Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, August 11, 1860, Image 3

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    Columbia Jcmarrnt
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14 AAA
Tho Dkmockat is offered to subscribnrii
, -
for the Campaign at the following rates :
q. i m
Single copy, - - -10 cts.
len copies, - S.1,00.
Payment in all cases to be made in ad-
' e-jr- Our friends are solicited lo r-ct tin
"i 'L '"onus are sonutcu to get up
l- Jili 1 Ji. 1A1
6T Col. Jos. .N. ScuASfov, l'rcs't. of
me u. x ji. ii. n. uo., will accept our
thanks for his polito attentions.
' ' BGF Several members of tho ltlooms
'burg Academy met ou Wednod!iy after
noon and organized a Literary Society.
0. U. Dnocicw'AV waj elected PreMdcnt,
ind J. AV. Hkss, Secretary.
! 86T" The Farmers of Columbia county
liavo just gathered a mo3t bountiful Oat
Crop. Wo believe it to be tho largest and
heaviest ever housed in our county. This
win uo gratitying news to those citizen,
who like oursclf have to buy tho mato-
rial aid for our horses.
tor Wo direct attention to tho adver
tisement of Mr. FtiKliKitlcK Rkow.n, Jr.,
Chomist and Drnggint, in our column".
Mr. Rrown, occupies tho corner Store, on
Chestnut and Ninth Streets, in tho Phila
dclpLia (Jontinoutal. Iu is a worthyj
..iiiflnAi Sitnr-
. o ' "
D&- The Ilcv. ,T. It. SlIANAFEI.T will
prcdoh in tlio H.ittist Clmrch next Snlibnth
mornfng at 10 o'clock. St li o clock in
the afternoon of the fame day, ho will de
liver n di-coursc in the Lutheran Church,
on the puhject of Death in dominion and '
acnti illustrated by Peale's ccMjiMted
naintinir. Tho Court of Death." I
Sutwjj Antrim, l'irevrr '" Jacob r.vnui.v, i.r I m lonn-hip. win
' lJ"'"o(,i .( t.iiH i.iii. Mr nuiriicMir.iitv n
through the north part of Rrinrercel; town-
shiplast week, we met a .small boy, and
- I
on enquiiing of him whoo son be was, he
I ..I l. 1 ill
rcmuriu.'u, iui pencei coolings, L am
nobody a bou, J am
1 i.
il'Vl JJ. Ill0lle S
Grandady.'' Wo told him, as ho appeared
to be a good scholar, for his age, he might
IL.'W. CnKAsv A Co. A friend of oum
fcfiir, IT- W I'n.j.v t' ni T :..!. t...t
W'V.- "' ...)Uii,.giiLijinn,
nroactiinlli'sil!iiiirtl.lsf iinn.n T...i f
j 0 t ,
fly ccnt'i per pound ; bct Syrup Molas-
C5 at'flfty ci-ntii pergallrai ; Lvlie French
Lastipc Ciitois at Jitfu and srvenutict
a .' j
cents per pair, and all other Hoods as low
as povible. We would adviif our neigh
bors to call and examine tin ir stock.
WS The M.teor of the 10th of July, i siidumi rv ur rauxs' iv.iuu l i
which created general a?tonihiii;ut .'"' ttirmm
throughout the world, as a nations gruntrst f . r,.-,,,, ..,. rr'in.nmlJVi.,,,.. .:, m..
l lienomena, was . scarcely more attractive
in itn niamili. j-t . 'rtlti n-I.i nnnni.. ll.n. ll,n
11 J
cnarm wnien lrrcsi-t.miy impels our citi
zens to wend their winding way from every
section of tho couhtry to buy cheap goods
at Rettlo's Light Street Store, nor did its
development afford them near the fame
solid satisfaction.
Gift Rook Sa 1.1:. Tho American Rook
Company have entalilie-hcd u brunch of
their business at the Poi-t Office, in Rloou b
burg. They have a large and splendid
ntsortmcnt of standard and miscellaneous
works, Family Rible.s and Dictionaries,
which will be iold at less than retail pri
cos, md a Gift with each. Tho Gifts con
sist of gold and silver watches, gold brace
lets, chains, lockets, pencils, pins, e., &c.
Tho Agent will remain in town a few days,
that nil, may avail thenisjlves of this splen
did opportunity to obtain a supply of choico
Tho meeting of "Tho Political
Combination,' as Col. Curt'm calls it.camo
otTin Blootusburg, Thuiadn) lat ; that h
to Bay, the lilac k Republicans nnd the
rest of mankind opposed to Democracy
tempted to hold a conclave hero ou that
day. Several gentlemen from tho coun
try, who vcq prcsumo had nothing else to
lo, a number of Democrats, and many
;boys of tho town, assembled in tho after
noon, and listened, first, to tboso two
Tery lucid gentlemen, Dr. John nnd Dr.
Brower, and than to a Curt in lecturo,from
Atvltj tbochampion of the "combination."
The necessity of an increase of tho tariff was
tho burthen of this lecturo ; a pretty song
to sing by tho champion and mouth-pieco
of a 'combination,'' which, in 1857, put
down the tariff on iron from UO, to 121 per j!
cent I A moo tariff party
Tho meeting, in every sense, was a fiz-
. j r i iii i 1
stu, nun it vuu uuuiueiai:y, even Willi ner,
at present broken cohorts, cannot do bet-'
ter, wo aro much u.Utaken.
In tho evenin" a Case, said to be a hard
- . ,
ono. frnm Dnnvilln. srtinptimps nnlloi-l Si
, " -
nion Peter, and another case, from lior, not, rrimitm io uu particularly 'mm,
attempted to rtilclross Hie people in the
Court House i but tllO autlicnce llCCrilUO t
irapnUcUt, arid tllO Curtin ll.ld to 1)0 I'llised
again. The itnmaculato Wilmot and tno
learnod Kelley, whoso names worn an-
,t 1 'ii -,, , ., I
notraoca in tuo bills with 50 much flourish
wore not here to sty to their country
" An Oak it! not Fulled with O.nk
I JlfOW " linr ..wi. ...i.t. .,,. .
jjlow, nor tortunc made with ono sa-
1 Vine, but only hy tlio continuance llii-renf.
Franklin snid "little and often fills (lid
tt t
liurst;, uiu I'OllieuM 01 WHICH flllOUIII 1)0
deposited in some safe and reli .bio Savin.'
' , o
I'llUU, SUCU US the I rallkllll, I.JO hOUtll
Fourth Street, below Chetliut, Philadel-
,. , , ... - ,
pllia, Wlicro It Will bear live per CCIlt.
'"turcst lim' ca bo withdrawn at any
tunc without notice. Una Saving Fund
o, , u.n.t,l .. ...i . -..
..viv. o.,-j.i.iiit.,v. UIU 5lUl'l tiii.i'tii in
1 another column
' v-uiuiuu.
I ' " -
I A Gknealoov. Jno. Knox, the Great
Kcforiniir of Scotland.
( .'no. Witherspoon, 1). I), one of tho
t 8 , "10 1)i:cl!,ri,tlon of Aincnc:in
I '' ""C,:im!,!e') "'Olllber of Jeff.
ersotl ri Cabinet.
I .trtlltlH. 1Il-nlMnMn.. 1..... T
tl10 United States lwii.05.
I'Ulll.w. J.l ILnilll . I IVU J 1 l-ltll-llb "I
Tho above, says tho Xew York Journal
nf Comitrce,is a true record of tho gen
ealogy of the next President of the United
inj: i) .
nf l.l.l rrk. Wlt.lIlM A., Jonniil , ol Ullllom anil
foiiarim- 1 nnmn, 'il ahoiu y jcarn
U'hcat 1 2.-1 I Shoulder 10
T .. .
76 liuttcr
" I Kg?
j O.its H:i
Whito llenns.. . 1 On
I Rack wheat Till
Hum 12
Potatoes "ill
Dried Apples. I fill
Candidate's Department.
V AsMHfrMrsrnt ('wmnvrn'. for iii)iiiin.iitii
I pulitic ulliriM, will he rh.irgM .', cuh. uMu Jt
. tartoblit in vihnncr.
' " '
iK tmnliii
VV ntn UlttllOrl.H t't,
i iiM"iiiiT, tin t ill, (tiiliji) 1 lii llli
bia C'ttiiiity Ih'inoi rnlic I iitlnn.
Mi.- Mr
f tlii Ctilum
d()IIX C. KltKKi:
Will ' riif'r '.I by bi frt.'iii'x n n ttimli I u
htm ( : M.atvtJtrvnv.
to tli'a I tlic Cuiivc.iiioii nf Ci'liuiiltil fu'itj Hub
J' ct to m li'riion.
J1A.V1KI, .V.V.
Of I'looni mw n-liip, Hi i
.1 rftitli.l.itu fn'Mfits
TKtt f 'onout n ctnniii, , i. r..rt
I itiiiili 1 CiHlltll Com cut mil. siil.ici I In U nu.'.-
an I VI.I.UK
"f,h ' "','';l1 ' ''" 1,1 ''"lumiiii ,n iin.,...ii.j u to in.
ll-IIL' C O! II 111
IK M 11. KI.IVi: of (ir.vo.
towniliin nr' nu
ll ' I.n .Uf.'.l.'-
1 J ,ru. .1 to mn ,iiiii
iwtir . ui. i.i i i.ii ii.. .iiiiji'i i io in nuiioon
ofllio I ruth' Cmim-mioh i.rCi.luinlM-i niunlt.
1 Of n trlol. low ii. In ji, u ill h n i.unliilnt f r .Try
I IM t.ll .l.VI) ltl.flllthl lt i.r I 'kIiiii.I i.i rouul, . rr.
Ill" ri.nil mi- Coinit . Couv -iition. jiiiliji . I to i lii rnl.'.
Tl:.',II I'HI.IMIU' if oriti?i.u,. nr.- to
,1 nniioiiiif mil !i' n C.nnli l.iti- tor Hi
'l'"""",rl' " 1,1 '. ,l.!'i". :!" ?
f I'r
in. siiIiji rl
rnllr Con-
III iko i-loii ol lh. Coliliolo i Coinily C 'i.n
n,lsi I,n K-,:" " "ri"r,r k .'rV1"1"'1
nr i
r niiiHiirii'il I
to nv. l.ill In II 4 ''- t ir Coinii.i. i
ftiion r ol I 'oltiinhi I t mi lit . till, t.lll. .illiji I t lo tin' N.IU '
ihkiIIi-I) tno.-r ill ' Coitnl, Cou I'lition.
k.t nr.-it niim,. s,th i-ini.1.1.
111 mliinii n to linitn.' tfo' l.trnrit. inoxt .iri'il niol
faMliionnt.l itork it Cl.itliuiu 111 i'htl.t'Uhilii 1. loi-v
pri'-l lor ri ..ili.f, liii
on.lilnt'.l i-v.'r) oni. Iu I
own i. -iiMii, tiy li 11 HiL' miirkt-il in rtinn on i-n h I
nrtirlo ;it tin- .rj .iwot prne it If
:. 1 1 I'ir -o III t
ratin't pi'uxiMy nry-iill mn-t Imv Jilikc.
Tin (fitoilj me il ppoiiL'i'il nii'l rt'pri'.l .mi.I cri'.it
pftinn tAi-n with id iimkhiL' a-i tlnl ;i1l ran tin' with
1 the Inlt nuiinini-i' i f pittnma jiooil nrin 1 m th- .-r
i Iiivm'M pno', Alfo.. i l.trjo frtock i pi ti' fun I it
j hand, nf tho tiHM ftUnni! Int i" ihti.-i. w Inch will
he in i lt In r in tin ni"hl I ihnti il-ln mi.I hr inrtn-
tifr, y."i p.-r n nt.. Im un i n-.IM f rifft.
j licui mli. r the JCrix-.ut, in Market, nlinv.' SnihSt
1 No.fitU. JOi:-' A. CM.
, . .
Evtnthoc uli Iin'iiitlifnjojlll..nt( ,.rf ri I. -MHi
fropir utly Ii.i c tn'i tl toh.i 11 rrrour" to t .iih-ji ii pr ' ri.'
tHcf th r-t ii 4i', Wt' ,ir' tif i rtuo will ,ifiin r l .ikti i
I In t.'"th.' Mi' th.ii il'h i" Ii ir i." ;mli tm i.t
itrortit'ir th-y in u luHin IIihi f i i n'.t Ihli t in - ti m-:
nil s riiiniot liL'l.ik-u r (.'til.trly Willi i-it u In? it ililv
ninl i l.mtit i ly totln- i.t tu. Al lliliii itriiii. p.irtn-nl ill...
Hn : lit-n't'pt in. m is not pr. fit a-;.iiMhith iiul.iri.i hi r. r
lam inctioim of tlii fount r. In nil un - of I r imS
at; ue. th" MiTintii i nion' p t -ut than mi) nitniti't t ,ii
Dili", wlnli the iuoi.t il.iio;t pan. taicf f lallto in fur
ji hi to rtui prop rti 'J'Ium,- wlnhi.' tri-'d
thf iue.!tunc will ui'i-ru tin tin r t. r.nijol th- ailrt-itt-i
w liirhtlio IIohti-ttfk Ihnnti p'oftH to -uhlit.'. To
Hiom' wIioiae not" Hi.- vpeiitm nt w
r.'ctiimiirixl an curl) npp.u ttiii.n toth li.i rKiif w licii
tln' are ct rit ken hy ilin'an'rf of Hu' ih," M i' org.oi.
Sold i all dritssint-t in lit' wi..
taVtii'n ,iilvrilio'iiii nt in .tii'-th r rr.luuiii.
Morr. r h 1.1 ri: ni.i.s. ru. uieu mi.t un o i i-
cbrity w Inch thi prt'-finin.-nt tmtlit nn- liitc tir-pnr -d tor
Us iiiarinhU' rttn.irj ju till iltfao j wlurhil pr'f mow
torure, linn midi-red tin-1iMi.1l pr,iiiirrf in-t.-iitait-'im
niltniiff not null lllilorii.( in lint iiiiwnrllit nf l! 1
Thry art Known hj truiti, tli -ir flood w 01 kit t.-ti
fy lor thi'in, ninl Hi. i llirito not li Hi.- t.ntli of tit.- . r.-.t-
, , , , ,,
ulnus. in nil r.i,' or .".lit. -...,. ilj,. ..ii. I.illio.u
and lurr atf. clninn. il,i, rlit'ilin.itii,in, I'-v.-ra A. utini ,
nliatmatr In n,l nrli . an.l nil .lrriiSi.i'iit if
. ., ,, . .. ,
li.'iltli, tli I'.lla liiv.' ,r,n ruin nn.l
liccily rrin.'.i). .mull' ni ,i im'itip i jr i'iii,
licjon.l Ih-rni.Ii of 1 omiu liti-n 111 thu ...tlnution if
' '
evt ry i.iti.'iit.
Dr. Mnll'.it'it rtiornh HitL-rn, will li.''f,mii'l i'.ii illy rf-
Itcarl 11. in all r nf n.-non, ,1, Inhly, .! i, t
acliu, th., pirknciiR inuilfiit to f.-iiMl m in il. Iirnt.' Iii-niih.
anilrvvrj k.n.l.l maLnr-.a of 111- i'lSramv meai...-
., , , ,. . . .
1 or MU- l.y l . II. MM! it, .1.1.. llro.i.lnny, .V-w oik,
anil l.y mnliriiu' nVjlera nn.l .Irnirji.t ran'rallr tlironsh-
out tin' rnnntry
IVI.rilll) 111. laRfl-l.'iii-l'.in.
1'cmal. Health' Fcm lis Htalta "
icmai. iicann. icm.tlo lliaim..
Tllon. inula of f -iiiiilfa fuII't frnni ilTiinarni'lila nrrii' to Hi. .'X. 1'ir.l. ami ronimoii ainnlis tin ... l,
t l t Wt AXi.Fr (r V'lllTL4. nr l,H-i .innill l. ll ttl.ll llM
I ittli-ud.inl. I-m.-'iuio, I'roik Alios. taME or
Wl4K n.K.n..d(iFsiALinmuiv. n
llrt'J wt" wl"0''1" MiiUm, and in Iniml
,, -., , ....
tu.c ran h t-n
ImmlrctN r-f mm
hi-nlth iuttt-rl) uu h'rmin.-il.
Old-rlion mnfiritir-aml
drup 11,1 1,1,1 lmIfi con,-r',u" ",,u yi i-"i Mim-
ptiKtva- prlrtt iioMto?rnir hmi l itii arn jtut Hmi
,u,.f. nifvi,,,. ,.,P,i,, ..n.1 rr.t- ....rnia,,,,,,,,.. a
d"1 "r,h M'',io a-'11". iiwniwrtiif uiriini.
or hi moiithValli'iitlaiirLMiim dorior. M lioxm for l.
.-i . ...... ..V.,.0.
N. II.-A full iitti f U-ipnitrMi' lIoMropaMHir Km mm.
with IUkiIi ni Dtri'dioiiri, and twcnij ilillcrrnt Hi'iiu'dii'ti
, Um ujU ,, CJ., 4i. ,,,, , ,,! M,P, e
c ' i" i.v.'a, au.i nook, ji, vwtu 2.1
He?.. ",',',!," .,nSIM.n, rr ra...,ar,. ..nt hy
nulonri xiir ra, fr.-u of . Inrto, 10 any a.liln.a, nn r'
"Uri"" ' wdrt"i m,,,Hml:v t n,
No. an.' iimaHway New York
Holil lit P. I' l.l'TZ, Xf'nt l', Ta
. . , , , .
I7Mpf a I't.ra .an t jiIh.Vik
rtn m anmar, r.iumr.
A NC,V 1,KM miHiNras urov nr.iv
1 'TS IIAIAUmtAim cornet l.f
,,, d MaIkH ltmlli dul, , IMm , ,c hnln
track. We nrc umliflf J inn il.r only nav lo l.n.l.l un
"J ""p 'e-ijin--. i to .ni tiicnp ana riv
aatl.factlon to customers. I'rttenra will not nnaucr.
imimm bn, li.t.l it, ilny. nml we Intend lo tall
rt,f ''" f'11""" ".' ( ""
lei..,) nml no inrinllnn In iniliki'il pilci', Thlk iyticm
"III mulnln luclf lllont putllnj, We tlmll buy ninl
'1ll'"'"'ltl)'f"rcnh. Our aiSottnunl for n nnJ
-"j" 11 no- ims'-io " ' i""o n-o.n, nun our pnera inucil
Irr than any other, fall at once nml arc for joiiMclr,
H. IV. timet routlh ni'.t .Market ata. I'lilU
r'ci.rnnty M. ir-wi
r Kl" iii"'"i"i"i " echini; .1
Aumi.fJT, byili! m.wt ndid Aurora llurenlla
nter aoen iiithe cetitnr). Ituyai.rttl
.'rroa the kj, mi tho iinnSin wire tn-iniiirui in u,
.,tr"i.,c. .u ono tun,, a tan oi.-ervcr nni.,, that
'"j ' '"''7' '," '' 7 7"'U,',n? r""" w
,, , .,,,,, i,.,,, ru.-t. v,,.
.w nut andKui ci,..tut hum. above smth."
c-Tlll.MAtV. MATIVSOV. Keceiv.',! ,1 irlr".-
Itmlnl at th.i World', fair in 1 nlhll.rjrTlii:k-.
iHllHI-KtlllM i. . . ...
" H.HI.-, Ilir'l., .Ilr. UIIU 1ITIMI., irv.ll Hl'llin
iim'M. nfL luiu utu-retl M ji irrliaicrit it tlic nb'ive nrll-ih-c
'I'M. I much tlic .irpril utork if (riltikit. (.'nf t
llaCi, V;iHri'. .Vr.. in rinliikllii I rry tti'-:ii l'ir
No. lui .M irkrt StrL'it, nu' ilor nlmti -1 1 1 . .SoiffA ni't.
This luinij till: Piinoii nf lli yunr wli'-n ilhrlir.i,
il) s'-nti r), nii'l rholern amt unlnjipily Imt loti prf i iiK-nt,
ui finhul mir rt'aJrrs ir llrvnd Ls.uin nt' J.utiaici
(lilior. ami lilg inroinpai'jlik' Cholera Mitturc. Kai h .11 1
Willi rur.ithc aiil tnacital power The Ineilicilicn nliti o
"aie ,r,y ,re e,l
"ml saved hull'IrecN of lui'
n.imi'il ha e Irniy Hireiiteil the f.ital proprcn v tUnuL"
"Columbia IDcmncuat,
: 1 allowing are the receipts to the ollieo
01 tlU' '"'UMHIA DKMOCIt AT, (luring
i in mourn oi .Hiiy, i!uw
Irani It rr, i.p'i, gJl (H John I;, Ptt. r. JM mi
Cnlmiilit.t rinnl. I .V) CimtifJl' A. IIJiI. Ill I HI
i Juft. 1. t. Hi 00 Tli.ihi Mi Knm. ID u.l
Ji'Dll His U irK, il IKI ,i.n III u!t Ihllit'T, ID III)
JV'ler Slittc. I 75 O, Juiiit&. Co., BOD
(fo. W.s.'arrh, Ils-i , a iki ilrur) -ii1 li, i :,t HVMi, "Sf IKI tfw.iu, I r wr At ('.. 1
Tlmm;i4 Trent h, :t .( li. i. ( '. Mcrriini, ; .;d
I,ff, 1 e Try & l'.iri"'ii. il
JtTtH Ititt tl IV . Colli.. 1 IK) Wilt Li in I 111 l tin. . tin
I iinll Stitl r. Jr. .Hi A. t'h !irn:li. .tCo. mi
iiiiw-r i.aiM. ;j tw joinii' h ihi
Mm'. ,v i. nl, a l-i llnu.m lioj.l, J ih
I'd) If 1!. Mm", y mi ttnlilwin A. I.MMiTin:in..t ihi
Muni.-i'r.'. hut!. .. K. WW. Mlt-n. Ji mi
Jolm ( .t.iruljy. y ui) J. Hmnl. urn, .1 lilt
Mm. S, U'nki t'n I.I, h V. C. l', 7 .Ml
rriiiikliu St ins I'niil. li IHI Dtvil Wil-nn, 1 utl
All. -li & Wi-ilh-s :MH) John Wniinli, '..
i. ui. J. II., 1 U() Tli.un.1 MiCorimik. .'U
New CAiiuci1iscmcnt5.
A M prr-on-iiiiMii.-ii 1 1 Hi int. li r iui'il f r Troir-f- cirvH-i-H up to AjmiI lot. l-iu. i.n rip'-ittn'
l r.-'iausti U lo oil an i x. ui-m itlu-r U note or i Hi ni-i
J f.'ltl IT. II., V, .
lllooilllllirp, llLMI-.t II. 1-r.u.
:S1'V STKAJI .Mll.liS.
rl.liolt iiinl I'Ci.ll io iiiul.iiliirril l l'o.ii.n Cniri
L i .ittluir .
1 Ills, in ..!), Ci liimhl.l I'ullil'
CHAIN punli.i.
I 1 1 tin- hie'idt M.irki t prut i
i-'.oun and f:i:d.
t'dll kln.l mi h mil in 'u,iiititi.w to Miit pur i'Ii i
ln. Anati-t J - (
I II i; l'irt tl.m Kitfin.' i ftli i ii.i ! -stt.t "t I'ir 'o..
1 ofrinl.ii Ipiii.t It nit ti John Aiii'u.mi Uiu li.-fl
iii'ittiii r. fin i uti nit Hi r- -ir nl.i li lu,-ii t-i !. Hi
It st Kiiiii.i i.i Hi i iii .i.i. t vi ill I..- tol i i -A it iipph .1
t"l noon. t ir
vi i. -haw.
No :ilT, N'orlli Sunn I r tr t,
or. i ii Hin.i.ii;i.ri;i;.
N i :tll ..rili i'.mrili Mr t.
Ami i: il. tJ.n .it. nui i.i.-l.iu i
ANT -TIMt (;li!H M'S, it tiw lot, jrtl r-n noil
l .in i fir j-.iIj .it t. p. r 1. 1
il i; rvi vs.
TKi:i. Mini' rKilriS..! Ir--h mii'I r . . Jv. .1 mi 1
O . r .il ut
1 III I'll I1IMI.I.I N'T 111 1. Il 111.11 UI'SI.INS.
t .v.. I. fU li Ill i:.i-l, nt
HI.M'i; l,.cr, rill.WVI.x, of tlu lit-.t I'.i-lmm. tor
.i. nt IIAIll'j.AW.
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ri.iloou. will iilo Ii ' t'trtOfli.-.l liv tin- noii'ty
i'rnp" iu.i h tn'iit to I). . Iltfiti-it ' r fir at
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mi" o'i I.n k in Hi" aU moon, at Hm- dmri lloiiii', in
t!ooui-lur!.'. tli" t d.iw hk di mill d pn p rtv to wit - 1
All Hi tt rt-it tin lot of cn'timl itu,ttf 111 llopkiiir-villr',
lUoiiintown-lpip. I oiiuiliaiouiit,tioumli'dan tiii'mrnloil
u-t follow x. to w it . on Hi" iiortlii'nt h Mam Mp-iI -f '
.ii I town, on thi' tomHii'titat li) tin nil. y. on th. nmtli-'
wi-tfl by .in tilli. ami 00 tl, iiorthwi-i-t hv lot of
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uppott u,iiirv,i(hout t n un if w hn It m ili'ttn-il land.
1- 1'ii in i-M'cuiiou ami 10 u toi i .in uiu prop- ,
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hill I, I 111 i. Iii.llli.lii.l mi tliH li.irl I . .11 U I u I.i, il.U-...
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1 l"ri-Miiaaiol on iho hy an alif.
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o liildllt .1. I dV.
fiifRio h Oirici-. ; &'ifrilf.
lUitiJiii.lmrg. II I W.0,
AMprtfon indebtiMl to thi IhI tlrin nf Homlmy A.
iMitinnou, anduUotn the iiitderiiKiied, for the term
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Iwn Diily I'mm-'ini-r Tral.i Hill Im run bittm-u
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.t.UVlMl Pt)l Til.
rUltf Mail.
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'l'o.(o Mall.
I 13 1'. M.
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0.10 A. SI.
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Tho 1 iirkniUi'iH A. Knilion.l ronni'rl,
with tin- iH'lnu.iri', I ai km. mm i At Wi'it.'rn llmlr'Mil nt
Mranton. for ,t- Vor. nml l'lill:i,li-plil.i. ami ititi-riii,--illit.'
point, l.a.t; I, Uo for llrnit In ml, riiiglinnitnii.
Vvt'i.t ,,IJn rails, mi'i ftii! point
.ii mi;ifri ii couiif eta witlt tin' I ttttiwt;i l;;iilrunl
itirpoiiitii imtii Cart ami n t'ht.
.it .Noit.iiiiiiii.' it u.ii. ii.,. si.. .i
Trl'i K.nlru.iii, ior potuin it ami Mmth.
infiml 1 1. Irt n.
TH Iiori'M (iUi'ii, thai n riTinni il.o- hill w hirti l dr;iw u
I In I ij or ol M.-nrj W.lteinhult, for tlio mini il twintj.
two iloll.iri. luMtiiix ifati' Un r 'tenth d.n o Jnli, A. I.
i-ui Ih iniir ly tutlont iitiHii!iT.iihn,(iii.l till p. thoim
nn- witriif.l iiK.imii n -Htlnij (irt or piirc)i.inii!iii'
tiiiif, tu I hit n.l t.itontui-i ih.- pit) nn ni to ri hi,
... . . J.KWIai IIUHII.
Ahlilaii.l, Aii,"it 4, lro-Sti.
StmibiiTy I'laiUs! Muiubei ry llan( !
J11M. r. 1. -MIMltT.KnV. oirr. lUHUInf lh
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t'Xtmtiiu' diiit.itli.r..r il.iiHiiii:thtf.ill,ifroiii'liti;
.'n.i'i-1 o uiu oi r pit'iiiti.'r.
1 1 il).
t tliin.) At 1.50 per
Alm. arlioin- iarni of hanlv Natho lir:ipr im-,
iirlm'. IH.i Cnlnmlii.,, Conror.l. riiuiMhi.
( lniton, iiiln.l.i, Catjuln. t tr.
,i ' V';oic,-''"tiiM'ntor i'rmt 'IVvH on Inn I hi
thin' for fill pl.iiitinj;.
r. r. mi;i:ci:iu,
. r.,u,w,Mi.AUg.4.i,r,-s, V",ta'ei"" Xur"rt"'
(Jemrnl ,omnnsiin .Urrchnuls,
lh U.I in IS
I i-h. I nn 1410114, I'lonr. Itmwr. Cln-t'p'. (hU. D.-j,.,!
I'MiiU, (ir.nii. .M'lln Mi.itn. U'hisk.'j. Wool,
oinitr rroilini- an.l Mi-rtlwii'liM-jfn.r.tllj
j :il N'iiriii WiiAitM, rninDnriiu.
' Cotui:nii!,r.Km ori'roiUjoiiji ri-nir an-l Connirv
i run u h hut il. nii-l r tiirim prunipll) mul-. lash
a ivhiil i nhi'ii ih Mr -tl.
orii;i;i:s f.,r .iii km.N i,r v,nh. vr
Unci I riiit-. a.c hllf.i ,iiih'ui'i(t La-h I'tit.'-i.
AD.Kll li.VKD l'lilllili; SA1.K
vahia?!c ileal Estate.
I V purvti utiv 1 f
Coluuiliia nttiiiu.
'f It "I" th.' (ifp'nm Court 1 f
t.t lilc.Vloik in tli fin i. n J' Im M. Ch mh rlt.i. Ad.
inini-tr..ti.r 1 f .Mli l'-iitin. 1 it of Hloon, tnwiuliiii. d.r...'i. will ,.Vp,.,. tonal... hv I'ul.ln
i-iulu ,up...i t.i pr 'im 1 x a 11-1 1 11 1
Mtn it .in l'..pKin-ull... Ill 1 tinui.lnn. in Hi rimiitr
I'l' r 'ji,ii,i, n mil It-it 1 ,iMrii., .f liocnniiii'i:
nt 11 .l.ik" i.n the M.uiliu.-.i 1.. ,.1 M.iii, ,lr ., , , pi,.
r. i.i.l I. .ulinj Irinii lllo. I.uriitn ll..ri,.k. in 'i Im- m .1
lot un on ill.) Mi c. Inn.. Hi..,,,.,. uJ.i-io ..,i,t ,tr,., t
i-oill.l nil, tlir.v il, L'ri'i a i'.. -iM) m.i.l l ..r.
n. r ol l-l ... Un- ..ouili livi'iiti-.i i n 11. -ri 11.
"'i-' hnti'.r .1 nn I nln-tj ll.t f.-. t to n ll.-i.)
.. .-., , i norm nil) II, r t-er nh ut-M ail,
o 1.1 1 loth' Mm .-1 11,.. 11 1 , .-niv,.. ni' m.-ii,;
1,1 tli a.iiii ' in rlh tlurti ...on .1. '.'r-.'. rant ono ln,i,,lr,.,l
11 1,1 1,1,1 -tl I jl.l I.-, I l tli . p 1, c,i.u , r,
i-r.-it .. .... t It pr. 101.,'. a tuo.tort
l'K A i;-; yn iu. Lisa 1 10 u '.vi
1 " ".ill t'r.i Miop, iiliihli'n. an.l n lirit.-
WHha wriloi ...t r mi Ho pr 'inl-
Mtn itu 111 th Mow ti
1 t ..low. 1. t.i I 1 ouiiI
J i nil I.VIMH.v rir.
t'-r.oj.iK , .,,!,. ti,i . f .'I, tli Hi pun ha-" nioto-v I
'I '- I 11 ji r 1 nt 1 toll p n 1 mi to (ontiii(,t, 1 th
.1 -ti . -r 1. i in - mi.- tti'iith to li - pii 1 at Hi
hlrtH.l.. .(..wit i, til' pmp ru, 'II,- Ii.t) jm, ,. r til.
P'irj'lti'ii in nn .r riim th imillriii.itlon,
.nm r l 1 1 1 ui 11 rut 1 1 1 1 of nail',
J. M. ciii;iii:iu.iv.
I loiMi-lnir'.'. Xiit'ii'l I H n.
W ri ail'D'JSiU
.No. duck Si. I'Iiii.adiii.i'.ii . -Coi. ll. It. Jom-k ,
'ylMS Until. k pi onth' l urvpritu I'f.n, h ront'iin'iit
I t oTr.iM 1-T-. Citit nt. .inn tn.. I'ntdii ii -rnlh h -
ine i i Hi"
.Mi ir'i.i o tiU' h in;
ii I witiiiii a I w n.l ml.
j wlill it.- Hi I'o-t mlir . ,
I Hi.' 11 -I.iw.ih' U h.iit
I noii all p. ut.
n; ,
,vfllk '
, Hi- l.uitiiiiiiH f. r .-ti-auiii
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All- ti- t .in li. hit at alt hoiiri, front n't lot k m Ih
iiioiiiiui; t.i .' in iifk ,t ni.'hi. f-r l.'i i-.'iiir.tin I upwtir -hodiii,!!;
I.'o.iiiii i an h r h nr -d ,tl .ill tltin tor .1. ; i , nt i.
p r oiiilil. 'I'll t li.iuih r-nr i loan i II t'iitilnt -tl tiim
till ti wh it-It il. Ih I'-ili.i- l part ut uitt h
rii-l-u with Hi- li.'-t th- uiirki't an produ f, Hk
Hrmkiuj Count r Inr n-hd with ro. l.i'iuorx nui
i li.ut r- i f.'. r- Tit I'roprt l"r Imp h ih it hv lrll t p r alt i nil romp t -nt nnd ohlit'iiiL' h 'rv.nitu,
h - will I. .ihi. to pi u "
j.f i m:KiKK.
( Itultiiooro, Mil ,imt M nli-ioii ln: I'Jiil 1 1
A-t.'il-f -I Ihii-Siii.
FUMD'K ItliUWX, .Mt.,
'UST & 3)fiUSSlS7 ii'ii t.i.
iVinlli .-mil . lit-Mii ui Minis,
oi'i'o.iu. nn- out inn 11,101.."
nn. ii:i.iMi .
.i.uiMiai.v mr.vcu .1.V1 i , u.iu. ,
l at ..ytv.ii.! .i.vii imvti
Toilet Articles.
l.-ilu-rn. C rn lt.iI"
.o.ipn, ti h in. 'i 1 ii. r r
I. il U'.i 01.0 i i, , 1 Hi Iii - I 1
.(.. &.r I'l'ifntivry
Will ri atl'l t I Mililll '.
1 till rt.
I l.M.,iii '1 001 11 Itio jm
I all ni -n.iiol f.
U. ftiii. ha. Tool ii V ijuin ot ,itioro f.i t.
Mi-M I.M.I ..-11 1 1 At It l.ttlxllM.
i o .u t nil Mii.i, IIiilt..lo. 'Hi i liulth.-r, fx.r .Vr.
i'omin h tint no Ilwu litiiitu i, i outir.i 'k inul Uauz
i in i n, i A.r I'i -. lit- i,i on,.
tVH.. i o..i. fop U Mutlroat i'onl.ini roiiut.tiiiH.
Dm t,suri.'in with ch.iiiv rlp-.
J Kl.D'K NltDU'V. .In.,
H. II. Ct r. .tli ami i h. itnit fts,
AlllTHjai I. iM.O-I-.'lll.
A. t. I litJ-mitlll Oil. .IN, , IN.
a. f. en j-;sj:jjut)Ct j tr ct.,
cau.uwav.i.;cvj.v7'.s iritai.i-.i.ii.i:
in .i nt. i
H'-.s3i, 4'tii.(f, .tiiil S'rovr.ions
10 N'onh Wli.irt.a.' l irk.-t ,-t.
!',. an.l t'uriii" II. m..-. Mli nn.l K.'.'.l ta .
Anjrii.t I, l-lll-l.'m
wh.i.ia.m ijrixx.
rfijWiH Attn JDii jiJFiiSj
H. W. .'nr. Thir.l nn I Mirk. I Ma..
I'lllI.AIIIXI'lll .
tS t'arils $1.50 per louii. -uu
Ausn.t I, ln ll -I Jin
TIIK wixn Sf .liK,
o k w h v s w &j p y, r
:in u'aiait Hntr.ivr.
(lu-liiw roiirth m.,i
rilll.AIIIM.l'Ill , V.
.u;'iit 1. ."Ml Km.
.o.-ih. MHtui wiiakvi:h.
.S' : 11a XD.EltS,
f:pit Cotton for Caulking. Iti p k. Tw nion,, I'ltrh,
O.ikiuo. (IltH k. and Oarn. iVr.
llftlfit I, I "Ml l.'lll
1 Ml! Wult'imp y.-ar louiui. tii-rii Au;ui '.'), I-i t), tu
I (iiaiiuu- foriy-foiir wt k.
'Jhe rM.oo) in nit, itleit into a Pflmarv aiol a Ilitlor
Di'iilttui' nt, 1 nr Ii inidrr p pirtit,o 'IVarher. Nhol
art ar tidu.iltt-I at nil) li
Amplu rrolou in made tor all tlin reipurenieiiu of a
Ihoroiiuh ami e.L-iiptt rourriw of lud) . iurludlin: thu
Alalht'itiatirtt. Natural tft iriiivn, Claimitii, Modtrn J Hi
t;tt H.PM. Draw mif, Mumt. i tr iroiu ran omhHi hottnl with farilitie
Inr hum. tttmly on cr) mod. rate i-rum, on
to Hut I'rinrlptit.
Tlie i'rinciiial, ttmukf4l for Inn n.nt seneroiu niinnoit.
nioirrii hi p .it rou nf hm unwearied t ifortu to make tho
rrlmol all that can bit denrod for the .iciiuilitn cf a
tliurntigli eiliiration
Kor pariKiilar upply in
j u nibiu rrtHtnii
-,t l'''fi) il nir D.n He' I
Ho' I
Celebrated Shuttle or J,oek Stitch Family Sewing Machine, ranks high in tho mar
ket cannot bo excelled. It is preferred over nil other
fcwirrRE on iOSK-sTncHiivjAcms,
for its simplicity, durability, strength and fclnciciicy
rauted. Plice $50.
DoiiWi'Tliri-nJTIfht Htitrh 1'ninil) fonlnc .Varliini'. Tril. .Maclilnc poj.rise. tho llirco Eran.l ininliti-, lui
pliritj, trMiMli an.l I'tririfiicv. I'rm'. ?ki nmt t" warrantcil.
Tim im, bTnicin'il otl.-r tht'iii Sr-wlnit Mncliinr-t with tin- prvnt"1!! rnnlliltrirc that llicy are ni'tliieil In Hint the
until, ol Die pi'oli'. llon'l fall to i-K.unino .In- I'.ureka ami ,Mn' I'lnwrrlH-fure purchaliiK. Hilk Colton ami
nil llirt'ilil, miitaklu fur rVw ina Varliini'., Dti hind anil for ,a1? fiv
Dauiille. May 'JO, I BOO. Ohi.
Till, un ie mI 2 n i-d, tiratcfiil Tor pit pRtrotmtrt, reprct
fnll) iiitoritix lintustuiiif r anJ Hi' publicgeiterfilly,
that hi h.n jit. t ri'ifivu.t Itom th Kvtiriid cttle , thu
Ittt jjrst tttnl most i;Utt f tm k nf
SI'RIKG SLMviKlt CI.OI HING, h.14 l at tirilt oiii-llKit III HlolMrtrlirrT til Wlllrh tua
in iti-4 tne fltieTHHjii it liM irivtuii, ami imiij rut iiit'iu
Hut (hi-) nrf Ml' -ml b.iIu nt uri-nt h;ttaiiis. IIIh
rtuck rouiprMcH a liirm iisMirtiuciit 1 1
(ih.N ri.V'.MIA'rt Wr.AltlNU Al'PAKUr.,
ColMistilll? Ilf l'AHlnS AtlLt. DHtM t'OA I tl, 111' It'fV dcK-
cfiptl'iu; I'.intB. oitt, Hlilrtu, Cluvati r'torkt, Cultoti
llaii.tkotrlii' f. Ulinc, HnspcniUTu, &r
(it)l.H WATCUllf ANI JKWKt.rtV.
ornery ilvcrlptloii, Huh tin.l th.-tip,
U Ki'ini inluT ' Lvirmbtrg't Vhtup Emporium"-
tull ninl Fut. .No ili.ircu lor i v.i.nins ttooiln.
DAVID l)VKm:i!(l.
nio-imslmr?, Manli 31. l-fiil. Ju lijl i
bAt.TlMUUJi .ovi IIOSMITa'Jj.
DIE. JOll.NM 0,
rpllIlfnuiul'Tof thM (Vli'lir.'iti'il In.tliiiti.m, otr.-rn l ho
J. iihmI i.'tt.ini, piv.lj, ninl uiilj i'IUtM:iI rrinuil) in
Un; wurl.l fori il'-ii-.t-r t.K-t i-t.Mrnturi'it,S' wiak-iit-'i.
I'.iin in th I.oiim, D -! I it l . Iiiiihk
t.'iit'y. Wi-nkiif!" o tlx' K.trk ami l.lHihn. Atli'i tlona i.f
III IV Ulllf V -4. 1 .llpll.lllOII li Hit! I I, I'lPpl'pAI.I, illT
MM Irrtt ilnlity. Ili-iiiii-o of the lli-uil. Thrimt, Sons or
K in. ati.l all ihun vtvti mill nn latuhol)'rx
nrinii! trout th-! ili'MiitiliVc1 h.ilntu ot Vottth, do-
M-rojn liwth hoil an i i.iiimI. I ht-te M r-1 JiiM Hlltnly
pr.ut.n-!., arc i..or Mt.,1 to il..-ir irti.iii. tlun Hit' m; .f.
Ih H) r. n to tin iTim-rit I l v. hnliltni; their inoct 1
i) no i. in i iiopt'H iiiiu iiniii i p. u nml", rru lenou in irnai; c, i
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M.inl'il per-'iin. or nnitjt n rtmtctnpl. riiij ntnr .
ri ii; i', Ii in uwari of plij wi'akti onjuirn, iiralnli
, ih'tiirniiii e, i-t., fhoiti.i ilium dt iidj toiiult Dr. .
J.'lin-toii, uiiil li-' nlor -tl to p il 1U1..1IH1.
He wb't pi id" 1 1 1 nt -41 II under Uiu r.irt- of Dr. .Inliiwtoii,
in.ij r lii.iu-1) 1 onti h1 111 Iiih honor 111 n (,r 'ittli tniiii .in 1
t on tl l ml j ah upon tni f'kill .1-4 a pli) tli nn.
' tuniAsic wi:ak.m:ss
iniini'iliatnly rtin-il .ind lull mor ri-rtor.-il. .
'I hii lU'tft-iise Hi- pt' most trv.iii'iith paid by t
Hi mi w It 1 h i h.-t 01111' tin-1 it tint nt linprop. r iiomlei-ii- I
1 1 c. otiiik! piT-oii ar 1 too apt to 1 otiuiiit i' 'm lioiu I
imt Ii mli .r.var of tin niifpiuiH'i that 111,1 ) j
t iisuc Now. whit tlrtit uinKrt andf th -tt ljf t will pr'
I -tut to tlctij tli.- pouiT nf proi ri .iimn m lot m'imt
Ii) tli 0-1 tnliin' into iinprop.'i li.i!ut than h th' prn.lMit,
'ii'-i li-nm tl.'pni. ti .t th.- pi. .i-tiri- ui hinlllij oil'- ;
prlll;, th nm t . rum .tint u.'itrio it . py niptonif iti I
h-itllliil .111 1 iiilinl dtMf. 'I'll ' fl -t. 111 hi M'Ui h ut't.iliif- j
l . Hi pli mi al .111. 1 1 .' pow r w .iketied. m-r ous
il. lultti u "p.'p-i 1, itioii ot the h Mit, ludit!' ftiMM
l nil; o tin li.uiii. t onirh, f iiiiitoiiis of Cuiontinii
lion Ki.
itilif... 't, 7 Sol nt litnmn s t tin r. st iii iIohm
Irom It tliiiiiorc -tri-i K.i-t ndi', tip Hit; Mep. Hi' par
tiitiltr l-i run; tli-Nll. mo I M Ml.Kli.ot nt
111 Ho- iiH'
. Curt ihirm.ii.l. vr no Chii'r Mulr, m from One to
Viru Ihhjs. '
M MI'.Kt I l!V t)li r,t)t'H Dlil.'lir I ril p.
JlH .(.V.-. A.V,
M mh t ol" ihi- i ..ll n. oi riuti-i'iniK, nt London. -,
liuninitt (ionium if tut ino-t vmiufiii ('olI'trt'H o ilj.i
I nil-. I rl it. o. .ind th-- tiri'titir l uIkimiIIL- han
h.'n np -nt in the not,iU of l.oiolon, 1'arin, I'lol t
ill Iphi i ati.l ilt wih-rc. lian i ll.'ittl mhih' of Ul't uioxt is-totii-hini.'
t-iir'n th it wir'vMT known; mini) troull-d
with lumiiii.' in tli-'li-'.tl ami f.irn wli-n iivli'i-n, ttrt-nt
fi.'fM.iun ).k, h i in: .ilitrnu'd ,11 Mtihh li fUUAiM, ,uot h.tMi
I ihi.'s-i. w IT II ti - 'pi nt lil.t-hiti'. ntleiitii'il MiiiL'liiu.'4 with
d i.miviin nt oi iiiimt. WiTi-1 uri'd liniiifili.itfH.
a i iiit i" i v niftj:.ri:.
Vh mi th"' J nn. iiitprmleiit ut.iry of tf .Huri
tillilj- li n nul'ih.-tt the M-L'tln ol thlt paillttll iHhrjine. It
ti oh n .to ill Inn. 'tl M-iiie ofhluuio i-r
nr.M.i of iiii -..'rj. iht-rn Iti.n tmut nppl tut! tu th.i
who tro.o i-iliii.itinii an.l rtin i t.ilnlitj 1.111 alum b tiieiid
iuni. ot la nm till Hi toiiiiiiitioiur) i tnpliiim ti thin
n-trri i ni!.!-' in iKi-it in. irappi'.ininu'. iniiii Ui iiiivrnti'
.r-ltlr.,.il .llJ.-.u.-il .,... iinrlilnv. lul. tl 1.....I
ii oi I lull.-, iliuiitt Hi oiiuhi. iti-aiut-MH, no let on tin km
Ii.mi . .ui.i nriim, Idolih n Hi.- h -ad. t.iu nmt i-tr. inv
It-", prori mii j w Hit r.ipii it till at .it tlu" of
Hi - tii'Hitli a an it u- . I Hi.- imi l.ill in. tuid thu it tun of
tin- .-. I toi'i'i.t iniiri.l i hjintol oiuiuH'r,itioit
litl ilrnth pot a pi-noil to tin. tin .mini nulli ritii;n. by m n
..hi'-! htm to
hnni To
in it tiourii.. tnim wii'iu''' no tr.n i ll. t r'
iti h. Hi -ri lor. Dr. Jclim-toti pKiltt h lam
It lo pr.'jii rv-1 lie uioa-t i iiTiu.iid. in rt-c) . .ind from tun
. i-i n-
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prtiiiri' in im1 or ci uo-piiain oi Jiuropi aiol
Ih -i. h t mi mult , nt I v r ruuiuu'iid fittt' mid i-iift l
i t or lo Hi.' uiilortiiii.ili' it 1 1 in ol tin liorrhl ilir,iM .
ti;i: i'Mii u i i, n mh'h i:.
, Dr. J. a tdii h- n all Hi on.- w ho h u I. j uu 1 Hioiih t
h prtv it an.l iuipiiin r induUi iiit-p. I
I '1 li t ' .tr, Mini" ot tli. h.ol aud uu I.t u i ii.ilv ftl'( pro-
Im -.1 In riirij it-ilmn ot votiili st. I'.ikm'toi ot thi
ll.t.Kmnl I. initio Tuiu Hi tltu, Dliulifnt ol l-.iVIn,
l,oi)t Mii.ntl ir I'owrr, i'.tlpit.itiou ot th" lit art. D s
p ) M-l. .Ni'IMi'li Irr.ltllhillt). D -l.tllLIflll.-Ilt o Ho. )ji;V.
tn r'oiiiti.oi. t; Iklnlil), Hiuptotui.of i oiintiuip-
tloll. vt .
HKS 1' M.IiV.-'l h f arl'il rlf iti opoo th" imtiil art'
imt, li I,, h iItlh i.'.i. I... -i, .t t. int.rv-t ot I.I. j .
D prt'Kioii of Hi .i int.-, Ktl t'ur. huiiim-H, AvirMo( ,
nt l( I . 'I'niotv . .t . art mhiu' ol Hi. i-VMi product'.!, !
ril.iili.tu.ih ol p.-rpo.i-' ol nil tao ti(iv jUil;.
i-th- i.tu-M- itt Hi ii ilt t Iniiii: Ifiiltlt l.tiociiis Hi ir j
cm'. Ii i oatniy w p.i an 1 t it 'il, h il mi: nil
U app. ahoiit th cj.-f. touutt and -ui loi.m uf
I O.flltO.'tlltlt. !
uu. ji mi Nf n i i4 iNVitiiu: Tiii ki;midy tint 1
uitti.wit w i: MvMW. !
IU tin' en nt ami impotl.iiit , tui'di . wi-attiicii nf tt'w j
nr.tin art cp --! I nin-u, and fill viu'or rmlorrd.
Tlioutaiiilp ol thi imit inT oiix a. id ih lul i'ii, w Im 1
ha I lot all hop h tv i- Ji. .-ii i, nui i h r. It.-u d. All
imp. ..inn nth lo .H.ini.iL'1'. I'hi mi al ami tlt'iilul Dtn'pi.ili- ,
ii. all. hi. toii Irrnt.iliiliti 'I'r- mMiuu nu. I i-,ikiu-is
i.r ,-vli ut. I nion of Hi nnitl l i.rt il knot, ciioriilh tiifL.t i
j t', Dottur Johtlou. j
. ' vt'M'vti ii: t
J W lio h.i i' uijiiri"! t!iiiHtliit hv n i-irt.tiii pr.titici',
I tii-luk' 'il nt wh-n .il.ui - a h.ilot Iri-'po'iitlj I -aru.'d tnuo
r 1 1 i tun pa mo, i nr ut t li. iol th" 1 1 U of v hit h uiu
iii'-hllv I H, even wh.'it a.-1 ,p. ami it not curt-il rfiidviaj
I io iriMii - i.npti'Oit'l au.I dt hi l ii) n hoi It no ui i'i lid hod) ,
i o i.i . appl. I. uiu. -Mi. it. Ij . i
U'h it ,i pitt th it )o:ni(; man. the hopu of hi-t r oniitrj,
' nn i th tl.tilini; oi lit-., hoiil'l Im Hii.iti h.-ii from
till pnti-p rt- ami t njo iii.-ntf n lit -, h Hi" roiiM-miiif ,
i.-ii 1 1 a, i.ttiti!; lioiu lit pithoi'iri ami i.uliil.'in
in a f 1 1 1 1 1 it i r. t It. Int. i'iii h pt rhoiit liftoir niti-
ii'ioi I itnn.'.
Iioulil ri ll 'i t th it Miuu.i ootid ami hod) arc Hi" nint
I ii.-r risoi-iu -it to promt tr i inniht.i,i h.ippui.
! In li'f.l, withniit Hi.'m' Hi joiirn Hirou,ii lit' li.-toiiifn
a pilnut.i.'!'. th pro-ptit liniitl. il.uki un to
HI) -d w Hit Hi.: tii.lauili"!) Hi h.tpj i.i.'H-t '
1 id a ioth r Ii. t oni. Idiuht d with our own. I
IlITU t; M. MH Til i Hi.DKliD K HI'. Htiftimor?. Ml
ALU & liiitcAi, tin.i; vntivs i'i:itrouMi,ii.
N.l!. I ,i t iii) f.ils. nui i M j prt'Vi-lit )otl, hut iippl)
I imuu-iiiat-h ioth r pi-roiialh or In la llt-r.
HUIN lUHi: r-l p rlll'.DII.V t I Ki:il.
Tin tu. inj Ihoitxamlii run il nt tlun institution wnti'ii ,
' Hi Iirt l.'i ,rar. mid tit - innurri nn niiptii r-ur-jiuit
! ttp.'riitl'illii n rtnnilftl i lr Ji hu loll. . itnraxi ii h
Hi rt poiiir oi tli p.ipriri mi.I man,, oiln r rMiuu. no
j to ru i f w Inch ha vi tipprari'O .il'.hu inul infant h -t'O" tin
, pnhht . Ii.tidi-ii bi t-t tmiin-j to. a ji-iitl -in in of t linrai I. r
.inn r.'i'iiMiiii ii t . i it miiip i in vino .101 v. i" 1 ur 11 1011 11 1
1 t m: mh d t-;
. 11. -TIuti' arc hi iti.tii) mutuant and wortlih't.i
lJ11.11 Up. ti ivritiiotii th.taM'h''i I'll it 1. nun in;.' tho
h alth o th' nil. a.! aoliil'il Iir. Ji Ittixlou ilfinm
H ti. 1 .'Mar) lo h.i). i'1-p"! I'll) . to HiiiiU' pi.tml.'il
Willi hn reputation, that bt tnii nil itn ami tliph-iuiii
aluavi U.xui nt Iih olht.'.
Tvht No uti.. AlllittiT. m'Ut b pot piinl. mi 1
roiilitiit a po-l.i1,'. -t imp ho Hi - r. pl , or no ,iinwcr will
.11. .nil IT. 1-1 n.
l-'AXCV DltV (i(IUl)
T V. I M' IVi I ti G STOliE
'I HI-, hiitivrrih r t tkri the I tin rt) lo inform tin I, nth',
I nml lii-ntl -toi-n ot Orau;t ill ', ami Ktirrotiiidiu;
r'untr. Hi it h h.tii opt'ii. d a "I'im Hh, (Iikiu . Tarn
,MIM, iMoit. Ill Or.lllifi III . IhTt kl'i-pii on 11 uui,
ami itt 1 ouri 1 ut ly n-ri-u iiik a pen -ral .UMTtnu'iit -l j
Sl;!i((i U Fancy Diy (inmls, (
Trintiniiiir, llamlkiTclirfi, Hon or). (Jim ru, M itl. nti-l
111 nhmi. all kitulii of luriilnhlii't loi1 lor both l,.idit-u
mm u.'iit,ini 11. Hm ffHiil nr hoiihl at NVw Vork jtid
riulapelphu both ; It llnrtt 'rr Ii.m th. it) ! tf both .
pi mvh, Th") tire boohl for r.i-h, w hu li i-ii'thl.' Ii i t.i to
h ll ul lowi r rati a than attv "Hi r in the loiintry. .
Ul rtup.'itrully ..irit..t hh.trt' o p.itr"o,iiie.promi-(uti
tn n-ndi-r Ip'ixnI ,ttll.ti U'ii. I'lianj tall ami nxtmiiit
h.'Iort punhaoiiii: elm wh- rr.
H l otintr) I'rodure taki ii in'e for trood". I
I, ad tr 11 within hh'rw C.t) r'thi'r pairriin, w HI he I
Mrnikli 'il ratiH with tin l.tUft tti !) h , ou npplita- 1
tion. I
Oranc'til, June '..
In Ihi Orkau't turt.
I'lli: mltlor'il to innkit ilulrihution of th
I ).il.iiirr ru Hit h.tihln iif hriih.ini Kobbniii. iluiiu or nftlir tta nl'Tln,toihrtM.J
rouul) die u i'd. will mi'i I the iluiriliutreii and all w
Uittlt, , ii,Mmii.l,urtf. oil HATl'ltDAV llio will )ay
iiLMist nrjiti between the hour of iinti A. M., nn.l
three J. M., w Itt, n an.l wiu r' nit pfmoiiri hat hut rlaium
are rc'iuir.u tn pn-Nciit 1 1 unit, or be toren-r Uebarred
f Ho m avluru of riatd fund
J O YWVA'..V.i Jvtinor
nioonuboTj, July Ht lhfA
4 l T. HhiUnis fiaitt rJftrnl ni lltimbvcfor pair 1
those machines are all war-
yr yr trs
,M. i:. (.Ill Mi,
.1. V. MARTIN'.
r1MM fiimtmr ninl I'all H-airioti nf th.' l:iiHiiiiliurjt
X Academy w ill befi
Wttlnr&ttuh At(SN st I(iO.
I'npiU Instrutt.'tt iii Knchsh. t l n-lc. Moikrn Una
t'ii.iirf. .Mnth-'iitiitic. .t I 'Mri-n and Vncit .Muii
'J Ik! t'uurxtt "'f M.itliPiiiatii x ami Uanlc iiit.-inli'd tiy
prf)i:irc tli ftti.h nt Inr adinnMon fnto a Ltiivuri-it) or
ColU-m-. dt t.i -innhf) (of liitinin-fi.
A It lily Iti'Etftur of th.- atli-n.l.ititp, roiulurt nn.l rli.l
nrhiji it i mh tmlfti' li kt pt.whiih In open tit nil tiiu.iK
for fx:inil nation b p i rent n. ununll tnor oih.-rn.
Hpi-i lul ait ntion Im fflvuii totliHijwho tl'Kljjn Slltiiu
thrjnm Hen fur t'-iit lit ti if.
t nit i:njtlmli, t.. Drthounipli), Ilrtitlhip, Writing
mill Arithini th . pi r Uti t r, & I Ot)
llinln'r Kimlnh and CI.imik, y"i UU
.Nit I'tlr.l i liaru w ill In- lii.i.h Cor rrctirh nr (U rtn.ui.
Sit ili'ilitition h Hi hi' in ok' on an niittt ut imii atl'nd.ini u
or wii'4 i r mill h.-t'-irc th,- rlHt! ul'llii (tt'noii, intk'it in
ctci.' ot protr-n t 'tl tb kii.'s.
(on I i,i ir line lt.ii hi't'ii priH nri-il In printn l,tuuliv4
iliirini! Hk- ripiniL mil riiiiuii.'r S'ltitmi tor 1 J pr
w nek.
I!cftfri'nr.'i-ratriin of th nrli ml
D. A. III'.' Kl.l'. , A. Printout.
l'luHHlnirg. Jltl't 'J.I. lto tt.
Pl.'liUC SAI,K
Valuable Estate.
v , nf ftr,, r r tH, orphan' Co.irt of (V
uIMii4 count v. tm
Stftntttnj) the k2")ti of Attgtit) vcvty
at llio'rlork in the fon-noriti. Kciilvn llrlrhtnn. Admin
iitruior of J.unh 1 iloit. .iii of M.tdlioit tortti-hjp, in
nnl 1 1 umtty, (Lti'-in.-I. will t ptnf to t.,1.., .v I'uMk
W'nilii,', npoti the pr uiiit rtiiiu Tt iii-iu"iit nml
iidjnintn' In tu of Iltiiannel Siih-r. oil the the In ir -4
ii' Joittitltjii M,t . r, on Hoi otti r l.iudd t.f
the- dii-fa-i.-il on th VV't ami Soulli, rt'iitntniUL;
M.ViY-niitia: Ariti,
nn.l 0110 Inimir 'd and t'iirht -fu i penhvn, it rut mc anir ,
.ill under tJott.i tun , on who ti die ir. t .d
Lf'-JiAiUiS .'I WisiJLJi'Jii irJiidJaSj
iillVNK liMIS. Ci Ur pr . Wiitron lioimi, and ntlur
oilllnitliiui;f. ALS' I, A ci'ltliiu ntli.-r
j tiirttlj w i'l linih reit.timl tn liu x.ilil w ilh Hi" tr.irt ulmc
i il stiii.t-,1 ntij 11 I.i a. i r Al.'ir.tojtr i '.nr. un tlu
1 .Will A lain !( II on (In- South, and klh.T t.inn ul tlu
dt'u a.i-ti un th.' hal. loiitjuniu
i J'ltghtun Actit atit Turtitjj Icics)
i-trii t Mv i-"ir.' l Tf). A cvrtiiln (jtliL-r
itiljoiiiuu; the tr.n t m abow i, srrili'd on th" Tis'
Al.-iot. r Can mi tit. ...tli. oHiet f imNortlfe d n ad
till 111 VVrrt. ati4 Aolili IK'llT oil til - Eolith, Ci'ltt'iltillic
and on,; liumlri'il and thirty lour peri lit o. Mrit t no ut-ur
liio-tt) tUart'O iind fi-i.i 111111. go nU.ltlWttull,uu wlutH
uiu irett. J n yood
t i; v f n as i: a o i s i: ,
and SrHI,f:. ALSO. crrtaln otli-r
TItAUT Oi' UiiM),
.nljoitiiu l.unU of Jeph V"ii;, on the ):.ii"t( tin.' tt.c X
ahoiedt trr-hod mi Hi .orlh. Adam He I.t. on tti-j Weit
.tod Aiii Hi H'T mi Hi'J roiH rwittitiijap
ami one humlrrd and fn peri he, ah. ml thirty im nx nt
whitli ,'ire will tiinht-rtd ami the rt-iu.iimier in i r 1
t I-t.l ll' Ol C III 1 1 .it IO(l.
. '"ltL' '"'t' 1 f k-i'-I Iit.thi, nitnate in th tow n
I'iion, ami iiunt ator-Miid
J U Oil llVtlil.V. CVrr..
l.liiio.tiiirn. July ,'. l"Mi.
-or -
Valuable Uc-kI Estate.
IN puroi.iiiri' nl an orjtr ,.( the Orph Court ot Co
liiiuliia t mintr, mi
Ct i'ay, the U lt ihiy f An$vtt unl
at JU n'rlm k tu tln ftir.'nooti, uuirl ll. Audrrnni. ad
im 11 1 I r.itor , of John AuiiLrnoti. l.iti1 ot i utrr tow u
fliip. Ill f.ti'l louiilv.ihi '.t. il. will pucu In Mil.- hy
I'uliln- Vio.litt iiiou th prfiuidf uciTlttiu
LOT Oi.' V 110 UN I),
s it u nt" iii t 1 ot ri 1 II '. 1 u Ho fhiJ ro'itit) . hotiiiilc I nml
ih iuih'd .11 t.iUottn. to wit Ou th N-Tlli Oi ftioud ot ,t town, on tlu ,lt hy l.tml of Lkinli
Immif. 011 tli. iMitit't ry .111 All .nv oi th' Wti-l hy
i.imjjui'rti.T Hutti-iifti'iu. Wh ri'nii it'i' if ud ti
ami oth' r out liutl Im-.'-.
I .ut Hi I. "Lit" ol !.td ih cratrd. totUat 111 tin' town
rhip ol tVntr . and nuitity aiitr.'i-aiil
JACOIt KYCm.V, Cltrk.
Mooni-hurL'. July -J, InH
J'l saw:
- r-
Valuable lical Estate.
lN pitrtointi' t'taii order o Hh' Orph inN Cou-ltifCu
I lu. ulna loititr-, uu
Stthfrtfaii the rtk thy nf August vi.rl, 111 ih fi ruoon. John Snyih r Trunire, ap
poiati-illi) Hi - orphan l oiirt -f Hi -aid i-oitut). loitti
pon i.f ( rlain't. J.di 1 Pun hi- 11 t'titi f.titl ciiiiiit), drr'jK-il. wiH i-piis,'
t-thll", ll) I'uMll I'll till , .It tlM PllhlO Uoli'al.'of D.uikI
II iiihnl.i, in the tow 11 ct ( i-.t. iu Hk .ii-i canty,
a n rt.ik.i
ywi iit'i' xai.t t"Wii.iip of'iwixiia, hoiimlf.l nml
ih m nh'il ,w ii llowii. im th nrHi hy I noli . I l Ita
Ii Hi It'ii-mi: r. on Hi" Wi-t Ii lauuc i f Citiranui-Driiui-Ii
Iter. 01. Hu Soitt'i hv I tu. imi .ltr.tiiaiii V aj. r, and on
let Ii) I1mkl.1t ul liri-c h-iil. now Jir -moll 1'.
i )ttrur;
Tiveiily-tiiiit: Acn s uC Eijinil,
inori- or 1 ; Whir on i- i-rnt.-.l n oiil- nn.l n ti ilf 6tor
fi'lO.Mi DWELLING HOUSIi. tin' rotate of i-aid ili-ri'timil. riitiiat In Hi town
plnn of Citt iw ic.i ana rutintv afur" u I.
J i on rttrt
inli'irc July .''. I tiiil
riii;su fuo.m nil': crrv,
t:vi:iiv sotrr,
ji si' i:ixi;ivi:ii at
ami Aiu; iiKiMi riot.u run iir.viiv r.w,
'Cicapir Ihnt tic (haipttt!"
C I'l.iitai: c.M.i, i:i!i,v. .a
l.ii'l.. rJlr.'i'., At-ril W. UGH.
I ARUlAlftlUAlUli S AUilUJ.
rotate of Antti'rw hciti'u:c , atceinra.
Ltirriilli of lulmiuutraiioii onth' IliUto of Vmlrew
Hlioi'inaki r talu i f Mniuon tow unlupt In Coliimbin
fnu ni" ili-rra-iLd. havn Inul irnnlr.i hy tho lU'uiat ;r ul
t nltituhia county, to tliu umlerHueit, .til pfrrfoiu lu
iii-; rl Jinu ajfHiiut ih'--t-tte of the dn vdi ut, aru re-pun
led tu prttti tit them to the Adiuiiiutriitor, ut hu reii
driTn' mar Jeta-e) town, without drla) and all person in
ibbttid to mike iiaiueiit lorthwnh.
i Prom Wasblugtoii.
1 WAsiii.NaTO.v, Aitgusi S
Oilicial intelligence has been ooininuni
! catod to tlie State Department that tho on
ly ports open to foreign commerce in the
I Phillipino I-ilands, are thojo of Mannilla,
"Haul, llo'ia and and Zamboanga: mid
that no foreign flag will bo allowed to c.u
ry on n direct trade with .Tolo or the Pol ts
adjacent thereto.
' lloalh of Hip Kmperor orfliina.
1 Xnvf i'oUK, August
I A (Jernian paper, the Augsburg A -
l.rfii nfifii.. ..A.1,',,,1 1... .
itttiiuo uj luet'iifc tu i
vaU, reports the old tiinporor of Ch 111,
liit'ti b'ung, as cithcr,dcad or d,jing. If
this proves true, tho allies will pov-ibly
receive propositions ot peace from Pokin
' The Uzar of Itussia, by an imperi tl
ukaic, iiils placed foreign merchants on
j the same footing as the national traders,
New York Politics.
Svn.tcusB, August
The Hrcckinridgo and Lane Dcmoer.ttio
j State Convention re assembled thi mom
ing and proceeded to the nomination o i
.candidate for Oovernor. .Tas. T. llr.ily
Kq.,ol'N"ew l'ork, received the lioniinn
September Cfiontt,
WIIKIIHAH. tin- llov, Vnni-v J UVwDWAflD, IV 1
drnt td'HiL' Court ol Ojcr arid TtriiiiutT niid 1.1 i
I f r I J.i il Del n ci"), Ourt it tlnarttr Hunsiotis v( t4
1 1', .c ii and Court of Common i'l rat and Urphau'rt Lort
I in Hie iuth J.uhcial Distrut. tomposcd ol tlm coiiati.n
ot Columbia, riullHuu and W'jonuu. ami the Hon J muu
l Uv ami I'Erkit Klink, Asiociate Jutlges of L'oliiit.',i,i
lounty, U.-wc h surd tin ir prt-ccpt, heurnig datu Hut uintii
'da) ol IVh , in tlit ear ot our Lord one thousaiifl ncht
litinilr'ul and ftt),aud to imi dirt'ctt'd tor holitiiu;
t ourt of 0)cr and Tt rmiiirr and Ovneml Jail titlii. r
, ' tJn.trter St-asioiiK of thu react?, Coiutuon I'l ltll
,111.1 Urih,in'ti Court, in l.toomt.i.'iirg, in thu count u
t olttmht.i. on the hrst .Moml.i), (ht-injj tim i J iiay of
-.'pt , 11 and to t oiitiniiti out; WL't.k
NotiiH it hert-h) siii'ii. to Hm Coroner, tlic Jitstict.' v(
Un1 l'l-aci nnd Con hta hit of Iho said county of Columbia
, Hi.-) hu then and tlivrtf iu thtlr proprr pfrmjin M
I JO o'tliK k in the fori'tiridn of Midday, w-itii tlu-ir r-'coru
iii'pifitious ami otlur runt inhruncu to do thonu Hun
whtrli to their tiflict-'it appertain lo he done. Ami un -tint
art; houmi hy rctotfiiiaiin.'. to proiiccuttj ujmuimI th
I prisotirts that are or iti.i) he tu the Jail of said touut) .
I I otuiubia to he ttti-11 and Ihcre to prOtciute Hani as Mian
br just. Jurors arc rcpitbted to he punctual in tli tir m
' t.iul.uu.e. aprucabl) to thtir noticoa. Dated, at Woo.ij
hurj,'. the 2.1d day jof July, in tin jcar of our Lom mie
thouiaud lic ht huiidr'd aud tnvty, and in the t?-lth jar
of the Di dep.. 1 ul (.nee ot Hu United htateu nf A titer uti
((jod tune the Coiiiuioiiwenlth.)
July 'y. It-m.
111 join Calch liarton, Jr., William Coleman, Snuun l
I Ilei-ielinc, Tatterson SIoorc.Thos. 11 t
1 Jlrturcrt'tk Ad.uu Hult, Juhu Daonport, Jtuob .M"i
tdh r 1 pliraui IJuuk, l'cier llaymnn.,
Caltawmsa Samuel Thuinan
Ci irr John Sliatler.
Franklin Tlioiu.m I lower.
, Fi'aliiin:cret.k II Irani Hit ten hen tier.
(irreitwuotl- D.iv id Albeiitioii, 1'rtcr (Ilrtttn.
JackdunJ. itnos Vocilui.
I,lltut C.iorj,'u rctti-ruian.
Madison John JK'iuotl.
Miilliu John yndi'r, Jacob Pcliw-epi'nlieurr.
Itoariupcre. k diaries V.kX.
lolt - f'liiltii Aclienhat h.
FOR THF. tiF.l'Tr.MIt r il rr t r u.'.n
l:tooiiinilliam Ui-arn. Joteph Uutkle, Jomph Uui
r John II. 1oer, Cliarlt TJioiiu, btrawBrnlK-i A o
sou, Va'ttut' Itoune.
lior llurw ick J.utib Mover. .. IJ. Tate.
IteuviT- I'lti-r Uenrlnrl. rfatnnel Jolittsoti,
1 IVutre Thomas Cimiu-r.
I Cattaw i9a S'loinou rt'-mnttt.
I franklin Jatob Koitenb.t'it'r.
I l-'i-liittfLretk )orni Crimliim, TUomaa Lunget
I UriAuwoi'd Samutl MiiBrave.
I l.oruiit Jonas rnhriiiirer.
i .Mnlliti Muhail I'rv. Jatoh Voho.
.Mauimm D.m'1 AU-rkU. Uaac MclJriJe.Menry Dihiiiu
Montour Andrew Clark.
Mount I'leanaut i:it.i8 Howell, Andrew Crotus
Maine Aaron Andrew tt.
Orange Jatne I'atUrson, Henry Delonf.
I'ltie William ArtLr.
William Artir.
Scott-. J. Thornton. Samuel L. Ilottl... I Knim.
Hoh.'it S. Howell,
riujiarloaf Jlenry C. Ilri.8, Andrew LaubacK
1. IJenjaiiuii .V. Cole w. William hjinoiiti.
I'eter Millrr s. the Caltawiit-a, Williaiiuport &
Erie Company,
3. Hautui'l la-iuoti v. A, V. Creamer.
-I. John Me". alia Ifrnry llautz.
, Pinion reucrim''' . Wright lluphe.
Ij Jatoh HUtu) ler Wllnoii Ager,
7. LharJiH lluitiinaer v. Lutimg Dulil 9 adimuutru
c T. W. Kahter vg Dlliiel Sey lianl.
It. Jno. Melullitau 1 1. al.. s. tfumuel Ithoiie.
Id. J. k. 1,'irtoii . n. liitijir K. Harton, 1 1, ul.
JI. H fuujcr t. John lloirn.ijjle.
1-. J. I. J ark non, m. Ltioili HowUI.
JJ. Sttphrn il. .MilUr i. Daniel p. HejKrt.
It. KoK-rt II Aulen v. Ilenj. fn dun
I.. Win. ppleniaii t s. JotiaHiau'.Moi,tclIer.
lo. Liturt Ail.uiitt . alnllll IJ. riejbett.
1? Mary flrio v. Win. Ilenn.
K I'eter Jiillmey tr . Mithael Mejler
IH. Jtreiiitah 11. Hartmait vs. Ahram . Ilnrve.
-n, .Natli.tiin-l JI. ltuttr it. al., i, , Marvt)
'' "-' rriinj 1 1. til.. John u. JaCob)
Jowpli Lilly d Jaiiu-H . t?.uike.
il. J.n iita Uol'.. Adam Lutz tl. al.
ii D.tuii I rJpayde n. (.Iiritiau Laubacli.
Ira liuhhiiijt . J.icoh Dielil,
-o (ieorjc-Moan'n l.ut ntur . Jas. Rantr.
Jaeob Sthti)li'r . Albert f'lookey tt al
-d, IJuOrUt (it-lU HfllrV
J.t. John llatton'd tidiii r tn. Joseph J.rily'.
J H on L.VLKI.Y, Pro
, I'ruthonotiiry
liioouitiuuri,, July yrf, j?wi.
V tiniieofanOriUrofHiyOrphairCourtrfJ oiu .
hi., count t'. St.iuluv Wii.i. lunr,l 111-1....
by the Orphan' Court of Lucerne county, wil't evporit. ,y
ale, on the pr-'mne, oil
Tuesday, thb 21st of August, A. D., 18(50,
nt 2 o'rlock, 1". M.. til" r.illontns Ki ll Citati'. In t
mtuate in tin Mwiuhipo Pine, in Columbia minim
coiil.tiuiitn' ubout
a fair profiortion ot l.tcl. I. clcnn'tl, ami nn niii'tiarn
. reeled a
A IIAUV and othT out I'uililmpj. Thin irart
lamlri ot Tliouu IleiiikUl ott tho north, and TIio.m, s
i:eri, i. WMIner. nn.l others ou thu ea.t. mmth. nn .
went. I Ma thr i'.stjte of Philip Jlaiiil. lato of lai7.i mc
coinitv, deceased.
JACOIl KVKlll.V, Cfr,H
COXIUTIOXS OF S.JLF. -One fourth of the pur. Im
limney, Ht-mti'ti per cent.) tobf paid on the umlWumli' a
ol thu ttalr, tru p -r erllt. oi Hm out; fotlit,l to b pail t
the kinking down oftlio property. The balant. . ; tl
purtliaaii inouiyinoiie jear front thu couhriii.nt.iti f
al, Willi luUK-kt tor mud one )ear.
,, , stanm:v woodwvrd
Illoonirihurt', July ll, ri, jrti ,,
Estate of thorgt Kckhntr dccnisrtl.
LKTl'lIKS it'ritaiiientiiy. on tho Uaiate of Uiotm,
KtuuiLR, late of Centre towindnp, Cotiinthi.i . nui
ty, deceased, Ii.n lust Iweu f rantnl by the Utiiiter - n.l
count), tu fa mul K-lrhurr, who reside hi I'rt.if. . . k
towiihliip, ami tieort-e II.Kilrhuer,whort?i Ir mi -titr
tovMiship, both in aid count), noticu utlterfnre ion l.,
giuu to all ptrioitri lu.ltbtrd to the ltu of tt.inl a,
ce4t.iit, to uu U pa)uieut forlhwith, un.l all p. iN.n
Inittinstlaiiiu or tl. mandnjroint aid Estate, to pretat
Ihviu to the i:ntitoti for icltlemelit.
Juy7. KO-Cu. Kxccvior,.
riour. nud rca UHivcred!
I HK tillilcriisiicil hu. mailr ntrnnpunrnt. Hint wl
about un per tent rhcantr llian any body cl.e ill tui
111, ptlce. art; a, tallow.
., i '-a totnJtliyoChon, tl ',
Corn fc Outa riiup, 1 M llran. in,
I rfl.nm aaftlly ..lint a harf f. thn nit.1o- w..A...