Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, October 20, 1860, Image 3

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    Culttmltut Semnrrnt
WLoat 1 10
llyo 76
Shoulder 10
liuttor 18
Kggs ia
Tallow 12
Lard VI
Potatoes.. . . . . . fiO
Dried Apples. 1 CO
Corn ,. no
Oats :i3
WliitoHoan...l 00
Duck wheat, . . , ,50
Hums 13
K. II. Littj;'b observations upon I'alo
noa John's paper will appear next week.
TlLooM.-nuno llooic Stoke. Dr. P.
John, has purchased of Mrs. Caroline
Clark, the Illoomsburg Hook and Station
ory llstabllslmicnt, and intends continue
ing tho business in all its various depart
ments. Miss Amelia 1). .Wkbii, has opened a
Fancy Trimming Store, in tho Urick build
ing of John 1$. Purscl, on Slain Street,
first door South of tho Court llouso, where
she will at all bo happy to meet her
Lady friends and customers.
lunar, vpj,VA.--Mn. ,J- Mr, Istinc
lkekr, of (Jreonwood township, in this
county, have our thanks for a lot of the
finest and largest Apples wo hare yet seen.
Mr. Ikeler is a pro-pcrous farmer, and at
the same time, gives much attention to tho
fcieiici) of Horticulture. His farm stock
stands Xo. 1, in Orecnwood.
Mr. Lr.ovn T. Siiaiut.kss, has received
h'u Fall and Winter Goods. Wo looked in
upon his stock on Tuesday, and wcro grat
ified to observe, that he had a wcll-lilled
fitoro of choice Goods, and is soiling rap
idly at very mojerato prices. Mr. Sharp
less U a worthy young man a pleasant
companion ,-r-goqd salesman, and is emi
nently deserving of liberal patronage.
'Wiiai' a gloiiom world this would bo if
all itrf inhabitants could say t Shakes
pcaro's sliciiliord ; " Sir, I am a truo la
borer, I cam that I wear ; owe uo man
hate ; envy no man's happinoM ; glad of
other men's good ; content with my farm,'
ami buy their gooda irom tho cheap and
fdsuionablu btoro at S. L. Jtiittlo . Lii'ht i
, o - -
Strict, Pa.
Dvck Ij. Gii.vpt.N, Esij. It U rumored
that an error h.u boon diieovcrod within a
day or two, in thu t illy list of tho return
judges, which clucti this gentleman to tho
legislature, instead of Lewis Pughe, lie
publican, ai repotted. Wo have no knowl
edge of the foundation of tho rumor, but
.fir 1m rr.m. tAonU turn In. rtf
- "N--v-' '
tininn ,
" I'rfg'ilitiy is a Fair fr.riluii; and In- j
tiuHry it Guod L'slatc," as proven b tho j
multi'udu ulio poscss a combination of both
tho lbriner and latter quaHlicd, an I have
Htid arc making fuir Jo'luncs through the
exercise ,of tlum; which fortunes they
rjrcfiillv aoid riskinc in any (.ceculatiou.
lint iHnnt tl'rtnl-Hii' iiinrlm "nnl-r. u.,.,ll
jain", thereby uiiss great losses,1' and ae
cordiihrjy depojit their money in Tho
r.'.nikliu Saving I'uul Xo, 133 South
Tourlh tticct, below Chcsti.u, l'hiadol-
I'Lia, at five jior cent. inteiet. where itcau
be withdrawn ut any time, without notice.
TI.ii Saving Fund utvir tuspeitee. See
advertisement in anther column.
Twelfth Congrossional District.
Seranton, iZ. Jtandall, D,
Columbia County, I ,!)5a
1 ,U.)-J
1 Vyouiing
Scrantou'a mnj. 0U5
Ropresentativo District.
Kline, Osfrhout. Stratthridgc. Harding.
rVurrlit. t'o .
Montiur '
a 15
J.D. 113
"u'lttan Ml
l yojiiuj J.VJ5
majority l.aoo 1,11
An Indication. Thu Cheater aud Del
aware Congrcas'ioual District was the only
onl) ia tho State in which a direct issue
was made between the supporters of DrecU
iuridgo and Douglas. John II. Diuxton,
wbb nominated as tho lircckinridgo can
didate, ami P. Erazeii Smith as the
Douglas candidate. The result shows the
utter itisiguilicauce of the Douglas party iu
it county where they havo a straight-out
rgan, and wliuru they madoanopeu fight
Um followiug ia the vote for member of
' ongreas iu Che.-ter county :
.'juii Hiflinian. Rcnublieau 7,103
John II. Jiriiiton, JJi-cckiuridge. . . .5,070 1
i r. O fill til UoUglaS. ...... OU
I.. . ... , t, i,
u Delaware county tho vote for IJiUN-
ton exceeds that given to Foster 13 votes ;
so Smith, tho Douglas caudidatc, was
nowhere iu tho contort.
After all tho talk cf tho Douglasmcn
fiiout tho immense popularity of their can,
tlnlate, and tho necessity of adhering lo him
is the regular nominee, it tfrns out that
he has no strength at all wheic his claims
are subjected to the popular test. The
JiJy result accomplished by his adherents
ubeen to weaken aud defeat the Dcui,1
e.atio party.
TiiANKSun inu DAV,Wr(o OoTcrnor
r N'ew York takes tho load tLi-i yoar, as
lie did lust, in appointing a day for gon thaiiksg'ning. He has Ufcued his
' ruclamation, appointing Thursday, J'o
imbr aoih.
On tho 10th iust., in Jersey Shoro, by
Hev. Joseph Stevens, Mr. Jambs L. Hah
clay (formerly of Illoomsburg,) nntl Miss
M.vuy Mamma WBn,all of Jersoy Shoro
In Espy, Columbia co., on Saturday,
tho 13th qfOotobcr, 1600, Mr. SlLAS E.
Fowleu, of tho Mercantile House of Fow
ler & Crcvoling in tho 80th year of his ago.
Mr. PonuiKii one of tho most tmfiil and cntcruiz'
in rllifmia of Culuinbia miitity unil wu. cut oir la tliu
ntiilst uflil nsr-fulncss. Ilu was a Hunt of larRC purine
spirit, ami his dcntti i I not unlv bu EtHii-rallv rcim-tli-il
by all ulli) riil-w lilai. but will provu n serious ilruwbiirk
upon llio pruspi-rily of llio viltiiKO 1)1 wa, main y In.tru
uiLlituI In building up by lijutmn eiit-r.ii.-fl, rnpilnl, atid
rtiturpriro, Aboicn'l, Mr. F. mis an eu-mplary Chris
linn, and dlr-il as lie hail lived, in full hoptf uf luiiuurtall.
ly and llfo eternal.
Ncm Qi)ucrtiscmcnt0.
ui;i;,vi Lintiusii i i
VUI.;ie nn,e of the ereatest curiosities and mot val
uable invention in the known world, for which wo
want agent everyvv hi-re. CO" Full particular sunt on
receipt of.tno rid etanipt.
KlXt,P.K &. CO.,
Oct. SO, 13fiO-Ct.
Y S.
Came tn the Premise cf thi subscriber, eccmi ( in
I.ocut trminhip, two PtrcM anil two ImfeM. Onu of
the ttucrs spoiled, and the other dark brown, suppo't'd
ti bo about 3 tears "Id. One of thu heilers a bl.ick with
u while streak on tlm rump tunl vvhitu hind legs-suppon
vil tn ho about 3)cur old, and thu oilier a red heifer
nbout ) curs old.
TJu uvvmr Is reiucetcd to prove property .pay charges
and tuku theiuawuv, or they will bo fold according to
law, JACOU ariMi
l.octlst, Oct. Dili, 1-tiO. 3t.
U U I T O 11 S X OTIC 13.
Estate of J. R. Di.vh deceased.
The uiiili'risiied, auditor Appointed bv thu Orphan's,
Court ut Coiiimhiu County, to uitnJmte the assets in the
h.inda of HeiijdUiiii P.i'urtiivr, nditnuulrator of the tate ,
of J. It, Davis, late of Columbia County, decuiscd, ac
cording Mth i rates and proportions tbt.ibiihed by l..w
In llieoinsbiirL...,,, w ,e.,i.,v. u'u u-n. :,r x.
niu iiiicmi in ui (iuiiuk oi jus uppoiinuiuui, ai ins UllllU
r-h.illl pn'seiit the i uue, nr be debarred Iruiu coming In
for u slidfo uf said assttls.
Wi:riLCV WIRT, .iudiltfr.
October 23, lf00,-4ta.
EsUao of Jonah D. Dochon,
The un.lersrined, auditor appointed by the Court of
Common Meainf Uolumbid County to distribute theiuun
ey n turned by the fcln-riti, iw raised out of the sa'o
of th" reul fvtatc of Jovial. C, Iiodson, amoim the
rfiMitors ol the sli I Dodbou, acrorditig to law, will at
t -nd tolh"duti"s of his appointment, at hi eihie, in
Itioomburir, on Tiifsd.iy, the ilTth day of Nmeniber.A.
I). If i 0, ut JU o'clock in thu fore iiouh ; w hen anil U 'to
all pcrHous h.nins rl.ii-ns against thu -aid liodyon, are
rrijiifstcd to prrti'ittthu aine, or be debarred from cum-
insiu upon s.u.i tuud.
M"br ai. wo. ii..
wnsr.r.v wiiit, ujiur.
f " I S U L U T 10S
ijif ro pannerfoip ncrtintoro rifiins nrtftcrn uu'iciied m the.Vrrrti Ihisint, in Jorsejtoun.l
Is BO, b mutual MUinriit. All pfrons indebted to the
lute firm nre e.irnc-tly re'itiected to call imnn'diateiy ond
make settlement, Tlju lluoks are in the olhrc of J. A.
ruiistoii. twodours wet-tof thu t-tore were the accounts
will btj af'jUbtedby either iiiemher of tho late firm.
juil A.rt'Nriruv,
Jrsetown,Ort j, ltTal.-:ha
. ' "'u"y ' 9S " ' .v.Llw . 1 i
Esi&te of l.udwg Gigritlieimer, decased
TTTlf:l'' I" lis rfhv (ilvrn letter nraJuiiiiistration
on th 'estate c,f l.udw 1(; iJpcenlM-iupr liit-i t.f l.ocu
townMilp, l aiumuun
uliti, dccca.i'd.haVQ Ijobi cranlfii
1 t'l-i KiPistPr of .aid roiinly to thi undrrnK'ird, ivhu
r. .id In I.icii.t lownslup. All p'reous h.i nl c'aiins
r dtinaiid nzainstlht t'slMti-of the di'rcdcnt are reiuia.t.
c4 toprr. tit Hindi lorsrtl'riucnt, and thosu indiblcd ID
nuk? pnyuient withuat ililay.
Loc'lfl Oft 511, 1?C0.
'Tlln AuHitnr aipoiutcd to make di.trihutton or the
Jl balanrr in 11... uf AKr.-ih..iu ltl.l.i.iy A.r, M.
Iratnr olth. oslat.' of I'lloiua. lloldiins, lain of the raid
coillllV, UPCf-ascd, Mill lilt-el 111.: illrlriltutci'S and ull pi r
SOUS llltTbll'll. fl r tlm OlirtlOfil1. riflll. I. in .tin,-HI nl
"""" I"1'"""1' f' ' purposos ofhl. aiipoliitiin.'iil, ut
III. olfiro in I looin.liiirg. on ntlllAV llw li.llniny of
NOVUM 4 I'M ni'it, l),ti'rn tin- h.nir W liiiin A, M. .uid
thr'e 1'. M tthi it and ttueru .ill in rson. h.ltina cluiiiis
are r quin-il to present liicni.or ow lorcter UiharrtU Iroin
u share of said luud,
J. u. ruri:.i:. 1
Hloomsb-lrj. Oct. 13, IpCO. JuUtlor.
Esta'c of huac W. MusgtavC) deceased,
rpm: ondertcned nppofntrd l,y tho Orphan' Court of
JL rlumbia Loimt to nuilit, eutlle nnd udjuht tho ac
fount of niiil Aaron V. Ml'-okuk, adnitm-tra.
turn of llii f.ini listate on rxeeptitniH liled to tho aidnc
count will aitrnd tr liUoilin- in I lorutiH
huri; un HATLICDAV tin' Kill day neil
(ift 10 o'clock a. M., ut w Inch tiine liud plato alt puoii.t
;ntcretcd art rujuiref to uku ulice.
jiii in g. ntnj:x,
Oft. 13. Jiuaito
iiousi: foh itiv.vr.
ANTAT mid fonifortalil (Iw-ellinc Moiifc' nnd prenil
nei, wilfi tattle, finrden, I'rnnp. A.c., attached, nil
(i good irder-wiih priulffjn of ilardt-n Prodnre-in
lilKDiitKbui;, iaoifered for rent. Jtuuiedtatp popsi-Hnfm
piven, Jf denied. Tefiiu reanaU'. Apply ut thu of
Jicf. -rat ANUVVALT'd HAT aiOKU.
Ulutuiburg. Oct. f.
TMl'IIH'vn nw ll. .1 .,,.L .1 I
JJ llridpe('o..hab, in fan ,r of tn
ftnckholdi ti of taid Company, of 3 pi-r ff lit., (73tt per
iiliare) for the pat ti iDuiith, pa) able at im; oifice 011 or
utter the loth uutuiit.
I 'JVeas'r
Cattawlisi Hridfie Co'i Office.
Uttobu 1, Jem 4t.
TyOTlri: I. herchyslvrn left my Docket"
i in the hands of Thonijs J Morris, I1., aud thaf
unless p.iyiueul of all costs due me is made liy the 15th uf
October next suit ttill bv iuttituted for tho same.
l:ioonisbur?, Bept. 2Slh lSt.0. yt.
Etute qf Hairy Mil r, dtceased.
IIJTCUS testamentary on tho I'state of IUsrvMii
-i i kK, late of Viitlliu township, in Columbia tounty,
ilereayed have b'eu urauied by the Iteyuter of Columblj
eounly lo the undersitfued, all pi roiis having ilainii
osftilut the Kktate ot the dice dent, are reipiented to pre
keut them tn thu Lu-rutor. at his residence, in Mama
i township, without dtla), aud ull persons Imttbted lo
inakii uavuwut foithwith.
gnoucu .mii.i.i'r,
P.ptib.'r 1, i;co.
t WILL coiitlmt nn examination of Teachers ut tho fol
1 low t ii' time and jdatL-i, vu
Heoit, nt Lpy, Oct. '.Mill; Cuttjwjsda. at r'attauffHu,
Oct. -Jd ; Oruuire, at frauevillo Oil .td ; (;reiiwoodl
at llohrfcburtr, Uct.-tth; .Madiou, at Jerse)towu, Oil,
'Jilh ; Hemlock, at tlmkhoru. Oit. ifi Hi Mount 1 leasant
at HutdiKiu.oa. -'nil , Millliu. at Mitlliuv tile Oct. .Vth
Heaver, ut Mini ie' hi liH IIouhu, UlI JIHIi ;
arniL'trci'K, maiiic phuuoI tiousu
utt'eiitrev jllu Nov, vd; Louixt,
ut .xUbtoit u, Nov. :ld: I'rauUni. at Ll.i).ius .uv. ,'.lli;
moiiio'ii, at i.eiii-iitit ati.uii. iioiiau , i-i.j , i ettui-.
ui n.ui rinie nii; iinarrr k. at i:tau.tiiie.Nov
Clll , . I.IUIISLIl-.'l., ill r-,.ll.. I..CI, ,.(. . i.lll , IK IIK'U, U N'ot.Ulli; dusarloaf, A. Cole's rkliuo) llou.u
ov.llth; Jiiksou, at llirr's Hihncl Hou.u Not.lA.
fine, at L jiu.r rfertno, Nov. Jutli. At onu o'tloik r. Jl,
of eaih da).
lurector. arere-tue.ieu to ninae an neeiiiui nrransc-
uieuts. uud lo uiauife.t their inttre.t tv nlteudutlie.
i.UWIS Ai'l'Lll.MA.N, Co. ift
tO-The Editor- of Oolumbu county will pleo-o copy.
I.IKIII Kirett, ucl. IU1II, iron.
T'ilH undi-ruiLMicd reamtlfully iuforun tlis ladiet of
itlouiu biirir. uud viciuit), that hu haijuit returned
fru.utiie dty ,ih.a .idendid n..ortuiei,t mnuv
ullJtLiiJiYiSliW S(Dl2)a,
toiupriiiig ever)tbiug commonly found in u frit-dan
Millinery etore Her s()lu of Honuets, luiiuoi be sur
passed in this set i imi if.ouutry, und her work will fa
vnrably cumpsire with any done tins id of thu rules.
tlu lu on h tod uut uf ncut and handsome bonmts.
hats, uud tups, for little A1is.cs, ufutl t-tjlu uud prtits
Uloouisbatf, UC, U,
I ANOARIEK HINdlMM'H, a fins L;(, jail recclrcd
uJ f'r nl, III mi. rr
uHAtL.tS A 53 E 551 A CU 13
J. A. SHANK. A. B.-Frlnclpal.
THU Academy ill be opened on the 4th of September,
1U. The course of lust ruction embraces a solid and
thorough Knslish Education, whilst those who desire in
pn pari; for business, nr lor College. Imvo every ndvan
tnjjo fnrthe acquisition of tho elements of Mnt tie mattes,
and of Urn Latin, Creek and (lerman languages.
Tuition. nor Pcsslon of KUven weeks. For tho Flrnt
Oracle, $1 w) Oecuud Grndc, $J00! Third (Jrndc, $ti.0O.
One-hall the Tuition Is required to be paid at tho opening
of each Hussion, and the other half at the clone, unkss
other arniiineiiiLtits are entered into with tho Principal.
There will be nudeduclloii fur ubience, except ia case of
protracted sickness.
SlSlSiil1 oijr-0' uuteto vno dulBr
uv tor luriiH-r infonnaiion address,
Rev. P. UerL'stressUi or
t. t sd n
Mr. U. Inzarus,
lr. O. W. holt,
Mr A, Welch,
Mr. J. Pattirsun
.Mr. 8. Achcubacl'i,
Mr. V. llowinan.
Ormigi'HIe. P.'ptPinbT I.
Mantilla Emporium.
No. TM Chestnut Sttta, l'hiladelpbia,
K.tnbli.hed In lKSS for thy t'tclusitu display and sale
uf tin.' Ijtupt nuvcltius In 1'arN, Luudun and thu liuvr
I'ruductiuns of liuinu inanurikturcd
To winch lias bucn added a
Which embraces the Urgent assortment of
Keul Huh si nu S ible,
I'lne O.irk Hudson IMy 8abb,
ViUKi.ut and vViiiencau Mink Snblo,
lo)al llnniii', Cluiitlilll.1,
rinelinrktfibrian S-iulrrtl.fcf , id
made up In the most fuehionuble ttj let for Ladies in
ter Uufitume.
One Filed l'nr from whirh nodevLition cm be made.
Thu Parts Mm. hll.i, Cloak and Pur Cniporium, .Nu. 701
Chestnut St., tiUo v dcveutii, south sid.)
i, ntocioii & co.
Sept. 20. 160-31.1.
would respeitfully lulerin our friends,
luitron. nnd the Hiililic cenerally. that we
t.til, at thelowei-t Ua-h Trices, a l.trce and try Ol$&
f ".o-"e,a.i.i Jwcir, silver uua i iatcu
ery diseriittion of Diamond Work and other Jewel
ry made to order at short notice, All goods war ran
icii iw uu us ri-j'tr't iiiuii.
N. II. Particular nttention givn lo the Repairing of
WuUhes and 4eM:lry.ofeery depiption.
Bi'Aurri:uL iiAm.nv.
No. f.2'i Market St.,SoutUcide, t'hiladclphia.
3"ptembr Vu IK,0,-ym,
at Tin;
A J (Fk
ij ;ft!S J9i6i naSJUrVJ
rPIin subscriber ha. just returned from thi city with
X auutlier largu and tuleu assortment of
imrcliasedin pluladfli)lii.i at the.loweht flirure. and which
I he l-i deturmint d to sell on as modcratf tiTino as can
. procured tlnew here in Wouuisbutg. Ilu utotk cuubists
, . ..... ,
Choifest stwe and latccl fashion.
JJry Uoodi, Qrorrries,IIardicaret(tvernitretrttCcJar H'ari
Uolluia H'ure, Iron, A'liis. Bool ani &tot.j.
Hats and vap, r .yr.
In short cvrjlhniK uvnally kept in country Stores tu
which hu mvitt's ilu public giMu-rutly.
Uv The Highest 1'rice li.iid for rouutry nroduco
al'Ul'IIU.V 11. .MIl.l.BR.
Illnnill.biw. Atll SI. lJS!).-y.
Property for jSalc.
I? OR S.f.n A xa'uable property known as "Ball's
Perry" on the Siis'pii'hanti't river and tide water ca
nal, 4 miles fllmte llare du draco and directly opposite
Turt Deposit containing about
100 Acres of Land,
of which about Highly nrret is said to h inf-rior to no
land in I Lit ford Co., in the natural quality of toil and
productiveness. Thu lalaucu isut wood nud
hat ing a tvnti-r front of nearly I a nii. on the river and and is the only ncces.iliie point to nut inutile ualer
on the tte.t side of tho rtvi'r alinte fe lie tlr.'ice,
Milieu the destniitiou of Hie Iiridnu a .team firry hai
been r.lnhli. lied h ttteen mis point und ro't
o er tt mrii ine tt iioiu init vi in an cieiiit e una popu
'u diMrlct pai'. i:a lr.liipotJtiou to nnd from
1 ipina aiiu Liiiiiuori: uy canal ins an uuu
lock .t till. llUdO ,'llld ritt-T UDll IllU t'hlal'tlkC II.
loci, .t this pUco) and mar " 'hia"-l.ko
and coiniiiuuicatiuil liy nicaiis ol'the Uaiial with I'lu,
lumlnT und Imii' ili-lricts ot'l'c'iiu.jlvniila rt'iidrrtliH In.
cnituii eittri'iiiflv doireuble forum Mud of UusiiKBmiow
carri'il on at Port Deposit of whicn tliu )l.icc is destine J
nt on early duy tob'-touie gucresful rival. A lrge nht'et
of water nmde of Uu Uar.iil h-iuiv tnukea a Kplcudid har
hnr for liijbi airordiujf, with otlKr larilitie. great ad
aiLU;;eti lor a itcjiu av null, The present owner is
riif,ieil in Imsiiifbs in the Sumh und b-ins dettirnus to
couieiitrutii hit iin.iiim thurf it duteriniiicd to tuil, Ap
ply to Ixaac W Jl-wiU attorney at Luur, N. Second
tt., or addrcdJ,
Ilalltuiurct ilarjlaud.
Otftbtro, lPC0,-Im.
Maiuet Street Wittitr, rjiiLADEtpnn,
Dealers iu Fislt ( liccse & Provisions.
Have constantly on hand an assortment f
ijuiuj ami rciKixo ridir. &c..vii
Mackerel, Shad, Salmon, Rlue FUh, llcrnnst. Codfleh
lieer, lorK, I.ari, Miouidern, Hani,
L'hecu, lleaits, Jlicc, ic.
Bept. 20, lr)-;ijn.
(lORMtRLV E tl E U0TH-.)
no. C27 N'oirj'li Tiinti) stim:i:t. Philadelphia
'MII8 liotiHC u fciltiatftl in Die most ImsiuuMpart of thu
I"raudev.;ry room i-newly furnished and I considered
iitj, ii.ui imr iiiinurru uuu iinny rouiiis : urt'e i ut'
liai erected u laro obtrutory w tare person tan have 1
a tine view uf thu Ciiy, H.Iaware river, Vc, he t it is
nlno rUpplK'd with Imtaudiold water Hathes, w hich will
be Iree ut tlwjtv lor the fuei-ts of the II. him ; Cit) Cars
will lake ou to the lleure Hour-e. t)iir chare" Is mod
I erate, 1 -Japerday ; peong usitnis tho city w ill pleaaa
, rome uud trv the itevcre limine, and ww piutlse ourselves
that we will endvtor to uu uur Lent ijl'ufts to make )t
opiear like Imiuc.
Ciuiiles J. Faler, ofUcadtug, will havr rhnrire oftho
ofhee. ti. V. HLNKI.H.
formerly of the Rates Union Hotel, aud latterly of I he
Unm d Mates Ihdel, Atlantic City, ,, J l'popiiiEToii.
May I., lct-0 l.'in.
We have one of ihn preatctt curiosities nnd most vat
uable invention in tho known worU, for which wu
want agei't ever) nix re. l'ull particular! sent bfk.
H1IAW Sc. C'LAKK, Uiddtford, Maiue.
October 0, JAjU, at.
pr.M.-UN'ING in the I'osl Office, at lllooin.liurs, I'a.,
Dctubir 1st, leCO.
Alhrieht, Mr.
I llreith.irt. William
I'lissc-y, VV,
l.ille, II. .
11-irly, lieiijiiinin r.
! l.ves, II it id, i:.t.
(lulUslien, Craii:, St co.
tltester, Mary. A. Mia.
j May, 11.
j Unlit, Lewis
j Memrucli, .Mr., C ,.
X WiHums, Auroa
' IV-rsoiis c.iIIiiib for the ahorc (titers, ttill jilease eay
they are adwrtis.d.
i.. iuiui'i:nT. r, .v.
BLOOMSIIUKi: cheaji ca.ll Blore, nsaiii reileni.lied
mth u fre.h stock of hfUXXl (JOO- aru
now )iri)iared lo otrir to the imtdic tt vtry hauiUoiuu lot
of Crt.rini; and r'uiniuer (Joods at u.iidl luw irices. lor
Cm. nloue tiilh vuur ra.h nnd nroilure.
llardi 31, In 0.
nr. J. l Creaoer. ii tl.e (leaeral A cent. WholeRale
IL(t.iil,f(r Hr. "WlieatiinrV' Oihbruted Female I'll t a
tterf moutMv toura uhlrethmmny atop from angenvta
trhataacter. They uevtrhuve laiieii in any cae wiii're
the ilireitioiKi around thu box tutaiiuug tlu PjlUh.ue
been tirictly folloirrd. iudei-d, there hu no cane of failure
ever come to our kimwledtre, Iteiux purely vegi tabid
l licy are per redly wile, miijmu u"i nuiieu 10 urucr
iIUHtaLe tuid unon receint of onu dollar, bv
I, f, ( UCAfH:it.
Sept. 22, 18C0, Ilaltimoru t'lty, Mil,
rpiIR second arrival of New Goods, this
Ji Hpinif, ol
QUMMUIt Cawemcrcs aud Coatlnca of
O Ilie luU'.I .Ijli-, ul HAUTMAN'.
WOOL, Cotton, Ilouin, ami KagC;
pel. forsl4thoap,nt IIUBT-MAN'
"TAI.L I'npor, WU Piror, in pen
V V nitantitHa. rkB far tils, s.1 HAZTMA.K.
ILtMCM'ii ,i mi nt. ...... c, i
'Aii tJtaf Ult FiI.1tkU lout) nn
nan'i n larito niorimeui ui i ire
"i "SJt r miri prooi aiiamatKier Hatis.
JSI&j Also, iron iloor, for bantu ntij
r wores, iron siuuters iron nnrlt, all
makis of locks ciual to any made
in tiie United mate.
Mm id (it ont fin, Jill earns out rtghtt Kith rn
Unlit in good eondithn.
The Brtlamaudor tijfet cf Philadelphia against the
have hul the iii-put .lpmn.trntlnn In tl.n r,.iinnin
llflcato that their nmuufarture of Salainnndcr Hnfts lias
at leneih fully warrnntid the represjctitatlong which have
been made of them ns rendering an undoubted security
against the terrific clement.
Philadelphia April 13. lHjfl.
Jibuti. Erant $ H'a'ton; Oeiitlt'UKii It alPirds ut
Jho hlahest satisfaction to stat lo ym, that uwlng to
&c., exposed to tile cnl.iminiui.nrclnn
tin Morninc of tlm 1 1 tit lnt
Wlicnwerffl. ttlutthi'K.'iari iiwpte located in the
fnutth smry of tin- liulliliiis occiipii d and tlial tln-y
fill aubsoim nlly into a Iwap of buininir ruins, wliore tlio
I vast toncontratwn of tlu bfnt caused the brass plait, tn
melt, mc rannot but repaid the prescrvntion of their val
uahlo contents as nto.t cnniinciui; pruof of tho great be
cuntv afforded Iivviiiil i.r.d 4
We shall tuke creat pleasure In rrrommending them to
men ofbu.ines. us a sure relintire acnlnt lire.
lir.ulUii; VV. flMMU.illUU...rifrrr,
ITT" nicv Invu mcupnrcha.i.'d u larcu Bafcs.
August ill, lei'.i.
7fle Moit Splendid and Liberal llnHrptht A'rtr (frrd. '
General Manilfrtfturinrr fi.r tlin mnl ,.t it.d
fullowiiiii raUlopue of tood. 0" Worth more than
.juo.omi Uoiiiirs, uii uf which, n til bp mM ut $1 2j eath.
irrespective of ulue. Certificates tuthig what each
person canliavo are placed in enilopes, sealed, and
given out us trilled for. 1
i.vtry article in the full win? catjloue ill be M)d for
SI 'Joi-ucll. It ts OOtioiiiil Willi tlifie Wish, mi t.i titir.
chae, whether they pay lor und take the articles after
they receive the Certuirate or not.
OHLY $1.25 EACH!
The 25 eenU vtHtt be paid in and uilt ta
rcturtttd in cuedt,
100 fioM Hunting Cased WuUhes, $100 00 each,
100 (Sold Wntr ht ft. b,"i 00
iw I.adiesMJold Watches. 35 U0 '
5U0 Silver Wutcht's, 15 00 .
500 Gold liuurd, Vest Sl Chatclaia Clla3, jo m "
not ifl Cunii'o Urooclu-s. ll 00 "
:)t0 Mosaic and Jet Brooches. 5 oo
;iU0 l.aianud Florentine Uroochcs, 5 00 "
'Am Coral, Hincral.I and Opal llrouchvs, 5 00 "
3ii"K) Ciimoo Car-Drops, 5 uo
.Mosaic and Jet 5 (Hi
DOW L.n a and rioreutlno I ar-Prnps. 5 UO "
IH)00 Coral, Lmtrald and Opnl Car-Drops, 5 00
P0O0 Moutc nnd Cameo Dracekts, fit 00 to 10 00
lJW) Cents' lruu8ipius, 1 50 to 0 00
:i000 U ntch Keys, 1 no to 7 00 '
3000 rob and Ilihhon Slides, 1 00 to 0 00 '
0000 Helta uf Jtosoinotuds, 1 00 tu 7 00 "
0O00 It I cc e Uuttons, ii 50 to 7 Ml '
ik to plain Ulnes. a 00 to 5 co
7"UU lou tkt Rili (I?. 'i 50 to 7 00 "
7U)U fftu l.adiis Jewelry. - 00 to 5 no
Tio(! uctiug as Afri'iits, wtlt collect the ad v Hint pay.
nieut of J5 cents on taili Certil'mite prdred Ibr (iuods,
and remit us 10 cents on inch. Tho reut'iluing 15 cents
on ach, they can reserve as their oiniiilsii.'i no torn
miSMou allowed on remiiuncesof less than ohc il.'illur
you urK re-iursted to net as ArciiI for us,
will exchange, nnd t;ivu imr customer any poods
on our in place uf those, their LtrlilUates tall for,
U niches cicfpted
. 11. Agents wanted In every town. Circulars sent
on application.
tlr Addrefcsall communira'ions to
n. j. j)ouf;in:iiTV,
South IhtrJ &t., Philadelphia, Pa.
run tub
New Uovli toeckhi7 riuronur.
The New York Weekly and Pictorial
Iliunny Tielhw ac Year Jot
Tim VMirsI I
omt ti:rv8 tn tjun s.
1 copy on. ycj(, f 3, und the l'Kti rial fliunny Thellott-
oue jear.
$1, and a 1'remiuut
!. do .u
l. da (J.
CI J. d(i do
Sfi' du di)
8ie, do do
fiend for a rlnrciinell N'ombr. ttliirl, I. f,M.
and cjint.ii ns lull particulars on'reuniiuiH.
suitors auu rropriciors oi ine iert McrAy,
Hi Uecauuu btrevt, N. V,
Fcpt. S. l-r,0-3m.
l7 (TVn 1
THI'. I'roprietor of this wrll known and centrally loea.
L t'd lloiiie, the LxtiuicE lloitL, ntuato on Maui
Stre t, in l)looui"buru. iniiuediately (iDinisito the t'olum.
bia County Court Iloust', repectfllly mforim Ins friend
nnd tho publjc m cein-ral, ilit hM llou-e is now in or
der fr til retepiiuii nudeiiicrtainiuent of travelers w ho
may let) di-posiri to fay or it mill llnjr ciutom, Ilu has
tsparcd no ex,pfiisi' 111 pn'parmtf tt;j V.xi hmje, fur tho
int rtainm'ut of tnu-cts. ueitln-r shall tin-re be an
tiiiuc wunliiis (un Inn part) to inlnii.Hr to their
lomfort, II 1 h liou-jti iri spacious and enjoy n- mi eictilwut
uoMiirxH uraioii, ,
HV Uuiiilbiiites run nt all tiniea lirtwtL-n lirlnnun
lit tut and the nnoiin Itail Koad Hepotri, by whiih truv
thru Wl b.i plcubdiitly coiV(')cd p and froiuttiu re
epeclie btatlun 111 due tiiuo lo meet tin Ctm.
W.M. U. KOOX3.
Illoomsburg. July 7, IrCO.
riilli; fubprriher is now prepared with new Machinery,
J to build tationiry cu'iin a, from 5 to loo horn.' pun
er upon tho latent improved plans, und will build to
order double or finite portable engines from 10 M AO
horse pout r. KR'ired upon curriaeis w ith liojkr pcarniff
and 1'uinpg alt complete and ready for Jtitiun, AUit n.
c)linier line and tubular bnih r cist iron roal breakrrii,
patented in lf.ttt, for thresluni; train uud cracKnip corn
and now made on u largo M-ate W br aking coal. Heavy
iDintui; 1'uiiips und fire engineR ripped complete with
ilouMe artinj: forcpis pumpn. all kinds of null ctarinj
and house cuating mado to nrJi r. Line tliuiliiit with
any desired fizcu of pulleys finished with li uifrer.
Iron pliiuiiiB done, bay -Ji teet loni; nil kinds uf Iron
turuim,' liut y preos ar,d other screws turited with any
dt fired pitch ol thread,
The best Kough ru threshing,' MachEneH, that ever
cumu be f oft) thu public, ciut Iru arid wooden mat limes
I I til. lilt, in (ii-iI.T ir lirillr-p rii.iiu nr trim. I unit-, ... ..
in vider, Also take order for ihtfdpm, ui uiaihmery.
H.irriun'i lut-M paUnt eraiu null, ft I U0i uh'red by the
fatenu-e for it- i-iual. It will ennd in pood line men!
' jj bu.lid.s m ono hour. Also bot and tleutors all, in
urd r. aU Jtuirgle'd Talent lilowir, iiiauuf.u tun-d by U,
J II. Harri &. Co,, llie mm-t poweitul L'lowtr now in nie
with the least amount of powir. one of which will be
1 jnit In use ul thu 1'nmulry lor exhibition, All ff the
j above will hu unirauted lo bo what they are sold for.
, Also Take orders for Scott'fc L'jtuit lllack.uiith siri.
kr. and rihts lo un them iu the conntieit of Columbia,
Montour, Xurihumberland, J.jcomini;, Hullnan uud
Liiutoii, one oi wnicu iu;i iteu ai my tu,
ItloomsliurL', Cidnmliia c,t.
Mirch --'. 1.jTi.
iTos, 21 ) 23, South Sixth street, mar
tho State Hwsc.
rillLAWILrillA, I'LXN'A.
Tr.V floors tf thu i jut ions buildin;, erected cxprercly
for the proprietor' trade, ure stored with scuds uud
impli'iiii-nitf of i uteres't to tanners aud garde item.
Huiv Vkaji lUrAiuifliitu. The ubscribers ilesire t
rail, the oltention, of ivery onu interettted in farming
and curdeiung tu their well selected s tot It cf Agricultu
ral Tool ,
Harrantcd Garden and Plover Seeda Grasa and field
Affdi. of the most rtlahfe quality.
Tha Agricultural Implement sold by un arc ir)Ofly
uiauufacluri'd ut our rte,uu work, ltritot I'a.
Hav his lUted up our ehtablishiiient without reeapl to
cxit-ue, with tho uiot complete marhieiiery for thu
ruauufacturu of various kind of agricultural iuipiepienti
we are i)ow prepared to vupply all articles iu thu iue
fully emisil, if nut superior, tu atitliinji uf the kiud et,r
bciore ulUrcd tn tho imblic.
Lmtdrtth'M warranted L'arden Seeds Iinvo been before
the public for upward of mty jcars, their wide bpread
popularih uud the iicrf Uiinudfinaiid from year loeur,
aru thu beot uveideucps of their buperionty over till
L'uuutry inerchauifi can be fupidied with needs in pat
pers, or iu hulk. m thu mutt liberal trTiun.
LloouiBilale, near Hrito, I'a., uur garden seed croiinds,
coiit4ins thri'o hundred uud seventv ucren, and is the
largest eslublishmuil of its kind in the w orld.
AW. CI V 3-1 tevth AuA ttrett, I'htladttpkia,
tC" Laudrfth' Kurul Utfinter and Almanac tor JfoO,
contaimus u Farm, iurdii uud (Jreeu House Ualandar
for every month iu thu vear, can bo had i'rutu.upon per
sonal or p"t paid aiilicat)oi),
January IcliU ).
V J AfUr nianvvearof successful ltractfcc, Dr.KKL-
LIN'U still dfsires to du gupd tu thu ullltclud. Ha con
tinues tu euro all kinds ot
Lancers Tumors Wens, Scmfulaor
ifCurabi, cutting or ped-on, V Am$ notcon
fin,, l.lmuilr i.w ri.lullh rll,H i.rth., fthiH-n .lu,.r.i lull
Jungs iuvii, botes, tjcM
fine biiuelf merely l the cure of thu above diseases, but
sirniB llr K.. will ilcusu stop 01
win ireai on uu outers whu tucccts, ruiienis win uu
rirous ue
at the Uailroad
Hotel in Mechaiitcsbure. where thev will ba directed to
his re si di. nre. For all pHrtirutars vvnto ftale diseaso
plainly, Undosaa postasa st amnio prs-pay answer,
Address Dr. C L. KELL1VO, MctftueicibarE, Cumber
Htnwiii. IV JIM-
Oh a lie red by tho State of Pennsylvania,
R UL E(.
1. Monpy In received evcrv dav. and In nv nmnnnt
Inrgc or nuinll.
i. FIVH I'HR L'KNT interest It paid for money from
the day it Is put in.
3. The money U alwnyn paid hack In GOLD, whcneT
cr It la cullfd for. and without notice.
4. Mom-v iri rereivrd from Kieeutort. rfilminiitmtnr.
(Junrtttnne nnd others w ho deglru to have it In a place of
perfect raffty. and where Interest can ho obtained for It.
o. j tic moiu'y rereivci iroin ciepomtorn invented in
font fUtate, Mortgagee, Ground Jitnts, and iuih other
l)rnl rvrctirti' a the Charter dirrctn.
n. inicu imrn-liVi'ry uny innn w iiii 9 o'ciock, tinil
it Mondays tu,d Tl uirioiay till ti o'clock In tho evi nine.
Hon. HllNUY L. IinNHK, President,
KOftFKT SHLFllIDtJE, le i'midrni.
M. J, Recd, bcetelary.
Hon. Hi-nry L. ilen,er,
FrnncU Irfe.
i.iinnru j.. ari'Ti
Itoh-rt H.-irrtilge.
Saunifl K. Afhton,
C. Laudrtth Muuns
i Carroll llruweter,
Joneph H. 1 tarry,
Joi:jiH Vcrku,
Henry' Diirenderlfer
l U lj !
HWniit itreet, Sout lVet Corner of Third Street.
1 1 A,
April 10. ic.Vi.
Aug. 14. '.V.I
fl'rh. 1,'A.VI
Light! Light! Light!
P A 11 (J O N
roAt., ki:ho.'i:m:. on imkiion mm.
TUB host, most lirillMiit, and Hienpes portable light
now in use. No danger of etiilnsiou aud the. tier
Wit tout ine PTneime or irn futurei. Thuulitim I.nmiw
(with all their t.mry tniuiiiiiiun) can bv een and loujjht
ui iiiij uiu cbiautiMini wrua auu tiynncai More 01 me
und' relied, who tlaiti-ru hpiit.tlf that from his long ox
ixTiencQ iu the l)ni( trade, ho knows how mid where to
buy, and U determined not to he undcru'ild ) auy one in
Hlooimliiirtr, or Hiirronndins country. Call mid uo his
new and well v'leUvd stoik uf I
VAIlNlSltlid. HYLHTUI Frt. (HI.S (JI.Aaa
fUp.M 7xl)tox:t(l. CONFLCTIONA '
KlM. lM'Kt'UMUIty ANp '
Asst'd t.rar.ds, I'attnt Medicine of ivery arfty It mo
l.i'iuora, (jiurt) fur incduiiut use only. 1 lujd, Uainphcnd
Carbon Oil, Turpentine nud Alcohol, Truates, Hhuuld-e
llraci'B mid Ahdoinutal tiuppoitura, tjurtikal und lien
till lntruiniMils, tiath na)l and tooth Uru !-, l'rof. Hum-(din-y'd
Hojiiiepiilhic Uumedlen, Ourden, l'inar. U.ioc
uud Hemp b odn, 'linTi'iouKters. (trunf. glass Morocco
leather anil hhew I'lnding. &.e., ttc. toifhur with thu
Jargeit and most aried asurtiuei,t of Herman Tos aud
ever hrnuffht trtthid place, all of wUah plca"0 pll aud
s.-e nud ni must bdl.'ve.
Il.ivinsr learned by sail t-xperienre that "loiiff credits
will not k.-ep tilings moiug," 1 have dctiruuued tu
tornshhuvori. to miika li an ohjert to th-ni ni will an
the taller, tu deal un th cakh principle, eith.-r money or
rndy trade,
llainjr tn-rvd a regular apprenticeip nt tlid Druji
ami ap'iiiiftnry ikmiiii's, bcfiiit'i liaiiiti? curri'u it on
for the l-ihi t iht cn yeurn, on my own hook, I flatter
iu 4 lf th it I mil abl 1 to do j utticJ to all givintf inc a
trial. TlMiikful in fie public for past lavors, I would
urk.t trial on th; new principle, and will Enaruntea to
all.that it will iuak' lonir trundd, and pay bwat iu the
kiiu i'i ia i.ibii an. 1 nuy ai reuueeu pritei.
eircfally c mipoun led, and all orders eorrectlyanittcrei.
All in 'ilicinui e,u.iranleeil a. recointu 111 led, ftlore Uoiuu
on .U.iln Mreti, near Market, neit door tu tlii I'o.t Uf
uc, l!lou.u,imrg, Uoluunia county, I'a.
Ll'llll.VI.M I". LUTZ.
August i, 1110,
Light Street Store.
Ore nil, liroi.her i)-all hands on active duty
li 011IU inrorm our Inenus nrau
euiitomerti. that we have lust rvruivd &u un
usually lare nssrntuent of
Which weotlW n lower rales, for read? pay, hm any
etr iM'furiJ opi'ncd ht-re and will be sold "clieaue? lhan
tin' iluauent,"
We sh ill tiof attempt to enumerate th vanou artielen
they are jiuitifiHe and tln-ir nauuia U-ppm as our spa
rinii Smrf lloomt, Including th Ci liar :uid (Jv'i'L &
I fabrhk. lit th country ut afti.tiiIi.niHt,w (IrJiirH La.
.urn m mm 111. i urtt 10 nc lounn me iiiifai
die' wi,ir iu cri'at urKlies, afii per cent, lower than
ilionts, Shoes, etc..
nt tha rate. In short. almot creryihiMg u th.
iiiereautil line from a iierdle to an niictior.
' Ourtrkiids will do well locall U-iore thy raake
lilUlI BL'ieCllOllH.
I.isht Street. April . leCO.
npHE undersigned, thankful for pnsst pat
fl ronage, filnit a of the a(iie, and
won iii rexiitriiunv minrtn uis risiouieri anut'ie pub
lic generally, that re rotitiouei tti
CAUimvr Jiji'o cium-M acuta busi.vess.
At hU old-esiiblished stand, in Willow (trove
a few floors In lo the Uail Itoad, wheru hu will
at ull turns Ifluppy tu arcouir.iodateold and new
cutiomeri. wiih uuy urticlp in his line ol tradf und
nnnuiaclute, all ul which will be sold at t'u (onest
(inuld' spring llottom Patent Ilfd Pleads mnnufiic
turci and put up to urdVt r on f hort in t'tejiiid warrant
ed to work 10 satisfaction,
Tn I'HnKp.TAmio liiiuun, m ronnertinn wittiihe
abovi: branches, lur whuh purpose he has procured a
will 1 isreli-My ntlended inrin ftpp'ira'lon .
CiThe pabhe are invited to giv-lmu a tail.
UCO. W. L'Ol.REI,l.
It'oomiburc, fee. 17. l?i'i.
MWW gMf ItleMM
THU undernfincd, grntcful for pml patronage, rcprrt.
full v inform hi" customer nud tli'puMicpencrally.
thit he liaJut received from thu i:aterue cities, the
larfcsl and moht tlect stock uf
Tint ha yt bpen opened In Woonvburir, t which he
invite thu attention uf hu friends, aud nsfturen them
that they nr oilVred for fale at jtrraj bargains. His
tjtock comprint' a largu nsMirtment of
Conflfting of rAMiio(BiE DitinsCoAT, of every den
criptioii; Paula, Vets, Mnrts, Cravats Stores, Cotton
Haildttcrchli.fa.Uloyes, Suspender, Ac
Of every derription, fin and thenp.
N. II. Itemeiubi'r " Lwenhrrtfa Chfap Emptriun,"
call and fee. No charge for nam inn (ioodit.
UAViu LowrA'ncitn.
Iaomburg, Hpl. 53. lCO. (Jug lr,VX)
I!, 0. & I, W. UARTMAN.
T7H would resneclfullv invito the attention of our
friends and tho public generally, from lao Town
ail a uuu ni), to our pnmm new moik oi
FAB.Si anil WBIV'rUR
which have been selected with great care ar,d under innre
than ordinary ailvuniage. We tun niter to Cash and
ready pay l'yet very great indiireinents.
Our pick embraces iilmot every variety, sljle and
quality, in (he Hress (iuods line. We havu
Ueljiins frmu 12 cts to Ql per yard. all Wool Plaids,
Cotton Plaids, Huxouy Plaids, CashiMers Mohair
Mripi'n.'JjU yds. uf K&lru Plud &ilks for Wtlt",
per ) urd, Ulark Mlk aud uthi r in large quart,
tilirs, Shawls, Urmhe, Melius, t'heniU
and Itluitket, Calicoes, Tlrklngs,
Checks, Htripcs, ice,, &c ,
Cloths, ('asim-r, fattineti,
In addition to (Iu above we otr-T (irotei
tie. Hardware, Ouei-nsware, Willow and
Cedar Ware, Ho its and Wious. Hats and Cans, (at
reduced pf ires) Wall Paper, Carpets. Curpcl bain,
Oiion Yarn, ice, Le, Finh, fait, Iron, Noils. L tuner r
WIIKHKAS, vTWo Inwa .f P Com
monweulth, it Is made "tho duty of tLu PhcrilT
of evory county to give notice pfUic Jeiieral Lleciions,
by publication la one or more uewspapers of the county,
at least twenty da) i before the LY'dioii atid toenu
incratu tin r'lu "the oiTicer ty hu tlectcd," and lo "d's
iliii ale tin place nt which tin ilectl(n id to be held."
HureforO, JOHN HNYDKU, High aherlifof Columbia
county, do hereby intake known and proclaim tothounll
fled electors of Columbia county, on TUKSIJAY, the
rilXTII HAV UP NOVHMIILK, being tho FiritTuci
day iu iaid Moulh, at which time twenty-mven electors
for a
pf th," Vnitcd States are to bo clotted.
t nljo hereby inaku known and give tiotico that the
places of holding Um aforesaid general election in.Uie
icvtrul w arils, boroughs, districts nnd lowniiips with
in the county uf Columbia are as follows, to wit i
I leu ton township, at tug houiu of Kzckicl L'ulo, now
occupied by John L'ole.
llcawr township, at the house of Franklin IH8humau.
Hlooui township, at tho Court House, 111 nonis burg,
Itriaureck township, at the School House, nearUvan's
lloroughof Ucrwic, at tho Tmvn House, in Berwick.
Cuttawissn tow nship, at thu housu uf Samuel Kostvii
butler, Cattawlsaa.
Centre township, at the honfo of Jeremiah Ileis.dec'd.
Coti)nghaiu township, at the hotme of ll. U. Wnsstr.
Fishlngcreek twp., ut thu housu of (Jeo. W Hotl man.
Franklin township, at Cla tun's tJchoot House.
Crtteuwood township, at the house ut Juseph U, Pulton,
Hemlock tow nsliip, ot the Huck Horn,
Jackson townhli, at thu house uf Hztklel Colo,
Lcust wp at the house of J. 1 Hurst, Hlablowu.
Milllin township, ntthe house of John Keller.
Madison twp., at tho house of John We I liver, tlec'd.
Mount l'i.-annt lw p., ntthe house of Win. Hutchinson,
Montour township, at the house of JotuiKlchards, now
occupied by William llollingshead.
Main township, at tho house of Isaac Vcttcr.
rtou'rijngcreck township, at thu public housu of John
Orange township, at the house of Alexander Hughe,
Orangeville. 1
Pmu township, nt the lmuse of Albert Hunter,
Sugarlouf township, at the housu of Alinus Cole.
Hcott lwp ntthe house of Lnoch Howell, Kspy.
It is further directed that the election of the said sev
eral distruts shall be opened between the hour n of ti aud
IU o'clock in thu forenoon, and shall continue open with
out interruption and adjournment, until 7 o'clock In the
uveriing.wiieu the polls shall b closed.
It is further directed that the meeting of the return
judges at the Court Housi In 111 on in sou m. tn Uaku out
thu general ileetpn, whicl will bu thu ninth day uf
And tu und bv the Raid act. I am further directed to
give notki! that every person, excepting Justices of tho
peace, wh.o fchall hold any utticu or appointment of profit
or trut under thu Coverniiieut of thu United States, or
of thiii Htau. or of any city or incorporated district,
whether ti cumin if siouud olliur or ohepvisc, a shbordl
Date otlicer or aceHl. who is. or sliall h: L-inrtleved limit r
thu fciiiative, or eiecutlve, or juditiary department of
mis mate, or oi any incorporated uiitirut, auu also mat
every mimber of Congrtss, nnd of thu btlect or common
count il of any city, coiumiiiuuer4 uf any iniurporaled
Hi stritt. ), bylaw, inciipable of holding or cxercfillg at
tli'i f-auie time, the oldie or uppointment ofjuilge, iupec
lurui tivoi i no tiL-iiiuii ui u)it Luiiinuiii(.-aiiii, umi
that no itxpuLtor, judge or any uihcrr wf any such' t-kc
lion t-hall b'i eligible to any uflico than to be otfd for.
The general, special city, incorporated district and
township elections, und all elections for iltcttors of
.'resident auu ir rresi'knt ot tne united elates Miall
be held mid conducted by the inspeiturs and Judges
vUcted as nforcauid, and by clerks appointed as hcriiu
altir oroviuud.
".'vo pt'rsou enan di permitted io voiu at any election
but a white freeman of tlC age of twenly-oiu vears or
more, who shall have tended in this State at least one
year, and iu the election dintrjct where he order tn oa
and within two yearn pajd a Plain ufCounty tux, winch
snail nav e ui'en atsefgeu ai leusi veu ouis mm re tliu
tlecllon. ltut a citizen of tlU United States who has
prev ioiHly b'-eu a qualifled inter of tlnj fctate and ru
movi'd therefrom and returned, and who shall havo rcid.
ded in lliu eh etion dHltul and uaid taxes us iiforenahl
hhall bu entitled to votu after refidiug in this a? talc mxJ
moutlis; frnyidea. that lug wnila treemeu citizens of
t lie I'n ilea states, between ine am-s orui aini 'j-j ward.
and w ho tiave resuletl In thu election district tun days as
aiorcsiiio, suaii m: t-'nifiieu vu u voiu uuuougii mey suah
it"l have paid taxes.
"Nil ocrsou jhall be admitted to vote w hone name Is
not contained " til1-' "1t of tainble inhabitants furnulieil
by tho commfioners unless, tlrat he produce a rereipt
for the pnyment, vvi'hm two cars, of a tatu or county
iai.aasesseuogri.euot i - '-"'"" m Mt
Titier,-t..ris ii .lUni-r. ritl,r . Lis ow ii oa til or ntfirma.
Hon of another, that he has paid s'jch a tax, or on fature
to produce a rereipt kIuII make oatu of tho payment
tlureofj or second, if he claim H vote by bunt an ckctor
between the age of 21 and SJ years, he shall depose on
oath or aihrmatiou that he has resided in the Male ut
at ono year before hU application, and make urfi
proof of hu refiuenceiu iln ilistrictas required by this
aci, anu inai lie noes verny icut: e, iruiu ine atcounn
given him, that he is of thu age atorevaid, and give such
otlu r evidence as required by this act, whrreunon the
name of the person so admitted to ote, shall be inserted
iu the alphabetical list by the itifpectors,and a note made
niiDOsito thereto, bv writlnir tin' Word 'tax" if he hhnll
be admitted to vote by reason of Laying paid tax or the
wiru "nije." it lie s-riaii ba aiiiiutteu tu vote oy reiitoiiwj
such nee. shall be called out in the clerks who thall wake
the like notes In thw tFt of voters kept Uy them.
"in an lases witeru me ii.T,iiieii uern(ii ciaiminc
to vote ji tqqndon the list furnished by tlie conuussiun
ers and assesbor. or his rght tu voiu whether luund
llKreqi) of not, fs objected to by any qualified
shall bu the duty uf the duty of the inspectors to examine
such person on oath as tn his qualifications, aud If lie
cluuiH tn have resided w Ethiu the ttito for on year m
more, his oath shall not be sufficient proof Hie-uf but
sliall inaKo proof tiiereof by at least one compi tent wit-
m ss. who shall be a tpiahtk'd elector, that hu tins resided
w ithin ih district for more than ten dis next preciding
s u i election, anu snail also mtiiecii swear mat uis omia
iidi reMdence in purbuanco of his lawful calling, Is with
in the dUtruf.aud thai hu did not remove into buid dis
trict for the purpose of voting therein.
"Rvery person 'jualiried as aforesaid, and who shall
make due proof, if required, of his residence and pay
uu nt oftaifs ai aforeaitl, fihall be admitted to vote in
the township, ward or district in which ho shall rcpide.
"It shall be the duty of the several assessor respect
ively, to attend ntthe place of holding every general,
special or township election, during the time said rice,
lion ia kipt open, for Ihe purpose of giving information
to the inspectors and judges when called on, in relation
lo the righl of uny pert-QU aisecfd by tftein it vote ut
such elections, or such oilier matters in relation to the
assessment of voters as ihe said inspector- vr cither uf
iliem snau irnm um ioihmj rl'Ui, -
tii veu under my hand and eal, tit my offico In Illooms
burg, tliit Ulhday of Ucpiher, A. I).. 1U.
Dlpojiburg Oc( 13, ieb0. Msn.
tMiotorraphy Upon Porcelain.
tiecured by letteri patent in the United States,
LnglanU, France, und Udguiu'
The American Photographic Porcelain
Company, Ao. 781 Jlroa'tyay, N. y.
h.tvinc secured their novel and injenious invention bv
American uud Huropean patents, uru lullv prepared to
cjii'cuvu nit univra iur .iiiuiaiurv tii.eiivsB in t'fsuiis on
China, presenting all thu attractive and udvautttguoui
features of ordinary photographs, thp brilliancy uud fin
ish of a waer-color drawing, uud a hitherto uuattnined
quality of durability, by being rendered as impruhable
as the natural uroptrljifc uf thu artjcliisupoii which they
aru tr&nsftrreJ.
As lite patented proccjis of the Company enables the
reproduiliuu ot Photographs, tui only on plum surfacen,
hiji upon mch ss are round or of any degree of irregu
larity nortraits can be reproduced with fautles accu
racy, and dUic.icy of delineation, upon. Porcelain wares
Ul ail iicqtiiiviwn unit uhiiuubjuii uuu n ui utivs vi '
ury r of houechold utility, such us Urns, Visls, Ukeak
iast Ctfri. TuiLfcT Articles. &. : thereby securing Luth
ful portraits und furnishing a uni-pio and cxduie stle
uf ornamentation ufurticles in domestic use.
Iu order toluruUh facilities for the gratitlcation uf the
popul ir latte,atid to meet tho wantsof thosj natrons if
the Fine Arts desirous nt having portraits on Porcelain,
the Company have imported frm Kurope n collciiion of
superior pomiaiu koous, mainuaiiurcu iu m-M unu of
tltr, which they gel) nt eubt prices.
As thu American Coiuu.iny uro uwncrs of the patent
right, and coiite'iutntly thu only persons autliorixed tu
us it the pricess, they have Utjcr mined, in order to at lord
Peoplu in every section of thu Union nn opportunity lo
noiii-iia t'ort raili on China, to make thu follow inir orotm.
mt i on to residents In thu Country, who aru uiiabbt to v i
it in n,ouallvthQ AUlicr und Galleries iu New Vurk.
Persons sending a photograph, ambrot) pe. or dagueer
reotypu to me omcu oi uiu cumpany in new tors, ac
c-niipaiued by Five Hollars, will receive in return by ex
press, free ut othercharge, u ruhly (ruamutod break
fast Cup and Saucer, with tliu portrait transferred there
on. Ily transmitting a dagucrrcotypn and Ten Dollars.thcy
w ill secure in like manner, a handsome French Vuc or
'Poiictariiilo. with the portrait reproduced b) thupakn
led process.
It sendnipa pair of dagerroetypes and fiftreii Hol
lars, iht-y will rie in return apairotnch fcevres. a
ym u ith the nor t raili txcculed euual to miniature Paint-
lugs ; auu, 111 IIKO lliuouer, iuiiiuiia can uc ii-iuiiiia:u
on poacelain wares or Vases pf every quality ul lliiisli,
ranging tu pno t'rum twenty loUno Huiidred Hollars
tho pair.
N. ll. Ho particular in writing the addreis.inwn.comi
ty and Plato distinctly. All i tiers lw be addrtssto
LAIN' CO., Tdl Hroadway, Xsw VoBk.
Oct. 5, 15C0, 3m.
Main Strict aUjve the Porks Hotel
THU undersigned, having removed from Tip) town t.
Illoomsburg, respectfully informs In friends aud hu has onencd a new shoo, on Main
firoct, Itloomsbarg, above; the Forks Hotel, whvru he
Will ronduellhu
In all its various departments, and on a moro vxWdmvo
scale than heretofore-
llupgics, spring Wagons, Bulkies, Light Wcgnn nd
all kinds of vehicles, made to order, on short no j ice and
fair terms. Also-HorreH and Farx WtiSkt-UAKHows,
madu lo order.
lUr-AtKiiQ, of all kinds, tncladins Heavy Wacom,
nromnllv and cheaolv executed.
nioomsburg, April 21, 1;JC0 Cm,
fc U by stand ye a!I tho Day lillo
ANY Lady or Gentleman In thu United HiaUs, po
sessiug from $i to 8?. can enter into un caiyand
rcspttablu bujluess by whirh from 95 to $10 pr day
can DS icoiltva. I vi particular", nuuiefijin rmmf)
So. ST.folJ 41) Ketthtth street, ltiitadelphis:
Later from Moxioo.
Srvr Oiu.EANS, Oct. 10 Tbo steamship,
Arizona arrived lioro to(3ay from Urazoa
on the 12th it., with Slsi.OOuin specie.
I ko Juarez Oovcrnmcut hat( o?dcrod
the restoration of tho conducta llr;y suu.
Gen. Degollado had Lccu denrivod of
his command and ordered to ba Lrtujlib
a prisoner o Vera Cruz.
Tho Frinco of WJes.
Wsr Point, Oct. 10, The Kryal
party started this morning for Albany.
It ia fetatcd that tho I'riuco yesterday
nvowed the intention to revisit ho yuited
Spates at no distant day, during tho win
ter, fpr a trip in the Southern States.
rpHHfoundorof this Celeb ruled Inftltuilon, oiTuri tb,
i. mo-st certain, speedy, uud unly vtlectut.1 reined) iu
thu world (or cll'i ctsf-r tilvcts, tiirictures, M.inlnal weak
ileus, Pains hi the Ijoiii. Com lituliotial l).bilit, lmpn
len, Wc-ukness of thu Hack und l.imbs, Allctiiuns ot
the, Kidne), Palpitation of thu Heart, Hupepkiu, Ner
vous Irritability, Disease of thu Hend, '1'hroat. Noss or
Hkiu, and all tho-iu serious and melancholy Disorder
arisiug from thu destructivu habits uf Vuuth, winch du
stros both body and mind. 1 ln-se seen t uud solitary
practices, arc more fatal to their vJcUmsihuu tb song of
the Hyrens to tlu mariners i;iMieti, blighting thuir mont
brilliant hopes uud uutlt,ipatiun,i, reuuuring wiinaj .J..C
Married persons, or Young .Men contcmptaf inj tuarr
riage.boing wiire of pli)sunl weakness, organic deabili
ty, dcfrmiln-i', A.C., should 1 in mud late ly consult Hr
Johiistun, nud he restored to pttli.Lt In-alth.
He who places himself umicr the cure of Hr Johnston,
may religioualy conftde In his tunor us a gfutlmii, ajJ
coiitldenlly rcl) upon his fkill us a phv sii.iau.'
Itnmi'diately cure J and tail v'igur reuud
'litis dcs:uie is thu puialty most frequently paid by
thosu who havo become thu victim of improper muulgeo
cies. Young persons are too apt to commit excess lruui
not being aware uf thu dreadful tuusu'iuuucu that iuar
ensue. Now, whu that undcrutaiidi thu subject will prs
tend to deny that the power of procreation is just ouiier
by those falling into improper habits than b) thu prudenU
ltusides being deprived of the pleasure ut healthy olf
springs, the mt serious uud dvhtructiv u s)mptomsti
both body aud mind urjto, J'he vsteiii become derail
cd; the pliysical audiuL'lital'puwc-rK weakened. nrvou
debility, dj spepftia, palpllutimi of the heart, iniligvitiuu,
a wasting uftlie irauic, Cuuh, tfjioptoius cf Cunsixifap
tion, tk.K.
Uillce, No. 7 fioui n Frldrick Strikt. seven doors
from Baltimore street. Hail side, up the step. 1SU par
ticulur in observimf theAML uud Nt.MLhK, ur yoa
W 111 lUMuke the place.
A Cum li'arrcntid, itr no Charge Mudc, in from (ns t
7'(T(i Day$
Mcmicr of the Royal College of tiurgeops. nl Londoti -Graduate
fruuiunuuf the most emiiiuiit Colleges uf th
United r; lutes, and thf greater part uf who lifti bus
ueeu spent in me nri nonpnais oi l,ouuoii, t'qris, I'hiU
delphiamid edse-whure, has ell cited nume uf the1 must it
tunihhiiig cures that weruc-vr known; many troubled
with ringing in the head and ears when aslvep, greni
liervuualiess, being ulantu-d ut sudden bounds, aud b.ikli
fulness, with frc'pn-nt blUhhiug, attended souu-tiiues wiUl
derangement uf mind, wure eureul immediutvly,
A CFUTA1N HisnAsi;.1 '
lm the mUguidei, und imprudent votary of jdonsura
finds he has imbibed the seeds of this paiuiul disease, It
iiki ui n.iiTj.ii!i mat an in iiun-u st-nse ot n.ame ot
iirenu ui discovery, ueters nun irom applying to thosa
who Irom education und n?ipeitabiliiy cauuloini blntad
him, delu)ing till the cunlituliunar) s) mptuuis uf tins
horrid discuse makes tin ir appearance, such us ulccralud
sore throat, diseased nose, imeturci!. minis in i!u h.n i
and limb, dimness of sight, diufnehs, nodes on tin bkin
bones, und arms, blotches on thu head, lacuand extreme
ties, progressing witli rapitlity, till at lad thu pulatj uf
the mouth aud bones uf th nose tail In, nud the vntiut of
this (leseanes becomes a horrid objectof cunimisseratiuH
till death pL'lj a iieriod to hi s dread I ut kuUcriugs, by uta
dingliiui to "ll: it bourne from wbtnet; no travelUr ro
turns." To sueh, thcrclore, Hr. JuhiMon pledges hiiu
setf toprcservelhe limit tftivwablc se-crecy. from his
extensive practice in Ihe tlrst Ilosjutals uf Hurupu aud
America, h euu cuniidently re com mend and tpsudy
cure totlm uufurtuuate vietiniof this horrid iliscasu.
Dr. J. addresses all those who have LrlarcJ Uieruaelves
by private and improper indulgences.
These ure some ot thu sad and melancholy ciTccts'pro
duced by early hubits pl jouih, ix: We-aknesH uf tha
u.ick aim i.iimis, lain in inu ncau, Liunuess ui rijl.
Loss of Power, PahiitaUuii of the Heart. l)js
neunia. Nervous lrratu.vility, Heraugemeiit of the Djcui.
tivu Fuuetions, (Jencral Hcbilit) , j mptoius of Cotiuuuip-
liuii, atr.
I LATA L Lv. Th u fearful effects upon the mind ar
much to be dreaded, Lois uf .Memor e.onfuioii ol Idea
U''prensiou ol tim spintt, i.v ii i oreouoiugs, .Wcrriun
ul Society, Tiuut) , &.c, are stnne ot thu evils produced.
JhoUsalids ut pertoii ot all uges can now judge what
is the cause pt t',ieir decliutiig health. Lorn, nig their
vigor, becumpig wc-aly. pale and emaciated, having sli
irular anpeurunc about tliu eve, coush uud svuintouis of
UU. JUiinSl U.'B lAVIUUIlAHiMi lll.JllUX t'Oli
By this greatand iiupurtant rcmed , weakness of tha
organs aru speedily cure-d, aud full vigor restored,--Thousands
uf the muxt nervous uud debilitated, who
had loi-t all hope, have been imiuedintcly relieved. All
impediments to Marriage, Phwlcal uud Mental Hfstuali
ikutiou, Nervous Irrutabiliiv.Trembhugsund Yc-akuuss
or cihaubtalion uf thu mot fuuiful s,iu;d, spccuil) curea
by Hutlor Jouustpn.
Who have injured thmsedves by q certain practlre,
indujgeil in when nlon' a habit trei'ieutly learned from
evil cumpojuuus, or ul school Ihu etfcctsuf wlncliara
nightly Ult, even when alccp, uud if nut cured render
marriage impoeible, und destroj s both Uitud aud body,
should uiply iuuiK'diately.
What u pitt that )oung man, the hope of his country,
ami tlie darling of his parents, t-hould bu maiihed from
ull prospects and enjo) incuts ol lif-', b the' cotisciucu
ces uf deviating from thu puth of nature, aud nidelgiHg
in a sertaiif secret habit, Such ptrauns bctoru con
templating. m.u:i:i.i;i;
shoutd rc-llect that a sound uuml and bodv arc tho raoit
in cesur reuiMties to promote rnnunimil happiness
Indeed, without these the journe) through life becoinus
a weary pilgrimage, the iropeet hmirly darkens u
ihuvew, thu uitifl ti' comes thdowe-d with despair
tilled with the melanrholy reflection that the happiness
of another be-comes blighted with uur own,
OFFIt'i: NO. 7 HJUTJI FIlKHl.KlcK HP., ttaltimtra, JCi
N, 11. Lt no lalst modcst prcveut )uu, Uui upfly
immcdiati 1 either persomrlly nr bv lAtler.
The many thoiiFnuds cured nt this iiiMitulion wnbn
the latt Ij ears, aud the uumerniu nt)oitani tturgicd
Operations performed by Hr, Juhiwlou, witnessed by
the reporters of thu pa pert, uud many oUp-r persons, no
tices uf whit h havu appeared again and ugaiu before thu
public, be Mik-a ins standing as a gentleman uf rliaracUr
and responsibility, h n piif1irieuti!uartinteelolhuuilhcto I.
'Paku Noricn.
N. B. Th'Tfl are mi many ignorant nnd werthlent
Quark ndverliKing thenihtes l'liisicians. ruining th
health of the already aflhcted thiilir J'dinntoii deems
it nrc-Marv to hay, eiipee4tly to thnu' ijiiacpjainted
with hi-t rrputntiou. that hs cred r.tuU aud utpleiuis
tlwavs hang in bin uthce.
HC" Tiki. Notice. All Utters inut bo pott aid, and
contain a postage ktaipp fur (tie rsply, or liu answer will
hi wilt
Marchi: JfiO.
Flour and Delivrrcdl
'lHK undersigned has made arrangements that will
1 cnablehim todtliver Flour uud Ficd.FOK CASH.
about ten per cent dim per than any bodv clsu tn town
His prices aru as follows
Flour. 7 &SI
Cum Se. Oats Chop, 1 5
I Comic K)eChop, SI fA
liruil. 1 1U
I respectfully solicit a tharc rf the public natronas.
Hloorsbborg, June 23, HV0 - tf.
Tor the speedy and effectual Cure of all Inflawmatten
Errrra, IJtumutltn, l)yycpna and iJrrr Vvtnf-tatwt,
Piles, Graifl, and all sievte cJ (hrvnie Pinam r
AtiLLT AhoCiiiLbHkN bend 3 cent Stamp to h r A con I
ti It JONLS.
Hundredfl of testimonial". Ilnn iiMI'bilad'a.P. O
LO Agency, ti, W C'i.Tlilrdfc Aicta fcls.
bept. y.i, llrt)-Iuw,
DU. CUEA0EU U tho Solo Agent for
Hr WlMiaV Vrlrbrat,4 .Vdttiuionial Serv ,"
3 riooks, Mo. 1, ' A Pook for ounz Men di signed tn pre
pare Hum lor Feinalu Hocety." No. 2 "1 rrf tn Court
ship.'' No. 3, 'lteproduitiv- C nirol " F.ith r of whirh
will be mailed to order, post paid upuu rm'ipl ul 35 els.
Bept. leou.
DIES' lUiACIv 0AITKRS. at all
pnrt's ranging irom &i rents lo si ao. at L.T
Sri.irpith cheap fture. fVay IU, Iwift.
TUT midi rsisnvil has a stpn. (luarry nssr his
ri'.lilclirc, atioiit half a mil ca,l rf lllmmisliuri:. ant
Is prepared lo furnish those ilrsirliin H U II. P I aniiicu if l0 mtt ilcraljlc ijliiy, .nn
on fair ti rrn..
JUy ii. i-do-tf r . nsiicn.
BLACK UM'll Pll.Syue of tlu lalr.t fiisbioo f t
Hla HI 11ART11AN 8
QUI'KHIOH Golden Svrup Mohiicv
L J lust Trrfi sni t"r b