Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, April 26, 1862, Image 4

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tit tXal ly Ml Pfough Ktnld tkHte.
llimtlf malt il'Afr hold er drift.
o quote bolow froip jlr. Spooner
iliit isa in iambs : "Anj nietlieiue ghen
lo Jrstroy orms In tliu air p.-,3igaa nut j
by Icing absorbed into the systum. In iho
c sc of woruH in tha windpipe two ohju-W
should be ponglit for one to destroy Ilia
enemy, and tbo other to ktrr-ngthcii and
support the aystoni which ij bing subjected
o kuoIi debilitatiug nnd exhausting iuflu
enccs. In the caso of chicken sonic speak
of tho good effects of tobacco smoko intro
duced no as to almost produce suffocation,
albeit the creatures die sometimes of the
rotnody. In calves a cure has been affec
ted by administering lime water, nnd
probably it would bo equally effectual for
lambs. The dose for a lamb would be
about two ounces daily and about two
drachms of salt should bo given at another.
period of the day. This trcatmont, should
be followed for some days. IJettcr ftill is
the plan of administering oil of turpentine,
which being taken into the stomach is soon
absorbed throughout tho system. The
doso for a lamb is two drachms, which
should bu given with an ounce of linseed
oil, a scrup'o of ginger, and fiivo drops of
oil of carraways, mixed with two or three
tablespoonfuls of linseed gruel. This dose
may bo repoatcd if required, several timcs
with intervals of somo days. The lambs
should be allowed half a pound of linseed
cake per diem, and should be otherwise
carefully tended and liberally fed. Uy
such a course of treatment many valuable
animal may be saved."
The white Aylesbury is a large, Cue, and
Valuable breed, of Which tho palo bill is a
' r
distincuishins point Tho Rouen ''rCSCin- '
, , , . -
DlO Wild ducks M Color Of plumage and
i i . i
bill. 1 llO larger they arc the better tllO
. .... ,,,
creat S1Z0 IS a Characteristic Ot it "but no
- - - .
Weight Can compensate lor IllUlty plUinngO
or green or
leaden colored bills
ducks." The Rourn duck is an
.. . '
layer. Tliero aro other breedts but thos3
aro the most useful for ordinary purposes
Duck eggs are generally sot under a hen'
but the duck herself makes a good mother.
The time of incubation is thirty days ; being
ninn nr (in lines lnmror rhui in tlin piEf nf
Dine or ten nays longer man in mo case oi
lm Imn'a nrrira Tlio dimWino- clinulil hn 1
UlC liens Cgg!.. .1110 auOMing? SllOUlU DO ,
(Ynm wntnr fnr nino or ton dnvq aftrr
L.cpc uom water tor nine or tcu uays aicci
being batched, and their food should con
sist cheifly of soft, but at tho same time
nutritive matters ; such as barley meal and
water or m'nk, mixed thin, being very suita-
bio food. Chopped eggs-b-ilod hard for
tho purpose with oatmeal, may also bo
given moderately. Ducks rcqu'ro littlo as
instance in the v, ay of feeding if thoy
allowed to ramble thrOUL'll tho ficlds.wherC
(lifiv nr.'. liiitnh Kflrvip.n In ntekinrs nn chirrs
. . r. . . I
ana om';r nirucis : oui u mcy arc conniicu
thoy inu'l b-' r. 'iulnrly nnd well fed on such
food a" w- Ia'. ' mrntioncii iu the caso of
fowN, and wiiMi totteniiig for table ue,
it is
rccoiuinf tided to iilx tn.aelu and chopped
mutton fat witli barley
which thoy aro fed. Farmer & Gardener-
'The Bucyrus (Ohio) Forum contians an
article froui iho Rev. A. Myers of that
jjHcc, in which ho ttates that the experi
ence of forty persons of his acquaintance
demonstrates that early planting is not
practicable. "Of all the experiment from
tho last of April until the 10th of 2Iay,not
ono matured; those from tho 10 of May
until 20th were lipo, or nearly so; aud
all, wiihont exceptions, from tho 20th of
May un il the 1st of June, were perfectly'
matured, demonstrating, conclusively, that
the latter part of May is the bctt tirau to
plant." It is absolutely essential to suc
cess iu making sugar, ho says, that tho
sorghum should bo fully matured, and as
early planting is not safe, he thinks wo
must have some preparation to bring the
seed up speedily. What that is, ho pro
fesses ti havo discovered, and will announoo
in time for planting. We hopo he will
do so, Farmer & Gardener,
THE undersigned, having opened n new nOOT ANO
Slier, ailOl', mi Muln street, in Uopkiiitville, i:ast
nioonu'uurg, respectfully invites the custom of the citl
rens and the public generally. All kinds of Hoots,
Hhoea. &c , will b: promptly made to order, on sliorl
notice aid modi-ratu terms. From lonf experienro iu
Ms lino of business ho flatters himself that ho will lis
uhle to givu general aaliifuctlou tu all who may favor
him w ith their custom,
ay Oraln, I'rnvisioii and Froducs generally taken In
exchange for work.
n. V. IlUOOKrt.
lUoduisburg, July fl, lfCI-3m,
Tlln undersigned, Treasurer of Columbia County,
Would give notire tonll llioss oivmg him ilieir taxes on
unseated lands, for tha years IPI'O and 1 HU I , that thoy
must come forward and pay the sauio, betwecu this and
the urstof April, otherwise the land will be sdvertisad
end sold. A word to tho wise is suflicicnl Scr.
Treasurer's OiTick. i yysurir.
Dlooinsburg, Feb. IU. ISCX.
S. E. corner Third and Dock Streets,
Hats made to order, of any Stylo or Quality at Short
January 4, liti.
I'VtY 1'A.PiJ, of every sort, ills and quality.
' ;i 1.1 III 11 oouisbura 11 It Ac Can l'....i,.'
l..-.trer f uf eti marl a.Cigars,kr
'riiO(c BjnJ)i.i'inj; tittle.
sickness ran at Mir r li-.-va lli.-inu : ve vr-'iii tho thou.
sand maladies thai it inrto. n tti.ywiii nni)
fiillow tin counsels nniuio una inno inn iiu-niiine
which best nulste her I" her npotutloli. That modi.
(Inn I the Vcgctablu Life Modlcinea of Dr. MurrAT,
known in
Moffat's Life JL'ills
Ths0 Modi' Iiick lute now h'cii htforo tke public for
n period of 110 y . u r . hml during tliat lime luivu uinlii
tnlneil (l hi4h rltirnct r In almost every putt of I ho
clobti fur tlu extraordinary curative properties which
tin y pina-ss.
MolftU's Life Pills.
''otfii'i Life Plll-nre Imlebtoil fur their name to their
. .ir .1 .1.1,1 'imli u notion in nurllin tho stirinoa
nud clianti li of Uf-, an I ciiulng ilimi w lib riuicwi d
oiriV pn t" their hinur),iiieyii.ui racm-d
1 rroill 1110 very vcrito i " hi-'-;, i- v..j n .-
i u'lnv Inlhein tint uniform enjoyment (if liuiilin, Willi-
.v i, l-l. l,r.. Itself Is hilt a nrrtilll blcssitl!. Bo Stent
in.lwid hail UMriMtliacy iiumlahly proved, that It ivni
scare ly miraculous t thoso who wcro nunc
qimliil'il Willi tho beautiful philosophical principles
upiin which Ih'-ywere compounded, and upon which
til -y consequently net.
Molf.ifs Phoenix Rltters nre so cnllol. because they
no'aaoaa tho powor of reatorintf tlia expiring eiuhflra of
Ilallll I" a UIOWIIIH MIIUIIJII..UI nil. vv....i...-..,
at tin; 1'hni'iii.t la a.iid tu bu icalurod id I ilu lroin tnu
aihca ol lt own iliaaoliitlon.
.lerciirl.iltllscaa. Thcro la probably no one article
elon nan medicine, the iujiiuoim uau of wlilcli li.ia
canned audi wlilca prend and terrible nilachli f lo tho
human ayhteni na in 'renry. Ita puiaon luk deep into
tlie nyateni, pemtratins the nubtlance of the bouea, and
producing a long train of p.ilnl'ul itieaara. It la well
Known that many uireitlmia of tlie throat, nf Ilia lionca,
of the nuju, nnd malignant aorea, which liavo eeen at
tributed to ayphilla, at - ao often caiiaed by the Injudi
cious u" of niereury, ao that tlu remedy iiua proved
worao than th.' diaeaae.
IM'U t'IL.1.3 AND 1'IKKNtX lUTTi:n3.
The l.lfo fill and Plioenlx Ultlera have nlwayabecn
almially aiicccaafiil in thiailnatof dineaai'a, nnd vs ill
erndicat" all the tllVcta ot mercury from IhJ nyitein,
aooiii'r til in the moat poweiful proparutloua of naraa
pirilln. Tlti-y aid nature In cutting from the ayst, .null
poinonn la nia'ter, and byiliua puriiying uie vital uuiua,
,1. TrtAlnr.i tllfl av tftll til ll Ulltil.
lillloua C'otiild,iiMtii.-. well regulated and propor
tio.iatu ipianlitj of bile upon t lid tomncli ia alwuya re
quialte for tin promotion of ound li -allh-lt atiinulat' a
digi'ttinn, and kcrpa the iuleatinnl canal tree Ironi all
obttrucliona. On tlw Interior surface of tho liver U a
peculiar bl.i Idi-r in u hicli tlie bile ia first preaervod,
being formed by the llv. r from the blood. Tlirncu it
paaaes into tlu stomach uud inteallncs, and n gululca
Hie digcailon. Thua we aoe when there is a deficiency
of bile, tlie bojy ia constantly contlve. On the otliT
hand, nil over unundanco of bile rauaea frequent naiia?a
on tlio atoniach, and offn prmuntca very aevcru attacka
of diaeaaca, WIDili aouuiiuiea vnu inucnin
The Life Mcdlclnea aliould, If potaiblc, bo taken in
the early atniea of bilinua couiplalnta ! and If perse
vered in rtriclty according to direction will positively
cfl'ect a euro. Their oxteuatvi uae in tills rouiplaint in
nil pari a of our continent, rendera comment uuucccanu-ry-tli'
ir virtue apeak for them.
Atoff it'll L-lfiJ 1'ilU. The use of these Pills, for n very
fchoit time, will nffect an entiru cured rJ.ilt Kheuin, and
n Btriking improvem nit in tho clearneaa of the skin.
Uoinmon ColJa nnd Influenza will always be curjd by
one donc.or by twoccu in tin worat inica.
Piuial 1'ii.val I The original proprietor of thcie Mcd
lclnea was Hired of t'ilea of Uo years st. Hilling, by the
uj of til I.lfu Alediciue alone.
Liven Co.-in.iiNr. An alHction of Ilia I.iver may bj
known by a fueling of tentiou or J'am in the right aide
about the r"!iloii of th liver, cften putigeut aain pleu
risy, but sometimes dull ; n difficulty in drawing n lun;;
breath i dry cough a id inclination in vomit. Thiadi-
oao may be proiiuccii ny coin, oy violent exercise, ny
intenaa summer heats, by long continued bilious fever
0r ague, and by vnnous aolid concretions in the sub.
stance of Uie liver. Andtotliesoproducingcnuros.nre
deraugiuii III oi uie (iijcsiMe urcaiis, Biippresacu secrc-
'tlons.and eolicituuc, which am very frequent
' causes of obstructions and diseuoa of the liver,
This dise.iso bhould In! arrested In Ilia commencement
which can l,o done uya fe-vdos -s if the Life Pill,
When once Iho liver is aroused to tlu perf.irioanco of
I lu iiriinsr functions, little inori' ia rooiiisite than tocon-
Unite a propi-r use of the inodioines, and a bpeedy rc
i cover. hi -ii-iiv.
Fkvi.u ano Aoen
For this scourge of the Western-
ruin irv
, these ineillclnes will be found a saf.-, hpcedy
nn,i rcrtain remedy. Other uiedicines lenvo the system
kubject to u return of ilia diaeaao a cure by thctc .Mcd
lclnea ia ... .
SbRurci.t. Tlia most horrible cases of Scrofula, in
which the face, bones and limbs of tlie victim lud been
preyed upon by the insatiable disease, aro proved, by
undenlablo authority of the sufferers thciuschcs, to
have been completely cured by tlieao purely vegetable
uiciltiincB, uuer an oiucra uau ueeu louuu irtoro man
ul5"itioti and iyPcp.ia.-if wo woro called upon
to specify ono disease wlili ll morn than any other W Ihe
. ,i,i,ittliaonsoriugofcitiiiz.itiiiu)wu6houid
"ame Dyspepsia, it ia generally attended, nr rather
.,rttetive. of a Ions train of ills, audi tu Heartburn,
I'laluloricy. a gnawing pain nt the stomach wlicn emply
lmcOTOri,t,ollltMVOj!l,tW1 n full, pains in the
throat, side and pit of the stomach, cotivnos8, chilli,
iioss, languor, un willingness tu takcccrrisc, .tc
AIoiTifs I.ifi Aledicinea are peculiaily ndnpled toibu
cure of this distressing complaint They act the
I,nw'i-l4 in a vcrv mil J. and. at llu same time, vvrv eilec manner, and have never yet failed to cure thisdis-
j 1, nll
nl.iii.ts if. Hi il of a irenrral w i'iikness of ths whole si's
i. -in, unaccompanied by any particular ili.ordi'r, or de-
tintitu svnipioius 01 nisease. 'inero is a nine titai un
4 eriry, a oa of nppi'lil", unwillingness, nnd indeed ina
bility to uiiili rgo i(i;rtioiu. froUi-nt headaches, iudi
1 Lvation. oltL-ntimi-a snllnwncss and ilrvness of the skin
! tendency tofiiverishness, uufitiieaB for society, In olmrt
an tnoo synipioms oi luugunr. ni-'jineiune, nun weaK
ncsslhat itivu evidenrn of n lailurn in the vital now
ers, nnd alow, unhealthy and morbid condition of the
Life Fills and IMioonix Differs.
Tim Llfi Pi Us and Phoenix Hitters aro, perhaps, llic
hunt remedy fur restoring strength to the body for.thei
act a - n grullo rnrlaarlic, and, by their tonic 'lunlitles,
atrencthen the whole system
Alnffjt'a Life Filla. Fcrsoiis of a plethoric habit, who
are subject to fits, ln'adache, giddiness, diiuncss of
sight, nr drowsiu.-ss, from too great a lloiv of blood to
li. neail, biiouu laitc mete ruis ircpicntiy.
AD VI Oil TO rU.MAI,r.r.-Fcmales who value their
ii,alth khould never he without the Life Aledicines, as
tin y purify the blood, remove obstructions, and give the
sain a ncauiiiuti cicur, nuouiiy aim oiuuming aipcar
To Elderly rersnns, Alany healthy aged indli Duals
who know the value of Alollat's l.lii' Aledicines, make
ll a rule to take them two or three times a week, by
which lluv remove tin causes that nrodura disease.
preserve their h-'alth, and l.ocp oil' tlio infirmities of
i'arta for Mothers nnd Nurses. It is n f-tct, estab
lished ly the mutual bliss of mortality, that one half nf
tnu cliil'ireii borne ale cut on nen're aitainiug seven
years of aie; nud tho sourc: of this mortality is
tound to exist iu that foul stain of tlie stomach and
bowels which produced tha aenfrntiou of worms. As
the safe restorer of infantile health in this critical state
the I.lfj Alciiicui 's have long heldu illtliugul.heil repu
talion. and fur foulness of the stomach un (1 bowels, nud
convulsions, although worms is allowed
to be superior to nny other.' Fills nud Hitters. -No medicines r.t pres"nt
known havo dono so much good to mankind as these,
within Urn last few yours; nud certainly none have
lueit rewarded W illi more numerous anil autlienllc ICS
tiiuonl.ils of their invariable and extensive efficacy.
Ihnv ri-nuire no dltllntr nor confinement, are norfcetly
mild anil plcnsnnt iu tluir operation, but will power
fullyrestViro health that greatest of earthly blessings
to the most exhausted and ill lapidated constitutions.
lVpared by ,71
nr.WM. n. AIOFrAT,
33S llrondway, New York,
And for Sale by all Druggists. nplS til ly.
200 & 500 yds. White, Bluck, & Colored
This Thread being made particularly fur Hewing Ma.
chines, is very Strong, Smooth and Elastic. Its
strength ia not iinnaircd by washing, nor by friction o
the Hcvdle. For Machines, use Krooks Patent Glace,
For upper thread,
aid Crooks' Patont fix Cord, Ued Ticket,
For Under thrend.
Sold by respectable dealers throughout tin country.
Also, iu cases of I0U each, unfurled Niu., by
WM. IIENRV SMITH, fvtt.lgnt,
3d Vcsey Street, New Vnrk.
Nov. 9, If 01. Cm,
rt III! iindcraljueil iuforina ths citliena nf niooin,
I and neighborhood, that he has takm the large room
in tho Eirhango lllock. citendlug over Messrs. Ktont-r
Sc. Fox's liakcry, and His llnosstoro whfru hn has put in
a Urge Skylit t. It is only by (Skylight that good pic
urea can but en especially groups where each person
an Iu taken ist as well us separate,
llthasgoii to considerable expense to make his es
al.lii iment lirsl class on , uud ho th-reforo solicits a
html ji.ilro it Ut enable him, to coiuianlly introduce
the ioJe i iinprovciu. nta of tho art.
Oib ;y produco taken iu Exchange fnr pictures.
Weoinsburg, Nov.?3 1301.
Nov. 23, '
F. O. HAltUISON, M. V.
WOULD respectfully Inform the ritliens of III no.
burg, and vlnuity.thuthe coiHinuesihe rractica
Orrici, on Main street, first bouse bulow the Court
Houac, Iduo m.burg.
February 3, leU tf.
I A V X U 11 N Is Y AT LAW,
BLooMsnuna, pa.
Offl-a in Ceurl Ally, formerly occupied by Chst'ei
' "aw
I ' llkC i
443 nildW") froudmtii, Kcio York.
Tim foilottluf work arc rcnttopuli rilttrrn In any par
of tim ci'mtry. lupim rtlpl of Mail price,) by nuilcr
opr.'a pronalil .
inn ni:w am:ui ;.v cvoloimidia A popuijr
IMctlonniy i.f tlmcral Knuwlcilgn. Uililnd by tlnoiion
IIifuy nuJ CiuntAi A. Daka. alik'il by u nuiuoroua ac
leit rurpa of n rilur In nil branch 'a ot Hcluncica. Art uml
l.iterntucu. TlilaXMirk it !) Inq publlalii'il In about 13
Intgu oitiivo rulutiiMi Mill containing 1M two cnliun
iiu's. Vol, lit Mil Inrlutlvo, uroliow ruiiily.naih
containing near !I,Sihi, original nrtlcl-v. All nJ.llllnnul
nlniiic ull bi publlihi-'il iiikc in nbuut thrro luonllm
1'rlr.r. InClotli, Nhui'p,$:i Uj Half .Mor., l; Half
Ituialii. il iilcuch
Tlie Now Auicilrnn Uyc'opa-illn la popular without mo
Ui enpi r flulal, li'nruril but nut pi'ilnnlc. cumpr. hontlva
but u(ticlinlly ili-talb'd, free from pi rannal pliuo anil
pilty ir.'Jililli i', fnh nnd ft ntcurole. II laa cnnipli ti!
ftati'inint of nil that ia known upon ovcry Important top.
Ic wllh 111'' M"pu ofhuuian Intilllcinri'. livery iiupurt.
Mil article in it liaa Ih'Mi apcclally w rlttcn fur ita panua
by men wlio nru uuthorltlc upon thu topic on which
lliry apiuik. Tiny nro ri"ii)rcd to bring tho aubji'ct Uilo
tlip pri'acnt inouii'iit to atatc Jmt linn- it atiimla noir. All
tho atntlatlcal Information ia from tin' Kttt ri poitaj thi
Ri'ocraphiful nccounts keep pneu with the luteal oxplora
tiona; hlat.irical matttra include tbn fn ln'l Jml l wa
tho biographical nutici'a nit only rpcnk of tho dtail, but
lilan of tho llvinif. It la n H'inir ofltaclf. nr ills IKmra ofCosiirmi! IbjiiiR a
hollllcnl Initiry of the Unitid flat.'a, rronilho nr(iinlxv
Hon of the lint Federal Onnitri'aa in lt".i to If5u, Kdit
cd nnd coinpllcd by Hnn.TiioMM II. CinruM from thu Of.
IICIIII liriUl". .. wui.Mr.r.
The work wi.' be coniplled In 15 royal octavo volumei
of 7.M) piisesench 11 of wlilrh are now ruady. An addi
tional volume Willie publlMii'd mien in three months
Cloth, IJ.IS l,iw fh-cp. yfU;iiaii .nor,. -aw
Cair 31 ill each.
Form arlub of four, nnd mult the price of four books,
and (lie copies will In sent at the remitter' expense fur
carriage or for t n sub.crlh.'r ilcvcn copies will be scut
at our cxpen ufor carriage.
No oihr works w ill o llharally reward the nertlons
ofAgents. A.f Aoi-iT Wamtco Is inis Cousrr.
Terms made known on atiDliruliull to the I'ubllahcrs. 1
Nov. H, IrW.
tut. aiRJinn uvf. .vAwn ji.d
TltUbV COMI'.I.YV Of I'lllUIDHI.I'llI.I,
orrn k. No. 40? cui-HrMT siitk&T,
UAl'lTAI. (paid up.) 4'iiwi 000.
Cfiarirr Perpetual.
K- the most reasonable terms.
The capital ln-ing pai l up and invested, together with
a large an.i constantly men-using reservcu
n perfect security to tnu insured.
'!'!.. nM,n!iii,N. I. not l.e Imlil
rim premiumus must lie paid yearly half yearly, or
"""The Company add a IlONl'H periodically to the l,. 1
rancea of life. Tlti l'HtHl lioNUS appropriated in iia I
cemb-r. the HUCOND i'.OMJH iu Deccmhar, 1 411,
BONUS1!" l"c ndKr"'5'it,mlj:r' lp5J,a"J tllc rol;ilTI1
' (ry-Thes" nftlitl'nn are Inad- without requiring any'
increase in the premium lo b- paid to the Company. '
J no tollowing arc a low examples Irom the Itegister.
Amount nf l'nllev ami
Sum IIoiiiis or
l'olicy Insured adilill-n
No. SD S-'.-,0i H'fl 5)
" 132 KOUt io.:o OJ
" lllil MHO 10J 00
" 3:13 .1000 ltfiS uu
" &c. ic. &c.
bonus to be inrri nseii
Iby future addition.
8 1,3.-7 50
4,1150 00
J.-IIXI 00
b,b"3 CO
l'ainp'lets, enntaiuing tulil 's of rales and explanation,
forms of application, aud further information can be
found at Hi: olhco.
THOMAS RIDOUVVAV, Vretldcnt. F. Jameh, Jletuarj.
I.KVl I,. TATE, cnf.
r. C. HaiirIi-om. r.Taniniitr J'Agiuiitn.
October 10, icii-ly.
piIK undersigned is nlso extensively engaged in the
1 Ullderlakintr urt,,-... mill Lnxn. rnn,I.M li- iti, l,n,l
ud for sale at his Warerooms, a largo assnrtnieiit of
lly which he is enabled to till orders on presentation
Alo - Keeps a good HnrMi and Hearse, and will at ul
limes bj ready to ntli-nd Funerels.
ninonisbi'rg, January 2'i, lr'50
1'irc Bli or fSiu-Bt 4nr Sale
A lot. of supnnor Firb I'aisir Ckment, esnei iallv nilan-
ted for I onieiitinglionfa. One gallon will covir HW i
nil, ui uruinnry rnoiiug, ami is iiisureil proof ngamtt
rain nnd wet weather, (.'un he lud nt manufacturers
prices, liy th-gallon or half barrel, at tho otlice'nf iho
Columbia Democrat.
r.i:vi i, tate.
Illuomsburg, July ia, led.
No. 125, Sonth Eleventh Street near Walnut,
Enameled Class, rrcaco, Oil and Encaustic Pointing
John Ciuon. - ir n,Banv
January 11, ltiSI-3ni... ' "' GlBi0N-
Jlrch Slriet, More Third.
P tl I A DE l F II I A .
THE situation of this Hotel renders it one of tho moat
convenient for those who aro vlaitine Philadelphia
on business! while tu thoro in starch of pleasure, the
constantly passing and city Railway cars,
and those iu clusu proximity, nirord a cheap arid picas
nntriilotu all places of interest and amusement In or
about tin) city.
Tho proprietor givca assurance that '-The Union"
shall Iia kept with such character as will meet public
approbation, and would respectfully solicit, general put.
towage. UITO.V a NEWCOMER.
I eliruaryg... lrffl-liln. Proprietor
Iloef Pork, I'oultry. linney. Grain Prorliice. Cider
Pumpkins, Potatoes, Com, Oats. Hay and Ccrnstulks.
Ulooiu.burg. Oct. illi, Itlll.
rpiIE Hpring term of this Institution
will cemmenc
A. oil .
Monday, .tiirilJJio 7lli, 1862.
The Principal will be assisted by able instructors, and
as ample facilities n ill bnonercd to qualify atudunts
for teaching, furbusiiiessnr for a more extensive course
in literature, n liberal share of patronage is ngaiii solje
Pupils who do not come from home, or aro not put
under the chargn of near nlatives, must boaid at the
Seminary and be subject to the regulations thereof.
They mutt provide tluir own towels and have oarh nr
licit; of clothing distiiiitly marked.
El vcu w e -ks d-nstitute a quarter, and there will be
varaticn nf about six week, lu midsummer.
Hoarding, washing and tuition, Willi furnished rooms
will lu S'ii.lld per 'luarti-r, one-half payable in ad
vance. Tuition alnue, in ronimon brandies. (jj.00
do inc 'it-ling advanced algebra and maths-
Hiatus, 6 0S
do In Eatin, German, or French, extra, 1,M
i or lurincr particulars address
WM. ntJKflF.M, rriacleat
MiHviile, Col. co., Pa., Fab. SO, l65.-St.
Gctirrnl lommisslon Ulcrcbanls,
ucALrrta in
Fish, Fiovlnlons. Flour, lluttcr, Cheese, Oila Dried
j runs, i.raiil, neeus, iieans, it lilsKcy, tvuol,
Country Produce and Merchandise K
No. SI Nostii WlUHMS, 1'lllLApr.t.ritIA,
C7" Conslgnmenta of Provlsiona, Flour unit Country
Produce solicited, and returns promptly made. Cash
Ailvunred wlu-n desired,
ORDERS for nll kinds of Fish, Provisions, Flour,
irrieu i runs, c., niieu aiiuc lowest uasn i rices,
August i, IciO-lim,
This preparation, made from the best Java CnlTee. !
roconinieinled by physlciausas a superior NUTRITIOUS
llEVnitAGE for Ucnrrril Debility, Dyspepsia, and all
billioua disorrers, 'J'liousauds who havo ( sit compcll.
cu to auauiiii't mo usoor taun will use this without in
Jurloua effocts. Ono can contains the strength of two
pounds of ordinary coffee. Price 23 cents.
The pureat and beat UAKINfJ POWDER known, for
making light, aw eel and nutritious Dread and cakes,
Price 13 cents
M. It KOLI.OCK, Cbeuiat.
Oorncr of llroad and Chestnut Street,
And sold bv all Dr.ggi'i and rj'otcrt
Ma ;u ii I!-' 44ri,
Scrofula, or King's Evil,
it n ocmttitutinnnl disease, a corruption ef tlio
blood, by whlcli thU fluid becomes vitiated,
weak, mid wor. Doing hi tho circulation, it
perrndes the wholo body, and may bunt out
in tlLseaso on any part of it. No orenn is fraa
from its attaoki, nor Is thcro one which it may
not dcatruy. Tliu Bcrufuloui taint is vaiioivljf
cauicd by mercurial dUeusc, low living, tll
ordered or unhciilthy food, impure air, filth
nud filthy habit?, the dctrresshig vice, aud,
aborc nil, by the venereal infection. "What
ever bo its origin, it is hereditary in tho tou
etttutiim, descending " from parent to children
unto tho third and fourth Reiteration ;" indeed,
it accini to bo the rod of Him who onys, 11 1
will visit the iniquities of tho fathers upon
their ehildrcn."
Iu effrjcts commence by deposition from the
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lungs, liver, and internal orcsna, is termed
tubercles; In tho glands, swellings! and on
tho surface, eruptions or tores, ThU foul cor
ruption, which condors in tho blood, depresses
tho energies of life, so that scrofulous constitu
tions not only suffer from scrofulous com
plaints, but they havo far less power to with
stand the attacks of other diseases; conse
quently, vast numbers perish by disorders
which, although not scrofulous in their nature,
ore still rendered fatal by this taint In tho
system. Most of the consumption whiah de
cimates tho human family has its origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination ; nnd many
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed, of nil the organs, arise from or
arc aggravated by tho sarao cause.
Ono quarter of all our people arc scrofulous ;
I their persons oro invaded by this lurking in
fection, and their health is undermined by It.
To eloonso it from the system wo must renovate
the blood by nn alterative medicine, and in
vigorato it by healthy food and oxerciso.
Such A medicine wo trupply In
Componnd Extract of Sarsnparilla,
tho most effectual rcmedv which tho medical
I tkill of our times can devise for this ervory
'vllorc prevailing and fatal malady. It is com-
Lined from the most active rcmouials that havo
hcon diseovoml for tlio Mntn--ation of tills foul
disorder from the hlood, and the rescue of tho
system from its destructive consequences,
llcncc it should lie employed for tho euro of
not only scrofula, hut nlso thoso othor afcTco-
tions which ariso from it, such as Eruptive
and Skin Diseases, St. Asiiiokt 5 I'lau,
Kosb. or Iir.TsiriiI.Aa, PlMM-KS, Tcstulm,
BwTCHia, Blains and Boils, Tenons, TuTrctt
and Salt Kiikum, Scat.d IIcak, Bikowoum,
KtiBUMATisM, SrritiLiTionnd Mkuccbial Dis
eases, Dnorsv, DYSi-iiitA, Dlbiijtv, and,
indeed, all Complaints ahisinq tbom Vitia
tdo ok Iuruitn Blood. Tho popular belief
in ' impurity of the blood" is founded in truth,
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. Tlio
particular purpose and virtue of this Saronpa
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health U impossible in
contaminated constitutions.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
ore so composed that disease within the rsnco of
thoir action can rarely withstnnd or evade them
Their penetrating propcrUcs search, ond clcansa,
and invigorate every portion of the human organ
ism, correcting its diseased action, and restoring
its healthy vitalities. As a consequetico of tlicso
properties, the invalid who is bowed down with
pain or physical debility It astonished to nnd his
health or enerpy restored by a remedy at once so
simple and inviting.
Not only do they rare tho every-day complaints
of every body, but a.ho, piany formidable and
dangerous diseases. The agent below named is
pleased to famish. gratis my American Almanac,
containing certificates of their cures and directions
for their uae in the following complaints : Cottitt
fiH, Heartlttrii, Htattacht ariiingfreni dUordtred
Btomach, Nautea, Indijttiion, Jxun in onrf Herbid
Jnactwn of tht llotcth, flatnMity, Lott of Appe
tite, Jaundice, and other kindred complaints,
amino: from a low state of tlie body or obstruction
of its functions.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Coughs, Colds, Influcnzn, Hoarseness,
Croup, Bronchitl, Incipient Consump
tion, and Tor the relief of Consumptive
Fnticnts iu advanced binges of tho
Go wide is the Geld of its nscftilncss and so Hu
morous arc the eases of its enrcs. that almost
every section of country abounds in persons pub
licly known, who havo been restored ft run alarming
and cvon desperate dUoases of the lungs by its
ue. When onco tried, its superiority over every
other medicine of its kind is too apparent to escape
observation, and where its virtues are known, the
public no longer hesitate what antidote to employ
for tho distressing and dangerous affections of the
pulmonary organs that are incident to our climate.
While many inferior romodies thrust upon the
community have failod and been discarded, this
baa gained friends by every trial, conferred benefits
on the afllictcd they ean never forgot, nnd pro
dneed cures too numerous and too remarkable to
be forgotten.
DR. 3. C. AYEK & CO.
K. 1'. I,utz, J. ii Moyer. U.M.IIagunbuch, llliiomsbiirg
A. .Miller, Berwick, and by one store in cery town in
T 11 E G H E A T
ixnnv vegetable i:h.iie.(.ogie.
This Celebrated Female Medicine possesses virtues
unknown of uuything clan of the kind, uml proving elf.
ectual after all others havo failed ; il is prepared from
nn "Indiun Herb" peculiar to Northern Mexico aiidTex
ns. and is used by tho Natives in producing the month
ly sicKNtss. lit i designed lor until maamil anil single
ladies, and is Iho very best thing known fnrthn purpose
na il will remove all obstructions ufter otlur remedies
have b -en tried in vaiu. It ia a pleasant ti-a. contain,
ing nothing injurious tu ht-aitli, and n cure to hn relied
upon iu nl case.
rroiapsiis L ien, or laiiiric oi uie tvomn; i nines n
bus. or Whites: Chronic Ifl.imat on, or Ulceration
the, Womb j Incidental lleinorago of Flooding , ami dis
easeofthe bpinc.
11. i.miiiB in iiiu iuria, singe in priiiuuvv 1111.- ciui'
Honed ngulnsl the use of this lea, as it will produce
parrtKLD ano soi.ii by
Prices SI.0O per package, (with full directions for use)
sent by Express or Mail t any address.
Dr. 13 t an ba consulted in all nb.linutu I'euinle Com
plaints, iu person nr by litter, and will furnish the Gut.
la-pmha Female Syringe highly recommended by tho
Faculty m married ladies fm spei ml purposes,
Also Rndicul Cure nud nih.-r Truss 's Improved Ro
tary and Spina Ah. luminal Supporters - Shoulder llracca
Elastic uml I. ecu Stockings- Spinal Apparatus, fur
W. ak and Curved Spin and In-trunieiils lur all de
formities. A largo Stuck oi'llif above nrtich s cnnntnnt
jy on hand, and will In firnish il at lowest rates by
sending order w a Hi iiinmur-ni'i.t uud full pnrtliulujs.
U! All coiiiniuuirnti'ius strictly cnrifkcntiul, For
further particulars please Address,
7-."J Race Street
I'llll.AllfJI.I'IllA, PA.
Nov. 1G, Iddl-Uni.
WasS'B'liK. B80 3 E'X,
Nos. 0, 11, 13,
15, 17 Courtlnndt Street, I
This nld'Cstublished and fuvurite resort of the llusi-l
ucsa Commuiiity has bevii-recentl rellttud, and is com-1
pleto iu everything thai can iiiinLi-r'ln the comforts of
its patrons Lndios and families uro specially and lare.
fully pro ided fnr.
It li centrally locntsd iu the bu luces part nf the city,
and Is contiguous to the principal lines i.f steamboats,
cars, omnibussea ferries, lee,
Iu consequence of Ihoprcssure caused by the Rebel
lion, price havo bii n reduced lo
One Dollar a d FijUj C cnts per Dai.
The table is amply supplied with all the luxuries nf
the season, and is equal to ll at of any other hotel In the
Ample accommodations are offered fur upward of 400
Do not bf-lieva runners, harkuicn, and ethsrs w ho
may say "the Western Hold ia full."
D. D. WINCHESTER, Proprietor.
Feb. IS, mi.
A ,I, persons knowln; themselves
indebted to Ih
Cx. umlrrsiiineii on hook aecouni
or othsrwl. ai
hereby nnii fleet in come and a -tile up by the lat a
March, IriiA nr thtir ereo- , 's will positivily belut in
fir hands of a proper other for collection,
Fsr i r.nti i"s Feb i, Wi (
C 0 L L E G E,
JV, E. corner vfllh and Chestnut Streets
Tina Ihstitct oi, which w.ta tttaltlihtd In 1PH, and
Is now coiisenu'iitly In til
(lice, number ainone Its
i tlie rlitnterni year oi us , si
lts graduates, hundreds of tha
niostsucccssfiil Alerch.mts and
lluslnosa Men uf our
I Tnc iisji-cT nf tliv Institution Isanljly tonffordyf-unj
men f.icllltls.s for tlmroush preparation for tmslntas.
' Tub Ukanciim TtVuMTaro, llaok litping, as applica
ble tutho various departments nf tr.idej VirnAI,
i both plain nnJ I Otm-trtial aw. JUMc
' t...i...i. nl.ll r....-...rt flnvln. Aon.
miner, i'i1yniit' i-iri. r.j,,nHFi'i r...ij, -.
egarpVt end .Modern lAftghagft
TruBrsrtM oi-I.nrncoTioi isp-culiar i no classes or
set lessons are made mo of but each, student is taught
Individually, so that ho cumin -Mice ol nil)' time, nud
I attend at Mhitever hours are most convenient.
I Oataloouxi nrelisuud asnusZyafliir tho 15 th nf April
containing of ilia stu lent for tlu year, and full
I particulars nf t.-rm., fee., and may 13 obtained ai any
I time by addrol'W the Principal.
HUiTriisivic Accom hod itioij, tclilt-iprcad Ttpntatien
and the lcn"ilii tiptrlcnit elin l'rinttpnl, this Institu
tlonnirer f.icll,lmiiplor many other In the coun
try, foryoung nuMi wlslilnjlo prspare for business,
nud toobtaln at till same time a turumi, iflfA rl
priced rfcsra ntadathn fur them them to any Alcrchau.
Ill J lloiisa,
(r7(;iiiTi!oN's ?rrir of Trenlliei on UooK-Krar.
no now iiorii will lycircuiauninan any ciuer worn
on th subject, nru for sale at the College.
3. lloniil'.S CRITTENDEN,
Jan. 25.1-0! 14m.
M.'intifactiirers &. Proprietors,
Store, A'o. 20 South lVharvcs)
iiper-Phospluite of Lime.
Little need lu said t" recommend this article Its pe
culiar m-riH n n vigorous and lasting manure linking j
llrinlyestabll-heilil in the popular fjtur. We would') lionet er, that not only hat ing u continued care to
in ilutnin ita standard efficacy, we havo sought to ren
der il more immedin't in its aelion, by tho addition of a
small ipi.iutily of 'lent Peruvian fluano. to do not
cl ilin by this luiprnii.-ui-nt, (wliich wn made iluriug
Hi1 past yi ar. an I without publicly noting the fnct,)our
rtip-r-Phiisplint-r I- rrli li rs l any more liiatiun in it-'ctr-it,
or iu any wav b-nefitsd, except iu ensuring a quick
er n tiun on application.
1-tiiui:, 015 tier 2000 lbs. cash.
This article is ground any previous prcpa
r.-iiion, an. I contains all the organic matter of tiie bones
It is wjrr.inU'd pure.
riticE Silo per 2000 lb?. cash.
CC7" The above Manures can be had of regular Deal
era or of llAUtlll & rtON'S,
N'n '.'fl South iMiarves, Philadelphia.
February 15, ieii2 -3ui.
'I IIP. underslcned rcspectliilly inform their ftlonda
I and tin- public gem-rally, that thy have entered In.
to en partnership under the name, style and firm of
MI 1,1. Nll k IW iM in the
irScrciiiitiic iBusines.s,
Iu the "Old Arcade," in Illootnsburg, Columbia eo.,
where they intend carr ylng on the buaineai of r.K
kai. MtniiiiNDiztxo, iu all il diveraifled braurhes and
dc partinr nts. audio which they invite an cltcniiua of
the public patrouuge.
Illootnsburg, May 11, 1PG1. tf.
MOVUD to 301 CArslniit Slrrff,
-StCl eyn'C' O'Jorr intra M iiiiuuu "iu, iiuvu ,u
?,,r.-C1 AAt. m.I .. I..n. naufirl,.w,n r.C Viwf,
Thief tironf Rtlamander Hafes.
Iso, iron doors, for banks and
,,-, atoms, iron aliuttera Iron aash, all
iS'tcVmakcs of locks equal to any made
in the I'niled Stalr-a.
l'ne Sofrr in one fir). Jill tame out right; a-itA can
ttnts in sood tondilien.
The Salamander Safes of Philadelphia against tha
have had the surest dcntosirntion in the following cer
tificate that their manufacture of Salainandi-r Safes has
nt length fully warranted the representations which have
b :en male nf ili -iii as rendering an unduubtcd security
against tlie terrific element.
Philadelphia April 12. IPSO.
.Vi-irsr IVans A; Watson; Ccntlemen It affords us
th highest satisfaction to state to you, that owing
tlie very protective qualities of two of the Salamander.
Safes wliKli we purchased nf you some five month since
we saved n largo portion of Jewelry, nnd all our books,
&c. rxpiHcd to the calaminous, fire in Ranstcad place on
th- morning of tlie llth Inst..
When we reflrct rlut these safes were located in the
fourth srory of tlu building wd occupied nnd that they
fi II subsequently nrtfrn heap of burning ruins, where tlie
vast cono-ntratinn of the heat caused the brass plates to
melt, we cannot but regard th3 preservation of their val
uable contents as most convincing procf of the greal se
curity ntlordcd by your safes.
We shall trk- great pleasure in recommending them to
men of busini-s us a sure reliance agalu-t fire.
GEORGE W. SIMMONS ,t ISRO., Jncclterl.
C7"Thoy have since purchased six large Safes.
August 3). lrttl
'I'll!'. Proprietor of this well-known and centrally loca
I ted House, the Exchanok Hotfl, situate on Mai
Street in llloiinisbiirg, immediately eonosite the Coluiu
Ida Coiinlj Court House, respectfully laTurms ins friends
and the public in general, that his House is now in or
dor for the reception ami entertainment of travelers who
may feel disposed to favor it with their custom. He has
spared no expense In preparing the Expiusoe, for the
cnli-rtainiui-ut of ills guests, neither shall there be any
thing wanting (on his part) to minister to their pcraonal
comfort. His house ia spacious and enjoys an excellent
business location.
O- Omnibuses run at nll times bf tween the Exchange
Hotel nnd the various Rail "ead Depots, by which trav
elers will be pleasantly c ..wcyed to and from the re
spective Stations in due time tu meet the Cars.
Illoonisburg, July 7, 1EG0
T,,e Great Uauso or
Just Tubliahed In a Sealed Envelope: PricaGcts:
CAUSE AND CURF. of Sieriuatorrho-a, Consuniption.
Mental ami I'hysicul licbility, Nenousnesa, Epilcnsv
Impaired Nutrition of the llody ; Lassitude ; Weakness
of the Limbs and tho Hack: ii ,li.,,n. i,i' .j ViV'
nf' I' 'C'ty 0r.t3tudi' utld ''aborl "'illness of Apprehension
ol i Loss of . Memory; Aversion to society; Love of Holi
Is- tin it : T mi, IV ! H. If.lli. . ' . . ..
ir li i .t .---i,.i , M&iiieHs , iieauaiuc:
Air..itiona of the Eyes J Pimples on the Face; Involuu!
tary l.inijslons, und Sexual Incapacity; the consc.
quencea of Vouthful Indiscretion, 4c, tc. "
B-This admirable Lcclure clenrls proves that the
above enumerated, often seir-afilicted, evils maybe re
moved without medicine and without dangerous sarei
and"''"""0'18' ald ,boM ha ,cui1 by cvur' man in tin
Sent under seal, to any address, in a plain, sealed
envelope, on the receipt of eix cents, or two postace
stamps, by addressing
-n Jlr;cl'A9.J.C.KLlNK.
I'J7 Rowcry, Nw Vork, rostufflce llox, I5sS.
February 8, loG'J.J April 20, loOl
' HE largest, best hundsom
I est nud cheapest assort
ment of Solo Leather solid
Riveted Traveling Trunks.
iMdiet' Uonnet Ic Drat Trunk
Children's Coat-hen. Prnm-i.
lers Leather and Carpet llags Sf.l&J;
Packing Trunks &c. he, a
Ci lebrated London Prlie Medal improved sheet snrl'na
...... ...u wiumi i i (uiik iiiniiuiaciory. jo, -nia morse
street, bouth west corner Fourth und Market, Philad'a.
August Iri7 If,
.T. I. II 5J B 13 It ,
(Bueceasor to J, 8. BoavsR.)
No. 8 North Fifth St., above Market.
Also, Manufacturer and Importer of
Msy 12, liCa-l-Jm.
TIIK undcraiined, respectfully Informs the cillsena of
Ulocinsburn, and tho public generally, that he has es
tablished a new Store, on Main Street. nioomsburB, ia
Mrs. Leacock'e Pailding, where ho offers for sale, en
moderate terms, a large aaaortment of
oroverv sort, and size and description, Ilia
stock of Jewelry ia complete, including every
vanetv ef l.nilies nml nntlixiiniti. sia.,.ii.-
Chaina, I.ixkets, llrcastplna, Finger-rings, cte !ist;
illy "a'i''"aion ot w uicii ne invites the public gener
tU-Strict altentlon glvonto repairing Clocks, Walchi
ea, end Jewelry, and all work warranted.
Ms, .,lI-.f. WM. B. DHAKE,
Ti Dttlrey Hats, Itonchas, &e.
7 Ueitrty Mice,, Mold, and Ants
7 Ihitroy lled-lltiga.
7k Dtttritj Alothrln Fun, Clntln, &e.
7',i Dulroy Alosipiitocs and Fleas.
7b Dtilroy Insects on Plants and Fowli.
7V Dltlt'y Insects on Animals, fcc
7V Utitro) Kvcry form and apcclsa of Varraln,
Otstroyes Instantly
Thos: rrsparatlons (unllka alt othirs) are
"Free from Poisons."
"Not dnngerous to the human family."
"Itits do nut dlii on the premises."
"Thoy come out of Ihcir holes to die."
Tlicy are the only iufalliable remedies known."
"I : ) ens und more established iu New Vurk City."
Iscrf it the City Post (llllcc.
Used lij the City Prison and station ttnoscs.
Uicd cy the City rSteauicrs, Hbips, tec.
Vied b tlu City llo.pitals, Alms-Houses, &e.
Used 4y tho City lintels-. 'Astor'-'tft. Nkholas.'fcc.
Ihed 6y the Hoarding House, Slc. Slc.
Vied I) more than SUU.ono Private Familica.
C" Bee one or two rpr-cimens of what is everywhere
said hv the people- Editors Dealers, ic.
IIOUSnMlKI'EUd-lroubled with vermin ncud be so
no longer, if Ihsy use "Costar'" Ettcrniiiintnrs, We
We have used it to our satisfaction, and If a box costs
ST we would have il. Wo havo tried polious, but th 'y
eu.-cltd linining; nut "LOstaii's - uriicie KnocKS ine
breath oulofUat4, Mice, Roaches, ami lled-Iluca. qultk-
crthau w - run write il. it is Iu great demand all over
the country. -idea ( J Uatrtlc.
MORE CHAIN and provisions are destroyd annually
in Crant County by vi-rmin, than nould pay for tons uf
this Hal anil inseti riiier, .nncoJicr iiua j iieraia,
IIF.NRV 11. COST R-We are silling your prepara
tions rapidly. Wherever they have been Usui, Rats
Mice, Roachrs and Vermin disappear rapidly
Ceitsa & Siourrm, Druggi'ls, Windsor, Md,
"Oostar'a" Eat Ite-aeli.tie. Kxtormlnater,
Costar'a" Bsd-Bug Exterminator,
"Ooatar'a" Electric Powder, for Insect, fte,
In 'J3r. iUc. an ?I,UUIUiiis, Hurries axs Kluks, $3i.
Si Sizes lor I'lantalloni, HOipt, iscats, uclcla,
Ac ice.
0 AUTI ON II 1 To prevent lbs public from being im-
uoscd uoon by Usurious aud llirhly y'crlris Imxtcttoni
a new lsbel has been prepared, b-anng a fauimllr of
the Proprietor's signature, t.xaiiiiuo each box, botlle. '
urtl,sKirsiuuy riaioro putcussiug, anu taae notniug .
CT Sli F.vrryulirt ly
nil muoKcaie uruggui in ina large cities.
onle of the
iHioicsalr Acfiiis in At iv Vork
ShtRelin lirolhersk Co
Harral, Risley U Kitchen
11 A I'ahnestouk. Hull Co
A li Si I) Sands ICo
WhccU-r Sc Hart
Jainrj s Aspiuivall,
Morgan it Allen
Hall, Ruckel li Co
iiusn, uaie &. itnbinson
M Ward, Clu-c Ic t;o
McKissonA. Robbma
D S Uariiea ic Co
F C W.ills tc i.'o
Latolle, Marsh c Gardner
Hall, Dixon Sc Co
Conrad Fox
rhomas & Fuller
P D Orvia
Pliiladelnhia I'n.
T VV Dyott 4. Co Robert Shoemaker It :o
II A iahncstock ic Co French, Kicharda t Co
Druggists, Grocers, Storekeepers and Retailers atnaral-
V ill .11 CTnlmlrv VIII. "
G. M. Oageiibuch,
J. R. Moyer,
E. P. Lutz.
(AMby tha Dm,,!.,., EtarskaaMraandB.tsilsrsgan
n0.U"lI3, Del,!J"n .rderas above.
Or address orders dlrect-or if Prices, Terms.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
A compound remedy, In which wo Jinra ia.
bored to produco llw most cffi'ctual nltcrntie
that eon bu made It is a concentrated oxlr..i
of l'nra Sarsaparlllo, no combined with other
suljstaneos of still greater alterative po-vor wt
to afford nn itfectivo nntidoto for tho diseases
BarsnnarUlft is roputcd to euro. It is believed
that such a retnsdy Is wwited by thoso who
fufTrr from Strumous complaints, nnd that ono
vt hlch will nceoinplish their euro muit provn
of Itumeiisj itrvloe to thij largo class (f our
allllctwl fcllow-cltlieas. How completely this
eompound will do it has bom proven by exper
iment on many of the worst cases to be found
of tho following complaints :
ScnoruiA and ScnorBLOCi CoMrrJtitrrs,
Enurnons axd Unurrivu UiSBifliM, Ui.cniu,
Piuplgs, Uwrcnss, Tuwoni, Sait ltiistju,
BoU) Hiiab, rJvntam awd Sythimtio Ar.
jhotioss, JlwicuniALDisBASD, Dm '.mt, Nbit
xktatk on Tmj Doulouucox, Dhbimty, Di j
rkrsu xxo IwrnovsnoK, Ei'.Yfltrni.Afi, Itosa
on Sr. AkthonVb Pair, and inilood tho wholo
chtt of complftinU arising from lupuwn
tub Blood.
ThU compound will lie found a great Ttro
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
eixpeltlio foul humors which" fester i tho
blood at that season of the yoar. lly tlie UrasV
lr oxtiultion of them many rankling disorder
are nipped In tho bud. Multitudes can, by
tho nld of this ramody, sporo thansolvcjs from
the etuluranco of font eruptions nnd ulcerous
sores, through which tlio system will strivn to
rid itself of corruption?, if not afsiited to do
this through tho natural channels of tho body
by nn olteratlvo medicine. Cletuwo out, tlio
vitiated blood whenever you find its Impurities
burning through tho skin in pimplo?, , oruptione
or sores i eleauso it whu you find it is ob
structed and sluggish In the vein i cleanao H
whenever it is foul, nnd your feelings will toll
you when. Even whero no particular disoider
is felt, pcoplo enjoy bottcc health, and Uts
longer, for cleansing the blood. Koep th
blood healthy, and all is woll; but with' th)f
pabulum of life disordarcd, thora can be no
lasting health. Sooner or later somethiss
must po wrong, and the great machinery of
lifo is disordered or ovorthrown.
Sarsaparilla has, mid desarvo) much, tho
reputation, of ascomplishinfr, thoso ends. Ilut
the world has been cgrcgiously deceived by
preparations of it, portly bocauso tho drug
alono has not all tho virtue that is clntmod
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to bo coucentratcd extracts of it,
contain but littlo of tho virtue of .SamsparUls,
or any thing else.
During late years tho public have been rail
led by large bottles, pretending to give n ouert
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Most
of thuse havo beon frauds upon the rick, for
tbey not only contain little, if Buy, Ssartopa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful ditappointroent
has followed the use of tho various extracts of
Bannpartlln wliich flood the market, until the
name itself ia justly despised, und has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
wo call this compound Sartnpniilln, and intend
to eupply surh a remedy as shall roicuc tha
name from the load of obloquy vthioh rests
upon it. And we think wo have ground for
belieTing it has virtues which aro kre.itibl8
by the ordinary run of tho diicases it is intsnd
cd to cre. In order to secure their eoinplctu
eradication from the system, tho remedy should
bo judiciously taken according to dirwtioM on
the bottle.
rncrAiiso ev
DR, 3. C. AVKB Oi CO.
LiOWILLiTj, mass.
Frlee, r)l tier Ilottle U Mottlos fvc $3.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
bu won for itself stteh renewn for the cure t-l
every variety of Tbront end IUng Complaintj that
It is rattireljr unnecessary for us to roeouiit the
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has bctn em-
filujred. As ll 1ms long beon in natant tin
throui;hout this aectios, wo uertl not do mote tvr
aasuie the peoplo its quality is kept tp to ths bust
it ever has been, and that it may be ri-l'wl on U,
Ao for their relief all it has tei Uen found ia iu.
Ayer's Cathartic Pili-.,
vots. Tint craiui oy
CottitxiiMt, Javtulicji, Dyipejitia, InAigtviK
Dyttnttry, foul ittomach, Erytptlo; IlHiattJu,
Pilct, ll'hetimaliim, Eruptions ruid Skin PUeaw,
Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Tttlcr, Titnvm and
Salt Mentm, Wormt, Gout, Ifeurafyia, at a
Dinner Pill, and for rurifyinj th Blood,
They rc sugar-coated, eo that the tnoet seti.l
tive can take tharu pleasantly, nad tkey etu tliu
beet aperient ia the wtild for all Uio purposes of s
timilj phytie.
?rleo 25 cents par Bos; Fivo boxes for flUCO.
Great numbers of ClMgymen, I'liykia)ie,8tatei
men, and eminent personaucs, liavn lent th:h
names to certify the unparalleled usefulnow nf Ui"
remedies, but our spam- here will rot pertnii. tiis
ictertlun of tliein. The Agents below namiu fur
nish ratis our Amhiicn Almanac in wluelt thy
are firm; with also full descriptions of the above
eomploints, and the treatment that should be M-
: lowea for thtir cure. ... , .
l)o not be put off by unprincipled dealers TrU!
; other preparations make more pront on
uemancl, ana tann no ine no.
want the but aid there la for tkew, and lite; iLnuU
have it.
AH ovj lTaedl an .'or sale by
E P. Luti, J.U. Mojrr.f! M. Il&acnbuch. r.leomsbuij
A. Miller, Uerwlck, ud by one alorc in a very tov n ia
rnivATn mudical trf.atisc on thh
I'liysiofogicnl View of Marriage
550 'A(!K3 AND 130 ENCRAV1N0!.-I'ica rsl;
nve.irwiw. ctsTs. Seal ftee of po.taae to a'l parts of
the Lfniun. On the infirmities of jouth and maturity
disdojing the secret folliia of bo-h sexes of all airs.
eaUtlng debility, nervousness, ilcprcaijnu rf spirits
palpit-ition of the heart, suicidal iuiajinii f , mvolun
tary emissions, blitshinrja defective intn.orv indi;r.
lion nnd lassit-ide. ici(A ronfotiom of thilttrg inlii-ol
of lloardtrg Mut, a'Collrge Stviint ord
1'juiijr Marrnd lady, ic.i. Il is n truthful adviser to
the married rind thoso contemrlatinf marriage, nhoea
trrtain secrit doubts of their physical condition aat
who ore conaciou. ofhat In? hazardnd the li-alih hn.
piness, and privilecca to which evciy hunion biint i
YOUNG ML'N who ore troiildf d with weakness,
erally caused by a bad habit in youth, tha ifl- cti i
whicli .ire dimness, pains, fur;, aomeniiics i
a rnif Ins in the t ars, weak eves, weakness of the b
and lower exit r.iitics, confi. ion of ideas, loss of nn -V.r?.w!th.m.p'n"t,"'1'-mu
l"'cuted by the nulhor'u KK
,V:1,.l!u,f' riceiiilv dfwti-d much of nur tin"
oiirselvea of the kiioiilcdue nni researches of th r
sVillcd Phjeisiana andSutt'cons in Luropeaml t'
tinent, Those who place themselves nnier n
will now liavo thn full benefit of the many NEW
niTICAClOUSItKML'DllIMUithw-i. are rnal
introduce into our ptiictiti-, and iho public may I
suredof the snino zeal, assiduity, Sbl'RCCV ano
liou being paid to tlicircases, whirh lus so rr rn
ny...',,Jll8.".1.',."?',"!' I'eretofore. ns n Physician in
PLLUL1AR department of professional Practice.
past tttttity fue mam.
t arciti iMALK Pills. Ladle
whowifli for ATcr
thn etftcacy of which
liaa been lotted in thou.:
ensca, aim never tailed tu cllect smeilv cures u
any nan resuits.will u.e none but Dr t ,. ei
Periodical Pills. The only Preumtiou m crssa ,
serve is, ladn a should nut take them if therhovn
aontu believe they are in certain itluatttnr Ithe rar'
ulura of which will be found on the wrapp.-r arrom:
nlngcachbox,l Ihouph aluay safe ati'l heallln
genlly yet sonctivc nre Ihey.
.i. Vt 1 " ""t " ma led to any Pr'
tho United mates or Canada
TO TIIK LAIiii:hum,.. ,,.a u..,i.i .....i
advisor with regard to any of Uis inn-retting '
fi ' "",r" incir uciirate organization v d
Ih'iii liable, an; puticularly Invited tocoiifult us
itu 'LucTRo tSAt.vAmo Proti cTivi-,"-For ma
ladies who.e health w ill nc admit, or who bars n
re to Increaso ihiir families, i,iy he obtained es i
It is a ncrfecilv safe nmv.niiV. ,:. ....
. -. ; .....i.v.uvt'iici'iir'ii, an.
been extensively used during lbs last 20 jaars. f
Tlio Sterols of Youth Unveiled.
A Treatitt en thi Causa rf rrematuti Decay -.
tmn wtrntng. Juil vvltiilr.l l,' ..,(
progreis ed pretale.xeo anoKg ,ehoel$, Ifotk mid
f email ofthit fatal kailt, pctMing cut tit fatolit
iivanmyeuimu us t-fedmi, tvi developing the
T'g'" N Vit dh tate, fro the- timmtncetntrttt V
ItJfiU be teat by Mall an rttitptef tut :i ccat A
,. A,Je'1'l'ieo daily, from In tha morning t
night, anil en Bundaya finm SUDS r H.
Medlcinea with full directions sent to any prr'
United btatca or Canada,, by patients coinmu
their aymptoma by letter, llutino.s correr
strictly confidential,
CDr. L's Oflice is strll located as a.taMlrhc
the name of DR. la CEOIX, si Ne. 31 Maids
win i N i
Nev.SJ Iel,-I2m,
OIGAUS & T01U-' rv
Alargassaarlmanlofcholcir -. - ih
Friiila. Confsclinncry and No. r -er
withafull sijek fHATa-.
hand and for aalu th- as, st the
r.mponom." '
Eesuhu,j, Msrh l. Uti, JClU