Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, August 24, 1861, Image 2

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    Culumlria Dpuinrrntl
AimrLt 1, Con 8 re n shall make no law respecting
itn ettablithment of relicion or prohibltinc the Irce ex
crciae thereof t or Abridge tho rretdom of Speech, or
oi-ma mn o
emble ind to
of-the Fr..s or tho right of the people peaceably to
or f rietancci,
pennon ina iiovcrumeni mr a rcurcis
CViulitmlo o the United Main.
AtTnitt). That the printine prrnf hail be frco to .
ol me legislature, or any branch or government i ami
no law-ehall or be made to retrain the right thereof.
Tho free communication of thought! nml opinions is
of tho luvaluablo rights or man t and ecryclll-i
atn may freely speak, unto and print on any subjcit ;
being responscble for tho abuse of that liberty. In
prosecutions for tho publication of papers liieosllgntlng
the oiAeial conduct of officers, or men in public cnp&cll) ,
or where the matter published Is proper fur public iu--formation,
the truth thereof may be given in cWdruce;
and in all indictments for libels, the Jury shall baton
right to determine the law ultd the facts, under the di
rection of the court, as iu other cases. Oaititedea e
We need money badly, and It will be a very great re
lief to us tf our friends and patrons will furnish us n ith
a little of the "needful' without delay. If they cannot
pay all, Icttliem ot least glvo ue a iarf of that to which
we arc Justly entitled, In order to relieve us from our
embarrassments. We think wc have been very indul
gent, and therefore hope to meet w itli a ready response
to what we conceive to be n reasonable request. We shall
to prepared to receive our Iricnds at tho office, and fur
rtlsli them promptly with receipts for wlntever amounts
they may desire. Tenons at a distance, ami those re.
siding out of the county, can remit by mail nt our risk.
Come, frlcnfls, give us a lift without longer delay, as
wo must have money to keep the old CoLumdu DkMuclUT
in ruction.
jgy The government is ono thing tho
administration of Lincoln is another. Tho
government can prosecute tho war tho
administration can repeal Tariffs, suspend
tho Habeas Corpus, appoint corrupt
officials, and decapitate Democrats.
Interesting to Desehteks. Here
after all deserters from tho army arc to
bo arrested by tho police or citizens, taken
to Governor's Island and tried by court
martial. In case n citizen captures a de
serter ho will recoivo the sum of thirty
dollars, which will bo deducted from tho
pay of tho soldier. Every soldier who
looses his gun, whether in throwing it a
way on tho field of buttle, or through neg
lect, is to have SIS, tho price of tho gun,
deducted from his pay.
BSrEsrEciAL Attention. Wc in
vite tho attention of our readers to the
advertisement of Messrs, Bauoii & Sons,
which will bo found in another column.
The farming portion of this county will do
well to give their fertilizer a trial. Tho
Raw Bone Super Phosphate of .Lime, is a
far more valuablo manure than the ordina
ry Phosphates of the day, and the Messrs.
Bauoii & Sons arc tho solo manufactures.
Thoo who have experimented with it pro
nounce it far superior to any other ferti
lizers. It improves the soil without ex
hausting it, as is the caso with most other
manures. From the many commendations
it has received, it is undoubtedly a valu
able manure. Let oar farmers try it and
test iu virtues.
Would not Endouse His Acts. In
the closing up of Congress on the Oth inst.
we find that tho Senate refused to endorse
'the action of Prosidant Lincoln in his vi
olations of the Constitution. The proceed
ings aro worded as follows :
Washington, Aug. 0. The debate in
the Senate this afternoon, upon tho reso
lution endorsing all tho acts of tho Presi
dent in the present war, was very anima
ted and spicy.
A number of the Republican Senators
were willing to endorse the acts verbally,
but they did not wish to appear on tho
records as endorsing them ; the resolution
was finally rejected.
And yet Democrats are called upon,
not only to sanction what Black Republi
can Senators refused to do, but to throw
asido patriotism, principle and self respect,
and go it blind for the administration that
sets aside tho Constitution whenever it
suits its conveniouco.
HoNisr" Abe Lincoln. President
Lincoln has found himself in a great deal
of trouble ever sinco ho crawled upon tho
Chicago Platform. Gen. Scott says ho is
a good man, if let alone intimating that
ha is being used by others. Mr. Rrcck
inridge said tho same thing of him the
other day in the Senate, adding that ho
believed him to be " honest ;'' and tho lato
Senator Douglas has frequently expressed
similar language. All these expressions
go to show that if Mr. Lincoln is wrong it
is owing either to mistaken judgement, or
it is because he is not'"let alouc.''
However correct theso gentlemen may
be in their opinions, Mr, Lincoln has cer
tainly maintained his consistency as an ad
vocate of Abolitionism and negro equality,
to say nothing of secession aud disuniouisin.
In his inaugural address, tho following
remarkable passago occurs, which, if our
system of government is as it was under
stood by Alexander Hamilton, and others
who assisted in framing our Constitution,
is a conipleto vindication of the right of
secession as claimed by tho Southern
people :
" This country with its instituions be
long to the people who inhabit it; tMtH
ever they thall groxo weary of the txhting
govtmmem thoy cau exercise their con
stitutional rightof amending it.OR THEIR
If a Democrat would use such language
bo, would be called a rank secessionist, and
Jeff. Davis may Bcarch all the writings of
eccesEiondom aud nowhero will ho Gnd
language bo useful to his present purpose.
Gonoral Nathaniel Lyon. 1
Rrigadier-Gencral Lyon lato comman
der of tlio Missouri volunteers, ami slain
at tho lato battlo near Sprigfield, gradua
ted at West Point in 1911, and since con
tinued in the army, holding tho commission
of captain in tho Second Infantry. Ho
was m tho wars of Honda, Texas, Call
forilia, Oregon, and Kansas. In Mexico
ho accompanied Ocn. Scott's division, nnd
was breveted in 1817 for callant and
meritorious conduct in tho batiks of Con
trcras ami Churubusco. Ho was wounded
at tho Helen Gato of tho city of Mexico,
September 13,1817. His experienco well
fitted him for a campaign such as that of
i iM IScOUri , ailu U0 UlcU at the 320 Ot IOrtV
. , , ,, , ,
it WO, U thorOUsh and aCCOUlnllshcd Soldier.
J , T . . , ,
ucncrai jsyon was oorn in Astitoru,
Connecticut, tho sou of a rcspcctablo far
nier. His mother was of the Kuowlton
family, to which one of tho distinguished
officers of the Revolution bclougcd, Colonel
Knowlton, commander of tho Connoctieut
troops at Bunker's Hill, afterwards slain
at tho baltlo of Harlem Heights, New
Tho causo of tho Union, in bis death,
lias lost ono of its ablest defenders, and
Missouri will find it hard to supply his
Tho latest Nows.
Tho latest advico from Washington indi
cato that tho National capitol is not yet frco
from attack by tho rebel forces ; tho state
ment that thoy aro slowly moving to the
line of the Potomac, with a view of enter
ing Maryland, encouraging and supporting
the revolutionary spirit in that State, with
ultimato designs on Washington, is now
repeated with increased assurance of the
truth, and with such evidences as cannot
be disregarded. To meet such a contin
gency tho War Department aro making
efficient preparations. Tho following order
has been issued by the Secretary of War :
Washington, Aug. 10, 1801. J
All commanders of regiments of volun
teers accepted by this Department in tho
ctatcs oi a ennsyivania, xSew .Jersey, iNcw LoU1 ;n part (and lLat tLe , t part) ' listed in not having tho American flag dis
ork, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vcr-i , , 1 i i i n . r.e
mont, llhodo Island, Now Hampshire, I rctI,onslbl for lhl3 war i thcy aro the pW'cd at any or all times. Of course
Maine and Michigan, will tako notice of j black and blue coat preachers, who cry ' this was only an excuse, the real causo
and conform promptly to the general order peace, pcaco when iu tho pulpit, and when being that these journals presumed to havo
this day directed to the Governors of the ' out of it tako sword and pistol in hand and opinions not iu harmony with thoso of tho
rr , n." .r. tu , . I0"ws '
By direction of tho President of the
United States you aro urgently requested
to torwaru, or causeu o e lorwardcl ask who sccetleu lour yours ago when the , m irecmen aro supposed to nave the right Unioll IIcnco uo .. cannrbo a3 to
immsdiatcly to the city of Washington, all, Republican Abolition flag had but sixteen ' to do. Were thcy to repudiate them or fuitivc from service within the States
volunteer regiments or parts of regiments, s.nrs nn T ., , nmlnml to ,lo n. trnr !i l. 11 . UU". the bt:lt03
at tho expense, of tho United States cov- . ' . r-'v , ' . . . v ;'. " ami .territories in wlucli the authority of
cenment, tnat may now bo enrolled within " wils tIiat tuo American flag at pretence; simply because Mr. Lincoln hud tLe Uuion h fu acknowledged Tho
your State, under your immediate control j Wilkcsbarro last fall, and now cry out assumed an opposito policy 2 This journal orainary form of the judicinl proceeding
ui wv ut-wvusyuuiua isaui:u uuuvb iiuiu mu , UUIOLI 1 u 111011 I uuuut. uu,u uuuu, ua BOUIO OtllCrs IU til IS
War Department Whothersueh volunteers' Sir, I do not belong to the pulpit, and
are armed, equipped, or uniformed, or not. if x di'd 1 fc rf , .JJ
I ho oflicers of each regimental orgrniza-, , jimiuu. m
tion that may not bo lull shall leave re- H C0UDtry and coneludo that any mm-
cruiting officers at their several rendezvous ! istcr or preacher hath not only to answer
mm auopt sucu omer lucacurcs as may ue .
nnnnton.v trt fill .... tlint,- i-onl-o of lli. nnt. '
liest date possible. All oflicers of volunteer
regiments on their arrival will rsport to
the commanning general, who will provide
oquipmcnts and other supplies necessary
for their comfort. To insuro tho move
ments of troopt more rapidly than other
wise might bo done, you will please confer
with and aid all other officers of indepen
dent regiments in such a manner as may
tie ncccsary to effect the object in view.
All clothing or supplies belonging to or
contracted for the several rcgimcuts shall
be forwarded to Washington for their uso,
detailed reports of which shall bo made
to the commanding goncral.
Simon Cameuon, See'y of War.
J36T Tho Grand Jury of New York hav0
presented Tho Day Rook, News and Jour
nal of Commerce, of that city,as papers am
enable to the charge of treason. This is
right. If the Black Republicans iusist that
theso papers aro guilty of trcason,let them
be tried properly under tho laws ; but ceaso
your efforts to inaugurate a reign of mob
rule and anarchy. Wo still livo in a coun
try that is presumed to bo governed by laws
that are equal to any emergency.
Bull Run. This stream, whioh has
become historical, is a niero rivulet, dry
in many places, but containing from four
to six feet of water in the channel after
heavy rains. It extends for about six
miles north and south, and is crossed by
tho Manassas railroad. The Confederate
battery which made such havoo among our
troops, is on tho cast side of tho run, situa
ted on a slight eminence in a ravine.
Issult to Yolunteeks. Col. Dare's
Itegiment was paid off iu Philadelphia on
i'nUaylast. 'Iho accounts stato that tho
paymaster placed "four loaded revolvers"
side by side with tho coin that tho de
fenders of that Nation's honor might be
impressed with tho danger thoy would in .
cur by an attempt to steal tho monoy 1
FJiiladelj)hiu pupa;
A rnoro pointed insult could not bo con
ceived. Do theso officials of Government
regard tho patriotic volunteers of Penn
sylvania as thieves and plunderers?
More- Now Blanks.
Deeds, SummonsvExecntions, Scire Fa
cias, Stato Warrants, Commitments, Capi -
ascs, facnool orders, Lxemption, Judgment
with Singlo and Doublo Notes, etc., just'
printed and for salo nt tho ofiioo of tho!
Columbia Democrat. I
- . m i
..mi t ii . . i.
U J-liC JjOUlSVlilO l01trier gives a list
of the successful candidates iutho recent
Kentucky election, as far as ascertained,
lwelvo Union and two Southern llights
Senators ore elected, and thirty Union and
tunc southern ItigUts Koprcsentativcj.
For the Cvtnrnbtn Demotrat.
Denton, Aug. 10, 16(11.
Cor.. Levi L. Tate,
thur Sirs Reflecting on the pres.
ent unhappy condition of our beloved
country, and tho falso charges and mis.
rcprcscutations'niado by tho republicans,"
to prcjudico the publio mind against thoso
who are opposed to the abolition doctrine j tors, and after tho second Tuesday in Feb
of Lincoln & Co., and as this prejudice ruary tho Secretary of the Treasury shall
seems to gain little ground among tho establish regulations to govern tho nsscss-
massesof our people, if wo may judge from
tho many democrats who have volunteered
to sustain tho Stars and Stripes, but not
out of lovo for our present revolutionary '
rulers, It is characteristic of tho American
people to bo dispassionate and well informed
on nil sides of a question, to act judiciously publio auction. This distraint does not
and to settle all internal disputes by moral include tools or instruments of a trade or
suasion, rather than to resort to powder profession, beasts of tho plough necessary
and ball, which should never bo resorted for tho cultivation of improved lauds, arms
to except whoro all other arguments fail, household furniture necessary apparel.
llathcr como to ,au amicable arrango-j Any oollector guilty of oppression.injus
incut of the difficulties existing between tho tico, or extortion, shall be liablo to a fine
North and the South, than to spend mil- j of $'-2,000. Any person guilty of perjury
lions of wealth ami lose thousands of men, shall bo liable to a Cue of S500.
and then bo no nearer a settlement of our All taxes not paid Juno 30, 1802, shall
difficulties than wo aro now. draw interest at the rate of Opcr ccut. per
It is true what Poiudcxter, of South annum. Neglect or refusal to pay this tax
Caroliua, said iu reply to WcJjjtcr on tho renders tlio offender liablo to imprison
floor of Congress, that resistance to tyrants ' mcut until tho tax is paid. Should any of
is obedienco to God, and whilo a cloud of tho people bo iu actual rebellion at the
gloom enshrouds tho South, there is a bur- 'time tho act goes into effect, the President
rieano arising in the North, and its ap. 'shall cause its provisions to bo executed
poarauce is threatening and gloomy. Sir, 'within such limits, whenever tho Govern
there is a class of men in office under tho moot authority is re-established. All tax
present administration, whochanoo to havo cs thus collected shall bear interest,
it in their power to injure and ruin other It is made lawful for any Stati to as
hy reducing them to poverty, and also to sume tho payment of its sbaro of the di
destroy their political character and rcpu- 'rcct tax, and undertake tho collection of it
tatiou by enacting laws to favour tho few .through the local officers. In this caso a
to tho injury of tho many, and to cnablo deduction of 15 per cent, will he inado by
them to domineer over and abuso all who
arc not of their way of thinking.
Can this Union bo preserved by -fight
ing? I say no, for union is peace, and
peace is union, but war is disunion.
Kir tl,nr ... in .. !, f
people, who iu their profession aro to bo
"v war ! war 1 and there is no doubt but 1
these men have a black m view. They
talk of secession and secessionists ; now I
10 man uut 10 tno AimigUty, not only lor
his own sins but for thoso of bis dupes.
Twenty Dlilliou Direct 'Tax lor War
On Friday last both Houses of Congress
finally passed the bill providing for a di -
rect tax and internal duties, to raise the
sum of 520,000,000 as an additional rov-
. n.t
euueior uciraying me expenses ot tue
GoTernmcnt. The bill is quite long and
consists of seventy six sections.
Kliuilc Mam!
New Vork
New Jersey
Udau aro
Marl l.iud
.North Carolina
South Caroliua
Tex ue
New Mexico
-mu, hi
4 M.rtB
5 J 1,31.1
1,507 IH'J
Ne eila
TI.a I. !m nnAnA ...
lllst. Columbia
e,ln efnll l,n,l. n,l lM. f 1 ...:.!.
their imnrovements, to bo valued bv tho
assessors at the rato each of them is worth
on tho 1st of April, 1862. Every man is
to furnish tho assessor with a list of his
Section Fntsx apportions the amount have sneered ot the Union and at us as tility to the United States, tho right to
tinong mo several mates, &b xouom : j ior years. imu let mat their services be forfeited, and such per-
pfump.h.r. $fgffi P;f3'. Ae;vill.Puit tliemdownasncore. Mllg fcLall le diachargcd therefrom. It
real estate and any fraudulent return is to interfere with the freedom of tho press, aud
be punished by a fine of 85'JO. j yet wc aro free to say that no animadver-
A tax of threo per cent, por annum is .sious on Iho present war that wo have yet
also to bo laid on all yearly incomes of scc" nto so severe as those bestowed on tho
over 8800, no matter whether this income, war of 1812 by the federal press of that
is derived from any source of business,
trade or vocation, dividends of stocks, in -
tcrcst of money, salaries, or interest on
legacies. Where a corporation (a Rank
for initanco,) pays the wholo tas on its
profits, tho stock of each individual is not
to bo taxed. The bill requires every per-
son to peparo a statement of his profits,
gains aud incomes, by tho 1st of Apiit
nest which statement shall bo verified by
. . , .. ' . '
tno oatn ot sucn persou and uanucu to tho
Tho income from a farm or tho rents
derived from real estate are uot to bo in
cluded, ns all lands and houses are alrea.
' dy taxed.
On gold watches a tax of ouo dollar is
laid, and on bilver watches fifty cents,
Carriages are to bo taxed accorning to
their valuo, as follows :
Xot exceeding filly dollars- , , $1
If ahoo fitty and not exceedinjr ono hundred dollars 4
If one hundred, Mid not deciding ih o hundred do!-
irubov"'uoirundiej7M 8
if above'rour hundred, and uoi exceeding siihuudrcd 10
irabovc ihund'red,'aiidiiotcicccdinteightiiundrcd "
u bol , itlfu hundred and u cd,ii,ono u,ou.'- 30
irabovouetiiTO.aii'ddoiir,' .' . .' .' '.
Spirituous liquors aro to bo taxed five
cents per gallon, in all cases to bo paid by
tho owner of tho distillery, and malt li
quors two cents a gallon or 00 cents per
barrel contains over thirty gallons, tho tax
to bo paid by tho distiller, who is required
to keep a sworn record of tho number of
gallons manufactured.
Tho Prcsideut will divide tho country
into collection districts and appoint colloo
mont and collection. Tho salary of the
assessors ranges from S3 to 83 per day.
In the event of a rofusal to pay the taxes,
the collectors shall collect it by distraint
nnd salo of tho goods, chattels, or effects of
tho persons delinquent as aforesaid, at
, the General Government.
Coercing Public Opinion.
Tho New York Day Book says, when
the war first broke out, tho great offence
of such newspapers as did not believe that
'war was the way to rcr-loro tho Union con
Administration. But the papers referred
"had their opinions before Mr. Lincoln
cauo into power, and had expressed them
' city have-gone to advocating sentiments
, t,,at no on boj.OVM thcm siccro . fc
, . . , eu.
it would havo lot not only its own self
t respect, but the respect of all right-minded
pcopic. uus now our paper is assailnl,
and pcopln who subscribe to it arc threat
ened all over tho country, and for what ?
Why, for opinion's sake, nothing else,
under heaven, that wo can see. We de
sire to sec this Union of States preserved
and maintained to tho latest posterity.
The man who insinuates that we desire
disunion is a base calumniator and falsifier.
Now, wc bclievo that peaeo will more
surely tend to this end than war.
"'' opinion.
1 " 1. i .ft .
uw.u g. am, Ior wie sate oi argument,
thaUho Repub leans lovo the Union as
well as wc do, though wo know that they
sSlSS . "'twi. iwin recogn'uod by tho military authority of
iiiiS i0il.'C. tb "T CDd'4"t S1"'p!'J the Union for the services of such persons
tT lH 0PW'" US the mCaM 10 aK0"1- when fugitives,
an,'. 1'hsh xt. Docs a difference of opinion1 . , I
'SJSJJ eonstitute treason 1 Aro we to bo perse A mrC llfficuU 1ucitlon ls Pr0SCDted !n
USi cutcd aud denounced became wo have fc?Pt to persons escaping from the serv
sueli opinions 1 Well, that will not alter , IC0 of ,0Jral luaslcrii' 11 luit0 aPPant
our views. A man's opinions aro beyond that tbo laws of tho Stal uador which on
"i'iii his control. Tin fint tl.inlr ilmt ricl.t ! tho scrvieo ot such fugitives can ho
tt:- n t- .i . ...
Which his cniijiimiftn fnlls l.Im U wrm nml
all tho irOVCrilUinilt. ill tlm ivm-lll nrn ,,nt .
wiq to coerce Iho opinions of men. That
"a3 t10011 trica cllcctually, and lias always
had just tho contrary effect.
Wo see efforts all over the country to
' day j even tho Conwiercial Advti User of
j this city, now a fierce war journal, was
, then a strong sympathizer with tho Rritish.
Iu their efforts to put down all opposition,
' tho war party scruple at nothing, llero
j '3 somo tall lying, for instance, about Tub
Day-Rook from a .Michigan journal :
I It, (The Day-Rook,) with a largo por-
tiou ot" !ts followers, openly declared that
Tr n ClC,etI" T t0 l";.Prcfl!rrcd ovcr
that of Douglas, and used tho vcrv mcaus
that they know would accomplish that
obicct. and ns soon as it was ascertained I
that Lincoln was elected, set un a howl
ovcr tho election of an Abolition President,
and advised tho Southern States not to
submit to his administration -, and when
war was inaugurated by tho attack on
Fort Sumter, it camo out openly in sup
port of tho rebellion, and L;i3 contiuued so
to do.
Now, it seems to us fairly impossible to
crowd more falsehood into an equal space.
Instead of declaring tho election of Lin
coln prcfcruble to that of Mr. Douglas,
wo supported and voted the Uuion ticket
in this Stato with all our influence. We
never advised tho southern States uot to
so' submit to Lincoln's administration," nor
have wo cvor como out "in support of tho neither authorizo nor permit any intcrfcr
robellion," our position from tho first being eneo by the troops under your command
against fighting on nil tides, Rut this Is . with the servants of peaceful citizons in a
only a samplo of tho falsehoods told in tho house or field, nor will you in ony way
North to prcjudico tho publio against this
. i . I
paper, como openiy nuvijo its empprcso
ion by tho Postmasters, and endeavor to
intimidato people who want it from taking 1
it. In one caso u postmaster appeals to '
tho Editor of a Milwaukio paper for adnco
about its suppression, nnd though tho cdl
tor has a very great abhorrence of The
Day-Book, yet he gives the following
well-digested ndvico s
"It was tha opluion of Thomas Jeffer
son that error might bo safely tolerated
where reason was left free to combat it.
Wo havo great faith in his view. Tho cir
culation of this paper might bo surprosscd
by forco or by law, nnd wo can think of
circumstanced which would mako such
supprosion necessary. But such suppres
sion could accomplish no permanent good,
but serve only temporary ends. If tho
paper is circulated some person must want
it, and permanent good can be accomplish
ed only by destroying that uant. This
can bo done best by circulating the anti
dote for such poison, lleason nnd light
only can permanently dissipate error
Let oitr friend thin be active tlissemiiuUina
sound dotfiins tit meet the heresies of this
shut, and he will be doing all ho may do
and perhaps nil he ought to do to suppress
us circulation. '
Wo wonder this view of the case docs
not sungest itself with forco to many oth
ers. Have the Republicans lost nil faith
in tho cause? Surely, what is right can
never bo permanently surpressed by forco,
while that which is wrou" will soon como
tu naught. Men's opiuions cannot be
changed by coercion, and tho attempt only
usually drives them still farther the other
Socictary Cameron to Gen Uut
lor. Washington, August 11, 1801.
General: The important question of
the proper disposition to be mado of fugi
tives from service in the States iu insur
rection against tho Federal Government,
to which you have again directed my at
tention in tho letter of July 20th, has re
ceived my most attentivo consideration.
It is the desire of the Prejident that all
existing rights iu all the States bo fully
respected and maintained The war now
prosecuted on the part of the federal gov
ernment is a war for the Union, for tho
prc;icrTatiori of all
Utc3 anii tie cj,j
constitutional rights of
zens of tho States iu the
utLoriti Tli M
a"th",l,eb " k-" fo force i.e. it of le-
gal forms, llut in the States wholly or in
part uuJcr iusurrcctionary controlwhere
tllQ i.iws of tj0 TJn;tcd States arc so far
1.. .11 . ...
opposed and resisted that they can .ot be
OUOCtUally CnlOrCCU, It IS ObviOUS that the
rights dependent upon the execution of
tbosQ laws must tp.mnnrn.rilv fnil. nnil it.
, nt ii.
15 uquiiity OUVIOUS lUilt CIIC riKUtS UCpcml
. . ,.
CUtOU tuC liXW'S OI tllO State WltlllQ wlucli
. , .
military opemtious are conducted must bo
ii ,i
ucct'uni bUUOruiIKUC to tllO llUlltnry CX-
i i i ,i ,n ,
wbo'ly forfeited by the trcaaouable conduct
of parties claiming thcm. To ibis the
mmnril ruin aT rutht in tr,,.,.!, nn
guncrai rule ot right to services forms an
cxceitiorli Tho act of Conr-res. annroved
April 0i jgo l1cclarc3 tbat if 3ons
hM lQ . ... . ,,,.,, in .
follows, of necessity, that no claim can be
ClaimCtt, lUUSt UCeUS bC WllOHv. Or IlilUOEt
Wll0llyj SUSpClllled. AstO tllO rClllcdlCS
by tho insurrection and thu military mea
sures necessitated by it, it is equally appa
rent that the substitution of military for ju-
llolol .,,,., r. il iv. . , e ,
UlCial measures lor thocutoi ecment Of SUCh
claims must bo attended by great inconvo
nieiicos, embarrassments and inquiries.
Uudcr theso circumstances it seems quita
clear that tho substantial rights of local
masters aro still best protected by receiv
ing such fugitives, as well as fugitives from
disloyal masters, into thu tervice of tho
United States, and employing them under
tuch organizations and such occupations
as circumstances may suggest or require.
Of course a record bhould bo kept show
ing a namo and description of the fugitivis;
tho namo aud tho character, as loyal or
disloyal, of tho master, aud such facts as
may be necessary to correct understanding
of tho circumstances of each caso, after
tranquility shall havo been restored. Up
on the return of pcaco Congress will, doubt
less, properly provided for all tho persons
it has received into tho scrvieo of tho U
uion, and for a just compensation to loyal
masters. In this way only, it would seem,
can tho duty and safety of tho government
and tho just rights of all bo fully rccou
cilcd and harmonized.
louwill, tUereforo, consider yourself
instructed to govern your futuro action in
respect to fugitives from ecrvice by tho
premises herein stated, and will report
from time to tiino, aud at least twice in
t. ,i. ... .......
cacu uiouiu, your acucu m tno promises
to this department. You will, however,1
encourage sucn servants 10 icavo mo mw
nf tt.nii- inrc.trr.q ! nnr will vnll
ful sorvcieo of their masters ; nor will you,
except in oaso whero the public may seem
to rcquiro it, prevent tho voluntary return
of any fugitive to tho scrvico from which
ho may liavo escaped
JL am very ii-fpuuuuujr,
Your ohepient servant,
Simon CAMEnoN, Sco'y of War.
T lf..ll..
To Major-General Butler, commanding
Department of Virginia, l'rotrcss Monroe.
jay- Lieut. J. Butler Conyngham left
Wilkcsbarro last week to join tho army as
one of tho staff of Gen. Ilcintzelman.
VHow Ctrivaf.' Intimation arc afloat, that the
iiohth-al hug bear of tlio pat few years -via I that eomo-
body, If elected In the Legislature for Hie next Session,
will faor the pas.igi ofan rt f"r tho widening anil
straightening of .Market fired in lllooiiikburg at the ei
Diuno of the'1'.n pajers of t'o'uiiilila Count). Tlio ilr-
dilation of a elmilar story last fall, on the era of the
delegate tlect'ons, by which alone the candidate of the
people's choice was ilil'iotcd, cost the tiuto over Ten
.Millions of Hollars, nnd will cost Iho people of Colum
bia munly annually, Light ThoiH.ind Seven Hundred
undTitentyS-il Dollar and Twelil) I'ivo CenH. I net
er wa, am not now, nor never will he, in f.nor oflho
paiagcof such an Ad, whether in or out of the Legls
lalure. LUVI L.TATU.
Uloomsbiirg, A ug. SO. 1'tl-
lly John C. Mvcr. on the tlth int.. Mr. I"l", How
a to MarvA. I'Ali'niMikll. d.uiillil.-r of ll.-iiliell I nhriil
1,'er l., both of l.omst lunnslup Colnuibii county.
Iu llentnit, Aug H.hv lti-v. J. I!. N'iiM". Mr. J.ll. Hon
sa is, to .Miss Emu Cotton, nil if llcnt'm
Col, Juirni rxirt-( rtifdntliH rrni'loiir'',
ijna, on Tii'-'ntliiy morning l.t ngctl"'1 )ari.
Unutnrrnitt i'nitnll I'll IITfll I ll' II.
JNIUl v J --jce, trj (ll
N'OTIt ll If nrruy Riven, mm ins u-miio. r.ine r.iucnua uonvcmnm
In mid for t'iu ni'rral I'-oroirjIm nml J'.lortit'ii Mih j Ancust :i, Ifll.
tr let a nr;oiiimiii omuy, ui uitxi in iihj ii-f";iiiu
pi act-a of holding utt
Itciw.'t'ti Hi'- hoiirn of :t n ml "otl't 1' M., of nnt dny
for tin' iiiiri'io of clnnsiiifl iwn l Ifgaici Inmi cjkIi
KI.tiMii DiUritt, to mutiu COUN TY COWIINTION,
at ilio Court Hotm-, in I'.loom-'htjrf;
O.V MOXIK1V, Tlth' -'i f A D.tY OF AVOVST,
M one o'clock I'. M., of t-aiJ ilay, for tin piirpo-'O of
iti'ikttiix tin: nmial Itoinui ratic iiotiiio.itmiii. to lei Htipior
tt-tt ly tin J:i(.tt-r of t'l:iui1ift Coimty nt tin mouiiu;
(ioiicral i:it'ition, nJ for"aiUoii of nili-T lui
nchit purtJiaiii? to the mterrfriH oftlw Domotriitic p.irty.
l.lltlAlll) Sllf.fcS
M. C. WiMitm nu,
Skmlll Cr.KAt.
il'ntlt (i, ('AMlMlKt I.,
Wii.mam rniTy,
rMUi K H.u 1 11.1t,
Jitmiitrntie Standing Commi'ttc,
Special Polices
AUI'.Nl'S W.WI'l.lll
'o will pay from Si.", to nf,ith. and nil expen
ses, to nitive Audita, 6r eiu-.ij ( r.irti ul.irs
sent free. Address Cltti Siwito MiiuitK t.', It.
JAMI.S. (leoeral .Mjcnl, .MiUu, Oliin.
Aug. !, IAil.-1'.'ui.
lir. Idiponco's (uildinl'ili'sl'ur Fomalcj.
tnfdltihlt lit eorrrrttng, rtgulntin? an,t remoctnp till efi.
trueliiA,.0i K-A-rlfcfr canst, unit atiea'jt
sKcctusiJ as a prcrendre.
The Combination f iiiLT-'ients in ir. Diipouro's
i.oiiun 11 is lire pi ri-'tuy lurmiH-s. in?) niiie nc
VZ every 1 - .jS
r,"?;":" .u..iy. V. Ill- under-ntned, residing in lleiulu.
'1'1'1'- I'rom iin; to tm piiis iii cure that conouou yn i
.i ii'hi ...... ,.l... nt iilu iviiitu
in th land nnferit from this roniiiUini.
Nearly eury I'i'liilile
n,t" Ifoaii'-ntly cured tliunau(lb, nnd will citr" jun it
Hie alioie put
you lueuiem. iiifyrannui nariii jon, (iii tlio coiur.iry
tlioy ri'iimve a I olitructioim, retorc nature to itn prop
i rtliaiuul, anil inWiioruto tlii'wliulc srjt''ui.
j wliortf licullli will not per nut an liirn-nxu on'amily,
m ti'idtiHupitUiisurceriitinipri vfntUe.
I 'I'hxoo 1'illt hhuiiM not li taken during tho firt Hire
moiiiln of preynaiuy, nttliey are mircto bring on mis
carr iie ; oni ni any inner i oe iney nr ' t aie.
Trice, jl per box. rtold, wlioknale and n tail, hy
(J M. HARrAlIUCII. lirtffriit,
Hnlij a una fur Itluomslmru, I'a.
To whom nil ordcrH miiht Us Kent. I.mlirs ' l.y sfinl
ing llim!,(n) to tho llluonihuuri! roi-Otlice. r.m luive
' tUeso pilU .ent t.i any part of tin- amnio, (
i una rree r 1'on.nrV- i,y u.mi. s?.,id uo i.y n. i..
KiIiik &-ii.uiviiu, Ij. J. t ry. Tniiinun, J. A. l'oK,
.M.-nich Chunk, nnd liy "one iHuggiht in every Town and
citvin tli) United Ftate..
N. IE. Aok out fur ruiinterfeits. Itny no Gulden Yi
(fund kind, uulexa fiery liox is MKiifd H. I). 1 1 owe. All
others re a li.iso iniponition und uiHiife, llicrefurc, ti
yon value our dws and Itealtli. (tit n.iy uotlimu of le
inn; ImmljinTgi i out ot j nnr money.) buy only of those
w ho btiuw tlifj fcin.iture tf S, ). Ilnwe on every box,
whuh hm recently oeen addd, on account of a recent
counterfuluftliu Vi.
s, i) iiown,
Holo Proprietor, Xcw York.
Dec. 22, l?fiO-ly.
Tho Whlto Hall Olothlns Etoro
The unJer-iuneil, halns purchased the well known
"U'liilc Hall Clothing Ihiipurtiiiu," situate on Hie outh
Wvtl Center of Tourth anil Market Hired. Plul ulelotna
respectfully informs llicpuhlic nml Inriui r ru.lomcr of
mu iiouse, mac tie kctp constantly lor sale nnil makes
up loonier, all description ofC-uthKieii's wear, ornp
proved niuj eclls at ery modi rate priees. Ite
itij; a 1'nAiiiiAL Tailok, lie ituarantecs jtood fits nnd
wclt-iuatlu tlarmeiits. silnit attention yiven tn Jobbing
Aiontlnuatioiioflhc custom of the house, which ho
Mill spare liopaius tu merit, is icr) n-spi itrully iuvi
l-''; I'- B. I.LVICK.
May 1, lt-CI. y
Tue Okeai Ci.oruiMi i:iioriu or -rim Umoh.
l'bil idclphi.i iose tlie most splendid fli thins Km
liorioum in the lountry. ll is spk lipid us regards thu
palatial structure tu wliiihthe iiiimeiii.e bilsiu.-ss rf the is condiiiled.aud it is etuully splendid in
respect to its facilities uml wist resources, (tut to
Us patrons its chief attractions ore, lirst. the c Iclmuco
oi inn Bariuenls lor lieulleiiieii and Youllis. niaiiiifac-
I tured there : secondly, the beauty nml durability of the
...u. ..., uj.iiiur i-jueiiciii u oi 1110 III, linn
lastly 'he modi rale price s at which the goods are sold.
Wo riter, in lln description, to none other than the
llrown Ktoue Clothing Hall of Itocklnll & Wilson, Nos
c.U3 aud WUChe.nut street, Philadelphia.
Uniformity of Trices l-A New IVmiiroin lluslnca
l.tery one his once Salesman I JOVIlH & CO. of tlio
Cresent Ono l'rieu Clothing ftore, Sa. SUOMarkcUtrtd
uboiuSlxth, l'hi'adel luu.
In addition to having the large,!, most aricd and
liDliiouablo stock ot'Cluthingiu I'hilailelphiii, mado ex
pressly lor rcluil tales., hare constituted cury one his
own salesman, hi haling marked in figures, cm enrh ai
licle at thevery luet price it ran be sold for so lliev
cannot pos-ibiy wiry-nil must buy alike
The goods are will .ponged and prepared, and great
paiiutaken with the making .u that all can buy mill the
lull a.suraiicci of getting a good articlu at Urn my low.
est Price. Also, a large Hock of piece goods on hand.of
thelateat Hilcaud best .pialnlcs, which will be madu
to order, In tlm m0,t ru.liionablu and best manner. Si
per cent., below credit prices.
Keuiember the Crescent, iu.Market.aboic Siuh Fired
N"' m- JONXri S; CO.
M,CM?ilf,M,vS,W .y.VHWV. Itecelveil the pri,.
i.i!,?-!.'.,"; ."'Ul 1 Jlr 1,1 London leil, lor TllUN K.1
c.Al.ll.l flAC.h. Hoots shoes mid (iiim. (Ireat induce
ment arc now otrcredto of the above arti
cle, ibis is luuih Ihe largest stock of trunks. Carpet
?"' A' l?01: - I" rililaih'lphiii very cheap fur cash
"" w- "-"ket street, one door aboio 4lh, inulk 11J1
uidalcs Dcparlmcnt.
rniNTEii's pee ITLaciT
TV lit t'Jcttort e Columbia Wls .-
Tho undersigned, after u faithful servlco of over twen-
low-citiw,,;, that Ire ,;, be aamhiU e' o, the'V' , . mil approaching Ceneral Lltction, .ubk-cl io
ho usages of theColuuibia County Democratic Convcr-"
doom In p., July 13,1601,
1'sriRlin.LMHtR, of Illooiusburg. wo are nulhorlisd
to announce., will bo a candidate "o, HlllVl"' ai tho
rourh nit ccliernl elnn,..., ...i.. . V". ..'i r ' dl ,no-
,hjili?,i3"toi':oun,y De,00'c Couxtnuon. et"'un or
Jommi H 1'tFM, of lllooni township, wo arnautlioi
Ired lonnnoiiure, w III he a rnndidnta Inr HllUlllri', i.
the nppronihiiig gene ril (-lection, stiblcel to the tleclsio
of (lid Columbia fondly I'emocratic Convention.
July 13, IMI.
AtthoeollcltatloH of mufty friends Iwould aunounc
fnilm voters of ColiimMi fuurity, Hint I wlllho aeandi
dato for AHSIlMlll.V.nllMuoiii.foachlnggfiicraM.-ctii,,
subject lolhc decision of Ilia Columbia county lleiuocraii
July 5f, J8M,
rrii'i.d nnd fellow UciwH-rntff, n joiihuvti Rtffn nic i
pu.irnnl'' tlircp)f.ire ngnt ilii-niicl) nur (ount
CoiiwnUoii.nihl ly miher ing to IImi imniit- of tti jcnil
crmicptuty nil in 110 llmr, tvtiirli Imhirt's tt.tnmin t
nm-f inysi'lf nun ranilltlBif for tin uHiec ofHIIKitir
Dili fall, ititijcct tu (lie decision of thw Dcioocrntie Conn
tv Comtntiun.
J, n. ghoul,
l!oom towiiihlp, July en, IPf.l.
'candidate fou tkeasuukiT
Ji S. MiNitcil. of Cananleea township, we t.
aulhorlJii'.l to niinouiic e, will ho a candidate for TUBAS
I'l' the approaching general elertion, subject I
Ihe decision of tho Columbia tounty Democratic Con
J.rooLvAt. of fireenwooil township, we ore author
Iriillonniloiiiieii.wlllbH a candidate for AcWk.'Iah
Jl'lllli:, (ittlliapproacliInK feudal election, subject!
Ihe decision of the Columbia county Democratic Conic,,
July 27, 1JHI.
ClllBlts II. Ilrsi, of Mifflin township, we are author
Ir.ed tosav, w 111 he n l-nndlilate for CD.MMlBSlONr.U
Hie i n-iiinK lleneml election, stibji ct to Hie ilecislonr
the Columbia County Democratic Convention,
July'Ji. IfliL
Mixh Itrntrr townMp, wo nrc nuthrT
lzil in iiiiiumiipc, Mill In n rntnliilalf for .'H)Mij, nt the riiiiifj pt rliTtlon, ftilJfct to td
rtrricltm of Hie Colunil'a County Dcmwrntlc CiinTrntiiji
TKAMttiv l,.SniMAN, fif Hcivt-r tnwnnlilp, vyp ni
nutlinriwil to annoin.rp, will In ft ciiiJiflaitf fur COV Urn cnuliifj pinifrnl rkrtlon, nuhr
to thu dcciiinii oMIkt Coiuiiilun County DuinocrnlicCnt
Accost ;i, icdi.
WllI.UM T. fiiL M vn, of Maine township, e tre si
llmrled toniinoiinre, will be n candidate for TRIM
lit Hie nppro.,rlihi)t llerlion, ulijrcl i
Ihe det ision of the Columbia County Democratic Coi
Ausu.t.l, Icall.
Joiiv M Hesoi,iw, of Ii'irilnrk tow naliip. wu urn t
tlmriz-d t.t ntitmunrf, Mill 1 a r.iinlM.iti fur AH(k.
ATI! Hi" (in proa rlil lip jjiihtiiI rittion, tu'
dfciaioii 01 uic uuunium uoumy nenu erat
HiLi-nri Uai.dy, of C.itt'tuisitn, wc tip' atitlinrirp, t
m iinro, will ! n fniiilnlah fur AOCIATt-. Jl'fK,
nt tli' Hpprn.irliiiisjrui.i'ral i Iritlon, ttiitijcct tn tlio il
ciiim oi'ilin Columbia Count) Democratic Conviniio
Jamt-, Lakf. of iVotttouiHliij.. Mcare nutltori7f(l i
'.virion lire, will l-' a r.nnlulati; lor fcltl.UIFl', at then;
proucliinir gniral cltrtlun, joil-Jpct in tin actiuu tf ti
ColmnM it'osihty lloinocratic Convention,
AuL'iiBt in, Irttl.
I li-ivclliroiih tlio urci'iit n-Hi't of many fri"nJ
liTiiiioloii'it tooifi-r inj If as aranilnl.itf for -..
lll.V att If appro.iclilm; l'i tion, willimf to ohmit i
tin dm iiom ot tlio lifinorniiir roiiintioii. If fltfti
I willeiitluavor to fH't i my cojtitii-iiit f.ntliful. hi
ii u my ln-f.1 firrH to ai-ciiru a retluctlon In tlio pti)
the nnrtii,4,r.
l'ioc townxlilp, AdfT. 10. lrol.
""candidate "foiTaudTtor. '
Jonil'. Vow i.i R. r.M'i , of Tine tnuimhip. w art a
limn ' iitioinMiitf r, w ill Ijc tii'nutliilatt for Colr'
Alllirroit, at tli'1 approiiliincoii;nil Irctioii, biibji
to tli1 anion of tli'i Colniiiltin Cmiiity lti'inocratk '
vcntion, f.U3. 1. I !
Jiit ilc of Josiph Heller, deceased
ton iiflnp. AIIpurtonrjNViiij rliinii nuftiiul till f Mate
the decedent, nrirj'iuesteiltopresent theai to III" 'A
luitii.lrator, w itlioiit delay, anil all persons iiidebt -,!
make pa) Jul-Jit lorlhn itll.
I.HVI vvuinirr
Aug. SI, lrV.l-Ct, .An'r
B)i.soliilion ul' Ei,'4tei aliiy.
Till'. P.-irluerstliPfheretofore etiHtiny between lhl n
derslgiied, at l.iglil Htru-t iu the liutclierinir llu
nes. was dissolved on the first clay of J-incliist. by d
lutil cons-nt. The Hook of the late firm urn lit tli-
stand, where nil persons indi bti-d, will please cull wi
out il. liy -iilil make seltlement. The toilchering f-u
lies will heroaflcr be cciuduited by U. Hailing, at I
old staed.
Light Hlrcet, Aug.31, Will. 31.
CAMI, to tlie preuiUos of the in Heat
tuwnt-lup, Oultiinbin ro , I'a. on or about tlo sth
Atipnivt IHill. a IJI.AL'KCOVV, with n hrnwn nirip' l0'
tlie hack, apparenily nhont 10 earn old. The owivr
reqiiotted to prove propi-rty, pay cliiircea and take b
away or nc wm w aoiuaccornms iniaw.
AiifiiutSI, i.-i.-nt,
ri AMB into the eiip'oures of tin tiii.lernisnd, in i3"
' township, about th" first of Anpimt, A U;i) lift'
UK, Bupponed to be about two yenra old. Tin ovtnrr
reqnufrinl toprovn property, paycharRes u"d take li
away or tho will bo denoted ofan the law direrid.
Augiutsn. r.i.-st.
A 10.0 or Wooo, allliis'oluec, immediately.
Tor pate at the office5 of Iho Columbia Dtmotrat.
E S T R A Y.
CAMIi to tho prcniiseg oflho mbscriber rrrentl)
l(ilion towiithipCulunil'ia cimt-ty, 1 ytny H-if
llriiiillu red, with a wlnlotreak on her back, trill!
ted Icgn, about two years old thu owner is repieiif(l
pmvcnnd pay cli.irges mid take her away, otlitrn
uhy wiil bo bold according tu l.ty.
j. a.
Amju-t J7, lGJ,
, 1.1.
persons are forbid lluiiug the United H"
r Holler Wash Miuluuc, A. Iluirers I'nlent, excrpli
from authori7eil ngeui w itli power of attorney fcs
ate dcteruiincd to enforce tlio law in nil such ens.-s,
A. IIUri'Elt I'nUMH
TllOli. V. EUGAlt.
Espy, Aug. 17, leiil. 3ui.
' ti. W, Cor. Third nnd Market Pts..
tsy- Cards $1.50 per 1000. -
August 4, loCB-liiu.
Estate of Andrexo Dddinc, dee'd.
LETTEJtS testamentary on the IMatoiif Andr I
dine, latu of .Mount I'leusaul toHiisllip, Colu"
count), deceused, hae been granted by the IleglsU'i
Columbia rouiily to the undersigned, residing in
township of Orange, and louuly aturcsaid. All i" r
liaiiug claim aguiu.t lliu estate ef the decedent ars
quested to pre' nt thciii for si lllemel.t aud these
debted to make pawuciil iiniucdiatc ly to
June S9, 1SCI. Ct, lUnvif
Flour and Feed UellvccJ!
MMIli uuderifijiiicd h.iiiiiidu urrancenieuta t)';1
1 enable linn to deliver Hour und IVed, 1'OU
about ten per cent, cheoper tlua any body eltftj i' 11
II in prices aiu ut follow g ;
I'lonr, 7 W Curnt UvoChop,
Ci'rn Ac Oali C,up, 1 W Uran, J
1 rt'upuctlully nulicit a Rharu id ihe public patrol'"
lUooutluri;, Jniieii;t, HiV0 tf.
B. ST. S. S W 4
BMnMsutmn, r.f.
Oflieo in Couit Ally, nniic(iy occiipicil by I.Tiatlc
piuoliifcburg, Doe, 4, leoll.
PHU bett molasses for tbo pri
I County for sale at 11.4
nee in i