Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, August 18, 1860, Image 3

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    Cu famine Jmorrnt
'!' f
The Democrat is offered to subscribers
for the Campaign at tho following rates : "
Single copy,
'iv ccs.
Jen copies,
.Payment in all cases to bo made in ad
' rsr Tho Editor is part of his time out
taking Oonus, his Associate some of tho
s! ...i ti! .j .ti it.. i.
, . uUjuWl.ir6) u.m a. tuU jjtojuu
.,.u,.. usstu ,u uituiiuiug luu ,
Camp Meeting at liuck Horn.
bU County Agricultural, Horticultural and V' wa Ligbly respected and cs
M..t,.nii t..:,in . l, l,ol,l nf Reined as a citizen. Wo have tho state-
T,, , rr",,t.J.,f 1f.!,l. .n,1
TJloonsburg, on Thursday, 1-riday and
Jatarday, October 18th, 10th nnd 2l)th, ,
was handed us too lato for insertion this
wajk. It will appear in our next issue.
tST Wo had a letter last week from the
Baker Family, and aro gratilicd to learn (
' ' that they are well und continuo to nice t
encouraging suceoss in their vocation.
Mr. JOHN C. HAKF.n, sends his respects to
. ... , ,
our nople, and wi.-hes us to say, that they
have met with the largest success since
they visited Uloomsburg. Our people Mill
bo pleaded to hear of their continued pros
perity. tt& Tho constantly increasing progress
of our subscription Hit, to which wo have
owy oilier wccK.ior somo montu? past, .
added an additional quire of paper, renders ,
. i i . ... .i i i
it. necessary mis wcuk to iuuko auoiner au i
dition to the pile, in order that wc may!
tervo our brethren of tho exchange just ai
wc would they should servo us viz :
stnd us their papers regularly. Wc havo
missed manv of our o!d familiar friends,
wlioss oountt-uances wo arc loth to forgot,!
And hopo that hereafter, their visits will '
bo as regular as they aro wo'coiuo. They
publican, Mauch Chunk Gazette, Rafts
man Journal, Venango Spectator, Rrook
villo JciTorsoni an, Juniata Register, Frank
ford Herald.
"Gfat Ettltcntetlt Uscnpc nf P,is":icr3
Whipple again at L'irg' Clark Pricr's
Isg broken. During the forenoon of last
Tuisday, a green and sleepy looking in
dividual, whom no body teems to know,
was sauntering around our town looking
untjhe sights generally and among other
things seemed to be greatly interested in
tbe( jail and its cnviroin. Said ho had
ii'ever been to town before and dctirud to
eo the internal arrangements. The Sher
iff himself was absent, and tho women un
m'pcclingly permitted tho stranger to en
ter. Ho cauio out, declared it was an
awful looking p. ace, and listlessly mosiud
away. So much for that.
A fcV niiuUtCS before twelve oVllock,
iuias iuary vjomstoci;, who lives )itt op-j
poaite ouo side of the jail yard, happening I rtt. nnn ,lftl., U,,,,
eaw W hippie juat about reacliing the grouud ,
My the aid of a rope, in some way fastened j
inurlo tlin I'll! vni-cl nnrl lMir1r li'tnn olmnf
f J '
tWO thirds Of the wav doKIl, On tllO SaillO ,u "" d.ilslon ol'tlu t'olamliu Uouuty llunmciutic ton
J ' vention.
rope, olio instantly gave tuo alarm, but
there wero no mcu iu tho immediate vi
inity. Startled by the cry, Whipple bounded .
.. '
oa as rapidly as possible, but 1'iico, al
tgethcr unprrparcd, fell to tho ground,
nnd broke his leg in the fali. As ho fell
he called out, "Oh Lord I John, I broke
tay leg, I can't go.' lly that time several
jiersom were on tho spot, and assisted Piice
back to lus lodgings, where shortly after,
Dr. John Itamsi'y attended to his hurt,
nnd the broken bone. He U doing as
well as could be expected. The leg was
broken below the knee.
In the mean time, Mr. 1'ruit, Commis.
doner's Clerk, had ran down an alloy from
tho Court House, and stationed himself on
. . . i u i 'ii l '
iuo risuingcrees unugu, iigmijr juugmg b. mad. to order, in tha mo.t fashionable and best man
from Wliipplo's direction that ho would , ncr M l,er cent., below credit prices.
..... . .... i. Keincinber tha .Crescent, 1,1 .Market, above Sixtli &t.
take to tha water. Accordingly in a few Nl) M JUX1.S & L.a
- 1 i 1. 1. I
ininuics. leaping irom iocil i) rucu, in.u u
, j . , t 1 I
"J4U6 xuumu, u iiiuu rjiiuw im f
ftrcam. and htrucU OUt luanfully for the j
i r 's. i i i i i - j i 1
oppoaito suory. r run mutil-u uuiiu iiua
off. The creels was high and rapid, the
lato rains having filled iia banlcs. As soon
as he came near the shore, Fruit coimnenc
ed throwing tones to prevent him from
Coming OUt, till USsUtanCO should arilVC J I
Which happening pretty SOOn, he was nor
, i j i i ill 1 I
inittca to land ; and quietly led baCK to
tho jail, WCt and Wearied; hi hands torn
, . , tU Jl 1
uuu ittuciuiuu nuu luuiujuuumu,.
in a most sorry plight.
11 13 IHUUK'U luai. iuo .ui.ui.imi.
al ire havo tnentiolied, Supplied them with
the file and ropo with which the escape was
",v '"ru
effected. He admitted in conversation,
that ho was acquainted with Whipple, and
ri i
we believo, gavo hU name ni Hartman.
He had better not try that game again, or
... ; '
hO may Una millSSlt inaHtUltton IOCS-
periment personally on tha feasibility of
, .-!! :..:i .!! .!il. !,-! ...-'. ..1
Miiiiuir tuu jut. nan nu inau ""
a bed cord.
P. S. Sul sequent dcvolopinenls eccra
to Indicato that Mr. Hartman tpown of
above, did not supply Whipple an! Pries
with their implements, aad for the preient,
vbo did is a mystery.
tar Mr. Win. Silver, former y of
Wantrii11nt,i.ti tn ii,;.
V.apfffillopcn, in tins county, but now a
resident of Barwick, inform, u that on
(tin lillli nf tut mnnili nt,e .i,.,.
mo Utli of last month, ft base attempt
Was madO On his Ilfo by tWO men by tllO
names of Thos Kane and Olark I'rice.
Ho states that the attempt was made at
Ins powder mill at Briar Creek, and that
, . . ......
110 sustained very severe, injuries, includ-
lug a fracturo of the cheek bone. The "
weapons used wero hugo ttoncs and picco
of a heavy fence rail. Moth of tho assail
ants were arrested, but in tho attempt, a
young man by tlio name of Kcuben Moy
serionslv inlnn-il (inn nf tlirm
, ...
gave nan, the other was committed to the
jail of Columbia county. Had it not boon
for tho tinielv assiitaneo rendered bv Mr.
jaeob Creasy, it is most probable that the
ijfo of jir, silver would l.avo been taken.
. . . .
j(e ttateS that tho cause Ot thO outrage
wa3 occauso ne is a memncr ol the two
societies of Masons and Odil Fellows.
Mr. S. was formerly a resident of tbts
mont Of tho attempt Upon his life, from
: thanks for
I Kir It. Hoe & Co., have our t
a beautiful Catalogue of their extensive ,
TJ'Pe Foundries and Printers' furnishing
Houses of Boston and New York.
"g"mm am iiMc.iuas.mitM
R R I li 1) ,
. On Sunday, Juty&t'i, In Jackson towiishlp, byr.lW
John Butliui, .Mr Jamison U. KkELsit, to .Hiss Mni C,
daughter of Lou j'arker.
m i, niMji'iite i mo nriae a Litner, on trte u inpt.,
by til J Rev. U. t. Wilson, liev. I". K Kkn. ofK.lH Haiti
more Miss JkNMt'IonakRr.Kf Whit Haven
On Tnasday 14IH lust. Iiy ihe tt,-v. D. J. Wnllrr. Mr.
William ll,sr,rt to .tilss .Mary J;, Croip, both of
Mcl.vons iile 1'a.
On theath Inst., by IW. Win. J. Tyer, Mr. Tliovns A.
Pit,i, of Oraiuuvillj, l'a., to Mis, Aas. Klller, ofsha
mold n, North ,1 co , Pa.
n i i .
At si.irk.l.innoy. .... tho 4th inrt.. In tho Mil, yea, of
Mf"- hqe wife of i.otacarch, r..
Wheat 1 -.23
Ryo 75
SlioulJur 10
Ruttcr 10
Kffcs 10
. 00
. 33
1 00
.. 12
Whito lloans..
Dried Apples. 1
Candidate's Department.
ANvnt-fCKMrMi or CADin tks, for nniniiiatitin
for public otlicfs, will be charred SI, each, pujablo in-
I tartabttf tit adiantt.
Will b cfTTeil by hi. frit nil. a. a ranrli'late
ton MFJUBFR OF Till'. LKOISlJt rt'RF.
to the Diinoiratic (.'onvntiun of Olmt.hia cimnlj .Suh.
J'Tt to U deciKioii.
WILLIAM l.tlo, of llmrrr'.k town-hip,
nr anthorir tl tnsiy, will b,a a citHLHIi. f r tJoni
iki.mioii, r, llm fill. Mil'j Tt tothi unices of thu Cilum
oiu County ll, oi'v r.ttii Coiuvntion,
Of I'lonm tow n -.hip, uil) Ii n ran-Ii'it't f-ir HFfJIs
'..' .V tthVViWt It nt" Culumbi. rouitly. the
coming 1 'on til y l.'nniLiilinii, MibJ'jil t ili Uiiffc.
Tf'On j;Vi:niY. ff llloom townhip, will bn r,in
ilt.UU' ftll. for I'ltOTtOX' T1HV an-i VI.FMK
of Hi j i.-cniI Court- of L'nlu.i.bij ta inty Mibjeit to 11m
ueaVH of the !eiuorrilie t'omity Coin, titi-m.
nIRAM R. KI.IN'K. of (iran township w nr" au
th.iri. '! t't Hinioii'ir.', w ill be n i:mdi lat for .Wf.'.!-
urn nt' fiii i i ATifttf ..i..... .1, . ,i
"I"th Dfinocrnti.- Cniitntim of Culuuilia count).
Of fiTC.irtuf. towiilnp will b n rninli lal for HFCl- WVJ of Cnlumb, i r,,nt- b,fore
iihji'Lt tn ft rul
TF.SHn roi.tJMAN. of Or.nta-, hp nru nui!inri"d to
aiiiioiiiurf, will b a Ctftiihiatu fur th-i uiiic.1 of I'ru-
thonntarv. nt Hi
' noLiruarlli'lc (ieniril I'd- ttloll. slllilr.
"lOIIN POAK. ll"!. of ltri.iri r,''k touiirliiii, ie are
.1 authorized tn bav tillb' u i nudnl.ito for ( oiuinis-
irn;r of ,t,Hi
e ofthi Uemorratic
iin! tlil.lali. soiiltct to lli tisnc.
oftho Uemorratic County t.'onei'tioil.
ssnwws swmwM m . a Mga m
ntHT.S l-A New TeiTCBt in Uu I
sisess j F.cery one At otr .'Mlrnnan I
JOXLS i. CO., j
of the Crescnt One rnre t'lotliimr Ptorr. No. 100 Mar '
kwt trert above Hittb, rhilad'lphia.
In addition to liaviii; the largett. inobt varied nnd
fashionable stock if Clothing in Philadelphia, made ex
pre tt til y for retail rales, have constituted every one his
own salt sman, by having tnatked in figures, on ea.h
artRle at the very lowest price it can be t,old for so they !
cannnt possibly ary-all mutt buy alike. I
pains taken with the making rt that all can buy with
tin full assurance of gettin; n good article nt the cry
lonCkt t"1- a lir? "' i" p""1" "
hand, of Ihe latest st)le and bei-t qualities, which
Even thos he are in the enjoyment i't pfrfct heal t It
fre'iuently have need to h.ivo recourse to tunics as pre t n
tivcst-fdinase. Wc are never too w. ll arntor-d a?.
the atijults u( the fl-'hli is lair to,' ruch a
I the atijults ut the fl-'hli is lair to,' ruch an in
i ijrator they may flnd in HoaitTTFK's Uitteiis ameui.
fine that cannot be tak-n r-'BuUrly w iihout gi Ina itahiy
1 and elastint tuthi cjf,in. At this season, particularly,
th ' ttroiijef t man is not prof against tho inalaiia.incer
tain sections of the country. In all ca- of feter and
1 ague, the HiTita is more potent th.m nny amount of qui-
I i.snn, Il.n niCLt ,1 .. .. ,u- mil j . n..j nf liillis.iid Chop
idliltoip won Irrfnl prep TtlaB. Those whjnv irud
which tho IlosTtntR Hn rens luotei'stft tJ subdue. To
moscwholuvenoi made the experiment, we ccrdially
nev arc str,tL-n by nii-asesof ihe otgestiv tirgaui.
Sold by all drustfiits i.i th j orld.
S7"t?is advi rtisement In anoih r column.
I MOITATS LIFE TILLS. -Tha hljli and cnrlrdal
ebrlty Inch this preeminent inauUim lus aciuia'U for
" "' " t"
to turc, lias rendcreU tlu usual practice t( ostentatious
' pulling not only umuccfsiry but unworthy of them.
1 ? k""M" ";"'"; f"0'1"0'11'
, fy for them, and tht'y thrive uot by th. faith of thu crvil-
, Uious. in oil cases or co.tivens, dy.pep.ia, bullous
1 and i.vcr .ir !... pue. iiu.uruatl.,n f.,er. t ace.,
ciVsilndte hjad aches, and all general derangements of
health, these Fills have invariably proven a certain and
.i-' '"T. a ...ii. tn.; u. Pa ,h. ut, All.
l.'yond the rtach cf eompttiti.n in lb. estimation of
, , vf ,y patl. nt.
t very patient.
rir. MoiTafs Thocnix Pitteri, will be'found equally ef.
ftcHf i us in all cases cf nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
i It i. Hit ilcknefs incident to feiuaUi In delicats liealiti,
an i ev.iy kind ..f .u.kno,f the.d.saiit. or,...-
For said by W, H. Moffil, 3X1 Uroadway, New York,
ani by medicine deilers and drufi:t ftnenlly tbiojgh
outtba country
83- A NEV firm and nustNcsa upon- new
'nmciri.ns. - wiiiTiiimcurt.ixo nm. comer or
rinhjM.rk.t .,.. doe. not Mlowiih,b.i
iek. w. tr. utuned that tin only nay to buildup
"J keep ln biiilne.. I. to ll ooil. cIimd nod
,, A cu,loinr,. ,,,,. , ,,
and humku,; lia. It. day, and tt. Intend tn i.M our
f p pyM". (w mor. .nd no
in'.u,tain it.;ir initpumni,. v aimii buy and
"" """""'f " "n.sortincnt men and
mo). Is the largest In Philadelphia, aud our prices much
l.wer than any other. Call at once and aee for yourjclf,
B. W. corner Fourth and Market all. Phlta.
rcbruaryO-J, 1310. rim.
UT THOMAS W. MATTSO.V, necclvcJ the I'rUe
M iil i I nt thtt Wnrlil'at Fair In I.imdmi IfiSI. fiir TH I K !t .
caiiitt iiaos, iioots, shoe, and cum.. reat induce,
m onered to purchasers of the above am
cwft mis is mucti inc larger! biock ot uuiiKs, uarpt-t
This is much the largest
Valices, &c, in Thiladel
bm..v. ... in nu.M.n . er- cheap for cash
No. 40i Market Street, one door abovo 4tli, &u( tide.
tC7 This beinff the season of the )ear ivhcn diarhrca,
dysentrry, anil cholera nnd unhappily but too prevalent,
wereinlndour reudrrs ofllronn'a l.sserire or Jamaica
(linger, nnd his Inioniparuhlo Cholera llxture. t'ach nets
with curative and magical power Tho mtdicin.'sabovu
,,,! I,a o truly arrested the fatal progreii of dlscaic' I
"" u,iatun
remate Health I Female Health M
Tlmufftndu of fcmnlei suiTir from dernnjemonts peru
liar to the tex. First, and inoet common smbng Ihtv It,
Fkmale Wcaknehi or Wiiitf., or Lflcorriik. w uhli its
ennctant attendant, LASinuuE, rnosTitAT.ON, I. ami or
Weak Dack, and Ginfral UcBiLtTr. No one can ba en-
tlrely ell lio thus eulTers, and In hundreds of cases
!h..,.h ..i i..,ih n i,. ,n. ...,d
orugs oo oiii iniio goou oucn inucii injury, oui hum-
riiaEVa'erieiricllOMEopATiticFEMtlcl'ii.i.s are Just tha
thing, relleilng promptly, and curing permanently. Al
" " " " v
t?inglo boxes So cts.
N, B. A full actof HoiFHRrYi UoMLOFATitic Srncincs,
With Uiok of Dircctiona. and twentv different Remedies
i- i. .... . ui. . .)..... i .1.. i . i
. ..... .,.,,., , ,.. .. .,.,., a.., , .
case.f Hnr-n boxes, and Dook, $2. iuitia hmcs.So
cents and 50 cents.
These Remedies, by the sinalc box or cnsc.ara sent by .
male or express, free of charge, to nny address, on re
celot of tlis rrlce. Address,
I)n. F. HUMNlnEYfcCO
v Xo. 50-2 Croavvuy, New York,
Sold by E.I. I.tlTZ, Agent, nioonisburg. l'a.
CySae &,in ford's Iamk Isioorator and CAinanc
Vlll, in another column.
Nctu QVDuevtiscmchts.
Valuable Real Estate.
IN inirsuance ff mi orUr f the Court of Common
k rK-as!, of Columbia county, cn
Saturttoy the Jint "iiy of September nxtf
at 10 o'clork in the forenoon, Abruhun rictHvenpentipiscri
Cuiiimlttie of th-: pr rnoi, nnd i of nary tsclnve ppen
heUor a I ti nat i r, of .Mi ill in t')wiialiip, in nai.l count), w ill
ipiM to tiut., by 1'ublic Wuduu, up mi thu prtminJ one
nutli part of a artum teiitnient and
nitiiatein thr said township of Mifflin, adjoining lands of
Jacob (hwt-ppeiiheisL'r, Jirob Yohe, tiuorgo .Vutigctscr.
and otlu-rs, containing about
Ouo Iliiiulred mu Thirty-lwo Acrrsf
AUo, til iimlivi led onp-xixth part of n certain inpssuai:'1,
leii?iUL'iitor TUAi.T OP liAND. ntuate in samp town
ship, adjoining lands of Jacdb Si hwfppph'is- r, Thomas
Aieu, unarus Mius.r.nan ami uiur, nuu
The tl e of mil 1 Lunatic, ntuate in thu townt-lup of
Miihni.nudcuunty afwrefuid.
J COll F. LItL ,
AupUft II, I-i 0. Frothvnotary.
xmtit "
iUJ xKjI'j.
K I.I. nrmttnii (ndi-litcd In llm limb r.i
tied ft-r Protl's-
Mioual M-rices unto April tt. 1-du. nrc ri'p'-ftful
ly rfiuftt'(l to call tind urttinth.-rby iiotenrntlj-rwitc,
j a it err R. .v. t.
ninoi'isbnrp. Augut 11. lafn.
ni.noil an 1 Vili D inatiiir.ifluri'.l bv Foui.m A. Cnrv- I
I mst., atthcir httam Mills, in Ei-py, Ct lumbia cuun-
iL uaAiA purcuaxi-'a ai ine m
est M.itkct prices
ofnll Kinds on hand in 'luantilii's to suit purrlinsrrs.
I. spy, Aiici.t 1, 1-T0
'I'lli: Kirst clas" llucini- f til" fuiti'il Ptatf. I'ira '...
I of I'liiladi-lpliia limit b John Ario'N. in tho I, 't
niann r. and nbtnit thr'e years old 1. Ii.-vnl to bathe
h st Ciil'iiii' In th , t:it, and mil be sold loiv if applied
lor soon. Addc iss,
wi r. iiav,
No Sir, North -Vcnnd -Ir -ct,
or, I II rllll.i INO-'lll'IK),
No a.l Nrih I'oorlh Mr it.
Au;nsl II, 13r,0-3ts. fhlladtlphia.
i ANI-'A TBIt (ilNlIM iSI'i1, a fm lot, Jast receliod
and for b.,Ij at l.'i ets. per yard, by
..TKI'.I, HOOP SiKlKTS, a fresh sii, r,T,led nn,
ni.At.'K i.aci:
IIAU'I.F, of the lafst f.i.hion. for
1 J s.ilo at
i.otof l it i;.i I
sal,' cheap.
ClItlCNT, just rocehed and fr
WU1.1.INU oIl sAUV, iic,
15 by
lost or less,
iV you don l belieteit, call in
j Q at
Stated Proposals will b.i r'-civd until th -tti day of
Au?ut next, for TWO ROTAlMt l'iy ttib u- d upon
the (rounds of tin l,tun?lania iriate
citMj. at Wyoming, dun.ig t'M- xhilnti'-n, Hept'inb r
SJStii YAh nud 2-th l.ath bail e t" I"'1 f'l
, I.., Kl .!,!.. tlh 1 Itrh. 11 ntLiillt'.! :iO llV ''I f,t.
Th" bull' lug tn be erected by the coutrartor, and to
be remoiru at tuo noc di tue i.ur.
Alfn f(,r ,-,,, i.Anlr.s' lull t lti;AM, PAKIi, fON't
f.r lhi sab"ii. hfiy ff-t in thamrter, with llm if-ces. !
t-ary table mid (teats, will b'1 furnished bo.tlK son ty. ,
And aU'i fr one t.eutb'msn's Ir n-am, Caku rn-
f-rtionary, i.hiujihhh, 'inrtacru, nun rvjr rtiinnn.
The tvnt i'U by u fe-t, with nt rcsnry iHtures fn this
saloon, will al b' furnUlicd by the s-virty.
Proposals may sent to O. A. IliEsTkR
Ilarrilniri or to lien. L. W. MLiintVANT.Geiural i?u
perinttndant, at WiUes arr
Hutment no. July 2rt ImO.
ii. - iiii.9ii.i.. rrrrr-idry.
li.V rf .i,.. i-,i nf iA...m.m im..:i-i .,i Cnhtiuh.a
cm. nil'. I'l ill.' (ilr.'itcd. W ill be t'SDOs-Pd tCI 1'ubllC'
ne o'clock in th- aft ruoou, at ih Ctmrt House, in
lilnoni-burs. th follow in? ihfccnbed prr.pi-riy t' w it
All that ci rtam lut cf ground Mtualo in Ifopkiusville,
Dlouui tow nlup. Culiimliia county, bounded anu described
m lollow s, to w it on the northeast by Main streit rf
sai l tjwn, un the southeast by an alley, on the south
wi t by an alley, nnd on the northuert by lot of
,C"iitainiiig on h.ill f un air' br Hi same more
orl'fct.tth reitn i-treitd ntwoPitr' I'RAMHDWI.I.L-
IIUL'nK. n 1'r.iMiu tSublc and other out bulldinv'i
with tlu appart.'uanccs.
biz td, t.uen iu t x c ution and to be sold as tha prop
erty of Jokiali II ruroau.
All that certain tract of lands situate in nearer town
ship, Culumhi i county. Pa., bounded lis fallows on the
fm-i by a public road, on the couth by lands of Manage
.Mirh.iel s Ii -irsiiud utber. on tit.- west by Und of tfhu
man & Iloat. and on th north by land of John and It.-u.
ben llerr.nirer, contain i mi ti;hty nitiu urn's, twenty five
acres of whit Ii an cltnr ul l.iuu wh -reou nr i reft d a
iwoslurj I'ltAMU UWKLLIm; IIOWHi:, Frame Kitch
en,nrr.iinn Jtarn ami other out builJiniJk with tho tip
purtMiune. s.
t ir;d, taken in execution and to be sold as the prop
erty ol Charles 1'. .Mann.
Afrtainlot of grouml siluitu in Maine tunhip,
Columbia touut.ioijominj lauds of Isaac Vet I t oil the
nurlh, Aarun llL-rliugtr mi tha south, uett and oast,
containing on acrot land, wh-reou ure erectol a one
an I q half story I'KA.MC DWlXl.lNtJ llOL'riU.a Trdtue
btalle and a well of water at tlu door
One oilier tract of land situ.ttj iu Heaver and Maine
tow n ships, Columbia county, a .joining lands of Charb a
Maun on ill; iioith. Jacob eliuiiuii s licit on the north,
Abraham Kuethi wit the huuih, Charles Uut und Jacob
HiiijLrlii'r on tlu vast, and .Mary Culii on the utst,
cjatuiuiuj: oiij lmiidrr.1 and one dcrc und a lull uilh the
i-uuiu'iK uii .mDUii.u.... "
ippurienuiices.obouttjn acres of vv huh is cleared wiw.
a.iwd.lakjn ii czjcutioa and to baaouaa tuo prop-
AttM iim timaand place, by virtue of a writ of l.e-.-i
i'ii iur mvi'i I..
tari wioj, all that urtam two story I'HAME DWKLh-
raJeauiiifruin Uouiu.bura lu Uerwiik, beiu. in the
, iliane of tsni town, said builillnil coiitaluiiij in
i Untie of Ksnvlown. ttJid buildimi coutaiuitlff fn trout
tivi nty ix fjet, and in depth titty two f-ft, hii1 thu lot
or piJtu of ground and curii'atfj upiiufteiimnt to thu said
buil-lius, bounded on the north al by Uuao li I. amy. on
tru northwest iy Duvni Whiime)ei, nn inn norm oy tue
"' ViAViM
tha prop
erty of William A. Ctse.
inirv ownr.T
emmrr's om. i sW
Clooro.b'Jt;, Au II, lt0. (
Ponnsvlvanla Statu A cHrultura!
x unyivania oiaiu gricuiiurai
fO YYtflF
eOaLtfilvi' M. K w
V a
ox tii.
nWyomfn? lialllc GroillliL"
neaii wiLKna-iiAnnc, i.ucrnk coumty. H
Tlir, Committee or Arrangement, talc pleasure In an-
noutielng that Inocrorilancewlth the order nf tho !
r.iecuuvc iwOiiiiiniicc. ine urranirdiK nil lor nniunig inn I
not Flato Pair on Till! W Yd l IN fl IIATTt.l'. (
ti HO IJ N I), lienr W'llkr a-llarre, have been commenced,
?lV,..V'llJ'?.P","lJetu'1 ".'."". '" ft,.P"'"VLt,-.7."t-r":
I hihltion tv ill opun
I dais.
on i suay, unu win continue lour
SF.PTEMJir.n S5l, ST (A, STA, and 28M
The crmindi which tiro nmt-t beautifully located, and
not finfv lnrifp. hut fvnifirkfliilv wiIt A.tnoli'il to lhc our
v T.,rY;u.s ; n bcventv-wo Acnn?
The Hulldln, ni.,ldlni!,lVn, fce., are nt only com
inomous, oui rcm.irKnoij convenieni,
and sucli a I, Ition
r i.'ai.'o"" " ,u""u ,
At well Ai ctcry other ronvpiiienco ncccpmiry tn the
cuitifurl mid' both of i;xhllntura and tlu Anitnnlg
and Articles tlu-y ulrh to exhibit, Tlu nm.t cmpt to
orranqcineiitf lure Iwctt tuadtf with ths tlirT rent Uall i;onip.inicB for tlu transportation of Animals und
Artlclca Intciidt'd fur i-xhibiuun
Free uf Chuige IfoOi Uti,st
Visitor to th a Inhibition will find innut niiiplc nccom'B w ill ItstiiL A..V, 'UttSIO.Y 77f,A.7VS. n.,,1 eilrn
Irnl-M will hi run upon lu ulir-r'iit rouua uurinx thu
tliiiut.fth I'Xhlbiilon.t.iulluw nn opportunity
of examining th
fomhlth thti V.KsLl'V 01" U'VUMl.NU In a Justly
!' M the principal Agricu'ltnrul WnrohoiLcs", nnd at
''"'' ''.''' pi.'- f rremiuins. Judseo, Rf-culntionn, &c.. can be
rtii r mai nine iwi (secretary umce mil ue al riesl lirrs
lS7,Vf,",,i'iVrrxT nnLr rr
OU.Ul hill ION OPhN TO AIiL.
1. H. HAI.I)l'.MAM,rM'l.
A. O. IIcister, Secretary.
juiy i, ino.
, TR hereby pfvfn, that n certain dup bill w Inch I drawn
i i
1 in IJ or ul I It II TV . HflllUuM. I or tlar mini nfttirntv,
(HO dollars, b,ri date th. H.viotl. ,U, (if July, A. It.
l-io.l. onllrtlv mtlout cousi Irrntion. anil nil;
are wa-nel npalnst n'pocl 'atlnit for, or piirLhasing'the
' ,,u ""-o""-'" nc ,nyiiiiiu in. reoi.
Abliland, August 4, lgC0-3ts.
Sirawbrrry l'lants! Stiaffbcrry Plants!
llM!:l' Vf;!lcKI0?, """.T. for sale 10.000 of the
I 1,1 C'li br..tfd )iiM..L.iM SktoUMi SfRiwotBRY.
... ... .... ,.,u.,iniK mi iiiuui tu,
or August to Mb of tkptetnlier, best time,) ot S1.5U per
Also, achoien variety of hardy Nntlvc t.'r.ipevlnes,
such as l).;lawiirc, Di.ula. Columbia, Concord, franklin,
Llinton, Isabella, latattlia, etc.
time fur I'.ill nlaniinir.
- "V w. ., ,itt ujiiu ii,
Vaitamsta JVurstriti,
Callawisi,a. Aug. 4, 1SC0-31h.
Gcueral lumiiiisfoti itrrcliaiits,
DtALkRS 11
Fiili, Provisions, Flour, lluttjr, f'hpcs, Oils, Dried
Fruits, CJrain, fS.'ods, Tlcuiis, Whiskey, Wool,
Country 1'rouucu und Merchandise
N'o. 31 Noitin UiiAims, riiiLADttritu.
C7" CenslgumpntB of Pnn it-imn, Flour ami Country
Produce solicited, und returns promptly made. Cnta
a.Jv.iutt'd nh!ii desired.
OitDKIlS for all kinds rf Fish, Provision, Tluur,
Dried Fruits, A.c, tilled at the lowest Lath Fikes.
Auyiut 4. iftn Vim.
is a is max wtsiis irJiuiriaiL
(LateCoL R. It. Joies.)
THIS Hntfl, kept on the turpptBn Flan, Is convenient
tr Travelers. Citli.-ns. and the Public pulfrnll v. lv.
Ing in the imuiadlatu iieij-hbt'rhno.l of the Lxchnnce, a I-
wn the Po-t OihYe, and within a few n teswalk
ot the livl.mure Wh itves, the landings fa Steamboats
Jrom nil part-.
f Meuli can be hid nt all hours, from .1 o'clock In the
. morning to ii o'thkat nijiht, for VH cents ami uiiwarda.
Eoilgnitf Rooms (an hi prttured ut all limes forHJl tv uts
1 'r "'2nl' l,J 'hniub. r are tk,m. well ciililnt il nnd
inlliKwl furuifhed. The EatuiL' Di;liartmi.iit will lie
proMtl.-il with th wit the nurket fan produce; the
Driiiktiic Couui.'r lurnishvd with ckI LmuoM and
choire Cigars, The Proprietor hoprs that by slrjit p r attention, w itli competent it ml obliging svrwiiits,
he will be aide to pkaif,
iLnte of lldltimotc, Md.. nnd Madiion Ii-im.', Phila)
Aililit 4 I -I 0 Iil.
I'liKl) K liUOWN, .111.,
SHHMJST & BBUGfiiST, iutrr.1.,"
Mlllll mill Iii'MiilH Mri'CLs,
O- .i.vuiiat.v, niF-vcir. .i.vii ;.mo..w, j
Vllf.VICIL .i.VU HHl'dS.
Toilet Articles.
Lubtn's. Coinlray's, lt.i) L ,, A.c, A-r., &c., I'ctfumery,
ronpB, ,s,n h.'ts, Toil, t i'owuurs and Coamitics.
JUl lit. i 01.OUHI, of the brut distillers.
ItLsr Lnoi,iii T(oih llnt-iin", of all siyes and bt)les.
lit-M i ait tsJt Toirii IV AMitd of approv ea Kinds.
Ittsr Lmili-h lU.n Uri-siils.
Cotiss o all knots, llilllalo, India Kubber. A.C., ir.
1'oMjiot.s iok iiik Hair -Lubiu's, i oudru) "a and Man;-
fuel's, &.C., .Vr. IIlar'sUil.
I'iK Cos.ii oiu Wailr trout t'orclain Foil mains.
Hot ami Si in with ihoitc)rups.
fl. V.. Cor. bill and Chestnut Ms.
AugtuH, lrCO-Um.
A. F. CIIKSK1J110UG1I & CO.,
coM.viiio.v Mr.nciM.svs i mmi.kt.tLB
FiSli, Cheese, ami Piovivioit,
iu ,irin vviiarves jioovc .tiaiit.t ri
Tacking and Curiae House, Ulh anil Itce.l Sis..
August 4, UA) Hut.
ti. IV. i."ur. TlurJ nml .MU-t fit..
e-( arils Sl.tO prr itioo. -osa
Aiisu.l A, ti'l 0-1. 'iu.
Till' WINK STllK,
311 WALNUT firRl'.KT.
(ticlu Fuurtli M..)
Aiipust 4. lrCO I Jm.
tin. 4ii, .0111'U Wll.MtVF.H.
ROPK .1IAKi:!t
Spun Cotton for Caulking, Ropes, Ttvjnei.Tar, Titch,
Oakum, Mlotki, and Oars, 5tc.
Aiifiit 4, l'-U I .'in.
I HC Academic year coiuinentes August 20, lJ'0, to
ti; u-i ,Ti .t.vl,l..H ini.i a Primarv nnd n. Hieher
COliilliUfl loriy-iour wetna.
ars are namilltu at ail) lime.
AinplJ provision is maue ior an iue reioirrinpiuB ii a
thorouuh and extensive course of study, including the
MiUhiJiiiJtics, Natural tfcit-nces. Classics, Modern Lan
guaues. Draw ing, .Muic. elc-
Frholar Irom abroad cmi obtain hoard with facilities
for lioin stud), on very modi rule terms, 011 appliution
tothrt Principal
Thu Principal, thankf-il for hn past pencrous support,
Qisurcs his pat rons of his unneart-'d tiVorts to make the
nhool all that can bu Ueircl fjr the ac.uMiiou of a
llioroush education.
For particular upply to , ,
J. W WUSTOV, rritip1.
Ferry St., near Djen's lloul.
Danville. July M, IMQ,
A I.T, persons imkbtcd to th lats riri of Bomboy it
i xiidiuion, aii.i aiso 10
of ti intinths nasi, nru h.-
Hi - unlTHiiued, for Ihs term
nby notified that if immediate
payment is uoi made, their at counts will be adjusted by
legal omccrs, i shannon.
Blnoniiburg, August 4, lMj0-:fls.
orrtctAtr Axn oucvlww
I'KOM rill,AI)KI,Pll!A
Will open rooms at the Kichanxe Hotel, in Hloomsbur:,
rttirlrrif the AusukI term of Court, for the sale ol tiPi C-
tACIBi of every vanity, to suit au Ktnus 01 arret,
. of, crosconf i. snv amUHmziine eluis
TACUK't of every vnriity, to suit all kinds of arTec
e nf f ;,t jvtecopes, iiiaSuif,ing and Opera
j 6iaifjef, ftna every oilier urtici me optical line,
fpi'ttacles and glasses and inttruinciits of all kinds
will be carefully repaired
1X7 Ho alttti) keeps the bst Rye-Water for iale.
Augu-t 11.
TIIK eeoud urrival of New (ioodi!, this
C.riiiBi at ll.VUT.MAN'U
t'U.U.MJ'.JV Ua'.selncl'C.'', anil l.oatll)CS Ot
mu miLst si iv, at
IIAltr ti.V'S,
00 Ij
L'oi'on, llemp, and uaauar-
n . -r ii i .
pits fur sale clivap,'at
W Ahh Paper, Hall Paper, in sreat
Jj luantiuc. cheap fit jlc, at IIAKTMANS
Celebrated Shuttle or Lock Stiteh Family
KCt cannot DO CXCellCQ. it IS preferred
f. . ,l.,,.,l,il!f trnn-ri, nml
ohiijiih-iuji uiitwiinjj wtiw.i...,
ranted. Price $50.
t),,Ue Thread Tie hi Blllch Family B-v. Ing Machine.
&nti nfthe people. Don't fall to examine th0 Lurch a nnd
en threads suitable for Hen Ing Machines, on hand and fur
Danville, May SO, lfitlO, Cmi
' HE tinder' isnt;..; grntt ful for pat iiatronagr, rcfftett-
fully iiiforiiiti his (.uitumcre and the nublicKt-'ncrally
that hd nasju.t rcreirfd from tn Uasternt citk, the
lr)(eat und most iclcct tuck of
01 Klu " OUiuiCJV uui uiuu,
That has y.l been opened In Rloomfbur. to lilrh hi
hivitiia thu att.'iition of hit friendi, and ainren thetn
tliatlh-y are otlrtd fur naU ut Erat La run inn. Ilia
Hlotk Loinprinei ft I a ran ntnorlmenl of
Consisting ol F
ii'; .
r ArtiiiosAiii.r uk LBN ioa tb( i' i evvty (iei
, enin, MiiriH, uraa;s ciockk, iuuoii
Uluvi'i. HuDLndtrs. ted
Of every dt-script ion, flue and cJieopi
N. U. HfuiuiiibtT " J vutnbtrg'i Chtap Emptrtuwl,'',
call and ee. No cbarg for examlns Uovdn.
Bloonuburg. March 31. IHCO. (Jue
rpilE founder of thij CdfbrntcJ Institution, ofTcm tlio
X most certain, spci-dy, und unly utVituul renteay in
th! wurlil fur filoclB t r Oh't ts, htricturi'd. Heniinul w ak
iicm, 1'jiiih in thi! logins, Constitutional Dtbilit), Iiiih
tt'iuy, UVaknustt of tliu lljtk and Limbs, Atltition tif
thu kiilmjH, ralpitatiun if tilt) IKnrt, Diii-phla, Ni-r-miuj
Irritiibilit)i liiteuau uf the Head, I htuat. Nose or
BKin, an i all thotv errioin and im-lanrholy Dnordcr4
ari.ingiromthed,striutivo habit.of voutn, ni.ui. j
praitlces, or,' looru fatal to tlu ir litlni. Ihan the song ol
UiC rtri-ns to the iiuirlnirs i;iyr, Ulchlnig their most
oriliiani nones and utilicitiatiou., rtnuering utaruage a.c,
Married person., or Vwing Mm contemplallnj mar-
rlago.b.'lns aware phsiml neakness. organic Ueabili.
dvfrinttie, &c, should liiiiiwdiatrl consult Dr.
junn-.toii, tun no restoreu iii peri,'cl in-niin.
He who ul.ires himself utiiivr the care of Or. Johnston.
may relii;iou1 conti.le in Ins honor n a (.'eiitieuii.ii, and
coiiildently rely upon his skill as phsician.
iinmpdiatrly cured and full vigor rft-tored.
Tills desc.ise is the pfiialty mit Irequently pnid by
thoj who have become the vittimof imprt'pr iiniiilpin
cies. Voiiiii pvrsoiiH ur tmi ttpt to commit ein c trom
not h.'ins aware ot the dnnuful coii!e'uvure that ma)
t'iiue. .Now, who thttt uml.rfrtJiids the milijtct will pre
II. int to deny th it thu puw er of procreation in lo-l nomifr
by thuso lnlling iulu improper lubits than b the priidi-ul.
IWhidei b'luj,' deprived of tlio plcniitre of hi-iillhy otf
sprites, the iul serious nud tlt'itructive c mptuius to
ooiii notiv unu iiiiiiu aritt. i ue ijieoi no tun it in intii;
ed , tl..' phyt-ical und luntnl puw rs weaki-iu'd, iiurviua
dLbility. u)spL'pfi.i, palpitation of the heart, imll.-ttti(ii, i
a wa-tnij ot tho frann, Couxh, to) niptouis of Coiifiiuip-
tLr" Oillcc, No. 7 tiou in rittDRtCK Srai-JT, sevin 1
from llaltimore strett, Hat siih1, up thu steps. He pur
tlcular iu oheriij the NAMU and MJ.MhKH, or )ou
will iui'tak.1 tlu pl.ic.
A Cure Hurrcntid, er vo Charge from One to
Tiro liaui. I
J)lt. JOllXi JVX,
.Member of the Kowil Colli j-e of Surgeon, at London.
Graduate from one of thu must eminent Colleges of the
United Mates, nnd the greater part of whose llf has
been bpeut In tlu tlrit llot-pitula of London, Purl, J'lnla
dilphiaand ilfLW here, has ttlVLted some of the moot as- i
toiiiftiuiy wer ever known; many troubled 1
with riuj.'liig in the hrud and oars wli'ii uMei p, (.'real
iiirvousus, hems alaniu-tl nt Hidden sounds, nnd bath
fill n e, with fremii'iit blUolitu, utti'iidedbointtliuci with
dcrangeiio'iit of iniiid, weru cured iinmcduttly.
Vh'n thf miniidfil und imprudent votary of pleasure
finds Ii.: Iu imbibed the seeds of this tuihitu! disease, it 1
too oflL-il Ji.ippv'iis that nil ill tiiiifd r-Llce of shame or
dred of iii-cover), drUrs In ui from nppl) ing to thoMe
who trom fdutntioii and resprt t.itnlit) can ulmie b friend
In.ii, dila)iii;.' till ihe tiui-iitutmiiai) s) mptoim of tint
born i initial. inak.-s their appv.iri.tite, suth us t d, ilisiued none, notturce, pains in the h ad
and liiiihs, iliitiiiL'ss of sijiht.diafnesn, nodes on the t-km i
bines, mid firms, blottlu-s on tlu head, tare and vtrunv i
ih's, progreitsiiii; with rapiuii), titl at lat the palute of
llu Iti null and hones of thu no-el.ill in, and the vntiui of
this lepfje b 'loiiics ii horrid objettot cuniiniHuc ration
till death put a period to Ins droatiful sulf rini by s.-u- to "tiiai bourn, iroui wn.nre no iraviii r re
turns." To suih, th-1 lore, Hr. Johiitui pledges him.
ti It to preserve the uiot rn M-rn-cj ami trom his
extensive prirlku In tha llrt Hospitals of Curupe and
AoieriL.1, he inn runtl leiill) rec-iimn'iid safj and Apeeiiy
cure to the iiiif..rtuiiitte ittl..i ot this horrU di-ira.;.
Dr. J. iiddreftt fl till llioc vihti have inj tie i thcms?lvrs
b) private and improper inuuUviics.
'IheFK are ioiiit et llu s.(d nnd niflanriioH elf HlK prn
duceu b) early habtis nfjimtti. vir,. WiMknens of the
llcitkaud Limbs, I'atn In the Head, Dimness of Mht,
Losh ol .MiHiular I'nwer, r.ilpitittinu of the Heart Ihs-
p pM.i, Nervous lrruiahility, H'rangeiuent f th Higes- i
tive ruiiLlioiis, tienerul .tilit), s) iiiptouii of LotiiUinp- '
lloii, ic, '
MilNT.W.LV. Tlu f t-PVcts upon tlu mind are
inuih to bjdreaded, Los of -Mt iimr) .t-oiituf ion of Ideas
ll -presMon of the Hpints, Lvtt For. honut;i, A vert ion
ol'roii ty, Tiniit), &.C.. are some of tin eviU produced,
Thousands of p.' r colli, of all age tan now Judge w hat l
is the rame of their tltdiniiiK livtlth. Looius th ir j
viiur, b Homing weak, p. tie and tiiiaiiated, Iming sin- app '.irane about tile e)es, louyh and s) mptoius of
Cnueiimiilnm. '
fly IliH great mot important reined,, weakness of tha
organs are specilly rure.1, uifd lull vigor rettored.
TliuUHjiiiis of 111 inol iitvuus and dtLthtateO, wlm
h.l.1 lo-l all hope, have bevn liimieuiately rdleved. All
iiiip-i.iiiieiits to .Marruge, l'hical anj .Mental Dn-piali-tication,
N rvous lrrat.iltiltt),TreiiiMingniid Wtuknebs
or evu.i'ij-t.itioii ot ttu most iVurlul kind, speeilil) cored
hy Doctor Joliui-ton.
vorx -MLV
Who have injured thuiielvfs b a certain practice,
iimuIM iu wlun alone u bitlnt fre'iuently learned from
vil loinpaiiioiia, or at mIioo! the ttL-cts of which are
mghtl; Lit, oven when loLtp, und if not cured r.ndirs
marriage iuipoxuhlj. una Ueiro) buth luiud and body,
khoul.l appl -l.
What a pitty that )oiing mm, the hope of KN rruntry,
aii.l tho iturliiij,' of hi' parent, shoulu tie Miali hud from
all propetts and fiijitjuienl ot life, by the conseuuen.
ces of deviating liom the pall! ol nature, mid iiidiifgrrig
in a serlaiu ktirt habit, rfnth persons belort con
templating. MAItRIAfii:
should reflect that it sound mind nnd body are fhe most
nrcesar) repJiMlies to promote loiiuuuiul happiness
Indeed, without thsc the journe) through life bnuiiies
a weary pilgrimage, the prospect hourly darkens to
Ihe view , the miuu becomes hhadowed Willi despair
tilled with thu ui laiuholy relb-ttiou that the happiness
of another becomes hliuhted Mth i.ur own,
orflCU ML M)I'TI1 FUUIlLUlCK ti'l'.. Jtaltiutorr, JIIJ
N. II. -L t no faUe luoderl) prevent )oil, but apply
inimediatel) either pcrn-nall) or by Letur.
TO &rJt,i.Y(lUia.
The many thousands cured at ihis institution within
the but Jj )ears, ami th4 numeioua nupoilant Hurgirui
Operations performed by llr. Johnnoii, witnessed by
the reporters ol tha papers and many other persons, no
li ce of which Ii iv e nppeared again ami njtaiu before the
public, hi'Hdc Ins standing as u iienll Milan of i huract r
and repoiit!ibillt),isa sulhiiiitL'uaruiileetothealtlitle I
. II. There are so inan ignorant and worthlen
I Ouarks ad ertlslug theluelves I'll) MUilux, milling llie
....tut. mi. tli.n lux iredeimals nml t ndoiu'is
- r
nil. n, a li.'im, , III. Itllir.
Cr"l'K. Noiuk. All letters must be post paid, nnd
rouMin u pottage tuin, lor th. rvpl), or no misMvr twll
b: went.
.Manh 17. WM.
ANIl , .
' IIU subscriber Likes the liberty to inform tho I.adiet
1 and ;eutl"m'ii of Omuseville, and
coitutry. that hf has opened a "Kasc Dbv toou&. Th.m
mino HiOKfc,' i i Oralis!. ville. Where he keeps on hand,
and is constantly nceivlns n Eff"P'"''l onorlitwiii ol
Slaule & Fancy Dry Goods,
Trimmlnc, llandkerchrfs, Hosiery, fJlovri. -Mitts, and
... glwrli kinds of furuihinx goods fur both Ladies
nud geiilli-i.t'-ii. Ili goHls are ooiiui ai iew t otk hiiu
I'hilapelphl.i both h Iheretore has tilt t.t)les of both
pi ice. Th y nr bought for tahh, which enables hini to
..ii i.i tnti- mi ih mi nnv other 111 the tountry.
He nspectfully solicits a sl'are of patroiiase.promisiDs
to render u4d satistaitioii. I'l case tall and examine
before pUKhaMim t-dne where.
N 11. t'ountry I'roi.uro taken in eichanse for foods.
Ladies vv uhiiiit fleeve. l-'npe oruih.'r patents, will be
tuniihederstuwith the IdUit city st)les, on applicu
tl0" I, NEttTON KI.tNE.
Orangcvnie. June 9, 1W0.
I the Orphan's Court.
THC Auditor appointed to make tlUtnbution of the
balance iu the bauds of Abraham Kohbius, Admin
istrator of tht estate of Thomas iffhe sniu
county, deceased, w ill meet ths ili.iributets ami all per
sons interested, for Ihe purposes of hi prniutnient, at
nis omci't in liiotiiin-ourg. on daiuiiimi uii n)
of AuJUht n 'it, u twevii i nc nnur or nine t, m an.
three I', il., hnand lurc all person, liavinn tliilins
are remured to present tham, or be forevvr debarreu
ftnin n narn nr u i runn.
j, c. rucfizc, aJuor.
Itloopisburs, July ii, U(0.
l lvcsmiiinf c.iter.,
sod r. H'inibiiK.I fur salf
Sowing Machine, rhnlis btch In tho mar
over all Other
,,r.9r. mnrhihr,. ore, oil one.
M .... ........ M.
This Machine possesses the three grand reiulsllel, slnv
..... ...ev . dm.d .. a
May r lower before purchasing, Silk, Cotton and Lin-
sale by
M. C. 01UER,
.1. V. MAltTIN.
Every sort.
HI .Li.
Just iieceived at
"Cfieapcr tha?i the Cheapest!"
Liht Btrret, April 33, 1560.
Valuable Lical Estate.
1 pursuance rf nn otder of the Orphan s C ourt of Co
lumbia county, on
Suturttatfo tlic 8tli day of August) next)
at 10 o'clork in the forenoon, John tn)ikr Trustee, ap
pointed hy the Orphan's Court f the jid county, to dis
pone of certain Keal Lstate of Jtditi Price, lat of Call
w is.i tow n i'lli p, in quid county, deceased, will expose
to sale, by Public Vendue, at thu Tublic House of Daniel
Keiubnlu", in the town of Cuitawissn, in the said county,
a certain
lying in the said township of Cmtawissa, bounded and
dt scribed no follows . On the North hy lauds of I ha
huh ll.-tiingt-r, on tin Wct by lands of Catharine Drum
Iwller. on the Smith by luidsol Ahraliam Wager, nil J nn
tnc Last by linds lata of Decedent, now of Jiremlah 1.
I'luchcr; coiilaiiiluir
T'u eiily-niiic Acres origami,
more or less; Whereon is e r'cUd a one and n half story
Lain the I'.stntc of salil ilorcnsfil, situali in tlm luwn
slihi.of C'aU.imssil, anj countv afuremiiil.
r.lnoinsburp.July 26. Ifiti0.
Valuablc Ucal Estate.
I S pursuancoof an order of the Orphan's Court of Co
J luuiijia county, on
Friiayy the day of August vczt
at IU o'cloik in the forenoon, Haimiel II. Anderson, al
luiuislrutor ic, of John Amkrfou, late of t litre town
ship, in ai I count), deceased. Will expomi to thle, by
Public Vendue upon the premises, .ict-naui
situate in CVntrevill , iu the raid rounly. bounded nnd
l.iicribf.l as tolliiws. to vvif On the .North bv Peroiid
Htrcft of sani tow ii on tlu Cast by land if Ilex, kiah
liooiie, on tuu ouin tiy au .ny. anu on tue west ny
lauus of Peter IIutt.intuiu. Whereon are rrtcted a
and other out builJiiics.
I.at3 the KhtaU of suid deceased. ituate In the tvn
ship of Centre, and county afore? aid
tlooiiirburg. July gf. lffiO.
Valuable Heal Estate.
IN pursuance of an order of the Orphan's Court of Co
lumbia county, on
&$itttrduyt the 25ft of Ai'Uity next,
at 16 o'cloiV iu the forenoon, Reuben Hartuiair, Admin
iftratorof Jacoh eisloft, laM of Madison tuwiithlp. in
failinuuty. di-cased will expose to sale, by Public
Vcudin. upon the pr-'inisns, a c. rtam 'JViifiucnl and
itl.iiiiioiT l.nnda nt FitianiH'l Ki.llnr. nn tli I'tat. Ilio lir.H
of Jonnttriil .Mot-ll.r. on the North, an- ottii-r lauds of)
tue unerased o'l tne West ana aoutli, conlainlns
MXi v-initi:i: iiii,
and one hundred and eight) -five perches, strict measure,
all under good cultivation ; on which arc irectud a
IrtBAttllS WEIblbaJ UailtU32S
ft HAVK UAUV, riUr pr-'si, Waijon-bous'e, and utlur
outbuildings. Al.HO,- A curiam otlar
mostly w'I tiiiib.TCil.aud tobu sold with the tract above ,
dt scribt., uiljoiiniig lan.ts of Alexander t'urr, ou ths
North lUlb r on theHoiiih, audothvr lands of ttu
deceased on the, totitauiin,
tiightetn Actt& and Twenty Irches
stria .Measure, ALSO, A ccrlaiiiother 1
adjoining the tract first above dvicritied on the Kat,
Alexaii.ivr t'urr on the North, other lauds of tlu drcuased :
on thtj Wet. and Adam Hell'r on tlu South, containing i
and one hundred and thirty-four perches, strut measure, J
i.ioMly Ociirad l1,ld ttllu umitr good cultivation, ou which
are crtctid a good
Mi IV Fit A. MU 11 0 it s i: ,
.nd STABLE. ALfO. A certain olrjr
adjoining lands of Joseph Voting, on the Eat tht tracts
ahov e describ-'d on tlu North. Adam He Ief,ou tho West,
and Amo I It Her ou the South, containing
ani oin hundred and ten perchev, about thirty acres of
Much are will timbered und the remainder in a good
stute of cultivation,
late the l.late of said deceased, situate in the town
ship uf MadikOit, and count) aforesaid.
HIoinvburs, Jul) 2a. l"f-0.
, lutle. but oftfn filU tin- pnrti.
il? UANKLIN J?AVINfJ (TXD-N'o. K-6 Snuth,
II Fourth Street. iKt.veeli Chetuut nnd Walnut
j Iptna, pa) s nil deposits ou demand. I
li,-poMiurs' mom;) siiured by fiovcrnuieiil State
ami city i.oaus, t.nmnu nt in. .tion.i;''. ctr i
This Couipauy di'iins better than large
profitu, coiia.-'iuently w ill run mi riK with oVpwsi- c
tors' nioiii y, but have it ut nil times rinJy to return n
with A per rent, interest to the owner, as ibey have 3
alwa) s done. This company m-ver suspended. U
IV males, married or dinjle, and .Minors, cm tTe-'v
poiiitin tluir own rrP'lrt, nnd such deposits tan be -
WltllUriWIl Olliy Ii) l,li ir imim ni. v
Chart, r pepvtual. I.uorporated by the5tate of
Penns)lvania, wiih authority to receive moneys
ifroni trustees nud Lvi'Cutura. r
Oihcu open daily from u to :i o'tlock, uiid.on Wed-.
uesuay evening uutiio otiocr.
Jaeob n. Shannon, C)rus radnaMadcr.
John Shiudlur, (ieorce Hucsell,
Malachi W. iloan, jaiwaniT. lljctt,
Lewis Kriimbhnrr. Henry lielauy,
Xichohs Htttenlioiisp, Nathan uieuley.
Jos, 11. Suthvrthuiiite, Lphriam lUanchard,
Joseph l.ippiiiroit.
March W, l.vj-pj.u.
"A Dollar saveilTs twTcj earned "
"1KMKMT by the Barrel, fr saloat
M.l-1" If CO
tiator From Europe
Advices from Turin ttalo that COOf)
additional volunteers had left lor Sicily,
and that two Neapolitan regiments had
mutinied with shduts of Viva Garibaldi.'
Fifteen hundred of tho Oaribaldinn
volunteers lia I already landed in Calabria,
and Garibaldi himself would soon advance
, on N'aplcs, whither it is reported he had
been summoned bv his friends.
TuiiiN, Aucust 7. Ouo tliou and vol
unteers left to-day for Sicily. l;ivo thou
sand proceeded then on tho -Ub, and Part
ed for their destination in etcainora.
Garibaldi's arrival nt Naples is awaited
with much impatlcnco hy his adherents in
that city and nt Home.
Accident at Danille, Pa.
Danville, Aug. loi Tho bridge over
tho cnnnl on Mill ttrcot, fell this orening,
carrying with it a crowd of peoplo who
had assembled to witness tho performance
of a young man named Carr, on a wiro
stretched across the canal. There wero
about two hundred pcrsdns oil the bridge
at the time, including a number of women
and childrend. The affair caused great
excitement. A child is musing and is
suppo-ed to be drowned. Two other chil
dren wore tatcu out apparently li'elen,
but were subsequently roMi-eitnted,. A
woman had her hip dislocated, and a inau
received a fracture of tho arm.
September (fioiivt,
WIIERRAH, the Ilo. Wsrhln J. Wowdwaiid, Trosl
dent of the Court of 0)t nnd Terminer aud ticu
era! Jail Deliver), Court ot Ouartfr Kcssions of tl
1'eaLri aud Court of Common Deas and Orphan's Court,
In the 2Mb Jiiiiiijiil Histriit. Cnii.poHcd o the ruuntis
of Columbia, Kulliv an and W)otmiif:, nnd the Hon. Jawo
Kvavs and l'tikn Kioit, Asnouute Ju.lKes of Columbia,
toiiniy, have istiPit tlu-ir prettpt, b arniR date ths ulntu
day of IVb., in thi )car ot our Lord one thousand tight
hundred nud sixty, and to lue directed .tor hjluini; a
Court of Oyer and TiMnhicr and tieneral Jail tltliviry,
General (tuurtT Hesstons of I In 1-ai e, tolniuoii Pleas
and Orphan's Court, in itlooinsbur1:, in thu county of
Columbia, ou the tirnt Monday, (brum the 3d da. i nf
j iSpt , next, and to conlinmi one week.
I Notice is Ii -rt-by puni, to the Coroner, the Justices of
the IVacci und Coiiatahh-s ol the said county of Columbln
that they be tlii-u ami there iu their propt-r prraoiis at
10 o'l lot h Iu tin1 for.'iionn of said da) , witti their records,
inpiititioiis nud oth r remeiiitiraiice to do those things
which lo their others appertain to he done. And thone
that ure bound by recognizance, to prosecute against tin
prisoiii-rs that ar. or may he iu the Jail of said county of
Columbia to be thii ami there to prosutuu: them as shall
be just Jurors arc re'pierti.-d to he punctual in their at
tendance. ttereablv to their notices. Hated at bloouju-
but- the 2.J dav tof July, in th' )enf of our Lord out
ihonsaiid t'isht huniired und silt), and in tha Pith
ot the In dependence ot tlu Unit-d States of Amenta.
God s ue tlu Coininoiivvt-Hlth )
JOHN tf.VVHlUt, Shtrif
July S.J, 100.
lilaoiu Caleb llartoii, Jr.t Vliliam Coleman, trim on C
UiMitin-Jno. IWHellnf, Patterson Moore, Thos. Hmi.
Uriarcrt'ek Adam Halt, John Davenport, Jutyb Aloi
teller rphraui Cvans, Peter Ha) uiati.
Cuttawismi-ri.iiuuel Thomas.
I7ei tre-John Miatl'-r.
Franklin 'J humus J lower,
Fiitliiiifcroek-II Irani Itiitenbender.
(irtiiood- Dav id Albcrtsuu, Piter Glrton.
JarkttOn Jjiiiies otiiiu.
I.ucut tJeorge lVttfnnan.
jM.ntif.oii John H.-niutt.
Mi ill i it John riiiyder, Jacoli Schwepprfnh'iser.
Koannpcreik-t liarles Uik.
hcolt I'ln h p Aih'-nliuch.
for tin: .skf tj:mu i:u Ti.itM, i?co
llloom 1 ilhaui Itearit, Joseph I'.urMi, J6eph Wear
er, John U. Moyer, Charle Thomas, htraw biioge A.U il
sou, Vu line llomie.
Iior. Herwitk Jmoli Moyer, A B Tate.
Ucavt r ter il 'arhait, n.itiul Johnson,
Centre Thomas Conner.
Cattawifca Solomon Keiuardi
I'ratiklm- J.iroh Kostcnh.iui r.
Fij.hiujn.reik - John In velum, Thomas Lunger
it I veil t.uJii .i'tjulI .inen"
Locust-Jonas ruhriimt-r.
.Mlfiliu .viidiacl l-r), Jut oh Volie.
M.itiihoii Ujii'I .Mi'ikl. Isaac McllrUe, Henry DilJins,
Montour-Andrew t'lark,
Blount Pleasant llowilt, Andrew Crousc
.Maine Aaron Anurews.
Urauge Jarn-'s I'aitirsuu, Jlenry Dcloug.
Plii '-Willia.n Arler.
Bcott -A J. Thornton. t?.imm.l L. ltct'le, Llias Kruin,
Roh-rl S. Hovviil.
rfugarloaf Herry (. Hess, Ain'rcw Laubach,
TKIATj list
1. Itiijumiu A. Cole v s. tlli.nn Sniious,
- IVt. r Mill.r vs. the Cnttuw Ui-a, Williamsport it
Kriu lUilf-ail Compniy.
H. Hamuli Lemon v. A. W.Creamtr.
1. John .Mc'-alla vs. HiMirv Hantz.
5. Simon IVttiTiuau vs. Wright llujht.
i. Jacob Schu)ler vs. Wilson Ager.
7. Charles lleiiiuiiger vs J-udivig Huhl'g aimtnUtra
B. T. W.KahleMs. n.uiifl NVjhnrd.
y. Jno. victiullican t t. nl vs. Samuel Rhone
10. J. K. Oirtoii v . Ldcar V ll.irtoii, ct. id.
11. William Sine)er vs. John lluiltutgle
1'J. J. 1'. Jarkdoit,, vs. I noth Howell.
J. Htephuti 11. .MilU-r vs. Dmii I l he)lyrt
ii. Ito'reri t; Aiiuti vs. IK-rj. Pavdon.
Jj. Win. ppleuiau vs. Jouaihair.Mottetler
ju. Lima .vuftiiM vs. haiiiuei if. rtevbiTt.
iiiary iivm v s. vv ui. ness.
Id. ivt.-r liiiiineyir vs. -Michael .Mevl-rt.
Jeremiah II. Hartman v . Abr.nn N. II irvcy.
'-U. atlfainel U. Uuter et, al., vs. A. N. Harvev
tfl. C. 1. lurnng tt. al., vs. Jo.m C Jucoby
Joseph .iiiy m, J,im-s v. ri.iik.-.
I. Lav lua l ol.'vs. mium Lut it. ul.
21 Hatiiel j?pa)de vs. Chrtiau Laubnih.
IU. Ira Hoboiiis vs Jacob Ihthl.
Jo. lieorv tfloan Lxiiutorvs. Ja. It.intr,
'-'J. Jacob Si huyler v. .vlbrt Mookiytt. al.
21 tiei-ru- (iwtty vs, Henry Mioll.ib. r r.
-J. J hu tlartou's u.liu'r vs. Jus ph Lilly
. , t , JACOU LVutLV, Prothonotary
Uloomsburg. July lit, Jtto, '
HY iirtucrrjii Order nftli. (Irjilmn's dun onviuui
lu i,,uiu. SUnUy Wuudnard, tru.ttf,' apnuiutl'd
uy (lie Orph.ii. s Court ,.f l.uK.'rue county, uill vsuu.c td
fcali', on tlu rrjiiiutfs, on
'Jutsilny, the 'iUt of August, A. D., 1800,
.1 Ho'tlock, P. M the follontng Ileal Csute, to lt
situate In tlio touniliipo l'ine, In Cclumbia ckontv
contaiitiri!! nliout
oxk iiu.vdiu:d ACllKS,
a fair proportion of Mlmli Is clrurcd, and ou nliirliaro
, rccU'u a
A HRV and oilisr out buildinjs. This trirl oilj.ln,
lands of Ihoina. llinll.ld on the north, and '1 horns.
I.t p., (.. Wtlliu'r, aud others on the east, south, and
west. Lato ilia Eitale cf I'lulip M.ilin, lata of l.uzcra.
couuty, ot-ceased.
CO.VDiriO.VH OF .Mir.-JOno0fl!u!ih of thVpu'cns..
iiiiiuc), (k's.teu per cent to he paid 1,11 Ux conuriiialloi.
of tint sale, ten p r cent, of llm one fourth lo ha paid ul
the slnkiiij down ol'llw piopcny. The balaute oftlis
purchasi money in one ear from thy contiriu.tiuii of
taU, mtli liinri'.t lur said one yiar.
r.xi,i:v WOODWARD.
flloomsburj, July 14. lrw) r.(lr,
Flour ami Ftrd PilivereJ!
'I lOi iiiidersiantd has made arrangements that will
X enalile him lo Jsli'ver Flour aud teed, KOK CASH
Jhout teu per cent, cheaper Hun any liojy else in towu'
His prices are asfollows
Ym' ? "I l"ornt Rye Chop, si ol
Corn i Oats Chop. t i". 1 J
1 rssp?cllull ..licit a share ol the public patronase
filonnsburt, June SI, leOO-tf.
iiifrifc: of Andrew Shoemaker, dtetastd.
-5 r KTrGRH of administration on th. Kslatc of Andrew
Jj Hioemaker, late of .Madison tOHn.liip, In Ci.luiubm
county, deceased, have been granted by the UcgMsrof
Culuiiilua rnuuly, to tho uuuersigned, all person, lia
Ing cUnes ai'alnst ihel.sui; of th., are naues
ted to present tliciu to ths Administrator, at bu
deuce near Jeis.')to.n,withn',r n la.gad .11 person. In
d ltedtomaiepi.yrteBt Itrtuwi.1).
, , . i.iLSOX THOMAS.
Hoops anil Hcopj,
sle at