Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, August 17, 1861, Image 4

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    SlnriCUltttVC Btoomsburg Head QusirleTS
I UM.TI.VV T.ll. a-en . '
X ho lu-atling of ibis article, says the
Valley i'V. titer, was tlio remark of nn old
farmer the other day, while deploring the
fdiluro of his wheat crop. One year the
whoat fails, another year tho oats fail,
another yoar tho corn : hut, said ho,
"Slock pays all tho time." Ho also re
marked, that tho farmers who early gave
their attention to stosk-raising, had gone
right along without set-backs, and had
outstripped the grain-growers.
There is no doubt much truth iu the
old inan'n remarks. Stock is tho fcurcst
and most remunerative, llut in thickly
fettled regions it is better and safer to di
vide tho interest between tho two The
two assist eaeli other and improve the farm.
Waste straw and offal of tho grain crop,
will go far to feed the stock, will go far iu
fertilizing tho soil and improving its capa
city for productiveness. The strength of
tho soil U a greater desideratum with tho
farmer. Tho soil is his mine of wealth
his treasury his hank of depositc. IIo
must keep it good, or his paper is protest
ed ; his reputation as a farmer is dishon
ored, It is well to keep tho variety of stock, as
well as raise a variety of grain crops. The
general profits of each year arc thus kept
nearly equal. Farming may bo done
closer, less waited aud more made.
Fruit Trees in SiwumjEints. I
jshould like to eeo the npplo aud pear in
more general use ns ornamental plants,
and want to know why they arc not more
frequently plantel in places of moderate,
or even limited extent, us surburbau and
villa residences, by intermixing thcui with
common shrubbesy plants, For cottage
ornccs tliey aro peculiarly adapted, and
in the former places might be planted to a
considerable extent, and would add great
ly to the beauty of residences at thU fca
Eon of the year ; and afford iu the autumn
Eonio compensation, by way of set off, by
cqntributing a supply of fruit iu place
where there is generally a want of it. ;
The great beauty of the bloom of some va- J
ritics of apples and pear3 would of them-1
eclvcs entitle them to a placo in our grounds j
solely as ornamental plants; and I wish
you could persuade nurserymen to make
a selection for this purpose, a3 1 imagine I
many country gentlemen would bo induced
to purchaso them for their parks and
homesteads for this property alone, if good
eized pin nt 3 can be procured ; and that
proprietors of small places would bo glad
to introduce them. I say nothing of the
Chincso apples and pears, which aro just
now in bloom, and worthy of all the ad
miration they call forth ; but having no
ticed for aevcral seasons how really beau
tiful tho bloom ii of many varieties of ap
ples, I venture to suggest tho matter to
your readers. As for tho pear, it is,when
old , ono of tho most pictuicsquo trees to
bo met with, and for parks and home
grounds invaluabls as an ornamental tree,
when in bloom. I strongly adviio plan
ters to try tho Bcurre Itanco pear, and
thrco or four other new varieties ; those
havo fino foliage and flowers and a strong
habit of growth, which, a3 they grow old,
would provo useful ornaments to landscape
scenery. London JYo is.
Bont FonacT the Tuiin-ipj. Wo
Lavo not as high an cpinion as somo oth
ers, of tho valuo of tho turnips for this
country ; yet thoy aro not to be despised.
They cost nest to nothing, and aro un
doubtedly good for all kinds of animals
when fed with dry forgo during the Win
ter and Spring. Scattor the seed on eve
ry vacant spot, along among other crops,
wherever there is room for a root to grow
and the top to spread, without interfering
with something moro valuable. Tho quick
glowing sort, such as the lied Top Strap
leaf, may be sown for two months or moro
yet. Hute-bagas, or Swedes, may be sown
at any timo this mohth, the earlier tho
better. Tho long Whito French Ashcroftj
and others, may bo sown Juno or July.
A littla seed, a little booing or weeding,
and a littlo toil, will turn out several
loads of nice turnips about tho timo frost
comes on. American .'Igricultiirist,
Fall Potatoes. Keep tho vines well
cultivated and hoed, freo of weeds, and
tako caro that tho eoil bo perfectly looso
nnd open.
Potatoes will not grow freely
6 'i
in a close, compact soil. If any
fertilizers appear to bo needed to increaao
tho vigor ot tno growing plants, scatter
over the hills a mixturo of ten bushels of
wood ashes, ono bushel of plaster, and
ono bushel of rcfuso salt. This will Euflico
to an acre, and under any circumstances
tho application will prove beneficial.
Tn PmitTK llTir TnMATT!Pirl..
them before ripo cnouch to bo soft I wash
and pick them ; make a briuo so strong it
will not disolvo all tho salt ; boil and skim,
and pour it on tho tatnatocs. Let them I
stand eight days, pour off, and put ou a'
weak vinegar, which let remain tho samo
length of timo, then remove, put on strong
'vinegar, and whatever spices suit your
a-i . . : , i . " . .. .:n
iuovu , no up uuu pub aiyujr jluu hiii
tavs nlea pioklo,and thoea that will kocp.
.ItrKt.MY. Ni:AI, & 0.,
in Tim rum with as inhuiablu mjri'i.v
Wl! would announce to the public and out frit "tin
that wo havo Jiiftt relumed from the Clly Itti n .
very large assortment of ,
SliW CII13A1' GOODS, !
Our nock of DUV C100U3 comprlnci the larger-!, tlicnp.
cot, and handsomeit now turercd In this ton nl tiro
determined to rompcto v Itti tho 1
tind nil those wlthina to tmy rim tip, ran mvo money by
oBi.'ppi the wants or tho people, a large lot oi i
Ladies' Dress
Blecc, Collars, Ppciicru, llnndkerrhh f. Mounting,
unniismtti rninuniiei, in ecu niui joining,
ltonnct Hlbl-ons In lame vnrit ty, Vcl-
ct Uibbons nnd braid, Kid,
Cult en Ac Llelc Thread
(llnvi's Mohair
Mltf, ftc.
lllnck Stlk, Cnhmerc, r.mhroiilprcil, tclta, &c. Also a
larpe niFnrtiiH'iit cf Clot Ji-, CinfiimcrH, Sntlncta,
Vetting, TtvtrtK Jratip, Heaver Cloth?,
Contlnp, Velvet tc.
ami Sizes, for Men, Women nnd Children, Vv hnvo a
lurgo netort merit nf Hals nnd latent f.ifh
loni We Iinvc til so. Hardware, tlueens
ware. Cednrvvnrc, &c. Vtry Cheap
Carpi t, Cnrpr t linen, l'loor,
Table and Cirri mo Uil
Cloth, .Matr. Itugi,
lintsktts, A.c
lllapirs, Tuw Illicit, Drilline, A.C. In hb.indance. Ainu,
it I irye ifnortment of Iron, Ni,ltn Chuvne, a
lariro itinntit) cf Halt, &r.
We fnv itf our friend nnd the public generally, tn plve
UK a rait before nurth.ilmr thou hi re. Wu ha e hoiicht
our foods tit tin I,uueit(ili Prices, nnd will not he
undersold bv nnj body, or the rent of mankind,
Jljoonulmrir. Nov cinhf r 10. ltl 0.
it Ii KK WOOM .S All Y
Important .UUUimw & Improvements.
Autumn Tcrmto Commence Auust 12, Itfil,
'1M1IS liiiiltiitluii which Inn tit-en in nurceful opera
I tfnn Iwr th. pji ti'ii ). us. Itt about undtrfoiiiz a
vnry Important renovation, iu order to plricu it on l more
Ftnbltj has la than cvor, n.i.l pn -mt facilities whu fi nru
not iiiirpaM'Ml hy ordinary At-adfini.B in NoiiIuth l' nn
s)lvnnti. Amont tlio liiipr'jvriiK'i.ts will hi: u larc
llirf(?'ftoriod huiliing which ui'l tivc much additional
room and irrcit -r coiueiiieiicen fur board trs , u co.imo
iHoup hall for u tcctuio rouni and putdic exerciica, ton
venieU tiass rooms, a library and i lading roumcont lilt
in? a cabinet of lninurnU and curiosities, bath rooms,
.tf. An pxncleusud and thorouvhl) 1 mi lift J J cl.uial
teacher and lo-turer vvitl b. at lln hvdil of llto lluard of
lnitructioit, hut ilic 1'tiucipal nill h ivc tlio g'-u'-'rnl en
pcriut'Midfiict of the i.iftitutl jii and ustniina a feharu cf
lliu utiiiCB 01 m'cinn?. itfsuiar km lurts mhi iu utn
ered upoti ario 's scicnliljc eulijectn, tm wtllni upon
the theory and pr.tice tf teathiiiR, and a Normal Clann
of young uk 11 pn J wj.n who wuh to piahfy them
tfflvea tor tfiuhors' prnfueHoti, will rcculve cupetial at
teniiou and as si stance
Tli" conrst ot hifitrurtion In the Ffhool w ill bo tho
rough andeyttcmatic, calculated to embrace thu ari-n
itranciifsoia iirncvicai cuuranon. .impic in)isnn win
ha male for the tUudv of the hicluT nnilMMiutii-H. the
elucidation of 1'hysics, and the .Natural HckiiLtfc, by
mean of fultihle aynaratus, and for lli"tudyof tho
Latin, Creek, und Orniaii Ian p unpen, to i-nabh Mudents
to 'luajify tliciiiselve) for cominen-iai and Biirntillc pnr
nilt. or to enter unr cla? i at cidhe.
The country location tftlm tvuiiuary in a pleasant
village, in a iieaitny am u)uri-uiuK neiniii-iiniuon, wui
know n fur the elevated ton of its moral ceiitiirn'ot, nnd
whera tho )upils arc not eurroumied L) iiiobf icmirai-
iziiig ianutiKCH, nnd lempiauuiis lounu in our mien,
lartrur towns and nianv other localities, v.-itli no outfiilo
Influences to divert their attention from literature and
the work of mental ruitun prcnuuts attrattions und in
duceiiM'i.ts toconsiderulc arenU emulous ttudfi'.", uel
dttiii found aurrii'indinn Lime srhotds and nca lui.ies
The l.iterarv .ocKtvalsri, one of the oldest aud be ft
conducted iu this settiou of rountry, pret-tniit nn nltrac
tivo feature and ustiul uuilliary, to a racticai cduia
Tho iniprovciucnti will be under the immediate charge
of an efficient Hoard of Trustees, appointed by tho Sem
inary company, ami win uo conipieieu in nine mr uic
Autumn term, to n. Ihc l.'tfi of Anpubt next.
While thankful for onot iiatrouaio wo wish to iiK-rit n
cnjit'mianre of timMar favors, as vc intend to include a
hither pradu and wider range ornmtruction ve refpect
fully solicit a careful examination into our facilities and
T K II M S :
roardinff. vvashinir. tuition, lichtu and incidental cx
peiisc, for one uuartcr of eleven weeks, will be Thirty
Ujl'ars, one half payable in advance the other Imlf
and all tuition hills will he expected promptly at the ex
piritiou of each (juarter,
Items :
Iioardins, with furniched rooms, mis iunrter C.'Xl
Tuition in common Knglih branches 5,(j0
includinz Mathcmaiica and Itnok Kccpine
by DouUc Lntry ' fi.OO
Tuition iu Katlu, Croek.nrid German ctra J,IW
Wusbme, Liijlitd aud incidental expensce.
one fjuarter, 3,UC
Those who desire toprocuro Bchotarshlps or attend by
the var, will bn accommodated at a reasonable discount
and .tudcnts wishiiiK to procure rooms ehoutd make
8fHoinblc application.
Fur further particulars nddress,
WM. llUItansa, Principal.
MiIUlll., I'cnn'a.
fiEonoE Masters, J, K. Kves. )
Dr. A. 1'. IIlllck, L'llis KvErJ, Trustees,
IIesjiui.v k. Kves. )
itiiii vine, may -4.1, itui,
Enlcrlujiiiucni fur Man nml IVast, In gaud stylo
anil nt imnlerutc rati-s.
IlKUl'.Ci: U ntELZU, rrorrictor.
Danvlllo Marcli, 1.-01. .
BLOOMSIIURO cheap cah Ftor opain replenished
with a fresh nock of 47AT7 f006-vvu arc
now prepared to odlr to tho public a very hamhwmo lot
of Spring und Summer lioods at uaual low prices, for
Como along with your cash and rrodure.
11. U, & I. W. HAHTMAN
March 13, UC1.
sxjjHftMS mm
tTilli: I'roprictorof this well-known and centrally loca
I ted House, tho Kxciiakuu Hotel, situato on Mm
Street, iu Kloomshitrir. imiiiediaitly o-inosito the Coluni
bia County Court House, respectfully Informs his friciuitt
ana tlio puuiic in (.' ncrai, tuai ins nousc is now in or
tier for the reception and entertainment of traveler nliti
may let I Uu posed to favor it with thtir cubtoui. lit has
spared no c-peuhe in preparinz Uiq Kx(iunoe, for Hie
tnttrtaitimtut of his guests, neitlur shall there be any
thin? v.auliuir f on his Mirt) to minitter to their
comfort. His hutuc is spacious und enjoys an excellent
busiuiiis lutation.
ir" Oumibuies run at all timci between the r.xchnnpp
iioiLi unu ma vuntniH uau iv'ua jiepois, iy wuun ir.iV'
tiers will Ijj pleasantly convejed to end from the re-
spcctivc ciauona in cue nine 10 uieci i no uars.
JUooinsburff. July 7, le-GO
DItKSS jzootls, Silks, Oaiicoos, Shawls
and all Kinds of dry goods fur sale thti-ipir than
su'il at
OETTEIl Sugars nt lOcts.pcr lb. than
a uuen soiu ai iicvm ior 1111 uusi jenr at
S T O 1! E .
mioir.s.ti.r. m-v
Tho undersigned :esprctfully Informs tho citizens cf
jfioomsiturfr. nnn uh- puuuc in guu-rdi, uiai no nan ptir
chased tho A"Jr it.iV bTUUlU iu the w hit- framt- nure
house, on .Main tin-fi, neany oppomo me i;tihiin(;t
suildm?B, vvheru he has Just received a e'luulnl a
rortmeut oi
Direct from the Mauuructurii-,Gf all kimlfl, ttylc eorig
nml .17.. Ute.t fUfllmiiB.tvllkll Lciiri.r. Uliolii.jlii nml
Ly-Tht.uUogJi uillLctoMnt very lopricc lor
ajy " . ,.,
lUooni.bur?, Octottr 7, l.GO.
I q .j jt j.j N
0 II O T E L.
I Till undersigned,, respr-ctfutly informs his fn-'iidw
ami tne puuuc i-imraiiy, uiai ne ims opemiu a housi If
i the vnV'rtaiuuiuil i f ui-totiKr-5 and travel rs at HKIM
NO.Iu Ur ten wood towushiit, Colnmhiu County, (ubout
iffl ilotcl.
WllBfQ helsiirenared t a i Ut ntil.lli. .nJ
f. '" "' ir t.u..ouMo general nt
j SwMl Martll Mi 1SC1, '"" oott-
rplir. retpcclfully inform, his friends and
L eld customers mat no lias opened
ICd U SllOtl U.I .MfllS
Btrcct, a few doors above Hie 1'ork's Hotel, in lllooius-
hurs, vvlwrc lie designs ccutiauing lira
Oi'll I IlllNU IIUOliN J'sBH.
In all It, various tranches, at low prices, and ou on cn
lsrged scale, and solicits the pullie patronage
lc. rouuee, uraiu, ecc., generally luacu lor vvors.
lilgemivur;, ntfit, iciav.
i.ivnit t:onii-i, AIAT,
And the various nuVctions touscjuont tipoa a tlliordcroi
SToniACEi on liver,
Fucb m Indlrpctlon, Acidity of the tomich,ColIcV,vralnfl,
DpnrU'Urii, io cr jvppctuc, Lvponuoiify. iwimmiiwh,
I'.llnd nnd Klwlinff l'llcs. In all Nervous houmfitir, ft til hns In nimictmis Inxtvnrt tuovii
highly 1-cnefirlal, and In uttiein effort ed. a decided enro.
iitii h a purely vpgcisuio cerwiuni. preprjeu on tincii j
srleutlfle principles, after tho lnnnncr of Uio eclebratud
Ikllinit 1'rofi.wor, UiTrliavc. Its rcputition at homo 1 ro
tlHced Its Jntrotluetlnn herct tbo demand conmincInc vtth
tboH ef tho I'alhprlnntl scattered ovtr tha fieo of this
t.iIkMv country, wanv cf whom brought with thum and
handed, down the tr'lltlun f It value. It i'j new tflirttl
to tUt American puMir, lnmviii that iU truly wonuiifut
medicinal t-irtu't viutt I acl nowMficd.
It Is portloularly rccomnicndod to those r-erwm wlioee
ccntltuth'ns tuny bare been Impaired by thfl continuous u
of nrdt nt f-plrlt or other forms of ditwlpntlnn. (lont-rolly
limf intaneous Iu c fleet, It Ends Its way directly to the eeut
tf life, thrllllnp nml quickening cv try nerve, rnlploj up the
I'rooping spirit, aud, I u f ict, lafiislng new health und lgur
u me jRitmi.
MIUCI WhoTtreTpcti to f,nd this a Letr-rago whl
bi dlKappcdiittilt but to the nick, weak nnd low F' Irlted. It
will 1 rove a prattful aromatic cordial, vci-suted cf bluguhu
leuiedlal rcptrlks.
Tim Oemilno Mirhlv concent ri to 1 rrrhaTh's ItMInnt
Illtteisls put up In lalfjlnt I titles only, nnd letidul nt
0E liotUK ir MlK rr hix tottlcs for KnEDomm. Tho
prent demand f-r this truly celebrated Mcdlchif has la tureJ
unny liiiitatkns, whkk the pulllo sliould giuid autt
t, 7r Uewaro cf Impniltlcn. Eco (hit cur uamo U on tho
14 1 1 uf uveiy Iwttlo you buy.
E.tld It Dni7eiti ce n orally. It can be fcrwarfitd
by Express tu molt pcluts.
80LK riiorniKTOiis,
J)Iiiu-maitiisls nnd Olhcml'ifS;
.'orSilelyO M, II.iliUnUi, Ilrujzi-t. l:loimjl)i:rg T.l
itliJVi:!) M Hill ('i.-limf rrel.
ii'i'.l altocti third Vhlailtlt'hm. lia,f un
-ilv'i.&.r uiul si 1'irci' iipsurtiiirut r'ir-'
' it VvifS ft ','"'"f l""r s!''1 ,lua" lcr Fjf'
1! .iS'l&3t I--", mm ilonrs, fur brink, uu.l
P'Si. Etore, irun linlt'Trt Iron i.nIi, all
VtPV ',5frTv' Makes tif locks e'lual tu miy umJo
in tlio llnih'.l f-'t.itos.
f iru kfifi . in fit e Mr, .III came out rizhl; irilA few
tent id poml rortilttlit w.
'Jlio tsalamanaer Hales cl ntilauuinllia nsaingt 1UC
have had the purest demostration in th-- following cer
tificate that tlx'ir inaiiuf irturc of Hilamander Sif.-s'
nt length fullv warranted tht- rt-presi'iit itn-ns whidi havu
b" ii uiaIi of thnu as rendering an undoubted bocurity
airuinst Hit tcrrlOc tleuieiit.
rhilailrlphi.i April 13.
V,.iirs U'atw OcnllcmL-n-It nlbirrts us
thn hinhcet natisfiction to ftato to jou, tliat ownt'to
the very protective qualitits of two of tho f alamand r,
Safes which we purclrtd of you some five itiouih bIucc
we raved n lnr::r portion of jow lry, and all our Imt-Iti,
Stc, expobcd to thf a1.iiiiinous,fire InUansload pluce on
tli' moriiing of tlio 11th iut..
Whfn wo redact flut lh"st paft-s Wfr3 located in tho
fmiriti pfory of tho huildini; wtt orcnpK'd an 1 that tliey
fi'U ttiibfe-pirnily inton heap nf Imrriinc ruins, when tho
vast conccnlrntiiiii of the hent caused the lr;iM plaii s to
melt, v v caittitit but regard thoprentvntioii tli'.ir vul
LliLlo contents a timst rnnvincilii! I roof if tliu uruit te
tunty aiftrdeii by our s.ifis.
vv u snail U'K crvai pn'nure in recoinmen.ini; tii"ni to
men of buin a n a mre rLliine asaint lire.
(ir.OKCi; A. HIMMUNBA 1!1(0., JeictUerS.
D7"Thev have bince pnrchasjd til large tiafes.
Ansustso, i;y.
'VllV, tindertiirned is also est' nplvtly cn?a?rd In the
.1 UnJrrtnliitfT llutiinrs. nnd kt enarnnRlitiitlv on hind
nd for bale at his Wardrooms, u largo (ibHoitmrnl of
Hy whirh ho Is einhh'd m hi) orders on presentation
aLSO-KveiiB n l'Oo.i iiorse niui lie
Also -Keeps a roo.i Morse and Hoarse, and vvill at al
times bii ready to attend TuucM,
'"simos c. smvi:.
liloomtburj:, Janunry O. 1Bj9
U. 8, Trust Company.
Corner of Tnirtl and Chestnut Sts., Phili,
Iuiui. and niifiii sunn r'civci ami paii oacK nn
J demand without notff. with l'iv r. iEa hat Isita
K4T from the day I di pogft tntho tiny of withdrawal.
Omtt lloi-m rroui it tiuiil .1 o'clock every day, axd
on MoDiV l'vt-MMi. from 7 until '. orlork.
rrosi(ient-Kri;t'nr..v u. cuAvruiiu,
Treasurer 1'i.isv 1'isi:.
Teller James Ji. llunUr.
Stephen R. Crawford,
lleiijamiii V Tinsley,
I'.uil It. CouJanl, .M. IK
Patrick Itrady,
Jaun's D.'ktrt-'nux.
Dnnit I Iteidlrmati,
I e or ire Juukin,
AlfxVrt'. Hart. M, P.,
William M, Cndwin,
It. FrauKliu Jachsotii
Thoum T.,
Marcli lei'J ly.
And folit-its n i-h ire nf public patronage.
Orrit K, (in .Mam Street, llret hoUbu hclow tho Court
IIoiims Hhtomi-tuKr.
thruiry J, lf'Sj tf.
JS A S V. I & SO?
WllOl.r.SAI.E DRALr.lld I
rilaiiiilat liirt il & i.cnl' 'I'obncco,
11, E. Corner of Front and Arch Streets,
Aiirnt'R luntN.
jtMMM. mni. 1 riIIl.Al)i:i,l'HIA.
March Jl), 1-u) l.'in.
.IrcA rrf(, Move Third.
TIIH situation ot thin lloti-l rendtrn it one nf the most
convenient fur thonu who nro visilini! riiiladclilu.i
nil biu-ine ; while tu thohc )n eeun lief jib ami re, the
cimvt.intly pass in nnd rf'iaffriiiff City Jliiihwiy rnrH,
and tlmite in close pruiimjty, all'ord a rht-ap and leus
untri'le to nil jdacei of intcrist and amueeiaint in or
ummi wie cny.
Tho jironnetor givei aasurnnce that "The LrnInnM
snaii im Kej.i wiui mien tiiiirurn-r as vvni meet puLlic
ll, and would rcsperlfullv ROlicil. cenerul pal.
UITON IS Nj:VrO.Ml:il.
fSS, 1500-13-ji, lToprutor.
1 (.'lirunrv
T f Just received from New York a larct, and pii
perior lot of the above named article lor tho r-priuc trade
at prices ranging from tit cent, per picm to 75 cent,.
II. U.& 1. W.lMltTAtAN.
nioouilbur;, r.l,. S3, 1-tl.
. T T . r. . -wr in . ..nnn ,
i i. J Ju.t received Something new in that lino, Call
Bloom, bur;, V.eb. S3, ISCt.
T-F00P Skirts in nbuudanco from 4 lets I
iLsnd ppwtril, for sale at HAKTMAN8. I
Ayor's Sarsaparilla
A compound remedy, la vliich wo liavc la
Iwicd to pic luto tho most clfcctuul nltcrativo
tliat can 1)3 made. It is n conctntrntnl extract
of Tola Sarsopnrilln, fo combined with other
iutunce of fllll greater alterative power as
to afford an effective antidote for tho diseases
Saisapntilhi fo reputed to cure. It Is believed
that such n lcintdy la wnnted by tlioso who
suffer from Strumous complaint!, and that one
which ill aci nmplish their euro must provo
of inimciiM! tetvieo to tlii, largo elaa of our
alilieted fcllov.cltlzni. How completely this
compuund v ill do It has been proven by exper
iment nn many of tho wort cases to bo found
of tho following conuilnintfl:
bcuorutA and Utfitot'CLors CoMrr.Atxrs,
Hiivrnoxs and liuorrivu Uiscasej, Ulceus,
1'IHI'LES, llLOTCIirs, TUMOllt, SVLT ltllEUM,
Scald HnAD, Svrmi.ii anij Svruiurio Ar
ri.cuoNi, lLitci!ittAi,l)isr;Asit, Dnorsv, Nr.u
UAt.oiv onTia Doulouueux, Ueiiiuty, Dvs
lirin and Indiocsiiok, Unvsirir.AS, Jlosn
on Sr. Akihoxv's Viuk, and indeed tho vhola
class of voniplaints nriting from Isu'UiUTY or
inn Dlood.
This compound will bo found a great pro
moter of health, when taken in the ppring, to
expel tho foul humors which fester in tho
blood at that fonson of tho year, liy tho time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
lite nipped In tho bud. Multitude, can, by
the aid cf this remedy, tparo themselves from
tho endurance of foul eruptions nnd ulcerous
ecio, through which tho fystcm will strho to
lid iuelf of corruptions If not assisted to do
this through tlio natural channels of tho body
liv nn nltcratlvo medicine. Cleanse out tha
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
bursting through the tkiii in pimples, eruptions,
or sores! cleanse it when you lind it is ob
structed nnd tliif-'gL-h in the veins ; tlonnso it
whenever it in foul, nnd your feelings will tell
vou when. Iach whero'no particular dUorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and livo
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep tho
blood healthy, and all fo well i but w ith this
pibulum of 'life disordered, there can bo no
lasting health. Sooner or later something
mut ro wrong, and the great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown.
Sarsaparilla has, nnd deserves much, tho
reputation, of accomplishing these cnifo. llut
tho world has been cgrcgiously deceived by
preparations of it, portly because tho drug
alone has not all tho irtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to bo coucentiated extracts of it,
contain but little of tho irtue of Sarsaparilla,
or any tiling chc.
During late years the public havo been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give n quart
of Extract of .Sarsapnrilln for one dollar. Most
of these have been fiauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if tiny, Sarsapa
lilla, but often no curative propcities whatev
er. Ilcncc, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed tho uo of tho oriuus extracts ot
iSarsnparilla which flood the market, until tho
name itself is justly despised, and has become
tynonvmous with impoMtion end cheat. Still
wc call this compound Sarsnpaiilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy ns shall lcscuo the
name from tlio load of obloquy which rcst3
upon it. And we think wo have ground for
believing it has virtue which are irresistible
by tho ordinary run of the diseases it is intend
ed to cure. In order to scenic their complete
eradication front the system, tho remedy should
be judiciously taken accenting to dilutions ou
the bottle. n
l'ltErAUED nv
DIt. J. C. AYE 11 A CO.
Price, $1 per Ilottle Elx liottlcs for Q5.
Aycr's Cherry Pectoral,
has voa for itself such a icnown for the cure of
every laticty of Throat and Lung Complaint, that
it it tnlirdv unnecessary for us to iciout.t the
niilcncc of 'its virtues, vlicrcv,r it has been em
I'luuil. As it has lone been in constant use
throu'hcul this section, vie need not clo more than
assure the people its quality is Ktpt up to the Lest
it ever ha3 that 'it maybe relied onto
do for their relief all it has iter been fjund to do.
Aycr's Cathartic Pills,
ron the cot.e op
CMtirciuss, Jaundice, Pyyij'sia, IntUacsiiem,
Dysentery, Juul t-tomaeh, Lrysipilas, lhailaehe,
J'ilcs, HUumeitism, Vntpticnt and i'lin Diseases,
I.icer Complaint, Dropsy, Titter, Tumors and
Hilt lllicuin, Worms, (lout, Niuralyia, as a
Dinner 1'iU, anil for Vitrifying the JSloocl.
They are EUgtr-coatctl, no that the most sensi
tite can take them pleasantly, ami they arc tho
best aperient in the woild for all the purposes of a
family h) sic.
Price 5 coats p:r Eos; Tivo boxes for 51.00.
Cieat numbers of Clcrgjmcn, Physicians, States
men, and eminent personages, havo lint their
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
lcnicdics, but our space here will not permit the
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur
nish giatls our Amcuicak Almanac in which they
arc given', with r.l .0 full ilcacriptbns of the above
complaints, and tho that should Lc fol
lowed for their cure.
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers with
other pteparations they inako mine jrofit on.
Demand Avuu's, ond tako no others. The sitl:
want the best aid there is f di them, and they should
havo it.
All our Itcmctlics arc for sale by
II. P. I.utz. J. 11. Mover, fl. M. Itiurciiliiirli, lilonm'tmrc
A. .Miller, Her wick, and ty one etore iu c try town in
nine) iruum.
Geneva! Commission merchants,
IibAtlRit IN
I'Jsh, I'rovMnns. Hour, llutt'T, riifeee, Oils, Dried
1 ruiip, unuu, ru'eds, ne una, vviiieKey, wool,
Country Produce and McrchaudWo
No. 3-1 NoitUI H'UAHVLS, l'lItLAT tU'IHA.
V7" Coneiirnments rf frnvlsm, Thmr and Count rv
i roiiurc polluted, mid returns j roinjitty nude, (.'ubli
advanced v. Im-u denn-d.
OlinniM f.r all Mul of rili, Troviiona, Hour,
uiieu i rmia. .e , nilou at the lowctl La?h li ires.
August 1, lci.0 Urn,
rpiir. undirnicned rpsiiertfully In form i hi rd friendl
J n'ld cit'iueM. tint h ha oirclned Ijh hn-tln-ri
inti ri-ct in the nlNtv.) tMMihiaeut,mi 1th" roureru vjl
hcroaft'r Le rondurt d ty hmnflfi rlu.-iv ly.
K U"- li' J't rLLOiwd and oilers inr nl the larjr
GjLl e-t mid m.ibt eiteiio-ve ur. urtmc ut ef V A N t y
jjjgy i5T O V iiH i vi r introduced into thu niarktt.
liii etnek cuimim of a com lele nh-orti.t.'nt of
tlio h-8t Conkinj a .nt parlor (.love in Hie market, lot th
rrwithHtiive ruiuret, nf everv defttriiUhm, on n nml
U. Htuvuif, Uuili;iitr l'j! HUivcn, '.it Iron Air
Tjitht M'VC4, t'uu ion fiiui i, etc., &c. hiovi pipe uiul
j i ii ii an,- loiiim iiiuj' un iiiiuu huh uutniii.urirei! in timer.
ciit-tonuirn re-
FnedfilllV Mdlilted.
.. M. JlLi'lIUT.
JJloo.iiahurg, November 3d 12G0.-
PnyslherntlrJ cr for Tuitnmin tlio imifat popular and
nucrci.ful Uomni'-rcial Kthoolln Hie miuitry. rpward
of Tivelvu lluiulred )uun men from tvvt nt -i jlit thif
erent Htut Iiavi In-mi udumteil lur butinenn h-rw vvjili
f n thu past three e!irt(. ioitit of whnni have beuu nn
Vlojxdaa Uont. kt-tpert at taiarie uf
82000.00 per Annum,
Immedlautyupon trrndtiating, vvlm Knew nothing ofnc
count win ii tliej tnterrilth' Colb si.
t r Almiterti s-mnhalf prire, f'tiideiit! enter nt any
tlm',and review whmi they plfiise, without t'ltrarlnrfe,
J'or CatalnKue .,f fiijiaueK, Bpriiimniof i'rf. t-'owli)'
I'usinekBuud (irnamental l'cniiunHliii, nnd a large
fnviiig I ilic Cnlleirit, nulotu twenly-fiveci-nt. iu I'ttt
age Hluiiijtj tu tho IVii.f ipal.
JUMUNri acHJIITil, rittkLur&li.lM.
Jan. 5, 1CI ly.
... . tt
( Alilt .1 Al l'Ai I
TUcIT received from Ihe manufactories III l.oston, an
!" orlUlo riiu,.Cei.illciit lii.ilily. niiaIleni.'o roinpt.
1 as 10 iyr and ;,rlrr. 'Ilie iiuili rM;ni it will kit p
I ("iiuirn m iiiiin 11 (lit)- m inc
ft. lou til. l.nnil nt,,l
the only i:,,enetieed PsriR II vkosk .n this rleclloil of
the County- ui. emy l.iui..iie Block an Ciaminaiiou
lieforo I'.irchasii,;.
L'allutllupeitroit Offiro.
r.looiashurs March iii 181 .
Wk?,STa.Il4 BIO 1 SJ5i,
0, 11, 10 ami 15 OomtlaDd street,
May 1, 1H3
and roit inc f.rixDT cene or
irorrousPrcstration, Gencrtl Beblllty, Atthma,
Eyspettla, rcrofula, llaratmus, Paralysis,
Chrouio Etonctitis, Anemia, Chlorosis.,'
niid all EiMrdtrs cftto Elood Eystcu.
(ovrmrnos h the iiot tatai. ftotoc or
M tVKlS'll. H In, Iten tru'y re;ar(!M ta av itota.
lUEUAunT rcwc.crFurvlvli.clliiultitlt. " ";''?
fHe kMs mm row." ny, Pr. (uerrntil, ''UA
JKlllll'llIANONr, JIAIA' til' All. Till . A 'I W I -l.ATIONV,flnotclvllizc,lrorr.rninUI-sl'l
1,1.-111.1 Hill
PMIAi-i:." tluita u-l rouiuicnlary in lUo LcasU'J
Ilic hrlliU'it inmovpry of Tr. ( hurt 1.111, marto to tno
ImmTlnl Atn 1, my of J!, .lleliit, cf I'arK, lias vrnv,,J an
i, .imtdUhm u tlwworM. I'y tho w it this iww
iuj,l iwuv,I rime Iiul l.r.own to tlnmlnry f.s
"Ho CURE of CONSUMPTION', even In tlio
C'Ocond nnd Third Huirc.(nt n rcrloi!, ILcMfurc,
wh."ii there enn Le no Aonht n. to tl e iintnre of
tit lll.Mi.c) l the Iirlt wl.llo DEATH II THE
KXCKI'TIUX." - - "I i;OtV,"fny lr. t'
"thnt llit-y tilll prove not only o f-UItll A HOt
EUV In CO.VSt SII'TlO.S c (Inlnlno l In Iiittr.
mllldit Fever, hut nlnu n cITvetuiil n rHESlIli.
t'AUVE iia Vnc.luntlon lit tituilt 1'ox."
I?tno rufTorcr, who valine l.ealih nni lifo, delay r.n
Iimrt,itrylliUriicdy. JiomcniUr tint irovn.lloii
U holler tli in euro." I'owareof relf Uicei'tl n,crtl.3 astironeo er frlcuila tint " 11 ii only u titIs
r,M' " inialcrrorlomyri.idswl.or.ov.'fllli-rcmiluro
cmvw I Give, I entreat you , prompt ntientioa to tLo
"Ami Tiuyr PlllNS hiuix luuow TItEll." .VurL
"Ihoetili tjni,uicrtuhereuliir lUfloaeo lawAXMi.
Itjrt.-,,ccoUiili,and H la cm Ilor, In i!ut if timo,
IUd Uio i.ixT.r. H H first roaulf 'Stcd In tho ,i.e ami
hmli. Tlio m j'cular tfiauo vracto ; heuco MivlnY :
thcro 11 afcnsocrBomethlng wrong nnliirlhatuta
Mr.L l-owxii.1 jir.u fiaggino. Tl.o lca.(ti or Iho ILirg
lnuchlno l-i moro acllvo than Uaicwir." r. J'iIIikI..
" If,,i.7.ow(anun'virenf faw.v,or nndtr tho Infiuerco
cf causes which Indued wUKMifl and I jeuaiti in ;,mli
r.3t na(,(7n'-, c,witv,rt,jru,irviii"fy,rl,ii luniy,
nuriny, f.71,1 grtnilh, cr rl, w rcioct ry Jt o. thirase,
ii iK-rwrn Implns to loso hla fie"-h, Ftrcncth, col, r, ir
njl'tltoi If ti15 ruffera from thr.rtn si cf Irmih, cr
it -. team's, and cspi nonces n pi-ncral fvehoK i f lui
puornr,,lc!,7,ru m,llintU 13 r.l-VNl.V TO ll.tlt Hat
he il vlreaity j-rnii posed to ths cftmpUttnt. If to thcij
tynipU'lnl ho aidotl cohoa, hnwovi r Bli):l.t, pnrtlcul.irly
it it Ins cumo nn s'ouly, cr durlrir tho luir Fea..on,
TUU V1.CII1AE1IJ1V 13 tHllVTnt MILL." VhtaiKtll.
"If, nn tho ccillcot nppenrnu-ro of thtno (.tuns of
CuQfiunirdn, the ratlcut taken Onlly ithout ten
Cratiia uf the nYPOrnOSnilTrfl, l.c Vf III vallr
pco tli cm nil AJfiappGcr In a rcrloU varying ficui a
few weeks to a Uw months j nJ by -eoutluuliic tho
ocroItiuiil iifc of the Kimnty, HE WILL CITED
ily riMD mrjsELr in Tim rirjoTiiriiT op
know;; is ins lu t: jinroKc
"Winchester's Genuine- Preparation"
is nnn onta JtrxiAiux
Term cf Pr. CTiurclilH'4 Urmcdy Mad from tlio
original rrmuLi. Tho ncLlnucf tho Uj ixiplmtiihitca
l3Two-oijaud Fjicciflo : t.'inwijtlie irmtfi Iokhii
co.vfTiTtTM mbvuiu roncE, nnd tbey tho viti
uiwu llio tubercular touditlnn la IMMKtdATE, Ait tub, BTMiTOMa nisii'i Eirjta vrmi a um-nv mai
13 UEAi it m m:vu r.ri. liny itli-re tlio ccvuhytUminUh
CTpcctornticD, improve tlio nrpctlte, crrt itlarrl.n a ;
tlio t.fU nvt.aU. cUiitt, nnd m cento ; tbo Luirvtb
Itcwitf leji-lar, and tiiB buzlp cai.m am ntorot.NTJ.
Bl WARE of Scfivs .'(wtlrolvrrtlPfd ns Tr.
aiuri.liiirs,aiidiilloUur MVINPUXti HKYKIS torcb
tuiTercMcrtlielr menu, lorfncinvt fimct aud batten a
i .iTAt, KirtT. ii ito to wo lur UIXTLAllS, and for
Dr. Churchill's Treatise on Consumption,
vliidi contain tin vnl; rvlhcniie ir'Anndficti In rcpnrd
t j this NEW THlTilKNT. fent iktE to all liifjuircrs.
riUCEi In'7 and IC-ob. Hoitlcs, $l'"cnd ff3 eflGh.
Throo larc, or tlx emnll for T3. My foe-sJniilo la
oa both tho Latol and Oulaldo Wrapper.
rCT nt cor.foirad this IVmcdy with tho fo rallcj
CLcrolcaU'ood;" nnd imlicuUrly avoid all irriara
t Ions containing iron, v bicli is n VNdmn 3, i.r d tUi itivr
i' , which lias io criiATiv n rncrtavrv v iiatevi-r.
-'n1d by tho mo?t rrtpw tiblo UniFgista thro-tslinut
pUnltnl Mates nndllritlsh rrorlnci h, and AVliulcsalo
ItUKciail at tlio General Ucjot in tho Lnited Ptattsy
J. VINCIlESTEB, CO John Street, IT. Y.
March P, lsfll.
Light ILight ! Light !
v a 11 a c n n
coal en. BinisfUia .ni) urn's foh
nun king
i.'oai,. ki'.iui-t.m:. mi i-akuon nn..
rillir. li-t. linirl I ril'.l int. lull rl,'llst pi rl.lhlc lllllll
L nn' in ih No tiiuu.'r i,f , pliMimi nn I cluapor
III ill Hal I, rtrl oil, tiTiii oil or cuuil'li'Uio,
tefirKUUAIi IU li,i"iai
Without 111'1 i'p, ll -f ,mh fuliiM 8. Tho i.liove I,:ilns
(v. nil nil their I un y triiiiiinu'!) i tin he ii n mill hnimlit
,lt llie ol,l pel 11,1111, -,l llril-' uu.l i ll''lil,"ill More ol 1 lie
underrii'iii'il. ilr Hatters lu'iiNflflliat Irom !ih I'uis ex.
puriT'in.' in Hi'1 flrui' 11,0. lie Kunu how anil uhi re to
im) , 1111, 1 is 1I1 11 riniiieit not to he iwi'lemolil I... any one in
Iflooimhure, or Mirmiiii,!ii!r" exiinlri . t.'ull anil teo 111.
new an, I , II to leit, ,1 ttoi Ii of
uuum. air.iiMiNus mi imii'.miuai.h. paivk
VAIlMr1!!!;.-", UVr.i'TL'riy. Dll.l? (ll.AUS
I'lloM 7MI lo'.'lv'lll. rilnXTH)A.
KIIH. I'llKriJMCIlV "Nil
1'ANcv -ion r.r. An
tum.iw rtiu
AesIM Urniuls, l'lilfut li'iliri not. nf t virv v arte tv In na-
l.i vwTe, finirt ) f'r iiicdn 11 imiIv. I liiid.riitiinlini'
Carbon Oil. Turpi' iitiu nnd Alodiol. Trnirei'B Hliuutdi-r
Urntrfl nnd Ahdoinnml Mip'iortori. Hiirfiinil nml Ii.mi
til lntrmncr.t, H;ili n.iil tnd l-mtli Urn In id, ( nmptit-n
plirfj V Moinn-itiitiiM' Kcnirdi (;,irdi-n, t'.tnarv. Il.irii1
and Ili'iii'i Hirdn, I Iivriimiiii U-rn, proof pl.tstt II. iron n
ii'Minvr i'iiii' iiiiimi-H r., tec,, m:;euior v mi uio
laigc-rt uiul 1 1 1' 11 t varied uti&urUm'iit of (Jtrnian Taj b and
ver l.rimshttotliiB pl.trc, all rf vvliicli rail and
'l and jim niu"t h-'lfv e.
lliivins li'nriH'.l by m fnt rirncc tint "lonsr credits
will nut keen l(iiiistj ui(iviiit'," I havo dcuriimad to
tocai-lil uyrii, tit make it nn bjeit to tlinn ns vvrll ns
tho m.lK'r to ileal o.i Iho cash jinntinle, cither nioiit-y ur
Tfei ly trade.
llaviiifr Ei nd n rcpular npprtnticet-liiii nt tho Drcs
and Apothecary biikiHcttit, teidi'H Invini; mrtied it on
for th- tau ijlit 'i'ii KnrK, mi ny own hook, I tl.itti r 1 .1111 aM. to do Jurticn to all j,im? me a
trial, 'llrinklul t the public for vi favurs, 1 would
rinka on tli--ufw priin'iple, mid will guarantee to
nil, that it will mii'io (ru tna, mid pay beet in Din
iMd to p.iy c.if.!i .tnd buy ut reduced priu-s.
I'll YSlUlANd l'llKSi 'ltllTIONS
cir-f illy coitiiionnili J, nn 1 all or.lcrii correctly anau creil.
Al nieilieiiii.i. cu iraiiteod a. recoiuin'-nile.l, t-lure Itoom
on Main htri . l, near Murket, ueit iloor to thu 1'o.t of.
fice, ItlooiiioInirB, Uoluinhia tuuntv. l'.i.
lililUAIM I'. I.UTZ.
AujiifH, 1SC0,
1 lillt", but olli-n fillH th. pur.
JIA.M.MX B.VI(J I t XI) Mo, lite South
1 rourih Nrett. b. tvM'Lii Cie,tniit and Walnut
I'ltilnihlphin, pa) e all d poaits on dutnnnd. f
rifiturh' ui'iiiLy ateiirnl by Ui'Veninicnt Stato1
an.l City I.o.uih, (Iruun.l Ueiit, MoitKnafd, Uc. I
Tin ComjMiiy tiffins t..iUiy bdiir lliuu larce
prnnu, coiim -ucj.tly vv ill run mi rUk w iih ili'imi.
torn' money, but have it at nil timi-a r..ii,K- in ri n.,i.C
t wilh 5 per rent, interest tn the owner, as th) have c
alvvnyi dune. Thia tompauy ntver suipeiided. S3
i V . ' "',",vu r mien', nun .mnvrn, tan no-
piitf t in tlu-ir itvvu ruin, uu.l Futh depwbiti catibej
iiiliiiitu.lll "llij nil if ItlJIv'fH. -
Charter pepLtual. Inrorporated by thePtate o(Z
1'eiiuoylvnui.i, with authority to receive money S
from truktei s and I'vrcutord.
.ami; hM.u.1. sum iincrMTj).
Ollice oiicil itaih from tl to 'A n'dru 1.. 1 en UV,l
,nesday t v cu-m until o't l.iclc.
Jirol, It. Shannon. l!.,,,, rn,lniu,iA
'John, fieoteu ltiisell. '
Malarhi W. Moan, Kdivurd T. Ilvatt,
Lewis Krun.ld.nrr, llenrvlllil.iny,
XlClltlljS Itlllf.Ill.on.n. Vn,,,.,n W.HI....
Jos. II. riiiiheitJnvaiie, Kplmani Waiiihard.
J"b,-pll I.ippilieolt.
. JAL.Ill II. Ml.WNON. rrsident,
CYRI-S rAntVAI.I.AIJUi:, Treasurer.
Marcli 1.', l-OU-lJm.
"A Dollar saTod"is twice earned."
"Nov. snucu. ' " "
(Lato Whllo ,wan,j
Match 5, H01-t3m.
,1,1, , ii it It t i III i. -.IV ir
? ii';,,!;n!:,,:,,!,rii
Known an .
J 1 JL' I A U AJL4- '
t.nnn'rv WT'l'Dim
l'tlQiMX UlllljHB.
,,;a Mmllrino. I.a.c now l,uti before tlio puU c for
3d Jir,. nml il'i'lun h la,, 'r.'i',!: V- Vo1"
.1. .i..nrt.r iii :iiino.t cvirv nail oi ino rn,iiRiii,i! neni
(I l rln 1 of ail J't'llM, unu ii'inoK ,""v - ,,.
lain, I n liUli liarnct. r In aluio.t cviry 1'nrl of tlio
for tli" extraordinary curative ,m.crll '''ch ,
tin y j'Uici9
M nihi 1 7s a 110 it IBIS.
Mm.i. I .if, Pill, arc iniUMml for llu'lrnamo to I heir
aiiir t nn,l riiiMo action In .n ril Inn I o l''"
Vi!1. . V'V?. I. . r ill., niiil f'll tl! Ill 1! t i l. Hh fll.C.d
tot nml Muori nml to Hi,' iiiiilonitte I fact that al very
m y art iu ii.-lr l.l-t..r . th.) ha.I r..cue,l mi lerir
from 111", ry u-rce of nn lliiliniely prn.c;, petfettly 0-
m i it o Hum Hi it uiilloru. e,goy,u,t .,1 lienllh, l Ii
iiiit Mlilrh lil llf. If 1 'Ut ii 1'iirtnl Hmlnf. ho ureal
, , ee' I , li.'ir . Uiuicy Invnihihl) pro,. ,1, that I .
,n fr v I V,. than loir.i'iilou. to tlioo hu eru i nac
mnlil ,IIIU tli J h aiilirul plillo.oplilial iulniil'h
, J!,..,! wi.l.U tluy wcru ,u.i,ou,leJ, and injon Hlilcli
they coimuently act.
VbttiVt l'lio.uilv Hilters are ml called, htcauso tlicy
,v,,.e"lhe i oerof reetoriiis tho fnplrlnit cnibo,, if
. 5? I to'. Klollit lor Ihrolillliont the inutitilllo n,
tl. th' l'ho'nl " I. ial.1 to ho re.turod to llfo Irom tho
, n.he nf IU nn .IH.oliltlon. ui
.lcr. nrhllHen-i..--There ii no ono nrt clo
!,, ,n , , n ill. II"-' iJucl"U8 uo iif wliii
,niVej"u. ll i.l. .l.rui.l letriMc mlliljr to tlio
,, -vMe n a. 1,1 rci.ry. II, poi.c'li Hull. deel. Int.
. "t,, LtwlHH me .iibitniro of the bnic., and
m l.." i limit tr .i.i oriMlnfnl '. ,,tl1
M , i hi l i nnn. all.. lion, of the throlit, . f tlio honcj,
, tf . , T', nn I'uuilmu..,,. kore., '; '
, lr te.l in .jphilln. lire to often caune.l hy tile Injlidi
I Kwiir ioiBut), othat Uio reined) li.ui
ttor.o than llio illiau.
I urn 1'ii.i.s ami riioixix uitti:kh.
I T.ii I.lfo Till" nu.l I'hoeniv Ihlter. havo alni.)Bhee.i
tie, all' .urce-f.ll in till, cl f ill";. ""
Jrndl .;"" t ''!" .f'"r n.ii.i the j.l,ni,
,,,',,'rlhii. IU" ...Oil pi. pnrnl Ions U uniiii-r.-itilla.
Tli. . eld I'litum iu Iron, the );le..uill
, ,,n,n inu'iur. iiu.1 h) IIiuj putil) fig flie Ulal llalde.
. - .... ..... b i .1. iii in In iillli.
itihouj. CMuid.uutr.-. vUI rmulalcd and propnr-
tlOllUt. qillhltll 1 I'll'' UPO Ul HWillH.ll 19 H.W .l
.mimtt'r th promotion ot nuinnl health-it tiimiatiB
tii'ff.lion nml keeps In from nil
uliHtnutioim. nn tli int.-rhr muface of tliu tlvtrln a
7-.I l.ladd.rin vvhl.h tho b.b- I- llrrt PrMnuJ,
Mn it... ilurlnuii tie blood. Th'tice it
,1, mt-itli." Momiith nnd litUMiiu-s, mil rrnnUta
ill.- Iil'Kt ion. THUS V', wneii uore f mw.- j
- . v ... . ....j., ,,..i.i,ii.-r,i.hti. tin the fillur
Ii in ' tin uv r .i"ii'i.l un flute ta.iaafri-'iuenl nnus a
nil th'- fi"in t I), ami "Ue pron.uti h irj ijevtra attacKg
of iliis'ae!, v nun soiueni.i.-i n.i m ot .un.
TU.-y l.if. .ML'tiiriiu pho'ild, if potsiLIe, be taken In
th' carl) it.iir' h oi biiiou coinpi.tinis ; nnu i; pi ri-
-t .1 111 tl' It) lU-Minillip I" unii.u'Ji.a nm " -J
ftfett a cun. 'lhtirtxl m-tVi' ua in thisuiiuj'laiiil In
all t.itiH ff our c ii.hoini, n uderj coinaititt iitiiioccBa
nr.. rill., -'i-h ' UMtf of ihejc Villi, for n vcrv
Fli'irttiuw. "ill .nfi it an ntire nn- oi At It litn-inii. anJ
a utiikina iiiiprov. in. iii in iik n. u m-i w ui-j i -ft
niuion t-'oMs mid Inilii.-iu-i v. ill nlunyn hu cured by
one dos-'.or by twoi v.mi in thu vvomt case.
in i i'ii ikt i-Tti.' un-iinul l'roiirietor ol these MeJ.
iclnei var nurd of Mi f ft j ears BLiiiJing, by the
ci,.. r.t'.i Mi .In iiik .it ful.'
LlVtR lliKi'UlM.-nil :ui Uii'ii m no- " '"
kmmnbv iv f.thu!! rf u-nluu or pain i'l t!u ni;tit tUW
about the rttiun id Hit' liver, dli-u piintM.t as in pleu
risv, but suimtiini-Bdiill; adilliuiUy in dravwim a long
breath ; dry cough and inclination TliUdi
t U8' may be pro luo-d hj tuld, by v ioleut i xen im, by
intLiin' suiiimrr in-nls, by long loiniiiuid UlioiK f.-vcr
or a 'He, and bv various Foil I iom rotioit in the nub
jtanrecf tho liver. And to tli'u produriiiR cauHii.are
ib ranjeni'iit of tb dici'stivc orparu. a ippr 'ied .rc
ti.uis.nnd mental Boltiitude, ulucli iir vcrj frcpK nt
cauccB of nbslrmtioUrt ami diajastit i f the liver.
'i Ins dlt-eae fhunld be arrt Bb-d In the coiniui'licement
which rmi be d"iie b fewd.-nfa cf the l.itJ i'lll.
ht n nee tli livt r is aroused to th pLrforunnce of
its propir t Million, litile m ire i rfiuintf than tufuii
tlnue a proper use ot thu medicines, and a upcedy re
covery v ill ensih'. , ...
Vi.hH am) A.,Lt -Tor this pcourRe i f tha Wettcrn
....mirt. tn n..'.!iriut lit b found a rafe, ciaedv
in t rt'rt.iin rem -dy. otln r nn iliidn" leav e the Bcin
Hiibjeit to u ril.iru of tlio ilMcaio a tutc by tueiu .'Vletl
itines ib p'Ttnaneiit.
hi ItilllLV - 1 110 IlliiBV nurriiuu uh-i hi ruuLiia, n.
vvhii h the f.iee, botiei and limb of the V ictim hail bet n
pp-veil uiicu by tli" iui-:ilii.ble digeaso, arc proved, by'iinible u-uhority of iif nutltroM th'-mvlvefl, to
havt-bTin-ompI t.-lv nir-d by these purely vei.iilde
iiiediun-e alter all other had beui found more than
Iittliseatinii ana uyspepia II wc ivt re emeu upon
to sp.-i ifv one iliseate which more man an unrr is inu
bine, (while it i tin- olfuprinp or civilization) a ilnniid
name Ii(.pepsia. It 11 n'n fhll) Blirndcl or ratlw r
jiroliiciive.of a lone tniiiiu ni. mien 1.4 iirariuurn,
I latnb'iiry, a guawim.' pain ni im niomani iv run i mpiy ,
, Ui nil- nt nio-fmifnrtiihl.' vv r utlt wh"li f.lil. imiR j ill ibe
tlirmt ndii and pit of ih? Hto'iiatb, co'tivrnem, chilli
nuhrf, languor, unw iIIiiikik u to t iki oterci-.ic
.mulut'si Lifo Itduiir'ti arti peculiarly adapted to the
tur" of thli diMn'RHlin: i onipl unt Th. art upon the
bovvtl in a verj mil I. aud, at tin ram j tune, vu eilVc
tuai miiiin'-r. an i have m ver y t failed to cure thin did-ea-e
w In n in'-d net orilitiir ta our tlirrrtinin.
ii u r.i I U in ; ity. J n mo-it coiiinnui 01 an com-
laintr-m tli it ul irn ml w -iKm-m of the wirle b-t.-iii,
unacfiiinp itii-il b any pfutirnlnr di-order. or de
finite sv tiiptuuH of dineam . Th re ia a llitln vitiloi;
ercy, a u of appIite. m.vv illiusuoh, and indeed ina
bility to underso t'l rltoni, frc'pient he.nlirhes, mdi
pbti'in, ofteiiti'in'a MillnvviiLPfi and drjneiia of the ukitt,
ttndi nrj to f -v f riihnepe, nnfiinras for uncut), in short
.III ui'ne ryi:inoni. 1 1 miifur. oi'j'ii' mm, niri -iTtnR-uehB
Hint cm ev I'lenn of u l.ulure in thr vital pow
crs and a low, uidi'-altby and morbid condition cf (he
) M-'lll.
Life Tills ap.!l riiccaix nillrra.
I.lf. fills and Plmel'.i, 1'ilt, rs ate. nt rhsos. ihj
l-M remedy li r, Mornm .innetli to lile hdy for.lhey , in.,,,,,,,,! Acriciillnrnl and Horticultural loir,!, m,
a, In- ii ii 1.11c ...II i.i.ln. .u.d, hy their tome qualities, Wnirnnled I'resh and O, nuine Field Garden ul I
ihe vv led, l, in Ur Iki ds. In nn nt variety. Also. No. l iv,, ,.
I.ile run. -r, cf a p.. 1'ionc, will
nn1 sill I
. i. in., ii .. ,, ,.. , fri,.. .p, .....''.'""..
fin lit, or i!rn -iii.-h", from loo pn at n llmv of Mood to
tee hi'inl, Hnuil t.iK' tiM'te iiiiu irt''pi(niiy.
ADVirn TO rnMAM.!.- rem iKs who val ir thtir
health flitiul.l U' er be vvitbiMlt the l.ile''!t, aj
Ibey purify the blood, remove nbpintctlotn, nnd give the
t-kiii u ln.aaiitul, ibar, l.ualtliy and blooming appear
ante. To Klderl) l' rfmnn. Many healthy nscd ridiv iduala
vvha Know tlm value of MulVat'H Life Meditint j., make
it u rule to take ihem t t r three tiims a vvrtk. by
wbah liny ri'inovi the catinfri tbnt produce dineaie,
prestrvu their health, and keep oil' tliu infirmitim of
raitu for Mfithi m nnd N'l'rset. It la n firt. rtib.
litIie.l li the nnnuul bli-i f-f mortality, that one h iif of
III" I 111! I I I'll U'UK- HIS I'l "il UH'TU UU. IlIllU M'TllJI
yrarn of u.'; and tho source of tbiB noitality is
found to exifct in tliat l"Ul e of the stomach ani
Irnvtlx Jurti j rn liter d tlr cemratiun of worm. Aa
thu ti.if r ftorr tf infaniilj lualtli in tliu etatu
tli.- I.ifo Ui'rijuii' h iv ' b'tt In Id a tlistintitflii'd repu
l.itioti, an I for foiilii'ssnf the htoniurh und bow etc. and
runviildioiiH, .ilihinuh worms may is allowed
to h,. utijterior lo any i th' r.
MolVit'ii ViU nnd I'ltt'-rs.-No mcdii ines nt prser.t
known li'iv e doiu hi mmhtod to mankind un thu!-,
within the )a-t f"v enr8:ntll rert.nnlv niiiio ii.tve
been ruvv arilt-'d nil moro nunierou-i und authi niic ten
liiiionliili if thtir invariant .u.d exttutive ttliracy.
They u-jiiiru no di nn nor t 'iniiiii'im i.t, an- ;icrl' rtly
mibl Atul i lean'int in tlnir opi iation, but will nowi r
fully r-s tun' j-n .il st of caithl) 1.1
to the iinir-t txhuuted and di'iij-idattd ci us.
l'rr pared by
1'roadv.ay, N'evv r rJt.
And for talc by ftlPrumstf . niiin r, l).
cTriOOO Reward !!!
Any Mfilicinc thai iiii KxccI
v o 2. 13 ia ra w '
I or Ihe, puck rare of llciila.lie, Toeihaihe, Ilhci.'iin., Ncirjlma, IMu in Hi .,d,.. .i u.k , r ,,, ,
r.unl. rs t'holic, or rrnntp, t'ent, ,1 1'eet or liar., lliinib
I rr llut., fc,ranis, Ileuses Diarrhaa, ami Bore Thu it
and till similar to mill anils.
'I'll,,.!,.,, I... .,,.,..,1,, n t . .
live ninmies. ci. d lu 'ten iit,., liu,,',',
cured irom siiiiiruiiB in tno ,,,,t,.,. N.uiralcia mi s
eure.l in live miuules, I nolle cured in leu minuica.-
I,' ,1. . ' " "re mroill relieved
... .... ..........
To Ihe honsaad Dailthters of affliction, Tliese Ihings
e prove on ihe spot and Lcforo sour .its, cily bmii
i .Jiir cases. '
WO I'ns's hive been rured hy ono Agent ia n undo
day I l.vcry bolllo narraiited. Try ill '1 ry it 1 1 Trl all i
J717C7: U.1.V1I 0 CZXTS PJUl J10TT.H
rp- A liberal iliscoimt nndcto Ai nts, and uue n an
ted In nor) town, also few good traveling Agents.
All orders uad cimiiniiiinalions should he addressed
u. ri. (.oLiiniT & co,
KM a dlh et. Philadelphia
DirincTioxs rou usio
tooth alllclei' pre.iiug hand upo' tll0 aW fenent
,,t ri,r,.il l'..,i .... ..'...... .:"'. V.l'1?'
not cured. In ntrcuiu cases, vv.l ct Hon wuli i!e,.
and mver the twin an.l gums. l'r Headache oatho il
temples uud apply tu the no.f ; and lake Irmn n I
Ihirly drops iiili.ilfaliiniM.r of vvulersi.tetenid
1'or fioiip nnd Bore Throat, tako fiom it ii i
urops y. on sugar or n sueti i ........
b,I 1Q ll.C llitoitt rr, v ,t,l .in...... K .... .
hind on a it.,.,,,, I iv.
Headache. Ilheuliialinn Neuralgia, Liuno 1'i.rl n. H.JI
hethe lr. ely vv ith Balm in OiRad ; and ciuirally tako
For Hums mil onerart Ilalm In fiilcad and nvnr.i
vyater and Hour loinakB a paste, cover Hie hum win
otwa't'i'r i.?tVo ihedlTil u",' f0,l)'. d'"'" '"
in lhorhovc II. .m,l ?, d . dra'',' ,)',,,'',,lljnnli'--
laruirfuruit. vsLor i.n fr -lj,I1'l'-'-,- u. iho
Ka in south rotti
pS "'
nil'OJUAN'f MATIjNAL WOlllfn
I'uiiMsiir.o iiy v. An i.ETo . co.
113 we, 'MG llrottthiu $ Acto yorf.
The following wotksnre tonttosKnivcriieriln. '
ofllio country, (upon rccclrt of niiliM ."'"rpir
llirtlonlty iif (Irncral knowleiltr. illhMi'h. f. MUl
UinrrnnilCiURUi A. IIana.iUiIciI by uNun.f, ,"
Icitmrin of wrltcri in an iprnntims ofScidncin, T'
LUcrature. TM work l beluit pnl,lli,r,iT'',A''nj
lvgu tt,,v0 v,r.. encli conmlnln, ;M , ""M I!
Icitmriis of writcrtln all liranrhm officimvcici
rHKi' - uib. i" - .t,uivi-,nriino,v
t,,,,,,!,,!, near ,iM. nriplnnl nrtltlr.,. An iJJ',,,lk
tilll0 will 1.ouiMIiIomI once In nl.out Ihrciiuo,,,"1"'!
1'rli.c, In Cloth, 3 riliccp,S3 M llalfMo r . ii ",,, Ot SUeadi, ""'alllrt
. 'i i" nt tV.,,v'"!,.t:.l0E"?:1!" ioi,uinrwiti,r,1...
mi; llipirnciai, Jcnrouii on, inn pfinaille, COUilinl,''
t,m uniclciilty ilitallcil, free Ironi ncr.onnl 1,1;, ... "
pnrlyprL'Juilico, fretn nnj )ctnecurnto. It ,a t'"
.taten.eiit ofnll that Ii knon n upon t vc ry linhoM..!'"'
ic ivllh Ihe fco.u of human liiltllluenie. ,"l,0P
nnt ntilclo iu It linn l.ecn niecl.iiiy wriiien rr fi.
hymen who nro nulhorltle, upon llio topic, IV''
Ihcy .peak. They ate reoulred lo l,riiiC Ihe ,ul, J,i
the ire"Ciitl.iou.eiit tn flat.' Jutt linivll Handii.i , f
IhontallMlrnl iiiforiiiatloniafrom tho lolc.i rinoti; M
peonrnplucalnccouaU keen pace Willi th0 latcjip,,',".'
linn. I l.l.torlcnl iiintlem Inclililo tlio fre.hc.ti, ,. f 0,
tho liiO(!rn.hlrnl nollce. not on!) (peak of tliu di J , 1
Aim r uio llvlnir. )t Is a lil.rary cfltself. """.lit
Anaii..'FMti,T ir 'iii urLnHaakitg. n.i history of lira Unlleil flutes, fromihn ,.!.."
tion ofllie lir re.lirn! t, agrem in ?f j tn le5i) i",1''
rd and ciunplled hy Hi.ii.Tiiumu II. IIibto.i froin'ii,.,1!'
ficlal llecorili nl congress.
Tho work will Lc complied In 15 royal octavo vnl,,-.
of 750 pane, each II of which aro mm t.ajy, Ai. ISI'
tlnnnl volume will on published i.nco In three i,,, ,,,,
Cloth. 83 i Law Wieep, ?J 5Uj Half JIor,, 6.
Calf SI 5D each, " lf
A WAV or ruuuuiiipuTm; cvcLorm.,, t,8
Form a cluh of four, and remit the price nf four ),..
nllil live ou .e... hi ...e reinmcm tlinn. '
carrlnce.or fur ten mihurrlhcrs clctn coplc. willi,, ,!
Ko other work, will vo lll.crally rcviard tlm
ofAuet.ts. Ah AomT W'AXlin in nils '"l
leri... maun anown uu nppiicaiivii iu inc i ut,lisiJCr.
Nov. SI, IchO.
TIIC OIK.H11) l.lrv. MM',M.TO. MWfrrr vn
rnvtr tvo'.".")- of ruiuiiiri.vinj, " 0
(,rn. k, mi. UHiiirsraui htrep r, "
UAl'lT.M. (paid up.) .?:iOl) wi.
Vlarltr I'trjirtHat.
lON'TlNllllto make lVSIJUAJiLTS O.V 1.1 vis ,
V' the mopl rcaiunfil,Ie terms. CE
The capital lielns paid up and invested, tticitl,,
a lame and roiHlantly increasing rescrled fai.J ir .
a peife. t seciinly lo the Insured. '
Tin preiniiimus luust he paid yearly lialf j-carlr
quaileily. ' "
'J lie foinpany add a IlONU.l periodically to l
ran of lile. '1 he I'lUMT liOSt'H npi,runrl..t,,i ,1,1 r, l-ll. the 8l:i'(INll llllM ri iu II, r-ii,.r. .,
Hit, TIIIIUI llUNUaiilDefcmlKr, liSl.and thu 1 n. r',,
llONli.Sin lleremher, 183'l. 1,111
uyJTlicse addition arc ina.lo without r. ,j'iirii,D ftlv
iacreflfle in llio premiums lo he paid to Hie r,,(l,., ,; '
inc luliouinc, ere u u. cvauipien Hi j,, L, .
.viin.unl , ' i-, ,
honti.tot, ,, .
Ptim Tonus cr
Tolicy In.itred additnin
Ko. fU $i',lJ SJ 60
" .nun to.w im
" I'.lil llMi) 100 Ul)
" :t 13 moo l.';." iij
" A.r. r, Ate.
uy lutni. .,. m,,,,,,
l.Mi in
1 .1.5 nj
ralnlieieta. coillaiuinc t ihles nf rules and . .,,1
forms i,f a pliealion, au.1 fililher inforiiuili ,,
foil.ld at the ol.lce.
tiiojias rtnionwAv, i
J0. I. Jam..,, .Iiluury.
I.11VI 1.. TAIi. ,.
I C. IIahrhov, raaiiiininp rhyaetan.
Uclob.'rlO, l-i7-ly.
Lacl;.iv.iu;i:i & iiloomsiiirg Ftallrci
OV AT.'ll ITKll Al'llit. 22. HU1. PAr-v,
'iniivo lent uev . o t , , . ..... J",'f.l.
.11 O V 1 S (J SOU T II.
Pa, sender. Vti.
li.i nt ill.',
si o v i n :
ii 1.1 A. M. Hi I,
i i
i mi
3 s i p. .v.
1 n a v;
Arrive ot Hcre'ituu,
:,-a i -a
Arrive i.'.am
r.itf r. ai 4.i,
ti.h.ftilirr i rain also leaves it i.s v
for roitneit with irnin l.,r N.-n V fc;
t.irniiiE, havts Hcianton i.n arriial uf T . , ; ,,
York at I III I'. ,11,
'1 ho l.arkiv.annn and I'.loomsinirg Hnilr. itl r -, ,
ith the Di law are. l.nrka"ni, u.. m
at rcnaton, f.-r New Voih nnd int. rmediato n, u,n .
.it Unpen iUnnuctuitlitl.cL'altau.i k'ai rwui
pon t holli east nnd v.e.t.
At Norlhuinlii rland It ronl.ects with lli I'lnUttln,, and Northern I'llitral II. K. and Dnc Km.
points Cbt and soniii.
May I,
rmLAimi.riiiA a aiumn-
UAL J- tiEED ll AllEHOrn:,
1'roni Hi? North m-i r"irner orS'venlh a. id "vli
Streets to hi. NTW KTAN1), Vn. luo MAUhCTf,
firrra fnr .fll., no I,, .n,.,. . . ..
, .I.....I, .-.,.,,....,,i
; ernuiti.i ;u,,no. nnd oil., , r. Ii.ihle rli in r, e i
ana i. rain i r., I... 1 run nn 1 ' tlinn, i ntnl t.... . ....i .
herj, ihoire r.versreeii". Huns, Dahlias, ftr
j- He policlli u continuance off, nner , u-i,
litipl.-u.fiit. Seed, nnd Nurs.-ry I'alaloau. s. t mm-
on apjdicainin.
, . , , t'APCH.Vf.I, VitdllH'
Agncultursl and Feed Warel.niue, No. U.M Urn.
Plret t. oppo.nt. Hi, I'nrini rs' .Markei.
January l!l, lelil.
fiood Shoeing nut! I'licop Smllhlnj.
'I'IIII nnderfltne.llhauW.ill for past , mt
m- ..i.ij .loiii.B ins iti-n,is ana lile nuldlc in ccn'e.
hat 1i-j ttiH rontinuei tbo
ii ronunues ll.o
At the Old Hand, the hill, nhovc the Kail Ro,l -113
various t.r.-iBches. al low prires. and on tn u!'
scale, and soliuts the public palronoec.
,., , , frill'llIlN KWF.
Woamsh'lig, Juno 5, 1?58'
Spring and Summer.
A. J. S L O A jV,
HAP just received, direct from Philadelphia a-M -iirk,
a vtry clmire amortim-nt of
SI'itlNU AiS'l) &U313IHU OOOpi.
nlmo-t every nt v fabric which ban been mau.iM
i"i . tru.-i mm nmnmtr. ns V'.el an Ihn nunnl -i
id'S'lAPLE GOODSof supeiior tpialiluv will I ''
in vainly, and at prices as low as similar gouil.c. Llsevvh, re.
II is an ca- iiuitter to find coo.Is at a low .. '
as agential rule, they aro Jutt us love in, malm i'
pit a Hood ailicle ala very low price is sjai, tli.i-r
Nich an opporiuniiy, l.ovvtvir, is offered to am '
may want
duy aoons, nr.acM "
ii.iitim:inr., QtLni.
oi.ii-4 ir.(r, ritii,
M'-T. iefc.
llr" fall and see.
MooitiaLurc, April SO, ltd.
rriU". larpct, hest handsom
I 'stand iheapefl n.httrt
me,,. ii t-oio j,rnllier solll
Itivete.l Traveling 'J'ruuks.
iMdlr,' Eoiinel 4- ltrl,s 7Vltt n s i;,,aiii,s, Propel
i'. '",1'''"1.1,'.''' "J,"1 '''"pit lines Kf
1 ocl"ug 'Jruuks ii.. tic, a
T110S1 S W MA'ITr1
" .uornieii i.nmmn I'rizu Medal il.iprove.l 'In '
., s.,, I.,- l , r 'I'riMlk n,Cflrir. N -II J
H',!tl' Ho,
' Aueu.t
, ,
rouni vve.i rtiincr 1 ourlll and M.uaei 1 1.
p ro.- ii.
frill, undersigned is prepared tn supply H.'
, F?J ' fair prire. He w ill Is f' "' 1
llrlrk nr.l cf II. I M Kiniiy, near .M.K. Ivy v
1 uruare. I'er.ous desiring in purrha.o ,v.lIH"'
callus hrick will ho made und must 1, .,..!.
. J. H. 1TIIMW. If"'
ITT" JOU 000 now on hand nnd ready for sal.. .
l.loom,,UIg l'i h. 0, KUl-3ni. J. '
tifEK's anoK Mitb
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