Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, February 22, 1862, Image 4

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.-ax---p rr rt -r-. ""
Tliis rraa a Franklin motto. Apply
..if, 1 l I 1 i At
tO thO farm, auU Its bntlll deposits. tMan
lire Leaps aro the sub-treasuries of the
farming interest. Waste of ninnuro is
waste of wealth Every minor who digu
for gold must dig in the dirt. But the
farmer first deposites the gold in the ground
and aiterwards di"3 it out with iucrcase i
'The gold ho plants, ho gathers from the
sources of consumption and dacay, where
carelessness may leave a loss.
Wisdom is wealth ; timo is money ; and
equally eo manure is money, to tho farmer.
Where shall wo dig for riches?
W'tiorn '
n1nl1 wr rtn nml (fillior nn ron1Mi ? "fn in '
Bliail MC gO aUU gatuer Up WCaitll I UO tO ,
tho ant, thou sluggard ;"go to tho squirrel, j
thou spendthrift ; go to the manure-coin-poster,
thou foolish farmer, who hast
nursed poverty, by workiug a hungry soil,
and getting nothing, because you gave noth
ing as a basis of production.
Gather it qt tho stable. Mix well tho
uolid'droppingB bf tho cow with twico its
bulk Of meadow muck J mouey in mud. i
,,. , , i
Xi"Oam Will serVO a COOU WUrnOSC, it nothing
, .
better can ue uau. x'liic leaves oro almost
priceless in tho compost, And bo very
euro, if i;o groat loss would bo al.owed, to
put enough dry peat, old rotten straw, or
other substance suited to the purpose, to
take up all tho liquid that she voids.
Take liko care, also, of the voiding-sf tho
ox and younger cattle. Tho noble horse,
well fed, well used, furnishes much mato
rial to mix with muck 5 three times tho
measure of his solid excrements, with dry
peat, sawdust or old straw, spinkled with
old brine, plaster, refuse salt, to save the
urine money from many things made
into manure.
fl-athor a. niln from tlm nicni-n Pirfrrv
, . 1 1 - '
(1003 not appropriate much for muscle, from
r , ,.,nng-...t;
... laKOIIOJIiy Ol ISSmilUIIS nuncut icummiiis lUJtuumic
the lat Ot lUS tceJmg, but pours out big . same, inrdcrthattueyiiiay
bottles of ammoniueal liquor to magnify j RENEW THEIR 'CLUBS.
rim mqnnrn lienri Tint r,if a n rnf rmn Wo shall also take jt as an especial favor If our pres
tUO manure Heap. 1 no gilt IS a great OUC, cnt aubscribers will urge upon their neUhbors the lact
and never to be disnkod tiv t!iP mm nf 1 that tin I'ATtuor ab Union islha only Democratic pu-
Him never io De uisptscu oy tue man 01 a per lf lntod j(1 jarr4l)UrJl nnd considiriPEtii large
flourishinf; farm. Pilo the uiue Scrapings niuoi.nt or reading matter, embracing all tho current
0 rio new of tlii clay, udh
into his pen, with old leaves, loads of loam, TELEGRAPHIC DISPA TCI1ES
and let him make his mark as a manufac- Trom cverywh-ro up to the niomeut the paper goes to
. 1 , preaK, political, miscellaiieoiu, general and local news,
turer j and no will do it in defiance of war ;Uar!:et ropoim, is decidedly iho
or tariffs. Piggy's first work in tlio world cnearnT mrBPJwmi'vnusiiCD ue nm
JS to prcvido for the corn Crop, and When There Is scarcely a villogc or towniniho Watn ill
... ... 11,.,, which atlub cannot he if tho proper exertion bo
tliat COUieS in, in lUSty loads, he Will COn- made, and mudy there are few places in which one or
,,, ... , laoro energetic men cannot be found who nre in favor of
ECnt to DC put lUtO pork, lor tUO benefit Of thedUseniination of sound Democratic doctrines, who
would bo willing to malic the elTort to rnlsa a club.
prince, or paupers. I DEMOCRATS Olf TII15 INTEKIOR 1
trather gold from the hen-house. Pilo i,ct us hcnr ftoru ,.. The existing war, and thanp-
tlie.TPflt undpr Ilm lion.rnat sonttni. ,itl,, proadiing osloiis ofCiingres-i anil thu State Lcgitla-tut-pcat
unutr uio uen-rot , SCattOl .lilies llra,ar,) invested with unusual interest, and every uiau
lightly over, or old lime, and saturato it 8l,ouia luvl! Uo ""J-"- pp
with slops from the chamber, and repeat j d a 1 ly r at it iot and union.
the samo Often, layer, UDOn laver, mixiup- Klnvleconv for one rear, in advance SI 0"
?f oil wnll l,f. ol, t. .1 1 tie . a
muck or peat. It will be cheaper than
poudrette from Lodi, and a3 rich aa a
California tjuartz gold mine.
Gather gold from the sink drain. The
6uds aad grease that go away there, contain
gold ; gather it up for the garden grounds ;
mix it With muck, or carrv it to tlin r-iti :
mix lb witu iiiuou, or tauy w (O mo eua- .
rant dusuoo, on auuoit anywiicro to lcou
the growing corps, and gold will grow out
Of it.
Save the suds from the wash room.
Thero are wonders of woalth in such min
eral waters. They aro good for mokly
cabbages, melons, pears, snusisbes and i
iomatoes. They make all growing things
to glisten in the glory of their growth.
Sav"o the slops from chambers. Waete
is as wicked thero as anywhere. Mam need
not prido himself above producing his por
tion )f the food of plants ; ho was made of
earthly matter, air and water, and wastes
those daily from himself, in substance for
tho food of vegetation, "Waste not, want
uatner irom tuc pnvy. Jhero is no
use, boys, in snuffing. This turning up the
noso is ot no moro value in a young man
than it is iu a bJooruin tarn. Pride is
peevish, and always out of plaoo among
the working world's nobility. Pilo in
the muck, or loam, with a mixturo of
plaster, much old rotten chip dirt, md
drirc away ucplcasant odors by putting
on new layors ofton ; and carry away a
great pile to tho com field. You may
bring it back in gold.
Gather all tho ashes. They will ang.
wer for their applicotion almost anywhere,
m-'words htly spokon liko apples of
gold in pictures of silver."
"Wasto not, want not." Gather man
uro from the mill, eorapo around tho shop,
tako oaro of cotton waste, wasto not old
woolens, tax tho tannsr for his rcfuso
truck, make tho merchant a fair ofTer for
old brines, call upon tho collier for his
charcoal dust, and tax all trades that the
farmer feuds j buy when and what you
connotEavo, if it will bring back tho gold ;
but, inan'of tho muck heap, remember,
"wasto not, want not.'1 Oor. Now Eng
land Farmer. -
Mom; 'IitUTit tah.v Poetry. We
Letird it remailftl a day or to nco, savs1
tUO 11 licclinr; FrtSS, that U SCCUieil iu-l
. '
ItnspiOlOUS tO et four UlllllOlia Of blacks
i ...!il. il. t. ,1 ,1
irtio, wiui tuu nujiu taut, luey ivouiu sue
cecd iu freedom, wbeu thirty millions of
w-iU- American citizens, with all their
Bupt-vior advantages, hud bo tignally failed
in eolf govemraont. This idea, utruok us
with couaioerablo force, and wo put it on
lfffWn WlMKWTUn XPT WJ lrTSTTVet'ifir,ffTrfetrllyrpKJV
Tift- imhtliti'T of tlm 'i(f!Tivii 'fm.mturit bi
made the niftst ample and oo'iiph-ti nrranccmcnlf, by
tlia engagement of hIi Mperh need corps of repoiter,'!"
irivn me nun ic ft cniiuiicit svnonsis 91 trie nroccciiincH
uf Hi LegUlatarc, rml.i ncinp nil li'R) lalion that will ho
I of a general character und such prlvntn hitslnrs n may
Dave an effect or lufluenrc on the publlr! Interest Ad-
1 ucii 10 inescrcpnri. mm in" reports 01 inn iioausoi
iieparnnoiut, tn" denaie win un no puniisticu wncn
they nro of a character Involving questions In which tho
people ate Interested. Thcso features regularly 1111J
carefully conducted and supervised 1 experienced re
porters, nur reports of the proceedings nf Congress nt
me npproacuiiiir einn, mu current crt-m-in inu itu-
cross of the war, together with such ilouienilc nml for
eign now as uniiy occur an.i come wiiiiiu our
I rencli, will maKe too rt h.isti.v .1.111 Ti.soitArii nno 01 tin
moil valuablu ami Intfrottlng newspapers In the coun
try. The l)Aii.r will ho niihll-heil during Ihe session of the
Legislature for $1,00 per copy.
Tub HRMi-WinKtv III alio bo published at tlio low
rutc of 81.00 for the session,
I Tim lV.i-l.ttr It, ti.ltltnil oil r vr-ft' l-i.nn t.1 tl,n
low rato of ?i,ouprycar.
1 i.iririi.c.
GKomin m:noi:R,
Ilurritburji, I'enn'n.
Pec. S3, IEC1
MOTlOEi. Hereby given, that tho cpartnershM-
i,orniinroei.iinr i.etiveen i he it,.
n heretofore exiatinE between Hie undersigned, tree
illntr under tlio firm of MaitztU Hot, nt Unlit Street. Is
Ihisday, (Nov.'-i.,, IK1I) dissolved by mutual ooiuent of
iitM ntrl p.. The lmnk. nrrnnnlM iLr.. remnln In Ihn
hands ori'eter Unt one oftlimneiobors of the late firm,
(iy whumau ehiimt anatnst the said Itrm
BJiiotiu".'M fl"u,,illl,1'ia,ocalUm,""lll0
rcTtitt i:nt.
Light Slmct, Nov. 30, 1801.
rrilin undersigned, respectfully Informs the citlr.eiis of
JL Ulooin-ihiirg, and tho public gone-rally, that he has es
tabllslieil a new More, on Main Street, Iduuoubtirg, in
! .Airs. Lcacnck'a llullding, where lio oilers for sale, on
moJernte terms, a large nscoitmciit 01
Of every nrt, and slto nnd iWcrlpfon, llln,.
' I Ul CVri) -'HI. II.IU IM " " ' ,n ri ii, I-,,,,, ins ,tTi
......I. t 1... I- Hn.lfl,n l,.l..,lt,. n..fP., Irr-j.
.unit i'i .i-,ituj IW'M.. ..,..i,. TJt-.A
vnnetyof Ladles and (lenlleiuen's iMtdallolu, vy n
C'liains, Lockets, llreaslplns, Finger-rings, clc.,ci4lW
m tho examination or which he lnvitcetho punu
c gctier-
11"- Ptrict attention clvontn repiilrlhg Clocks, Watch,
eg, and Jewelry, and all work warranted.
Hlnonisburg, May 4, 1501 If.
Weekly "Patriot & Union."
xuascitiBKn foh .v cluhs of .wvarss nr.i.
The period for which many of our subscribers have
paid for their paper baing on the ova or expiring, wo
Single copy d urin-i the session of tho Legislature. .1 00
I Pu1lishsile.rirti Thursday.
' Single copy one year in advance 62 00
Ten copies to one nddreus Ill I'D
I Hubsciiptui.iii limy ut any time. Pin al
I imki iiialraiitr. Any pemon cndiiur us a club oftlfly
subscribers to tho Weekly will ba entitled to a copy for
his act vices. The price is so low that wo cannot oiler
greater inducement than this. Additions may be made
a any time to a club of subsiriberc by remitting; SI for
each additional name. It is nut necessary to icnd us
thu names of thoso constituting a club, ns wo rannot
undertake to address each paper to clnb Hiibscrlbers sop
ltat(!ly t:,,,,,,,,.,, cc,,ieS oflho weekly will be sent ti
nil who desire It.
O ISAnitnTT & CO.,lIartiburg, Fa.
P Hi
3 ill B U Ei'. fT. 'B' BT
A new voluniv nt tnis widely circtilatetl paper com
linnet s on the 4th of January. T.vcry manlier contnius
sixteen pages of useful information, and from 11 vu to
ten original cngravilig of new inventions and discove
ries, all of which are prepared cxnresily for its eoluins,
Tho SCIHNT1FIC AMUU1UAN is devoted tutho in-
teres! i nf Pnnular science, the .Mi c oin ic Ar t.. Mann
ufactures, Invention,, and Agriculturn, Couuncrcn on. I
tlu Industrial Pursuits generally, and is valuubln nnd I
imtiiiclivu t.ot oiil v iu the
i oritsitop and .Manufactory
b-it'also iu tlio lloubchold, the Library and the llcadiug
To the Mechanic anil Manufacturer
No nersons engaged in any of tho mechanical tnir.iiiu
should think of doing without the Scilntii-ic AuknieAN.
it costs but four centu pur week ; every number con.
tains from six to leu engravings of new- machines and I
inventions, winch cannot be found in any other publl- I
cation. It is un established rule of the publishers to In-
it none but original ui gra.uigs, and those oflho (list '
class in tbo art. drawn and engraved by xoeri"iiced
pirsoii under their wu kupcrtimuu. y "ptrl-"ccu
Ml .1 J .. J I
i u un, j-hlliiuvi i
is Itldislcnsable It 1
even- Inventor, ai it not ouiv contains, i
aeriotions of nearly all the best intentions it t.'inv, '
out, but enih number cunlnini nil Olhcial List of the
Claims of nil the iMtcuti issued irumlho United Htate
Patent OHIco duriug the week previous ; thus giving a
e.orrtct hltory of thu progress of inventions In tills
couutrr. We are al-o receiving, every week, thu bent ,
scientific journal of Great Uritaiu, France and derma- 1
uy i thus placing in our posenion all hat it transpir-'
ing iu nieth.iuiciil tcicncc and art in these old conn-1
tries. Wo shall continue to transfer to our column co
pious extracts from thoso journal of whatever no may
deem of interctt to our reader
Chemists, Jlrchitets, Millwrights and
The BCIUNTiriC AMERICAN will bo four.d a mo
useful journal to them. All Ihe uuw discoveries iu the
idence of chemistry arc given In its lolimn, and the
interests of the architect und carpenter uro not oer
looked: all the new invention und dl.coverle upper
taming to these pursuit being published from U',.,tr lit
week. I'seful and practical iiiloriuation lurtaining to
ihe interest, of millwright und iiiill owiV h i he
ijund uubliilied in tho ricietitille American whieli lr,,..
mHion they cannot possibly obtain from any ether
source, tiubject in which planters und farmer ure in."
terested will be found discussed in Hid flcicntlilc Amer
ican ; mistof tlm Improvement iu agricultural imple
ment being illustrated in its column.
To mail inbicribers : Two Dollars aVcar. or One
Hollar foi tlx nionth. Olio Dollar pay for one com
plole volume of 410 pugo j two volume comprise one
year. The volumes commence uuthollret of jj.vuiity
and Jtxy,
CI.UIl IlATIiS. s '
Fivo Copies, (fir Blx Mouth j
Ten I'opies, for Hit Month
Ten C'uplcs, for Twelve Month f..j
Fifieen Oopiss, for Twelve .Monlha g
Twenty Copies, for Twelve Month gjj
For all clubs of Twenty and ovcr.tho yearly r-ubscnp-
tloll 1 OIllV 2I.-1U. Nullie can be uent in nt itlfl'i..,,,,,
'".'!,'? ala ioi Jit"rem Post-otiices. Kpecimeii ccpic
will ba ei,tgrull to any.purt of the country.
JV''""" "'i'1 Cmiadiiin money or Po.t.olhce stamp
tab-, n at par for subscription, Canadian subscriber
V1" P'tawto romlt -JJ rent mirn on eucli year' sub-
r.-r in tin, In nni.i.iiil uri-tR.iH
MUXW Si CO., Publisher,
Jio. 37 Park-row, New V'ork.
Sec it, I soi.
rpinIJ knowing thtmirlvs indebted to the un ', r
J ( urd an her jy notillrtd lo cumo and settle lb ir
ar "tiwillioul riirther ll dice. Ism ntnv nra,-i
,P.r i. wi'MJi.
irnoiatiendud to sountlielr accounts will bu nlaesd in
ji u. alSiV
GILL Si I'Alii,
(icutrnl louiiutpslon fth'rclia.its,
ntiUM l:lJf
Fish, Provisions, rloiir, llnller, Cheese, Oil. Dried
Fruits, Omlti, Beetlo, llennn. Whiskey, Wool,
Country Produce Mid Merchandise
NO. 3-1 NoKTll WllAKV?, rillKtlCLMIIA.
fx" Coiislstinicnts.orrrhvlf Inn. Flour anil Country
Produce solicited, and returns promplly mnilc. Cash
Advance! when tl I r r l .
OKDUUH for all Itimls of Fish, Provisions, Flour,
Pried Fruits, tee., filled sltliu lowest Cash Files.
August 4, leUI-lim.
DlUVJi OI1U1'.
rptli: iinilcrslgncil respectfully Informs Ms old fricndl
1 and i-Mtlainer. 11,11 I,,, i,n. t,iirriina,.,i i,i. l.r,.ii,,t.
Interest In tlm nbovn (stiibllshinent.niidtho concorn Mils I
tKirculler be conduced by lilmeirexclni.V('ly.
ue nus jini received mill oners mr sale, tno larrj.
I i . f it
rJ'i'O V lia ever Introduced Into this market. 1
Ills slock consists of a complete nsmiflment of I
. . . . ... I
the best Cooklne mid narlnr stoves in the innikcl. tniieth
er with Btiive Fixture of every description, Oven and
llox Ptovos, Iimliators. (.'yllndar Htovcs, !ast Iron Air
TiKht stoves, Cannon Stoves, kc &c. Ptoveplpo and
Tlnwaro constantly on hand nnd manufactured to order,
All kinds of repairing dune, as It una 1 , on shoit lintkc.
Thn patronaRo of old friends and new cintotnurs re
spectfully solicited. A. M. ltUrKltT.
lllooiushuig, November 3d 16( 0. tf.
rgVBnV body ...n. riUWnPIHf.8;rOOnil PIIOPS .
- It nrl proioptly snmcl linos arrest ill! the worst cold
In'JI hours. Ill nil an"ectlons of Ilia ('best, Tlirnnt,
wlicther ocuto or chronic it will bo found of immediate
boiiont. Try n single bottle nnd you cannot fail to ap
preciate Its uscfulnens.
For Halo by most nil Storekeepers and Druggists.
Prepared by
C. I'llOVlIFint I).
No. 317. N. 3d. W., l'hlln.lelphla.
Nov. 10, ieci-3m.
fPHIl largest, best handsom sj' t1
.1 est nnd chenpest asnrt
incut nf rolo Leather solid Mi,'e
,,i....n. ,1.... ' i IV
,tit -,'-,, iinti I, UK l-itliiit.
iAtHc' fioniwt ,y Uirii Trunk
Children's Coaches, Propi 1
lers Lentlinr nml Carpet llagn
racking Trunks tc. &c a
C-lcbrnted London Prize Modal Improved sheet spring
soli, sold Leather Trunk maiiiifaetory, No. 40'J Markn
streci, Hoaih west corner Foutth and Alarkcl, Phllad'u.
August ti ISj7-tf.
taks SInton i)oid
600 & 008 MARK FT STREET
J. W. I-OWER, I'rojirtcter.
Tkems: SI 25 nor day.
May 12, lSC0-l!m.
(?, C. SAHLEU ii Co.,
Commission Merchants and dealers in
Fish, Clieac and 'rnvin'otia,
No. 103 Arch street, Snd door above Front. Phi adel
Ma, tig 1 1 Si ly
3. Ea. EJ fi? 33 51
(Successor to J. S. riiiavia.)
No. 8 North Fifth St., above Market.
Also, Manufacturer and Importer of
May 13. lMO-U'in.
rpIIF. iinderBlgncd, having opened n new HOOT AND
i SUCH SHOP, on Main street, in Iloplilr.svilla, Fast
Cloomsburg, iei-pe, tfiilly iiuiteg the ritstom of tho riti-
7.ens and the public generally. All hinds of Hooti,
Sho-8, &c , will ho promptly made to order, on short
notice aid moderate terms. From long experience in
his lino of business lie flatters himself that ho will ho
nlile to give gener.,1 satisfaction to all who uii.y favor
Htm wtin tiieir custom.
r" drain, Proviiion and rjoducc generally taken in
exchange for work.
ji. t . mmuivrs
ltloouithurg, July o,U01-3m.
Spun Cotton for Caulking, Hopes, Twines, Tar, fitch,
uaKuoi, oiocKs, uiiu ujim,
AligUBt 4, ISiiO-l-'m.
j,. 'f'IIll undersigned would inform thn citizens of
reSJ I llloouislitirg and viciniiy. tnai n lusjitft re
SstTo civi-d and olfeis fur saleonoof l!ie most extensive
ashoitinents off'DOKlNOan.l FANi V HTOVIW
t.ver introduced into this market. Tho Christopher Co
iimbus, James Kobbnnd (J I "bo ate aiiioug the brut dags
cooking Sieves, all of wliirh an air-tight and gas burner
Ills Pnrlor tove aro handsome and the nsouitni-ut va
ricd. AL30 Particular attention la paid to Tin-Wnrr
and lloiu'o Spouting, upon short notice. All kinds ul
repairing will lie dune wilh netlneej and despatch.
SiJ" Country produce taken iu exchange for work.
U oouifliJtg, Oct. 3, 1PCO,
M'EVANS, 10,000 Y'ltirVTEIt, A
K flnriNpcrllnar! -,.J W
E ri,j.j.irj'4rrc, eni.i. , pl 1
A li.rukn ..V-S?' PHnlt. Cn .nJ Oram,
ll ,JCt Tmi n-nu.i,r.a Crtl, V'f 10
tt-1 vtr, V.I .()!-tlVI'riwii 8.'lr fwlueril.
Cor.I-lbrnry.lTOUKTCII M'f . Wlon-Clitnnt.1
August U, 1801.
& 'f1, V ix tit "'.
L". It
Ollice in Court Ally, formerly occupied by Charles II.
L'looinfbtitg, Pec. -1, 1CVJ,
(Lit Whlto
7 Anv VV'A' T77'' , UOVV rPTTT1. Ti
- " (
JOHN nOVUr,, Pioprictor.
T, V. UHOADS, Snp't.
Nov. 10, it-til. (Mnrch S, lafil-lSm.)
'PHE undersigned inform the public generally that
1 they have formed n co-pnrtn. rsliip, nnd will toiitiu
no the bU'-lness nf i'uniii luukiug and repairing, in all
their various di-parltnents, in llloo.nnourg, whero til oy
will promptly attend to all orders in their lino of bitsf ,
,,t .B, tt ,,C,,,-l (I, tut, 1, ,,, ItJUIItlJ.
well mid t.letoni rumps, Willi leauen ripe, inado III
tie t,i tvuiitiiiiinsuiji, un iiiuueiiu- icruiE, iiuu
"".' ry siioii. nuuee.
From their long experience In tha business, snd an
earnest desire to have their work commend itself to tho
public they I'm Is coulldent tlicv can inaku it nil object to
those who may give thcni their custom und render gene
ral satuUction. JOHN CF.incilLlA'. .
Ulooin.burg, April 13, 1301, Um
jUKaCIC! EE K i C Ft ! !
fllin undersigned is prepared to tunply Hrlck, of a
I goul quality, at fair price, lie will bo found at tho
Hriclt Yard of D. L, M'Kiuny, neur McKelvy Si Nutil'a
Furnace. Fergus desiring to purcha-o will do well to
cull a brick will be made and uiusf be told.
J. II. FUIIMAN, -icn(.
HT" 100,000 now on hand and ready for sule., lthll- :iiu. J. II, F.
,,m i.iim .-i.'n .
No.Ij North Sscoiid Street, Opp(jlje Christ Clurcjb.,
try- Constantly nn hand, u large assortment of llnds
Maliri'sses, Paillasses, (.'uthion, Hair, llutk, (,'atluii,
and all iirtlilvs iu tlio lino at Ihn l.owest Price.
A". II fardcuer affdilisii jititd to riMcating .Vtaaa
Old Feather.
March '.', 1601-13m.
F. 0. HARRISON, M, D. '
WOULD respectfully inform tho citizens of illnoius;
burg, and vicinity, that ho continue iho practice of
MF.uwixn jixn kUMtmr,
ml solicits a share of public patrniiegu.
OrnoK on Main Street, ilm house below the Court
House, Illoomsburg,
February 3, lsj3-tf.
II. 0. 110WER,
fi U It ti E 0 N H 15 1ST I S T
ItUlSPF.t'WI'l.LY Ciffers his nrofes.ion
nl services to tho ladies and gentlemen of
I iiioomsnurg unit vicinity, lie i prepare;
I I alt' lid tu all the various ouorulion iu
tue line in i; pr -. a -inn hi i proviu a Willi tno latest
Imprcvcdporc'laiti t'."th lilrli will bu inserted on
gold, (ilwliua, r Iv-'r find rui)5 rbasij to look
us well a
the natural teeth
ami roi pit.i j ana piock ic iu laanuisciuriu ami an
0'- rion nn l
li, car lally and properly attended to
4,i!f- ,1
i i ui.isi'iuu uv n. appirtu co.
'M.'J titvft'Vb Ureatlw(u s Am York.
r'n fmliwIiM vnrfcsare senUoPuli crllt III nny lmr
of ili'i ciAintry, (upon raeelpt cf mail price,) by
y mull
nxprcsrl prepuiu ;
rilf. NKIy Ai:ilIOAN ("YCt.OIMIIJlA A popular
Dictionary of Ocncral Knowlcdga. IMiled hy (Iiuror ninl Oiurm:i A. IHna. nlifed by 11 numerous to
li lt corps of writers In all brinch.- otHctencio, Art mid
Literature. This wotk Is tie Ink pnbllslieil In about IS
lnruo oitavo voIuiiiph, oath cnntnlnlnti 750 two coliiin
puii'S. Vols. 1 to Mil Incluslvi , nte now rnuly.oacli
roittalnlntc mar !l,StW, onsinal iiilKi ', An niliiltlniial
voliinie nlli he iiulillslieii inirc 111 an. i tlir"0 11101IUM
I'rli-e. in ("Intl.. 3: meen.:i .'nil llali'.Mor
IS Half
11,;:. n i Sllenrh ' '
The New American Oyclnpip.lla Is popular w llhoiit nee.
Inn minorfic a I, luiirned hut not peilnnir, emniirelieniiva
but sudlciintly detailed, free Ironi personal phpio nml
party pri'Judlce, froli nml yot neciirnie. It Isn compltto
siaiouieni mini ui m, rvni i,.i
t t,,i,l. (I,,. ..imn itrhlllillili llili'l II rrftitr,n. l.t'i.fV llnltntt.
ant article In It has been specially written for Its pases
by men who nro milhoiitlus upnii thu topic en which
,1 nnt OM, in riwiiilprxl ,,t l,plnrr lh. iiltlK.t Mil III iinnk. Ther lire required to brins tlm suhlett unto
tho piesent moment to itiitojim how It stands rune. All
the statistical iiitoriiintiou is irom in.- rim-u ripnns, inn
K'-ocruphieal accounts keen pace with the latest explora
lions i lilstoricat matters iuclmlo the fretliont just viens
tlio biographical notices not only speak nf tho (lead, but
also of tho living. It Is n library of Itself.
Anniuo.Mi.KT or ntE Dedvik nrL'oiniUdj; Heine a
political history oftlic United Btatss, fronitho nisaniza
Hon of tlm llri-t Federal Congress In 17f!l to In30. lldit
oil nnd complied by Hon. Thomas II. IliNiui from thu Uf
dclal Ilccord of Congrass.
LgJpV ffl
.,' . . ! "r." ... ... ,i,;., .... I..
Tho wotk will no complleii in 13 roym octavo voiutncii
iinnnl vnliimo nil I he nubllslied nine Hi I ll reel mouths.
Cloth. $3; Law t-h-ep, $.120; Half Mor3l; Half
Calf St 50 each.
A WAV OF l'ltO'It'llINO Till'. CVCI.UIW.IHA, Oil
tiiiiiA 1 1;.
Form aclnb of four, all . r, mil tin prlceoffonr Imolis, .
and live i-opls Mill be -1111 at the remlltir .-xnensi lor
eatrlage.i.r lor t.n ui.srrtb.ra eleven copies will Ii aelil
atouroxpen cfor i iirrlago.
lt Vu ' IS 1 o.
No other works will olib rally r -ward the r xeitions
nfAgeiits. An Aolnc WtiTiti li nim l.opaTy.
Terms made known on application to tho PiibllBbcrs.
NDV. .1, lefill. j
lill'lj IN'li-R N0E.
llli.lih rlr'i, I K-orttt a m a .t-,t,,t- ,rt '
l',J."It' J,IOt.M,ltl, 7wt-,tl4 M.1
7'jiust co.MP.i.vy of riuuinr.LPiiiA.
CAPITAL (paid up.) SiUU 00(1.
Charter l'cryetunl,
V- tne most reaoiuiDie icruis.
The capital being paid up nnd invested, together wilh I
a largo and constantly increasing reecned fund, olfcra I
The preuiiunius must bo paid yearly half yearly, or
The Company ndd n DONUS periodically to the Insu.
ranees of Iffu. Tho F1IWT IIONtTd appropriated 111 Do
coinhr, 1H44, the HLCOND 110NUS in December, JnJH,
the TIIIP.D IIONUS In December, lfil.and tho FOL'KTJI
UUNIJt In December, lf."3.
IOThcso addition nre mndo without requiring any
increase in tho premium to hi paid to the Company.
Alio louowing aio n iuiv e&anipics iroiu tno Ki-itiMer.
tiiiuiiiii fti r in nun
i.i.n,,. i i,. i.inA
Sum Ilontis or
IV.IIcv Insured nddltim by future ai!,iltlon
No. HO 8J500 Si-e, 50 S ,,3-T 50
" i:ia .KKio uwo wi -i.twu on
in1) icon loo (,D i.joo r.t)
" 333 6000 IMS Oil r,,t:.-, 00
" ice. U!, ;e. .c.
rompjlets, efoii.ilning tables of rate and cxplnnnlion,
forms of npplieation, and further information can be
found nt Hi ' ofilce.
JttO. F. JlMKS, .1HKI1-IJ.
LF.Vl L. TATE, .fit(.
F. C IlAnanov, r.ramlulng Pliysitlan.
Ortob, r l.i, 1 ,-,7 ly.
I'lIB undersigned is also extensively pniagcd In tho
1 Undertdlmi' Jlii'iae.u, and keeps constantly on ban I
lid for sale ut his Wnrcroonis, a largo assoitment of
FINISHED gggg) OOin-'lNS,
Ily whlrh he in enabled in till orileri. on presentation
Ar.wi-Keeps a good Horse atrd lleari-e, and will at til
times bt ready to attend Fuiicrcls.
'Tdooinsbiirg. January 2il. 1P39
Pays tho entire cost for Tuition iu tho iiiott popular nnd
successful Commercial School in tho country. Upward
of Twelve Hundred youug men from twenty-eight dill'
emit States.havc been educated fur lun-iiiCHii hero Willi
Iu thn past threu yi an. some of whom have been cut
plojed as liook Keepers at taiuries of
S'2000.00 per Annum,
immediately upon graduating, wlio know nothing of ac
count when they entered the College.
DV" Ministers sons half price. Student culcr at any
tllue,nud review when they please, w ithout extrtu barge.
For Catalogue of eHi pager.. Specimens of Prof. Cow ley's
Iliisineesnnd Ornaiuental Penmanship, and n largo L'n
graving of tho College, inclose twenty-flvo cents in Pott
ago Stumps to tho Principals.
JI1NKINS li SMITH, .1'ittcburgh, I'.i.
Jan 5, 1S01 ly.
AM1! into the enclosures of (In itih'criber. living in
- Loemt township, Columbia counlyjn the early part
fif Decenib. x, a
' R K D C O W.
fiuppnsed to bo about seven years rid and a
Fuppoicd to be some thr.-o y.-nrs old.
Tho owner ii rt-qut-stod to prove property, pay (hiir
ges nnd take them awuy or they will be of as
ti.v tun Miiiim,
Dec, 2rf, lPOI-Jts.
E'lS'U HVoofl JJcIiSCltl 4i Hiile.
A lot of superior Tine PnoorCEMi s r, especially adap
ted for i.i'nientiiig Roofs, One gallon will cuter 1011
feet of ordinary roofing, und is insured proof ngain.t
rain and wet weather. Can bo had at manufacturer
prices, by tho gallon or half barrel, at thu olhce f the
Columbia Democrat.
Illoomsburg, July 13,, 1E01.
No. 123, South Elcvonth Street near Walnut,
Fnamcled Class, Fresco, Oil and F.',icuutic Fainting
JOilM I.IBSOX Q, i.Ja0!r.
January 12, Iddl 3m..
TOHA'.TO ,t SKOltb!.
M A It S H A L L II U G II E S ,
3S UUJlfi 35, O jf JJ T
Pil ii mil n tuir.d k ,,h;1 l oijncco,
N. E. Corner of 1'iont and Arch Streets,
Amiiuii iiih:n. j
jamk M, novn. ( I'llILADUM'IIIA,
Manh 10, lBbO-l'-'m.
Trcvi 411 e, Moce Third.
V H I A U E I. P 11 I A .
milF, aituatioii of Ibis Hotel renders it ore of tho mnrt
X cutivetilent for those who aro visiting Philadelphia
en business ; while to those in search of pleasure, the
rniKt.inlly passing and repussing City Hallway cars,
and thuae in coo proiiiuity, ntliinl a i l.cup and pleas
ant ride to all placo uf Interest and amusement in or
about tl,e rily,
Tlm proprietor give nssuronco that "The Union'1
shall I a kept Willi such ihuracter as will inert public
approbation, uud would respectfully solicit, gi noral pal-
iwnage. u nun o flum
February !M, 1"C0 13ui. Froprtctsr
pf. Pnrir. Pmillrv. llfiiiAv rivnlit lm,l.i, C
lleef Pork, roultry, Honey, Oram Prociute. Cidsr
rumpklns, Potatoes, Core, Ostl. liny aad CeiattalLs,
nl,,ntKh,ir. rirl M
J t -.Ml '. V'H I1.!1, ' l ) 1 i ,
Ttst'Hi', D:iJ !: I'mlt'r
Mirk'" inlintmic rill Vu ili"insitlvs from lie- thou
Gaud mil i' ic 1 Unit 11 ll is liuir to, If IN j- wilt , it)
follow lite rouns-l- of luittirc, uml t.ikn llvi lonllcino
which bit neMt li T III hor opernlli iir, That a. . 1
cine H the VegLlclilj iMcdlcllies of I)r. Moil'AT,
known a
Moffat's Life Pills
Thtso Medicines have now been b. foi tke pi Ulc for
a period of .10 years, and ilurlns that lime ln.v ii.hIii
tnlnoil n Is I alt iharact r In al.mst ,v.ry putt i th
plobo for 111 J cxiriioruinury curauvo I't'T hi iii ii
ihuV iioss Jss
Mofiat's Life Fills.
MolT.U's I.lfe Tills nre Indehtcd for their nam I, ill
manifest nml 'iilblo nctlnn In purlOlof! tl. in
and channels of life, and enoilng Ihnm with v
tone and viuor i and to the uoiiiuihtcd l.irt that at ,i .
:,l (act that at ,, . rv
d r.tciied a 1 1 11 r I
' Rrnvc, pi rf cily s
I lit of henllh, Willi-
I bleaaliijt. tin great
fr, n,u very verijo of nil iintlin. ly gtn
.i , 1 1, ,.,,lCnv,,i i,i,l,it',,i .ill I,
o irly part in uieir iiiincy, ii" y on
,.,,,i , n,,.,,, uniform enlovui
nut i.irli Ufa itself is but n partial
Indeed had their elliiacy Invariably proved, that it was
scarcely less than miraciinius i niuso who weru nunc
niialnt'il with the beautiful phllogophicnl ptlnclples
tip m which they worn lompounded, and upon which
moiFA'rs imaiNix bitters.
HIolfufB I'hoeiilx Hitters are so called, because tiny
possess tlii! power of n storing tho oxplring embers of
health ton glow Mil! vigor throughout tin- constitution,
i-s th? Phoenix Is to bj restored to lira Irom thu
n'hes of it own dissolution.
Mercurial l)lseasi.8. There Is probably no one nrtlcle
given ns it ine Heine, the iiijueinm ilm of which lias
iii'isod such wi b ,-prenil ami terrible mischief to the
i.,,i;.i, tfKi..ii, n iii -rcurv
us pnisuii eiiiKs neep nun
... I. -.,..., , . I nlll,A l,,i, n,l
'. ' .,, f i,-,i,,ri ,ii,,.,h. ii i well
. p , ,,utiy ullettious of Hie throat, of the buTcs,
, and libillgnant sores, whkh liato ceen at-
' irihuto.l to syphilis, mo so often caiiHed by the liijudl.
clous use of in reury, ao that thu lemodylias proved
worse than tho illseaBJ.
I Th(, Ijtfa vm nlld rlu mwtt lav0 nlwavabeen
I Kignaily succi ssful In this class of discuses, and Mill
I eradicate nil th effect of mercury from lic system,
sooner than tho most powei fill preparations of sarsa-
'...illn '!!.., til, I liitture in raulliiL, Irnm the nil
I"1' 1 ' ......... , . .. I. .. i . , .
lioisoiiiiim ma'.li r, and by thus purifying the vital fluid,
1 they restore tlio ry-t.iu to iieaiiu.
tllllOIIS uoiupiunus. 1 ttt'i, iL'iiiutU'i unit i,r'(HM
llonale niianlitj of bilo upon Hie tomacli Is always to
u'llsttofor tin promotioii of louiid health it stimulates
digestion, and I.eepK the Intestinal ctinnl Irec fioni all
..i..t...,l..,w r 1,1 lliit iiilerlnr nut race nf thu lll'eriflli
peculiar bladder In uhiih tho bile Is first preserved,
being tormed by the liver from tho blood. Thence it
names loto tile atntnnui nun iuicmiiics, iiihi rei;.ii,iieB
the ,llg,'ii in. 1 HUJ wlieu th.-r.i Is a deliiii ucy
of bile. tlU b'J 1' tKllst.l.llly COftlV". O.i the other
Inn 1, -l.i "V- r i. 'ue, ,iiis cfbi, wi'.nesfrt i:i nt nauses
on thd ttnuiatli, ii ' i "It' n pr oiiotes vcr vein attacs
of ul-i 'tis ti . will .It solo tier i end in iK-ath.
lM E Lie- INE 3.
Tin- Llo) .' tlioal l, If porsibl
bt taken in
tho early 'u"of . : i "t u
v Ted in ttrn uy . -ru' ,' u
pi .lot ; and If perse-
i "lis v ill osiliv.-iy
l" tbii. . '.,.' 't 111
(..M.I,;, l,t eiiu.L S,l-
, , ,. ,
I eil'-ct a (or.
I , i' . Ml .. '.V
all parm oi our . 't. n', r
ry th Ir utt 1. 1. , i i
aiuir u s l.ii i n
: ;., I ll..-, f. r a rj
t..,r o' bait fl: oiii, no ,
tl .irn-.-t til tile ski i. - i
-, I i. h ay- be cur, d by i
,t tlfKl I'.lf-Cg.
,i,,p.i i .r oftliese Med- i
short lime, ill atf.Lt ,
n ulrlUin; lulnrtiv
U"i. II. I". I I i.l Is 11. Iu lull l . . i
one ,Hi-te,or by tVt , ',i ! .
PtLtsl -! ! 'I h.
Icinei was i ir-'tl nf i . t -I
iiu , ,,f tin, I. If. .M,. oi. ii, ,i, ,i
years btauuing, Iiy the
LtvKK Coai-LAiNr. etioiiof the Liver may bo
known by n f . ling or t. to i or nam iu Iho right hide
about tlu region ( f Ihe lie r, i.n.-irpnn, e,n ns in pleu
ri..y, but fii.n.-tlnn.s null ; u dilli. ulty in i.ntwiug ,ilnun
bre.ttli ; dry cough auj lucliuatiou tnumll. This ill-sees.-
miy he prudin-t ,i I r.dd, by lolent ox- rcisc. by
llllt'lltll, nuiiini-l ll'-itia, ....... t......9 i, i .
or ,tauc, ami hy vnrio.H solid con retinno in the cub-
.unco of tho liver. And to these prouiicjiig causes, tin!
ilerangeiii'-nt uf the digestive organ, fciippiessed secre
tions, and mental solicitude, winch a- very frequent
causes of obstructions and (lis at-os ol the tiler.
Tills di.-ense eIio-uIiI bearroted In the cinomei.conicnt
.. 1 l..i. 1 . ,1,.,,.. i.l- it feu- ilnteu , ftlii. Life l-illft.
When oncu the liver ii iirmied to tiw perf rmtiitco of !
its proper functions, little more Is requisite than tocoti
tlnuo a proper use of tlio uieulelues, und u upcedy re
covory will ensue.
I'ivkii ami Aouu - For tliiu scourge of tho Western
country, these medicines will be found a safe, speedy
and certain remedy, Other medicines leavo the system
subject to a return of the disease a cure by tlieso Med
icine is pernrinenl.
ScnoFut-v.- 'Pile tuns', horrible rases of Scrofula, iu
which tho lac-, bones und limb of the victim hud horn
preyed upon bv tlio iusaliallc illa't-as'-, are proved, by
undeniable, nulhunty of Ihe sotl'crers th-iuselves, to
Invo baen coiuplet :y cured by these pur ly vegetablo
inedicioes, alt .r all others had been found inor than
useless. j
Indigestion and Dyspepsia. If we wore catlid upon
to specify one disease which more than any otlur is the
b.inu, (while it U the ollspriugof civiliiationl we sh oild ,
llama psppiin. It is g'tieially nllendcil, or rather
prodtftive, of a long train uf ills, such as llcuitburu,
Flatulency, a gnawing pain at the stomach when empty
a sense of uncomfortable woiglitwh n full, pains Iu the
throat, tido and pit of Ihe stomal h, cotiv-iu-. chilli- .
ucss, languor, uuw;iliign--,s to tako i-ioriisc, tic
Moffat'a Life .Modicim s are peculiarly ndnptcd to the .
cure of tltii dl .lressiug coiiiplaint They tut upon the '
bowcU in u very mild, und, at tlw same time, wry , lfi-c- i
tual niauiir, and have never el failed to cure ihl.nlis- '
eiiEij wji'-ti used nceoriiing to our nircciions.
tietiernl Debility, Tlio most cominou i.f nil com
plaints is that of a .'ciieral weakniss of the whole sys
tem, unaccompanied by any particular ilior.!er, or de
filiate symptom of diseaae. Til -re is u llttlo vital en.
ergy, a lo ol" at.pellte, unw illint'iio". and Indeed ina
bility to undergo eq-rtious. frequent headaelus, indi
gestion, oit .mimes hallnwncss and dryn -.'s of the i-kiu,
tendency to te verislines -i, nntitn'-bs for smi ly, in sliort
.illtlinse i-yiuptoms of languor, di quietude, and weak
net that give evident c 1 1 u lailuru in th vital pow
ers, and u low, iinhealihj and inoibid condition 01 tlte
sy sic-iii.
Life IMIIs and i'honiix 15ilt-rb',
Tbo Life Fills nnd Plioenlv Ilitter-i nro, poihap, thn i
best remedy for rintoring etreitgth to th- body fur, th, y I
ait a a geiitlo riirtaanic, mid, by tlnir too)', quiililitn,
streiigtlien the w hide xystctu
Jloll'.it's Life Pills.- Persons of a plethoric bawl, who
uro suhjcil to lits, headache, gidd!uci,s, ill in ins.- nf
sight, or drowsin.-si, from too a How uf bloud to
too head, should tako thou Pills frequently. j
ADVICF. TO rLUALF.y.-Fcinalos who value their '
health i-hoiild never bo without tho Lift Medicines, us
lliey purify the blood, remove obntruitioti;. und give tlio '
skin a beautilul, ejeur, healUiy and blooming appear
iibkO. To Lldnrly Persons, Many healthy aged indh iduals
who know tho value of Moll'at'u Life Medicines, make 1
it a rule tu toko them two ir threo times a week, by
which they remove the causes that produca diseas-,
prcserto their heulth, and keep otl'tlie inllriuitieii of
Facts for Mother nnd Nurses. It is a fait, oi-tt.b-lislied
by the annual bliss of mortality, that mte half of
tl.eihll reu bomo nro cut off biforn attaining set en I
v.iird ,,f n"it- :iiid tho I' sntiri-- nf thia lnnrlalitv is '
iiiuuil to exist in that foul itatu of the stomach and ' ft
bowels which prodiico.l tlio generation of worms. As1
the i-afe restorer of infantile h'-allh in this critical Mate
tlm I.if Mcii 'iiii s hnvo long held a dlitluguLlieil repu- i
tjlinii. and fur foulness of the t-tciiiucl. and bowels, and
convulsions, allhimgh worms may not exist, it is allowed
to b.- ruperior to any other.
.Miill'at' Pills and Hitlers. - No medicine nt present
known have douu so ninth good to iii.iukind ns these.
within thu last fe.w year; ami cerluitily none have
been rewarded with more numerous and authentic tes
timonial of their invariable and extensive chlcacy.
They require no dieting nor confinement, am perfectly I
initj anil pleasant in tnur operation, out win power
fully restore health-that greatest of earthly blessings
tu the most exhausted and dilapidated contltutiona.
iretiureu lv
T)r. WM. I!. MOFFAT,
335 llruadwuy, New York.
And for Sale by all Druggist apl3-lil ly.
II E G It li A T
ixdia.v vi:u:i.ui.c tvaiitii;xAGO(;iu.
Thin Celebrated r 'inalJ Medicine pnssesse virtues
uiiknown of ui) ll lag t Ise of 'In kind, iiiid pruving iff.
citual alter nil mil r- ln.i.. ftu.- ' , it is pr partd Irom
an "Indian Herb" p .rt- . . . 1 1 1 -. . , A 1 xi tuindTex
as, and 1 uuil b lb. NutiV'-, in (trt, lining iIumomii
I.Y Sll-KM4. it 1 U fel ,.l f . ll'.tll ..m.ill d aud Slllttla
laoiiis.anil is H1.1 v. r b t Un ,g known f rib purn'.-J
u it w ill reunu e ull obttrui lions nfltr otli r r, uiedies
li 1 vu been tri nl 111 aiu. jt 1. a pi t -a, contain
ing nothing injurious to in iilli. uud u cure to lie relied
upon iu nil cases.
Priilupsus Uturl, or falling of tin Womb; Floues Al
bus. or Whit " : L'hrnnie 1 til unatinn, nr Ulceration of
the Womb; lmideiitul lie.uragu of Flouditig , and dis
ease of lilt Spine.
1 .it 11 's 111 tno early stage 01 pregiiaucy are cau
tioned ugaiiifl Iho use of this tea, us 11 will pioilucu
riiM'ir.cii and solo nv
Ult, Q. W. HN'OIilrjll, No. aid POlTII SECOND ST.
Trices S-l.nn tier luckaec. fwilh full direrti
cnt by lUprcss or ,Mtdl to any address.
Dr. li. can no consulted in all obstinate, l-'omulo Com.
plaints, in person nr by Utter, nml will furnish tho Out-
ta-pcrcha Feimile Syringo- highly recommended by tho
Faculty to married ladies for special purposes,
taryund ripitio Abdominal Hupporlcrs-hhonldcr llraces
lll.Htic and Luro Stockings Hpinal Appnrutuj, for
V..nt liliil I'lirvi-il t3.liiAin,t I k, rl, n,nn,!, 1 I ..n
formitles. A Inrgo Utock cjllio aLove artlilns constant
ly on hand, und will be furnished at lowest rute.i by
tending order wilh ipe.isucmeiii aud full purliculais.
IC" All cniuiruujcaiiona ttrictly coiilldentiul. For
further purucului please Address,
SIC South Second Htreet, below Dock,
l'ilII,AIr:i,l'IIIA, FA.
BT" I HAVE (0 AflKNl.
Nov, 111, leUl-12,u.
i t ing on lie premise of the undersioned in i'.,,nV
, wwiisl likely to
vldes In all suck csiei, '
I n A. RlVl'tirl'lllUnn
' P.nlrelwr..Or. IB. IRSI -5. "
t Q,
Jfervousrro3tratlo3, Osnurnl DoTjHity, Asthrao,
Dyspopsio, Covofiila, linraemvu, Paralysis,
Chroalo Broaoliltin, Austria, Chlorosia, '
antt all Disordors of tho Blocd Cyatcta,
coNsnirricN is tug iiott fatal scofwin rst
MANKIND. It bus been truly regarded as ax inciti
iilsmaupt fewcvrurvlvlnr; " CntnrtK
iifthe KhoU hunu rait," lays Dr. Otraratit, " aud
LATIONof mostelrlll.vd commnaltlsilLKISIILYlIlR
Dlf Kubr." What f4 tad ctKitaealary on tlio beasletl
efflency of thn ll.alltig Art I
Tho brilliant Phcnvery of Pr. Chureblll, rcado to thd
Inp-!rlil Academy of Jlediclne, of I'arls, lias vroicd an
vutlimnLUbwti to tlm world, py tha u of this irnv
and povierful reneiial aptal, known to thetulstry 13
The ounn or conbcmition, cvc in tho
Second nuil Third Otnces (nt u porloil, tbcroforc,
when thero can bo no duubt at to the uatiiro of
tha Disease) l the lit I.I!, whll DKATH I TUB
EXCCI'TION." ! KNOW," kHys rr. C,
"Ibat they will rrnrs not only as SUK15 A JIEJJ
r.TJT In COMJl AII'TIO.V o Qulnluo U In In tor-nttl-cnl
rever, but also ns effect)! n I'lUi'fillb.
VATIVi: ns Vaccination In Bmnll Pox."
Let no mffjror, who value health pnt! Ufa, delay an
hnr to trytliia remedy, l;,;mi mber that .rer.tlo:t
U better than cure." Donarocf rclf-dcsoptb n,cr tha
roollflig niuraiico cf frlcm: thnt"JI fj m.'y n Wilt
aW " Fatal error to myriad.-! who now fill p. crnaUr
rjravc I Olva, I cutroul jou, prompt attention to tho
"Ad in'.m M .NS watt ton.ow turm." Mer!;.
" Tho c-tWi'r f K ,'tom of tubercuicr dltcau W wAS-nxo,
ltjwc'"lc-l'0iOud It 11 earlnr.ln polatuf tlm,
than tin ucctic. U i flrst manlfi.toJ iu the fnie and
7um U 'Xba macuhr tlsiuss Wiuto ; henco tl-u-uiy :
thero Ii a tcciss of something wrong awd'ni tin 1 1 in
im lowni"! Alia luuuiNU. Thu uirwi of the living
laachino 1 raoru active than ltsrcjufr." Jr. V'oIIc:.
' If.uafioi'fo-nyrTrvi-frcTif cnnrCfCr nadcr the InGueceo
of en 2di which laduco wiukmi and utriiuirrloN' ; surli
E3 t',if,f it', oicrtwcA-, erf ccj , prcjnatm, cVM tcanV(7,
niinfnr, royil growth, or rl'.ie i covery Jrcvx diseatt,
a p-rso-i liutilas to Ira bli oh, Blrength, color, or
opp-tUo; If ha fulTor fioni thortnm ut
in plt'snas, and expcrl'rce a goncial fcf-lini f Jan.
pucrcudrfcMiiii'W.'uilil.U 13 TXilON TO mil that
ht it alrrati'j yrtOivttd to the complaint. If to thew
tymptouu b added cotma, however cllght, rarticubrly
If It lias rom on slow-lv, or during the fair fea-ion.
itIf, on tha earliest nrpsnranoe of theso 1iia of
Consnmptlim, the patient tukes 4ally nbuut ten
crsdns or tbo lirPOl'irOsmirre, lie -nil! n-anllr
seo litem nil oj-roear In n, pctiod, vAryins from a
few weeks to n few months pud by continuing tbo
oeentlonnl nso of the llcnicdjr, Jin WILL f;PlZD
ilt riND nmriELr iita rNJoysrxrtT ov
Siren HEALTH A3 he, peiiiiaps, uau KKVEK
" Winchoolor's Genuino Prcpsi'otlon"
Form of Pr. Churchill' Remedy. 'ado frcm tho
orlglual Formula. Tlu action nf tho ilyporb' ti hltrfi
iaTwo-roinaadipceiUs : iau-Ki.fjt'rthoiTlnrlptovuiiu
onsnnvrai remvota roncc, and thsy aro tbo imt
i-(iWEi;rcL)iuion-CKKniATiMi jtcwrtKX'mx. The pd'n.t
upon tho tubercular oo.:dltl"a is IMJIUIIATI), ail tbii
oiiEaii, liTurroits I' wnn A r.jricnT viitcn
HBritiTimtvLioro. Thy rcffcif tin eougli,il(minf-Ji
oxpeitoraUon, imprort the appcttto, nr,-l illarrbaa ;
tbo night tietfl.'j, tkillt, nnd frtr ccuso ; tho buwcla
lome regular', and iu( srur caui io 1-r.orou.vE.
IKS- ndVARC of Umits .',-in!tailv(!--ill is rr.
Cliui-chlll's.ondallothtr SWIXIiLlNB lKKS to rob
eulTererj of their means, lo't pniiviK time, or.,l hasten a
iatal im it. Write to nu for CUXI.LAPJ3, ncd for
Dr. Churchill's Treatise on Consumption,
Trhlch contain the only pn'Jieriie infa-matini t' refflrd
W thU NLr TK2.1T:IL.T.. E.,ut litUi to all lctulru-s.
ritlCXi In' 7 10-oa Uottles. Cl tad 13 eh.
Tbreolmge, or cir r.insll for $5. 2uy fao-elniilo I
on both the Zrftbel and Outside Wrapper.
fCT Do not confoun 1 this K' raedy with the tn.calM
" Chemical Food ;" un 1 particulaily avoid nil prepara
lion con lalalDR trtu, T,Iuchii ian-.a-.ov. and LVd-It'is-tl,
which bnanoccR-iTivEiRniuiTr wt-AiXTi-n.
SnM by the moat rcspeetablo Drurglils throi-ghnnt
an-Unlted States and r.rlllsh 1'rovtncc, r.r.d Vholeuli
BJliotailat the Depot In tbo United States, by
3. WIHCHE8TE2, 36 John Street, N, 7.
- M.inh !l. let-1.
BW AM.WDF.ll SAF1W, 1111
, ' . MOVFll to I'lll Ctir-tnul Strut,
' alutr. t'usd I'f'.adctp'iut. have on
f. if ,, an I u l.trg ' ri'isortiii'-nl nf 1'iro
Ut), iron tlttjiti. tor UniiK- nml
t,-4i4aiii.tS3 inakea'oflocki equal to
filnri-'h. irtin tsmi!t,v iron s.ti-h, all
in the United Stntct.
J-'ire Seftt in ore , Jill caae out tight; tctth coa
I'liln i rood eonditioti.
The S.ilainauder Safes of Philadelphia against the
have had tho siiie't demostrntion Jn tho following c-r-titlcate
thai their iiiiiitufactiT- cf Halnin.iu ler ti.if- has
nt Ic uglh fully warranted th. i"'n dentations which have
been tnado nf them a rendering an undoubted ticcurity the terrific clement.
Philadelphia April 12. 1
Mestrs Ecais Watson: Coiitleiiivti- ll afford us
the highest satisfaction to state to ou, that owing (to
ihe very protective qualities of two of the Salamander,
Safe which we purchased of you somo live month slnco
wo saved u large portion of jewelry, nn I all our books,
&c. i'ini.(l to lh" rnlamiuotis, tiro ill IluusH'ad place on
the morning of th; 11th iiist,.
When we icrleit lint these safes were locatud in lln
fourth s.-ory of the building wa occupied nnd that tin y
sin, -'iie, in, tntiiu Hurt), ,i ,iiirilllli: Xllllll., Wlli'ri Ilia
vns-t cuiici-ulratioii of tho heat caused the brass pl.itei to
melt, wo c.ini'ot but regard thejire-iervniioii of their vol
u iblo inntcm as mnol convincing proof of ths great se
curity ntforded by your nafes.
Wo shall ttike great pleasure In tcrnminoniliutr them to
men of business as n suro relltiui-o ngain.t fire.
GFOltlii: . HI.M.MllNS & 11UO., Jc-etlltri.
C7"Thoy have six large riafes.
Angurtgo, leaa
bttice thoopenlnjof this vast and comuio.lious lintel,
iu lt-31, tt has been the liurle enilenvor id tlu- propri -tors
to make it tin most fciimptuotiK, roiiveuluiit nml
comfortable home for th i citizen and tlrungor on this
side tlio Atlantic.
And whatever has leeiuad likely to ndiuinister to tho
comfort of it guests they l.avo endeavored, w ithout re
gard to cost, toprovide, und to couibina all the dements
nf individual nn I social enjoyment which modern art
-has invented, and modern taste approved; nud tho pa-trona-o
w h-ch it had rntuin.inil.'il ilnrlnr, ,i, ,,n, .i.
Jytnrei a proof that their efforts htivo been
apprei iatcd.
To meet the evigencies of the times, when uli aro re
quired to practice the most ngid economy, tho under-
Reduced the Price of Board
Two IlOlla.'s prr liny.
at ths same tnuo abating none of the Injuries
wh ch their table h is hilhirlo been Siinnllnd.
,. ''""''UWIII.I., WI11TCOM1I Si CO,
bept 11, Idlil.-3tu.
A lleiievnleut Institution estuldisheil bv ini.rlal nnrfnt.,.
unit, for the relief of the r-ick and Distressed, nlthct' d
with Virulent and Upideinic Diseaso. and nspeci'illy
for the Cure of Diseases of the tJejual Organ. Dn-
re!i'i,f.n',t?,W,n,1'.,,!i..',l! "" I,arU "' " t-'nilcdState
AI.UAlllii: lll.POltl'ri on Hperinatorrhcca. and oth
er Dlsemes of the Boxual Organs aud on tlie NI-.W
)tr.Mi;i)li:rt employed, si tu to the Billkted in scalid
letter cnvelopi s, free ofclinrg-. Two m tlirco tilaiups
mr piifiugo win oe accipiunii). Address lilt, JKKH
' I.IN IM1UOIIT1W, Acting Surgnon, Howard A.soeis,
-""" muni oireci, rjuiauctpiiia ra.
March leOl Hm,
' ;
1 Mall fVt TllO (Jrt'at (JiUlSB Oi
JtM Published iu a Sealed Unvelepe . J'rico ti ct:
CAUtill AND CUllli-of rJpcrmatorrliiea, Consumption,
Mental and Physical Debility, Nervousness, Dpilepsy t
Impaired Nutrition of the llody j 1. u. simile i Weakness
of iho l.lmbs and Iho Hack; Indisposition, uad Inca
pacity for Study and Labor j Dullness of Apprehension;
i.m of Memory; Aversion to society! l.ovo of Son
tudo i '1 liiiidlly j Self-Distrust ! Dizziness j Headache;
Allectlout of the Uye j Pimples on tho Face s liivoluu
tory F.niiaiou3, nud Sexual incapacity) tho toiite.
qui nces of Voutbful liuliirretlDii, Sic, Ur,
Iiy" Till admirable Detturo elearl prove that the
."'. " "hi iiuoki-hiu rgi.
ll 16l,c""lor'"' nnJ l,oul11 t"c "very man in the
i ,mill1"' addressing
I ..... . ' .........
w .owerv r,ew X01K, l'et tlfflre llox,
ScroMa, or long's E
l n cortitUtitlonftl tltscasp, a ecrruptlon of trio
Mood, by -vlilch thU iluttl becomcj -rltlntcd.
wctik, fttitl tioor. )dng in tlio circulation, It
pCTVntlca tho whole body, nnd may bnrtt ont
in (Useaao on any priTt ot it. No organ ia frea
from its nttnolts, iter U tlicro one nliidi It may
not destroy. Tho scroftilmm taint !.. vatlouMy
caused by mercurial tlLicasc, low living, dis
otdcTod or unhonlthy food, imiiuitj air, filth
and filthy lmbit, tho tlei)rofin( vlcct?, and,
abovo all, by tha veiit'rciu Infection. What
ever bo Its origin, It i hereditary in tho ton.
stttution, decciid'inri flom parents to children
unto tho third nml fourth Reiteration " indcid,
tt teems to bo tho lod ol Hint vtho enyt, I
'will visit tho Iniquities of tho fatltcis upon
their children."
Ita directs eomtnenco by deposition from tha
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
tlio lung, livor, and In.r.rnal means, Is termed
tuberclba; In tha (.'land!, swcllir.rjs t and on
tho surface, oniptlous or mrcs. ThU foul cor
ruption, which KOtidjis In tha blood, depresscj
tho energies of life, so that serofuloua constitu.
Hons not only tulTer from scrufuloni com.
plaints, but they have far lcs power to with
stand the attacks of other ; c-onso-qttcntly,
vnt numbers perish by dlsordon
which, nhhotigh not sciofulous lit thcirnature,
aro still rendeicd fatal by thU taint in th
mtcm. Jlost'of tho consumption which de
cimates the human family has its origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination ; and many
dcitmctivo diseases of the liver, kidneys, brainy
and, indeed, of all tho organs, arise from ot
aro aggravated by the same cause.
Ono quarter of all our people arc scrofulous j
their persons nrn Invaded by this lurking in
fection, and their health it undermined by it..
To cleanse it from thosj.teni wo must renovate
tlio blood by an alterative medicine, and in.
vigorate it bj; healthy food wid exorois,.
Such t medicine wc supply in
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy wlu'ch the medical
skill of our times can devise for this every
wltcro prevailing and fdtal malady. It is com
bined from the most active romodials that have
been discovered for tho expurgation of this foul
disorder from tho blood, nnd the rescue of tha
r-ystoni from Its destiuctivo consoqucnaos.
Iletico It should be employed for tha euro of
not only scrofula, but also thosa other alTce
tions which wife from it, such as Utiurrivn
and Sum Diskaks, St. Anthony's Fiar,
ItosB, or Kr.YMfEi.u', PiHnns, PtmrtrLis,
llLotoitics, llt.tixi and Ilon.s.TuMono.TsTTEn,
and Salt llur.un, 6ca:,d IIisad, ItiNo-rvornj,
UttEUMATiSM, Sii'iitLiTioand SrnaocntALDur
tasks, Dr.oriY, DvsfrrsiA, Dcnimy, and,
indeed, at.l Comvlainis Anntxa rnoM VrrtA
ted on IstrujiE 1!i.ood, Tho popular beliaf
in " impurity of the blood" is founded in truth,
for scrofula is a dcgcnciatlon of tha blood. Tho
particular purpose and virtuo of this Sarcapa
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without winch tuttttl health is iinpeetibU ia
contarainatod conUitutlona,
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
arc so compoifi that iisesse within tha ranga of
their action can r-rcly vithstand or evade them
Their penctxatinc; pi "vertiti senrch, and cleanse,
and cv'erj i oitlon of the human organ
ism, coriectiug It) diseased action, and restoiinj
Its healthy vitalities, as a conscqueneo of thcaa
propcities, tho inv 'Id vtho is towed down tita
pain or physical k llityii astonished to find his
health or enerp) r.bloicd by a remedy at oneo so
tample and inviting.
!ot only do they crre the cvery-day complaints
of every body, tut also many formidable and
dangerous diseases. Ihe agctit below named Is
pleased to fur nidi gratis my Ameiicon Almanac,
containing certificate:! of then cures and directions
fur their use in the following complaints: Coitiea
r.tss, lfcartlum, Ihitdaeht ut mni? rcm tliiortUred
stomach, Sattsen, lvMnjcitiurt, J'turn in ami Morbid
Inaction nf the iai; .-, Jf tiYu'ct-ry, Lost of Appe
tite, JmtKilice, and o' kiticred eonfplalnti,
aiitinc; from a low state of tho tudy or ottlruelloa
of its functions.
Aysr's Cherry Poctoral,
ron THE KAP1D CVH3 0
Coughs, Colds, Influenza, lionrf onoss,
Croup, Uronchit'r, Conaump
lion, anil for the r dl'.f of ti,ntur.u.,livo
Viitinnts iu ttd I'd need stauos of the
So wide is the field of its t'tcfulr.c-s and so im
roorous oro the coscc of J's cures, that almost
every section of country abound in persons pub
licly known, who have 1 eon restored fiom alarming
and even desperate diieasca of the lungs by ita
usa. IVhcn onco tried, Its superiority over every
olher metlicino of its kind is too apparent to cicapn
obsoivation, and wliero its virtues aro known, the
public no longer hesitate what antidote to employ
tor the distressing and danr;cto'ts nffeiliont of the
pulmonary organs that are incident to our clirruita.
While, many inferior remedies thrust upon the
community have failed and been discarded, this
has Rained friends by every trial, conferred bencflu
on the afflicted they ean never forget, and pro;
dueed cures too numerous and too rcmsrk&bls to
be forgottea.
rRr.rAnEr nv
232.2. JT. C. & .
T,. P. J.ut.. J
,Muy r,i; vi liiivubiKh 1'looir.ibu
f. SI. Her. Iterw lek, aud h,
rcim,) Ii anla.
in,- t,irt. in ei cry tow
i'lijiialogical Vie w of rl..i.-fSg'.
E50 PAOFii AND IM l.NCHAVINGH.-Piica only
TWKNrv.iiiE UNis. .Sent i'r.e of tioslago to all parts of
the I'nloit. On 'lie itirlrruit!" ..ryouth uui! maturity,
dittJoi-jng tit.) secret folli h of bt'ili sexea of all ages,
canning cicbilttVi iitnousii'-ss, depression of spirits,
palpltnli'iu nl the heart, sulti lal iniagiuiugs, lniolun
tary eiiiupinu-. blttbhing difective memory, indite,
tiou and Intititniio. iri! cutj'c.nait of tUriiltvs InUrrtt
rj a HaarUiip tclteol .wris, a votirjrc fei.c. er.u c
Yuan); Married Lady. .c. Ire. It is a adtiier to
tlie mniried and tho.-,e (mil in; luting i-iarriu.'e, whoon
tertain secret doubts of th ,r physical couililion, and
wlio nro loiisriuii of Inivjnt hazarded the hi allh hup
pitiess. and privileges to which every hitmuti btingis
K VOUM5 M11N who are troubled with weakness, gn
t Miy caused by a bad hubit in youth, the effect!' of
jYhirh are .lizincs. paiiw, lorgetf illness, jci.neiltni s-a
a riniyti in Ihe i-.iro, wink c)e, wenkmss uf Ihe baUv
and low ir extiemiiles, confusion of Ideas, lost of nitin.
ory with melancholy, may L.-cureu by the author' NF.W
Ue have, rcu'titly dente, much of our timo In
VIMTlNti Till; F.i;it01'l',AN lloai'lTALH. nvailiu;
ourteivc of tlio knowledgii uud rei-earthe of Iho matt
skilled Fliysljuiu and burgeons in ilurt-nu and the Con
tnent. TJiObo wlio placo themselves under our euro
will now have the full boneht of th i many NUW AND
Fl'FlL'AL'IOL'ij IIDMKDIIIS which we aro enabled to
introduce into our practice, and th .public may rest in
jured of the sunn zeal, assiduity. tfl.i'lUlCV mid atte.ii
lion being paid to ihelrrnces, which lins so succtsifut
ty illstiugiiiih il ui heretofore cs a Piiyslcian iu our
l'KCL'l.IAlt department of profetiioiul I' tht
juas! ttrent'j'Jtce years
FiifMiil'iMAiic can Ladies who wirh fo.Uedlcint
tlie elhcacy of k.Jiiih has been torted in thou. amis
cases, and never filled to eflect tpeedy cures wiihoitc
any bad result's. will use none but Dr. Del.uiiey't Feniale
l't-rlodical I'llls. Tho only Precaution iiecnr.aiy It, nb
terve is, ladies should not take them if ihe) hair re
ton to bejii'vo tln'V .item t-rrl.i.n sifuafianj ,lne pailfc
uiaro of which will bo found on tha wrjpper nceompa
nying each bo.x ) thntigh ulway tufg nud healthy, s3
gently yet so active are they.
Price 1 per box. They i-ali bs mailed to tHy part ot
the 1 1 ii It -il Suite or Canada.
TO Till: LVI'IIIS Who noe.l a anfduiiM niedUsl
nlviser with rogur . tn '.uy of those interesting com
plaints to nhlftu lh It delicate organization renders
tin m liublu, are p trtlc .latly invited to lout'ilt us.
Ttw "ill. cri r. Oaivakio Psotcctive."-For married
U.'I' ' Ii - h ulth will not admit, or who luve node
sir iilaras fauiilijs, may l,r oltained as ubove
It it a p rf-tlv safe prev ntivo to eancption, ond has
lie a i. xi i id. used during the Utt 'JO years, Price
rjduc-a , to ill).
'flic irx.i-ifj of Yoiitli Uuvcih'd.
Treatise ok the Cause ef Prtmtare Decay J) set'
emit Karatug, Just puhllshtU a hosK ihtteinrthtinldUvf
firvgrtss and pretca . t mot.? teUtiuls, both m de atif
femntc of this ' ae.fui. ;KI(inlr out the fatality Its)
lavaiiably attends its victims, end devtlfping th tchvlj
progreis if lh' disease, from the (uuuncrnrsf erAirncr,
ll tr( lie rnif ly Mull onrttniitef l't r( Samps
i' r Allendinc. i.i ily. from 8 in lh" morning till i if
night, and on ur.dnyc from 2 till 5 r it.
Medicines with lull direitions sent to uny part nf the
United States ur Cana-'us. by patlttil cninuiunicnting
their symptoms bi le tcr. liutir.e.s corrispondencc
Itrii'tly conAdentlal,
"j-Ur, L's Olllce is slrll located as cslsbll.'htd.uodj,
thn name of va. LA Cltul.X, ol No, 31 Mslden Lane
bny, N. V.
Nov. 23. 1831. -12m,
A large assortment tf clndre Tigars, Tobarcn, I'ipi'i)
I- runs, C'onf' iioni'rv d Notions c n-i illy.ti sith
cr with a full slink ofliAt'SsuJ I' ll'rf, r mtt ntt e
hand und for sale cheap, at 111 "Uloomrbulg lUt &Co
joiin i. ciiac'
Bstnu'mrg Manhlli, I'Cli