Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, January 11, 1862, Image 2

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. it I it in h i it D is in ot nil
Cod or mm Fatuiss I in thy nama
tVt nail our Standard totha mast
To conquer or to die. W't claim
Xogrtater honor. While the blast
. k)t tii It strife sweeps o'er the land,
We'll itrlke the foe who darts to mar
"-?-Owlelyniijn, and we'll stand
A nail of Ore to guard each star.
Las ni.lhen twins tath thread of tha tloilous tissue of
our eouulry's flat aboift our neatt-iiriugs, anu louhius
ssoonour homes, rind catching the spirit that breathes
upon ui from tho battle-fields of our fathers, tst us re
solve that, come wsalor woe, vre will In life and in
death, now and forever, stand hy the stars and ittipee.
Taiy hare rloated over onr etadles, let it bo out prayer
and our struigle that tlicy ehall float over our graven.
Ther have been unfurled from the mows of Canada to
the plains of New Orleani, and to the hall of ihe.Mon
teiumat, and amid tho solitudes of every sea; aild eve
whore, as the luminous symbol of resistless and benen
tat power, thoy hive ledtho btave and the free to vic
tory and to glory. It has been my fortune tolook upon
itbts Uiglhforelgn lands and amid the gloom of an ori
ental despotism, and right well do Iknow, by contrast
.how" DrlchUre its stars, and how sublime are Its tiispl.
rationsl .Kilns banner, the emblem for us of all that Is
transporting In human hope, Is to ba sacrlDccd on the
altars of a Satanic ainbltlon, and limy d snppear forever
amid the nlsht and tempest of revolution, then will I
feel-and whs, shall ecUinat8.tba deflation of that feel
ing ?-that tho sun has Indeed been sltckcn from the
skyofourllm. and that henceforth we shall lie but
wanderers and oatcasts, with nought but the bread or
sorrow and of penury lor ourllpa. and with bands ever
utitrschsd in feebleness and supplication, on wliicli.ln
any hour, a military tyrant may rivet the fetters of a
lsspalrlng bondage. Slay Cod in his inflhito mercy save
sou arid uie.aad the land we so much lot j, from the
dooni'sf such a degradation." Jtteph Holt.
Tlag of the ffio heart's only home I
By ange'.-hands to valor given
Thy stars have lit tba welkin donn,
And all thy hues were born In heaven.
Forever float that standard sheet I
Whare breathes tho fue, but falls before us,
Wlh Freedom's soil beneath onr leet,
And Freedom's banner streaming o'er us I"
Democratic Slate UxccuIitc Committee.
A rnsoting of the Democratic State Executive Commit
tee will bo held at tho liuehler House, Hianiiiivao, on
Wednesday January 15, lSil2,at3 o'clock I'. M.
UstaoSraticiiapers Inilieftato will please copy.
WILLIAM II. WELsSIl, Chairman,
. A Card.
In assuming the entiro editorial charge
of tho Columbia Dctnocrat, during tho
tlma that the Editor-in-Chief may bo ab
,tnt jin Jlarrisburg ; I think it right to
explain that, a multiplicity of duties may
oftqn prevent mo from giving, as much time
to this particular one, as I should like. I
Trill do my best however to keep fully, up
-with Recurrent news, of the day; and
.from the many cxcallpnt exohanges receiv
ed hero, thcro can bo culled more able and
lucid-editorial than I could write. Care
shall be taken to give tho proper credit for
whatever mayibe' appropriated
In, .discussing, a subject editorially, I
.shall do it fearlessly and from, a constitu
-tionaanu. uemoeraut, u -r- , c
rfMorJhope coutto
MV1M FOgrcsS)
.and then- tho tide of timo will sweep mo
i? 1 1 1 i! nlnn,1.nA n ll
from tho chair ; and our connection will
bo a rcmcnisccncc of tho
fainter and fainter forever.
past, growing
J. G. P.
' TTho accounts heretofore du'c for fees ic
"m'thfllegister's Office, tran'sfered to Hon.
Peter' Ent, havo been left in tho hands of
John G Frcczo, iri 'tho Bcgistor'a Office,
for coleetion, whore they will romain until
the 15th of Fcbuary ; After whioh time
they will bo put in the hands of a Justico
for collection.-
Daniei, Lee.
' Mr. Buchanan'.
Ex Prosident Buchanan has lately been
visited by a correspondent of tho Cincin
' natii Conimncialf who had a long conver
sation with him ou public affairs. Tho
Ex-President ho says, spoko kindly of tho
Administration, but in terms concerning
tho rebels that wcro evidently severe in
their condemnation. Reference was casu
ally madirto tlio Slidoll and Mason arrest.1
This drew out from him a prompt regret
that the Administration uhoufd'ba 'embar
rassed by a new difficulty, now when,CY0-
.rything scorned to bo going along "bo fa
vorably towards tho overthrow of tho ro
bejlion.' ..He hesitated not to sty, that
tho prisonors wou)d of courso bp given up
ns.spou as the facts came officially before
the Government.
And wo all remember with what a howl
. tho biaek Republican papcrd took' up the
remark. "Mr. "Buchanan has been sustain
ed what then 1 Do thoy retract I riot at
all, A lia well stuck to is as good as the
' truth to thorn. But tho event proves that
, Mr. Huchanan know moro international
. law than tho whole administration ; or
''.elsa that he had moro correctly measured
t .theifrbaok bono aud pluck. Thoro stands
, iho .record let them niako tho most of it,
eSy-Tho total amount expended by the
Government in tho purchaso of firearms
since tho beginning of tho rebellion is twen
ty Uvo million dollar.
Xr Tho city of Frankfort, Germany
haVdcolinBd to pay, for tho future, the ox
penscs'bf keeping up1 tho federal garrison.
Sovoral matters, among them the
(proceedings of tho Tcachcrs' Jnstitutoj'lio
over for next week.
' V3B The Governor's. Mceago will ap
pear in tho noxt Columbia Democrat,
nAv pntifil to read tho now advertise-
s 1 -
Tho Border states and tho
' Abolition Tlot.
Tho States of Kentucky and Missouri
contain a majority of men favorable to the
Union, atid willing to fight for its preservation--that
ia, for' tlio Union tjpder' tho
Constitution. Many of theso loyal persons
arc alavo owners, as they have an unques-
tionaulo riuiit to be under tho laws of t heir
States, and denounce any and every at
tempt to interfcro with their privileges in
this respect. Congress assured them that
tho war had but 'one purpose, and that
was tho preservation of the Union, with
the rights and institutions of the several
Stated unimpaired. Accoptjng this plcdgo
in good faith, they ranged themselves on
the aide of tho Government, and withstood
tho temptations that sought to allure them
into the ranks of rebellion, Their firm
and dovotod loyalty is to be commended;"
but how is it regarded by tho ultra faction
now urging the Government into the adop
tion of cxtrcmo measures ? These men, say
they, arc slave-owners tho rebellion is a
slaveholders rebellion, and tho loyal men
of tho Border States aro therefore little
better than open enemies so long as they
demand security and protection for their
slave property. We will treat slavery as
the great criminal, notwithstanding somo
professedly loyal man hava an interest in
tho institution, and rcquiro protection for
their rights. The rule with those who
arguo in this way is, that a slaveholder is
necessarily a rebel, whether ho is flighting
against tho Union or maintains a loyal
position. ' The aim of tho radical politic
cians is apparently to drive tho loyal Bord
er States into open rebellion, in order to
substantiate the theory that slavery is the
cause of tho war, and to destroy that rem
nant of respect for constitutional obligat
ion which still attaches to "tho people of'
the Northern States. This result accom
plished, and tho extremists .would bo en
abled to point to tho defection of every
slave State in tho Union as incontroverti
ble evidence that slavery is tho cau3 of tho
war. and demand with exultation that a
blow bo struck at tho groat criminal. If
this is not the object of the Abolitionists,
why arc thoy so anxious to drive off the
Border States? Why bo ready toineroaso
tho-number of the enemies of tho Govern
ment T ,
Every lover of his country must feel tho
deepest sympathy for tho loyal mon of
Kentucky, Virginia and Missouri, who
have accomplished more, atd endured
more for. the Union than all tho Abolition
ists put together. Instead of weakening
their moral or physical powcr our efforts
should be directed to strengthening both
aud above all they should not be punish
ed for their constitutional rights. But the
! Abolitionists seem to be studying how they
and degrade tho loyal
Upholders, and furinish them with sub
iEtautial rcasons for rush,11S ulto tho ai,,ns
Vl u,u 1CUC1 """"""'"J-
It the union coutu no restorou to-morrow,
without tho destruction of slavery,
this Abolitionists would interposo objections.
No "one can have obsorvcd"their course
without seeing that their object is to des
troy slavery by tho uso of tho war power,
or, failing iu that, to divorca tho No rthcrn
States from connection with tho instution
by a dissolution of the Union. Just at
this time their faith in the ability of tho
Government to crush rebellion is wavcriug;
and their policy is to increase tho enemies
of the Union, and the power of tho Con
federacy, by driving off tho Border States
then the next step will be to insist upon
upiversal emancipation and arming of the
negroes as the last resort, and when that
fails, they will say : ''this contest is hope
less. Wo ''cannot subjugate tho South.
Let us consent "to dissolution, and thank
Heaven that we ara'rid of tho great sin
of slavery.'' This is ovidently tho pro
gramme of tho radical paity, and the only
way of preventing tho consummation of
their djsunion plot is to guard against the
firit stop in it, by maintaining the Consti
tution at all hazards...
Capt. V3 . H. Eut.
Tho official report of tho Draih'csvillc
engagement aunounccs that the Sixth regi
ment reserves, wa3 under the command
of Captain Wellington II. Ent. IIo is the
son of our esteemed friend, Hon. Peter
Lnt, of Columbia county. Captain Eut,
commauds Company A, (Iron Guards
Columbia county,) aud the senior Captain,
who usually takes command of a rogimont
in tho abscuce of the field officers, all of
whom, it is to bo inferred, were ou tho
sick 'list.
Tho Sixth regiment has been peculiarly
unfortunato in tho past ia being deprived
uiuac ui me Ulliu 01 mo SOrViCCS 01 US LOl-
onel, who has been prostrated for months
by diseaso caught while in tho discharge
of his duty. Nevertheless this did not de
tract from their efficieooy when called to
tho battle field, for from, tho list of killed
and wounded, wo judgo thoy wero in the
hottest of tho fight.
Oapt.Euthaa distinguished himself, and
wo hopo soon to hear of his oarly promo-
tion, Tho cntiro regiment, in fact, gavo a
noblo aocount'of itself in this, its first en
gagement, notwithstanding tho drawbaoks
through sickness of officers, &o. All lion-"
or to tho bravo boys.-Danville IiKcltyencrr.
CnT'Tho Harrishurg papers Etata thai a
largo number of Federal troops aro to go
, uear
Tho Republican Party a Failure. Tho Death of Fiinoo Albert. !
From tho first . organization of parties By tho Niagara, wo rcccivcdj.n briof an
in this country nntil tho present day, nounormoiithat Ppnc6 '''Albert 'Vas dead,
there novcr was , ono in power so utterly Tho inolan'cholly ovent to6kplaco at about
inoapablo of governing as that which now : elevcir'6'cloclc' o'n'tllo night of tho 4th of
liolds the reigns in power at Washington. December,' and - caused a most profound
Wtinro willinir to admit tho existenco of sensation throughout England. Tho Lou-
'good and wiso and patriotio men in tho i
ltcnub hcan ranks, but these aro so tow m
number occupying, public- positions, that,
their counsels aro drownod amid tho clam-,
or of the fanatical multitude. The few ! Mied by a gdncral indisposition, made their j of tho degonorctd peoplo who now occupy tested by tho inelomencies of a winter sea
wiso men among thorn, tho 1'rcsidont' wo ! nppoarat-cc. For somo daya tho complaint .this boautiful country heroically asserted .sor)i Tho situation of "Oamp Obortcuffer"
uolicve being ono, liavo already out jooso i
irom tnc majority anu aro now tiepenuout i
for advico upon tho champions and expo-
nents of Domocratio conservative teach-
Tho leading Republicans who rushed to
Springfield from tho day it was ascertained
that Mr. Lincoln was elected, up until tho
day ho took his departure for Washington,
labored to conviuco him that tho Southern
rebellion was a trifling undertaking, and
persuaded him that thcro was no troublo
of any cousequonco to bo apprehended,
and that there was up to that, period, ''no
body hurt." A few months residence at
tho Capital convinced him to tho contrary,
and sinco then he has hooded neither their
expostulations, throatnings, nor advico.
From the fatal day that thoy succeeded in
forcing tho Prcsidont to tight tho balllo of
Bull Run, ho has discarded their advico
and suspected thoir patriotism, Tlio mag.
nitudo and resources of tho rebellion theso
fanatics had no conception of, aud like
fanatics thoy seem totally incapable of
lcarning.cvcu by tho mostlanientablccxperi
enco. Not ono of. their predictions has
been verified, but on tho contrary their
finest theories havo turnod out utter failures.
Tlicir notions of the efficacy of emancipa
tion proclamations, by whichthoy hoped to
arouso tho slave population to assert their
freedom, turns out to be but tho dream of
a maniac. Like tho poct!s luuatic aud
lover, theso fanatics "arc of imagination
all compact." Thoy sco "Helen's beauty
in a brow of Egypt," and in tho institu
tions of tho South, "moro devils than vast
hell can hold," and, to complcto the fig
ure, they in frenzy and imagination .
"lloJy furtli llio furms of tilings unknown,
And give to uiry notliiny a local habitation an J a name'
Tho practical suggestions ,of practical
men they scout as conservatism, and ap
plaud to tho very echo tho raving3 of
Wendell Philips or the buncomb spoutiug
of John Coohranc. No matter whom the
demagogue or trickster may bo who talks
tho greatest absuditics, so ho spiees his
nonsense with extrtmo opinions about sla
very, theso lunatics at once take him to
their cmbraco and wish" him God speed.
In tho conception of our ioroign auairs
tho majority of tho party in power seem
to bo as deficient as they aro in compre
hending our domestic concern. Look at
their recent performances in relation to
tho capture of tho rebel embassadors, Ma
son and Slidell. As soon as Capt. Wilkc3'
exploit was telegraphed, thrco fourths of
tho Abolition press of tho country became
frantic with cxultatiou. His conduct waB
commended by them and complimented
by a voto of thanks in Congress ; ho ,was
dined and treated aud toasted by tho Ab
olitionists of Boston, and from tho first of
tho Abolition press down to sniffling con
cerns like tho Pittsburg Gaselte, tho gal
lant Wilkes was the theme of their daily
culogium. In reply to tlio cousccvativo
men of tlio country who ventured to pre
dict that tho result might show that Capt,
Wilkes had not done so sinart a thing af
ter all, and that England might objaot to
his exploit, theso fanatics' cried, " who
cares for England, or Franco-cither? theso
rnlinl rascals never shall bo frit-en unV'
Only last week the oxtrcmo Abolition press
of the couutry was groaning with this sort
of vaporing, but now tho samo class arc
dodging about to reconcile them solves to
tho ueccssity which compelled tho gov
ernment to acc'odo to England's demand.
Now the "giving up" of tlio rebels is, with
theso sagacious papers, a piece of admi
rable diplomacy, It-is very good, but
thoro never should havo existed a necessity
'Mr. Seward, whom thoy say "looks
farther into a niillstono than tho man who
makes it," ought to havo set the rebels free
immediately after their capturo; this plan
was suggested by less sagacious men than
ho is represented io bo. But perhaps ho
retained them in order to mako hTs mark
as a great diplomatist ; if so, ho has not
succeeded . " His aUmirablo corrcspon
dcuco" as it is styled, amounts to nothing;
it settles nothing ; ho has accoded to tho
demands of Great Britain, and all his fino
writing cannot disguiso tho fact. Had ho
given tho rebels up at first, aa suggested
in sovoral respectablo quarters, ho and
tho country would havo boon saved tho
humiliation of doing so upon compulsion,
15ut tho Abolitionists wouldcu t .listen to
this: they would " fight tho world in
nrins 11 vnttini ttmn tn Inf. tlin rnhnl nrNnii
orsgofrom Fort Warren. Now, after ,"' lntetllsenctr, we aro not in tho Jiab
taking theso rebels wo aro.obligod 19 ro-, it of publishing tho speeches mado by Mr.
storo thorn to tho deck of a British vessel ; Stcvbns, our representative in Congress,
what is worse wo aro called upon to up- r tho. roason tbat wo rarey sce anything
ifssiTS ss : . " " ",ott r
whother England will bo satisfied with tho probation. But tho ono wo gtvo m anoth
quality and compleleues .of our Secretary's cr column of to day's papor is an excep
apology whou it is mado. ' jou t0 (lQ gonoral rulot and is roally a
The President from tho start thought' d , wbioU sbould bo reaa by r1
wo should kivo up tho rebels: had ho ?, 1 ... , f ., , ,
done so howproud would our position now W constituents. Wo, therefore, com., end
bo compared to what it is. Tho astuto it to tho careful poriual of our rcadoru,
Seoretarv of Stato, however, reserved tho satisfied that, aftor thoy havo read it thoy
oaso to enable him to mako d bplurgo in
llnintnnnv. nnil hn linn minnfinded . wo 5m.
apino, far boyond his liking and expecta
, r, ...
don Times records tho las'-momcnts of his
lloval llielmefs :
('JCho Princo was takqn ill somo twclvo
.ia va sino(, Ht-nintnnia of f.ivnr. nccomna-
' s. i
was not considered to bo serious, but from
thd curly part' bf last wook tho medical l
moa n attondanco and tho persons about
tho Court bocan to feel anxious. It was
not till Wednesday (tho 11th) when tho
fovcr gained, head, and tho patient was
much weakened, that tho first bulletin was
issued, and evon'then it was stated that tho
symptoms wcro not uufavorablo. It is
said that tho death of tho King of Portu
gal had an unfortunato influence over him
during his illness, and possibly assisted the
progress of the malady. On WcdncEdsty
ho is said to havo expressed a belief that
ho shquld not recover. No material change
took place on Thursday, and on Friday
tho Queen took a drivo yith no idea of
danger. Who" she returned, tho patients
extremities wero c.old, and from that time
ho was in tho greatest danger.
''On Friday evening ho was not expect
ed to survive tho night, and tho Priuco of
Wales was telegraphed for. All night
tho Prince continued very ill. On Satur
day forenoon thcro was a rally, which so
often pecoedes dissolution, but it gavo great
hopes to tho physicians. At 4 p. in. a ro
lapao took place, and tho Prince, who
from tho previous Friday had been sus
tained by stimulauts, begau to sink gradu
ally. Congestion of. the luugs, tho result
of complcto exhaustion, sot in. The
Princo's breathing bcoaiuo continually
shorter and feebler, and ho expired with
out pain at a few minutes beforo 1 1 o'clook.
Ho was sonsiblo, and know tho Queen to
the last."
"It must havo cheered the last moments,
of the illustrious patient to too his wife
and nearly all his children round his bed
Tlio Prince Royal, who is at Berlin, was
prevented by recent sovcro indisposition
from traveling. Princo Alfred was on
board his ship. Of the elevation and
strength of mind shown bv the Princess
all through theso trying scenes, it is impos
sible to speak' to highly. She felt it her'
place to bo a comfort and .support to her
mother in this affliction."
Tfio Times' says that tho Queen has borne
her loss with exemplary resignation and a
composure which under so terrible a bo
reavement, could not havo been anticipa
ted. When the first passionate burst of
grief was over, hi r Majesty called her
children around her, aud; with a calmness
which gives proof of great natural energy,
addressed them iu solemn and aifectiouate
terms. Her Majesty declared to her fam
ily that, though she felt crushed by the loss
of ono who had been her companion thr'o
life sho knew how much was expected of
her, and sho accordingly called on her
children to give her their assistance, in or
dor that tho might do her duty to them
and (o the couutry.
But ono sentiment was apparent through
out England that of deep sympathy for
tho Quecu and regret for the death of ono
so universally respected. Tho strongest
culogiums wcro passed upon the deceased
. . . . ...
Princo by tho press and tho public
Great interest was felt in thc situation
of tho Queen, and bulletins wcro issued
from time to time showing that although
i. m. .-..
J J o i
sue bore tlio uorcavement-with ealniuess,
and nau not suitorcd in ncaitii.
Tim n.mon nni h.a vrt,,oi M.iMrnn
to loavo Windsor Castlo for Osborno on
tho 16th.
Tho funeral of the Princo took placo on
Monday, tho 23d. In acoordanco with
thc custom usually followed of lato years
tho funeral would not bo a state ono, nor,
would tho remains lio instate. Tho
Princo of Wales waa to nctiiis cbiof.raour
nor. Riinnnrhvl liv llin T)nkn' nf nnrnlirnlori
and bv the Crown Princo of IWia.L1
Tho remains wcro to laid iu tho royal,
vault at Windsor.
Tho King of the Belgians was expected
in England on a visit to thc Queen. Tho
Crown' Princess of Prussia (tho Princess
lloyal of England) was unablo to-vieit her
mother from ill-health, but the . Crown
Princo was expected.
A feeling of gloom prevailed throughout
England, and a gcnornl mourning was ex
pected, Tho various municipal nnd oth-
cr bodies wore taking btcps to givo oxprc3-
.sion to their feelings of condolcnco.
A Sensihlk Speech Says tho Lan-
wm agree in opinio. with ua as to its mcr
. , .. . ,1
g uu ,ue c01-rCcluejS 0, lu9 noilllOUS 11'
Vora Cruz Captured.
Tho chief seaport of .Mexico has boon ta-
ken by tho Spaniards, without nh effort onf OAMl' Oheiitjsuiter, ,N. J( '
tho part of tho tniserabio Mcxjoatia to do- Editor Democrat t ,
feud it. Kvou tho strong fort of San Ju-1 s )ear SiV, loisuro moments should
an d'Ulloa has been given upvntiibnt fir- bo Usefully improved, and although our
ing a gun in its defemo. If is now unani- cjroum!!taneCB do not admit of lotcr wri
fest that Mexico will bccbino a bIoo31css '"tJng, yet liuua'roda aro mailed every day.
conquest to tlio monarchies of Europe. Wo havo boon iu camp eight days, long
Nearly half a. century has elapsed sineo
tho moro vigorous and couragcus nncestry.
. . - . ,
tlicir nguts to imiepouuenuo,anu fitor a
maniy struggio gaiueu it. nut to uicir
children, national freedom has been of m
advantagojor they havo shown that thoy
aro destitute ot ttiat intelligence, anil moa-
oration, and thoso invigorating virtues
wnictiaro necessary to maico iinorty a
blessing to a peoplo. Mexico '.rill either
become a monarchy uudor the. tutelage ot
tho Powers of Europe, or sho will sink to
tho condition Of a mere provinco, .depend-
ing upon a ioroign ruier lor prouitK.ouuu
paying for that protection by servitude 1
bhe lias been "won without uiown, ' aim
but liltlo syinpatliy can bo felt for a peoplo
so igiioblo as to make no show of resist-
anco to invading enemies.
' "'
An Historical Eniion. A Spring
field (O.,) correspondent of the' Cinchiati
Gazette, in alluding to' tho burning of tho
Americau steamer Caroline, by tho Brit-
ish, in says:
! Allen Macnab was knighted for his '
bravery in leading tho expedition. Af-
torwaril, WIICll lU LiOOll was arrosicu ll l ID
State ot Now iork lor participating 111 ttlO
outrage, unit tried at Utica, HO was UC- ,
rjuitlcU lii a packciljurtj contrived by Mr.
fan Burcn, then L'rcsilcnt, because he 1
tnnllmf muni! A tnri-yrrtn.t litirl sinnnit
thlzul wi'A the Canadian rtbcls
ono inirjortant particular. MoLcod was
tried iu. tho summor of 1841. Mr. Van .
Buran left tho Pr evidential Chair on thc
1th of March 1811
The efforts made for ,
his release, without trial, were by the
Cabinet appointed by General Harrison
and by Prcsidont Tyler. They were baf
fled by tho firmness and patriotism of thc
present Secretary of State, Win, II. Sew
ard, aud of tho New York Judges. Mc
Leod had a fair trial, and it was clearly
proved that lie was not ono of the party
that cut out thc Caroline. Hence his
acquittal, llnd lie been convicted, it is
altogether probable, such was tho public
feeling, he would havo been hung.
What A Maryland Lady Did.
The Bichmoud correspondent of thcXaah-
Ville Union tells tho following :
. Not long ago I told you of tho suffer-,
ings of Miss Convert on her trip from
Philadelphia. I havo now to record un-
other instance of female heroism. A
young lady of Maryland, as gentlo and
genuine a woman as tho .bouth contains,
but withal a true heroine, has, after bra
ving many hardships, recently . arrived
Beaching the Potomac, sho found a
boat and a negro to row it ; but. tlio ne
gro refused to attempt to cross, for fear
as ho said tho Yankees would shoot him.
Drawing a pistol from her pocket, our ho
roine told him coolly sho would shoot him
herself if he didn't cross. Tho negro'
1 quailed, rowed her over to tho Virginia
i 1 ' .
shore, and tlius, utterly alone she came to
her friends in llichmoud, with her petti -
j coats quilted with quinine, her satchel
full bf letters, 'many of them containing
L -.i ...:n .i c i it i
jj r
nqedics, pins, nnd otnor nttio convonien-
ces now so naru to get in tuo niocKaucd
South. The uamc of this hoioiuo' ouirh t
tins hoioiuo' ough t
m th'o historian. It
, '
5 or"
not to -be withheld lroi
I is Mi S3 Nanuie Wcbste
' Heavy Aiwilleiiy. Capt. McCluro
aud Lieutenants Wilson and Strawbridgo,
i havo enlisting nearly enough
. J . .
r v 1
: number.
jsomo uuy oi tuo recruits aro
r-1 nfi, ft , 1 t ,
from Columbia county.
At prcsont tho
"gimcnt to which this company is attach
cd, 1st Peuna. lloavy Artillery, Col. An-
gcroth, is btatio'ned at Camden, N. J., but
tho officers expect soon to receive orders to
move to Portress Monroo, whoro tho regi
ment is to bo permanently stationed.
A Bor,D Attempt to Hon Cengral
Tom Thumh. Tho dressing room of Gen,
Tom Thumb, in Chicago, was entered on
Friday night by somo cxporioncod . burg
lars, aud tho trunks containing his ward
robe eight in number broken or cut
opcu, and tho contents scattered promis
cuously upon tho lloor. His jowclry,how
ever, valued at 818,000, was dopositcd
clsowherc. Tho thieves, therefore failed
iu their design,
' A Prediction, Tho Chicago Times
predicts that within thirty days, if tho
Prcsidont shall stand firm iu his present
position and wo think he will Iho Ito
publican press will throw off all disguiso,
and assail him as ftrociously us it has as
sailed othcr men who havo thwarted their
wild ichoiucs"
Tho total uumbcr of barrels ol flour rc-
celvod in Boston during tho year 1801,
' . 0 . . . '
during tho year 1801
Of corn 2,016,900 bush
u- 1 .100.774
- -, r--
outrage on thc Caroline may bo forgotten ro usctul at homo, it in useful cmploy-",!
by many, but not by mo." ment, but to use their- talents in misrepre- 'rVn'olvlua
Thc author of tho above is in error in ficnting thc .palriotism of others, beforo ?''.'!: l i'.'r ,'c,V'ei.i?ir.?'',:t.k "r-tI,,"!'i,,:
tnouch to test camp lifo.I like it Verv well
tin ann rrrrrnfci Ins nnailinn. nWlmnnl, if !
...,t,UU . ,o
i, very beautiful, located on tho cainden
fair Cround, iu view of Philadolnhia
w.a camden and atlantic railroad
; tho rcar of our tho . Qnd
repassing of locomotives mingled with the
thm wHistle, disturbed our repose tho
flr8t nJ ht whioll M not acccptiblo,
after a ' rMi 0n tho roughest of roads!
T)U At ground contains about 40 acres,
(nciuding tho grovo) where tho camp is
In gummcr our camp would b
14, although it is far front unpleas-
ant noVi Tha h- aru . 6J ... I
nIui :mna(:n tar , en..,rnyi ,,,,,
lneuti VagUo.ruinors, aro astir amongst
'tj,0 pvnlcs, in regard, to our doparturo
aU(j destination. Privates know nothing of
tho future, and will not. The regiment is
' fast fiillng upj report saj3 0;,;,
( t0 8t0pod tlio aixtceutli of this mouth, if
so VB nay movo from hcr(J S0QU fjr
'purpM0 of filil)g up om. regimont from
othcr source3i ' ilicl toucll natr:ols of
Columbia that denounced "the boys" as'
traitors aud "Jeff Davis Bewvcs" mast!
...., . - , '
J ' "" uul I"11
y " iii-uvuu tlio umruuiIUl- ,
ness of ihc assertion, and oast a stigma of
shame upon t'liein that cannot bo erased
01)ly , dt.f0I15c of thc uat onni fl., Mon.
..... o
..i .n, tT,,,l,l i, :,1..-,1 .. .1
uuoim ui jumjjuu ucuuiuuigiy, mcy
tljcy volunteer their services in defense
tueir country, not right. Uhure
are a
"umber of men in old Columbia
utu their loyalty from the comers of i
stroots counl'"6 dwk and other
uous piacos, ami tno laH ones to defend
our constitution or contribute a farthing
to comfort thoso in service You will con
fer a favor upon me 'by sending a number
of the Democrat to my address for ono
A Hill to Blockade Southern Ports.
j Tho following arc provhsious of iho bill
introduced ou Tuesday last in tho House
, by Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvai i;
First 'J hat all laws, or parts of laws.
creating and establishing ports ol entry or
delivery in any State now in rcbelloii bo,
. an tho s,am" arc ''"f. V'PC' -.
fcccond .No vessels, cither forcgn or
domestic, except such as belon-j to or are
' employed by the Government ol thd llni
ted States, .-hall cuter, or- leave any of the
sad ?T llwn
of .weather.
j Third- If any vessel flinll violate or at-
tempt to violate, the provisions of this act,
the said vessel, cargo and ovorvthiinr an
pertaining thereto shall bo forfeited, the
one half to go to tho captors and iho oth
er half to the United States ; and every
thing appertaining thereto, shall be for
feited, thc ono half to go lo the captora
aud the other half to thc United Slates ;
and every person is hircby authorized to
I mako such seizure, and the captain or
.commander ol sucn vessels shall bo fined
not exceeding 8500.
Fourth Tho said vessel and cargo may
uc eeizcu an piace ai sea, or in any
nnrfc. and tho iroodrf mnv hr. fnl.-nn wimp.
' 'found 0n land, or water.
' Fifth Thc proceeds shall bo divided
among tho captors, according to thc law
now regulating prizes.
Sixth 1 he ship and carpro may be tried
-rn wnl rim nilmnrs. m nnv rnnrr. rl Ht,
United States into whoso iurisdiction the
same may bo taken.
oevonm x no otatcs now in reueuior
nr0 Vrpium Nort'1 Carolina, South Car.
olina, Ceorgia, Alabama, Fiorjda, Texas
I Louisiana, Musissipiii, Tennessee and Ar
Seventh Tho States now in rebellion
kansas. If any other Statc.1 should hero-
after becomo rebellious tho President shall
proclaim the fact, and the provisions of
aGt Elia11 tIl0U nPP'y ' such State or
Eiehth Tho President shall have row
t (lccaro , . . hathor3 noita
of entry when, in his judgment., it shall bo
Tnu Army Ai,i.otmkt. Svsiem. A
general ordor from tho War Department
defiucs tho regulations of tlio new allot
ment bystcm in tho .tirniy, as follows :
" First tho assignment of pay will bo mado
on a separate roll, to bo executed under
thc subversion of tho captain or imrooui.gj!;
ate commander oi tlio recruit, at tho timo
of tho enlistment of tho soldier in camp,
Second. Whou'coinplcted, tho allotment
roll is to bo transmitted to tho Paymastor
Goucral, by whom tho deductions will bo
made on caeh subsequent, pay roll, and
tho nggrcgato amount of each company's
n..:..,,.i"-.!ll 1.. i r i i... i .... ,
""'H'""""' uo -"ut iu uy Jinn 10
the distributor named in llin mv mil tn
li(ii uisuiuuior namutl in UIO paj roll, to-
gather with a copy of said roll.
Kentucky. In Iho Kcutunltv T,n,Mn.
i ...... .1.. ir i . , , .
laiuro HlO llOUSO adopted, Uy tllO USUIir
party voto, a rosolution that Keuluoky
would assume the payineut of hor portioji
of tho direct tar. imnnsnl J, nnnrnca
. j J ww..vca,
Tho Souatc adoptod tho llouso resolu
tions on Federal Bclntions, with amend
ments endorsing tho President's action re
garding Gen. Fremont's proclamation nnd
Secretary Cameron's report, nud roqups.
ting tha Paesident todUponso with Secre
tary Coraeron, The veto was uniiuimom
J.munrr 1st Iv ltGVr A. I'. Bhariafili. Sir. Cnmt.ii II.
Thomas, to Miss AmIxda Tmissr, all ofiLnlr JsfllH,
l.v,.n,nlttr f?n.. I'll. .1- ,j
' ' r list
Jnnuary'3'iil by this lima, n tho psrionaits naar
Whits Hall, Montour Co. Jlr,.JORn tVjjCoitNttuox,
tn Miss Mary JAftK BMcltz, all or l'ino tdnoihlp, Col.,
Co, !'. '
On ins 31st of Dec. 1F01 In Mghtstrcettby tUr. IV.
Gsodrlch, Jlr WititAM P. Uttr.u of rireenwae'J Titd.
tOrMiss Savhla Claim, of I.if litstre?!,
Oir tlift Olh Inst, by 111" snina, at tho residents ef tha
brlda's father, Mr. J.J Hniii!(.ii, of DriarcrcekTwp..
to Miss U. C. Asmstronii of blooinsbiirg.
On Tuesday Ilia Sml day of January In Flshlnwsk
Twp.i by Albert Anunerinnn I'sq., Jossnl DiiTmicit nf
riihlngcrcrk Ttvp., tn Mrs. 1'our Cnm ol .MlfHiti
Twp.,ll nf Columbia County.
Ily Rev. J. U niinm nt hla nHilenta In Mooinib'irR
on Ilia 34th nit. Mr. huastu V. Fliik to Miss Sisan M.
Bnvim nil rf Montour Co P.i,
Ily the fame nt thJ r.tcliango lintel of this plats, on
tho IlUt nit, ..Mr. Mnnnls II. TitrA tn .Miss HiuaitT Ask
rnEAS, all nf Cuitsr'l'Hp., Columbia Co. Pa ..
Married, on tin- lt lust,, by Rev.n. Wiuldtwqrth, Mr.
I.oto.i lAT-rrrn lo Miss Almira II nTY of Feirinount
Liizerno Co. I'n. - . -
Married nn llicSf th tilt ly tho Roy. D. J. Watlar,
AntuiiAM C. AtucR, to I.oiijA Wu'o.i, beth of Maueh
Chunk l'n. , . "j i '
Ily llcv. U. Ilcinier, m n,,- liouna of iha Wit' parents
Ks'n - , Vn,r,.h ;,,,r'i.r";
ifN'o. 45, Xnrth :iil Mrrt. I'hilndalpnla and Miss L.
ii malum) ""i"i"KiJaniiary !!, ioi.i',1, u. i-LSK,t;q,.
ijur n, rw iiaclius, of FelinsriiT
31 is ci.ovr.nsutn,...,. i tn
iOlF.RCS 1
SlliLAIlll 10
SOU'OTATOns... 4()
ronsfoiuj ..........
Special Notices,
Tho rld-rslabllihad ' '
ot the southwest enmer of
Is now prepared lthn
at prieos whleh eballenCc eompelltlon.
IVrtleularattentlou given to Customer Work, OIBesr
Uniform., auoiiomc nuanls' Suits, e,
wiirn: hai.l clotiiinr hazaar.
Southwest corner of
I'llTUl S, M'.VICK, l'ro'rrlelor.
Nur. Ifi, lcGI. (May 1, 13Jl-Um )
No. 40, Market rilreft. one door above 41ll, South iilt
Uniformity of Trices I A New IVaturo In lluilnass
Kverv nuo hlf own Salesman I JONKS tc CO. of tha
Br;;,idmo;,oil.nvi'n,i!'i,hc ",o.t varied and
nun sul'.'urin,by liaviu; marked in figures, on each ar-
lieu at llis'vury lowest pricelt can no sold for su tlwy
cannot poa-ibiy vary nil must buy alike.
Tho Kouds aro tell sponpeil and prepared, and (rreat
pains taken Willi tho making an that nil ran buy with tho
full Ufsurancu nf Retting a (food article at thc very low.
est price. Al-o, a lnr?o stock of piece coods on hand. of
thu iut '.it stylo aud host qualities, which will be niadn
to order, in m.) must fashionable and be,st manner, 25
p?r cent., below credit prices.
ueme.muur me urcsceni, in .arKci.aunvo Mzm firici
N'o. SOI, JON'UH 4: CO.
rpilB Advartissr, liavlnj been restored to liealtliln
X fjw we.k, by n very vimplo romedy, after harinff
Sllllereu t-everui yuan who a sitvuru lunu aucciion, it
tliat dread ilUi-a j. Coiumnptlnn-Is nminus to maku
known td his f-llow-s'iircrem the means of cure.
To all hu ilrrire it, lit! will send n copy of ths pr
scription used (Iroo nfi luri;c), ith the ilinctions for
prepariiif; and using; the same, which they will find n
sum: Cunt for OwsuMOTroi. As riiM, llnoiuims, &c
The only object of ilu ,nlvertiH(r In sumlini; ihc l'r"
ncripti'on is tn beiu llt Hit- alllirti'd, and spread iiifi)niia
tion liirh ha i:oiicrnes t'i be invaluable, and Iu hopes
I'vety sull'.rt r will lr) his o'lne lj , as""lt will cost lliem
nut Inn.: und m.iy provis a ble.s'lm;.
Parties nltliinu llieprci-criptiou will pleaso address.
11. v. UinVAlll) A. VV1LHON,
Willi. iin.liutth,
R'uxjs County, Ntw Voik
Nnv.-i, l?fll. 3ra.
V will pay from tn STS pr Inimth, and all eipia
, lo srltvy Aeents.'vr five i, Particular
aenl fr-i. Addresa IIku. HhwiMi .Ma iiikc CuurAStT, U.
JAMI.K. (ienoral A;''iil, Milan, Ohm.
Amj. H, IPJll.-l'.'in.
Sliurmv I'siniRMH. There Is, pjrhaps, no depart
ment of inii i tn rj lui'liiesn in nhiih there lias hesn a
more marked i.npruvoinunt than in the clothing of sol
db-rs. Not many years sinco oirirers and privaten we ro
cUd iu garments which were nlnio-t skintii!ht. Thev
v.-nr.i leather stock', which were worthy oflhe nanw. for
they Kept the wear..'); iu tribulation ; 1iilo their pad'leil
breafts and tight bleeves made volition a matter of great
dilliculiy. llurlng the present war, such of, our v lun
trerii as proenrf their uniforms at tho Ilron Htunr
Clothiiu Hall of Kockhill & Wilson, Kos, UlU and COV
Clnstnut fclrcrt, above Biith ','lilladclphia, obtain do
thing tlut io perfectly easy, subitantia) and becoming
Tin- tlrni named have, goae largely into tho business of
making Military L'lothinir, and tluir Cicilities enabla
lliem to lill tho largest ordar in the shortest potsibls
time, ,
fJept.ill, tat.
Nciu 2lJ)ucvtiscmcnt0,
AI,I. prr'iins kuowlnc themselves in any w i Indrht
oil to thc sabsrrib'ir nr luruliy notified that all accounts
iiiust be speedily closed up, or they will bo put in lh
hands of proper officers for collodion, I must havo my
ncrouuts settled, come forward, settln up nud savo costs.
Jan. II, IM'- 41.
THC iindersiitnod, wotilJ respectfully inforni tha clti
zens of lllooiiisbiirb', nud the public generally, Ihsl
he hai opened n
111 the frame buildinc lately occupied by Charles If. Noll
whereho Is prepared to execute
siMi'.va, ir.iit-jrtFMixo jxd siM.vroot.n
In thu best manner, with despatch, and to general sitli.
faction. nno. N. AIIIJIHUN.
Illoonisliurs, N'ov. 23, lfcTil, 3m.
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of a writ of Venditioni
jioaas to mo directed, Issued out of thc Court ' f
Common 1'hns nf Cujumhia rnuiily, Tn., will bu expose l
to public snlo nt tho Court llouso iu lllnomshurg, "n
BATI'UIIAV tho 'J,1th HAY of JANUAIIV. l(U ot I
o'cliH'k in the afternoon, Iho following properly to fit
All that certain lot of laud situate In Hie town of Hspy.
Pcolt towiiahin, Columbia rounty, i'a., Lot No SI in pl'l
of said town, bounded ou thc North by Main trtct ef
said town, on iho Last byuu Alley, on the Bouth by an
l'on. aud oilier outbuildings with the annutta'nsnees.
Heit"d tnkon in execution and to bu sold as the prup
crtyof riiilip f.Dclttericlu
JUS1AII U. rURMASf, rJKerln".
tilierllTa Odiro, I ;
llloomtbur;, Jan, 1, Uf2. )
mioi.ES.iir, a.u )ic;t
- &vm anfooiBSo
Tho underslqneil :rsp'rlfully infbrins , (he rlllMOs o
Iinn,.burL;. and ilia n, bile In ireneral. that he has pur
chased Iho jftw HAV fiTQIli:, iu tho while frame ir
;im,u,on Main Hlreel, nearly oppositu thu liihsnr
(iiililiniis, wliere uu uas Just received a. spieuuiu
torliuuut of
.' Direct frdtn tha Mnnuf.ieturles. of all kinds, iiyW.
Direct from tha Mnnuf.icturles, of all kinds, styl"
andsltas, lulestfashloiu.wlilrlihtotrwrswliolaiaU"1
, u-Ty.Votiuodi wiiih. sou.t very oWp,ioa. i
: IilJ,"l' 1,ay' joun k oiiitov
lUnonuburit, Oelober 17, IfCO.
NOTICIJ Is hereby Kiven, that thi rattntrsh hfi'
inforc eilillHi! betwocii Ihe sybicrlhcrs undsr l"
ftriii of CIT BsYiiUK. inlhn AlilllnK llusiniss. in y
I.ocuit Valley Mills, in I.ocuit township. ColuiuHJ
tounly, was dissolved, on tht Utfi of October, I'0''."
mutual consent. All persons Indebted to llio lata
aro requesled to make ictiUment with feios b'ld"' '
airline at tho .Mill and by nhmn all debts of (be ll
will tie settled The Nott s, lliimli. Honk arrnunts,
",,M",ttM'c",M"-"" mOTLSn
I '
iiiiKs i iv- i-, v v.s in a is nam i i'n its, iiiij tiionii iwi
iUuUhu yieafcer
.els was received)
O.irb t(l ia