Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, April 04, 1863, Image 3

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    pr- wm. w iwir , 1 T.ifr' J iiiiiiiiaCiiiiiPfi mil ... IMUiHSaitLB
L' r l .
i in n 1 1 if iiMi um it i an in KOiiifcni
anvvttucKtb MAiitNF.nci.iNns to the i.torl In Orungcvillu. Coltiiniiia oo., o ii.u.
n.ANK.vviinNNioiiTANUTiic mirwrcLcac day, ihu i!3tl (if Mnroli, 180.1, Benjamin
AUUCNU Ul.M."-iaf. TiMr. ! JoN 18, llUed IlbtlUt fi7 CUTS, f
roLLoniNH mioutmi, winiii Rtriuiiti 1111: ioicl or
rat .Virion akd ii tiic met ittimRuur lovaltt I
'That I he present deplorable flvil war lm dcrti
forcrJ iipmi the country by the dl unlunlnln uf the
f-mthfrn -tnt"-, nun In arms atnlntllutC(itiFtllullnnnl
Uovarniricnl, and In nrina around t lie- Capital Hint in
ttila Nntloinil eincrgeiirv. Coucrcr-i. banishing nil nil'
lug uf unite pustluu or rcn-ntineiil. will rtcullc ct only
iiauuty lotua wnuie country ; Mat tnis learn ttsi wngta
tktir virlin anil ifiril " mutation, or for anv imf
pott of conqntsl or subjugation orpnrpottof oretthiotctt'tr
r Hltrftrtng uith thr rights or stlalltthtil iruHliifiei" "
tMit Smttt lut lo dtftnd and maintain the tnprlmic 'f
tho Conttiltlon,and H prcstrtt tat Union, kII'i the 'g"
nil), tqualito, and right 0 thr stctral Muff untmpalrid;
mil thtt as toon at these object ae accomplished thr war
tueht lo cetitc."
wfiw wwim 1 iw 11 1 uajj ,tm jwwi inu iuhiwuh si ,
T Wanted. Ttvu Pun, or "liitln bona," by tha
Kdllor, from nny vfliU aubtctlbors wba may uli lu
pay lliu frlutiT.
Jorsfjlown Dtmocrailc Mctiii g.
Out. L. L. Tati:
Dtar Sir Ploase notice in your
papor tbat thero will bu a Democr itic
Meeting bold ut Jcrsi'V town, on Friilay,
April 10th, ut 12 oVlock M., for the pur
pose of discussing the proper measures to
b takou in regard to the present alarm
ing oondition of our country. You are
respectfully solicited to a to ml.
Very truly, &c.,
K. A. Smith,
II. 0. .Mills,
T. J. Swihiikr.
Jersey town, Apiil 1, lfalltt.
Qol. Jons CI. Fkeeze. Chairman I
e ,, it ,,,,: ,,!: i... :
ot tuo Democratic fat'inuin Coirnntlee
ri,v;n f'o,,v. .,i.
W . WW,U,,W(MWUUU,T... IllUnil.L' II1.IIUIU 1
' o I I
tion for n vigorous) and active poliiicil
campaign this fall. As at) on as tho May
Court is over, the woik of couiplelo 01-
gauizatiou will, and he be'ievsi
that, with good nominations, tin; large
majurity of last fall can he increased.
Ther is no need for hatto. Djlibera
tiou shtnil.l pri'cude action, and then ac
ti'.ui can bo conceited and unanimous.
Let m ra'ly to the staudirtl of "the Con
atitutiou und the Union,''
Inos I'nv Com m Kite 1 a 1. Coi,i.uui:
Thin lu.titutioti, the largest and 111 est cx
teiuively known in the country, has long-
Mt retaiued its corps of teachers, who are business men, and long enjoyed
an nr. table reputation, in-uring a thoio'
LuBiucbs education to all holding diplo
mas of this institution. Every oung
man before entering on active life sho.ild
grntlunte nt this school, and l;y the found
atiou oi a Siubtt.tntia fortune, with hun
dreds who are now engaged in busine;-!",
decured by r.dvaut igc3 afforded only at
this college.
-.VC-The Democrats of Fishingrret k
had oino bill. prinlcd in Wilkc Parrt
.for n meeting lo be held on April 1st.
The tvhola thing was wi boat consultation
with Democrats here, nml it was fnund
impossible to go on so short notice, and
ep'cially on that day.
We think nil thi. i too hurried. Tbu
Standing Con'mi.tce will organize for the
campaign in good time. K-ep cool,
frie ds.
lllMs' tu f'nni'i.n'nr ,
B$T Mr. 11. .
on the Lackawanna and Plooiusburg Kail
rnnd. w.l sHnnlrerl 1111 Tnr.uil ir la.i 1... n
' ' ' "J "
Mr. Vafttno, in the hot.d at Nortliunibr'r
lund, whiKt reposing 0n the sola,. and se
verely ft.ibbed several times. H ipei are
f ntcttnint'd of bii ncovery. We have
not leained the origin of the difficulty bc
twist the pai ties.
. ,
t&- In Rhode Island th
have carried the two membots of Con
gress. They had them last year, so there
is no gaiu to thorn and no loss to us.
Thoy bavo carried the Govern ir by
2,800; Lincoln carried tho State by -1,-
537: lvh n 1 slinws a lliimnnr.ilin irnin nf
' o
1.707. NVcll done for l-lnxlc Island. II
tho Doctor can find anything to crow over
in such a vole, let him crow.
Ihc Susquehanna Hold. NVili.iam
T. Shuman, Esq., of Maincvillc, b.t taken
tho Susquehanna Hotel, latoly occupied
by Mr. Kostenbauder, iu Cattawissa
'Squire Sliu.nan is an accomplished gen-
tloman and will make a model landlord.
His numerous friends will always be most
cordially greeted and sumptuously enter-
Removal, Mr. L.' T. SiiAni' has
romovod hit Stock of Goods into Judge
Rupert's spacious Store House. 'J'hcro he
...... ..,:., l...ii., ..,... .!!.. -..:i:.;,.., :. i.
t.aiit;iijM ut:ttt;i lilui uti ll tnu iat.11111 11 1
a more eligible stand, which ho has just
replenished with new Spriugaud Suunner
Oooils. Mr. b. must feel quite at Lome
in his now and pleasant quarters.
KSr Moviiif has boon verv irenorftl this
KB i'luiiug ii ua utm vi.ry general uns
season, in Ploom&burj. Many of our cit
izens will bo hard lo fiud by their friends
and acquaintances. And tho ooldusi and
most uupluatiant weather of this wiut.r
wb labt Tuesday and Wednesday.
B--Tho Legislature will adjourn ou the
13th of April.
flQr-ItEAD Senator Clyincr's Speech.
Court 6pcos npit Tuesdav m Laporle
Mnroli, J0th 18011, by Allen .Mnnii,
r( , Mr Nathan Knapp t Miss Katf,
S li', nil of M.iinvillo, Col. en. I'ii
U Hi A T Bl S .
T ,1 , tl . .1. .1... Olltl. Dllil
iu jjriiircreeK, Kim uii mc mh uuu,
Mr Samuei, SiTt.t:ti, ngoil (M ymis una -
8 inontli. ''reiteu lie to lin tiHlii'8. '
In Oiccuwood twp.. M.uoli lOtli IStJI),
Wm, Pauson, Souofoohi mid Miiitliu
0. Uruu.'r, ngod 3 yotiri, U iiuuths iu,d
(I days.
Aln.l ill J Utile r.iroon ills.
How tlldiinl It mutt l",
To bid till- lutily mitlil t'ooJ-ty,
It iccinu iult(! in. I to mi',
But, tlmujrlt bu HMo'i form llt lu'rf,
III4 iiril llvi'K nbuvi
Anil nrs "Itb vlilnii bilglit and lU'Ut
'Vu Uod (rfilfu and love.
Ill Peoni. III., after a totij and p'linlul
Illnesji, MaTTIIKW MoUkynoLDJ, iJ ? q . ,
aged 7!l years.
''And one of the ciders answered, s:iy-
Lmg uuto inn. hat are thefu w Inch uro
urrityed in white robes and whence c-tiiii!
they 1 And I aniil unto him, Sir, tlmu
knowot. And he said to mu. 'J ht.'-o are 1
they, which came out of great tribulation,
and have washed tln i r robes, mid niiitle
them white in the blood of the li imb.'
Itcv. 7th Chap, llith and Mill vei-'Ci.
The deceasied wan a brother of Hoii
John Melluyuolds, of C-'luuibii eo.
EvN Owes Jacksun (Iamimiuli. was
born at OatlaVissa Columbia county, l'a.,
January '-27th I8!)3. He came West in
165.") ; married Mi-a Mary F. Anderson,;
iu 1-afayctto, Si-pt. 1657. As a mechanic
hi'' has been eiiKascd in the same tdion in
b 3 1
-thib city since I lit punctuality, in
t 'II I . '. . . . ,'.!
lusiry, sistii aim inieiity stctiren lor mm
the full confidence of those with whom Iu
was associated, ami leave (orltiui a worthy
n'put ilion. His life wa ho loralilo and
upright, ti'mper.ito and tttiotiy moral
By the bursting of a cylinder in (hichrauu
tV Huiupliriy "s Caipenttr Simp, on the
UUtli of .Nl arch, lsG3,he was struck down
about twenty minutes before ISJ .M., and
died iu the allvriiooii ol the Entue d.iy
His funeral sermon was preached by Uev.
Ii. D. Robinson on Sabbath, March Sisiud
at 1 o'e ock P. M.. at the rcidi nee ot his
iaiuily, iroin ino Uencrai rj'iaiie 01 .iuue.
J ' '
auu 11M VBItiU
''Ileeji )ourelves in the love of God,
looking for the meiey of our Lord Jisui
Ohriit uuto uteruiil life."
After the sermon a large proec'sion fol
lowed his remains to Lindenwood Ceme
tery. The deceased left a wifo and two sui.ill
fhildren ; the youngest 01 the tuo only
ighi days old, which, after an illue.-s of
lour or live day1, died on the day ot its
f t!.er's baii 1. After ;- propr ate funei al
id vices nu the'-U l by Itcv. 11. 1). Hub. ti-
.-on, its remains Wt re al-o mtereil in Ilii
Jtnwood Cieti ry Ft NVaj uu Times, ,'
I'.ir friiiii tli.'ai i,ijii! nf iiijlti '
Uiiliuumli'd lori'iii lia'.
And r.'uliiia f joy an I pur ' ikliirlu I
Unkiiott n iu nii'rt il tyiia. '
'Fair land I rf.tild innrtal ''ys Iinlf its rba'nii xpl r.',
Hutv tt nnlil oar apirita liit tn rib? ;
And ilu oil on earth no iimr.'."
y, '."j''CTr aym itLfjTOt.-ftagsgaiai.jajmaAiaiifa-aoMtFii
ISs'Toll or )n,i9;ri;
With your(i riniaiiin I wifIi to ant to ilir rfndt'ra of
t our p.ii" i I tt i Ht-iid i i-"tiiiu in in to nil tt bo
I '' .'''"'I " "J"!"" vi!h rH. .nr. ni m- ..r inikiis
ri'innti' in IiiiIi.f i'liiip'i'i. illnirii"-. Pan, Fru kh'a,
nnd all luipurllit'a nf th" r-'kili, l",tvlii; lliu f.iiu ; i.nlt
el ar. auiii" th mil h
I will al- ail in
I uillaU ail ir. " tntlni-.f Ii.iv.ii" It tt .1 IIi'.i U or
II ir" fur", Minpl ilir.'rtiii'i an 1 inf o mull ui thai tt ill
tiiabl" liu.'iu tufciari a f'nii pr .tttn nf Latum m llai-.
1 bi-ki'ta, nr a t 011a1.11 ha. in I aa ilian in days Ali
.-iii'lic.ili'iiiaannvi n u i.y rLtum mail ttttbout tliuri!f.
flUFp:Ltfutlv yniiraj
No 831 Hrnml it'iiy, N"tv York.
fVb. Ui, If-GJ 3m.
I WllftOPINC( (iI.'niKiI! rilf'FI', hotvrv.'r irti re
1 iiiay l.i alli-i ialiil and cured by the mc if .Madam"
i '.a. oc PoritT's rinatiti i alFiiiu.
This invaliiabl" uiaandiio pn.-.i!aa s the rxtrimi diin
ry power of rili.'vinif iiunii i.ini. Iy w linopiut' ( uuuh.
li...,, Fti.'.r. i.iiii i. i, "i fl .i ..' n.;. . 1 1 ... nil i. ff n iiii
ti' klini; in tin' III i ' nt. It loiiFi na tin. I'M, ma, and w 111
bo loiind in be wry aaretabli' In tut- HifI ; ll i- in t a
tioli'iit niiicdv, but I'lu''. Finriliiup
unit ill'.-i live . Can In; laki n li 111.. nldcFt piiFiuinr
yuutk'i'H tlnld: For alo by all Druj'iii.ts at 13 und
'J3 aiTita per bottte:
To Ntuto'ia r-t'in-ittita or itom Mxra A ri'VPrmi'l
centl Tm;n haviiiy lie-n rt'Ft'.rt'.l In liealih a at n lew '
da) -. utfr iiii.lir5uin rill lh ufiiiiI run line and im-;
ular .'xp.'i
'Jtp.'llFlt'e Hindi ti nl treat in 'ill tt Kim ul sin ci'f-, i
co.iFiiu-ra n ins f.iiti'.i uuiy in i-ouniiuiiicatu In ins
atlln Iml f. Ilott iTeiitiiri'- Ihu tiiriiia uf nir.'- HiMiie, .
mi Ilia recipi of an mldri's-'d iMiv.-tope ti ttlll F.'ti.l '
Ir'. ueop) nf th" preFcriplinii iiFinl. rnreil t " lilt.
JOHN .11. ll.KJ.V ALL, Iro Fullnu atrt'tt, i runkltn.
New York' .March 14
Cm i intiN own nun h of llti'lr fii kticsF to ii'lds. No
itihttiT w'here Hm dUt'usi' may app ar to be at"d. Ita
oriittu may li.' Ira.ed to suppr d piTapiratiou. or .1
cul't. ('r.nnpa ami luni coiuplaiiita ar- Uir.n I produita
oi nil ls Iu short i ol la ar ' lb ' harln ii; is I Ii ill III '
iliF".-iF(F iiiiliti liiiii.atnty, fnr us ihey nr- t-.iiiF.niii
lit ITIUI'K 'il ptTapirtllinl!, ami ua lit" CUIIllla nl til"
tt hfIi ui.itk'r uf th i bo Iy "-i-upas thro lu'b th - purr, if
lb. -Ft pin 's mo ins".l, that prop n tinu ul iih.-u.'s
iieecaaaril) fol ott a Itjep rl' ar. th -r r.i, nf rolja 1
ami con 'h-.. in iirnit r"rurms u ilisaaa.!. or if run-
trai-ti'd . tir.'ak t ll Til no i m int-i.i -i 1 v. lit a titiiUv ilsii uf
1J1A!'V',,: ''' Kf '-'i'ii vi iyi: it.ii.-aiii. smd
by nil Urtit'ilisls. at I.l tenia and '.'.i cunt', per Imlllu. .
Mun-n n, lend.
rpo (OVSHMPTIVIS-. Tba .tilt i'rf.i'1 bnilntr liffii
I ri'-luri'd tiih.'nllh in ii' iv tt"t'ka, by it t.-rv simtil..
i roiiii dy, ult r hat -u aulV r.-.l s ' .wars tt lib a so
vere luiij all 'tliiui. ami Unit dread ms Ma -. tiiu-iiiiip
tliui is aiuiou - tu iiiaku k.i'i'.l n lu ln li How suliurtTa
111" lll.'illia nf cure.
, 'I'n nil who duFire it. h i w ill a Ti I n ropy of lb pro
eriiptiuii iiaed, Irn' uf char;.'! wit i lb . 1 1 r - 1 is lur
pri'pariaj ami il-luj um nu . tt ii ui iiii-y w ill tin I it
i sure "iir" fur coiisiiuipliou uathaii, tiruui-biti-. ivc
! i-nr
''i mil t i hi cl .( til
a lv.'.ll "i III a"li'llli( III i urn.
. j,-,vj tr.vJ7n:,rr ,,.,:,;;r.v:";
Lev. ISIHV lltll 1.
WILSON, Wllli.iuiaburgh.
March 14, ln.:i-3in
Itiups I'ouuiy, Vow 1 ork.
to Nuitvous sii'Fi'i;iu:i:s of iiotii msxiss.
Ik-verend Ceiilleiiiau baviiii! b 'en rotored lo
" ,r".w ll)' "''''-'f umleiiioiiig nil iliu ,;
loutiuenuii lacsulir rxpuitFive mmiea of irenti inn
w iinuiii slice, sa, con. idera il In. sacred duly liienni
iniiimale in bis alllicled iidlow cri nlurs llu melius ot
cure. Ilencii, on lliu rec-pl of iiii udilresand i'iit..lnpe
lie will etnui (frtni) copy of tlu pr'-criphou usi-.i.'. Hr Join ll, DauatLi., led i'ulton St. llrouk
lyu, Ni'tv 1 ork.
Feb. 14, ld3.-lnio.
POUlt VOl'N'O 11 INA ceiilleiiiau baviiub. i u n,r,.,l
i of the results of curly error au.l ilist us-, tvnl froni
inoiivesdl Ut'iii'voience, semi tn tlioae ivlin ri piesl il
k cup nf lb i ah i vii itit'Totnn; uarrutiio. publiFlieii by
himself. This littlu book is ikiipueu Uf a ivartiili: mid
caul ion lo ynitui; men anil Hum, it Ifii suikr from Sir- ,
run H.ihilil), Lo s of ileiimry Preiua uru llecny, e
Ate., iuppl)iiiiatlha sani'i liuie the means nf sell'.eure I
Siugle copies w lil bu sunt under srul in a plain i iit ik
ops, wlllioiit rh.iri'e,-lo any tvlio mount it, by ad.
drvasln; the auther,
Cffnrnlnt, l.on j Island, Nctv Vork
Unilortnllyti.rfli.ti I A N.'v t' ntun' In tliiiri M
l'.v. ry ini iiia nun riil tm.ili' JON 1.3 .M I U, of IIH
Cn i. nt (In I'llc I'li'tbliiii liliiti.',Nii. iii I Mnr". liliniit
i.Imvi' Sixth, I liil.-Wi l li,i,
In hi III. .ii tn liulim ilii Inmost nm-t vnilrl nn I
fii bl iii.iblv 'liukifi InlliliiJ 111 1'ti 1 1 i'ii lililn imi'li'tt
r-fl- It r r lull ,ai, , Imv.i 1 '1118111111 . rvi iy out
lliu it 11 1 1.11 .1 . by liitvlnu iii.ltk" , In H.ulm. 111 i iiuli
mtiit ni tin' v iy li'iv.t.t pilc'i it u.iii lu nut., r r ntli y
rutin t imiiliily viity nil liuut buy nllci',
Ii.'uii iis nrj H i II Miiiii il on i iii',ar '4 mi I cri'.it
imlinl'ikin tt itli Hi" 111 ik I me; mi Hint nlUfiti buy ultli
Hi f.iil nl v'ltiniiii cmi.1 iirilcl j nt tin vi'ry
littt' '81 nrot AUn n itirif at'M k f ft I nor, 'a mi In lid
1 T 111 1 bit t n t y I f nil. I Ii. at MJ.illtl. a. ttbkli tt l I bl ihii lc
tn iif.l. f, In lh 1 inii.t r.lalllMiMblil mid lutt lil.llillur, V$
i'rc 111. u ii tvcri-.iil 1'firoa.
it 'iii'Mnuor tun uroscetn, f 11 11 at Km nunvi- hixiii aitcct ;
u 3i(
JOtl.ri u CO
!tLL, 1
f'OU MAY. lfctl'J.
tllonm - A J r.tniM. (l.'nrS'i lloatirt. Jno 1 llntkl.'y.
lU'iitir Diitl.l ll;il. Iknri I IiiUt.
lliiitnii - I'i t-r ni', liicnli Klinlild.
Iirlnr i li'nk H itu'i. 1 1; nfl. Jnlm II, iiitrd.
i I'li vi'Mi- Hi i rv In llinu-lind.
( onj ncli.ini I iiib. n Knitllu
Ontf I vi AiKimiii
lluiil.'i l.uii: I'mI, M i 1 1 1 i i U'bil.'ilUlit, Win.
I'Iiiiiiiiiit liiisli llmtinn'i. .Inli'i Wi'tmcr
l.nniat -nnvlil .Mlllur Jnm'I'Ii Ck-.ttir '
Mt I'l nmit li.inli'l Van. I. rill.'
Miiiitinif N'ii.iIi ,Mii.ii'r, llciiiy (Jlnser,
()niii?u lli-iiry I iol nil ir.
Ilu.lllni ( r.'i k.-H:uiiil''l llVi r
l'dlt M A V , I?.!);)
lilniim-C'l.irt, l '.rmt ii, lililianl I'lninniiT. Henry
i.u'lii;i.r. Htnn JnniiK, Jidin II l'nri i, i yrna J It 1 1 -on.
Ji ti ii. Lib J I, Minor.
Ilciivur - lli'tir I,. Iir
Lrinr I'rf k I Ad.unf. fSfi.rjrr Hotter,
llnr IIitw ii l llnilmni (Itfun, Jni'i b .Mi i r.
Ili'iilnn Tim (ill.bina, llli.ia .Mi lli'iiry, llobiiit Ikcler
I iitl.'itiii.,i lliMib n liolirli.i'li.
Ciiiivii jli.i'ii I'r.- l. rit K l( Woli furtli
l'liliiiu I'ri'i'k -1 1 ir in lllll':iili.iilili.r, Vnicont III
cli.irt. Cj ma ,ii lli'iiry
l'r uiii'Iii ilnacii liotv -r
llii-. iittoini Llijnli It lld.ltr. Joirpli II rattiin!Aii'lrctf
Alt, rt'iii
lluiiiliirK--lianni 1'ur il, Itcnbi n Knulk.
hiiMift Win Vi'iipur, i.'liailf .M, t..
.M.1I11. I'linilca Nnaa. Il.miel 1'ltlu'r
.Mltllin I n.ird Klik'in.1.111. Win IVt.itt, J t' llrtlvr.
M tin H ii r - tut. mi I.) irlj . J une" iinrtim.
.Mt I'k'in.nit -Jot ih lk. I r, li.inli l Zulff.
M iiliaiiii iNibi'ini.iii Wvllivr. I)r Tlioi J rjtvlahvr.
I'lin lli'iij.i inln iiitiTFivi-Mi.
t llnnilni! 1 rti'U lli-iiri;.' Ilrel-b i' Ii.
!"U(..irliinl--J. Nil W Kil... Wm II IVti-rinm. Lnt. Tlm. I'lutlfr, Ikiij.iniiii Tliornton
Miur.'i) tV 1 ri 1,'lliij.
In the Orphan:.' Co.ut lor the County ol
Loumbia: E-tule of (iaorgo Ifait
linn, deed. Inii-of li 'iiion ittn.
1,1. ii rmnii iiiti'ri'rl mI tt ill t.ikp notice, tb it tb" no
l.rie ni-
iippi'int -.I Aiuliliir by too v ii!nun'
nun .r"in,rt ki
of n.or. ... n.ut,,
unity, to ttl.. nn. I ,-nl ni.1 til 'a
til iniv nr ui N III Hi - Ii 11 1 1 tl 1
iitiiiiui. Ilx.'cntor nl (ii'iirr" llnitimtn.
nut .i-rti, in itnn niiinii;; tiu r.-Fpcititi- tr 'iiilnri nl lb"
Uc ati' .. iiiiormiu to th ' i.r 11 r ol.iblisli ', btl.itt,
mil nn- 1 tb ,.iitl Int.rJtt'l nt Itnbit 1 t'laikV
nllir... in lli.Uut ."iiljlltl. in Tl.i ,-in , tb.! TWi.N-T.V-LlliU
rn ilnj nl Ali'.l . Iri'.:i, I'.ir tb .n. nl'
Ins npi'i'i ilintiit. ttb. 11 unit ttti r i.nti 'a liii,ri"t
it ari' r 14a 't"it to ir"unt iluir I u.ii, nr b t deb.ii rtnl
t'loiu (.o.iiiiii in Inr a annr.' 1 1 an. li ,ni -tn
Itiiilil . T l". fl. UK, Auditor.
I InniimliUrK, llnr ll IrC J. It (IJ.
In ihc O'phiiii s Court for the county of
Columbia ; Est at..' ol John "ovenliu-
v. 11, 1 it.) of 0'iiiige tup , due il.
II p.Ti'ntj l it t 'te.l tt III Ink i notice tb it tb nil.
rt ,1 ria-i mi iipiiniiit.' I An 1 1 Inr bv t.i Orpli i it '4 I'mi't
i.fCiili rcmiiily tn r pnit ihitrilniiion ,.f tin bnl-
nnc in tn.' I1.111.I4 "I'l'yrua 1".. ticll.'nry. "in nl tbi; a I of Jobn t.ovi'iibot "ii ik'ci'nvd to nml
aniline tb - r.iii 1 iit'i- tr 'ilitnivoi'ib ilur, 'inl. nit. neenr
niL' m ill nr. I r i- .1 bv latt, tt III 111 " I tli.i ii.i r
mt r.'a I'd nt th' nine; nl" Itnb rt 1' I'I'irk 111
1 .1 ....... 1. ir.M.n w.-.m ! iiy
l.-l 'I I..r t,, . I", In.
tlu ttt'iii '"L'crind nf Apr.
niui '.iiiliiii'iit, tvlii'ii nml
tt li r 1. I parti 'lit Ti nr.- r "inirinj to proM-iit tb. ir
tlnkiia tn In dobarrud Iroiii coi.inij in tor a uliarc ui
fucIi a-ala.
I). II. I1AI 1)V, Andlrnr.
Illmiin bur;, Marili B. IS a. It i in).
AUDI Olt'd NO I lOi:.
Frauds A. Mtin.i 11I111II f (iu.iri.iitii l No l!7. Ilrt- C. I r I
n 1 in ri'iiiiiion I'l .11a
'llu- Fxeiutcra A: lliirant l'r. !' of L'nluiu'iia ir.
Aihln l II. ilu, 1. , 1.111 1 f d. j
'1 li iiii.'iTt lyin'ii, a 1 p 1 nil d nn uti. I a r by tli.i Ciutil
if t mo 111 nn ll.tiF't'iii 1 0111M) . tn tin; na
r Ft-ami i.klnliati' llu ttind 111 inns on tti" i At. li-h 11
1 f th 1 1 nl I -I.. t. 1 1 tin. In iia 1 1 I r A. I . 11 il-i 11. ..1
cnun'il. to th. 1 r 'iiii-tf'. in tin- 1 r.n r 111 it hi h the aauiu
hIi. ill. by tin li.v.-iir 1111 I v .in i-t . b a pin I : ttlll at.
torn) i.l ih" Ki-i-ur.l. r nllkt'. tn Hi tint 11 nf PdniiuiFliurit
1 11 W.-iiiii'.i'ay. lh th ila.t 1 f April, A. i) l-n.l. li
ttt "1M1 ilia boara . f tt.11 o'i La k t. ti, and four o'lluik
F M. nt F il l day. tn p Tl' mu th dull a nl'lli- iippiiliit'
miTit : t h -ii 1111 1 tt Iilt" all ptiihoiis lut stiFUd ma)
ultra. 1 if tb -) llimi, pmpur.
J, 0. Fill'.' IS,
I Atiiur.
1 ninnnihir;. Mirrb ', 1-':;l. -4w. S! (li)
! UUANuEVlLLt: A AD...mT
j AM)
' Prof. II ". Wali. T A. M. Pun. inal. Th xl Ifrm
of tl.l- I tiFtitiiliii.i will io.iini"ncu on Wi'iiru-atl.-i .
' April lltll f-tlllli III i.i'Firl 111- " I' brill! II 1! I It ttl'd ll. "j.
liar t'l III" Noruril 1 laM-a -iiniil 1 bi: prSJIil on 'i'lliiF
tlav nt I'l i.M'ic- i'ii- L iniiiiatiou
'l'aitiun iroin SI to 5s 1 p.r 'I'.tui of 1 1 tvi-cka.
' F.uarii 111 iiui. la.iiiln'i, l p r tv.'rk.
Hnnii llimnia I'T alU'k'llta tt labium to board lllClll'
Fur 1.1. Ill r ii.irt i--ntitr" iilquiri' tit I It Priurlpal or nf
J - Un HIS,
L'.'it, of Triitt a.
Mincli S!J. 1-ri
ks'ute ol 'lluitu Jt'.uiic, iktcnscl.
ioiiri If Ii r.'by cit "ii Ibat let r nf ailnmiii-t r.itmn
('iilini. t. la ua. lit'. Ifi'i-ii-'-il bate brun "laiit.'d lit III
Iti-.'i-i r ot 1 1 ..11 Ut 1.1 Hi iiink-rFUii.'il, tt bo re
fI.Iis 111 ai i it 'iilini i,itvii"hip t-'ol nut 1.1 t'o. til pi r.
FUllh 1114 . I I11IIS Or lll'l'lllll u mist ttl' I' nf
111. 11 tri'lim nl nru l--i.u I -.1 to tiras.'ill 111 'in lur a"llk"
llli lit, all.l tlloaa lu.k'lit'tl In mat, p 1 all-., I tt Ithout llu
lay. W.u. AITI.i .11 A V,
.Vnrrli W, I-C I liv 8J.
Eighty D'iIIuis Rtirartl!
On Monday tiiabl, .llurili IM, l-CI, tlu rr tins a'nliin
fruui In,.' t-lu lil ' nt lb i f ili-rriurr, in .Monluar tutviialilp.
(,'ul.nnbia county.
til-iae IS.'ty .IStis-f,
With a scar mi lh nitlil si i. . u'loiit'r lb aaddl.'
s'tirt. ami a muip inntl -1 1 tlm l.fl In, id W. b.lmt' tlm
kiui-. Animal 15 ynirs old
5 nl run ar I tt ill b i p ild fur Ihu .Mure and TluiT, or
Sin for llu .Mar.: aloii.'.
JA'.'IJII LtllllY.
.11 irch '-;, I-ii'I-
1 tittle uj il .mil Yti'Uti, dice wU.
1 ETTE S of a liniiii-ti-atioii on the
I .j I'M it.' nf H.irri. t Yniiut. lite nf Pine t'lttiiFlnp,
l.'uiu.'ni.i.i I'.iiuty. dje.'.ia I, hit- Ii ' a i-'rauteil b lb i
li.'i I :i uf i.'olu 11'n 1 ca inly ti th I 11 1 1.Tsiiii '.I : all
p T IUa ll tt I IJ I lal.lli .1 IU-t I'l - e-.t ll I of ttt di'C.l- 1
ikui ar r " 1 'Vi 1 1 10 ,n - at lh .11 1 1 Hi u.tiuiitistrttur
al Im r 1-1 1 'He in 1 11 1 I nt .iFinp, tvitii'it il '1 iy, nnd
all p ts ms 1.1 1 lit :,i tu 111 tk . (i ty.ii mu f rt iw nn.
lllli .U a.lVl.l'., Adi.i'r,
M1111I1 II. I V.'! Cw
NVITi'N tho iitl'iilion if every
I tins pni r. u Ini Ii mt hi in, tny
render 41
J '
fins o 1 outruns auu a 'luniuiuaivii 'I' Ilia
11. 111. u. illy lar.'o ,1111 I. ailifjl t.nieiy of
AMI.IIIi'An ua I Illl'tl.triSI) WA IV 1 1 IS. L'i.o.'KS
and tkjiiiii dosigiia uf JISw UI.UY. rilvi-i Ware .-.c, '
ELI Hi). Pi'.N.
70- Market StiiH't, PillLADELl'HIA
M ttrlb 7. Ii S Ijiu
6.V O'i.A'.S ti i'.ir A llll.
f ) tinuttny from Hie eiuplii
(Hi - fiiIhi rib r in Mo'im
IV nl
at tow 11 -ill In I lilljlllhla I", nil iilt-'Iay at,
mi in. 1. .11 n appr' illn " in 111 - I'iriiiiiii O'lFiu ii.iiiiiiii 1
1 li .ui. ia 1 mi .14. 1 all mi I ) lira. '1 li ab .ie rewaid
In.l 11 1 tp uf iu. 1I1' pain I n bis r. tarn All per
sons .if,1 11 ri'li. t.i 1 1 1 1 ' uc 1 ii,iiin-l li.iibiirnii; r liuatiti
M ., vaxuih
ri.nueii 10 pay
lu (unit lluiise Alley,
ntxr noon iu nu nrriiE or Tin; "iou'mdu nntni mi,'
O LOO. Wi' 11 una I'.l,
.November S. 15CS
Neatly and cxpcditinifly Printed, at the
Ollicn of the
AT tho aollrltntlmi of frirnda, th iinderaiened tvotild
reapt'Lllully iiifiT lilius If lis n I'AMHIMTIS I'Olt
A'tflriatvi'rluopulnf Oitenw ml Hsnilu, ty.
Match 14, PH3,t Mllvile F
iHUi MAUKLiib,
IJl.ooMsni'HO, April 4th, 180!),
W hnat VI bu. 81 -lfr Oi t-iti Antiloi fl
7rIDiied ' 70
('oi n "
Om..1' "
Huckw hent
Clovei!eed "
811 Dried Peaches 'J 0 I
mi Putter Tjilb au
75 Laid " III
01) Tallow " IU
jligas.... doz -10
I I lay... ' ton. Ill III)
GO, Chickens " pair si 5
il,,,il, ,,1
Onions "
A fiupeiior lut of the above nilieles,
with a I oilier kind of Planks, for ale ut
tin! olliee ot tlio Columbia D tmocnit
Wm. 15. PltADllUllY'S
No. 'I'i7 Itntoiiie Street, Nkw Yoiuc.
'I lw aiib.crlli r r.'nrlf,ily Invll. a til" utti'iitl'in ol'
bit trl.'iiiia ii'i I lb t'uiitr.'illy In bla l'l.imi l'
f: -1 -t I . I i f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r. at No -ii, llrunniu etrutt, luiidr i.rt'ronby
HI nit.
Illlt'lll'J tt llll Ir.iu II lil ll'lf-riol .Inrtr ...,.l .........I..I
I Iroin lb l.iti. lirinor"l,li;bliiA. Ilr.iilabnrry." ttlib li linn
tw "ifilvjil nil tii" :ii,t Jmiimry lilt., nml ImviiiK
iiiiri'liuai'd tbv entire Murk nl' I'luim Kurtot nml I'l'tnn
I'nrt" Aliiturlsl utvnvd by bla brntlicr. Kiltvurd (!.
Ilr.iilbiliy. In tbu aald linn, II I U initv iri i.irii'd to
niily tin InctiM.oil ili'ni.niil fur bla r. Ii'br.iti'il I'l.ino
I'lirt.-i. r,mili )lii! tb in.i.t r. k It I ill 1111.I 1 xp rl iict'd 1
u.irkni.'li. ttitli u Inrtii ainck ul'lln ln.l nml nmutli ...
iiaon.'d tiial'Tial mid nil abniiilnin:" of cmlial
" t II Ku II III lllllllll,. I, ranll.ll F II IlirV i l.iil i.l lll.t.
lh" ttliuli'liualii. 9i.f iii imil ii'tiirliibialiKtiiiii 'iita nn I 1 11.V Th man) .llilirnltlca imtv aurrnim llnp an rn
la mi i.ik'd lo tntn oal I'uno'l'oit's of unu.pialkil toiin j trrprl-u nt tin. iih.;i,iiiiu r,f Hi it lh it Inch lb' undi'r
nn I ilnrabli'ii.M. al.'iKnl nrn I'liinfi-1 r 'piin; llinni to nppi nl In Ilia pub-
In tlia iirr.iimain nl of our licit' aril.', ilratt 11 nml pn.
par 'd tt itli lii,. ntninl inr". i'Apr s -Iy lor nttr 11 'tv
Mi-tiilMii'iit , ttn hat u n.lilnl eviry I in r c. vi - nt" nl 1tbn.l1
1 n'l lii any way I 'lid tn tin p.Tl 'ition i f 111" Piano'
1'iirl", and tvarni t'oiill b'nlly iisiitI. Unit lor dulicnry
of tniich, vuliiui'.. purity lirllliamy and atvt'i lm- of
tn.ia. rmnhimiil ttllb that atri'iiitlb ami Mili.llly ifframu
iii'i-.-aaury to ilurabilily, tiuau inatruiimiita am tint'
'pi il nl.
"H i.HKso nt tin IlK'trv" M our lin tt'i, mid wo liivlln
th ' rlnsuFt iTllklam ol llu In'al iiiililaaml linl'is 111 tin?
j." ISvory lualruin.'iit tvarrnnlud lur llvn )Vnr.
137 llroonii' St., cur. 1 f Crotby, Now Witk,
M ircb II Imi.'I. :lai
'pill! Hiibstrlb T lias Jut r.T'lv
X I riillllii'li;a tlllil Win Ik'Il (jno,
"I n li t of lloaicr).
until 11a
OAl'ti, Nil II I US,
a t) X T i (i S, HA I II A 1, 1) I r. s.
'. V. V II V It f II II T I. A N I) W O (I I
. v,
oi.uvr.-'. iiooi'stKtitTrt.
yrvvri, noi.i.ti, fA'inir.i.s
S3' Wlk-i'lfr Uilaon's r- mm M:i 1 1 1 1 - - fur aol.
Al" .Mi. ' Ib'U'a llnir K-Fliirtr, tt likb tt i I giva to
grny hair its natural cnlur.
A. II. W Cllll.
Atrt Door bclotc Coitre Jloute
III in inii ir. N'.ifoinli r iHOJ.
4 ! hat''! Ihu pl.Mnirc of Inf.triiilu:: ton Hint
' ' ttearcnoitj prep in-il In olf. r, al oar Old
St.iml Noa. ma, mi 107 oilb ST.mimi fl.,
l'lili.AU'A. A tvtill ail tt d sJiucknf
MI LL1N E li Y & bT I.' A W GOODS.
in ivrry tiirirty, nftbn htm importations, mid of the
ui'ttttai .hij iiio.i fashioiialii" Ft) k'a,
-.' urn a v7)EPAirriiExT
tt ill 10 11 pns' i ti ry varii'ty i f I'liinn ts. Iluta Trim
mliilia to lw fiiiiml 111 una of th lak'Fl and inn.l
.ipprui'd Fli.ip. a nml Ft)l"a. Solicitini! nil .arlv.nll,
I r. iii'iin, onra. Iti'spt'tlfall). II. WAII1I. U. Uij.1 It
N 1LLIA.M G. PEltliY,
OOK-SELLIilt, Stationer. Pook-
t ' biii'kr-. III ink bonk niainif ictur. r, nad I). akr iu
I iiipurtril .tad tin ru-au -t.itiu.i.T) .
.-..iit;i W"a -ttli U l.ui'c St..',bia.
I' 'oiif t IfIKiil' tb i cit). or a -n Ilnj. nr,i ,t, 1,1,1
ttrll lo lak a 1. 1, -iiii. r ill 111,11 i.f lh : , ii iv : Aii'Ii.'ff.
Til'at'iki I nil :m I it 'II .i-aiiirt I. Virri loir.
riluiii'l.l tl-.i Al.iil'tn, S 'III 14 .r nil in 1 la to tj.'.i oarb
I'll ; 11 jltoU ot) I.-H a. Id I irg 't mt 111 "llu t'llv.
tt ... . li.. tit.t. 1 , ... .
11 III. ti. I T. It It L . I'lllllNII !',
H. -Itlift ll.n." atrs., I' ! pliiu
Eil ill 1' if lliin'i Giiuhiiit, tlcticf-pif,
LF.'I'I'I'.r.i" nl a liuliii-trati.i . on Hi" H-int" of llr-nrv
(I'lirinrt latr ..f ll'at-i- tttp Cnl iinl.iii-,.., ,7tr,;'.
Iiati'iii'.'ii araiit ul b. lh It 'i-i r nl 1 oliiniliiu i n .to th"
1111 1 r-ii'ii il ; all p. r-oiia bat ins 1 Inn.i n'.ii 11 -I I lii- -.
tat ' of Hi" d. 1 "il. nt ar' r "U rt'-il t . prm -tit thi'in In
lb uml. rai.'U -I, at tin t r 'al I 'in-.' in s 11. 1 l"tt n-liip.
.t itliniit it 'lav and nil ptTMiiM to iiuiki' pay-
IlK'Ill fllltllttllll,
PISI'I'.II fli'AItll l.t.'r.
V VTHAIil SIS CIS Mill tlil' .Idm'z.
Uoc-'iulu'r '', IHiJ oit.tJ.
'slitie 0 J'sihtr ) iM-'us decerned." of a 1 111 1 ;t i st r .1 llii 11 on ih" llFinln of lister
.a linii 'll.i. !uli;ot(.'r""ii!Vooi tttp , ('ol aiiibia fiuiuiv
il 'i'1'.is...l hat i' been ci mi nl by Hi ilet'i.m'r of Cnlitin'
bri I'O'inly In th" iindi'rsmii'd i al i tfiiiis Irivinj
tl'iiniF .14:1111-1 ilia rt at 'nl Hi' due ..lent aie rt"ii.'. ini
'o pn'si'iii Hi. ui to lh- A Inn 11 i -liu lur at Inn r"-i I.
111 (ireeimoiiil lw p . milium 1I1 lay, ami all pi'rous til-
1 ULtlt .1 11 it 1 ,1 1 .1 It l if t V" 1
I .. Ailin'r.
lVhrunry 14, l;G3-tStv .'.
; J'.il tie of Charles C. Jiriae, tlcr.ea.set,
1 ISTTI US of AiliniiiLlr.itiini on Ihu "f ('harks
, J j C. I.rei im , bit" ot rt lat-nsiiip, t'oiiiiiibia toiin
' ty. drcn-i'd. im in been print nl by H14 liesUljr uf (Jo-
linu'iia rnuiitv. In tin iiiiiliT-i4ii".l, rt'siliui! 111 said
I tutt-llFllip All p TfiiiIf ll.ttlll4 Cl.lllll" .'14.illlt tile lis.
' Ft. ite ul the tb lint are r."u"Fti'd to present IIiitii in
1 llii Aiiiui 11 1st r.tur ttiih. ait d. lay. nnd nil persons ni
di hli il in make puyii'i'iit I'-rtliu nh
Jo IN II. cKISYISLIM;. Adiu'r.
February -il, lsJ.-tiF.
, Esi'iti- if Eliz'iitlh Miller, dn'd
JISTI'ISIt I 's't.imeiilnry oil the tFtut of l.lialn lb
jlnller. lal" of Ml I'l.i i-.itil tmiialnp 111 ol en.,
i ileciaai'd !-.atn b mmi srnnt ul by Hie Itefitti rod nliiiu
bin 1 iiniil) lo th" ttudersiv'ii1''! uIfo risidlii'4 iu said
tuit ii"bii ; all p Tso.1-. hit 1114 1 1. ii.iih asaiiiat tlitt es
tate ol Hi ' dee. d'Tit ar- ri 1 f1 -d to pr s"tit llu 111 to
1 th i:"i'.i ur at his rrt-i li-iii. iu s.n I ttt p.. w ithmit
il pi), ,111 1 al p.-raoui 111. Iibl. id to uiak - piyuieut
forlawith. WM. 11,1. ISli.
January 01. I?'i:i -ft i'llil Haitihoii
A DM INIS I'RATOR S NOTICE. le "I liaiti'l I inriilyign', ti'ienni, j
IF. "PLUS of Idmiiii-lnitioiioii Hi 1 stat' of II. nil 'I
jlliirnbiTeer, late of l.oi iifI totviFliip, oluiiibii rn., ,
dfc as ' ivi'b -on -! In th hi uisti r of I'olum- I
bi'i eo ney. 1 1 t'l ii'i Iir mil I; all p Tsona baiTiiu I
1 1 il.o. tij.ii i.' Hi 1 si in- ol he 'I 'c 'nduiit .ire r. .pi -at.
ml in pr -stniL th on t.'lli.- .ilmiiii-liaiiii. in li"r r.n
il.iuri' in t.:ii.liiiwi.Fliiti. w ttb 1 it .l.''. and all nn sons
1.1,1. l.t. 1 1.1 n ,1'in -ni i' ti hit Mb.
il 1 ' A 1 II .li'ili;ittlCil,.-I."ir'j.
J.inu.ny IU, 1?13 - 4n. 5J no
T-'ISISSII oYril'ISIt can b" Ii 1 1 at all ho ir" of lb day.
I Si'lS-i HI), or II All' at Si'diiier'sS il .on I li'v rim
l.e by III.' (lu irl al :in ells, tltld b) III u lllllf 'jurt
ill il) colli. I nil at the "linker) ,"
ll. ST.'HINLii.
iiiiioiuFhum iMU.
ramaix? s sr.vnoMsiHV.
2.SC0 tlro.1.) kicil I'int. 600.000 imrn ISUink hoiks
USO.nOO nrW-.r..'s. Ink. I'lirtaiii ti Wr.ippint,'
pap r. Pass Ii mka. I, ad I'imhtIs (Jul I P us. t , r) tine.
Si li ml bonk" ITaillm,' Onrda. &." nlirt'e puin m nf
tv nr. i ii -I l k p'lrclu-eil li.-l'iirr thu rise III prices and
llotv i'.liini; l.o.i tot ctsil.
Pouksi'li r rlt'ilioir'r.
i, II'. cor, lli, ,- (.ret tliilujrlpliii.
llnr h 7, 1S03-3 inns.
liL persons are Imrcht. notHled nnd rnitHoiinl
nSaii.Fl iressi.isiuy eilbi-r lu luliiii,. Iiiiniiui;.
rlenllnii or in ant i.tlnT tt'ny lri.paalui; upnii nuy par
Umi 1 1' Ihu premis is of Ihu iimlerFiuuud. na lb Law a of
this l.'iiiiiiuiiiiito.itlh lit sulIi casus mailn mid prm I led
tt U bn uillictud uiiiu all s.icli oifjuiier- tvillui ii r 'apjf I
to person
itiJii'iLPii Hiiirr iv,
.Molimttvp, .llarcliil, 1:U3. -an.
' PlCTlT'l '; V FO ? A L li ,!.
I Over COD ilill'jieiit varieties selling Iiiiui73els to 6I7A
per dozen.
Win. G. PE'iiRY. Publisher.
' f XV. fi r. 4lh k linn. Philadelphia
5.000 lltma it finnil PuP-'r. luclu Hug of utile, l.i It. r
ro d cap S Ti.i'in. lull, t Draw mu papers "lllns ni
botV I'KILII for Fllsll
Wm. G PERRY, Stationary
.1 XX i i-r 4lh Xs Hart phllad' tphit
A Xiiiiij;i lii'itt icr.itic tNin.npiT,
PV A. J (.LoSd.JKENNEll & CO.
a. j. DLoajon.MtfcR. rsA.icil J.omifiii. wat. u. wtLiii.
"Tits Auu" ti III ndnir-nlii tin prliiclplia nn.l pulley
ofllii II nincta li' p.irly, 1111 1 tsll , llur.ror., 11 :!
nrily tnvni tlu r al .rnll.'il of lb 1 I nlnti na it tt 11a, nli.l
il. fi'H I tilt (..oiiFlilniloii nfllu Unltoil Sl.ilJa, and
of lb I a Cifiiininnit t'jllti.
It tvl I frf iy .1 .11 fairly i,l8i;nanlll3plllmnii! aiil.Jocla
ifii'iMrinii r cjiniii Mil. ini'i iitilinr. nrmiiraK. nml tn.'
Ullilil. Iilly ut till, j , nil i tli:r 1 1 on coillli'tt.'il Willi1
tb uxlFtliiar unhappy run iltimi i.l'onr lountry.
It ml' l.'inl a.l) ' rim ! Ill" p ililic mta "f publlr.
I rt'lnta, 1111 1 .1 I n 1 III.) I t'.'il mill luiiatllllllnillil
llilita nil in ilvl mil ilti..iia nnn of I4" 'tat' a
iijjnliKl 11a milt-, irm 1 tin)' ipiart r.
It it ill a uk tn mv.ik 11 III; inlinlK nf tlni p o,il" tn 11
pMpcr a.n. ul til j 1n.t1i.1l e mi ill on 01 llu-11. p.inlie.--t'.
pr. aunt In Hi 'in, t iitblnll), tin f'.ul il p rlli 111 itbkli
tv.' alini 1 na a mill n--1. inhibit tb ma-'iilt i I" ol tin'
t.iak that la Ii." lii.;ni. if liny mini, tli'ikntir
doit 11 .t ir.l pr mn-aa, nml In Inapiru tlnni ttilli piitrlnt'
1c .lut Tun nail. in in ,m ply nut klmiuy far our iiatlmia.
In brlif. It i.'tll. In nil Ibllila. aim In b" Hi" fiiill.fnl
nxpniifiit of I) iiiii'talli' irlntlplH. '1111.1 to rcmli'f Hi" If
tt nrlhv In b 1111 oriin nf tbu II nniir.itic parly. 1111 ut
ttiina. n'ipii"aoii oiintry priiaf.i'ro.l an linii! rind an
lu ll. I'll ru tiirntimi f purl llii' pnrty of Hi.'
"11 -l I tut 1.111 an. I th Uliloii'"tn pott'T. In 1 1; pi
latitn ntiil nx.rtitlfit infi r 11 nil-iit.i I l.runHiia i.f th"
Hl.ilua und id lh 1 Lninn, tt" b 'ii"t ; I'll" ii"c aaiir In I
111 ri nn.irciiy. ainiina ntt r ruin 01 in..- iii'piibin.. i u" In that ri'Ftiiriillnii ttillb" u.i r Inlia I aim.
'I'll J V'tta, l.iti'rnry, ('iniini'icial. und nth. r ii. p.itt'
111 iit'i, tt III nc it" nn.. alt ntinii, ru.d tt III b ' an 1 on
ilnitmlu to niak" "'I llu Aut" tt oitby 1 f tbu aiippurt
I.f III' L'.ru n.l r.ui.l'.r
In li.rait.Mi rout auppiirt nn I to atk Inr 'I nc Ao'
llli' ial I'.itru i,i(;,. a.i.l , iuii li'.l llimi.
Th pr-a nt Ft in, nf 111 . pf. p'iratnrf urransiMnentB
tturrrita tit ip.'itall.iii. ill it lh.- flral tiilu.b. r if
lh1 I.nilt ttlll iippi'ar b'lori' tbj tl 'a.-nf tha coinlin;
11 li. (li briiur), lft'i.1 ) 'llu Wu.kly ttlll be l-nijil
anon tb jrualtiir.
tVCtStCtfV :
ir ntimiin,
Six Mn itlia,
Thr."' Mnutba,
iiii Hop ia lo on )
Tttpiity " "
I'cr iiniKHii. SMK) I P
fix Mnntlia. Hut)
Tn rue Month, 1.50
I'" pi .li llvornl nt
Ilia ro in i-r, ami to H.'.trrk'ra,
c nit. I'.irh,
1 u.l
17 .10
4 j u,l
1 inriy
V I'ayuimit rtMpiirrd invnrlaldy in advnnci'.
AdJrass, , J.lil.O-'aillli.N'MIII it' 0 ,
I I J Cliustiiul eiir.'i't, I'll 1 l.i.ii I pli i t .
1: 'b. Mi. va .-.sin.
TU,2 S A L -L E B V
III,'iind infiiriiia th cllir.'iia ot lllunui
am' 11 lain., rlimvl. II. al h" baa lakn tti" Inrsi- muni
inth" I M.lianut! Illnik, I'Mi'iidlui: ot.T Mi-a-ra, stiuti'i
Fin's uki r.t, mi l lh.' Hunts!. r- ttb r" h" bu- put In
n liirun Sk) lif I. ll ia null by Sli.tlichl t'nn.l iC
ar"a i"i.i b 'tl in I'apn i illy ciO'iia tt h ru 1111 h pi-ratm
nub'tak." in an tti II aa arparat"
11 1 ha- trou to co itidiTiilu 1 Ai nan to make- Ilia ft
abli-li ui'iit Hrai f.ia. on , und Im Hi r'-fof anluita a
b. r.ll l lira 14 to "ll.ihl" bliu, tnruil-nalilly tulio.lucL'
lilnianl" I iniprot "in tila nt th art.
l.'.l'lll ') pro.lUC: tllki'll 111 ISXl llllllfi' fur pi t'iri'a.
HISN'.Y lluSIS-t'SI'iii K
lll'ioui-burt'. Nov e:i M I. I Not 12
11 OJERT A. II R f
rritttri, lluuUhiiiilcr ,v Uanlihuok
.1 a a fa 1 tu r ; n ,-
Wiioi.rau.t i.tii .(, ..!, Iittcin 11
PHIX'I IM!, Will U It ll'PINt! rAPHRS
AIIF.Nr lOl'IIIKI STAtVIF-.t 1'APMI Mlt.t.a.
.Main Strr t ilratdimrh I m th Puldir Ppuare,
Nov 21. I "CI - IS 11 j
'suite of Jamil fie tilt, dte'd.
I'. Teannientary nu the ct'itn nf '.iinea
j ISveritl. tnli-of tlr.ini;" tOttii-'hip, oiuuibiii , eiiniy,
d '1 eaai.'l, 1 1 3 1 v ' l."ti yrunt it l.y :h" Hi'L'lali'r of 1'ui.
unibi't I'.t'iiity lo Hi I umi. r-k'ned nl o resiaiue iu said
t'm'u-h p; nil p r-oits Iritimj 1 laiuia nuain-t tb- i-a-lain
'f ill dec ui l. nt ar i reipi.'-ti'd to pr's'iit tb 111 In
tn F.x .-ut t at Ina rt'Fl I 111 " in sal I Imviiship tt nh. I lav an I all p Taous iinli'bU'.l tn make pawn, it
ftirtlitt itli.
I VdSib ISV' IliT'P ,
I Fibruary 7. l-lia-Cta.s: Fxecutur
1 Itircp a-orl'iii'iii t't ( Iiiiiri ri-jiuf, Tdmc i. Ii p'
r rriiiii. -lihii riinni aim Mni,ut irn. r;i i i c lh
cr wiih u lull iin liiit' I'S Hint rt'S (tuit.intl; on
il mil! I"i to.iU tlH-iip, at the "liltiuin-lMir Mat 4. 'ap
John K. ; i u ro,tnsl-irz. Murch H'. I-ri.
NKK (Uvu uisy s o:k.
Tin- unilcr-i-'ii 'tl liif.iriii- hi- irien (s an I tlii piiWii: y Ii j In- up mi .1 a ' -w !iMi,'ry tnr
tin M in ii tr."t r ntr-il in t. -In r nnIi n li- ha
In il rfit-hcil all loii'l- of f J'-Mct-r i . AIol -.(., Halt,
r!in)i-" an t it inii -4 jiu'ialiy. nn hull twll Oo mld wty
cl.c.ip fJi rLiata p.iy,
A rrnini(n Mure ii nttath il tn Hip fail ofiMifli
nit-iil, -ii wlin-lt will aluays in- kepta supply of
'h p r.iii, I t'uuij K'-'ii'Tally, luwliiclt itlcutiuii
i! nn it i.
L'liualry I'rtiJucc tut; jm tn cxtlian Tnr ;oo U,
l.i.NJ. lalt.VMLV.
Ilhloin hnrs Jan r! 1 . 1 -1 T.
TO 'I'll IS PA'l lliiVS OF THIS
S'BMK 'r&Mt Aa'-iiSS'S'ia.
1' ti'l'K'i: i" lieiebv "lien, that the .-lib
1 stripiiim and ml vi-i iifi ij! ai coiints due lb- Puln
li-her ul lb" M'.R oi nn Noiiiii are platen in t lit!
bun knt His .lat'iliy ol It ihiuifIiiiil'. lor iioiiie - roll ui n The I. .inn a' said p ip m hat in b.i.ui
limit -ii. ait 1 iihliiti'U to ;;u In ttnr. il is n-1. r-.n
iiiompt iriyiii'-uis b ' iu ui.. in urn r flint liia inmih' m-it
ii iv.i iu-. aits of support. Your early at:, ntinii tu ihii
i.l ttt'T tuav sate costs and piote nut iiilaeeoiis to l,ia
faiuil). ' Wll. II J K UIIY,
J'ub. ititr of the .Voiti.
January 10. 1?C'I.
The M;glc Timi' Obsi'trrr,
'Fun 1'FHH cntoi oi .MtcniMsM.
Being a llu.ttiu; and open face, or l,ad)'a or (icin
tl 111-11 - IV.1I1I1 I'luiilnui'd.
(Un ul III 1 prrin 'st, iiio-t convenient, .mil deridrd
lylh'b st and cb" ip"st tiuiepi 'te for eeiteinl und
ri li.ilde 11-e. ei er nll'Ti'il. It has w iilini it und con-
neiTi-il w itli its 111 iclini ry. us loi n ttiiiuing uttaili
' iin-ni. r.''i iii'i a l.jy entirely unin'ces-nry. Tho
ca-. f nf this Walili ar ' eo itpnaed of tu'n iii 'iiila. Htn
out t one b TI14 tine lii carat pitl. II h is lit iniprot'
1 ed r 1 ii. f iiitioii lever nion uieiit, in.. I u w.i r 1 n 11 lu 4 un
an uriilii tiui'-pi".... Pri'e -up.'iblv euL-rived. pur
eaai uf .1 hull' down, iJHtl.l, Si.uplo ll'.it. lies, in
neat iiioFoei-ii hoxea, fur lliuse prnpuaiiiri tn buy at
it li 'lr-ule, St1',, s.-iit b) t'Xpre-s. tti'li bill p it .'i'ii.; nn
, uelit'.'iy. tsol 1 i 'is niuat r"iutt p.ii m-'iit in advance,
us ye caiiimt coll 'cl trout tboai in Hi Army Address
: lIUII.IAIto IHt'iS. Co.. Sol" Impori.'rs.
1 dr. Nassau & Juliu Ss New York.
Jarnwry 31, Iriiu inv.
A D M 1 N I S Tl i A T 0 R ' S N 0 T I C E .
Elnh if Jnnailiiin 1'ry, tin euseil.
. f 1ST
I -tha
1STTISIIS of 1iliiiiii-t--iitinn on lb" Ftaiu of Jonn.
I iliT.'.iatd, li.iie li -en L'laui -d by tbu l.t-itistnr of I fl mi 1
1 1. 1.1 eo to ihu uiidi r-iau d nil per-miF liaiiiu' 'lai.iis
' unalnst Hi 1 ai-iu- of til dec Mi.tiul Hie fi-iiiFnii d in
iireseut them 10 Hi" iiudiTFk'tieil. nt his re-i.b nee in
I iiidtmiii-ltip. it 1II10111 ileoi) . nndull persons ind. Idtd
I in iii.t.v ,1.14 1 ui ,,, .. 111 ,11.
J neurv in. i-i'.'i. lw f,
'T'CS tOTiWa BBS 5?, ;
,irsf iri'jli.,i&i I.l a sia'i d t III ikia I'ru t a rtvilj . j
A L ctuiv ot ih" Nitiiio 'rreninii'Dt &
Pn it il rum f Sp nn it i rlri'.i ni st uiiii.ii l'"iikil"ta
I ii vii n it r niiii.-iui , S tni n iiiint. mi1 Imp 'ini
iu una tn Inrii'j- it ni'r illy tvuiisii Cou-iiui d
n n I'.pil i-y.iul lu ,11 iition and 'hvnal linup-i '
nl. r 'F ill i ne Ir.nii si If ibiis". vc. Hi Itoli. J. ' ulier.
W II, 11 11. llllllTOllh' (il.'.Mi P.OI'li l.'.
Tit" tt iii'l.l r.'iuiw iu. I aiiilinr in ihi a; ;u. in rah' ' Lei i urn !
cl 'allv p.'ii f Iro n Ilia ott'll i'p 'null"" III it t le ntt'flll
toiia'ti tici-s nf Self-Amu" uuv l, elf-i tuall) remoted
ivillni'il iiiuiii in., und .lau4Hui- siirfual,
iip-Tiitniii I..i'i:l i . i ii a rl il in-- ii t h riiuia or cur Tils pniii- ,
tl'i nui n inn le ofciira ui inii-o certain and tf -t I by I
tt illth .'v iy Fiid'eter no tii'itti'r n hut Ilia t.on liliuu mat'
ii . may er i hiiu-iifi pnyaiely. and ra.itcilly.
; This i.i ttaru will pr-it'd a In. on to thuiuands und lliiiu
sands. ,
rk'tit itinier i i n I to uti) a lilrnsn in ii plain, ' tiled
eiiieliip nn tin; rt.cj;il ul M relila, ur nu.i ilu s iiiiiis
by U'ldressiin,'.
('ILV-' J.(-'. KLINIS k I'l' .
li" lluti'iiry, New otk, Fust oilk'o lion, li-l'i i
Feb in ry -.'a. leoll. I
HDWisLi, k I'.'iiii:i;i:.
roripif Foittlli nnd illarket sir 'Ua I'lntad.'lpliii.liaie
nniv iu n.'tk. u ll.i,; mri lyof
IPa-l . I, PA PF.H Sr
Ool up i' for th'lr 'liflnii Trade.
o which limy iHi'iti. ilnj ailenilnn of ,"ioreke"i ra.
1'y In ili"ir ti la. i cj ittuiiiit will bu founu Ino
'hnieifFt stylos nf tlii don
XI at ll I. '13 3 lima a"na
a j ' , - ------ i,
lli!l.tilcl!il.TA. I: r I c Hail Road.
j TblnfMil linn U&vttiit tka Noitliifii fitirl Nnrl
tv. it toaiiUuf 1 f l'liHiiaylrliiilii to llii tn)' vf Ltio, on ,
1 i.nKfl i;tl. ... i
It Inn b an I Hand by tlm r iiaaylraniil ItiHfi'ii.l
l. n,i .I..F III IF nil lil.-na la I...I.-F lnl.lll''
nn 11 nl tnro'ii(liii,it Ha ar.lns tViijili.
I I la noiv in uto fnr I'aaanliS r nnj I reltbt 1'ilalnrai
1 fruiii ilnrrlalMrn In llrirtno'i'l (3 I P'l.rK 1.1.7 lullualmi
Hi j Kill rn IIIitIfioii. ami troiii f huMi-ld to Lr la 011 tin;
Wiirlifii lllvl-lun. mil',)
HHr. Of PAHISMItR TK1IM Al MJATllt'lt tttt L tMl.
.Mall Train I -avki, lli.t I 'A3 I'. M.
Illprcta Tfiiln " " II n "
Mail " Wtt 3 41 "
lltpioas 6 Ml A. M.
1 urn run Ihrnusli with uuxfir bull ttaya mi th'fi
tralilF b ttti'fli nill.i'lulpbi.i nil I Lock lll.t. 11,
llallliniiru nnd l.oik llnv. 11. Natv nil 1 1 1 'i.t Hk' p.
inn t.'.ira ir,c.iiii'iinliij Hi 1 litpr a, 'I rnln l.u'b ivnyt
b t.Tiirn WlllliniiFp.iit 1111 1 ilaltliimrui mil Wllll.ilnt
purl nml I'll 1 la lelpbla.
Knr 1'ii'nr ii iili.ii icap-ctlni; Pnaai'iitfr bmlncai, ap
ply alt i" H li. ' nr. 1 1 til ami Mrirk t Sta.
Ail J fir l'r t if ti t b lh" riiinpinv'i Afetila !
U. 11. Ktnn in Jr . Cor. I.ilh and .M.irka HU,, rinl u'
J, i . it '.iml la, I ; r 1 .
I tl. Dull. lir.'iit.V C II R . nalllnmr".
II. II llu. 1. ni l, il n l. Fri unl Ant . I'bllad'tplila.
I."iu i.' Ilnnpt. (I n'l. Tl. k. t Ayt I'lilla le pbu.
Joa ''li I). 1 ntla. tkli'l. iMaliaiji'r.t'. illn ihf int.
J.iiiuiiiy li. IHi'.l
(ailaw.':i (ia!l II nail.
Pblladi'lplilii &. N. V. Hull 11.19 A
llxpr-a l.'.SU A
M ;
III 111 Ir.l ml 4M P. M
Maura Ltprcfa W..1I1 A M
11. a (iOUtlWIN, Sup't.
Wlllliiainport, I'n.. N', Ifb'.'.
licniii,- i:,iii u ..ui.
s: w m. m am
(iP.HAr I ItLNIi la MS f'UJ.M P llljAlli.,,i'lll A 'I'll
lU.iUV I.IClLiI,. Hl.S.lUI'.ll NS' V CI' HHi;i.'
1.1NU AMI WI iitllVi YAI.I.i: S,
'I HI. Mill I'll, ND.i I IIW..ST AMI
Ttl IS (.'AN itlAB. TKAISS
l.sntci th" fuiipiiit's ili'pnl .tl tlint'cnlli and Callow -bill
str -tta I'll i .-nl Iphu at llu I'.llu.t 111 lumra:
il- RSI M. .11 All.
lts.1.1 A. l for ll'Millne. I.ub.inoii. ll.irria'i.irJ.
Poiiatill", l'iii"i!rov".T.imii'i'ia. rl nihiiry. Wllllaiiispi rt
Hi Him ll'it-h -at t tiuiin rail., kill ilu. Aii.-ulnvt u,
Wllkesbarro. l'lilstou, Yoik, Uarlla e, Chaailierabsrii,
II.ICIT-tutt u. Ac, I
Tlil' eoninTta ,tt RU IHV 1 with ISuat Pcnn I
at lt am. l-ailma i Iraiaa fur 'l.-iiiotvu, vc . au I w lib ;
Itii'i l.i Inn V .il I y Irani f t llnrri-li.iri; iir. ; al
i roll I ( I.l i r ttitn u.natviaa.i iijiiru.i.i ir. nia en
I il ilk. 'slurr... Williiatap irl. I, oik li.ivun. Lluilra tie.. I
1 .it II lltillSilL'lti. with t'nrl'ir n tJ'Utra! (Jamb "rla.i I
! Vail ) an I Schuylkill ami Saa. ndiaiin t truliis f. r I
N irtlriiipi 'il.iua, 11 llliniispiirt York, .'luiutnirsburg, i
, I'lu. jiirwvia f t. j
it i i i.atuui t,.i ii...
I I caves Pliil.lelpbi.t at d.IM P. M for ile.i ll 13 Pnlta
miIj. Pin triiie, II .fl-hurj. 4.C conn etiun ul urn
Inn; with l'i iili-lkJ'iia Cl ilial Hnilrnlil tralua I r
I'tll.biir f.r. Nuribr. ii i llaiiriaud traius lor
Hiiiliur). Northiiiiih. I'.l.niia v c. and nt tint
i i.luitnti ttlth (ntuwi.s.i Uiiiiroad trams fur .Mlliuu
V.'i li i.i.its inn I. Ll.niia lliitnio ' c.
I I," ivaa ll'M linp at ti.di) A M.. stopping at all way
nations ; urtlvjs in Pliil.i'le'pliin at . ,'tl .1 M
tt, turm us- k.av.'a PbilailulpuU ut 4. llu I', .11. ; arrlvea
lull a. nili ul7,.iU P ti.
Trains lor Philadelphia 1 'nvn llarriabur nt r A, 1 .
aim I'uitst ill -nt l.t.i A. il.. iiirivius in clii adi l; liia
1 r..i I ti. An riiniiu traiita l.-av.- iiarrlab'i nr at .
.11 , an I Paint nl. al -',liu p. 11. iirriuuj at I hi ad Iphl '
ct S.uu P M
Mark"t train, tt llll rt paacti3er citr ntt.ielied, leaves
Phil ii Iplna at I P. .11., for llemlin; aulallwi.t sta
tion.. liMt'ea liea iltl at I'i. uuon. au.l II itvill liflint n ,
ul IP. H. for I'lu l.t n Iplna auu all w ay sl.itiuua. t
I All the abut u Iraius ran daily, siiinday t c pled.
I r-iimlii) traina I -aiu 1'ottei nk at 7, .IJ A .11 and I'lilla-
d lphn at 'J. Ii P M.
, Olir.Sl'l.ll. VAI.1.ISV IIAII.'IO Ml I
I Paaaenrrer" Iroai Dutt unistuivn and'- i
p.nhlata't" Ih'S 11 A M nml 4.3') P M train" Iroui Phil
adiilphia. rrtiiiinu; troui Dutt mutton u at 7,UJ A M i
, and I-4..K) nooii i
msw voiti-; for ni'i siiuitu and
Lenvis Vntv York, nl 7 P II, piaalns llvaditig nt
IJ, 07 I'lidiiiulit. mid toiiiiectiui; nt ilarri-liiitu' v. ilu
l'eitiiF'liuui i It.ulriMil l.xp.i sa I rain lor Pitt-iiurx
Iv.'lin niiiir. ' ipress I nu it loaves nam bar4 an am
lal ii'l'"iiii")ltauia I xiirraa from Pittshurt'n a. 15 A
.11. pas mi! ItiMlin,' 5 ir- i ,M and urriviii at N. w
link at i .'.'0 A .M blrepiiis can actniupany tln se
1 1 in ii s l.i i nn Ii b ttt'su Jjib ) City an I I'liistiaig witln , chaiu'i'. .... . ..
Han tram-Inr New- 1 ork lent"- "'rurmrg it c A M 1
.vi I a.Otl I' M Mail train, fur I afriibnre le i' N
York.ilii A M n i.l IJ lu'i'ii.
Si-'llc . i. M . I, 1 li.l.F.Y UAliROAD.
Traina Hint- Puttsulii- nt '..I'l A .. 30 T M,
r. turiiini! fruiiiTiiFiitrura nl n u.1 A li , aim 4,... i ..i.
Traina leave Auburn nt J.4-J A M f-ir Piin'itrcvu and
HarriFli.iri.', nnd , it ii,4H A il, .ind 7 I' M fur piueitroi e
on ) ; reiuritniL' from ' at l.'AO P ill and Iroin
Piui'Hrote . t s A M and 4 and o P .11.
Throuch first ilaaa ticKrla ami emigrant tii-ketato all
lh priueipl i points In the North and West mid i nua
daa 'l ltii folliiwins; tickets nr.' olifimabli! onlx ut th olliee
ifS. "r. i II' ir.l, Tr.'.isiir t. No. 27 souib Fourth st,
i hit 1 1 1 1 1 v 1 1 1 . i , or of (I. A Niculls, i.'unjral Miperiiiteiid,
clii, Ueuaiik'.
At 2.1 pTcnt, il beitvecii any points desired,
lur fa.lliliiis .m i Iir. in,
.111 .1! ICISTI' lilSI'H.
Ccnl for -ll '-I 'nil ".b h'cjii all puiiita, ,-.t SI0:i5 each
for I'.iniiliri an I rlrn.
rfIS ISDN TI''i;i.TS.
For tlireu. six. nine or twelve mouths, for holders
only, to all points, ut ri'iluri"irat"a.
llrsiiliiii; on the line of Hie road tt ill be fnriii"ht-d tt nh .
cards eiililk-il iheiiHcltes and wives to tickt-ts al half '
From Phi.t'.lcliihiaiotirim'tii.ii slitiooa, 2011 1 for
ur ay I'unitay .111 1 .lliunla) . al retlu ;ed fares, to bo
nt III.. I.n.l., I flllii-t. .il'l'liltli.. inn 1..1.I,l!l
sir 'Ts.
(Inoda of nil description fnitiard to all Hit! tihote
pnji la from the coiupaii's ii'.w frvk'bt depot, ilroadnud
11 illow str-eta.
Fltl'.KillT TKA INS
Leave Plnl.i'li Iplna daily ut i A .11. ! P 11 ; and 0 P
M I' t lieaiiiiin. I., baiinu. ilariisbtii, Pottst ilk, t'olt
Cliiitnli, and all puitita bryond
Close at Hi" Philv'elplil 1 Pn-t nllilni for nil pliires on
the r. ' id an 1 Us branches at i A M. and fur 111.' priuci
pal Flatiou- on y at e la I' M.
I.leoiltsbllrs lib. 14 leti.l.
Lacliawiuiiiit liloiuiishiirg .'iiiilroad
l-iV AND AFP it niSCMl, 11, 111.9 PASSLSNCUIt
J 1
M 0 V I X I! S O U T II.
I'aijt fli'fr. Attoiii.
Leavii Hi'rantwi,
. It Oll,liillrg
" Daitville.
Arrive at Nort until. eilnnd,
.11 o V I N (i
Leave N'iirtbiit.itierai.d,
" I'ltliviUe,
" Uupeil,
" I Inn 11 lill ru
" Kiiiaatoii,
7(11 A. M. .11110 A..M
e. 40 An uc U.4U p .11
1 1 .00
J J.4f P .11
a o it t u
5.'.U P. .11.
f. 4.1 LII P. M
Arrlvo nt rtcrniitoii,
10(11) I'. 11. 3.IU
A Pa.a niter Trnln nlnol 'aii s Itiiit-.ii n al p.-.'D A.M
for -erui.lou in roiiiiei't tt'itb Ir tin for N -t York, iti'
turinm.' leavea Si iaiiioii on arrnal of '1'raiii from New
Vnr. at 4.1.1 P. H.
Th" Liii'knwaiiii'i and lllo iiiiburir Itnilrond fonneftf
xvilli the Di'liiMiir . I.arkaw niiini and IX e.i 'til Knilinad
nl -cr tiilmi. lur New ork mid iiiti rnieiliiU" p-'iuu eatt
It Itnn -rl i eo it ivilli the fail in s.i Itui rn'id.lnr
point. Iiutli e.iFi ami west kfritiiii; at Fliiladeiphlaai
7.1111 I .11.
At Nntilniiiii.i rbiii I it rm.n-i is w nil I Im Pliiladelpliin
fi ISriell. II amlN.r It. 11. i'.t i. nn. is tven nnd outb
Pasa-nji r' niriiii'K -il Hiitri.l.urg 4 5U P M i I'll 1 1 -ndeh
Ina 10 P. XL. Uilliiuorf 10 :) I . M.
Jull.V P. ILSLISY, uf''
J O. ii'ella, Un-l Tuktt ,1gn
Noiembur ii. Ieii4
JIOUSK, Nn, v.! Norlli H -I'oHil Slfuel, Oppo.itu ('litisl Cliikcll,
I'tl.A I'hl.l'tilA
' ' r- ('uiiFiaiill) iiii hall I, n lnrt: (is nrtluiT't of Ib'ila,
Maltri's i's, I uillii't.'s. t'n.luuii.. Il.itr Husk, (.'atlutP
and all n 1 1 n l" s i ti Hi - Inii- at ill" Intieit pniea,
N.ll. Pniiii' nltJiilioii paid to ftTiuvaliiis; Nut
unit i "PI I'l.ath Ts.
.li'irili'.'. I tti I - I Sin,
ft 1 MY( "I li'ftl '(, I.'A(I7IV
. .(I I, tl... ...... I... til I l.t.. it . II ni,ii I .....l.ull,. I
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tr.l llu is", ill ' ISit'iiiM.i: lloiEi , siinal.' on l'nl, I
Slrrit, in lllnoiOFbunf," the I 'cluill I
Li a Ctiuiity I'oiift House, re. peiii'iill) itforius his iriends ,
ami tin puinic in in'iieriii. in ii ins iiiiuse i iinti in or I
tic r I'M the rei.'ptimi ulidiiiik-rliiiii'iit iil nl'n.ii rk-rs ti Im
nun f 'el di-pusi'd infainrii w nh tin ir custom, Iklus;
spiirmi no i xpeusi. ni prtipaiiuu Hit- llm h imik, for tbo '
I'lll Tiaillllli III Ol III" 11'" sit. in I'll' I siutll ilit'i'- us lint
thing ituiiling t'ii Im pnrti to iiiiuisti'r to llieir parsninl
coiiifnil. Ill" Imilse is ap.uiuu, und ul'Joys an exulklil
07 Omiiinusea run al all nuiea le ttverii Hi" Rai baiifrt
Hotel amltlie iuriim Kill lload H.-put. ny wliith in,i .
t iers tii'l In iil.'.i.niitlt coin ) i d to nud fruin win fu.
spi-cuve slaiinus ni due tunc lu utot Hie t ii t .
llloouiibtirf. July 7. ImSO.
Of every rVTipMon for tnl" at 'L.
7-r;is ami I'toi'ih.
Itowcrrr Hitlrirtt.'" pfopli" rJlffl .r-fi, fifj.l tfaaat
fim, ,.rii. i.f i.,ni ii i.tllfllaa In fnir latraiiffl r- nriirf
III"!' Ut nlao ila,n,i 01 Jclilflg fllalf 'tOtla at III
I nn ail market prir a.
nl frnllfy all dfl I't In IU point, find tl.riii(tiflniii
llatn -nitaiiuil In prl.t P' hill rrll yon al tv nude r fill
It ntv pi Ir .a I I li 1 unit .'ii nt'il bla inni.l lff" n4" Mnrk Hprlfi( A P. iiinirf eooia, ainem wliatk
tti. I lii' f.inii.i n k mr.ilaa'nttuii in wf all klnili ( cnodt
Cull nnd 1 1111 Ina. J. J IIUOWLU.
Mnrrb 7. in3
Exchanp: Hotel,
I i.nt rot. (. f. 11,111,)
No, 77 Dock b'lrett, ntxt door to the
I'ott OiTiee. Philadi'lphia.
' J'lila will k.i nt 11 ra Inlill Inn. iit tnlilnla Ilia III tiaotl
1 releiniiy. and Ha tt.n r noivu r pulatlou rf b.'ini
the b. ai
Phnll b aiiatnliipd Hn.tiri may bu had at H hnura
p r ulnlit, ,'u rrnt ; p r ,i.k t4 .Vi, pi r mniitli, ' 1C,
The II ' r ri ti tl I'.all.ic; Ili'iuiiliiK hta nrn furnlaliad itllli
Ilia b atnf rvvryhliit th uii.rki t run prut! nr.".
(A ME. Fit HI I'. V EliETAHIiES.
and's of cvi-ry clinic mnr be bad at a momont'a
Mcnla nt tl r.'nti nnd upttnrda. anj may b" had from
J A. M tMl J it uijrl t ii..nt men limy rat aa nr 'il
Hint tin "ipemj ttlll bl ap.irjJ tn render tbla Hcti'l n
lllllilLI .inc.
Jlnrch 7, I'M 3m.
KlAY 11.1 V VMi Wl.VTKR 'AIS
Wirt'ln's ivw V'mV Store,
The tiiiili rricnsd baa juat c friveil froji tbo ISlali-ra
('Ilka I aup-rlur ns.-ottni nl nf Winl'T
!j3 WuU and Cups, pi?
, Cotnpriaiiig ev'Ti sort alti and luality, ilncti will M
I mild nl uini'iiiilly I' tv plieea.
1 Aim-A fin" lot of kill . HO lO
tvlili h ti invites the ut union of hli nntkiti nd IS
j Also.
' O'tOC RI'. 110' A-S' P nnd nrthna prncrAtly mi
I ,;-('iill nt Hi" iir p H..t rind Cap ISiiiporliini
Main Street nbuvi" tile ISichanjv
llloor.iil.ure, Nov 8. 150,3
, tlo. 125, South Eleventh Street near V jnt,
I E,aiJBiAiiijaiTasF,
ISnaineli-d r.!aa, I'reaco, Oil and Lncailatlc l'al.tll
J'lllN (kn-iia. 0. li. Cltatat.
January I J, IS' I -Tlin
'rindiig Paper
We are now full j.rcpftrrd to prirt the
neat stand cheapest JUU If'U i A', in
the ci uulry.
rtWI.C AIJf.JWB, irLKKS B.1IIRL, '..
Tin: un , r-li:ned. Iiavlnr; lak"ii lba ivell knntvn p'n'.il
'foniHily of il.ijiu Put'Tb.iuyb), respectfuflv aiiu.
it- Hie p .troin-o of ih - pnblir.
No paina will be d In nny nf in depa tmrnu In
render "iiti-l'.n Hon tn nil eunst The TAIIl.l. un tin
llAlt w ill always be supplud w Lh the
T CotI -t.ibl I in: P r Mora -a nnd nltelilli lln.llar.
Tb "Fxi hance ' ia ell.'ilily sliunteil on the Publlr
r'i i.-iie anil has tleT.' pe ulinr ri Ivintnvia in per
1 n ull"u.iiii4 I'uiirt or doing biiiincta in th publlr
otfi "s. ( 'Ii.ir4 -a in 1 litrat".
N 11. - Wlkiiever yuti come to ton n, p'eaae call.
11-..r-. ",,rr- Nov. '.' IfiU!
fiumusbitrp, Columbia County, t'rn,
S LAS DO D SON, rruprlnor.
' 1 iikL't p.fUKiirr-In aiimxjiii ini; tu th pali i t Ii'i I tit
I Inisl.ikcii ;tn. I th'iroiiylj y r fit! llu- i rl n Motel
fcriip rly iitcti( i d Iin R( rt Hur 'iilnicli ltr.tiiclur .
au I Mprtpar'ttlo au'unin hit travail-r t a it.-r i,
dfin it- ami Ittmrdt'r. Il. taliltj v ill b Mtptu i. viu.
h 't prii'liii lh th tn. ii K- ts, ami hi . . nr v
LOtintantly fiirin-h .! with th cljnicc.t li- ir
". l.iri!- an t c iiiuiti,li'i i. t-t llili h.i-h n ) et a.
with a ct iivrni nt Mnlil uLiarh.'ri ,tt nt,ri (Mliri
will aluavh hf in iiili'iiHfiru'u. amt hi-trii'-t- hi ohliKintf
atlnilinii tu ctititoiiiLTM will ecu re him a litMit xhatu ef
lllooiucrburg, Pa.. Nov. '-O, IfrCJ,
jSs ''Sho iridcr-iened would iop et-
, .'3 ! v 'n' ' ' H"nH"ii to l.ia it 1 a -iiiCS
Jk l.'iti .1 sin I. of Fine Hold umi huver tt etch'
ae Ini" r, II ! .v Ir-.of every kin. 1 nn I vnr ) ot
st) lea - comiTi-m:- ail of tin lutivtl nil 1 moat beiiut'i''tl
AL-o Soli I Sile-r W.1ri. ('Ttal tn Cdi ut Iw
b"-t Make r -il -r Pin-1 Warj. IStcliarlnl nail'
i.nitod loheaa r -pr '""iited.
- V'atcbea umi J twl y car.-fiP) i.palrfil a.J
a.itiif.icti ri g 1 1 ...i k'uu.
J 10 HI IMIU.I.v
(.-? ice -aanr to Suutl-r tt. Hurl y I
No t.J.Ml ir.KUl f-trcet, I'll I A.J' X
Feb')- SS , Ii-ti3, 3 mils.
(ini ci;! I ( ommlssion Mercliaiits,
liEiiim tn
Fisli, ProviFloiis Flour, llutter. t'hees". Oils Htlt-d
Fruits, liiain. Sin-da. Henna. XVhiak y.llnol,
Ct... airy Produce and .llurcliumliei'
No. 31 Nomii WiiARiEf, I'ii.i.i.i;iriiiA.
D7" C'op.FliiiiiiieiitB "U ProiiBioni, Flour nn Country
Produce nii itcil, and r. turns promptly nrj.lo Caab
.ulvaiiia.-d nb mi di tirnl.
OIHMSliS for nil kinds of 1'isli. I'roi Islona Flour,
Dried Fruits. i.e ilib'd anm st cuah I'nct s.
Im'llFt 4, 1-1 (I 1-4111.
No. 117 and IU North Serund tci,
Ti e abnv tn II knmvn c-i.iulicln.ii'iji Ii.k been lius
by th" siiliscnher
Thia Holm a i nuv -nr Ht'y lo-.ned in a ceutr-1! hiiS
kli-ilic.-pan fiierity. ll ia kiren und roimuu iuua.
.nui iv.'H farm, "d ihiuu.'liout.
I'nraotla viailliili ! i in are r 'Bpeetfilllt invltt'l
e ill and p itroinz this .'FtuliliFlinieiit ua u 'thiuj iwii
fl T lU " ' ""' "''', -urort.illM aim b.i'i
"'Ilk na and xiaii. ra can li- iicrnuiinndaiiil nn t i
l.l.blo krms bt tho Uat tv irk or iii.inlh
No 77 Illicit St. I'l.iln. L ite of Ualtlmon-, ,lu i.t
Ma lauii l..iia". M-r.iii.l rt, PlilU'li'phln.
1lnrih7, sfiv'-3m
fiOG M-.rket ., PhUadrphiu
MPOIITF.r, .f Pin -a mil fmcy Arti'i i,
L The lar,:erl vari ty if Pipes. Toyi Haak t ai-l
FANCY UroliriTl) PIS FOIAP iSj Tilt LtTY
I'lraa cull nud Htanuui),
llaril, 7. t,1
j ii i!e nf Jio'j Suiifrieildrcensed,
I HTTLIt-1 of Adiiiiiilitriilinli nn Uiu rSalatd of Jrr.
I -Mi itlri-il. I itoi t I'laiiae two , r.n , ,rt 4.
It tv" lit juirr on oluailna cn tu Hie ui
d '"rusu". I ; nil pi rson. bai'iiigclDiiii' ngrinst ilia eilaut
.of Hi- il.'i'.'diMii uri- r "lua-ied topreieiit ilietii tn I .
I Administratrix, ni It r rualiit-m c in aanl intyii.lilp tvi h
.... ' ! ' I"-' "tllim inucUl V.1 IU IIIUI.II liar IUS4S-
"i" , munium
4n ,
)tia vstr.QvniEP. .-ia.i,
ii Ofi.
Jnni.iry Hi t-'itl
AT10.-AL hotel
lLst Whltii Bwaii.)
a . , . ....... .
lull l i n V. IU I , AliUV. 7A-tJ
I'lirr.xiiKi.iiu .
D C IEGItlST, PitozujKTon.
1) inul if on, vsve; llutei LtbatWH, F
T. V. IlllOADS, Cistj,
Match W, liW-lim,
7? AMIlrV COAL. Hit very but In r nVal.ftv ati
i. cn appllrllcnt Iht r."lltoTyii,lx Jeuiritt. '
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