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Saturday, August SO, I8G3.
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The PnESEtiVATioN of tlio Constitution,
And the Supremacy or the Laws.
VISIONS." Daniel Webster.
AROUND HIM." Danhl Weisler.
D47A Sec, of Act of .isiemUy of Pennsylvania, inj July,
Democratic County Convention.
LI Democratic Electoti In and for Ilia several llor
ought and Election Districts of Columbia County, will
meet ni uie respective pmccs 01 Homing said Election
Between tlio hours of 3 and 7 o'clock, P. M., of said
day, fur the purposo of choosing two Delegates from
cacti Election uisirjci to nicer m luuw i y
now, at tlio uourt House, in uiooinsburs
Al one o'clock, P. M., of said day, for tlio purposo of
manioc me usual Democratic nominations, to bo sup
ported by the Electors of Columbia County at tho cn
suing uencrni c-iecuoR. nun tor uie tninf action oi ouie
Business pertaining to tno interests oi tno lJemocrati
party. junft u. l lll.t.L,, uwinnan
Democratic Standing Committee.
Bloomsburg, August 13, 18G3.
Curtin and the Tonnage Tax.
When Andrew G. Curtin canvassed this
Stato for Governor, in 18G0, he announced
from every stump that ho was opposed to
tho repeal of "so just a tax as that impos
ed upon tho tonnage of tho Pennsylvania
Railroad." Yet no sooner had ho taken
his seat and sworn before High Heaven to
protect and defend tho interests of the
Commonwealth, than he approved a bill,
passed by a Republican Senate and Houso
of Representatives, which deprived the
State of a just and equitable revenue to
tho amount of three hundred thousand dol
lars a year ; and actually released tho
company from the payment of Seven hun
dred thousand dollars, already duo tho
State. 'With nil this heavy load of iniqui
ty upon his head, this man Curtin has been
renominated, against the earnest protest of
tho honest Ecntiment of the Republican
party 5 and ho now again asks the suf
frages of the poople ',of Pennsylvania.
What think yc of his "brilliant and faith
ful rcoord, whioh triumphed at Pittsburg,"
:::o i
freemen of Columbia County?
tho perfect man, and behold tho upright 1"
Is ho not "chief among ten thousand and
ono altogether lovely I"
jJSy- It is somewhat singular that tha
opposition stick to tho samo lies year af
ter year ; tnd are silly enough to suppose
tho people forget and will believo them.
In 1850, to go no further back, a great
cry was made by them that Buchanan
would withdraw Tho samo thing w&s
said of Governor. Packer and tho story
is now'rovamped and repoated of Judgo
Woodward and Mr. Vallandigham.
It is a standing electioneering dodgo
with those soft patos, and is well under
stood. Tho friends of those gentlemen
know thoy aro tho men for the times and
tho plaoo and they will bo elected.
J3S?" "It appoars that tho Tory Valan
dighamwas not always opposed to war;"
says the Muncy Luminary ; (abolition)
and it refers to a resolution offcrd by him
upon tho subject of tho Mexican war.
A rofercnoo to tho history of the samo
war will also mako it "appear" that tho
Tories, of tho stripo of tho Luminary,
wero "not always" in favor of war, and
advised tho Mexicans to welcome our sol
diers, with bloody hands to hospital
graves. It is only when tho war is a civ
il war, and against our own citizens that
they aro in favor of it. Queer, aint it T
Dr. Pec John occasionally refers to us,
as the "Tory Editor." Wo repeat, this
is a gross mistake. Mr. Pee John, Editor
of tho uSinut Machine," is a lineal de
cendent of Revolutionary Toryism, and
that fact can be substantiated by hosts of
Hying witnesses in Columbia county and
tho truth of history.
Tonnaqe Tax. Remember, tax-payers
of Columbia county, that A. G. Curtin
after declaring ho would act for tho host
interest of Pennsylvania, signod the act of
tho repeal of tho Tonnago Tax. Reinem
bcr, too, that you will bo taxed to make
up tho enormous deficiency that bill cro
We direct attention to tho advertise
ment of our friend, David Lowenburg, to
be found in another column. Ho has a
largo and beautiful assortment of Summer
nnd Pall Olo lung. Thoso in want of
good and cheap clothing will do well by
giving htm a call,
A largo nml rospootablo Domoorntio
meeting was hold on Saturday afternoon
ast, August 22nd, 1803, in tlio pleasant
and beautiful grove, noar Thomas Jones'
Iotcl, in Mount Pleasant township, Goluw
bia county. Pa. A largo number of ladies
graced tho meeting with their prcaonoc.
Tho lollowing wero tho officers : ,
President William J. Ikeler, Esq.
Vice Presidents, William Howell, Ja
cob Meliok, Daniel Ziglor, M. 0. Wood
ward, Qeorgo Apploman, Joseph R. Pat
ton, Jacob Evans, Philip Apploman, J. D,
Rice, and Peter Ent.
btcrclarits, Elias Howell, Mathias
Liout. Alem B. Tate, boing called up
on, addressed tho audionco in a brief and
spirited address. Ho was followed by E
II. Little, Esq,, in an able spoooh of two
hour's length. Mr. Little showed up the
Abolition Administration and its followers
in corruption, to tho meeting iu an ablo
and oloqucut manner. Dan l McIIenry
Esq., of Fishingcrcok township, was uoxt
oallcd on tho stand. Ho spoko in his
usual and happy way, in favor of tho great
causo of Dcmocratio principles.
Tho meeting adjourned, after the s'mg
iug of somu patriotio songs by tho Messrs
Dorr, and cheers for Woodward, Lown
and Liberty.
Beavor Mass Meeting
A Dcmocratio Mass Meeting, was held
on Saturday last, in tho Grove, ncarth
Hotel of 1?, L. Shuman, Esq., in Beaver
township, Columbia County. Thcro was
quite a large gathering of Ladies, S trail
gcrs and Citizens assembled. At 2 o'clock
tlio meeting was organized by tho election
of tho following officers :
Hon. GEORGE SCOTT, President.
Peter Gcarhart, Samuel Cox, Henry
Lchr, John Shuman, David Johnson and
0. P. Mann, Eiq., Vice Presidents.
J. W. Hunsiuger, and J. P. Sohlickor, 1
James S. MoNinoii, Esq., by request,
read tho Address of tho Democratic Cen
tral State Committee, in a dear and dis
tinct tone of voico, occupying just 0110 half
hour's time. Col Levi L. Tate, was
then called upon for an Address. Ho
tit. r- f- U..
r , , ,. , , i
ono anu a iiau nours, on tno poi.uoai is-
sues of the campaign. Tho thanks of tho
Meeting wero tendered tho speaker, with fliff.ra for "Wnnd w.trrl. Lnnno 1
and Dcmocraoy," when tho delightful ex-
... V r, . I
creises in tno nicasani urove wcro tcrini-.
Ordered to bo published. .
Geo. Scott, Prest.
'JaS Secretaries.
Let it be Remembered.
w vtr it t-: -Mi f t-i.
...... ti. xav, cuuoi ui tuu Jw8-'0M0ofinabjiitytlJ attcDd tho meeting of
town Democrat, and who has held tho po- tho conferees or any meeting of said con
sition as Colonel of one of tho Pennsyl- forees, to appoint substitutes in tho placo
vania Regiments for tho past two years, ! or placet ofsueh as may be unablo to at-
m a late i?suo of that paper savs : "Let
u romemoerou, mat Anurcw u. uurtin, me
Abolition candidate for.Govcrnor of Penn
sylvania, forgetting cvory consideration of
j 111 t i VI,
uuu4 uuu..v,auuu4UjjuiUgUDu.u
oungation as uovernor ot a sovereign btato
anu uommanucr-in-i.mei ot the JUintia,j juago oi tno supremo uourt, meets tbe
asked permission to call out the Militia of,entiro aml hearty concurrence of the Dem-
tho State, to defend tho Commonwealth
from an invasion whioh he know was about
to be made; and whon that permission
was refused by tho Abolition Adminisira
tion upou tho ground that it would inter
fe're with tho draft soon to bo levied by
them, carried his slavishncss so far that
ho permitted tho Stato to bo cvorrun nnd
devastated without taking a singlo step
which his constitutional obligations, his
State prido, and his personal roputation,
exacted from him as the custodian of tho
honor of his State, and the lives, proper
ties, and homes of its citizens."
Defeat Predicted.
The Pittsburg Dispatch, (abolition) in
ti issuo of the Oth inst., said :
"With any map of ability, clear record
and above all honesty tho triumph of tbo
Union party is secured ; TIIE NOMI
PARTY, and for this result tho Union
men should hold this Convention person
ally responsible.
JSSyLoyal Leagues aro quite a vener
able institution in this country. Thoy
wero organized by tho Tories of tho Amer
ican Revolution, and their secrets and
principles have been revived by their
descendants during tho present Administra
tion. Thoy wcro spurned and repudiated
by tho patriots of '70, and they will sharo
tho samo fate at tbo hands of tho patriotio
nnd Constitutional inen of 1803. Tho ad
vocates of English tyranny and usurpation
can never hold power in tho United Statos
Wo aro a band of frcomcn.
A Siuth Itbm in a Bio Bir,i.. It
may interest tho public to know that the
cost of maintaining tho seventy four major
gonerels and two hundred and eighty four
brigadier generals in tho Federal army,
with their staffs, amounts to the nico little
sum of three millions of dollars per annum.
It has been said that this sum and tho
number of generals might bo reduced ono
half. Such generals as Fremont might
easily be dUpensod with
Tho Domocnatio county convention of
Montour county assembled at tho Court
House in Dnnvillo on last Monday, for
tho purposo of nominating candidate for
tho different county offices to bo filled at
the ensuing oleotion, and appointing Sen
atorial and Keprosontutivo conferees.
When tho townships wcro called tho fol-
owing Delegates appeared and took their
scats, viz :
Anthony John Dcrr and Josoph Kco
Oooper Adrow Wertman, Jesse Crom-
Derry Nathaniel Britain, Samuel I'ol
ock. Danvilto N. W. Jacob Soidel, Peter
Danville S. W. B. K. Rhodes, Oliver
Limestone Peter Wagner, Joseph
Liberty Huh R. Montgomery, An
drow Billmoyor.
Mayborry Not represented.
' 1
Mahoning Hiram Antrim, Samuel
Valley Cyrus Childs John Bcddow.
West Hemlock Jeremiah Winterstcen,
William Crossley.
On motiou B. K. Rhodes, Esq , was
elected President of the convontion, and
Hugh R. Montgomery and Jeremiah Win-
tcrstoen wore elected Secretaries. i
n 1 i , ,1
vu iuoiiuh was rcso.vcu mat iuo ,
convention proeacd first to the election of
Senatorial and Kcprcsontativc conferees.
On motion Paul Leidy and Adam Gcr-
ringer wcro elected Senatorial conferees, to '
tics composing this Senatorial District to
! 1 .1 P C?i CI 1 t a camtiuau: ormaw oenacor.-
On motion William A. Decn and Hiram
Antrim wore eluctcd Representative con-
forces to meet similar conferees from tho
other counties composing this Ropresenta-
tiro District to nominato tno persons as
. r .1 tt ! I was not stronsr c nough to do til s. 1 did
candidates for membcts of tbo House of t ,, .1 1 fc e n 1
'.not like 1 10 idea of flociring the nibn, and
Un motion Ueorge i) JJuttlor was unan-
imouslv nominated a3 tho Demooratio
candidate for Prothonotary and Clerk of1IaS"b.v MoIIcnrv'B orders and bought a
several Courts of Montour County.
On motion John Dcrr, was unanimously
nominated as tho oandidato for county
On mo' ion Pctor Wagner, was unani-
mnnatw nnminnfnrl a fl.n nuniliilntn fn
... ...
ciu.y Auu.N.,
On motion it was unanimously resolved
that tho representative conferees from
Montour countv. bo and thov are hcrobv
instructed to voto in conference for, and
11 i. li . .i
uso an nouoraoio mcana 10 suuuru mo
nomination of John C. Ellis, of Montour
county and Gcorgo D. Jackson, of Sulli-
van county, as tho Democratic candidates'
for members of tho Houso of Rcpresonta-!
, lives from this ltoprcsentativo District,
-r.. . . .
j Resolved, That both Senatorial and
i Representative conferoes this day appoin
, ted be and they aro hereby authorized, iu
, ienu bB0B '"""g or wcoiiDgs
The following resolutions wore thon read
and unanimously adopted.
Resolved, That tho nomination by tho
I "-uww inv wimi vuuiwuuun unu uu iiui
1 Inw t ti Nn a n nnM ti ah I, nlrl I J
rj8bir of Geo, W. Woodward for Govor-
, nor and Hon. Walter II. Lowrie for
ocrats of Montour county, and wo pledge
ocratio ticket, State and District as well as
' county, an increased Democratic majority
at the election in Octolor noxt.
Itesolvcd, That wc fully ondorso the
resolutions adopted by tho Dcmocratio
taio uonvcntion iiciu at uarnsnurg June
17th, 18G3, and also tho resolutions on tho
'Stato of tho Country" passed by tlio
Houso of Representatives on tho 13th of
April 1803.
Resolved, That our late representatives
John C. Ellis and Gcorgo D. Jaokson by
tlieir iirm consistent ana upright oourso
have justly merited tho fullest confidence
of their constituents and wo earnestly
recommend their re-nomination.
Resolved, That tho following named
porsons bo appointed tho Domooratio
standing committee of Montour county for
the ensuing year viz :
Anothony, John Carey ; Cooper, John
Crossley ; Derry, Robert Bloo ; Danville
N. W., Patrick 0. Murray ; Danvill S.W.
John W. luilos ; iiimcftnnc, Daniel 1
Gougor; Liberty, II. R. Montgomery;
Mahoning, W. W. Pinneo ; Maybcrry,
Jacob bhultz ; Valley, J. MoMakan ;
West Hemlock, Joromiah Winterstcen,
Resolved, That tho prooeodiugs of this
convention bo published in tho DanviIiLi;
On motion adjourned.
B. K. Rhodes, Pios't
II. R. MoNxaoMuitY, Secretaries.
A Voico from Alleghany.
Mr. Peter 0. Shannon, of Pittsburgh
addressed tho Abolitionists in front of tho
Continental Hotel last evening. In the
courso of his remarks ho said :
"Amongst tho publio men of Alleghany
couuty,I urn almost alono in defending
Governor Curtin."
Mr. Shannon is evidently a leaky ves
sel, or ho would not havo oxposcd tho
disaffection which exists in Alleghany to
Govonor Curtin, By tho time the election
takes placo pretty nearly tho samo thing
will bo said of Pennsylvania that the Pitts
burg orator says of Alleghany. Age,
Hon. John B. Beck, has been re-nom-iuatcd
by the Demooraoy of Lycoming
county, for tho Legislature, Mr. B is a
faithful and worthy Roprosontativo. Uis
election is certain
Ail Abullllou Outrage by llio I'ltlshmg
rrovost Marshal
It is already known to many of our
readers that on tho 11th, Captain J. H.
Poster long ono of tlio editors and pro
otors of tho Dispatch, and still proprietor,
but notwithstanding has been acting under
Lincoln as provost marshal for Allegheny
county on tlio plea that a certain whito
man, named Hngon, had sold himself as
substitute several times beforo, without
form of law, did have the man lashed with
a cowhido until his back was liko a piece
of raw flosh, and bo sank down in utter
Tho fact will bo found substantially em
bodied in tho following statements mado
by witnesses present :
Dn. Kino's Statement.
Tho first I know of this affair Captain
McIIenry cntorcd my offieo, which adjoins
tbc provost Mar81ial8 offic0) and soizing
tbo man Ilaecn, who was sitting on u chair
near mo, said, "God d n you, wo want
you ; conio out here," Hagau was then
taken out to tho foot of tho stairs, whero
MnMnnrv nniil rn lin onrnnnlil ti'l'nlrn
him up Btair3 and bim twontv uvo
lashes," and, after a pause, added, ' les,
God d n him, givo lifty." Ho also told
tha sergeant to put tho baud cuffj on him
and get tho cowhido. I followed to tho
head of tho strirs, but could not boar tho
idea ofsooinu a white man whipped, so I
turned and came down. I saw tho man
after ho was Cogged, and drosscd his
vouds yesterday and to-day. His back
is all cut up, along ana across. I Bhould
BJ from app;arcnoo 0f bis back that
ho received from sixty to sevonty lashes.
1 here wero seven! persons by when tho
flof7KDg tok place, and Melloiiry told me
h,imS? t0day ,h.nt. Lo h9ld th
This is all
I know about tha matter.
s Morrison's Statement
j bo, ,0 Vt0VQil Guar(, aQj had
.QSt oomo down fro( tho lQ.mi Uwk
,y)jorj Captain MoHcnrv told mo to nut
tho hand-cuffs on Hagcn and lake him up
stairs and give him twentyfivo lashes.
1 8aid thi" 1 M not v.crv ?cl! ond that
wouid n,thcr leave it to somebody else.
,(apt JMcllcnry then told Corporal Pal
mor to flog him. I put tho hand-cuffs on
wag ,bon tBkcn up 8fairafa Thcf0 w a
1 PiUar neariy in the centre of tho room, aud
J ho was plaood standing with his arms
around it. Tho hand ouffs had by this
time been taken off. Ho was strippod of
' all DUt 1113 pints OHU Sllirt. A SOIUlCr
named Alfred Fogle was ordered by Me
, u ,Q hoU - hand8 arQU id tho t
jjjio palmer flogged him. Foglo seized
his hands as dosircd, but after tho first
1 welt, Hagen broke loose, and thou Mo-
Henry seized him and held him till it was
all over. 1 ho man cried out while he
wan Ifoin-r l.-iahnd. nnd uiadn a frond tmnl
0f noise. Before he was flogcd, he beg-
ged that ho might be shot rather than
whipped. I did not count the lashes, but
1 sbo"ld BavT ho "eiyod between forty
nnu nity. icar tno oiose no tuutc uown
by tho post, but ho was not unconscious
Palmer did the Hogging,
CoiironAL Pai.meu's Statement,
Captain MoIIeury orderod mo to give
tlagcn twenty five laahus, I got a now
hido from Soreant Morrison, and Hngen
was taken uutairs and his nana cutis re
moved. He was then put standing with
his arms a.ound a post and a soldier hold
his hands, but after receiving a stroke or
two ho broke loose and then Captain Mo
Henry held him. I do not know how
. 1 I. I , I. . I ... J
uiuuy insuco l uutu uiiUf io x. naa iuu ka
cited to count them, but ono of the men
who couutod them says I gavo him thirty
seven, l thinK l must have given him
betwoen thirty and forty. I flagged him
under orders.
Tho above is tho testimony of tho very
men wiio, nbovo all others, know most
about tho affair, and upon it wo are content
, to rest tho truth of our report. If Captain
Foster wants further evidnnoo in tho mat
tor, wc can supply him with it. Wc need
not, of course, repeat what wo taid yestor;
day ol the tyranny and brutality whicl
characterized tho cntiro proceeding. Tho
publio understand this fully, and it needs
no denunciations of ours to add to their
abhorrenco of tho deed. But tho end is
not yet. Hagcn, wo arc informed, is dc-.
lirious (o dio from tho effects of the vio
lcnco dono him, and serious rosults are
apprehended. Ho is confined at tho Gir
ard Houso, whero thoso who want to seo
the effect of Captain Fostor's discipline
may havo their ouriosity gratifiod,
The Difference.
Wm. H. Jacoby, Editor of a Demo
cratic paper, 7 he Star of the North and
William Burgess present editor of an abo
lition organ, both of Columbia ccuuty,
wcro drafted last fall. Mr. Jacoby sus
pended tho publication of this paper,
shouldered his musket, served through his
time, and has now returned to rcsumo its
publication. Billy Button who had m&do
all his arrangements to conio to Wyoming
and tako obargo of an Abolition organ,
was let off by trirkory, falsehood and in
violation of law; and now cackels out his
hackneyed epithets of k( Copperhead,"
"Southern sympathizer," "traitor," &o,,
in speaking of Mr. Jacoby and his politi
cal friends.
Political knavery and favoritism may
savo this Draft sneak from taking his
ohances in tho conscription with Democrats;
but no kind of long faced sanctimonious
lies will conceal his hypoorioy or shield
him from. the contempt which attaches to
a sneak. 'Ihinhhannock Democrat,
Tho Doinocraotio and consortivc men of
Ohio, conoedo tho oleotion of Vallandig
ham as Governor of that Stato, by from
fifty to tixty thousand majority. Hurra,
I for lha noble democracy of Ohio.
M'ooihvard and tlio Foreigners,
Tho Franklin Repository, in its first is
sue, "hopcu in us uoxt tssuo to uo anio to
do justice to both tho platform and can
didates of tho Demooratio party." Whon
tho second numbor appoarod wo wcro sor
ry trr loam that "tho roviow of tho Dem
ooratio State Convention, its candidates
and platform," had bcon unavoidably post
poned, Wo wcro anxious to know what
tho editor's pcou jar souso of justice would
prompt him to say. Tho long expected
arlielo appeared in last week's issuo, a'nd
as a fair sample of this desperate attempt
at justice, wo quoto irom it tho following
exploded libel upon Judgo Woodward,
which, after boing successfully refuted on
several previous ocoasions, has boon again
trumped up by tho Repository, for uso dur
ing tho present campaign. Its chargo
against Judge Woodward is in tho follow
ing languago :
"Judgo Woodward is a man of conco-
dou ability, and as subtlo and dangerous
l. LI- TT! ..IV ' I
uu it) uuiu. His umciai career com
menced by his election as a Delogato to tho
t-.onsiiiutionai uonvcntion in iau7. in
which body ho was ouo of tho youngest
luuiuuui a. uu tuoK cuusiuerauio part in
tno aoic ucnatos which characterized its
proceedings, and mado his mark csnoeiallv
in his carnctt efforts to disfranchise all for
eigners iu Pennsylvania. IIo mado one
oi m noiosr, spoeoncsin lavor ol incorno
rating tho denial of suffrago to foreigners
with our organio law, but ho failed, so
that tho Irish and Germans who voto for
him in October, can do so with the satis
iactory assurance that if Woodward ha
succeeded in his efforts to araond our Con
stituton,-thoy would now bo without oven
iuu rigui io vote at an."
It appoars from tho published proceed
iugs of the "Reform Convention," whioh
assembled at Harrisburg, in May, 1837
that Mr. Woodward, thon a young man of
twenty-eight, was a dolegato to that Con
volition from Way no county.. In tho
course of tho deliberations of that body
a resolution was introduced by Mr. Thorn
as and seconded by Mr. Konismachor
both Wina delegates, directing "that
committee bo appointed, to enquire into th
expediency of so amending the Constitu
tion of Pennsylvania, as to prohibit th
future immigration into this Stato of for
eigners, frco persons of color, and fugitive
slaves, from other States or Territories.''
This resolution was sustained by a large
number of Whigs in tho Convention, and
probably would have passed, had not Mr.
Woodward, with a view, as ho himself has
sinco stated, to bring out tho truo charac
ter of tho measure, and at tho same time
defeat it if possible, proposed aii amend
ment, which oompcllcd tho withdrawal of
tho original motion, and thus saved thv
foreigners from disfranchisement by their
pretended frionds, tho Whigs. Tho re
marks imputed to Mr. Woodward, in sup
port of his amendment, wcro not taken
down by tho regular secretaries of the
Convention, who recorded tho facts we
have just given ; but by a stenographer,
who gnvo him no opportunity for their re
vision, but incorporated them, garbled
and perverted, into tho "published de
bates." His truo position on this question
may bo learned from his reply to Mr
Earl, iu this samo Convention, on tho 10th
of tho ensuing January, whon ho mado
use of theso words :
"I never did propose to exclude the for
eigners now in the country, from politi
cal privileges ; nor thoso who should at
any time hereafter come to the country
' My amondment was to a proposi
tion made by tho gentleman from Chester,
(Mr. Thomas,) suggesting an inquiry into
the expediency of excluding foreigners al
together from our soil, and the amount of
it was, to give the proposed inquiry a dif
ferent direction from that proposed by tho
gentleman from Chester."
And it may still furthor be gathorcd
from tho following letter written by him
to tho Wayne County llcruld, in 1801, in
which ho said :
"I am not going to profess any new
bom zeal for foreigners nor to flatter their
passions or prejudices. I am going to treat
them as 1 havo always treated them as.
American Citizens, entitled to equal rights I
to i r It invQA F niir nri m n n nn( 1 1 tt r nl-A i
war on mo for sentiments imputed to mo
by political opponents, and on accord
ing to whioh I havo never acted, than I
havo to mako war on them, I am no Na
tive American, and I never was, oither in
sentiment or action, I havo no hostility
to foreigners, and I never had. They and
I havo always lived in peace. I have
many warm frionds amongst thorn whom
I value- abovo all prico, and no intriguing
- . w
politicians or unscrupulous editors aro to
bo permitted to array ua in hostile atti-
Again, in 18-15, Judgo Woodward was
promised tho voto of tho Nativo American
delegation of Philadelphia to sccuro his
election to tho United States Senate in
easo ho would pledge himsolf to support
the twonty-ono years' naturalization law.
no spurned tho offer, nnd in conscquenco
thereof was defeated by thoso samo votes.
Did this indioato hostility to foreigners ?
Not only this ; during tho existence of tho
Know-Nothing party, Judgo Woodward
was open and explicit in his denunciations
of its principles and designs ; and in num
bers of private letters, and iu all his pub
lio oourso, he has ropcatodly condemned
tho proseriptivo spirit which would deprivo
a man of his political privileges on account
of tho placo of his birth. In view of thoso
facts of history, whioh can not bo refuted,
is thoro any political justice, or truth or
honesty in tho declaration of tho Reposi.
tory : "If Woodward had suooeedod in
his efforts to amend tho Constitution, tho
Irish and Gormans would now bo without
eyen tho right to voto at(nll t" Ho wai
tho very man who preserved that right fori
them j whilo, even at that time, and dur
ing tho later days of Nativo American
ism, tho plitlcal frionds of tho Repository
wcro socking ovcry opportunity io siukq
deadly blow at that and every other sa-
ired right whioh tho Irish and Gormans
lad fled to this country to secure. This
bol on tho record of Judgo Woodward,
which U intended to projudico tho Ger-
maifand Irish voto against him, will have
but littlo effect, when it is rcmcmborcd that
it is mado by a party in whoso platform
proscription of foreigners has for years
been a cardinal principle j and who, thro'
their recognized organs, aro this very day
denouncing them as "tho offscourings of
tho earth," "tho vomitings of tho jails and
poor-houso3 of Europe, who aro sent to
this country to brood dissontion and riot,''
of whoso barbarism and ferocity tho JNcw
York riot is but a filing cxhihition." 'I uis
effort to injure tho standing of Judge
Woodward amongst tho 'adopted oitizons
of tha Stato, will fail as signally as it has
dono in times past. Thoy will shun tho
poisonous embrace of thoir old enemies as
they would tho touch of a leper.
Uli'imucrsuurg ruuey oft.
Tho Earthquake at Manila.
A friond, to whom wo hero express our
thanks, sends to The Age a copy of tho
Overland Chaina Mail, (llong IS-ong
Juno 13,) from which wo copy tho fol
lowing account of tho tcrrlblo disaster by
which the city of Manny was almost to
tally destroyed,
Manila, Juno 4th, 1803. On tho 3d
instant, at half past seven in tho evening
a circumambient flaino was seen to riso
from tho earth and gird tho city of .Manila,
(tho "Beautuous Flower of the East," ns
sho is finely and poetically designated by
her poiscssors,) and at the same timo a
most terrific quaking of the earth took
placo. It lasted scarcely a minuto, but
in that short space nearly tho wholo of
Fair Manila has been rjduccd to a heap
of ruins. The abomination and desolation
has takon possession of her palaces, her
temples, and herdwclling-places,and death
and destruction havo ridden triumphantly
over tho land. Wo believo that upwards
of a thousand have been killed, and many
thousands wounded, but it is impossible to
say or to estimate. Scarcely an edifice
has escaped without dead or wounded.
Tho good priests, their choristers and
sacristans, and'tho faithful who wero hear
ing tho vespers of Corpus ChrUti, havo
been nearly all buried and suffocrated un
der the ruins cf the Cathedral, and other
ohurohes. The only church that has es
caped wholly is San Augustiue, tho same
that withstood the tremendous shook of
1045. Tko Palaco and nearly all tho
public and private, as well as commercial
edifices, have either been thrown down or
shakon from tlieir foundations. Thank
God ! not a singlo foreigner has been kill
ed ; but two, wc hear, have been suriourly
hurt, though not dangerously. Tho Rod
riguez property, left to tho British nation,
and whero the British Consulate was, has
been entirely destroyed, and is nothing
but a mass of ruins. Wc must felicitate
Spain on tho conduct of hor subjects hero
of all classes ; during this groat and sud
dcn trial, they aetcd admirable. The
Gofernor General and tho Archbishop set
a brilliaut examplo, which has been cop
ied nearly by all, of calmness, fortitudo,
resignation, and energetic t-ynipathy.
Tbo city is deserted nearly, for the edifices
threaton to fall suddenly, and thcro may
bo (though heaven forcfend it ! ) a repo
tation. Beforo tho earthquake took place,
sulphcrous odors wore perceived, rumbling
liko tho fning of ordance,and then.liko tho
approaching of an immenso locomotivo aud
train I Tho flamo that surrounded tho
city was seen from tho Bay to ascend to
wards tho sky ; and another, a triple
snaked ono, came from tho land over tho
water to tho shipping, and threw thorn up
j , , or fhrco fecl hilc 0Q sli0ro
tho earth has overywhoro sunk at loast two
feet. The Age.
Slick This in Your Hat aud Keen it
CSy"I declare upon my responsibility
as a Senator.that tho liberties of this coun
try aro in groator danger to-day from tho
corruptions, and from tho profligaoy prac
ticed in tho various donurtmcnts of tho
I t
Government, than thoy aro from the cnomy
; tlm onen Hold J. IMIai.e. llonublioan
o i. e M, Hr,,,,oli;,.
i ogumui uuiu iiQn
y If theso infernal fanatics and Abolition
ists over get tho power iu their hands, thoy
will override tho Constitution, set tho
Supremo Court at defiance, ohange and
mako laws to suit themselves, lay vi
opinion, or daro question thoir fidolity,
and finally bankrupt tho country and del
uge it with blood, Daniel Weusteu.
The Contraband System. A letter
to tho Chicago Times, dated Helena, Ark.,
August 13th, tells a pitiful story, as fol
lows :
Emancipation in this part of tho country
has already proved a sorry thing for llio
poor contrabands, Thoy havo cotno with
in our linos, somo voluntarily, somo by
force of armed guards sent to bring them,
and lhon left to Btarvo and dio of cvory
diecaso to which indolence and oxpoauro
render them liable Thoy havo not had
onough of tho plainest necessities lo sup
port them in health, and, when siok, no
medical attendance whatever, has been
furnished. As a result, duriug and sinco
tho administration of Gen, Curtis, cinbt
thousand coutrabands havu died at ndena,
BSyWivcs, Mjlhcrs and Sisters, whoso
Husbands, Sons and Brothers aro sorving
in tho Army can not put Into their knap,
saok a moro nccccstary or valuable pift
than a few boxes of Hollowny'a Pills and
Ointment. They insure health oven under
tho exposures of a soldier's life. Oily
SO cents a box or pot.
wiiiwTnwTTTMim urn n .1 imiiii 1 1 in mm i imi miu
At Berwick, on tho 10 th, inst., by Hov".
W. W. Case, Mr. Llhwelyn Puosseb,
lato of Dloomsburg, and Miss. Saiiaii E..
daughter of tho latu Rev. Isaiah Dahl., of
i .... '
uerwicK. .
At Dloomsburff, July 30tb, by Thomas
J. Morris Esq., Mr. Geohqe Tanner, of
Jiispy, Columbia oo,, to iHiss 1)1. D. iUajoii
ot Lohigh twp., Oarbou county, Pa.
At Bloomsburg, August 22, by tho satna
Mr. David WniaiiT, and Nanoy A. Ba, all of Danville, Pa.
A Gentlemen, ctiro'd of Nervous De-
lilllly, Incompetency, l'remaluro Ducny nml Youthful
Error, nctimtcd by a .Icslru to bcncllt others, will ba
happy to furnltli to nil who nceil It (frco of charge) thu
recipe and directions for making the simple ltcmcily
tiled in till case. Thoso withlng to profit by til a ex.
pcrlcnce and possess a Valuable ltcmcily will rccclvu
tho same, by return mall, (carefully scnlcd) by nJJrci-
iiiig John ii. onm'.N',
No, LO Nassau tJtreet, N, Y.
New York, August IS, 18133. Kin
EDITOR 01' Iin.MOC'llAT. Ilonr Sir !-Wltli your
permission I wish you lo say to the renders of )our
paper that I will scinl by return mail to all who wish
it, (free) n liccipe, with fu'l instructions for making
and using a slmplii Vegetable Dal m. that will ctlcctu
ally remove, in lUdays, pimples blotches, tan, frecklot
nml all impurities ol' the skin, leaving the samo soil,
clear, smooth mm beautiful.
I will nlso mall free to thoso having li.ild tlcirls or
Hare f.iccs, simple ill recti oils anil Information that will
enable them to start a full growth of Luxuriant Hair.
Whisker, or n Moustache, iu loss ihan 'M days, All
applications answered by return mall without charga.
Respectfully youis,
TnuH. P. OHAl'MAN.Chcinlst,
July iS, 18C3-3IH J No. K31 Uroadwny, New York-
long tested tho truth that there nre first principles Iu
Mcdiclno ns there is In Sciunce, nnd this Mcdhinui,
compounded on principles suitod to thu manifold 11.1
turo of Man 1 Thu euro of Colds is In keeping open
the pores, nnd crcntlug a geiitlo Intcrnnl warnuh, aiul
this is caused by tho uso of this .Mcillcln". Its remedial
qualities nro based on its power to ns.lst ilic hrullhy
anu vigorous circulation oi uinou inroneu mo mugs, it
enlivens uie muscles ami assists tno sKin to perturm
its duties of regulating thu heat oC thu system, nml iu
penny throwing oil" thu waste substance fiom the sur
face of tho body. It is not a vtlleiit remedy, hut rmol
lient, warming, senrching and rffectlvc. i:old by ull
drughi.tx at 13 and S3 cents per bottle.
July .'j, JSUJ Jiu-
Dniformltynirrlccs ! A Now Feature in Mus.lnosi
Every ono his own Salesman I JUNKS At UO. of Ihu
CrosentOnoI'iicu Clothing Sture.No. 201 Markctstrcct
above Sixth, riiilailelphia,
in uuilition to Having tno largest, most varied ami
fashinnnblo slock of Clothing In I'liiladelpliia madoci-
iressiy ror retail sales, Havo constitute,! every one
lis own sutcuiuu. by hnvim: marked in liiiurrs. oitcnnh
articlont the vcrylowost prico It can ho sold for sothy
raiinoi possimy vary an must Diiy uiikc.
l lio gnous nru wen sponged nun prepares ami great
oninstakcii with the makiiis so that nllcaubiiy with
the full assurnncn of getting n good article at the very
lowest price. Also, a large stock of piece goods on hand
of the latent style and lu st qualities, which will he made
io orucr, in ino uinsi laelilmi.iuie nnu ncsi manner, -j
per cent, below credit prices.
Remember tlio Crescent, In Umkcl above Sixth street
No. SOI, J0NJ:S & CD.
Nau Si&uertisemcntSo
OFFICE-la Court llouto .lllty, uudtr IJcviceml r,
August 2J, lblid-fiiu.
ALL persons nrc hereby rnutinned against tropins
ing upon the premUes of the undersigned, in M.ilno
township, Columbia county either by llshiiig. hunting
gathering fruit, dcMroyiug timbor, or otherw ise, und r
tho pains and penalties of the Laws of reuiisylvniii.i
in such case mado and provided.
ccoiicn MiLi.nit.
ano. LONuu.s'uiuicua.
August S9, ieC3-3w31.
House and Lot
TDK undersigned oilers io sell at private tale, a d
sirable and pleasant residenco tncnti'd In Light
Street, Columbia co., about i$ miles North of I'Looins
burg, on Main Street, and central lu said village, Thcro
is erected upon said premises a good
with n wcll-fllted Store House attached, with
an excellent well of water nt thu door, wtnW.i
and fruit trees nnd all olhsr necessary conveniences, in
n high statu of cultivation. Tno Storu Houso nnd stand
am of the llrst order, and pretcnt an excellent and
eligible opening fur the Mercantile busiuoks. 'llio
building has an open glass front, under uaiidsomc uv n
iug nnd encircled by thriving tliudo trees.
Said property will bo sold tt n bargain, or exchanged
for a small farm or uther real catate.
Light Htrcot, Aug. SO, ISC:).
Public Sale
WILL be exposed to public Vendue at tho residenco
of Franklin tlcllride, deceased, in Hemlock town
ship, Columbia county, I'n., oi:
Thursday, September nth, 1803,
tho lollttwlng valuable personal properly to wit
Two Head of Young Cattle, n flock of clioico Sh.rp,
nnd a lot of Geese, Cnrn nnd Rye by the bushel, si so a
dot of com in th . ground
aaM"; ?f KliH1II,cn:fi:
eluding Ills entire farming utensils. AIo,
together with a variety of household und kitchen furui
luri', wool by tho pound.
U i. al" m nun nit; i
said day.wiun term
', byA ,... oo .r.i
qj-caiuto cninuiencuut iu o'ciock, in tno forenoon or
s und conditions will bo mnde known
11UU1I U MclilllUU,
7 Ull undersigned, grateful for past patronage, rctpco
fully informs his customers nnd the nubile rcnemllv
that he has lust received from tha Easterns cities, tii
lurgcsianu uiusi select biock oi
Fall and Winter
I 5"
That lias ysl been opened lu Illooinsburg, to which ho
invites tlio nttentien of his friends, nnd nssures them
that they aro otl'ercd for sale at great bargains. His
Stock comprises a larga assortment of
Consisting nt Fashionable I)nt:ss Coats, of every dos
criptiou; 1'ants, Vests, Hlilrts, Crnvats Sticks, Cotton
Handkerchiefs, Gloves, tiuependers, &c,
Of every description, fine nnd cheap.
N. II. Keiuenibcr " l.ouenberg'i Cheap Emporium.'
call and see, No chargo for cxamiiig Hoods.
Ulooiiisburj, usuil V.9, Iff!!, IJuim ISili.J