Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, February 21, 1863, Image 4

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    Fanner's Department.
WO Kit-
If any Wly wislica the mulo for a sail
lcn.t, ho is wrhoiuo to Iiis choiise.anci
lit) will li ive good company mid good ox.
maples beforo hiin. lu Persia, Syria,
Spain, Italy, and imleod in nearly all
nawitropioal countries, tlicso aniin als arc
ufiuu used for titling. Tor rough, moun
tainous regions, tliey arc invaluable, boing
to shuro-footcd. Uy a little training, too,
they can bo brought iutou very ajreenb'o
gait. A forciju wrightcr says : "In Bag
dad, most of tho learned and holy pro
fessions profer tho ass, as do ull ladies.
Tlioy are of a peculiar brood, and often
'ifty pounds sterling, (S-50.) Tho favor
ito color is spotk-33 white ; they are inag
i,ifficontly caparisoned, aud have their
nostrils slit, which is said to make them
long winded ; Surely, their wind is long
vnough when they bray. 1 The bray is
Lot much admired , generally, but thu
author or a soarca tract on tho nobleness
of tho ass, (1595,) after giving us all its
ewect tones, concludes by declaring that
the continued braying of live or six asses
forms a melodious kind of music, 'a song
of world without end.'
Hut it is with mules, as draft animals,
that we have now especially to do. They
arc sometimes fioni fourteen to sixteen
hands high. They aro stronger, sure
footed, and more durable than common
Lorses. They aro su' joctsd to compara
tively few disuu:o. I ho expense of
bhecing them is slight Thoy will live
and thrive upon one-third less than horses,
und cat contentedly the cheapest aud
-coarsest kinds of food. Yit, it is a little
leinrtrkublc that the ass is, quite fastidi
cus about his driuk, preferring only per
lectly pure water. Ilcnco the meaning of
41 passage in an ancient cla'sic ; Tlicr
kites, would that tho fountain of your mind
Vvie clear again, that I might water an
i.?s at it."
.Much has been said about the obstinacy,
stupidity, and vioiousnsss of the mule.
Put whether these alleged vices aro not
owing chiefly to the ill usage ho gets, is
perhaps an open quettiou. Mules aro
keldum known to die, or to become old,
we never yet met with out called much
over ten years of ago ! At least their ago
is seldom thought ofiu purchasing ; lor
, . . , r - .
they are Serviceable ior thirty J ears or
, , i . , ,
infire. Vo are glad to seo that they arc
, . , ,.,!
icing more anu more uscu ior larm wort
dm. .Ixncullurist.
Ttu years ago I bought and trantplant-
d tWO UUndred pcacll trees, WlllCU ncftCU
me two years ago, $-00. Thu soil was loo
rich, and thoy aro now uearloy all dead
Pyur years ago, I bought au orchard of
0d0 poauh trees, anil 300 apple trees set
between them. These treei are 10 years
transplanted, and last September thoy
netted mo 52000. They were get on
t'.iinuer boil than the first lot, except in
t -e corner where thoy have all died.
I .- t satisfied that peaches require the
taui kind of soil that potatoes do, to pre
vent ncir rotting thin or poor upland.
Cultivation is necessary to fruit bearing .
If tho orchard by seeded, you need not
expect many peaches. The kinds 1 like, are; old Mison, Crawford's Earlcy.
Crawford's Lato, Mclocoton, Smock, and
lorris White.
The peach borer is on invtterate cn
tmy, but the ''yellows" is tho great des
troyer. Perhaps that diseaso is superin
duced by rich soil aud common farm yard
Manure. I think mineral manure only aro
Mcessary, and littlo of them if the laud is
properly cultivated hy raising potatoes, or
low crops- or without crops.
Cor, Am. Agriculturist,
There is scarcely an article of vegeta
1 le food more widely useful and more
universally relished than tho applo. Why
trery fanner in the nation hasnnt a good
tpplo orchard is one of the mystorict,
Leteiery fain ly lay in from t wo to ten
barrels or more ol apples, and it will be
tho moit ecoiumical iuvest uent in the
ii. i'o range ufculiuaries A raw mellow
iitii is digested in au In ur uud a halt;
while boiled cabbage rtquins live hours.
Th: most healthful deceit thut can be
ji'.aced on the tabic, is a baked apple, ll
taken freely at breakfast Viitk coarse
bread und butter, wiih meat and lith oi
any kind, it has au admirable effect on
tho f'oneral system, often reuioviug con
btipation, correcting aridities, and cooling
off fobrilo conditions, muo Ii more ofl'cctu
allv than the mo t anniovcd rocdiciuos.
,, , . , , . ., I
i InilllcS CJUm uu uiuuuuu iu ouuaiuuiui
t'f apple sound ripe and luscious for
UK pics, caLea, candies and othor sweet,
juents with which their childron aro too
''ton indiscreloly stufftfd, tlicro would bo,
ys Dr. Hall, u diminution in tho sum
io.uI of doctor's bill, in a single year,
au2 nt to lay in a stonk of this delicious
. iod r a r. bulu tranon's use.
i STOP 15LO01). '
Tho iis) .r 'i a wool hat applied to a
v.ouaj t -j) i s blooding. ,
LA HOE A Ml 1 1' A L OV
Now Fall and Winter
HAH Ju.t received (mm Philadelphia, nml Is tinw
opcnlm nt the old stand lite y occupied by AltitU
St. I'.Hl, it splendid nsinrtincnt of
1i Icli wilt lifl sold cheap tor
Ills stockcoiislitsof Ladles Dien Uuotla cholcoit styles
and latest fiiihioiK
, Casimcrcs,
Cottonadcs, tt
Kentucky Jeans,
Thread, &c.
In t linn f cry thins utmtiy kept m a rountry store
Tho patronage of "Id friends, nml tho public funeral-
ty, is respecttiiny snicnoii.
Tiie highest niHrKci price pniu lorcounirv prouurc.
Light Street. Nov. 1.1, 1SII2.
Fall & Winter Goods,
Creasy's Store, in Light Sl"fd, Pa.
A)Jj IllXDS OF 0003S !
Keauy-Mailo Clothing
Sugars, Molasses,
Syrup3, Coffeci,
Teas, Pish,
Salt, Bacon,
Hams, Lard,
Tobacco, Shears,
IIatn, Bootr,
Caps, Shoes,
Drugs, Oils,
Paints, &c.,&o.
In nililitinn to our large stock nf Dry Gomis, we liave
I "'! I't'l "'TIIIHIIVII. Ul i.u.iiiy .,1.11111 Mil II I II K
inor Hen ami Hoys wear which wo urn determined to
i kii uuL-,i)MT hi 'ii i.ui in itt.ii ii i, eiscwuere. uau unii
I seu, nndjudRb for yourselves.
it. w. unuABi-& oo.
u;ht street, rn ,xor. s iec3.
,snrrnvs ami nmrers, hopes and fears, rejrru
v and joys j MANHOOD, h'm- lost.ltnw rohtoro
the nature, treatment and radical cure of situ
j luatorrliaia or seminal weakness; involuntary emis
I ions s 'Xual debility nml impediments to marriage pen
orally ; nervousness, consumption. Ills, mental and nhv
.sieal imapieity, remltim; from HIIM'-AIIUHi; aro fu'l
I., nvt.l-t I In it,.. M.VniHAMI' f-lllkl I... i.'.t
YOIWU. !.. This most evtranrdiuary book should
U III llir i ums in litl-lj I "Hill; .C tl( ti(illuillM,llIlf;
I nru riiitru, and revry iniui or woman who ili-sir.-t to
limit tlio niiinhor nt their "irsnrin tn their ciroiiiiit.iii-
nns livery pain, disease and acbe incidental to joiitli,
1 f.iturity and old ago. is fully explained j cverv particle
in knowledge that should bo known (s herngiven. It is
tall ot engravings, in laci, it Hist Inset secrets Hint ev
ery one should know ; still it is a hook that uiu.t be
lucked up, and not lie about the house. It will be sent
to nny one on t Is a receipt of twentv live cents in specie
or pn-lage stamps. Address 1)11. W.M. YOC.N'fi, No. till
SPIlUCi: trect. above I'ourth. Philid'-lphla.
ITT- AI'l'I-ICTHI) AND UNl'dltTHN TK. no matter
what may bsyour disease, bjf.ireyou place yourselfuu.
tier tho care nf any nf tint notorious tiaek -unlive or
fnreigii whn advertize in this or any other paper, get
a copy nf Dr. Ynung's book, and read it carefully. It
will be tho means of saving you many a dollar, your
health, ami possibly your lite.
1)11. YOUNG can liccomnlted on any of tit 9 diseases
tlHst-riiio t in tils piiiuiratlon, at bis nlllco, No. Hi)
B' iiiiL i, nir ei, auovo i-nuriu, I'liuaiieipliia.
Oil'ic hours from 9to 3, daily,
March d, lcCi Uiu.
Ter ms-
and Pro'hux,
However much the people deiro a peace, nnd cestn
lion nf th" present hntilities in nnr distracted country
thevare also desirous of nurcluibing their cooda nt Hm
I nwost market prices.
will gratify nil desires no this point, and although gitnds I
have advanced in prices ho will sell you at wonderful-1
ly low prices. Ho has now oneiicd bis iicnal Inrm. nml ,
complete slock of Fall and winter goods among which
will lie found a general assortmenl of allkinds of goods
Call anil cvauijuo, J, J. UI20Wi;il,
Dec. II, tr-lil.
III 12 undersigned would lie has nn liund
nt bis Hat and Can I2iupnriuiii, on Main Hi., Illnnius.
burg, annssortinentof dltrerent kind oflenth"r, such as
linn calf skins, morocco, (red iimlb'ncn)and linins, all
cf which ho will sell cheaper than can be had elsewhere
ill Ihis market. Call and eieminc them for vourselvcs
P.oomslmrs,.M.iy 21, ISG'.".
FI11S U Dl tl'l'II 6i IIROTI1EKS.
T O 11 A C 0 O 1) E A L E II F
103, NORTH TH I It I) ST11F.KT
I' ive duortbelow Itnrc. I A
Pittshurgh College.
Iliiighnmpliii " "
Crittenden's " 't liilladolphla.
Hirallou, llry.ilit ioCn.. " '
i'lu-st "crips, arc iuuinniiuti of $15 and ."o anil aro
n so much cash, hy the Htudeiit on cntriugi-ilher nf th
ah ive ' olleges. Young niiln desiring looblaln u lluisli.
ed olleginto IMiication, will hero llud a goud specula
tiou by npplyiunl tho ullicu of Him
THE undersigned respectfully informs his old friend
and customers, that ho has purchased his brothers
merest in the above i'tnblihmeut,iiml thu concern wils
hereafter he conducted by himself exclusirely.
lie has Just received and oilers for sale, the larg.
,'SL'J est nml most clloutlve assortment of I'ANCY
flrSt "TUV 11H ever introduced Into this market.
Ills stock roiisisti of a complete assortment of
lie dsi i.oouiug anu parmr sieves in tne iiiarKcr, iiigetii
or with Stovo i'ijtures of every description, Oven nml
lim . -loves, iinuiatnri, i uniliir moves, i an iron Air
' Tight stoves, Cannon Htoves, &c &c, IStovepipu ami
I Tinware coustaiitty nn livid ami maiiuiaiiureii to order.
All kinds of repairing done, us usual, on short unlit e,
Tin patronage of old frieuds and now customers ro
pectfully solicited. A. JI. UUPI2IIT.
I Ulooinsburg, NovomblT 3d lif,0.-tf,
Tltr.SIIOYHTKrtcan ha bad nt all hoiirsnniin day,
' rll'liiVHI), nr HAW nt Planner's Halnnn. Theyc
I ... ..I. ...I ....I I.,. l.a r..nwt n. 'Ill an.l l,c (I... IIlIC
t 50 cent. I.'allut tho "llattory."
doom. burg Dec, C0160-J.
Of every description, for tale at tliisoffio
COfifiTi-TU T 3 0 M
and tiii:
1) I A B E T E S
and msijAaua or thu
Titit nungtnui aud TrouMttomc Dittntti, uhiehliacc
thutfar Ilrtttrt the best tlirtcted Trtntmtnt tun be
Cumplcliln Onlmllcd by Ihc Itl'MI'.DY ntiic btfort utl
run oouATivi:
properties oflhe lurilli ino illli rt themselves in the nr
(inns nf serrL'tlon. nml hy so iilteriux the rnmlitlon nf
tlio stnnincu nml liver imiituo nillrliy principle oi inn
tnoil is nut run vcttvil into sugar mloiis us the system
IS UtiilUf IU ilium iitu (,,:
w Inch plvp those orpinis lime tn rt i nvt r their healthy
tune nml vior W'e are able in tute th t th - fnustitu-,
tlmi Water lias cured eVt ty cast ol I'iiib. t.s to liiill it
lias been slvcn.
i'O.VI2 IN Tilt) 111. MlDI'li, ("Al.f'l. I I S. il.Wi:i,
Hill K 111)81' H l'OrlT, AM) Ml'Ci'tS Oft
Mll.KV DISt.'ll MK'.l.d AITUIt DltlNATiMI.
Diseases nci-urlnjr from oiit-nuil thesaim' t-nus" vill
beentirel) cured by the Coiistliutlou Wnter, If taken
foi any leuuth of time. The ilosi shoiilil Miry lib the
severity of the disease, from twenty drops to n ten
spoonful three times u day, in water. Ourmir th pas
saiie "I the Calculus, the piiin -hi i urgent ruipti.uis
Milium lie rttiltii.iii-u wiin in ii.,i, r rt-lll ill 'S. til -II
fulhmcd up u llh the C'urit-tittii i .Vat.'r. as .ibovr ill-
uvsMi:.oai!Aa:A, or r.MM'. m, iir.xs i:r-
Until diseases arising from a faulty Ffcrlinii of til''
menstrual fluid-in the ime cast Infusion little, nml
accompanied by severe piiin ; nu til-1 othi r a tii'ipro
fusu secrelinn, Mhnh 111 lu speedily cured by tlio '
Constitution Water. .iiseaso known na I'A I 1, INO or Til 12 WOMII.
which l tlureult of a relaxation of the llirnim nts of
that organ, and is known by a sense of hea iness ami
drusginic pains In the li n k nml sides, and at times ac
companied by sharp liicinatliiff or shooting: pains through
the parts, will, iuall eases be removed hythc medicine.
There i another class of s) inptums nri itig frmn II!
HI I'A I'lON Ol' Til I! WOMII, whldi plivslrlaiis tall
Nervousness, which word covers up muili ignorance,
and in nine cases mil of ti-n the doctor does not really
kuuw wlietber the symptoms nro tho disease, or the
disease the symptoms. We can only enumerate them
hero. I spenk inoru particularly of Cold I'eet, Palpita
tion in tho Heart. Impared .Memory, Wakefulness, Plash
es of Heat l,nuiinr, Lassitude, and Dimness of Vision.
Which in th,- unmarried female Is a ciiustnnt recurring
Jisens !, nml thmuuh neglect the Feeds of more grave
and d.uig, 'roils maladies are the result ; and ns luniith
after mouth without an ell'nrt being inndc tu
sUt nature, the suppretion b'coiuns rhro ic, ihe n
lient gradually looses her appetite, the bowels arc
constipated, night sweats come on, uud coiiauiiijitiun
flnallv cuds In-r cari-er.
i.i:ucoiu:a:. on wiiitps.
'Ihis disease depends upon an inllimation nfmurnus
lining oft u vagina ami womb. It ii in ull raui ac
companied hy severe itain in the b.ii-U. uccross the
bowils nml through the hips. A ti'aponuful nf the
iiieuiciiii' may oe laivi'ti inree nines a nay. w mi an in
jeitlou ofa t ililesponnful of th iiieiliciaie. inueil with
a n,t i-piui in sun wntiv. muriiing uud evening.
ntuiTTio or Tiir. NixKor tiiii ulaiideii,
TAP.lill OI' TIIR ilLAI)lll:ll, HI ItANUUItY
ANDIiUllXIN'tlOl! PAINl'iri.UltlNA'I'lNC.
I'or theseillseases II istrulyn snvoreigu reiuetly, and
ton much cannot b saia in lis prais A single docs has
been Mtuw- lo r liv.- th iiiut urgfiit syptoms.
Are you troubl '.I with that, s'siug pain in the
sin-ill ul'tli - li iris ail I through th - hips ( A li'liipooiitul
a day of Coueiitutiou t aier w ill r -lioto uu like
I'Oll HVrfPCPrilA,
It has no cqunlln reli.'Ing the Mnt ili8tresiii? smp
toms. Also, Headache, Heartburn. Acid stomach Vom
illng I'ooil. &c. Taken leaponiiful after dinner- 'I he
dose in nil cases may be increased it' duMred, but should
bi done gradually.
Have lung since given up the use of buclitl, cubt-hsnnd
Juniper in thetreatineiit of Hi so diseases, undonly use
theuifor wuut ofa better remedy.
Has proved itself oiualtutlie task that has devolved
upuu 11.
Irritate and drench the kidneys, nndby cmi'tniit use
aoiui lead to chrome dcgeuerutioji uud co lllrmed dia
easc. iicad. RcaJ.- Rend.
D.INVII.M:, Pa., JuneS Ml.
Mr. Wh. II. (lurnn Daer tin lu I elniary. lriil
was aHlic.ed w tth the sugar ill ilut uud for live inoiiihh
I p.i-ed more III j ii two gallons o; w ater in iweiiti -I'nui
hours 1 was n!i ig.-tl tu g.-t up as ntu-ii leuortwtiv
times during Hit night, and in live muiiths 1 lost about
titty pounds III W.'l.'tll. Illlrlllllg the llioutll ni Ju y
letu, i prucureii two noiiies oi i;iiiisitiuiton water am
in two days alter UMiig. 11 I experienced relief, uud nit
taking two buttles 1 was entirely cured, sunn nltci
regaining my usual fuod health. Vours truly.
J. V. I. 111! WI PT.
Iloslon Corners, N. ., Dec. i!T, lelil.
Win. II. flregg i.- Co.:
dents: I freely give you liberty to make use of tin
following' irtitic.ite of tlu vuliiu of .'nii'lilutiou Wa
ter, which I can reccoiiiiueud in the highest manner
My wife, whn was ntt.icked with pain in the shoiil
tiers, w hole length of the back, mid in Ii r I hubs. Willi
Pilpilatinu orthe heart, attended with tailing of Hi
WtiaiU. Dvsmeuorrhucu. and 'lrritatiim or tlio Itlati
tier," I called a phvsiciau, who alien. ltd her nbnui
tliree.nouths, when lu kit her worse than he I'onii
br, I Hun employed one of the best physiiiaus I
couia umi, w uu iiiieiineii ner itir aitotit iiiuo moulli
ami while she was under his care she iiil not Miller
quite as mticii patu ; lie uiiuiiy gave tier up ami sa .1
Ji.-r case was lucuiable." 1 or, said lie, "she was sm I,
a cuiiitnii.itloii ol cnuipiaiuts, mat mediciuo given fi.i
ono np,Jrate tlg.iiiisl someotlier til her rl lti,-tj 1 1 j i-s.'
Al.otit mis nine sue ttimmeneeti to una t'tis 1 1 1 itxi ,s
Witek, uud tno ir utter astniiisliiueui. nliunsl the fir
dose seemed to have the dslred i-U'ei t. ami she kept ot
iinpiuviiig rapi Hy ii. ,ier its treatm nt. am! now super
intends en) iruly he,- doim-Hic atlairs. tli'has not ti
ken any of the ns tiuiios VV a i i.ii fur about four wi i k
and we nro L.ippy to suy llut it has pro.iticed a perm.i
limit cure.
W.M. M. VAN Ull.N'SCHO I' N.
Da. WM.II.CBion ;
Dear Mr : I h ive for suvci
with that tootiblesoiuennil tlan
winch resistetl ml remedies n
CiiNsriiuiioNVL Wati.u, ami y.
sn. ' ov, 1'), It-' I.
il y 'nrs b'eii nt'.lirte
r aii. flise.'i e- I
in, tors, until I tool
' may be assured that
t has entirelv cured me
w-as lueaseu wnu ni" resuu.
and) oil may male any use of m uameyou may seo 111
Hi regare tn tuu uieilicliiu, us I i uvu entire cnulideiie
iu lis clhcuey.
Yours truly,
POND HlilONt:,
There is noi-lass of dieases lliat prodiico such ex
haiisling rlfects upon ihn human cnnstituiitin ns Ilia
betes mid diseases nf the Kidneys, lilatlderuiid Urina
ry Passages, nnd through n l.ilso inndesty Ihey are m g.
lei tail until they uro so ui'vmicnil us to bo bevoud tin
control of ordinary remedies, and wu preseut'thu
Tn the ptililie with Hi t coiivictinnthat it has mipqnnl in
reinttiii inn riass oi uisi-ases ior wnicil it lus tiM'ti
found so eminently successful in curing ; nml wo trust
I that wu shall be rewarded in our efforts in plailug so
valualdo reisedy In n form to meet ihu rcmiirciuenu of
patient and physiciuu,
ro:i samjiiv am. nniificiSTS. rnicn$i,
Wit, II. CUIOItfii: tv co Propriemrs.
Jlnrgan c Alien, Ccu rul Asouts, No, 10 Cliff Hf,
Sept. SU. lacj, 12m.
ui.oo.vsiHma, rji.
Offlce In Court Ally, formerly occupied by Charles
lilooinsbiiri:, Dec. 4, lr.VJ.
MANUT CTDI!I2lt WlllJI.IItf V1.I2 I)I2AI.i;tt IN
, (J ' P,
STRAW flonnS. R 'NNE'S and
No. 2.V7 North Third Street Pliila'd.
Nov. '.'0. ISO1.'.
MILITARY f'Al'ri. of every sort, size nml nunllty
fur sale cheap nt the ll'ooinsliurg Hat & Cap Uuiporium
Also (Jroceries.Confectliiiiurlcs.'l'igitrs, ice,
oonnburg, Sept, 11, IKdl.
MMU: subscriber woulJ Inform his friends, that hV'ia
X iioiv prepared tu put up, on short notice, and in a
dentin manner, the best
nt 121 cents per foot. Al work warranted.
E. rt.UIDL12.MANi
Dloomiburg, May 31,
Look to your interests.
m s
rplIU suits rlhcrs hnvn Jut fcturneil frnui the
X With nnntli r Inriio nr( si'L'tt nssortuii't nf t!U
purclinsi'ii ill niiwiiripiiiai in in i iiihi'si iiuri'. nun
Willi li they urn ilcterinlni il to a 'II "u nsiiiiiilerata tedus
nsMitt In' prncuroii eisenuuro in uiiioiuiuurK, iiieir
.li.rk rnllllirises
uiDir.n' mil s nnons,
of chnr' st .tjles nml latest f ililnn,
l)HY i7' 'lS, I.S't) (IkuIT.Iill'.S,
it now in: qui:1 a imiik,
Cl-.DJlli IMHK, IWU.' !V IKIUli
(OA, ,v..s, Jinors ,f simM
HITS ; CI PS. Ac , tfc . Ift.,
In slmrt evervlhlnirii"U,illv Kept In inuntry t?lnros
tn will' h they InWte the puMIe cem rnlly
Tho Ilta1ict priru pnhl fur tounlry proilufn.
Mll,l,i:i & UVliS
lllnninshurs. April Sil, W2
ruuuaiici) nv n. appluto & co. I
44H 'tf'4'1.') firoii'lwu- , Arm Vnrk,
The foilmvlmr irorhsnro sentlnfuli rrld r" In nny per
nftlio Limntry. (upon receipt of retail pruf,) by mail or
t-spri ! I' I'.n'i ... l
Tin: ,ni: a -si iihmji i'vi;i,(ji'i;iii,
X nonulnr '
Diitioiinry ol ueii'rin unnn ii'iigr. iiiim ny (inintii,' 1
It i'I.i.v uu 1 1' isRM s A. Is ill, a d hy i iu ro is s."
lect corps "f w rit -r lu all brum h s nt sicrf ni l s. Art a,i I rtititu- I'l.i- rl, I' b lu p.iblitij I in J, ml li
taiu, tn I ivo vi liliti' s i a, h i-untaiutuv, hid two ri'lniu
pug Vols. I In M II incliiilv it. are Itow r jn! ,..i li
coiit-iiintig u, ar 'ino tirisimil nrttcle.. An itili.ilituiHt
volume II h ptildi h ti tin-1-i t ali.itii t,r",' motiths
Pri 'o InClotli. 6;i; fhenp. .l .".iij Half Uur.. i ; Half
llnssla, 81 3l)i mil
Th New Aiimlcnn Cyclnps.'illa Is pnpultr w ititttut ee-
lug sup ', Ifiir'i 'il bill not p-minlc, unupr -li msii-" ,
hut smnii ntly tb-tall 'd. Ir"f rrnni p -rs" pi 'pt mil
pnrtypr I'l ice. fie-h nil ' v t nc curat ll Is a ,- t ,.'t' t
statem nt ofnll th ,t is kiln n ipo i r I p t ,
ic with th e p I h i.. n-, i it t i , .
nt,t a, Hi i ia ll h ,s u n p la':- t
h, ii till .: . b rit "i ' 1 1
Hi ,- sp'ak Th r ar. i"i. I, In nb
Ihe'pi "lit I in i "I i'i t 't I i t li.t" ii s i ,.
111 si iiisticnl Inform .tin 1 1 lVn.,1 Hi ,'.f,i n, i,
cent raphlnil n ciiiint- k p pac with ilw I t, d y( ,
lions; lilst rieul iniitt r lathi e th Ir li si mst v ,
th" bit.gri'iiii a m tic s -n t t il i p ak ..I '.l-. u, ad, b il
also ortti living. It is ii ll'trary of Its if.
Attf.inui mini-or 'iiik D-nvrK ei-t nsoiti t : Heng a
ptilltleal hist ry of til ' Unit d r-'tnt s from tip nrgani.-i-tlmi
ol'th lii'-t I'.-tl. ial teigr s in IV . to 1 r,i,. 12 lit'
ed an 1 con piled by I Tit,ou. m-xiiin I'ri.ii the Of-
llcial llei nri of Concrss.
The win I; will bo complied In !." rn)al oct.i oliuii"
of Wl) pagL'seniii 11 of which are now randy. Au addi
tional oliinie willb" iiiililished unce in three month.
tiolh. :i l.nw tfh-ep. $150; Half UorSli; Half
Calf 1 50 em h.
l'nrm nrliih of four, and remit the price nf four honks,
nml live enpi -swill he -out nt the reniltt -r's exp mse tor
cnrriage.or lor I 'ii nuisrriiurs eleven copies w ill lie scut
at our expen-t fur carriage.
TU AUr.iVi'S.
Nn other works will o lib 'rally reward the exertions
ofAgents. An Auim- Wmfii in -mis Ciu-m-v.
Terms maile know n uu application lo the Pub ishers.
Nov. 'Jl. lrrUU.
I'lir. iimterslgneit i nrsn rxti-nstveiy engngeif In tne
Uililrrtnkiinr Jlimlntns. and keeiisrriiistiinik. nn li.iml
ud fur sale at his Warerouins, u large assortment of
Ity wlilch he is enableil tn 111 orders on presentation
Also Keep a good Horse and Hearse, and will at al
limes be ready to attend litner Is,
ril.MUN C. Sill Vi:.
Hloii.nsbi'rg, January Si'.t . lti!)
Al J:iy ViwUv &i 'n., IS iiiKprs.
IN HooiuTuiRiiSrntrr.
Philudclpbia, Nov. 1. 16122.
The undersign -d, having I "i il itppoiuleil Kub-irip.
ion agent by the stecretury nftliu Tr. atiny, is now pre.
pared to furnish at nine, tlu
i'rw tnrnli yuii (1 prr mil. (amis.
if the United titntes dcjg'mleil ns TivcTwentics,' re
leemable at the pi -a-iuro ofthe (."veriimi'iit. after live
venrs nnd tiuili.irizud by Act of Congress, npproicd
1'ebriiary 2"i. im-J '
Tiieioupon bunds nro issued in sums of SoO. SI'W,
J.iun, 6IIKIU
i'h llegiater liomls lu sums of 30, 5101), $2i00, 9IIMH
11.41 ? iUl'J,
Inleiestnt i-U per cent per milium will commence
rom date of purchase, ami is
l'AYAULi; IN (10I.I),
-eiiii-Arnually. which is etpial, at the present premi
um on gnld, tnnbout light per tit pur Annum
l'.irni irs, Men 11 1 ills. Mechanics, i 'apii--.lits, and all
whn h-ive any nituioy to ime.l slioiild kuou and re.
on mlier that the e lloinls are in i-H'i it. u 1'irsl Mnrt
rage iipohall ail Itn-uU I'nuk ftu"k nnd S'l-tcltl s.
ludthsimm use prntliKts nfull Hi .i,. Ar.
ic. in Ih' country, ini-l that lie- full nnd untile pun is
i ni maile for the paynont eftbh iat rut eitil linnlual
01 nl principal b) custo s Imiles 2x i i fi.nnn. and
lilt rual i.ei uu, , si r s tt iirtl.e ihi-st linnl.- ih.-
lirii, Aii ,i , ivai.iUe unit htoiiipujialur
Jtifi") in llic Aim ,
iib-criptioit rt'nh etl i,t Par in Legal i'fiiler Notes
.r in t- s aii, I lie i ki part-ii bunks in Pin ma-lphiit. r,
. rib -rs by mall wil jee -ive nrninu. mi .nil.i, u,,,i ,..
ry fin ilny and explanation will iu uifi.r.tfl on appli,.u.
till s'lpi-ly "f I Is Willi), k ,,t
.1 Yt'OilK... a .bs
Nov. ft. 1 f.i- :i;u. I j
-ti, - - -
A .'... Y ? Ct 7
(Opposite Iiittr-cn fine i.'ull.)
2iii2.-5T.ui s'liinipp i!i:twi:i:, ni'iii a. hixth
. .. ' I'raptlttott
November 211), IrY.J. M.iuh III le.,s
F. 0. HAR'USON,)!. 1)
WOl'l, I) ri-spcftfnll) iulnrmtlie otizens (,f I'l, n
burg, and Icinity.tliat he tmililuesllie nr., ,
Mi-.niL'ixt: .4X1) svnT,:iir,
ml solicits n share nf public iintrnnuu.
Ot'Hih on .Main Hlreet, lirst house )j0w Hie Cnuri
House, llloo m. bury. '
1 eiirmiry n. ir.u ti.
mi-uiv! 151U0KU niticK!:'.
Goml Uriok, just niuiudictiiroV
4 11.1 I... ..1.1 I. . I
rUUiuuu : nr? . i.,,,:u"
PPly to the suscribir. ,r...
Illnoauburs, June S3. ISlii. " A,!T!1,Jtt-
HliUliNU llAtJj-K9AI),
rt rent Trunk l.iun from llio North sol North-U'e stf
V I Philadi Iphin, New o ''utliiis . 1'utt. vlllu.,
nun. Mleiiimvii, i;.iliiii. i- fee.
Trains lenvi Harrislnig for liiila.ltlphla, New Yorl
Heading, fottsville, uml all intermediate r-tations, ut
a lu, nntl 1.10 i m.
Now York i ipress leaves Harrisburg ut LOS u lu m
riving at New York utfWlhe same iiiuruing.
t'ar-s troiii Ilnrrlshirg: Vi ew.York $oli()ili tnliiil.
ndtihi SI., lull, I Sii. taggngu chetked thrnush.
I.'eturuiug liavn Nw-Yor. nt lin. in., ii! Noon und 8
j ji, tu., (Pittsburgh r.Jfircss) J.cuvu Philadeliihi.iatd u.
111,. UUU .1 IU p. 111.
Hoeplng uiw in the Few-York I'jpri'ss Trains,
through to and from lillsb'rth without change.
Pn.sougt-rs by tin ( ilnilrnad Icnvn Port
CHntoii at 1.13 ii m, for liiil.(e!ph!a uud nil inirmi d.
nlo .latlim. ; uud at 21 p in S Philadelphia, New York,
uml ull Way Points.
Trains leuvu Poltivillu nlll a in, nml p in, fur
u in, uuu -4,10 p 111, jor
and at 3.31)11 in for Auburn
iiiiauiiinn i mill l.u.v 1 i.iiv
ami Port Clinton only, conn
ling lor line liruvu uud
with thu Catlawisrii hail ItJd
o :,mu..S&K
rr train leaves Heailing at
0 n 111, nnd return I'roui liillnHpliiuiit 3 n 111,
.'j V " ..mi.' .,, u.ii.j ip ..uuu). iiir i i-i
t.AHi"!J?l,,,. '.',l,""U!' ' "Uio W uiii, and
li ladelpb a 11 a.13 11 ni.
I 011.111u1.icat on. ,I leagelSenaon, amj IUouraioti
lickoti, at reduced rale, told frmn allpulnu,
. ,' All ll.u .il..,,, I .,, In . .il .li.ll.r ...I
.'HVrol fluperintendtnt.
A : ,
y'-yv- "7' X
WHS riHKft Pso p Hi,
Nos. 0, 1 1 , lit, 15, 17 Cou'tlnndt St'crt,
ni:ui iiiunmvAv, Ni:vv voiik rrrv.
This old'eslalilllied nml fuvnrile rcsntl of the Inisl
lies I'niniiriiill V been recently relltl-d. nml Isrniii'
pi,-1' In iivi'rylhliiir that enn nilnltfr In the rninri.rts of
lis p.ilrniis l.a.lli-a uriil families nru spuclally nml tnro
fully provll''.i r-tr.
It I- cnnlrnlly IncatKil In I ho liu Inoss pnrl nfllic city,
mi l is cnnliiilniK In III" prlnciml linos i.f sti'iilnboiils,
curs, iiiiinllinssi' fi'rrli's. kr,
In coiisii'iii'iit! uf III,' pressure cauicil hy the Itclicl
linn, prices llnvo lii'oii rcilureil to ,
Oim Dollar a d I'ifty f etils per Day,
The tuM" l ninply snpplli-il with nil tho luxuries of
Hit. spiisrin. nml Is O'l.lnl tu that of imv nlhnr liitti! lu llm
Ample actoininodiilions nro nffureil for tipwnnl of -100
;7" l)n tint believe rutiiiTS hnrkmen, nml others who
may eny '
'the WeMcrn lint' I Is full '
II. II. U'IMM 1 dTl 1. 1'ronr etur.
7ic Atw owmcrriiil IhtiuUngn arc hcu
led opposite Court House, corner of
Court ami Chcnrtngo-S'rcels.
ThlsCnll -git is ill nonuv couneited with nnv nlbor
In-tlt-itloti, I
I'h n r.t -s of the entire l'm ulty nro exclusively do-
Htl.-ll t.illlis.
I'll - -unofthls Institution Is in nirurd to Vnung
M n an oppoituulty for ucpilrlng n Ihorvvgh Practical
Itiifhir J,tlitratton
i ll, lliiok ami 1'rirms are carefully arranged by rcii'iiit.iiits. e.vpressly for Ibis Institution,
nml Hi.' i nurse of I lull union Is such tiicouibino Theo.
rj and Piarilce.
cot,i.i2fii ath ciii'nrin.
lills i'nurH .'ilibritei-s unU Ke pltlg ill ill Its ,1c
i nt .-its P iio.minshlp t;. iiiiin-ii lal rillimetlc litis,
i if 1' " .'.in rci i I aw. Pn Ccon
1 j ' ' tirtm r--hip si tlleinents, lie
. . i, k-Niii. s. &c.
' ' ' ' ' ' 'ii.ii ,n hip I lauclit In
i 1 i iilful imisti-r-ofth.' art.
I rt ."'lit is uu ior the special
to. ii t I III.- t'ti lclpal, I). W.
ri Is
,v.t.t nistr i
' .it
ijr.NT.P.Al. I VI'nllMAi IOV.
Htldntc.i it 'r nt an tlio.-; no Miciitimi. Usual
1 1 lain to i.mnp t-te Hi" 'nurse. fnuiiCIo p.' u u k. Assls.
tine r i--r -t t rni mil s In procuring situations.
'Cr-t'nat s .r-tir-s lit.-1 w ith au i leeanl'v i,ii,.i.,....i in.
plo mi.
' t- I'or n itiingiieif -Ipners. ptrlinensfif p-nmau-ship,
itc.. eiiiiin..- two IlII. r ftaifps and a ' . s.
I.OWI'.I. i W MINI'.ll.
AufusI.TJ.iFC2. May:i, leo-.'-ISm.
C It I' l' T K N 1) E N ' S
I'.JH.iDi.l.I'ifiV u.iU'lidAL.
C 0 L L E G-15,
A'. E. cor hi, , fx ih r,i I Cinhiu. Sticcis
Tins iNs-nn'i-iriN, whii h was cataVlthcri In Ifli nnd
is now cousetpi -nlll in the rlgklrrnlh iuir of Its sxist.
eiien, nuinh rtiiniong its er.nliint humlri.tls nf the
nie.t-tueei' .Mereh nits -ind liusiuess Men of our
1'ity Ontit-r of th lu.tlfition s,n,.v to atninl vounr
men facilill, s fur tbnioiigli preparatlon'l'or li.isin,.'s s.
'Put lliusriii.s-i-.i-iiiiTare, Hook-trc? nr, ns npidlc-i.
III.' loth Mirious dt putlliielils of tritle; l'rma;,hin
both il.iii I il ; flmsfol Inif .Va lie'
matict. XunnnllO'i L'iril l.ngmriring, Dramng, i
S'r.,b.l. aittl v'otcrn Lngnflgen .
Tii:Hv- ii:m oi lsi iiri-i mv is p.'ciiliar ; no classes or
set les-ons ar ade u e of but , ,,, , .iinleiit is taught
Individually, sotbat he may couimeiice at any time, and
ntleiid at whatever hours are miittnmi .ni. in.
Cruintr:s are i. sued n.-nun; after I he latli of April
containing names of Hi : student. fur til year, and full
partiiularsorfru-.-c..iin-l may be obiuiuuil in any
time by addr --lug the Principal.
In IIaiknsivk Aciommiiim cions. vLlnriprrail repnt-tlinn
and til Irii'rlhH erperh'iie of ilir I'rlnr'pal, tins I n -1 It u
Iidii '"1" rs Ciciliii.-s -uperiiir to.-uiy other in Ht. ,,,,,.
try. f'trynuii-.' men ii-liiim to prepare fr business,
nml to nlll, lilt at til" same time l inruim. r,li trill
ir'ren rccommt minim fur them them tiiauy MeicKun
tile House.
eC'iii-CTm s's srie rf Trrathri on l'ooi;.Ki:if.
I mi now nora widelyeiriiiliiteiltli iu any ml, ,r tk
on the subject, are for al - nt the Cull, gc.
a. nouiiiM :itii-pr.Di:N,,
.Tun.,-.' ifj,,,.
"-W ii.i:c
JSav Yotk ( Uy, ih wJik, Atbu.y, ''toy
imjfalo. JJr run, ( I'Vcuitd, Cticuxo,
an t .V. Lotii.i
llook keepiu. P. iim.iiiaii,, Cnmuieri ial Aritl ti.
''tt'lV' VVu'-Vt r'"6' CtMresp.llldeUi.u, pinlt
I ll s Cm! , v ,..,iig n,,.r il,,. r.,ni. tB,lurll .,,,,1 ,
cal iiiaiiagni.ut and umiii, , ,.lrl, . ,nat.,.u
ol all. t'.l r gr -at -r ilitus fur imptrii.ig iimri.c 1
in in aiiv nth -r similar lustit-itn u in th -, ..uutry.
,,,,1." ,1",1.i,r","l' n"""ed by any tins ,tgu d in all Ic I li
Unlll.ilte.l nine.
T'",1.'1 'iplii,U''ill'giliis biim re tlyenlai,
ami n liiruikii,.,, , Mlp .rlr ,,,, r, , n,nvfi ,
Ihetai!'' l",""l";i"u ' lu.iiiulion i
it.!.lyi".!,..Jh.iJ,?il,l""' 8, ri"H"f T"u ! ''"'hr.-ic
. .... -..,. .,, ..i.iiiier,,,.,, .V.IUUUCIIC, an. I i.i,i se ,v inml.
uiu.i ,.'r'"J i l,u'"f leinl I'or acircular.
KK-'ll OY-'P I! - cm b-ibtaluediit all n,,,e i...
Illooin burg. Pa., Si pt :t.
I'.. S I'D ,.!;.
fitirtiMi and rom;ti rial e):-ui ami
'!' jay.
1 '"l5in'',:,I,,ro "i M", I"V,u'i" lvi c'""l.cicu on
1 ilUf.lny. Oetoit, r 21 ti jmt
J S. WOODS, ,4,.c
in,. i
Hi ir t,i ,. ds
l l
i Hi
ih j huv
M)l i
to eo p.r
Ml 1,1.1.11
liter, ii in
il l in ii
nip i,.i
1 1 li in
i, V ,. . : '"-' "b.....isl,iig, Ciduu.bia
wh r. til y hit ii, i urryiiiai.ii ih. , i. Iiu-sj
mi. M.nui MiztMi. in nil lis dlv rsill nl brui, has and
il,'p.irti.ieuis. an It., whi h they imiie nu uMe,,,,
tlu public patrouagu.
H. II vil.l.l.n
, , i nr.D'K c. i: j : il
illnninsburg, Mayll, Hitl.-tf.
( ! ' !..,. ti, ni I
Jtlt Ptiblish-id 22 irt-aled I'.uv lope: Prirellils:
A l.ertiirn on the Nuttir ', Tr -nlineiit an, I ra. Ileal euro
of ppnrniiitnrrliu-a or s -inliui w.-akui ss, involuntary d biliii. and iiiipeiiimeule to mar-ring.-
generally, n -rvi iisii ss, consumption. , nil p.,
and Ills j mental an I phy-iiat iiit niiai-ity. resulting triii
self nbii.u. &c lly Itobt, J. Culv. rwell, M. i author
of III Oreca Ituok. e
i'hewoil,l-r tiiiHiied author-III Ihis admin,!, le I ic
il r .-I irlViroves Iroin iis own lAperieni-i- I lull in
law ml i-i-ii.pi. nr, ,,f Mlf .iliuse may he i ir i Inally
iii witliout me, in,., and witlmut dangerous mr
Binil oi rail ni.. bnugins iiistrumeiits. tings, nr n r
tlnls pgiuliiig.iut n uioiln or rare at nncu certain and
eir-i-tiial. bywiiiih every niir rer, hi
ciiuililion may b . may i urn bin,, ifclieaiily, priinlfly
and rudicalli. i Ins lecture will prove u heou to thou
sands uud tit, mis, mils.
d -nt uu Jer seal, In a plain cnvelopo to any address
mi the receipt of x cents, or two po.iago stumps
hy addressing '
.... Dr. CIIA8.J.C. KI.INH,
N!W v"fk I'ostUlllco Hm, 4if0.
Nov. 15, Ifbs!
A 11 persons knnwiiigtliiiiuselves indebted to the sub
scriber nil Note, Ihmk Account, or otherwise are
hereby to call uud .eillo the same b -tweeii 1 1,
and the llrjt of January, 8ti:i. If ,lni attended to ly
illiuinileinfur'c'nUecHum "'"' Wl" bu ,ttl '
Illo.sbr,Nov.SD.W,i. B'MnnNllAl.l..
r.slnte nf Dniiir Ieisel. drr'tf
T i:Ti r.llStestaniniinry nn tho citato nf llanl. l Rci
1 -Be . ate ofl ncu.l townsblii. l i.i ..1,1" .
necensetl. tiuvcheeH einuts.1 i,i-,ii.. nn.,i..
mil rniiuiy in in" in tiers guei a so rcsidlnc In .i,i
township' a rsnua havv'g il, lins ngaiiist tl'i' cslntr!
ofthe decent! ii'tr re.u '.tedtu 1 oienl he, tn t !
I jecuterul his residence in ii J lm nili in, ,ii"b
delay und ull peons iudcbte,I t i,"n , ,
I In ... .1. T 1 . S.B"-, U I llll-
IIL. IlL'Tl IT nr.. .... ' .--1M
. tu,iii,i,, utiiulit.
ft A 'l IGNAL I
Ale Veil lick, fuobl, Mid
roiuplsliilut Ale )uiit iili,
older, Mill your tjstciu de
tsitged, and uur fiellujcs uu
comloitiiblel Thtise ajruiii
UlltR lite bfleu the letnde to
serious illness totoo lit tf
sickness Is ciei plug upon you,
nml should he nicitsd by a
timely me vf tho rliit urn
etl). 1'Hko A)i's lills, mid
lleanso out the ttlsuldeiist hU
luais iurlfy the blood, and
let the lliilds move uu irnoh
fliuited In siilil,
ihey stlinuliile the fuiirtieus
' rf Ihe body Into lgoious nc
llvlly, putlfy tbesjueni fuua
the obstiuciliuis which mnko A col.l settles somewhem lu lh body, nnd oh
structs Us nitmiil functions. Those, if net lellau-d,
react upon themsslves nnd the Biiriuuuilhig organs, pie.
diiehif; gcneinl ngKrnvalleiii suuYilug, nntl dii'tio,
AThlle In this coiidltloii, oppasoil by the deiniiuenioiits,
tsJto AVer's lills, nnd sen hot dhectly they lesion- tho
nntiunf nctltm of the system, nnd with It tlio buoyant
fesllui; of health njoin. Wlmt Is true nnd to nppmcnt In
this trivial nml cuniiunu compl ilut, ll also tt lie In many
cf tho deep seated and dangerous ilistumpsrs. The sains
pillwitlie elfcct expcU lliein, Chiho I by obstrira
tlons und dcrniigeiuents of the o.ittiial functions of Ihl
tssly, they lire rnpldly, nnd many of limn smely, cured
by the same means. None wlinknnnr Ihu yblus of Ibeso
1'ills, will neglect to employ them when euITeilng from
tho disorders lliey cure
Statements fiom lending fhy'dms In soino of tin
pilncipul cities, mid fiuui other nell known publk I'or
em. Ivm a firuiardirg .Vcrc'ianf f Ft. tvuit, fib. J, 1961
,Dn. Arr.nt Your lills nro tint paragon of all thai Is
great In medicine. They havo cuted my little dniightur
of ulceintis sm es upon her hands and feet that had prurt-il
lucurnbbi fur yens. Iter mother has been long kiU.v
ously emitted with bbitrhps nnd lniplssdH hui sljii nuO
In her hair. After our child was cuiod, slio rdsu tils'
your Pills, ami they hare cured her.
ASA jiouamijan.
As a I'nlillt Vliynlc.
From Dt. K 11. an-fifi-df, AVie (W'cmt.
Tour lills nro Hi" p.lnco of pingis. Their esccllool
minlltles surpsi anj c.itlint tlu ,o possess. 'Ihey nru
mild, but vei-yceiltdii and ilT'-etiml In their r.cll'in en the
iiorrcls, which tinkel thsm IlilHluabte to us tu the dully
Irujtinent uf dlscasii,
IIonilnclir,Hlrlilienilrolie,I''onl fstomncli.
V-ein Dr. Itcvjid Ibytl, Ujttimme,
DrAiiIlno. Aveui 1 cauret mjir joii vlmt enint.hiliits
I havo cur.I with your lids b, Iter than to my oil ,e ni
ever twit iwi ti itmirttive mt'hciut, 1 place pieut ilcvep-ilem-oou
nn eir.cloal inthiitle in my ddlv contest vltli
dise'isu, und toileting ns I do that ytuii' tills nlfoid us Hm
belt we have, 1 of couise value tlism highly.
I'msni na, Pa , nv 1, ISM.
Dn. J. C. Arm. Sirs t hate been repeatedly cured of
tho worst A'lonc'is any body cm bate by n dse or two
or your lills. It seems to uibie fiom u fuiil ctnaiach,
whish thsy clennsit nt once.
Yours with Kreat icspcct, 21l. W. I'rtF.rtX,
(lerl: vf Sltaintr Cji i nt.
'Illlous DNnrilera I.lvrr C'omtiliilnt!).
l'rcm Dr. TltciJorc licit, rfXia J'n Ol!.
t'ti only aro your lills ndiiiliatdruditptrd tn theli- pur-pns-i
as nn ni-rletit, but I find llivli'lifnerirlii! ilfectsiipon
Ihe I.lrcr eiy maibuil Indeed, ibvy have In my piac
tice pioTtd lut.iu i-ITcrtuat for thu cms of b Item r?m
2'foi'itfs than tiny onj remedy I can ni'mllt'ii. 1 sincerely
rejiru Hint Mti at length u pmgallve vibltb is vt.r
tliy th couUdoncu ol the iofcsiou und tint epls.
Drt' or tun iMtraei,,
Wn-diliiKtou, 1). C "Hi lib., Itr,.
Stat I hnvn n-e.l eui- fills in my geoeitd uud Inxpital
pi act he ever since yuti niude them, and c.-tmiul iu-.lwiie in
say the) ntu the best t-albitl tic Mo employ, i lull it'u
latliu action on the liu-r Is qub-l. unit dcs'ti-d cuu-.t-qiionlly
they me mi a.hiihatdo letuett) lot ih-iuuuiiuits
cf Hilt ui(;.iu. Iiidtcd, I havo si-ldinn b-und utuit'if
tiilunii disrate so obitl t. ate that It did net le.mily l-ld to
thsm. Iratuumlly Junta, AI,d.n.i) 1IAI.I., M, 1).
lliytituut nf the Mai mc ILidA.
Dj scii terj', Dion horn, Itclux, Wmiui,
J'mn III: J. 6'. Gicen, oj Caeij;i.
Your lilts had n lung trill In my trut.tlcn( slid I
held them lu estct-iu us on of Hi best npeiltrnt 1 lane,
fcle'l- finllld. ih.-il-nltrlAllve elTect upon the IItpi liildl.'S
ilium uu oxreiient leuu-u.v, 1 lull iimst lu inuill ttnses toi
htltimt tty.eiiUrj uwl tli'tt rhtr.i. Tlmli sti,iai-coittlne;
lu lKos tli.m eiy aCi-eplaLlu tt.ld uulitvultnt fvl tbo Ufco
of Vfuuiell aud (hitdieli.
Uyl'llf Imiuii-Ky of the lllooil.
Vom 1,'t.v, J, V, lt,mct, 1'asfor uf Admit Vtuic'i, IJ-ist'.n.
Dr. Ann: I lnve used join- lilU nllh cv.tiuuuhiij,v
success lu my f.nnily nml iiiiii.ii thoso I am ealb-d to Mt
.in tllti ess. To it-mllntn the ciiraus of dit-sllmi uud
puiirv thu blood, they me tin, vny tit-.t it-mcdy I l.nve
ever hnouu, uud I con letilldriilty leitantnt lid Ib-tu to
my blends. ouis, J. . I11.MI.S.
WirisiTr, Wyonilnu Co., N. Y., Oct. 'JI, 1US.
llcin Fin: I utlt living y.aii- Catlni tls lills In In; pmfl.
tit-e, mid find tle-m ttu e.sci-lli'iit pmi'silu- to tlousj lbs
S)stcm mid lull ify Hit unlit it'n, al r'.s llnuil.
' .i.iIIm t:'. MuAtiiiu, sr. i.
C.'nnttl Ipnllnn, Coil Iveuess, fiuiini ef-loii,
stiii-iiiiim mm, J,iiil, ruiulf,;ii, linuit
t.y, Piiinlyels, ri'it.u, cto.
I'ti'tn lir.J. I. Vnu'ihit, Multireel, (lunula
Too much coined bo raid nf yum- Pills fji- tho rmc nf
('slititiui. I r i t l,t-i m r oui- fiutmidty bnvc H iiad tbuu
ns efficacloiis ns I have, tin, il ,i-ld ( .In my In ,.n,rl.di.f
111: It for Ihe ltn lit id tint mttltltud',s nbiisiiffu- lusn
that t-iinipl.llut, ivhli b, nllliniiKh bad fuunli I.i Iihi-Ii is
the otbeis tint nro wm.i.. 1 l,i.,,' , ,s.
til-Hirst toinliilinti- In thu livel, but J'eui Pills klf.ct that
oriu and cute the dUe.-ete.
Frvm Mn. .'. .Vnii, V'n'ci'nii and Mi',lir(t, Ruhn.
I find one rr 111" 1 u;M dos'-s nf jour lills ttll.t li nt thl
proper i vt-. H. nt pi m, liven, r IV t.ttlmu! tear
tint when wlmlly or pnill-illy, un.l ills i lery
elTjctunl to tteiimc tlio sfumtich nnd erlif. me. 't'hey
iirotoniuih the bust phjslo u hale that 1 le.-jinmeiiil
no utlter to my patlfuts,
I'mathe .'re. Dr. jie,'.rj,ei,e Mel'nVil f,)i fllimxh.
ITl iF.l Hurst. Savnunnh (In. .Inn C ltf-C.
HoKottcn fin: I sh uld be U'i,;ini,li.l fir (In teller
your skill has hi might 1 1 1 If I did iut mi mi, lo
yen. A cold s -ttlt-d In mv Iiiubsuud In. ii-hi on
rvillu venrnt.ii.: juime, h em!,, tin i fi.,nn.' ),. tuna,
turn. Nnlwlih-I llldlni! I ll id Hi Im t uf plij-n tail tho
dUeasoglew viiim,iii,, .i,uo, until bvlltt ntillei'lll'
e.vt-llont ngent in llaltlrnnv, Hi Jlai ln-oil. I lilfd ji.ur
Pills, i huir t It'et ts wnu vlou-. 1 nt mi, l-y loiseleiig
lu the uio of lh,-m, I am now entliLp. i.ell.
Sr.vm RiMtirirn, Pnton l:eu ;e. Lit. f, Dec. T-M.
Tin. Ar.i'.: I b.ivo lnvn eiHhlv em I, bv um I'lll". it
Wientii.'tia 6'uuf
f A' yn i s.
jjiuiiiiii uioasi. ii'iu rail itii.ici'-o in
rv-Mest rr tho Pills lu innrlct runtsln Mrreurr,
Tfhlth, nllhinigli a vnluatte iein,lr lu sl.,1 nl hum's. Ix
(Hngcrous In a puhP- il, fciu il: dirsdful c -rs.
lienes tint fiispi,iitl f, ,w l in, intbulH u , TlieM
contain r.o mercury nr u.imsul subst.tuts wbalinei.
Priqp, 25 cents per llox, or fi Boxes for 51.
Trepated by Dr. J. C. AYF.Il &, CO., LtwoII. Mps
Sold by 12 P '. litis, li M llageiibuih.nml .1 It Vnyer
I'lfn-in-liiirii I I Si li-iyl. r. llolirburg: Masters ic rioii,
Milhille; P Ma t -r.. II. ntnn; l.ariru ,t ti.her, Or.
.lnii-villi ; i I' I'mvler I'ow lrs ille : A Miller. Her
nieki Low f. liios . t'enter ille : 11 1' 1! ighart & Nitss
I'.pv; M (i SI maker, liiti-khorn ; Keigluirt tc Nus,
Mniiiville : J 111 irpb s Cattaw j Lreusy 4s Co,
Light St n el i au I dealers t vervwlnre.
Ju'j vi;, lNii--ly.
SM.AMANDI'.lt S.l'i:S, 111',.
MOYI'.I) to .Vk. Hi ieuA Fnurlh
S rert, I'ilfa Irjilliii. Imv on
nml u lurge assnrliueut of lire
iilief pmi.f S.ll llnnil.ler ti ifes.
Imi, iron doors, fur bank's uud
slur 's, iron slum 'rs iron sash, ull
makes ot'loLks cniiiilto any u.adu
111 Hi I'nltetl States.
Fire kafa In one ,fr). Ml came ant right! tcith con
tent in prod r,n;lithn.
Tin Salamander Safes of liiiladi Iphia against Ihe
have had the surest tlemoktralion in the rmiowing cr
tilled! that th-ir lure of Salamander Saf-s lias
at l-ngth fnllv w-iirraut d Hi representations wliu-h have
b -en ina l,- of th iu as rendt ring nil undoubted tenuity
ngaiiist Hi terrific i leue-nt.
Philadelphia April Q. 1H.1;I.
.Vers fnrt e? IVanon (i 'iitl, men It all'nrils us
the Iti"h 'st sat i sf.ic ll ..ii to state to you, that owing In
the v -rv ,n,t. ctiv .pialili s.l'two of tin Salamander,
S.if s w hit h ue imriiins d nfjmi so no rlv mouth since
we ,ae I a larg" porti m of . welij. ami all our books,
tec exposed In th iiiI.iiiiiiioiis, lire in Ituum-ad place on
th morning nftli lilt iim..
When we refl ! I li.i th K s.-if s wi re located in the
fourth sfnry ofth building in oi-iupied uud that tin y
Ml subsequently intiui h. up of burning rums, wli'ro the
vast roiicentinlitui of the In-ut cuun ,1 th brass plait s to
in, It. we riiiim t but regard th pren riallon of their ml
iiuble contents ns ne st (i nviuiiug proof of the great se
curity afforded b) our sales.
W" shall take great pp usiire in ret , aninen, ling thciii lo
men of bu.iuess ns a sure relianeo ugainst lire.
CillOltCi: . SI M Ml)Nr3 & llltO.. Jewellers,
KThey have sinctt pnrcliased lii largo S.if, s.
Julya.i, ItJii-.'. LAitgiistW, IHJa
Ililtinlli Columbia C'nuiUi, J'eivi'a,
This will kuowh School fur both sexes will o en
NOVUM 111211 3d, lefii!.
The recent additions In the buildings; render occom.
odiilinua for more llian rixly boarders.
The course uf study will einbrni e Hirce rif pnrlmuita
-tho Normal. Hie Hrli-ntifir, and t'le 1 uiiiinercial.
I'hel'r ncipal will h 111. i.tej by experienced (each-
nrs. 1 ny ipiuniieiiior Illelr rt speilive oitious,
Parent" und others may rest assured that no effnrls
w ill lm spared In make lb School worthy nf p ilrouagu
uud that Ihe welfare of the Undents, int'llertiially,
lihykiilly. and iiiurally. will roceivuoiirronstuiilarc
I 1 or itiMilirntimi. 1 irtulnm nr fn rl In- r Hurt iru Lira u,l .
dress the uudtrsisucd. at .Milluille I'oluiubi.i county Pu.
T. MAXWI2I.I. I'lli 'IS.
Mlllrilla, Pa., Sept. in. Itii2. I'liiicipal.
WAIlli.Wi'I'.l) NOV I2.PI.OrilVlll
and equal lo nny Kr2ll()rjl2Ni:,
WHY buy 1111 explosive Oil, whuu n few cents
cr callou will I'urhish )mi with a pcifoct Oil
M'lilr onhlj'i
t -o."
Ml MlTlllKTER!
Tt IIP. iimlerlmir'1. frninr,ii r... ...
liilgest and most select .tockuf ,'a,"' clllm, t,
That has ytt linen opened In tlluoiniburv tt. i . .
Invites the attention or hit friends t,,i .1 n,,lcl! lt
thai they nro oirered for rnv H, i,' ""in
Flock .onprlses larg. i;,,,!ufM l"tnUu- -
OUNTI.BMr.N'3 tVCAItlNO APl'Ai: i r.
C ur stiug ol i'iiinNAr.LS Dm-,, pf .
irlptlnn Pants, Vests, Shirts, Cravat, B, ,,!"1! "
llniitlUenhiefs.flln,'.. H. '...r..r"a" s, I'olto
I 1 "r "i. mi , CIK
Of every description, flue nnd (heiin.
. re. i -it...A...i.A. .. .
call and see.
... v.,viiii,(-r i.atcKiiunrtr i r' r-..i. .
V !,... C. ......IL '--- ''
v..u.b.. ..inn, iik i.iiuos.
lllonnisburgi .March 25, IfC'i.
Uuu ib,tj.)
niwoTim to jixn na.iaiox,
VP is thctleslctiof this MngLTint to prmluci aeil
I g.iiit uuil pure litraltic, mm Ii us Mill inhlviilo th"
taste, rr fine the mat. lit rs ni'd eniirdilo nil h0 alnisi''
lie. Literary without being pei.unllt, rriigltus In Us
time ami Inn l.-r without Id, . t , ii ,,,ke
w. Ii't.niim li .rever II is liuoteu. ,o iniipuxim, n, ii,.
I oiintry is hotter ndapt-d lo th famil) circle. Hurlni
Ih,' l.irlh -11111111? voltiiiie It will n.iitiiiuetiiimiliitiilnlis
rbarail. r an 'J'h Um-i n of Hie Monthln s." h, ns
lilrh.inliul etrutinl h Hi,- Uepesltnri is lit t eiiiiiiled
by nny lu the lan, l. It If printf u In in k, r.
otype ilali-s on the fincsUnlcn It r d p.iinr, nnd ,m.h
liuiiih -r coiilnlus tun nn I mil Itnl eiigrin mg- ej.iu.
I'd in th- high'ststvlDui ih.. ut hynrtitli Mho ntud
l.t the It :atl ot th, jr prufessinii
I lie tlcpnsitory I ns stt i i is I l.,!n Hon tn Hn liit.Hy
II furui.h.'s a gri.-iliimiiiiiit uf i -iii mg uunpti-u le ti l
Hi inemlurH nf the family young and t,ld- i,(,t for
g.'tti'ig Hi ihil.'r.'ii- Itl-i'r ih.viiriiu f., oi lib . -lu
li. ligloj. .mil (i.meinl I. it t nturi it nri-iii.ii i u uiehe can b II 1 1 -l lu nonthcr way 1 s rijulnt wiI'lo
Hi.- In-art tin i soul 1, '..
Aiiiong Its are f'limd some , r j itti
writ rs iu th laud. Th-ir ..i) -r- nivt .1 f,iu,e rritc
uu I vurl ty.ns u .11 it ni'triit-.'.luii in lin pi,cts. u is
tli' Int ntiouof the 12 lilor an.-. I ,.bh -In t in i, nl.o it
the fust Mug iZiiie of lis kind it tin-country. eiHiial
u It ii t i .ii U iu It fd to the Miri l . and lute let ting u
t -ills of Hi i:-itirliil li . rl t.f-1. 1. whn It iilnt.its f.
l-i rus tin w here i I.i- to be loumt. It v ill inrlum Mtiii.
tire t'nbiii.t. i uiiiaiiiing many ihoieu lliouFliis aiid
ixpositions for thu I bristinii ri auer nml iii'nist r
Not (tutri.-s. i. nieinry a nl inton i.uii.i,i.,
bijhl) irtereftiiig to the iinpim:, ive ; , niu-, s i'l ,.,,
I'.ibli -ntious ; If ins. i ii iiiij, s it atiflc nml I, i,t-i u
gi'iiibo'luu f., its, liiiiift-uti, nu.l 'tui.tuk id pi riniiin t
i aln 1 ri,,-lii.,iK li,r ihlli'r'ii t-.J.-li i. ill i. ,i,
mines mi l uu. tdute. pi i iilmily n,l.,ieil tu 'i,, ,,.S' dlia
iuiriiit ihililrt'ii; til. 1 ni s, u ant up if
rit li aud rar. s nntl niieitlt'U - i..e ,ri ,, ti i. . ih.,
1. .lint's leailiogj nnd l.,.itur'siLbl -unuUu vl.Ih.ut
put ii v.irielv.
i here Is au iconouiy Iu taking til Mngrainc, if ynu
lool, hi the n 1 1 . 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 of Hi na lin.. in.uter. A single vol
ll in- I- 12'iual tin Ight ishiio. ,t u, n I win. I, ,n prrn ut
rates would ct.t $1 curli. i I it is m u gi.t m u.r
Iti'li.isitnry fur Tun Dnllais and a 1.1 1 t li i wulil cm t
nu leu lltillars ill Hi.; hoi k fi,r'l ; and thtna l.-ire
iiuiitli i id .up ih m , , iigiaviit;ii in Hie baigmn '
I iiiltM' lu liv id the unpr 'i-eniii niLiiasciu
the cost of paper nnd nil nttlir u .it rials of in..iai'ac
lure. "niid in i l the fan thai publish, rs ct but ks
nr i. imp I :u in add from twenty ll e to Hint) p , , i
tall p. ne of th ,.r knoks we Ini'r ik-nieeiju itn ,,ta
, l i attempt tu.' . iiblicatn.h i I'lhn itt-pi-sii.-ry f. r th.
, e iming y. ar nl h ss ill in two ami ,i llaii 1 oi'air. TI is
mil i ne j' i , ii inwiniimy in iiiy.'inc.
All Ministers nt tu, M Hi.,, i.i Hjiiser-pnl Uninhnre
uiir-ililed g.M uud will ri'ulie t'.u.siri I'lnn. tad
P,im nts I'ubli.h,-I b) lie A. hi, i l,i-i ck, ' le. inn: ,i,
i urn, r ol Mat , . I.ighlli -ri ts I ajln u 4. l m-r 1. .
Yoik. -,'.i I .Mi.ibury tnili-is ll. n a iv ',,,
M l)i-tiglil. ( In, ago; J P Mii-ei. p.,.ttn;S l'itki s.
I'll 1 .i 1 1 ! p Ii i ; J p. r,,i, l;.iliii.,,,i,.; J. I,. ; , ll8.
I.u.g. P. nn : II ll.niis, I'i. Sir. !. , Y.; Ili.b, rl W 1 ,i. Priiuris,-!,, I al.;T II. IVariie. Poriiti'id. .
II ) liu us Pati-riin I. r. tt'iw , I ni ii ii, Uncial i ,i.
through nnj .aire ii, tt.iwlius nuui tel till lulu Id'isi t.pal i'l, irth.
" I.1, I i -:ik,
J A ME 9 i-l. SMI1 H,
I.VS'Ulfl'HH J1X! Ifilnl U..1I.K llA 1 I ft
tilS. v 1 1. Hit;, j;,.-,
-V-i. :).'23 ifulitm btS , lillicrcn
M.I.V .
3 f I',.
r n iii'vi.v -r , , f'll.M'Kl i,-U,
c. u. Ili..M,, rrnlmg .-i.t and Halui in.
n," il tn un i: sp.i;i.i.y Houinsi.
Nov lub.-'r i f C j.
"v'ew York
IS titi:.
A ben, vol ut I'islllutinu emlivcd for
1 1
i I
i mine iiis -a-, s ..I ever) uatui. nnd to
' t't " t ai-i-rnsers ami unpn tort
g S ejl -pt for H-ilil H cured, ll ,1 ti,
treme It) ir at it free. N.i .Mm. all
o,ls linns ile,l. 'I'll -,.n ,,
.,' ' nc in in i i p. ni,,
.... . . ,i i .inn 1114 nr.-Milun o IP .(imp units 10 Mini ll
special llttellli.u, , g,, . All I'lscase',, , f ,J Head
I iron Lung- I'. i, .J,.aci , I.ucr. Iw In, y, liladikr
ill ..,', i., I'll. i.,,,-.r. Pij -h, en,.u-JAil c" mi
l)i as-s. i, li- i..l ihmi.i... r', .muni U.akiom, lm-
pot -ii, .- and ir H , -',. .... f every na. n. posl ie
lciieii. I is. nk s i f 1'. males aT,d all irr, ,. ',i,lr
mi. ii, .rain i iiimii... s ami .9 .
without paiittul opernniiiis. liiMi'titi, tn-i-t d b, I,
hy -ending -i -t..t m r.t uftli-j, ,,, i , IU .
any par ofthe rt..tnlrv. (ii'i-ultaticii. fr,-i i.,,.n
, red
i, r
i I to
Atlules, . St'-I. p eurl.iM d,
LIS I. (JUAM.H IViisulliag p,vsuln
Aprils PW-.2,,,. WJ K"""1"")' so. .JM
A'iffC nf Jul-
on Crorfir, u'rcnjif,
I l.Tii i
I J ,o.i C-'iire
I'adi.iliii.tration mi tin- 1 state of 'ak.
L, l.'ll I'l i.tlttsl till, ll.l.lli it mill.
; ', , "sen. nave men cr.inlt-d by tiie l;ifisn.r
d nlll i.bla ri.tlhtj in .Mar) (ieorge end Pelerb., r
I. in-u'lmiiilatrit ,rs. ml prr.i.1,.. h.ivjug ilam.sngni- t
1,1,,-ts ato o Uu- dec nl, ut, are rcpi. ,i, d to pr s, ut
them to tliondinjnniiutnrs at th ir resiliences in I n
oust town-. h,,,. ,il.,,t,i . . ,y. ai,,l pUIBns Indeotirl
lo make payment luithw i.ii.
, ,, , Pf.i tR K II tit l.l.l S
Junitary 17. 1,VI ;vv. 5... .jjtni,t,uirs
Tlu Cidui.-ibus Mn'e an.: I'emols A.-ademr, w ill oi cu
ll nrM teim niniii Tin .!uj tin nn of wr. ncv.
i ni school oll'-rs iii -nor imlminieni. to nil vfhu
nre ilesiious ol nnpining nn 11. 1 dc aural eilucuiuo it
pn pare for t.n bnig nr tn obtain a ttn-r uch know let t
ul any of the 11.0 let n nr an, , ni i, , ,,, s
l or furth.r liiforii.1.11011 1 inin 1 r- 1 I
li S. PIS'J i M. Pim-lr-ul.
.. .... . 1 r of J.iu.N I2oi..m, hec v..
at (w i.oiumbiis, I uisrne co , i u.
l):t.Jo Ino.'.
1. I III", undersigned woul I infurin th. cilixous
r"J ' l.lo ni-iiine au I , ii iiiilr, Ibal h bus Mist r
elveii ami oil rs mr sale one nfib . nimii xi. 11. 1,
.-1 mi t in nt nf 1 ' 11 1 K 1 ;; it n ii 1 ,u, v h-iiivi-s
1 ver inlriidiiied nlo lin-mnilet, iiir ('hn.p pin 1 Lo
umbos. James llobb ami lilibemo annuig tu fl.,i dms
cooking Slov -s ull of v.uii li an bit -tight nml ens Inn in- r
His Parlor -tm s ar hand oim, nml ibe in on, mta
ried. AI.-'O P.iriicular atleiilioii ir pi.ij t -jni tVnn
mid llotise Spinning, upnn short auticu. All kinds cf
r'Tnniug will he done with neatness uml despatch
tv" Liiunlry j ruduce taken in cvRhanse for work.
,,, , ., , I'UII.IP S. MOl CR
liloom.biirg J'ny 10, ff,s
ST11AW!! STltAW!!!
'I UN'S ST, MV, of nil kinds. Iturkwlieat ri
l-eileil, is wiinted iiuiiK-iIiatelj-, u Hie Mill
t.rnvu l'ni r Hills, n ur Light Sir'cl, for n ln.-h
. .1.11 , in iu paiu.
Min n . THOMAS thencm
Mill Urovc, August 0, lC?,
'nvo FARMS
Tin suhiiriher od'eri for tale or rent, the two follow -lug
I'arms, one nf them eil little in l'iiltiiigcreck tuv.n
ship, Cnliiuibiii county, i nniainnu'
more or h ss, iiboiit lllty-flvo ncres of wMrh
isihar'-ti 1.11.1.'. i hereon art 1 ru leti u good
iwo sn.rv FU.1.UK hlll.Li.Ln ,,.
nntl Htsi.VF. 3UhX. Wuou House, Corn Cub, and
outer nuinuiiutnes. other I'nru., sltuawln Ilenton towtiihip,
Cnliiiubi.i cinil , cniilainiug
Acres nboiit i'hlrly-Fiio Actus nfwhi n is
(. j, ch ared Inn, I, vt her- nit are, ir-rtetln Ht.l.VI'.
aif'li 1'iri.l.l IXO IIUVHK, FIIAMi: M,.V. and
tlte'Ul other luithuililings raid (arm is siliinla oa
Having Cr,ek, nboiit twoiiiilra above aii ll ater.
.11.SO Two other nan 1 1 l.ots, silutita in liihln
rre k lowitship Iviuguii I iililngrr ek Itenil nnd en
i.ile from still Wat- r cue lontninlng I'Ul It KsiH
nn I tho other 11 'i'. vn !.-,( in-1 gun, I" n a k.
'1 Hi ui lertnsanl c-a ltlnnios knn '
I lihiiijj--i. uih t '6 U9
1 100