Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, July 20, 1861, Image 4

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A farmer In Wafcrtown Connecticut, lias
' been fined for letting Canada thistles go to
seed on Ins own land. Tlio gcnlcnco
Kctns a jut 0110, as tlio Uiistlo is ono of
t tbe greatest annoyances of tbo farmer.
Tlio Michigan Farmer fays : Mr. John
Derrick writes that ho has found tho fol
1 i.tng a suro euro for tho scratches on
ho 6 s ; "Tako somo rosin, a pieco of bees
v?ax, a piece of mutton tallow or lard, cacli
nrli' h being about tho sizo of a hen's egg,
nud then takes a teaspoonfnl of blue vitriol,
and ouo of urdigriso which should bo
pounded fine as Ihcycan bo made, and tho
whole well mixed together so as to make
nn ointment. This article is excellent for
burns, as well as a suro cure for scratches.
'Wilkes' Spirit of thoso Times gives an
t account of a small black Calloway, eleven
' bands high, which attained to the greatest
, age of any horso of which wo have any
record. He was a resident of a small vil
t lage near Haddington, in Scotland, Ho
( was foaled in 1720, aud at the timo of his
death ho was 09 years old. Moreover, ho
' was halo as well as old. A few weeks bo
fore his death ho trotted for several heurs
' at tho rate of tcven or eight miles an hour
and fed well iu his.oats and hay to tho
These mines of tho farmer should not
fail to bo opened tho present summer.
l'robably no natural source for manure
ii so available to tho farmer as muck. It
requires but a short-time to prepare it for
crops. If you have but few or no cattle,
it can be prepared by compo-ting it with
ashes, or with lime slacked in salt water.
The best way for the farmer who keeps
cattlo or other stock, is to use it as a bed
ding to his barn-yards and hog sties. l!y
being minghid with tlio droppings of cattle,
t-ltccp or hogs, it is decomposed and divi
ded up, and in less than a year it is ready
for use.
ING. Tho Prairio Farmer says : Thousands
of dollars are lost each year, by the rust
iug of plows, hoes, shovels, $10. Some of
this might be prevented, by an application
of lard and reu to all steel or iron imple
ments. Take three times as much weight
of lard as resin, and melt them together.
This can bo applied with a brush, or cloth
to all surfaces in daBger of rusting, and
they can easily bo kept bright. If tools
are to be laid away for winter, give them
n co-ttiug of this, and you will bo repaid.
It can bo kept for a long timo, and should
be always at hand ready for use.
In tho country Gentleman, Mr. William
P. Gibson gives tho following directions
lor caponising chickens, which are printed
now to be in time for tho present season :
Tho operation of caponising is simple, and
may oo performed by any ono accuitomo 1
to tho uso of a nocdlo and thread aud scis-
Tlio chicken should bo full four
1 fiors.
months old, indeed should bo just com
mencciug to crow. Now placo him across
the knee, with tho legs pulled forward and
ITrin'v held bv an assistant. Pluck off
the soft fino feathers between tho end of
the breast bono aud fundament, and mid
way between these points make an incision
au inch and a half long, crosswise of tho
rli'inkou'shody, with a sharp pair of fccis
sors. Through this incision insert tho foro
finger to tho back-bono, along which move
for an inch and a-balf, and ou cither side
will be found a testicle. Dislodge them
by a siuglo twist, and withdraw by tbo
rou'e tbe finger went in. Draw the edges
of tho wouud made together, and half a
dozen stitches with waxed thread complete
the operation. Tho nail of tho finger mu;
be smooth, so as not to d amagc tho iutcs
1I0USU. A correspondent of tho Ohio Cultivator
jives tlio following directions Iiow to do
this: Get Uono jiillan for the foundation,
one foot square and to it a ml fect high,
and for the top a piece of sheet iron 8 in
ches wider than the top of tho stone, and
paint it to prevent ruiting. Then build
jour house the size to suit you. Mine h
ail by 20 feet ; tho door at tho end, and a
bin on each tide to within four feet of the
buck end, which is for wheat and oats, ond
in divided by partitions. Tho wheataud
oats Lina hold 400 bushels each, corn bins
500, nnd there is room enough loft, in which
I have a work bench and fanning mill.
The floor should bo as high as tlio bottom
of a wagon bed, which U oasy for unload
ing, and if the grouud is rising in front of
the building, it is easy to back to tho door,
SllKEI'SllKAlUND. The Ohio Farmer
advij"h wool-growers not to wash their
thcep, lutto fhe.'ir the wool without bcitig
was hed, nud sell it in that condition. Man
ufacturer prefer unwashed wool, becauso
much of that which U washed on the aui
Tho Horso aud his DlBcnscs.
Professor of Pathology until j.crntm Sur
gcry in the Vitirtnart Colegs of Pltil
utlcpkia, itc, tic.
WILL 7Xti rotOf IhPcitltlon, liimnrj- nn.l illslliictll I
nun c! i rit various nrociis ol laire,
nean, Asiatic Aflrtcnii iml Almriinn
Horses, Willi the physical lormnliun
and tlm peculiarities pf Ihe nnliiini.
ami how In ascertain hie are hy tlio
. tiuuihor nnil condition of lil totlh t
Illustrated with numerous cxblanalo-
'Ihe llursc awl his Diseases
WILL Tl.l.L lUtonirceJint, Uri-aklns, stiiMlnp. feed
ing, grooming, shooing, nnu 1110 gen
eral iiuinng--iueiit of the horse, will,
tin- best iiioiIcii of mlinlhlstcring moil,
rum, also, hoiv to Ircat Idling, kick'
I sis;. rearing, shying, stumbling, trilt
l.illug, llcsllos.tif s. anil rither vices
to wliinlt he Is euhjt-ctt with tiuuicr
oils explanatory ungrn Ingi,
The Hone ami his JJisnises
WILL 7T.KL 1 01 Of Ilia causes, spmptoms. and Trent-
iiieue i rirniigics, r-ore inrnai, jiis
temper. Catarrh. Inftiieiir.n, t'rniiriili.
lis, Pneumonia, riciirisy,Hrokrn Wind
t iiruutce niigii.ieunriiiganu nislllng
l.iiinpo. Horn .Mould aud Ulii-rs,nml
lHcuyed Teetll, with other diseases of
the .Mouth and Respiratory Organs.
The Horse anil his JD'scasts
WILL TV.LL YOU Of the muses symptoms, and Treat
inenim norms, lints, Colic, Mrtngu.
latiou, Hlony culicr lions, llnpiurt's.
1'alsy, lliarrllioa, Janliitice. Hcpntir-trm-.i,
Moody Urine.titoncs in the Kid
ne)sanil lllnddcr, liillauialion, and
other illsr ascs of the stomach, Bow
els. Llvcruud Urinary Organs.
The Hone and his Diseases
WILL TV.LL YOY Of the oausvs, symptoms, anil treat
mem 01 none, innou anil nog, tpiivlii,
lling Hone, Siveenie, Strain., broken
Kuerg, Wind Calls, rounder, Hole
lirul.o nnd c.racl, Craokcd Hoofs,
Sc-ralihos, Canker, Thrush, and Corns
also, of Megrim., V.-Mign, r.pilop.y.
Staggers, and other diseases oj the feet
Legs and Head.
The Hone unit his Diseases .
WILL TV.LL YOU Of therauscs, symptom", and Trent-
luentot ri-lula, Toll Kill, (ilnnth-rs,
l'arry, Scnrlcl t'evcr. nope. Hum-it
Linked Jaw, Itlieuinntisui, Crnntp,
.tails, 01 inu c.) e nml Heart,
rVc, &c., and how to in-iiiago Ca.tra
" lion, Kleeillng, Trcphliinlng, llowcl
ling; 1'irlng, Hernia, Aiupiitation.trnii
plug, uiul other surgical opeiutions.
Tic J lone ami his JJitcosts
WILL TRL1. 1 01 ofllnrey's Method of taming Horses
how to approach, Halter, or Htuble u
Coll, how lo nciustnm a lirrse to
strange snuuds and lglits, ami how
to lilt, Paddle, nide. and l!reak hint to
Harness; nlsollic fnriii and law of
h virjmt. The w hole lielng tho re
sult of more than fineeti j ears' careful
study oftlielinlnts. peculiarities, wants
mid weakness of this noble and useful
Tho hook contains :h I pages, approplatcly illustrated
l,v ne.-irlv One Hundrid LucmvliiL's. It Is tirlnl,-,! In a
clenr nnd open tpc,nnd wlllltefiitnisheil lo tmv nddress
p-intngc paid, on receipt of pnic, half bound , s'l,WJ,or,ln
f loth. citra. Sl.'ij.
1000 A Y'EARS'MS
" Ins men c'
'rylicrc, in K' HiiiclI.e n'"rte nn! oilier i.iilar works
t'lours. uur lauucuuiciiis iu nn uui it arJ UAccciui-giy
'i1 r-il.
I'or i-iiiglo cnplcs of tlio rrk, or for terms to ngents
Willi otlu'r liiloriiiaUmi, nitniy in or adilrrsa
. jomn if. rurj'f.ii. ruMMtcr.
No. fiUSdiiaum fctrcct, rinlalclltia. l'n.
ftOV lit lStU bill.
CARt-rVLf.Y ItF.I.t.D HY MRS. 3. J. HALB.
( Tdlt Yon llm t'MlKJtHfnll Mini of Meats. Poultn
ond (iaiim.n itli utl tho various nfM inosi
fipjnve'i niriiU'K ut iirfssiHK auu coohin
iiuli mm t itrn ; niftu tua in. si auu enii
1'iest way of paltinjj, picKling and cunnj
tllU Rlllllf.
It Ttltt You AU tlii nribii3 nml moetapprovcil tno'Ica
of drirssiiijr, coukjtiK, nnd boning Mutton
J.niiili, Vt'ul, I'miliry and Came of all
Kitnii, wit), i lie tiuicrtni urefeings.uru
ii, nud tftufl itigM uppropriatt; lo carli.
( Tells Yatt !Iov til iliooai-, t lean, and iiresfric I'luli
of all kind,nnd Imw toswcctoi itulicii
tainted : also nil the various and most
ajijirovcrl niodcR of cooking, Mtli the
UHii-rciit Dr.'!Migs7iuce. aim I laur
hi en niitironriatu to each.
Till i You All tlio various nnd mofct aiprovel inudcs
of prf'p.trhis ovit fitly riiiWciit kindg of
nTcai, nr'Hii. uun ru.v, w tin inu rci
lli'finud HvafOnitigi appropriate to each
Tt You All thu variont nndiuuht approved inodvH
ti cofihiiii! vcgctaijia 01 every deserip
tiiin.alno liuw lo nreimrc ricklev.l'atsum
ninl CTiirricH of nil kind, I'olicd JSlcatd
I ifli. (i a i ne. .Miinhrooiiis. Sic
Tt (lit You All thu varioijr. uu.l iiiot appro veil mo.lca
of prepariu? and cooking all kinds o
j'Inin nud f.iiicy'uddiujis. Urn
denes' Irittirs. taKcg t'oiifcctionari
t'resun c$, J tlhcs. ami swecl dHhcs of
crrv (ic'CTintton.
It TtU$ Yvh All tho various and most upprovtl moJe
tif makliif; Kread. Iltigkv, Muthns, nnd
Hisruit, till In-it method of preparing
Colli h or nl at o ,tnit Tea, and how to
m.ikc HyrnpH, Cordials, nnj Wines of
ari"u Kinds,
( Ttllt You Ilow to set outnnd ornament a tnM how
to Larw ail Minis ol Hsu. iferh or l ou
and in to no timphfy the
wnoie nn ni i.oukh.i na 10 unng tin
rlioiceet luxuries of t lie table within c v
i ribo In reach.
The boW rontain -IIH papes, nnd upwards of twelve
imiMiren iiccip s, n 01 m men urr ine resuiis m atiuui
eipcrieini haint; uei u fully and carefully tet-te-I unde
the aron.kl niperiiittmleiice of the writers. It is prm
ted in a clear mid open type, It llluftrattd lth ounru
nriatv ensravinzitnnl will be forwanleil to am utlJrenit.
neatly houiul, aii'l postngo paid, ou receipt of the price
51WI. vr in cloth, cilra, Sl.'ij.
$1000 A YEAR SW
ins men ove
rywlierc, fu tir-liii tho above work, onr inducement to
n I such IfinL'ierv liberal.
I'or singlu ropies of the book, orforternia to agents.
wiiu oiuvr iniurinaiiou. appiy ie or address
No, Ci; Haniom Street, l'hiUdt-lptiia.ra,
November 3, UtlU (irn.
VO YOU ll'.JAT milSKEItS 1
I!u!lii.gli:iiii's Celebrated
For the Whiikers and Hair.
rrMin sutisrriticrs take pleasure in announcing to the
X Citizens uf Hie Unituil States, that Itiey h,iv Ob
tallied the Agency fur, and are now enabled to cller tn
the American public, tho above Ju.tly cckbralcd and
uurM-renowiied article
The ti mutating Unsuint is prepared by Dr. C I' Dell
lughaiu. an eminent physician of London, anil is u ar
rautid to bring out a thick set of Whiskers nr a Mu.
tache in from three lo six ueuks. This article is the
only one of the kind used by the Trench, and in London
and 1'aris it is in universal use.
It is a benutlftll, economical, soothing, yet stimulating
romitonnd, ncting ns if by magic upou tne roots, caus
ing a beautiful growth of iusurnint hair. If applied lo
thu sculp, it Mill cure baldnc.s, nnd cause lo spring up
in of the bald spots a line grou tu of new liair.
Applied according to directions, it ft ill turn red or towy dark, and restore gray huir to its oriiriual color,
li'n lug it soft, smooth, anil flexible. The "Oligucnfis
an indispensable article in every gentleman's toilet, and
aflcrouo week's use they would not f.r any cousideru.
tion be without it.
Thu subscribers nro the only Agents fur tlio article in
tlm United Slates, to vt houi all orders must be addressed
Price Una Dollar a lmx for.ate by all Druggists and
Dealers; or n box of the I'Ongucnt" (warranted tu have
the desired ttrect) will be sent to any one who desire it,
by mail (direct), securely packed, on receipt of prrie and
postage, fil.ld. Apply to or addrcs
llOKACli L. llliGCMAN tCO.
Jilltonisss, Ac.
St William Street, New York.
1'cbruary 23, ItGl-Cm.
DJixriLLn, juojrroun county, pa.
Kutertaininiiit for Man and (least, in good stvlc
an I at luoderntd rsles.
(.'iloKuU W. ruHLZB, I'ropnctor.
Danville, 2, JtOI, 'iiii-ior.
10 North Fourth Stroet.
O. M'KIBBEN U SON, rrojirlclor.
(Lato While Swin.)
juim novnu,
March S, lsUl-U'm.
D11ES9 goods, Silks, Calicoes, Shawl
and all kinds of dry goods for sale cheaper ths
-15KTTP.U Susar, at lncts.pcr lb. than' J "TnXu"- T'-'i ' '
JJ ks b, en - ,,lat llct; for tin pat year .t , I I UUP bkirts 111 abunuaDCC from 1 lets
-.llX?lNlg;......J--1"'1 opwardJor tale al HAKTMANS.
r.ivun no jii'iiAiNT,
Anu the various affections eonioqucnt upon n dfsordcrcJ
stomach on iiivcn,
Pnch m InJifrMion, ApUttyof the Ptomach, Colicky Talni,
llinrtbuni, liOM of ApjtctltP, Pexpoudency, Coitireiinfl.
Itlln l ah 1 Hl ding riles, la nil Ncrvotn, Hheumntlc, and
NturalRlC AlTcctiwnn, It hM In numerous Imdtuieeq provej
Mlilr tenenchl, and Id others efTected a decided cure.
This U a purely vegetable- eoigjound, irci'srcd on f trlctly
dcteiitific prluclplcB, after the manner of the sflebrutcil
Holland Proftusor, lirrliarti. Iti reputation at homo pro
duced Us Introduction here, tbo demand fommenciiift with
thewu Of the Fatherland scattered over tbe faco of Ihli
mighty country, many of whom brought with them nnd
handed down tho tmdltlan of Its value. It il timo rfftretl
to Me American jnUie, Knowing that Us truly wonderful
medicinal virtues mutt be acknowedoed.
It is particularly recommend to thosa percons whotso
constitutions may have been impaired ly th continuous into
of ardent Fplrlts, or other forms of dimlpjition. Generally
InRtantaneous in effort, it finds Its way directly to the peat
of lift, thrllllnff nnd nukkenlnfr, every nerve, raUIng tip tho
drooping rplrltnnd, ia Cict, Infusing new health and Tiger
in tne ts susuj.
N0T1C1' WioeTcr expects to find this n tTense Ua
dUnnnointedt lut to the Blck. weak aul low rnlrlted. it
will proven grateful aromatic cordial, twssesscd ofblnguiM
remedial proiertles.
T1a flomilnA h!(h1v ronrontrsfed Ikerharo's Holland
Bitters Is put up In halfplnt Lotties only, nnd retnlted at
O.ft D'litAii per tattle, or six hollies for FiveDoliars. Tho
grout demand for this truly celebi a tetl Medicine hai IndueeJ
many Imitation, which tho puVUc should guard agniost
JtB- Hew are nf Imposition. See that our name- Is ou tho
label cf every bottle you buy.
Bold by Druggists generally, tt can be forwarded
by Express to most points.
bole rnorniKTORS,
pttnrmnrtiiitols anil dflicmisfS;
rorSnlctiyG. Jl, llagcnlucli, Druisi't, Bloomtlinrj Ta
liMOVJ.D to :(H Vhmlnut Slrnt,
above third Philadelphia, have ou .
nml n largo ns"rimi'iii iu j-iro
Tin pi prnu Mi-iiu'inuer raieB.
lo. iron doom, for banks and
' floras, iron shutters Iron sath, nil
in tho United Ftntc.
'iff Stffm it one fir).
Jill came out right; uith con-
if nn ta pona conuuion.
Tho Salamander fcai-js oi i'Jiiiaiicipnia
gainst the
have had tho Kurort ilcmostration in tho following ecr
lifieate that their nntiufacturo ofFalamandcr yaftsliiag
at length fully warranted tlm representations which Imvo
betn mado of th"iii na rcnilerin uu undoubted eemrity
against the terrific clement.
riiilailelphia April 12.
Mftitra. r.rani Watson; CJentlemen It nifurds us
tho ltijihcpt Batisfjctioii to state ,to )ou, that owing ito
Hie very prntcctivc rtinlities of two of the Salamander,
tfafes winch wc purchased of jou some five month eintc
wu saved a large portion of Jewelry, and all our h(okt,
fee,, cvpoed to the cnIamiiious,firoiiiHan3tcail place on
the morn ins of tlio 11th in?t..
U'hi-n we relict fhat thesn safes were located in the
fiiurth story of ilia buihling w occupied nml that they
fell subsequently JnMn heap of burning ruins, where the
ttt concentration of the hunt cruised the Iimud plates to
melt, we cannot hut regard the preservation of their val
iijihlu content ns most toni iiiciug proof of the great &u
cunty itiTorded by your palec.
Wo idiall teko great idcaanro in recommending them to
men of buniui's 9 n sure reliance ngaiiiKt lire.
(jr.OUtJK V, ei.MMO.VHAc IlltO., JctrtlUrs.
tr?Tliev Jmvo since purchased siv largo Hafes,
Tlin undersigned is also rittenslvcly engaged In the
Underlntlitp liusinctl. and keens ronstautlv on hand
nd for sale at his Warcruouis, u largo nssoilment of
Ity ulilrli lie is enabled to nil orders on present at im
Alhu-Kli pi u goftd Jlorr-e nnd Hcarne, and will ut al
times bo ready tu attenJ TunvrcU,
kimon c. siiivj:.
llioonisburs, January i59, l?5a
U. S. Trust Company.
Corner of Tnirdand Chestnut Sis., TIM i.
IAittil, and small sums received anil pal. I buck nil
J demand vtillioul nuticc. with 1'iie rsa ilm IvTtit.
est from the day ofdepngit to the day of withdrawal.
OrricE IIolrk l'roin l until 5 o'clock every djy,ad
on MuMiiY Kvcmnii, from ? until t oclock.
I'resident-tlTiU'lIlI.V 11. CIlAWl'OUD,
Treasurer 1'iiMf I'isk.
Tiller Jamts It. Hunter.
Ptfphcn R. Traw furd.
Daniel 1W llcman,
Gcurtro Junklii,
AlexVr C. Hart. M. D..
ueujamm v. iinciey
Paul II. (Jumlard, 31. U.
i'atrick llrady.
William M. Cod in,
J. nut a Ih-vcrcnux,
is. i raiiKini jack uuu,
I'llny Fulc.
i iniuias l. Ufa,
March an, ly-ly,
P. 0. IIAltHISON, Mt D.
T70LTID rcini-flfnllv inform the citlzemaf lllnom-
V V burg, and viiinity.thathe rnntiiiuenthu practice of
And noliuts a rharu of public patronaL.
urrur. mi .iiiiiu riruvi, Jim iiuuso uciow uic uouri
IIouc, llooiuburtr.
i iuruury j, joj u.
KAfilC 5M & Lb 'Q ry:Sa
wiioMiSAu: Dv.iuir.s in
Maiiulacliircd & Leal' 'l'olincco.
N. V.. Corner of Tront and Arch Streets.
XRlllL'R ii.okn, I
jimu H. Koto. I rillLADCLI'JIlA.
March 10, lruu l.'m.
Areli Strttt, Aitvt Third.
v n i a i) k i.p n i a .
Till' situation of this Hotel renders it one of the most
convenient for those uliaaro visiting I'lnladelphla
ou business! wlulo to those III search cf pleasure, thu
ivK.uoiujr (Missing ami repassing Lily Kamtay curs,
aud those in I lose nroiliuilv. nlford n chenn nnd t,l,,n..
antridu tnall places of iutcrest nud amusement in or
uuoiii inu cny,
The iiropnctor elves assuranco that Tlio Unlnn'
shall bo kept with such, charactir as will inert public
-n.w,iuii, u Huiuu t i-.oeciiuiiy snncii, general pal,
l tbruary S.5. 18C0-J3ui, rrojirmor.
f ? Just received from Kew Vork a largo and pu
perior lot of the nbova uunicd article tor the bprlng trade
ut nrices rune I ni, froit, iuni. n.. , ;i
II. C.fc 1. W. HAM-MAN.
Illoomibur:, Feb. S3, JcOl.
l J Just rJcelvcd. Something now in that line. Call
in Ladies, and got one
Scrofula, or Kiugs Evil,
1 ft rnnstlttitiotidl discrtsc, n conuiition of tho
lloml, by which (his lluiil becomes litiatcil,
weak, nnd poor, llchig In the til culntioiij It
rcivatlcs tho whole body, and nitty buist out
in disease on any pnrt of tt. No organ is frco
from its attack", nor is there ono w htch it may
not destroy. T lie scrofulous taint is variously
caused by mercurial disease, low living, dis
ordered or unhealthy food, imimro nir, filth
and filthy habits, tho dcprcsslnj; vices, and,
abovo all, by the venereal infection. What
ever bo its origin, it is hereditary in the con
stitution, descendine; fi'oni parents to children
unto tho third and fourth generation i" indeed,
it seems to bo the rod of Him who says,' " I
will visit tho iniquities of tho fathers upon
their children.
Its effects commenco by deposition from the
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
tho lungs, liver, and internal organs, is termed
tubercles; in the glands, swellings; end on
the surface, eruptions or sores. This foul cor
ruption, which genders in tho blood, depresses
the energies of life, so that scrofulous constitu
tions not only suffer from scrofulous com
plaints, but they havo far less power to with
stand tho attacks of other dlsc&csi conse
quently, vast numbers perish by disorders
which, although not scrofulous in thcirnnture,
nro still rendered fatal by this taint in tho
tystcm." Most of tho consumption which de
cimates the human family has its origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination ; and many
destructive dUcascs of the liver, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed, of nil the organs, arise from or
ore aggravated by tho samo cause.
Ono quarter of all our pcoplo nro scrofulous ;
their persons are invaded by this lurking in
fection, and their health is undermined by it.
To cleanse it from the system wc must rcnovato
tho blood by an alterative medicine, nnd in
vigorato it by healthy food nnd cscrciss.
Such a mcdicmo wo supply in
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla.,
tho most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of our times can devise for this every
whero prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from tho most nctivo rcmctlinls that havo
been discovered for tho expurgation of tliis foul
disorder from tho blood, and tho rescue of tho
system from its destructive consequences,
llenco it rhould bo employed for tho euro of,
not only scrofula, but also thoso other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Knurnvn
nnd Skis Diseases, St. Anthony's Fmu,
Hose, or EnvsiritLAS, PiMriAs, Pustules,
Bi-otches, Dlains and Boies, Tumohs, Tetteu
nnd Salt Kur.uM, Scald Head, llih-owonM,
ltiiEUMATisM, Svrim.iTio and Meucumal Dis
eases, Dnorsv, Dvsrrrsu, Debility, and,'
indeed, all Cosiplaints, rnoit Vitia
ted on iMi-uni! Dlood. The popular belief
in impurityof thellood" is founded in truth,
for scrofula is a degencrationof thoblood. Tho
particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health is impossible in
contaminated constitutions,
Ayer'o Cathartic Pills,
are so composed that disease within the range of
their action can rarely withstand or evade them
Their penetrating properties search, and cleanse,
nnd invigorate crcrr nortion of the human orean-
isra, correcting its diseased action, and restoring
its healthy vitalities. As a consequence of theso
properties, the invalid who is bowed down with
inin or physical debility is astonished to find his
icalth or energy restored by a remedy at once so
simple and inviting.
Not only do they euro the every-day complaints
of every body, but also many formidable and
dangerous diseases. Tho agent below named U
pleased to furnish gratis my American Almanac,
containing certificates of their cures and directions
for their use in the following complaints : tC'ostti'C
iitss, lld.v tbunit Headache arhinyfrom disordered
Stomach, h'atisca, Indigestion, l'am in and Morbid
Inaction of the Bowels, Flatulency, Loss of Appe
tite, Jaundice, and other kindred complaints,
atising from a low state of the body or obstruction
of its functions.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
ron the BAriD cube op
Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Hotmcnoss,
' Croup, Dronchitis, Incipient Consump
tion, and for the relief of Consumptive
Patients in advanced etages of tho
So wide is tlicncld of its usefulness and so nu
merous aro tho cases of its cures, that almost
every section of country abounds in persons pub
licly known, who have been restored from alarming
and even desperate diseases of tho lungs by its
use. AVhcn once tried, its superiority ov cr every
other medicine of its hind is too apparent to escape
observation, and where its virtues arc known, the
public no longer hesitate what antidote to employ
for tho distressing and dangerous affections of the
pulmontry organs that arc incident to our climate.
Vlulc many inferior remedies thrust upon the
community have failed and been discarded, this
has gained friends by ever)' trial, conferred benefits
on the afflicted they can never forget, nnd pro
duced cures too numerous and too remarkable to
be forgotten.
rncPAKED ny
35. J. C. ATKK &, CO.
n. P. T.utz, M. llligelibucli, RIoouKburg
A, Miller. Ilorw ick. and by one store in every tow 11 iu
renus) Ivauia.
03 Ql IT S- & 03 HIT
TTTOULU ri'tniccirullv Inform the citizens of TJi'li
IV t-iri-tt utiJ iclimv tSiut ilifv liao Just retuived u
new auti cxaujfive iifaunmi'iti ui
with li thev will Hill th'-ni) for null. Tlu-v Imvo u Lircd
ami cfiicral uritty; nil I toniiiionly foun-l ma
Country ritori1, nud uro iletiritiiueil to fcpll.rlioiip. 1'otlic
f3k'4tiuii ni'ilicir coimU they h.ivo puiil flrict uttLiition ;
tii'Tttvirtf, tuir uurciiauiiU't 111 itcur recoimuciiuauon
ami will urni ti to m of tliQ Ar.t rliiu-H.
'i lia pronnciori roriw.iiiy i.iiru tt nuerai tinro oi pnt
ronncii, Oiietomeri uoulil -lo well to cjiII uml cxautiuc
lhir sjonvriil vura-ty beforo un lianinjrclBCUliere.
('ouiitry proilucu takt'ii iu cxclmiiie for gooils ut the
liighcfct market price.
IJglit Htrcel, Novciubcr. 3 lcGO.
General Commission Olcrchauls,
Hill. rroUnions. I'lour, liulter, Clicesc, Oils, Dfkil
i rutin, tirain, st-ii, jkaiii. wiiUKcy, Vooi,
Country J'rodncu uml MurihiiiidikQ
N"0. 34 ISOHTJI WlURXFS, rillUPFLnitA.
r7 Consisiiinpius of l'roililoni. Dour nnd Countrv
TruilucQ nuliciteil, and rctunm promptly made. Cabli
advanced uhvn tlcIrcd.
OKUnit.S for till Mud nf I ish, l'rov isiona, Hour,
Dried Frtiiu, tilled atllm lowest L'ath lricc?.
yugun -i, i-uu inn.
rill undorflgitcd respntfully in forum hist old friend!
and customer, that liu hn nurcluiDcd liin broth l re
interoBt in thu ulovo t-ntaLlisslimentsandtliu conrcru wiln
utrcuiHT on tond'iitcd Ly niinseufxiluitivi-ly.
v u? ii.ii jutti rTciveu auu oiivrs tor umo, tne lar?
J23i et nnd imiitt rxtt-nnhu apMirtiuent of 1'ANUY
TrJ WTO V Utf ever introduced into llii innikrt.
3ri Ilii Bturk cOnxifU of u (uiniiltitc iti.i.iirliiir.iit nf
tun vrt-i tiHiniii una I'.iriiir tm us in ui4 oiniKci, logt'lli
prwithPtno j'iiturcn of every dcucription. Oven nnd
Jl. 8iuve, ltadiatorn. Cjlimltir Htuvo,Cait Iron Air.
Tiglit ttovef, Cannon ttovc, 6lc Uc, &livippc aud
Jiii ware LuiiMiintly on hand aud iinnufarturcd to order.
All kimli f.frepalrinx done m uual, on liort mdiw.
TIip pntronago of old friend and nw cuuiimri rc
fpcclfully solicited. A, M. UUITUT,
i;iuoiJil)urg, Not ember 3d 1U0. tf.
Tay llm entire rout fur Tuition in tlio moi popular and
suicenful Coiiiiiierrisil Bcliuol in tho country. Upward
of Twelto Hundred youuj iihmi from Iwciity-cight ditr
erfiit Ktaten,liae lieeu educated for busmen Iter it with-
hi mo pan iiirec eam, soma uj unoni imvu been uu
ployed as llook Kcepcra at suarto of
52000.00 per Annum;
luwuediatety upon araJuatin j. whn knew nolliint; ofoc
con ii U uK'utliuytiitcri'dtrio College.
' Miulttcra soiisliairprir emJ -nt enter at any
1 1 n it .nil d review u lien lliy pIiue,williout exlrucltnrge,
I'nr Cataloui ofr ipsitjn, HpecimcncofProf. Cowley
limine! and Ornanu nial Iiiuuualiii, uud a large Mu
gnving ofilieColh-sn. inclovu twenty fivoccnl iu i'oei
ugo tiUnips to tho iVlnrtpalt,
JbNUlXH t UMllU rilt.uursU.l'i.
Nemus Prostration. General Dobility, Asthma,
Dyspepsia, Gcrofula, Marasmtii. Paralysia,
Chronic Uronchltls, Anemia, Chlorosis,"
and all Disorders of tho Dlood Bystomu
cDN-pnirnos h the uo?r fatal scntT.Gr. or
MANKIND. It uccn truly regarded ai an ixctTtA
n t MAUnr few ever survivinft lt altaik. ' 0?ie $uth
rf the vhote human met," fbji Vr. Oiiftmitj '' and
ilfdlKIIIANONIC IIAir Ob' Ml. TUB A KIT ID'l-UllONofmotcivilizcdcoinmunltl-sI.l:l?IIJ.
HSl'ASE." lliitta fad fommcntaxyou tua bwiulud
efllfAcy tf Iho Hcnlintf Art I . .
7lie hrillhut HUcdvery of Dr. Diurcilll, mndo to tuo
Imperial Academy of Medicine, of I'nrls, lia proved an
inUnudl'bwn to tlio world. liy the u.1 of Inls now
aadroKfyimJia(a.7!,n(1 known to (liemlBiry M
"Tho t'UIir: of CnXSl'MrTIOV, oieii In tl.o
Peennd nnd Third Stnffc (nt a period, tlicrcforct
when there tan ho no doabt ns lo the nature f
tho Dl-cn.c) l tho Kl'Ll'-, while DKATII IS Till.
rXCKPTlOJf." i 4,I KNOWV'unrnDr.C.,
"llint ihey IU proe notntily iir nVltli A HKM
riVln CONHL'ML'TIOS nn tlulnlno In In Inter.
mlKent Fever, hut ! n clTctnal n I'JtLSUIl
VAT1VK n Vnctlnutlon In Sninll l'ax."
Ixtno ("ufrcrcr,whovalur3 liealih and lifodolny an
hour lo try ItiH remedy. Jlememhir tint " preventicn
14 he iter than cure." nearo of etlf-dcteptlon,or tho
enolhing nssurntico of friends tlmt"( U tmhj a UUlt
ru.I " Kalat error to myriads who now fill .reoj.tturo
grave I Give, I entreat you, prompt attention to tho
"Ami thime PIRNS foau. ioiiow tuhm.' Jjrfc,
11 Iho eirU'it symptom of tuhcrculnr dleoaso is waytimj.
U jffi nla the ccwjh, hntl it Is earlier, in -olnt of timi,
than thi hectic, it li flm manifested In tho act am
Jt'indi, Hii miueular tiswvfl waato lienco rEnitrrr:
there 11 a penwofBomelhlng wrong tift.tlin'j that Tmi
vital 1-owKBsi ARK ruGGJNO. Iho vate of tho lUii.g
machine Is moro actlvo than Its rifflO"." l)r, I'oWock.
" Jf.imV""fnf yawarcn miicrtindTtlioJnfludico
cf cauFci w hich Induco n kaknerj and frxiiAmii -f ; entlt
us iMii(,pn''t oinmt K; excett, irt&itancyt child Utv uy,
tivrtinj, rttjnt growth, cr Jllitt itcowry rtw tfutact
n permju hcplna to loao lila flesh, ftrtiigth, color, or
DppolltojJf ha tutTcrs from thorlnm of Ircalh, or
tltj)U?ne, nnd exierieiii es n general fi-clhiRt r an
miormid J.Ttf.-a'Mi.lllFltK 13 ItEAr-OX TO 1 K.K that
lie if already prrtinmtd ta the complaint. If lo tin so
p y nip torn j ho added coi'fl, however slight, -articubrly
If It hM come on Blowly. or durlnc tho I ilr cepMm,
m: rr.oavBiUTY js GitLnn; tTiu." cawicAii.
"IT, oa tbo earliest nppenrnnco oftheso stens of
Consumption, tlio pnllutt InVt-s Jnllf iiVout ten
Ernlns or tho IITrOFlIOSP ItlTES. lie "111 n.unllr
.oe tlicm nil dlsappoar in a period vsrylnc from a
few weeks to A few months! nnd by continuing: tho
orcoslonnl .... of the Kentcdj-, HE WILL CFED
Ksow.Nia uiti urxniiFuiiE."
"Winchester's Genuine" Preparation"
Form of Dr. Clmrchlll's Remedy. Mi'lo rrom tho
orlKlual rormuk.) lUl octlwicf tlio Hjiiojtai.liliMi
la Two-som aud Sociao : incnating tho prlocirlo nuiar
oo.v?riTcra Motrins runcn, unit they oro tho host
l-oEi.nenLnoiwipNERjiTiNaAnE.T3FowT. Tho effect
upon tho tulwrculsr condition 1.1 IllMLiilATn, jitt Tim
CE-rRAL t7TMnOM3 M3ArtRAKI.NO Mllll A k.. I ll'lTV VllltTI
wuraiirjiAHTtiovs. They nlicre Iho coujh.ilimini'!
rxnvctoratloa, imprwe tho Appetite, rfrr( illarrhrra;
tho xljU lictors, chilli, mid Jeter censo ; tho bowtl3
iMxme regular, nnd nm tu.ij inut nd i-irov.NU
ei-nr.WAnnof nagtit Jlmmllft ndverl Ised n TV.
Churchill's, nnd all other EWNUUXO IIEMCES lor,b
tuffrcrs ofthoir menhstIoreirreiV,i(s fi'me, raid haxteu a
tATUtuscLT. Vr!totoworurCl!:ci'LARS,Badfor -Br.
ChurcMll's Treatise on Consumption,'
which e-nntnln tho mify attiheiitic ivonnatim iu repfird
to this SOT TUEATJICT. Uut l iies to oil InauIriTS.
SniOEi In7"n4"l0.os. BottUsTjTnncVfa "each!
Thrco larCo, or sli small for $5. liy fao-simllo 1
ca both tho Label and Outside Wrapper,
iYS Po not confound this Rcmody villi Iho so-e ailed
Cli, micol Food ;" and partlcuUrlyavtid nllprrpnra
lloua cm tnlnlnc;t, ron, ubichtj Ruts, nnd CUl Uivr
Ul, which has no cnumK rnoi-ERTy w ujiTKTrn. a
viM by tho most rorpfclahlo Pruccisls thrnm-hont
i United States nnd Urltlsh l'rot Inci-s, and Whoksnlo
KUKetall nl tho Ueucral Iiejot In the Vnltod Slates, hy
J. WIHCHESXEK, 36 John Street, It. Y.
JIarill 0, 101.
Light .Light ! Light !
1' A 11 A G 0 N
TIII1 hc.t, moat hriliititit, niul elienpest portable light
novvin ii.e. N'n thinner of explosion and elieupe-r
II, tin t,m, ,t,U 11.1, u,t u, liiihiiiiviiv,
ilhont Iho epciise of gas fitture-s. The nhove Lamps
(with nil their fancy triimniii!,'sj can ho t-t-en nnd honi-'ht
ut the oiil established Unit,' nnd chemical rltoro of the
iiuili'rti,'n"t!, who lliinrs from his long cx
nenenco In thu limn tradu, he knows how and where to
finy, nnd is determined not to ho undersold hy tiny one in
lllomii.hiirs, or snrroundin country, t'ull and sec his
new- nnd wi ll selected stock of
I'ltOM 7'J to'JIxlIll, C'OMXCTIUN'A-
uii:s. I'uiti'umiiiiv and
i'ANCV '101LCT. AR.
LA I) IRS, ft
ASim t;rnniin( t'atcut iciiitincs treer
i.TV vnrii tv in iico
n tora, fiMiroi lur medlcinnl iuc onlv. 1 iiiid.L':iinntiinr
Ciirhna Oil, Turpentine and Alcuhol, Trni-C8. Miuiilder
liraeeti and Aliditmiiial buppoitortt, Kurjfical uiul I)m
tal Iriftnuricnti,Halinail and tnotli Itru Inid, L'amplii'ii
plirey'a liomii'p.itliir Ufiiiedie(, (J.irdun, Unnarv. Uiuio
and Hemp m-ed, TiicnntniiLtcrs, roof-pl.mii Atorucio
ur'im uiul most vuried tiridortiuent of Tujij and
ever hroujiht to thie ptttce, nil of Uikh pleue call and
unc and j uu inut heflcve.
Jluvimi learned hy Mid evperienco that 'ong credit
iii aui iwfji uijiiyo mm iit'i, i nave neiermincd to
,, HiS'i)liJ(3Is5 BUi'J!aa
tocaMlhinert, to make it nn ohitct to iIiliii ii writ no
the ttelier, tu deal on tJic cali principle, tiiher money or
llain! ncncd a ropular apprenticeship ut tho Drug
nnd Apuihecnry bitfuiicss, hesidi'd havniji carried it mi
tor thu Ubl i?hteeu ycara, on my own hook, 1 flatter
inyirlf tlut I inn nhlo to do Justice tq all Eiiinit mo a
trial. Thankful tuthfi puhlic fur pail faors, 1 would
nkn trial on tho new principle, and will guarantee to
nll, it will make long rlonls, mid pay Lcit in Uiq
cud tu pay cull and buy ut reduced price.
carefully coiiipouiijcil.aiiil all orders correctly nnswered,
Al iiiedicines guaranteed ns recommended, rUorc Room
on -Main t-trei-t, near .Market, neil door to tho l'o.l Of
fice, liloomshurs, C'olumlia county, l'n.
L'rilRAlM P. LUTZ.
August i. 1T,0.
A little, hut often fill, tho purse.
lUUA-wti.irj havixq ruNri-No. m fomh
.., 1, "'' UlrtJ-t. hitwein Chestnut and Waluutl
I'hiladelphia, )us all deposits on demand.
"l." iiioooyserureu oy tioverinuent Elato'
id t.ity Loans, tiround Kent., .Mortgages, &c I
This Loiuiiany ileuus safelv Letter n,- i,,r
proiits, coii.o-iuciitly ill run no risk w ith ilepo'i-'
tors- iiioney, hut have it ut tell lime, ready to return
Willi 3 per cent. Interest to the un ncr. as they havo 2
ulwnys ilone. This lompany never suspended, 2
V emails, married or slush!, and .Minors, can do. in their own riiiht, and such deposits can Leo
winner pepeiual, tneorporaled ly thoBlato i(Z
i'eiiusjlvunla, with niilhorily to receive moiie-v S
Iroiu irii.leesand lUi-cntors,
Othco Oltt-ll daill- from 11 In ;i vl,u k M
uesday.'tveuiii until 8 o'clock. "
Jaroh n. gliannon, fy ,u', Cadwolladcr.
John Khiinllur.
(liomo Uua.rll.
ilaniclil IV. Sloan,
Lewis Kritiiihharr,
Niehrljs ltilteiihoitse.
lMwardT. lljntl,
iienrjiiit Idliy,
Nalliau Smedley,
Pnlirf.,1,, l-.l ,,,1,-...!
.v., 11, ouiiicriiiwniiOi
Jo.eiih Mppiiirott. '
J.'VV'i 'SHANNOS, I'r.iilcllt.
ALI.AUIH!, Treasurer.
March 12, 130 -,
"A I)ollaravcll is twice earned."
""Nov, sris&i
iVINJ's AND LIOUOKR. nrnno .:.".-."'"" r ...
iup,KeW' Marchla.ll "' C' k 1 W 'I Me'1'.M.AN' l.ruk Var'd'ofrf. l.'m' Kniny nlar McKelvy 1 Mal
MsMsjTiMssisisiss.sss.i i iirttllMfthb Uooiinbgrjr'tb.O, jum-3,u, J II r
.1, Vnc s Lin nt oncJ rtlli vc llii'inselv, s from tin thou
sand uinlalc. H helrto. If liny w III :,nlj
J" ow tlto counsels ..rn.itur , and Inke tho medlriiio
uhifii lis : nflslsts her in her operations. Tint incJl.
rlno is the V "sctnblo Life Medicines of Dr. MorrAT,
kllimit (14 -my
Moffat's Life Fills
j. j. -
dlclues liato now been before the public for
a nerloil of nil years, and ditrini! that liino hate lii.lln.
" 11 . ' , i.,. : .,. In l,,i.l i,verv milt of tho
'! ,t,n for ths extraordinary curative properties which
flicy i-wseVi" j
IMl-iU'li l ' ITslfn I'lIIS.
lTJ.Ulltll O AJlAVy a. IIIOI 1
stnir.l'a Life I'lllsarc Indebted for their name to their
minlf'stnii iisll,lo action In piirlflu5 tin-sprlnM
Eii! c ian els of life, and cniulnit llim with renewed
fnnp iiiid vleorl and lo the undoiibted fad that at nvery '
i.rlv iV-irt lit tlielr history, they rcucil sulUrers
from tlin very verm r mi untimely srave, pcrbcllr so-
riir iiotothciii that utilfurni ciijoynient of health, with-
ni, i u his Is llf,l itsilf Is but a biesslnj. r)utri'at
r"I " . Li.., n...u lnrhil,lv unit eil. Hut it W.IS 1
rnrrclv less than nilracnlmis to thoso who were uiiac-, m-ngrnphical aciounn kieii pnde Willi tin) latest ciplora
ouaiiiicd with the bMUtiful pliilosoplilcal principles j tluns ; liiatorlcal matters Inrliidn tho freshestjust views
upon which theywero roinimiinilcil, and uponwlneli
lliey C0lise"p,en7
MOFFAT'S rUCRNIX BITTERS.'s I'hoctilt Rilters nro so called, hecauso lliey
iios-css the power or reslorlm the etplrins t-mhers. of
icaltli ton slow lug Ijur tliroiicliout tlio constitution,
as the l'liocnit Is said to ho restored lo life from tlio
nihes of its own dissolution.
Mcrciuhl Diseases. There Is no one art clo
niters as a nieilitlnc, Iho Inlucious uso of wliiili has
inu.ednnliwMe-sprend nnd ternl lo liilsihkr to the
human slstcni ns mercury. Its poison sinks deep int.
tho SI stni, I" uelrntimt the sub-dance of Iho hone., nml
proiluclnc n Ions train of painful diseases. It Is wi ll
known that many nlh-ellons of Hie tlirout, ol the hones,
of Iho noc, nnd malignant sores, which liato et-eii nt-,
trihutcd to syphilis, nru so ofleii caused hy Iho Injudi
cious use of mercury, tlio remedy lias prutcd
wurso than thu disease..
The Llfo rills nud 1'hoenlt lliltcrs havo always hcen
sliinally successful in tills class of .'ise-ases, nnd will
trmliintunll Hie elicits of mercury from the (jstem,
sooner than tho most puweiful preparations of sarsa
parilla. They a LI nature Iu eastlmt lioni thu s) stem all
poisonous in itl, r, nud hy thus purl!) lug tho ital fluids,
lliey restore the system in lienllli.
lliliWM t'omplaiiitsA well regulated and propor
tionate iptnulily of lulu upon tliu stoniacli is nlwus re
onititelur Iho promotion of sound heallll it stimulates
illeebtion, uml keeps the Intestinal citnnl Irce troni all
oharuclioiis. On Iho interior surf.itu of tho liierlsa
pi-rilllnr hl-iildcr in which the hilo Is first preservud,
heme formed hy the liver Irnm tho hlood. Thenco it
passes Into tho stomach and intestines, aud regulate
ti,., .l.e.-.tlnii. Thus wo boo when Iheiu is a ilthcie-liry
a l..t... tlio hov is eonstantlv costive, tin the other
ii.lliil, mi over lltniud.llico of lulu causes frc-picut
on tne fcioniacii, una "'urn i,-i,.u,l- ye,) k,uu
of uisetiscs, w Inch sometimes i ud ill death.
The Life MldUinett climltil, If puf-silde, lu l.ikcn In
the early i-tnif's id bilimi umiphiints i uiul itpTiie-
t'HMl III Sirn ll wct.iirini; u niivitiiiui m i"1"1" ' 'J
elVect u cure. Tlieir ixienttvc u'i lu tlimeinuphiiiit in
all p.nUnt our contini-hl, ri-iHlem cuiuuiunt uiinvceBin
ry in ir uruirti fjic.ii mm iv.. I. Hi; Pill. -1 In- tino ft tlif IMIk. f-ir n very
fliort i hud will nit'i it an cull re cure nl &ult Itlieiiin, and
n triMnK iinprieiifiil in Uu eVurnen of tlio akin.
Ctniiiuuti OdiU and liiflutnwi ttll ahtis he cured hy
une iIuHf.or hy tno (en In thu wortt ense.
rum' ine unpnun yri'pri'-iDr m .ucn
irluef was t tired nf riles u( :i.'i jc.ira Btauditig, hy tlio
iiao of tlm'i ."MLditiue uli'iK.
l.ntH L'oMrcAtir. An ntl:ctlon of tha l.ivirmnyhe
known hy u fidiutr of tendon or piin in thu right side
nliijut thd region of thu liver, i-tun .uittucnt an in iduit
risy, hut foum times dull ; n diihrull) in drawing n on
breath ; dry cnugti and inrlin.ttlon to omit, Tliindi
seusu may bo produced hy cold, hy violent fiercer, hy
intense iuiiiui'T he.iti, h long continued tiliou fi-wr
or ayue, and by aiimm eolid ronrrctlon in the sub
ftiince uf tho In cr. And tu tit use pruduciiiz cniiMff.are
dirnnt rii'-nt f tho diL'-'sllve irnant wippp'ifi'd s'cre
ti(iii4.aid iuent.ll Mdicitudc. hit ll art er fwiULiit
causes nl uhslruitioiis and disease uf tho livt r.
'1 hia mct.a hiin'ihi ou arrerticii in inoLoiuiuuiicemeut
ulucli can ho done hy a kv.'d'Mcs if Ihc I. if' ViUn.
Winn ouru tlii liver in uroturd tu llii pcrfjiiiiucc of
Its prop or fiinttione, little more i rciuinte than tocon
liiine a pp'ptr use of the ineiiieineii, and a cpculy re
covery will eii"iie. I
l"cta -(.t'i! Tor thia ncoUrpc cf the tVeitcrn.
country, theco inediciii'' will hi fuuud a o.ife, ppeedy
and certain remedy. fJther nipdiciueit leave the eyctem
nuhject to a rettirn uf the disease a cure hy these .Med
ic lues is perm-ineiil.
HcroilIsA. 'iho muct hornblo cafes nf Pcrofula, in
which the face, hones nnd limbs nf tho victim lia.l hi Lii
pre)ed upon by the intatiuble ttin at', are proved, by
iiHdemahh) authority of Ihu .itlcrt rt theumelvetf, tu
iiave hi'tn couipUtily cured bythexy purely vefjetnljlo j
irn untiles, alter an outers iui ueen luunu inuru linn
Iniliceetimi and l)y pepsin. if wo were called upon
lo epeufy on i dmciis.0 whuh mure than any uilier in Die
ha ue, (w hill it i UieoH''rni? of civili.ttionUvo Flmnhl
iiino ijspcpiia. 11 is gi'iivruiy huciiiii-h, or r.uner
rodtiriivr, nf u long Irani uf illn, sudi ni llcirtluim,
'latiilcucv. a cnavviiii; i-ain at tin- stnm.tth v ben eiuutv
a ftciiBO id uiitunifurt.ilde wtiahl wli' it full, puns in thu
lliro.ii, Utic nnu pit "i me Eiuuiai it, tociiv euem, cltllli-
nct, laiiguor, uuwiiiiugueitiLO takecierciB;,&.c
Mollut' a Life .Mcdiriiu's nro vecullarlv mlai led to tho
cure nt thin dij-tn'sainji rniiipl.iiut. 'i'hey mt uioii tbu
j io weld iu u very mini, inu fniuu iim. vtry ell re
tual iii.iuuer. and h.ivo never jet failed tu cure this din
euc vv lien moil utcording to our ilireetumtt.
(,1'iiernl Hebility, Thu mo-t cumuiou of nil enm
ilaintH is tli it of n ueneral wenkiif-m of the whdio j s.
tern, iiiiiccniuiiiuieil by any particular dt-mruVr, or dc
tinatc Bvmnioiiia nl iiideane. Jhero is n I It c it.ilrn.
crL'V, n lodrt of uiiiK'tite, uuvMlliiiuiiees, and indeed ina
bility lo uudcriju e;rtiun, frcpient head.icbes, iudi-
eFiiou, niieiiuuies i a u on uex h inin uryncfn of tho hiuu.
tendency tu l't enttlim-fs, iuilHnss for nxR-ty, in bli"rl
diiunMe fympionib 01 languor. uiquHiuue, una weak
nesslliat eivc tv lilence of u hulure in the vital imw
crx. and a low, uiihcnlthj uud morbid condition of tho
Life Tills .mil I'liociiix Killers.
The Life Tills and l'hoeuiv Hitters nre, perh.tps, the
ueti renn'uy i or roiorni 6iruu'iii iu ine noiiy. inr.IlK'y i
att a a Kfiitle rurlaarlic, and, hy their tome -lujlities,
stn iiztlit.ii the w hoi i) isyt-tcm !' I.ifu 1'ills. Kr-iuns of np'ct'mric habit, who
aro biibjocl in fits, Itiail.ahc, pii!il!ncsH, duuucsK of
tight, or drowfciuesa, troni too u How uf hloud to
tee h'ail bhouU lake theto Tills frcmently.
AHV1CUTO rr.MAl.KH.-remales who vuliin their
health ihould never be wiilmut the Jsledicuieit, an
Ihey purify tho bluod. rcmuvo ohstructiuiii.and pive the
fkin a beautiful, clear, healthy uud blooming uppear
ance. Tu Klderly Tersoiu. Manv licallliy n?cd iadividuaN
who know tho Milue of Molful's Life Medieim-s, maku
iturule intake tlu-ni two or three, time a vvttk, by
which thi'y remnvo thy cnunes that pruducu ilme'Uu,
prescrio their lieallli, uud keep oil' thu iiitiruuties ol
Tacts for Mothers and Nurses. It is a fact, cutab
tidied by the annual Ltisrf of mortality, that mi Kutf of
the chihlreii home aro cut oil' tfr' attaiii jug t-uven
years nf usa; and tho fuitful source of this mortality is
found to exist iu that foul tat ol tho stf-math and
bowels which produced the Generation of worms. As
Iho fiilu restorer of infantile health in this critical dato
tho Life Medicines have lony held a dibtin'uialied iepu
tHtioii, aud for foulness of ihe htomach and bowels, and
conv ulsions, alihoufli worms may not exist, it is allwwcd
tu bu superior to any utlicr,
Moffat's Tills and Hitters.-IVo mcdicinfu nt present
known have done no much good lu mankind its these,
wiihiii tbo !at fuvv years ; uud certainly none li,ivt
been rewurdt-d w itli more numerous uud authentic les
timnuldU of their invariable andextcusivuilhiacy.
They reomru no dieting nor cuulinement, are perfectly
mild And pleasant in tln-ir operation, but will pnwcr
fullyrestnie healtli-that greatest of rarthly hlessinus
to thu mofl cihauslud aud dilapidated cunsti tut ions.
Trepand by
Dr. WM. n.MorrAT,
. . 335 "ruadway, New York,
And for Sale by alltl)ru,riiUt8. npl.'lM ly.
Nos, 21 if 23, South Sixth strut, near
tho Slate Jlciisc.
1'll"'A,";,'l',ilA' I'llNN'A.
rPIA Hours of Uu. siiue-ious huihlntj.', e-reeted expressly
Mr 111. proprietor's tradu, urn stored with seeds uud
implements of interest to fanners' and iranleucrs
hisTV iCAKs Lsiauusiiiu. 'Iho suh.crihers desire to
v. ,.... ..,.,,,,, , , eery imo inieresled III mrtliisig
nn-l itardeiilng lo llicir well .elected Hoek of Asncullu-
Warranted Garden, and hlatecr Seeds Grass and Field
"" y i. wiesi rciaeia quality.
Iho Ai-rie-nllural liiipleinenls sold hy us are mostly
iiianufaiturid nl uur .teum works, llristol I'u.
Ilavin; lltted ui uur Csl.ihlHhiui-nl wilhoul reenrd lo
expense, wills Hit,' luoi-t completo niaehieiiery for the
.......u..,11UiU vi ,anuiis Kiuus oi u;riculturul iiiipiiments
we. are now-prepared to supply all urtiilesiii this line
fu ly equal, it ni superior, to unj tliin3 of tho kd t-vcr
hcloro oil. red to thu puhlie,
Landrelh's warninted i!r,l.-n h..,..iu i..... i , .........
.u., ,,,t,UIUS
r forupwurdsof sltly years; their wide spread
y, and tho iiicreii.iusdouiand Irons year lo icur,
ktl tvel.lciices of tlieir mpurlorily over al
nro mo uetl evcl.lcnces of their mpurlorily
Country intrchanls can he supplied with .eeils in pa
pers, or iu hulk, on tho must liberal terms. '
e ?'i"""; al0' ,,":ar,",irt"1' !'" t" Pi'ilo" sccdsrounils,
u ."".'' """l,l'J andseveiilyuire-J. and is Hie
larSe.UsUUi.hinentofits kind in Ihu world.
.- c. . . " LANiuimii & sour,
n-s. ." ',' ?' .')' -X ttrect. Vliiladcuthla,
JU l.andrel h s Iturnl Hi-(-i.ter and Ali-unac lor IrWI.
foniaininit a 1 arm, Garden and tlrcen House Cnlandar
for every uiuuili m lira ear, can he had i'roiis.mion pet.
sonal orpo.t pui, npplieulion, ' 1
January 21, lnn)y.
Nos. 0, 11, 13 and 15 Courtlanil street.
II. iMVINtillUrVlT.R.
May 1,1858
J.M1'0HTjM1 ATIjNAL WOltlv-:
runusiiED iiv i. ai'I-lcto t co,
ill) ihM45 Jltvattivay, Netv Vork.
The follmvlnjj wolksaro senttn Rubciiiers in any 1 art
of tlieeountrv, lupiuirectll't of refill price.) by mail or
"iTl""'AUimiC,N CVCI.OlM'.lll A 1 A popular
Dictionary of (lencrnl Knowledge. Kdltcd by (lenao,:
1 lti,.,rv ,, f'.m..s A. 1)4. A. aided Ut H numerous
let t corps of writers In all brnncllcl nf r?ticneics, Art and
Literature. This work is belli! pnldlslled in about IJ
jjiicrniiire. iniswors. i. i'kii'k an,-,, it, noons i
large oetntn volumes, rath containing ISO two rolnin
,,,. Vol.. 1 to X!
!..,,,iltnir ' .llhl. or
Inclusive, nro mm- rendv.esrli
onclnal articles. Ail additional
volume will buiiulill.hi'ilourii Iu about three months
Trice, ill ClothS.lj r3hee'p,$J fW Half .Mot., fl Half
1 .,.,il,ll. lenrneil but not nnilnnic. coniDfc hcn.l...
,ut Silltirlclltly ilcf.llled, rren from personal pl-pio and
party prejudice, fresh anil yet accurate. II .lis complete
'statement efall that iskiiow n upon every uipoltant top.
n will, tltn scufe ofliiiman intclllRencc. livery lm(io(l,
nut nrllcln iu It has bee nspeel illy written for Its ),.(
by men who nro nutliorltles upon the topic n whuu
they speak. They arc re,iiirid tu brlnit the subject up to
tile present mnmeiil m state Just how It stands sole. All
ll, Imtl.tlrnl Inriirmntion Is from the fatrst ritmrtii tiro
the blocruidtical iiolfte not only phf-ak of tfAi dead, but
nluofinc living. Jt Is a library ufiisclf.
Anntnut MsVt r vt tub Iiujaii. orCiititRMiii HcfiiR n
political liietory nfilm Uiilt"d Sttitvi, frnmtho nganir.i
tfon of the lirtd IVih rul L'nnftress In IiE") tu IK'.ii, Kilit
rd nnd compiled by Hun. Thomas II. KmTOK from the Of
flclal llcrnriiS of UotiKtuM.
Tho wurk w 111 be complied in 13 ro).il octavo vorumf
of 75H pajcsencli 11 of vvhirli aro now rwady. An nddl
ti on a I volume willlx publiilied nnro fn three months.
Cloth. ; f..ivr Sheep, $ AU; Half Mor,, 91; Half
Calf l ' nirll.
1'orm n rtnh nf four, nml rtmit Ih- pr?rftf four buokn,
nnd live copies will Iw n nt nl the remitter's eipunsc lo
carriage.or for ten inihtrJbef eleven copies will lu sent
nt our ejpeii'cfor carrlaRo,
No other works will so I He-rally reward th'e i-Xcrlioni
of.aeDts. Am AoriT Wasimi 11 thu t'ot-sT,.
Terms tiimle known on ainlicatli,ti to the i'uhllshcrs.
Nov. !il, leiin.
i.irn insijuanck.
Tin: niKAiti) . ixsvit.i.wn, axxuitt axl
ItWiT Cil.VI'AXY Of rillMlty.LVJIlA.
i-stK r, so. I'l-.tntsTstT sint-s.T.
L'AriTAI,(paid up.) :i(HI IKIU,
Cftarlrr VtrpflHnl.
ClONTlNl'ntn ni.iko INrHJItANX'UB UU t.tVC8 orV
the most refisonahte terms.
The tnpltnl Is-ine; paid up ami invested, together w ntt
n lar?e nml lonslanlly Increniinjt reserved fund, olfir.
n perfect security In tin' insured.
The preiiiruiun. must lo j-aid cnrly half )carly, or
The Company add n HONTfl periodically lo "the in.ii
ranees of In.;. Tho I'lltur IH)Mfr appropriated In Do
n-mlr, I'll, the m'.COMI lit IMW iu 11,-ri-inher, Iff!
Iho Til lllll liUMItt in lli-ri-mliel, 1.11, and the I'OUUTII
IIONIlHih Ilece nils r, IAVJ.
C y-'Thf-Hi- ndflttii'iis nre uiinle willionl re'piiriiig nny
In, rf-ni-e lu tho premiums to l-e paid lo Us; rf.iupany.
Tlio following are u few i-sumples from tin- Itecister
I I I A mount of I'nlicv and
roitll iioiTos or
Policy Insured nilililim
N't. mi $j.,mi :
" 1 ij :11111a iii'iii ii
- JSHKs iini IKI
" :i'i:i .Musi if,?, ou
" Ar. A.C eVr.
hontis lo u increased
oy luiurenihlitions.
t:i,:te7 .Ml
I .ll.Ml IN)
1,:ki ll, w
I'.inioeti Is. roiitninirf' taM'-s of rates .ind i-siilsii.tln
forms of nppltiatJois, nnd further iufunnatioii can her
fouuil at thu olticn.
THOMAS IllllOIJlVAV, rnsUnt.
Jso. 1 . Jamts, Atttwry,
,, ,. . . '-KV' ' TATI!, Aent.
t. I . IIAHRtsr!, l.rssMM i'Affsician.
October 10, IfS?-!.
Lnclcaivniuia & liloomslnirg Itnilro.iil.
TllAlNS Wll.l. KIJN Art lOI.I.OUS.
iM O V I N ti SOU T 11.
fretfAl .J
I'niirpgtr. I'aatep'fr.
It 15 A. M,
II 13
III -.1)
NO it Til
3.10.1'. Al,
Leavo Pcranton,
" Kingston
" lllooiiishurf,
" D.iniill,-,
m o v i ,v ;
Leave Nonh bcrlaml,
" I'llllVlil-,
" lUoelnshurg.
" Kingston,
Arrive nt rcrsmton,
iu. i;
l.'m 1'.
4.01) A. M
-1 .u
..... Arrive l'.MKl ,M.
J ts a.l.'i T. Mi
p.oi r. .11. 4.113
A I'asirciizcr Triiu nl.ol,.i,i,.. u-l.w....... u tr. .
for t-cralitiu.toioiimii win, iril fr -,. Vc.'rk. Ite
VnrTO tluV 5',Cri",lu 'rl(al of 1''illu f'ul" !w
ii'.l,!.,,V.k?" nn,,i IHnimslnlfir Kailrnsd tonnecU
with tit. llelaw bp-, Urk.iwnuii-1 and Ue.icm Railroad
' f.'V," "'.','"r"w snlimiedialo points cast
At llup.-rt it coii.iecl, n itli the L'uttiiw issa ttai road.for
points h.uh east ami west. ,
A, i-,, , ,'. iUi" ., """"" HI' H'O I'hiladelphia
&l.rie nml Northern tnlili:. K. aud Erie It
points w est und south.
, . , JOHN IMI.DI.CV, Sp-(
J. L. Wi lls, (len'l Ticket Asti r
May -I, "
I-rom tin XortMa.l Corner of See,. nth and Mnrko
fctrcetstu his N-,v STAND, N. n-jsj M.VItKCTST
tnSac" f"i nn'or ' " '"'K,or"r''' " icasiotHibio priccs.ct try
In.pro1ed Aaricitllural and Implements.
Uurruntedlre.linn.l tletiuim, Kichl, (larden nml rii.
irKecds, In ureal tnriety. Also. No. 1 I'erliv ia I t.'c v.
cmim-nt l.-uanu. and oth, r rellahlu rerliliier. for (Jrass
and Cram trops.rrnlt and i)rniiiM,iaT,m. i nd Vhrul,.
bery.lhoiii-Lnrurein., Hose,, Jlahlias, tec '"U"
lie solicits a cnnliiiunnco offc-riiier tutlom.
on al!l!lica.lonS,:Cd' "" L''"I"S'"'. furnUlied
Aericultiirnl and Heed U-,riL'Mp,e,l,(';J',"JIIM'?;.,
Street, opposite tho Tanners' Market.
January 111, liftil.
Good Shoeing anil tlicnn SmiUiing,
1,If,Mi'i''l'!,''or",i,F"''.'l,r'',,'''kr'.'11 1"'?"' pnlrnuisue. resperl
ill P.!!1. .""",'.un ohove the Hail noail, in al I
lis various hranehe,, ut ,,w prices, nnd on nn cnlarsed
scale, and sulicits the public p.itronie,.. eniarsen
l""o...sbr.7,Jnnc5,P58- y'l'l'llU.V ICN'OIIIl.
coA-nx&vrAL jiotkl,-
Niulli and i heslniit Slreels,
OlTusllE UIC "oiltAltD lioin,"
Toilet Aiticles.
iVibin-,, Couilray'e, liatley-,, ii., .v,-., 4c rcrfuincry
l,AUl)Kt-i.ooi,0rihebe.tilittll,.,s. v-u""llllc-LtsT
I.Mii.iftiTo,iTii llHu.iits, of all sl!;esand Mil,.
l-ULII K liKOWN, Js.
Anust I. lna-l-m. tor- m t'hc""ul B,'
Spring and Summer
HAH jil.l rcccivi d, direct from Philadelphia and
ork, a very choice assortment of
almost every iie-w- fabric vehich has been manufactured
for Hornier and Suiuiiier. n. unii ... ,i
!'' SfAtLB OOODSol superior qualities will he founa
'" u'lcl',' "J l",re us lo' " sluular coods can be.
"Jd'ast-.l elsewhere.
.. . .,ier eo unit f-ooiis at a low pr ce, but
!, . ,.' 'l" r!''r lU: y '""S"1 " low
5 h ,Ti n'",l ',',,u 'uw sonielh ng rare
Say w "m ,' lll,wiv"' ' "Te'ed to any who
l'Hr jh'nwAnr groceim:.
''ALT, Heir. '
...... -o" and see. yn
llloomsburi;, April 2u, letil. ""
'rill, lament, best handsom
.s. est and cheapest assoit
niciil of H-ilo leather solid
llivetedTravellna Trunks.
Udiet' llannet S; Dress Trunk
" -" ,u,Lts, r,m, i
krs Leather nn1 Carpet llacs
Pockin; Trunks A.c &c n
Ci le-bratcd J.ondi
ondon Prize Medal improved sheet aprlM
iter Trunk nianiifnrtory, No, 40-J Malhe
CoMiis of nil kinds, lluiralo. l,i lluhhcr, he . tee
.!:"-'T T"f ""-l'i,. t'ouura. 'and J
, J-c- f; lls-Ali's Oil.. '
1 1 us. t.i i, i-OI,s WATsiUroiu I'ortlain rountains
IIock asuSooa Willi choice Syrups' ,lu"'l1"-