Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, August 24, 1861, Image 1

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3YI L. TATE, Editor.
IYOL. 15.-NO. 25.
U Ui niw Brick IJuitdttiff, opposite th$ r.ithangt, by tide
eflKt Court Jloutc, "Democratic Head Quarter,"
l OD In advance, Tor one ropy, for six niuntfif,
lf-7S ilit wtviiuru, fur ono ropy, uiiu wt.
S OUiIfnoi mid within lliu tlrnt tliruu uionthi.
45 lfint paid within the first six uiontlis,
1 "a tvi If imt I'-iU within Un' year.
JtTNo ulncrlpltoii taken fr than nix months,
tint 110 (inner discontinued until all arrearages shall Imvu
been ptild.
1C7"OrdlnarvAnvrBTHKMST(fhiitTtcil,and Job Work
tCCUICd Bl I'm tttfiUDHJUiMinricc-.
THE founder of litis Uclolinitod Initltiilluti, offer a the
moat certain, upt-edy. and tmty HU-uuat nim-tlj' in
ttit wnrld for ell c lfr Uitjeti.Hmuuri's.Hoiiilmil weak
iteid, l'alim In tin; Luim, Constitutional IK-hiht) , Imjto.
teiiey. WcukuoM nf thii Hck and UuiIm, AUVction of
Hie Kidiie , lililtntloii of Hit Heart, ))Wt-il i, Nur
vum Irrit.ibility, I) no any of the Head, Throat, Nine or
Mkfn'anil all tloiftu Hurious and mclaiirlioly DimiriHirff
arialnr from thu ilostructiv u lialnts of Vuuili, x lih h tu unit mind. The ki' tec ret anil tulitnrv
practice, on iimni fatal to thi-lr Ictlui tli m the ruiiptif
brilliant hone and unticiiutloiu, rendering marriage ttc.
I.P...M.. MAIlRI.UII!l
Married ixtsoih, or Veiling Men cotttemnlalliu ninr
liAte, being uwiru f physical wi'iikuep, or if an ic dealnli
ty, tlefiniHti4, &c, t turn Id iniiuerliattly coiuult tit
jvliiuton, and b rc-lorcd to rfeit health.
JU who fUw lilimelf under the care uf lr. JohiiMuii,
may rcllKl""!)" couiUc In hU honor in n la-iitleiucn, and
confidently rely uihmi hMtdult a n 1iyilctau.
Immediately cure J and full vigor rct-tnreilt
I'll I del 'iiae id thu n-niilly mo-t frequently paid by
tliu4 who have become (lie victim") improper i mint pen
cie. Young perinun are too apt to commit exit-m fioin
not belli; aware of the dreadful cim'incnee that ma
etisucv Now, who that undernUiidii the Ktilijcct w ill pre
Uud to deny the power of procretdion i lout sooner
by thuiofnllirisjlnM Improper habits thuuby the prudtut.
Uelde being deprived of the pleasure ot hrultliy oil"
nuriinti, tli'i Hint oerioiid and iIotniulvu ) niptum to
'both body and mind urUe. Tliu Kteiu beiumeo durum;
d; the jiliylcal and nii'iital power it weakened, nerwui
debility, dynpepni.i, palpitation of the heart, hidicition,
awaiting of the frame, Coujili, tfmptomiuf Cumfiimp
lion. ttt.
0"0ince, Xo.7 rtouni FitiiiRitK aiRBKT, Bceti door
from Ualtlmore Mreet, nlde, up the fti-pn. He par
ticular In obi rim: thj.N'AMi: and MJ.MIlEK, or ou
will mtvtnke tlu place.
A Curt It'arrenteJ, or no Charge Xtdc, in from One to
'Jca Daiji,
NO MUnUL'ltY OK .VUJrtUJl'rf lllit'US UtiEI).
Member of the t'olh gr oi riurRenn. at Loudon.
fSradoalo froimmeof tlo- 11101 nuineut rolkye id' the
United Btatex, and the (,'reatiT part of whonellfi lint
betu spent in tlic IUkI HospiiaU of London, Pari-, I'inl.i.
dulpliiit ami elsewhere, h.H etlViUd i"hiu of the iin-ct im
tonuliiux cure that were ever known; many tnuibU-d
with ritiKiiii!. in the head and earn wIumi nelerp. preat
ucrrBU4nenK, lienu alamo-d tit ituddeil xoiiudti, and h-uh
falaiiii, with fre'ient blu-liin;', nt tended xonu'tinn s with
derangttuuut oi inlud, were cured immiailiately.
When th uiiguidial and iniprudeiit otary of pleasure
find ut h.H iniliilo-il tin xet-H il linn paiuiui iiik ae, it
too often liapperM th it an ill timed ftciife oVi,imc or
rircaJ of diti-overy. di'tern him trom apply iug to ihof I renpei t.ilnlit tan tiloue bcfriuid
liliD. lUlavlne lilt the coiiiititiitiou.iry tuhloiiw ul thin
horrid diiwaite inakei th ir appearance, cuili m ulrerntfd
jretbruat, dnJ4id oof. imrturce, p.iitM in the head
and limb, diiiitie4riornllit,duiitiieK-t, nodeit on the kin
hnnd ftii.l anm. hlotch ix on tliu ', facj and cxtreini
iIjj nntrriMiiiiiz with rani lit A il I at lat (he nalatu id'
tht luuuth 411 d bun t of thi! iomu I .ill in, and th! iitini of
tbif at tcaitf b'ttMuiin iiorriu onjuitoi roiiimiirraiion
till di ath putt a period to hit dreadful xtitlWingii, by ten
ditwtuui to "that li'iiim from wl rr no traveler re-
lurud' it micli. th.-ri lore. Dr. Juliiirftnii ideduen lilm-
flf to preierve the iim-l en loalde M-rri cy, and from hU
cxtuivd practice in the flrnt Ihpit.iUi.f J'.tirnpe and
Atu'ricn, hi can connaetiii recvtnimemi h.ue ami opuctiy
curctutho unfortunate vntirn ofihix horrid iliac-unc.
Dr. J. addre-frt all tlio-n who hare h.J ired tliuimlvrti
by private, a no improper imiuienceH,
Tbia are home uf lha ad mid iii'-laiuholy effects pro
duced by early lial'itx of youth. i: Weakness uf the
Uack and Limbii, l'aiu in tli.i Head, Iiinitniss uf Hiclu
Loitf of Muscular Tower, I'alpitatioii of the Hi-art. lyii
pepsin, NertnuH Irratabiliiy, lK'rau(.'ement of the Hipes
tire Kuuctions,(jeiieral Hcmlity, symptoms of Consump
tin. Jtr.
AIENTALI.V. The fearful eifect upon the mind are
much to bt dreaded, of Mtimiry,Cinfiiuii of Ideas
Depression of the Spirits, Uv ll I'urehu linifti, Averlou
cfHutivty,Timity, &.c are tioiue of the eviU produicil,
-Tliouiaads f perHom' of all agr can now juiljiu what
tb cause of their decliiun health. LooNiut; thor
vijfor, becoming weak, pale and emaciated, lun nit cin
KUlar uppcaranc about the uy ch. cough and kj niptoiiit u
OHtiAMt; Wi;.Kl.,
Tttrthfi ereataud imuortaiit reined, wcnkncsi of the
orgaiw are speedily cured, and full ipor rentured.
Tliousanas 01 10 moL iu-r ohh mm ut imim.iil'u, mi
ItaJ lost all hope, have b'.-cii immediat)) relieved. All
impedimenta to .Marriage, I'hyical mid .Mental IhS'piali
firntiait. Nervous Irratabilitt .Tremhli til's and Weaknen-
or vxhausUtioit of tho mutt fearful kind, speedily cured
uy uoctor jouiikiou,
von no mi:n
Who have Inlurcd tliunelveii bv a certain orartle
Inrlulged in when alone a h.ilnl frfpi'-ntly lianu-d from
erJI compauioiis, or ui uruooi me ein-ns ui uiuui arc
nightly felt, even wlu-u ep, and if not cured renders
marriage iinponohtt, mid dutroy k both nutid and body,
should apply immediately.
What a pitty that young man, the hope of his country,
and the darling of his parents, rdiould bo puatched Irom
alt prospects and enjoy menu uf life, by the coiikt-mieii-ces
of deviating from the path of nature, ami itidulgiMg
iu a sertalu kecret habit, riuch peruiu beloru con
should reflect that a oouud iiiiud and body are the iuo
necessary rcquisities to imnnote happiness
Indeed, without tlu-ne the jouriicy throiii;h life ln-comos
a weary pilgrimage, the prospect hourly darkens to
the view; the mind heroines shadowed with deppair &
Ailed with tho melandioiy retortion that the happiness
of another become blt'jlited with our own,
umutl NO. 7 riOUTIl FUi:ii;UICK Baltimore, ,MJ
ALL BUKOlCAl.urr.UATUlXrt ri:itroitMi;i).
N. 11. Let no false mudesty prevtnt you, but apply
iunudiatly either peron.illy or by Letter.
The many thousands cureil at this institution within
the last IS years, and the numerous important Surgical
Operations performed hy Dr. Johnston, wituesecd by
the reporters of the papers and many other pernm, no
tices of which have appeared again and again before tho
public, besides his standing as u gentleman of tharni trr
and responsibility, is a m!u-ieut cmiruutee to the altlicte 1,
TAK13 NOTlCi:.
N. It. Tlicre aru hu many ignorant and worthier a
Quacks advertising theimolves l'h) siciauu, ruining tho
health of the already uftlicled. that Dr. Johnston diems
It necessaryjta nay, i-six-tlally to tlioxe unmpiaiiited
with his reputation, that his credentials uud riiplomi
always hang In his oitue,
tTJT" Tauk Notick. All letters uiust be post paid, and
eoutain a postage stamp fur tho reply or no answer will
be suL
.March 17. 13G0,
,pvo!ent Institution established by special endow
ment, fur the relief of the Hick and Distressed, atllirted
with Virulent and Epidemic Diseases, and iispecially
for the Cure of Discuses uf the gesual Organs. Dis
pensary freH to patients In all parts of the United State
VALUAUl.r. ItCmilTri on rtpermatorrha-a, and oth
er Diseases of the tiexual Organs, nnd on the NEW
UKMEUlESt employed, sent to the alllicted u uvan
letter envelop! , free of charge. Two oi three H tain in
for woitage will be acceptable. Address DK, J tfKli.
WN IIOUOUTON. Actiuir Hurgenu, Howard Asocid
Hon, No. U Bout h Ninth titrect, rhlUilelphU l'a.
Iarclf 3, ItOl-l.'m.
i- P p M V M A K I N G .
IMIE undersiifned inform the public generally that
x hey have furmcd u to-partnc r.hip, and will cunt in
llBIttinll.lldln.iaa i.r Oini ,M .1 I. I.. ..II
flfv Y,rl0l( departments, in Uluomseurg, where they
will proiaptlv attend toallorderd in iliulr liintuf hu.i.
ne- u pother in town or country.
Well and CMeni rmups, with leaden Pipp, made lu
ltt btst style of norkiuantliin, qii moderate terms, and
on vecyahart notice.
From their long experience n the business, snd sn
aarncst denire tn have their work commend itself to tliu
public iney feli conrldent they can make it an object in
those who way gjve (hem their custom and render gene
tal laUifactlon,. joh t;uuT(JHH;V.
Blooinsburg, April 13, Itwt, C"L
T)EU0NS about to commcneo House
"lt'i.1;!!Bl'1',v"'." da Wcall n.1 euini.u! the gf Jflfc- l),.1i, tc. ill IMKT.MA.VS 1
Select llloctrn
It Is Great for our Country to Die.
01 ills great foe our country to die, where ranks aro
hfight is the.wrjnthof our famoj Glory awaits us
fur aye
Glory, that never Is dim, chining on with light ncer
cud in;
Glory that never shall fade, never, Ot never away.
Ot it is sweet for our country to die how softly re
pose a
Warrior youth on his bier, wit by tliu tears of hU
Wet by a mother's warm tears ; they crown him with
garlands of roses.
Weep, and then Joyounly turn, bright where he tri
umphs above
Not to the shades ihatl tho youth descend, who for
country hath pi rish'd ;
Ik tie awaits him in heaven, welcomes him thero with
her smile ;
Thereat the banquet divine, the patriot spirit U cher
ixh'd ;
Uuls love the young, who ascend pure from the fu
uerul pita.
Not tu Elygian fields, by the Mill, oblivious river J
Not to the isles of the btess'd, tner the blue, rolling
sea ;
Hut on Olympian heights, shall dwell tliQ devoted for
ever ;
Tlirri shall assemble the good, there tlio wig, val
iant, and free,
O 1 then how g'cat for our country to die, in the front
rank to perish,
Finn w ith our breast to the foe, Victory' shout in our
car ;
Lung they our ttatucs Miall crown, in sngs our memory
We shall look forth from our heavens, pleased the
sweet music to lu-ur.
Absent Friends.
Tics ami cords run from heart to heart,
binding each to each in endearment and
love. These neither time nor distance can
fully destroy. Tho dead and the absent,
we love them still ; and tho heart turns
toward them fondly as to its best and
sweotest treasures.
Tho noblo dead arc not forgotten. In
deed, in our hearts of love they aro not
dead ; only goue not lout. Wo enshrine
iu our memories each loved one, and up
ward we look, and forward to the great
awakening and re-union of heaven, and
we ting,
Hnil, wer!cst, ilearot tic, Ihat binds
Unr cl"" iuK Ic'artu in oitu ;
lljll. biuretl 1h')i'," &c.
But the absent friends on earth scatter
here and thero abroad ; these aro not un
cared for nor forgotten. Iu sweetest me
morics they twine around our hearts. At
one time the silent tear, at another the
earnest prayer, is au assurauco that the
absent arc not effaced. The son who U
far away, the daughter whoso now home is
made amid other circles, aro no less iu the
daily thoughts of tho parents who have
brought them forth and brought them up
Those fountains of love which have so Ion"
been gushing, flow onward still, and for
these absent household treasures fond
hearts beat fondly as ever.
To perpetuate and strengthen these tics
tho ways and means arc almost infinite.
At jiarting, keepsakes and mementoes arc
exchanged, and these arc deposited iusomc
choice place, it pleases ono to resort
when recollections of the absent steal as
melancholy music upon the soul. But this
is never enough ; and the kind greetings,
silent as falling snow-flakes, iuustpass and
ro-pass,tho:e misnivcs of love and affection
which tho mails carry forth and back.
And what words and tokens do theso con
tain ; with what solicitude looked for; and
what consolations do they yield 1
Theso chaste affections, these throbbings
of heart, these tbirstings of soul for tho
loved and absent, at once assure us that
true love docs not really die that God
has made the tics which bind human hearts
together that Celestial Lovo and Infinito
Goodness has ordained that a re-union of
tho good nnd true is in part tho best reali
zation of heaven. " Thou hast redeemed
us by thy blood out of every nation, and
peopio, and tongue" tho joy of praiso to
Christ, and of mutual recognition as fellow-saints.
Morning Star.
SSf A cotomporary appropriately al
ludes to tho fact that when lion. Tom.
Corwin, in 1810, bid tho Mexicans wel
come the American troops with " bloody
bands to hospitable graves" when Lin
coln stood up in his placo in Congress and
mado tho enemy's urgumcut against tho
war when tho press of opposition teemed
with every shado of abuso of it and de
nunciatiou of tho Government for its pros
ecution, that tho Democrats permitted all
these things to go on without a resort to
military defpotism, or mob law. But now
when the Democrats are doiug most of tho
GghtloQ and censuro the administration for
violating tho constitution, &o., tho rcpub
licaus stay ut homo to hold office and mob
their neighbors,
A Poep into tho Bank of Eng
land. The Bank of England must bo seen on
tho insido as well as out, and to go into
tho interior of this remarkable building to
observe tho operations of an institution
that exerts more moral and political pow
er than any sovrcign in Europe, you must
havo an order from tho Governor of the
Bank. Tho buildiug occupies au irregular
area of eight acres of ground an cdifico
of no architectural beauty, with not one
window towards tho street, being lighted
altogether from the roof or the enclosed
I was led, on presenting my card ad
mission, into a private room, whore, after
a delay of a few moments, a messenger
came and conducted mo through tho migh
ty nnd mysterious building. Down wo
went into a room where tho notes of the
bank received tho day beforo, were now
examined, compared with tho entries in
tho book and stored away.
The Bank of England never issues tho
same note a second time. It receives iu
tho ordinary course of business, about
i'800,000 or 84,000,000 daily in notes;
these arc put up iuto parcals according to
their denominations, and arc kept ten years
at the expiration of which period they arc
taken out and ground up in the mill which
I saw running, mado again into paper.
If, in tho course of theso ten years, any
dispute in business, or law suit, should
arise, coucctning tho payment of any note
the bank can produce the identical bill.
To meet the demand for notes so con
stantly used up, the bank has its own pa
per makers, its own printers, its own en
gravers, all at work under the samo roof,
and it even makes the machinery by which
the most of its own work is done. A com
plicated but beautiful operation is a regis
ter, extending from the printing office to
tho banking offices, which makes every
sheet of paper that is struck off from tho
press, so that the printers cannot manu
facture a single sheet of bauk notes that is
not recorded in tho bank. Ou the same
principle of neatness, a shaft is made to
pas from one apartment to another, con
necting a clock in sixteen business wings
of tho establishment, and regulating them
with such prcci.ion that the whole of them
aro always pointing to tho samo second of In anoiher room was a machiue,cx
ceediugly simple for detecting light gold
coin. A row of them are dropped one by
one upon a spring scale. If the piece of
gold was of the standard weight, the scalo
rose to a certain height aud the coin slid
off upon ono side of tho box ; if less than
tho standard it roso a little higher, and the
coin slides off upon the other side. I asked
tho weigher what was the average number
of light coius that came into his hand, and
strangely onough he said it was a question
he was not allowed to answer.
The next room I entered was that in
which notes arj deposited which are rea
dy for issue.
"Wo havo thirty-two millions of pounds
sterling in this room," tho officer remarked
to mo ; ''will you take a little of it J" I
told him it would ba vastly agreeable, and
aud he handed mo a million sterling,which
I received with many thanks for his liber
ality, but he insisted ou my depositing it
with him again as it would hardly be safe
to carry so much money into the street.
I very much fear that I shall never see
that money again. In the vault beneath
tho door, wcro a director and cadiiro
counting bags of gold which men wore
pitching down to them, each bag contain
ing a thousand pounds sterling, just from
tho mint. This world of money seemed to
realizo tho fables of casUrn wealth, and
gavo mo new and strong impression of tho
inagnitudo of the business dono here, and
tho extent of the relations of this ono insti
tution to tho commerce of tho world.
Was it Prophetic t On tho 5th of
April, 1850, in tho Scnato of tho United
States, Gen. James Shields, then Senator
from Illinois, said :
"Thero aro only two principles em
ployed iu tho government of tho political
world force and compromise Sonio
nations aro governed by both principles,
others by force alone ; but this is tho only
government that has always been gov
erned by compromiso sinco tho foundation
of tho government, aud it must continue to
be so governed so long as it continues to be
a lUpublio. Sir, when compromise cuds,
force begins, and when force begins war
begins; and tho tocsin of CIVIL WAlt is
tho death-knell of Republicanism."
1ST If your sister, whilo sho is engaged
with her sweetheart, asked you to bring a
glass of water from an adjoining room,
start on the errand, but you need not re
turn. You will not bo missed. Don't
orget this, little children.
Cuhtmlmt Innnrrnt
r.nirr.D v i.cvt i.. tatb, rnoruiirron.
Tho Itopcal of tho Sub-Troasury.
Democrats who talk about uniting with
tho llcpublieans, to save tho country, or
adopting a platform toploaso tho Kepubli
cans for tho samo purpose, will find that
Jordan is a hard road to travel. They
must not only support tho recent act of
Congress suspending the specie operations
of tho sub treasury, but prcparo to advo
catu, as a ncccasary consequence, a United
States Bank, nnd all othcrrag mill oper
ations that the ingenuity of man can in
vent to rob tho peopio of their hard-earnings.
They must not only go for this war
to savo the Union' but they muit go for it
to destroy the South, by abolishing slav
ery and holdini,' the States iu conquered
subjection by military rule and stauding
armies, the end of which no child now
born will see.
The supcnsion of the sub-treasury is
the first great move to a total annihilation
of all souud currency, and a new reign of
rags aud lamp-black. It will be a matter
of some curiosity to watch how deliberately
t!i now converts to lUpublicauism will
handle this new item in tho Chicago plat
I form.
The Niw York Icialtl, thus takes the
, sop kiudly, and informs us that there is
great rcjoiciug in Wall Sttcil! Why
should there not be I It is to them what
tho war is to army contractors, so rich a
j harvest that they would willingly hang any
man who would now advocate peace :
"Considerable excitement was caused by
the auuouncemeut in this morning's Jlcr-
aid that the Committeo of Conference be
tween the House aud Senate havo reported
a bill ameiiding tho Sub-Treasury act so
as to allow bauks to retain in their vaults
' any money subscribed to government loans
until thoy aro needed for the use of gov-
' eminent. The bib has passed both hous
es, aud it is a law. It amounts in ono
word, to abolishing the Sub- Treasury for
: tlio tunc being. lleiieolortu tuo govern
' incut will keep accounts with as many sol
vent banks as subscribed to its loans.
The banks will find an additional reason
for subscribing in tho interest which they
will earn ou the amount of their subscrip
tions so long as thvy aro allowed to re
main in their hands. Instead of paying
troops and contractors,' as heretofore, iu
dralts ou tho Sub Treasury exclusively,
government will hereafter pay them iu
drafts on our banks, which will supply the
people of the West with plenty of good
currency. And instoad of regarding tho
sub-Treasury as their natural enemy,
whoso vaults become filled at their expense,
the bauks will now consider that institu
tion in tho light of an ally. This feature
(if the law is regarded with decided satis
faction iu merchantile circles."
Twenty odd years ago wo went from a
United States bank to local bank, and
from local bauks to sub-treasury. Wo
now go back from a sub-treasury to local
banks aud then from local banks to get rid
of their spawn, (that will bo the argument)
to a United States bauk, to save the coun
try I As theso things could not be done in
time of peace, it was necessary to plunge
us into a war, to accomplish, these great
purposes, ot crushing out the Democracy!
Now Democrats look well to your mem
t hers of tho Legislature. There will bo
somo necessary bank legislation at tho
State Capitals now, to meet this conting
ency of a paper money era. Vote for no
man for a scat in your Legislatures who is
( not bombproof against tho wiles and bribes
ot tuoso who wilt uc ou nanu to pay tticm
for their treachery.
We havo been told over and over again
hers, within the last six months that no
Legislature- can ho elected that cannot be
bought ! Democrats it is for you to look
to that, and look to it in time. Question
your candidates, get their answers and
hold thciu to it. As this is a hard time
for traitors see to it that wo havo nono in
our ranks. As was said on another try
ing occasion in our country's politics, wo say
now, "warn the committees !"
Execution. Armstrong was executed
in Philadelphia, about 11 o'clock, ou Fri
day, tho Oth. lie spoko for about thrco
minutes, but mado no now statements.
lie manifested tho samo indiffercuco in re
gard to his fato that ho displayed through
out his trial aud imprisonment.
ZSr There aro now thirty of Jeff Da
vis' pirates in tho Moyamcnsing prison, in
"No Party."
"William O'Brien has been removed
from tho position of marker in the Custom
House at Now York, and llobcrt Vosburg,
a negro, appointed in his placo."
Wo clip tho above from tho Pine and
Palm an abolition paper, published in
Boston and Now York simultaneously.
It is put forth, in that sheet with a gusto,
as showing tho advanco of "liberal princi
ples" in tho government, when whito men
can bo turned out of public employment to I
mako room for negroes. Inasmuch as the
announcement comes from tho other side,
wc suppose wo may take it for truth it is
not "a secession lie," as our opposition
iriends aro fond of dubbing everything that
don't suit them.
Wo think it would bo well for whito men
and especially for laboring men, to notice
this appointment. With tho cry of better
times of free farms for tho farmloss of
free homes for the homeless of free speech
free laboring men, hundreds of thousands
of votes wcro stolen by the Lincoln party
last fall ; and what do those men find uowt
They find tho wages of labor reduced one
fourth or one-third iu many instances, and
four days a week at that. Thoy find col
lieries, iron works, and other great indus
trial and commercial enterprises stopped,
or on the point of stopping. Thoy find,
instead of plenty of work at wagc3 that
would make their families comfortable,
their families crying for bread and all
, this they find as the feast of better time,
which was spread out for them to partake
of last fall. Prco farms for tho farmlcss
they now find to mean a spot of ground
about six feet by two ; which they aro at
t liberty to occupy from this to tho day of
Judgment,iu the shapo of ?. soldier's grave ;
and for homes for tho homeless, thoy havo
, found that in all future prospects the homes
for their starving families will henceforth
be the street or tho poor house, and, their
, denGndencc the charities of the world :
i instead of free speech, they find they have
the freedom to talk as certain men may
, dictate, and that if they complain or rclt
I crate tho cry of their starving children for
bread, they aro called secessionists'' aud
1 tho community warned against giving them
employment ; or if thoy happen to bo in
1 tho army and complain because tho gov
1 crnmcnt is robbing them by their State to
mako them comfortable whilo fighting the
I battles of their country, like poor Balso at
Harrisburg, the authorities arrest them for
I treason and throw them into a dungeon
I disgraced and dishonored. They find that
, instead of comfortable clothes, they are
furnished with garments of "shoddy, ' that
wear out and leave them naked in a week ;
aud instead of shoes to keep their feet from
tho burning sand during their long and
1 weary marches, they aro furnished with
sandals soled with whito shavings. Iu
! stead of protection to homo industry as
they were promised, they find aud army
: of ignorant and barbarous slaves let loose
upon them to compete with their labor aud
i disgrace their employment, aud then every
little whilo aro regaled with news, like tho
! above, that white men arc turned out of the
government employment to mako room for
a strapping sou of Ethiopa. And then
white men fiud also, that if they meet to
consult together to devise a redress of grie
vances, or how they shall protect them
selves against thcic things, tho very news
papers that were so loud iu promises but a
few months ago, ridicule their efforts and
take part with lazy and barbarous negroes
who aro now fleeing from tho Southern
States, and foisting themselves upon tho
sympathies of tho community for support.
This is the way things aro now goiug on
every day about us, aud in all earnestness,
how long shall il bo submitted to? Under
tho cry of "no party,'1 democrats in tho
field bravo and cxperieuccd soldiers, aro
almost every day being superseded by tho
appciutmcut of old broken down political
hacks, who never saw sorvics and never
wcro in tho ranks in their livc3. With tho
cry of "no party," now, but anything for
the country, tho natioual administration is
engaged daily in turning out democrat)
from civil positions although two-thirds of
those in tho field now upholding tho na
tional honor and the integrity of tho Un
ion are Democrats, and putting tho most
bitter and radical Republican partizans in
their places, aud oven, in somo instances
supplanting them with negroes. Under
tho cry of "no party,'' they orgauizo Con
gress by tho election of a mere chattering
abolition free trader for Speaker of tho
House, knowiug that they could give no
greater iusult to tho conservative sense of
tho country especially of tho border
States that sentiment upon which wo must
rely to savo tho Union in this extremity it
can be saved at all 1 How can it bo ex-
ncctcd but that tucir rrolcgionj Mionli
h. f t
regarded as a ebea't and a humbug, and
that they regard a negro as a little better
than a whito man, especially if tho whito
man -bo au Irishman!
Democracy and tho War-
We commend to tho attentive conside
ration of our readers of all political par
tics, the following article from tho Albany
Atlas and Argus tho leading Democrat
io journal of New York. It presents, iu a
calm and temperate manner, the several
phases of tho war question, and gives its
own views as to tho best and most practi
cable mode of bringing tho war to an end-
It opposes separation upon any terms,
denounces tho attempt to make the war one
of slavery emancipation, as directly sub
versive of tho Constitution points out tho
danger and almost absolute impracticabil
ity of holding the rebellious States in sub
jugation by military power aud finally
advises the restoration of tho Union by tho
exorcise of the same spirit of forbearance,
conciliation and compromise that inspired
our fathers when it was originally formed.
Surely these suggestions arc both rational
and patriotic ; and tho moro thoy aro con
sidered, tho moro will alt reflecting men
sec their force and propriety. Wo believe
tho time is not far distant when tho peo
ple will take tho very ground hero presen
ted, and demand a conclusion of tho war
upon just such terms. In this belief, wo
copy tho article, and give it our hearty
endorsement s
There may bo four different modes of
treating tho present war, each of which
probably finds more or loss favor in tho
raiuds of tho peopio at tho present time.
Let us dwell briefly upon them severally.
1. Separation-. Tho Administration,
pressed with tha terrible responsibility of
eunuueuug sucu a war as tnis, is lluely to
bo tempted to find relief from it m letting 'terms of oomprolniso wo propJ0 w0 answcr
he acccdig States go-.n assciifng first, ' h as IIol't CrittendenGuthrie, John
& 'um1, e,,bU-?D!llly t0, a .sra- Un, and other tried and devoted Union
ration W hatever denials may bo inter- mcn in tho gtat0S) shall say aro
posed by the friends of the Presideiit-iu-1 ncccs3ary to build up a Union party and
deed, whatever may bo his own feelings on reetorc jjjj- at th South 1
his point at this time-it is easy to see Wo bcij0Ywo haT0 fllirly prcgcDlcd tho
that, as difficu lt mulUply, as the Ml vi0W3 upou whioh the Dc.noerits and con
magnitude of this war reveals itself, tho I SBrvat'tve mcn of this State intend to stand
wuucbv i evem, win no io iijeiiua mm to
I . . .
i tho honors which cluster
through the pathway of sepa-
around him l
To this mode of relief a portion of tho
Republican party tho extreme Anti Sla
very portion, and The Tribune school
will readily assent, and, indeed will de
mand this courso, unless their wish to con
vert tho war into an abolition crusade can
be gratified. Wc need hardly say what
we havo so often reiterated that to this
mode of ending tho war, wo are emphati
cally opposed, as full of calamities for tho
future. If such a result becomes a necess
ity, the nation must submit to it, as to any
other unavoidable afllictiou, but wo aro in
favor of resisting it to tho extent of tho
ability of tho Government, and until fur
ther resistance is mere madness.
2. Emancipilion : It cannot bo denied
that tUcro is a largo class of zealous sup
porters of the war, whose principal inter
est in it is the hope that it will assume tho
character of a war of emancipation of tho
slaves aud become a grand crusado for
freedom. It is quite apparent that this
can never occur without an utter disre
gard of tho Constitution, aud practical
subversion of our present form of Govern
mentbut this matters littlo with the ad
vocates of this plan, they aro men of "ono
idea'' abolition of slavery is,in their view
the only good to be accomplished and ev
ery thing else should bo sacrificed to that
end. If tho war cannot assume this miss
ion, they aro for separation. Tho men of
this class arc more numerous than may bo
generally supposed. Thoy include not
merely your Oheovcrs nnd Bccchcrs and
Greeleys, but a vast Antl Slavery army
which swelled the triumph of Republieau
ism at tho last election. The Administra
tion has already disastrously felt tho pres
sure of this radical wing of its party and
given way before it in its "on to Rich
mond" movement. It will coutinuo to feci
it, and amid tho
difficulties and trials
which this war will involve, will bo sorely
tempted to hoist tho banner of negro eman
cipation, aud, it is quito within tlio limits
of possibility, may do it. Wo need hardly
say tunc sucu a movement sucn a usur-
pation of power and subversion of tho Con-
stitutiou will bo opposed by Democrats
and conservative citizens to tho bitter end,
and can hardly fail to nroduco a counter
revolution at tho North.
3. Subjugation : There is a plausibil
ity in insisting that this rebellion should
bo crushed out and rebel States brought
back simply to their loyality to the feder
al laws and tho Constitution, aud wo havo
nothing to urgo against tho motives of
thoso, who advocate tho prosecution of tho
war, solely for that cud. Thoy sre acting
within tho limits of the Constitution en
gaged in upholding the dignity and power
indeed tho very cxisteuco of tho Govern
ment, and as far as they go, thoy aro act
ing wisely and well, and certainly havo
our sympathy and cooperation, an we be
lieve, that of Democrats aud conservative
men generally. But, in all soberness aud
candor, w;o ask such men if they bclicvo
that military forco alone will ever restoro
tho Union over bring back tho citizens
Federal Government! Can wo conquer tho
South ! With the disadvantage of conduc
ting tho war in their territory, is it reas
onable to bcliovo that this can bo done,
oven by n bloody strugglo of years' dura
tion I Admit that wc van beat thorn in tha
field and disperse thoir armies and march
our victorious legions over every rebellious
State, will that restore them to loyality?
Will it not become necessary to garrison
tho whole South, and hold it in subjection
with an immense army and at aii cxpenso
utterly ruinous to us I In a word, will
mcro subjugation of tho South restore tho
Union I We think not Democrats and
conservative men at tho North, to far as
wo know tneir vicwa, think not and this
brings us to a consideration of what is
4. ltcstoration : Eight millions of peopio
cannot be conquered. Thoy may bo beaten
iu battlo at every point, but the war which
seems to bo ended to-day will break out at
some new point next week or next yar.
Mere defeat will not restore their loyalty
and make them faithful citizens and wil
ling members of the Union. Rebellion
may thus bo smothered, but its fires will
burn in the bones of successive generations,
aud flash out anew at every opportunity.
Loyalty cannot bo restored in a rebellious
peopio except by concessions on the part
of the Government. It never was restored
since the world commenced, iu any other
way. fto great revolution was ever effec
tually crushed out by the iron heel of
military power. Au amnesty, a liberal
consideration of causes of complaint, gene
rous concessions, havo often triumphed
where ball and bayonet failed triumphed,
too, without weakening tho Government,
without inviting the repetition of rebellion,
but adding strength to tho Government by
bringiug willing hearts and strong arms
to its support.
In the light of these principles, wo think
the Union is to bo restored by tho samo
spirit of forbearance, conciliation, and
compromise, which inspired our fathers in
its original formation, aud that " a vigo
rous prosecution of the Avar should bo ac
companied by tho most liberal proffers of
i) Tr . . i.-i
tbose wllich have :usl bl;cn put fortll b
i tiitiwt null, jujv Uttll UUb lUltlJ UY
tho Stato Comniittce-thoso we anticipate
t!l0 Stat0 Convention of the 4th proximo
will approve, aud that upon theso views
coupled with a stern condemnation of tho
corruption and jobbery which have thus
far disgraced tho prosecution of this war
the Democrats of tho State, and all who
sympathize with them and condemn tha
imbecility of tho present Administration,
are willing to appeal to tho peopio aud
abido their verdict. On theso principjo.1
alone can the war be ended with honor and
tho Union preserved.
Baugh's Super'Phosphato of
We call tho attention of our Farmers to
the Raw Bono Super-Phosphato of Lime,
manufactured and sold by Messrs, Baugh
& t-'ons, Philadelphia. The Card is in
this Columbia Ucmocral. Every Farmer
should try its great fertilizing qualities.
Judgo Conyugham's letter below, speaks
for itself. Higher testimony is not to bo
found in Pennsylvania. Read it :
Letter from tho Hon. John N. ConTncham, ot
Wllkcibarie, Pa.
Antlli 0, 1801.
Messrs. Bauoii & Sons : GentIiEMen
I tried some of your Super-Phosphate of
Lime last season, aud as I mentioned to
Mr. A. M. Spangler, (Ed. of 'armtr and
Uardcncr.) was well satUfied with tho uso
of it. I have proved this by Eending lately
for more.
I applied it for corn in tho hill at plant
ing, generally, accordiug to the directions
in your pamphlet, and found the plants to
bo strong and thrifty on their early ap
pearance, and to maintain this character
throughout tho season. I have never be
fore had corn so well cared, both in sizo
ana number ot cars to the stock.
I kent
no detailed account of tho number of bush-
c's to ''10 aorei ut wui'c ,uy fan" is upland
tho crop was equal to the better crops
originally raised on tuo ncli bottoms.
1 might add, that I tried otbor manures
and fertilizers, applied to the hill partly in
mo samo liclil, nun partly in one aujoiu-
'"Si tho soil and cultivation being tho samo,
aml cou''1 discover that tho portion whero
J'our phosphate- was used, was better in
both stock aud vieid.
Respectfully, yours,
BSyTlio Ohio Republican desires to j:in
tho Democrats in a Union ticket for Stato
officers, but it is not probable that tho lat
ter will be ambitious of tho honor of such
an allnincc. Tho Cincinnati "Enquirer"
predicts that tho puro Democratic ticket
will bo the only Union ticket nominated
in Ohio. Exchange
That's right! Democrats should not
get in bed with their enemies. Let them
"bkin their own shanks."
The extra session of Congress which
has just adjourned, and which has been in
session only ono mouth, has appropriated
Two hunired and twenty Jive tiiilboas of