Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, March 30, 1861, Image 3

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ocal anb Special,
John 0. Freeze,
ATOnDA5f MOHNIIia.MAnOII 30, 1861.
wm ip iiii in ii in win ii mil ii ii i 1 1 mi 1 1 ii i ii 1 1 i 1 1 1 1
jgy- To-morrow is Master Sunday.
Tho first Federal Congress met, April
1, 1781).
Florida was discovered by Ponco do Lo
on April 2, 1012.
April y 178!) Franklin made his treaty
with Sweden.
President Harrison died April 4, 1841,
Tho Philosopher Plato, died April f,
S 18 years beforo,
Uadajos taken by Lord Wellington, 0
April 1312.
tsiy A writer in tho Luzerno Union is
down on anv imnortation of Judges, and
insists that Luzerno can furuiah lU own '
Judges. Of course! j
CttTThe CongrcsUo assemble nest Do-
comber, is tho XXXVII. and it consists of
237 members. The XXXVtll will be ro-1
ducedto 233 members. Tho XXXVII
congress i3 the ono elected last fall. ,
fcS-Wcobscrvo that tho legislature aru
crcctinc Jefferson. Elk. Cameron k Forest
counties into tho 20th Judicial District
In April I8r,0 the then Legislature erected
Columbia, Sullivan & Wvomina into tho
2r.1l, .lUivt 1tt ;, w.i n,
tiowcr of the irontlemon now at Harri-Wc '
.0 !
tOT Tho President h.u appointed Hon.
llobcrt M. Palmer, of Schuylkill county (
(now Speaker of tho Statu Senate,) .Minis-
. ..... iT .11-. mt !
ier 10 mo iiqniu ic oi I'.cuauor. int oi-
neo is now new uy .ur. mic ;.iicw, oi lo-i
, ... . ,i. , i: iri.i. ,
of the Senate under tho Democratic re
gime. Tho Luzerno Union U mistaken. Mr-
Buekalew never w.n speaker of tho Senate. ,
And bosides Palmer is not going to Ecua- j
tST Those who aro curious in such mat
ters, will find, by a reference to tho iV.
1'. Daily Tribune of May ISth 1S00, page
No r ; that dudgj Jesiop of Pennsylvania
in tho H publican Chicago Convention,
inovsd to strike out tho word '"National, '
from tho namo of tho Kepublieau paity
iiwascarneu aim mo woru "'National
was stricken out.
Pa?" This Xo. of the Atlantic Monthly
is a very good ono. "April Days,'' '"Citii-s
and Parks," "Life in tho Iron Mills,"
"Two or three tioubles" a story, aro very
excellent. "The Profe.-pors Story"' is con
cluded. ''Charhstou under aims'' is pro
fauo vulgar and a to the magazine.
Where was the Editor f and a lot of twad
lo about "King Cotton " have crept in be
tween naps editorial. 'J'ieknor & Fields,
ltoatou S3, 00 a year.
IQT Hon. Ceo. W. Seranton, Member
of Cougrtes for this district, composed of
Ihu counties of Wyoming, LuzeruiCulum
bin and Montour, died on Sunday night
March SI, 1G01, at his residence in Scran
ton. The Seranton Daily Kites .says:
Col. Seranton was born in M.ulison, Conn.
1 1th May 1811. In 123 ho went to Uel
videro N. J. In 1(310 he bought the
pleasant site of Seranton, and moved there
in 181.1. Since then he has been inti
mitoly connected with tho large bniness
interests of Luzerne ; of his political life
our readers are as cognizant as wo
Whatever may be his faults, let them bo
buried with him. Itc41usrc.1t in pace.
CaT There will ba a regular mooting of
the Democratic Atociation,at its Heading
Itoom, on Tui bday evening at 7 o'clock
P. M.
In this connection it may bo proper to
pay, that tho reports that some interested
republicans have been retailing, to wit.
That no persons were allowed the use of
tho room but Democrats, aro altogether
unfoundod. Wo cordially invito every
man, no matter what his politics, to drop
into tho Heading Koom at any time, and
look over tha papers and talk and make
himself generally happy. Tho llooui is
for tho use and accommodation of tho pub
Ho, conic in and welcome no 4iicstious
Joy Tho death of Hon. Gccrgo W.
Seranton, announced in another part of
to-day's issuo, creates .1 vacancy in tho
congressional Koprcscutation from this
State, which will be filled by election this
Mil; unless the President shall call an ex-
tra session of(!nnr,r .i !
"o-iiu (ucauuiu '
fi stiofinl pleriinn u-Ill l.r, :.. .i
4 - ii-icu, iu nil-
vnnco of tho regular campaign in October. '
Thiscawis jncchely Biniilnr to that
occurring iu 1857, by tho death of lion i
1 1 r- m . '
John G. Montgomery, lie was elected in I
tliofall of 1850 iliud April S3, 18.17, 1
never liaving taken his Eeat; and Jlr. 1
Lcidy was chosen his fcuecessor, iu Octo-
bcr, 1 607. Mr. Seranton, elected in tho 1
rn e.on,. i. ,. , '
fall of 1800 dies March lbOl, not haviiiL'
., .. , i "v. u..i.i.fa
taken lllS Seat. I
Tho election of Mr. fic-ftnlnn ...
will bo made in tho district as at prcsont
arranged. Any now district to bo mado
wm not at present affect us.
So tho bat-
tlo will bo fought with tho old men on the
old hold: bclcctyour best men, aud let
uu put, u democrat in tuo vacant placo.
Eastor. I
Easter is tlio festival commemorating llio i
I ii- P T - rtl . 1 1.'-!
resurrection ui ucsus Vyiirisi. uoou rn-
day being tho day of tbo crucifixion, tho
third day, on which tiio release from tho
gravo took place, is celebrated by tho Eas
ter ceremonies. 1 ho namo of this festival
originated from tho notion that Christ was
typified by tho paeehal lamb, ordained by I
Moses in llio Feast of tho l'assovcr. Tho '
Latin word is jmscha, and tho French a
qucs. Among tho Greeks and Itoman ,
Catholics, Easter is tho most joyful festival
of tho church. It is also observed witii
great solemnity by the English Church, tho
Lutheran, and tho European Calvinists.
Tho Greek and llotnan Catholic Churches
did not celebrate it at precisely tho samo
time. While some christians, wefc mourn
ing in commemoration of the passions, oth
ers were rejoicing in tho tiiumphant res
urrection of this Saviour. In the second
century the dispute became warm. Tho
Eastern Church would not discontinue tho
celebration of the feast at the turn time
with tho Jews, whilu tho western Church
insisted upon celebrating it without tho
l'chal lamb, and beginning it on Sunday
tho l,ay of Ut'a resurieclion.
It was fully settled by tho Council of
Nice, in Jl-Jfl, that the feast should beheld
0,1 tho Sunday following tho first full moon
after the vernal equinox, and not on tho
samo d.iy with tho Jews. Tho English
"a"10 i:"ler and tho German Ostern, are
m0st probably derived from tho iiann of
tho fua,t of tho leutouie goddess Ostcra
wLicl' was "lebrated by tho ancient Sax
0113 ear'y ' n""Z, and for which as
in many tllur ""tancos, tho first mission-
arics wisely substituted tho christian feast
ol Easter. Adeluug derives Oitim, and
liotu tliu old words astir,,
which siunifius risbt", became nature ari-
so3 anew in tho spring. ThU is also the
, ... , e T. ., . ,,
derivation of JmU, hi Gorman
Easter fires, Easier eggs, and many other
customs and superstitions, have all their
origin from the ancient heathen feast,
which as tho celebration of the resurrcc
tion of nature from the gravo of winter,
was very appropriately tuccccdcd by the
festival which commemorates the resurrec
tion of the Saviour of the world.
ww e oofcrvj several projects up m
the Legislature, to annex narts. or town
ships of sonic counties to others; cither to
straighten lines for tome other good rea
son. Xow bv neiniisiion nf Selin vlkill
cautity, and the people fi be affected wo
can point out a lino which miht be helped
by such a process.
Starting at a point in the linn between
Schuylkill and Montour counties, follow
tho top of .M-ihanoy mountain eattwardly,
until you ftriko the point where tho lino-
of carbon, Jiuz.'rno and Shuy'kill meet .
annexing to Columbia County tho territory
nnrtli of the proroscd llm. It would
straighten tho lino, and the territory bein
intorsLCted by the CalUwi-sa rail road, 's
conveniently accessible to Eloomsburg, the
ploasantoit town on tho Xorth Ilrauch.
On the 10th March, Horace
Greeley, Esqr , delivered a lecture beforo
'I ho Central ItcpuMican C!ub,at the Coop
er Institute, Xow York; in which ho used
tho following words :
1'irst, you must begin by admitting tho
right of secession, and if no such right ex
ists, these men are clearly traitors. All
tlieso men arc pitriois or traitors, accord
ing as you admit the right of accession.
Tho X. Y. Tribune of Xov. 9th, 1600,
baid "The right to secede may be a rev
o'ution.iry one, but it exists nevertheless.'
Xow Greeley himself being tho Judge,
the aoutlicru Secessionists are patriot:
Whata pity it is Greeley has not time to
read 1 ho Xew York Daily Tribuno occa
BiST On Tuesday night lat, or rather on
Wednesday moriii ig, we had tho first
thunder ftorm of tho season ; and it is
hailed as tho harbinger of spring, as an
indication that the snow is down, and
warm weather about to begin. The rain
itself was much needed, and if it should
now become warm tho season will open
The following aro the receipts to tho office
of tho Columiiia Dn.MocitAT. during
I,. ...Ar.ll. r lOrt. 0
JiirfRi Itnpftt,
515 en
JIin T. n;ina. " no
u. 1. ivrine',
1 1 ciiry 11,-wti,
Willi mi fitnU y,
h S.,
rrrtnrii U, Hiivilcr.
J -Hi
1 onj
H'-iiry U. liitL'iitjcmlcr,3 iU
I'.iWt licii;!,..!,!, j (,u
(Jt'ortfo Oman, y oo
i itltiini 1 1 Citmty, ii 'jj
nitiiK J irnliy, 50
Jim. Uirluii (II-nilnck.)U HO
K" uli.'ii llmi, (I luimi.i 1 .V)
II; i. o. XV. VgevZK, I tK)
Mniittmr Cmiiit) , 4 HI)
Hiiimi'l llil,(i'ui1iKk,)l TS
Jtwt'pli M.niMr, J IW
ieil. llL-M.W. it. j 5u
Kii nut I.,, l no
Mnj. Jnti L'l.i.imings, 1 DO
Jisi pli ruaii 1 f5
Allen A; ccJI. e, 5 m
!t.f llfiiry .M.rullvr.t 00
Mat; 11 itiul Ilnjd, iu
7 I
1 J P. Smith. Ilxn , :t (
Ot. JiiJ(5fitm i-iihovtiii,:) Til
Win.ti. n.irriH, 1 5-1
WiIII.uii U'liiti'mtt'fn 1 T5!
J no. r'.iyiUr. i-5 roini;3 ooj
.1.11 'ii lirmvn,
Cyrus II. McIIinry, 1 50
fiSlinii ' ! ft
i;"t. " r .
f.inuii-1 II. lluiriiiiuon.a in
iim. of Vlioi', I
1 roliimuii MIIHII.IU, 1
,r;. v.ii I' im llnti'l, 4".
iZnT&i 'i' VrYrnu, ill m
Ifrtt.. i S &tvV5&u,. ' 'S S
i'r"d' r." !f "',rr' ! "! Kuv- .'h.iiiaw't, ia
'i'l Appleinan, 4 3li I,,n. W. 1. Wooduard,! 15
VTITOW I'M vnmTrrr,v Trrr
H Shim" ASS0CLUI0 1
:l.i1i,,"i,.?J5;,7Vn i"i"S,:Sii"o,J,:?re'ii,,,.y
''TuVli'l'i'i''' V'''.''.?,'!!,.!2 "" i'"rI" I-latu
. .1''LUA"1'l.11'""tIS "i ripernialnrrhua. ami olli-
liVViri'lirV'1 "reun., mid .m the ni:w
'Jil-l'IW euiiluyid. mil tolhialllUH'il lii suiilid
I'1'1'' '"vilop. , trie nrrliariia. Twanillimi Clamps
! Yv"iT. I t,.!?.!," .'. A'ldnss IIU. J ifKli.-
: i. .Vi' . .!," ""-"" iio ,.r.i a.,,
: ;V"i" ""eel, rniiaiieipina I'j.
ItltlCJi: ! UKl-USel!! EEEE:Br ! 1
Qifh llaiUim. Itrinl.- nf
,:,,,,', rlck Ailh'ZA? thflft
LVriihi"'' A,"!y1!,,i'ra",,ne "'u Btl
lli'cuv n t I'i'iiitn
lUvoiukliui, JUrtli a, iail,-am.
lj "" 'i;!LLi ' - VI";;."""1
o v
Valuable Heal Estate.
IN pur sunn to of tin or tier of llio Orphans' Court or Co
InmM.i county, nn
Saturday) the tiOA day of April) 7iextt
nt in oVIntk lit Hie fiirfnnnn.dcnrtrn SI, llnjicnli'Kli.finJ
William II, llu(tciiltiirlit AilmliihirntoM ot fcfiinoii llu
Kciibiifli, Into of Ontro lwnli.p tn on Id cfiitity.ilccffis.
rd will expose lo sale, tiy Public Vendue, upon tho
Purpart No. 2, consisting of a
PiluatPitln (Jotilrc tnwinhlp, In H.ilil rniinty n.ijoinlnjr.
1'tirp.tit N'o. tmo on llm UYt, (Icnrgr Ki Itlinc r utn) mli
in on the N'orlh, fnrnli S.ilmnii on tlio (iuuth and I'm
part N'o. Hi rue, on the Mail containing.
Ten Acres,
ami FUly perches mild Mfnuuro.
ALSO-Purpart Xo. four consisting of a
Hitnntc In t'entre township, aforesaid, wljohiliir; lands
ofllcorgc Kilihncr on the North, I'urpatl No. thtcu on
the West, Furnli Kalmoii on tlio tiuiitli atitl l'urpiirt Vo, 5
OH tliu culitailiin,
n Acres,
entl foiirt'fii ptcIipi Ftrlt mcoanrp.
AliOU-rurjarb iNo. live consign" of a
in LVnlrv timiiliip. nfnrcpniJ. ndji inliij l.niiln of r.vo.
Ivtl liiiir. niiil Mlur. 1 11 th( 'i till. I'linmH v r..
tlio Wen, fnmh ri.iliiu.ti on tlio Houtli and 1'ur'ii.irt No.
biontIif JJ-st, UoiiUliiliitf
Nine Acre s,
tolil duo tin hilrcil niul fuly fli pcrclii'. ulrlrt uicniirc
I.(iti- Hi.' I'd it r.f(..ilil ilrrenm-d, fcllciitn In lliy tnun
Ellip ufCvtilru mill cuunty urxrunKI.
, , . IMVil BVC.'IIjV, Clerk
Cloomtliiire, .March 'J3, PCI.
"JTA'prr rent, i.rtlu' iiircfiniu moiipy t In- nnl.l totlif
iliiiiniHtr.iliiriiiiii tliu itnv H:ili. c in.- Ii.ili .rn... 1..1.
nlirp ill MM pun li.isu lnoiK'V In li.ji.ii,l ir,t A lir 1 1, lf03.
llK' Hiii:iliiiJi(Ml tin- inrrli.iu mtiiie tolii iail firt nf
filM.lli'. II1T1U In In- lii.uli! ttn.l tUlm ri'il tn III" nur.
c!l:iLr tivm 1I10 ri.iilirAiiitioiiot Sak'. The imtcliauortu
liiin. m. iiAtii:Mii;un, .,,.. .
VM. It. IIAc!l;m;t'll, j Mml'I'Mlm
I . tin.v.
annus, r..T!,itooTf.siinL'ns,Tni!csvixi:s1Li'.
S M,l 1'V tc UU ll IVlllIZ IIIIL' I ll.,.iri:tnl, ll.l.i,., t
nl ,:iil Markit Mri'tt, l-liil.itlel lilu, fur the nalj nf tin ir
...... ,.,,., i'.u-iuii.i, iirpiii ral a-mirlini'iit ur arlnli-s
In til lliHticiilt'iral itic. u'mil.l r,.ii,.rtn,lii. ,nli t
lri!"'VM'ri!" " t",,"l,L"' ,h IMlMlf BLIILMllj, III
, "vi, j in in- m (ii, in uieir rcupum o
r,','"""";." "i"'l"'ln.rt nl t,r Wccliiblu llni.ti unit
1 I.111K, .'pi taliln mill l ln vt Si'filn, Uulljo.ia Kodlntc.
r.ilr nn 11 1111. 1 i r.lsii .r.iiliittlmi,
lalalitnes sent ;r.nls o.i Application,
(;ti,stsri.u or tiii: roi.t.owiMi,
tlriRiiii iilal tiliaduTtcti, I ItiirtKcn Trion an I Slirnli,
llnrilj- t-linibln ry, Vim-s uinl CrtiMitrs,
Want. Tor llo.lging. Trailing Iluui) suiklcl, ic.
31 0 li s :
.nlptte I'LTpeluaJ.
Ten Set tit (Ml.
Il!iri I I'trpitual.
IVnKn ami Clilna,
IVrrn 111 tui.ltjtliur Yellow,
IJ.iliM.n Rnulft,
M;inl II. r.U-r riants,
flu rry, Appt 1'.-
I riimliiiiit fc llnnpin? I'lnnt I
I Crciuilhiiicc1 ri.inttf.
l.jtupodvuiuii, IVtlu,
X' 51 K &
r, Mum, IV'atli,
n n a ? e v r r g s i
nniia, Dil.iwari', Coiimr l, li-aUIla, Cat j I
an.! i uriun arlctii'u.
& m A: t
tninuii,. ;,,.,.,. rn.,, I!a'lirrrli;!,
niaclli Tri:
,i ran in mi s. 1 11'., tr.
iinjTrKiii-aiiiiir inn, ii, , n, , , ,. .1.. , ,!,.
t aru Ki:l.l MUX iiii.i ,i r; l'ua n, ,.:Mb.
mi! Iriiin any ntlii r otaMMnm nt.
.. , . UAITAV ro.
N.i ,. Ill Market Mrnl, I. low rightli, i'liil.i.lUilii.i, Ta
Marili In, 1-1,1 llm.
Sheriff's Sales.
IIV virtue cfg miiiy writs v( I'riniinvnl 1'iwtms tn
mi' i!inTt,.l, lin.'m.t ,1'tlio t.'ourt nf C'n.i n I'li'.M I f
tliu Uiiiinly nl Ci liiniln.i l'i niiw)l:iina, will . , xnn-,.,1
tu pul.lic! at tli t'nnrt II1111.1- In 1:1 muitliurg, on
.- I't'ltliAV. Till", -J.itlr til' AI'KII,, Hiii. t ,, nvi,,,
In tli,, .tiuniuiin ilic Mioniuu iloiriliuil irt'inny in
All that certain tract or piece of land
11I11 it" in Sns.irliMl't HMi-lup Cnliimlii.i t'nnnty ci'ntiiu.
iiu 'illy 1'ii'r .11 rrs "f u lin li li nty nnn m rr is ilmn-i!
I.I" I lm I'"il nil til'- Nl.r.ll Ii) l.ltliNiif .MrIi.i, llr,H,.
Jill''. I'll III H.iillh liy l.ili'ld nl' Alir.llillil nn tin
I'.a-l l,y I iii'ls, it'll uui'l lliim fit Ji-sso ll.trl mnt on
tin- u t A Ii) I mil I. iti' nl Cilniilnil t'r.ilM'nril. uli. ri-nn n
it, rl, il ,i uiiu ami a half story l'l ink uwellms hnti.L- a
fr.iini' ir.irn an 1 a lllaik rinntli E-lit.n null ,!w anniir
ti'iiaiirps. S..'1..'il, ink. n in locution nml to tic sohl a. thu npn.
crt) ot'Ji.iin .Miilil.-i. 1 '
A I, S O ."
At tin samo time ami place, all that
rt.nn Ir.iit of land in ruiiirloar township (,'
luuil.l.t lotiuty li'iiiii.led iui.1 ile.crilied ,i. follow,., tuua
on tlK North hy I ind nf Ki, bard Kil.i on llio l:al by l.iiuliiili on th - H.M.I Ii by Liinl i, Jui.i
t-i.noiiiii,ii n in,- el by I iioloi Jnlni 1. I.aub ub i on- i
laiiiiuc it-1 i!u iicaM morn or Ivr. Al, mt tn.iity'
"iv. in re m uluih istli'ired iau.1 HlKrun ii i r.-ct.-.l ;, I
on,' .mil n hilf Kiory I'l.iuk div. lling bouse and otlu
imt bilil.liuiiii uiib Hie,
rtji.'d. taken in exeLulniiiuiol lo be bold an the prop
crty tiflieurge .Moore.
At tlio tamo tiino and place, all that
rertiiu or lot of land situate in IVhinvrnvk lowy.
.Ilip.t'oliioibl.l iiillllty, b,iiiiidi-d mid lU.cribed us tJlb
Inn a to - On tbo .,nli by I mil of Paul Penli r, on
lll 11 1 "t Uv I in I ol Kii h ii 1 J s, on the South by l.iu.l
of II. r. rHurker, an. on tb.' Wi n by land of n'llh u,i
I. I'arku, 1 0111.1111110; I ilc en A i re. , l,i Ihu ..mi', nior,. or
1 all 01 ubiib is Lb-.1r.1l laud, n In ri'011 are cn-iled
.1 one and a liUf tory l'lank llwilliiic llou.,,, n I'raino
lt.mli llaru, and otli t outbuilding with tha appurtenan.
tfeiroil. liken in itxmillun and to ba sold as th 1 oron.
ill) ol" Janu.1, II I'arks. 1 1
.IOII.V SNYDElt. Sheriff,
Itloomi-biirg. Mariil .l:i, Icbl.
llo'le, John
I'.iy.lon, l.uey Mis
U0.1I, Kibln.i
lleyiiolds, William
r1!" ar.
criue, ,t i;o 13.
Small, Lemuel
Sib, rls, A.
t-rhildeiker, llojina .Mrs
Ht.111. Ier. John
'rrablir, II.
Toltin., 1). s,
Willi, Miedrirk
W nebt, John A.
Wetirli k, J. II.
rinh. W illiaut (ship)
lleiuolt, Muri.i
Ibidson. rouu Mrs
I'avis, William (ship)
IVher. ariib Mi.s
li.iliel, Henry V.
Ill I..
ilo.elN, John .Miner
llotkinj; Sauuul-i
llnwley; J,
Keib r, faMh i:. .Miss
I.jiiii. II.
I.illll.'lll. (li'O.
.Medley Tlios. V.
our. IMsr
L 1 ' i'ersolls rtlllini! fur tli.; !nr I, ii, ,. .11 ..I.....
say they are adverlu.d.
I.. D. IIUPEIIT, '. -V.
A T T U 11 N E Y A T LAW,
HrnnfKllrrrti2 nn
O.'Hcu ill Court Ally, formally o.cii"ii'd by Charf:
Illooini.burg, I)er. -I, javi.
I'his U'lti.lLrfitt artirtj. lutt i,iti.tnsi :. .n....,t.i...
rnllrrly nrv, an i ni-M r lnMru oil, rtil to agi iils, hlii
nr.' muiicd ei.r) win re. l'ull luiliculars cnt free.
, ,. , V.,MV CI- "IK' l-"l'lefor.l, .Maine.
Mirch 'i, -i;-iy
A I IF'T nll'd l'r lllli' irniHi. in rnml r.,,.1.ltn.. ..lit.
donrg uiiidHiv, Szr., suitable to bo trann'i rrml uiirni an
oilier lot, H nil ri-d fur mIo, on modir.ite Urmn. AIju
n-iuintit) of hrok.-u itrh k, fillni in buildiiin, and n.iii nf n . j'i uiiii ii..,. Ai.uiii .n c
bVI I., TATI2.
nionnuijiiru, xnv 3 IStiO,
AJII'.r.TIN'li of the ctireus of lilnonikliiiri; and Iho
IMlldie!.'. nerally, is riT'estod lobo laid 111 tho Co
liliiilua t iiiinty t'ourt Mouse, on
Suttirdiiy Evening, March SixtcenthASGl ,
fur themirpnso of dc .'in: ways nn.l iinans for Die re.
lief unlit snll-'rliix poor iu Kansas, tu uhuhthufrlvllds
of lluinaiiity arciordially intilcil.
l:l -r niilrii rf, March, Fiji.
fl'loH s ! M s ! i t'ltnvs ! ! !
IF you want a first ratn article of Plows,
call at Iho Kai'li Foiiudrv. Illunui.burir.
. JO-aWH BIIAlll'I.KSa,
Marih 0, lNll-:im.
s 11 a it vx 6v ic ii
rersonslndibKiltii DH OEO. HILL, Mill liml
llieir iiceuuntsiu Ibe hands ol the uudirsiiinud lor cul
Immcduilc attention will save Cost.
John u. muczi:
Cloomiburj, I'a, lb. 11, UCl-U
AM) roil Tins srcniY ccrk or
ITcrvous Prostration, Ooncral Dcllllty, Asthma,
Dyspepsia, Scrofula, Harasses, I'aralytb,
Chronic bronchitis, Anemia, Chlorosis, '
end nil Disorders ottho Blood Cyttcm.
roNsrsimoN" n mr. hot fatal scornon or
IANKINl. U tin3 Lecn truly rpijinleil m as lvaltA
niEMAtAriT fr-w over survlvlnR lis nllirk-. " Ontiit
rf thf vilviU Kitmin rare." fays Pr. rnntfrml, " anil
Sionr, than" (ink tiAir or aii. the am it ioir.
1.ATIUN of mcmlciTlllioa ccmmi.nllUn I'HIISII r.V TIIH
Msr-Vf E." W Lit n nad eomicatary en ILo boaalcit
Tlio brilliant l'iicocry of Tt, Churchill, ma-to lo tin'
Impcrint Acailrmy of Mcllclai", of rorls.Iiaa procitntt
irwst imnlU heon In llio worlil, l'y tho turn 6f this new
and powerful rente ti'at rtpntf , known to (licmlttry as
"The CUXin of CONS.U3IITlO.V, en In llio
Pocon.l nttd 'IMrJ. Rtasm (nt n period, therefore,
when thero con te no douM n to tho nature of
lue IIei.p) U tho 1EL'L1 uMIo DHATH IfiUli;
Kxcmmox. MI koV't Ir. c,
'Ihiit they Mill proro not only a &LIii: A HEM
EDY In CONSVMl'TIO.N as Quinine 1 In Inter,
mlttcnt lcTtr. tut fiUo m cCYctuiit n l'litSti;.
VATIVK 0- Vfttc I notion In Pmoll Vox
Itno BuT-rer.wlio vala"8 hoalth and lifj, delay ni
hour to try tlila rrmody. licini tnbt-r that " rc oru?.i
J better tlnnctiro." iv?waroof nlf-dtceptlfn,or tlm
foulliicg ftss'iranco of frKni'.s that 41 Jt it tny a UtiU
coldt " ratal error tomj-riidswhonowflllpiematuro
gravrs I tilvc, I entreat you, prompt atUnilon to tho
"Ann TiiraH PIGS'S bhail ronow Tt:u,' Mark,
" Tlio Mt lisst nymptom if tubercular disoaao l i
It Kt-caU thecvuth) and It U larlnT.lii point iTtim
tlinn Ilia WKcnc. 11 13 first minifi-Mod la tlio fart and
hmU, Tin nuificuhr tl-tsm w.islo ; lionce ini.unr '
tliero 13 a p 'tisoof Eymt-tMug w rorg otf Unj Hut nm
VITAt rOVLl. ARB FLAUblMJ. UiO UtitU Ol tliC
inacblno Is aioro actlvo than Usrrjwi'r." lr. I'ollocl.
"U.V'itliovtamjappctrrvt emu, or under tlielnCuccra
of carP03 tshioli Induco wiukm- and i:iiui-htkx ; such
m want, f;rt-t tft-frvl:t cxi&t, j-repitancy, thud Un tiif,
nurtirt, rajil proirfA, or ilau ucvwy fnn cikow,
ft crM.ii Li'i'lm U nsa liU uh( FtraiKtli, rolcr. or
app-niio ( If In EuflVri from thvrtnru of brralh, or
ttecptatnc, ami cxierlencta n Ki-nernl r-elininflfin-pn-andtlcjTtio.'iiIl.nn
IS 11K.0X 10
M it already preUimt,d to Out complaint. If to tlirsr)
Bj'mpt'imi ho hddcdrMMf H, liowcvt r ly
If It ha enmo on s'owly, tr durlrg tlio lair i n.ion.
TUU lT.Oa.lIIUTV Id ClUUTrdi iTU.L.-C7.1(rcAi(i. '
"If, on tho oarlloot npprnrnnco of tlirne ulsnn of
Conumptlont llio pat tent taken dnllj- obout ten
crotiiA of tho UYPOPlICSPIIITrn, lio will utuallr
co tlicm all disappear in a period, varylrc from a
few wcoko to n fow nontlnj uud by continuing llio
ocenhlnunl ime of I lie Ilvmrdj-, ItE WILL 3Prt)
known ix ma life HF.ronc."
"Vinchostcp's Gcnulno Preparation"
Form of Pr. CburthlU'ii Ilcnody. Ma.lo from tho
original Formula J llio action or tho IlypopWi hitca
tsTtto-fOLDaiidPiflfio : Vnma-M'njlhoi.rinciplonrim
oKTITt': .r.os roro, and thry aro llio tuxr
IWEI KfLBIjOli C.I.VmATl.a ARtNTSK-Nf WX. TllO ffliCt
upon tho tubiTcular coufHtiin i3 Iviini IATK, aii. tub
WKKiiiTMARrciofn. T!ny rtlleii tho coLKh.timimj
cxKcinratlon, m;rpi-tf th.) aiiretite, mt dlurrhaMi
tho ttijht fvafs, chills, and jfmr cmeq ; tho bowcld
become regular, and tub fi iiu t alm am rRornD. f
t3T m.U'AIJErf JJcgut J.'cfirtrf--indvprliifd as Tr.
Cli'ircMlTs, and all other MV'IU.1X1 liKMdS lorob
euif-rcrs or their menu, low ynrinui time, and hasten a
rATAL i.i-LT. Virus to molur ClliU'II, and fur
Dr. ChurcLill'a Treatise on Consumption,
which rnmni i tl.o f)n7y t.vthmtic itifarmatift in regard
to l.iis Nir.V TKKAl MiNT. Suit ikej to all Inuirvrs.
rr.icnt In 7 r.niS Eott'es, ffl'and ?3 each.
Tlircolarco.or BixBirallforOS. Uy fac-Blmno li
on both tho Labol and Out:do Wrapper.
fHT" not eonfoun.l this Itemody w lih tin 8n eallcj
"(-hrmicall-o'a ;' aud vartlcidarly avoid all npira
I Ions containing irm,x hklila iiAM.Erot,and Ctd lii-er
which has so ccrath k i roj unr w i: hiur. i
V by ,h" mo'ft rt'flMf lahlo Urnrrifta thronrhont
w United Mates au-n:ritl5h ITovinccH, ami Wlm!,
iJ I'.ttal I at tha tiiwral Ueiot In tho I'niled f-'(atcs, by
J. WINCHESTER, 3G John Street, N. Y.
M.irch'.t, 1-01.
hiesii 1-itoM in: city,
fl'FHV SO.' 7'
' -oiyi i ,
IX L TO 111' STltEKT,
and Aim soi.u roil, hcadv pay,
"Cheaper th'in the t'teapest ."'
r. ,3 5. S 3 t j
Light Street, April'-'?. 1SC0.
A Lamp Chimney that will not Iireftk
This uri nt inii'iilinii romiiiriids iti)lf 1) ecrv ono
iiMitf CO A I, UILLAMPH. ll trhes mrrellsM, rviiirca
lea ilt.iuni',' .mil ill not luiak Uy tliu Heat nr . i til. I all.
inc. or any orduimj ucisi'. Ivr nic by ttorehrqim
tfenentltthrriirfivut Iht U. ainl tnc CduuiistaiidHiilf
idle by the .yjiHHj'tiiturtr and Valnnteti,
itoitsiNc; : ninii'iiunv,
Nu.:wi . l;rlM Hri-ii, I'llll.AO'A
N. II A l.irt,'- and nip. rmr kIch k nf IQ.H.tHl.
I.,1JIIP uhu) tt on li.nid, at pnrei d I) nm ii)iiii.titit)iu
AU'i, tli I'orltivnt Coat Oil, at Ahuiului Hirer pnen,'li , Hi ll lm.
Thf! fciibscribrr ban now on h.ind nt Iiii N'Mrsprev. In
Ullsfl li,.lilill,. I i-nimfi- r llni.i .11.
a largo nutiorluiriit, o thrifty (rraiteU and budded riiit TUL niiiltreisut'il, a-iditor nppointi I by Iho Orptian'i
trees of every deBcriidiou, oiidi a a Court ifColun bh county, onixcciloiu to tho uditiiiu-
AtTM-:, I'l.ACII, traliouai-uiuiiioi .luri-Mrit I'ra-H, adminutratriv or
l'n.Vli. Al'lMCOT, lAndniv J. It run, lat. of Columbia cnunu, rlircam-il,
.'Llm, CllniiUV, wH attend to tbo thitjoM nriil uiipoiutiiiMit al hi- ullife
ORArn VIN'Ufl of thf rlmirfkt ttni'I. Catubu and Iia. ' Hiixmikburtr. on i-.iturda the JmU d,iy of March, A.
bulla, all of w bit U we will null at rfiisonablo prM'ua. . 1"tl1 at ten iVurlc A. M ben and wb-.-ro till prr
1'vrsoiH wuhiiitf to v t oulonhardri.wiU dowi II U tall "1" interested in ualJ ci,tatciaii aiuud it they think
on th.- btibittribt r at the .Nursery, or at hit rrntltncc in i "oper.
Alarth 10, 1-C1
'Ob-irrv. t .ill.iwiss.i do., iloii'-'htoi. stidl.ns Gooslier
r.itln only kiuil that Unes m t nutdevv.) Mraubirry
pi nits, rln-rry eitrraut Grape Vines, of tho follow nig
arKtles Isali.tlhi, .ery fnii-, Syi ar old, Catawba do.,
It, t.iu .in, t'liiuou, liianii, l'ranklin, Concord, I'mou
'illii,'e, lilooiu, Ilebecej, and others. Aim, Cabhau,
'loiit.tto, aiidl:ps riants, for sale in seusou.
r. r. jiuiiL'ciio.v.
rnllnwissj, March 10, 1601. 31s.
Flour .mil Feed Drlirnol!
MIIU unilerfu'iied haimid arr-iiiei'iiu'iitu that v ill
i f liable It i in tn deliver l'l mi r and IVul.TUU CAHII.
itliout t''ii p r u-iit. 1 1 tea jut th.m any body tUe iu low n.
Iiu price aro tin tuHow g
riniir, tf-SI Cfiriiib ltyeChop, $11 1
Corn Chop. 1 ii Umii, fi.H)
I rcspertlully tulmi a thare of the public patronage
ilomburg Juno Al, )-i'i- If.
It X. V' M A, U li E IV f H; O 1
Con 1 1 Homo How oppomto I bo Con 1 1 llrtiihii next door
tolhQottbe irt tho Coliimbu Democrut.
juii. ut;sn
Im. March 9. Irf.J.
I '"vnllnwixsn Kiiracry. ADMIXIsntATOKS NOTICU.
j rpin. undiT-iym ii, npertfuUy infornii ihe citixmis of EUate of Rciij xmin F. Tiitsworth) deceased
I L Ctdiimbi.t und adjoining (ouuiit,tlnl bit hint oh i TVTr.TTiT i-i..ini ,i. .is. j , ,
Innd lor ...rum .ale, a nuo assoilin. ut of I'am 'l-nsis N Ti Iim . ,1,1 ?A , , , n.'p "? f ldm'"i"""""L
cri-i.tiiiiAil' lluaif I'.nr Mand.ird do l'.-irli . ""1"! itBlii of lluijaiiiln 1". 'IVitsuurlli ato or
I?.UMcK bveVaZi'lTv' 'the'i; '"T r",'
it ,.,J....rv ,ilMluliJ1.i, n.., Mi ,,ii.n r!uiur. uei'ii prauteu by tne lueiti r ot taid county to the uu
is ruiinieiiED r.vimv satohJ)Ay at
iVb 000 Chestnut Street above hizth
rhitodrfpfda and No, 030 Broadtvay.
New YoihH by
7Vo Dottdf and Fifty Venti lu-r annum, If paid In ml
tatici. vt lliri'o Ddllafi, pnyablo In six tnontht, A lib
er in imcotini to aircnis ua may iccnmc rctionilllu.
I Ti Clortf men Tic I)ollar$ a year when bald ilrlctly
l In ndt anci'.
j N'o tnbscrtptlon rerclrcd for .1 leis term tlian ono
year. All auWrllfprA wliu do not give cJnrps noilru
fi the contrary, w ill Up coiifidurcd a witUnm in nm
tiiiiie ther tiibsrrii'tloii, am), tlulr pnpir ulll be
sunt to them arrordlni;ly, No papuf dljcmi tinned uit-
iii an nrrcnruge aro pniu, L'cvpl at tliu up II on or t lie
Itatt vf Mctrtthx. VuT 13 Hues, flrnt limeMion,
one dnlhr; rnch rrpi tltlonofdo., T.l rentn. I'nr Hlinci
or t-M, firft innertloii, 7.5 mill! f.icli repetition of To.,
AO rr-utn. me nt g for advertisement tu lio mado in
ad mice.
t nit ms to cr.Uns.
five copies to one nddrei, for onyfar
VV tnicd tooni aiir''K, tr one jiar
Willi nn additioni) copy totlif pvrsuil
who inny nit an agent,
intern copies to nuo nddrcm, for one 3'caf
810 (HJ
$30 00
i 1 1 ii tin d'ui 1 1 1 1 rii ii t rtpy in me ii m m,
TwtntHfwe cupid tn uiio uiMn-sH, fur ouu ear $j (HI
With an ml'iiticiiut tnpy iodic ngciil
I, Tlio Mf-ney ii)iil aht a bo uritt In ftdvanrn.
Wln'ii thcauioina Is larvu.ti ilr.tlt ih')iild bo procured, If
poiLlci AddrcfK nlunys poht paid
N'o. tOO C'lKiliiut direct, riilladilpliii,
Main intact above the Forks lintel.
'TMH. umlrrfi'ned, li:i inn reinnved from Ksptiwn to
I lllomiisbiiri;, ri'f-Lt fully Infurmit bin Irlendd ami
rutiinn.Tit, tint In linn i-pi-ni'd n new shop, on .Main
HtMt, itloiinirtbar'i, above tho Turks Hotel, w hero lie
will conduct tlio
In nil it ti virions dtpartiuents, and on a morJ extensive
scale th in Ii Ti't'ifur''.
Iluitties, iprinir Wnsom, Sulkie, Light Wngons, and
all Mud of t I'lui leu. made lo ord'r( on Kliorl noiitu and
lair tt-rms. AUo-llun-Lit anl rAitit Wiull-Uauhows.
nud to or-h r
,L UtPAiuiMi, of nit kinili.iniluJing llca.y Wagons,
promptly uii1 thiwiply i vtcnted.
Moomnlnirg, April iil, latf)-fui.
BIooiiLsburg Head Qu;irtcrs
3IrKI2l,VY, NEAL & CO.,
Wi: would nrinoimcn lo llm fmMic ami our frlclnl. v. luti-Jii.t ruturnuJ Ir.n.i tliu city ltli
vi ry Ijruu 4rt,rti, rr
J Our flodt oflUlY OOnnSromnrliPs Die limest, cln-ap-
.r, mum iriHiifi nun VIILIUU 111 11114 II I V are
uetermiued to comptto itli tlij
,,, eJJJiSli5A!l'aSa,D,w
ami an tlioo wubtinj tn buy cln'iip, run tinvn monev b
Ci Im; n a call. UV Ii.ivlmiII kimlsoffJoodintid Wares
u euppiy me anis oi uif pcoply, A lurRC lul M
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Slcno, fnll.ira, rtpmicrri, llnnilkcrcliii'fii. riniinclngii,
Uati'h uinl Trliiiniiii!:ii, Liters itiul 1'ilsiuf.
lloiui-t liililmiH In variety, Vcl
Ml KililuiiK and branU, Kid,
Cotti-ii tc TlircuU
;ii)vi,ii Mohair
Mm, &c.
Illark Silk, (;a-lnu(ri Kiiihrui-IcriMl, Fella, he. Alma
largi ajtoTiuicntof Ctntli?, C.iMiin.frs. i-.ttitiets,
ellngb. Tivet'ilii. Join-, lli'iitr CMIia,
C' atlns, Velwt ftc.
und, M-'ii. Wnnion and Cliltdren. UV have n
lar,,'- iiHsurtiii'iitijf II itf anil Cm-, of lutcfctfaili.
1.HH 'f U, u tiUo, llardwan. (iitccns
Urire, CViluruarf, fic. Wry Clirap
t'liri't t. farm t liairh, rinur,
Tab I- uihl ('arri.iti Oil
CK.tlu, M-itu, UiigK.
MUSLINS, laiANNtThS, TICKINGS,, Tottliii!;., Inllil.jfi. A.C., in al undanre. Ala",
a l.irgi- ninrtirifntrirn, Chuutic, a
l.ircc q'lantitv of Sail. &c.
A ! ui il nur t'n -iid and tlio puMir penr rally, tn pit
nt a rail imrrniii2 rU h-n. We lian limiylii
wir(!iNiUiiii,. ,.mi.t C.1O1 rrin-n. and will not be
nn icrnnui tty mi) .(.my, vt llm ret or mankind.
MrKi:r,v m:al&.co,
lljoomttlinrs N'ovrniljer 1U. 1ft 0.
I). A. HUlKlsKV, A. Ii Principal.
'pin: prntxi! ami pi.'.Mjir.u p-msion or Tina
Institution will hiviu
'I h'- luiiMiiij: I. nt presi'nt untlergoiiig a llioro' reiio
atnii. ltuillhi ii,. u... . .i...
vmiIIh degaiitly papurod. and eM'r) tlnui; addnl rim
u.,,, ...u,- ,,. Lui,iiri .inn ruiieiiienci' ol llleMitili'ill.
I'lii' course of in. trui inn Mi'l he ilioroui;li, as In-rrtn.
t " - , senilis i m iii"iu( it-s iiueai ii s in
l iVl) spi'Cllll ,'lltl 111 'I I.e Ml 111 ,1 I llSLlfls Ci.llilu,!.
.innr.liliir to tli moxt atiproveil nitnlcl
aii tli-fttnlien l uur riauiuarii-ij urc embraced in it a
cdiiue vt ntuJy.
rriiimry ilppiirlMit'iit, gl W)
lliglit'r .Icp.irtiriL'iit, co
N'u iy imrtfu i maJefnr the etml of Anci-Jiit it
IDOtliTJI . n nc CI H,
i;iK,lt)u:irii:isr.iiil) .l,50or Si,ur week
itliiuiiislmrt', .M'irili 7, lcoi-tf.
Estate of Peter Mowrcr, deceased,
rV.TVVMH tCHtaiTHMitnryon Hie Ct-tato ofl'F.itrt .Mow
J HHl, illtM'f I.dCllst tlttt llhllltl. ill I'nltliiln I r.nuilu
(Ier i m-f4 liavc boeiigr.iiiloil by tbo Uofc'isU-r uf Cuuiiilua
nuiniy to tbu tniderBigiied j ul piritoiii Iiiivuij; (.lima
cs:unt tliu Uhtatis ni'ilio I ccilunt.aru rcqiiuhtvd to pru- I
n'lit tlu'iu to tlm KiL'cuinr nt lm rendeiice.iu J.ucu.t
township, witliout dWay, and all i-n?uu indi.btd to
luikc pajiueiitroitlinitii.
.. . iUeeutor, J
r.brinryS, 1-JOI-fiiv. ,
MOnCIJMh-riby acn that Uttr-r tetam.'ntnry
ii im ii tlm Liatu of Morr. l.itp of tho tnwn. I
i-hip ol Hhium, iu tli-i t'uiintvnK'oliiiiihla, (k'rcnfcd.liavtj
b-L-ii thH d,ij pr'iiiii d by the Kcpitcrnj" paid county to
tliti uiidiTtifiii'd, rt'sidin; in mud tnuiulnp ; and tint,
all pt-rmtnu li.i iii" lUinn it ill nniids ncanmt said ts- I
t.itc, arc rupjuati d to m.iku ktiuu n tlio naiuu to thu eaid
u ii ue ro illicit Vsiuiotu iltl.ty.
Uloo!ii.-lmrs. r(bru:ir ltt,l-?v.
Eitutc of Jacob Ilcltcig, deceased.
T IVn'lilirtle.t.iiiientnryonlheJIslaleofJ.coDllu.OTnl
Ij iitu of Liuii.t iiiwusinp.iii ciiuuiiii.i ciniiiiylicceas.
nl lune luunnraiiU'il by tho Keeisfr of CiJuii.lii.i conn. '
ly to iho iindi rii:ni di jll iH-rsons haiin:c(aiiiis nuiiiu.l
ly t iho uiiil.Thimic-d ; ult in-renin haitiucaiui9 hkiuiuI
tin- It.ili! of tho di'redi ut, aro rt 'lut't-tcd topreicnt thuti
to fit lUfrulor. .it llifir rcfidtnfr, in I.oeiint tow iii-Jirp,
itlmiit ib-(ay und a o ruuu indtbttd lo niaku ia muni
nrrnn $. mcmvui, j,
john' i.,
Ti'Itruary 2. 1,-ul t'.w.
F.j teuton,
Hie uiiilrrfiit'iicil appointed by the Court nn Auditorto
ilii-tribnti 1 Jn luud itriiln;- from thy Huntr salu ol Hi-t
rual i ttt.itn of Hir.iiu Hni'-ilM'ra, mil aiti'Ud lo lliu diitjci
of In (iiuintin .Hon ti.ituid.i) tlio ;iciii day of Mar'-li,
l-bl. nt 'V o'tlmk.r .M , at Ii iil UiIkl' hi I looms burp. Col
umbi i i.'ouiily, at Inch thm-aud place all pLTxoni.iiitt.r
Cfcicil ,iro Ui ( 'by notified l'i attend, or be f ret tr debarred
from coming iu on and fund
UTdUiY WIRT, ALiuroit.
Ibrii3ry23 Wl-i w.
iicrnjjned, wlm resides in M,tberry imviihtup Moutnurl
ww., 4n ,.u i run nuvi"t, Li.uJii or uuumnds nfaiiiil trie
rMatc of th'iilcrettent are kiui iied to prem-nt tliein for
fftt lenient, aud those indebted wmuKe payment without
mt , UUBrUltT DAVlt?OV.
March U, 101 C Adm'r.
Ebtute of Christopher ll. Smith, deeeased.
LUTTIHtS of Adiuiiiitr.ttion on tho r.tata of Cliriti
topberll. Hiinth.latu of Hemlock tonnbin, Colmn
bin. rounty, itert-antd, have been muted by ihe Uepister
ol Col ii n i tn a rounty, to the mulenij-neil, residniK in aiJ
lUmluek touiiliip; nil pertoin Imvinj; claim nj;ninil
the I.itntcof the rtecedrnt nre leuuinod to prenenitlii-m
to th .diiiiiuiirator, with out delay, und all persons
ludeltcd louiake pajmenl fortlnvith.
n Adutinutratir'
rebruary 0, 1?1 Gvcf.
JlUt rtTflilid Htililflhim nr-u' It, il.r, l,nn (i.ll
I UlUI 1,1 nut
Uluoiilfeburg, IXb l!3, lcol
lly tho u.e of thrnc nllln Iho nnrln1Ii allnrk. of .V-
roviorSIek leulaehe may be prevented and if taken at
thij romnienrcnii'nt ofnn nllark Imliicdiato flliff fr0ln
I"1 FUMIfPB OH) UU OllinilM'll,
Thev .eliloin fail in rrmovliiitlii.A'nurdniid ft. ...i.
towhith fcnrileRnro .o ruhjecl,
'nt ' uru" "iu u'viiB, reniovinr; Cvttirc
Vor Lilernril Mm. ttllrlenti. TVtlrntr, r.m,l,. .1,
prr.orunf Sntentar) halilt, llify are alualilo a. n lii
nl re. luiprot Inn the n;,prlile, cii inn lone anil river to llm
illirctlh u orcaiin, and reitorhig the natural claslicilv and
Btrrnclli ofllio wliolir .ytom. 7
TlwflH'IIAI.Ii; nu.t aru the result of long Intcitl
(ration and carelully condi.rtcltlii:riiiii,nt,linliia l.crn
In mo manyyoar, ilurlnir hlclitliuuthey li,uciirpen
tril and ri-lii'vcd n va.l amount f pnlri and .uircrlnc
from llrndnrhe, helhrr orirjin ruins in tbo ntnm m.
tcm or from a deranged state of tbo ilemaeh. '
They aro rullrrlv veembli! in lherconi(io;on.and
makliiir any chance of diet, o,lnentf,irf ( ,"..
erteakelatle rendenit easy to mlmlniilcr Item to clill-
lIUWAlin flP rniTVprP!'nrT.j i
o''c '"i'J"0 llJVU 1,10 ''S'tftufM ofllenryu. Spalding
A box Kill be .cntbymaM prepaid on receipt of llm
All order, should bu ailJrrs'.oil to '
4d Cedar street, Sew Vork,
the roLr.owi.No endokskmests or
.li tkne Tettimoninlt leiro ntolitiled ly Mr.
7AT, the afford VHoueitionaMe jironf of tlio ri. '
tar) of thli truly tirnliic t'l.toilry.
Matontillc, Oom Feb.S, 1801,
Mr. PpaUing,
I hsrttM jourCcpliallc Fills, nml like then so veil
lliat X want juu tu c nd me two dollars worth more.
I'artof iln.(j nra for the nciL'hhorH, to whom cave a
few out of the first lioi 1 cot from j im.
fcSenJ Hie rills by mail, and ofi'iyo
onr olj t fcraiit,
Jamfb Kcmkedv.
Jlaotrford,Pa , Feb. C, led.
Mr. Ppalilm g.
I wMi you to KMulnvj one tnro box nf your Cephalic
1'ilU, katc rcctnrd a great dealef benefit from then.
Yuuru, ruspiMtfuHy
MAitr Ann SroiKUoudo.
fiprutc CrccL Huntington Cv. pa., I
Jaiiiidry li, Iui, 1
ll.C.ypaldiny. '
You will ple.ue tend me two boxea of your Cephalic
1'ilU. tiond tliein iininediatcly.
Kcspectfulij jours.
Jwn. n Ru,.,i.
r.P. I have used one Loz if your Villi, and jind th
Utile t'crnon, CA10, Jan. 15, 16C1
Henry C. Pnalil nc. Hci.
I 1'ltaie And iim Ih8 d luenty-fivccentm. fW uMci, n..,i
1 imc .mother box of your Ciphiilic Tills. They am truly
the bttt 1'ilU I have ever tried.
I Uircct A SimfcR, T. M.
' Utile Wrnoii, Wajandot Co., O.
1 (tl T, Utterly, Mass., Ike, 11, IcCO.
II. C. PpaMlnp. Y.r.
! 1 wish for "oui.1 urcu!ar or lirsu tihow Villi, to brins
jour LVplialie rills more paiiiL-uUrly htforc my ciuio"
if juuli.ieaiijtli,nif ui Uivkmd, plciau bend to
One of my customorn, wlm la subject to sevrre Pick
''"'"li''. (usually lifting two da,) iriu riircii of an
',,, .jju.r . ...s, . h, nv hit
, Wimu.
ReynoUshurir, FranUtn (V, Ohio,
January U, 11. (
Henry C. Fpaldinn. '
No. 4-i Cedar tt. N'. V.
Incbmrd fnnl t i-iitr-lH ciMits, f25,l forwhlch sr-ml
box of pbalir l'lMb." nd tn iiddrrsH of Kev. Win.
U. 1'iUtT, K" mddsbiirL'. I'niiklui Co., Ohio.
Your I'UU irwrA. tike a eharmeuro Jleadacht almost
Truly yours,
W.M. C, I'lLLEn,
, Vpulanti, Meh, Jau, 14, IcCl,
Mr. Ppaldinn.
bir :
Nut Ions eir I cnt to you for a Lot of Ct pluilic Tills
fr iiu; cure of tliu Nt-noii lleiiilarbe uinl Cnntuenran,
ami ri-n ivt-d tliu cim.', and tbey so good an t-iiVct
uiai i w.ii imnsuMi to Keiiu lor muru.
l'luaau utnd by return null. Direct U
Vpsilanti, .Muli,
From' the Eiatnlner, .YorfotZ, 'r.
Cephalic Pills accomplish tho object for
which they were made, viz: Cure of
headache ill all it3 forms.
fvbw l. lUaminer, Xorfolh. Va.
Tlioy luiYO been tested in inoro than a
thousaud cases, with ontiro success.
From the Dimocrat.SI. Cloud, Minn.
If you :uo, or have been troubled with
ll.,. lirtn.lfiMin conrl fnt. ff
,, ,, t , ' itiiu.un,
1 ills.) so that you may nave tlicm in case
nf ., ntt-, ,.V
Fi in the Jldeerliser, Proridcvee, ti. I.
Tho Cephalic Pills aro said to be a re
markably effective remedy for the head
ache, and ono of tlio very best for that
very frequent complaint which has crer
been discovered.
Frm the ll'islern It 11 (la-.ettc, Ohiea;o III.
Wo heartily endorse Mr. Spalding, and
his unrivalled Cephalic Pills.
From the Kanaicha 1'itltu Star, Kanaieha, I'd.
Wo aro suro that persons suffering with
tho headache, who try them, will Sitick to
From thcSoulhtrii Path lender, .Vile Orleant, l,
Try them! you that are afllicted, and
wo aro euro that your testimony can bo
added to the already numerous list that
has recoived buueQta that no other medi
cine Can pioduco,
,y A single buttle of SI' U.MNr.'d ritCPAIlEII tlUVU
Wlllsaetcn tiini-f Its co.t auuually.j
rJI'AI.lllNT.'S I'lllU'AnCII CLUIjl
SAVE T1IU "iccnsi
i:COO.MY! OldPATI'llt
L "A Sinoins Timb Saves Nim." j
A, ajcnlents 11ll iuppen, eveu 111 well resuliited fam
ilies, it is er) itesiral'le tnli.i,' some . aii.1 rouve
nielli way for repuirme ruriuture. Toys, Crockery. 4-c.
lil'AMIIMi'rl l'ltr.l'AUI'.ll lir.L'l!
meet, alt sui Ii eiiiiT;e.iiiis,and no liouseliold can air
nrd to be without it. Itis alva)sieady ami up to the
slicking point.
L'riiu'ui. in r.vnitv iiousi:."
X. 11. A Ulusll arroinpanlca Cacti llulllo. I'llce, 3J
cents. Addrs.s,
No.4JlJl'.l)Ali Street, .New Vork,
As i-crtfiinilnpnncipled person, dro attcmpim; to pntai
ofTontlie- uiieusi'Ccllui; vutlii, iinitnlions of my I'lli;
i'AUIItl tli.l 11, I would ca u 11 all persons to examine
ailore purrua.lne 01111 see inai in lull name,
si'Ai.niMi tf i'iti:iuui:ii rn.i
ii 011 Uu outside wrapper, all other, are swindling
Latest by Telegraph.
ffipTlio l'olitistlvailia Lcnfelnlurri.liaTn
determined on a final adjournment, td tsko
placo on Thursday, tha 18th of April, at
( Cr.NriuslUiURNf. Tho entlro populrl.
lion of Pennsylvania, under tho census of
1800, ii 2,000,370. At tho oonsus of lSfiU
it was U,;il 1,700. thuifhoHinc an ineroaio
of aJ 1,5'J l.
rorur.ATio.v or rilK U. States Tho
official census of tho United States is com
pleted, ana shows a total of Ul,4U0.8ai
of which 3,051,801arcslaves.
JO" Greeley's own correspondent wr(.
ting from Charleston under date of March
15th; says conclude that tho evacu
ation of 1'ort Sumter, if it should take
place: will ho for other reasons than Le-
causo it cannot ho reinforced. As it (Idea
not seem al this near standpoint to he a
military necessity, so I am slow to Leiiovo
tliat tlio 1'ort is to bo civcu up on that
ground, ifat all.
Is it to Ic given up tlicn,bccau'o (ho lio
publican Jackson has turned traitor J
3UU6 li'S
.MAvur.cTiji:o by
Xo. 20 South Wharves, Philadelphia!
Cash Price, $45 per M00 lb.., In .Irons Sactn.
This ftrtli Ic is nrcjinrcil from haw dokts, ftnii contnlns ft
Inme amount or fcrtlltmit; i.utitiluiiits, luilioiliuil in mi
otliur siinll.-ir pri'imralioii.
1. It is superior tu l'i rmian Ouano, proitucing. In .01110
c:is"s, ,',il per cent niori.'.
2. It cost. 11 per loll Irsfl,
3. It tins nil Ihu virtue nfl'ufc Bono, wliilc rou loja no
tiino in umiiue for it,-it ads aloiicc.
I. It furnishes precisely tho food ronuirrd forth, crow
5. It pcriuaiit-ntly improves tlic soil,
it. it produces l$rije crops ofernss
,. It prewnts tin. atlaci-s of worms,
rt It does not ethaust the soil,
i). Tim last rca-oii why you should use it, Is that then
nu can make a practical tut as to the trim of all
of all thc-c ans.rliiiiu. li mil coal tut litllg li
give it a trial.
(i;u.r.ANTiiio rum:.)
fash Price, $35 per 2000 pounds.
Thenlioio Manures no narrnnt entirely frco from
adiilleratlou, Uimr iiianiifiirtiired under tha personal
HupcrintuiiUiiccofonoorcmr rirm.
. nn. 20 South Wharves, 1'hilndclphla.
Fcliruary 10, ItOl. 3m.
E 1" O It E .1ft 13 K X V M
. HlV.'?.", teen appointed ly tha manufacturers BOLI!
AuLMH for the sale of tin1 abo"e article, no are now
priparcdto furnish it to Farmers and Dealers Jn such
qu.intilios as may he wanted. It is deoionsed ondpatked
in fight Uarrtlt. r
A liberal dnturtian t'ade for larpt purrhmts. Tiii nr.
ttclo mud not Up coiifpiinl.l uiih I'oiiilrilte, it beinir, &
bt.itc.1, khiiiy llio puru rtiglit soil, tin pj-cnl 6f
wlutli iti wi'll kiiowinliroiiRhouriJii; oHJ,
M.nmrac t..rcd lj-Tn.(:KAItA,SC!I.rER U TI1ACU.
: AKA. 1 urHalu only ly
No 43 bmith Iklnnnri? Avenue, and -il Sruih WaUr
Stri'tit, Ut door almvu LVmiiut Jstrcut, Vhi-Itluhia.
iSuper-FliospIiatc of Lime
ino old Oflalilished article. 111 constant uso ly
thousands of l'urnn rs and Planters for
a intuitu r of years past.
I'rice $ 15 per 2000 lbs. (-JUls. perl b.)
rnRL'VlAN-. Received direct from tho Government
Mor.s. II urrantr.1 genuine.
IUilAIIUi:. This istlu old fashioned Feather Clwmo
nnpurud direct.
Allen & Xfcilifs Kcw Fcriilizer.
The low price itilil kupirlor 'in-iluy of this fortiliiar
is last bringliii,' it into general uoe.
Price ;J0 2'cr ailUO tbi, (lj cent per lb.)
llOXi: DUB I'. llulton inafccrs fine Bone Dust t Ground
I.AM) i'l.AS'rni!. Wnrrantcl pure. In barrels
A I1uct.1l deduction made lo Ulallrs on all theabure
IV. II. We liii n largo minibercf Diploma, foe
rreuiiiiius auarded by the v.uloils .l-ricntturnl btw.
lies, nuich ou aro rcpastcd to call and examine.
42 Snath Uhaivca and 41 South U'alcr fct.
First ilore aboee CAutnutt)
Tib 16, ICI-3in.
Light Street Store.
Creasy, Brother all hands vn active duly
T"E Would inform our friends and
, "B '." jusi reccivcn an un
usually larce assortment i,r
VAf.r.MMIl II'A'V77I5 rtllino
- ii j., rjiii, UULiyO,
Whlihweolleratlon-cr rates, for ready niiy, thm any
fi t-r hefori .,1 li..p .. ,.l .. .11 1. ... it '.. .! ..
the Clliapest'."
v.. ,1. ,n ..
,v- " '"i", i'iinernieinearioiis articl.i
they are.iiiiiiensu and their name, is Ii 1:1011 as our spa-
.ui 1 T .i.u .,.uar anil uarrel, nre
Ollt-it tuover 1..W.IIB There are tn bo found tho finest
rUincKs, in ihu coiu.lry nt iiitoiusliiiijloiv ficurcs I,a.
ilit-s' wen r In nrMi r. rtpt I. a. ..t ..... . r .
.. . . -....,.., u. .,,,.-. cent, lower .nasi
wver beiorc olteri'i.
umriis, .Mcsi.iys, nuoccnins, hats, cam,
iloots, Shoes, etc..
a tho ftame rate. In short, almost evervthtMt in th
mernuitile line from n iiLedlt to an nurlior,
u.unririeuujvviiiiiovveiltocallbcftro they make
tnuir itleitioiiii.
I-lSht Street. Or. 57.U-C0."- CfiW.
mTiice onma TCRM lhl" ' com-
Eitrfah of April and continue ten t Techs.
IlOAlimNG.TUmON ic.. for th tcrrnw III bo JMJX)
Iiuportaiil ch.ins.'s mi l iniproveinents arc in urocrci.
of which due notice will soon ho suin. l"oe'"
For talaloeues or furlln r particulars, address
.M.llv.1.0. Co.. Co.. M.JS1.. SS,f ''P"
(I.ats. Esois IlrntL)
IUIO.UIS, & S.UL0I1, Proprlelors.
TaoliMis V. ltosns, formerly. if the National llolcl
.'Sf".'' '""""'I' "f Biltuilkill Co. I'a,
n.i.yniLK, mu.vtovii cotwry. rji.
Cntertainiuciit fur Man and lleast, 111 good sjtylo
and el Hinder lie rates,
r, . "Kt'lioii . I'llCUZC. rropriotor.
Danville March, S, 1:.. '
10 .Vovth Fourlli Street.
Marcli 1, lebl.y,
lareeasiortmeiii of choice ricars, Tohaccn. l'lnss
l''r,n... .'nur,., i,, . v.... ..
. er with n lull stock uf ll.yrs and C V3 conilanlly on
I hand and lor sale cheap, at the "Uloom.lniir; Mat it Can
Lmpouum," 1
1 Idoomiliui;, March 10 )SM
-,j ..v.. iiviiv.aiii ..oee.n,
tb 1S61 Mt IJ.IHO.