Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, October 27, 1860, Image 2

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LEVII,. TATE, Editor.
I) li JI 0CHAT1G K 0 M I X . T 1 0 X S .
ron mesidenti
llOn. John C. Brcckiiiiielgc.
Gen. Joseph Lane,
Our County Fair.
Wa are most happily able to say, not
withstanding predictions to tho contrary,
that tbo lato Columbia County Agricultu
ral Fair, was a completo success in all its
various departments. Tho Livo Stock on
inhibition, tho variety of vegetables, tho
home products, tho articles of industry,
mechanism, implements and machinery,
articles of agriculture, Ladio's handiwork,
lirtistio products, etc., wore very respecta
ble and csccedcd in quality and quantity,
tlio-p ever beforo exhibited at any County
Fair in the interior of the State. So also,
was tho attendance of citizens and stran
gers during' the Fail.
' Tho Ladies of Columbia County, per
formed a noble part, in making this "the
'Fair of Fairs." Tho list of "Ladio's
Work and Flowers," was unusually largo
"and most varied in all the essentials of in
genuity and fino arts and justly received
tlio commendation of all admirers of taste
and beauty. Tho Committco to award
Premiums and Diplomas, on that impor
tant class of homo products of which the
writer of this article had tho honor to be
Chairman believe that they exacted equal
jn-tico to tho best of their ability and with
vntiro impartiality, and yet they feel con-
:-e ous that in tlio examination ot such a
host of articles of equal merit, it was im
possible to inako such awards as would
.-utisfy tho general expectation.
Another important feature in our Coun
ts Vnir. whirli is iWrvim. of lmnoralilo i
.. ii ,. i .,., .
nntici was r in attendance ot a numerous i
notice, was tho attendance oi a numerous
ind highly respectable Delegation of some
li'ty gentlemen from Luzerno County
headed by Col. Ciia's. Doiiuence, Presi
dent of the Luzerno Agricultural Society
who marched to tho Fair Grounds in a
body, and wcro escorted into the Exhibi
tion by tho Officers of our Society audthoj
IJloomsburg Cornet Band.
There wero also a great number of elo
jrant Horses on exhibition. Mr. Kooxs'
line Morgan groys took the first Premium.
Mr.CrRirs B. McHenry's beautiful blood
ed Blaek Colts, took tho second Premium,
and wo havo no doubt, were they of ma
iitrily, they would havo come off "sweep
ivtakes." Mr. McIIenuy, is tho fortunate
- possessor, of what will bo, in about anotiier
year or two, tho finest, handsomest, and
uiofct- valuablo span of Match Carriage
Horses in tho Comity of Columbia.
Tlio Bloomsburg Book Storo.
Wo &eo that the new Proprietor of the
Book Storo, at this plaoe, is enlarging the
business and is preparing lo keep a tuf
ficicut supply of Literary, Miscellaneous
and School Books, Wall Paper, Envelopes,
. Cards and Stationery of all kinds on hand
to meet tho wants of tho publio. He has
likewiso arranged to supply tho leading
, Daily and Weekly papers of Philadelphia
and New York, as well as tho Magazines.
Wo would recommend all wishing any
thing in this lino to go to tho llloomsluis
Hook btoie.
SwiNDi.ixn THEiri Pkiexds. Porney
& Co., at Philadelphia, Lauman & Co., at
Beading, and Ilaldcman &Co., at llarris
burg; firms doing a heavy business in tho
straight-out trade, aro said to have won an
immense amount on Curtin's election. A
rrreat deal of it was won off tho honest
portion of tbo Doug'as men, who did not
suspect the treachery-of their loaders and
thercforo staked their money on Foster.
'The gains of Forney, Lauman nnd their
associates in this gambling oporation aro
'Bet down at eixty thousand dollars.
Straight-out Douglasism pays pretty well
at that ra'o.
.1 I ratio Elc-tral1
I a. I-, 3', j OI 111C
Tho Douiocratio Stato Exocti'
tivo Committoc.
,:: z r; r i
V it.. .1!..... lf,1..
, . ..-v.... v . MVU,U
which met at iicauiiig on l'TiUay last. It
trill bo perceived that, almost with etitiro
unanimity, they havo rescinded tho action
tho Oth of Ancust. at Crcsson. and deter
mined to etauu by tho Heading Electoral
Ticket, puro and intact, without any con
ditions or qualifications. This was tho
unions or qualifications, iius was tlio
very best thing tho Committee could do,
. -,, .
ium cvury uuu xrsjiiiui-ru.1, uumu icui in
, ... , , , ,, .. , . ,
duty bound to support tho ticket. Tho
n J ... . .. . . .. .
Committee, at their former meetings, m .
their anxiety to keep the party together
and secure the election of Gen. lWn,
ofTnr,,! nnk, ami rnmnrr.n.l.n, .trl.trf. '
A j
were only offered to bo refused by a few
noisy and disorganizing spirits, principally
at llarrisburg and Philadelphia, who ap
viAnn ilrtffifliittirtil i i"! im1a m viiiii flirt tinvtif
L,' ... . .
Tho question h now a simple one. Strip-
pod of all compromises and contingencies,
,i .., 0. . ,
tho Democracy of tho Stato arc called upon
. .i I, v in . -i 1 i .
to vota tho Reading Electoral Ticket just
as tho Stato Convention left U. Those
who do not voto it arc, of course, against
regular nominations :
A meeting of tho Domocralio Stato
Executive Committco was held to-day, at
tho Democratio Club Room, in this city.
Tho meeting was called to order by tho
Chairman, Air. W.M. II,, at eleven
Upon tho calling of tho roll, tho following
members answered to their names :
Stephen D. Anderson, J. Henry Askin,
Vincent L. Bradford, Hugh Barr, James
P. Barr. W. II. Blair, Reuben F. Brown,
II. B. Burnham, Charles W. Carrigan,
James 0. Clark, Jno. W. Clark, John Cum
mings, Alfred Day, Henry L. Dicffoiibach,
0. M. Donovan, Henry Dunlap, Peter Ent,
J, Lawrence Gutz, A. Hiostand Glatz,
Joseph Glcim, II. Hutchinson, Robert L.
Johnston, Isaao Leech, F. A. Guernsey,
John Hamilton, Jr, J. II. Ilobart, Charles
II; Hunter, F. M. P. Magco, Robert Me
Cay, Thomas C. McDowell, 0. II. Meyers,
Howard L. Miller, William II. Miller,
Robert E. Monaghan, II. II. Muhlenberg,
Joseph AY. Parker, R. Bruce Petrikcn,
Bernard Rciley, Stokes L. Roberts, Nelson
Wciser, and William II. Welsh, Prcsidcct.
Upon the Chairman announcing that tho
Committee was ready to proceed to bu-i-nes.
Capt. Alfred Day oifercd tho follow
ing resolution -.
Resolved, 'I hat this Committco do here
by rescind its action at Philadelphia on
the 2d of July, and at Cressou on tho Oth
of August last, and that wo recommend to
tho Democratic party of Pennsylvania to
stand by tho Electoral ticket niado by iho
Democratio Stato Convention at Reading
on the 1st of March, 1800.
To which Mr. Isaao Leech ofTured tho
following amendmont :
Wiieiieas, It is tho duty of all Union
loving and conservative citizens to unito in
such manner as will best prevent tlio elec
tion of tlio sectional candidates, Lincoln
and Hamlin; and as it is believed that
there are a majority of voters in the Stato
of Pennsylvania who aro opposed to tho
hostile and aggressive doctrines of tho
Republican party ; therefore, bu it
llaoleed, That tho electoral ticket
fomcd at Reading, on the first day of
March last, bo submitted to tho voters of
Pennsylvania for tho votes of all conserva-
tivo citizens opposed to tlio election of Liu
! eoln,provided that each elector will pledge
himself in writing, within ten days from
this date, that in tho'event of his election
. ' .
; as an elector, lie will east his voto lor
l'rcsidcnt anil Vice I'resiilont in iuch a
manner as tho Heading .Uonvcntion, re
assembled for such purpose on tho iiOlU
day of November, may direct, whether it
bo for Douglas and Johnson, Breckinridge
and Lane, or Bell and Everett.
Resolved, That believing that there is a
decided majority of tho voters of this State
hostile to sectionalism, and tho election of
the sectional cadidatos Lincoln and Ham
lin, we call upon thcin to forego past
differences, and to unito as tho conserva
tive Union and Constitutional party iu
support of tho ticket, hero presented.
Jlesolvcd, That the placo of any one
declining to "ive tho required pledgo may
bo filled with one who will give such pledge
to tho btato Uontral Uoimnittcc, who shall
assemble at this placo on October 23d, at
10 o'clock A. jI.
Mr. Carrigan offered tho following
amendment to tho amendment :
Resolved, That a committco of five from
this committco bo appointed to meet the
committco of the saino number, lately ap
pointed from and by tho Stato Committee
of tho Constitutional Union party, of this
Siato, to confer on tho subject of a joint
electoral ticket, tho determination of fcaid
committco of Cvo to bo reported to the
Democratio Stato Committee for their ae-
i ceptanco or rejection Tho Stato Com
mittco to assemmo attuo can oi tuo cnair
main thereof.
Upon a voto being had both tho amend
ments woro lost, and tho question recurring
upon tho original motion, it was adopted
with fcarcely a dissenting voico.
On motion tho Committco then adjour
ned. JcitSiYrow.N Chi:a1' Stoiie. Jlossrs.
Miller fy Tijerman, of .Icrsoytown, advor-
ti-so (heir friends and customers in this
Calumlia Democrat, that thoy havo just
received their Fall nud Winter New Goods.
Wo aro told, that their Stock is largo and
inviting. Our friend-) in want of good
Goods at fair prices, will do well to niako
an early call upon Messrs. Miller & Tycr-
One Jas, T. Marshall, Practical Chem
ist, who professos to havo a Drug Store,
No. 23, City Duililings, New York, and
publishes a "Card to Young Ladies and iicld at Keuer's Hotel, in Pairmouut town
Gentlemen," i3 a humbug, ohat uud im- ship, Luzerno co., on next Saturday, tNov
pofiw. lien are of tho swindler of tho
1 1 i wi i ii.v. .uisur,t suuuiy urouuu
(' uAr-i-r w ii!d'
Mdiior Columbia, Democrat t
wio, M potato, .,r0
l0(J sn;aU fof uolJ JIcUJ J colulu,
sccml to descant upon tho useless proper
ties of a nuisance : viz : l'alemon John's
paper j it Icing perverted, iu liii hands,
Of course, I thall not disgraco your pa.
per, by refering to his blackguard. Aside
i :, . , , , ,
. , ,. , ,
1,uako lo :1,C lottCr , ?J "
has not. Until ho purco himself of tho
"u - "let, wlucli
. ... , , , . .. , , i
four or fivo distinct falsehoods, published
. .. , , . , T , , ,
in his papsr, to which I called his especial
. 11 ' . , .. , 1 .
attention, ho will not bo qunlijied, to reply,
UOr 'r", 7 , T J 1 V
S0U- Ihy WOr a11 falsell00 0a Wat
tors of publio notoriety, mentioned, as
mero specimens of his falsifications. That
lie might haves no excuse, they woro specif
fically pointed out. This was an issuo of
ihis own raising, when lie boasted that lie
. , ... t i e i
1 ; , ; . ... , . ,
i settled. In vain, will he try to crawl out
I ... ...... , . ,
I oi it ; or expect to frighten mo from it, by
L. ',. , .? , . , J
inning ms columns wiui n. anuiaciurcu com-
lnuuieatioiiSjSlatig ami blackguard. Should
he succeed iu clearing up his character iu
tlii3 respect, he will then bo particdly
fpialiGed to discuss the hypothesis, that ho
esteems negroes as bettor than foreigners j
which is evidenced by his papvr, where he
classes Irishmen with paupers and by his
previous conduct. I say partially qitaliliod;
for iu the interim, I will call his particular
attention, to such other of his published
falsehoods, on matters of equally publio
notoriety, ai I happen to remember. But
one thing at a time. He, of course, can
never get over thoso. Considering the
man ; it is no wonder that exposcuro cau
ses him thus to writhe; blackguard, fret
and fume; with all tho malignity of a
copperhead, and tho spiteful imbecility of
an inferior serpent.
Another feature of his paper, equally
nauseous ; is his continuous attempts to
puff his diminutive mental and moral pro
portions into importance. Boasting, that
te, has been on the stump 1 That lie, has
endeavored to conduct tho canvass fairly
iu his paper I Thatic despises lying I &.e.
And whenever he has occasion to bpoak
favorably, of tho performances of others,
it is always with some qualification, imply
ing a sly boast or compliment of himself.
I onco became familiar, with many of his
fraternity ; but never with but one like
him. That person's object, in starting his
paper, was to puff himself into Congress.
A part of his programme, was to insinuate
some sly boast, or compliment of himself,
inr.n ovprv nlticln 1m wrnfe. if it. emilil in
. . . ... .,
.lji!isu uu misled iu , ust .mei inu Willi- '
J ' J
nor of Palemon John. His charaetor ,
sunk, however; until ho is beneath con-
tmnnt. It r.ilemon John, ili-hko the fur-
ther eqposure of his paper, let him crawl ,
- '
back into his snail shell ; and cease to be-,
smear iiieu, uy iwumiig mem in uiai, pro-1
tituto sheet ; uutil ho shall again enjoy that j
peaceful obscurity,
culiarly qualified.
for which he is so pe
October 1 Oth 1600.
Suitfuinos of tiu: Peopli: or Kan
sas. ' Starvitian, All ac
counts concur in the statement that tho
people of Kansas, in consequence of the
tailuie of tho crops aro on tho point of
suffering for want of tho actual ncccsaiics
of lite. Thaddeus Hyiitt, in his letter to
the President asking the postponement of
tho sale of government lauds iu that Terri
tory, says :
Thousands of once thrifty and prosper
ous American citizens aro now peri?hin:
of want. Winter is upou them: of clothiiiir
they aro nearly bereft ; food they have not
to last tnom through, tuo cold season that
is approaching. Of over a hundred thou
sand peoplo upon Kansas soil six mouths
ago, at least one-fourth or one-third have
hit j of the remainder it is safe to say that
forty thousand at this moment seo nothin!r
but exodus or starvation at tho end of tho
sixty days now juH before them ; from ten
to twenty thousand look with only despair
ing eyes upon November ; thousands can
not subsist a month lonirer unaided : other
thousands aro living upon tho littlo which
their neighbors deprive themselves of to
givo to them neighbors equally unfortti
nato, and with whom tho starvation is
merely a question of but a few days longer ;
while still other thousands, if not at once
relieved, must perish from hunger, or tho
diseases that follow in its train. Some
have already died, others are daily dying;
while tho hour.S'grow darker, and the days
wax longer, for tlio living to whom relief
comes not, and whoso eyes are aching with
watchiugs for the succor that delays.
Piom Europe.
St. Johns, N. F., Oct- 3. Tho nows
is three days later than was fumi-lied by
tho steamship Arabia, and contirms the
report of Garibaldi's great ictory.
Tho battle was fought at Volturno. The
details of the fight describo it as a protraC'
toil nnd Lioody struggle.
' Tlio Neapolitan forces wcro driven back
; in disorder to Capua. Their losses aro
estimated at !1 ,000 killed, besides 5,001)
. who wcro taken prisoners.
, Tho loss on Garibaldi's tido was csti
mated at from 1,200 to 3,000.
There had been no military movements
! reported finco this battle, and tho affairs
of tho Papal States aro unchanged.
A Democratic Mass Maeting,
Will bo
3di to bo adlrcsscd Ly Dr. Htirry flakes,
oi !i iiivta-jsairi,, ami t,;(j., oj
Bl. 'in lur,-
or the
Democratic Stale Executive Committee.
To the Democracy of 1'ciuwjloania :
Tlio Democratic State (Joimmtlca deems
it a duty, onco nicro to address you, beforo
tlio final vote for President of tho United
States. It iscnablcd to do so' now, with a
consciousness that, every sacrifico of mivatc
! il-.. I ! 1 ' - I . .1 I! .....I..
lui-iiiir Having uut'ii iiiuutj, uiu
party h once more u.uted in the support,
of the regularly nominated hlcctoral J tele-1
I") "'i" 1,1 "fcrS'ug:uu)
, p.-blic scthnont of Vominlvanhi,
to sectionalism, mm faithful to tho
it !(.. n (..-i..t fi. ,mivrdn,it4 flirt
.......,., .tJ..VUV... ......
Union 1
t .1 . 1 .. ,,..,
and tho Constitution.
Tliooliiect of tlio St-ifj Conim tteo
. '"ooujcci, oi uio cinu v.omiiiuu
is, to invoke tor that ticket a zealous
aetivo support. Such a support, given m
overy coun'y of the State, may reverse tbo
defeat at tho Stato election, and, even if it
does not, will save the Democratic party
srom that disintegration, which an appar
ent abandonment of its l!ag would seem to
threaten, and which our ancient enemies
so much desire, If tho Democratic party
in Pennsylvania can be demoralized and
broken to pieces, the permanent success of
tho mercenary crowd now forming tho Peo
ple's or Republican party, will bo secured,
aiib tlio State, which is moro substantially
Democratio than any one in the Union, bo
banded over for a series of years, to the
control of thoo whose policy is alien to ils
true interests tho policy against which
the Democratio party has so long and so
resolutely contended.
A thorough organization and full voto
of the Demoeraoy at tho Pre.-idcntial, clcc
tion, is important for other reasons
Intoxicated by one victory, won mainly
through tho unhappy dillcrcnces of the I
Democracy, Hire, v.ithout effort, of anoth
or iu November, the leaders of the Re
publican party aro meditating an extensive
export of Pennsylvania voters into tho
neighboring States, especially in Now Jer
sey and Delaware, where tho contest is
very close. Not wanted, as they think,
hero, they will bo very serviceable there.
Let this fraud be fru-tratcri, if possible,
by such activity on our part, as will com
rel our adversaries to remain at home.
It may be, should tho attempt at ceoui
zing bo persisted iu, that Pennsylvania
now can be redeemed.
But there is a higher and stronger mo
tive to action. Every Democratic voto
east in November every vote, indeed,
against the Republican ticket is a voto
for the Constitution, the Union, and for
the rights and property and afety of our
Southern brethren, and swells the groat
conservative body, which, whether it be at
tho time a majority or minority, now
stands as the only barrier to sectionalism
and lauatieiMii. Should Mr. Lincoln be
elected, and his administration prove, as
wo fear it will, to be animated by the ng
grcssivo spirit of anti-slavery fanaticism,
mid threaten still more tho well asccitaincd
lights of any portion of tho Union, tho
Democratic parly oi reunsylvama will bo j
the great constituent of tho constitutional
opposition, which must check and control 1
the Executive. It is all important that tho I
I elements ot sncli an opposition should
.elements of slicii all opposition should do
i.,, , , . . .
veloi o themselves nr. ttio no! s aw. mii i
a demonstration of Northern Democratic
sentiment, even if it should not injure vie-
I01'y, may ultimately savo tlio Union, liy
. i tj . , . ... , :
' l0. y uc menus
Z,. I' 'm . ' V " l. ' . J
anil ino-t loyal to the Couslilution. Let
it be remembered that when, in 18! 1, the
i storm ot Kitmred fanaticism hroko upon
Pennsylvania, tbo Kuow-Notilmg eandi-
uato was elected uovernor by an over-
whelming majority ; and ytt, in less than
two years, fanaticism died out as suddenly 1
:. .1 .1.- t .! ... .......
.... ifc iuicu. uiiu me j'euiuciuuc parly, iruc
to its principles faithful, even in disatcr,
to its standard resumed iu influence and
predominance iu tho State. So will it bo l
now. All depends on activity, on concert,
on honorablo and magnanimous forget
fulness of past difference. Lot any one i
who hints nt their revival, who seeks to
excito again any unkind feeling among ,
Democrats, bo marked .is an enemy to his
country and lo his party. Let the Cpunty
Committees tako iinincdiato measures to i
secure a full voto of the Democratio party,
oven in di-tricts whsro local succss is ini
practicable ; for, remember that, in Novcra-1
ber, every vote counts in the great result j
and that every Democrat who stops at
home, expresses his despair of tho llcpublic,
and practically votes with tho enemies of
the Union and the Constitution.
Democratic Slate Kxceiitivo Committco
Booms, Philadelphia, October 23, 1SG0.
the telograph can be relied on, we loam
that tho men in Oregon are not
uuliko a number of tha Douglas men in this
i part of tlio country
It will be seen that
by a coalition with tlio lilaok Itenublicans
they havo euccucdoil in rcturiiiu-' lo thu '
IT..!..,.! c.. . o ... .. 1, ... .1 1
-iiik-jM uiiiic-s ouuuiu u xoiiirias mail auu i
a Black Itepubliean.
lAlillIED" f "j
On Thursday, tho l?th iut., by llcv. !
Wm. Goodrich, at tho rosidonco of tho'
lli-ido's Pnther, Mr. William Uirton, to
Miss Sauah Ann Mn.Lr.n, both of Hem
lock Township, Columbia county. ,
On tho lettli hut,, by Ilov. Wm. Good
rich, in liloom.-buij', Mr. Oiiaulks II.
IIbssbl, of Lock Haven, to Miss Ukbecca
GuAttDNKlt, of Tamaqua. i
( hi llin 1 Ktl, inut I,,. Itn,. 1.' C!nn.l,,..l
Mr nVuwtTlv vl'
Uotll ol l.oltunljlil county.
On the UHtli iiut , at Jacob Good's Ho -
tel, in OratiMvillc, by Itov. W. Goodricli,
Mr. UKOItOB W. A1II.LBK, to .Misi JlAHY
Ann Sitleii, both of Uriurcicck town&Lii,
Columbia coillltv,
.... " . -
(111 I Hid, ov nciin in, (1..I Kl i nl ll.o.
r, ,"J -','.,'';' ' ' .
roMiicnco oi urn iniiiii ts latncr, ny licv.
Mr. Sank, Presiding Kldor of lKdlcfontc
District, Hev. D. A. Ukcki.ev of this
placo, to Amanda Devlinu, of Lamar,
Clinton co., Pa.
r titt K-inssTirrMrtf-s in 1 1 nrrxs'
Iu Locust twp., kthis county, on thu -d
inst., James SroKES, aged Od years 5
mouths .ind 1 days.'
In Locust town-shin, Columbia countv
i . .
on tho IPth inst., Mr. Kowland Huoiies,
aged -IS years nnd 0 months, ,
in ucmiocK township. I olumlna county.
i 0n Uio L'.rt jnnt. , Mr. M. J,, 1'ALST
j vonsULiptiou, actl abjut UI i,ars,
nicniiiraiiiliini i l'rcmliims
ft'ijI'iettHtlfrlJ, $oHietlfti'ii
ox' eo.T.TjaxnxA cotrjsrws,
tho 18th, 10th, & 20th of October 1S00.
Best rlr of Draft Horitn.Dr J 11 McKclrjS 10 00
' do ilo 11 II Mclick
' Ctirringo ilo Win Colomnn
' do do Wesley llowinan
I licit
1 .Mnrc!, li li uoons
' ilo ddC It McIIonry
Ftilllon, Wm Crensy
do Ilanicl Olf?ptT
Stallion tictwecu 3 & I year?.
I.itliias lliutman
do do " 2 A i yean,
Philip Cool
Tiejt (Hiding Colt, 2 years, II .7 Oablo
llest Mnro do do Jer, Itacnumh
Jlct Itrood Mam .1 Colt, Philip KIuV
2d do do do Philip Cool
licit Mare, C Vance
Jlest llorsoColt 1 )cnr, Jolin Vance, Jr
2d do do do Ouo V lilcckcr
Best Maro do do N Mnurer
Det Singlo Carriage Hore, Kli.u Dictcrlck
Befit M " Maro, l'rcas Brown
t oo
4 00
2 00
2 00
b 00
J 00
.ItlDClBS Atncr AVclich, Isaac Yctter, Stacy
Beat Bull J yean and upwards, T. (J,
A. Sto
$ 8 00
4 00
6 no
5 00
g 00
t 00
2,1 " " " A. Crorcling
Bct " 2 old, Doiigln Hughes
Bct ' 1 year " T. 11. Fronts
licit Coir, Doron , A.. I. Sloan
2d " " " Henry Miller
Best " Natlro Stock, Andrew Crcvcllng
11 Durham Cow 2 yean, 0. A. Jacoby
2d " " Thomas Dolman .
Best Heron or Durham Holler, C Crcreling
2d " " " C Crcreling
Best Native Stock 1 year, Daniel Snyder
Best Calf of any breed under JO months,
8 00
I 00
S 00
4 00
2 00
2 00
W eslcv Bowman
S 00
-1 00
3 00
0 00
-I 00
Best Yoko of Working Oxen, John Zcisloft
2.1 " " " Thomas Lnngor
Best pair of Steers, Andrew Crevcling
2d " 11 Samuel Crccling
Best display of Cattle owned and held as
faun stock by the exhibitor, combining tho
best properties in regard to proiltabio breed
ing, Feeding and Milking, Mooro Crevcling 10 00
2d " " . L Campkll 6 00
JUDIIHS. Mathias Ilartiuun,Cattawissn; John
Hill, CVutro; Aron Smith.
Best Blooded Buck, Jacob ZcUlort o 0,0
2d " " Joseph Blakcr 00
Best Nattvo " Daniel Vandcrslloo 4 00
2d " " Josiph Huckel 2 00
Be.t Blooded Ewe, Hllas Kroom S 00
2d " " F llagcnbueli 2 00
Besl display of Sheep, Jcr. Blakcr 5 00
JUDOKS. Thomas Crevcling, Scotl ! Franklin
MoBride, Hemlock ; Josiiua cndCnhuli, Frauk
Best Boar, Joseph ltnckcl - S 00
21 " 1' II 1 roo7e . 2 nil
Be-t Brood Sow John Zcisloft 3 00
2d " " Joseph ltuckel 2 00 i
Best and heaviest 2 IUg, Jacob Zclsloft SCO j
Best lot of Pigs, 0 or more, under 10 weeks,
Hiram Swcbeuhizcr 3 00 ,
" lot ofstoek lio. Culeli Barton 2 00
JU1K1BS. Samuel Laiarus.Androw Crevtling, j Kroom.
Best " Banlums, AVlllio McKinney to
Best and largest valicty of Turkeys, P H I
Frccro 2 00 I
Best two Oceso, Mrs M Applcman 1 00 j
Best lot of llcee, Henry Cramer 1 00
Bel and largest variety of Fowls, C Hughes 2 00
Best Ciiimicy Bird, Mrs J Ilatston to f
Best Lot Pigeons, Willie McKinney to '
Best lot of Ducks, (loo Shoemaker 1 00
2d " " B.dtuii ltupit to I
Jt'TICBS. Dr.Ueorge Hayhurst.Simon Cotner, I
Setli Bowman. j
Best Bnsh. White Wheal, T (I A Stevens 1 10 ,
" do do M.'dltor'itiicu, (Jeorge llussoll t0
!..., .. it...i rt,t. it it n l.
. mA ----- - -
Bed Cl.ull II B .Metick 1 tO
Wheat, Samuel
2 09
. , Cr,cv,T? ,
1 Oi)
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
Bli Bart in
Bje, Caleb Fox
Smoked Corn, Pam'l Crcvuling
Gourdseed " Blias Kroom.
of any kind, II B Mcliek
Buckwheat, (Jeu Shoemaker
Clovcrseed, do do
Jurcmiuti Ulcckcr
Timothy Seed,Blias Kroom
1 00
Jt'DijBS. Peter M, Xraugh, James Ballon,
Bti .Mendenh.ill.
CLASS 7-(l!ti:i:N A DItlBD FltUITS.
Best Lot Winter Apples, Anion iSmilh 1 00
" Trill ' Samuel Crevt line 1 Oil
" nnd larRe.t variety of Apples, W I. BrocseS Oil I
Variety of Winter Apples, Aaron .Smith I 00 I
Variety of Apples (;ood) John linhison 1 00 I
l-'ito Miricties uf Apr les.Smul Mcliek 100
" lot of Dwarf Bears, (very large) Jacob i
Bycrly, 1 00 j
Best and I.irgost Yellow Beaches, Mrs A J i
Sloan 1 00
" I.ot Qnincos, Mrs B 11 Mcnagh 60
" Bcachos not less titan 2 Dos,, Mrs Schoolyl 0(1
" Vnricty of O rapes, Mrs B 11 Mcnagh .'0
" lot of Stoued Cherries Mrs Saui'l Brugler 60
" " of Dried Apple.-, Mrs Beuben Boiuboy 60
' " " Beaches, Mis John Crevcling I 00
" W'lillo Cnrruut Wloe, Mrs 1' S Moyer 1 00
" Blackberry " II 11 Frcas 1 00
" sample Currant Wine (old) li Mendcn-
Inill 1 00
" raiupK- of Currant Wine, Mrs V Unangstl 00
" lol i.r Currant Wine, Miss f Applcman 1 00
" ond largest vorioly of Wine, Mrs 'Ibos Dol-
uiau 2 00
1 The display of flrccn and Dried Truits on
I exhibition wus most coinniundablo and praisewor
thy ns to quantity, iiualily and variety, ond far
exceeded our most sangutno expectation.
JUDO US.- J It 1'urman, Audrcw Treiis,
1 Thos J Viinderslica,
Best Bush, l'ink Byol'utdtous, U W Cor-
rcli, 1 Oil
" " DoorVard " do do 1 00
" " Bilnce Albert" nr.oiubov 1 00
" Bermuda Potatoes, I' II W'enncr 1 00
" " Sweet Botatoes, l:ii Barton 100
" anillarj-'eit vurieiy do Aaron Smith 1 00
" 2 Pumpkins, Isa-io Hess 75
lol field Pumpkins, 11 P, Meli. k 1 00
" six Indiana Swett Pumpkins, J W Hcndcr-
shot J5
41 nnd Urges! rtimpkin, W' Sloan 7.r
-1 Acorn Squashes, O A Jacoby
" lot Whiter do John Uobison
" lot Turnips Ellwood Huglies
" lot I'urnip Cabbage, Mrs E Hicks
ft Jieads Cabbage, Andrew l'rcas
" lot Badi'hcs do do
lot Sugar Beets do do
" lot Maugocs, olrs Judah Boono
" 12 Tomatois, Mrs Wm Itoldson
do lot Cellcry, M Wyneoop,
do I Citrons, Miss JlAnnah Valler
Bct Lima Bsaus, 'lhos Ounton
The .lI.plT of vegetables was extraordinarily
large and of excellent nualily.
do lot lied llcets, .Mis ,H unco
. JUDUES.Bli Croviling, AndrowV'reas, Ell
' I1r,,",
1 0LAIiS p -110J'l: I,A1UV I'-'ODUCTs;
"'"'"' ." .,-..-.--r.
2.1 '" do d
(Best " Yellow " Mrs It JUnagh
1 O.l .. 1. ((
I 00
1 V0
1 00
1 00
1 00
Quin.-os. Mrs Isaac Hess
2d " " Irs John I.eacocL
Best ' Bears, Mrs S A l'elrikin
do J,ir Quiuees, Mrs P llnungsl
2d " " Mrs Judah lloouo
Best Canned Blums, MrsB Christuian
do lariety and iiiallty of tanned and Spiced
Bruit, Mrs D L McKinney
Best Boll Duller, Mis Sylvester l'ursel
2d do Mrs 1' ljugenbuch
best Tomato Mrs Mutiiias Harlman
do peach butter, Mrs 11 VuudcrslRo
do Fruit Cake, Miss Sado Sloan
do Soda Cake, Mrs J Boono
do l'ouud Cuko. Mrs J lUmitiy
do Apple Jollcy Mrs M V Eycrly
2d do do M14 V I uuiejt
Lost Qcincc J 'ly, Mrs W HugonbutH
do and largest variety of Cake and Tastry,
Mfs W H.g--abu h
Best Doughnuts, Mrs Wesley Bowman
" 1 'af of BrcaJ, Mrs Judah 'ioone
2d. " Mrs Eliot Kroctn.
Best Applo DutUr, Mrs Joseph W llcndu-
shot AO
Best variety IMcMcs, Mrs W IUIjIxhi to
" and largest variety of Pickles, do 1 00
Lot Hard Soap, .Mrs Jf lloono f0
" " Soft " .Mrs W PlmlTer , SO
" Tomato Ketchup, Mlis I.aurr, Tata SO
" Sample Cider Vlncgor.Mrs 1) Vundcrlllco til
" do of flrccn Corn, Mrslls.ine llesl 10
A largo ornamcnliil pyramid Bound Cake
very choice, Birnard Stunc'r Dlplom.i
mill 1 00
JUDllBS Dr. T. C. Hirrion, f Mrs.Svl'voitcr
rurscl, Mrs. Blias Dlcterich, Mrs Frank McBridc,
Mrs Philip Chrlsttnan.
Best Piece Tal.lo Linen, M C Vnnco 1 00
do pair Woolen Blankets. Mrs T Brown
21 " " " Mrs U A Jacoby
Best Coverlid, Mrs Sarah Connur
" 2.1lcd Quilts, Mr J 11 Dlinm
2d 2 " Mrs O A Jacoby
1 00
1 (10
1 00
Best Silk Quilt(cholce)MIs Sainantlia .Mollckl 00
" " Linen Wheeling, Martha Applcman 1 00
" pair Woolen Stockings, Mrs (1 Weaver tO
4 lioie, !! ooien Airs .u ujuitoop 1,0
" " Woolen Mittens, Miss Julia Itupert
' lot Linen, Mrs V Blllmyer
" Fancy Croihn Tidy, Miss Martha Sloan
2d do do Miss M Hughes
Best Wool Tldv, Ml.s L A Sharplcis
" Knit Tidy, Ml-s .Maggy Dictcrlch
" picco Woolen Carpct.Mrs Jesse Mensch
2d " Bag Carpet, Mrs Bliivood Hughes
1 00
i oo
1 uo
1 00
1 00
best picco L.tnncn Check, a Urogler
Jl'porcS. J J Browcr, Mrs Abucr McDowell,
Mrs Keller.
Best Fancy Bug, C J Bdgar 1 00
" Shetland Wool Knit Sfeeves, Miss Attn. .
Bupcrt t 1 00
Best Tiincy Burr Baket, Miss II Boono to
' Sea Shell Toilet Basket, Mrs J Balston to
" Toilet Cover, Mrs W Hngcnbnch 100
" One Dog worked in Worsted, Miss Mary
Best Fancy Caps, Miss Julia llupcrt
' variety of Flowcis Martha bloan
" Worked Skirl, Mrs John Cm cling
' Lamp Mat, Mrs Slnlcy '
" Bible Cu'ldon, Mrs J Young
" Fancy Bend Collar, Miss Hanuiih Wal
ler Best Mulin Shirt, Mrs J Young
1 00
1 00
" Bonnet of .Natural Flowers, Mrs W m Bob-
i-on 1 00
" Applo Seed Basket, Miss Boll ltobison 60
" 1 ndi-rdttn and Collar.'Miss M A ll.d.isoni 00
" Knit Woolen Cap, Mrs.l'atiny Wiawr to
' Mariposc, Miss LA Sharpless tO
" specimen Tape Work, Miss 11. J Tato .to
" Vno of Natural Flowers, Miss liatlle N'oal tO
" Fancy Worked Skirt, Miss Mary l'nrsel .'.0
" Fancy Workod Ottoman, Miss M B Bobi'on to
" Zephjr Tidy, Mrs W Crevcling tO
" Fancy Counter pane, Miss Birnctta But 1 00
" and largest variety of Faucy Burr Woik
Mrs S A Worman 1 00
" rmbroidcred Slippers, Miss M Dlclcricli to
JUDOF.S. Col. L. L. Tate, Miss Kate Bver,
Mlii llellen Hubbel.
Best Sample Wheat Flour, Win Bears t. 00
2 " " " J J Keller 2 00
Jl'DOBS. James -Master., Owen L'jcrlv, Noah
Best 1'orlablo Cider and Wino Mill, W Hitch-
cok 2 00
Hot Plunsh, W'm Schuyler 2 00
" Iron Beam Plow, F, Mcmlcnhall Diploiu i
" Iron Bvp.m.Iing Culti! ator, M Hamlin 1 00
" Miare Cuitlti r Harrow do Diploma
" llorso Bake, F. B l'ursel I 00
" Seedling Plow, Wm Schuyler Diploma
" Ciippir Plow, Bvans A Hopkins do
' Washing Machine 'lho. W Bdgar 1 00
" do do F, B l'ursel Diploma
4 Harrow witli joints, Hartman .fe Towlcr I 00
" Wal,lng Machine, D A Kline Diploma
Buck ll.e Bcapcriind Mower combined,
John Hartman t 00
" Iron Bcapcr, Sbll'cr, W'all, Shrtncr .1 Co. I 00
" Fodder Cutter, do do Diploma
" Fanning Mill, J S Mulliii do
" Fanning Mill, John Frullck do
" 'Jhrcshing .Marh'lic, Stone Hulshircr 2 00
11 Combined Beapcr and Mowor wilh Self
Baker coinl.indl, Josinh Oirtou for J
S M.n-sli ,t co 2 00
" Stinw A Stock Culler di Diplonm
" (Iruiii t (lrns Seod Diill do do
jriidl'.S. Bllwood Hughes, John Di'oierich,
II D Knorr.
CUSS IJ WAfiONS A CAltBI.lfli::!.
Best Shifting Top Buggy, W Shun A Sou Z 00
" Open Buggy, do di 3 00
" Two Dorse Carrtsgo? do do S 00
2d Shilling Tup Buggy do do 1 00
Best display of agous and Carrhgcs, Wlu A Sou
I 00
Sleigh, Charles Stackhmi'O
2 00
JUDllES. Syhcstur l'ursel, H B Bursel, Wm
1ST DlTtSIOlf.
Best Sett Finr;lo Carriage Harness.
Wm J
Jlultinau :
" " Doublo " " J B Bnrd :
" 2 Sides Solo Leather Christmau A Cicvo-
:' 2 Side 1'ppcr " di
1 2 ' Kip " do
' 2 " Calfskins, W I, Brccs
' pair Bine Boots P lTn.nigst
l no
1 00
1 00
.it pair 1'ino Boots A It Boe
1 tin
1 00
t pair Conrso lbwts.P Unnng.t
" set Windsor Chairs Wyiner Young
Bed Stead, B Boan
" Stttoo or Lounge, K ntnler
" Sof.i do
" Display of Cabinet Work, O W Corroll
" lint Bin k do
" i dot! Corn Brooms Thos. Ounton
' Work lleiii-h, Hot ert Boan
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
:: on
1 00
JI'JXJES. Isaiah Melhk.Bcosc Fairman.Jutk.
son Thomas.
FrroM, Divisioy. '
BcstCas Burning cooking Stove, A M Rnricrt2 00
do Badialing Slot es do 2 00
" variety of Tin-trnro-Cyrus Bilcnbcrger J 00
" Cooking Store-P S Mojer 2 00 ,
" l'coplo'e coiil or wood Slot c-S S Curtis Dip
JUDOES. John l.ndwli. Bloom i John Hart- I
man, Hemlock ; Elisha B Ilarlinan. j
Tiiinn Dmsiov.
Best Teeth IIC Ilnwcr 1 00
do do do lieu IlUhcI JO '
licttbest Mo.lil I .irin Oale-0 JI Shoomaker 1 fn
" ona dot Briek-II S Arthur 100
" Poiku Kiilfe-Jnda Boono (0
' Urthenwaio-E A J Hicks 1 00
Jt'DOES John 11. Mnyer.Blooini Win Christ
man, and Benjamin Boinhoy.
Best observatory Beg Hivo-P Belswick 1 00
bwarm Bees do j oo
" suoiplo lloiioy ,1,, J 00
JUDOES. John M. Barton, Hemlock ; KU
ClOlelilig, Centre j Eli Barton.
Esst sample Toba.'co I Zciiloft 1 00
' " Broom Corn Thos Ounton f.O
JUDOES. John M. Barton, Eli Creieling, Eli
Best specimen Hhtib.irl, Willio McKinney
Ham, W II Ha -ciibiiili .n
Lot of Chcsluiiu, Ccoe Blccker 60
Case curiosities, Jacob Mcliek Diploma
Telegraph Chum, Joseph Dillcr Diploma
Buggy Wheel,.! 1' Long jo
Chum, Evans A Hopkins Diplotnn
Alton's Oui tis for Cutting and Draft,
ing Wearing Apparcl.J Bidcmaii Diploma
Ddguirrcollipii, Ambrolti.cj l'hnio.
graphs nnd Jl.itcol) pes, J 11 Cox Di
phim.l uml (io
do Vainling (oil) ,j, j()
d Birds do cotnpl'iy.
Lot of '1 in I'ojs, Cjrus Eilcnlwrgtr Diploma
Cabinet of Minerals, 1'. JI Float do
Box j,,
Specimen t-pcrui Candles do jo
Lot Confectionery, Bernard Sinner Diplotuj
do Frederick 1'uux do
Coll and Oil L nuiis (1 M llugeubiult d.i
Cooper W'are- P Uviswlek mil
Lot .Mineral Water -Knot Jacoby jo
Lightning Bods K B Bldlemaii I oil
CrystalUed (Irass Fanny Weaver Diploma
Sausage Stulfcr S J Connor ai)
Ouo Dog Power John M Chamberlln Diploma
Case Dried (.iraas, Mist B.U Bobisuu 60
Lol Green Uaipbiirios, Kobtrt NTeal 60
Lot of Cranberries (very (inel A. Crouso 60
'Ilia Commiltoa would add that Jacob Miluk,
L 1 of I .uot . , et(, t , ,., , ,h . ,i ,
the Society, for a beam :d box of Ornatnenn, a
fancy inmid inai ic p lai If. a I ,g ..j K.
bits placed on cxhil tion, thus nddn - otln-ai,
tractions I the K r at i dr . J . a 1
"I, ol" lilm .! ii-g e-, ,, , , uol, fl)f lkc VUJf
nm MciIcjo ,Mi lo iiiaitcL
Jl Dill.'rf. Dr. 1'. Jolin, lllooio i Hon. U. n
Wllllts, Montour Piter lint, Centre.
licit Trotting Mard In hnruess A 11 Boo 2j li i
2 "' liorso Il.iulel Yocuin III iu
Best pair Trotting Horses II 1, l'rcas 1; i.,
Judges. Ocorgo Mart, Light Street i 1)
Mcl!c.Miolds, llcmluck Joniu Hajmaii, u m,
2'J TRIAL or mi:n.
Best nnd fastest lltiuiier, James D.ivls t I ,
2 do do Xap.dton Itccso 5 ,
Judges. Dr. J. liiiij.n.v, Bloom ) Ueorga YU
rer, Bloom Win. Xcni, lilnoin,
" The siili.cnhr his now on l.anii at his N'ursriy (i
Uilli towliflilp, orlliiiiiil,i-r ali'l (oinity, 'near li,(iin ,
atari; nr.rti,(ciil...r llirirtv umlled nnd bu.ld,-tl (-,, i.','
ofcverydisirlplloo. sudias
rilAit, Afitirnr.
t'l.i'M, cnnr.p.r
OltAPB yiyiM otlherhoicistklnil.Calalii and !,
hcll.i.ail of whirl, lie will sell nt rcaon!iWe prlics p,!
tons wl.hlll!; to SCI nut nrrlinnln. u 111 t. ..II t ..
I s'lh'i'ritcr at the .Nursery, ur nt his ri sblenro In na'
,,; 1a, i;sr
i V IT B3 IE (L !D 3 V & M ID .
rornteilif otrujiini bij f'KiifOTi aju( Tyrrvmn
Til" iintltT-icii-'tt lies left vo to mil nttftition ufth- u0n
I'l" ui Ji,r. Mn uttil mirnniiulimj rnuntrt. to ilit.r
pjilciiilj I ftgui t incut (if Now (! si, am itltii( di i'ry
!.!, Urrt.' rl 'i. 1 life n -Wit r , II,irl-V iirir. llnU tiu,
Tup-, II.k.h iiixl i, , ntul tilt iirtuk-d UMinlty k 1 1 in
cc.iiiilry, nil i.r.liidi w-i'ollir to fill ut rousohd
li!c r.itrtt lor Cault, lsiiuii r,
Thai ran (llspo.c m ; Cliitkciis.Tnrkis, n.-e,,-. lr,f
Pink, iul, lie. Gil u us a 1.1 I, mid elainlno our .Vw
, , Mlr.LUKfcTVClIMAN.
Jcrs town, OdobcrST, 1-K1
;Li eey (oimiy of Hib rmird m.kis.
I Tocii.igi. in I'l ! .ill" of some nfllie best and m .1 ri
ccaiith ilhlslril''!! Works i(.bli,li,'il
wur pub leal loos are ('fill'- uio.l lull rest Itij (hsr ,i 1, t
lidapILd lo th want-of Hi. Pa our. M. , li.t.ili i I !l, i
cl.aitt ; l. an puMi h'-d hi llic let 1 r. .me l .
i lo III ioi'-i .iili.i.uitl ,i t(.(!i, r, anil ar . a i
in tli l.ilo.irv oi ' V! ri lloohold in lit 1 nu.l
T ' T" Ii'iil. ipn (iinl iiolu.Tir ,k. li dot (h ,
I b'lHiics. oi1't an o pr.rt.iup.)' for profll Hoc ciiii ,
r I'r ' di lung to a. Ins i.e. Lis i 1 r
I ro iipllv lij iiinil full p irl ..r iruis... u (,
unj I.I. HV (.1 'IV, tc t . . ',,(, , .,
N'o. SJI north M'cmd tiro t l'hi,
llflnl, r :0 l-lW-.lni. 1
Vaftiab!c Heal Es(ac.
1 V nrFii,inrn (.('.in rJrr rf Hi., iirj.hatfs tVarl cf i .
Stttti'iluff, the I u (ht of Dtctwlcr nct
nt out- '( turk in tli ni'tcrin'on. A linn t vi nnd 't , ,
L'nlt . inliinniHlr iinrn ci 1'.. ki I ( ! , Lit -,i Hinj.u i
t u-(lli. in "in t rtvilitj. ili-rc.ia (I. il i i . ,
l I'uhUc Vcn Iuj,uuiii tlu- prLMius. s. n r-itani l u,
iif tin.l
Til A CT Of LA A')
n lloi'inu ljn-t. f Ji.-iinm Vrtwk on th Ttvi hnt i 1 I..
i an. I I'..'kirl Ci I,- mii li. Norlii.J. 1m on t. W .
n titl j:oiit,,,fi.iijfy t't.k- nn the ?ouili foiiUuiiiig
0n lliuurd and I'll v
cr I on w Ini Ii nr
I. vi'n Mu.r.. a 81'um: dwccliv.
IOCS!;, an I
Foii: !)Ui:li.i(; i!oisi:s.
nl'.l.i 'ksinit'i Simp liiru, an I ijlherout liulotcs
- ' " -i' " ' " T o .int. ill l( Kin, I .( O 1. 1 ru
!. U. 111. Hi,- r.'n lur Is ni II 1 i , . , I .. r a cool l,cnrli,j
1 1 Or. I, tr.l .(lo a eo , Miyir-l .imp.
'"It 'JI I'll'' I 1 " lid d. p ih d -llll il. d III III ti ,
tlup ot Ml;oirl(Mf, nnd coum uI'M.'h.iiii
1 jai.'Oii i;yi:ui v
Ort '.
. K-C0.
I") E6 .VI s r; ;?j .
rs Klll!:llH
T jr.; r. m
T iX O V t 'J
'I'll. New IMl.ilmis Vi.'I.h. W.M...t(,m ir i o, I
1v I.K.I, .1(1.1 I. potiiisli dollS.lid ,. oh (t. 1. .
.No. ; p.,
.id.linn M , V. I) ill 'il li, lie II lliCcl.'.l
It.l'n.iKS, n Ii.,
llij 111 .1 I JililN li
pen. Ini': lldiior : so I l,v h'iiuitio,. .moiuIii1!
known wr,t..r4 t,,r ,, , t, .. o...
II 'lire lo ,( I io 111. rs o ltd' r- l It ( loin,., I , lh
km l. II. 1 .(t nr K in ,. ... ,. ... I'.r.-
w,1'w 'nun il Ii ''ir, an! Mihiamioj nri inoti m
ac.dn.l ,l(, .;(,(. .r. w jllnu ii. boFiotn ,nd.("(i mi' -tr.MU
willmnl it y, , 1 1, it ,.lrll , i,r ,ii.r!, i, , ,n .-.
10 lis r.M.I. r. I.ill d.t.,1. ,., t, , ,t. , i , i !, -t.i-l'r
, loir. I, . saii in (he wotl I .it l n t . i il i uml
ill In.' -Mmc nun. a Inch literary t( no nn I u ,u. u . . s
lilt-llii.'iii',' Ir . n all intti-i hir iiiiiiik. r -
Il li putii 'il i i lioi. rial (I lo., i lie l .1 "
piii'r. .'iiol in Hi h .1 'P, si. l, in.t ,s l, ,
11 llili.',l frmii ti nn .i t iioc liy r..rli.,,i .!' i i. w'
-Mi i( in ih iiu.ii-lr, and l.nly. j.kiI iM ih i' i -
edit'ili.itly .mil , Ii.uik.i li , .1 r, oiii .iin I i m u u .
p.ilyr ol lh llr I d.vs. ' -
Terms. per Siilccr ilirs pat inr. for llic vesr"
t' ( 0l-. ( i.l I .in..,. ,.ir r. ... ,
ti'atillloilsly uplo Hi il il, He. " " s
'.''I'li.liiiiisfir.ui,.,,,!,., ,Mil.lsi, Ti, li,n.,-
lil oriN r it wiluiii Uio li.o I( l i vi 1 1 M Hi . i,l
I aiull, we hiK-li-cn ,iifliii-.d lo oir-r .tllVl r.ri'ri-lio-(Ini.
to an) whoui.Iit., i, j,-ire ,i.!i-.i,1, r- 'I Ii . -I
r.'iiiiuins ar oil Tid Kcieiaily l"r two toli.rrili r -p
V,.", IM tm) Mi'i-inl.' rs, nihl i iiilir.n w
M ilium .l r -in li l uiiir-al W.islnuv Mm lii u .,u stilus
h rol ilessr.sld hooks, Mich sss lllirimr's I luminal, .1 2
lolilc,!! .irhiuctou Irstuj's IVork", At'isrilll'ir.-d Hindis. '
hlevsuV 1 1 1 -I nrilnhodi-ni llaue's lli-t o Hi-M 1:2
I li'ir. li. a ml ii'i. si. roils oils, r Loot.. i Peroiaio'iii in "i
t.'re-l and lain.' I'.a, rl,. r wilh a cr it urb tv , f Isook. n
Hiilljbl.-to tltf sLI, ,tl, s. Is I.ilir.iri , utl'or line lo am 2
wllow ssls to pr s'lilih, r I'.i-n r , ills a pi si'dinll's '
ui lul hiiis-s hold ions em nr.. it who wish lo ,,.,,(,,.
one Tor Ihi irossu coiiifi.rt or win, w i,1i t.- Tinu-i
,isa lie-ins of iste'lli.H.,1 to soiiii- Iricis.l sirloanv tsisi y;
ilay io ,r T. ,i,h 'i wl.od.'-ir no .urnlilli
H I.uiriiri', a rcsdj sueaiisi I'dos-sst s(s l, tls.i I'lpen-
(lilur. o.ilj . f ,i Inn ix, rli.oi .ind I J , .,., u,.,u . ! n
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