Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, August 11, 1860, Image 4

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I have reail with much surprise tlio sir-1 i
.. . . i .. ..' ttnr ...,1
UbtlJ IUUUIU1U 111 111V l.lMI".ll" ..,. ,
( i ir Gcntltnwn, advismc tanners to
i ... 1 . '. .1..' .,,.rtJ
uu-nox u.e suaue iri- iu mm piu... ,
Now. n? tlie merciful wan is merciful ,
to lit t beast, it is surprising that so cole a farmer as Hon. A. It. Dickinson
sliouM .idvooatu such cruelty. Ono of
my C'jvs by-the-by, was sadly sunburned
li-l umntcr by being pastured in a field
wit'imt Millicknt shade.
1 ,1'ii'u but one field on my farm dcsli
t a-, it r,liatlo trees, and that I intend to
supply a toon ai they will grow. Mr.
IV cl.i usoii -.ays the lazy rascals will lie in
th h ide tthcu they should bo feeding.
Noiv cattle if running in good pasturo will
cat hit their appetites crave, and no more.
If they lie in tho shade in the heat of the
dy, they will feed with a keener appetite
in the cool of the day. It is difficult for
cing th- in to feed by exposing their backs
to a burning suu. I know not how well
Mr. bickui-nii'-i cattle may be trained,
b it I ilo know that my cattle arc just
niL.iu though, when turned to a pasture
without --hade tree,', to take advantage ot
tlii. lit tit- shade which the fences afford,
and th. re lie, vainly endeavoring to screen
ihemelvcs from tho sun's burning rays
a- long as they otherwise woul 1 lio in a
e 'tiifoitaldo shade.
it U argued that they make more iloh
hi being deprived of the benefit of shade
trees, which I very much doubt; but, if
bo, what is the value of a few pounds of
beef compared with the satisfaction of
toeing them comfoitably enjoying them
Helves in the shade of a beautiful tree ?
Animals as well as men are killed by
san btroke, if we take tho newspapers for i
Where is tho man that will take his,
dii.uer and go out in the sun and cat, if
bj can lind the shade T I say, " Wood
man epare that tree." Charles Prince,
S'.'huyidll Co., N. Y. Country Gentle
trt :.
LICE. Two ycuM ago my chickens were infest
ed witu vermin, and my hen-houso (n-Lich
ii also my wood and coal-house,) k ovcr-
hi. . .it
UCO that HO OnG COUlu gO llltO it
without being covered with them.
uir,, n (riiiit n,isK Tn off rirl nf tlinm Tl
c , 0. .
tiftod aii-.ilacbed lime over the roosts,!
flnnr wnrnl rnll nirl prprvllilno' in tlio
uoor, woou, coai, ana every tuing in tno ,
Jioase, but to no purpose
Jurt tlwn, I
ii, nti.fti f I
saw tllO Statement 01 a
.Am I., n. f. nnrlfiiltnrnl noplnrli .
i.v.t.w.. ... v.w w. o i'"-
oils, nayiug that he did not know that1
susafras riots wot Id prevent chickens I
frgui having lice, but she did know that '
when rha had such roosts her chickens ,
were nevi r troubled with vermin. j
L'jj.on litis hint I acted. I got some ,
BisiufiMa po. for roonts, and scattered I
tho hair, o: sassafras roost among tho'
'ihc Vtill U 7a3 that tllC UCO SOOn
M . MLiiTliVinr S. was in the same ere-
d'lCJUiCIit fit. hi3 hens and hen home
three week'- ago tlio nest oi ono sitting
hen bung so full of lice that she deserted
her oggs. I iuforraed him how I got rid
o. them, and ho immediately procured
sass-afras poles for roosts, and scattered
t-assalrai bark about tho hen-houso and in
the n '3(3, with tho same result that follow
ed my t-xpi rimtnt. His hens arc now free
from Ik--.-.
To iri tin- i lTect of sassafras upon lice,
he Iropped su.ue of them upou pieces of
tho bark -, the conscrjuehco was, that at-
IllOst ill tillltiv UUOn touching it they died,'
- till
JUS ill O UIODIiCU IllUUeS Ul UlU UUllV auiuut
'.., .
thii ilivtrri'il f. 'a
l'tt'3, WlllCIl Were COVerCU
with lico, and noticed that when a piece
, 1 i
ft'll among tin-Ill. tuero Was nn immediate
i-can pcring togtt away from it. From
il,..w,w......ri,. 1. 1.. T cnnfnr flint sassafras
is fatal to cliieSicn-ltce. Genesee Fuuu
A horticulturist
writes tliht Inning somo fine pears stung
by wonilln'ivd them by inserting in
ihn worm hott- tho stem of a pear leaf,
fi. zibh cuo t follow it3 simiOMtica
untl cntb tiin intruder in his retreat.
The wan v.C'uU have bceu good for
11 ant
nt i.'ru'lMi. but after this CXncri-
'. .... , . 1, ,1 .
tin. v " obtained aumiraoiy ineir
.1 C .1
iiiuiuuiv , prescuiiu uu uiiioi uuui; m iuv
opirutiou thou a slightly hardened tear,
and an imperceptible depression of con
tour.' Liki a true gardener, lio was too
fond of hi- p. ais to eat them, and canDOt
sty whether tlio flesh in growing together
lud or had not expelled tho remains of tho
enemy Hit hopes others will givo the
process a tin tLer test.
St.En Wiikat. W. E. Antry, of Camp,
bell Couiiiy, Ky., sayd ho selected from hU
crowhi xtXwat tlio carlioit ami largest
head,, Eowcl tils seep wparatcly, ami tlio
nrrtrliif-n Hi, licit liarvct wns tl.rm wPnlfa
l" "
.1 .ll .
earner limn aJf um-.r iwn i UIO samo
kind sown at tlio samo tiino." Ho tVuiks
by contiami.g tbia procc l.o sliall be alio
to Cet (l very early Variety, ilo IS Of
b ...... ..
pioion tout fcceu wheat UllOUlU 1)J brougllt
6132 M &'n tiftCS s-
at run cwtxxn ar
I .IBswii a :1 roa Meed,
IVi j nn w ant RII.KS I (lo to llUOWnifs".
Do yu mi (it l,AVi:i.l.A CLOTH t Uu to
jUo)oi.uitl-IIAI.l.l llllt.AINM! dotoIUIOWrilS.
I J ii l Hill lill'lilil'MliKni iili it iiimn unu.
yon wmi cloth uusrum? tint.. imowLirsi.
IM 'ni HPlll t.Ki;t.t.HI PKHIIB I I.OIO IHlUll i?,
nil mini 1IU, CI'TI I'.ll'i
WKIKT--UM't:,lEltJ I
Goto unowr.ns.
in iiuownirs.
no to nnow r.u .x.
do in iiKowi:u s.
iiutn nnnwuu'i).
(in tn II H
tluto lltnUT.R'R
do to nuuwxR's
nu mint .MUSLINS!
( KnilirALlc0'.SI
iiijnu want
I In) nil nut IIARUdl'.MI
i in jun wnnt nr. (
Do )oil mil iio?ii:uy I
Do vmi Hunt lll.OVl.13 I
llojmi Mil 111 IIANUhXKCIIIllFlSf
II., you wnnt CAItrT.TrUTl IIEl.rl I (In (" llliUWKK'd
Do yml nnt DTIiLLA Mil AWI.H I do tn lUtOlVUIl'S.
Ilojoiiwant MOIHIII SUITS! (in to UUIIWriS'S.
Dojnu wnnt SILK OlUnlXiJI do to nUOWKU S.
IM on want (lAl'Vl'I.UTS ? Un to lmoUF.Ita
Do jou nant cnoTt'iinr bkawh ' un to intowi;irs.
Co to l.HOUT.R'S
lloyml wnnt IMt.M V XSt
iu)(,u mint sun smni:s;
Ho ) ii want 1'MDRIH.I.AS I
Do ) on want ('ASSl.tlFRLS t
1)0 )on want PERSIAN PI.A 11) I
ll.i you ant l'ERl)AI.r.S I
Do nu want JEANS t
Ilo you want NANKEENS!
l)o)ou wantClXdllAMS f
Ilo you w ant DL'dA I.s (
no to nr.owKivs.
do to nnowER'S.
(; to nnowr.irs
do to HKOWKR'S
Co to IlRUU'ER'd
do to OROU'CR'S
Co to IIROV'T.R'S.
Co to miOUTR'S.
do to UIIIlWI'.R'S'
Ilo nu want CURTAIN Ml'Sl.lV! do to DIIUWEICA
Do i on wiuitroiiirA.Mniili.'d I do to imi)tvi:i:-s
l)o ml wnnt WHITE dOOIISI
Do j mi want DENIMS!
Do jou wnntPII.ESIA I
Do yinl nant DRII.LINCiS I
Do )im want TICKINGS (
Do yon want I IIErKS!
Dojnu want l.Dlr.S'S'IOKS
I)j)ou want I.ADIE-' H.MTEUS(
Unto mtOUTIVrf
tlo to IIUOWKIt'ri.
lio to IIUOWKR'H
(Jo to nuowcifsi.
ao'to rmownr.s
!ntn KROVVnU'?.
fit. to nnownri'a.
Rnto imownii's.
Do)nn want I'linSK CHI) I'.KIEH I do In lUIOWl'.R'S
Do )..ii want (lUEENSWARK!
Ilo y nu wnnt CLASS IVA I1K !
Do you wnnt II AltllW MIC!
Doyou want mtUCS f
Do you wnnt ITUE sni'ES I
Do you wantCIIUU- dOODS'
Bloomtliurg. .May 111. In II.
Co to OKOWmt'rt
Co to imou'Kirri
o.i to t.nownu'a
Co to lUlOUTR-S.
(n(ialss;i, HUIlAinsiiirt .V l'.rio V. 1'
f TTT CK5T7w3 CErTEwGSn Direct Ratlrcttt ecu
J"Vy fffttlon bfttrnn JSVfl.
hatlB cvd i'htlait'ph. ittrttt (jvirkttt trnd
i'h'oprst Kouttfmm Itt em ,'tw Yrkta I'hitmlelphia,
Ifam$buTg, Pllliburg Uallmot, H'ashitton city, flail IA.
Tli uiffjrcnl Trainn on this ltoad pas Rupert m fol
Epres. rri'lplit. n(no M.
rmladelpliia Mall, Jil.:i-J a.m.
1'lliUiIcli tiin N. V. Exprr.i. ll,io p. m.
Exprfas Fr 'iglit, 12.i-f) p. i.
r.lmlra Mall, 3,41) r. y,
Mairira Epr',s9. It. Si) p. m. HF.TH EE.V nurr.iirn- ruit-iDr.i.rm.i.
Rupert to 1'niUdn., si Q I Uup.'rl tn Milton, $ 70
do HarriKuurx. .100) uo WillinniFpott, 1 4il
do 1'. Clint. hi, n 10 1 da Llinirn, Jki
ilo Tamaiua, 1 50 do Micr i Tall.. 7 -i)
All pa.i tigers are rcinpt'.-d to proenrt! Ticki-t. b'foru
cut -ring tin! rarF. UagifJEt; checked tlirough to rtiit.!
d'lphia and Elinira.
II. A. roNDA, Shji-i.
Jun-n. lJ--0.
fL. T. Sharp less' Store.
or i
rplir. nndcrsixiicil. haxing taktn rhargu of the NVw
rion1 iitriii'Tty Ktps uy Jo-ti vn riiAiuivm, q$ takes
this m-thod of infnrminv Ina numcrom rustojucr. that
, iu nan jun niiUHuu irum uie city wtiu u mrtu ussri-
s Hl 1 X' s ,1 11 , (l(llll)S
.. I.,... i. n,r... ., I ,
Jlil';i d'asll Stoiv,
on Main Iri'i-t, Ulnoinsburp, at 111.' vi rv lnul liiina
. st, k ,, ,tn . . , ,,, u , r
- inrtf and Jiii'jeiiii nt, and ivill comparu r.unralily uilli
any itntK ci coo.h i vi-r nrnugni to nu. piacL-.
l.-omnry proance liihcn in rriinu3f l"r ennns in ino
market Wlc-n. him lian I uvi'Dtltmo ii.ininnlily
W !" 11
niiu nun ii liiii ui'iiru purcu.iM-
mi; .i.eiiiii'r.
nioonuimrg, April if, wm.
Blest!! Fiai-pTt-st!!!
sits oa :
)nir.irTiiltinnin Sulci Cnlrv Itl.ftk.K.LTDl II U'li.
tin. Commercial Aril.imtticiti'l lecture..
ititn S'l-J. (Vtire ripenm 502
UjuH lime from li to 10 tci k. Kvry SmoVn-.tinnn
crnilnalii B.ll cuitnleril cninp. ti HI 10 In t nafje lie
In-nln i.rauy liuHiu... and qnaliilidto uma -nlary
tinn 'rriiiiinn
a.juu . uamtiu,
Pliitlt-nli n.tralany lin-e Nn vacation Itnleivat
rimt l-ifni him. for IlPH Hiifilipf.. V rilin? P r IKi I
rpti'ivetl at fitulmri,', rnil nl, Ipl.l t nml (JiiS'ati
Fain. 1'uir' r,l llm Union lor
I lie pu.t Inm yfnra.
IO Miih.lfr. rinnt rprciveil nl 1,'tll price.
Tor CI rtrat. p clmeti. nml Cinti, llili'il Viewer
I le Ui 1'fe, inclj.p llv- Mlr uMiiip 1,1
P W. JbNKINS. I'lll. nmli. I'a.
Lmiiary II I-CU. (-Miril j:l l-i'J.)
UA ti GAINS li.'IUGA hXS ! .
WOL'I.ll r,'pectfntly inform the citizen, of I.icli
Mm t anil i icinity that llf)' liavtf Jn.t recind n
new and eMeimve a.iortiiiunt of
ivhichthey ill mllrlinp lor cull. They havo a l.iiiri
and Jjeili'rnl vnri.'lyi all that I cnniiiitmly found ina
omiiiij ri.'iii. mn uio i,.i.,u m ti,.,. ...itio
selittion nf tli -ir soniUtln-y havn paid .trut utt.-ntnii ;
tli r f.iru. in.rc Iiim: iu n II I hear n cnniiiR'liilatiuii
anil w in prove in no in me nr.i citi.x.
Th prupri.lnrt. cordially aolicit n liberal .hare nf pat-
rnnagt'. i.n-i,init.'i mmiii uu n, ii in tun uuii viuiuiiiu
tlulr i-.-nornl vun-ty U lore punliainr;i..flierf.
I . . . MART, fc KNT.
1. 1. 1,1 Hlrpi t Oi li.Ii-r S!J. i:i,
! C. C. SADlER & Co..
, '
I CstltiSllOil Merchant! ami dealers il
No. toil Art-li St.. 3ml duiir iiIiomi I'rnnt
MAXurACTi;Ri:i: or
H.itsiiiiK, I'r.iiii-n,
lV;i N'ut-, il)riel Appt f,
I'i'Ct'tiii N'uls, lVticlitfa
iranajH, iSwfft Oil.
Cnrranli.. MmuniN.
Clttnn. i:ill. Wulliuti
rtit. 'i nborn.
Lumiiis. !r ritni.
Cream 'atii, ,1'iiij Apple, Itracker?,
nnr, nvKKn, v.
Nu, iii'3 N'urtli Th) Til HtreU, Smitli llai't curtur Vinu
fill AlJKl.flllA.
Mnrrli 10. l-rn l.'in
LUCltUM'.lllllit iV li.ll Hllsiilll', 1(, It.
O.V.J.V) .1FTFII MIY Tit, 1510.
fTTt t m'-',"mti!iv TII U irjuid will p.i.n Cloonii 2ji"SliLu'a nutiun fulloin :
.Mail Train, l"-.Si) r. M.
Kxirli rrclL'lit, ?.13a..m.
Mail Trnln, . m.
Kir Frcislit, twa r. m.
Thj .Moil Twin cnniir-fU willi His N'nriliern LVniral,
at Noiiliumb.rUiiJ, enin2 routii nnd Nnnli.
M. IV. JAI.'KriOV. Sjt.
Junnll. ln.
AliUl UM'1'IIAI- A I' Ut'l OW. I
AI..lii: in.uiliiimt of tlu Inn f rtili7.. ra in SJL, I
thiiimiktt, t ri.luci'il prl..'. for cn.h, con. tjj''i
Jfi rlX'lal
tufr-, lou.h, Wi..hate. n n-wml kU for frmt ute.
j'uudrtiti1. i'mier otc, ai nnieniii uuu nidii.
,mni,.,u and sd eioro. urutr uf Jthaml .Market
ll, iM.'NAI..
T-iR, J d. BUrrEll, ha.rsmoveJ lii.CrHo, to Market
1J fclruet. neil dnor InthunF'W !,ultl"rnn th'lrih.wll, in
he willUMnHwhafpyw attend to tho want, of hi,
AT Til 14
B .unit Mli-nnl iivi 1
-JV1' 1. t- li UIWI V.
ftnn llsnthrr .f.iW A.i.vv n.i tifiyt' iiltH
VIAE Would illlOMIl OUr IrlCllds nllll
It iiLliiniira ihit t lm,i lu-trccclicil niiun-
mu.iiij larRo n-irtiiit nt . r
VM,liici,il'Tii!lm,.t rut".r,ir nnilv imv. Hum iinv
i , Wfora nil.'! H ! i."r ' Sli III 1,0 !l '-inpir "!!
III. rli"nn,Ml
W'f gli.ilt net ntti'inpt tn ftiuincrflli' It) Mntloui nitiilis
til nr.- limit 'imp nml tin ir u.iinoiii IkI,iu iiiinir pn
rlinii'storc Room., tut hull igt tli.i Ollar iitnl Camt, an
till -it tn nv rlliwin?. Til "ri-art' tn In- fouinl tli- rin.-nt
(jltrlrkii, In tin riiuntr)' at n.t.inlslilns Imv Ihur.'l.n,
ill.'' winr In irri'.il nrK'tlrr.. at .'j per rout, lower
cvit Ii u'lir,- oif r -il.
iJonts, Shoes etc,.
at tli Hfliti? rnt. In uliottt nlntn-t Pvt-rttiUK In ih
mi'rcniiUl.' li.if ffuni n iii'Cill" in nn mulmr.
wf" Ojri'fkiitUwill ilo II total Iwf'jru tiny make
th fl,'ct(nu.
Light Htro.'t, April '.", I-C.
ry I tn larc"t, bout lini-lnin
I ut nn I tli !(. t a-ort
trt" lit Ht it. IaltlT H'lltt
Klvct.'it Travt lliii Trunk.
ifni(-' Jio iinet Drat I'rnnk
Clilldrt-ir ('oarlvif, I'ri'P l
l.-ri I.'nih t a rhl Carpd Uuft
rntkina Trunks Ate. fee. 11
tl K'brotcil I.nmtttn Trizj Mdnl iinpnn;il l t Apriii?
nru txi 1 1 Leal It t Trunk m iniif.nt' ty. Nn. 4iPJ Market t
t mnu-r I'mirth and Markrt. rinLid'a.
Au?til f
iMlUta National
Chartered, ty the State cf V nniylvanla,
1. Mnwy I rt'coivi'J rvcry day, and In any amount
larSt or nmnll.
riVK I'lIIt C'KNT fntrit I ral I f-.r money from
th ' iln it ii put In.
;l. 'lh niftii'-v i-inlunit paid hark in COM). nh-'tii'V.
vt it U i"ill-'il t'or, nti.l w llhont tidiip.',
4 Moni'V re reived fiOul t'.TrrMtvr.. jjrfminhtrntnr
ClwrtltaiA and nthrr who ili'iri' to u it inn
rf rt paf ty, nn I wh tc intcnt ran hi olitaiiK-d for it.
.i. 1 ii j tiim y tit ivfn iroin nrpopiuir inftei, in
lien! F.itate, .Vortxceti, (round Utnt$t and such other
rtr-t rht cruriti n th' I'hattnr ilirrrt".
t. tirnn' llmr Kvitv d.iy from !i till 5 n'tlotk. and
uu Mondays and Thursday till m'i lork in tin i-vi-nins.
lion. HIIN'ltV I.. I i: JVKIt. Vre$ihnt.
KDliPRT RiU.nillH.'i:, nee President,
Wj, J. lUrti, kcerrtarv.
Hon. Henry L H'-hiht, Tram i ..Carter, r.l'nrndl llrt-wncr,
R h -rt S Ifrl liri, J.wcph H. Harry,
riinmil K. Alttoti, Jos 'iili W'l",
Lamlrotli Mining lluiry lillV-iidrrier-
HWllit tlrcel, toulh H'rtt forner if Thir'l Street.
rim. MiEKi'iiiA.
April 111, lm An?. 11, 'j-. !'b. 1, 'UJ
'pill! miltrihT i WW prrparfd w ith iuw Mai hinrj,
J to lniiM st.iiion.try i ii'tin- fi"in ti Ino horc pt .
rr upon Hit lntct-t luipnvd plant, unit will lull I to
or l r liouhlf nr eiiitt.t jnit.ilil.' t-usln s fioiu 10 to 40
liorim pow- r. RijpLMl upon nifrns's w ith l.ojl t p.vniiiig
nn-t I'-iiiipit rll roinpli t.' iitnl r'aiy for Ato a
c)limlT tint1 and inhnlar lunl r ra.t irmi c nl hrenk.-rs
piitoutt'd in li , fortlir sliinp tr.iiu nnd traikiii rorn
and now mad. on a targj to il for lirraklns uml. II n
inining I'ti-np' iin-l fir I'imiiit'fi ri;'."! in.upl f Willi
donido ttitins lorriuj piiinpi till kin of mil j:ari.i?
mid Iiohw rastiai' to oni- r- Uiu MnMnjis wnn
""J " t-"
Iro.iplauineiloiie. n,iy 'Jl t-it loii-r. all kinds of Iron
" ."' J !"---- " - -- j
dc. ir,',l pilcli nl llir -lid. ,.,.,
"' '"-' ;r -
route h'fi tliL- pithtir, tai-t Ir- n and wo id-n iu.h htnes m or.l'T. I.i v-t pow-i r- tliaiut r powi r uiadi
to or.'cr. .M-40 t.ikiii orders forth follow nur m n Inn r
llar'ix'ii'x Lit -t nt L'rin udll. i hid (of r -d l.j tn
rut nt ( for itt u'tpud. It will trtii I in c't'id tii.. o.t-ai
Jj Imsll I in hour. Also holM an I tl atrs all iu
ordr. nl'" ltitptiil t'i I'ati nt I low r. ininitfutiir 'd l t
II. HarrtH fc Co.. th i mot pow t fa I Mow r now in u
w ith th loabt nniounl nf pow.-r. otif of wltuli will bt
put in nit at th JVii in! ry tor xlnlniioii. .Ml nl th
i.litive will li - warrani-ii tn b what t'l ar f -r.
I At su-'rak1 ord r IW rntti's I'.it -nl ltl.ieK-.i ith .in
I krr. and nschtstrt ij th-'iu i.t Hi mtiiiliet of Colniiibt.i
Moiiiour, Notiii'tiiih rl !. Io rotiil.i. jMlfivn a a:i.i
Cliutou, 1.11 i f wlin h can Ijo ii rt my tInp.
mH ii.MAL?.
rdiio)iit.h ira', Columbia to.. MiipIi
U. S. TruslConi)any.
Corm'i' of Tiirilnntt Cl.cs'twt t$ a . Phil
IAIUJIJ and small sunn r'"-ivi-d and paid b.o-k on
j ib'iu.i'id wiHunil iiutn- with rne mi tw Imfr
tm Irom thf day i fdi pi nit 1 1 tu day f with Inwal. MoL'K-i I'rt,iiiltiintil.i o'tlotk rv. ry day, and
on Monuw Um"mno from "i 'Hit II u oi Im L.
i r idt nt-n;riii:N u. ckawi uuh,
Tr astir r - l't-v I'i-k.
Tll-r - Junta li. Hunttr.
, r.1r,,r.l
'"i.Vw T,iil,'y
D.tni. I llM'.li-tn.iH,
.tici r.'e Jun1 in,
Al tr t'. Hurt. M. I)..
AVilliaui M. ll-iwlu,
ill. I'r-in-liu J-ickco'i,
il'lmy Iih.
, rani 11. l.,,
M l.
, I'.nr ck Ir.uly.
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.March '.'ii. 1;5'J-
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Philadelphia. lri on
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fcir- --n rv"' Miin tt, irmi miuii -r iron .on. ai;
Viu.ilii'!! oflot khtMm.ilto any uiade
in th" UnitPiI Stall's.
ftceifei in one JirJ. came nut r'tjht; with con
tents in vend ramlitio.
Thf SjI'iinaiHlcr t;.if-tf of 1'luladi Iplua ajftniit the
MiavMiad tin purci-t dfiimstntli'-Hi to the following n-r
I tirtcat'j that tlHr inttmifarture nf rt.tlaiiiattdi-r t ban
' at b-npth fully warranted th ri'pr.'8v'ntation8 Hlnrlih.u'
h'en ma bt it th'-iu as rcnd- iiiu an undoubted t, cunty
a-oiust ilia l -rrioc il-munt.
i riuiad. iplua April r.. lrn.
Xer Fran s $ IVation- Ci atftrils im
tin liii(liot b.itUf.tcti'iii to ttato ti you. that imiui to
tin very ir t -ctivt' iualitn t f two of tin Salnuan-ler.
Saf' which v of jou hoiixj llvu mmith nncii
m avi'il a'c portion of Jt-wi-lry, and all our hooka
&.r exposed to th ral.imi(ioutf,tiri iu Ituiietcad ptacu w
I th morning of Hi lltlt iut,.
1 Wh -n hi' ml rt fh it lit it hi( i ri locatd in th
fonrih irory of th builiiuii w orcupr'd and that th
f 11 uh "picutly i.ito i lit'ap of humiiitr ruiuti, uln-re tin
att ronci Miration t f tin Ii -at L-atiscd Hp brain pint to
, mult, wit canto t hat r-p.trd tit. pr n. t atioit 1 1 their ul-
j uitiie com 'tit an mom ron Hieing prui 1 1 inu iku
.mill, ii i, uini lij ji'tti ui r.
I Wr .lull Inku ui'nt , u.nroin r.ninnn'li'lins til in m
nun of bu-ini n- nn a rtr r Itaur 1 asaiut tlriv
CKdlttii; SlMMOVSAi ItliU. hu-tlltrs.
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Tiivvr cii.vrji.vr yiiiMitj.i.riu.i.
I 4tWi utiMir Hiitii r,
1 UAl'll'.M, vi.,l I ll,.) SJXIUIKI.
(.barter I'rritctval
f OVTIXfi: tn mufc. IVSritAMJIM ON' LIV1'.H on
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I a l.iriri uinl cnnnliiiiily incr 11.111 ri'tf.ri'i'.l I'nn.l, nil", r
j a u rl'.ct x'lunt)' tn tin' ininr-il.
Th iirnuiiuiiin iniul b t.uil ytarty half tally, or
quart 'rl
I '1 Ii" ('ntnjiany inltl a r.(l'L'r piri'ilirnlly In tliu 1 -I
ranin .,f In . Th ' riltnl' ii.inI'H i,'ir,,,ti.itvil in k.
lr.mli r. I'll, th SIXUM! IIDNL'ri in 11,'ivmlM'r. I'll.
tin 'I'll I It I III IMS in II r.'mb.r,, t,ii,l llio I'UL'ltTII
JsltVI'S iu r. Irjl.
Lr7a"l'li.'4 ndtliti'itu nr.' lii.ulii w ilhonl ri-'iuirmn any
mrr 'line in Hi r '1111,11114 ti h ' )ii'l In Hit' ('ninimiy.
1 ii-, it'iiim in ni .1 iiw itiiniK iriini mi itt'i'i.tiT.
.Mlllllllllftl I'nll. V llll.l
lloniiK nr l,.uiiu lo li inirtjH.'il
.Nn r'.l
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n'tditini liy tutnrn nJtiiiian..
67 4' I. Mill
inn (Mi i,iii,i nu
1 M un kfii un
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fnr.ll. nf n,illr,iliuli, nn I futtll 'r inrnrlnnlliill lull b4
fuilllil lit Uu ollic.
TIIOMArl ::ll)Oi:iVAV, I'reiUciit.
to. r. Jami., .letuuru.
I.P.VI I.. TATE, .Iitnl.
r. V. IUrruov, ViiMulrfi- I'htfiieiaH.
Ovti.lj r In, l'S7-ly.
Bf.0O.VsD 11,(7 P.l.
Ofllco in Curl Ally, fnrimrly occiipicl by Oniric, n.
, ,, ,.w, 4, fi',',,1"""'
Ul'KltlUH Ual-leii Syrup Mola,,e.s,
V ' n.t r wiyp.l nml for nln nt 5U ront, par jnllnn, at
I1W i, u, i -i- bi. -
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W'lbUIIKV, n..,, ,VI .w. rn.
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IWtWA.-iS f AI- MANI)i:il
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L am i-ivilt nh 'ii nil H'l'r. Imvu lulled. .Ml MlMinre
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f"'i I ll'Uicf ll.ili' li'i'tl illiliiinlilt,il ifti.ll -tl mi.l bl.i.ti'it
ill nn I Inll.'il ltli,-ll lly mhcl Tor mHlm nn,l mill.
hrticni, -H l" n- In ir Un nil fllnni nf ilnn
;,- .of: .MVts siik .VA.V.i 1.1111
Sli ' li.ia tho xcrr. t of iniiiiii tin ml.-f ll.i rtlionp.
l"i-lii 1. It IUIil fart wlili Ii lii'lni,' lllll.'inl" m.
!""'; WW" IftH,-,,,! to r.,P) lut .U,imi..
l.f A7ivwi rui'u nn i nn mn; "it
nf nt.n'iit Til mi I. HI 1 1 mil let Hi el mil to a Immv nuir
rinse. 'in I uiak -A th nmrri i.l h.t)iy, llt-r nil uuJ al
kf lin lt'Ln ri-lult 'il In iniiiiiiiTiille iiKiancrt. uinj lltw
r-'ittilt Ii.h aiway b 'lit th ' im'iinii iifit enrintr
.1 v av it.crrv jMiihuar.;
Hh" U th t ' (i nun.' ('Hoc, Hli li,n li-i n the
tii'-nntt of hrlnsditf intity liniiilrcil h nrU uinl lianiUtif
jritli-r. Thiiium f hrkt n Ii 'iim tini Iji'l-ii licalud
an I tniil 1 h.ippy liy li r.
It li well known t . tlu puMlcat tirire (liat fin w.n
tli tirt nn 1 lt l th "iily tjihi win run ulinwthf
lik -iipm In reality, .inl h- ran ao i-ntlri null fit hon
on till tliA coiKfrim i f llf w huh tan h t tfil un.l prov
fd S) tlittiMauiN, lit'tlt mirrlt'it auJ Fingt , uliu dally
mid cfiit'-rlv iit lir tit
No. KCtli ljontli.trii .Street. iMiiliitlclplim,
Alt iiitTvi'-wx nr.' Ktrirtlv ntiiatc and conil Ii-ntitil.
HTJil.rtl l.V.llXrUVF GOOD t.VCK
AND ItArriM'.Snrt' Hi thin tho ronrli n all. 8 In- In
tli-J Ihiita uothUr X th" t tilmlit 'iit'd tifio ; nil who run
ult h T an a.tinitnd at th ' irnllifulii mi tf hi-r (iif-T-HiQiiiiii
tin I iin-iliclinti. Af.l. iIiobj who hn I link
consult d hor. tin ir had 0 tli-'in, nud l h.y arn now for
tmiat rlih. oiiini' nt nncl Imppy. ToAI.h In hmiti t
Imt udvlT itt iiuahuiM . HU i ran for.-t-l v iihttiipn-fit-i't
r t tainty, th r nlt of nil riiun rrlal and liu-incKit
traiHiitiLrii. If vim f dlmv It t nth in, ymi will
and mirct'i! in nil your uti'l rinkl iia. Thoi w hn have
t'orluit-Ut ami niMiirrt'riliil in hfj, and hi lmfn
tho-i" ttlm li.ui' uurkod hard ami trittftrlod a?niit
1 rid vrty niiil iiiifwlinie th ttri'nt'T part i( their livtv
tind found th niDro thi'V tnH to m-t ir a ard in th
I world, the iit r- thiiijH thitii went aulnt th'iii' .Ml
tag "s Usi' runniilr.'il hr for tlu lnt tw ( nr. Alj
tliO3 who w ifily follow I'd Ii t atUiro arc imw
I mat impvy .ixti vcchssf-vtt
n m i ii r ti it 'friii m hk" i iiui' iiiiih (iiiiitii'n ny pri-pi-dif-
and Unoranri', n -gl 'rt"d It ir adilr, ntJ fill la
liorinir njralnt aihcriHy nn I jmv.'rlv tf nu alm jou
uhjiimii j on in t uiiHiiu ikt joitr n, nun n HiiCi'tfti' I
All int T i ' an; tricty pritttte and cutiflJ'-tidal.
I'uinc uih ! coiiuall! to
bnttvr(n Jniilppr and Ilnal, riiilidtplil.1.
March 13. l .ti ly.
S'lllic I 'il WU'lniic S-ap U now In tn.irk t f r
more linn a yfar, a'i i that it lia sivn inn irfnl
ntifartiu, i-i v nt imm Hi f irt. that Hi
fir. t tf it iu order to supply th ib'tuaud, lnvi b.. it
obliji'd to Inrr a-. th -ir cipariti t- tunk-' ("inal to tint
Hundred Thoutnittl Vountli per U'tek. ltidirl I'dlyth
htt and eirtTtctt Svtip fv r mail.' in this t'nuntry; Cn
Paundvfit leitt go vn Jar. for omj ue a.i Th ft of the
Common toap tn enteral vr It 'i niailf npot, a mpw
Tirttii ipli', of ilo matfrinl-i, .ind known only to Van
II k Kttt s A. Mi KroM-, I (Ii! -4 atxav mtiri lj with th
waOiboar I- ta.'- th ' it ritv of b.nlnie th rh iht'it. it
do,tiu.t Flirintl I'laiin. I- KIIWOVCH fHMiAHi;, INK
('t I'AI.VT fTO IV p.rf rtly and Irom th mot tltlirat
f.ihrir. tiavi-s f.tlk oit.t-half th 1iuit and tabor ii-ually
ip '111 to til wa-hinj. It m irorraitted fret- Jrom M..Mi
D.I. nr vtfifr Injuries olKl!lct, and pit i nut t red iii-t to r't
or injuru tin; ri h.
ripiTior on inai ioiiii truncal uiio'-ini, i.ira
I'al-' and I'row n H.uiftH ni well tn litn To kt'n
A'laniat'tin Caiodj at luuo-t m.trkt't prini.
I'ur tal lij till ri'fp. it;dil Croc-iT. and Wind 'n.ilo bv
.'and il ,otitIi Vliarcs, I'h.hplliiih.
Th 'ru Ii ia fM'Uil imitation brands if D. tri-i r
rtoaj in in nk t, tli publtr an not ill M th.ii tioin tin-
U-tlllTI.'t'C pi VtN lUll.lS & Ml KlOSt-. i-t Vt.tUlpL'll
upon h of Hi i"iip, u-t will a- tlu Vmx .
IVbru.try ii, u I Jut.
THIS WAV II r A I' lit Yi 11.-.
.Ll()MSiiriti:ili'npri'li Ht.r-. naniii r pi ni-li 'il
null n Ir h .in". ,1 ifm.Vd in an.-, nr
notv pr par ! Io t il' r In 111 p ililic n rj li in, .i mt I .1
"I HprMn nnd riiinun r Uijihih hi ii.ii.iI low ru . r, 1' -r
i, K UV I Y -. I.V.
C'ntno ,it,inr - illi ,'ur cti-li nml t r,i,'nr,'.
II. I'. 4. I. V. IIAIITM S.
Mnnli .H. l-m.
iiaui: s ru hut, aiiuv:-: third,
t' t liOIlM, rniprii tiir.
J innar, I , Id n.- .
S 2) W E S ii .IS A V II I 3 li !
1 1 ir
, .I III .Nu l.l. & Iliilllll.Nri
I l:looinbi;rg
.11 li.ivin,' jnir Hi.-1' Iiim. rijlil
1 tli ' tibov.
dill. till.! llMfRO tli IlKAf I' A 1 1-M Smumi II SI-. for
itu'iouut) d t'ol tiulo t. iM b li.tpj') to Mtpph th ir
trt. min Mtit tn-arit i ti'T in tu Oiiiiioi'iatiurt i tin 1.1 ;
ui U " au t I in. ill !. lhv t'llnwiiia art ttw it lit. mi
perior nui autasi-w thlf impL tin nt potM P n ovr anj
.vr -t lf-rl to th puMi . i. -
I. ii . u Irum (lit to kxi .-tn Ik--i p r if.inntu. tlm
ed l ill b tll ttiio a 1 1 l.dfor in th op nt'lon.
l2 lia toiilrii'luu i no plain an , ith .in
ihiuriiK t nr'.'. it i cin) kij.t n ..r.or mid un
iw ntir. huti -u. tiott, i
'J. Iioubl -t itL.i I ij Io.k- an' (ilMnin dii'H hit to m uo 1
unl.r itiih.iu,l in thr .i.iin,. b'u tin Mai l.iiu-1-
a-i r lhr'aoi'o than i v u a i oiiiioo.i n,'f 1 .
4. U K- ot IIjj ii.m-,1 itlanM-- j ai. of tin- M.i lilnc
is tin Biii.tll'ic-' uud th 1 omp i tu if Hit me liatiifiu.
.. Ilttiilu .ill Mil u to .1 hoard. Mtilr or Maud, in i p-i-riiUii,'
or-i r. .nu tl t.i li -ii tu I ( than linlt'u minute.
ti, il ?r "! tioiioiuu in tiir-M I, uu i j t . profit 1 1
i ntiaui, H.tiiu unily firontf lor au work ir win h il i
il 'stim-d, a iiililltatioit nut know a tu Llii t -wi' .Ma
t hint i
;. ,V huni.iulnrd U rup-ili!o in pro lunti; a finnm and t-fiii.-t 1 1-.
p. Anion? tun arr i ot 1'att.iit S u jn Mailmns, th r
ar" uoiii' no li 'dp au I durable an K iymomi' I'ti nt, but
no Mm In ii-1 H utoiplvd to all i iud of worK a 4 rp rknic
hid pruvun.
li. Th': op-Tutor ran t-h ipu Iiik ta ant, jut a- h pl-afCt;,
wuw'h, U-aua and tlowi-rrj. ttt'., tan tu r-pri'vuiicd or
IU. U u piirtiruliily adaptt'd to all M.I Is of M it- hin
- it li II ax petit li-im nV rlllrtt. Ik dOUm. rithaiiJ, lollarn
ttt,,,-n.l all kiti-lx of L.nltf s' ni-wni'.!, im l,i. huff kiI Km
tawiH, iK'IdHM's, i all ih'ii. A.C., i' i plint'or men's lit .ly
wiar. thti l.i litrn' is ratlu r too tijjlit oi oiMiriu timi,
11. Hat all the lnrt'iMiiux adaiitat.ri. lliou-rli r.'nl ih
tlte-iiiBi-lvo-., ilwiiulld inluinniifiiiilcntHf, wli.-n rosupiir 'd
rtithtlupr f rvution oi Ik'hIHi, h-iiia a miiii;; nl both
labor and )i-i'tlil, and lt at tli op rator w il limit -top
mt,', au I i tuublcd tu pi'iform hit work, miupj lug a n,i
lurid poMtiou,
li" l'u 'alu ly tin undornsncd. at ilo'ir reppe live
rt si h'li ih, in nioouibiir. w lio w ill pat lh: uta hint; iu
opcraliuu .t ud give all luictiarv iiiKlru tion.
lll.MIV ,t 111 (. I, ,
I) wii'A. i;uiiiiirf.
Womnidtiin.'. Miy 13. lft).
A'lilltOPYf K UAMiKlU .
fA Jtonfffowe;? lutU'iiri. ,Vortk cnri!e,
ON II of th t tnuht cttnvi'nl.'iit ami fMeiiftvi- tttililihlt
in nt" iu tli Mt ilnrj ui-ullnl ntly liilt tu in
ullj tli work lu b Mtirraututt.
i r Son Int tli It it '.laterals tir iik 'd.
!nuli' nun I l -rM i riiiii t.ik nut tli ir rtsl Unfis
lua'r itlnii viv mi ri D.ti!H rr ut)u un( AuibrutjiK
nruc mi r nut 'ill t ru .
.Moiitffuiiii ry lJil iti;n n on Hi Mlnr I llnnr.
All fitU'H ii i' nic ly, t Imv . !.'. Crl r"- Dr u Ston.
Arriv-- ;ii our rnuiii, i u r itiov.- tv ry u mi,
f t-r tit I'Uljr-s we'll tinik.. a wih Lt.l.mrfu
J. II. ax.
I) cuiib-r K.
I860. Notions. 1800.
.'I J, t.f 'I'oia ii.Col.init'ia Co.
jOjinstcuftf "$ I H G fJ ,
i'o ay, Aorth ' t. I'hihittphia,
Itil'OKTLRs k. JOIiUI.UH, 01'
it'ovt s,
Favcii Gooth. At.
With rt tmpC Dn,l ennn li'le li..uilmrii ,if nil goml. in
1 nu-tun.
xrniiiin w u nil lie inc dllt-llllon II limn
i iry Mrclinm..
! F.lim'ri -.'.i l-WI
t 11 I It t I "'' 'V'''.AV'ftf.7.M'l''nn,
it I 1 1 ,1 1 It rr.u.i.i.Vrvr cunt: of u,i, uu.
IU) l ilillil ir.'n.iii unnilaint
MaJij by f.'.V.M(ll'U &ID, III? Viip .initr.h. y
rruf, fel p.-r lni . m-iii ir n ty int.
yon .; .i v .n.t. iiKvua inrs.
Miy 1J. 1KJ1 - l.i.i.
, UK Inrifikt unit mint i .mii'l t,' n,.mtini nt
I .... ,.u,u, Ull.t ,., IILIMIIIItll llll,
invnt. f v.t 1,11. fit in I'lilladillliiii, tintiru.
cniil inanv new linnl 'iiiLnl.. nt.l in It i.nin I (vi ina Ih it lin hj.l una rinl. un.l K
ui rkniuiiliii, i'-inr,-gl' lur my nwn ule.. - -TJWfca.
r nrmi r. urd inillcvl ,i mil uml einininn Ihe 'rlnn tit.
I'ArJ.'IIAI.I. Mllltllia
liniilonifntunil HccJ W'anhoiigu ;tli untl Maikct ilret
March M, Ifi-J,
IXibnutht dte.p .1 aa che.p ea.h .mm of I..
rnrrl"n May II. V
, HKNH V Ann...r8
o.m niiutm biu'om) .ivm:..l',
r mn K MlRWM 1
,,,IJ,"l,l - ' - "r s7,w' ' ,mii t. iik.l.Piil..
Miy U tl 11 Uiil.
" US I Tl: U i I A TliS UO T1CL,
t; km: it ai. i'nr." officii.
r.iNiHV.i cf.v..
r-5 I'a itrr in llii- nill.'idi-iiliin Mill Irani vmns
rjiMitn ami liiiiilri MH Tri'ln t,,.li,t- Ni-rlli
Dl.Vr". it lie thitctl llr Imttt ''.mnjiiii I'a,
M.irrt, l' UVI - U'ni
VftK Ur.lWCMl'fltMt 51 5J TO tl il MV
States Union fijotrl,
(10(1 k (infl MUKIT STKL-KT
J. W. tOWiJH, Proprietor.
Tkum:-SI i!J p.-nliiy, 1
Ma) 1, IJ.u.
Tli o I'eiU i I v vtr (Mi arm.
LOH the pptM-ntlon nn I curt of r'ettr and ,1jve and
' 7ftmn h'rrtri. Till Wni'il, rial T iiiiil w a nr aijftit
to tit a kuov Ifilgtf i f tli't pn prtci'-ri by a Iri nd
who iai b.'i'it a grvtit traxib-r In 1 rrl i aim the Holy
Wiiib' point: down tin1 rUer Kuphrati n, In- cjpi'tictircd
a ttrrre kit t'. v r and Aiiu'. tluni-rov rniii u
loiintiitui.oin.' tflh' Ho.itiui'11 tonk from hii pir-ouai
.Hmitht. K.ijtnp, Hir thif nnd no teccr mil tineh yon,"
Aliltoaph inrr.'di 1 i it tn to it Irtuoj , It totnpi u, and
uxiHriuii'vd i.iiiinoii.itr nlicf, ami bai in alwiiyo
foittni it an I'lLttual protritiou f. out nil mal iriotu unit
tin i.irihT iuvctisatioii h found th it I ho bo itinan at
triLrnt ditto thirnenlom po-r and n'ii I that ft tmill
oiih la-olilaiu d front the I'rt fU t f tin tfun Horn,
altirtardi", th pi'till mii.iii i i t miw runiK with a lrict
I obtain jd Ir mi lii.utli ir I of lU pri p.untioit, mtii as
Ic rt.nii'd wh ri th iiK'iui hi ib wir- f. tuwl, of
Iwliirllit win comioiili b'd. The w olid, rfil lituciof
,thMarti(l lntu inniiroii a full b--li fin tlu h.hum if
I tli natives iu tlu luahus powrr of their
s-iiic - liU return to Aan-rira. it Ini h cn tried w ith th 1
h tppi ftttl ct by mt ral ii-.i.- an Mtcntk'iinii id liuh
tlt.irji ti r. who have pii-tii it th niot uii'iualili 'l prai'i'.
I hi' rciot dy It ttmz Ivi-n a peri lie in liriifur liaud
r its y-.Nir-, t.r th pr mnlou and rure i f IV vtr and
;u. an I i.illoun lVi r- i now oif. rjl to th.' Aui'Ti
can pcoplf.
It will bi s -nt by mail, pn-pald, withf. II dircrtbirin for
us . on r. c tpt .t out-
I'rintipal it pot and v iiaufattory, lb .Mtiiu SI.. Kili
niouii, V.t llniin It orficj. I aak oi Coniiii rr.' Ifuii inL',
NlW Vork. Adi r n
JOHN WIM.'t.C.v 6l t'O.
June If'tO- W.u.
h AHPnv T ir;? s
aouiouivi i;u.i v.i k ioijsk.
Xvs' iil ) "JU, '"0'ttft SiiitH Afttt, ivar
Ac Mnfr !i use
rnn.ADiii.niiA, rnvx.v
I V, t f tl li pi i u biiil.lini:, cn'i t d t tcrtiv
1 l-ir Ih propri l-oVt a I -, ar tor -d w ith (.t-vd-t .u.d
itnpl tu -nt- i f int rM t'i itriii'-ri' and par n uts.
Si v l v W Mil i;-riHUnt o. - 'I lit- - ib rt ili.-r- m ii-o (o
rati, tlu alt 'niton, nf i r on.- im r t d in finoiu;
an I L'iril.iiu!l to th ir w II h l- it dhl'kil' AurMiM i-
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Th- u riniltii til Inipl 'iio'iiir ndil l u- are ntoHy
ui.iuulai ti.r 'd at oar 1 1 ant wiik. Trit I I'a.
Ilaviiiii till il itp our ftaldidhmiMit with nt n-pard to
cp-ii, with th iuo-t iiaiipl f in-irlii in rj t r Hn
iiianul u tun- of i irim kind nf rrirnllutal iaipi no nt-wi-iir-imw
pr par Io nuppl) all arlul kiii tlit Ii (
fully I'lunl, if it t mik- ir. to aii)tt)liip( t tli. kin 1 1 r
liLtora oil r (! to Hi pnbhr
l.andr tn'tt wairant il jV iU hau Imtii b f-r
inil Hr nr t utv v -.ill., th
n.'ni.iiii . iiioi iu iiirn iiniiL'.ii iti.Mi.t 1 1 out ar to -,ir,
ara tha h hi 1 iiKitit'-t if th ir nitifiiniit oit all
t'oiuitr tu n linut ran b Ripplid with .L'fdi in pa
pcrc, or in h ilk on tli ino.t lib r-il t -ru u nr l.ri-lol I'.i. imrLardi u fcrilLToMto'it,
t'uiil.iiiM thr bun Iron and r'i ntt atii- and m tin
larp.t i s-t.ililK'iait'tit of it- kin i iu th 1 iMi-rbl,
i. i. sniii:ni
A. i & i: Vi'A iuth tmt, Pnladtwhht.
3"' I.fni.ln Hi n Kttr.d K ti;t r au I tor lrt 41.
oii.iiimu' ii uriti. b-il .in I (Jr.-i it Ilo
I ..1, imiar
',uii"'ii p. r
tirt'V tj month in tit -ar t ,nt m b.ol ' or po-t p ii ' Ppplirali ai. v .'1 I - o y
:7ur "'Jii? .wKt-'iSv
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I 'III. in Ii ri-ii l 1-i.N'i it tiuix-ti inii'1 i'i 'V
tji,d r'nKiiii I'Uhium .mil k -d r-nt-v,t; ntl i n I' nil'
mill f t Mile' ui In 4 -iri-r'H'tm n inrL" .imtI'iu'i t "t
I'IM.S 1.1) gggj . 01' I INS,
Uvuliifhli nt 'ii iM tl ti till or li'M on )! nl -Ht ti
lso L 'I'll- 11 !thih Km 41. :in I II -trf. nn I will tit tiM
11 ik li r j L fi .nt -11 1 Tun. r N.
ri'ii"Mtj'trg, J.tnuiirj Ji. If.Vi.
at tiii;
s ti n tu' tttiFni (i
n" Illi mlrrilKr li;i jni-t ri-linnetl fiom ttn1 iily mtli
X aiii'th r brgo and btUrt tissortniMit t f
purcli.tfit'tlin I'liilnili Iplua nt tliJ.l'iuif I iH'itru, nml with h
In ia iktcrinin.'tl tn tll mi nx imi.liriit t'-rim ur l
procurvtl iliirlrrt! in Itliruiiitfurrj. IIU btutk tuiitiet
Cjinrr?t t-t)!1 nmt I;ttt-t tjit-limn.
Dry Good. Groreritd, Hardware, Qaeentirtre.Ctdiir Hart
Hollow Hare, Iron, 'aiU, liwt and itor,
Hals uml Cap. A,'C.. tj i .
1 t-Iiort rirjtimi unfilly k -pt in cuuittry Mi iron to
winch h. li it ft Hi pulilir (rt-iHTiilly.
UV Tlu llic'hctt l'liiu i.iiil t'nr ttmiitry nriHlucf
rirmittN rT. Miu.nn.
itiunmunri. April si, kvi. ;
UJII'M 1. 1. IMS!! U.lll' !!!
Head Q,uarlers.
ANDTII Kit I'ltKtill Alt It IV A 1 OF
jo.vf.s fj- Mii.ti.ii s. iMpia j'..-) pjir.vr co.i.
OIL UUIi.Yhhlt If tult
rriw, Kiiiii-r.v. oil i' utii iv oil.i.
' AKINU til U .1 ami rlimii.t l.nlil nnv inn.,, .mt
ll 1 nl'lu fur Chilrchi., Huri. ur I unily u,', tin ti.itiL'i'r
from l,ploion Jtii.l one half ch iipt-r than utly other mil
hQi'Alj 1' AS
Thf nbuvu I,tinps, willi or Miihont, r.iuii-aor rludta,
nut ti. nan ut
NKW AD uiiKAl' ultUO s'l'DUK f!
I.'xrlnit-ri) liiiililiii';, liin iiiis!'iK l-,
Wh r ' III J nnil 'rH!!ii,il limit I 11 'ctfully inlurin.liH
Tri mid uinl th .ul.lir in nv.i rl Hi it h- h,i. Jn.t r
c ii i-il Iruiii tli '. in 11 ,in,l iwll . leit.'ii vi,k
nf linu'li', in hi kin.i ciinsutiii; of
1 UI..-II AMI I't .llti: In. I lio
ilhllll I MIX teivllU.M.l ALU.
UKullMI & W ll-"1,1. i-l'ICHi.
i-ait mm VArt-,1 ni'snvi:
ai'DI f WINliUVV liMSri. ill'
Al.l. m'.l t I'AI T. . I'OUTII
-in ivinu i.uusuia
TIII! MXOfc I'M! Ill t,
ur i in: in:-, mt wiist
t'lltl'I'.MI.ltV I'A CV rOM'S
'lIlUBHCrl s. rillUL'l.llLII It A IS,
I'Litti Wii:n t. citAMiir.' run
MKIIIl IN W, t'H... Hi. A.-fL'tilTIMJ,
hum: iiiuinDii i;,i,i Mum.ii
I Ml l'i,lt ll.Am.s.n A (IlillAI'
VAIIIl.'I'V lil'rAI'.I.IIN
n.UID I. AMI'S r.-AIII'.a L" I'at tit M.'iluin,'. i,f Ilia
illi nr '., Illltivin.lulj l'.,nnli III .v,ltine, ,'dr.lllllv nut mi.
. N'. II. 'in, li..,,,l ,....,' ...,i ' ' -
i r.,,,,,,11, i 'r.. ... : "
"np,. u
n-- una in.iUKiui mr iiiiti n.uronairf Iu
toiiitiiuiinru ui t iu Haiitt'
II M IIAnt'Vltl'll
ltlnonihbur?, Jan IH.yi y
AlllliS UbAPK OAI'I Kits, ut
rtii'irnl'..' rh'nn .tnri. I ay 1 1, Itidu
T, 1 171(01111 AM) l-'KKD lor salo at Ij
X T Sh.rrle,.' clw.n ra.h Ktsrr May 19. Had
It 1? ft fact (lint, at boii.o fi-rlml, rvi-ry mem-
tier cf Ilic human family Is sur.jcct (o dlsonso
f .1... l.lilv l'nn"lfnna 1 lull.
nllli tlio altl of ft goo'l tonic unit tlio cxcrclso ,
of iiltiln common sense, iiirymi.y o """"x ,u
rcgiilftlo tlio fystcm m lo wt ro TOnncnj .
liealth. 1" order lo accomplish this lies re.l j
objeel, tlio true coursu lu Jiursno Is ccrlnliiljr 1
Hint which will proiluco ft natural Halo ot
tilings nt lite least lmmitdof Nilal ttrcnglli nud I
life. For thii purpose. Ur. lIolcllcr lias tn- j
tvodiiccd lo this counlry ft preparation bearing ,
Ids name, which h not n new medicine, but ono (
that has been died for yenrs, giving satisfac
tion to all who hnvo used it. The llillivs
operate powerfully upon tho stomach, bowels,
nnd liver, restoring Ihem to ft lienllhy and ,
Nigorous nelion, nnd lhu, by Iho slmpla pro
cess of strengthening nnliire, cunblo tho sys
tem to triumph uvrr dleno. (
t'nrtho cum of Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Iinii
sea, Flatulency. I,os of .V ppcl il e, or any Uillous
Complaints, nilsing rrnm n morlud inaction
of tho Stomach or llowels, producing Cramps,
Dysentery, Colic, Cholera Mot bus, ice, thesa
Billcrs havo no equal., dysentery or flux, so generally con
tracted by new settlers, nnd caused principally
by tho change of wntcr and diet, will bo speedily
regulated by ft brief uso of this preparation.
Dyspepsia, ft diteaso which is probably mora
prevalent, in nil its various forms, thnn any
other, nnd Iho causo of which may nlwnys
lie attributed to derangements of Iho digcslivo
organs, can bo cured without full by using
directions on tho bottlo For this discas every
physician will recommend Billcrs of somo Kind;
then why not uso mi article known lo bo infal
lible? AU nal ions have their Hitlers, as a pre
ventive of disenso and slreiiglhcncr of thi sys
tem in general; and among thorn nil there Is
not (0 Ijo fouml a nioic hcallhy pcoplo than
tho Germans, from whom this preparation ema
nated, based upon scientific expel iiucnts which
have tended to povo Ihovaluoof this great
preparation in Iho ucnlo of medical scienco. ,
Fkvf.u ash Alien. This trying and provok
ing disease, which fixes its relentless grasp on
the 1-ody of man, reducing him lo n mere sha
dow In a short time, nnd tendering him phy
sically and mentally usclcs", can bo diivcn
from the body by Iho uso of IIOSIXTTKII'S
llUN-O.VNi:0 UirrUHS. Further, none of Iho
above slated .llcacs can be contracted, even
in exposed ilualioni, if Iho Hitlers are used
as per directions. And as they neither crcnlo
nausea nor olTcnl tho pnlalc, and lender tin-no-cssaiy
any change of diet or inlemiption
of ordinary pursuits, but piomoto sound deep
and hcallhy digestion, the complaint is ic
moved as speedily 11s is consistent willi tho pro
duction of ft thorough and permanent cine.
For J'etsona in Aitnmatl Ycate, who nro
sulTciing fiom an enfeebled constitution and
infirm body, these Billcrs nro invali.i.blo ns n.
rniinr.itivn of strenirth and vigor, and need
only bo tried to bo appreciated. And to a
mother whilo nursing theso Billcrs nro indis
pensable, especially where Iho mother's liuur-i.-li
men t is inadequate lo the demands of tho
child, consequently her strength must yield,
and hero it is wlicro a good tonic, such ns
Ilo.lcllcr's Stomach Bitters, is needed to impart
temporary slicngth and vigor lo the system.
Ladies should by all menus try (his leinedy
for all cases of debility, and, before so doing,
should ask their physician, who, if ho is
acquainted with tlio vnluo of Iho Billcrs, will
recommend their uso in nil cases of weakness.
CAUTIOH. Wo caution tho pullie against using
any of tlio many imitations or counterfeits, but ask
for no3Tr.TTEB-s Cri.r.tiRTi.n Stomach r.mrns
and sco Hint each lotllo tho words "Dr. J.
llostcltcr's Stomach Ditltrs" blown on tho siJo
of tho buttle, and stamped on tho metallic cup
covering tho cork, and obstrio that our nutegruph
signature il on the lal.d.
Prepared nnd sold by TJtOSTETTEIt &
EMIT!. I', Pa, nnd sold by f.l
drugrjists, grocers, and dealers Generally
throiiKhout tho United States, Canada, Couth
Ameiier., and Germany.
.. , r . ,il' I I, I ir- Mil
I! 1 1 .11 It i"li.,r.l. tVii.t un-, M. I'
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1' It.
1.' ,1
. A r-. H.umll
r I I-
sj itf:r.r. o.-nin; vm; nxniwci;.
I lll ml r.i.'ii .( ri p -ttl.ill. inlnriiH lit h it-n mhii
' l! Mit hi "iu milt . tint h Ii.ih pint li n"ii llu .
In.l. ..t !) r ! 1 ll.i 1 i 11 ll.i 1 mi 11 il V 1.W 'M. flrttt
Vi!i; Wit ,-ilHXr It: IWI'Alll.ISIIMIlST.rtfllj
In th I j til lu I'idik-iI tff-tiipi- Hi tl nirHMi.
ii. th -.titi Mi Millurl h -r h 1- pr p iri'.l to fit ,
Im I lit lu-1 1 - 1 1 .ill it- 111 to 1 In sin It
'I mn.ii nn I II nt-; f-pnntiii.' ol 11 muili; to nr
Ur sh i n tn .1 1 1 nt iihi'i 'iii.h. '
l-i.i S l i CH J" vr rii- -l1 .-I'ti'tai ih for til'. 1
ltV.iii i li! itn'i In unli r 111 'liin I. Inn . ;
t'n.n tr. i.rniur -it in th.iii'.'v for wriik. 1
I'liii.ii' t. Mm
.uiii.ti'f j li.4iir II I' 1. J
ui.MH.Msumn; itAititKii vMiof. i
I Hi-' mil t rn if it r'--p tt'nllv in nrmi ih 1 1 i"-ii .l
1 l!in iiii-tinrj, inlt t. pi hi c s r.iH t'l-it h. ha
ik-nt 1 1 1- li it II i I! ilol'. ik-.ii- il oii ut c I thurou
ii.iisi nt i il'.tir In lit 1,'o'ijit'ln.i, in I lit
tvliit- rr.uni Uml i K. iiii.ii.i i ii e I'xi Ii iiisit Hl.'Cui
ull-r tii' . :it ill i H'-it r-ly n wait Upon lilt nl
IHllKTr. it - HI If -..K'l.H ll l
S7ylI7i(; J. iJAil dressisg,
V ill I X-rii'o MI
ii-imI I i -It ion t h' Uh
(TJ rl I .l'ni)itj.
iri'f nrr im'iI pit'iln
fiiitt..i nth to (,'Uu t V
nitil uo luffti .ind i.i (lie
.ind mi m ry mo Iff nil- lini i
i-Mi- ti tn I'tty Silt. (If an
p t ron it .iinl tl'tl.f Im Lesi
in bOi.titiit iiir(iion
A. IHfl
Ulonnii'i nrc.
S T 0 R K
t U Hi n nit niiun t'
plin lol'.rnr, t iniltti. nil nliim l,i his iiMV t-tock nf
I Il.,i,l. mnl M
Miii.'f, iiist rir. iiL'd iVunt I'liiLntclnbii
und ioiiirii-iii'
n,n,l', ri hi r Dtr.inl ,, Ml,,,tl.l, Ti, .S'nvy Cut.
cr. rih,, r, ':tf v.i".
d'-iit ti with nml Httin-nt h l. Hlipi-r- ilittu, nuklns,
I'ri'iuli tiorrorrn Itntiti w tih nu I without
Alio, Vli-pts su t'll.l Ullks'a
of rvcry dLfi ripthtn, nt pric s niui Ii h low the tU plan
.Itir.l, an 1 1 h- taai Hi ijnlity cf Uuoda can bu
tioimhttornt iny i th.-r itor in town.
Work if. ill kiii 1 ni'i'lu 1 1 order id tli b'st material. In
tnjii -nt 'ti iii.iitn.T an I u.i rw.noit.ili,- t rut, warranted
pmliiiy i.ty n.rk ami iikhIU. low UIV iric-8.
11 HOll'J lilt t I I U -t tl rklli. 11. till I liL..I tl..r mntn.
rial thttn win
.-vr b f-.r hnmahl M thU - in fact, Uu
li.nliutlnciiynit.rk t.
. . :
Vt-r b -l to It hiiii in tli city
Univilli', -iy 3rt, I-tO.-y.
.,l'.,,,,.L. j u..,,.nj
I'ltoiKivnox riio.M lkjiitning.
I II U uh.(no r ti il-l it. 1 1 rn In ii muN, (tut lu i
' now pnpir'd to put up, (,n ,, ri noticr, junl in u
1 lit ill n.iiititr th b -t
pi.mxi potM' n nnmw'hva nots,
ot 1." 'tnis p r fot t. All work -d,
li. ii.UirJlXWAN'.
Elo'nibbiirg, MayCI, lwiO.
ryilV, Hiili'r-igiit'tl r.p cll'.illy intnrnis Inn i .lfunU
1 nn! N Ita-t lUttltiieu 111 brilhera
hit 'r.'Ki in ttt id. ii.. .,,, ,.t ,t'. ,
1 h.Tcuft -r h ton mrttM by bimr. II .Vl.iriMy.
, ll.-liJu,ircfn.tmnJ..jrjrf.irwlMhalarB.
i .3CrJ ,':t,,lH ! "" ', rxl ",1VJ asriiitiueiii 1 1 i'a.nly
1 ylri ''.J1 V ,:rtLc.Vjr i''""'1"' Int i tin. mark t.
i . , t; ","i,,i "i
,.i i. . .in-i,- un I -uiiT Hi'Vt 1 HI 111 ! lllvUK 'l, IDfLlll-
t-r ith M'iv-- 1 ji iru 1 1 . wiy J. tlvt-H nnd
Mtiv.-f, lt:t .iji(rn. C Movorf, t'.t-t Irt'it Air
Tight tvt:t, i nmioit Kinv , &r &e, Mowpipu and
Tiiuvaro ii'iitlantl) on fun i an I iii.tniifait ircd tooriier.
All kimU oi'r p.iMiu iloii-, tin ttiiul, on lioi ni'tiix.
Tli patroinuu f old 1'u-mJi nnd m-w ciitoiurH re
pi ttf.illy -o lKit d. A. .M. utrKur.
lU'wuiilnira. J .unary i, tt.
UllOH WH F.t$FVF. UF .hlJUUi GIMtF.ll.
Kimh;kl. k nuuwN.
r ii i; n n t I) u n ii i s t f
.Vtirli-Uaal Rimer nf Cheiluut and fiIK -V recti,
COI. 11 inniinfiirliirer if Htimn'ii tittrutt nf Jamaica
i (iinx r, uliiih i riii'Siiu'vl ami uru.crili.'J by t)u
Mj.I1.u1 Ivicnlly uii'l Ii.ih h -rniny Dig ttantlaril I'jimIv
Me. ltln! nflli L'llltei, ul!. '
Tin. i.t'iic,i i. u pnpaialioii if nnutnnl . xc. II.-ik ..
In urviiiury niarrlwa, Iiirn i nt i-hnLrn. in .linn, in nil
rit.J. i.l'tiru.tiiiliuil i,f tli fifrailvd fiiialintia. it t. r,f
, ,ii,uj. nunii'j inn jirjvai i-ca nt initltinic
rln.l t.i un I .uninior cn.nliLiiit. i f i litluri'ti. it I. l-v-m.
linly illiiaiiniKi uu I'jimlj, InJ.tiJuul, or iravilcr
b'inillil bj llllhuut ll.
Tn iirrvrnt tin. iiiliulilvi Cmicncn frmii h jut nmnU'r
f. H ',1, u new il'cl k'iisravini ix-i'utivl ut u criut r,l
Mill li tumia nu tliu nut.! In i.f th ' wrupi r. iu nrcivr t.i
k' tli nun Inner, as.iln.l h.-iu; iii,nn.v.,. iiih.ii by
ivorllil t. liniliilion. nl li-.'o 1 '
I'ritiarc.l wily l,y rilllliLUK.'K IIHOU'N, uml fnr mile
at lit. Ilruj ntu I h.'iuiiitl,', N 11. luruir of t'illh
u,,,i ii '.linn ci' ill., i uil.1 Jv I .I 1 1
all mmm,. "'' "" "'i' "'"K'.'n tlu um
, ! 11
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n... ""'''
p . TicBS
' zjv.
HCAit w:it tiie rEorr.n say.
TV nnlfr.l-'nrl liivlnit Prnfpnor IIUMI'lltlEVS
Sl'KCIIlO IIUMiDII-VTIIIU HKMI'.lllia In nnr r,i.nlii.
nllli 11, linil Mttifuliry re.i'., an,l luvlnir full ... ,n.
lf lire In tlirlr jicnilliif-nm. I'1" 'Vi '-n I i'lliH y, tln'Crr.41
rt'Ciinnnciiil llwin to "II piwms lio lli ti him nr., n'
IKIiU', nil cl1lon.liitiireiii.ulM at liiml Inr prlrate or I.
ini-.tli' niv. . , .
Tlie Itv. Win. Ihi'iipf, .'litir nl ' li,e Norllifrn Ii
pplnlHi-," Auhini. N. Y -, Hi. He. K. II. Crmry, Il -It.vtor
ntPl. IVIcr'. Clnirrli, Anl'nrn, M. V. , tl,. It.v I
Ivt'", Cliilnlit'n nf Hie uhiini SI lie 1','l.nn; ll,e I,,
Upeiirer M. HI'., Ilclnr, Nc Lite If.'M, Mil..! tlie Itr.
A n-l pit'eie. ..un-iuii. '"-"'" '.'. '
Mcli'it., K'Hl llenciee C iiiiercnt'e, N. V. ll,e Uev, I' ,
l-iiill. ll.rm't, Vt. I tlie Itt'V. John H, It tile, II ilTnl t , A t
llirl. K.i, L'tl'n. N V.; Hie II m. Nenl lli, I'.rlin ,
I.' -.. !.' u r...i...w u..,t. it-., i ii .t..... '
.lie. ; 111-! linn, .i.t," .-, .V'"":.-' " ' "' V. .'
Ilmrirc llinnplire)., N. V. I Hi'n'v l. llonk,
flip (IM. PLtlc .Innrniil, Ciliiitilni., Uii1,i I
C ft Men t, In I. -1V
M l . VA
lilt M.iii It H
(Irtl.i-n, Mllne, ! " "i"11"" Cli-Hf. M .
t?i'.t lit . the ll.ui. J h IMitnift, t'lioii. N, V w
llrNlH, H i UlU, N. V. t A H. I'tni'I, I1 , 1'lVj., N
J imv I'luiiketl, Kq , N H'lvltt", Temi.
I V"T vcf, Cnut'it' t, HM'l In'l I'ti'n ill i
N.t 2 Fr rf'irm FtV-r, Wirm Co'lt. Uctllutr In l.
j,,, 3, For Ctilttt, Crjlii?, l'.--ti.lii4, im I HVrtefuthM
V. r Plnrhei, Chfihrn Inf-uitum, nn I S u
'pj!!'1'! Fnr 0.11(, Orlpln;, nrfiitpry, or
jj' c, f ir rii'ilc r. (Tii'U-rti M rhu, Vtnultln r.
ity t' Fur OiiUh, 0'iI'N, Iiil'ieii7ii( ni I S re Tlinmi
V s'. Fur Ti Kith -ache, Ftre-tclie, un.l Nvirnliln
N.t. y. I'ur llt.iil.tclii', Veitlrt'i( lleil un.l Fullnen nf tl
"V't' 1i 'Sv'stKP! 1'iltJ" Ktif Wfilc mnl iHrunc 1
St'inrV'h, C-MHl'p ill-. .t, n. nl Atr C-inphiUil.
N. II. Foit Fun I it InRK'.iMRinM. Si-iiiity, IMnfnl, i
Silppr-i-el rurloM.
Ni. 12. Fr L-iioorrU'i, Profuse Menoe, mnl ll-irl;
Diiwn of Fi-iiuiIk.
jfrt, .j F-ir Croup, ?l r- C'th. II 1 1 IlreHthini.
in 1 1 ? i t KiikUM I'li.lJ Fur Kr)rtpnl!H, Kr'i.l ntvs,
rimtili-i mi Ihc Knee.
No 15 KiiH'MUtr t'u.t.-. For riH(i.initni'M,or9ur.
neH In the Cn-t, H ion, lo'-"-.. ur IJtnh.
A Ki.r Ft'Vtr miJ V.'hc. OhlU Fftr, Datuh Atfne, OH
Miwtinui'l ne.
p Fur l'ihf, lili.t't or lll-fllmr, InVrnil 'ir fAtirinl
0 -FtS v.WpH. iM'il.'.x'i k.c- ml
"c. For Catarrh, of Ion? tn.lng or recent, either win
cbitructton or pri-fuse illBclmrge.
W. 0. For Whooping Cough, abalkig Its TiUence tni
sliorttrnln? Its courue.
in till acute uisensrs, sucn us rvvtrri, inuniiimuiKmi,
Diar-heii, l8t.'ntery, Cmup, HheuitmtlBin, uml Buch eruf
tlvc tllseajes a ticurht Ftm, Mcnslt, nnd F.rjBlptla, th?
ftilvnntBt'e of plvlii the jiroper remetllt-s promptly laob
Tlous, ntnl In All tuch cinetf tint Bpcclflcs net like n cliartn
The entire tUaeiue Is often ariesttil nt once, ami In nil cmtt
ttiv vlukiice of the fttlitk 1b moderated, the (Hsetute shurt
ened, ami ren.U'red Itsstlnngeroua.
CViuphs nml Oolils, hli.h are of such frciyjerl occnrre'.ti
ami nlikh bo often l.iy the foundation of tlltieaeil lunpt,
t rone hi ti ami emia miptlon, may all be nl ome cureJ t
tlie I'evtf Hid Counh 1'iIIa. ....
In titUhronlitll4unH's,9iii.h as Dispepsla, eukStnmact
ConttlpHtiun, Uwt Cotnpl-ili.t, Female Debility, atuj
Irreul intits, tl I IU'.i.latl.f", hore or Weak Fye, Cattrrl,
E.tlt Kheuiii, lind otht-r old eruplIotiB, the case hu9 aj-eclflti
tthuse proper npplh.Alh.ii will all..rd cure Ift almost my
Iiihlim.e, Often lliw cure nf u alnule chrotilo ru1ivult,iuch
in Dvpptiiri't, 1'ilen nr Cntrrh, lleiulache or Fenmt Wtilt.
litrii.'h.ti I ore IhAti paid fr the tue teu tliu owr.
Cue of 2r tlnti enmptete, In morocco, anJ Sock S
C.h or 20 laid, mnl llnok, pluln i
C.tso nf lf iiumlieied and Honk 3
Cit'M'f Cbmn, muid'ered, und ll'iuk 1
HUivW iiuti.hvred lie, ulthdlreittons 25 cents,
Bmgle Ii'lteted ltoxes, lih tlirft.tIoi.a WU-enli,
Large lm vi 2 i. vltiW, for plat.ters and ptoeliians ...(IS
Ftm XiTllMA mt 1'iiTHiiMC. Opprened, tllflieuH, lAbnrrd
nrtHthln, itllemle'l Uli Ovush and t'xpeelorallon. 1'ilcf,
W ceoti ptr box,
Fi'K Vah hi.-ciiAR'iMAMil)t'm'a'i. PWtliar(re from Ilia
Far, the retult of Sv-iirlet K-ver, Measles, or .MercuriiiK
For Nfl-esln Ihe Head, HnnlntBS of lletuhu?, ami 'Miii
In tlie K im, nml Kiir-nche. I'rlcn, M ceoti per tio.
For Samm.Jt. Kularireil (il tmH, Fnlartre-I nnd Indurat
ed TnmiK ttilliti ami DM I'lceM, Sciofalous Ciul.e of
ChlMieti. 1'ilce, M) renla per box.
Foil (inmu. IH-un ITY.I'hjsleal or Nervous WeaVne"
Klther the r milt tif Skkiif, KcchIv Medlualuti, or Ex
liiinctinK DWi Imrtrn. IMte, TO ituH pir bov.
Fhh I'i-. Fluid Vct'itniul.iti.iii, TiiiuM ellh)?3,Hh
Seitnty enelinin. I'lli-t', Ml emix ptr bov.
For bM PickSti-s D-Jitthly &Uknes, Verlljro, NaiMN,
Vinnitiiit'. ticklii'si from rl-lin ur iiutin. l'rk-r, fU te(it
For rKivthV I)iMr Fur lira el, Renal Cntcuu, 1'tffi
cull, I'aloful Urlirttloti, Dlatiue r tlieMdiiejs. l'rU-e,M
, cenn per box.
1'tni j'i-misw. Mlwto Tuvnlnntarv I)n'chnri:iB and
C'liiie'iutnt I'irttilr-ill-m and Ihlilhty, II id llinll-tt.l Ivll
11 ibiM The en.-ieihil nod cfliclent rt-medy kmvti,
ntid tn tv be rt-Vnl upon M u cure. Trite, Ith full ilirtc
tlut.5, tl ptr box.
1 l'iiin who mMi to pttce thcmelvci under lie .rofM
1 nltmal cure, or tn eek advlee of lYi.f. HfMi-uiiK, mn do
' so, at hUiillkc fCJ Uro.nlHiiy, dally from S A.M. lo 6 111
or by letter.
I,onk over the Hut: m'tke m a rase of what kind yo'i
chrD-.e, ami luthHtt the tttnount In a rttrrent note or slantj
by nnttl to our mMrfP't, lit No. fC2 liroadway, New-Vort,
an I the medUIne will Le duly rtturncd by mall or epreu,
free of i-liartre,
AdKNTS WANTFD.M'e desire an actlre.efnclfr.t Apert
for tlie sate of our Kemedies In every (own or community
In the United StAtei. Addrm Ur F HL'Ml'IIUKYS Co
NO itii UltOAOWAY. NLM.(kC
SrM tiyr P LUT7 A w . . -
pril T I
S A FOR a '
illl liffllfilifOl
T ISI'dMI-Ol' I.VIIt.ULV I I.OM lll ll.-l an
li.i. In riiiiin .in , it ihliilifi. I- M n nn, nr,i y, ,ln m
Jin) .ip irmt-il bv nil Imi I
. ii btit d to Willi roiill I
1 r lo whirh il in ri-i-iiiii
It Ii i mri'il Ititui-- 1
h iu u-ni it mnl i- ii
tin fi- in till I he tlttmt
( no'iit'i n
niulf within iho ia
' t n up nil liopi'n rt ri-h i
mi it I cti it-It Ik. te i
I t'aptril tn ilit- i n j fr
t vn lii h.itl ftii
.! IIP ll'lllll-IOII I'll
I m v pix"! hH"-u ,lntv
I it iio.f iniul b n
llicut o I In- i.Vtlllll
I I It t I I'U 11 I' till ''"
(fl't tl II lf ti Hll
lion juitpi no nl tin'
I. I V li i; li.rji
i,etr t'pinphtnit I
i -runic tariioit n'
try Dnp'V tovr
Chohe I h vl fa (lot
(turn hhtiUhee.Jtmt
i n n b its' o Min t-
Jilmieim It ill
m iii.iiitl f ,io I' - if
'Mrre (iVu'a"
,ot .it tick.
1 1 Hit ir teeiitnoi') '
mcii 'i,i.iliii',' nt to u
Lei tli'i thci iti'it i
Von ii In- nf n tin-1
TOR and it "ill cur.
on .-iltaehi D'jptptii
mtr uotapia-a't i yien
aifi Habi'ual t'otttret-fir
Jlloibax Ch'dera fnfuv-
rtwa'e ltiKHfit hum
Il n-nii t'rdinary Family
SHK H I : A I A l K
(n twrvty minutes it ttroi
tetrn ;n t iiihihi'im fi f o i
Alt tons uie it are giv-1
lik i i vur i m j j
s a nf oITd ' s
mm pills,
rinirriUNnnii frov.
Pure Vrgtmble F.itratts, id pt up in Glasi Cltti,'
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TUAKTIf? I'll.L i '
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A.? , 1
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Hin-mii.lanty .
W Illl llilf luiu
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ji'H iff- Ih rrr nn n
tue tti plute Ihi nt uiie
'know tnai (lull rem i'i
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TIIAKIIU I'll, I. im
'til li Ui II CM.iI'lhh
j Irom a vitriol) nl '
tracts which in t olik
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I RNQi MihTK ri tin i1"
ItV lilt I'.AIK M I'1!''
jlSll R L N fcM I VIR I"1
,d- n c i'ii. I ted iri-'C"
a I- na r nr t IVi1
ll'RIFpiNn Pkl-ATIOh '
ltt-II,gM'3 H ( r
'it a n Inilamm'1'"
ii niLiiKiN or ri"f
' I'. ....., iff l,i 1 Iu.
iitiWini n nh-cli an
U-ir ii hi: tnd'iCL'il,
I ii th i l ciH h nl till
'Ilo prolt-i'ioii tvc'l
th.irifca .irt on ilitTfit-nt
1 Tin FAMII.V v,.
wiih ihi re rei)' ' to
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pun mi V'-jfi.iiilf in-'
evi-rv ti ttt t.f - in. nii-
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IMI it yuov, frmii bihi-
IltV ll mleVleilj f( it in
I.i ? or Appeiiik
liil.O iUK 1IIK DODY
4tHr t r uiionr n ins
f.r.A..., vv UK III I
Illlll'MvltiM, a c I I'll 1 1 U
ami hi uy .i.inii.. In iv lin Ii rle.h iklioir Inn um"''
nu. l'l mi ntion III till, iiiiv rloi.ui'iil liu.l 1 l" 5
. ''IH I"' 3" UI M
The l.ivea linn, n. r,,R inu rimiLv Chiti r"
ire nunlril liy llruiii-i, eriii inll,. ami n'lJnm"
ale hy the Timle in all Lira n, ui.
B. T VV r-ANKll.ll M I)
M-tiiiirif-iurer uml Prounr""
s.j.vfoiB'4 ijn:HixymtmtroH .1M f.w""
CT- 2tB llltO A IMV A V.
nEsEK.i. iniNT, inn aLiMii.ui'Rn,
Oen. M. Ilas.uliuili, II. 1-. I.uu, ana John it. Ms
Jnm 1 il.. liin.
R Ji H TIJ. H R 1 ,
n. C. UOWKR,
nE$IIJKAVF.,ia Brick BIUlg teleu Uirtu" li"
vn MiU Hreet, Ult'om.burg, Pa
--JV llllHI'lirrri'I.I.VilTjr.hi. irrr,"i"
?Hlt nl I" Ih" Inillv. anil BtlillHiim
u,u.,i,uura auu viciutiy. uu i r'
to nil k.I .. nil ,1. . .,. n,.,.r,.lll..r
ll'uti.lry, nml ii iiimiJutl uilli llu Mi vl iiuurot
I'll. UKI.iMN Thi- I'. ,
WliuhHill b, in.crttU rn rlint nr cnld ,IH'' 1,1, nnliirnl.
t-A .jjurior orllclo of TOOTH WVl'tU ''
on lllllltl.
Juno IJ, 1?37. (Nov 13,
Cl'ALDIXQ S Celebrated l'rciiarea
I ; Olu, Cir ala ul I, T nhan rl""!' M'".''1?
taM.IHVtrart 1 MjvW.1'