Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, February 20, 1864, Image 2

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    bditbd Br luv: u tatb, rnorntnTon,
Saturday Mornlng,Fob. 20,1864.
" Onr Oonitllttllon -unaM It crer !
Oar glorlon UnlonhoM It dear I
Onr Etarry riari fonnka It nevtrl
Tn promt Onucaitlan onr onljr peer!
fft'ir-.".-?"'"" rT -a
PTTnDPir Tl M'PT 1?T l A "M i
ttJiU.nAJ.Tj D, JL LLi Iliij Li A IN
BnbUd to Ib9 ecl.lon of U. National Convention.!
------- I
U na V ALLA.NDItUAM r UNB, 01 VJU10,
, ! n i o ,.
" T J ' . : "oditorwho dono tho printiuc was
Wm nwt fini-iAiiB nAtifviiMiiinni n tiirtii n irn in '
KThe Pennsylvania Senate it meet
ing and adjourning oca!ionally,waitiDg for
tho election iu White's district, which is
advertised to take place some time this
month, whether legally or not
Most of
lVi. mntnlmm tmn niT ntifl rtnnn
bmo. Wo noticed on toveral ballots the !
. . .
vote stood 5 to 0. Hoavybustnc.ircaly I
nnn on oscauso inc Jivguuununu
.-.1 -1, , .l. T . I?. - 1
would rathor wosto tho people's money and
violate the Constitution than that Demo
crats should get any oi ths paltry offices.
Oun neighbor Massor of tho Sunbury
American, is horrified that wo should hava
intimated in our recent notice of tho mob
biDg of the Damocrat Office, that tho riot
ers wero instigated to the net, by tho abo
lition editors and rowdies of Sunbury.
No person of common ttnse, in anywise
acquainted with the conduct of theeo dis
loyal scavengers, can entortain any other
opinion in tho promises. Let them repent
of their sneaking propensities, forsako the
association of the "Loyal Leaguers," aud
become decent citizens, and then thoy will
not be even suspected of participating in
tueb outrages and acts of violence.
Cavditlales for Office A few wcoks
ago.Ve inadvertently admitted into our
columns a communication, naming Sam
uel EvEiti-.iT, Esq., of Orangovillo, as a
oandidato for tho Legislature. Since whou,
we have received two couimunioations on
the 6ame subject, the publication of which
we deem it prudent to decline, not that we
are onfriendly to Mr.E , or that he is dis
qualified for tho position, but from the
fact, that the agitation ot that, question is
rather premature and that it is unfair to
others who may also become candidatei,
c-vtn if Yio should uot conclude to bo ono of
that number. BoliaviDg that it was first
moved without the knowledge of Mr.
Everett, it is but proper to push the mat
ter no further,without Grst knowing wheth
er it moots with his approbation.
All communications recommending as
pirants for offico, in acordanca with prin
ter's usages, must bo prepaid, as are all
ordinary business-transactions.
Gen. McOIellarfs Report.
The very small edition of Gen. McClcll
tin's Report which Congress has permitted
lo be ptiutod, will not entitle tho members
to moro than fifty copies each, to distrib
ato among their constituents. This is
hardly one-tenth tho number they would
need, to supply all tho applications that
havo been made to them lor the Ileporti
To moet tho largo demand for this highly
important Document, tho publisher of the
Constitutional Unim, at Washington, bus
determined to print an edition, by sub
scription, which shall be, in all respects,
equal in typo, paper and binding, to the
Congressional edition, at tho following
rates sent by mail, to any uddress, free
of postage i
Sinelo Oooifs TjO cents
Ten Copies, in one package. . .
S4 50
Fifty Copies, in ono package "0 00
Ono Ilundrod Copics,in ono package .'15 00
It will thus bo seen how parsons in
towns, villages and country districts can,
by clubbing together, supply themselves
with iho Report at a very hoap rate. All
orders, with tho moucy accompanying
them, will bo promptly filled, by address
ing Hon. Thomas B. Florcuco, 330 E.
street, Washington, D. 0.
The people of this counlry trusted
their national affairs in the hands of Dem
ocrats and conservative men for moro than
eighty years. Ths country grew iu pros
perity, influence, and powar. Wo became
a great nation. Tho world, amaaed at
our progress, looked on with fear and en
vy. All this timo there had boon whisp
ering iu the popular ear, a party of radi
cals, "reformers and your .prosperity shall
increase- ten-fold." At last tho people
turned from their old and tried friends,
embraced the "reformers," and placed !
their destiny in their hands. Sctrcely '
one year had the new fouud "friends and
protectors of the people's rights," been in
r ' ' . 6 . .
three short years have so ruined tho coun -
1,11 rhv h.irn-rf tlm Irnsr nrl n
try that a century ol prudence and states -
anship, if ve m ever .0 lucky a, to got
tn opportunity to ezereise it, cannot place
ui where wo stood when the trust was '
first plaosd in the hands of our oncmics. '
There is a d05r leon in this fact, which .'
, ...
w hoj-e ti st9 our veep: yrofit by.
tS2S 01 Tl i ' a ble ntemrisc I vuuuv ui"-muiuhul-hi, ui cciiuoib m , oi living, antl iu proportion to mo uign iiocn so lortuiiato as to nc a nicuiuor ot tno " --""' v.....u, ..
If . T .Jia. nfl'nlmM a.,Iv V? " " iiiwci nuiui vuuiuiuuuo ... -i o i - . - , u , , i. ,. r ,l.., o. IJKUUKll, oi Jiii;in
w - i;oiiim na nniintv. wna ilnirinl in II,,. fir. ( I .,.l i. ...!. i Ni'iiiblint nzitiif n.lrf t in Al Jilisnn. I havn 'u uwvm iw u.uum, x iiiuiu- ,,.
rrr conscription, but escaped through tomo , ,t Verilv. has it como to this, that a mpeaimeuts in n,y spereii. i an, nei- V" " O.Hkllku.oI
uo iircwuo. ..ii! it t mi I . . . . , . uior near sioiituti nor lar smiiiou. lean ""b . 4
imster wiro pulling at Ilarnsburu. Tho I nlinrnr who roftuca to work at a rata of , b... . v.. ........ mm a n t K. Hint nf a nn t na At fcereno, on
- i . wv- - ------- - - ni-ur iv r i i r j 1 1 Tirirr ni n iiintrfir it irn ii . - -
ascrllrlHM 01
this week contains nn exposition of tho
manner in which tho onrotlmcnt was mado
in thai county, by which tho onrolling
officer, of ono of tho eubdietrict, tho post
master, nml a uumborof relatives and po
litical friends wcro allowed to ctoapo the
It ftp p earn that tho list of enrolled per
sons did not contain tho names of tho
parlies alluded to, and in order to piovont
tho detection of the fraud whioh certainly
would havo been and was discovered by
the neighbors of tho omitted parties, au
extra list was printed by a "lovai" editor
I of a 'Mnyal" newspaper in Wyoming
cout,t' 5n wu''1 wei Printctl 1,u names
omitUi(i iu t10 gen.,mc iut. ftUd tke boguj
nd tko bonu,
.. . . . . D. " '
list posicu in tlio suti-distriot. This Iut
has been oxhibited to tho boa
ml of enroll-
' , , .
iraenl nlltl pronounced a forgery.
matter will probably bo investigated.
Words of Cheer.
With the wholo power of the Adiuin'u
tratinn nrravni! nirninut na. witli ttm mnn
ev in the trcastitv mnda in fluw lilrr-
Water, tho Deiliocru (in Jinrtr will litivo :i ,
. --1. ; .1... . i T, ... .!..! !
ei8iin''o. tak 'he next Presidcntiul dec i
I : j -. : c .1 .
. . . ... I
' . -. : " " I
for never ins thera heeii nn Ailmin Utr.i.
Ham t, . 1... .. .1...
corruptions and imbecility of which could
bo se easily oxposed. '
The above is from tho Chicago 77ww, I
. :i , ..i b ,. '
ii w uuujj ib. uuwean 10
within the grasp of the Democratio party.
If they do uot obtain it, it will be their '
own fault. Aclear, dihtinot enunciation
of ths Constitutional principles of their .
party and a courage that will not shrink ,
from their maintenance before tho people,
ti,i...i, ti.. .n.i ,i. i,n; t.. 1
will assure us a glorious victory in Novcm-
ber. Courow, friends. Tho reicn of
bloodshed, of corruption, of dcspotiim is,
drawing to a close.
Equality of whites and Blacks.
Sumner's resolution directiongthi
mitto on tho District of Columbia
ij.r tho .Tm.r1ii.nov of rPnnrlinir . 1,111
.. j .
granting equal privileges to white and
AMlrtlAil nillaotia lti mlnlArl li n riiU
of 30 to 10. DuiiDg the discission Sena
tor Hendricks, of Indiana, exprc5jed his
belief that social as well as political equal
ity with the blacks was lo be forced upon
the whites by the party in power
Senator Wilson wished every man co
tako tho station God meant him to attain
How did tho natio cobler ascertain that
God meant tho nfgro to attain equality
wun me wirnes . u u sroum nae .0 hnow
whence the New England infidels derive 1
!.L . I . 1 -I 11 1.1 .1.
authority to speak for God and fulminate
the decrees of HcavCn t
It is sheer bias-
p he ray.
Facts. 1
It is a fact that the only Northern men !
sinco the war began, known to have given
0 ' o
valuable information to the Confederates, '
is Mr. Harvoy, a Itepubliean, aud now
Lincoln's minister to Portugal. It is also
a fact that the only peisons in the North
known to have furnished materials of war I
to the Confederates, are Republicans as'
Palmer, Collcitor Uarney's Clerk, and '
fii, f v v.u u it-
put him under Federal protoetion,to shield
him Irora prosecution for hiicrinios,
2?- Wonder how Col. Tate's "Gold
Spectacle subscription" is succeding ?
Are hia friends doing anything for him I
The "hat'' hasn't como round our way
yet. Smut Machine.
"Wonder," Dr. John, if you hadn't
best just hand over ihoto ' Gold Specks,"
audsavo all further proceedings. Should
the "hat" como around your way, it is
not likely that you would spare over two
cent.. About the price of that Valentino
you know, what the boy filched and a-
bout which you are making a great fujs.
C23 Several propositions woro inado
last week in Congress proposing amend
ments to tho Constitution abolishing slav
ery. Tho nigger is to bo tho platform of
the Abolitionist in tho coming President
ial campaign, Tho "Uuion" cry answered
its purposo aud is now to be abandoned
for that of ll Abolition."
tW Tho February numbers of tho
Farmer and Gardner by W S Young, and
tho Gardner's Monthly, published by W
I G P Urinekloe, of Phila'd have boon re
ceived. They aro both spicy Journals
aud well deserve and extensive list of .pat
rons. CSyTho Democracy of New York are
to hold a State convention, at New York
city on tho 21th of February, int., to
chooao delegates to the Natioua Deufo-
j critic Convention.
The Danville Jlorough Councils have
agreed to pay 620U to each recruit, and
I the citizens have subieribed 850 addition-
.n In nnr. i vn nnlnm- .nfnr. I
i , '
! Private Ben amin Van Horn, of
. - 0 7 S
ror dstiertioii.
TfIK aPP;al Ji loyal, independent,
X?? ! J'1'
lot-box. Loog may this resort of n frep
'm ..t !.. .. , . .. . .1 111. .. . . . . . a.. tint lo.tin liiilnl'ii tlm Snfint... ll II. I.
war ckven mkm, namely, Tho. Mo,
Guiro, John Oaton, Michael Ootinors,, Wtlliam Davis.of lttohmoild.Kontuoky,
Patrick 01o8o,.Ias. Urenman, Jns. Whulon has written the following Idler to tho Pro
and Martin C'arrigan, woro arrested at Vost Marshal of tlio Eighth District of that
Ilccksehcrvillo on Wednesday morning, Stato, in nnawcr to a call to such as were
by tho Provost Guard, and taken to Head . Cnrollct to show oauso, if any, why they
ing, anil tnenco, wo learn, to I'hiladolplna.
(inn nf ftm tunli id rrt mtt ,.!ll, 1,!m. I
u. ...u ...v.. .., v. .... gut. .. i...6 i
deserter from the military service What
tho charges against tho othor parties arc,
wo havo been uuablo to positively a.cer-,
That they eould bo cuch as to just-1
, ,l,n f .t. .j I , .I,,,
I" "
coal operators in that region, and tho in
I lluonce they excited upon their follow
lluonce thev excited unou their follow I
miners in their efforts to obtain a rato of
wogas Cxed by monopolists, thereby com - i
mits a crime which ntbiects him to arrest
by tho military authorities, removal from
the county and imprisonment without trial? ;
, . , , , ,
1 his is American freedom under Hopub-'
llCan TUle.
The Dtwocuitk i&landurd.
A .. 1.'... nn.n M), ,. Ia I
,.,o !
" " u .......... , j .
.... i.. t.i uu . '
Wi... : -.. ,.t.i..
J !
J :
,nboul ,lie affair, is, that it is tho work,
auuuKt wuuii-, oi piTauuu uuk ui n.u ouuc,
" l 1
Hon of U. Gbatz Bbown. of Misiouii. and
thnt new-found and suspicious cclcbiity,
General GANir,of Arktiusc.i. Thus ma do
up packed with Abolitionists from
abroad its rcBolvt-s will very probably
u,ecl tl,B approbation of Horace Greeley
und Theodora Tilton; il wo atiull read
iu loval nriuts. that Keutuckv has nro-
in fuvor of free negroi.m and .
Colonel Wellington II. Bnt, of the
uth regiment ot JL'enusyiTOiiia reserves, ,
reaellcd hlf procut rank, at the head ot n:
reB;mcnt in a 00rps ti,at ,as neVer faltered I
in battle, and is tho pride of Pennsylvania, j
Although a native aud resident of Colum-
to ,. ,
bia county, ho is personally known by a
largo portion of our citirens, and hai many
warm friends here an aiouaiutance at.d
' friendship foriufd whilo a student at .Dlofc- '
5 insou Seminary, where he graduated sev-,
J 0
eral years ago.-IVilliamspurl Gazette.
Hon. Mvsk Stuousu. Tim Daily ,
ComtUmionnl Union pavs the following
... .r5hll,fl w'orthv meinbor of
0ongre3Si Thal pnpor say3 .' The on
Myer Stronc, of Pennsylvania, although ;
a now member, has already attained a
proud position upon ths floor of the House,
Ever at his post, vigilant and watchful
1. n.n. 1.. a.. An..rt,l,,il,, f
. , . , , 1 . , , 0 .
l.rt .1.,.. P il.i t.J t
,11. IIIU V Alii HU lltUUD Ui 111' IV UUUJ , UllU
always attracts tho undivided atteutiou of
the H.ouso."
Only, $4,000,000,000.
Mr. Thurlow Weed, in a letter to Sena-
tor Morgan of Now York, cstimitcs that
.... ... .
i !uu nr win nave oust, ru in icruiiuuiioii,
Ul' UUJil.oiifi, auu that three lourttis ol
this amount will remain as a national debt.
Ho urges the repeal of tho Homestead law
by Congress, in order to make tho public,
lands a souroo of national revenue.
tSTA certain "Kev." Mr. Gilbert, a
gunpowder "War Christian," recently
declared, in the Connecticut Legislature,
ol whioh ho is a member, that "for one, 1
am not afraid to say that J had rather lit
clown aua ate in my tracht to-tiay Hum
see any i tutor atian oj ihc Union us tl
was." He is just th man to volunteer
then, as .the best means to accompli.ih his
The Presidential Question.
Information from Iialtimure indicates
i..: 1. nC 11 wi.,i. r:., :..
.uwu.Uil...ul .lvm ., ... ,..
. .
gato Conventions for Secretary CJlinso
L Prudent, and the radical nintfnm,
luw . o
over tho Blair conservatives, who rau tick
ets headed "A Lincoln'" Phil' a. Jmj.
' 1
A disconsolato bachelor writes: "The
privileges ol Leap Year are not practiced
now a-davs, and the Indies seem to hare
forgotten that thoy exist." With all duo
II V Ueir arrOSl antl t OtlortatlOll UV t 0 I mv u-nrl hv rinnil. . nun.u U. ?ntr. nr- 1 "J"U whu una i unaiuni uiruvur. limp cil. iUaiK S CUlireu, A-HIiatieinnia. 0V 1110 ' II" ni,i.n..t ii. v..k s
military, wo cannot conceive. Tho men geon, n member of your honorable hoard, "go, I omieavorca to atato u tbo bcunlo Uuv. Dr. Washburn, AInj. UiUitrAS M. "; 'eir. cr 0ii
were citizcBs, and in no way aibjeet to , lV.a no U10K0 1 mm".' 1,avc 110 "''"PVXrrVi.rT.Titi.T l.,::;; ' Vrl',' ,' ' "A""",." .'"V T WTV OM K ,
i .... , - . - . 1 ic uiioases, sucn as intiaiuinatory riieu ',v"" i'--.iv.u.. . uunn. , ma,, tu hi.i.ii...-. n ,u,.uSiiiui ui m. ji. m.
U.niMry m v., numor sajs ,nt lll0 IIlB,lllln0hron,0 jnflll,nBljoll of , ,t0mach, 1 "'ooratio ami llepublieai. luc.ubers of tho ilev. Wm. W. Tumor, of Hartford, .x-p 'PWKN'i'Y EI01IT P
icaiiso ofthoir arrest was their refusal to tditliUin wliim rnvMlin T -im nnt this bonatj. I bolioved that tho state- Conn. .....
f-. 1.. !.. .!.!. .1.- .
luuutiiy I couipciisuiioii cominuiiiiuruiu unit uiu ilr oil in I in Snul hirn nrtnv. iiiul up
.snt'iiL ii frtw flflvfl in una 1 snore as i iv uiw nuo uat shmwh iuh u uiu n, nennii iiiiiivt'TL 1 ar oornprHui. in niK " --v.., ...
. . - . . . 1 . t- 1 1 i I . a W .... . . -.. I. .1.. W. f, ,ll,.,f
! i- ni -n J torn 1 nnl niitfnl-Ati. Tim nn.w l...v ' S' Tin nnlu w-nirit-I' T ni'iiU tl...r. H10T0 tTUO tll'Ul IU tilu Wild tit' (I ttiul U 1 f ? " ll
"Com- MBTli(n(mnl. Brirnrm.11t.,,irlJ be., all a.ouutl the borders of which oould be tortured into such , ma- Pted reuioval ,,f the lovely ,-lld who fcli",'m"
. ' ' . . . . . . r nn. in HMtnlnmniil iw n il. u it uccii lunuil Hum lUO tvn 0 COIHU i7- l.nt..
. iu tun i. fi ;,., npniiini..,!. uniil In. Ii the rf?tnctc'(I jrcn or tilu llnnfi'UVruc v , .. . '. 1 ........ ..r.t..... .1 1 tutvmhiu
deference to our ancestors who origiuated , Two cars ran off a bridgo ouo hundred log heap adopt this mode of smoking and
tho privileges of Leap Year, we think the antl twenty-five Icet high, on tho Grand then say which way U the best,
castom of soliciting a hand in marriago is Trunk railroad, near Georgetown station. 77T, '. than in the ' by which the conductor and two brakes-',. A PiuvA'rr. soldier of the sixteenth rcg
,.,;n0!,t. ' men were instantly killed, bciurr matn-Ud . "neut wns Publlcly florcd m Toronto on
7, '7" '
Tub army of tho Potoinao, it is said,1
shows signs of discontent, because it has 1
not ken paid off. "'J'ho Government"
owes it six millions of dollars. The truth
, priI)t money so last as Ilopublicans in of-
floo steal it.
is, mat uouso s printing i.iacu ncs cannot
, "
!, Tho onomy aro threatening Now-
Iifirn nml WiiHlmirrrnn. IVnrih tl.irnlinn
pbTb KVbrth us weii '
f country, again lalling
into their huudii., tht. n,lm!nUtr,Mn likn
a lughway-mai. ?
Beesim with it itV f thcr your inom-y
or your life
A Cmtty KonluOklan.
should be exempted i
l.T . . 1. I
--l uavo seen your nttTcriii'vmcnii giving i
pcoplo desiring rxoniption fr.m tho draft j
opportunity to lay in their compln uts,
&0 - , Now "r ava r had U.o lion-1
f t, , uj )f wiial , nl)(,ut l0 ' ,
.it ' i " " r . . i.-i ". I- "7 '
1 am not uanuy-slialsr-u. lam not bow
. P'L- A ""u. 110 u-utli, ana ,nn
bito off a cartridge. I can htaud btraia
on my p tstern joints. 1 havo nevor been
the ring ol'a silver dollar. In short, lam
'sound in wind and limb. I am a home-
hcpcr, and have n . wile, (a good uuion
.ftl1 .no children living. I an. a
titien ol Madison county ,Ivy., troiu which
ou W!Ull aaw ooldicra. 1 am as bravo as
any man who is no braver than I am,
One of my leg is long : tho other,
"11- " O
oil, mill I'm nnn fliinnn i rn rim ur. I l
am (or U.o last man and the last dollar, '
. . ......
nicucr or no itisKcr, especially tho last'"'"v t"" -J. ) """ ""V '"" ,
mnn. fvnll lil mm mnlbl. mir.'.
mnn. If vntt faill'n n rvn-i,l imifc.t nmrl.'.
al y. S., send it down, and I am ready
te uear u in ucicooe oi mo union, i am
) J?"n all the papers that
""title mo to bo in."
Tho Rebellion uot Bead.
Wo warned the country not long sinoo,1
says the New York Woild, to put no faith
in Iho statement of tho Administration
press that tho rebellion was exhausted as
.,. ,. , .
n ininrinrf fmifnt i ttriwiintiii timi
n miuvmj j'W'i'i' il l' ii;iaiii'i tintl)
notwi hstanding the manifest dc.pondonoy ,
mill nwnnnfonf nf Sntitlinvn nnonlii tin
it. . A 1
; ' ' '
enmiuRnceincnt of tlio knrimr njtnnsifti :
would find the rebel arimes a, large and
1 n i--tj"
in 1 CJ
I, .. . . . '
J ucy are on tuo aggrcesive in every quar-
tor, savo tho Southwest. Wo hear of them
in Western, Central and Eastern Tonnes-
ce, iu Western aud Northern Virginia,
.. .i ti i .
on the Peninsula, capturing ouiposts m j
0" baronna, aou even beseigiug Aew-
beru ; while there is no falling oft' iu the '
supply of lehrl troops undi r Ucaurcgard. j
No doubt many of these raids have been ,
iii. 1 ., .1
made in sheer desperation, ami th ot
tlieiu have been inspired '.0 obtain needed
supplies ; hut they givs the lie to tho ;to-
ric- which hnvo bct-n so rile of the .dcm
oraliaalioa of the rcl.,1 nr,i,,. Tim
counlry ija5 bccll l0 (,ccoivL,d so of(un tlint
it is quite iinio all such itorics were dis
-Iacouins a:;i the Puksidsncy.
'Flic TIninn T.l.aunrS. Alirilltinn mnn,.
1..... r n . 1 .-o. . 1 -i .
I nora nl llfini?n.js nml nt Stnt. I .niriclnfiirni;
" W " " j v . t w u l
aud the Jaoobim in general throughout
country, are jmt uow junking a great
noise about nominating Abe Lincoln ns
.!.;, ,.i;,t..i i ,t. t
,, ... . ,, , , , ,, .,
UitjiyicshuUbctcelcctf,l I'rtsvltnl
! tuu l'OWKIt CAN PIJliVliiST
'T'IMi I.,.. ,i. t. .1.- .. i.
w ... ...v.. ....w..u
fr "t rd s!w:
lul;cu u,uu"u egiuea wiai nave iieiernuneu
10 l,laoc 11 Constitutional Democrat at the
' hcad of 0Qr Govcrnraent, whether it be
.1 r T't'TT L it in ii .. .i
1J1-iA1J '"--i or any osner aceepta-
( hie Uuion man. i he people everywhere
-tho bone aud sinew of the country-are
becoming tired of the manner in which tho
aiTairs of tho nation are conducted, aud
their rights trampled upon, by the Jaco-
" m power, au tuo people waat is a
froo election no military interference with
iuu uiccitve iranciuso anu Auoiiuonism
will be numbered among the things that
wore. lork Democratic Pies
TiisNew York Tiibunc now makes the
following important statement :
"The rebel unities embrace to-day nior
men than at any moment binee the com
. - . - -
mencement ol the war. Uuloss the Fed-
oral armies are strongly reinforced before
wi, oi.nug tuutiiuy uuiuorilics uoro
I , I ; I . I . 1 1
ucliove that mucli of the advantages vc
Baine.l ith.n the lt twelve month,
mnn mm lint .. t.. I... .1...
.,,. ...k .i.tutji u maw ujr uiu uvauuaiiun
of territory which we will not havo suffi
cient troops to garrison,"
Frightful Railroad Accident.
The Toronto Globe, of February 10,
records a frightful railroad accident
'u 11 horrible manner.
. .....
SoLiuuns to the llcscur Young
men, rushiDg into tho exposures and dan-
COrs of a soldier's Jife.should nrenare thani.
" ' , T XCY , w,on,w '
tIlt! SorcB anJ Scurv'' wll,0,l ar0 a,,uost
norlfitl. lr. fnlUii TTfll I flW ,1 V'S MI I B
BcjVfg for tLo faUl v tho jjyt0(ltcry
, vw. .v.. v ... .w i. w . iwu
used occasionally during tho campsign,
.:n . l l i.l. - ..
A" T "J" ... "! W "
. '
CsirMioiiBAri Dan Maorhan, K.cq., a
Scutloman who has formerly well known
in political circles at Harrisburg.died sud-
''only ot Johnftown, Cmnbna county, a
fw dajs sgo
Senator Clymor
v, .1 , . , , . !
During tho late gubernatorial oouteu n
this tato a slanderous chargo was m.tdo
against Senator Clymcr, whioh was pub-
lisliod cxleusivelv In thu Abolition press
, ,i. .
at the tuno, and has been since, on various
....: ....1 1 .1 .. M. ill..
uui.ubh.u3 icimou. .. v-.jr-
....... ihaI ,,.,... ll. Af ll...
wu uiu.nuu, u)uu ih uuui u. mw
Senate, to nail tho falsehood. Wo quota
,U rcmark!) M tJj0 . oarC(1 , llie Tck.
Mr. 0L1MEU. 1 hopod, sir, that I was
menl was so and hIuiuIo that a fool
w.. ....j, .
u " ' V
. , . .
sharp-w.ttod and shrewed as they are,
. "'"J.?..
cou u minaj.o u ; x uavo uono now, sir.
ow, sir.
hv tho Senator from
Lanoaslur, (Mr.
plain 7
Will you cx-
Mr. Cl.yMEH.
and 1 am dono. A
Ono moinont, sir, 1
charge made in a
political print, (or a special purpo?o a
charge that was in ail e with a particular
.!...!" ... l.t-1. .!..!... .!l-.l J .1
mdiuiii ""iwiii v.v.i;u .,uii.u - w. uu.i'u
1 cniphatically .n tho organ'
rit .i i.ii. ..urn ...... .... .....1 ., '
Ulliliuu w UUlll l II.IU IIIUIIIMH, WUUIU ItOi
havo boon repeated, ly not oy ono
whom I told that it was false, and who
y v'
lfomo ,L auurinl! tin
lalSL. 1 wa, clurgctl, . ir, Hun. g t u
u hut
campaign, with saying that if Vallaudig-
ham, ot Uhio, anil Woodward, ot l'eini-
sylvania, were elected, thoy, iu conjuue-
tion with Soymour, of New Vork
Parker, of Now Jtusoy, would recall their
llu"l)5 lro"' luc UCIU "uu lllu, B,0P 111,3
war I njomlw ago. that that cl.argo
was iiialmiiantly talso : Isay f6 now;
. -
ftUtt X Sit V tl
io beiiator from Lancaster
. .. " -
knew it was false aud said ho was glad of
. ,,,,, r -
iSow, sir, lor tho beneul ol those who
.. ... . i .. T ...111 . .. . .1 I 1. 1
U-gcd thut I made uo ot the language iu
newspapers Was tilH, th'
war(i Wlls elected Governor of Pennsylvi-
nia VailandigU n Governor of Uhio, ih.-v
. . . . . t
in conjunction with those tuo great pa:-
rir?, Se?M,01,r of Xw Vork aud Parker
of Aow Jersey, would compel thu cor-
erilIlieut to coiuo back to ibe roolutioii of
July, IsGl , ami piosecmo this war for the
purpose set forth in that tosolmion. 1 say
,:ow- a"1' 1 behove that il was tlio groat-
l!"'ty,t; Z'" Jot blleu ;"
ti v Unit H10.-0 two tiii-i) wsrc not eleotu'l :
foj. j lctiV0 UWf nn, evor fiiiau bolifi7,;
that the departure from tho purpups an I
objecis of that resolution Iiub dclu-'cd this
Und in blood, wastsd our subsiauoe r.nd
made ui a mournful spectacle amount the
nations of the earth. I believed that then :
..... . .
1 believe it now ; and I rc-:iart that if
any true man had been okcte.I Governor
ol ibis great Commonwealth, (his Keyslons
of Iho Arch, thin uation within herself,
thiibtate ot ihreo nullioutt of men, this
Slate ol iron and of coal, this State that
u greater and grander than any other in
' his ham's upon the pastioiu which rule
me coiui'uui iil-v iijui nu wouui nave lat i
i this hour, and would have siidto the
! wave-s of fanaticwin, "Ponce, bo still ; go
thou no farther." (Jh, air. if we had
revetted to the trHe doctrine laid down ill
,10 vesolulion uuatiiniousl v voted fur in
, Julv, lolil, peace would again rein wiih-
..,...l.. U'i,i.. :. .ii
....... ..... v.. v.
r03aloue,n 11,3 M do,u
j Meat.- Moat is often
injured in llie smoke house by too treat
' ' "
lcaU rr105() w,0 havo eatea
e rooked as it s-hould be, und afterwards
ptaku of that which has been toasted,
ad outside seorehed and crusted as i,
frequently the cao will detect a remarka-
i,,. dillerenee. T-he Cultivator makes
Mino til)Iiy rcmartB thij subject .
iiai!a a ciiovel of coals in an old n,
pan, or
i a few
SOuio low dish and lav on thei
sugar maple chip, dry ones arc best, for
1 j. '
it requires too much lire lor grern ones. I
x- .1 1 -ii 1 ,
J0 Other WOOll Will plOUUCe tUCll BWeet
1 , , ., 1 .
smoko as sugar maple j and the coals of
il will keep louyer than most hinds ofi
wood. In the absence of chips, corn cobs
will bo fouud nearly as cood. Three or
four laid on a few coals,
slnol:o Brf1(:iont t() fiU
u,uu PUVIWII V tJ lid UU VI U I Hill Y
. . . ...
Rehouse. As- a substitute for a
molasses hogs-head
uuvtnu mm uuaiua oil tuu lop, r.UO a
I , , . - ..11. ,
, . .j
uoiu (jivtu ill wiu oiiiu ui llie UOllOUl large
i enough to admit a pan of coals with a few
J cobs or chipj, will bo found to answer
every purposo. Lot those who havo becu
accustomed to smoking their meet over a
Ihursdty morning last for repeated Rets
' ,
of insubordination. lie was sentenced to
rccnivQ fiftv laihcs. bnt RiiiTiirml nn Severn.
ly from tho cuts of tho cats, that the snr
i.,nnnA it.. A ... .., ,1.. ..
gcou stopped th
e urummcr ut th Inrtn.
fourth lash. Blood, says the "LoatUrS
dropped sluggishly from tho cuts, and .
uronncu in c ola to tho crounu. tho sol.
dier giving uitsranee 19 agonized groans.
Thr office of the Constitution and
;.,.. .i T.'-T..ill,1 . ,ti ii
UillOll, at lairllCla, lOWa, was mobbed by
some Abolition soldiers. ! I,t.. f
is tho
. wwmiouj
ti till) "frcn tiiid frnn , m.
they promised to introduce as soon at they
.... c;mi,iii
would coma into power. This will, how.
ever. h?lp the papsr along
Fort Ooiighs, Colds, and Throat Dior
dors, use, "thown's Hton'Mul Tracits, '
e ft q(
miuy yeftr5i The Troches nru highly reo-
commended and prccribcd by Physicians
and Surncom in tho Army.
. : 1 - - - - -
. , .
. " lJ"JA tT iw,,1
- - " -1 . (
Miilliu Township, Col. co.
. . . -- ---
On Tuesday, l-cliruary Dili, Ih04, at
f., Wcilnroilnt? nvntiln.i. (tin I fltti itiat..
r.. tv..i-i .1.- inn.
w.. .. ,.......v . ......HJ ... . ..,
tlin rnsiilntinn nf flpnnm W. in
nt tlio rci-Henoe or Oeomo W. JLiott, in ,
Orangovillo, by llcv. W. Goodrich, Mr.
( 1. Sloan, of Bloomsburir,
j,, li;,,u i. Lorr, of Orangovillo.
On tho 11 tb in.t., iu Orangovillo, by
0 Itev. "W. Goodrioll, JkIIKMIAH .M.I
.f 7 1.1, Ol . lit' O !
tho Itev. "W. Go
Street, to Miss Sauah
' Greenwood, Ool. co.
tt,r 1 1 i!i itist ,v u
lUB lllUlllSt, tlV iJ.atllPS
Jlasters. Lid , Mr.WlIiSONM. Cl.AYTON. !
... ' ii. it ,,. ... '
to MlKS iMAUGIK i'jVES, all Ol lUlllvllle, :
ii - .
01, C0,
In llriarnri.ol!. Oil the 20th of Dec. 186a.
by Adam Suit., Usq., Svlas E JiYNN, to!
Emily 0. Eimvauds, all of Iiriaroreek
twp-, Ool. co.
j ii wi KisUarro, on iMonunv last d
f ..... . . r . t .
ISnllltt'.tt. Kr . . rnrmnr v 'nil MnktHr of
Wilboibarro, nged 03 years.
In Wilkesbarrc, on Monday latt, Hon.
.-i. U. LiiiASu, District Attorney ot I.u-
:riii) county, aged about ! year..
In Danville, on ihu Gth iust., Mr Ma
h v Gauiictso.v, widow of CornelUon Gar
rotiou. dee d, and dmi'ilitor of tho laic
John UtiodcB, 51 veurs, 10 aioniis, :
and I dav
At I'ori Nolilo on (tin Ifitli invi.. Laura
ii.,... .1 1. .' .-M'... --:' 1 ,
iifliyuun U4 II ill. UUIX 'J O I
about 1) years.
In jJfis
.1 r.t
iarcroek twp., Col, co., on L'ridny,
1 ,c ).tu '
of February, ISM, MARIETTA,
tlauirliler of William aud Catharine L-
iuou, in the 6th year of her age.
r..n..,i. .i.tni .,.. ir.
L ..... - .....,.,a .. aw,
.1 I. .11 . ' .. .1 1 1.1,.,..,!..:
blti'i'LIll nil V7111 ilUilll lll ll UUUHI UU 101 UIU
rostoratiou of her health, it was tViilctit
0111 r
that the Savour who took little,
arms nn uiuivtl iiicil), liitil
little ehihlreii to co'.nr unto 111c
lid them not, fur ul' fucli is tbe
kinedoiu of Iiujv.hi " h;(J k nlaef1 for her
there, wheie we hive reason to beli.-vc she
it now a little anei .houuj llie iiiione ol
God. In her happv departure we luvt-
mo,t Mrikingly veiilied ' that portion 0.
God'.-i word. 'Out ul'
the mouth of ha -
t)05. ana hath orduiiNd
rialso ' May '!lu beieaved parents be
tus'"'l hy '1'vino graco fooliua that it i
"W('" the ,1)ila " "'''he ''"f'1 gave,
aou in,- jjont hath uir.-ii awy. l)!ee.l
I... 1 C . I. . T 1 IO
ul luv """,0 01 11,0 JJ,Jru- J
rffi Jnil"hVMfnf
V tU .vtliUi. I UijlllM Ul
DinaoIutoil of Partnership.
"MOTICl'Iis hereby given, that tho part-
her, t'llnri' 113I1112 ln-tw -rn th hiilid, ri
In ph. in ll, lit in .mm IIi-mm , in Jrr.'yti.H ii, I
Iliuul.l on nil , rt ,m ilse,m Ml hv III, nil. ll i-nii,i-iit on tin;
I .111 ut lYIninr, . lJi 1 Tin- ul tin- I.l- ilru..
Ikiawr Iur m iti 'in -i.t. Uu' nt rr.) ti I I.- I)uiii ill
U- I'oiiUniji'il ai tli" ot'l St:. int. I.y Uonr.ul Krsnur, f"t
win. in a coiiIi.iimiii e ol jiuLIjc i iiHinin i r-'upi
oliuti),!. i -i V ti AU IUII-; Ul Lit,
Jsrrt) io n, i'c,rii.iry .0, l.-M.
in iL-iiiiiiii i n .in. ioii', in ui nun, m oi i 1 1 1 1 a ni
'jpiiK undersigned will cxpo.-o to sale it
K 1'ut.lir VeiiUuc, tin i.i'rboiiAl property of Jo,'jili
lljL'i-rinan, ni In- las reaniLlic,!, in .MJiluii
-'UIll!,'a lu mty. uu
fcATUiilJAV. MAIICIl 12-fH, lfitiJ,
Thi fnlloH iiij ilrnrib, d valuable lersoaul oropiirly,
One goot! Milk Cow,
h'lock ul (,'hoice
' sifns" llav Tv tlio Tr n ffi
' cJ.Im, , ,,' saT b tt- nui.'u.'. &ffil82&i
Corii.tii'lili r and b'traiv bj 1 1," Uun Ho,
uuo h;irioi! iiroii, on' .-1,111, llliu Isniitli TO'li.
Ilollov -, Annilo ainl Vise.- Alto, Id. anil lluilumi;,
niiu 'I'.ilili', t nplioaril, (,'ook IjIovo, onr room.Hioi' auj I
1 e-lini.fiinvp. Iron Keltic. Hiliilui,s-li-'.l mul n-el, )
m,.,!'1" , n .. ,1 viii,, ij 01 iioiiM-iiuiii uilll Hliuiuil
riirniiuruiou iinmorniu tu mintion.
2-' .nlu to ruiunicticu at IU uMurk, a. 111., nf saiJ
ilny, ln'ii ,Uli'li,l,u. uill bj flvi-n an.l roiulilinin
in, lib1 1,111m 11, by J. C. H.UILUMAN
u. o kivitzir, Auume-cr.
YolmitCCrS iliul (JO IiC I'i t) t.S
.. ,, ., .... .
rpo oMicra r any uiIiits wiiliing to itu-ronse their
iiuonm, IticM is nn better way of iloiiis no at tin
tii.n. tti.ei frin tlio sale of onr VVatclii'tf, 'I liey aro
Warranted nu I lii.rt--.-iit.ii !
'TaiticuUrly ynlnalili' for nrticcru in the Army and
tiavcllcr..'' frank l.'.tlu't, lVb. 31.
"l'retlifiil, liHsHiml riieapokt timepieces ever offer
cil." A", i lllul ratal i. Jan. IU
Jr. if. Jirmij .y-varay journal, Luovem'l OrU-iu. Mlt
I "Ono nf Uiu oldest anJ nio.l reli.iblo liuiuun in buii-
.i, I'lvi.j, ion, iiuitiiii'- .. uiLiiei tor .uu ririn.
noc " lmiville Ky., Journal, July III
MAtilC TLMi: OllSEin'KKS,
Being ,1 Iluntms or ()en I'aoe or Lady's or Genlle
inan'K Wdtih l.'ouibineil, uilh I'atent riulf-w inilini;
Imprnveinent, 11 lauH t'lcaniii N'ovi liy.
One of Ihn in Ilii-Ht, mn.t convnnient, mi l ilori InJIy
the lie.t anil i-lii-ai'ikl lime pa'ti- for iteneul ami ! Iu
ble use I'u r nirup'il. It ban within it ami cminectuil
with ilk machinery, itmiun itinilme attachment, rend
ering u key entirely unni'CMiiary. The e.-inei of llii
U'utch are compoKt'it of two inot il', tlio outer one lie.
mi; fine HI carat golil. It has tli'i iiiiproveil ruhy neiion
lover nioveineni, and la warranted un uciiirate tune
piece. 1'rii-e, iiierldy ensraveil, per cane ol halfiloiun
V'JUI. riamplu Wntchca. in neat innruccu bate., $32
rimtOlam lliintiiisTnne-l'ieccii for acenrary of move-
I incut, bianty f material, and nlmvo all, rheaimcn
m price, the. u wutcbr mut uume muvcr-m
I An iinitnii,,n . r . . iV, fLrJI, f 1 ' 3 r., k,..r,,. .
- VimV.V;;
inner one iaticrinanriilver, it rainiot uo recosniicrl by
i .....: ; ....... .. . . r
on, uiu ii
i exmtence.
in tin
at they very readily do,
uonars ion ne i
uaUo ill a (iii-!u nay day by any nno Cf bUslnen lad.
Vj- AT WIIOLLHAf.U OM.VI Inheavy limiting'
cae, biMiiiil'ully enslaved, white enamel dial, ami
fancy cut hnnds, In no, running order, by the half
uubv.i, f, k7U.ll 1M.I, ur inu V'.U Ol .14 i
Upon receipt of two dollau, a unarontee of seel
faiUi, we Mill send watchee by.erptes, to any pan of
the loyal Ptutc, collectinc balance (ifbillnn delivery.
",u-u'5".e1!'n .eivlu U
ixiii.iii'B uiui payiuuni ii rpii,,rcu
.Ho'JI'" h-.tUo dl.loyal .tateii mu.t icmlt aih In
uuvance, ut tn cipresi couiimniei pemaptnrliy rcfum
KMV.'Jaiv TJii'r
' sm. iinrortnr.,
171 Itroidwav. ror l-,TtUn4t f-tt'et i Vr'.
it it I nil W rt,i,l. fnuui mi: . i-i 1; ui cjiuh uui uiion. aim
Iemr t'. If i
T)1T1-M 1 Q
X L'JDJUi" m i
YiliUJlbSc KCflS EsliltC
in puuunnce nfim order ef the Orptun' tVutt el
OliiiubU cnunlr. no
Saluriny, Ihc Villi t'ny of March next,
M to d'clccli'ln thefiiir-nnnn. Jnii.hH. (If tin. AtlrtiililH
liMor. c , of Mltlmol Vhllet.liMti.lo i.f MV I4ik
tunimtilp. 1n mn county. diti.nul, will ixpnio tcf
talc, by I'titUc Vcndu , on the pr mliei, n ouilnln
Jan M, M m, ,t Wfl m
m f.ymnm w MJ&m i m
"iihiih hi "Vilnius luwDBfiin, i, omnium cnnij
Jolnlricr l.iiiilinf Michael Phi,
iW Mnllilim WlilU'iilulit nn tho
ni ini, coiiin nun ivp.ii
vmiin i wio iiciii in iUrrt
Ul'""' p-" "!'''. i i-cw..t. s.
B.ill A B I .1 IirriJI7
i.:itc the 3italf of said deceased, siluuto'
ln ,l"k',""", of """'''je," umIuman"1'
nioouiibnrir. I'tkruory B, l'dt.4.
(lONIHTtl.N'l ni.' J?At.l'
(Jonditiins op Sale.
Ti n per ci'ttl of Ilia ptirclmso money t bo pniJ to th
nilmliii'lrntiT nn tiny of rule.
,,""'" " ' in" imintice or purchoie money toun
t,n , I m rnnnrmat on nfSa n.
"ino rcflilue '.ftli,. purrha.o ninnry to ha paid In on.
cnrtroin ciiiinriiimioii ol auto, Willi lulfii.rt.
Xh- .lureircil paymi'iiti to he n-tur.'il by lion,l nnj
inortstif:u nn tho iirciuUca. 'J'jio pun liaaur to pay Iur
the loiunyante. JACOII iS t3V"NS,
HIomInrn, 1'eli. IX 1EC.I.- to. A Juiiulatrutur.
Jil3T 8 P Tio & A H 0i
11 'uiAjfl.'O AAlLihU
I Valuable JScal Bs(Ue
TN piirsiuiice of an order of the Orphans
'oiitl of Ci'lu.r.ljin county, on
Tucstl'iy, the Sit Uittj ut'Mirch iirxt.
, at 10 n'lloclt. 111 Ihj fon-nonn. Iluuli 15. .MellrM.
, inluutratnr of Crunkllti Int nf llemlncl
v:wf m; .H V$i:fn
J:'&k$XL&. &Wg$k & &mM(.I&
ltur,tr in th t'iiT.hli nf llcinlocli, In
, y, ni" i ounty oi I'uiuniiiin. A-Mi" iJ
' buiiml by lur.iU of n ukIi I'M
1 "V-sV trl. lim.icl'urti.1. uduthi-iiiii3iAVai
. loutainlm ttSniS'niK
Ninety tcven Acres,
VVh,rlon nre.r.rtc.ln mirlm ritiry Krauii
. . , f , .,,.. B,,. I, .
iinu.i- ,ii ui.. ircmi6- ,iiipiy iicr.'n i Ifiircil una iu
cuutvatiuii ; und Uu bulmice in njo,l
! Crounil nn tho r u 1 ,1 1 a e b , ui;c'toJ from
t tl ll'tntd r.f tniil ilfrrn T,t. ll,,nl lr, ih.
f llcinlocK nn. I county ifurcMil.
. ri J1.3-l.lUI,U,5l,UtH,
' liibdIIICDUrX, 1 vu J-U4.
1'o.M.rj ions fip Hals.
'XX:;! "m''"! ta
1IIK' fullrth ,( llie till), III! U .,1 hJ-ClKlbl! II1.H1.V. I,.J
tin pi r cut. In In p.n 1 on Hi,, c'.nf.runli.ui nf fMe.
'I'll-' fi-liliii- nf Oi, puivliitfc iiioiiL-y I,. U.- inn i m un
jrunr from rmitiriuMi.iii i.l mle, Willi ii,l,r-.l.
'Ui iiifmen luymi'iit tu b,- r.uirfd liy tic.inl n;i,
nut un III nn-iiii., . I Im n irclicn r 1,1 i... (r
uiiun ii .ventolin
A Luuiitiat r
- - -
PITtl.S1 V V P R T 'V f
1 U ki,- & t If RJ I
! ' ILL br-'spo-r,l lo Public
..!,.. ut
III, Lit'1 r. Biilcnrc of t)M ni ! !1li,iiii,,ii ,i..v...j ,
In M.ini .. mlilfi. l'i.ln,iitiia lo.mty, n
V nciiluy uu t tt'tiiiiilty libruunj Vte
'J3-1 nml 'J !', I fc-'tj.J .
Tin folluwiug ilfmntitJ TuUalila yu.o. il propsnr,
A.ND TWO WAiUW. ( I he
v.hii loin.; aim uiii- t.'0lt,
v our
ivljiM Cows,
Foul Head of Von no- f!ftHl
ISight yiu-pp. l'm- H0H lour Shorn
' '"' 'unr Wnri.ti. iuii!, Kiit.i o.,..
' VI :i,iiiii. un-'1 nn k .iii.h. i 'n--n t i;itsy i-na.,
" ol ! ,i -y li.,r,.i.. I. t."i urt, i i. foe l,i.r. j
I ' linii-Uiiij .Mutl.nie, i,n.- rmiiii.ii: ml c,i iMu- In u
liOAltDS. 'LANK' & FltAMK STUl-f.
Vho;.t, Cum, Jtye iV Oats by tln HtHiel.
Sum end.- Cinun.l f. iit j. 9 n, the t,-j.liw!, a lot or
Li.lHr '. no ,-nr (, h ,Mri. t rm:,nMn 11, nig. ttoil.
ombli.irL- 111 liltfiub irir Hop,- J', rrv Hi ilmuj, fa.--ift.lliir..
Stov. n. Ke. luilur tt'Hi ott.vr urlicl
loo iiiiniiTou to mention
'. I'd!..' tu toininence in ID o , loi-V, n m.. of etili
any, lin term, a .hi coL.nnor.. loll tie luufcu kuiru,
U'IM.l V.M T. BIll'MA.V.
, A Jimn j.Uilur.
Jxmh K. Eitx, Auetinncfr.
M1.11 toAiiihip, JVlnnsry 1J, If01.-t.
Valuable Property I
tX" ILL bo exposed tu sale, at Public
f ? Vendue, at tliertildenw of the un.l.nljiicd,
fuub,-r'i 'J'auncry on llie uuia ri.nJ b.ln.vii Jr
teyiuwn and .MillvlIU- o.t
Satttruaij, the 0h day of Marr:h, 1
Th,. rllon in;- dsjcrlbed rulualdi porsunui pr. ptit, f
3 Youug work Oorscs,
One heay two-horse Wagon, and dk
Truck Wagon, Sled. Foddci Gtiltor,
Fanning Mill, Plows, Harrows,
(Juliivators and Gorti-Plow ;
Set of double driuug
Harness, Set of -new
(ingle Harness, and
net ofd 'uble wagon Hjrnfft,
one cot of Straps, and two set of
single Fly-Nets, together with othor
aitiolc;i too nunmroui to mention
t3" Villi' to rumin.'iice nt 13 o'llock, A. M., of t.nJ
day, when aininlancu will ba tiven and condition,!
undo knonn, by J Uilil A. litVIrilltU,
. (.'. Huitzmi, Anrtinnier.
Mailimm luniittnp, I'eb. 13, lCut -t.
Personal Property.
YT ILL be cspised to sule, by Pub-
V f lie Vemliio at tho reuidonco of Iho umlfr
i?neil, In .Mcine townelup, I'olumbln eoijin, n.irr
Mainlillr., on
Tuesday the 8th of March, IcO l,
The fullowitisilcicribed viilnaUo persounl l'rop,'itjr
Four Good Horses
GUO I0Ur horOS Yt agOIl 3lld Of.O iwo-
liorso Wagon a Two hora Iloeka-
way aud Harness, Plows, Uar
no and Guhivators, one
Fanning Mill, Grain
lloaper aud Corq
Two Set o( Hay
Ladders Two fctovm
and one Cookitag Stovj.
Together with a great variety of Farm-
utentils nutl House hold rurmfiru
ovlftk. t. m of iiiii
7radkh'"''n'l!,.,'f, b' 8
to raatts Ibowa, in-
given eoa.m .
r,B"5i5E MtV'
t 'lf.2 Vnillll t IIIQ I CHI III KotM-rt T)
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