Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, April 04, 1863, Image 2

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111b CONSUlli'liOV ACT. effect would bo to lay (hem protrato nt UXGCUtloll Of tho CouSOl'iptlOU coin oau be under such tin infatuation as
We desire to call the a.crious and can- tho feet ol tho Federal government, which, I Law. to begin thu enforcement tf thu consorip-:
lllll ntlnntinti AT mir mnilnix n.wl 1 1. A COnSllll' til llC till H nCClll. flir tilt' CXPrciSQ I III tlin PTHmillflll nfllm intnrllnn Lm !.,. ..,,1 l,i ,1, dm ..n,r1n
he, says tho Grcmburg j;pubHcan lo of mtnin di fined anil limited functions passed hy tho lato congress our govorum. and assuming thu mtatiaciug attitude ofi voto of lI,c 0rnl"l blntt' wlth 'J10 ' !''g we have ihoitfjbt it well to
osovor- an absolute distator. Such n mode 0fwP,, 0 u. .... mul. "JSInannr Victory,"
RATDRI1AV, Al'ltll. 4,
thetrrms and tondency of a hill pawed, would becoino u vastcoticolldatcd military motit in about to boBiibjcetcd to th
nmtd tho tumultuous icenes of tho cloittie ui'ffotisui, rcaily lo bo boizcu by any est trial of iu strength which it has ever procedure would ha to coiilruly to tho
. . u " t I 1 I 1 1- . . . ..... '
ijoursor the late Uonrcs!', commonly call- urcsar lvapoioon, s
led the 1 Conrcriptiou Act," Without cn- ,oue wielded
Ucritl!' lllto lllitltltn lllt:l'l.. it nifin tin nmi. bclwc
n ... - - ' N4i i w , , ,a
Mtcly, though bricflj btak'il, that this law 10 be
t.rnv iiltt -V r,.M r.i not whiith from ur Lath era cjino . nrotectmn rind U,Mm, mul wu Imm .-..inn ,, ti. ., t,... !. .r.wtu
... . ,. w vj, mi lll ill IUJ "I'li -- i i, w Ml. , v ULIUIIU IU UIU llUVII lililiU "IIWIII - .
til nerrv, Ilcii'tnhcaii, over atari.
u lilt', irCKIUCIllOl (UP UIIIICU ' ilium iu3iocni in i'v.iuu uu- .......j.. ... . v.u.u. w iii-iiun iu muia mill wi.tmilL' lO (icairov, lirsi lenuur IIIUU ' . .
A Nbw Stoay A tho inoilnry
'''Jolotiel Floyd's Ward." is drawing
Ne.v IlAMrsiititc ELiSJTtON. rho sn'urtluu .'to W.
bu0'iu a noiy
hv llin nm'l-
wliioh to'tilhcr OJstluM than a hundred nr nU1()r 0f (.Aurora Kliml," "Lidy
oiisui, icaiiy io uo Buizeu uy any isi iriai oi its sircngtli wiucU it lias over procedure would b to coiilruly to tho ........... -- uumui ui ...u.ur iuu, 'uwjf
ir Napoleon, successful aol.lirr, and undorgono. In its theory it rests, lil;o all gonuius of our inst tittW, and imply volL"'' is 1,9 ffom "'J""1 LWn," "l.ady Audlcy'g Secret," o. T
wielded amid.t bloody contentions frcu governinonU on the atlaohinent and such ignorance of tho lenipcr or our peo- aJ' 7iyu ' tSI.'iniire, llcpublican, y8,U3U t think tlin ci U tn lintaini.i thU .vaur
tin acaichy at.d tyranny. Is this vcnciation of tho people who .vL-ninvl('d;jc pl, that no aalcsiiian with an unpojuliir 1Ii,ni"1""' U'!,r I)'l00,Hl' n,,tl "ori,,8 its rrptitatiou for publishing about the ben
j thchoiitage of our children I It its bonolicont sway ; lo w'lioni it (litmuses law to execute would adopt it unless hu 'lad t""'"') Democrat overOilmoic, ai0,SUj 0f imy pjper in the country,
not that whbsh from tur fathers CJino ( protection and blessing; and who havo belonged to tho fated class ulioui (hcods, j Kpub!ic:i n , :,81 1 Last ear the imij.iiity
?, and which wo posff.sstd in pcaco un-( always hcrcioforc rushed to arms with wishing to destroy, first lender lud. f ""ry, Jlqnhlicau, over Siarlc, Demo- hry J Ciim mfft
lin imi.nnl ml mi ni atrnl inn iiajn mml ' imtrintlll i.l;mr!f v ti m.lmlil il. iiiillinril . W i.l.-..r. I:. .1 jorat, WIIS 7 i3'l 1 tV1 I iU U U K 1 13 V ll 1 1 i ( Xd
States, all tho inhabitants of the country 'il lh" roont iidmiuistratioii assumed ' patriotlo i.lacrity to uphold its authority We eaiinot tlieri'foio credit tho rumor that
tht arc being started in nil parts of the
wyol State. The only way nuccossfullv
o oppose the ruovctuenss of tho opposition !
I by Catabliching an organiza ion so com
plete and effective up to bo ready to meet
Ihcm nt all points. On tho r9 of tho
Lot ua Dtganize,
i i . .. . ""
..v n.u.. BUggCPl w our UCmOCrallO -!.:, ! .... I n.... f It.n A....n,nf ntl.t iU-fnnA il. I...H... t. I.... 1. it... It :. 1 ! I 1 ...
frll'Ods the TO i tV f I v,,'vi"w luruigucrs, wtiliu iiiiu uuu'K ",v i'"". ... ......... .- ... iv una utiu uu iiiu i iiaiuuui n.ts nip(iuiiuii v.iutiuriii iim-
JuboI hs C dt Vr h at Cnr 0rg"nlX c-irablc of beariug arnt. ' that If there ho any doubt that such would j pride and our boast that, unlike the uion- lor as provot general to enforce
tbrotbouUb. " " t" '" , S r.0"1S i'1 Jividot the whole territory of the United be the legimato effect of tho execution of ( archies of tho old world, our government the conscription, 'I ho appointment of a
o o i u y, similar to thosiJ y, ..,..,,., i. this nv. lojk at its 'rand feature. Evorv i has never been comnuilcd eitlu-r tn resort militnrv K.itinn. fr,.li Trnin u inlilimr tin.
I triits, into military divisions, each com- .State is to bo cut up into military di- j to a coiiscripticn of its citizens or tho em- lash of harh uud detested authority over
.inauded by n Provost Martial, and nil 'Ulo taeli by a JJcputy I'rovost i ploymcnt it lorcign rcenarios. Tho a rebel city, would bo equivalent to my
I nctinc und'er tho direction of a Frovo.t M.utial each subject lo tho 1'iovost Mar-' nations from which wo are descended, ii,,r Hint tho administration intends lo rule
Martial Umcnil at Washington, his ! General at Washington, and all ap- , thou -h it has sometimes uted meroonary tho loyal Not th wild tho'sauin rod of iron
drolnred to bo thoir duty to obey all or- pointed by, and retpouaiblo to tlio I'tcn- . troops, has never practiced a conscription; wiih which it would bold down a comiiiuu
.l.,-, r !. i t nnn .....1 limit. Thnt in cu.rt.liii iMifi there m.iv ills aci-nrdiii.rlv n. liiMi'dihirv ntnl lini-iiln. Ii.. i'...l. ....t ..I . . c M.. i l.,
. . . . . t ,i.biEui iiiu i iuivii .uai uui .l i uti ill , .uu ... . j i - o J j ..v.v.w u. rui'jlliiti;il lltiria. It I'luuuui
PfX c cction in 1 ennsyivanm hung the . cxorciso ccruin functions, of a quat,i be an appeal to the civil tribunal, does ibro honored tradition of tho Anglo-Saxon commences the eiiloreenioiit of thu eon-
inot important repulta. V not only havu judicial character, in order to prevent or "ol in the least impair that military power race that exemption from extorted military sciipiiou la-v in this spirit, God only
flUovcnorand Supreme Judge to elect, evafii0il0n avoidance of any draft which, by in very natuie, must bo su- ssrvico is otio of tho peculiar privileges of knows what ca'auhtios arc in store for the
v,.u .11., ui, .sgno aro tuc mot which may be ordered by the Pro-ident, pitfino wherever it exitt. All tins is utter
omontoits that hafo ever been submitted jor tilh without referanec to rsig-ney ly without warrant and is wholly incoin
H the people for final adjudication. - of a pnrticular case, counseling drafted paiible with the exi-tauco of free govern
Miould tho opposition triumph, freedom of men 110l t0 appiJi,r. nient. It U ati exaggerated copy of the
i-pcech and of the press will die. Iusolcnt j T . . ' n military organization under which despot-
db they now are, in tho prido of office, I cffeCt 3,d ; U, H-lJu. ?.. Uula ...d France-nay, it
IpLI1 !C.;0mC.te'li,"(l9 "" SO-T!We;gtl,yoVthePco"utry, and totally imtely ,,i,e,nds the latter, lu this
"Internal vigilance is the pnej of liberty." .1 ...m.:. i o country, under this act, thu extent of the
... I II C Ll (I V IS lillT I1I1IIL1LI 111 1. 1 1 I" 'Vt!! 111 DlllLLT. 1
clubs and reading rooms circulate relia '
papers and documents. Let the peo- j
lie be fully aroused and we can not fail !
' ! I! .1 .. I... Ml
by robbi.K them ol the material of which " ' '
it is composed.
The militia is the am-ient and safe
Irccmcn. 1 bo necessity which tho j:ov
ornmeiit is now under ol proeuringtoldiers
by a mo hod which is contrary to the hi.
toms and repugnant to the traditions of tlio
race from which we are descended, natur
ally aw.ikeiia iu all considerate minds in
tense solicitude respecting tlio success of
the experiment
Cao"" The Abolitionists aro continually
talkui. about ''a moro igmous prost eu
tion of the war, and aro protending that
Democrats are preventing that consumma
tion. Now, if the Abolitionists want il
When it bceou.o tliu- prosecuted iorouly, they can easily ac-
i)8uoccod. Lot tho movement bo origi
..ited iu town, and otW sections of the
oanty will soon follow.
Sewaid and Emancipation.
The New York Tiibune lately publish
ed a dispatch from Mr. Seward to Mr.
Adams, our ministers to Euglaud marked
'No. 287 Confidential ,' dated July 5th,
1862, whoreiu he uses these remarkable
''It scorns as if the extreme advocates
of African slavery and its most vehement
opponents were acting in concert together
to precipitate a senile war thu loriucr
making the most desperate attcmp to over
throw tho federal Union, the latter by
demanding an edict of universal emanci
pation, as lawful and neccessary, if not, as
they ay, tho only legitimate way of
Having tho Union."
'Whether Mr. Soward pcrsona'ly en
otsed the President's ''edict of uuvcrsal
.emancipation," wliioh wiu issued so soon
(Dltor the date of this letter we have no
''direct means of knowing. If he did, ac-
cording lo his own Bhowing, he, and "tlio
'extreme advocates of African slavery;'
"'were ''acting in concert to precipitate a
"firvilo war." If ho did not, ho should
Jhuvc openly disavowed the-nct,and 1 1 -arcd
his-skirta of the imputation. Tho Tiibune
rsaya this dispatch was sent without Mr.
.Lincoln's knowledge. How'cvcr this may
ibo, the proof is Etrong tliat, up to a ccr
ttain time, Mr. Linoolu's judgement coin-
fr.nco of tlio people themselves ag.iin.t
all cnrmie,s foreign and domestic. It
existed from tho commencement of the
colonization of the country it defended
tho early s-.tilcrs from both Indians .and
French at Concord and Lexington, it
inaugurated tho revolution at Hunker
Hill it met, without dishonor, the flower
of the British army and so, throughout
tho revolution and the war of ldl-!, it
mainly mainiaiucd the nation, down even
to New Orleand, when -Jackson, and
militia, closed the was iu a blaze of glory.
Tho Constitution of Pennsylvania de
clares, in regard to the militia, that l,thi
freedom of this commonwealth shall be
armed and disciplined for its defeuce."
Has the Federal government the power
to annul our Constitution, hy destroying J
militia I lias it the right to pas- thi oon
sciipliou act? That government h not an
original sovreign, but an aitificial and
limited political grg.iuiz ition, created by
tho Constitution, and can exerche tlioie
powers only which are conferred by lliai
instrument j which, itself, declares 1 li at
'.ill powers net delegated to tho United
Slates aro reserved to tile States respect
ively or to tho poole.'
No clause in the Constitution give
evcn semblance of power to make mob
euactmcnt, on the contrary, the State
militia is distinctly recognized, and the
control of Congress over it is limited to
calliiit: it forth when necessary, and for
nccosiary to run counter to tlio traditions coiupiisti it i tiey n.ivo ti.o army ana
th Piesidoiit, whereas, iu Fiance tho and customs of a groat and spirited peoplo, "m navy, tho purso and the sword, the
conscripts are divided into classes, and it ii one of the clearest dictates of wiidoin policy and the President. They can free
on y ti ceitain number can bo taken in to render tho execution of the unpopular the niggers and inipiiaon wliito men ;
crat, was 7 f3-l 1
If tho Governor of Now Ilamplis'ro
were elected as tlio Prenlda it is o'.ecto I
by a plurality Eastman uoildbo Gover
nor, and would have beaten hi eompiti-
tors in tic Ii more than Mr. Lincoln heat nmnol W.micii
, , J K Krlikti.iuul
Jircclunridgu and Douglas. j p Waiter
Maiey's (Democrat) majority in ll o'iinott
Fust Dis'.rict is from 75 to IllO. i nV.wLii
Tho Democratic u.ain in thu Logiitutnro H'lim'.Vs'hiv'r
iir M liorr
Jhn lllfltirlclt
ltliCEIPrri FOR MAUCtl '
TO THE . . ,
91 J CiIiiiiiIiia Cointy il cm
loA) loo
1 i.lj Jutiii n-tlr ti
1 UU j O .o W llri-bcb 7S
110 1. T slnrnlon 1 00
I TSi W ,Mcl(i lv7 H w
l llliiuirNf al 3 04
I Oil j .Mi K 'Ivy. Neil .4c Co 39 I.I
I0i Jamil l.uiby . 3 JO
1 75 ' M.ittlil.l. aUnlTet 3 0?
I '. j i .Mnninniety Kiln? 1 3J
)vl tliey would have us believe that they
cull t prosecute tho war vigorously. The
Doinoi'i'uls have never ma u an- oppoii
tiou to a war cariied on lor a legitimate
I and constitutional end, nor do tln'y now.
J Hut if tho Abolilio ist w:r t die ur
earned on vigorously, why don t tliey
each year. Even the Ort Napoleon, on j law as itioihuisivo as it can be made in
Ins return from Waterloo, found his do- . consistency with tho attainment of its oh
maud on the Senate refused for auticip - ' jeet. This obvious mrixiiu of udmiiiisti a
tion of consumption. The President of the , live prudence is well stated by Mr.
Uniud States has a legislative body moro Thurlow Weed in his recent letter :
false and foolish than that of Frauce in j (j011i,rcss i,as arlll0d 'tho goveruinout
iai5,and wields a power unknown even with all tho powers that its exi"viiciei
to Napoleon thu Great. 'required. Thu administration is clothed tLimativis vohintar? Surely no. oly
It appears then that tho invit ible cot,- with extraordinary financial and military prevents Unit, and i.s they eor.trol the pol
sequence of tho execution of this eon- "Utlioiily. The lederal government is now juy of thu war, lhLy tloull, Barry ,toll
se.ipt.ot. law must he : jevlod iml ., deul of hta0 mwn. In ' u"&aV uml ',') ' j
I. I ne Ufsfuctien oi oiaie iigur.s, tlio lust year ot the war our young men ""au "'J' ,uu""u""' u,u """T" 1 0Ill. i,;lif 0f
followed by that of thu State thumselvos, ru-lied voluutarilly to tho held, and our , whole ioitli to raise a nigger regiment ,,
..1.1... . 1 I . 1 . .... . . '
hv ileinivinif thotn of tlio mi itia. the r "anus as vouiiuariiiy suppiieu tne govern- , to relieve abolition .Massachusetts Irom the
is still moro signilieatit. List year tho
Republican imjoiity in the Iloifn win till; Jy.,;'..'"11'
this iniijoiity is reduced to nearly on half. J'1,';,",',1",;!;1,"
Three Democrats nrn elected to tho j!r"y,".'l'1!fcronv
Senate hy an aggregate majoiityof a.J.IO, l'1!;'1,', "'i',1"1"
or ovtr "DO each ; and nine llepibliean Vm tiuat
' 1 , I. 'tut: of V (ifom
Senators by an agregati? iniuorily ol H,- Jnim Zi i-tofi
100, or less than UoO each, oo much for Mm Maty VuunUlo
the Itepubl.can skill iu districting the na'.M st.Vi
""H ' I'.l ii.' J.irkmil.11
II .1 .1... V... ir ..!,!-,.' Ilml.l V...iit.r 3 Ui .'rufopiur Kinch
U.wu lllL-au nui iim nu.v j. .1.11.71111. , jull1 L ,lrBl C U ( I oil tl Atrll
I'.hiot remark,: "And thus, will, a fflffl 'Kf1'1
majority of only some ODD in the Slate, M J l 'ufu,
the Republicans and their allies have K M a simimm 1 tw ; ij.t.ito ..f Vni ithono a o-i
, , ', , . . , Hjiii'Ii I -liiiinaii I Oil i Haul ' I lJlRi.r Br H OJ
eleetttl thrit-.'ourths ol the oeuato. J his cm r j Kiinarnnan a W'Mo.on waitu j ?s
, , ... , . ,.. W T sjliuuiHii i:.. lOiii H llartman 4 ii
sllOW. tllO gl'OsS HiJIlSlloe 0,id inequality j n Jamitun 1 M j ficurgf llartman ill
lianl. I t'lll.'r ! II ti l'hllli a W
Uln Umvill C UL! J.isjj Wull. tn MS
3 .'ni ! J II Fiiriinui
CD!) Ilunl'l Vocum
1 75 A cir '.'
1 :s Uuu Ifi-nrnc Sccil
i 2U DavM I'lilllps
7n J Win fchujitii
1 lio I i hnrUa
V iJ ; llotr.nan
I 00' IVLlf tic. Nictly
A Mr. I'iUKrrulJ
3 0.1 ; J IK're.ny
1 75 J II S Van. Ii mile
1 74 f Henry Fink
!iil 5 1'i't, r (,'rvveilnc
fi 00 ! Il..iett Cnthcut
IM ol J,ickniillcotKs3 73 'Jo.-cpli Ikclcr
10 00
I 70
1 IU
t 50
I 7ft
1 no
.1 uo
I 30
1 7fl
1 73
I 00
I 75
lli w
1 CI
3 I' J
7 00
I! ItO
3 00
a 40
of the present Senatoiial district law.
The districts were formed with a view to
enable the Republicans to carry a maj n
iiy of them even with a popular majority
of two or time thousand again. t them." '
"Tho suceesi of the Democratic party
iu this elt etion, even as judged by the eleo- j
I ion of iti candidates, is not unimportant
Wo have gained one member of Congress, '
o Councillors, uejily forty R'preitnt
utives, and the two impoitant counties of
Merrimack and Graft n, thus giving in
the counties iu ine
..ill. .....I .,...,, M...I. .1... .1
. If ii.i.i iitiji uni. .uuuua. .....Ill UCUIIIU, and icai! tnt thu lesson it teaches careless-
S. '1 ho destruction of popular liberty,., Onerous laws can only be carried
by tit c ercctinu of a military despotism. into effect "with the consent of the gover
Wlmt shall be done? Three course . ned." Since Uongm h was chosen ly
are open : I wbh'h tho coie-eriptiou law was enaeteil,
.' , .' ,Pi . . , ii., r there has been u political revolution in four
I. Io submit I 1ms is wholly out ol . . , ' . . ...
, , , , ot the largest s.ates in the Union. J hero
the question, unless indeed we have al- U!U,SC3 ',. sut., reaction. Let those
ready sunk so low that we aro lit only to who are responsible for the country's wel
bc slaves. , faru -icck and profit by them.
.1,. Tho compulsory law-, of 1 ho hist (Jon-
draft ; anil the flaming, leaping warriors
of Andrew's and Greeley, from New Eng
iu '
aro not yet "swarming ' to engago
ol thu
a inoiii visjorom prosecution ol thoiu. . ,, . .1 . , . .
' ' Stata Governiiicnt another year, but they
' Out upon such hypocrisy ! , . , , , . ,,...,: wllinh
.. ... , , ,. 'then iuevideutly awaits tho n."
Mo.vrouit. I ho Dan villo Iittchgcmer, J
, , , , I hi io c;:u he no ilo.ibt a t wh c:i way
of the -'(th mat., duuuid a new dre-s, and , . . , ,
. , , ! r"W II imp- hir; will go at t u Pres.
presented ti eiy lu ntltoii e a u.iai ce. i 1
i, l.i.. i l .,...1 l.i : ;,, ..I....... 1 'dential election.
1 IP U IJ null, juuiimi) uijv uinij; in t i - ,
Hon. Wllst n McClndlote, Jmlpi- r,f the Uulttd iiUU-f
Circuit Court, I'lraMfhl.
Coru-r tVnn nnd St. Clair Sr'trvM, I'l rTHHUIIOH, PA
: Tin:'i.Anci:dT, ciiAPUtr and ut.
$35.00 pai4 for ;i fu 1 Coiinncrcial CnurnL'.
I ti V" Su extra ilmt-1 Tnr )'.niufut.tiir'.'r, teaLb'at,
; Itntlnud ami II ink i'n k-K'erphiL',ullii i.t bull im.M Mtmli i,tu . tilrtr mtiA
btatu. - vifwaLUU) tiiim
. . t . i i ill I n m I I'll i nil 1 9 ciitMiicwH hy f iieriLnrcii icmn.
Ugi.IDS l.llfl intrigues, COrrUJitlMl Uinl VTH anj pr4riiral Acco nitnuu, Un .r nr- ounp m-u
l'r at tin huct'ifMt, nl in lea pi eirenst tuiii hoUtfU
llint'.i-r thu mn-t l.n-i.ituf anil rcvponnlilo fituatjoi.
Inphiihac laiit'-ti ti r u v it or y lit urc tht linivrrfdl
T I r iicu ttir f.'iauu.itL if th tolhgL', hy tmsiueft
I'M f. A (OWI.I V, th h$t Pf tunan In the Union,
wu (Villi tn I 'ri! I-1 n iiuh-r c f fir-r -r .i.iuuif, autl
uvlt ml 1 1 ih nuir. t-ti tn rnpm hiiMiir writing,
I or ni'"t niii'iiH -1 IYiimaiiliip, ati i ntatitu' tu-t-ilnmx
lull inturiiiuDiMi, m hii tv tity flvu rentr to
Jl.NlilN'p ti Sul'i'll. J'nntipalx.
T Attend w hvt' Hie tfoiin and CUritv of Jtutiue
AI.1 ii and ttankir (.T'tUtiaUs
April J'J, IdJ-ly. April 4. 1BC3.
fraud alone have prevented further suucci :
si'6 iuid a coinpttitu victory. Tluy in i y '
and probably will enable the Republican
parly to hold the nHicial control o'.' tur
Tllli Pil!8!).13R OSf STATE
...mrnily of i,.l.r.W0 m. S if , p.pul V . U T " T'- ',"J.' ""I """""r
... . I . r l tin. Vlllll Mist. . Vpmilt.cll 1 ! !1 Vll.tfll'V lAI'
iprauny uiiii resniiuuu iuiuu, lu u.s..n- p0,c soulnieiit must approve them. ' , the frame tav
w... ....... .i-nn on' n i nivn i I!, mil tn lint Th s !Hiliinu:i iviimnl hn n iln iim hi. llli; maiuuian. iinvu, a uui n luui.Tia
would uot regret and deplore any distur-
;or without the reserved right of revolu- bnncu of the public, peace iu any part of
tinu, tyranny would bo eternal. . the country, growing out of resistance io
a. An tienl io tue courts of liw. the law by citizens liable to conscription.
This is our true defence. Iu the sanctu- Tho spirit of resistance once aroused would
;l. !,-., lr nvnpi.s.od bv 1 al""K " 101 111 ,,l"-u u.j,- ,,( :..:,.,. sliiill Hud the v ndica- bo feariu v eoutiiL' oils. o ur to the L'eu-
Socrctarv of Statu, but that ho finally governing it only when employee; in " tio nf our ,,1,. The Supreme Court of oral repugnauee of ritizem to serve in the
.allowed himself to be driven by the "pros- j sorT,ce of tl,tJ Ulllte.a !5tfltcs ;, r"emn6 Ul ii;y,1SyVania will not hesiiate to declare army contrary to their choice. The draft
sure" of the radicals iuto a measure, j lUB thc iPP!t1'liI" f:" thu luw. liy tho judgment of the judicial ordered last summer was merely a method
which as Mr. Sjward intimates, canonly . 'J10 oftl,e forc0- 1 ho ,Co."3tllu" i tnbtinali. wo are bound to itwesbou'd of giving a fresh impulse to voluntary en-
I (inn lliniif.invn iinnfiiitie 11 -v niltlinritu I . . . .
ecrve to assist thojc who aro "making the "u,u -' l,"u;",uo , J M submit. Thcv arc thc sole expositors ltstmeins, and the enormous bounties and
most desperate attempt to overthrow thc j u"'n'"u 01 l" " ) 0f thu iaw. We should not hositatv to unexampled exertions whi h it occasioned
VAt Union furluls " h reiv,u8 10 bt!ltc6 ,1,e Ivield instant and hearty obedience to this show with what interne feelii,.' onr free
. - , .11. 1 1 ! I.t
r.V C: n
11IL: oliLll II1SL 1L2UILLII 1 1 ll t UlUI 1U1
extremity we hive not vol airivod. It' wo proscription anu denunciation.
even do, an appeal to. arms in self defense iu'ere ; .. ,ini, ,ri :.:,, wUn 1 Administration on that ocasion, had their Z&r Jap. John Ko.iiboy, will lease call
would be iustili:.l,lo before Gol ami man. ,.,,i . a ?ii ,: : woolly ticket cut and dried the I huisday , t this ofliee
hoping to secure an ciidorseiiicnt of the
D.vxinr, REiNnor.n leases
u iu Cattawissi, and re
tires upon bis farm nrar J niricvUle.
1, uui tuc uemocrnis, not io ue , cjsjri, srnt7xsxxz3Bx-jpii.juiiiLj
'iiiMi.ttt tinri.iinr .1 I'nM lliimn.
-""6"" ""ll""al - ,
cratic ticket, head. id by li K. V.isiiue, onci
of the most radical men of our party. The
Burgess was considered the te-t vote and
wo carried our candidate despite all tbo
efTorts of tho opposition to del-it htm.
This is again over last year's vote of 70,
and over that of the year before, 110.
This is the first time tho Democrats havo
Whdora and Philosophy.
The $300 fixed as the price of commuta
tion in tha Conscription Act is to be paid
"for the procuration of substitutes," Tho
Government uocds money as well as men;
and tlio money thui obtained will bo ex
pended for the beuctit of the men who en
ter the service. The idea is uot an orig
in al one. liepublican.
Oh no, the idea is not an criginal one.
We find the same wisdom and philosophy
in tho President's message, where he
gravely informs tho world that "it is
"easior to pay a small sum thau it is to
py a larger; and it is easier to pay any
,uui when we havo tho money, than it is
when wo havo no money," Veri'y, the
fhdom and philosophy of thc present ad
ministration are past finding out.
fSier The Philadelphia JJie.',s and its
fooblo echo at tho State Capital, the Ilar
rishurg Tilegraph, are laboring with all
their might to produce dissensions and
civil war at tho North.
creatures who edit these two btiauicle-'s
organs of the Adiiiinibtfstioti are uotsatisfi-
powers which mbstantially control it. In ,.,,.,,:.,. .,.,.... wi,.out nMSon or nrei- co.-auuinitios roeoil from this mode oi rai.
the face of these plain provisions, argu J U(Ucu jul,sc8 .lHko u.gUlaturts, Presidents ing troops. It is nut the feel of this party
nient would be supet fluous. Any man ol
common sense must perceive, and any
court of law would dcterniino, that the
Conscription Act is and
Hut it is said in this, as in other cases
that necessity justifies that necitkity
and people, and viudieitcs the Coiist'ru- or that party, but the common reluctance
tion of tlio o untry lor alio good of a'l. of peaceful citizens to bo torn from their
Rieuiviug from our fathers a Union and homes and the bosom of their families,
Cousti.utiou .vbieli formed, with tho co or- and forced lo encounter the hardships.
diua:e State governments, a political sys- privations, and dangers of military lile.
tern ;he ino-t porlout which the whole has The administration, under Mieh eircuui-
ever seen, and under the harmonic us ac- stances, should exercise its autllority,
it it ii a" nprM pTAVriiku is hie rnfcn it r aim hv xrc-
L'lU K A'lCMI'I DS AND hlKtlK(tr I'.U1IRKV KlHbU.
HY ;. A. MA uu is r,
usv. or iti virriM.
"It in important ttr huUu tblnklus in & frt
comty t-mni iu pirv c.hiImhi in tlmsi ntr fi tal witti
it ailniiuihtrntttm, to coutiut' i!imtf Iv-i itlini tticir
tesit-tii (.(bt-rfft. avoiiiinjj, in 1 1 fxrriic nf th
poAtrn i.t' oiiii (IrpjrtuiPtit to rnrpmcli upon ant'th'-r-
'I'hs vpiut i'f nit roaciiuiHtit tirnlti ft roiiiclitlati thJ
p'nv.-rn of Ml tile liepaitiiKiits in on, antt thus to ri
At'.. r h ' (lienor. ii of uut ruait:ntt u rt-ftl Dtr
potltm." Wa-iii.nhhin.
"(,'lnif'to tht Cniiptitntlntt, a th? f hipw reckeii nmfl
iivr rliMK t-i tin I. i.l pi ink, whui ui'lit ainl tl.. .cui
pet cl08t .tro'iu I Jiiiu," UasaL V iiistly
C WIUH TON. I'lililiolicr. 113 Dri-ailnny, Nivr Vrk.
i Mo ptifier for tho lusortion of a lew1 ruii i-iu-a tim
siiiL'cstions, naturally arising out of iccctit Alr'' 4' ktJ'1,
Cm, Tatc:
Fur tke Columbia Dcmotrit.
Please give space in your I
evi nts.
We have, iu thes" back townships, in
tlin Inli'Iv In Id elLM'tioiis. won I'loriailii
i i i.. i- i i. r j ' "
uee i i uu: iu eui i v iiiu uuiuu"ii iui suiuu . , ,t i,i:,:. : . .
J n . Demo rutic, or, as the AnolitioniiUs term
jcars and it is an empbal.o eou.loa.naUou . , . . . .
knowsnolaw.' Ifthi3 argumcut is joncl t;on ( wliioh thu iiutiou his prog cssed in not in tlio spirit of a hard-hearted and
to justify Congress in disregarding th p, uup iralled, we will never ecu- domineering master of men's lives and
Constitution, it is far better to justify the 1 Si.,,t t0 ?urri.mor these great gu.iranices liberty, but in that of a suiyp.ithuing and
people in disregarding tho law. Rut iu of rimom .d bapiuess. This was the paternal goveinmeiil, anxious to call foriii
truth it jmti(ie3 neither. Roth aru bound p.JOp,.s Wac, to ns-eit the integrity of tbo tho nobler impu ses of its eituons, rocon
by every legal obli-ation, and neither ',,, .,, t0 uiidieite the suprcm cy of cile thoiii to a hardy duly by tbo removal
holds the power of .-elf-di pm-utum t,t. ( onstituiioii. Tor the attiiinmenr of of every rea.onaldo ground of complaint,
Tho supremacy of the Con motion and the ,,, 0,j, t.t blood and trea-uie have been ! and the practice of cveiy allowable art ol'
lawsis the solo assuriieuoilibtfriy.bccurtiy ,,0uicl oiu wiih l.nish prolusion. I'ho , conciliation. Of course, it must not com
aud order, aud the iisinpers oi Wiishing- p,.0pk' an; usniy sli'l, wiihout stint or promi-o its authoiity, nor abjure the use
ton who ileny this Uoetrmo, proclaim r,mit, i& piceetd in this eouio of sac ilico. ol foico; but it is hound by every con
themselves tyrants by the act. But they have a right to insist upon oner- sideiation of humanity, ju-iic-', niul policy
Rut, apart from this, tbo instant rc-' ' wisuom integrity, and regard fr I licit
The debased ponso to the recent draft lor three huu-, nglrs in those to whom aro coiiuumI the
dred thou-aud militia, shows that the pre I great v.itionai nuif, uuu who soimiieiy
teuce of necessity is false in . fact. If tbo promised, at tbo outhrj.ik of the rebellion
of the miserable party who arc driving the
country to destruction.
Throughout the county tlr: Abolitionists
wer-routed completely. In every township
except one we elected all tho oflieers, not
allowing tho woo liea even an inspector,
Valley, which huietofore ha.- been genor-
Altolilinn, Slavery and ihc fivil War.
..iii-in iti ii. rpuis WOltK i III prim ami nll ao..n tif ren ly. it
We had but ' """lain. iiiiiileti' anil' rniHm i.f Mr. V.
I I.iii.IijIi.iiii'm iirn.riiial .iici'Clie.. oil III.' ih,.tu i.l.nv.
little opposition wi h which to contend. iMl1' of '''"' .,',",L'r 'i'i' ' niiUi.
e . lr iiicif! jiiib, uti-B, ttc. Hie u.irK lias lii-eii car..
Tlio niuro conservative of the Abolition f"''y 'V"1 " l" . pr.cnt. i.uny ami em.
I ri'itly tlu iinlili'iil r.irur.l ami p iumif a nun 1iqi i
P'.irtV have become pretty Well cooked, viow. in rilati n tn llio raimi-n l our ii.illi.iml trotib.
' ,ii ,i In, niul iIib right reiiii-iin. lur Hl-iii, nr .' allrn:llnj au
and aro on a stand whether to adhere to ; cxtrauruiii.irj- .im-iunt ur pniaii- .iit-niinn.
i uu wins ii on gim.i, kiinsiaiiiiai pjiier, s la u;o,
the party to which ihey have always be
longed, or not, because of the uucoiiMitu-
lional and t r.iuuical laws passed by their
illy Abolition, was carried by the D.u.o- ' , ' A d b(iJ. o , e)if
...... I il'...:.... . ..1 t,...l. i '
and eoiifinu it so tightly that nought but
(labriel's trump will bo powerful cn.iugh
nuininoii it to lesiireetion.
ed with the auffeiings of ourpoorb'oldiers-ignvernmrnt needs additional force, why h H they would Uu nothing except that nrpctitc for blood craves for its !' 10 aU0,Ilcr draftlPiiiti.ato. wlueh wa, legmmato and neee-sary to
- . . , , .i .. , . I l.-ir:il find mirrt to Vin nhevnd 7 Wlivdocs prot-et and deleuil tlio Union and the
lusion in our pcaceiui ioriuerii uomes. j- ...
LoiistitutsOii, it tlio views which wv
Hut' of usurpation this tyranny over the citi have exprcsed in regaitl to thu eonscrip-
zen! Is it so, that tho blooil of our ol correct, to aiioinpi to cuiorco it
butchered brothers, causes a iceoil from would be violatiou of repeated and Mileiuti
the buttle, field, to bo met only by LVder- oaths and pledges, aud destructive alike
al bayo-.ets, driving new myriads to 1 of tho rights o i States and tho liber
slaughter? No - the pas-age of this aot thepuoplo more thau this, it would
is an equal insult to the courage and pa ho iujurous, if not disastrous, to tho cause
triotism of thc people. Iu tho face of all of the country for right cannot ixsu'
tho disasters consequent on the ignorauco, from wrong,
tho presumptiom, thu corruptions, tho
vacillations and thc jealous os of the Ad- Man' nf f,ur '"''"cri who have
tuinitration, they are ready for fresh ef. long f .rgotten to pay up, as wo informed
forts, any time, any where, for any legit- lhu'" would bo the case, last week received
imato object; for they hold enshrined in 00 ""oluu.bia Democrat." Wo havo had
their heart of hoaits, tho pure fl .1110 of to pay cash for every paper wo ever sent
! patriotism, tuch as their oppressors know l"'la. lI,oy liav0 "nVh Avdauiii us
,ioro names nave ueee
In mch Bceue of terror, tho two ionoys)
would doubtlccs dsnr.j with delight.
we warn them, that if unfortuu Holy it
evor comes to a statu of affairs like that,
their happiness will be of short duration
Iu tho French Revolution, those who urg
ed) the people onto deeds of crime and at.
ocity 'finally suffered tho fate they had
laid up for others ; aud those iu this coun
try wno'ae tho most anxious to renew .he
f cones of 1701, may rest asurcd that ven.
gnee will be no Jcs Euro iu their caBes
than in that of their French exemplars.
Mau a note or TiuSf-Tho New
York Herald, a nutral paper, mye
'Sfinator WHsen. who has iust urged
lbs mammootk t.'on.crin'ion bill thiough i not of. rfcudV to burst and blao in all con- ol our pmpe'ty
r . .. i ..i; .1 ..i .1 ,. i -ii .
the benato, i. the man who stoppea fiuwi-1 BUroing flro, before which will perish alike urdtcu tll,s wuei;,uu wu win now try to
nenU a few months ago, a'ld thu left the
Army of the Potomac unsupported and
prevetitod tne capture ot iiioumona
tho tprants ofthe North, and the traitors bring all such delinquents to a speedy set-
of tho South, und out of which will cotno "omciit.
by a regard for its own stability and lor
the tranquiliiy ot tho country to which it
owes protection, to smooth down ob tucles
and :oothe tho public leeling hy tho adop
tion of all reasonable measures of eoneili
ation, as a preliminary to the execution of
the law. Tho whole country, Republican
as well as Democrats, havo long sine.: io-t
coiilideiiea iu tho cabin-t as now organ
ized, and in tho administration of tho war
is at present conducted ; Mr. Lincoln
should accordingly yh Id to tho universal
demand of Irs own party nul of all parties
foi a .reorganization of the cabinet before
attempting to put in execution a distaste
ful law, to which men will moro cheer,
fully submit when administered by officers
who enjoy their re.pect and confidence.
Wo have goncrals out of employment
who havo a grertcr faculty for inspiring
popular ciilhusiasm, and securing th'
warm attachment of soldiers, than any
now in activo servis ; and the President,
if wise, will soften the national rcpugiiair
co to tlio ronncription hy (jiving suitab'o
ommaiids to tho generals in whom the
I'nc.j Paper envrr.. 50 runts: clnlli 73 cjiih.
Iii'liv.' liy inail or vxpttm, pr.'iiai.l. nu receipt of
tho prici'.
S.'inl or Iiti, irilli tlm money nclil, to Co
IiiiiiIhh, Ulna, aililrni'il to J. II. KILV A. CO., nr to
iim. xll'li vi:v. r.r ii... i...i i .. . ,
cr.its by a majority sufficient to uleei both j ' , ,, , .,, . ... : L-xp-itmi
J ini'iit of tbo.-e laws will hereafter cause i:vo,j ,,er.,aP iimtci.r. the above thr-, u-
of the inspectors Abol,tio,-n. at pre.ent tleflc COIuerv:ltivus t0 joill wilh us iu lut. I ZVJ&& 'XXt
makes but a pu.ful show m tins eoun-yj . for tbo Unio1 ug u was and the (,Ql. ... ij.,.
and by next fall wo expect to crib, coffin, , . - a ... ,. . d .,. J '
oration of lbs conservatives who have' KlYSHUIU ACADEMY
heretofore belonged to the Abolition par- j rou
ty, wo may, by using our best efforts, j MALES AN) I'EMALES.
cheek '.hi-. Abo, ition element in its unc iu -1 B"v fJ; JLVJ1'01'11, A' M" r-',"ti''''1 snJ
Eg?" T be New Yoik Times'. New Or-; .stitutioual and ruinous course, and by pro aJi;llV 1 1 ihuJ n ' .Vi " N ' 'IV"cl,jr "f Di
leans eorrespjudent says : J claiming to tho world that this Govern- i nr. mniMmi mission iii couimi'iic. an mhx-
i ll.W. Al'UII.-.'illli. Iii.lruulon mil bu chvn in all
Im iiiaiiiii niul llii'lier Kiil'U.Ii Urnnrhe. I.hiid.
float hero respecting a ilisouleily spirit of enuality t.nnciplos on which the Con-1 i;,,,i m,,,n. n,,,if ba iia.i m i,r,
liaviug inai.ilested itself among our troop, ' .:,., frnmn,im!ll. ,,: ,,.n onh, country nt $i,sua wovk.ami n.ti.u viiuei,r..r j
I JI.1..1IO l liti UlAlll Uli ill 11 WUKKll.
(1 00
a cu
5 Oil
. 7 W
S Ou
. 1
iiiii.k Kcipiiii:. ifitra) .... t l On
Ciinlin'.jiil Uipciu,'.. SS
AdUri-H Ki:V. J. f. WAMI'Ol.i:, 1'iiiicipal.
Uly.burg, l'a., April I, ISo'J.-'Jw
leans I'orrespjnUent says
'lam sorry to say that rumors are ment shall be administered on principles
it ."lop Island owing to the there
Without a particle ofsagasity or common ! a renovated Union aud a vindicated Con
wv--j j CJ t V
If HMV. "S J .
tenia, Senator NiUon keeps ofliee by con. .gdtution. ton, A. M.. of Mtllvillo, has beou appoiu
ftUa according to his deetit.,
Counti 'Superintendent. JomiB. Pat
If this law could be carried into cxceii- ted, by Tho's. II. Uurrowes, Supcriuteu-
jS'ateoofa'l power of itU dffen0, its tv, rtrt, William Rutgeif,
. 1. C f .l,i,.na. linnn rtV IntillI
Mtico tbey will reward this abolition cbsr- ioasuiuch as it would deprtv ti dont of Publio Schools for Cbluiubii eoun
reste l for mutinous conduct
Yes and unless our judgment errs
ideally, there will bo moro '"di -orderly
spirit" manifested, and many moro officers
'arrojtud for mutinous conduct" if negro
enlistment is still persisted in, From per
sonal observation, aud information and
opinions given by reliabls men in diff -rcut
sections of tho army from the .Middle an 1
Western States is radically opposed to tho
' SCllt 1)1 the Southern pCOplo to a riUtlioil ; I Elemenlaly Uuiilikh. llrancliti,
' 1 1 ' , (!jiiiiiii,iii , .
I i ,1j .. rr..,..:.. i. ..!...! i
U'UI'n I'l .IMUlhlUU, uu l, iijuiu Ulllk'U .lull
I I . 1 1 . p .
oia eoiorou regiun in. ueports go so lar as - ' , couiinoii
to state that several ollieers have boun ar- that wo may, heing huuuU with onilurtng , , '
... i. . . " . . ... I.aliu, (ircnl; or irinnn
Uumc mi III.' 1'iaiio or ,Mn0(leon. (ultra)
i i.. .1 I...P n... l . ""
nappy punpiu i ii .hi uriuiu. inn ueiore
we can again enjoy pcaco and prosperity,
wo must defeat the purposes of this Ad
ministration j for the lain Congress has,
by disregarding tbo reserved rights of the
States, invested all State authority iu old '
Abo Lincoln, the Abolition Dictator. 1
They will find more difficulty in enforcing (
tho tyrannical laws they havo made, than j
they had in making them. Arc wc Amer. !
oau citizens, who havo enjoyed thu bless-'
ings of liberty purchased for us by our
forefathers, who broke tho ohains which '
l!ox iU3 V. O.,
rtittidelpMi. I'
April I, ls.G3.-3w
Estate if ieiij, Jones, deeestd,
I'.'C'I'lUtS fif A,llnliil.lri,lln . I.r. I'.ininnf ll.'lll.
bound t ho 111 to tbo RritUll laws, Willitl" tO 2- J"""-'. lalu nf iranai) tnwnIiit, Culumlila rnunty.
' a ilcLnasjil. bin . Ii.'i.isranti;il by Iim llisl.t.r !' fuluin
rciuaiu inactivo wlulo our liberties are lliu c""ty. m Uio unUi-raieiiua ; nil p mom ia "
, . ,. i'l'Oiiunj!aiiin lliu ctntj ill tlm ilifcmlciit am ri 'lU' ti 'l i
taken froill IIS : I m prcsfin tli.-tu n this Ailiiunlntratur at in rfUeitu-
in.alil 1'iuiibliip. witliiiut delay, ami ell pcrtoln la
Sir, if wo wish to ho free if wo mean ,li:l,llJ'1 tu "'"kc' Pa'"" I'-rttuvuit.
"ilisiinionits" thoy do "desire tho per
inauout division our count) y' and thoy
do not "hopt, ami 2pect to acliievo its
recoiistruetion. ' Lot tho people roiuem-
soldiers hayc confidence, and undor whom . ocr this distinction."
thoy would prefer lo servo. The people'
will more cheerfully snbinit to vigorous Somcho-lij has front us a oommuni-
CtSS" Tho New York Tribune says of
tho onservativo Democrats : 'They are
not disitnionists they do not desire tin
peruiumcnt division of tho country hut
thoy do hope aud expect lo achieve its
roeon-truci'ion," This is precisely the
difference between tho conservative and not basoly to abandon the heat interests of ji, lf-iu,-. s?,
.i i i-.?. i l. rni i ...1 i i . .
iue udoiiuou mnieuia. ratuoui urn . our country i stanuincr uv nna ecctnc all , nit vns? a Arn or; it?v
power rulizcd in onu man, or rather -n J., No. to North fiiuti .tteet. rhH
an idiot, in viointion of the Constitution, ra Wodoir
wu must, witii undaunted courage and a 1 Sh.'Ult'H
firm deleriniliation, resist all ItlCOnstitU-' ITT" Th'larce.tuiul nncnafiotlrnunl
liniinl ili.mniuh 'I'lin .int.. I. .,,., IV,. tho lowc.t irlci . lilindii paintml and triinmeil djunl
tlOliat UUIliatlUS, I lie only liopo lor OUr luuew. ntnre pIuIci mado and Icttcied.
country is to overthrow tho Aboliiioirpar. I Apf" 4' "'3""n ..
ty, after which inaugurate men who aro STlAY HOG
measures if tho administration will first cation signed "Copperhead,' but. withhold honest good, constilntion-loving men. a mam; nor,. rdVod fUo.wai found in tin i
... , , i . I in ,1 j i . ii i i nfewduy. ur, ii a dtiabUd tondltluii, mo
show a roasnnablo regard to the wiiher of tho real name, and wo again announoo I o this end let us all work, and pcco boon ukan fUn i.r hy ti.o undcr.iineit. 'ih iwmiI
the peoplo which U Has ao loug rosiitcd. tliat wo throw all such anonymous papers' may yot spread hor wings over our d'u- imuisdiaieiyauj ynywt rul.
It teems to ua incredible that Mr. Lin. under the tablo, I tractcd laud. A PEACE LAN, Diaiidiburt M-m t.iffei