Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, September 27, 1862, Image 2

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ni)iTr.n-v IiUVI '' tatb, rnornir.Toii.
"ttLflolnsjBlMlG, PA.
or AiiiiEonKNY county.
Hon. Is. 55. BSupcrl,
Subject to the decision of the Conferees.
CSeo. I. .laclifeoil, of Sullivan,
Jolin C. Ellis3 of Montour,
William UIivcII. of Towanda.
roil coHMissioxcn,
roil county BUuvEron,
tor AuniTou,
IMP II ll mi IH 1 ""'- nil-"-""
tou.oh)no uki)LI'1iun, wiiu ii rxrmssss uie, oics or
"That the present deplorable civil war has been
T'ltcoil upon Hid country by tho disiniiuiiistH of tlio
(Southern states, now in arms against the
Government, and in arms nrnnml tho Capitnl; that in
this National emergency, Congress, halililihiR all feal
4113 of mern passion or resentment, will rctnljoct only
it duty tiillio whole country J that this mar it nol waged
n tAtlr part in ly ;ilril of oppression, or for any pur
jjose of conquest or subjugation orpnrposcof vicrlhrcicing
-r interfering ttlth the rights or established institutions of
these Mates, liutto defend and maintain the supremacy of
the Constitution, and (J prcsrrrf tie Union, with the dig
nity, equality, and rights of the setcral States unimpaired;
and that as soon as these objects arc accomplished the uur
tught to-ecasu" p .
Opinions of Judge Douglas.
II (.'publicans of our day, now he isnoinorcptofcss
amptkit faith in the opinions of the lato Hon. t-nrnra
.A. Docolas. Wo rail to the witness stand tho living
hstory of that trieil patriot and eminent statesman. In
4I10 United States Sonalc, upon the 3d of January, JcCl,
Judge Douglas said :
"Ixddress tho inquiry to republicans nloneorfAerra
son ihat in the Committee of thirteen, aeta days ago, every
uanber from the itouth, including thoic from the cotton
Unit IMassrt. Tombs and Davis) C7prcscd their rcadi
nass to accept the proposition of mil readable friend from
KentucU (Mr. Crittenden) as a 1'i.VAI. SETTLE HENT
iftli controversy. It tenatrca anitsutiomea uy rciniiitcan
......i..-. t.tll-vi'i- -I'll,' urn l' II r'pn.riillf , 'P-
piculty in the way of amioaiii.e adjust-
Stephen Ji.Jlouslas.
"I hold that this Oovcrnmcntwns made on the White
Uarisby white .Men for.thc ibenelit of UJnta .Men and
their Posterity rorcvcrl Setphcn .1. Meuglas,
XSyPotcrson's Magazino for 'October is
among the best numbors yot issued. In
deed Peterson is alwayj up to tho best of
SyDr.-Johu having waited patiently,
until assured by tho telegraph and news
papers, on Saturday last, that Goncral
-McClellan had driven all tho rebels out of
Maryland, and that "Pennsylvania teas
frcefiom imasion immediately volun
teorod, and on Monday following, hastily
.getting together a few men, Etartod to Har
risburg to defend the Stale from invasion,
Now it will not do to say that Stonewall
Jackson ran away becauso ho heard Dr.
John was coming, for tho Dr. kept tho
movement a secret ; but It is fair to infer,
that tho Dr. volunteered, becauso ho had
board that "Stonowall" had run away.
Wc trust ho will como to no harm by roa
son of his gallantry.
In publishing tho address of Mr. Buck
alew to tho Orangcvillo Meeting tho
Patriot and Union, remarks :
Wc call attention to tho very able and
lucid address ofChas. 11. Buekalewypiib
lished in to-day's paper. At any time
an address on public affairs from this dis
tinguished, clearheaded statesman would
command the- respectful consideration of
his lellou-. citizens, who, without uistin
ction of party, appreciate his raro ability,
solidity of judgmont, and honesty of pur
pose. At this particular timo, his opinions
on tho groat qucsliono of the day, are of
more than ordinary interest, and should
bo attentively read and considered by all
vho havo tho interests ol tho country at
Curtin in a New Character.
Our excontrio and redoubtable Gov
ernor seems to uo dotormincu to ex
haust tho subjoct by appearing in all
sorts of costume!.', metaphorically speaking,
for it is not known that ho donned the
hoops,; hut his last nppcaranco is cither,
tho Mud Roy in tho "Alchemist" -or tho
Fish Human iu soino forgotten play.
-Certainly his speech has neither dignity,
jiolitoncss nor decency. Timo would havo
vindicated him from the chargo if false,
aud it remains to bo seen if wrong motives
woro imputed to him.
A dispatoh fron Harrisburg states that
Governor Curtin, on Wednesday a week,
addressed tho Pottstown Guards, of Mont-;
gomery county, commandod by Capt. I themselves with tho gallantry of veterans.
t , I, IT , , .; ,l,, . , . i-11
John Honry Ilobart. In tho courso of i Their loss, is as follows :
His rsmarKs ho saiu that any person who
camo to Capitol Hill, and ondeavorcd to
crcatotho impression among- tbu soldiers
that improper motives had prompted tho
coll for tho troop (a report 'having teenj
circulated that it had been issued for po-
aitical purposes,) was a. liar, a traitor and '
a coward I Ho had called them out for j
. , , , , . '
tato defence, -andian tho prcsont craor-
uey was ov'er'.hc would ?ud them? homo. I
Accoptanco of Wm. Elwoll.
Bi.oo,Msnuna, Columbia co.,
Stptcmbcr 15, 180U.
lion. W i Mi i am Ei,WEiiii, Towanda,
Bradford bo,, Pa.
Dear Sir: Wo tako pleasuro in an
nouncing to you, tliattbo counties of Sulli
van, Columbia anil Wyoming, composing
tho 520th Judicial District, have unanimous
ly nominated you as tho Democratic Can-
didalo for Prcsidont Judgo of tho said
DUmVt. Wn ..f .
accoptanco of this nomination and
Remain yours, very respectfully,
Michael Moylcrt, Conferees of
Geo D. Jaokson.
II. Bittenbeudcr,
J. G. Freeze.
J faullivau co,
Conferees of
J Columbia co
J Conferees of
Geo, S. Tutton,
Tlios. B. Wall.
Towanda, Sent. 20. 1S02
Gentlemen : Your letter of tho IGth
inst., informing mo of my nomination as
the Dcmooratio candidato for tho office of
President Judgo of tho 2Gtb Judicial Dis -
triet was received to-day. I regard this
nomination, as beinr?. under all tho circuui.
stances, highly complimentary, and accopt
i .i . , , .
ii itic more cuceriuny, uocauso oi tuo uuan -
imity with which it is conferred.
For tho kind terms in which you com -
niunicato tho action of tho Conference,
accept my thanks.
I am gentlemen,
Yours Respectfully,
J. G. Freeze, II. Bittcnbcndcr, Geo. S.
Tutton, Thos, R. Wall, Michael Meylcrt,
and Geo. D. Jackson, Esqrs., Conferees.
Wo quote from a debate in the Senate
March 11th, 1802.
Mr. CLYMER. But, says the Senator
from Bradford, if this country could be
restored to peace, and could go on from
age to age prosperously, with this insti
tution intact, ho would bo inclined
Mr. LANDON. The Senator is not
right, sir. I wish to bo rightly represen
ted. I want tho whole of the quotation.
Mr. CLYMER, reading from the
speech of Mr, -Landon in the Rccoid."
41 God has made certain men with their
faces a little darker than mine ; but if they
arc capable of enjoying freedom; liberty
and the pursuit of happiness, it is your
duly to give it to them ; and woe to the
govercmcnt, sooner or later, that refuses
to do it, and throws itself athwart their
pathway of progress. I am no infidel ;
but if wc, as a nation, can hold up and
perpetuate slavery ,agc after ago, sanction
it legally and christen it ecclesiastically,
and at the same timo prosper ourselves,
.bo free, happy and great, escaping all the
consequences divinely threatened against
injustice and oppression "
Mr. LANDON. That is correct.
Mr. CLYMER, reading further
"then this, if anything, would constrain
ma, not only to question the bible, but to
doubt the very existence of tho Deity
Mr. LANDON. I endorse that.
Wo quote from a debate in the Senate
March 11th, 1802.
Mr. CLYMER. Mr. Speaker, the
Senator from Bradford asserts that "this
question of slavery meets us everywhere,
it meets us here, at home, and on the
stern and bloody battle field," and ex.
claims in excited and angry terms iive
must meet it." But how? "Ncccssaiily
in one of three ways," says the Senator.
"First we can submit to bo ruled and
ruined by it. Second we can continue
as tee havs been doing fight the rebellion
tvi'.h one handjtnd hold up slavery with the
other , until both par tits are exhausted
then settle our difficulty by allowing or by
compelling the sccedtig States to fall bade
into the Union with slavery, slave rcpte.
scntatin and all its concomitants as afore
time. I have feared," says tho Senator
from Bradford, uthcrc were too many men,
in high places who desire this ?nodc of set-
tlcmcnt." But the Senator asserts "this
would be a false and fallacious euro for
existing ills. Let no one delude himself
and others, by pointing to this as the
pathway from the wilderness to tho prom
ised land. It ncver should, it never can,
it never will be done"
.Micro you nave it, sirl iiiere is no i
mistaking the position of the Senator from
Bradford, and his followers. lie and
they will never, no, never I consent that
this constitution shall be inaintalucd as it
is, and tho Union restored as it was. Oh,
no, sir I lie and they assert, "it never ' never never will be done." I
. . .
iiold him and them to all the cunso-
quenccs of this treasonable and rebellious
8 Tho "Columbia County Guards,",
102d Kcgt. P. V.,wero iu tho hottest of .
tho fight ou last Wednoaday, and behaved
uuiiam liazarus, Killed, (.ball thro' head).
J. P. Mclick, slight wound in hoad by a'
--hAA At fill a! 1 l
iuvi.u w.uui,
Henry V, lroup, slight wound, m right
leg abovo the knee.
jesso M. JIowoll, wound on sido of head,
Adam Heist, slight wound in right sido.
Josoph Lawton, wounded iu arm,
P1' . . " oar. hcad,an,a lc'
Amasa Whitonight, wouud iu right leg.
S. M. Fishei, left arm.
Augustus Kurtz, inissiug.
Army Correspondence.
On thi: IIatttiK Fiem, )
September 18tli, 1802. S
Dear Father I I write to say that I am
still about, having passsed safoly through
tlto hottest of tho Battlo of Middlctown
llights, on Sunday, and a very warm part
of the fight of yesterday and .lay before,
rpi... ,,. ..'i, . , r . ,
1 no enemy is still to our front, and wo
iB,,aI1 a!l probability have a scvoio bat-
J tlo to-day, On Sunday I l ad command
of fivo companies of our Regiment, umW
a storm of fire; tho fivo companies nuin-
boring about 200 men, out of whom C'J
,vcro killed and wounded. Tho balanco
0f th0 Regiment wera not engaged, though
j thoy wcrQ unJcr Cr(Ji Th() JacktttjIs aud
itM0 0tI) commenced tho Rattle of Sharps
pur6 lato on Tuceilay evening, and were
' iu linc al1 of Tuesday night, skirmishing
Wltu tUo cllcra'' Bud Pono(3 tho baUl
' oatn0t at tlnyl'fil't, yesterday. There
as ncver l)cforc CCX1 80 lnuc bloo(1 s
in 0110 day on tu0 Amenean continout, aq
1 yes.tcnlay' loss on both fides being
lint lnsq tlmn fift.v flinnonnil TvTnnrt nF ...
' J ,j
I brave boys havo yet boon killed. The fob
tlowinS aro tIlc wounded in tho Dattlo of
Middlctown llights : Calvin Achonbach,
Joseph Ilauso, Samuel Gottshall, John
Betz, George M.Demorcst, Charles Forn
wald, Mark B. Hughes and U. R, Bur
kcrt. Battlo of Sharpsburg up to this
timo : Bcnj.F. Sharplcss, William Snyder,
Harry Harman and Henry Linn, To
these I may also add, the names of Gcorgo
S. Coloinau, Liout. and Adjutant, and B
R. Ilayhurst, Sorgoant Major of the Reg
iment, both old members of my Company.
I havo about 30 men for duty this morn
ing, but wo aro all completely used up
thank God there are so many of us left.
I am sorry to close this letter with the
(intelligence of tho death of George M.
Domorest, in tho Hospital. Tho bravest
of tho brave. Tho loss of our Regiment
in both battles is 17 killed and 03 woun
ded, several of tho wounded havo since
With lovo to mother I am in great haste
Your allectionato son,
To Hon. Peter Ent,
Light Street, Pa.
Congressional Conference
The Democratic Conferees of the Thir
teenth Congressional District of Pennsyl
vania, met at the Ward House, in Tuuk
hannock, Wyoming county, on Friday, the
10th September, 1802.
The following Conferees appeared and
produced credentials:
DradordV. E. Piollct, J. T. Dcmoy
er, A. Enuis, W. W. Kingsbury, A. E.
Wyoming Alvira Gay, John Jaekion
Sidlivd7i James Deegau, Richard Bed
ford. Columbia Ye tcr Eut, Jno. A. Funston.
BlontourW. D. Wcidcnhcimcr, J. C.
On motion, Peter Ent was chosen Pres
ident, and V. E. Piollct, and J. C. Am
nierman, Secrctaiies.
On motion of Y. E. Piollct, tho follow
ing Resolution was unanimously adopted .
Whereas, We have assembled for tho
first timo since Bradford, Columbia, Mon
tour, Wyoming and Sullivan oouutics,
wore mado a Congressional District :
Therefore be it
Jlcsolved, That wc agree that this and
all future Doinocratio Conference that may
bo had lor tho purpose of uomiuatiug a
Congressman, shall bo composed of an
equal representation from each county, of
two conferees.
It was therefore understood that Y. E.
Piollet and J. T. Domoycr act as the two
conforcee from Bradford.
On motion, it was j
Resolved, That when this ooufcrenco
adjourns it will adjourn to meet at the !
LiXolmrierH TTntpl itl lilnmnLl,,,..,. T...,
r. -"wv''"""'Si "u iuu:-i
day, tho dOth inst.
Tho followinK was then unauimouslv1
adopted :
JCCSOIVCU. That Pnfpi- l-Int,, A ,
. , ....
mr.vmn i ai7. "n...
w. ....... v, linn,, "Jiiv, ou 11 uommitieo ,
to proparo a statauient
tho existing Congressional
aud report tho same at :
tho this conteroneo.
On motion, adjourned.
Whom to Adijuess at Wasiiixoton
-l.MPOKNANT to Busisi:ss Mkn. As
there are mauy persons wish to commun't-;
cate with tho different bureau? of tho War
Department, a memorandum of tho prop
cr persons to addross may be useful to .'
our readers :
All letters ro!atin to pay of soldiem
on furlough or in hoipital , uhould be ad- '
dressed to General U. F. Laniard, Pav-
,uai: " uencrai.
, P1'0,?10" for J'aok pay ami tho 51 00
ir n ii w i. ... ,
. . . vv " " . -t.UVII, UUbVlIU
.Application for pay of teamsters, cm-
ployces of tho quartermaster's department
or for horses killed in service should bo
addressed to Hon. I. Atkinson, Third Au
Applieating relating to pay or bounty
in, !" u,ariuo,?nd I) 6rvice, should be
addressed to Hon. Robert Berrinc, Fourth
(Auditor """(, mmi,, xuuuu
Letters concerning soldiers in tho army
should bo addro.sedto Adjutant Gou
- V (
iiorcnzo Thomas.
CyWo observo by tho last copy of tho
"Star of tho North" that that paper is to
bo discontinued, at least whilo tho Editor
ii off to tho war. Wo hope its patrons
will turn to the Columbia Democrat for a
county paper, beyond all controversy the!
lost. I
Pay Of tllO Militia.
Tho pay of militiamen who have been
,, , . , , . , ,
called into service is the same as that of
tho rci'iilar armv. 'J ho law of Peimsvl-
U - J -
vanii is as follows :
fourteenth, Tho officers, non-com-
missioned ollicors and privates, when call-
ed into actual service, cither on a rcqui-
sition from the President of the United.
Oi.i... - i. it. .-.I
uir.uua or uuuur nm oruor oi mo uovcrnor i ' i
of that State, thall receive the like pay ig tbo constitutional rcla'ions between
and rations and such other oinolumonts as tho U. S, and each of tho States and tho
aro or shall bo allowed and granted by tlo ,,eoplo thereof, iu which States that rcla
saiu United btatcs to tho ouicers, noncoin- . . , , i v ..ti.
missioned officers and privates of'tho regu , Uon 13 or bo SU3rontlcd or tllsturbc(1 '
lararmy at tha timo tlioy fchall bo in sor- lliat l 1S '"V purpose, upon tho next meet
vice, and the noncommissioned officers and ingof Congress, to again recommend tho
private fcball ho armed aud equipped at adoption of a practical measuro tendering
tho expense of tho Stalo during said sor- ! pecuniary aid to the frco acceptance or
!, - . ,, . ,. rejection of all slavo States so called, tho
I hn frlllnlVltln, nrit Mm rnln nlln.rml tn l .
t " ' ....uv.
regimental officers of artillery and infantry
by the United Statcs4:
Payment mid Rations per Rlonth.
Colonel 5222 00
Licutenant-Coloncl 109 Ot)
Major (JO
Captain 120 50
First Lieutenant 110 50
Second lieutenant 105 50
Brevet Second Lieutenant. . .105 50
Privates 13 00
Tho pay in caso of invasion is essenti
ally different from that during riot, tu
mult, breach of tho peace, or when tho
militia is called upon to aid tho civil pro
cess. In such emergencies, noncommis
sioned officers and privates rcccivo SI, 50
per diem each, aud commissioned officers
tho satuo compensation a3 thojo of tho reg
ular army.
DSyOur readers will all recollect with
what gusto tho Republican abolitionist pub-
lislieu Landon s speech in reply to 'ly-
mer ; and endorsed it as lha greatest speech
ko ko, Wc charge that Mr. Clark was
defeated by Aboliiiouist3, aud that Dr.
John was iu tho ring to assist. Now in
order to show what Landon is wo copy
from tho speech thus praised by Dr. Johu,
Harrisburg Telegraph and others ; and
wc quote from the Tilcgrajdi.
Ho said :
"Congress should abolkh slavery in tho
jlmsu'icioi uoiuuiuia upon terms couitah b
and just. Then they should declare the
c" u uiey veruaoiy
Again :
"Tho countrv will nnt lm nilnr.1 ,..,i;i
the people of the free States consent to its,
destruction. When they restore and per-1 testimony, be deemed conclusive evidences
pctuato slavery, their consent is given, tho 1 tint such Stato and tho people thereof
die is east, tho deed done. You -have ' aro not tletl in rebellion against the Uuited
then only to wait in melancholy mood for c. , . .- ? , ,,1.
the bitter harvest of rotributivc justic. If SUtQi : tl,llt attunt,on " ll0rcl,y callei to
that harvest fail to como, then aro tho laws a" act of i;o"Krcss, entitled "An Act to
of nature reversed, and the divine govern- make an additional article of war," ap
ment a failure. I proved March 13, 1802, and which act is
Atirl -ni nrnin 1
1(I repeat, what have these Abolitionists
done? Havo they invaded any man's
rirrhtR ? "Vn'' to rnennnen . '..
Brown did." Yes, ho did, sir. And then
the double charge is that thoso Abolition'
ists sung a song to his memory. 1 never
jlid, bcoanso I have not the ability to sing,
but if 1 had I would ut least have joined in
the chorus. With regard to John Brown
I havo to say this: 1 did not introduce
him, tho Senator from Clarion made the
introduction. I have only to say that in
many tilings no may have heen a mistaken
moll . Itt.f lf nil 1- .
when the name of tho Governor who hung
him is forgotten iu rottenness, and as tho
ono goes down lower and lower, tho mem
ory of tho other will riso higher and high
er as a wan, though of fallability, yet ol
heroism, manhood aud philanthropy.
There you have it John Brown, Geo.
Landon & Co. A beautiful firm, "and
his soul is marching on.'' , muu iui nil fcUUb, Uia JiUJilU Will HVO
Dispatch from Gov, cnrliu.
No more troops to start for Harrisburg
il rir
IlAlUtlSKUUO. Sent. 21 .-fJm-
" W
Curtill toletrranhs frnm IT
tify all military organizations uot alrcadv
. J
btartod for llarr sburp to wait at Lnmn
. ' ' l BrS o wa t at homo
. uula' "' roua'
uie mat ail danger ot invasion has been
riMiinunn. inn ,nn.u ni-n,,. i,r, i ...ii
, i , I,, , . . .. ..
' "-" ......jr uiug iu lull
retreat down tho Sl.onandnnl. A,11v
IV III !i nnmin ll,.i, .v-i.i.v uunu inu uuuililliuuiiu ailOV-
uontLe'All interested parties should, theriro
,,jal apportionment keep up their organization, bu wait for
tho next meeting of orders before starting for the Slate Capi-
I tal.
iiAU1UM,u"u' oui)i. jjy nuinority
tt... r. ... -,, .. ..
01 governor uurtiu the militia now ouar-
t r t . . .. ....
ftcrc1 liero wiu 1)0 scnt Lolllo lo day. It
supposed that thoso in tho Cumberland
Yallcy will also return as soon as trans -
portion can bo arranged.
IlAUttisisuno, Sept.
'0. Governor
Cur''" '3 cxpeoted to arrivo here to-night
from his visit to Cumberland Yallcv
Tho militia lately sent to IJa.-erstown
, T, , , ",. r ,
and Loonsboro wore this afternoon scut
iiiiiriT iinr, inmKi.ivnni'i
JCSyTho most disgraceful act of the
present war seems to bo the surrender of
Harper's 1'iirry, with twelve thousand
men, fifty guns, and an untold amount of
ammunition. 1 he guns and ammunition
were used against us iu Tuesday 8 fight.
As it turns out, the somewhat notorious
Tom Ford, of the culpablo party ,
having shown the white feather whilst iu
possession of the heights commanding the
store iiouso ami troops junior djol, miles.
This interfered sadly with the calculation
of Gen. McClellan iu his fierce encounter,
next (lay, with a foe (lushed with success
and well supplied with artillery anil-am.
munition taken from us. AlUhis will not
save (hem, however. .General McClellan
will wip them to their liuarts content, not
only out of Maryland, but out of Yirn-ln.
i and we confidently expert to see tho
whole thing wound up by Hallow Eve.
Proclamation by tilt PrPSldoilt.' the State and their lopectivo Statoand
Dy the President of the United Stales o.tho people, if that relation shall haro been
A,nini " , susncned or distuibid, bo foonipensatjd
"" '' !for all loss by act ot ' tho Uttltod States,
I. Abraham Lincoln. Prosidcnt of tho ii
United States of Ati.crioa, and Common,
dcr in chict of tho Army and Navy thereof
j0 iicrcby proclaim and dedaro that here-
r, , ' . P .,, , -n t,
aftor', heretofore, tho war wit bo pro.
pnitpil tar I Tin nlnnftt nf nrnnlinallv rcstor.
..,( ,!, .(? , ,,l ll.nn l,n r-r,hr,.
lion against tho United States, and which
States may then havo voluutarily adopted,
or thereafter may voluntarily adopt, im
mediate or gradual abolishment of slavery
within their rotpectivu limits; ami that
tho effort to colonizo persons of African
do'ccut, with their consent, upon this con
tinent or clsowhoro, with tho previously
obtained consent of tho Government exist
ing there, will bo continued ; that on tho
first day of January, in the year of our
Lord ono thousand eight hundred and
fcixty-thrco, all persons held as slaves
within any Stato, or designated parts of a
Stntc, tho pcoplo whereof shall then be in
rebellion against tho United States, shall
bo then, thenceforward and forever free,
and tho Executive Government of the
United States, including the military and
Eaval authority thereof, will recognize and
.maintain tho freedom of such persons, and
will do no act or acts to repress such per
sous, or any of them, iu any efforts they
mako for their actual frccdoom : that the
Exccutivo will, on tho first day of Janua
ry aforesaid, by proclamation, designate
the States and parts of fctates, if any, in
which the people thereof respectively shall
then bo rebellion ogaintt the United
States, aud the fact that any Stato, or the
people thereof, shall on that day be in
good faith represented in the Congress of
tho United States, ly members chosen
j thereto at elections wherein a majority of
thc qualificd vo(ora of fuch St.Uo Bhall
have participated, shall in the absence of
such State shall havo participated, ehall,
i" 1,10 !,l,scnco of srol,g countervailing
in the words and figures following:
Re it enacted, f-'., That hereafto
following bhall bo promulgated as an ad-
llll,oual art,cl of war for tIia government
j of tho army of tho United States, aud
shall bo observed as such article :
All officers or persons iu tho military or
,.!: r,t n -. j o. t
, ' I,r'
i Llb,lcd from elllPloJ'g any of tho forces
under their respective commands for the
1 pui jioie of returning fugitives from service
, or labor, who havo escaped from onv
persons to whom fuch service or labor is
claimed to bo due; and any officer who
shall bo fouud guilty, sLall pc dissmi.-od
from tho scrvico.
Sec, 2. And be it further enacted, That
this act shall take effect from and after its
Also to tho ninth and tenth sections of
au act, entitled "An Act to suppress in-
surcction, to punish treason and robcllion,
tobieao and confiscate the property of rob -
dlu nnrl fr,f 1 II ,
1 ,1 in ,.
i "orua anu uSurcs louowing
1 firrnrni fn lnwin,, -
-o a
Skction 9,
Andbe it fur liver c'lactel,
' Tllat alls!avos of persons who shall here-
'.,f l,n .1 !.. ...1. . .,
'" " h"Suu rcueuiou against tno
Gow f b
' : . " .
, J b , l-u'1"u'1
tuorcto. nn c antnrnn rem ciw, i. nmonm
1 1 uuu.. i.vus
, , - "...
au MU& rolu wiiiiiiiine linos ol tho
7 ..
f captured from such
, POi-ns or deserted by them, d coming
' ",ulcr t" contro1 of lho government of tho
I U,llte(1 States ; and all ulaves of suoh per -
ons or deserted by thorn, and coming un-
ilnr tlmnnntrn nt t in nnimnunn,,, ( .t.
. r . r ". r"" '' '".u
na ,-mi' , ,., ',..:...
1 placo occupied by, rebel lorccs, aud af. I
I terwards .occupied by tho forces of tho'
! 'Uuited States, shall be deemed captives of
war, auu shall ho lorover froo of their sor -
j vitudc, and not a
;ain held as slaves.
10. And be it Jurlher enacted,1
That no
slavo escaping into any Sta'o or
I Territory, or tho District ol" Columbi
from auy other Stato, shall bo delivered up',
?.!" 111 nnJ "" "nPctIed or hindered f his
Jioerty, except lor crime or somo ofl'onpn
t,,0 ofleneo
i . , r. -.- , ,t n - .
juj, sam ,. rjirivo sua l
ing said fugitive shall first mako ojHi that
tho person to whom the labor
of suoh fugitives is allcgod to bo duo iu
lm lawful owner, and has not borno arms
against tho U. S. in tho present rebellion,
nor in any way given aid and comfort
thereto ; no person engaged in tho military
or naval service of the United States
shall, under any pretcuco whatever, us
sumo to decido on ,tho validity of the claim
of any person or turrender up any such
person to tho claimaut, or pain of hciu"
uiaiiiisfeu iromuuo sorvico.i
And 1 do hereby eniuiu noon, nml or.
dcr, all persons ingaged in tho military
aud naval service of tho I'lntod Stio tr.
observe, obey and enforce, within their
respective sphere of eervico, tho act d .7;. ' 11 u,,l ,' ,lt,,,ai'l 'loia.'e l'or
actions abovo written! aud t,,L u f, ltt u m",V L",n'u"!,llt OohmA
will, in duo time, recommend that nl 0,
citizens of the Uuiied states who shall have 51 Vl A h rl V. ffiV S"'"1
remained byn thereto throii"hont tlm rrr-mh,i i", ' UlirfJl'n-
rebellion, Utlll, .upon the SCL Vaea Wrf U.
. IUV11IM (IIU V utM f it
i i vviln(;sst thereof, 1 have hereunto
1 sot in v hand and caused tho seal of tlin
J United Stales to bo affixed; I ,
Dono at the City of Washington this S2d i
f g Jmh in 0r0U1. ,
. .. i .i i t..t.. i......t i l I;
Lord ono thousand cmht hundred and
- - . . .
Kixtv-two, and ol tho independence ot
. .. i . . n
tho United States tho rightycvonlh.
II.. tt,n Vroaiilnnl .
IJy the l resident :
Wll.MAM II. SllWAtttli
ci . . rt3,--
baorctary Ol btatC.
The Truth or Historv. Wo think
tho Hartford Courant runs no ruk in ma
king tho followiug ftatomont
WO tlllUk that history Will rCVCal lllO
iacts mat ai 1110 timo tucuiciian vrus
- .. m ,,
charcod with dereliction in not sondinir for-
a .... ,
Ward trOOp.J to lllO aid of General 1'OpO,
lm liml vii linllv Lmii .Irlnnwl nf -ill liw
no had viitu.tiiy ulcii stripped ot .111 ins
troops, even to hU body guard, and that
,. r .t -i i-
he himself Was asking lor the privilege Ot
going hiuucir, in almost any capacity-
that while tho President was led to bo-
lievo from Popo's dispatohes that all was
dent learnt of the disgraceful retreat of,
our army to Ccnlervillo, ho called upon
McClellan to take command aud save the
Tim Wnslnnirtnn rnvrfsnnllflont nf tin"
a ..-j.-..
, . ' rrt,
anu.uouiaiiau, says in 111s icuer 01 liiurs-
, ., , ., , .. I
uay : "lo day, MeCIollan is a iisiug man,
1 ho soldiers new and old adore him. 1
I cannot account for it, but such is the f
fact. 1 reveal no important secret when'
I stato that the Government was couipull-
, ,,,,,, 1
Cd to rClllStatO JlcClellau by tho Violent
feellllgS IU IllS favor among tllO troops ,
,r , , ,
lie roile OUt alllOtlg tllJ tl'OOpt yestl'rl ay,
, ., 1 ,
and they went wild with enthusiasm at the
1 1 i. r 1 t,-, i ., .
bale Sight Ot him. U Jiat IS the Secret Of
this feeling iu his favor? Who cm tell?
Underttho circumstances, can any one
censure the President for tho course he
has taken?"
The Washington correspondent of (lie
New York Exprc3, speaking of Goo. Mo
Clcllau's high popularity among ins sol
diers, says ;
.. i i h. n, ,,
Uu oatuiaa) last, when lUcUsClIan was
at Alexaudiia with iii.s hody guard of lead
, , i i ,7 r .
iiiuu uiiu jiunureii men an tno rest had1
been ordered to join Pope, and ho there !
listening to the sound of citnnou, knowing
that his line troops were being taeiificed
and he not allowed even lo be present he
telegraphed to tho War Department
again and again for permission to
go to the battlo field e.-en
without command, and only as an
amateur, thinking that his pi". senco might
cheer his own troops, and at any iato could
do no harm, but lie was refuted aud ab
olulcly foi bidden ! ! '.
'1 ho New York Herald fays that "a
perfect accord now exists between MeCIcl
lail and tho Prc-iidi"Iit and tlio P-iliImt
, ,1 , , , , LaUIIJCt,
and all that is asked by ien -'IetJlcllan
is that lie shall tic allowed to carry out
his present purposes. MoClellan isaia on
Thursday he bad no quarrel with anyone
Ho desired to li t tho pa.-t bo passed.
We have enough to do to fight the common
enemy, and all he asked was to bo let alone
aud he would put down tho rebellion."
Operations cf McCaU's Riujion.
v a , - .
Colonel 11, C. BoIiiijiit, ol iho S.'vent h
Pennsylvania Reserve corps, wounded bv
.. I,,,ll,,i , I, I. .1. i . i .
a millet tinougli tho right arm ami breast
and Uol. Wall.iher, ai the J'ilovcntli I'eiin
sylvania Reserves, wounded iu iho left
arm tho latter actinjr as Brigadier Gen
oral at the Sunday's light at tho South
Mountain, upon which occasion both oil'
ieors were wounded, arrived in this citv
on last evening, and have afforded the
lijllowiuj; lac.ts relative to the
1 msui
finn if r.Pnl I ' j .11..:. t .!....-
l" ii""ii, mriltctl 111
lint; nl hnlt i. U' ipii oii ,; ..I,.,,. .
quarler.s ol a mile of the bast; of
Mountain, and advanced upon the nnsi-
I Ullll ,111 tlin CIIMimil nfllm I. l-l.
" iv.-m lw1H Mirii
, now com.nenced shelling advancing
a)mnt.u i " g'ountl over whieh they
passed was ol an iindulatiii"r character.
. nil.,, ... . . ee. . . ... ,
.i,ui 1,11 .'iiiini-, 111 111 rt,u, it-pno .,1 ,fi
:.. ., , 1
s, a
,. .
S sneucr at tim-s, tliouch the
. e
, - J- - i,,t broken but
galling firo ofariiHery "and infantry M
! tho summit a sharp hand lo hand ' lht
onsueii, hut ol short duration, and the cu
cmy woxo drux-ii troin their position
confusi..,, d,.. ,i, .i, J ... .
mountain, still hotlv nur.sif:,,! l,v M,.
V,M "f0"' wIl JJ",I(1 1:lrer numbers or
!c'lIn l,l'isof,rs. The height was occn-
' , " " '"halt's troop. Da-
1 '-"!"k;iu"ih on uio ii;it oi Uoolc-
VJ V 1 "von V' oml" Kow York
T" !-'l'S M't:(!,0i!,!,; .'" capturing the
J-ouisana icgimi'iiis.
I , 1,''vor-v so,tlier should kcrp in 1,H
' 7-, t - ,. ' "Pn w,,l0 should bo
,,"l,MUlu "a mu nanio and address
, wd
1 uCilS0 occurred nt Alexandria, in which
ouiuiurs were orougnt Irom tho battlo field
ouo ill and tho other wounded both
too low (o obtain theso particulars from,
thoiu Thoy died, and the hospital au
thoutics were deprived of the ot.poituuity
of apprising distant relatives or fricuds
ot their decease.
Ji?TuU' 4M,cGu;,u'AK's Sr-AKr.-Ghior
o Staff, irigatlicr General Randolph B,
Alari-v . Ai iiii.,.,1 i n .. '
- 1.1! , . . . .". '
i ti i i v,u,,u,'"i"";adicr lion
oral Solh Williams ; i,1Sp(u-,r Wp, ,
O-TIIOMAM W. MATimV, nerolv
'I Hi,, p,
O.MII'IU' HAIlrf, Hunts, nUoeii mid limn.. or. n, Ii,, '
menu nro now oirited In tnircliiMcm nf the nl.,,.
Sleilal at tno tvonu s i nir in i.ouumi I , I
r., 1
11 f"1 .ffilta il.reS
rlc'rf. This Is lunch tho IntifOiit slnrk of trunk
U --
.Military l,Niioit.M, There fa, ui tlmn.
monl nf military Im-hiii's In Hu.r. i. .
n.rira in.irked liiiiirot-nmeiit Ihnu In Ihn Hn....
I diiirs. Nut many years iliue oiling mid ii,n ,, '
! . In riiriui-nlil U till ll U ( nt lillnn.t .Li. ....... .
I ' " kill. '
; wore leaner siihk unci wire worth; i,r
II I 'V hCIll 1 ur riirtJI III llliJUIII inn : i 11
1 HI' III.
, i.r,,,. Md iiaht i. i v-1 mndiMoiiiinii nnii
Hi" If n
lX!, "Xla T t'u V,
i ciothin f inii ir uckiiin & wiimn, no, I'm ,,,;,1,
I Chestnut street, abotti Hlxth i'hlhidi lph,t. ,,,,ni)
xMnt u ,,,rL,ttiy 0,,., i,.niiui ami n'
The tlrm nnmcil have none tarecly tutu thi h:i
I lualihn Alllltiiry I'lntlilng, itml I Ii. -I r f.iilllu
jthumu fill llm lurceil order In tho jhorlejt pa
tVpt. SI. lJlil
Uniformity of Trices I -A New l-Vulur in Un i
Every one hit own f.ilesipnnl JO.M.H t. to
L'roseiit Oim I'rieu Clothing Mure, No. Cil Matki t ,
nbnvu Sixth, rhlmdelphia. "
In addition to hariiiL' the l.irtist. inn. 1 vn.i, .
r.i.liiouanic ! . m iimm,,,,, n am- pin.,, ,,
pressiy lor reian ,nie,, nave coiiiiiuicuei
. ..... i' .... .inn . nic... 1 1 n i' i f. ill -1 1 1 1. 1 ml
,lc""'e.T .. ".. 1 '., .' .?omior " i
nit ii inn" " i - "311 m-, mi r it d
c.l'll""" p"H',i, ill jr i"i ii"-. iiii unir
Tim boo.N lire well spnnjjod mid prepared null,,
psliis taken with the tnnKlujj so that al) ranluiy
usnriitiro nr pittmi; a itt am, tu nttiiu r,
ot price ai.o, u irir- stuck nfiii.T e,ui, h. a,
Hie latent t to and hihl "in.ilitles, wlilfli 111 l
t order. In He most fashiouabl.) m.,, ,
, "'KJSK.Mark,, .,,, h,,,,,Ki
. kd.'.'oi. jums,
, j. .
STRAYED from the riic'oMire . f 1'
undersigned, at Moonifb'irg, on or ubot tli hi ,
-rf A,'Si''-
Re I Mih k Cote,
I k? HIslllR four
ear' o'il.
I --A lilieinl rewnril i'l h' civ, i, for 1 rr 1 r
information Hiu-reiibuut..
s. pt. '-'7, isi;iJ.rits.
rpllE Advertiser, liat inn been re'tor, il t" lir-,lih
X few e. ks. by a wij simple mum, a r 1, via s whim lunft all. Ml n, n
ilread dlsea.e.fonsninplioii liiini k, I.
to hi ft llniV'Siilf rers the 1111 am-of 1 ur, .
Tnnllho desire It, he will enda uipy ,, i!,. ,
FCrlpllon tixiiil (freeof i hara"'.) with the mr.-i n
pr. pariiii.' nn.l u-lns t It.- same, wlin n thi-t , ,
llK t'i'ni: for Cosi'UMi'fios, AitiUM.v. Hiiom h ,
tho muy nbj-ct nf ihu niierner m n. im, , 1
st riptlou is to Ii atuni III ' aillii ted. and i-pr. ail id ,
tjnu uhich h-cnnci'lyes to be i it.i.ibl .nn 1 Ii 11
tivi'ry sulleri r will tiyhis rem. dy, will e t,
unthluz, and may protea bl"sintt.
I'.vitics wi-thiu tint pie.tiiplitn, will pi -a.e a.lai
l(n. I.HW Mil) A W II "
WidlniiisbitrSi Kind's Count) , . w
gent. 57, IfbJ -Ilnio.
"? liu County f'o.nnns'iioiicrs ill irv iv pr 1
I tho lliiiiiin itf til ttiii.tu liiis-i, in I j n'i i n i:-i U
hliip, rnllillllH.t fit , !) tUl'ftl I 111 li ill I nt' 1(1 ( i .1.
M . tiihl J (i elin k I'. ) on KtlunJi j tic J.llt ''
li'mt),:r i-iV2, Cur Imililin tt:i opt u r'l.I S ItUHK.i
ITiri Cfck, near Hi-1 u-flilfunMil'ili'i mhl yiil i ,
rit I I hn tl tif 1 1) lie (ill I ML'IWi ril iilttl I ill' 111 -- , I IN
i.v.-t; nizin n tt irnm low mwr m.'k, rt.
'J Mwflc.iiion.caii be yvuvuuv tiaviimi pia.-.. o.
nn- 3y ' rder ol tli. Cointin-biMii ,
cohhuh lowr miiee. (
'!''"""t"-'r"'s"1" '
n. c riu it, " i
.K!iu Martini.
No. 7!8 Arch itre.t, 'r'no
F.iahlh, south si'lr, '..,'
dciihia. Juporti r tut't ,., i.
VpHllhC nl II ltd i,v . t
'UxM,. , all hi mis of Vanu, l-m
1 desir' lo say t" toy fri nil.-
f I'olilniiu.i tin ' 1
rotindltlL' Lolllllli'5 llliu I loiv uoir t,i a.-, ,
the arjrei.1 and in-t beautilnl lls.rltmll' i I. I
and 'untitles "if 1'AM'V I' .ulics' ani i
drens li'ear. that will be v oru during tins I . il .,
My l "irn veie purih.ii-i'il iu Imropo. pr mo'i i i
J " iier.Ung Uikang; an, I lli i h inii"
olll, ,-, ,i,,,r,,., -i,,.-, i. Hrst nt Aumi
1 1 ";' 1 "i"1 '"". niat a- lomr s -tor
lllllt I ..p. -
will oll'er it at pnee. g"po:linn.a In whut lb e . -
eo.t uie ; but it w ill L.t iiupiM-lble for me In I. j
and .Mauuf.u lure any uio.e 1 u. an I ,.i II tb m a '
b'ine prices, o ing to the mix tiled ti.ileof the i.ll.u
nf the I'ounti) ,
LJ llcmtmhcr the iej,.e, number nttds'irt
jo:i r .
.13 AKCII Miim.1, i' .
Ht-pt. TO. 1B52 ., ,
VV t:.....,i,,. in,. J ..,i ,t. ,
'nir"f ")'' '' """ to an.' m.iie oi tin r ..
Jaeetiu s by publi, iiimh ii, urn- or n, r n. ,
p r ofthe i. n-t t. my iiiiJe. b. r. r m i
turn, and to t-iiitni'-i ut ih 'Kin lb ..iti,
rd," and In "dei-iiruale I'i ' plni nl w In-Ii i'i I - li
tub' II. Id,- Th.ii.1 it, I, JUil Ml li KM v Ill b - i i
Jfnf Cidiiuibi.i count)-, ,lu In r -by iiiak,-Kii'm u n i ,
ilalni lu the 'pi.ilill -d i.lfitor-. nf t oiuiul.i.i 1 It CKM.IUI, l.UIIIOS Mil be Ii 1.1 ill 'I " . f
(lay Ihe I OIlliTUr.N"! (I UAV ill' (il Tilii:i , i
nc.iud Tuesday i.i tanl month, at 111 . v .
J rj l-1 Wilhlll 111 - minify, In nil -
llentuu township, ai tlie public house of J. .1. mi1
in Hi - town of'ilei.i'.ii
Heaver township, alth-bons -c.f franklin I.. Sb.
III. mm lo,iu-lnp, at the I o.jrt lli.iiri'. 1 I ,nin-l,,,-L'
llnaiireek luwihip, at tli- t-i Ii ml IIoiim ,
Ilnroii'.'li of llerwii'k, at le Ton u llmis... in lb run
I'nlUwiss.i lowiibhip, at the house .U'.-anKH I K i
ba ler, (.'.illaw ia.
Centre tourlnp. at Ihe house of Jeri-uuali lies i
Cuii.Mnhani Km ii-l.ip, al in.. oi It it. U i
ri.hmarrei-k uv,i , m t; i tuiise of i, .(i. v. ti .i .
rr.inkliu townshiii. at Cl.uto.r, Si In, l Hon .
(ireeuwoo-ltnwusiiip. al Ih hulls-; o J j. ,.t, u.l
Ileudni-k towuiliip, at tii.-lbul. Il.iru.
J.ukmiu toHiHbip, nllt'e house of i.i . ,.l. .
loium tumuliip, at Hi j h-i'ue ,. J. I,, lluiei. c
tu 11
.Miillin township, nt llu.iinii. e of J., ha n r,
-'ll"4"1 1'l-":' t"p- tiieJrm.u nu u,cui
,i.iuis.m twp., at tiie House- miiiiui I ll.,,,i.i .
. lill, I ICK.
,1.,.,,... , 1 ., . . .
. v".;-ui iiiniisilip, al 1 oe uuilso 1,1 Join, 1I iia,
" ,. V .'. "r.,.',
.Maui ton i,,:i,,,. ,,1 il,,. I,,,.,.,. ,,1 1 ,'1, , , v... .
in,,, .1, ,,,,
lioarim-ereek trutnUnp.atihe limi.ef"ir'.iierl) ' , I
by B. W. Driisb.i'h, '
llranfe inwnship, at the hou.e of Aluander Hi 'i
Orautev 1 1 1
Tine tonu-hip, at tlr hou,. of Alb rl limit, r.
Piig.ulnnr township all he house of Ali-i is Ci I .
Hentttwp.. at lllelnnlse of Knoi I, HoWi ll, I., i. .
ii isiurnie iiiree-aii Unit the ebu ti.iu 1 f it, - -,. ,.
vrill ib-trtilM shall be opened In twei 11 tli hn 11 . ui 1
111 o'clink 111 the foreiionii an. I thall continue up 'n v i .
out or udjuiituiuent, until 7 yi..i k 11 1.
ctciiluc, tin- pulls shall liu iluseil.
Tue ollk-c rs U Ui electfdnt (hu lime and plaeeo ut 1
said, are '
A Anlilor Gencriil
A. Surveyor Gcneiul,
One C'oilgrr.ssintttl.
Ttva Members of Asscmb'y.
A I'm side nt Judge,
A District Attorney.
A County Commissioner,
A County Surveyor.
A t ouiitij Auditor,
It Js fiiilln-r "lirei-teil that llm in-rilnZj or the r t
Judjt.'s Hill be held at Ihe Court lions. - iu lil.ion.sbiii 1
lllllke out the c,-i , ,., ( i , 1
vt iii it mi j i 4
n ui.i si:vi:.ti:i:tii i av of octohi:ii.
ill" Mliril Jll'laes of the i,. ,.,uuilv liisilHl " "
P0se,l urili- rotiulieh i.f WyoiniliJ, Siilllwill, I 1 In , 1 1 "
and, shall iiuit nt tit,- Curt ,i. 111 I'I... a.
"ire, 111 the eoitntv f Culu,,.!,,,,, on Tl'l.Sli.W, Hi
I W IATYnitT IIA V. f Dl '! (nn.l; L.vt tl, u , , 1
returns iur uieuilr rs rf
The II. till 11 JmlKMti nf Hi,. Cnti;'iessinim Hi III 1
couipn.ed of tlu counties of .Montour, Coluuilna. ruin
van. V yiiuuuu (iii-l llruillord, shall meet at tlm l'"'ni
louse, ill Ttiukh.tiuiOLk, 011 Tuenl.ty. lite Ttui.i)
llrsl day of, ne.t. to iituke oul retanis l"i
tleiuliiu ol t.'oit(:resjt.
And in and by Uu- b.n. art, I urn further dirn t,d l
Kivuiiofiee thate,er) person, liuptuii; Jtislnes ..Mb
peace, who shall hold mi) nliu u or appointment of pmi-l
!e,i""L'.""k'f ll""i"ivernment of IIil United tstali- "
l Ihiiibtuti, oroluny city or incorporated di-tin'.
wiiellier nnniiiuissioiieil oillc, r or otherwise 11 sulnir 1
mini olhcer or afeiit, who Is, (rih.ill bo eiupl wed limb '
ihe Usislalive, or exeuttii,-, i(r ludiiary tl. iMrlui" nl '
mis ittatu, or ol any iurorporutet district, mill also tliut
")ery meinber of iJoutii. ss, and of Ihe s-leit or touiiiu'.i
i-oiiiii il ofaiiyiiiy.ioiuinissiiini.rH, of any inior'"t.ii' '
' Islriei, is, by law, incupalile oflioldius or i-xsitlsim: '
hesanietiui,,, theolllci oriippoiuliuent nfjiiilxe iiisp"
nrorcleiko any eloclion of llus coiuiuoiiwe.illh, mil
hat 1111 iiisp, dor. jiitlBo or tiny ollicurol nuy tilth " k
linn shall b. eliciblo o nny otiue than tu hu tided I'm-
I'lVi H under my hull, I and seal, tit my oliicu lit bloeiitb
biirt'. tliUl.iliday oltiepteiiiber. A. P., Itnl.
Illooiinburjr, s,.j,t, 50, iMji) ,v,,i, .
"ovsTEiisi oysters:1.
Olil'.SII 0TI run b obtained at al, tun 1
L LaliiiB Itijuiu of Un iiuderi,ii d, on Mjiu ir '
liiuom bats, l'a , s pt, ;q, iijtj,