Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, October 05, 1861, Image 2

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    Culttiulria Iciuntrnt
We supposed wo had said enough on
this subject in tho card which wo submit'
ted to tho pcoplo of Columbia County,
previously to tho nomination. Wo havo
nothing to add to that; but wo aro in
formed that the republicans aro making
use of tho fact that wo livo in Bloomsburg,
as tho foundation of anjnsinuation that wo
jnight'favor tho project. Our position, wo
now repeat, is unchanged ; but as a com
pleto answer to whatever tbcro might bo
in such a'n insinuation wc beg leave to say
that Emanuel Lazarus is supported for
tho Legislature by tho very men who havo
always favoured, and arc now favoring tho
widening of Market Street at tho expense
of tho County by Deacon Waller, by
John K. Grotz, by Mclvclvy, .Ncal & Co.,
and other prominent citizens of Blooms
burg, on the satno sido.
Those who havo opposed it aro for tho
Democratic candidate ; and it may be as
well for the people of tho County to re
member that the career of Emanuel Laza
rus as a politician, is at any rate finished ;
and ho may as well round it off, if ho should
bo elected, by passing tho Market Strut
Sill, which his supporters desire, and to
which the proplc of the County arc opposed.
More than one man who affects to believe
his neck politically broken, is proceeding
to dig his grave by his present courso j and
nobody will bo surprised at any exhibition
of " grand and lofty tumbling."
We annex tho Card :
We speak to Union men when wo ad
dress the readers of tho Democrat. For
thoy ore such from education, from con
viction and from practice. Tho labors
and anxieties of the past havo woven tho
lovo of tho Constitution and tho interests
of our government into one, no event of
tho times can shako tho ancient loyalty of
the party to which wo belong. Our oppo
nents have taken a new step, instead of
fighting us uponi their old grounds and
taunting us for our loyalty and Union
lovo, they now assume great loyalty them-
uraw us irom tnoso ancient lauumancs
which havo ever been tho boast and clorv
. ' . i
ot our party, ijci us not do siiaiccn id our
firm purposes by their changes of name,
or now soinmcrsaults of principle . But
without heeding the epithets and slaudcr
by which they seek to provoko us in to dis-
Im-nlfcv. lp.fc u olinr fn t.lin old Cnnstifti-
tional doctrines of our fathers, and the '
new catch voto schemo of our opponents
will soon dio away.
Fellow Cithent: Intimation nre ttfloat, ttmt tiie
political bug-lmar of tlio past frw years iz : tlist some
body. If elected to the Legislature- for Ibc next Session,
will favor the passage of an Act for the widening anil
straightening of Market Street In Dloomsburg at the cx
prnsc of the Tax-payers of Columbia County. The clr
culatton of a similar story last fall, on the eve of the
delegate elect'ons, by which nlouc the candidato of the
people's choice was defeated, cost the State over Ten
.Millions of Dollars, and will cost the people of Colum
bia county annually, Light Thousand Seven Hundred
find TwcntySix Dollars and Twenty Five Cunts. I nev
er was, aiu not iioav, nor never will be, in favor of tho
passageof such an Act, whether in or out of the Legis
lature. LEVI L. TATE.
Bloomsburg, Sept. SO, 1?C1.
Excbango of Certificates.
Dr. Bolecal, gave Gen. Fleming a cer
tificate, recently, through tho " Blooms,
burg Smut Ulachine," to tho effect, that
ho the said Gen. Fleming was a sound
Democrat and good Union-mau. Gen.
Fleming, in his great Speech, on the 14th
of September, in our Court House, proved
him the said Polecat Join, a malicious
falsifyer by publishing in his paper that
tho Democratic Party of Columbia, were
tho "Jeff Dnvis Reseives of the North,"
thus giving aid and comfort to tho South-
EUn Reuels, and was guilty of tho crime
Guanoed TiiEin Name. Tho " Re
publican" party is to bo known no more
forever. In less than six months after
their access to power, tho great Republican
party has been compelled to assumo a new
name, in the vain attempt thus to hide its
rotten and destructive principles. But it
won't do. Thoy havo tho same look,
smell and taste they had last fall, and
simple change of name will not be sufficient
to commend them to popular favor. Last
fall they laughed at the idea of tho Union
being in danger. But now that tho nation
is weeping over tho effects, ihey seek to
hide themselves under tho name of tho
"Union Party" the "Unconditional Union
Democraev.'' &c. &o. But wo tell them it
j will not work. TIIEY ARE KNOWN
anu tuo people win pc as careiui not to
vote for them under their nttv ?iat)ie as
they would bo if they had retained the one
thoy havo so shamefully difgraccd,
Hang Out Your Flag !
Fellow Democrats, tho second Tuesday
of October is close at hand. Tho time for
decisive action has arrived. Let us be up
and doing, and prepare ourselves for vic
tory. Let every man rosolvo to do his du
ty ; and not only vote himself, but sec
that his neighbor and friends do tho same
thing. If we but will it, wo can givo our
ticket an old fashioned Jackson majority.
Tho opposition aro dissatisfied at the dicta
tion of their ring-leaders j whilo no mur
mur of discontent is heard along our ranks.
Uso overy honorable effort, and success
must follow of courso.
Brother Democrats !
known in Law. as " TREASON."
wo call a fair exchango of Certificates.
Truo to your faith devoted to your
country, gathering around the Jackson
flag, and firm on tho hickory platform
next Tuesday go in tho might of freemen
This to tho bollot-box, and then,
Strike, for your altars and your firo3 !
Strike, till the last armed foo expires,
Strike for the green graves of your sires
God, and your native land.
JtSf In tho Columbia County RcpubH-
can of Sept. 5, 1601, wo find tho following
paragraph :
r v,u a ..u .t0 nnt
kZU n null IVIIuiaim iuiuu uuw uw I .t. t r 1 i. 1 1 .1
regard the abusive language of a black- Wo it Dr. John attended the Mass
guard in the light of an insult, and deems! Mm ting in this place on Saturday last,
it beneath revenge. All tho abominations . " ho lock "P bis pocket-book J
to which tho latter may givo utterance, will
not raise him one jot above Ins proper
level, or depress tho tormcr, in tho slight
est degree, below his sphere."
And wo publish it as a complcto and
satisfactory reason why wo tako no notico
Star oj the Noith.
Tho valorous Doctor, it is said on that
occasion was non esl inventus. He feared
to faco tho honest Democrats whom he
had so lately denounced as "thieves'' and
,, T 1 ' i . . .
"l'LUNDtHJSllS. UlUU i llliU 10 COIIIU 1U
of Dr. John's repeated tirades of abuso of oontact wjtj, L.onost Inen WUo generally
us. Wo believe wc have a well regulated wcar jicavy Boots 1
- - , -r T1 1 ! - 1
minu, anu
wo know Dr. John to bo ai
blackguard : Wo aro convinced ho cannot
in the least degrco deprsss our position, or
raise his own up to our level.
8ST Messrs. Lazarus, Snyder, Utiles ij
Co., aro supported by John Stulctj, Dr.
Lett, Dr. John, Jno. K. Grotz, and tho
McKelvy creta. These old enemies of the
Democracy, know their men, and each
fellow has an axo or old Scythe to grind.
And strange to tell, they say Weir candi
dates are Democrats
laf It is expected that every Democrat
will do his cntiro duty to the causo at tho
coming election. Our faith is sound our
principles aro right our candidates aro
overy way worthy of support. Let no ono
think that his vote or influence is of no ac
count But fire away for truth and Jus
tice.! S" Our paper, this week, is quite po
litical. It will bring down tho opposition
gauio. Next week wo shall resume our
literary and miscellaneous varieties and
t6T Steuben Jenkins, Esq , has our
thanks for a complimentary ticket, en
titling us to a Membership of tho Luzerne
County Agricultural Society.
Bfir Tho rallying watchword of our glo
rious Democratic party now is : "TnE
Ticket, the whole Ticket, and noth
ing ijut the Ticket.
Lloyd's War Map. Wo havo re
ceived from Mr. James T. Lloyd, Pub
lisher, of New York, a copy of his map of
tho Southern States, which embraces tho
cntiro seat of war. It is admirably, and,
wo think, truthfully gotten up, and at a
time like the present, when all minds arc
excited upon (he greit subject of tho war,
it must provo to bo highly popular. Tho
copy sent us, we presume, is bold for 81,
which can be obtained by inclosing that
amount to James T. Lloyd, New York
JSSJ" Col. Hugh Brady, of Jefferson
' county, Pa., died recently at tho ago of 04
years. Ho was a descendant of tho celo
brated Indian hunter, Capt. Samuel Bra
day, and son of Gen. Hugh Brady, who
served his country in 1812 with disting
uished honors. Cant. John Brady, his
brother, was in tho battlo of Lundy's
Lane, and acquitted himself well. Capt.
E. R. Brady, now in the Union army on
tho Potomac, near Washington City, is
tho only son of tho Colonel.
ilttiBt 2Tfee Union ,
A - U!
Mffl If
a mm in m m mm mm mm mhbbhh ! mm
inijrjmiup mm if L'ir.S I III' Am ft Mil."l I !
m mm ma m m urn mmm
sr-t sv. iiijv iv -l-ih l.b issssssi w. f-n tsm iui n wsj sw c h'jvu lit:, i Kni r-o u s fii
Kit? iT. mi kbj (mi rv ms ftii ba-t .-i m hi e.i-j amau i.-j tn: l,;;s r&n uii;i
isb m. isffiKv n ra bk n mm $&& i&3 isa tst&k. m mM Ait on m
trv nriw r u; iar ism jmw n fm-j& i vbt r i nzsr enrjv sv i c-i cum i mmm w zj emws Kim
, j
I jh. wt vn tn off "ik mm flrest &!tf m n sm' nti bbbbbW il!
'I lie Frcnuuut and Itlalr DIUiculiy.
Re-Arrest of Col. Blair Genital Hcott
Orders his Rtlease,
From facts ascertained, it appears that
on Wednesday last General Fremont re
leased Col. lllair from arrest, using Ian
cuano in tho' order tantamount to a defi
es o
Our Cundiduto for SliorilT.
Tho ofiloo of Sheriff ia of uo littlo im
portanco to tho people of Columbia county.
It is ono of tho best offices in tho gift of
tho pcoplo of the county, and ono which, it
is highly important, should bo filled by a
competent person. Tho candidate chosen
anco of the Colonel to present his charges by tho Democratic Convention Mr. Josi-
formally. On Thursday Colonel Ulair ah II. Furman U, in tvenj respect, quali-
presented charges formally against Gen. fietl to fill the office of Shciif. Wo may
Fremont, in rosponso to tho defiance. safely say that, uo hotter man has been
Thereupon General Fremont immediately boforo tho pcoplo asking for thoir support
arrested Colonel Blair and sent him to for this ollleo sinco tho county was formed.
Jefferson Barracks. On Friday night tho Ho 13 everything that could bo said of any
tclccraph was allowed to communicate tho man in his favor. AVo notico that tho Re
. . . . . 11.' i. t. i ,-ti-.-j-
fact that Blair had been freed Irom arrest jmuiwun naa puunsucu mi uriioio lautiaio-.
tho previous Wednesday, but the offensivo y of tho Opposition candidate Mr. Stiles
paragraph in tho order of rclcaso ws sup- ' claiming him to possess all tho rcquisito
pressed, and tho fact uf Colonel Blair's qualifications, and that ho is still a Dem
sccond arrest withheld. , ra'- do not hopo that ho will claim
Tho army regulations allow no officers votes on that head, if he docs, thoro is a
to be arrested for a longer period than democratic candidato in tho field, who is
eight days,without charges being preferred, entitled to nil tha Dcmocratio support.
General Fremont disregarded tho regula-, '1'" democratic candidato is not running
lions in the caso of Colonel Blair. Aftor on a ticket that will allow him to bo this
this violation of tho regulations, a second ( and bo that for tho sheer purposo of get
ancst for tho tamo causa, and without ''DS votc3' Ho is a sound Democrnt, and
charges, has attracted attention and caused always has been ) more, is as good a Uu
much remark. Tho groat fact in relation 1 i" man as can bo found in tho county, the
wholo Union '.ticket included ; and will
to this caso is that General Scott to-day
ordered the unconditional rclcaso of Col.
Who Encouhades the Sooth ? Tho
Democrats tell the Southern rebels that
the entire North is determined to put down
I rebellion, and that this unanimous North
has tho power to do it. Tho Democrats
tell the Union men of the South to stand
firm, that their rights thall bo protected,
and if not sufficiently secured at present
additional guaranties will bo given.
Tho Republicans assure the Southern
j rebels that a largo number of the Northern
1 peoplo sympathise with them and wish
1 them success. Tho Republicans say to tho
Southern Union men, thoy shall havo no
' further guaranties for their rights, and
those they havo already will not be further
respected than events render necessary.
Who, then, arc tho true friends of tho
' National cause ? Who is acting wisely and
' patriotically ?
bo elected by an overwhelming majority.
There is no reason for not voting for Jo
biaii II. Furman ; he is amply fit for tho
position to which ho aspires ; and on tho
war question ho stands where all truo
Democrats stand. Ho is an ardent sup
porter of tho Government, and is support,
inn it every day both by men and trc.isure.
On that point, what is to bo gained over
Mr. Furman, for tho Opposition t Then,
on another point, ho is a sound Dcmoorat
consequently his opponent can have no ad
vantage in that rcspoot. Our candidate is
the man for the pcoplo 1 Hurrah for Fun-
MAN I Star of the Soitlt.
Stoplion Baldy.
noN Stephen Baldy having deoliuod
tho nomination, given him by this Repub
lican Union Party, for Associate Judgo
we notico by tho laBt Republican that, the
Hon. George 11. Willits has been placed
upon their ticket in Baldy's stead. Tho lie
publican, up town says : "Stephen Baldy
has done a very foolish thing." This is said
in reference to Mr. Baldy's having refused
to be a candidate upou the ticket formed,
as they bay, by ''tho pcoplc,"which was
uolhing more than tho Republican party,
say about it what thoy will. Mr. Baldy
did not think ho was doing a "foolish
thing," when ho wroto that letter of decli-n-jtion.
He is a man of sound judgment,
capable of doing1 and thinking for himself,
and if he has erred in this matter, ho will
not blame the editor of tho Republican.
Mr. Baldy is "unconditionally a Union
man," alwavs has been, and always ex
pects to be ; and he knowing the pcoplo to
be of that stripe, itho first placed him in
i nomination for Judgo, ho was, and is evor,
willing to travel in thoir company. Uo
Northampton Ltgistutivt Nominations. hMs iXw vhlott at prcaeDt for wb!ch Lo
Col. Daniel II. Neiman, aud Aahon ;s UOIUiuatca, and the Democratic party of
Hess, Esq., havo been nominated by tho I tuis county bavc mado up their tm-nds to
Democracy of Northampton county for the kct,p hilu (Uc,0) and placo by h;3 bido IIon.
Legislature. They are able men and Jolm McRoyuolds, who is aUo a regular
sound Democrats. Col. Neiman, is tho nom;uoo upo the Democratic ticket.
Editor of the BaUon Sentinel, whose office giar cfijic North.
tho mobiles recently destroyed, as an
offset to which, the glorious Democracy of
old Northampton will now triumphantly
elect him to tho Legislature.
4ST The Lycoming Gazette, which at
present takes no part in polities says:
" A large proportion of our Republican
! exchanges are laboring industriously to
create tho impression that to be a Demo
crat is of necessity to bo a secessionist. If
the men engaged in that work arc sincere
j in what they say, they aro fools ; and if
nicy arc not sincere, iney aro Knaves.
What kind of an army would the govern
ment have now if all the Democrats were
discharged from it ?
The Demoeratic party is based upou
fealty to the Uniou, aud whoever is not
for tho Union, as a necessary consequence
can not be a Democrat uo matter whatj
ho may profess to he.
Capt. Jonnings.
Joseph T. Jennings, ono of tho dis Un
ion, Republican, no party candidates for
Assembly, in this district, was, n short
time ago, the Captain of a Rifle Company
in Mahoopany, (tho town in Wyoming
couuty in which ho resides,) and as wc art
informed, the Company of which ho was
Editorial Visit. Col. Levi L.
Tate, one of our Candidates for Reiiresen
tativc, and publisher of the Columbia
Democrat, paid us a visit on Tuesday last.
Col. T. is a sprightly and able rcprosenta-
nl tlin mlifnrtfil Pftpn. nnil n lin la
deserving and able gentleman wo havo no P'ain, "cu to volunteer their services
doubt he will bo a Kepresenlativc of the ior tuo war, out vjapi. Jennings nuaing
people in tho Legislative halls tho coming i that tho Company desired to go at onoc to
winter, dopito tho scurrilous lacks ot Re- tua soat 0f War, mado tho exeuso that ho
publicans in this Distriot. Hullivau co. I , , (..,, , , ,
. .could not leave lor a month, durinr, which
timo ho could arrange his business so as
to leavo. Tho company willing to accom
modate their patriotic captain, agreed to
wait for him that longth of time ; upon
which ho made the further excuse that, ho
could not leave until after corn husking in
December. This satisfied tho members of
Brother Ki:eler will accept our sineero
thanks, and with them, our distinguished
S6y In another column of our paper
will bo found the proceedings of tho so-
styled Union Conference, which mot in the company of his patriotism and bravcy
this placo on Wednesday last. A copy of and many of them have now volunteered
the proceedings was, wc presume, ;ut0 service in other companies, while tho
for publication. A resolution is attached bravo and courageous quasi Capt. Jen
to tho proceedings asking all loyd papers nings, remains at homo to vend tapo and
of tho District to publish them. As a Molasses, catch votes and vilify Democrats,
matter of somo interest to our readers, to Comment is unnecessary. Star of the
know who was there and what was done, North.
wo givo them an insertion. Wo sco by -
tuoso proceedings that Emanuel Lazarus, Col. Piiaon Jarrett. Tho
of Orangevillc, Columbia county, and Jo- racy of Clinton could not havo
mado a
In Col.
Igy Messrs. Burgess, Staloy and Dr.
John, havo every man of them been driven
to tho water 1
SoT Fkiends, please send us tho earli
est Election Returns,
tar " Backwoodsman' and Bach
6T Dr. John talks about the "loathing
tho Patriots of the revolution felt toward
the Tories of their time."
Has tho Dr. any traditional knowledge
derived from his ancestors on that subject ?
There are several people in Columbia
county now going for what thoy call tho
an next Tweday you hare a solemn
duty to perform to yourseSves, your country and your God. It is to
support the Union. The unbroken UNION of our Thirty-Four
States !
The above is your Ticket the Ticket of tho "Union, the Laws
and (he CONSTITUTION" composed of good men and worthy citi
Union ticket who could' tell something ZC11S. nominated by tllC USagCS Of the time-honored Democratic Party and adjourned in tho forenoon of Wedncs- unwavering Democrat, one w
fa;rhre;fert.hoywouW- Thoywmkccp and pledged to support the Government and the glorious -Stars and "iJ'ZX XTS u
' SlrinP'S " imcn n attendanco was Col. Levi L. Tato, IVilhamsjwrt Democrat,
seph T. Jennings, of Wyoming county, wiser choice for Representative.
wcro nominated. They aro now, consid- Jarrelt. wo find tho nocessarv rmnlifica-
ercd tho opponents of Tate and Tuttox, tions for a Legislature at this peculiar pa-
tho Democratic nominees, which nominees riod. Having just returned from the field
wo would not mind wagering a Summorhill of active servico, ho is well acquainted
farm wiU be triumphantly elected. This wth the wants and rightful claims of our
Union Ticket, as it is called, will rcccivo Pennsylvania volunteers, aud can enter
nothing more than tho usual Republican into their feelings, sustaining tho war with-
vote. Star of the North, out restoring to hcresay evidence concern'
;(Jg TOattera directly leaning upon that
Iy-Court was quito largely attended branch of our legsslative duties. lie is a
on Tuesday. It was called at 2 o'clock truo patriot, a bravo soldier and a firm
horn you can
well as Demo-
Tickets! Tickets!!
The full Dcmocratio Ticket is now prin
ted and ready for distribution. Demo
crats are invited to call at tho office and
supply thcmsclvos.
Let not one Star be erased 0Dfr: Cana'cs for,
uuu uumi ix, rreczo, oi iiiooinsuurg,
Vote the whole Democratic Ticket.
from the "Flag of old Democratic Columbia." Let the fire be gone
ral-simultaneous-all along the line, and your cllbrts will be crown
cd by a most brilliant and splendid Triumpit.
tSr Tho Ladies' Ohio Repository, is
William Elwcll.and Elhanan Smith Esors,. on our Desk for October. It is an excel-
of Towanda A. J. Deitrick Esq, of Wil- ln' Magazine. Wo havo so often com
, liamsport and Colonol J. Riohtor Jouos of monded this work, that wo scarco keen
( this county. Sulltvun co. Democrat, what more to say iu its favor.