Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, March 07, 1863, Image 4

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s iJtt'.uimnt.
Th"outUUon of Uio v1,Jll,1,'ns in '"ny
r the older dairying district a "
,prUc'o. Frnw llmt yl'l
' . Cno-lit thousand Iln.
forty cows, numiiavs, -0
of tatter, irlU now support half Hint
number. In.h fl" buguaao of theso
disuiov0 land lm bcc "T ,t0
dentfe 3''10 Pabt,lrcfl lmv0 bco" . y
T " a..... t. ImmrimArinl. rRCOlvhlll
Tl. JU U1IIU iuim:...-.l -
sfoW . , , .. .. i.
JWrf tho ivninuro uroppttti ty uiu
LySnrin tin lav. Tiifo lourtha of nil
" iu ii,r.iin.l iM-niluoptl vvns enmeu awnv
to tho yard, and nono of this oiuiolmck.
Tho soil grow thin and the grass died out
for want of nourishment. What oan ho
dbnc to bring up such pastures T
An ounce of nraotico is said to he worth
n pound of theory. U is, undoubtedly, if
of the right kind. In the spring of 1800
thrwriter carao into possession of a two
aero lot run down nicilow. It was used
as a pa turo lecauso there was not grass
enough upon it to pay for cuttirg. As it
-rona pfinenniont to the bouse, I used it for
yarding tho cows at night. They ycro
pastured clsr-whcro a part of the time,
and thus all tho products (if theso two
acres, and nearly fonr more besides, wore
dropped upon tho soil by tho cattle.
There has been a very great improve
ment in tho yield of grass the past season,
and tho lot, if used for mrdow another
yeart will probably cut twico as much hay
as it did in tho summer of 1800. Tho
whole secret of the improvement is, that
rnoM ha3 been returned to the roil than
has been taken away.
A similar improvement is witnessed in
pastures devoted to sheep, if tlmy are not
fed too doscly. livery thing tho laud
produce is returned to it by tho sheop,
together with a good deal tha land would
not get, but for tha intervention of the
f oding animals. It y sometimes claimed
that nothing is g lined lo the land by
nacsunc ihe crona through the bodies of
, 0 .
animals ; that a hundred pounds of hay
rotted upon the land, U worth just as
much as the hundred pounds fed out and
returned in the shape of manure. But
tm3 can not bo sof for the animal draws
some eliiKcnts of iU body from air and
water, as will as hay, while the manure
quickens the energies of the soil, as tho
rotted hay would not.
It is well known in the districts devot
ed to tho feeding of fat cattle, ou tho
ridges of Dutchess and Putnam counties,
und the western part of Connecticut, that i
lands ouce poor, or nearly run o. t by
, , . . . , ,.,,,
hard Cropping Or 'pasturing, have becti ',
I . 1 . .. . ..., ...,i r, villii., l,r
brought up to Very great tOlllllty, by
l,(, ,,! fonil!ni onini il Vriimnnn
punter ami ieeuing animus. lutuu one ,
in Im.linla nf nlaotof m'r .ipi" .,,.P I
to tWO UU'tielS 01 piasai pi.r .icrs .UC
sown cvorv vcar, am iaue line caiue
' ""J v" i
three yeaTS old and upward arc kept in
them from Spriug till Fall. When th0
animals are turned in they have their
frames already made and thero is no
great draft upon the soil for bone earth
The wholo grass is returned to tho soil in
tho manure, exeapt the little oarritd off
in the grain of the cattle. Somo times a
change of stock from cows to fattening
bullocks, or to sheep, will be all that is
necessary for improving a worn out pas
ture. If cows are kept, there must lie top
dressing, or alteration from pasture to
hoed crops, with heavy manuring. If the
land is not arable, topdressid with coin
post or with plaster in districts where it
does good, will bo sufficient.
American Agriculturist'
Every parson who has tin acre of good
land, and good cowa, may have butter in
January and Febuary, cqeual, or oven
superior, to that which is made in Sep
tember. Though not a farmer, tho writer
subscribed for the Agricttstwisl in I860.
An article waj published, recommending
rutabaga or Swedish turnips as food for
cows. In the Spring of 1801, seed was
obtained, and planted in rows. The
ground wa3 i.ot tho best roots, yet I
obt.iined from 4 rows each 100 feet long,
rooti enough to feed tow cows, onco a
day Gvo weeks. The cows had commenc
ed to decrease in tho quantity ami quality
of the mi k, after having b-'en taken from
tha gra?s, and beforo fording the roots,
but in a fi'W days there was a marked iu
cr' "og in both r('sppot. '1 ho buttur was
cqialin in quul ty to that ma le in Oo
toh'T. It was worth 3 or 4 cts por lb.
more than the white, roily sub-X title, gen
erally found ou farmers' tables r,t this
eason of the yoar in places, where neither
roots or grain are used. Thoso who have
cvon fmall lota would do well to raiso
roots nest year. lhn in time : select
good so'l, manure during the Wintor, ant
iavo tin ground ready by planting timo
Tho profit on the few busbelsraued this
year, far crcscdn tho eost of tho paper
which led me to make the experiment.
t American Agriculturist.
CURE FOll UoTTH. GiVB tho hor0 OIlO
i..nen nfsl ,V.,l l!m il,,n ,'
OatlPO 0l,BJCifU lime ttll'fin tUlies II week
for ion ArdirxP ' V!s fi icllk
JOf IAtO Or ir" V -. ll.t It WHU tlieir
Wow Fall and Winter
AT PE'tEll 1' NT 3 PTOIUI, .
uaut imr.F.T. ociwm cp.vt, '.. i
nA"4 Jut so. civi-cl from Philadelphia, is nre
opening nt ihe ot.l ttaii 1 1 it y Kccilutl by Miiftt
&. lint, n splendid astortmant n
wflr.h will lii sold thciii tor
I Ills stnrlv.nilslstsi.f l.ailiea Druit Hoods choicest styles
nuil I ileal fashions
! Calicos,
Kentucky Jeans,
Thread, A-o.
In linn nirery thlntr nuinliy bil in n country store
The pnttnnnse nfoM (ri."iiils, ami tho p.ibllc foncral
ly, In re'pectfully soitclteil.
Tho hlahc-t market price palil for country proilurr.
lMVl'I'.ll I'.V'IV
I.luht Street, Nov. l.i, 1SH2.
Fail & Winter Goods,
Creasy's Store, in Light Slrcol, Pa.
ira of mm
Roady-Mailo Clothing
Sugars, Molasses,
Syrups, Coffees,
Teas, Fish,
Salt, Bacou,
Hams, Lard,
Tobacco, S?rars, .
Hats, 13oot",
Cap3, Shoes,
l)rugi, Oils,
Paints, Ac., &c
In al'lillon tn our larjro (.loch nf Dry OooiIk, ive lmve
f large nn.l full annrlnienl of UcnJy Jlmlp Clntliinc
nor Hen nml llnyii rvciir wliirli wo nro fletcrtniiu'it ti
fell cheaper th n can !a linu'lit clucu licrP. Call anil
nee, anil JnJgo for yourselves,
I Light Street, I'a ,:.i)v. 8 1SU2.
2wj nrrows nn-i nnjoT. impcn in.i r.-nr, r-?rc
v?gian,IJnvs; iMAMIOdll.Iioiv lost. ho ri'ftiiru
m,r'', treatment anil raili.nlcurr of -p"
taatorrliT.t or si'inia.-.l ueahuras; iainl.iutary uinid
i(),, g .,.,, lk.,ility ami imp ui-nti. to uiarri.ino Brn-
frully ; nirvo'l'iiess, iinisiiinptinri, llts, mi-ntil anil pby-
eici iKip,citv, re.iuitins from HnLr-Aiic.K-aru ri
Iv "Vpla'nnil in the MAIUUACi: (JUIlin, liy WW.
Y0,IN,, , . .r)lla ln34t cxtraonlinnry lionl; nhiml.l
'" . -. . ,..
imrriaJ'J, ami oevry man or woman who ilesires t
inil the number ol their oilsnriiU' to their citoiiiii-Uii-
oes. Hvcry pain, discus" and ache incidental to jnutli,
1 fatttrity and old ntre, is fully explained ; every particl'i
rn knowledge that shoul.l b" known is her. slvt-u. Itii.
f ill of ensr , in;s. In fact, it discloses secrets that ev
ery one should know ; still it is a hook that inn. t be
lurk,; 1 up, and not lie about 1 ho house. It w ill lie tent
to any one on ttie receipt of twetitv five cents in specie
or pn.ta'! -tamps. Address 1)11. WM. YOUNU, Xo. -Ilii
rfl'ltU'Ji: Street, above Fourth, l'liiladelpbia.
ey ArrMOTIH) AND U.VFOIlTUXATi:. no mailer
what may be ynur disease, before you place yourself un
der tho earn of any of the notorious Oitaet: native or
foreian who advertize in this or any olhor paper, get
a copy of Dr. Young's hook, and read It carrfullij. It
ffiE pZibtyyoSViro'. "";!'.'
1 Dll. Y1L .t cm tic consulted on anv of tho i Icaps
ilern!ieil in his publication, at Ins oilicj, No. 418
tj"UUUK Sjtroei. above Fimrlli, I'hiladclphia.
Oinc houra from Dto 3, daily.
Slarch 8, lSC'-liim.
Terms Cash
and Pro'luce.
However much the people desire a peace, und cessn
lion of Hi" present hostilities in our ilistr.icted country
thevare also desirous of purchasing their good at the
i owem marim prices
will gratify all desires oo this point, and although gOoris
have mlvaneej in prices ho will sell you at wonderful
ly low pricas. Ill has now opened his ucual large and
complete stock of 1'all and winter gooJs ninong which
will be found a. general a..ort..,enl of all kind, of goods ,
Call and exmniue,
J, J. llltOWDIt.
Dec. li, IH;
Tlin undersigned would nnnounce, that he ling nn hand
atliis II it and Can Kinporium, on Main St., illnoms.
burg, nu asortiueut of different kind oflealher. such as
flue calf skins, morocco, (red iindli'acrOninl linings, all
cf which he will can he had elsewhere
n this market. Cull umlexcmiiiQ them for yourselves
Hloomsb'trj, May 51, 1P(.
T O 13 A 0 0 0 I) E A L E II p
f. V. 1 05.XO11TII Til I It I) g-I'IIKET
Five doorshulow Itare.
Pitt-burgh Commercial College.
Iliuihaiiiplin " "
Criitenilcn's " Plilladolpliia,
Siratton. Ilryant Ic Co.. "
Thy Scrips, urs iuamniints of $15 nnr) S5n and arc
as so much cash, by the Student on entring cither ofth
above i'oII'Kus. Vouug nidn desiringtoobtain nlliiisl',
ed Collegiate Ilducnlion. will liere findagooil specula
tiou hy npplyiiig..t the office nfihn
N'ov- I Wi- COI.UMIll I1I:M0('kat,
TUT. undesigned respectfully Informs his old friend
nod customer, that hu has nun based i,
nturest in tiie above I'stablithment, and tho concern vt ils
nuieuii"! o i;."iuiii.ieii ijf iiimseii exclusively,
H! lias iiut received ami otfera for bi,i. ,i... i..n
est and most extensive assortment of I'ANCY
ntnrl POV I, ever Introduced hnoti,i
T His stock coiuistB of u complete assortment of
lie bt l ooking und parlor stoves in Ibe mnrlret lo'.'.ll,.
: ir with Stove rntures of every description, Oven mid
J in ritovBi, Ita liators, Cylindar Stoves, Cast Iron Air-
iikhi i j.oi, iumiuii novo, c Uc. Stovepips Hiid
Tinware cu'istmtly on htiid mid nianufarlured to order.
All kinds of repairing done, as usual, mi short r.ntlce.
The patronogo of ol J frieniU and new riutomsr ro
peotfiilly toliriterl. A. JI. UL'PCUT.
IHonmnlsjrg. f JovhiiiIic 3d K0.f,
S3otisc nml Lot roi-.Sale.
n IIK Suhsoriber offers for anlolhe prop-
8 'rly rersnlly occupied by him jn SHooniiburg.tria.
Jjttlj iliiln; of a
Ijfp Large and Convenient House,
fffll " .f.Z. nil rv. ,V.. TU...,
I JJS a- ...... ,..i,.. niiw,
VRS amlnfa rv.ll.linproreil I-otofolionttwoncrs
or mm. j nop;nmi,i. am in perfcl repslr APHll -
odtlon my b Ulldsloa K. Iliolnlew. at HI001 rif
1 Xra.'ls; Oclnbsr ',4. IIM.fn.
i ON
AN'O Till!
1) I A 15 K T H S
.vi) DiMiiisii; or Tin: ,
k xn Mr. y s a m m a a nnx n
Tktsc DdngeroHi ami TmMrtttft IHirntu, vhthhft
tkntftr Itiiltlcrl Iki tittt dlrrttrd Treatment c tin It I
Cimplct'liJ Ounlrolltt ( lil'MV.DY net." Iitfortut!
Tin: cuuativt.
nrmirtls nf till' ini'illi Itie illicit llteunrlves tn Hip or
ffin uf nfrretlnil. nrul liy so alteriuv tin' couilillnii of I
llm stnmHch nnilliv.'i that tin' starchy priui Iple of Ihe
fnoil is nut run vi'rti.'il Ititn sugur toloiiji as the vystcni
it u n I or tiu iulliieiii i of the
' (,'0,N81 1TUTIOM WATIilt,
which jjlve those nrgnns llinr to Teener their kenllhy
turn' Hint vltor. IVe lire able tn state til it the t.'onilitu-,
lion Water has cured every cau of tllabetes In liicll It
ll.H il.'UII (ll'll.'. in tiii: iilahhpii,, (ihaviii.
iiitniiv nutvr ui.i'Dsrr, ami mucous on
Diseases nrrilrlne from nuennd thesaiue cause
bo inillrely cured hy Hie "iiMltuti'ni U'atnr. Iftaken
fin any lauith of tine. The Una should ury with the
I severity ot the tiireuse, irmn tuenty drops In a tea-
Igptmtiful threetimes a day. In water. ' llurini: Hi" pa
s.ijte "ftlie CnkiiliiB, the palu mi'l urgent sriuptouis
sti eil'l lie couibited with the proper rcmcill, then
fulloned up with the Oust jtutlim W ater, as ahatu c.
nvrtM i:or.ii ao:a. u PAixrui.i. Mr.xsmuA-
Iloth diseas's urtslii!! from a faulty Fcrrclinn oflnc
uiouslriiil flai l-in the one case heiimtou little, ami
neeoiupniil 'd by si'ieru pnlu i nn J Ihe other a lniipro
liv secretion, winch will ho speedily cured hy the
Constitution Wilier.
That disease know ii as I'AI.MN'ri Or Till! IVOMll.
which Is tin r"s ill I'a relavntinn nf the llfruiipiita of
that orpan nnr is ey a s 'use ot iieav loess and
dr?Klue mius in the l i k and sided, and at tiui"8 ac
com panted b) hnrp Ii.i liintin.rror thootinpnlns through
tiie paits, v 111, in al I c-isei. be removed bvthe meiiieine.
Tliure N auollier ila-.s of sj tuploius arfiu from lit
111 I'A I'lnN Ol-' Till". WOJlll, hicli physii laiu call
Nervousness, U'liit'i word covers up inui-li ijiuurance,
and In iimecise-i out of ten thii doctor does not really
know whether the symptoms nr' the iliscaxo, or the
disi ui..! the symptoiiis. We can only enumerate tlfiu
here. I speak more particularly of Cold l'i i t, I'aliiita
tiou in the llcait, liup.'ired Memory. Wakefulness, Waili
esoflletlt l.anjiior, Lassitude, and Dimness of Vision.
ririTitnysr.D jmxtrriiuATiox.
Which in the unmarried female is a constant reciirrins
Jiseis", ami tlnoiuh iiealec.t the seeds ol more caw
and dunn"ro'i iiuilidi" nr.! the re-mlt; and as month
alter month pusios without tin etfort being inade to at
lt nature, the suppression hccouies thro Ic. ihe pn
II tin t cradually l"m.s Uar appetite, the howls arc
constipated, niuht sweats louie on, and casttmjillmi
Dually cuds her career.
I his disease dejienih upon an inll.ini.itlon of mucous
liniuzoft u Minimi and womb. It is In all eases ac
companied by severe pain in the luck, nn ross the
bowels ami throuch the hips. A le.i'p'Hiiil' il of the
meillci'i" ma be taken three times a day, u lih an in
jection of a tablespooiiful ot the inedicim.', ui.X'd with
,i ha fpint of soft water, innrniui and evninif.
inn it to or -j-nr; xi:cr. or tiii: iii.addkii,
ivri.AMATiov or Tin: Kinxr.YS and ca
tauuii or Tin: iii.addijii, Bni.w.rnY
AXDianxixooii I'
l'or tbes.idiee.'Hes it i-tiul a sovoreinu remny, and
loo mi n i' 1 1 cannot be rani in us praise A .insle , i alias
been snoir to r live the ino-l uri'ent nyptoms.
Ari you troubled with tint nif irers inj pain in Hie
mimll oft'ie Ii.i c k und Ilinut'li the hips ( A teaspoouful
a day of i;oiistiliitinn l al' r w ill relie o J on like lnufir.
Poll DY.Sl'lll'SIA,
It lias no equal in rellsviiij the Mott distrcsins snip
ton". Also, Headache, Heartburn, Acid iiinuinth Vino
itln,' 1'ood, fcc. Taken teaipoonful afiir dinni r 'Ihe
dose In all caesnuiy be increased if dctircd, biitsliould
!.' dnno gradually,
llnvo lon since (jiveu up the use of Imchu, culi' lisand
juniper in tb" tr Mtmeiit of tlnsu diseases, and only use
them for want oi'u betfr reiuedy.
Has proved itself O'pial tn tho task tint has duvolved
upon it.
rrntate anil dreneh til j kidneys, andby con-taut use
.n,ni lead tu chronic, d igen.raliui ami co iliriund dis
ease. Read.
13 cad.
Dawiux, Pa., JunnU IMi'J.
Dr. Wm. II. fiRKnii 7,irr sir: In I'cbii.uv. lelil. 1
w.ii aiaic.ed w ith tin sugar 'li ibeles.aiul for five mouths
I p.neil nmre than two gallons of v. ater in tweut v-tour
Hours. 1 was ub Iged to gi t up as olieu ten or twelve
tunes during Hit night, ami in live montiis 1 1 -1 ub.iut
llfly pounds in weigth. Hurtling the mouth ol July
It-iil, 1 procured two bottles of Constitution Water anii
in twod.iys after itiug it 1 experienced relief, and nit. r
taking two bottles I was entirely iure,l,i-uou after
r.'i,'aii!iiis my usual good Ii -altli yours truly.
J. V. I. I)D WITT.
Huston Corners, X, Y Dec. lflil.
Win. II. Oregg Co.:
Cents: I fn Iv give you liliertr to make use of the
follow nig I'irtillcatoiif the value of CoiiMitutlou Wa
tjr, W'liich I cm reccounueiid intli-' highest iiiauaer.
.My wife, who w.n attacked witli pain in the tlioul
ders. hole length of the hack, and in her limbs, with
t'.ilpilntioii of ihe h. art, atteuded witli railing of tin
U'omb, l)y-"in ;iioii line i. and "Irritation nf the Iliad
dor," 1 eall-d a plivsicria, who attended her about
three .mnitlis, wh"ii he left Inr worse than he found
li-r. I then . .uployed one of tin best physicians 1
could il'nl, wins .in Hided her for about nine months,
and win I 'she was under his care she did not sutler
'I'llle as much pain; h-liually gave her up and said:
h-rcise was Incurable." l'or.snid he,"she was sui h
a coiiibiaation of complaints, that medicine given for
o ie operates dgalnst someother ol her ilitiiculties.'
.wi'iui mis nine sue coiiiiuenceu to use f;o-i 1 1 1 tn i is
w ui' it, una too ir utter ustonisliineiit, almost the first
doe ueeiu ol lo have the dtired ed'oct, and she kept on
improving rapidly u.der its trcalmeiit, and now super
iiileiiils eiinriily h'v iloniesti: affairs. Hhehas not ta
ken any ofthn'.ns uutios Watkii forubout fourweeks
and we are happy to say that it lias produced a perma
nent cure.
w.m. ji. van nnr.'scnoTt'N.
JHM-rotip, Cuss., Nov, PI, led.
Hit. WM.H.OitFon
Deir Mr: 1 have for several years been afllictrd
with thai tooublosomontid il.u'igerous diseaoi (3 ravel
I. 1 ..1. r .. t ? . ...I ..'I 11.... I - , ' .
Z y " i.J ' "T,
was pieaseu wiiu i lie ri sun. it lias entirely cured me
aiidjou may make any use or my name you may no fit
in regsrn to the medicine, us 1 liavu entire confidence
in lis et'ii acy,
Your1- trulv,
tiiks'j Ann r ctsi:m)ch
Thero Is noclass of diseases that produce such ex
IniKling ell'octs upon tho huninn constltutinn us Dia
betes a nil diseases of the Kidneys. Illnildernnd Cii na
ry Passage., and through a false modesty th"y are neg
lected until they are soni'vnuced as to be beyond the
control uf ordinary rumedi js, and we present tho
To therpuhli" with t'.e eonvictinn that il has nn equal in
relieving the rl.i -s of ilseaes for which it lias hi n
found so eminently in curing ; and wo trust
thatwe shall be rewarded in our effort in plating so
valuable roMedyiu a form to meet tho requirements of
patient and pliywi inn,
ro:i sau: nv am. HiiuntiisTs. imuci: si,
W.M. II. OHOIirii: & CO., Proprieiors.
Jlorgan 'i Allen, Oeneral Agents, No. -Hi cliff SC.
Sept. SO, 186i. is,,,.
V 9Sf & X V
A T T 0 It N E Y A T L A
m.ooMSUvna, r.t.
O.Tico in Court Ally, formerly orcuplod by Charles
tllooiusbiirg, Dec, 4. 1 - .:.
No. 257 North Third Street. Phih'd.
Nov. 5'J, ISM.
SlIMTAUY CAPS, of every sort, slio und quality
for alo cln ap nt tho IHoomsburg lint & Cap Uniperiiuii
Also (!rcerie.(.'oiilVctioilarl'!.iCit'ars,.,ir. :
JOHN K. tilllTON. 1
milishurg, Sept. II, Iffl, 1
PROTECTION FROM UrTITNTTNTfi i would inform his friend., that h'ii'
,mw prepiiro'l lo put lll. on sliorl iiotico, lll in u
nclciiync iiiannar. th.'li-.t
1 WJITWI VUlATHIt r.intlT.VI.Yn r.VDS,
ist 121.. ntsliff font. Al W"rk u.rrantld.
1 V.. 11. EIDI EM AN
, Ple.miliur" M-v ?t I '(I
Look to 3 our InU-rests.i
I rplll'i h'iIhtIIicm linvn t'ifl r 'Mnidl from llio
X Willi n n 'it li r lnm nnil k Ii ct iinmirtiuct of OI.
; Sin'icti; :uitl NimtJiioi' noM(s,
nurchfl nt I'lilfmli'lpliia, at llm lmvcl figure, mi.1
villi li Ihry nro ildnrmlnnil l fll "in in ninilor.Atc Icrmi
nuriui l' iTM-uri'il cIkouIiiki In llliiotn.biiri;, 'lhulr
M k Miniprlufi"
i tennis' pin. noons,
! nfi hnwl lylm rtml Inti'f-t f.ii,lilntl .
jrv atntns. .ixi) nitocr.nir.s,
mtinwiiii; t;:.vii'..l
ckiuh ir.niK, iwu.oiv hwij
! rnn.y., jioot.s ,y siun.s
It ITS H- CV7'. Nil' fe
lnlinrt evorx thins iiHiinltv kc-pt In innnlry Stnrcj
tn uhl'li tliny Invite tin' iuMlr crtiornlly
'1 hi- lllaliostptkc pni il fur rouiitrv prnilnce.
I!liintiitmr. April Sfl, Ir,2
JVtiW JliiJShV ..VtS K0 it SALK,
A 1,30,
Hilltulile for drapes, IVaches, rears, Unspherrlcs,
Plrewberrles. Illm khcrrles, Currents, Ac, of I. SiS,
ID oa '.ill acres railt.iti the follnnlnj! pries for I he
present, via : '.' acres Inr $.'00, III ncres for 8110, .1
acres for M, 'Jl acres for S II), 1 acre for S'2. I'nyablo
liy one dollar a week.
Also, itood Crnnbiiiy lnnd, and villnpe lots In Client
wood. 2.1 hv 1 Ci't feet, at 9111 each, paynhle by mm ilol.
lar a week. The above in ml mid Kirm. nro situate n
P.O. Stamp, fora .xyKUS H.AI.K.
Vn. 1 0 Odnr Htrcct. New York. N. Y. i
January 17, l-l,:i.
TTH tUr.CII, PA., Corn 'r Petin anil fit. O lair S
The largest Cninmerclel Hchonl of the United Flutes,
with a patronage of nearly IMHIU fluili lit-", in five years
from :il States, ami the only nun nhlrU iill'orils complete
am! reliable Instruction Inn'l tiie fnllowlug branches,
vir.: .Mercantile, Mntinfai Hirers. Htenni lloat, ilallroail
and l'lrst P-eniiuni Plain and Oriiamcn.
lal Peiiniansiilp ; nlsn, Uiirveying, Uotiiiectln; and
.Mathcuintics generally.
Pays fora Cominerclal Course i Sfu lcnts enter and re
view at anv time.
,j .Ministers' sans' tuition at half price
Por Catalogue of Ml pages, Specimens of l!uinrs
and Ornamental Penmanship, ami a b nntilul College
view of.i spunre f' el couteiniug n good variety of
w ritiug lettering and flnurHliiug. inilose -4 cent .s in
stauipstu the Principnls.
ji.,iui3 a 1 1 ii, riiisuurgu. i a.
April ID, 1Piia-ly
II H uiiilersltn.-t t atso eM"tistvitv enga""il tn the
Uii.lrrtaUu? Ttu inr. ami keep constantly .n hand
ml for sale at his Wurcrooias, u large assortment of
Hv whirh ho is enabled to till orders on presentation
Also Keeps a good Horse und Hearse, and will ut al
time lu ready to attend l'ti.itr Is.
liooniPbi'rg, January 2').
At Jy Vokv. & B-i.'ikcpjs.
ii; Pouiit'J'ini'nSrin'Hr.
1'hil.nlclpliia, Nov. . 1FCC.
The undersigned, having I ecu appointed Subscrip
tion agent bj the Secret tiry of Ilia Tr aiury, is now pre
pared to furnish at once, tho
i'eu ttrt'.iitj iixi i)prr ant. Dnntls.
if the United Slates designated -is 'I'ivc-'l'wenties,' re
liiemabn at the pl"iiure uflli" liovi rnment, after fle
years and nutliorU-d by Act nt Congress, approved
I'Vhruury '2'i, Imi-J
Tueeoupoii bonds nre isfiird in sums uf 50, sino,
j'lili), SliiO.I
Tli Itegiater Umuls in sums of $50, $100, 3500, tat.O
ami $..'inw).
Interest nt 'ix per ii nt per niniuin will eomniemn
roi.i date of purchase, am! is
-'emi-Ai'uually. whiih is i qiial, ut tliu present premi
um ou gold, to about i lglit pi r c ut per Annum
l'.iriii"rs, .Men ua ills, ,Mei haiiics, t'npii ilists, and all
who Ii ive any mom to in i -t lr"ild know anil re
ini'iubi'r that th'" e Ibuids are in effect, a 1'irst .Mort
gage upon all i. nil lloads. Pank Stocks and Secuiitic.
mil tlisi'iiiiK'iise r .l in ts ofall tin- Manufactures, fee.,
fcr., in the country, and that ll.e lull and ample prot is
ion made for Ihe payuient nf Hill mt'-rest "and lipiidat
lounf principal, by ciiFtome Dutli s. llxciteFtauinsnml
, Internal llevenue, serves to make these llonils tho
best, Most, 'ivttilubtc most popular
J itves1 inful in the Blurhti
Subscriptions received nt Tar tu Legal Tender Notes
or notes and checks paren hanks in Philadelphia, Sub
scribers by mall will jeeeivu prnuip: attention, and ev
ery facility andexplaiiiilii'ii will bj afforded on applica
tion at Hi is office.
A full supply of bonds will be kept on hand for inline
diatedclivery. j cuuiii., Hiiuscriptioii Agent.
Nov. 8. I--3m.
CAmcticaufl SjoUi
(Opposite Iiiue.cntniHc Hall,)
cnr.sTNin sTiinm- iii:tivi:i; Pin'iidsixTii
w v ATT u lli:UI,l(!t,
November 30, IP1J. March IK, If Sb
F. 0. IIAllltlSON, M. 1).
firoi.'I.D respcctlully infoiiu the of
and vicinity, that ho contiiiuestliu prnctlco
nil solicits a sli ir" of public paironagc.
Orms on .Main Street, llrtt iiottso UIow tho Court
House, fllooiiioburg.
I'ubruary 3, lrlfla-tf.
Good Uriel:, just lnunufaoturo'
noil for niln rlieim. wlinlcs.-i lu n m.fl
nJUlDUU nii At .ImUlonnisbiir'. IIHrk V'nril
pply to the snscrlbor.
rtlnouitliurg. Juno 83, ISH2.
Will be exposed to nale, at Public Y'en
ilue, nt thi rcniilcnci oftleorgo llartninn, in Ilciu.
lock towMship, Col. co. Pa. On 'I'lnirsday march Ktli.
the follow ins described personal property. y,i:
Three colts, inikli cows, young cattle. a lot of hheep &
lioea Three Iw o lioro wagons, niu nf whldi is a
pipe box.) ollii truck Wlignn, buggy, si ols, sleighs, plow
1 hairmvs, tiillivators, ana one rswuviug uorsu-raae,
I double nnd iiuitlo hiirneis, one inrt uiiii gears, forks,
lions, Kc.
I Win nt, llye, enrh, oals ami pi'l.i'oe. Iiv the linshul,
( grain in He gn uii'l, liny by Hie ton, ll.ix from tho
winle. Wi avnr loom, one vtunl wheal, i-pinniiig
! vvliwtl nml vluenur by 111 i barrel. Hods and he lding,
','......,. ktn 'r.eri'.iiiid f 00k Kti.ees. linrlnr find ten.
nlate iok s, iron (K11 per mid brass keltels with u va
riety nfliuusihlilil furulluro loo tedious to
iiiciitinii. '
KT-Pnln tn lominence ollU u'i lock. n. in. on laid day
wlieu atte.iduiice will he given and conditions be Hindu
Uuuwii, by
rcb. si, ,ef,n. UU' ,,A,m,AN'
Iwatly Htul cxpfiliti' usly Printntl, at thi
or ' ci i
rOLl l) ".:iOCilAT.
' Ta. O If I'l I.. ITflrtitr
NI'AU nilOMlW W, NLlV V IlK l TV
, Tin 'hi . 1 m j 1 j - li J nnnlavn u t.tif ilii til
nut ..ii.nn i'r li n 0 ii r ' it' i t i " m i in.,
tilrl' lit u' '3 1 i "1 til it i It lnlni-li r t ' Id' rulnl .1 (f
Ii ii p itrmi' Mtin m ana fnmilli iitn fi uilly ntn1 i.n
1 fully provhitil for.
lint tiltnll) l'ii itltnl In tho bn lit' m pnrt of 'In city,
anil l cnntliiiioiK tntlia )irlnclpnl llntu i.f ntcniiiliiiiiH,
curs, iiiiinlliiKtvB furrlo A.c.
lit rnniir"iiinco nf thti ('romiiiro r.nuacil hy tho lletict-
llntt. priron itiivn intcn ruiitirvii to
One Dollar tv d l'ifty C cuts per JJiti.
'I he lable Is amply supplied with all Ihe limtrii s nf
Ihe season, and to tint of any other hulel Hi the
Ample nccotniumlntlon nro om red for upwnril of 40(1
fQ- Iln not licllevo runners hnfktneti, nnilnlhcrs who
inuy say "tho Western Hotel Is full."
,. I). I). WINCIIilSTHIl, PinprlcKir.
I'cii. la.iecj.
'Ihe Nrtv oinmercitil Ilititliitg.i are hcu
led opposite Court House, corner of
Court and Chrnunga-Street a.
ThlsCollLgois Innntviiy t leiteil with anv other
Tliu energies of the ontire I'nculty nre exclusively de
voted lothls,
, ..TU? "? "i , &K K
l . V.V.r '. " " . . r. """"'"t
v i l'racllce locomoino i neu.
coi.i.r.oiATt: couiisi:.
This Course euibiaces Ilook-Keeplng u all Its ile
partmcuts, l'ciinuiaiishin.Coinmercial A ritlimotir llus-
inuss Oojrcspoudcnci!, Coin refill Law, I'oiitlcul lUoii
omy, rommcrcial i;thics, I'arlnershlp s lllcuients, lie
lectlng t.'oiiiiterfeiteil and altered llank-Notes, A.c
1 ha tpeucnriaii Syntniu of IViininniishlp is taught In
nil Its varieties, by the most sHIIful mn.tersiirtlni art.
The Ilook-Kneplng ilepartment is under the special
supervision and Instruction of the Principal, 1). W
cr.vnuAi, ixroiiMATiow.
Sindenls can enter at ifuy time j no vaenlion. I'siril
time tu compietethe Cnurse, lroiuli to 1J weeks. A,sls
tance rendered to graduates in procuring situations
Crarluntes are presented Willi au ei gantly engraved III.
P. y l'or oataloguo of TOptgcs.fpeclmeiis of penman
ship, Sec, enclose two letter 'tamps mid address
August. 10, 1 802. fUay:i, IHili-i'jm,
0 R I T T K N 1) i X S
Hi ILt Mi, I'll 5 A r.HAlEltn,li.
N. E. i:nrvcr of 7 lit awl Chest mil. Streets
Tins ItsTiTt'rmx. wliich was rtlnlill'hrtt In IP II nnd
I now uin"pi ntly in Ihe rlghtrnlh unir of it., cst.
eii'-e, iiuuib''rsaiunng its graduates, huudieils of ll.e
mo'.tsiirccssliil .Merchants and Diisiness Men of our
i oilinry,
TiimlanoT of the Institution is solely tnnfford v"uiig f.icilili.'s for Ihorouijh preparation for
Tnr. ll!ivriimTi':iirare, Hunk-kecp-n?, us applirn.
hie tothe iriniH i!e ailments of trade; fenn.nri.liw.
until piuni ami nritamniiii j Cemmccm lam Mo' lit
mailer. .VarlgatloH Civil r.ggmierifr, Drauim;, I Imn-
oji rtirpiiy. ana .'uurr.-i y.inlliijffs.
Tif svitM or iNsmiHTios tsp'cnllar ; no clashes or
set lessons nre i:iailiue of. bm em h ,tudeni j..
I mil vidualiv , so that lie may commence at anv time and
attend ut wh never hours are most convenient
Ctai.ooci. nrelssuedniiii'i;jarnr the I.lili nf April
contniniug unions of the studcntvfnr th v uir, an I lull
particulars of terms, &c. ami may bo obtained ut nuv
tuns by ad.lreilng Hie Principal.
Is l:lRistvy Aci O'lMoil.'cniNS. ichle-sprrail reputation
nnd Ihe length.) ericricme of tue Priurliml, tin- Initiiu
lliin rilVr facilities' superior tunny ntlnrin Hie coun
try, foryoung men winhing lopropuro for business,
and t'lolilain at Hi" same time iiirt.on, ,riri mil
prnre. n rccommtinlallou fur them them to any Merrhau
tile House.
KTr-'BiiTsnts's "mm of Trrithn on S'nnit'KM-.. now noro wi.Ulycircul.iti' nuv other work
on the subject, arc for sole nt the Ci.ll. gr.
s. HODc.Hs cihtti:ndi:n
Jlttomeii-at Lair.
Jan. Ci-lflll'.' 12m.
n. cciivniiTi'ii and i.ii.:stn'ct sis
Ii w
York Vitti, JIi-'joUiiu. All)
liufj'ah. Dc'roit, ( L ce.utd, Ulnva
anil. St. Lotit
Po'il.'-k pi-ig,
tyoutiui'ri l.avv
callv tauclit.
- inn llistnn. I oMieiereli'l Arillnii'li.
. i'orins, C'oi repullllLnLe, (., pimi
Til. "i I'ollei'es bei'ig imib r llio fame general anil lo.
(ul''i uieiit. and iniitin;. in cncli the .luwtnt.ige
ol .ill, nil -r i r f.n llm. -s for imparling iiiilruc , i
than anv otlier slmil'ir inslit.itiiin in th unlry.
A Sihnlarship issued l.y any olio is go id in ail li. I u
unlimited tune.
'I'll' Philadelphia College lias been recently eiil.n ,
nu I ',t in a supefior m'inu"r, and i, no, ', I
largest and mud prosperous Commercial Inslilutioii i
tho blnto
llraut & Stratton's series of Text ll'ioks, embr.ic
Ilook-kct'ping.C'imilucrcial Arillnnello, nnd Com r tor sale, ami ten l ,v mail.
b" IVrfiiH particulars scud for acirculc.
October Itf, lBo-J- l-.'m.
FP.I'.SII OYsTKIlS can u obtained at all limes,
bating Uuoni ul the uudeitigned, on .Mniunri
i.t Hie
llloouisburg, I'a., Sept. 13. ISG2.
Normal nil ; :n mi Sulmol ami
rrMIP !lfl 'Peru, fif ll.ia ln,Hiiln il. -
I 8 ... . . ...ct.iuijiin t'liiiuiiiiiieoieou
X '1 hursilay. October J J st. iliit.
. , J. S.WOOlin, B.C.
Orangeville, Oct. S3. 18(12.
rrHi: undersigned rcFpeitlully inform their friends
' nnd life public generally, that they huvnenti red 111
to en partnership, under the
, r 1 1 no f. 1'v'i'i, t, .1...
iiaiuo, etjle nnd firm o
,,'... (t. I.I, ," litn
MvfVAiiti BS(iKiictces,
in the "Old AiLiide,"in Uloonisbiirg, Columbia co
where tliey intend carrying on Hie business of hem
km, .MKnuiss-niziNii, in nil its diversified braii' hes and
ilepartuients. audio whiLh they nnito all exteiiMoimf
the public patuuiage.
s. 11,
l'UUD'KC. UYI'.lt.
Illnoiusburg, May 11, J SGI. tf.
Hon' Losl ! Iloiv I.c&loreit !
Just Published in a Sealed llnvelopc : Price I! cts;
A I.rrturn on HieXature, Tr. atment and rndlonl Hire
of Spennatorrhma or seminal weakness, luvoliintaiy
P.muiissioiis, sexual ilelntily, anil iiupi diluents to mar
riage generally, iiervounies , consumption, upip ins
and Ills ; mental nnd physical incapiicilv, resiiliing Iroiu
Bclf uliuse, &c liy llobt. J. Culvcrw e'll, ill. D uuilior
of Hie Green Hook. $;c
Tito world-retiowueil nutlior, In this admirable lie
lire, cl.iurly proves from his own experience that Hi.
lawful ccnsi "iuciiccs of sulf al.use may ho i flectually lu
moved without moslii inn, and without dangerous sur
gical op 'ratioiis, bnugios. instruments, rings, 01 101
dials painting out a modi) of cure at once certain nod
effectual, by which every .uliernr, 110 matter w hat In.
condition may he. may cure himself cheaply, privately
ami rudically. Tins lecturo will prove, u buon to thou
sand uud thousands,
rient under seal, in n plain envelope tn any address
on the receipt of bIx cents, or two poago stamps
hy addressing
Hi, llnwory.Now York, Post Oihce ilox, r0.
Nov. 13, UCil '
All persons knnwingthumsclvcj indebted tho sub
scriber nu N'nte, Hook Account, or olhom ise nru
hereby to call and setllo the same between this
and the ilrtt of Jniiunrv. lrin:i. If nm mien, l,. a m i,,.
tint time, such accounts ami nnioa will Im left at Hsu;,
llliamherlin'a for collection,
j, Ain.VDUNII AI.I,.
Illo inibiii g, Nov.M, leC.
Estate uf Daniel Ileiptl, dee'd.
T r.'riT.llH testnuieiitary on tlioestato of I'aul. l ite.
1 gel, lato of I ociui township, in Columbia monty
p. ceased. Iinvebeen gianluil by tho liegisler oi'Coliini
l.h cnuuly lo th undersigned nlsn residing in said
to.vuslilp; allpnrioua hiviuj cl.uuii uguiust Ihe estate
nrtii" iieronii nme rsqiissmuiii pr'aent tiiem to tiie
Ix. rutorst Ins ro.ldoiico in suid Inivuil.lii, witlioa i
.1 liy and all persons indibl'd to makspiyumit fortli j
U.l I-1 I. B fca kH H I. . M- . ... .
Art ron silk, W,W, anil
coraplnfnlnut Ar you out f
order, ilth ytor tyttsra if
lnnr.'l, and your ftslltig un
tonifertsblsl Tlisi sjmp
t.nn are ofl.ri llio prsluJo to
reriout lllueis. fonts fit of
slcknsit Is creeping upon you,
and should be lemttil by a
tlmslv u.a of tin' tlcht rsm
edy. Tko A)rs filli, and
ctcanio out Uw dl'srilsred hu
mors piitlly Ibo UcwIhiuA
lit tho fluids mote on tmtib
sliuctcd lu lielh again.
They atlintil.ifs tlm fain lions
of tin boilr Into vigorous no
llrlly, putiriiia jjstem trcm
the i.livlriiiiloin tihlch moko
Jlscitso. A cold sottles somewln.10 lu llm hotly, anil olr
ftruets Ils iiMnrnl function. Those, If net lollatnJ,
rend upon theinsclrcs nnd tho Burioiindlng ergnni, pro
iIucIpr general ftggraratlon, RtilTei luff, and illiease.
Wlillo In this condition, oppi.'Btcl by the derangement,
talio Ayer's Pills, and ceo how dlieclly Ihey ri-itoro I lib
natural action of tho system, and with it the buoyant
foctlnjr. of health acsln. Wli it Is Iruo ami so nrparent In
this trivial anil common coinplaliit, U nlsu lino lu many
of tho ileep-senleil ami daiiRoions illitntnpcrs. The satno
purgatlto ellset oxpols them. Caused by slinllsrolutnic.
Hons nml derstigsinenls or the iiiiluinl fuuctlens of tho
lody, tboy ro ispldly, nnd Innny of Hicm surely, cuiea
liy tho means. None who know the virtues of lhco
rills, will negliet to employ Iheiii nlien suircilng rrout
tho disorders they euro.
Ptntements fconi leading physic) ins In scmo of tho
principal cities, ami from oilier well known pitbllo per
sons. From a roruiantivg Merchant e.St. lnvit, III. 4, 186H.
Da. Ayir! Yonr Pills nro tho paragon of all that Is
great In medicine. Tlioy havo cured my little daughter
of ulceriKis sores upon hnr hands and feel that hail proved
Incurable for yenis. Ilor mother liai been ont giiov.
oinly nflllcled wltli Mutches ami pimples on her skill nnil
In lier hair. Aftor our child was cuied, the alsa trloo
your l'llls, and they hate cuioil her.
asa jionaniDai:.
As n FninU yiiyslei
TVom llr. H H'. U11 (ier.,iif, A'ne Otleai.
Your PJIIs nro thiip.lnee of puiges. Their excellent
qualities surpass i.n.r cillmitlo we posss. 'lliey aro
mild, hut very certain and elfectual lu their action 011 tho
lioirels, which makes them liivaluablo to lis in the dally
treatment of dhensu.
IIcnilnclic,SIi'nircnilnelie,Foul Stomncli.
iVoiii llr. l.'uvat it Ihyit, lIMimm e.
DsAalluo. Attut 1 cam vit auswer von teml comntnlnls
I havo cured with your I'l. It better than to say almaf lee
rerr Si cii toith ct uir.'? tiee medicine. 1 place gi ent depep
Ueuco on nu effectual cnthiiilic In my dally contort with
disease, and bellevlne; as I do tint j our Pills tilTuid us tho
test wo have, I of course vuhi'i them highly,
PitTsnttin, Pa , .May 1, 155.
Da. J. 0. Attn. Sirs I linvn been repeiledly cured uf
llio worst headache, any body can bno by a dene or two
of your 1'ilN. It seems to uilco flout a fu'.il fdemarh,
which they cleanse at once.
Youiaivitli gieat ic.pcct, 110. IV. rilRMiK,
e.Vrh of Steamer Clathn,
Bilious nisnrilcri I.lvcr C'omiilnlnts.
Prom Dr. Theodore Jl.ll, oXrw Vorle Cd'j.
Not only nto your Plllsi"linliiiMvn'lnptid lo their pur
pose as an aperient, but I Pinil llicir effects upon
Ilia Liver very tuailieil iiiiisci, 'i ny tia In my prac
1 leu protod tuiTO elfectunl fr tha cure of h.lvim eini
plaint than any one remedy I 1 in tnuitiou. 1 sim.t'i,)y
rijoico Hut 1111 liao at liuglh a puiKativc wlibli is wor
thy tho conBik'uce of llio piolnnlou uiid the people.
DrPAHiurMT n tub iMsr.ion, 1
WashhiKtuii, 1). C, "th lili, lfc.'.b.
Sir. 1 1 havo used youc l'ii t 111 my gum nii and ho.-plUl
prnctkoetor slnco you madii them, and ciiuuit br.iute In
say thoy aro the best catliuitio we employ. Their regu
lating action on the liver Is quick and decided, conse
quently they me an adinlrtiblo remedy for ileiangemciits
of that Indeed, I havo seldom funnd ucaoof
bilious disease so obstinate that il del not 11 mlily yield to
tbtm. Iriitetually j"Ui, AI.O.Zo I'.AI.I,, JI. D,
Jltyx.'vMn "J the ihuiiie Unjllul.
Byticiitcry, Dlnvrltrcii, llclnx, AVuvnis.
1 '1 ma Dr. J. it G. . en. J' (Vocy i.
Your rills havo had a long 11 lal In my ptacllce, and I
hold them In esteem us one of tho Ufl npi'ileuts 1 Itato
ever found. Their nlteiative 1 lice t uimii Hie liter makes
them nu excellent icim-dy, wb"ii given In siiuill ip'es fr
bilious dynaitrry and diarr'ia-it. 'llirir snpai-coatine;
makes thei.i mi y acceptable and comeuicnt fur the usj
of women and cbildien.
Dynpeinlii, Tmimrllj' of llic IJIonil. I
rmn Jlev. J. V. lhmis, J'ashr nf Adi-cnt Church, Ihtlon.
Dr. Area: I have used jonc pills wilh extiifadlinry
euccess In my family and ninong tho-.o I am called tu viMt
in d'edress. 'I'o regulate tho organs of dici-tliiu nml
pmlfy Hie blood, they aro the vi ry best lemedy I linvo
ever hnnMii, ami I cm confidently lecoiiimend them to
my frltnUs. Yuuis, J. V. HISIPS.
WAtisvtr, WyomlPR Co., N. Y., Oct. 'JI, 1;.
Drir Bin 1 1 urn usIiik yniiv Citliai th I'llO lu inv piac
tlce, and find them 101 excellent purgatlr to.elunuio H10
system and purify ihe founltiuii of the Woml.
John a. mi:acuam, m. d.
Const Ipntloil, Cost Iveneen, Hniipvc f.sloll,
IllK'tllllllliSIU, IsOttt, Nutll'Ultlll, la'(ll-
ay, I'nrnlyslu, Fit, etc.
From Dr. J. V. Vtiuyhn, Montreal, CUuada.
Too much cannot be piU "f yenr Pills for the cure of If othcis of our firtteii.lty hate fjuud Hum
us tnie.i' i.mi as I have, they eliould join mo in pi-oslalm-iiiixltf'i)'
th'j liemditof tlio mnltituUes who suffer fiom
that cmplaint, which, nltliouh b id oinnigh In il"c1f, Is
the pro .euitnr of olheis tbat urn wnso. I lclii'tocn--tiraies
1 1'Mlghnte in tlei liver, but your PUH aQect that
crgau mid Lino tiie diaeano.
i'cort Mr! . E. itiui I, I'hytiaan uu I UiJvift, DMon.
1 find 0110 or two largo doses of your Pills, taken at the
pvopcr time, nre excellent pi einotivts of the natuiai fecre
lion when wholly 01 paitlally MippietseJ, nnd aim very
effoctual to cfatnsc tho a'ewrica and erpd tfiins. They
nro eo much tho best phyde wo hate that I leeommcud
uo other to my patients.
FroM Vie Iter. Dr. IliK!,e,of the Jldtinlitl Vpis. (H.urch.
I'rt.A'iti Hni'.vr. Savunn.ili,tl.i Jan. 0, 18C0.
Ifevonsi) Slut 1 (dinuld lu un.'i.itrliil t r Hu icllef
your skill I.e. buat'.it 1 1 if I il.d not ip.'it toy c.uu to
yon. A eld settled In my linibsaud biougbt oil excru
ciating itcurar(iic pains, which cniletl In cfmmim he.inna
tisnu Xotwiuistindli.K I h."l the I'"t of Fliyrlrin'is, tho
tllo'iso glow worse 11:1 1 i ee, until bv llio advice ofyour
excellent agent In U.iltici"i-e, Hi Muclct-t.zis, 1 tiled your
Pills. 'Jheir effects were ilcw, but sure. Py persoteiing
lu the use of tlieur, I am now itithely well.
Senate Chamcse, llnton Kongo, Ii., 6 Dsc. 16.15.
Dn. Avr.a 1 1 have been entirely cured, by youc Pills, of
Itheumtitic OuutA ptiliilul disease that had allilcted mo
fur yens. Vl.Nt'CM' SLIDKI.L.
W,-Mnst cf t!io Pills In maikst centsln Jlercury,
which, although 11 vnluaMo lemedy in skilful hands, is
dangerous in a public pill, frein tho dreadful ennse
riuencia that frequently follow Its incautious ue, lliese
contain no laeicury or mint nil substiiiics wliattwer.
Prico, 25 cents per Bos, or 5 IJoxon for $1.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYEH &. CO., Lowell, Maes.
Hold by P. I' 1 utz. (i Al llagenbiii li nnd J II Mayor
llloouisburg', J ihm ler. Ilohr-loi)! , A..i-1'is k l'ii",
Milhllle; P Jlasl. r, Ileulon ; l.n.ariis & Pisln r, Or
.ineeville : (I P 1'nwler Powli rs ille: A .Miller, Her
n 11 k; Low ft liios., Cenl' i villi' : II I' Pn igliarl & Niist
I'spv : M Hhoemnker, llm Mini 11 ; I!, igbart k Nus,
Al.iiuv ille . J fharpless. Cattnwissa; Creasy A; Co
I. iaht Strict : und dealers everywhere.
July S!C, lftj-i ly.
rt.M.AMAI)i:il tt.I'i:H, IIH
iMOVHD 10 Jll.. Ill.Sui.ri Fourth
Unit, PniMWf.Ait. havo on
mid a largo asso.tiu, nt ol l ire
Thief proof Salaman.ler r-afis.
Uo, iron doors, fcr banks unit
.tf , - t- "1 1 Mines, iron Soulier iron b.ieu, nil
rxj5fifc makes of locks cpial to any
111 Ihe I'nited Fltiites.
Ftre Safe in one firs. Ml e nine out right; irilh roir
(C'.s in pood coiutltie'i.
Th" Hiilamundcr Safes of Philadelphia ngajust the
have hnd the mrett'intratinii in the following cer
tidcate Hint their maiinfaiture ofHalamaiiiler H.ifcs has
at length fully warrant. . I Hie representntinns w huh havo
been made ot them as rendering nn undoubted security
against the terrific c lenient.
Philadelphia April 12. IMu.
,Vetr. r'ii.s ! Watson: (ieiitlem. il - Il ull'orda tin
the highest satisfaction to state tu yon, that owing to
Ihe ery protective qualm sifte.o of the Salamund. r,
fufes Willi li we purdinsi d of you some five month sinio
we suved n largo nortmii of lenelrv. nnd all our hi" ks,
tec, exposed 10 Hie calumnious, liro in ll.instiaj placo on
ine inoriiing 01 me ntn inst..
neii we relict t Hut these safes were locate, 1
fimrth sorv ofilni lioildiii', u .j oe.-iioted and thev
fell snlise'iueniiy jntnn heap of burning ruins, where the I
Mist i once titration of Ihe heat caused Hi" brass plat s lo
melt, we cannot but regard thejireservalion of their vnl-1
uablu contents as most lonviming prool' of tho great se
curity .'.Honied by your sales.
We (hall take gn at pl nsure In recommending them to
men of business as n sure r. liaurc agau.-t tin'.
(!i;oi!(li: W. SIMMONS & lilto.. .leaellern
C'T'They have since pnriliab"d six lurgu Safes.
July UO, Wi. L August 20. 1831
Jillvile, Columbia Count i, I'enn'tt.
This well knowh Hcliool for holh scici. will t. o l
NOVHAIUUP. 3d, lolii.
Tim recent additinns to tho buildings; romler arconi
odalioua for more than sixty boarders.
The course of study will eiubrme three departments
Hie Normal, the Si li-nuile. nml t'm i iimmercial.
'1 in. Pr'iicipal will be nssisted hv ep' rinced (cucln
crs, felly iuiiiifiei or Hi. ir r peitive potii'ins.
Parents and others nun res! assured no I'florts
will be spared lo make Hie (-chool worthy "f patronage
nml that tho welfare of ihe tinleul. intellectually,
pbvurally, and iiiorHlly, will recclveourcointnutcnro
Pur iipplicatinn, lirciil.irs or fm I lar r pnrln ulars, ad
dress thu undersigned, ot Jlllluille Columbia county P.
Millville, Ta., Sept. 13. IWW.
N A T 11 0 N A CO A L 0 I L 1
anil equal to any Kiliio.HUNB.
WHY Lay nn explosive Oil, when a few (sail mdrft
por nation will furbish you with a Oil I
M n.'i' flllhtj'
Y I'il.TMlKI rvCTI PIK'9 OOMPiffY,
No, lit Wsluat flrv. THU, flftTf ,
r t.y , irvi, l , r-
l! will
ALL .1 B li'l I R
I T lin unilr,gn, rtnusAil Ajr w .
1 fully informs Micitstmmirt ami tin r,ui,n 'U'.
that In iiasjii.t received Ironi ui, v UfiJ
I'l-gestand most sclecl tloclt of Ll,,lf" lUlil, (f,
That ha yil been opened In Illnnuubur T
luvlesnint, ,,', ,,r ,, niunils, n J' '' h hi
Hial tlu y nre offer. ,1 for sale .1 " 'V'",'" W
Plod, comprises a Imgcssortmi ntof '"". ?is
l ui:.N,ri,'Mi:,N'HWHAniN(! Apj.,fr. I
CoiirisMig r,r r'ninnAiniillBswl'0Aw, f ..1. .1
rrlplloni Pants. Vest., ("bills, ('ravil, v, J,,7 '?
Ilaudksrchief., Oluves, Sutp.iiil.r,. ft te"
Ofevry.lescrlplltn. fins nn.l .!,...,
N. II. " Lurenhcrt,-, Vheop f.K,;rL, .
call and s"o. No iharg,, fur ,. J.,V,V "I'-'
!" irg.AI'srch-.ej, IbeJ.''1" '""''l
u 1
J s.
un'orzn to i.irmunvtti: mm uklioioa.
j VOLUME Xni-1863.
IT Is the design nf this, Maffi,7luMi. i,,,,,!,,,. ... ,
1 gain and pure literature, Hiilm, win ,lm .1
t,il. , lefliiH Hie liianners aim Unfoble all il,.. ,.
lit -. I.llei-.iry w Hhoiit being p, , untie. ieilii"ii. ,!",'i .
t,..i und character H.thn.11 blgi Hy, II will ,,), ,, ..
weli wlurovor Ills known. ,'u magame 1, ,1 ,
ro'intrv is b jter n.inpNd m tin. family 1 in I, 1 '.
th" rorlhsoii'iug volume It will com i.tiei,, n,,',i, ,, ,,
chaf.i. turns "Th- tlueen or Hie A!i nibln , " 1' .'"
ini-ehuuicnl execution bj Hie l!e opiii , ,,, , . , ' , "J
by any Alagar In the land. It 1, 1,, , ii, ,',
otyp plates on the tluestnlemti r-o pup, r , ,, ', ,,'
I11I111I1 'r contains two original tiel 1 lie dim, , "
t ..1 111 II. hlghestslileol tho art l.j nrti.ts w ho mV. ,1
at til" h eul 111 their profession "
1 lie Iliposiiory lins sp. mil n.tiii Hon to iln t, ,
. furni-hes a gri at aiiiouiit of reai,iii(i in.uii,, , ',
Hi" 111 nil. rs of tin riiiuily- young umI , I, . n, , .
g'tllug III" ehlldreu- It i.lri'sh, viifliil. i. n pr ' '
In R.'liuii'ii- Hetiernl Liti rnture H 1 1 . 1 1 ,,. M . 1, 1
Hint eil'l b tllleil 111 linolhei way I'shuiiil , 1 , ,,
Hi h arlatiii s inf r:ooo.
Among its lontribuiors are I011111I s. in, , r 11,1 i,.,
w nii f in the I11111I. 'I'lieir fiapersi ivi .1' 1 an,L fM,
u nl verb ty, as well as to lisp, gis
tli - hit 11110110I Hie IMiioriiud l'lililirlis-r- to n 1 1 ,i
Hi-111 t .lag .r.iu.' ol ils 1. 1 nd 111 n iniiniiv, ti,,, 1
ntteiili in Is ln liert tu the vurle.l anil Int. lenmt ,,,
t ills of the H iloriiil Hcpiiitnienl. w hn li ( l,'l 1 . 1.
tn' ii" here else to be r.1,111.. It w .11 i 1 1 1, , . , ,,,
t ir ' ' '' t. eonlaliilim 11 any il,,,.,i n,, ,j ,v , ,
1 v,i 1 m.'iis lor tliu t liilfiniii rui .1 r nnd in 1 ,,1, ,
'i tl.i ru s. a iilirniry nm. .in. 1.1 1 .1
In -l.lj nil-K.-tih to Ibe ii 'liiintm , nlin 1 ,,
I ''-' 1 1 atioi's: lien s. 1 llcr.ii SiifiliAi. in n I,e , ,'.
V. inl.,1,1 in 1 .1 Is, milifents and ,thli-li 1 ( , , .,' l
v.itu : r'l.l.ibo.irc for ihllnnii w bit I will l,( f ,
st'.ri mi'l niKcili'issnvculi'irl) ni'.if 11 il 1,1 11 1, ,, , , ,
in Iniit cliil'lr-n ; U.ITloi lal 11 m... 1 , ,
r. .1 ni'l rnr" p,is"rgi-situil nnei lion r gl. ,it,i u :. 1.1 1,
i:.lii"i' r -a.lHig j ml llilitor't; J ..lie v i l 1 i,i, , , 1, .
'put ' a vui i-ty.
I'Ii.t is nu eronnii j In trkinv Hie Mm .,, ,i,,
look at Ille a 'iiou 11 1 of Hi n auiuu 111 ill. 1 . A nnii, 1 ,
urn 1. loeight I'.'mo. vi lin. . - v I.,, i, r.t ... .
11 'S w in! 1 1 ost 81 '.'., em li. 'I li, l is 1. 11 en.,, .
I: n !- 1 orv fir 'I'll .1 Dollnrs nml a 1 1 all w n.t ...
j.uTui Hollars in tb ln k I 1 ml ibu.
'" ' "' '"l"'.!' Uf! I tllgrilV ll-gS .11 llll. I.!l.!l!
I I.II.M-. lu view of Hie unpri cedf nt i.,n,;.
th i cost of paper 11 ml all oltber mal. rials of i.,i 1,1.
lur , and lu xieu nfthc f.n t that publi, 1,1 tt 1 ' 1 .
nr- iiip"lleillii.l!llio.n twentv live to 1I111 n p n
to Hie prico of tin r km.ks. w e iiave il'i'iioon m
lo au mpi me 1 1 the in
CMiinig venr nl h ss thiii. I w o mid a Half I), lie. r. 1 1
inn I he pai I lutaiial.l.i in aiiiauie.
All Ministers of the Ati thool'-l llpitei 1 :.l ,
arer ''Hied Agi ills and will n ci iv. r't!'iiiti u- ,
P.i in uts. I' by Pne k lllirl.c! ck. 1 ii" 111.,
Ci.rm r ol Main .v. I.igluli Srtei ts.l lullMi a I'm'.. '
V"i k. -J.'li .Mulburv ,-ir.Mt Orders Ri 1 ' im .
Bl. ll'.'lglltv. 1'llKUg.i; .1. P MllO. e. I'o t"li I
Pliiladelnliia; J. P. Cuok lli'ltiuiiirei J. 1.. 11. a.
Im g. I' n.i ; II II. ot.t, Iturl'aln, V,: hob 11 V I. 1
ri in P.,, Cnl.;T U. p.nrne. I'.irlianil it.,.i
il ,iin.'- I'.ilcrnn-ler. Tiow, London, J'.ik. I,. I,,)'. A ' .
Hni'iigii anv uecrelii, ,! travsllng mini lu ,.1 H,u V.i.
o .ist Hpi. .,p,. 1 'hurt Ii.
i"c 1 1, I. h-J 'lu
IMPOUTl.ll .JA7)
f 1711. Kt;.1W. I) KjI 1. Cii
tllN'.'t, AMI l.tfOlt-t, OP. ii.ll M.I.V.
V .. :)j iJ'tUmU tits , bciwic.i 'II 11 ,
t . IM. M!Y, Traveling Agent mi l S.ilisuis.i.
' 7-OltnMls Itsri-TIT3.LV hnl.n;.llv,
Nov n.b.'r liyj.
i 1 tc'pi:.
Alien ob.ut lustitutinu endow ed for th" cuie
Cliroi.ii His, a'e. ol every iMIun-. ami to p.oi hIik .
Inn. I om 'pi.ii k ailvenistri and iiun-tnrs. hi 1 1.
j. i xe-pt for Hi .In In. until ru-i'd. end in in., , 1 .
Ir 111" povi'lty lienlllll'iit liee. No Minerals i'l 1'. , .
0 u Unas lU'd, Th- I'lii-iil-nish.ivi' bad be, ,
1 n-H" . ii'iii'ni-i' bolh 1.1 p ivute ami Ho. pun p
lie.i I'll-1'illow nig u. soinij nl Hie , nmpiiilnt to ! I. :
sp. coil nttinti.iu is givn. All .iiseiis"" if lb I'.
Thr 'i.t I. on','-. ti art Htmn u.l', I.Ivor Uidnex I'l.-1 1
III., uimii inn. Pits. Cemer, Piles. K. rt 1,11s ' A. ." 1
His. .in,- , f id,. M.uai Organs. Hmi'-al i,ik."- '
pi.tcin e and Virelont iliernses oCevei) iintiirv p,.- n im
Iviire.l I im uses of Keiiiales ami nil Irregol.ii n
sue. i-liill tr 'I'leil. Iiliniluess nnil lie.'.luet 1. im
w nle'iil p.nnlul opi rdtioiih. Putn ntt, tn .1. .1 I.) b' .i
l.y -iiiiliug 11 f laleincnl uflheir rase. Medl. in scm it
any part ol the country. Cniiniltatioii free Hull.
Address, ttuuip em Int.' il.
HU. I l.'ItAVI 8. Ci iihiIIiii; Pby. ir. m
Ul.l llroadwnv, ,'tv oik ir
Aprils, law - ISm.
A U M IN US I'll AT Oil-' S N l ) T ICE.
Estate of Juekion George, i.'tccusul.
I Hl'TllPS of on th" I'st.ite , 1 Ja. 1
Ii foil (Il'Olge, l.ile ,, ,1 lowu-liij, to. i ..
(.oinilv,, l.ave b .11 g.antnl ,j iln li. ,1-1 i
"I Coin ulna coiiuij lo arj (Jeorge and Pi P r l i .
liein, uiliniuistr.itois, ul I peri'ii li'ii.lng cl.ti.s a.'."''
Hie estate of lb,, decedent, are rcquei, .1 lo p.-
H I" ili.'inliniiil'-lmtors at Unir risnlen", nil'
on, t township, iiliout di lay, nml all p. imiii. ind u.i
lu make payment fullhwilh.
rnn.i; u ni:iiin:iv.
Juiiuaiy 17, leC3--fin. gj. .nlmtnifiroui
Th Coluinl'iis .Male ami Peai.ile Academy, wil
us nr.l teiiu. upon i iicFilny in.' nil 1 1 M. . I. i '
Tills si bool oilers Miptrior imluri mi nt- to ill wl
are doirnus of acquiring an neeilemical educiili.w i
pr-ip.iru for t iniliiug or lo obtain a Hion-ugh, l.iinn Is'b
of any of Hn u.n lei n or nm i ul lat u.if,' s.
l'or furlli.T informaiion rmiinri! uf
or of Jou.i Koum, bw
al Vow Columbus. I.uicine o., I'a,
Oct. ''", S.-tl.'.
. ' i ill: undersigned would inform 1 lie. citi.. n
r til i lllnouirliurg nnd mi mil, Hint he)ia-iu..i
frtji& ctvi'u nun ou. rs lor snie one ui me mosloslr ro i
L v.. ....... . , pHF,
I ever inlrudiiceil into this inaiket, Tiie cliri.lnpln r ...
.....uiiii. ttlk ... , Iliil.IiV.iii,..! 1' 1 V. " u'.-f i
iiuibiiv, Jaiin's Unbbanil (.lolie un aui'iug lb lli-i . I -1
cooking Sua es, all of w till Ii .uc uie-lighl and gf Linn.
Ills Parlor -tnu s nr" luiniNoine nml tin' .ii u e' ,
ried. Af.-O- Particular attcnllon is paid to Tm Wi n.
mid Iiou. e Spouting, upon sh"rt until e. All binds 1 1
. repairing mil be il.m ' i it li irot in-ss ami ile,"ili li
the Lr- c.innti v nro, Im.e tiiken i n ,.i, l,.n, c, ,., L
Pinup s. aiovrn
llloonisbtir:. May III, ItCi
S TU AW ! STI1AW ! ! STRAW ! ! !
1 ( TI)N,lS SI'U U
I I ii I 'oiiteil, is wa
I . li i Hrovo I'apor II
" i-i.h will l,u -
TON'S S I'll HV, of tilt kinds, fluekwlfot "
vautcil immeiiiatelv, at His
- Mills, near Light Street, f"r " hi b
ca.h will he mid.
Jlillllrovo, Ausustl), lbC?.
Tha subsrriber offers for sale or r. nt.tho two follow
lug Parma, one of Iheiii situute in Pishjugcrcik tww 11
ship, Columbia county, lontaiunig
(VfcSsX more or less, about fifiyllvo at res of v 1 1 "
JtS9 are rretlod a g' "
. jiXtH. Two Story FIMMH nil KU.l.n Unl't
ami I'llA.vy. IIAItJW Wugou House, Corn Out), mi.1
ether outliuildlngs.
ALSO. Own oilier Parin. iltuato in Banlon towinln,.
Columbia inuiity, containing
tiJbS Acres iiliout Thirty-Five Actus nf which . J
cniiireu iiiuii, wievr.ouiire oreiieu u i.7"j-
Divr.i.uxa ituusr., jk.imi: mii.v. aJ
ntlier uiilbulliliiigs. rniil I'unii is situate
llnvinjrt.'rcck, about two miles above SUII Water.
ALSO i Two nlher small Lots, situate tn FMnn
rr'ik lownrhlp lyluji on Pithnigcroek Eoad, nml " '
Mile from Still Water, one inntaluing I'Ol'Il AC II is
nd Uu ath'r 11 T"ivii J ul, ami gtn4 buildinis un '
t llwvi, f'7Toriaan' aandlusas jnuJ'' by
Fiahtntirsok aii'sst ?, IfJ