Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, March 28, 1863, Image 2

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UIIITM) BY I.11VI I,. TATfi, PnoPlltnTOIl
SATUKDAV, lIlAUlil 28868.
EG'-Two well-written communications
in prose, and ono iu poetry, appear on
tho first page of this journal. The vorscs
nro from tho pon of n youthful democrat,
of only thirteen years. "Ink drops" nro
the production and Eontimcuts of a Christ
ian Patriot, and, with tho poetic effu
sions, will bo read with interest, and
edification. Also, tho artielo sinned (iA
democrat." Wo also direct attention to
tho unanswerable letter, on same pago, of
the Hon. Amos Kendall. Wo publish a
livo papan Our friends appreciate its
importance. Reading matter rogularly
appears upon ovcry pago of tho Columbia
Tho Feeling Now
Never wcro tho Democracy so earnust
or so consolidated as thoy now aro. Not
even in tho days of Old Hickory woro they
o heartily in earnest, united, and cagor
to express their feelings at tho ballot-box
Tho tcrriblo realities which surround us
as a people, the horrors into which Sec
tionalism has plungod tho country, have
olimiuated from tho Dcmocrals the last
remaining vestige of that unhappy fueling
oi dissension which prostrated thorn two
years ago as a party , while the monstrous
deeds of tho hour,thc gigantic usurpations,
the corruption unfolded concerning this
infatuated Administration and its parti
san army of contractors and jobbors, have
aroused and strengthened tho Democrats
beyond example. They go together as a
unit now. And they will terribly rebuke
tho pensioned slanderers who havo dared
abuse them so outrageously to assail their
character as a party, and to impugn their
patriotism. If an election were held to-mor
row in Pennsylvania, says the Harrisburg
Patriot, the "Democrats would oarry the
Stato by 100,000." And wo do not think
the estimate too largo. The same feeling
prevails in Ohio where (sajs a gontlcman
oi a neighboring town, who has just re-
turned from a journey through that Stato)
the Democrats would to-day sweep the
State like a whirlwind,and oleot such an
WHOompromUing National man as Vallan-
digham by 75,000 to 100,000 majority. I
Wo bslicvo it. Pennsylvania, New
York, Illinois and Indiana havo shown
what tho feeling is. Tho Republican
party, like its head at Washington, has
proved a tremendous failure It has sunk
out of sight iu its own corruption, and the
noonlo wait for an opportunity to rebuko
its destructive hoadlong fanaticism, which
aims at final Separation aud Dictator-
ship. And the time is fast coming whin
tho epitaph of lhat disastrous organization
Btiall bo written. Its brief but torriblc
history has' already been written in char-
actors of blood.
e53sT1i0 Ounknrs aro movinrr all tho
powers that bo, to cot clear of any per-
sonal or pecuniary responsibility in the
troubles they have brought upon the
country. Thuir votes havo helped to
bring ou tho war, and now they cseapo
the draft on conscientious scruples, aud in
tho very teeth of tho Constitution, which Van Buiiun, of New York.have lately en
says that ''such as conscientiously scruple tered into an abolition co-partnership,
to boar arms, shall not be compelled to do Thoy arc now serving their new masters
so, but shall pay an equivalent for person- in tho dirty business of traducing loyal
al service," they arc moving heaven aud Democrats with a zeal deserving a bet
earth to escape tho payment of an cquiv- tcr cau3C with briSat Pr 'Pccts of "poor
alcnt. Thoy gas about tho enormity and Pa'" Even Dr. John and Forney laud
wickedness of tho rebellion, and refuse to ' tl10 renegade Trio,
contribute men or monoy to put it down. ' N. B.Hi:.ndrick is after tho Repub
Democrats who do their duty are called lican nomination for Governor.
"copperheads," I
Of a piece with tho above splendid spc-1 TLo trait,,r Wendell Phillips, in
oimen of hypocrisy, is a remonstrance a speech recently delivered in Now York
against the passage of "m act prohibit- city, used tho following treasonable Ian
in nocrocs from eomine into tho Stato." , ' H Liberty to the slave, or death to
which they havo sent into the Legislature.
The whole thing is decidedly rich, and 1
charmingly characteristic. Send for tho
Daily Legislative Record, No 50, to our
mombcrs, and you can see it all,
fiSr Tho Bulletin has a dispatch say.
Inr tmi tlm prtndttinn nf nnr firmv lmfnrn
,,r, , . , .,, T. . ,. , ,r.,i
Vicksburc is terrible. It is dated March
Oth, and has hopos that tho city will fall
iuto our hands. It says ono-slxth of our
army is on the sick list, and tho admis
sions to tho hospitals about three hundred
per day, the deaths having boon for a
month past from thirty to fifty.
jU- Persons intending to apply for li
censes to keep a tavorn, should procure I
and file their politions at onco. Tho law
is imperative tho stamps, &c, must not
bo forgotten.
AST Don't forget to let U3 know where
you rcmovo from, as well tho placo to
which you romovo, when you direct your
papers changed,
: !o:
&& 'J'J)0 month of March has been tho
ntot ramkikablo and changeable of any
vn r o.ill. rt for at loast twenty years.
To ii j Ind p. ih.ip.i nioro snnv, but it
all I '1 .0. t'C.
Democratic Victory !
Columbia ( otmty Etumocralic
all over!
"Nlggorlieads'' on tho Decline!
Tho result of tho township elections iu
tho State, on last Friday a week, were do
oidedly Democratic.
In llloom township, whero wo havo
generally been beaten 1) fiom 150 to S200
tho Democrats clcotcd Petiui HiLi.MKvrju,
Esq., Judge of Elections by a majority of
Jacoh R. Guoui. was elected Overseer
ol tho Poor, over tho Abolition-Union
Lcngo-Aduiinistratiou candidate, Chris
tian F. Knapp, by a majority of two
One of tho candidates of tho Dcmoerats
was beaten by two votes, and another by
five votes only.
It is a curious fact, and ono of somo
significance, that Frcai Rroum, a gentle
man of somo notorioty, was preferred to
an office holdor under Lincoln !
Iu Scott township, whoro the vote has
been worse if possible than in Bloom, Hon.
PuTEit Ent and M. G. Kinney woro
elected School Directors, and James K.
Biiuqlkr, Democrat, Justice of tho Peace.
Iu Montour township John G. Quick
was elected Justice of tho l'oaco, in place
of Dr. Paxton, Administration, retigned.
And so, throughout the country, tho re
sults aro similarly favorable to the Democ
racy. County Superintendent.
By tho law, it is the duty of tho Coun
ty Superintendent of Common Schools to
give notice, by publication at loast for
throe successive weeks, in two newspapers,
of the time and place of holding the Tri-
ennial Convention of Directors. And by
tho samo law, the seat of justice of the
proper county is tho place, and the first
Monday of May, 18(53, is iho time ; when
and where said convention shall aseemblo,
for tho election of a County Superintend-1
out of Common Schools.
It is the duty thercforo of Mr, Burgess,
the present Superintendent, to publish
such netie'e early in April, the first Mou-
day of May being tho fourth day thereof.
Fruit and Oruameiital Trees.
Mr, W. II. Knouse, (succos-or of J.
B. Jones.) Agent for the "Central Nur-
series," of York, Pa., has visited Blooms-
burg for the purpose of taking orders for
tho delivery, iu April, of all kinds of
Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs,
Grapo Vines, &c. Tho products of tho
York Central Nurseries arc of tho first
! quality, and givo general satisfaction.
Persons in want of anything in tho above
lino woulJ (1 wo11 t0 oal1 uPon M - -
Knouse immediately, at the American
110usc au lcavu lllc,r oruu"
ii ii .i ;. 1
A Trio of Renegades.
II. B. Wright, of Luzerno, B. H.
Brewstkr, oi I'liiiaiicipiua anu jno.
the Union. ' Ho is the loader of tho Ad-
ministration party, ivhich, in tho eyes of
Abolitionists, it is treason to oppose.
Mr. Charles A. K.nohr, of the Army
at Yorktown, Ya., has our thanks for a
lato copy of tho Cavalier. Wo find muoh
in it of interest iu relation to our follow-
i citizens from Columbia, in tho 178th Reg,
. ... . b
P. SI. Tho Cavalier is tinall but spicy.
We havo tho March number of tho
Farmer and Gardener. It conie3 a little
lato iu tho month, but that objection is
overcome by its intrinsio merits. 81 00
a year for tho only farm journal in Penn
sylvania. A Pkolifio Cow. Mr. Gcorgo Ilaz-
zard, of Bloomsburg, has a Cow which
has produced scvon Calves within four
years, having had twins thrco times in
succession I
G twEUNATom.Uj, Hon. Wm. Hor
kins, ono of tho noblct mon and purest
domoorats in our Stato, has dcolined tho
nomination for Governor of Pennsylva
nia. Godns Lady's took, in all its beauty
and exHkncO; U Mrpuly "Pnn our tablo
for April.
Official Returns Of tllO Towil-'Jutlgo,
Ilild In tho various townships of C'olum-
bia county, on Friday, March 'JO ,1803, j
for Township Officers i
Bloom. Jutlgo, Peter Hillmoycrj In
spectors, John 11. Pursell, Hiram C. How-
er ; assessor, Bouj, 3. Merrill ; Overseers,
Caleb Darlon, jr, Jacob R. Groul ; Con
stables, Philip S. Moyor, Gordon R.
Goll; Supervisors, 0. llittcubondor, Ma
thias Shaffer, Freas Brown ; School Pi
rectors, Oliver A Jacoby, Wellington
llartuinn ; Auditor, John M. Ohoiuber
lin .
Drier Crcik. Judge, David Shaffer j
Iiispcctois, Alexander Luckurd. Emmor
Dicterich ; Assessor. Henry Latnon ;
Constable, Win. Klientob ; Supervisors,
J C. Smith, John Kisnor; Overseers,
Samuel Kolchuor, Jeremiah Jacoby ;
School Directors, Wm. Lamou, Henry
Doak ; Auditor, Emmor Deiterich.
Beaver Justice, Allon Mann; Con
stable, W. Longenbcrgcr ; Superviiors,
Joseph Ucibter, Henry llindcrlider ;
School Directors, G P. Dilcsbauch, Na
than Hons ; Overseers, Moses Moyer,
i harles Miohaol ; Judgo, Jonathan Rrcd
bender; Inspectors, John Hiudortidor,
John J. Driesbauoh ; Assessor, Josiah W.
Johnson ; Auditor, Andrew Shunian.
Beaton. Supervisors, Peter Apple
man, Joseph Hess; Constable, Samuel
Rhone ; School Directors, J. J. Stiles,
J. C. Doty ; Judge, Stophon Kcefor; As
sessor, Samuel Rhone ; Overseers, A A.
Kline, Jacob Woolover ; Auditor, Wm.
Hulmo ; Inspectors, Samuel II art man,
Charles Gibbons. te
Cattawissa Supervisors, Jno. Stroue.
Goorgo Fredoriok ; Overseers, Stephen
Raldy, Nathan Helwig; Constable, Peter
G. Campbell; School Directors, M. G
Hughes, Mathias Hartman ; Assessor,
Clinton Ellis ; lnspetors, Charles Kriegh,
Joseph Martz ; Judge, Jeremiah P. Finch
er; Auditor, John Sharplcss.
Conynglmm . Supervisors, Patrick
Grady, Henry 0 Gable ; Assessors, Daniel
T. McKiornon, John J. Wagoner, (tie
votes); Justices, Joseph B. Knittle, Isaac
W. Haus; School Directors, Daniel T.
McKiernon, A. Snyder; Judge, John
0. Dicner; Inspectors, J. W. Haus, M.
Kiukerton ; Constable, David Camp ;
Overseers, James Barry, Sylvester Iloff-
man ; Township Treasurer
Joseph B
'Kuittlc ; 1 own Wert, John W . UctHoril ;
I Centre. Judge, Jeremiah Hagenbuoh ;
Inspectors, Isaao Whilmoyer, James
Koehcr ; Constable, Clinics H. Dietttr
j10'1! Supervisors, Samuel Ilagonbnch,
' Samuel Bower: Overseers, David K.
Sloan, Joseph Poho ; School Directors,
Frederick Hagenbuoh, Isaao Erwino,
Geo. A. Ilerriug; Assessor, Samuel Ney-
hart; Auditor, Aaron Kelcuner.
Ftshiii" Greek. Constable, OvrusRob-
bins; School Directors, David Savflgo,
Hiram Hess ; Supervisors. Edward
Unangst, John McMiohaol ; Judgo, E,
jDuangst ; Assessor, A. McIIcury ; Over
seers, II. Bittenbcnder, E. J. Mellcnry ;
( Inspectors, B. 0. Hess ; Samuel Thomas,
Auditor, Thomas J. Hutchinson ; Town
Clerk, J. B. Hutchinson,
Franklin Judgo, James Roeder ; Iu-
' spectors, Jacob Knittle, Geo. Schick;
! Justice of tho Peace. William Mcnsch ;
' Supervisors, William Mens eh. Daniel
onuier ; assessor, vjeorga v. iiariman ;
Ovorsocrs, Jonathan Knittle, Solomou
Artley ; School Directors, Abraham
lio, amcs Kcster ; Constable, Thomas
Ilower; Auditor Scth, llartman.
Greenwood. Constable, Paxton Kline ;
Supervisors, Samuel H. Albertson, David
Demolt ; Judge, Nicholas Kindt ; School
Directors, Joshua Davis, Adam Utt;
Robert Bobbins ; Overseers, Isaac Ikler,
Edward Henry; Assessor, Isaac D. Pat
tou ; Inspectors, Wilson A. Thomas,
Richard J. Eves; Auditor, Isaac Dcwitt .
Hemlock. Judge, S. S. Slater ; In
spectors, Samuel Ale, N. P. Moore ; Con
stablo, Daniel Ncihart; Supervisors,
Thomas J. Vanderslico, Elias Giggcri
Overseers, Reubon F. Foulk, Jesse Ohl'
Assessor, Hugh D. Mt'Bridc ; Sch ool Di
rectors, Reuben B Wiuterstcen, Geo.
W. Driesbach ; Auditor, John McRey
nolds. J'tckson. Judgo, Frederick Wile; Con.
stablo, Joshua Robbins ; Assessor, Asa
Yorks; Supervisors, Asa Yorks, John
McIIenry ; Inspectors, Abraham Knouso,
James W. Kitchen ; School Directors ,
Johu P. IIcss, Gcorgo Ilirleman ; Over
seers, John P. IIcss, Absolom McIIenry ;
Town Clork ; Silas W. iMoIIenry; Au
ditor, Hugh Shultz.
Locust. Auditor. Rcubon Fahringer ;
Supervisors, Charles Mcnsoh , Simon
Fctterman ; Constable ; Solomau Fettor-
inan , School dircotors, Wm. Goodman,
Ilonry Adams, Daniel Stino ; Inspec
tors, John P. Walter, Charles Billig.
Judgo, Potor S. Ilchvig; Overseers, Ilon
ry Ilelwig, Leonard Adams ; Assessor,
Gera Howor;
Montour. Coustablo, Noah Mauser;
Justice, John G. Quick ; Supervisors,
Joseph Mauser, Emanuel Lazarus ;
School Directors, Evan Williver, Isaao
Mowrer; Assessor, Noah Mouser; In
spectors, Michael Rouoh, Levi Woavor ;
Auditor, John Dietorich; Judfjo, Henry
G'iger; Ovorsccrs, John Lciby, Issachcr
Mount Pleasant Constablo, Johu
Shipman ; Supervisors, Wm, J. Iklcr,
Daniel 7-i"lor ; Asscf-or, A II. II acock;
John 0. Thomas j Overseers! I
,Malhias Gilbert, Clomuol Johnson;
School Directors, Win, Oman, John
Kline ; Inspectors, Ilonry Aloj Goorgo
Kram6r; Auditor, Elias Droiblobis.
MiJJhn, Constable, Wm Krickbaitm )
Assessor, Lawronco Waters; School Di
rectors, Stephen Swank, Christian
Wolf. Christian Lutz; Ovorsocrs, John
Keller, Jonas Hartzcll ; Supervisors,
lhomas Aten; Jacob Nuss ; Judgo,!
S'nmuel Nuss; Inspectors, A. W. Hess.
Amos Horlockor; Auditor, D. II. Mon
tgomery. MuUism. Judge, Lewis Schuyler ;
Constablo, Milton E, Coxc ; Supervisors,
James Kisner, 8. W. Barber ; School
umciors, Jonn amitn, josepu vise ;)
Overseers, John A. Funton, Hugh M'Col .
lum; Auditor J. E. Wellivor ; Assessor,!
J. M. Smith ; Inspectors Wm. R. Demott, !
J. S. Swisher.
Maine, Judgo, John T. Shuman ; Con
stable, John A. Shuman ; Supervisors
Daniel Fisher, Benj. Nuas ; Assosor,
Wm. Longenbergor ; Inspectors, John
Harmony, Joseph Hartzell ; School Di-
,,a n, , v t !, ii
ctors, Charles Num. David b. Brown ;
Overseers, Gcorgo blniman, Jacob Bow -
mau ; Auditor, Daniel Shuman.
Orangf.-Oonstable, Miohaol Keller ,
Supervisors, David Mcrriug, Moses Everiti
Judgo, Joseph Wuybunt ; Assessor, John
Vim .nw fnmeoinra Willinn, Kintmr
, . u j ....j. ak'.iwkj
John Megargle; School Directors, Abner!,n uo opposition to ie wnties or tue
Welsh, Muhuol Hagonbtioh ; Overseers,
John Keller, Cornelius Bellus ; Auditor
William Bellus.
Pine. Judge, JaoobLong; Constable,
Adam Bobb ; Auditor, Johu F. Fowler ;
Assessor, Ira C. Pursel ; Inspectors, A.
E. Girton, Benjamin Lora ; Supervisors,
i-,.u ii.:-i.ui.;, fri.. .. ur.i
School Directors, Thomas MoBride, John
W. Hunter; Overseers, Beuj. Wiuter
bteen, John Lore.
Roa'iiig t'rff. Snpervisors, Miohaol
Fettoroff, Daniel Rarig ; Sohool Dircotors,
Michael Fettoroff, Samuol Wauok ; In
spectors, Phineas Thomas, Samnel Cher
ington ; Judge. Elias Ririg ; Assessers,
Nathan Driesbach, Oharlos Dyor, (tie
vote;) Constable, James Keiffer; Auditor,
Philip Cool ; Overseers, Daniel Kunkle,
Samuel Wouoh.
Scott. Justice, J. K. Brnglcr; Consta
blo, Samuel Bittenbcnder ; Overseers, H.
Trombley, A. J. Eyer ; Auditors, Wm.
II. Hagenbuoh, (2 yrs.) Reese Fairman,
(3 yrs,) ; Sohool Directors, Peter Ent,
(3 yrs.) Isaac McKanoy, (3 yrs ) M. G.
Kinney (3 yrs.) ; Inspectors, Jacob Ter-
williger, Samuel Kresslcr; Supervisors,
Elias Kline, Elias Knim ; Assessor,
Alfred Mood; Judijo, Peter Meliek.
T j. , ... T ,
bngar Loaf.-8ohool Dneetors, Jacob
H. Fritz, Alinas Cole ; Overseers, Jesso
Fritz. Jacob S. Hess ; Supervisors J. F.
KiU', Josiah R. Fritz; Inspectors, J.
Hess, Shadrack L. Hess ; Constable Cor-
uolius Girton; Assessor, Andrew Hess ;
Auditor, Henry 0. Hess.
Death of DanicS H. ilemloy.
Resolutions of Respect and Condolence.
Camp Near Bktj&b Plains, Va., )
March 20th 1863.
At a meeting of the Columbia count y
Volunteers, of company I, 130th Penn
sylvania Regiment, the undersigned com
mittee woro appointed to draft resolutions
expressive of the feelings and sentiments
of the company upon the death of Daniel
WumtESfby the dispensations of Al
mighty God, this company has been called
upon to mourn over tho death of this
young man whose private virtues, heroic
endurance, uncomplaining fortitude, and
patriotic devotion to his country's good,
has endoared him to us in bonds of sym
pathy and lovo which can uever bo broken.
Tiicrcfjre Resolved, That iu tho death
of Daniel II. Hemley, wo have hut a
good friend, a true patriot aud n bravo
soldier, who won tho respect and esteem
of his officers, and a placo in the affections
of his compauious-in arins.
Revived, That while wo deeply sympa
thize with tlio family.relativcs and friends
of tho deccased,wo offer for their consola
tion tho inspiring consideration that he
died in his country's service, and wo
trust has gone to that happy land where
din of war is not heard, aud tho weary
arc at rest.
Resolved, That tho editors of tho
Columbia county papers be respectfully
requested to publish theso proceedings
and forward a copy containing tlio same
to his parents at Polkvillc, Columbia
county, Pa.
Tho above preamble and resolutions
woro unanimously adopted.
Lieut. A. B. Tate, Com'g Co.
Thomas Wricuit,
A. M. Vansioklg,
Geo. Niciiom.s.
During tho Revolutionary war lho
English knocked in tho heads ofsoveral
thousand barrels of tar, which thoy had
captured in store near Suffolk, Virginia,
and let it run off into a pond about four
acres in extent Gradually hardening iu
tho sun it become a solid mass, aud re
mains till this day. It looks like slato
aud is from two inchos to a foot in thick
noss. Our bos in camp near by uso it
for fuel.
80 EKcwai'd LSorsc Stolen
Mr. Jacoh Leihv, of Moutour town-
chip, this eo., had a valuable Family
Maro stolon from his stable on last Mou-
day night. IIo offers a reward of ?50
foMho nuimal and :J0 for tlio thief, or
8 80 for both Pco Lis ndvrtiaeracit
Dlfforenco of Opinion.
2b the Llilor of the Democrat f
r , . . .1 . t I
u Ca 8 y ' r 7 7T ; r 1
ndod mo a cony of tho ( alumina Conn-
handed mo a copy of tho ( alumina Loun-
ly Republican. On my return home find-
ing a few leisuro moments to examine its
contents, my attention was arrested by a
communication under ths heading of Tbo
Thirty-si-vouth Congross-What it Did."
Curio ty induced mo to look into the con-
tents of tho said letter, which the editor
of -tho Republican seemed heartily to ap-
prove, and to my amase.nent he eulogizes
the action oi mo late (UMuuot; uon-
ss, aud boaas of tho following as some
greij8) ami boatts of the following as some
0f the more prominent of its cuactmenlfl :
1. A banking system, to which the old
United Sutes Bank was indeed 'an obso-
'e iUea."
2. comparison wilt, hioli
Henry Clay's would bo coiuidered 1'iee
3. Au increase of the regular army, uf
which even the most infatuated if tlw ,
Winters would l,avo never rt.ea meu. 1
4. A centraluMion of power, audi as
5. That Freedom for w hich "tho Old
' Man Eloquent ' plead so wnrmly.
I These are the glossed miwns of the
1 . ...
'K KepuWioan Uoogress- livery one of
I them cxoeiititii. Derhaiw. tbe Urd are
i oi t i i
American peopio. auq, ihcm are w..
boast of litpubhcan'um.
No mention is made of any violations of
fundamental laws or constitutional prerog.
atives. Theso things tlmy would willingly
. i ..I,, . ,
cover under the clook of oblivion. They
'have not the houenty t Ull the poople of
any of the outragfou nets of the latt Ab- PS!UU tj00, If l0 bad, in the first placo,
olxtion Coiigrt-tA the went dUloynl tut pioi'Uiinud a generul emauoipatiou and
of fcooundrels that vsr disgraced the Na- eonfueatio'ii aot.he uever could have had so
tioualCitol aud that the ecaiitry will gront au army of voluuter.
only be relieved from its accumulated and , 0u,. tt.voiutiolmr ; siro barely escaping
accursed wrongs when the Democracy t r.iin , broke the BritiUi fetters and de
shall havo arisou-fi they arc evurywbcr lhe ing njoimrch, aud iu his pre
doing in tho majesty of their power and ww gMe hittU u a tout g0Verl,mBUt
wiped from the recordi of the country the wlliuu WM Hjmjrd bv the" world, aud
.r i .i t : i.. i j. ..!..:. i'. ...
maiuy oi uiu jjiuimu uhiu.ibiihuo.i , nuu
the usurpations of his pet Abolition Uou
The iew Yoik Erpiess reviews the
proceedings of the late Congress, by
which the revolution has bten completed,
Riid most truthfully say :
Congress has enacted four acts which
utterly subvert the whole form aud fraiuu
of this Govornmont :
1st. In the delegation to the President
the power at will to suspend the writ of
habitis corpm, iu States not in rabi llion
nor Invaded.
2d. The Conscriptiou Act, which puti
under his command, at will, to take any
wl0rCj ma ,0 ' hilII un()l,r
any command out of the State he lives in.
3d. The Bank aud Loan nil I, the
union of "the Purse aud the Sword,
which gives him supreme command over
millions and millions of men and money.
4th. The Indemnity Act, legalizing
all tho illegal acts of the President, am!
constituting Abraham Lincoln Dictator
Geueral, which net the ''bloody Sena
tor," I'omeroy, of Kansas, thn in the
chair, declared passed, without a vote,
whilst Domuorats wire speaking ou the
question !
Under these acts no white man ha1? any
political rights, or even security for his
liberty. Tiq Republic ceases to exist,
CENTRAL DESPOTISM! and all theso
things aro approved and lauded by Pale
mon John 1
In a subsequent number of tho Repub'
lican, I also observo, that this same Dr.
John denounces tho loyalty of Senator
Buckalcw. Coward-like, he printed a
speech the Senator never utteied, and
shrinks from re-printing those letters HK
did WRITE.
Even more : In thin organ of riot and
violence, ho denounces law abiding men
as "traitors and cnjipeiifads," for daring
to exereihe tho right of free discus.-ion,
and at tho samo timo insults constitu
tional freemen by bearing at the head of
his sheet, as in falte motto, "Fri-e Speech,
a Free Press, Free Soil ami Freedom "
Jackson township, 1803.
Vr the Columbia Dtmoerat,
Cm. Tate Dear Sir : Our nation
al difficulties aro yet unsettled, nnd tho
campaign now opens with Ich hopes of a
speedy termination than it did a yoar ago
The condition of our army, may bo Soo
well supplied with provisions and cloth
ing, high spirited and keen for action,
yet gloomy scenes seonito thicken around
whoro onco appeared dawn of light.-
Tho sun of peaoc rofleetod doubtful rays
at tho close of the convention which as-1
semblod at Washington, soiuetimo in J
March, 1801, and left darkncs-i, in shapo
of disunion, to settle over this whole land.
Is it possible that this onco glorious
and prosperous Country ,so domoly inhab
ited, eo richly blessed with vegotablo and
animal productions, so unlimited in coui-i
mercc, and resources to so reat an ox-'
tent, privato and publio institutions cloth
ed with protection, could be invaded and
yet present a scono of desolation and hor
ror, under tho full coutrol of despotism.
, Wl u" ""V ,,,Jl ,uu ,Jm,,u 81111
Laws, uol later than thrco years no in
.. t... t .i Tt..t.... ... i
full op. ration, will again bo iu possession
of tho onco free Aniorieun ponplo T Is
tho policy of tho Admiuiatration baecd
upon the principles which nill obtain this
end ? or do our rukn: with to elnn," the
l"ff.urs of t'us govci'umtnt, uud in.pluut
institutions unknown to us or any free
people, and tho ship of stato still tosscu
fanaticism, misguided by Incompetent
marines. Do wo question whether expo-
In s tnl. u h t policy ba ad upon priu-
u.ii laugiit us uiai pom- u3u 4 v ,
ricuoo is policy I uariaunj un.,..-
i '
oiplea rebuked by tlio peopio iimmhi
wiui success. - b
judgiug from tho past, whoro freedom and
I t, ttitMiilt.
pence arc strangers ; and those iu author-
ty. ro they not ruling with rigor.
I ol the time near when the people's
. . , r i, . .. l r,!l
wibUes can ouoo more no iun uu ....,
rupremtod iu Stato and Federal logula-
tiou, and the civil laws not mocked and
- o- --
" la aud eo.Hor.ptio. b.lU will bo
nmrtiai iw uu ooaionpuuu -
no terror to loyal oituous ; torts anu p
oas not dredcd by iunooeut people ; wUen
llio virtuv of tho Constitution will again
b a foitiesj for -ivory man, aud a sUeliar
f,.01u bors aud arbitrary arrets, with
". Z'00" , . , fnr
which our country has been tnfosled for
tb U.t two yaiel 1 '
l4 u ,!0uU..J iLu s olasa of neonle in
0ur owuntry, of a different color aud stoak, j
J ' ,
who have be.u held ,u bomUge ... h s-1
tory first give au accouut, chall uow bo
reeojrniasd is our equals and atwei itti, iu
mBgt ftQ0 W0ttJ t by whoso inatru-
mk.,ltity j, u nooounlihcd. and who
giYe, A aull,ori,y f Tlu 'plain words
r i:,,,!' : i ., i,i,.u.. t, '
LMiitTvi u i unujui n t i eg if wi nvu
ihit i, a prtrt( uniivo no iuolination, di-
rly 0( indiroclly, to intoifeie with slave
iy l) th! 3Met wheM it cxUu . j belllJVB
I have no lawful right to do so." Ho
thou nw the Coin-titutiou gave him no such
nulkurily ; aud no legislative body or
preuidential deore could murp sueh au
ilioiity aud smtaiii the Constitution at the
, handed down to us an a riub inheritance.
which is now on the verge of ruin ; tho
principles and objects of tho fathers of our
country are set at naught, disgracing even
the freedom they lovod and regarding them
us h ving always been tiaitors. Why did
not Groat Britain emancipate their slaves
ua a "mthltiry necessity,'' and why in thoir
stead employ the Indians us ?
Why did not Washington aud his compa
triots give freedom to "Americans of Af
rican doscctr," alter gaining a free and in
dependent country, ami rumove this great
evil at once! Why did ho not free the
slavns when he silenced ihe whisky iusur
rection ! Why did he command that the
army should enrefu'ly regard the laws "
Why did lot Jucksou free the slaves when
South Caroiiua revolted ; when they had
huciificcd their all 1 Wh did Abrah.un
Lincoln Iree the slaves, when he said he
had no lawful right to do so, tho fruit i of
which hai caused civil war, blood-hed and
carnage? BENTl'N.
Maroh, 1303.
tl'i Wen for the Ct'liimim Otntent.
tii- ii.vrn or
i'nr". thus Well, my lotlur,
r.iro thee well, my eiattra ileir.
Fare thoe wall, my llrotrwrs j
Mfl.t la dark and drear.
Hut thi Hnn ia (IniTiiinjf,
tio it silds ths aky ;
nr.rkncaa lenv.-a, with morning',
AtlJ 1 no'.i enn dio.
Lay me oat io softly,
(Iron my han ia up'in my breast,
tp'ak to tue in whiap'irs,
Voiy I go to rst ;
MiimIu with thi uiiali,
In th'i upper nir.
Hark ! I Iri.n their voices,
Sjoii, I ahull be then,
Uloom.harg, March 1MJ3.
cv n.
Payiaant of tlio Officars Eagajoi in Slaking
the tato Draft.
In a meeago to the l.eislatoro lass wek
on this subject, Gov. Curtin said :
Tho bill for enrollment, examinatim,
drafting .xiibsistenco and trancpnrtation, &e.,
aro not all returned to tho Military Jispait
menti bnt throo hundred thuuatid Utill.trs
has been estimated an tho sum necessary to
pay all tho expoiifci ariuini; from it.
An appropriation has been made by Coi -grcs,
ne I am inntructcd, suflicicnt to pay
the cxpniBeH of the draft made in this Stnta
I hnv continued to press tiprni tho attention
oi i tie .NatiuriHl u vori.ment tlio iirrpnetv
hepo to arrange, drlfinittelv, tha ranncer nf
tlicir paynienr, anil also lhat of the nnlitin.
oalled into service for tho defense uf tlio
State in !roptcjn bar lust,
Sliuulil, however, any further disappoint
ment occur, or delay in tho settlements or
payment uf theso cbilnn, I roeoinended to
the Ja;;iilMturo to mako an appropriation of
of tnunoy for thuir payinens by the State,
louliing to the jjpnoral Onvurnmont for reim
bursnipniH hereafter. Tln persons employ
ed iu the various departments, in maliiti";
tho draft, performed valuable somes to tlio
i;ovt'nimtini,espomliiij much timo and mon
ey ; it is duo to them there should bo no
further delay iu aflarding them just com
pronation. A. (i.'Uurtih.
Tm: Daily Ann Messrs. Ulssbrcn-
iter ,V Co , isiii d from Philadelphia, thuir
new Dentocratio pap-r, unlitlod tho Daily lu the Orphan's Court for tho county of
Ago. It is a firat-olais, high-toned, read- Columbia ; Estate of John Oovenho
ablo fiheot. Wo predict for Tho A"o a veil, lato of Orango twp., deo'il.
brilliant career and complete success
Tho Slats of KniiFii hi i rice...,
i ui outs ill nniif.-t3 lias a llOiCIl
leeimenls of uhito humi (leu iiioihw.mIq f
ii.QiiiiLiiin ui xiiiu llltll, 11VU lUgllllOWS Ut
IlldiailS and tWO l'0illlt'Ulrf of nci'toes
" mniVL3,
r Tho Wucr was to ibv Ut it) the
North Di mch (' oal
PAtmiot.c and iliUB.-Hon. Amofl
4 1 I- ll., In n mil ititi f V V it I
luuiuai. ciosou , v.
tv. who "niloucu
Kendall's "Bible View of slavery,'' with
tho following truthful and patriotic re
"As surely as tho current year unfolds"
It, surely will the power of Ihd
North' boforo 18(M pass into tho bauds of
,ll(J ijcinoorn.tio party, it tUat party bd
lnoJorilto am vfiso. Then, and not till
.1 ..... ll... ..Aii,tKiiiir.iit lift rintliriallml
t,lon, call tho goyorninent I
Oou ut.ou, as in he p os
p revert to tho
proseoution of thd
War as 111 uil us unit, ubiiguiwi,
and ol uu,i thou, can tho Demooracy of
lho Nortb oiror t0 ltll) poopi of l0 South
ii10 Constitution unimpaired as a subst.tuto
d d L, ,d t tl)Q ca,am
tt.oy o
lliea lUcv have reason to fear. Then, and
not tin then, can any resdonso bo cxnen-
tej ; tl0 South to a paoifio domonstration
ju n10 North.
xuiu pnmouoo, urmni s,iuouuranou auu
su ecoss in saviug onr ..uvruC? amour
U nion may distinguish and immoralizo
jjemocratic pni ty ol'l&03, is tho earn-
eat hope and pi a or of a Democrat of
mo re than three score cars and ten.
llemctul, Mr. L. I. btiAni'i.K3 lias
11 noious Store IIouso Hero he
KuPn( 8 sPnolous ore 0 8 '
o:,n Jy "or ""rrnntilo with
R moro el,8lb e 8t!ltl,,' wL,oh he Ja4 J"31
1 !nLn,l, nnm QiiKinrr nllil Mlllnltiiin
r-'P""BUU "u"
Mr. S. must fool quite at homo
in his now aud pleasant quartern.
New Stducvtisemmts.
"V Wnnted.Twn 1'ius, or "lutlii hy ttia
Editor. I'rcmi "y of hH milmcrlliirs wliu nujr lu
par lho l'rlutor.
l'rancl A. Hciiilfnlmlfs Cuanllnnl Ni 37. Dp'c.9. t(Ct
, I iu CollllIlOU Pll'fli
The Eio culorn A. Heiri of Pr. f of CtluintiU .
AahbtlU. W llanli. (luctliaril, j
The iiudiiju'i'. tptlntil an nin linr hy Hi' CoHtt
of Coui:n. Urm if as il inunljr, lu luairlml the aud diitiitmlr th.' fund utislwi! on thf titt-ntl.n
ofthP Kl E.iiiIp of the ht iis .f Dr. A. II. Wilson, iiu
coated, lu tho creditors, in the order In which the :imo
limit, by thu lawa of frniujlvania, be paid . will at.
lend at the the town of llloiu.burit
on Wednesday, thf 2'Jtli day of April, A, 1) IMS, be,
tnon the hours of ten o'clck A.M. and four o'clock
I .M . uf aui.l day, to ptirform Ihe dutlen of hii appoint
ment : When aud tthcre all penoiu intuaoled luay
attend if tiny think proper. p.?
An litu'r.
llloom. bu it, March 9?. W,3. ?2 ()
Trof. II. I). H'nlkiir A. VI. I'rineipHl. The next terra
of lhi Institution will commence n Wcdnnday,
April loth. Htudenta tluairoua of heini aa'iuitled tu tl.
thor of the Nomiai I.'l;t.fie4 lihould hapruaenton Ttiea
day at ID o'clock for Kximiliiatlon
Tuition trom ?l to Sji't per Term of II week.
Hoard in good f.unlliiM, .J.'lp-r week.
Cloail ItoniiM fir atmlbnta wialnnj to boirJ them
eelvea For further tmrtinulara inquire f lho Principal or of
J rt Win IDS.
Bsct, of Trualeea.
March I"(0
Es'alt o Villi am Rhone, deceased.
Notice ia hereby nvtn thatt'trre rf adiuininratloii
on tlio o.tats'of t m Hhono. I,,t. of llenton Inf.,
Cnlumbu ciuiniy, deras-eil, have bn:n granted h the
Ktniir of aai'l county, to th unJtraii;ned, who re
nijea in ald ll-iiton t'ownahlii t'olunibla eo. All per.
Nona 1m iii clitiina or ilenian.ia nainat the f:atat of
the decendent are reply, ted lo prcaenl tliciu for .rule
ineiit, an I thoie iriilciite 1 to p iyinent wlthaut o
,!y. Wm. Ai'Pl.t ,',M.V,
March 2', IMS.- liv $1.
FOfl MAY, 18fl:).
niooni A .1 Evan, nmi ll.i.nrt, Jnn ,T, nirkhy.
Iteivr liivid Ilavl., llenrr lln.aler.
llenton Pat-r Oa.e. .lucoli Kimlil-.
Ilriar Oiek rfini'iel i-n-l. .loiin Rinart.
t.'iitnv. iha Henry lli.lllnjfh'a.l.
( nnrnjili mi lle.ih -w Kiut'.lo
('.Hire Levi AlKliMtl
Hemlock Iain: P.iraeJ, M.v.lm XV'liiteni;'it, Wirtr
Pin miner MiiL'h llartman. Joint tVenner
l.orutt IMvnt Miller Joseph Cleaver
Ml Plea.aiu -Dim 'I Vandcr"ln
Montour -N'nih Mamer, Henry (iisjar.
Oriitic- Henry Deloiu.
U i.nnu Cxi-.t k-.LMi.mrl Dl'er
FOR MA V, ISfi.'i.
Mnnm C'ltrk M llrnnn. Richard I'lummer, Henry
y.iiiinicr. Lvan JunnH, John U l'ur.-i, i yru Jolm-
on. Ji roiniah J Hum cr.
Heaver - Henry l.elir
Enar t'reek-'i'liomaa Adnn. Oiorge lower,
lior I! 'ran k llii'leon (Jwen, Jacoh Mindr.
Ileutoii-Tlios liilihiiu. Uliaa .McIIenry, Uoheitlkctur
Cnltnn laaa-Kcuhen Kulnha'ii.
C'onyuhain 1'redcrifk 11 U'oh forth
l'lJIiini; Creuk lltrini llittenli-inder, Vincent Kt-
chart, t'i rus Mellcnry
Fr.iuk'iu Moaca Ilower
Groeiinooil LIij.ili K Ik. ler, Joaftih R Palton' Andrew
A Hi rno.i
llciulurk Isnnl4 Tur f, Kouben Foulk.
Loriirt Win V. ajor, rimrlt-a .Metz.
Maine Uhailes Nusa, ll.iniel Fiaher
,Milllin--l,eonard Uukenuall, Win 1'ehitt, J C llctler.
Montoiir-Oneu nyorlj . Jnmo. Ilarton.
Mt I'leaa.-uii Jo.eph lke r, Daniel Znlr.
.Madiaon .Vihcnii.ih Welliver. Dr Thus J ywUher.
I'ina- ISfitJri nun Winteri-tiieii.
Kouringi ... k Oeorije llreiFbarli.
rlusnrluaf John W Kile. Win II
Scoltlisal Hut, Thoa. I'oHler, Benjamin Thornton
(enrgu WjL'jovulius.
Eighty Ihllai s Reward I
On Monday niplit, .March Md, IFC.'I, there waJ rlnleit
from tin stable of thu aubfcribor, in Montour township,
t'olui.iuia county,
to isc Bay ltfai c,
Willi a neuron the right aide, about under the snldle.
skirt, a, 1. 1 a lump iu.ule of the I 'it hiuJ ea. blow the
kneo. Animal J yeara old
rt'"!ir'l H paia Tur tlia itars and Thirf, er
35.) for tlio .Maro nlonu.
at i ..o ..... jacoh i.Kinr.
March V.S, l.-GH-
a i) m in isrit ATOiTsWiciT"
J. state of Unmet Vount, deceased,
i JiTTUttS of administration on the
1- llatau of Harriet Yoiiut, lato of Pine, tmvmhip.
LoluinbiiiLoiiitiy, liecoasod, have Iweu framed by III 'i
Uesi.tur of ulu.nbi.i county lo Iho unduraiaiied : all
permiua h ivio cl.imia again! lho tMuoof tl,., ,eci
dent aro r.;. pitted in Ihem tililiu udmlniHlr.Hor
at hl roi h uca iu aaid loivnaliip, h ithoui dtlay, and
all pursona indebtod to ni.ik.) payment fortlnvilli.
,, , ,, UIK..M SHL'UV., Adm'r.
March 11, ISM. (iiv
In (ho Orphans' Court for the Counfy of
Columbia: Estate of Gcorgo llart
man, dco'd, lato of Ueuton twp.
AM. pnraona intorcateil ivilltako nonce, that the tin
deraijuud, appuintod Auditor by thu (..rphan.
Court nl Columhm county, to atttle und ndjuat the ral
Iiu4 propurtloua of tlie baluure or ne m the lun!a
ef fieoiee M. llartman, nxecutor of Urr(e llailtuan,
ilfceiiaed.loand union;- lli.i reapectlve crditor of tlm
dueaacd, arcoidinij to tlio order e.tablitlied by law.
ill iiienl the parties iniere.tcil at Hobert I', ( lark'a
oll"u.e, in lll.uOMHIIUltf;, on TIU SDAV, thu TWUV
TV-UIOU'lll day of Al'ltll,, lrfij, fr thu purinje nf
hi. nppuiutii.eiit, when aud nhuro nil pamea
ad are re'iuencd tn proavnt Iheir claims or bo debarred
fruiu comiut in for u aharo of audi aiw.
HOllliliT 1". IH.AUK, Auditor,
lUnoni.bure, Marrh 2S. mi. It in).
il, ... ... .....
An i'i.-rni iniarriruii uill lane, nolico that mi u -deiaijnuil
uppoinleil Auditor by tlm Orphan' Cnltt
on.uluiuaiacoiiiuy, in report diatriViuou if the bnl
lure in ma uaiuia o uyitu n. McIIenry, one ol lhe
'"'"'"f'1'"'' Johu t'ovmihovcii lieciuied t ami
ninoui! the reapectivo creUlloraof the decendent. nrcor-
! ""' tu xt" u'lablnhod by Pm, will inert the P"
lieaint reaiedat tho nllicu of lioh. rt F Clark l
!lJ','.'"","l'u,.i'' 011 -j luy. ths memy-accon I ol Apr
lil.l, for Hi. purpoae l hia appoiutment. when a .l
"In re.t Ipaiti niier. ,1 .j at n.,uirrd t pre. o"a" i
T" " r'um ' m,g f1r ,n"
ii i.vmv
It s of