Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, March 05, 1864, Image 2

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Editors' Correspondence
The following nro extracts of a privato
letter, from ono of tho best nicu aud purest
Financial and Commercial.
Tujssuy, Deo. '220 V, M.
Mr. Scofotary Chase, in his annual re-
Domocrats in Pennsylvania, now at liar-' Port to Congross, scorns vory anxious to
Saturday Morning, Mar. 5, 106frjgnd8lniid
rislutg, to tlio Editor oftho "Columbia
flatrisburg, March 1, 1801.
My Dbaii Col. Taiki
Yours of yesterday has been received.
for which JjKaHo accept my .iucoro thanks
J L am
return to spooie payments, and ho thinks
it can ana will bo brought about, much
soouorthau tho pooplo anticipate Wo
have boforo informed him that ISnglnnd
consumed ten years aftor her wars with
Napoleon to reach tho resutt that Mr.
lbaso now dosiros and promifca to accom
Our Constitution guard 11 ever I
Onr glorious Unionhold It doarl
Our marry riag forsake it never!
fne proud Caucasslan our only peer I
h jjKaHo ucoept my iucoro thanks f now "08iros i,n promifca to accom
nlWaWglijd to hear from valued Illisb 80 'Wonly and during that lime
iiuiu.iiouunrioru man vourscli. i , ' .-...v.....u umuh
' tho industry of I ho Hritish nation ucr
You do Mr. Alnvrnnxr v.hv. .!! oroiteu uowu two or three times.
! justico when you say that you "sent a cooi la'T3 01 tho govornmont at tho time were
senator- Uo is the broadest sense " uumugi iuu inoucycu auu inniicu
of tlio term--addcd to a clear and sound in'erats, which had no sympathy with thu
i uisoriniinainie luucment. lie is a i?ont nmnrt ?""uuiai uuu luuusinai classes, auu tne
!of incorruptibb integrity no man in tho . "R lPPTl?rT A AT ! of incorruntibla intot-ritvim ,nnn in latter wero sacrificed to oarrv out tho dc
C77 !Ptf. what is bet- ? ? 8" of "tho former .Mr. Uhaso
' tor no one bottor deserves it. , "pi u ru-cnacs mo rote ot tne
On opening the eighteenth volume of tho
Columbia Dhmuciut, wo shall notico
with satisfaction and pleasure, who nnd
The new Senator niado bis anncarencn 1 hn8ll8U aristocracy in tho decade subso
in tho Chamber on yostcrday morning, luc"t to 1815 at tho cxpcn?o of tho stock
amidst muoli pomp. IIo was osoortod to J00" nml contractors who havo been
tho Oapitol by a proecssioti. with banners. onched through his blundering financial
t music, Sic, and such was the press about Polly , but if tbo matter is loft to tho poo
i tlm ilnor iti.ii hn nn nl.linnl i . ' pic uutil tho war is over tho work can bo
placointho "Roll of Honor," by making gtcss by a ivindow. I havo known of men ' Pcrf?rinl-f with much greater facility.
advance payments, Tho price to those escaping out. of the Senate Chamber by a Unliko England, tho government hero is
who wish to avail thcmsolvca of its pro
visionals yet only 81.7b : othorwisoSS 00.
Friends and Patrons, wo appeal to your
justico and liberality which can only bo
sensibly evinced by advance paymonts
for tho moans, in thoso "Lincoln times,"
of publishing a frco democratic paper and
upholding tho drooping liberties of our be
loved Country,
Speech of Hon. Harry Hakes.
Wo have perused with interest and sat
isfaction, the Speech of tho Hon. Harry
Hakk3, ono of tho Representatives, at
Ilarrisburg, February 18, 1804, on tho
llesolution proposing to require proof of
loyalty from tho persons claiming pay
ments fur damages by tho Rebel Raids.
Dr. Hakes' ppoech is a noblo dofenro of
the rights of all tho citizens ot Pennsylva
nia, without distinction of party, whosus
taiucd injury by tho Rebel Raids into our
Slate, and is at tho same time, a masterly
csposo of tho snoaking attempt of tho abo
lition majority of the House to establish a
test of loyalty for 'tho disunionists, by
which democrats may bo deprived of their
just rights, and tho others rewarded for
harboring the Rebels. This is ibo mean
ing of their "lest of loyally ?
Dr. Hakes is a bold man and an able
representative. Would that wo had more
such fearless statesmen in the Legislature.
Luzerne county may well feel proud of her
Jalcuted young Democratic Representative.
window, but I bcliovc this is tho first time ju the hands of tho working olasses, who
I have known ono to enter in that way. U!l0 110 t'ireot interest in tho public debt ;
Tho revolutionists, "started tho ma-' lin" wIlcn tll financial obligatians of tho
chine" last night, by electing all tho sub-1 oounu'y beoomo onerous upon virtual re
ordinate officers, but refused to elect a I''ion will bo an undertaking quite
Speaker. Should thev persist in their ro- L'a,y in its performances, by elevating men
fusaltogo into an election for Speaker, i'0.0"10" wlioare willing to do tho bidding
furo tho end l,lc,r coiisiuuoum. inoro woum men
wo will civo thorn trouble, bcfoi
of tho Session, but J think wo will yot
uriug mem to terms.
Democratic State Convention.
Wo hear from every quarter that the
State Convention, which is to bo held iu
Philadelphia on the 2-lth of March, will
not only be full inside, but that there will
bo a larger and outside representation than
usual, It will have grave work to perform
and, we trust its deliberations will becalm
and its action prudent. In regard to del
egates at largo to tho National Convention
which is to assemble at Chicago on the 4th
of July, wo trust wo may intimato with
oat impropriety, that wise and reliable
Democrats only should be selected. We '
are confident the convention will fool tho
necessity for such representatives, aud,
therefore, need prets tho matter uo fur
ther. Among the distinguished names
ulrcady mentioned for that responsible
position, wo notiee Geo. W. Cass, of Alle
gheny, Henry I). Foster of Westmoreland
Hcistcr Clymor, of Berks, and Geo. W.
Woodward of Philadelphia Thero will
doubtless bo others equally worthy, pres
sed by their friends, so that tho Conven
tion will probably find littlo difficulty in
choosing delegates who will fully satisfy
public expectation.
Extracts of a Letter from a Sol
dier in Texas.
Oami- of the 21bt Iowa Reot.,
Texas, February 7, 1804.
Dear Col. Tate:
I writo to say that I am yot on tho
land nud among tlio liviug Tho upcor
taiuty of life is strikingly cxcmpliflcd
here in tho Army. Although I have en
joyed oxccllcnt health since I moved to
lona and came into the Southern Slates.
Wo spent soma time in Louisaca, then
camo into Tcsa9, and laudod first upon
Mustang Island, aud arc now on tho Ma
tagorda Day, (Texas,) in tho town of In
dianola. Wo arc quartered in tho vacant
houses and enjoying ourselves first rate.
The weather has been dry and warm all
winter, with tho exception of a cold snap
ab out tho holidays, but it was nothing to
what 1 was used to iu Iowa, or oven in
"old Lycoming co."
The gardens hero aro made and aro
preen and some of tho flowers arc in full
bloom. Tho people have their Potatoes
planted. Natuic is appearing in her robes
of green and loveliness. This is tho hand
somest country I have overseen.
Fire-wood is very searco hero. Wo haTe
to burn fences and buildings. The water
is very poor i.ud salty, except rainwatcr,
and the tide ebbs and flows so low is tho
laud-three fectin every twenty-four hours.
Tho prospects of peace are favorable in
this Slate. Tho Rebels have not stood us
a single fight binee we landed on this Coast.
They run wherever wo over-haul them.
It is said they aro well fortified at Hons
ton, but bow it is,or will be, I do not know,
as they havo skcdadlod from as pood forti
fications as thoy can possibly have there.
All Prairie and no Timber.
Our Army is vory healthy. Thero aro
but two sick in the Hospital, belonging to
our Regiment, and but two havo died since
last September. Wo havo two Physicians
with our Regiment. J, J, C.
Death of a Brave young Soldier
Maj. James II, Larrimer, of Clear
field county, was shot by thu Guerrillas,
on tho 14th of February, uear Uristow
Station, in Virginia. IIo was a noble,
bravo and generous hearted young officer
and a sound Democrat. Tho remains of
Major. Larrimer were interred in Clear-
field, with tho honors of war, and a f-G-
. . ; . .1 i i i.
a.iiiwuii ,u3 uuiucuiuiciy commenceu or
the erection of a tuitablo Monu($n4o his
bo no difficulty in tho way of aaimmcdiato
restoration of tho spcoio basis, as our Stato
institutions have always in their vaults a
sufficiency of coin to warrant a resumption
nt any moment.
So saya tho New York Herald money
article. Hut wa enquire ; Is it truo that
"tho government hero is in tho hands of
working classes'1? vory great efforts nro
making to form and consolidate an am
tocracy, whioh is to consist of holders of
National stooks, which aro to bo froo from
taxes. Should that succeed, and thereby
Congress become merely tho tool of this
shoddy nubility, then taxes would bo enor
mous, and tho rich, exempt. Neither
liqidution nor repudiation would bo pos
sible, with States and people poworlest
aud shoddy, liko tho old man of tho Sea,
astrido our ncoks.
Will not the peoplo arise, and look tho
appalling future in tho faco ?
State Agricultural College.
Wo have looked over with very groat
Interest some pamphlets containing much
information in regard to Agricultural and
Literary colleges generally, and to our
Stato Agricultural College particularly;
and wo havo been struck with tho rarcity of
eludies as well as the seeming seuso and
thoroughncsi of tho course, through wliich
the students aro put
.Tr'i inn r l..nti
tlio liZ, ...... 1 .
P7tB ougut to uo prouu ; ami wnicu
will very soon tell, through its alumni on
the agricultural resources of the State.
The time is coming when increased crops
and smaller farms must be the order, and
when much abused 'scientific fanning"'
will mako its mark. Tho college seems to
be under the management of excellent and
accomplished professors, and to bo In a
flourishing condition.
Wo obfervo an attempt making in tho
Legislature, to give to somo other institu
lions, a portion of tho funds which was
intended by CoDgrcss to endow The Stato
Agricultural Collego. But wo trust no
such thing may be done. It would crip
ple the ono, and not in any material man
ner etrogthen the others. Giro to tho
"Stato Institution" all tho strength in
money and means it actually needs; and
let us try tho experiment fully, and if it
fails which it cannot do, wo shall then
know that tho cause is not in tho luok of
means, but in tha system.
CST-ThcNcw York Tribuno Has foroneo
diverged from its erratio course, and lias
blundered agaiu3t an atom of candor, as
will appear from tho following sontenee,
characterizing tho uorthern "domoeraey:
"Tho northen democracy is not really pro
slavery, but anti-interventioD; maintaining,
not that slavery is right, but that wo of the
froo States should mind our own business
and let alono other peoplo's.'"
&5y We havo a circular
"American Advertbin
wo a dm
Ciicy, plan ot
wUT5siiiwrC; auu although we aro
not just now propared to do tho advertis
ing therc-indieatcd, wo shall endeavor to
put ounolves in such situation as will ona-
blc us to benefit all parties very soon,
Tins Lady's Friend, tho third number
of this new Monthly Magaziuo ol Litera
ture and Fashion, Marob was received
in February, it is ornamented with rich
plates and is replete with choice litera
ture. Messrs. Deacon and Peterson, will
make it a complete success.
Hon. Myeii Stkouse, M. of 0. has fa
vored us with a oopy of the Speeoh of Hon.
John D. Stiles, M. of C. in answer to
the ranting insinuations of one Imioj Myers.
George Thompson.
The Lancaster Intelligencer, says this
notorious English Abolitionist, who for
thirty lotg years has boon laboring to
destroy tho American Union, is again in
this country having been sent for by
some of tho "loyal" friends of tho Ad
ministration. Ho oommenced his destruc
tive work in Boston, on tho eVening of
the 10th ult., having been introduced to
tho meeting by tho ''loyal" Collector of
tho Port, Mr. Goodrich.
Thompson began his disunion harangue
by thanking God that he had lived to see
tho fruits of his labors tho bloody triumph
of Abolitionism in the noblo position that
America had taken, and hoped in a few
days to havo tho opportunity to speak
more fully on tho stato of feeling in Eng
land in relation to our groat struggle In
conclusion, ho alluded to George Wash
ington as tho founder of American Inde
pendence, and Abraham Lincoln ag tho
founder of American Liberty ! ! What
an idea contrasting Abraham Lincoln,
tho weakost and least dignified of all our
American Presidents, with the immortal
Father of his Country I Aud this infam.
ousntiuiou, we aro told, was received
wirli.nini roffsing ohcors by the "loval"'
faVsernblaco, niusrers and "all. tlmn arul
there present.
Such is Abolit ionisra ! It would de
grade the unsulliod charactor of tho great
and good Washington, so as to clovate
and idolize tho most contemptible of all
his successors in tho Presidential chair.
Verily, "whom tho gods will to destroy
they first make mad," and this aphorism
bids fair to bo verified in the histor
tho American people. Al
r-u., 4U0li oountrv
Would thatancr Washington was
voucb-saJiaJjfT! nnrrn pr:
Tuce, to put a stopjto this carnival of
Cox on Preachers.
In the Houso of Representatives, Hon.
Samubl S. Cox, ol Ohio, in discussing tho
proposition to amond tho enrollment bill
by exempting ministers of the gospel, said:
''I am opposed to exempting ministers
of tho gospel from their share of tho duty
of putting down this rebellion. It is a
general belief among a largo part of tho
pooplo of this country, both North nud
South, that the most pestiferous class ot
human beiuci thoso who foiucnted so
cession at tho South aud disunion at tho '
(From tin Sunday Mercutjr.J
The Tide Turning.
Two incidents havo rtceutly occurred
and been duly recorded in the newspapers,
which, although they huvo elicited hut lit
tlo interest and remark, aro full of pecu
liar significance, in the faot, that thoy havo
signal indication that tho" American peoplo
aro growing resentful and rostivo uudcr
tho "Reign of Terror," to which they
havo submitted for tho last two years liko
so many abject and crouching slavesi
wo niiudo to au oceurranco wlncb trans-
10! f
Tho following paymonts havo btcnltrado
to tho Columbia Jknmrul office, uuiog
tho month of February, 1804 i
North-have been U,e elergy-mem And . him di p
they are still fomenting hate ,11 ml , and ' cl! callcd fof tho 0 of $
unkindness among tho people. And now tcsi Saiust 10 pS3 Pof ,aw b
geu lemeu como hear and say that tboir T.cnJ.Ii,,rn nl. LnX , LI r
am opposed , cncQ . n i n r. ... ,,
nnot roeoir-1. i ..i.,.- ...... '7 '
uizo BUV' difference tutnistnra nf . ...... . . ."&") "
to this class legislation. I caunot rocog-
tho gospel aud men belonging to any oth
er profession. Aftor all it is nothing but
a business, and in tho matter of allegiance
every man, whatever may be his business,
owea his allcgianco to his countrv.
"My colleague Mr. thinks
i am mistanon wnen 1 say tuat rebellion
has been fomented by ministers of ho gos
pel, South aud North. My colleague
said iu his speech tho other day that ho
had bhaken hands with rebels on John
son's island, and that ho would rather
shako hands with Buch rebels than with
some men on this sidoof tho House.
"You woro at homoahaking bauds with
rebels. I was not heie when you made
that rofereuco or I could have given you
something moro than moro words about
loyalty and patriotism. I would havo
proved you to bo a seditious man.
"My colleague has been himsolf engag
ed, along with ministois of tho gospel in
his own district, singing anthems and
glorifying old John Brown's eedilion.
Laughter. Moro thau that, sir, my
colleaguo was engaged again and again in
Ohio in trying to break down tho laws of
the United States, and I can prove him
from papers in my desk to bo a seditionist
and revolutionist. IIo is a conspirator
against tho Federal Government.
"I can provo, by papers in my hand, if
J. nau tiuio to uo it, that the gentleman,
along with thoso ministers who would now
bo exempted, have for years persistently
rebelled against tho Federal Government,
havo striven to stir up hato and revolution
between tho States, to embroil them in
conflict, and by violence to overturn laws
whioh had been decided to bo valid by
the Supromo Court of tho -United States.
Yon presided over a convention called
for that purpose, and you aro -not tho
man, sir, to impugn ray loyalty 1 I stood
hero fighting against scoession and revolu
tion, whilo you, in Ohio, during all that
time, woro alienating the sections and
producing civil war by your insurrection
ary and rebellious conduct."
It is said that Mr. Spaulding, cowered
and squirmed under tho lash of his col
leaguo .liko a whipped spaniel.
War News.
Gan. Palmer, who had advanced within
two miles of Dalton, Georgia ; is reported
to bo falling baok to Tunnel Hill, wliich is
to bo held,
The lastestnews from Knoxville is that
Longstrcet is in rapid retreat, closely pur
sued by Ucn. fechofield. isomc smart
skirmishing had taken place with his roar
guard by our advance.
The news from Florida and tho South
west is bad. Gen, Seymour in command
of tho forces in Florida, had been badly
ueieatcu in an action at uiustee, nis
loss is reported at from 1,200 to 1,000.
The troops engaged were principally from
wew England and iow oik. uno or
two colored regiments were engaged. Tho
rebel army is roported 15,000 strong. We
do not credit this, nor do we believe that
cither Hardee or Beauregard was in com
mand, as reported. Tha defeat was un
doubtedly the result of ovcr-coiifidenco
and bad gcnoralship. Tho expedition was
ono of Lincoln's planning to reconstruct
tho Stato and securo threo cjctjrirvbtes.
Tho price alreadyprirtanbr tho attempt is
tlio blood ofoo soldiers killed and
General Smith's cavalry expedition,
which started simultaneously with 'Sher
man's infantry movement, has boon so so
riously handled by tho rebels ns to oblige
paper devoted to Poaeo principles and to
Jjemocracy, was destroyed by soldiers iu-
fltigatod by Abolitionists, in retaliation for
which outrage thoDmocrats aroso, attack
ed and gutted tho dwellings of tho leading
fanatics of the town.
Thoso, wo reiterate, aro vorv sinnifieant
demonstrations. It is tho last hair that
breaks the camel's back. The Americana
havo always bean a patient, law-abidina
peoplo. The Anglo saxon element, so
largely infused mto their veins, makes
tiicm slow to anger, and to forbar violent
WJ llol.ilcinmi, 1 1 0"
Ult of I) Shuninn, 'W
Matrltiionial imtlici. luu
Jncob Cliclliart, ! HO
ttlcliarilion'i Agnner. 100
I.-...- ' mi
...... A..hln....ll ' ONI
JJaniti II. Kmi, 12
(icorgo Miller, ut-i,, in
Aaron .Miller,
I). 11. Amilcinan.
a in oi it. tinrunan,
Gen nnhcrt Fleming, In l'0S Winner, byO. TV,
Jenc BlinemiiKcr, J uu
ltof Bliuman, U 00
1,'yriu llnliliitu, S 1)0
i:t of Peter lien, S 00
riiliican t-inilti, 1 7S
Win. Krlckbtium. 1 .5
llev JP lllettcilck, 1 211
I'lillip Atipleintili, S3
Peter II. Precie. M.U.. 1 On
William I'rttlt, 1 S
(,' inn. II. 1 ia.. 1
Charlci .Michael, 1 75
Motes I'.vcrlit, U UO
Jnlin nvncu, 8 00
Andrew Hlnimnn, Eiq.l 75
I.lcut J J. Karni, 1 UO
J.iinei Hunt. 1 73
William Uyer, 4 on
Paimm! 'ri'ny, Ll1 1 75
Win B Cicn-y, I 73
Aarwi Hmlth, S 09
John Olrton,(UeiulockW Au
nilai Ulcer, 1 00
I! II ILittumn, 3 tm
Peter llrlwig, 1 75
Lucas Pnlirlngcr, 1 75
VAlnn llngnrl, I 73
CuliunbU County, SI UO
Jncoli llli-ll'uiibich, '-' 0
Thoj Ilnlluwa), M. D.IO 00
Julill .mi
I'lillip Cool. Pal,
J Wi'isclielliauui,
Ucv W Goodrich,
Lieut A H Allen,
Iisnchor M Uvani,
llvan Welllvcr,
Col J (1 Frcczo.
II Al'nrvor, (111,)
,ii 1 money,
! (10
1 75
J 50
3 UO
a in
I 75
4 50
0 8.5
5 00
Gideon Sti'ckrr,
swncv Slater.
'Cnrneliiii Delias,
l.llin.i II, llartmaa,
J. C. Ilagcrinan,
Montour County,
John Decti. Jr.
'n,. it
jl.'iwrencc Cronln,
liiinnni unangit,
John (lirtoti, (Hem,)
John Mwrdnn,
J. II. Bamla, Kil.
William name.
C. T. dhuiuan,
Ucv. Ud, Murray,
r. M. Cox.
(3. At W. Kieamcr,
Nelson Kitchen,
lMiranl llcxrv.
Jacoli .eidnlt.
J an ion N. Miller,
William Kreaincr,
John Zelslort,
P.s. of Geo, llarlmnn,
lias Iiietcricli, P.11.
t'.t. John llrown, Sr,
Gakleton, Publisher;,
1 UOSWin, 13. Sterner.
Pit of John Anilersos. 3 OOtl.ivlngstoti llhone,
Willliam Wiuterstecii,3 .'.ui Jncob W. Dictcrick.
Noali Crilcs, 5 i.'j,.MaJ, Dcmott.
I (0
5 01
4 00,
1 W
1 to ' Bpi Bsrgenfs Great Note), soncirnlin nblri lbr'
i! W has been more talk and ipeculallon, pcrhapt. haa
j nbout any other book Issued for years Tin thrilling
I ;i nnd extraordinary facts with which the aulhm his bs-
I ' como aciualnted have been thrown into a plot an!
j Ji story so siartlingly bold, and y so truthrul, so midst
i W and so gentle, that every reader who beglni It muit ba
0 W fascinated with its unfligllng lotsrail.' It U nUiar
?!j IU wild-arts rrl
4 Hi)
5 Oil
1 110
Embracing his capital new nol, 'Was aaaM'
1 w ft An. .,,. I.... A..iftn. nrihi, ...inti. rrtai IIX)
Wctltankour friends most cordially for their con- .... al uaivp l.nOErt.
tinned llberal'support of tho Comstnt DtMocrtiT. It UNUUIlGUURn.Viy. IV THE TUOftCI.
I Is to thosn who prnmplly pay that wo aro indebted tot
SIou SlDucrtiscmcntsL,'
Estate of George Adam Witch, dee'd.
tETTERS "t adinliilstratlon on the P.slato of George
j Adams, late ofConyngh.iin twp. Columbia e6.,dec'd..
havi'bei'ii granted by the lligliter of L'iluiubtaco.1to the
undesigned; nil persons having claitii against the es
tate of tho decedent are requested topresent tlicmlo
the uiidcrslgnc4, at I is residence in said tmwiihip,
without delay, and all perwuis indobted to make pay
ment forthwith.
March 5, lE(i.-0v CJ.
Estate of John Jirown, Sr., dee'd.
Ir.TTP.RSuf administration on the. Estate of John
Jtlrown, Pr late of .Millliii twp., Columbia co.,dcc'd.
have been granted by tho Ilcgiilcr of l.'oluinliiri en., to
the undersigned ; nil persons hat ing claims against the
pstatu of tho decedent nru rcplestcil to present them to
t ie ,i in nistraior at uu rennence in raniiran
Dr. Horlacher'3 Pamphlet.
rgIIIS is the title oi a neat little Pam-
jl phlet, on thoabcivn sulijcct, by DR. JACOB IIOR
I.RCIlElt, of New llcrlln, Union County, Pa., contain
ing ': well written pages, in English and German, and
for sule at this ollice.
It contains a i;i,t .-imnunt of useful infurinatlon.
Price 10 Cents per copy.
March 5. lbOI.-lm.
to retreat back to Memphis. Among tho
,', , ; , .i tt 1 objects of this cavalry expotlition was tho
blood, and restore to us again the Union , J . . ., , ,
, . n ..... . , destruction of rail roads and provisions and
uuu vuu uuuaiiiuiiou ui uur tiuvnov laiuera. 1 ... , , , .
lUlllbaiJ W. VUU UUUILUViauj 111 HUBB
Expensive Rather. j issippi. In this, according to report thoy
Tho Florida exnedition U said' partially succeeded, but tho expedition
1,800 men, six pieces of cannon and a mam oojecv, wnicu was 10
million of money ; and all this not for1 fom ft junc,0D with Shorman at 8omo
anv military purposes, but rather in de-l Poiut in Alabaina or ncar lbol'De of Ala'
rogation of them. The three electoral! baum and MiBsppl. Tho movement,
votes of Florida havo already cost ua therefore, has ended badly, and wo begin,
and bloody rCSlbtanCO to wrong aud op. 1 1,0 means of successfully prosecuting our largj arc
prtsMon wiiusc a peaeeiui remedy lies
anywhere aoar their grasp. But this vory
characteristic makes theui, when oneo a
.roused to fury, aud under tho goading
spur of heated and ungoverablo passion,
"tcrriblo as on army with bauners."
Possibly it would bo well for thoso most
directly interested to study this leaturo of
our peoplo, and not count too largely and
too suicly shamed tho American charter
abroad aud provoke derision and mockery
all over Europe.
Nobody would deplore moro deeply
than ourselves tho reign of anarchy and
social chaos in our midst. Wo havo tho
examplo of Trance before us, that in tho
wild maelstrom of revolulion and popular
cphronzy Humanity bleeds at ovcry pore
and that no dove comes from tho ark that
floats upon its hoaviug and turbulent wat
ers : that tho good suffer with tho bad,
the innocent with tho guilty that all a
liko are whelmed beneath its yeasty and
remorseless waves. And yet thero is
something more terrible even than this to
contemplate It is the paralysis of a
great peoplo struck dumb and motionless
in tho prosence of a nicantic despotism
fearful to speak, lest some hired minion of
the prevailing and abounding tyranny
shall shriko the audacious utterer down
foarful to writo tho God-niftcd tboueh.
lost press and' writer full under tho ban of
mailed and gamitlottod power earful to
move, lest some talebearing informer shall
whisper a suspicion of disfoyalty and trea
son. O what mental agony to live in
mch a raylcss and starless night of bond
age as this, to ouo who has oneo tasted
the sweet of refined and enlightened liber
ty ! To break ouch bonds wholo heca
tombs of lives havo been sacrificed, nud
tha world's history is illuminated with
the chivalrio deeds of those who have died
in martyrdom to tho holy oauso of truth
and justice.
What has boon, may bo again. "His
tory is philosophy leaching by oxamplo."
Hence, we say, let thoso must interested
profit by tha warnings of tho past, and
beware how thoy tax too much tho pat
ience and forbearaucc of this people.
liven a worm will turn whom trodden
upon ; and is loss expected of man, lash
ioned after God's own imige. and bearing
about him at least some of tho inolVablt!
attributes of his Maker? And may we
uot hopu that tho retaliatory iucidcnti we
have cited will have their duo effect in
checking tho30 disgraqoful cxhlbitons of
lawless and usurped authority whioh be
come almost chronic, and teaoh their au
thors that it will do "to play" with that
volcanio firo whioh flames iu" the nonular
heart, and is constantly fed by tho cniiy-'
ment and luxury of populali'iflGfty-?
QjJiWrd County.
no Democraoy of I3odford county
at their late county meeting adopted tho
following excellent and spirited resolu
tions ;
Jlcsolvcd, That the greatest danger, the
most imminent poril to our country, grow
ing out of tho present unhappy civil war,
ia tho tendency of our civil ruler towards
despotism. Tlio wag is a question of cen
turies of the past, and if disturbed, must
agitate the ages of thi future, till eternity
itself shall dawn.
Jlesolvcd, That wo will uphold trCd de
fend, at tho cost of life.itself, tho frco in
stitutions purchased by tho blood of tho
Revolution, and transmitted to us us the
most precious legacy that oould be be
queathed to their posterity by tho horoio
fathers of tho republic. Among theie wo
hold especially dear the rights of freedom
of speech, freedom of tho press, freedom
increasing husl nets, and uc sincerely trust tlicy-nht
are our real Iriciids will continue their liberal patron
life. Wo havo many distant subscribers, to whom w
liavo sent bills, but upon whom wo cannot call in per'
son for the purpose of making collections, nnd iw
ngain appeal to such ofthem, as are indebted, to remit A r mutation cf M Ernest lienon's rsmarkabla wotk.
laymeut by the mall. - just i.sucu in raris, wnero tne ciciioincni ana ssma-
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runted five ears. Turui nt ctu. Call or a.-nd for
descriptive circular.
March 5, ldoj. bin.
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id unexceptionable influence ara wtlcouiij.
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General assortment of .Men's Wear I
March S lCu'l.-ISin.
Hon. John L. Dawion, M. of 0U has
sent us a copy of his admirable speech on
tho establishment of the Freed mo n 'a Bu
reau, viz : "A Negro Nursery."
pretty dearly. 400 mew, two cannon,
and 8333,333 33 for eaelt vole ! This is '
certainly expensive work j and if tho
electoral colleges of Arkausas, Louisiana
and Tennessee havo to ho purchased at
anything like theso rates, perhaps we may
be paying too dear for tho privilege of
this specios of reoonstruotion. But what
docs Atuiuiam Lincoln caro how many
American citizens dio by inches in Libby
prison, or meet with quick death on a use
less battle field, so long as ho is reinstated
into ofGco ? Work on, you weary laborer,
coin your swoat into greenbacks to pay
for Aiiraiiam Lincoln's rcnoraination !
i i i i i -
We have tho March number of Imlav An "our or b raoro ,aDor a y-r a
and liicknell's Hank Note Reporter. It ' dinneror 80 lcs3 a eok' matter to
is an exoollent Detector. Businoss-man i 'ou' so. tbat.lho "sccond Washingtou"
noN. Oiiarle3 R. BucKALEtv, Senator j ijould have this Reporter. rul Sa,n' "Cr yur back8' 8ood
I . IT'.. 1 .-- t . .. .1 ! I A.ntA nil lii tint Itiiftl nn nrtA ainn It neon.
i - i i , , , n i i. r ' yWyiV 441 J 1,1 IUC iUIUb(l UUt Dllit3 ilUJUU
J'llE Dailv Aou, has advanced its a while tho pack is being strapped on I-
for tho first timo, to feel some apprehen
sions for tho euccoss, if not tho safety of
The Army of tho Potomao commonoad
Tho Whrchaiits of New, York.
A Sjcond ,1 ri'.-a of n very inlcrestingind curious
bout, by Wslicr llarratt, Clark. Uemiui.c.nces, anea-dott-a,
wit, lliuor, lively personal t-ketchii, privatu 4i
public gossip!,it tho oIJ and great mercuints of .Saw
"'Jjlyi:tlcl-itof evcr)lhli'g and nit too muU
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All that certain tract or parcel of land situate iu I.o
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Jacob Drunilielli-r, on the cast by lands of Nathan Ca
ble and others, mid uu the south by lands of Lucas
I'uhriuger ami others, whereon uru erected a two story
A large HANK 11 Alt .V. with all necessary outbuildings
with Hie nppurtcuunces.
Seized, taken in execution and tu be sold is the pro.
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vantsgo la goo J society, l'nw 8I.VJ. j
THE extensivo and eoiuprehenb'no facil
ities in its pasaesi-ion enables the Proirictor of
..- t.ll. ,t. .ti.. 'e ...1. u.., ' reliable inlonnation possilily to l,o obtainednot on Iv " ' "ul " " Novelettes Dal a upo
ui iuu u,.uui,, uuu wio iijjuw 111 uuuu omic fr011l nl, pnrw of the -United Stotei. but fioiuall parts ,n0 "",!', "l"taico and fami'n, Operas-giiing tha
O regulate anil COUtrol its UoniCStIO altaira ; "i tne worm. i piut oreacn opera in llio form of an l.ttreat-
iu its own way, subject only to such rc
restrictions as aro imposed by tha Consti
tution of tho United States.
Jlesolvod, That in tho future wo MUST
and WILL HAVE a fair and free choico
1 r .... ;.,;t . . 11... .:n . 1
a forward movement on Saturday, and j "
.... . . h 4n lVn.l.lnnl.i, n.L.w.nn III.. I ' J
of tho United States, has our thanks for
valuable Seeds from tho Patent Office.
prico to 83 00 u year, from and after th Age,
Grit of March.
Hon. Henry W. Tkaoy, Representa
live in Congress from this District, will no
flopt our thsnki for tha (l(JongrsiionaU Two millions of apecis
Jrsetery." fr Phrops, Ut wTc.
A bill is before Cungress to sell tho gold
in thn TI. H. Treaiurv. some twenty mil
left Nw Vork it0n5. This has unecttled the price of gold
ssnricfi it tUellnt frow 6? . 10.
successful advanco" on Sunday. Wo may
look for stirring news from that quarter
in a day or two.
Tho number of Federal officers who
roceutly inudo their escoin' i oiu Hichmond
is statod by a paper of tl, city at 109.
A portion ot them (.including 1 ol. btreigutj
havo reached the Federal i.nes, anothor
portion havo peen recaptured, and others
yot remain to be heard Ir in, ucneral
Butler has sent out cavalry -Mid gunboats
to givo protcotion to such as an bo found.
Gen. Ben, Butler's brother -Jhoono who
was with him at Now Orleam has ressn
tly died. Tho property of U u brotlurs, in
partnership at Now Orloam is currently
estimated at from two to bovi a millions of
Zr Major Geneual Kiori, Ii.m bcon
aesicued to tho command of th Depart
tvjnsnt sf Wtit Virginia.
im propneior devotes a portion f.f ilienntir to Mt mc" norcii ever published. Itt nlo lrsnti fltf
Craturu. I'msMIdII. A('rlrilltnrn I In. M!i,.3.- i... J i .t .. f
ailU, WO Will uphold tho S,.ortlDiMMK,;;ii Weop.,l,.,. fcn ,aU.-
the COVOrUmont When WS iv'r': L?V"! ,',l"'K,lBJ "eral News.nndijpoils of. w
, ..i f ' -V,,B .uh.miuu-,1 ,,i iuiiii uu excellent mcpipujitun I Yv
condemn It When We nowspaicr-n weekly photographic view offiacvents A '
and corruption which has boen inauprura
ted by tho party now in power, aud that
wu feel it our duty not merely to our party
but to our oountry, to rid tho poople of
this incubus upon the will of tho majority.
Resolved, That wo will always sustain
tho government as defined by the orgauic
law ot ttio rcpunlio
administration of
think it right and
tlnnU it wrong.
t2y Scurvy and Scrofulous IJruptions
will soon cover tho bodis? of thoso brave
men who aro fighting their country's bat
tles, Night air, bad food, and drenching
rains will make sad havoowith tho strong
est, thoreforo letoveryman supply himself
a certain euro for every kind of skin dis
caso. Only 30 cents per box,
The House oflicnreiontatWes has order.
ed 10.000 additional oopies of Qenirsl'
Msuisuan i jiopott t piattd,
Its home correspondents, cneneed nl he.irirn.i m,l i m: and attractive Storv. Prlrs u nr.
conuceteil with each new naval ami mllitar capedi- ' '
Hon of tho government, provo that It is dctir(nineu" to XIII
leno uu spot uucovt-red li) its operation, mil no event 1
can occur mat .nail not find iinuipdiale rep-n in lis Thn HnliUn nf Pnm Miii
eoluu It costs the proprlotor over on-Ihundrcd X 110 0113 01 trOO Society.
thousand dollars per yeur to inaintaiii ito cuosof cor-1 ii.-.i nnni, t, i n,ii. nn i n... t, .
respondents iu the tit Id. T I n "and-IIook for Ladies nnd OeuomPni wi, hints
In its collation of Porelcn News iho Hen il h. f. ""icooics concerning nicu poi4 f tasl. goal
)i-ara held a lugli position, and it Hill ciide.ifor in tho fanners, and tho art of making Ok-.elf agruuble.
future to luaiiuiiiii the stand it has iissume l It has licprinted from the London cdillon.ahicli isftw bssl
Vcia!f """o" mail of thiVrincipal andlo,t e,ert3,n,ff h.,,,1, ,J ' . ..' .1
cities of the world.
Its telegraphic arrangements extend to wUrcvcr tho
electric Hires aro notched, When the AllStic cable
i. miu, nuim icuv win soon no uccoronli lcu, tele,
grams win ue rrceueit trout Uurojieuml Asiias null
asfromtbu United Ktates. Tlieu our recA-rs will
have tho ivints of thu week in all parts of thtiviliicd
..uuu ,t-(;iiiuri auu cicariy iatu nirore then..
Ilshkd. I'.'oo. cloth bound I'rlci aftli.
fiy Miss Augusta Evans. Onaof the tiry hit A-
of thu world and all ut n vin luw pries.
Tho Wi-tkly Herald is issued every fatur
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Ono copy. ?j rive copies,
lhree coplis, S Ten copies.
Any largsr number, addressed to names.
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An ealracopy will bo srnt to every club rl
Iwenly copies, to one address, ono car,
any larcer ,iumbi-r at .aino nrirn.
An extra i-oiiv will ho .cm mrinh. . ......
inlln Vv'.'i'i'J n l i1 liu,"cd 0Ul"uer will W lamed
.-. ....,
Five dollars for sn momh..
aaills for thk-o inunih..
, Ildilor and Proprietor,
NorlhwmfOrnerofr'ulton and NsimntVi,
,,, Ktw York City, N. T
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1 1
1 'l
Uir It 5 ll Irt