Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, February 27, 1864, Image 1

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Vol. 17. no, 52.
iJLlllDi A if 1
Saturday Morning, Feb. 27,1 0G4.
5s Hie Vilnl Principle of the I'luc Tree.
Lincoln's Reconstruction.--Gen.
Banko Master of the Situation.
-Department of the Guif.
New Orleans, January 21.
An "autograph" letter from Mr. Jin
coin to Gcucralljanks was read at a ncot
iug tho other night, which isthu3 reputed
in the radical Tunes, The snoakir said
'tho reorganization of Louisiaia was !
greatly desirod bjr tho shortest possible
method, was desired uot onlyly tho loyal
people of tho State, but of the United
Stated and by the President, aud to show
tho desires of the Presided and tho high
authority by which Banks's pro
clamation was su-tainrJ, read an auto-
Clitiiincd by a neriillar nrnrPM In ihi tl.iitii.ilr... .r
lie lnr, by which Its lilgheft medicinal rrocrlln urn Cocretpondciuo oftlm Now York World
. It Ih (lie mullclno that cure), wlien all otticrs liato '
fill .id. I
A Jrcat KciiH(! fur ('(iimimptinn.
t nm rnintnnlty receiving such cvrtlfirntct ni the
follow Jug. HEAD ITI
llnvo yon a L'ourrh I Havo you Snro Throat f Ilatn
you nny ' f tho prihintutory symptoms of that moil
t.itiil tlisorio. ''on.umptinn t
Thorni twin linu'.i he unrno.l hy tliefc lymptnm. sen
orally think lightly of th.m uniil It 1. too late. Trooi
till, fact, itrlinu more than any other, nriioi tho tail
lirevnl-ncu ami I.Ualily cf tllt.-ni9 which nwccnata
Uu litavo nt iittoiie xUtli of Death's hlliiu.
What ur-j It symptoms I
It ti.ually li-vitia wlih n .ln rt.tlry tnuali. which soon
Womoi li 1 1) . J ii :i 1 . I. in i,,r mini lime iiulhini! I. raised
tcfpt n Iruthy mucin. Tho bmiliilhft ia mime-what
illffiriilt, unil upon hIUIh escrri.e iniirh hurried. A
nemo of tlflitn ff s nuil nipr'ii.iuu a" the Hie.t Is often
felt. As tin) dist'n.c mhanron l!m patient become
thin In llerh I. nllliitod with loss nf appetite, crout
latiijor, Indolence, uu I ilfjcitina of iiirlts ; mi 'I may
rnutinu; In lilt.. Mat" fori ri'ii.lderablo h'nith of time,
tlnl Iti.veiy readily nllVi tcil hy tlirjil I'ipomiro or
tlttlL'tltt II tlti'.e net ur. tho r.nueli hi'muic. mtire li-nu. I
lili'somc, nml . nltcii led with i"i"ilotntioii. whkh I. ,,...,.), liir f M T l.nnln Int!..
umtt ciipiuti. and free very early hi tho mommc It rSrJP" ,cttor 01 "IT. JjlICOIIl, Mating til".
i iimctiims mreakod with l.tnud. At thin rlaijo ntclit- ijr.airnlilr'lir.s. nf inmprlinln fri'n S'iitr,
HW-cat. u.ually In, anl in mime ran';, a propine ' "t-siniuiciitss 01 an llimiuiaiO iriO ftaie
Meeiimi! ni we luiir. may aim incur, rain In mine or' lii7 it nn nf llin K".tp inil (Innm-nl
part ufthi; client I. fell, uml olten a difficulty uf Ijlnir 0IV,,lz'll',n ' S'tei l,t General
J.tuks was master if the situation, and
was authorized to tako the case as he
fouud it ; and adapt sueh meaMircs as ho
might deem iiPMssary to give Louisiana a
fri'e State orgroization iu the shortest pos
siblc time, '.'hat it was not designed that
any out- else should lo thwart liis
((ten. UauU'ft,) measures, but if nuy such
attempts veiu inado lie was tti 1 master of
ihe citua'ion while he was in command of
the di'pulment."
i 'I hit astounding announcevient. show-
iiij; ilat the Comma nder-iti-Chicf of the
in tires of tho United States has commit
ted to his lu'utciiatit in this department the
priYirr (which bayonets fully give him) of
iioiildiug the lutiiro vonditinii of tilings
.'.ere in all repents, without nppual, cx
ct'pi to liimsell', lias (pjiMiched all opposi
tion lo hi-, plans and designs. Even Thos,
. , Duratit, who insists on admitting the
fiee negroes to present right of suffrage,
maiigre all laws and eontitutioas, ami who
was the randidule of the Jim and ils
upon one or Iiu' ntlir t.l... wilhout .vorn lilt nf
louahlni; or a Hiniro if fullticH or rutloialion, In x
pprlrnci'tl. Tho pnN. hocniin i. full, hard, and frciipnt
tin; hi ctlR ll I'll ti!i-i tho i-hci ki, and tin- .lire malady
ix fat hanlonini to it. . In.
Vim mm ink "I. th"r a fori' I"
roiMiiniilion has hu.'n mill can h i cnri'il hy th' its'! of
my TAi'.CuaoMi., oven in aiiparaiillv hoptdi'K.
Tii as.ortini 1 nril.o ith tho ability to premMit Ih"
inot roioplttt' oviili'iico i ftiio truth, hparo will Jmt
inluilt of my L'h Ini Ih'Toiitout. oriho many tliiiuau.U
of in it. v.iliii, whirh 1 haV'i hi'ioiaud am
r!i'iMvMu limn nn n an-l wmtn'ii of un'pi',!'iiimaliio
worth and reputation I li ivc h 1 1 a numb t of tln'H :
ri'ttiflcali'it.piinloil in rti ul i f.iiiuwhun I will mi.I
ynu Irro mi application Vh'-tlifr ,ou uov di-terniiui
to try I'o' in 'ilicin.' ur nut, ,.'nd III, i AtVr
) .mi-, i f Mwlv an I ovp"rinii')it, I i.tlW thi ui.'.lii iiu
li dlei nn; it 1011 llia In si ri'oii'dy foi all puliii'ioar.
uu I liriuirlii il iliHi-a..-., If v. in c in nut N.j ItciwOlt 'd hy
lti. u..' i-l i'i.' Tar tr lial. I I. ln v a i mi ar.. h.'y.tiiil nil
ca I ti ul I. V.i u" ilit-rt an- h ti 1 urato aii ntr. 1
i-nrin-oilv a h i,c tit. i r u. 'Ini'h"l rt'iu,lii'-. th;
!. st i ar.i. ar n i t in I'm.,, utln I with tin ill-,
i-u.o I. I mii i:n, to li.' nn. I M I a. . v i ti, tr it.
M.m , mil i.nlv ..f ih.- . ii phj .ti i.ins ul .'-wry
pchiini ,uiii jiMt-iit'i'. aro tl.iit, j.kiini'. "Whall.lh"
jo mcipl'- or tans.' nf ymir in Ih lr.-nitu.inl ul
i'ulmii.iary t'u.i-uinjiIiiiiM ' My -tu.ut-r l. thi.
Th ltivui..tii! ,il in.' ilijttMtlv,' tiridilit tlK ,lr.N..
th ' iaj nt Hit- .it hint it. .1 iy.l.'i,i tin- piwith-.tti-oi -mil
curif tnu.'iil uf Oi - hli.uil. uu i , xp I frmn tit - s -i m
Chi. fuirupthoi which ri.fiila l.r.-.!'. IVhih- t!iii. 1.
r.rnti',1 l, th miw fiinl .it -rat:-.' f'hmiiTirit' ftoiu .IU
. .iio to health; iirui.-rtli. ..t in.t 'J'.'ir I 'ordijl, it. ht-al
im; tlii't r -loiVHtim; lirllli tph' is .ll. i lu-Uitj; llinoi th.;
im il-.'-l -.urf.i'-. . l tin- Iiiiiim .-i-il pouoli.iliui.'
In .mi h di'.i'.i.fil p..rt. i .it i - i , null I in ji ir mt! i mat i in
unit iu to my a h,t ili' itn.l-oi). l.i't (his twii.ful,
p.iw r, Mi h ali'ii; an I th - .Ip-iulli 'nini, iiulinu" o
ml in etioj t.n Mi-n with' ...itn i . en. i. taut romp-ratli
..'it lout; . .in , th'-ji (in nt 1 1 . iv.;.l, it h" b.i. nut .0'i
luiu tit-i.i.t'a a rtfini tu t.i'; i;i.iaii. .it caro.
i.i:v r: j
monf, or in combination with unprincipled
met, monopolizes o ir posts of honor, ro
spcetibility aud duty I" This strong
laDguage no doubt contributed to bin sub
sequent nomination for Governor.
Not to bo altogether put out of consid
eration by you or me, beoauso we aro not
accustomed to regard it as possible, is tho
likelihood that the demand of tho ''free
colored people, who only lucludc with
thorn those born free, will be admitted to
the clcctivo franchise. Gon. Shipley de
clared that he could not grant their de
mand, and Genoral Banks returned them
no answer: but ihey have now sent P. M.
Townc, one of their number, who is near
ly white, to see their "great father," tho
President, iu the hope that ho will admit
them to the ballot-bos. Why not T Mr.
Lincoln has as much power to do this as
he has to prescribe terms aud qualifiea
lions to the white voters, and by includ
ing all who have negro blood in them can
secure an enormous vote. Major Plum
Icy, ol Pennsylvania, a white officer iu
high position, mado a t-pcech at their last
meeting, in which he expressed a wish
that he had negro bipod iu his veins.
Address of Jeff Davis to the Con
federate Armies.
Tho last Richmond papers contain tho
following address of Jeff Davis to tho ar
mios of the Confcdorato States. It is bold
doGancs and hopeful and certainly doos not
show much of a disposition to give up tho
fight. Wc fear when our armies loavo
their Winter quarters and start out on
tho Spring campaign wo will hoar of hard
er fighting than has yet been witnessed
m tins war :
Soldiers ok the Armies or tub Con
federate States :
In the long and bloody war in which
your country is engaged you havo achiev
ed many noblo triumphs. You havo won
glorious victories over vastly moro nume
rous hosts. You have carefully borno
privations and toil to which you were un
used You havo readily submitted to re
strain upon your individual will, that thu
citizen might better perform his duty to
the State as a soldier. To all these you
havo lately added nuolhcr triumph tho
noblest of human conquests a victory
over yourselves. As tho timo drj:w uear
when you who first ontorod tho scrvieo
might well have been cxpoctcd to claim
rcliof from your ardurotis labors and res
toration to the endearments of homo, you
strainod energies of tko enemy. IIU cam- J crushed with pauperism dud starvation.
paign of 1804 must, from the oxliaustiou i Tho following foreshadows, as in tho glass
of his resources of raon and monoy, bo far ' globo of tho niagioan, our future fata:
loss formidable than those of the last two rr"' ,'"nilon I1"a,', Wi-J
. . . , Iscrkase in Pauperism. As
ii,-' ciU'vi i.i:fi;i r.i
Tha 'num.! in,, tlw iruuuofih' pr,i,,ii md 'i
join' lr- l.l'iv-t,-, in I..0 liiilll . rill ut.'i'.i. art; .;nri u
I'k.i k I'li'iv rise. iii Ii. r I'nu u ?t.i l.'firi: -l'r
pirod only h ih.- pr-'ii-.t"i.
itr. .. () . USSlUiri'.
No. 1 1) .Niiitri! Sr..
!; Xulr Ll all Drltjjgi.ts.
Ilt'.i'inl.i r P.i. fi.3- i.iii.
i i ,t. ii r . ..r
The arrival of BWiop Ames, of the ,mvr ucouuu ou,-v lU0 c;m "l uur 6U"U'"
Northern Methodist ICpisoopal church, D8 couutr Agaiu you oorac to tender
from which the Methodist Episcopal churth , yup BOrvioc fnr ,bc Public feneo-afrec
South was cparato,l years ago, lias at last ! olTeriDS' wh!cU oul' such l'at"Otism as
taken place. He has been cominisMoued, j0"" could ,ua-a triumph worthy of
we were told by Northern newspapers, to ! -vou 1111(1 of tbo caus0 10 whioh arc de'
come to tho South aud fill the vacuut pul- 1 volt'd-
pits with "loyal ministers." His eommia- i 1 would in vaiu """'"P1 adequatelj to
sion seems to Lave .been ismied by ihe , express tho emotions with which I rcceiv
chief civil and military rulers, for he, too'ed'the testiuiouials of confidenoo and ra
is "master of tho situation." It U easy ' Sa' d wllioh 'ou 1,ave recently addressed
to make va.auoies when "the fundamental ' t0 me- To sorae of tl,os0 fir3t "coived
law of tho State is martial law." as Ut-n. "parous ackuowledgmcnis wero returned L
Banks r0i in his prorlamatiou. The but it is now apparent that a like gencroue
provost marshal makes the vacancy, and ' enthusiasm pervades the whole array, and
Bishop Ames fills it. , tuattuo oniy exception Suou umguum-
Jn tho arrival of Bishoo Ames, thn K-a 'ous tender will be of those who, having
' ' ., ... 1 . I . .1 ! -
originally cuiercu inr uu; war, canuoi uia
play anew their zeal in the publie service.
It is therefore deemed appropriate, and it
is hoped will bo equally acceptable, to
years, when tinimpared means wero used
with boundless prodigalitios, and with re
sults which aro suggested by tho mention
of tho names of Shiloli, Perryville, Mur
it . ... ni 1 i. "... A T . .. ..
lrCP.Shnrn autl tUO VjlllOKauo niuy, lununns- ,i - ... i. e
uucsuoro ami iuu umv-r. u , transpired that thoro was an mcreaso of
sas, l-rcdorickflburg and ChanceBorsviUe. fiv0 tf10USfin(1 ;Q ,he mimbor receiving ro
Soldiors asuurod success waits us in i iier from local committeea only. 'J hus,
our holy struggle for liberty and independ-1 than in seven days, over eleven thousand
ence and for tho reservation of all that , extra persons wero turown out oi, aim re-
renders lifo dcsircablo to honorablo inon.
When that success shall bo roachod, to you
. . 1 .. . ' 1
your country s uopo auu priuu, unuur
Divine Providenoo, will it bo duo. The
fruits of that success will not ba reaped by
you alone; but your children and your
children's children in long generations to
como will enjoy tho blessings derived from
you that will preserve your memory ever
living in their hearts.
Citizen defenders of the bomcs,tho liber
tics and altars of tho coufederaoy That
tho God whom wo all humbly worship
may shield you with His fatherly oaro, and
prcsorvo you for safe return to the peace
ful enjoyment of your friends and the
associations of thoso you most love, is the
earnest prayer of your Commander-in-Chief.
lNcitnASE in Pauperism. As wo an
ticipated, tho returns rsooived from tho
cotton districts for the week ending tho
Oth instant, Five thousand oao huudrod
and thirty-three additional persona wore Go quick : leave the room 1" and cov-
. 1 . . 1 . l.l; I I.-. 1 !l -I...I . . . .. .
piacou on too pa:un uuoks, uuu ii. auu
u woman in a bod room I cannot desoribo
my sensstiou. I said soraotbing, I don't
know what it was but tho lady lighted her
lamp, looked, stared at mo anJnsUrit,
turned as whito as a pillow casc,and
screamed :
'Whoaroyoa! How oamo you hero?
nuired to bo supported bp either tho rata
naver or nhblio charity. Had this lam
outablo stato of affairs been brought about
solely through tho severity ot tue weatucr,
forcing thoso engaged out of doors to
desist from their occupations-wo should
not havo felt thcro was much cause for
uneasiness ; but it is stated by the honor
ary Secretary to tho Central Committee
that tho unfortuuato result is due lo tho
closuro o( several mills, aud to doc.reasod
employment generally,' owing to the un.
curtaining the present price of cotton be
ing maintained.
At ttio present lime Jjancasuirc is sup
porting 141,852 paupers, and we may
orlculato that local .committees aro main
taining somo eighty or ninety thousand
additional, so that the unemployed popu
lation of the round numbers at a quarter
f a million.
Trout tho Con.tltutional Union.
Our Debt audits Consequences.
The following picturo of tho paupersism
in England ia the original from which a
photograph may bo taken of the condition
to which wc arc fast verging under thu ; lecture was well euough,but I got into such
impulsive force of accumulating debt, Mr. ' an awful scrapo after it was over, that I
cring hsr faeo with her bauds, she sobbed
1 was petriflod. Of courso, 1 wasquito
as auxious to leave as she was to have mo.
But. in my confusion, instead of going out
tho door I came iu, I unlocked tho door,
and walked into a closet."
"Bcloro I could rectify my error thoro
came a terrible thundering at tho door.
The lady screamed j tho noise increased, (
and I felt peculiar j knowing very well that
now tho lady's real husband was coming,
and that I was in rather a bad fix."
''Vcll aware that it would uot do to to
main in tho closet, and convinced of tho
danger of meeting a man who might fall
into vulgar weakness of being jealous, I
was trying to collect my soattorcd sensea
in tho darkness, when tho lady whispered
to mo In a wild manner.
"What shall 1 do? If you do uot go ho
will kill ice."
"Oh ! but consider "
AN ADVENTURE; 1 "'Ihe thundering of tho door drowned
"1 never attended but one tcmporance : voice, Sho flew to tho open door. As
lseturc," said our feiend B, with a pceii-, wrathful husband burst into tho room,
liar BiuiU "and don't think I nhall ever . r- thought I felt n littlo.cold, and crept un
attend another." : ar some garmonts "hanging in iho closet."
"You probably found it dry?" ! "The gruff voice roared and stormed.
"Well, yes, but that isn't it. The Othelo was jealous aud revengeful; Dcs-
(Icmona innocent anil distressed then l
chief organ of tho "master of the situa
tion," announced that lie would preach in
the Carondelut street church. That build-
liietuli coventor, who hud nut hinnclf insr was in the hands of its coii!roiatian.
o a--o 1 , , , . , .
and liia "Free State General Committee" who belong, uot to tho church of which mnUo a cneral, lusted u
in anta-onisiii to hia nlati. thoush thev 1 Bishon Ames id a member, hut to that - f successivo special rssponses. Would
eol-My i-giei'.l to take pi.rl in the elcetion, ;tirely 'separate bodv, tho "Methodist that it were possible to render my thanks
i . i r
Church South." from which it is an cu- to you iu person, auu, in me name oi our
ti.elv disconnected as U th Church of common couutry, as well as in my own,
ISnaland from the Roman Catholic church. llilc PlessiuS thc 1,aud of cacU war worn
His announcement was without atr.hnitv , veteran, to recognize his title to our love,
a id he did uot nreach : but the nantor of gratitude and admiration.
on the C2d of February for members of a ; ihe church, Mr. Davies, did, declining to ' Soldiers By your will for you and
has at luft been thrown overboard by his
moro pliable associates. In tho meantime
they have, wish doftVd hats, presented
themselves iu the uuvcrument palace and
arki'd the viceroy to permit them to vote
convention to change thu Ucnsutiition to
all which his cxcelLw-y graciously con
sented. win is to he oon ernou!
Volunteers aud Conscripts !
M"0) pv.lill"r. or anv others w.him to Im'H a.': t.'n'lr
1 indium', ih ro i. no h. Itor i.'a I'iIoiub m at tin.
:nu '. man troiu Hi" M.lti ul our iatih.u. 'liny ur.'
atranlml .-ih lit iir-.i-ut d I
"I'ailieulaily fur orlic I in Ilia Army mid
lra clliTi. "Frank ..Wit.'., l'v, hual and chtapox lim -pi.-cj. v ct off r
i'd."-.V, 1' Jllailra'nl ,'.io-. Jin. III.
Vir pri'tu and VNutriioa for Hi.' Army."
.V II. jiriaij &,-.Xnriu Journal iov.-m t rau, Aiil"2'I.
1.IIII1 ,. lilt' UIU'-.I .lliu un". i.-ii.iiiit; iiijitni-n lit ai-
ne." ii 1'iHf A., Inly a .
lining a Hunting or n,iu l'w or Lady's or ti-ntlt;
man'. Watih I' wild I'.ttont Si'lf-windiii)!
Inipiuvuiu' nt, a iiiii'-t I lei.iu Novi lty.
I tit- .it th.' pr tt.i'.t run. I t.uiv "int'iit, and tied Ifilly
lliu lifnaud clu'iipist Urn" pice- lor smn-ral and ri'li.i
Mo una tt r otl'or I it Ii.-i.-i w ithiu it mi'l t-ii'iiu'eli-d
i Hi lis mat hinrry lit ..w u w mi .in? atlm hat -nt.rt'inl'
cuii;' a kt'j t'lilir.-it uuu 'c tsarv. Th i n.i. of tin.
alth ar.; ciin.i o.iJ 1 1 two no ul -, tie outi-r mio h -nut
lino In rarai nuui. II ha., th improved ruby intion
iuver inovouo'iit. .mil i. w.iiraiit I an accini'' tini'!
liiocL1. Price, nipi'i dy fntrawd. n r ci.eoi hall ilo.. n
SJU4. Hamjilu WaUh 'H in neat u.urULCo buto, 5)5.
first Cla.B II lining I'mii- I'lt-ofd for atc.irncy ofiuovf.
inmil. h'autv ofm-t-rii1, nu-l nil, rli-apni . 1
in price, tlieno watt hi-, inu-t insiito I
appiuli ilion. I
.Ml ilnll.ilion sti 1 jiiiiK-ja 111 11 11 i iior '" . ., . r. .1 -I . .1 . ,, , .
uneti hy the mont espcrn'iiti'd jii.iirm. The Hiatal., 1 resiyu to their use, after the election, the ; Mr, Davies afterward, callin" htm Bishop
Iho other one llr.l iualily cSU'iliny Silver, while Hie I , ,1 11 nil . . . . . .
inner om- n C-rtnau riilvt r, it rannnt Uf rccosniZtid hy j rooms lie UOW OCCUplCS 10 tUO 1. 11 V tlall AlllCS, when the explanation WSS UiaOC.
oeahuun'duS who will get all tho ' A bold soldier certainly is Chaplain Kine-
kTi,,.VMc i.nh--.jV!iiiiior in ia.' Army i. a i.ourc(! Germans and who is individually a
tif mormon.- pmllt. ritailms. .u lln-y M-ry readily 110,
ul S-'.i unit upw Urdu. Many huudrtM uouirs an
Chase's fiuancierinc skill. Mr. Stanton's
extravagance, and Mr. Welles' reckless
ness. The debt of Great Dritaiu was
created after tho "glorious rovolutiou,"
when Dutch Billy supplanted his father-in-law,
James ihe Second in 1088, and
increasing continuously under tho expan
sive power of continental wars, maintained
heard ominous sounds, as of somo. one
looking under the bed."
"l Know he is here. 1 saw mm como
into tho houso with you. You lorked tho '
door ! I'll have his heart out !''
"Hear tno I hear me ! I will explain '."
"As I was litfteuing very attentively for
thc explanation, tbo garments under which
lifted, aud
iu such a
siiios supplied to foreign powers to aid !tho awful scciic, when somebody took my situation, by such 'a husbaud,"
heir proseculion.scarccly doublce, iu a'arin." j "Well B u," we cried deeply iu-
i . . i i ii i t 1
give way to Bit-hop Ames. tlJC people are nut one i nave uccn piaeea
The Lra aud a correspondent havo ' in a r!ition wlliul1 debara mo from suar"
made this the subject of comment, and cs- ' "ig your dangers, your sufferings and
neciallv tho fact xhat tho pastor leaved ' 'ur privatioca iu the field. With pride
Ai to tho candidacy for governor three for iho President of tho Stales," without j and affection my heart has accompanied
feom now tho most prominent Judge ! using any qualifying word. 'I ho Jim 'ou in evcry ,llarcl1 i wit1' solicitude it
Whituker, who ha. been iiomiuated by the 1 concludes with the hope that Bishop Ames i uas s0USut 10 "'-lister to your every want ;
'Tunes" and the 'City Hall' clique, as it ; will "root out all pernicious secession wUh exultation it has marked your every
iseallfd, bcinji the Batler aud Shcploy seeds Irom his sniritual rardeu." heroic achievement ; yet never iu the toil-
man ; Atocha , who will have the military The correspondent of tho Vei, who ! sorac march uor Ju the weary vatsb, uor
never think of temperance meetings with
out a tuddcu shudder. I'll toll you about
it. It won in Jersey Citv whore I was
Botncthiug of astaugcr, and thc night was
ouo of tho worst of the season. Boreas I ,
how it blewl It was enough lo tako your i
breath away. Well, the ltctttro was ove'r,
aud making up my way through thc crowd I "ds concealed were quietly
almost uninterruptedly, and tho liberal I lingered in tho doorway, contemplating , -aoi'V leol'.ug, discovered,
in their
ccnturv aud a half, tho amount our "fast! "Where have you been!" said the ' tereitcd, for wc knew every word of his
young men" have contrived to lavish in 'sweetest voico in tho world. "I hT0 story wan true, "how did you get out of
less thau three years. But the stoppage ' been looking for you everywhere." j the scrape."
of specie payinonts led to printing; and! "Very much surprised, I turEod my, "I used a violent remedy for so violent
the two war secretaries being liberally ; head and saw ; but I can't describe her & complaint. Driven in a burner, liiy tifo
supplied with greenbacks and other cvi- i i' makes mo mad to think how prodigeous , in danger perceiving at a glanco that
dences of debt, becamo in a short time, pretty she was." Othelo was not siring as I was, I throw
like all other spendthrifts, careless iu "With her left baud she leaned on my , myself upon him aud held him there until
their expenditures, oaring little whether arm ; and she was arranging her veil with j I had givru a full explanation of tho orrur
the ''flimsies" wont into tho pockets ho: light, and did not ciliec my surprise, ' made him hear reason, and tamed him to
"ou havo been looking for mo, 1 fal-1 ho as -rcutlc as a lamb. Then I Icft. rnlh
tercd." cr uncerimously, havo uoTor seen Othelo
"Como let us be going," was tho reply,! Aa'j Dedcmoua since."
pressing my arm." w
"A thrill went to my heart. What to Expanding the Luugs.
books of hired agents whether they
vanished as a regular "knock-down" or
were openly paid us a premium for pro
tended services.
But the increase in tho prices of all
vote aud that of all who are afraid of the 1 was prcjent.says that "Chaplain Kinstou" i iu lhe dusperatc assault have you render-( juou-.y t0 ascertain the moans of meeting ' of which prevented any conversation. At
... .... . . ' c 1 ...i - : .1 : ..t. r !. ' . . . ... . . . . .. , 1 -.i court ; and Mr. Uahn, lately j who went into tho pulpit and sat there
(Juiou member of Congress in this btale while the pastor conducted tho cervices,
There is a story afloat that the two laitcr and who made tho final prayer at his re
am so coufidect of an 'election that they 1 qucs-t thought all thc whilo that it was
havo asked Governor Sheplcy if ho will I Bishop Ames, and hold out his hand to
cd a service so decisive iu results as- ia tho payments 0f interest and providing for the length sho said with a sorcam-
W ! fellow, has the call.
.stou, going into a pulpit without beini:
liven John Galpio, : kuowu to or by its occupants. At all
'IrTB.Ki.ou" ImI; "uSm 1 popular rcMauiaut koepcr, who was evcuts, ho heard nothing amiss. Thecor
??,kv hi'if 1 nominated, decline? iu his favor. t respondent concludes, "We must havo in
din-on. $r.ti. Hlt only bv tlw c.i.i .l it j TIIEHB MAY J1E NO ElD TI0.V.
mum n u M' "
"aith, "ill acini watchf hy exhrt'st to any I'.itt ur
. ..... 1 1 i.uii... i.riuii mi ill li I'n rv.
last display of the highest qualities of de
votion and self-saorifieo which can adorn
the character of thc warrior patriot. Al
ready the pulso of tho whole people heals
in unison with yours ; already they com--
I pare our spontaneous and unanimous offor
of your lives for thc dofeneo of your coun
try with the halting and reluctant service
of tho mercenaries who are purchased by
tho enemy ut thc price of higher bounties
than havo hitherto been kuowu tn war.
our churches men loyal," not merely to
After all, though General Banks ia pros-: tho United Stales, hut "to tho ago and
cut ' master of all the situation," tho mal- loyal to all future progress, freadom and
uni 1.... !..,!,.. .ii.lnv.'il 'it mult lemit ra.ll in . nnntdn.a nry. rl.tPl'intnori tllrlt nil nlpptllin Imninnttr ' t.Oiif i.I,ii.i.Iaq ' rn,Anll,
nilvanco, as tho 'xp'O'Seompaiiii'i' pere'inptoiily retuc i .
uiakinecoiioetiou. m miii .iiini-ioui huaitK'n. u'e gj,aji j,e titil d at tho time and iu the oau-1 must bo filled with Abolitionists that is the
(.lurauli'ii th i -ul'-' ihliverv 'f nil Watilie. wlitlher i
tii-yaru Hunt iiy nun or ir.'ini. . . per set forth. Some wan: every man liero , doctrine of tho new dispsnsation, Today
' ii i - tin t! ii ninm . Mi.le Iiimorifrj. ' . . . r ' J
r-. 1 1 1 ,
tl.u l..vfil SI.lf,K. rnlt.'rllllL' hiilani" of hill Oil lltll vorv
Thu i''iiiirm buyers anuiiiKl trail I, ptviii; th'iu their
Mulches Imlnre paym.'t.i i p- pnrt-u
171 Ilroailway. ctir.l.'nrllandt fctieet, .tw YutK.
Vthruaryild, W'i
Lafliaivamia iV llioomslmrir Railroad
rs AM)
li.v I
AI' JN. I"1. IJ04
M O V I X u S O U T 11.
I'antng ir.
Leave Prrantnn,
KingKlon ...
. It'ooiutiliurj; . . .
" Dauvilli'.
Arnvo ut.N'utthiiinbeilan.l,
M O V 1 N 11 ii O R T II
Leavo Norlhuinrn'tlaH'l.
" imnville,
Rupirl, '''
lilmim.hurg '
Arrive u.l rienintnii,
....aii, 'iu li.i.keuire
l'a8i'Heiii lakina
in 1'.
SHO A.M. . '
y.'j.' 1
I ill P. M ,
'""' ... ,n I. . l ,
Kreitht '.imeiigcr cave. iuoouisiiiii. " '
r r igm . r. t T,ntl, .,,.(!, rcnui'rl with
he i:tire train from Norlird, nrrltinf at I nrmbiire
,"V .. ., '. : no a M . .iiid ut P hi hi e nhu
nt5I..iu .i. ii.. ii ! " i , -.,., ,, i
..inn iiiiui ii,,.'. i.u.,..
ni .uui ; ,.,. , nr.
PliiladilPhla M Ul 10 P. M. to leach point, on
ilurins 'h'1 i"'Bv" ,'acli nay hetween Norlhumberlaud and l'oltl
"':',?," a'nTNor.Liuberluid ."J""-' ; Hupt
J (.'.Well., (liii'l Ticket, 1gcn.
Kinciton, January .l", kU.
hh persons knowing thanuclves in
I. . . ...,..i ......,,1. It, nv Wl,
from the United States to vote , irrespective it is likely the Coup d'etat will tako place
ot lemdencc, if ho he loyal ; somo waut j jm; episcopal ciiuucues in trouhle
the freo negroes to have a show, and i onck moue.
others wish the couutry pari-hes to bo' Tho waidcns of the Episcopal churches
fairly rcprosoutud, which it i vaiu now to all, of which, except Christ church, aro in
expect. Others, who have an axes to their owners' bauds, lo which they wero
1 grind, insist that this is not the time to go ' committed by Gen. Banks when ho revo
M" before tho people that there can bo no ked tho order of Gon. Butler requiring
j such thing now as freo spoeoh or free vote. bem to use prayer for tho president of
! Among all representations will be mado Ihe United States and their Congress havo
i ... . i ...!.!!. ... i . L..irn nr,lppiil ll. llirt iirn.A.I itaii.
i 111 lllgu quarters ivuiuu uru i'.puuii-u iu w...v.v- -j ... yiv.. .....
resultin a chanfio of "tho situation." The eral to "showcoust 'why they cannot now
election may bo postponed, but will not bo 1 use those prayers. Thoy reply that Gon-
abandoned. Mr. Lincoln is himself in- fral Hanlis, m restoring the churches to
terested iu that.
You may ituli'c of thc bitterness now marshal general been sinco appointed
ihuroStl springing up in our midst against the dis-, bishop of this dioctso by iMr. Lincoln ! If
accompany tho niit reputable class of "strangers" who have noi, uy wuom i
como Jure Irom the ftorlh to "control , A), gU
cecuo, ....u ,. uuu. iu. ti, ..w... ?nkk8aroillfavor of tho new fashion of
the language uieit ny .ur. uann, in m. Bho, t drCBBe.. All thu.o neat enough to like
newspaper, the Iuc Delta, in urging 6lockiDgs are jn favor of
Iiuuisianans to acct-pi mu auitn-tn u" " faJui'on
I .1. ! !.! .1... .1 ! IJ
i inuir posre3tuuii,uiu inae iuc scivicua cuuiu
be held "as heietoforo,' Hub the provost
j.AeWi haiiucuiiMillc.lacr..iint ln "y com0 up alld vote. "tStinll WB Stand look
"a,Vnd".'llltl' tanm Hv Vicndms promptly to pu jp, (ll0 traDger, jlltC0llia Within
.lB-utiii . ijuNDEMiAi L eu, rie dmitea to w our civil govsru
rinontl"ti JsnaiD 3" 1" J
tQ"The world makes tia talkers, but sol
i udc makes ui thinkers
cuocrlul confideneo and mora rosoluto j t0 a microseopio atomity which would
bearing. Even the murmurs of tho week satisfy tho most scrupulous homeonothist.
nd timid, who shrink from tho trials
which make strong and firmer your noblo
articllcs of necessary consumption, the mako ol my lady a address 1 did uot Know Step out into tho purest air jou can
hopelessness of tho resumption of specio , but 3ho was too charming a creature for t gn( . stau,i perfectly erect, with thc head
payments, the rapid accumulation of tho nic uot to accompany her. Wo started j a)U shoulder back, aud then fixing tho
national debt, have aroused the cpirit of off in the midst of thc temptst, tho uoiso jipo, into thc lungs. When thc chest is
' . . . ' ' r t-l -...,!... l.l ... . .
about lull, raue tho arms, keeping them
extended, with the palms of the hands
down as you suck tho air, so as to bring
them over the head just as the lungs aro
quite full. Then drop the thumbs inward
and after gently forcing tbo arms back
ward, and thp cheat oprn.reverso tho pro
cess by which you draw your brcallt, till
iho lungs ere entirely empty. This pro
cess should bo repeated three or four times
during tho day. It is impossible to des
cribe to one who has never tried it the
glorious senso of vigor which fellows the
exercise. It is thc best expectorant in tho
world. Wu know a gcntleman,tho meas
ure of whojo chest has been increased
somo three inshce during as manymnutbs.
final liqidation of the principal. 'Tut your arm arouud mo or 1 shall
Thc plan of Thurlow Weed, though blow avay."
olaboratoly argued, is by no means satis- I need not describe to you my sensation
factory. Ho proposes tho repeal ol the ( as I pressed her to my sido and hurried
Homestead law. and the restoration of tho , on. It was very dark, nobody saw us ;
publio lands to tho Government, tho pro- I and allowiug her to guide my steps, I fol
coeds to ba exclusively reserved as sccur- lowed her motions through two or throe
ily for meeting the interest at least of our Bhort streets, until sho stopped beforo an
liabilitica. Supposo tho lav; repealed, olegaul mansion."
and wo should bo supplied for a disease, "Havo you your key I" she a3kcd.
undor which the nation has been brought '?Iy key 1 I stammered; there must be
Animated by this contrast they exhibit to a collapse, with a remedy comminuted i somo mistake. ''
Ho omits to notice that, iu past years,
the publio lands after tho expenses of sur-
natures, are shamed into silence by thc ! voy and the payment of tho five per ccut
spectacle which you prefcnt. to the States, have not netted sufficient on
Your brave battlu cry will ring loud I an average to pay ton per ccut. on tho in-
and clear through the laud of tho enomy
as well as our own, will silence tho vain
glorious boastings of their corrupt parti
sans aud their ponsioncd press, and. will
do justice to tho calumny by which they
seek to persuade a deluded people that
you aro ready to purchaso dishonorable
safety by degrading submission.
Soldiers Tho coming spring campaign
will oped under nuspicies wo 11 calculated
to sustain your hopes. Your resolution
needed nothing to forfeit it. With ranks
replenished under tho influenco of your
example, and by tho aid of representatives
who givo carna&t of their purposo to add
by legislation largely to your
may welcome tho invader with a confi
deneo justified by tho memory of post vie
tories. Oti tho other baud, debt, taxation,
rcpitition nf heavy drafts, distensions oc
casioned by the strife for power, by tho
pursuit of tho srlbils of office, by tho thirst
for the plunder ol tho publio treasury, and.
abovo all, iho consciousness of a bad cause,
mil U tell with fcaiful force upou tho over
torcstot our present dout, wnicli now
reaches within a small fraction 3,000
000,000. Besides tho income from that
source must continue tho downward scalo
which it commenced some yaaro ago.
Tho lavish grants for bounty lauds and
for building railroads, throw long sinco
gigautio tracts cf tbo most valuablo lands
into tho hands of speculators; bounty
lands aro yet to be granted to tho count
less soldiers, mustered into thu present
war, aud to tho helpless negro, who is now
the object of tho war ho must bo provid
ed for. How can Congress perform that
duty moro consistently with tho cherished
views of tho President, than by voting
him a grant of land as it does to tho sol
dier. Dut we havo waaderod from our pur
pose, which was mcroly tc show tha t wc
are fiat following, in our accumulation of
debt and paper currcuey thc examplo of
Englaud, where a plethoric aristoeraoy,
few in number, enjoy all ibe luxuries of
wealth, while lUs iiia.-oe, thc people, are
"As sho opened the door I stood wait
ing to bid her goud-uight, or to havo some
explanation when turning quickly, she
said :
'How queer you aetto-uight ; ain't you
coming in f"
"There-was something very tempting
iu this lutracsliou. Was I eoingin! A
warm houso aud a pretty woman was cer
tainly objects of consideration, and it was
dreary to think of facing tho storm and
seeing her no more."
"It took threc-qnartora of a second to
mako up my mind, and in 1 woui. There
was a dim light in tho hall, and as my
guide ran rapidly up stairs, I thought I
could da noihiug better than run up toe, I
followed her into a very dark loom."
"Look tho door, John," eho said.
"Now, as if I had boon tho only John
in tbo world ; I thought che knew me. I
felt for tho key and turned it iu the look
without hesitation wondering all tho tini
what was coming next. Then an awful
suspicion of somo horrid trick flashed up
on my mind, for I had ulteu heard of in
fatuated men being led to their destruction
by pretty women, and I was on the point
of re-opening tho door, when my lady
ttruck a light. Theu being au excassive
ly modest man I discovered tot my dis
CaTvY waggish chap whoso vixen wife,
by drowning, lost her precious life, called
out bin nt'ighbots all arouud, and told
them that his f-pousc was drowned. HtJ
know he stid tho very nook, where aho
had tumbled in tho brook. And ho had
dragged along tho shore, abovo tho placo
a mile or moro. Abovo tho plaeo tho
peoplo cried.
Above tho placo tho man replied. Of
oourso you don't supposo I'd go and waste
ray tiriie to look below. I've known tho
woman quito a spell, and learnt her fash,
ions very well ; alivo qr dead, she'd go,
I know, against tho current anyhow.
Ciffif A country girl ouco riding past a
turnpike gaie, without paying tho umal too,
the tollman hailed hor and demanded it ;
she asked by what authority demauded toll
of her ; he answered that the sign would
convince her that tho law required six
pence for a man and horse. 'Well,' i rp'ieil
tho girl, "this is a woman and mure then
foro you havo nothing to expect," aud she
rode off, loaviui; him the l.tughiug stock uf
the by-standers.
I t&" A great fortune iu the hands ol'a fool
ina that 1 was in a bed-room, alone with ' i a greM uii.'foiium-.