
1st District, O, M. Donavon Domoerat.
J. 0. Smith
William Kinsoy
0. W. Stein
Ilieslor Clymor
Bernard Hoilly
Henry Johnston Abolitionist
A. II. Glatz Domoarat.
M. H. Lowry Abolitionist.
John P. I'onnoy "
O. Ii. Lambcrton Domoorat.
i Oth
tho loudest advocates of tho wild Jacobin
it. i . 1 . . . . ... 1. .. . .
uu .u.i w.cii siaiKcu ramp mi. n is not , jjy tho n(W ftpportlonmcDl tho dlirota
uu.u.ui iu uupuiu .. puun wm. '"-'' 0f Messrs. Glutznnd Lambciton have been
csor, iiiucou, is i
with them at all.
intelligence, I nifl0t) j9 cichteeiv miloa norlhaast from
General Grant has abandoned his plan ' Jtjchmondr White Houso is twonty-thrco
ol attacking Richiuopi from tho north. ; luies oa4 'r;u0 Confederates will scarce
Ho ka gonu toward White House, and y Oj,p0so any serious obstaolo to Generol
Nnr.n,l..1 ;.u .,,, l,in,,ii..,tJ,iUU"18:v1,lU4 will beg,,, his labor., ,uw Irom tl.o east. Grnnt'B nroarcss, before ho reaches tho
uuy uy uay, una uour ...... bo no Ducloa ,Q fi tho vaean-
ted to havo all his nrmy ovor by noon.
mi . t .in An AAfl i
XDO crossing wan UUU.,.u. . -por ,hl! ycnr thou.aml cll.t hiinflrcd and .Ittr-
Since tho oloso of our last week's con-1 Loo abandoned his position on tho South J r,;,. o.uj..
neoled account of the movements of tho . Anna as soon as it was evident that Grant tyo'r Columbia, i'; i""'1 ..hV'a1",l0'!!;1n"
Virginia campaign, vailous marches, flank1 had given up, thai lino. Hrookinridge, who of McfcaniiioTaieaof ttid county,aefoiiowa,tov,iti
. ... i O , . mtiiiin i r Attn a
movements, advances and fallings baoK lmd joined him, was sent to Hanover Uourt vendkhb. , ,7
havo bcuu made by tirant aud Leo re- House to watch tho Fcdoral progress. . aanuol Ileacock i, 14
speotivelyi but of wb uh wo need say no Tho roinain.lor of tho array, by a short " ilirntn Kverrtt, ' H
more than that the) brought about no marou of about fifteen miles, oould got Hughes & Oalondar " H
dofinitn ro-ults, Hut 'he natiois ol last ntn nn.!i!n to confront tho now appioach Daiilol Molleury, FisMngo'k.U
tnrl liner ' u..., n,l,....lUn. 1 Howe iSPenmuiztoUi " 14
O 10 .IMCUUIUUU UUIM, iiuuuiui, j.w.fn. "
BOioinoo jjusb,
James K. Jones
Bernard Ammerinan "
A. B; Stowart Orange
It. Brewer & Son
W. Fritz A- Bowman "
A Coleman, merchant tailor
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
ritntf of an INVALID,
I'ulillihfJ for hn txncfll. ami aa a million tn Vonrr
Mtn arid wlio mnvr turn rvtvoun Oebilnv
I'rcniature Drier of Mannooi1t &c auri'lllne at tfii
tamo time Inn Mr.aa or rtir itttR ,y rto nlmhi.
f.titnl lilmxr aflrr utidrtpolnit totildciel lo quatktrr
lly it.rliflnr a jiott-rald ailiirfaicil nrcl( jo ilnjlj
Juno 4, IrVtf-lr
lltocJilrn. Kit p. to., N, T,
Monday brought us th . loliowing tttirl
is adopted MVlullun's plan ol 1802, 1 rjhickahominy Swamps, which aro about
The Carnivai, op Dlood. Private
letters received in Cincinnati, yesterday,
I and will opperate upon ,tho same ground. ' ,cn mie3 from ti,c pamUnkoy
t... .1 t . . 1
u? nour iao uorrors, miseries, ami crimes . , nnnnoinnnii t10 ,iln rn,ir(,mnnt nf Min,0 , '.. ,. . ..r . .
of this nefarious war are preaching their I V P . V 1
,Wnin!n nr ,l, ln,l. &l omo"v. ..... , I moved Irom command, a5 ho has failed to ,
... ,. . 1 ....... .w .... .ww..,w -inn Nnnn nrq lnminrr nvcr nrn 11 ... '
irom mo city or Washington, says 1 10 1 ,i i, ,1, v,.i: ,i . i, 1 . - -..0 . accompli 1 ins snare in tlio operations. ,
.... .... b ' ' 1 and Ift tllO campiicn 1U Virginia end as It t,,llnr. . m H nf n mm nrn Dnmnnrnls. v '
ori ayno agree ,n Bay,ng that lho tm , Mt fflr tlisU,it w,)cn a ,,. ,. . . ' On Wodoosday last the Federal army
vrruut una cuultcu a loss 01 oUjUUU men
thus far.
Tho Cleveland Convention.
OSS' Tho Cincinnati Commercial, an ab
olition sheet, oalls tho Fromont men ''long
haired radicals." Thou wo supposo the
Lincolnitos must bo the kinky-haired rad
icals. Tho hair of tho longhaired radi
cats in parted in tho middle, and tho hair
of tho kinky-haired radicals curls so tight
that it cannot be parted at all.
J67" Gold is rapidly advancing in New
York, consequently tho prico of provis
ions, groceries, and goods advances in
proportion, or rather, greenbacks depreci
oto day by day, All on account of tho
Utter incompetency of tho wooly abolition
misccgen party. The oonduct of this ad-
ministration will disgrace tho pneos of
American history upon which it is written.
The Roll of Honor. Jou.v G. Thomp
son, Esq , Treasurer of tho Vallandigham
Fund of Columbus, Ohio, acknowledges
tho reooipt of 455 81, for the two weeks
ending May 23d 1801. Amongst the re
ceipts wo find tbo following : "From Levi
L. Tato, for Ladies of Ilemlock township,
(Duck Horn.) Columbia county, Pa., the
sum of Hvo Dollars and Forty Cents,
(5 40.) See "Tho C'jm," of 25th of
Fjimale TreasuutCleuk. The plan
of employing female clerks in tho Treas
ury Department is a failuro through tho
infamous conduct of members ofjCongress,
who wore not content with keeping mis
tresses at tho seat of Government, but ob
tained tbem situations that they might be
paid from tho National Treasury. This is
a depth of infamy that tha whole world
can not beat, Tho very walls of tbo dens
of beastly licentiousness in Pari3 will blush
at this depravity of human naturo when
they hear tho talo.
B&" A pamphlet has been printed in
Philadelphia showing that 'Judge Wood
ward was elected Governor by over 100,
000 majority of tho legal votes of the State.
Tho facts and tho array of figures produ
ced, make a clear caso of lho most stupen
dous fraud, which, for tho honor ofbuman
ity, it is to ba hoped was never known be
fore. If this pamphlet does not not fore
warn to the extent forearming the peo
plo of Pennsylvania, ibey must have made
up their minds to patiently wear the chain
tho Abolitionists havo firged for them.
There is but one remedy, which is to go
Into tho nest election detomincd to have a
fair vote or free fight.
Death of Joshua R. Giddinga.
Hon. Joshua R. Gidfaigs, Mr. Lin
coln's Consul General, at Montreal, in Can.
ada, died in that City, on the 20th of May,
at an advanced ago.
GiddiDga was an extreme radioalist and
mischievous abolitionist. Somo twenty
yoars ago, ho wishod to eco, what he called
tho ''mob-ocraoy driveu baok with firo and
the sword, and if this could not bo done,
then to sec blood flow to tho "bits of the
horses bridlo, and this ho would rojoice in
as tho dawn of a great political millen
luni !" Ho lived to seo, or rather hear
that our land was "doluged with blood"
for such patriots keep or got out of danger
r but did not enjoy the blessings of his
"great political mollenium," and died sud-
denly as he eonoludcd a game of Billiards,
nt tho St, Lawrence, with Mr; Felkman,
Tho Arreat of Gov. Mcdary.
We learn that Gov, Mcdary was arres
ted yesterday by Doputy U. S. Marshals,
onu tauen to Cincinnati, What offense
this veteran statesman and patriot is oc
cased of, wo uro at a loss even to surmise.
Dayton Empire,
Wo assure our friend of tho Empire
that he and "every othor man" know jmt
as much as wo did about wht wo were ar
retted for. Wc found a good jolly Re
publican friend on th? eara, of the legal
profession, who learning something was
up, inquired of us what it was. tWo told
him wo wero just as ignorant as he was
of tbo matter. Ho at onco hunted up the
Deputy Marshal, and soon returned, and
informed us that it was tho case of Mr
('athonrt and othors. This was' just be-
.fore we got to tho city. But as wc never
knew anything of the Cathoart affair, on
ly what was made public, as others knew
jt, wo wero not muoh the wiser.
What over possessed anybody to con
nect us with that oase, wo cannot say. If
it is mcro political spito, it will redound
mora to the dishonor of thoso getting it
up than to uo, Wc, of course, abido tho
Court of Judgo Leavitt, and hopo for a
rpcedy oponing up of the case, that wo
jtay get omo light upon it, TheCriiitx
full reward of fiery indignation and of 0!ect next fall will rory probably return 7 I laV alon8 lho SoulU Aum
!-... . 1.. .1..L ..... L-. .1 -. . . . ,lui tAt,,ti Imnlf nnil Mint fin
tvibiicuug acorn win e uuu uui uy tue JJomocratS to
truo Democratic party to these Black Ho fidently ox
publican War Democrats. which elects
What is a Democrat! A Democrat is ate will thercforo nroo
one who believes m tho sacred and inal- ()Crats to 18 Abolitionists. In order to DurS "u"loau or."g. iuu momy, uOU110jDg tut! suppression of newspapers as
.enable right of sovereign States to rule destroy the power of democratio counties,' "'gly entrenched, opposed any further a crim0) nnd tiiat even a censorship was an
themselves ; who hold to tue oltt dootrine tho iniquitous apportionment bill passed prortiM. mouB Himri umoor., gmg iu uujustifiablc.outrago,
that governments derive tueir just powers Mt fCS3ion has united them with abolition I me "00,1S JUU u,"s "'"""' ""') l2x.aovenor Johnston followed, main
K. J, Schylcr
) K Sloan
0. 11. Fowlor
A, Fulmcr, Flour Mill "
Jacob Spons'cr "
E.W.M. & G. L, Low "
(1 II Ilea .(' C),l (i
fh.EvEr.ANn. Ohio. Mav 31 An
I'artwasou , , ........... . n .ii..,. 1 nn.lfn mill '
7 !10 TATATIl IMONl A Ii.--w yotl wlrh in uinnr, ailillei.
!.. A'A the ondnrrltncd. lm will r lid ywi, "wlihout'
10 00
7 00
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10 00
ilm nnrlli hnnlr. . . ... .. ... ! tl...... 7. .!.. n .nn'i 1 A
4 Abolitionists, as it is con-1 """ " lladioals and War Demoerats tooi place i '71 s u j
peo.ed to carry tho 21st district 1 Tl' w ran bctwee11 luo two portions.- ,Mt cven.ntfi Gen MnM maJo a lang. . h. Stewart ,v i-.acnes grocery
two Senators. Tho net Son-I An "C8l"n . . . . thy radical speech, animadvcriing quito (, Jacobv Hriarcrcck 14
ablv stand 15 Dcm-iand 1110 easlor" a lutl WU3t "U'rcuorioKn- . aD0 th Administration, and do-1 J. Thowaa. flour mill 13
from tho consent of tho govoruod ; who counties in doublo districts, without regard
glories in the Union because its authority to population or ratio, that their strength
11 . . I. 1 I
oouiu not uo aseeria.nuu. .. on)y th(J rka moM.
On Tuesday tho Federal lino had ex-' ureg C!U1 savo ti,0 Union.
wus based only on too trco consent ot sov- m,ght be swallowed up. For instance tho tended as tar cast as tho railroad bridge, yoni McKinstry offered resolutions do-
ereign and coequal sister Status and who strong Democratio county of Montgomery, bllt order to conseiitroto tkc forces, tho caiing that the duty ol'a truly American
hopod for universal happiness throughout with more than enough taxablcs for a Sen- flank had been drawn in westward and Administration is to ratoro tho prostrated
tho world, becauso he saw and felt the ator has been united with Chester and tho guard upou tho bridge given up. Tho rights 0f citizonship j froedom of the press
possibility of government established by Delaware, in a doublo district, that the , poufeduratea at once set Cro to it, and lur-1 ant speech ; protosta ogainst arbitary ar
consent, and resting not on force, but on Abolitionists may elect two instead of ono inf Tuesday night burned it to aahes. - rc,st3 al)(i stizures of property fnvora the
tho unconskrainod affection of the people. Senator. Montgomery, too, with two On Weduoaday the Federal hcukquarters fttouroo doctrine, and urges lratemity to
Now, per contra, what aro tlieso so thousand more taxables than Chester is . woro removed from Mount Carmol Church tho struggling llepublics of tho old and
oallcd War Demoerats I They are men allowed but two members of tho House, ' t0 Jericho Mills. Fredcriehsburg had world.
who utterly repudiate the sovereignty of whilo Chester is given three. Columbia j UBCn abandoned os a supply post, and ( General Cochrane on takuing the cliair
States; who hold that governments need aud Montour, with a largo fraction havo Fort lloyal, on tho Lower Happahanuook, ,nadQ ft lengthy i-peech, enunciating mini-
no consent to ratify their powers, but that ono member ; while Sullivau and Wyora- i "1!l(l0 tho now onu. Wounded wore jar ,clltimuiit3 to those in his speech of la?t
which tho; can wring from conquered ing heretofore with us, giving two mem- sont thero and supplies received. Propa - uig)t(
freemen at the sword's poiut ; who pro- hers, aro swallowed up by the aboliton rations were made to pass tbo eutire army . A Committee on Resolutions was appoin-
claim aloud that thoy desiso to see our countios of Bradford and Susquehanna. over tho North Auna. Burnsido's- advance ted and the Convention took 11 recess.
Stato reduced to bo tho vassels of a con- There is not a part'elo of honesty or ; orossod. It was discovered, howevor,that Tho committee on Crednctiali reported
tral war power ; and who striko at hopes fairness in tho arrangement , and to show Marsh, n largo swamp on the south- ,j, (t (jj, injno: ,'ew York Iowa Mis
of Democratic freedomovory where through- tho character of tho LcgMature which cm bank, prevented all communication be- Miohieiin Pennsylvania Maryland
out the world by boasting that they will enacted it, wc refer to the article, from tweon tho two wings of tho army on that Wiscoiuin, Tennesso, Maine.Iudiana, Now
reduce iUc Southern States into tho ODn-, tho Pbila. Inquirer, on tho first pagu of il(Jo- 'ho enemy throatencd an attack iialI)p.hire, New Jer.y and tho District of
dition of another Poland or another Hiio-' our paper of last week. Dont fail to read UP0U the isolated wings. Affairs appeared ni ' r(mrnc,,0,i -
1 . . . .:.:! ..i.- v,u
gary. it, anil remember it was an "Aoolition" , ni;unuauy uveumg a The resolution
Democracy like this mean neither more todi;, painted by a "loyal" paper.
nor less than military despotism oloaked in I
idle forms of long-lost freedom. If War To Our Subscribers.
Dcmocraoy has nothing better to propose ( Wo hope our subscribers will not feel
f .atti SI t tit in nr 01 1 1 n
tlw 1 I UIlllUt'l li'i"
E.Strawbridge, flour mill
Wm, Frcas, flour mill "
Jer. Jacoby, flour mill"
P. M. Trauch, flour mill
Reuben Miller, flour mill
Bowman & Owen Borwick
J. Seesholtz & Crai "
Abraham Miller "
10 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
15 00
7 00
15 00
monrr ami w ilhotit ricn," ratnaUo Information tin.
will uiinuiti j u 111 lining i'"l'l'J rrl "117 1111 Inal
trr how nld , hmv iifly, nr liow imr. 'I lila la a reliable,
arfttlr. The Infbrmutlnii uill roft ynn nothing j aodir
you with to ma rry, I llicmlnlly aariat jrou. All,
Ictlcra ttrTctly conflderitlat. Tim dcaiicd ItirortriatloQ,
icnt by return ruatl, nnd'nn qnattluna aatril Addrtu
Orccnioml, Kinga county, .V, y
Juno 4, mm. Im
Estate of Philip Fcas, deceased.
LETTIUIB Tcrtamontary on till rjtnlo nf rtilllp
I'ronj, late of Ucntrotuivnthlp, Columbia aounty
dscnued, havo bron (.'rantcil by tho neglater of Willi,
lie, tu ttie undcrslffund altorculdlne In aald towntblp.
all pcranni having tt.ilmi aRnlnat t!io catate nf tin
deecilcnt aro rnqticitcd to irejont them to the Itieitu
Ion without ileliy, and all ucraoni Indi-bted to maki
payment fortliwlth. SAilUKI, PRRAH, I
WBBI.UV II. ritllAH, lc ,i
Juno 4,H'!I-JJM.
''PHK undertigned, announces to bin
i frlinda ami tha public, ttat lis ha taken ttia
nbor.e well-known llottl, In
L I Or II T S T 11 K E T,
Columbia cminty, r.ihoro ha Ii prcparad to accom
iiniil.itc the trnYcllna pul.'lc, tnnincrl allrittto!i.
Ilia Table, l well liruvjjloinil and lilt Htalc commo-.
dlnui and welluttiMnUd,
1X7 A shuri! of thu public cuiloui In lollrltod,
Light arcet, June 4, I8M 3m.
than this, tho people of theso States will
very shortly fee tho differeneo be tweon
such pitiful hypocrisy and the good old
Democracy of Jeffarson and Jackson, We
prefer tho Constitution as it was zvith the
Union as it is, to any such amendments
to tho principles of both. And if America,
tho morning star of liberty on earth, has
no moro hopeful gospel for the oppressed
if tho downtroddeu nations of the oarth
must choose between impartial freedom or
democratic tyranny better we think they
should submit to Czar or Kaiser than to
wasto their hopes and blood 10 win tho
tender mercies of somo War Dcmoorat.
For war Democracy means neither 'more
nor less than democratio (?) despotism ;
and despotism nt least looks more respect
able beneath the imperial diadem than un
der a pretended cap of liberty.
There is much in a name. Tho Amer
ican people love the Democratio nauie,and
for a while tho namo ol War Democracy taken very well. But it is too obvious
a satire on itself to last long. Wo adv'ue
its advocates to give their roso a moro ap
propriato name. Tho pill of despotism
will hardly go dowu with the people, even
under tho sweet sugar-coating of tho
sounding name of War Democracy.
CSS" ''In our presidential election in
1800x if tho other party had been fuecss
fill there would havo been no secession."
Bradford Reporter, April 21
That is an important admission And
why would there havo boon no secession 1
Simply because all parties, people and
portions of our country would havo been
confident that tho Govornmeut woul4 be
administered upon constitutional princi
ples, that the rights of all would bo re
spected, thu wrongs of all avenged.
Yos, if the Domocrats had succeeded in
any alarm at the glorifying storm raised
in tho Republican papers about our being
''arrested" on last Friday by T puties U.
S. Marshals Sands nnd Wheeler for "oon-
heavy raiu began aud u ecrios of thunder . .
storms continued all night. , Co, MoM movcd tLat 0oDvcntion
Tho rain swollcd the North Anna, Tlio proceed to the noiuinaliun of oaudidatci
fords wero obliterated. The two wings lor President and vice President,
on the southern bank wero threateded with Mr. Kansiui moved to recou-iidor, be
i olalion from the reserves on tho north- living it would bo better to await until af
crn bauk. The movements of thu enemy ter the Baltimore Convention.
Col. Moss moved that John C. Fro
mont bo declared the nominee for Presi-
wnri! nrninnna Tn nnlni- in ni
spiraoy." We responded tothegentle.nan. taok ejtbor of lho w
1 Tf ciimmnna itifli nil fmnil ,1 n n n
.j m.w.uuuj .. uuuuui, uu ntt3 uu. JthnnnniA
Mr. llatiiom moved anamcndmcLt that
to tha a nominative Convention be held in Cleve
land, on the firit Wednesday in September.
, , . , vi . luiin. . ui.ui.iiiu UlUtCilill V tU IL'UIU
iy s-irpr.seti on arriving atdudgo LwxWb tho s,rcaln) :)lld by Thursday nigUt a, tho
w"'"""u"" iimiuiuMi: Federal troops wero withdrawn
ions togt rid of us than we did to part north bank ol thu North At)llu.
with ihum, aud wo returned tho satno
niiflit. tn nnni'nr firrnln uli.n Viot' nftnl iu
. c, i, . e ,, ' na routo must bo abandoaed, he determin
V. A fihllll ITIvn nnr rnrllm'J n Full nnnnnut
e ,i . , r. ., . ed to follow the ouly other feasible road, adjourn over to tho Radical Convention, at
of this. affair m duo season. If it does not , . ,"' .... tr T, J, . , . . T ., . ' ,
turn out a humbug, then (hero aro no hum- i W"S lL D frrm ;V '"t0 IIouse U Bttl"u,oro 'J11 tIlB 0th of Juuu l)iohl
bugs in this world at this time. It has ,iv-, ?he Pan,unkcy- resolvoJ t( transport out of ord. r-
en the Hepublici.i papers, some of which ,hlS atm? Mthcr aa 1uickl' a? I'wsil,e 11,0 ol,lllUlo of I'rfiul0,,t lh
are no hotter thnn H,nv hr,l.l Im. ,! . and m 01(ler t0 Set across thc rivt'r- w,licl' m!lJc b acclamation.
When Grant found that tho North An- Ln.t, only ! voting in lho efflrmative,
Mr, Powcl, of Washington, moved to
A. P. Evans, for J, V. Dodson. ng't
Uerwiek 14
Ilcury llnckmaii " 14
Jackson Bower & oo " 13
J. S, S uidcrs 14
0. D Fowlur " 14
Jackson ii Woodiu II
Jackson & Woodiu, foundry 14
Reuben Miller Mifflin 14
Stephen H. Swank ,l 14
Creasy & Drown " 14
W. A. Brown, flour mill 14
J. K, Swoipenheier ' 14
Swcppenheiscr & Co. Maine 14
Franklin L.S!iuurin,B.!avcr 14
J.ieoli Bamburgor " 14
Jacob Yager Locust S-t
Washington Yagor " 14
Mark Williams " 14
Abraham Iiice " 14
J B. D emer ,k 14
J. Choriugtoii l?or.ringc'k 14
Joseph 1$. LCuittlu,Contcrvi le 11
Daniel Wvrtiuuu, g-'t liq utorel 4
Wilii.mi Sn3dur,shoe store 14
Mrs M Uorrell " 1 1
Jooathau J. Iloagland 14
Washington Parr Franklin 14
0. Meudmihall, flour mill 14
(J. S. MeWilliams 14
J S. Urob-t Catawissa 12
J S. McNiaoh & Co
Creasy & John
J. Sharpless & Co
G. Hughe Sc Sou, stoves
J. K. 6'harpless "
S. D. Riuard, stoves "
William John, ttoves
Caspar ltuhu, elothmg store
Kline & Z.irr, grocery,
Wm. Orange, grocery.
L-tvi Ktiiler, eating hoifio
J.'S Brobst k Co., grocery
M Conner.grocer, Rupert
Ur. P. John, Bloom
I L. PiiTlon. flnnr mill 'I
. , r : .. n r i. t r,....
ohunoe to blow off steam, and they should ! w a luu WIUU lwr 1 couvemel11 Pa3Si,Sc - oenratie, x. uraix mown, nnu
mako the most of it. There is a nice lit-1 Whito IIoUSe' 1,0 cLS0 a poiDt S0,ue GeUural 13l,tlui wcra namad fr VicU Pr,!ei'
tic story behind this, which will not look j vo, where there was a ferry. On dent.
quit-3 so well when made public, if we j -Uiur3(,ay afternoon he sent Sheridan s Mr. Cochran, asked loavo to retiro from
have got tho hang of it correctly. : cavalry to sieze this point, and with Shor- the Convention.
To Marsl al Sands and his Deputies woi(lau'a ,narcI' begnn thc transportation of Mr. Gibert, taking tho chair, tho ques-
returnour thanks for their very gentleman- i lUe onem' to Whith llouie. This change tion was put and tlio nomination of Gene-
ly conduct in this business, and tho friend-1 of operations to tho several criticised Mo- ru Cochran was confirmed, with but low
ly interest they took in returning us to our I clollal1 route, will invoke ono comment voicos iu the nfgativc.
family aud business on the shortest possi- j froln everir ,noutl'- Gra,lt) after tho most ' A committee was. appointed to report a
bio timo. As it was our first appearand ' aa"guinary f'ghtitig and sevoro losses, has pln of party organization and a name
"under arrest," wo uo doubt appeared a ! but "rived at tho point which M'Clellan for the party.
little awkward, but thoy showed us how to j reached by a road comparatively blood- Wq ajUick and tired re-
nnr. nnrl wa wnnl thrrtiirrli ci,nnri..rn1lM Mag. I
The Crisis. cording the outrages of this iuterual nd-
i rom uencno .uiiis, ruo lAortn Anna ministration. Tho heart Brws
An American Vessel Fired into
by a Spanish Ship of War.
Capt. Gray, ol tho schooner Flash, ar
rived on Saturday from Baracoa,Cuba,
makes tho followiug report :
"April 20, 7.45 P.M., while on tbo pas
sago from St. Martius, to Baraeoa, off Is
abella Bay, a vessel hove iu sight astern
and fired two guns blank, when we im
mediately hovo to. Tho sail camo up and
proved to bo a Spanish man-of-war. While
neitring us, she commenced shortening sail,
but never hailed us, and fired lour musket
1S00, thcro would havo beon no secession, shots at us, tho ball of one whistling close
thcro would havo been no war, thore would I t0 9aPt: Gray'a uar and we,lt through the
mainsail near tue ucoir. we were then
boarded from tiie steamer by an officer and
havo been no weeping mothers, no bereav
ed Maters, no widowed wives, 110 orphaned
children ; sorrow and mourning and dis
six marines, who examined thu papers and
then sent them on board the man-of-war
tress would be strancers : oousoriniions.i to ho csamincd by her coinmandor, after
midnight arrest?, and Government battilos i !licU ,lbuJ' woro f8"1 baand tho vessel
Undor any other administration, except
tho ouo now in power, Spain would be
made to pay dearly for this insult to tho
.', American flag : but wo aro fallen so low
1 ! ci . t. i
would havo boon unheard of : hanniuess.
prosperity and progress would have hkss
cd our entire and united country ; tho buf
foon wlni plays President at Washington,
would havo oraokod his stale iokc3, am
told his musty stories to tho bar room loaf-1
crs at SprffiScld ; tho "on to Richmond"
would havo been' peaceful, and bloodlcis
and hilarious j "!JUd tho Uuitad States,
would still bo a power upon earth, honor
ed and respected abroad, and ono in tho
bonds of law nnj order at homo.
that even Spaiu can board our vessels, ex-
amino their papers, firo into them, and not
ovon waken up old Granny Welles. What
a contemptible figure we aroeuUing in tho
world, to bo sure,
I nc Old Guard For May, is on our
table It contains a fino steel plato en-
runs a southeast course to White House.
Below tho junction with tbo South Anna
it is called lho Pamuukey. This stream
is very crooked, but in a stragiht lino the
distauec from Jericho .Mills to Whito
gr'iws faint at
each renewed villainy, ami wo wonder
how mnch longer these things are to he.
No man is safe from tho hand of oppres
sion, nor is ho sccuro in his personal lib
ertv. Tho best men and nurest natriots
House is thirty-fivo miles. A road along io the lantl nrJ (Jraed from their homes
the south side of tho river, about for miles in tIl0 doaJ houra of tho igbt, and incar
from it. connects thc two places. Tho oerntC() ; foui .Jungcons, without knowing
Fredoricksbug Bailroad crosses both tho whv nor whorefor. Tbo nword of milita
road and river fivo miles from Jericho ry f;matioisni is placed at lho throat of ev
Mills. Tho crossing is at a town oallcd ory ,naDi au(1 ;t is ut tho option of those in
Chesterfield. Ton miles below the railroad poffcr) wllciher it shall bo thrust home or
bridge and about a miio from tho south not Tho m0Jt loccnt outrago ia (he .
bank of theriver is Hanover Court House, i restby mi,itary authoritv of IIon gAM.
eight miles below Hanover Court House Ml!DAUV of Ohio.-'ono of tho ablest
and also on tho soulh bank is Hanover democrats in the country. In tho namo of
lown. Two vo miles from IL.nover Town God whonext!-and what next!
and also on the south bauk is House. , FoH (f
On tho road fifteen miles from Clicsterfiold,
stands Mongohick Church. It is nbout fiST The quota of New York is said to
six miles northeast of Hanover Court bo full ; in consequence of whioh thcro will
nnuse, tho river runuing between them. ; bo no draft.
General Sheridan's cavalry woro sent ; Iamaazxp" :
aloug tins road on J hursday afternoon.
mi , ni , r i - i 1" lllnoin-bHrs, on thn 25lh nit., by Hrv. J II. Dimm,
lhcy passed Chesterfield aud Mongohick . Mr. Aovtu w. lUuaren.and Mm i marie fkv, ,M ci
ni.,l. n,l r.Vi.ln ..l 1. j UU I'tC.
od the river bank opposite Hanover Town. DEATHS.
Hero they took possession of a ferrv.
I 4
1 i
B. Stousr, eating bouse, ooufectiono
ry. iVc, Bloom
Eyer & Mover, Drugs "
S H. Miller "
W. N.Rislwl,confcy''
D. Lowenberg,clolhiug "
S. C. Shivo
A- J. Eans, clothing "
J. K. Girton, grocery '
A. Uollcder, thoe storo "
ii nines K. liver '
Eliaj Meudvnhall "
Henry Klcim, grocery
J. W.neiulershot.groctfr"
' 7
l :i
1 1
10 00
7 00
0. A Jacoby, grooery'
.J.J, JJrower "
A J. Erasmus, frocorv"
Fox & Gillmoro,outing saloonl4
Melvelvy, Ncal k CoBloom 8
II C& I V Hartman do 11
F Rabb, grocery do 14
E 1' Littz, druggist do 14
L T Sharpless do 14
J R Moter, druggist do 14
A J Sloan do 13
Hloorns'mirg Iron Co do 8
David Whitmiro Scolt 14
W A Harton & Co do 13
B F Ruighart & Bro do 14
C S Fowler do 1 1
C S Fo'vler,steammill do 8
Samuel A Worman do 14
I a; T Crovcliug.grocor do 14
G W Creveliug & Co do 14
H W Creasy & Co do 11
Peter Ent do 13
Jacob Harris Ilomlock 24
Charles Ney hart do 14
M G & W H Shoemaker 13
C Kreamer Madison 13
I) Flick & Brother do 14
G fc W Maslerrf Greenwood 11
John Lrggott do 14
B & C Eves, fnotory da 13
Cornelius Preston do 14
Schuyler & Black do 13
Josoph Sands, factory,
Mt Pleasant VI
Moses Lemmous, distilillcry
Fi.hingcr'k 11
ReubcnMil!er, distillery
Briaroreek 0
Rohr McIIenry, distillery,
IN tlio Orphana' Court of Columbia County. In lh
ruattrror thu partition and vnlunllon or tho H.tate
of Frederick Kiinuat, late of Jiitktnu twp., dfrcaicd,
TOJnckann Knouiin, and lliuiinli, liiti'rMK i "d with
ivter ''npji'i r.Ulnj rt llithel, in Uranch Miinty.fltn
of Michlzan. TAKl. Nol'li.'U, That un lajour will
bu hiild at Hi? linn iln In no uf I'm lvncu Kiio'i-,
di'ci'.ncd, In the townnhip of J.irkion county nf Co,,
lamhli, nu TIIIHDAY, thn lull day ( Auitu.t next,
Iiil4, betui'i-n lho houianf Un' iork A M ,niiiU ii'clnck
1. of ...ild day, for thn puriioao of lutkiujf parti-,
tinnuf Uw Kual ft.tutu ni mid d-ci-niid, to and amonif
hlii children and legal ri'liri-n-ututivr if thu mi, rau
bu done without pri'judliu tu it , pulling nf tha nhula
olhcrwlac It xlui! and .ippriiiia llu .nn- nccordini; ii,
law; nl which Ohio nud pluc'you nru rcjuirud In at
tend It yuuthiiia proper,
J. H.rUItMAN.HIiarlir.
l:iooiiliilrj, Junn 4, 1931 lit
' OF
riMM undrrnltne.l, Kaciito nf the l.l't Kill an I t..
J. tatiu'iit of I'lullp I'ru.M lilt- of lr tre lnwnihlp,
L'rilumbla county, durea.i-d, in pur.u.ince nf Iba will
nf Bjl.l dftcdent, will cipio lo public ihIo, on tlio
prcniHfg, on
Tbui'Mltiy, i!ic Oth oi Jnr,
A Tiart of Timber L'nul,
.It'iMc In llriJrcr-.ik lorrnrhip, Coluiubia iomty, P .
was Acass,
niljolninf l.tnila of ll.ivld Sli ul'cr on th- north,
lliekii on tin- east, und otherr, all of wlilcU l.tiunu-prnvi-d.
DV Bain to commence 31 t o'elook, P. M on aaM
doy, wlii-n nltnuUuc will ba elviMi and rundi'.iout.
be inadu known, by KAMI'HI. KKKAH.
wrni.KV 11. rnl.As,
Eiccnl.r. of 1'hilip I'rcai, d-eaaiod,
June 3. :1I,
Real Estate Sale.
51 Valuable 3 aim,
rtf lutiivrilifr oHitri sell, at rirM Pth. Vili
X. 61c t'nrm. concli'tiEif nf
nituatu iu tin; valley nf l'ihin:ttr?ck. abiui two i:il4
niir.h nf Hooni.biirs, I'clumliia wiunty, IM , ciiiipruitia
thn hntlnm land ul the wnll ki'own Vnni'iljy Karai aaa
the Uaiiiliu 1'arru, Ou tha urn a
Dwelling House, two qooii liurnn,
an rxecllent OltCIIAIll), oiitdi'lildinKr, Wall. ta
ll, ther Miih.a
Maple Orchard,
yielding from 5'Ji) tn 1,013 lb.. uir ptr yeir, Thj yiin
oftlu "Uliiiuulurj Iron Orc,"ir iMi 0113 end af tliii
tractor land, Al tiij 1
Valuable Tcwa I'ropprty.
The lusc Three Btory nrlck EU1I,I)I.V0, aid Lot
01 CllOUNK. 011 which it la erected, nituaiB on Ihr
north ride of ilain ttreet, central in II19 town of
lllnnintbiirir B.iiil bul!Mjr la aub.Hntlally cnnalrueUd
of eicjllcnt brirk formerly uad for a I'arrlairo tt
toryand ran ba well adapted toapla 0 uf buaina.a,
Bnid I.otia II feet front ou Main street, and i4 ft denp,
roinoslon of the la. I uaim-il preiuijes will be riren
iiiimediately, if do.ircd. rC Condllinna of ml a will
be made In anit tho purclinner. 0. 1. WAI.LI3U.
Ilhionnil.uri;. May 3d Mill.
Kbkp Your Eyr
7 00
30 00
13 00
7 00
7 00
13 00
7 00
10 UO
30 00
7 00
10 00 i
7 00!
15 00 j
30 00
7 00
n mi
7 fin HAlfinlyi:t1 1".11 e.te,MI: ImS'ovedhia Store Boom
I O UU ln,.,i.l , , !, i ' ' wl"cn ""I bo aoia at
I ii on 1
' low us at anv other ei.tnhll.Km. .n ,i,. .... . " '
in I ri 7. "iwuiiirj.,
UO (Illinn nt IU IO On J nr. . .
t nu ' , iu, n uit'i at cenrg.
1 'u
nlii.,'.,. Ill 7...I r, . ..
7 00' ' ana urown al z;, v.u,
1 i.-Ti in .in ynf .
10 00
10 00!
7 00 1
in 00 1
n nn
10 00 A" Iffr.iiii anil CoUao furpeli),
7 00 " " iciioju nrtlrle Just opened and for tale,
10 00
n!IE?S OOOI):i of every rhado, quality
v. A"'' "f'l1"'"" f llonierticOood..
t,i f. i.'1"1"' tt','lT' Tick., Linncti nnd Cntton
Table Diaper, filnShaina, Nnnkienr, te . be. A
good auppty nf Luiliea Blme, and liulim
iuck 01 uau buj Caps.
A ( upply uf
Oh 1 what ii train of evils we should graveing ol Hon. Koger B. Taney, Chief
havo escaped, if the Democrats "had been Ju8.tico of tllB United States. Its roading
successful" in 1800! It is now again a raatter is written and solocted with caro,
quastion for tho people shall wo bo'suo- and contains souud democratio sentiment,
ccssful" in 180H ,61,50 per antra, Van Evrio, Horton
r U....I.Ir y r. it,. Al..
I " WI t IVAi Vt ill" ltl UU.t
oaptunnff the Confederate guard of about' Bonof a1"1 UMtabeiu I
a " I manlhi ami 1-J . .ivr.
oigniy men, ana maae preparations lor in oreenwnnd
All ncriona who mnv fi.t n.iA..A.i i... .u.' ...
...... .. cin. . -,nii., -;.." ... "J aP.DV(
uii.. vii.iuM Thomas, eiueet " i'pjriuniiy 01 Appealing
Mil Kunu, nued IU yearii.S Ycf "B "I "" the un der.lenod al his offlo in flujar
Groceries and Snices,
7 00
a new lot or
S?nA.0Cm?ii.1.' by .,,h0 1ua". li'f and whole barifl
Noa, l und medium and larijc. Alao, h larfa anJ
25 00 tplendid amorlincnt or
1500! '"IW de'in5' M"' HowloiofTKUNKSarid
Uil Cloth Satchels.
!.Ii?7,ini!.b0IJS,,,'!,',e81 Jooila before the late rlae, t aia
Facts ron SoLniEni. Throughout tho
Indian and Crimean Oampaignstha only '
Co., 102 Nassau streot. New York.
Couan Bronchitis, Tho eutiro free.
crossing the Federal army over to tho
south bank, A portion of the Oth Corps
roaohod thore by noon. Tho remainder
of tho army moved on Friday, The
march waB about twenty miles in longth.
Headquarters woro moved from Jericho
Mills to Clicsterfiold, and then to Mongo-
i hick Church. At fivo o'clock on Friday
... ... ilnm (mm n 1 1 rlnlnlnriiiic i m.rml i. n In wnn.lnH I
modioincs whioh proved Ihemselvos able to ,. ,, , , , fa, afternoon the array was encamped around
euro tho worst oases of Dysentery, Scurvy 'i? ' Pr0nchial Tr0f "S r Qr"f 1 tho ehuroh, and as soon as it was dark the
and Fever, wero Holloway's Pills and , an01" Log3i aafo remedy for tho orossing began at nanover Town, which
Ointment Thercforo lot every Volunteer S S 1 - ther on At
eco that ho is supplied with them. Only highoet eatoom by Clergymeu,Singor,8Dd 'But o'clock on Saturday morning Grant
30 cents per pot ot box Poblio Speakers gonorslly, tolegriphed to Wai,hlngon that h jjpeo'
in lireenwnnj lowiulilp, Coluintla county, on hurc, 01 the " bwoih Tiiv . r iZl a ''"x''onm
Wedneadav lint Mr. Juuu Usuott. nf eon.uniD.lon. . I ... ." fr0 '"iSW.'1 July, A, I). Trl31, between
oeed about S5yeara. ' 7ii u"u - "cluc. fKr which no appeal
,- - . i nibiiui. ui HIS OI11CII Ill r)U lar. rri,ii,.n. n , , l, u ' ".l"l I IHv IOIO
loaf, any lime on nr before lho .ecoiid Hay of July, A, IU, " ?" low' cllcaP elieapcut for ih or
II. lebl, nrat tho l.-ouiiiii.ninner'a (.nice: In lllnnni.. cou"1' Ploduoe.
neath reninved from the familycirale, on the 2Gth nf
May, lf04, in .Miftliuville, I'nliiiuliia county, I'.i., Iitlla
I'eltio M. C . iluuiihier of Dr. 11 II. and A, 11, Montgom.
ety, used 7 yeara S iiieulhi and UO dayi,
Pcltic, thou wa'l mild and lovely,
ticutle Hie iiiiiinerbreuca,
I'leataiit ni the air of oveiiiug
When it float! iiinoni; thu treet.
Death liau claimed our little FeUle,
titil hie eul upon hcrbrow ;
And hrreyea that Rhone ao brightly,
Shine in heaven with Jeiua now.
will be heard.
Dearcit rcttie thou haa left ut,
Hero thy lot a wo deeply fuel,
Hut 'III God that hath bereft in,
Uo can all our aorrow heal.
foiiie, our deal and loved one,
Thou art ever free from pain i
The angel, railed ihoe, Jexia welromid
Paras ell, we iImII matt aa.
ouiniiiiiiiner'a (illice, in Ulonnu-
Amjiihw liAUiiAci;,
M.,au8. '"" Appraiser.
OFFicE-On Main Street, in tho F,x
ohauge buildings, over Miller's Store.
IllouuiaburBi April 10, ld01-3w
W. KTIIIIV T.r ...... .
ti, li' UiCAeia.
Illoojiuburj. May 12, 130 1.
Tle Berwick Houoe.
Berwick, Columbia ca., Pit-
3"tiS"r,,un!.,or',l''nei1 W0ild reapeclfully announce l
ml fmeud and tho public generally, Ihat
havlng leaicd thia well-known house-he haa girea il
a thorough renovation The room, havo been re-paper
ed and thu entire calabllahment eleeaiilly refnrniiibed.
Ileing pleaianlly and eligibly located, ami provide
w . .. lbo "luieito conveniences It offura to
public the coubiaud 'advantage! of
A First-Glass Hotel:
IMS TAIILK will atwaya bo cuppllod with the beat tb
niarketi nirord, and 1II UAU wllhtllie clioicent Ii
F. 0. HARRISON , M. D.
I a. ra.n..lfnll.. .. . ... ... MlttlM
' VV h,,,rVn. : ':.'.. V7..V'u'n,,,l. of I'I Wna- quora. Traveller!, drove,.. t,in.t.r honrder..
j .i:C7A-fc S wi iuiinVuv mMn of c"ino.led to general .ali.futlioii. Caraul and ac
. d t.lkil. n H.,re iof ul,Uc iiatronai'e ' tomrno datlnj Ilo.Uera alway. in attendance. SUblin
Orrica, ot, Main Btraa.. H h.'if.'.- .... ....... u mo"1 ""Plt ud eJt.a.ivn in tl.i. action.
Houie, niooni.burg. ..-..,, SIBIH5T.
rT'ir s,
HTU, iml