Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, June 23, 1860, Image 4

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The nbovo la a question nbout which
ooil practical farmers entertain miito op
posito views ; though they seem to ngrco
in this, that the value of hay as food for
farm stock depends very much upon tho
tnno or season of its growth when mown
!ut notwithstanding tho apparent ngrei)'
incut, there is still a wido difference o!
opinion as to tho time tho grass possesses
the most valuo for winter food for cattle
lioivos and sheep. Consequently, practice
arics according as tlieso ilufTorciit views
aro eutcrtainod. Homo farmers cut their
grass as soon as tho bloom appears, or
even earlier, and others at all subsequent
Huyjs until tho seeds aro ripo and tho
gr.H-cs aro so dry that tho product may
bo htored almost as soon as cut. ,l Such
different differences of practice must no
ccsarily be followed by a wido variation
in its value. That such variation actually
txi.-ts is eidcnced by tlio fact that upon
the same quantity of hay, and this mado
from tho same grasses, the stock of tho
farmer will thrive and that of auother will
This contrast in thrift of tho cattle on
adjoining farms, is frequently occasioned
by the fact, that one farmer cuts his grass
rarly, or mostly whilo in blossom, tho
other letting hii grass crop stand till the
iwed had generally matured ; this farmer
contending that the seeds were tho most
important and nutritive portions of the
bay besides, ho says ,., wUl "spend bot -
ter. Cattlo fed hrough our long winters
ri-ture real' s r
'''iiM fCa sPnn8 Poor'
'tmia, rciU anJ t.mot) j
has been more directly called to this mi- !.,,, ,, ,: -,.,,' ,,;,1o ,, '
portant subject, through tho ar-cnoy of
n-niir nfflm 1 . 1.
many oftho btato and county Agncultu-
v.l 3,v.;,.t;r.i Tim i!ii . ?
l.ll bOClCties. 1110 faccrctancs of some of
.!, 1 ,..! ,. .. e .
these have caused largo numbers of circu-
1 1.. .! .M..i 1 .1 f
i.i.a iu vti uisinuuicu ainonrf mo larmcrs
, . . ... .
containing a series of interrogatories rela-
. . '
ting to practical matters pertaining to tho
larni, &o. Prominent among these ipics-
Hons is tho following :-
"At what stage of growth do you pro-'17
Kr to cut grass to make into English and
into swale hay, and what is ydur reason
for vonr Tifirffirnimn V1 t
. ' ,, . . , ... ,r
In 1850. Mr. Flint. See v ofthoMas.
-r' , r...,. ' .' ,
Hoard of Agrieulturo, issued circulars
(containing tho above quoted queries,) to
practical farmers all over tho State. " Tho
replies from about ono hundred and fifty
towns aro, that farmers perfcr to cut the
principal grasses, timothy and red top,
when in full blossom ; red clover when
about half the heads arc in blossom ; and
bwalo grass bctoro it is ripe, and generally
before blossoming, if posi-ible, so as to
prevent it from becoming hard and wiry."
" This practice is unquestionably fouti-
ded on a correct principlo, tho object of
tho farmer beiug to secure his hay, to as
to make it mott liko grass in its perfect
condition. Tho nutritive substances of
grass aro those, which aro, for tho moit
part, solubloin water, such as sugar, glut-,
t n, and other compounds. Now if this is
to, it is evident that the grass bhould bo
cut at tho time when it contains tho largest
amount of theso principles. From its
isirliest growth tho sugar and other f.olu
bio substances gradually increase till they
reach their maximum pier centage in the
ilojoom, or when tho seed is fully lormcd
in the cell. From this period tho sac
cli.uine matter constantly diminishes, und
thf woody fiber, perfectly insoluble in wa
t. r and innutritions, increases till after the
ids havo matured, when tho plant hc-i-itu
to decay. Of course, if the plant is
nut cut in the flower, a great part of tho
ttt.iment of it stems and lcnvo. iswirt.
Thu Secretary of the Maine Board of
. , . , ,
A 'iieulturo issued circulars amon the
, - , ..
fanuei's of that State propounding a scrio3
of questions upon practical matters con
n. cted witii tho farm. In the report
1 i.)9, is found reipouses from many farm-
.,t , . -
I'l Ill lUH-'iUllUU I11U l.iUIIUi 11I11U UI CUl-
,. ' , 1 , .
tm? grass for hay. A largo majority of
i t, ii iii
llll'lll Say that tllO huglisll graSieS should
. i, , ,
ric CUt Willie 111 blossom, and Clover as
' . , ., , . .
wiiii as a portion of the heads have be-
, i ,
41)1110 Of a brown COlor.
,,,, . ,.
Says Mr. Sco'y Goodalo. in this Ho-
. n rr-i i . , , . . ,
loi t, " The principal point to bo inquired
. . . .
into in order to dceido tho best period for
ii . ,
fitting is, when does grass contain the
...o-t nutriment? And to this, no definite
, . , . ...
und preciso answor can bo given, which
preciso answor can uo given,
'.till be aliko correct in all cases, for rca
m that in different grasses this fctago is
nut the same, being earlier in some than
utiiers ; but for a general answer, both
theory and thu opinions dorived from the
experieuco of tho great majority of intelli
gent and observing fanners, concur in tho
reply " when iu full blossom, or whilo
thu bloom is falling '' At this period most
grasses have, so far as can bo judged, ob
tai ned from tho coil and from tho ntmos
jihere, thu greutct amount which thoy will
h-ivo at any stage of growth, which is of
valuo as food for animals, and theso exist
at this period in tho most valuable form.
Thf changes which tako placo subsequent
ly nro chiefly within thu plant ; a part of
he Until, sugar, jrum, albumen, &o., soon
go to assist in tho formation of seed, and
a nftvt. to pntiK!hitn woftdv fibril, which H .
1 " ' I
mdigcstiblo and worthless; and so much
ns is thus converted, is actual lov. Of!
' ..hi,
hay cut at a later Stage, caltlc Will doubt-
, , e e
icss cai icss, anu some imcr iroiu mis, mm,
it Will " Spend better )" but the trUO rca- .
son why they cat less is, becau the sys-
tern can digest and assimilate less. Tho
actual benefit derived from hay is in pro-
portion to tho available nutriment con-
taillCu in it
As far ns our observation extends, the
nrrvi1rnr nniiiinn U llml lnni n lnq U
prcaicnt opinion H, mat lllOlO loss IS
sustained bv late, than bv too early cut.
-H.." .... !. . ... ' .
early, tbcro is no doubt ; but ns a general
rule, the farmer bad better err on the safe
tide, mid commence haying early, if lie
baa a large amount to harvest, eveb if be
suffers loss by shrinkage of tho first mown.
It gives him .1 better chanco to " make
bay while the win shines," for ho has n
longer period to becuro his crop before it is
" dead ripe, and sometimes saves hiring
help, when labor is at its highest 'price,
and scarce at that.
Wo have attended many auction Fales
of hay, and almost without exception, tlio
early out and well secured hay brought a
higher price than that made from the
same varieties of grasses, but not cut till
thk' needs had matured.
Wo think much might be gained by
towing in different fields, lhoo varieties of
gra-s seeds that mature at about the saino
time. Tho southern and western clovers
usually ripen unoro rcu-top aaa timotliv
, . , . ,t J
arc sumcicniiy lnaturou lor niowmir. Ur-
chard grass, Juno graa, meadow fescue,
and f-omo other varieties of grastcs, worthy
p .,n:,..,tu r...., c.i , i
',, tlm0 tll0' al)0V0 uamc(1 dJTCM ar
1 nnd lllix(uro oftLcso wou,(1 UIldouljtcal '
j mal:u a i, Iit of j than tho
I clover alone. The fields of such grasses
could be cleared of thcirtrops before the
;- "-",
PrCl,:1rcJ ll""'3) fllClltly Jleld largo
f ll , , if . , ,.
iciops oi excLiient n.iy , ii cut at tne lignt
, , , ,, . .
iP,onoa) ana lHOtl 111 1110 COCk.
! d, fn ,,., tn ', , , '
.-w.w, ... ...
1 ... . ... p
iioiiueru or poii-viuo variety oi clover, oil
.,, r .i. . i ,., f,
account ot the sue ami coarseness of its
.,,.. ,i,r r, ,..., .,i.,! ,i:n'...
viowswo woulJ rcful. oul. roaaoM t0 two
; nolkc of thig vari of d at
anJ 7t- escnt volumc of tho Co.
, Iuour own cxpci.;CI1C0 witU this var;cty
p ..v- .
iwiuuvm m uiwuui, uuu muai-
i n. ..
J ,mu,u ",u em... ou.cui.ieio,
bo fond of it, and thev cat tho entire '
..III-- o na .. ,i ,.
is as cican as tiiev no ot tne liner
n,i ....
Ubcio is another variety of,
nnni'S... nr Ifivn r,inu.n.r plnv...' i.
highly recommended bySomc who have!
grown it somewhat extensively it is the (
ui.i;ui:ii Ml llf.ivu VJUIUl. J.1KU luu
nvll.v !f n Xi
w ,..v w tu..,. , 11,1
i,Wn,,w ,vl,,t,. n,y iu ,lrn(in ; ,i, i
soil ;s nlucll longcl. than tho rcJ cloyc
Vot ECcJj tho fiui cropg .of mc ghoulJ
b0 saved. Tho aftermath or second crop
does not, like tho smaller varieties, produce
tCed worth saving.
Of tho different methods of curing hay,
we may havo something to say in a future
paper. L, D. in the Country Gentle
H'ibsfcr's Inabridscd liitlionary.
AKir ficmuiAi. i:nmo.v.
(IQOO t. lO.OtfJ NliW W0111IS in Ilia Vuralju'.ary
w.i .. 'r"W . ."fVMJXVJIH, liyl'ruf. liOUDHICII.
1 nil otlii r ii l -alurc. '1 oirciliirr nith all tlio niattir
CI j.r. viiiu. I'ditlun.. Ii. oily lolunuiuf
1750l.aje, I'rlco $0 0. H,.l,l l.y all lli.oksi llr..
ll.itl' Mr.KIIIAM U,,., .ill . .,...!
t " rii-cialily ii.ise.ol llluitralium, cwiii.araul,- in
fiiiciuw. tu Hi i.u of bank unto ure worth th.- i rut of!
till. liouK." t' '
Uct the licit." (Id tti llamliontit, Gu the Ctiaprtt.
ar:r mwwuii. '
CTT' Fnr-cimen tiaiiialilct. of ilm n,..v rtnr..., l.
'""i1 " "I'l'ii.-atioii.
ivecommenaaticr.s from rrcsldcnt of OoUcgcs.
Witlnii llio la.lf. h uuiki the I''riliavr r iuv
d ll.iltt'rliis li'.tiiiioniaU of Ilia iiutiU of ihi. edition
'T,-"nJy'nrl'Fy ''ri,'"'if' ""niy m th
pm i-oilei!. i tt Hi.. Lint d Mate.. Among i ni alu
1 r0L"!?'".'1" ,r ,!,"t'r vaik. r.f
llJriard, lioiiklna of lilini,i,, (Varus of Aiiilu r.t.
"".".",'!'?". 'i' J"1i1ui"""i .Voiinr union, wajimjof
."l;i "':IJa "f ''i1""". coiinu . r wiikinm... ,U.
,.' ,D It'jtliMti r, Wallace of Jlnnmoul'i, 1,'urlu of
..,'." ....... tA.i.!.ui 1Jht. ins lullOU 112 .
' 'Au honor tn Am. ricun nKiic,Mato mid critici.w."
, A" .")"! "!''' and nuihi.nty." ".veirr luumiimy
",urk i"'"-1,"0 """U""J """llBj '"' ""luirlc." -II,,;
"wiliireU-Blliiiy can.Miit coiupamnn n mi i.rnciiLo
III lliu bar. an J lor thu l.trl lin- ) cam u;.on tho heiich! I
J""." "Urlounil llaaf.' roiin.illor.mi.l an llfJI.ii.l .a
help lu tlu- 1-rcparaiiui.uu.t dwiuou urrDki-." " "r
iii''akoofi.iytojiitryai.d the khiim, i.1,,..u.1,.(. i
Joifo in thu wonderful btamuird oicell 'iin. a',.l ,
I "lil'riely.sourui.liuiiary lu. ultained. it i n !,?
I l"r l ie pre., in, ni.U lor all cninins lime." sun.Uu.i.
:,u" l"""1;!)' iireiiuiium." ..i'iK t.
' Pul."!' " V1",1.11' '.I,u ?"'"r.t hook fr 11,1. country"!
i '.' "'x lor i:?unti. , i am coin, ni u iiuuid hj;u '
"iln inily nrtal and nationul work." "A conmln .7 ,
(" I'un.o.e. oi reudmu ami umkr a di, ;
I l:i'3lili uml Ameruan literature. It la dilhci ll lo ro
,cll""f "'"i"!Mh4ituuu i.u ad.t.u m mit fj,;
Vci.i, iiceVu byTvV
Uu.'uase, iilherauriter,a sneaker, or I reaiivl
''Ouahi tohen imh of the lumnure of cierv
houo." Vc luuj l.So acu pied W. h.t. r ,u ll.e VL , '!
iu our coHeee. ami Ul.t' experience oVeVc u, .',1?
en.ourium iilon oi ih, ulj.i,.,,. !.r ., ... '"?"."
J. iiAMuunoiur
,, , T , . WIIOIja.I,IJ '
Straw anil Fancy ,1Iillintrv. '
Atiom Arcl., Vii side,
u C7- I.ady Milliner, .m,yKi m 'f,.
Jllny IJ, l.-CO-Ciu.
'lib inrgiKi, bctt liandbom- irjiyf
.1 trtantl chtapet aiaort. t r.
iiitnt t-f Hohi Jathcr uAl iXVllt'
itiveifir iTaLliii'(
LaJter Hairnet A IJ,
uiiiiurcu m Uuuclw
Ifftf Jjcuthi-r and l!
I'atking Trunka Lc,
TIllM A m 4 ,TJ.
m.?8 1'ia7-if0,a" ani1 'i'a"'c,
1 t T Tl ft m T I TV T", T", r T". C
K II It t t'kII P Tm
I . K r. If o f
Oranges, Lemon,, Prunes, ftnl.lnt nf nil Mints, I'lgs,
liali!., Nut,, anil Cnnlt'ctloti.iry,
. Mil ft MM HUrtl M., I'll 1 1 a lr IIUln .
Country M.'rrllanta nro ln ilml tn nlve u n, cull.
Mnnh lu, lfiAi-i.m.
!i ici'x E& llilCl'll Vc.
mphrv y. riMupn mm t notion in m nutn f
KlJIL'il'J'J.'L'' ''I'."!
ltnllflrallnn. nnd material, nnd mean, foi lh r.-pnlr
f khul. nf WnUli.JtHolry. Acrnnllon., mul nrtv
'''? :!!?)! . " rrV'lr.. i'r
''. eln e ..'., ..." "';
tr."? Order or !nnrft lnkni for nnv
m.Niiv '.t.'rriNtii.ii.
r.lfinmliiiri. Mirrl. 1(1 . lJfO.
rf III! imJcrsdsnpd is nlfifi rNtoimncly cnrrnsM
I VniltrtuUnp HuiHrn. nnil Kt rpi i nnstantly i
ftinl fur (i.tlu at hit Warorwnnp, n larpi asauili
in thp
nn li.ind
assuitiiK'iit of
Vv ""r."11 twuii 'i ti nn on pre
''-M -Ivi-i-ps tt pood )irni an i Mfnriii, and v
will at all
n",t'9 "J y t atteiui ruiu-rtu.
H1MU u. Biuvn.
Illoonisbnrp. Jflimarj 2It,
I'AIM or
nil! x.M.r. at :ns
i iihAr Eiwi-oaimi.
South Knsl i' rncr Market Sijuare,
TlAVINBJ... K.-eclv...l ... l',ll ami Winter Stork
1 1 t m..t liiwitst -t.H.r.
t,.,! kih, u,,,,,, d B)rs ,.vr 0lJ,.r.,i , ,. c,
t-u, ( l.)rn..l ll h.,. lmiii.n r. ll ar
lin.w.inn.1 riii.l.if all, .li.n e an- .cliially nil
: 15 inn iiml Snni1.
Ksr 25 in so p.T cnii ( lu iipcr -a
1 " ,w u" r 1 any ..iiier on .aimm In ilirointy. our
1!o"u ni"1 vum ar.' nun'c ini.r.ior, ami w..i.'ci ronii
.lout iiatuc r.m ii.iv cnmnriiiiou
. a -io ami ruicn
i A rutli I. only .olicite.1 to cmiiinco ill
mudl inrro.lii.
. It A litirrat tlMiriiiiit allime.1 l. l'amHn
1 .1 III! bv (In1 nilaiililv
pure Ins
I Del. 13, ISSP. (JalyS, IWU)
Sewiiji? iIachines.
3 Afilll:
r M f
Bolt Ajr-lil for ll i-.ale lu I.). ..mni3aiiil t; ,n Con.,.
tn-.. ot
Cover a,l Huh r Su
ihnncsnaiiy iNrrnu u.r.r tacit. w fur nip.M.inn
lacliir.' in llic.r n .l.i.ilnl,ily etunlne .Miiliiu.s
uuiu.ii iim r. r.-.n n ...!.. i.nv ... n,..,r
I'lirei. and ..irr lor ..lit! tw Siilc Minimi... lil
r.n iinl .irv. i:r...,m..rc i-. r,.
Al.MJ I'Olt
620 CicHimc HI, J JJI.A DHLPIIIA .
t vriltd at llcll ii. -
tu il l tin ma. Inn
auil in Itu
litl of nlf
. " C.illlff, lll' , ln- Ut III.' . II . r Ii ( (if .ill
iiciriii i.'iigui in . iial.l.i y
i.i.ii.. of ii
iruul aj.iliu1
riiaci lidlur a lu
Third Sircl ami .Marin l Sinic, iWiiuM.-roriT. I'r.
on l.-r 1.1 IP!l (ji ... ion
ill. I'UKLM' AllMMI.OMi.i. i t.
mtv iunus iFJCIlA'l,-,
8u ,) b'J VhumUrs St , A'. Y.
Would in il ilnv hi- op.iiii." Weekly
in urw l..niitiliil i..iitprn. ilie
AI.M) Tllll
A New I'Mir, wlilrli i jrcl. rv.ry 1 ri'it in Ilie l.'ounlry
nr iierfcrtiun of rirciiion nuJ th-rign in full
Lolnr., Our l'rinl,uu; ILan any in maiket.
and inrrim? nun exteiwlvi' rale
Or.i.'rr- .r.tiuiily attundcd tc.
lVhrilaiy 4, tebO-y.
to yuiro.vr.iis .i.vji thi;
l MAM, reiiu.i.'il lu ih.- .Monl.iur Mill., and muml
I keei.inj a u.i or lluiir uml f.'ed on hand, anil f..r
ile,i rlieap as Ilie chcai ;l ti.r tah. 1 ivuulj fjuher
.) lu all thu. know in.1 th-msi'li'cs iml. I.te.1 to ie at
lliu jtiutdu. I Mil., Hi y mild cuiiler a freat l.u-nr
by railin,' und s'ttlins uj.. a. I uu. icry neeilv and wish
tu elm. the old llouU. .-Wall and e. ih, friends, and
juur culu;n an! cash will he thankfully received.
wm. w.'nitd.
.Montour Mills, It. i'lO.
ulAI'Ks ''NiniorJuNIZKD"
Htli. lulannre A - I'MII.AmW.t'fllA.
H.tJc ogciit t r l'i iu h nn ni, If. iitw un- iiim New J.-rn-y,
1 ( Mai " KXifrt'ant nl ii-;un in rtC'i t anJ
1111 l.itmg i.tuvi ri., l-.j Nm Met I'rruuan Cluiivv.
ti It im pnckLi! .ii i-troiic Itnps vf iwi IIm cull, ami in tolJ
ut $51) w wr ton, &i Ot) .inl hafj.
It I ins tin' rxiioriciiLoi f Tin fitm, an.) Is eafcly rcc
GnuiHMiU it nittln li?it f.rlili7..-r nuw in up.
H.iiiiilt'fe, CirriiLirn unci I'amplil. ti i-nntaining rrcum
iiiemiutiJiiii Iniiti Imi.i r., aunt ft alu to all ulio rciuLU
Ansilft i!U, lrt.
JOH n"c. 7eaGE R
MANi;rA(:i'tiii:it . wiioixsiai.i:,i;h in
Ilaimels ;iinl Artificial riowers,
so. si? kuktii Tinr.ii!i'riti:i:T. l'nii.Anr.i.riii.v.
...arth lu, 1-otl r.'ui.
U'ATtllliS JhH'CMiV & MM Kit l MIK
,...v.,r ,Hun y viKtrimvueiH inc united &att9.-.eieru
artitti .WJ oHly.Jor irlitil il real) ti. and u-arrantid In be
Nn. 411. Nuilli S.ruliil Pireil.iibutu Willow. Wet SiuV
tl,!r'?U.T1:" "f -I" k"l'l"'f r.stlh. Frcatliand M
J llalrhct, nlul Mauulailurur .1 J.H'.lry, of ncry il.
criiiun. '
oiiutr), Hurv Ki'iner. Auitiumcr., lv.llars bdunl
rr. noucMlly, nrc ux.uriM tint tlu-y will find ,, tills . .
Ulili.lnii.Mit tin. lare.'ft muM ,nrirri au.t I'a.luonabl
u.siiitiniiil i, po.,d iu thu United Statu, uml lit nrlccs,
Sill u . ii'in luuer tliutiniiyi.lli.T llou.o in tbi Country.
hto. und ollir-r., mine lotho nly.
ran or. rlli.'ir cuu,l l,y .v, ,uid luio tliiui uut 'y
hviiro villi) luituf ll.u fnuiitry, u. clioiii. :ml
.I'li'cMd ..f lin y tai.iij In tliu and .tinted II..111 iu
t '.i.ii . u.v.i.l,,'. l, UdCU,
I ... u . " siri.i.iows,
411. No. H.'CundlSt aliovo Willow, W. l .ido.
r- . ,,. , a , I'lllI.AIIlll.nilA.
E.taulishcd for Over rourtem Years.
March 10. lit u liui.
T01UCC0 & SKOAlly.
wiiolusam: dimixus is
I1I.Htlir.1Ptlfriil A' I nil TiK.ii,n
' '
W. E. Corner of Tront and Arch Strtri
ARTlIf K Hil.tS, i
,.JM"M-, "D. i PIULADULriUA.
.March 10, l-Ul-I.'m
No. 222;aIloliill St., brlow Third.
Pliii.jt u F.i. n it i a 9
Iron Raihnf for Parks Otnieterles, Vt ranges, fcten- tc
M.nrrlt III Ul".(i ill,. ' '
I.08K Oil I'! (iOOII tiV.Wa FOll Abb!
JL sticrretlg ulirn till oth -rs liavc rallPil. AH whuarc
In trnnlil-ntl win. have born .iiif'.rtiiiiali1,-nil whoso
fond hopes have lietri .llsaiipuiiiteil rrii.lied nnd Masted
hv nl nrnmUes nmt d reel t,--all whn hnvo liet-it d'-ci-iv
nl ntul trihVd with, nil ily to her fnrndilrw and nut is
ruction, nil w tin nro In -Innht of tho niT-Tll-ma of theso
tli.'y lovi't rniiiiiilt lir tn nil vc ami Kiitlirf) tlit-lf iniiulf,
jx i.ovr awjiihs birr, xkwm
Pin linn the m'crct tr w Inuinff the nil, rthm t tho op
iu-Iiik P x, tt U thin f.irt wlilth In-lurt n lllttcriihi pro
tL'iul.'rs tn try to Imitiitt her. mid to cupy mhcrtisc
iiicntn. Him Fha Flitmi4 vtm tho
t,tKW.&ii of YounfUTUin: iiusbjxd.
Or nhtanl Trl 'ii I. h vM r I Ik uliilo to n hnppy mar
ji. nnM nmkr tlin iniif rfi'.l linnnv. Iter nhl nml nil
I Mcc hi been nolitttcil In in miinoriihln InMuncrs, and llio
' '"u" .Sm- SfJr .Sk.W.-
Ml- .""1 " ;'Pi'i'i'cc. '
" Mofa' "" I'i"'lr'-'t hmrt. hi il hn HUM-
Si. nlte1 uZTt i u ,u"ms 'mc ,,ct" """,c''
lit, cl k,,V,vn largo that .1." ..
thn firft and fh 1 In tlu imly pern hi who ran phow th.i
liKrttrM in rt'aniy, nnn no ran mvu i-mirr muiBi.ituini
nn all the concern cf hfs linh ran hi tttL'il ami prnv
ed by tho man tin, Imth marriod and finjito, who daily
. nml caucrly M ht at
No. litimli.ird Street, Philiulelphin.
All int-rvi-'ti aro ftrk'lty prlvnt and cnnfl.lcntinl. iv.v.y;.v:, (won luck
I AM) tlAI'I'lNHrdarn uilhin tin) rt?aih id' all, Is
' tho Hi 1 ii wonder nf thu uilljiht 'imd v i all ulio tmi
I milt hr nn- (iflonlt.'d at tli i trtitlifiiliit(' or i,r Infor
in it ion mid prdiitioti. A I.I. (Ihibj who tuv I Ii id link
rnriBiiitl h-r. ttilr h.ul ! ft th.'iii, and lliny ur nmv lor
tunat riilt. ciiiin Mil an I happy. To A 1.1 in biiMiii-M
li.-r advirp Is iuuiliinhli'. 6tt ran fur -t 'I Hiilitlieprcnt-i-ft
crt'icity, tli ri'Fiilt of alt rmiitiiut'ial and lnisiin.m If on f.dhm Icr n-lUr.', ou will
I and s'irr imI in all your iiiHrrtahlnst". Thog who hue
1 b."'n forttinati' and nn'icri fotfnt In hf(. and tn biddm-p
I thou who hnvo work 'd hard an I Mriijrelcd n?ain-t
, ni r?i(y und niiitfortiinu th ' creator part of tlndr Ihi-n
mid fmin I tin more tlfy tried to cut (nrwnrd In tin1
1 wort tt tli ' more tlunjn Ih in a went H2nit tlicni All
1 cm h ' i'iniiiU 'd her for th 1 1 -it tu. nly rarn. Al
I thotij who i ly followed hr mil in art' now
ntvf n.ivir ,j.vj trca:s!FLTLt
' Ui all h r tin lerlaMnirn hih- thiw Mind d by pri'ju-
dlri- an I i.'iiranc , iii!l iti'd Ii T aillri, arc flill l.i
ImtIiii: aaint HiUrcitv nn I po. rlv. If you nlin jmi
Iiappin . nu will consnlt lur junrtii.'tf. and lm mcv
fnl and Inp'py alo.
AH lnt"r i n an utrirtly prh.ito and confliUnlial,
Coin') uii" ! ronial! to
NO. 1338 I.O.MHAIil) STllKliT,
b -twi'i'ii Jnniprr and, Philadelphia.
March Ii-1.
i mii:s, n.u: (, &'.,
avp who ,sw.e peailr it
U.i if in l'ruiK,
Currant1, AIukmiiIi,
Citron, Iiinr. 'ulmitr
rijru. IFilliTt-. I
Iliti'i, X'ruini nt, ,
IVa Xnt. Ilrlf I Apul .,
IVaiMti utu, " I'mclics
'Iran? ?e't Oil,
Lt mun, S rniH,
li itc Ainl('4, C'ratkiT,
nut: troithii, c. .yc
So, 2iKJ North TlnrJ t-tatt, Htmih K.t corner Vine
M.inti tn hiii l'.'m
I Qri ini llfttrreltiil lurtitutftn, tstablthtt by
and distrcsssd cjjtidctl tetti HruUvt and i'jilitivitc du
TUp Dlrertori ni tliix (l kit n In-lltuiin i In tin ir
it ii u 1 1 ltinrl upon i In t lent men t nf H I)i.p,ii s
l'prK I 111 Fill Kriift 'Oil with ttlU FIN iff F
wlxrh li-it .lUciitli'il tin la'jnrs ui (licir riirf!"nnii In the
run- nl Mii'rinitinliii'i. Sfiniiinl U'fi flirts llnnnh nte.
(iuiiurrliiiM, t;iett Hynlnlix, thf viro nl ()n.iinni. tt
iull Jilni!', An- , nml onU'rn t 'intlnimiifc ol th' name
nl in Iki the fitpmiij! vi-nr The cmifiilt nc HurL'inn Is
tn all w hn aiinli l'v l"ii-r u iili a il rc i tnilon if llnir
Kmntilioli (ac nrrniMitt-.n, I a' ll f III fcr) ami In
citrn mi'iirt'iiip i utTiy. in luii.msii jn.uiiu
I'ltl'.i; l' CUAIKii;
An iiilinir.-lilf Ki'p'trt nn ?frnintarrhn.i nr H -initial
WiMkiH-'.. tin vici: nl On tlilin . At.iK.tnliiiliun, nr
Sfl, iiIm-c, ;ial nth r -tmi:afo nl t. Scsiiat nrtt.un h
' t..)iiiillil.t,' fiirsi'un, Ml In- M'tit ly tn.ul (in a
fiivcliini'.l l'ltUI'. Ol I'M i'ir) mi rtrvint t
TVVtJ S I'AMI'rt tor nmtnst'. (Jlhrr l!'ntrtnniri iarl
nn tln Dili nrr inn! ircaMnciit nl .rMial ilii t tll"t
r., nrc lihisi an t'v lit-ii'g; imldmliii'l for u ratnilnJ Jis
lii1 ion anil WiM ft-nt in ui Jtimi u-u con i' o
thf iifiv r int'ilit-M .iti-l nit Ihnild ui tr- it nit n t tlipcnvurril
tlnriiic the 1 11 ii'ar, iim nl pr-at v.iliti.
,tliirtfii, inr ii'iri tr iuuin:i'iil, im J oiiii.ii
HOI (IHTUW Arnnf! S'irzcn llnahl Assrrj.ition.
So '2 So'itli .Vltil Ii gin: I l'hilaili' 1'a
iy onl.-r nf l tin Dir-ritirf.
l'M. A IMMKTWr.l.L, PrctiJmt.
Olio I'AHtCIIII.II, Htrttory
.in iv -'1 i-..:i-i.,ii.
wiinu.n i c AMI ntl'Alti
So :n No'iii s..oi.,i st D',n4it. I'lnwi I'hurch,
PUIl.A PHI I'll 1.1.
RTdiiiihrJurir if till ihe Imp ovcd Cook
ami Uniting Hi .e.
AU. KIM':- (if UAnriMin ji Mir. to okhkk.
Jiitiliiu' v ulleiiileil to.
O tober ? Il'l-iiu.
I860. Notions. 1S60.
nl Ji-rH Tv'n,Cnluinl'ia (Jo.
J O K S S & U JVS JWf I N ti S ,
No 39, finrth 7 hint bt. Piiuthtyhia,.
is rotvrxi: t JoiiiiLiss. op
Hosier ti,
, Fancy Cooih, S, e.
Willi n ti rgo anJ colupltle a-inrti t or alt pond, in
ur tine ,..r ..iiicli i.u iuvtle llieatteulioii ol loiiii
trv Merclianu.
ivi.rii-n 2". !-'. Cm
(Ojipoiite Imlrjicii.ientc Hall,)
cncsTNur sTitcnr. iii:i'wm:v nrni -sixi'ii,
Mar 13. Irks Vnprhtoti.
Watcli-Makcr's Card.
j-iii. llllprlsl..'.l would n.iuc1.
lully iiiii.uuiici' iu ili nilih, ilMt
III' ll.l. InruLil uu jMmii ftrfl t. tiw,
lia.r.ui'ilolA J Ur.11. Mi,rr,ipie
In' Is in partil lu ..11. ml tu i-v.-ry
lurliii. nl 1.1 ihi. llakmii nml 7,11 1,11.11 nl IVatrh ti&H
bri..c,, Jtuiiiy nml m liiriii, rr-ESSE
nji-e.i 1.11 r horl iioiii-i .md 1,11 nio mom r.'a.u.iabl
!.'i'ii , , ''"I'""'1"" "urraiitnll 1,1. work.
. ., k D" "nrllililll of Juwrlry.
uclia. I rrii.i I1..,., n,t.h (.'!,,.. ,, ,aii,l for
a.... Al.u Liisra.i.ij many urtulcJ. fall ami bte
Woo rs. July ,. '-"I"N"AR1
uairsi uflu'su limi'sjii"
Head Quarters.
jo-yks 4- .iiuM s iMi'hoi-f.n rjmwr lvjii.
VII. UUM-Uli. St i.W;C6 tVH
,!m.,,'.,K,.:I!"5:N'I: " UAKIIUV OILS.
A I V. V ".'!! bK'"! ''' 'in" l.ltlil no 111 u,e, nut
111 able lorlliunlK. Mon-., or laiuilj u.c 110 duimir
from l.,iluoi. uu.! o,. l,,f ,!,, ,u ay uhcI
lij;lil, iiu, u,i'il mid '
Thi! Quota Liuijis. with or uiihout, (italic, or thai.'.,
. . . L'"' ''"linlal tin'
exchange Iliiilding. HlooiiisbiiR, I'a.,
1 h-re tliu und. rsuni-d w .,. llf,,cclfiilly iiiloriu Ins
1 niultli" iul,. 11, u r,il.llul lin lu juht r-
iriHdlronilh'.illi's, nl.ii'-1. mid tull t.k'it.-d Huik
ol I. uuds, in lu. kiml roiisitliiii; of
l'ltlll ANIl ruitltli IIKtllls.
M UDICiVKd k 1,11 i:.m k;a i.h,
(,'iL,rll & WlllJl.K tn-iuus
STUI'l' WIM.OW (il.AHr", (ir1
uriiiu iim, nn.tNDrft
l1! Itl'llal IlliV, I'AtfV riOAl'S.
'jiiuanuu 4.;ii ha
ruiIU lVlUS4c IIKAM)li;4 FOll
ii;imiNAi, imi:. ciAt ciittino.
hum; to oiiiii:h, duvr. muumi
im; run AdituAi1
oli, l.ttll'd AMIbllADnH,
r-UMI. 1.AM.-8 llA,l!i!i",'(-'A,"'"l:NI:'5M',:TV
.ilmi-aii lliu mo.,1 punulur ruti'iit Mulirinc. of Hie
I ' K-'IiK iiu'It'iii i'in"r'.i'io!!''i'r." m'll
I . li'liiij lliaiikful for l.a.l patruiidce. Iiu-lJJUL
. Ilojii's u roiltlliujiicij ul lllv .uml'.
Ill 00111, burg, Jan. lAl'V j.
KlllbllJIU'lII d.UUOTIU'Ub.
1 tt!1oli:sale
roiiicoo l U A Ii K St S
. r'lvc doorslieluiv lluee.
Jiiniuir, in H5
J prire. ransmi; frmn 50 cent. tg.SI 50, at 1, T
F-harpl. ts' chiai Bt'TO way jjijo
fplH.f'iuniU-rof this Ctlctratcil InHttuUnn. oflVri the
JL iiiu-tirrlulti, t pi-cily, tn nl only hIV rciiKMy lu
tho uniM fur elTocln fr lut In, Hrrii ttiri- Hfinlniil wmk
tum. I'ji hi In Kin t.nltiM. L'niidtltulidtilil Debit It V. illltiii
tho Kliinfy, I'alpitatiun of tho limrt. iiUpiH i, Xcn ,
. ...I.-, in... ' tt nr ... i .... -i ...I
IIMH irillllllllliyt ......... i..-nu
rikhl, nml nil tlnmo mTlimil and i.iilnmliuly llimirilira
nrUliigrt.Mii Ilia ik-.tru.ll.! .f Vouin, nhlth .lc -
Mrm. "imtii l.uilv nml iiilinl. Thfrrit nml military
iirnrthctt. nrr mure tatnl to tlifir
tli Hjrt'ii tn thu ninrhiL-rs L'nscn,
iiriiiiiini iinpt'j tint. umicT'nin'iii
Mnrrlnl 'rant, or V.iung Alin craitctn.hllni iimr.
lit in iiirn.iii ptr.. . j V....D.... ....
juiinntiin, unci I..; rentnreil to prrfpet lienltii.
Ik. lin i.lacca lihiiclf tiinlor tliu into i.r Hr. Juliiiaton,
iiinr nlla iiiifly rrailk o 11 1 nmnrai 11 gtiill.'nKii, ami
r'niilikiiti) r. ly u,.m, lil. km ... 11 ,l,y.iria.,.
...z ,vvi ::1i.,;I;;.i1?;::r,i;.:
rl.'f. YiMiup purMHid nrt t(miipt tncmiiiint irnm
iiitl..iiiraarL' i.f tlu iln-mii-il icumuoiKu ili-.t nia)
I'limic. .Sow, who that lui-lerftamlfillio miliji'tt will pre
t.-nd fi ih'iil tliatthup.Hirnr prurri-ati.m M lo,t rmnwt
hy iinw f.iiihiit into impmp.-r habiti than ly thf prii.lcnt.
lu-fUtK b'ing ikprhtd t! th- pK-avuri; ot h.-aithy ott-
riiriiiffn, the iiio't HerioiiBuml iiiKtturtlu MiiipKmH tn
liuili limly and mind nrlnc. The p) ft?iii b 't omi-n nVranc
nl th i phjelcal an I i.ientfil pmi'm Wi-iik.-hod. iierwii
df bihty, itwpi'pi'l't, palpitation tl tho h 'ait, iniii2Lli..ii,
:iuatinM thu Irniiii'.Cunph, HjinptunH i-i' Cunsunip
lion, Kc,
OlTlCt?, Nil. 7 HflUTII rRtntlHK HfHfKT. RfVi'll ilnorn
fium llalllinnri! lrrt t. liixt vlilc. tlt til. tt.'px. Ji-
tlcotar hi iili-rriluf: thoXAMI. and lNU.MlillU, ur j on
u in iniMaKc inn 1'i.iic
jl Cure lltirriutul, nr no Ckarge Made, in mm One lo
lira Hani.
no jiimcfBV on n. wwii a nituoB usr.i..
Mi-inliur t f the K.ijiiU'i ll gui t Surpi-mH. nt I.i.n.tini.-
tiriiiin.iti' troni nn.' i r the inot-t ( miiifiit t'ollcH nf the
l nlli'il tutt i( tnul th- Frrat-T part nl' wluw lif Inn
dilnhiliaml ilKiwl.orc, h.iH ul. it jihu f the in.M .i-
tuiiMiing t-nri'H that uurct-M-r Kmmn; ninnv trouhl.'d
twin rinmns in ihf h.n.i nnu cari wn.-ii sifwcy, im-at
inlnoKx, with lrr'iHiitLliilnii( altoul.Mi Hunn-tiniua with
It itiiiii'iiiciit i-f niiii.l, cr- itiri'il IniiiH'iliati ly.
WImmi Hie niUcuiili'ii aihl liiiirinlt'iit ctary fA nsuro
IhiilK In lian iinhiln'il tlio Ki'i'ilh i-l'llii iminlul iln.-iirif, It
tot ort 'ii li.iipt-in that nn 111 that'll ai'iHi nf fluinii- or
tlrua.! nt' linni'r deters him Iruiu aiijiiia ti tlindc
who frnni t'din alum ami rccprtiiiliility itiiutli 11 I frloinl
liiin, ihluj in till tin; i-iiiiftitntionary ciiii'loiii) i-l" this
Imrrl I iliseiirx nmki-f tlflrajiiuNiranio. naili an ulnTitU'il
non1, tiNutrii'il mwi', iioitnrrt', iam In th. )n-aj
and IhuIm, ill iiiii.'tM tif ftipht. ilrittiii'HCt nuik'ii mi the tMn
Ihhii'h, and nriiin, liIntchon un tim hoail, l.iruaii.1 i-.trniit''
tl-f. pri'tfreni'iiu witli rabidity, till at lut Hi - nut. it a T
till! liiuiilli nml It'UK'ftiij'ilm imi'i: lull In. and tin IlIiiii it
Uiii tleni'ini.' lifcinm'n 11 horril l i-t uiiiiiii-rntiiiii
tilt di atli ulx a )iii)il ttilni drraulnl milt -ritiH, h hen
ihiik' linn tu ih it ImiiriK' 1'rom whi'ino no tr.m-ll r n
turn." Tn mic Ii, th -n Ion, ltr, Jjiiit'u i'latlt hl,n
mi II tn rt' rv th iiul 4 n iualik nci n-() nn I trmn hi
i'.teiniu praiticu hi llu lirht lliiijiit.ilA i-f l.un-K' nnd
Aim rivi. In an imillJi nllv ri'C'nniucnil fat - and i-pceil)
tiiri! In thy niiinrluiiiitt! 1 h tun id lfI- Imrrl.l dim uc.
TAhll I'Mtl lUl l.Alt NOI U 1
Dr. J. uddretii a all Hkim! whu Ikvc Ii j tie I MiuuhlKi'i
h nnxat ' ami iuiiri)H-r indiiL'i'iici'K.
'i Ji.'hi are mm ; nt the c.ul and nn jnrlinl ttr.-tt-t yru
diired lij 1 aih haliitu ol" inlli . Wcnkin-fti nl' llio
llaik and LiiiibH, l'tiin In thu Head, Ihinn nf tn-lit.
1.0x11 nCMu-dilar I'tiwer, I'alpittilion it tliu Hunt. I)jb-ji.-p-i
1. ,Nerniii4 Irrataltilitv, IKthiisi inent nl tli.t lli.'t.
tiv.- rnniiioiiti, (jen.ral IKhility, i)iiituiuMif 1 uiiaiiiui.
tlUll, iSI.
Ml V M.I.V. TIu f t tr. rti upon th irind am
imiilitn Ii ilrcaded. I.iwitd Umorj.t nntn-hnt nl Ideas
)eiri'hPini nl' thi- hjunti'. K il Tort lui'lmai. .veiln
lil Hot I. t . 1 luiltv . &'.. lire mhiii id tin- v ll- jinidil".-.!,
Thitiisaiid nt niT"iiii ul' all n'-'i tan iitii imi
i 1 li i.UHe nt llnir dcilniinj li-nltli. I, th ir
iztin h rnituiiif wenk, pale ami t-in-iri it 'd, ti U
jniUr iippeiirani' abnnt the ejes luiigh and inptwin-t ol
uu. J(iii.jrt)"ti iNViiioti vnvti iii:mi:mv roit
ottc.wu' wiiAKsr.sH.
II) tliii greatniid import nut reinitl. wealiiief n nf tli.
nrji.iiM iiru fpeedil tared, nnd lull i?ur lei-ttired. -
TIltilH.indu of Ihe niMht lienolH tliul th-lnlit'ltei), who
had Itiht all Impe, h.ue heen Iiiiiii"dri1-ty ri Ih'M'il. All
Inipeiliinent't to .Marrl.ise. I'li I'H'al and Din-piali-lU
ut inn, ,triiU( lrratalnlit .Treiutdin'itand UYukiieeit
nr t'li.uiftiitifiii nf tlii) innt tVartnl Kind, hpertlilj (iirtd
trj I'tlttor Jtdlllhlllll,
vtu'xci mi:v.
W'liii h i p injured thinelt'r hy n rertain praitire,
iii'lulu'eil in wh.n alntie -a inilut In-'pn nil) l.-arii'-d fmni
lviI 1 nmp 11111111-, nr at h html Ih 1 Ifnt nl'
niuhtl toil, L'tn when 11 I -cp, nnd if imt tnred re ink re
in irn.i:;e mip.WfiM ', and dt ttn)i both n.i'iiL and hud),
hhoiihl appl) iinniedntel). a pilt) ) mm:: man, ttie hope of h't rouiitr),
anil tho itailin' i.fliiit parent i. hhmild tie fii.iti tietl troin
till prtifpeitri mid 1'itjiniin'iitM nf lit'-, U th t'litioe'pien
eei t filet l.itin fmin Ihe path ot 11 iture, mitl iiidiilinj!
in a certain t-eir t h ibit, Him h permn hi lore tuii
teiiipt it in-.
hiiiil reflcrt Ih it .1 fiitunl nniid and hud) are t)i inosl
nienar re'jin-ili.-j to promi'te t oiiiiiii.nil Inpi nn-nt
Imh'.'d. without theit tho jtiurne) llirmiyii hf, ii um,
a wenry piliirmtaze, tin prn-iett homlv n to
th - ; the inin.i h 'iihiiuk l;ttt w t! w ith
till tl w ith the nn l.mi Ind. n it ( lion Hut thj h.ipiii n
nt' .iihtlh T ln-f omen Idl.'lil 'd w ith niir 11H n.
tH'i'lt I. Ml. 5 HlM'TII I'Kr.lH.UH'K HT. tlaltimorr AM
am. hi i;t;iuAi. upi:i:atiii.nh iT.i:nniii:i..
X. It. l, t no Idl-te mn el) prUent )oii, but Up pi.
immei.uti h t ith r percnnallv nr h I.i iter.
hki.n i)ihi;asi:hhpi:i;iiii.v ci iii:i.
ru nviM.aiut
Tli tuauj tliiniHatuli cured lit tin iiiMitntion within
th ' tit ! ) ir)i. and th ii'iiihtmih l.npn.t.hil
tlii'iali.HM perl'iinne.l b) lr. Jidiiihtuii, w itn("M'i
th rupiiiterrt nt tin- p.ipiTi and man) i.tln-r p-tmiik. mi
iK-en iiiili h,iu appearetl a.iin and a'j.un h f-ri' the
pnMif, h -ft-U'ri hit ft.nnlin iim a ventl.'in.ui ut 1 li inn -r
and reripoiiMbiliu.i-'u fiiiln tent untir.iiiiiL'tiih ailtn t-'tl,
TAKIt UI'li'j;.
V. II -Tin. r.. fr, w.t m.iiii i 'i.,.r'.i.l r.u.l tvr.rtl.l,.-
I Uu.m Itit jnU ertifin th'Miijiches i'li.Miiatu, rnini.i4 the
health nl the already ullh led. Hi it Dr. J (dm -luti ,lv mn
it in'i'.'.Mir) tn f.iy, etp'tcill) in thtHu niiacpuunt -d
w ith hit reputation, that IiIk credititi.ih and niplr-nrnt
auit..c h.iin; in 1114 mlin',
Tkk niiu. -All letttTri imt tn pn-t pari, an I
ctiiiMin .1 ptuu ttttiup lur lliu rt'id), or uu lyiwi-r will
h-' Hem. hj." 1 Li 17, "i;).
(!. J. V. ,li.i:i( K !'l!l;l. ilIAliSHAI.I..
tf I.HNpnN.
UtfLU?ASSi:il Knit TIMi: A" IMIli UIIMI V
having Kct'ivt'tltl.t appr hntio nf iliv
Uoyai rolj U clinic Iitsiituti- orfi.o!ul')i.
Tim T'-aih: scri'Mui tv i,uu;it ,i, i ntnts
iainu2;iU and H-aes 9i Wt-Ery
rmn-l.intly nn Intnil at Wholt-vah'
w. KKin'so smith.
July;.! I8W y M'AV vi inn 1 ll'V
Light! Light! Light!
1' A It , (i () N
0Als Oil, UOIIMUIS AXil U.lll'S FOll
Till'. iK'.t, init lirilli.uit, nml tli.'iiii'i. ..iti.M,t liglit
miu iii ii.L. So d.-iiii'tr el' 1-i.i'li.MUii an I ilicihrr
lli.iu lliiul, lar.L u.l lull u.l ur ruiiipln'iif.
foi-KQUAI. 'lO GAS,-a
AV.H.iiiii tlic .'hiibp uf IHttir.'s. 'J'li.' iilcnu liinps
l.lli nil lll.'ir uiiry In ilus.i nil. I.- mtii nml ....ilil
ul lliu .ihi .'Mli!irlKl I.rux anil .l.t'iii.i ..! Mun1 ..' Uu
uuil, rriL'.ii'il. uli.i llalU'r. In.iu In, Inns i .
l.riu'ii.i' ui iho Iinm, , kuou h... i u .rc t
lltl) . Illl.l I if. UT U'lJ llul IU 1.0 ll!l(llTll.l l, , CIlu ill
rin.miol.iir,.1 ui .uiiuiui liii i.iuiim. I'all iii.u bi-u Jus
Hun anil hi 11 ,i l;i Ui ,tuik ul
ukuih. Mi:iii.;i'tt.d mi i:iii:mioai.s, I'Aivis
VAiiMMiii-j, nvi.sriii i'a, uii.1 in.ASS
I'llOJI 7'J lu'JIvai., ruMTUTIONA
i;ii:s. i'i:ui-'u.Mi:itv nu
r'.wuv 'ion i:r. au.
TICI.IH toil
Ac.l'il llraiuls, ralelit .Ml-i1.iiiu-s ..ft..j uimj in u.i-
I.i'liKiis. (iiir.' lur i iisli unly, i liuil, I'aiiiiilii'ii..
I arliuil Oil, Turiniiliiiu anil .Minimi Ti.i.m , Mi.'.ilil..r
lli.u.'s an.l Al.d.iiuiiiul riililii.ii..r, riiirsuiil .in, I jitfn
lal lii.tritiui'iit,, M...I. in. l tuuili"., I'rul'. Hum
'liri')' I ioin.i lulluc Kvi.icilK's, liaril.'ii, C'.inar), ;,ii,u
.ilnl lleniii ..L'.ls, Tli.'riiiuiiKti'rs, pruur-plass Aliirui.i.
i.L-uiliir n.i.l t-h.H' Fiiuliiifs, i.c, &.'., lujuili-r uiili ihe
larf.'L'.t iiiofl vurlf.l u,,t ul t' Tul. anil
i'erhnni2httntliii vthicli ii.-ui- r;i)l nnd
tiff mitl uu imi el htlii w.
IUuik I'-unied h) cud i-it-rp-iifc Hint "Imig crudiu
will nt ki-i-i tliin-i moving," I h,ii dpr ed tu
IkM lJlllIfKf: 0UiVf. KC.
tnr.ihhnv-r,i. m in ikT,.,. ..f-. f. rrV.
ull.lhalii will uiakc Itnig friinila, and luy hufi in tlra
tint ta nnv nijih ink I hnv nt r...l.u-i..l!.
MiV8i(JlANd J'UKfti Ull'TIONS
cm-fiilli' coiniMHinildl, and allnrth-ro cnrreillyunjuirnl
All mt'tiu ini-H ciiariiniHt'il .iu rri..,i.,.....i, .1 t
im rUnii, mur .Marktl, neat dour to the Pom ot-
liru. 1 luiiiii.1iiro i'nini.,1.. . ..
lK,u,.l,erlO,US1,-y. JniH.UM r. Lirra.
nillK iinilr-r,l:n..l rei.'rirmlv hi'.irin. ll. riizi-n. of
J Ulooiii.liiirc.aiiJ ll,,' i.u I.I c ii.'iuT.illy ih.n l.
J.enl tie HAItllRK BIIO!1. lucud O,,o,ncj ll,oi;u,i,.
Iluuse . iii'ai .lia.rlo Ilie In iimcral. 1.1 lliu
whit.! I rami- II111M1 , nppnsita Hie Kirlniiir lltucKj
nli.'n. he I. nl all li.iiisr. jily iu nail unoii In, cu.
unncrs 10 nitlr.. 1
Will lyrxr-rulniwilb .t.r and lie Inrs. anil la 1 1,0
liinl and nil y. ry inoilcrnlo Iitiih.
tp-hllASU-OOINH, iloneuplrr l.'ily Mljre, He o
llriti lucrpuspd iniulic iairaiu(p and iil-.lue. In. Lei
cinlcavori li. give cycry M'
UKU.r(.j...ll.iPM A w-AKimnu
QUMMKI! SIIAWI.a.riluui.ilSnuaR1
YJ UoruVi.) of ihe latest elyle foi (alpliy
mr,i..u.uiuii 1110 cam ullur liluiwv ur """'' l"iri....L. ul r.'.rniiiL- an mn., V, ?' n.,.l ,.. .i...."1 ." J,"."".'"" '"" ""
ri-any,'. ' i.piiis, us nii.kililp f. ....n. "b i"w 1 "-...'n ,1, ".licit iicsii is icir.loii itiniii
I . ..i . tnoni.
bcr of tho human fntnlljr la eulijcct to ilitcftso
e 1....1I1.. . lint.
qj. UlSlUIDailCV VI l"" WUll.iJl "V.u
... 11 . -.gj lonl0 nlul tho exercise
1 WHH mo aw 01 a gooa lonw niiu iu ' "" ft
of plnin common sense, tuey may uo nulu bo 10
roeulato tlio system ns to scctiro jicrmvicui
In orJ 10 "Con.l, this ilwlrcd
(ruo (( ccrtftlnly
I rl..t wl.lM. wttl tirnilnn a tinlttrnl 6tn,to of
,.3 ,, icast hazard of vital strength and
. . . 1 1 ' . , . .
troudced to this country ft preparation Ijcanng
j j. mtaa which la not a now medicine, but ono
. 1 t . 1 r .. ... .niUfar..
that has been tried for years, giving
' (Ion to all who Iiavo used It. Tlio Jtittcrs)
oncrato powerfully upon tho stomach, bowels.
Sid m?. rJLAtm heai,i,y i
) vigorous ftction, onu thus, by tho simplo pro-
i c g3 of gtrcuffthcninir itfiture, cnablo tho ejs-
.",., t, nv,ei.9n
' I cm to triumph 0CT aiSCftSe.
i For tho euro of Dyspepsia. Indigestion, jau
, pca flatulency, Loss of Appctitc.ornnyllilioua
! 'Zi"lli- ..!-!-. .n.Kt,i i,ttAn
Complfilnt9, arising from a morbid Inaction
of tho Stomach or Dowels, producing Cramps,
Dysentery, Colic, Cholera Morbus, Kc, tlicE
Ditlcrs liavo no cqitnl.
Dlarrlicen, dysentery or flux, to gcncrfilly con
tracted by new settlers, nml cnuscd prlnclrnlly
livtlin r-hrinirn of writer nml diet, will bo BPecdlly
regulated by a brict nso ol tins prepnrnuon.
DrsncpsM, n d seaso whlc i is probably moro
) Jmt;ia M ils vnrius forms, tlmn any
j otlicr, find tho c.auso of which mny fllwityg
)0 attributed to derangements of tho digestivo
, . i.rt -,i witlmul fall hv uslntf
directions on tho bottle- For this disease every
ygicn wm recommend Ilittersof BOinokind;
then wliy not uso nn nrliclo known lo lie Infill
liblo? All nations Iiuto tbeir Bitters, ns a pre
viMitlvn nf .lisonsn nnj Rtrencrtlicnci of tlic SYS
torn in general ; nnJ among tlicm nil llicro is
not to bo found a more healthy pcoplo tlmn
the Germans, from whom this preparation ema
nated, based upon Bcicntlfio experiments which
havo tended to povo tho valuo of this great
preparation in tho scalo of medical science.
Fever axd Aoub. This trying nnd provok
ing disensc, which fixes its relentless grasp on
the body of man, reducing him to a mcro sha
dow in a short time, nnd rendering him jihy
Bioally and menially useless, can bo dtiven
from tho body by tho uso of llOSTl'.TTKIl'S
KKN'OWXKD MTTlMtS. Further, none of tho
above-stated diseases can be contracted, even
in exposed situations, if tho Hitters aro used
ns per directions. And as they neither crcato
nausea nor offend tho palate, and render un
necessary any chango of diet or interruption
of ordinary pursuits, but promote tound bleep
nnd healthy digestion, tho complaint is re
moved as speedily as is consistent with the pro
duction of n thorough and permanent cure.
For rcrtons in Advanced Yean, who nro
suffering from an enfeebled constitution and
infirm body, theso Hitters nro invaluable as a
restorative, of strength and vigor, nnd need
only bo tried to bo appreciated. And to a
mother whilo nursing these Bitters aro indis
pensable, especially whero tho mother's nour
ishment is inadequato to tho demands of tho
child, consequently iicr ttrcngtii must, yieiu, j
nnd licro it is wlicro n good tonic, tucli ns
Hostettcr's Stomach Hitters, is needed to impart
temporary btrcngth and vigor to tho system. I
Ladies should by nil means try this remedy j
for all cases of debility, nnd, before so doing,
Bbould ask their physician, who, if lie is
acquainted with tho virtuo of tlio Bitters, will 1
recommend their uso in all cases of weakness.
CAUTION. Wo caution tho public against using j
any of tho many imitations or counterfeits, but atk
for IIostetier's Cei.ebhated Stomach Bitters,
nnd too that each hottlo has tbo words "Br. J.
Hosteller's Stomach Bitters" blown on tho tlJc ,
of tho bottle, and stamped on tho metallic cap 1
covering tho cork, and observo that our autograph !
signature- is on tho label. '
JtS- Prepared and sold by T30STETTEH & I
8MITH, Pittsburgh, Pa-, and sold by all
druggists, grocers, and dealers generally ,
throunhout tho United States, Canada, South 1
America, and Germany. 1
.nl tn j It. .In. r 1.. 1 l.ut. riiHitti'ltur1 A Mi'
li-r.J.e.1. Il.ri.k"i :.V I!, i' i:.ilr.ttn; M. C.
Cro r. J"s. I.i 1 1. A. .1. KaiiK. A. ( V, ll.niv.lli1.
Oitul. rl. l''"1,J-'u I
I' f f I.u .liTfi'ii il rr I'tifillj' inform lint frt'-mli" ami
Ih- t ira- mil th- r t-t f Im-1 n fpl 'mil 1 urt ii. -nt ot' ,
nuw noons.
in thr rl-?iiiii n u Stiri 1 1 cm in ll hi1"irj:, ('itii!iil-i
rtiniit, I'.i.. wh.-r -h li.isit l.irpfiiti'l ifrtiri a-iitnn nt ,.f 1
Si'itINU ANI) M-uMJ'.U (.'(Ji).
rthith lii j-t ili'tcrimii-'tl tn ni 11 nil mu!i I thi- nn v ill tu
ilni-i nil it; ii t ui hi irimt), ulni ftru in u.uit i Ml t
i h lihlii'. t ftftil him tin ir riMoiii.
IM Uttt k Ii.m h -fn nilrit-'il uitti iii'Kh ;hu( with
ri-f Tcutti tn th w.uitt i.i' hiit i inniniinii, nn.l nullum
L'tnnir t-t rut r int. n iiunut -t niliiii'r.ilnm 1 1 t Ji ;irin - 1
km tn h'rik. iidtlmig m iwtiriii!! hi Cii nNthit i-
rjihina m-h.i1I k-pt tn CtMintrj Mur.-n. r,m h -re W hal
I littl t h Mp -r th in thi- di -.ip.'-t. '
Tiniiiiry priitliir.iiitl.Miiu (iriun, l.ninti -r K.t
l.tkcii ri ci li.niyc t irt'ond!.
U'liiHov A(;i;ti
Ri-firtiif rff, It III. H'l)
Ay. 118 Sorb FuU'th Struts v? Afh
Whnle-i th- fi. !i.hI MiiiiI,ii tnn-r n I' fvv'CT"''
I'lli-M! TAe-LS, Ju255yrC!"
Moiif)' Itrlis. Saichi'Is, rurM's, (nlius,
Hankers' Cans, )rssittg ( 'tis s, W'tithi"
f.fhks, i'oit Lolling U ill W..v, a
joummi t'ttt'.vm.r jtmMt:n ro.
I t-fii in lMitl -Inn
rPIlK uniliriiiicl, ilmiik nl Inr past nit
1 ron I.'.-. H.lifil. a ,,,i,,i., ,,. .. ',,, ',,.
u.mlil niMclfiillv nil irm Ii s
lie e.Mi. ..illy. 1 1 i.i I i' rs ,ii, in,. .,!,.
IUHI.VKT JIXII Cllllll .VfA'Mm IWil.tKss
Allin.ul.l .'.l.''.l Wiw (;,,.,. n
ii low il.,r, l,"li, in., lull it.,,,,1, nl.or.. I.u will WL
nt all ti nit s hn l.ii)y liiamniiininiai,.,,! ,,u, , ,.w 733
ciuliiiii.r, uitli au iiincli' in lu, lino 1,1 in,i.. anTi
iiiiniifacluic, all ul nhirli will li sr.1.1 .11 iu. ),.,,
ll(iii.l', Pir.n llnuo'ii Pa 1 II.-.I sira.1. mainif.ic
lilr.'.l nml .iil npioLriliruii sliurl in In" Iiml warl.inl.
i'.l 10 uurlt lu ,.tli,rirtiiin 1
.,. AiS,
1MB I mi.HT.KiMi lin, iKt, , r.mrfiiu,, williilie
l.iii l.rau. h . lurwliuli nir,i.i br lu. ,r,,cur.iln
inmsK ,t ki:v iikahsk,
' li'.'nrHi.lly olii'iuli'il ....m a, i.allo.i.
M ... ,..u,.u Hlb ru tu 1:, y. 11111. a . ,
lllooiii.liiiru. Hi r. 17. Il't
DR. .1 ('. III'TII:k lm riniiuiril ln.nlliro. in Markcl
. l, m.l.l,.rl,.il.,.i,. w Lull,.,.,,, 1 lu.,, I,,,, u,.;,
li"williil.i),u,,,,i,yiaiui.,l li. lin, .,.. .,. ,''
W li.alU'iul tu 1 aiil ut Ins
iiifliuii. r.
Man I. 31. Imii.
oi.l) Dlt. IIUATirs lionif
'Oi'Tnui. 1,11,1 -1.11 ilium,,,,.,,, ii,.. ...tKl
i Ortoli
. '
eJ;''',"lM,:,l!l'v '"M1 "'Iimmi.v imvm-.)
JSrtend tlrcrt. Lttutr m.,.i,, , .... . r'"t .
r siren, ruilaathiUia
V. 0. MJUiNTAIN & Itltu.
1'norRiL rtm.
..,0 in 01.1H 11 civ I,,,,, mr mo rirn. i. r, 7
!':!. ' f 'i.- my. r.0.,,.1. a'
AucumIII, IKali.
T7"Ki:r rtiiutm,ity nn han.l. a lar
xl ut pl piiiii-iid..i..,.. ... M""
!;rc; i .''''' t'-s-- u.. b
S.'JJ.iW Ca"-r' oi!
Jin c 4 Ipai Cm,
. ' Is r-V.j., 1, r l-"l,.l"".li...i. H-r,i.l,llii,.u....?l. ':" r ArTEiiiK. a ELs
, 1 i i',''''1"11 l "' r. Il.a l lir.i.e.ricro. '"" n tut wiuv,
lU.i..r!m..i,.''Vi,,.,,'i ."" ",""l'l'i"l.',l ""' or hmuit imiie HJ
unitary 11. hhiu, r.'tn.i i c.iini. ,.i..i. . t.r ..1 , lli.v......
.. . ., .. , 1,111. 1, ,, n ,1 ,...1 . ... ..r. ,.i,.r,,uli- .. n . ,,
'fM. I"VJI3iii.
TUf nn.1rrW't fin1iiir nM ProffWrtr UCMImKVs,
Spl-CIHO l(4)MiK(U1 VTIItO ItKMKItll-y In our fHtnlllp,
ttlth the ni"5t mHnfictory n-mitu, mil Uvng U rbnfl.
ttcnrt) In Ihflr (toiiuhifncu, pnrllj', mi1 f mcticy, rhcci hilly
rccoiiimrn-l ttn-m h all pfrn-ni hn l;t' to hnw nafe, re
It ihlf, Hti-1 1'iltoin.l'tui rcnn-IW nt turn I wr prlvritc or tlo
"'xiVe tW Win, llojinifr, f-Ut'if tf "He Ntitl.crn I rule
nun cut." Autnirm r.l Ihe Kcv. V II Cr-wy, D.D.,
5f IM tlmrrV Anhnrn, N. V. t the Iter. I. l
Uv, nnptntn fJ the Auhnm Puf Vi ion I i e.
!i.t'ticir M. Illfp. It-Ttor, Nen-Ili-irnrtt, Mm. the HeT.
Vlk'ti atftf. Nt-rt-VrtrW CU-rvwv t the Key. SftnmPl
NUi-iW, KiilOrtifwo Cmferrm-f, N.. l K lrfT. 1. P,
PrAtt llirivl, f.l tt'B Her. John T Itfthh', lhl(Tnlo ; A. U.
ll irl ' rVi . V'lU !S. V.( tim Hon. Noil IMn, I'nrttan t,
Me. Jt.f fin. floh.ljlrr Ctr1.v,3..nn. Ih-n-t, In.l. i I . H-n
Tlit! Ot.W fHle Jminint, .himhir, Olii': the Hon. .It II
rHl... Kl i ? Ih- lion. .Wpl. Il.'nltvt, t1f.i. N. i
J nuv4 I'hinVtftt, FJ' , NittnllK', Tuiii. ok pimxmkio nr.Mt.nn:?.
i ( ir Kfrer, 0ntft"tlon, nn-l IiiilnntiiulI'm.
Nn' ! K'.r Worm fVnr, Wnnii Cottf, Wfttlnir the Ho-I.
j; , ji, Vat Colli', Uoln0', JVclliIinf, uml uUfuhict t.f
'"n'.!'!. For Dhrrlioi, Clnlt.'r Infimtuin, mil Sumtiifr
Compt ilM j, nrinhnu, Ur wnttry. nr Ul-ly Tlut.
S,t rt Ftir CVhi-i, Cliolt-i i Moihii Vomlthip.
ti,y 7 fJ..r Coitti, Co1i, Inltiifiiz.i, nn.t Port? niroal.
S. For Tiioth-netie, Fiifp-urt, ami NurnlKtn.
No! 9. for lleii.lacl.e, Vertigo, nml ttilhim of tin-
"?ft' 1ft nvrrrt IM ! I'or Wmk Hint l)rnii0fl
ptninJi.-ti,'Oonij. illnn, m.. l.hvr Oi-niplnlnt.
No. ll.VtR FimaU IrniKoiUBinin, Pcmity, Pnlnful, or
Suiiprt!Nvl lVrloiN.
No. 12 For IiraeorrliM, IVofme Mw( tnl Pirnlnrf
Down nf Frinili'. , ...... ...
Nrt HKorCronp, lloirx-Cotiih. Ili'l ttiefiHJTi.
it Put Unlaw liiij-Ftr llr.Ipolis l..-nptl mh,
ritnplp ,,n F,i'c. ...... ,
K J.'.. tMn-MlTliM'iltt.-For 1' tin, Uimrnw, or S ne-
ntw hi Ittf CIuhI. I- if k, t. .h, t.r hlinlH.
A.-For l-Vvcf mil A.n',t'.Mlt Ft.-er, Dumfi Ague, Ol f
p K-.r l'ih', til' or tth't lin", Intrrrit "r !.trn-i1
O For S-Tf, Wt-ik, nr lull inii-l l..u- -in.1 I HIU- FnM.
hnr. Write, r Itlnrrv I Pltl , , ,
C For Caturrh, of long Btandlng or rent, cltlicr wKa
obstructinn or profuse tll?clmrKe.
W. C For Whooping CoueIi, abating Ita violence tai
flhortenlng Iti course.
In all acute dtseaaci, cucli ai Fevers, Inflammatloni,
Diarrhea, l)scntery, Cmup, lttieumattsm, and inch erup
tive diseases as Pcarlit Feer, Measles, ami Kryslpelai, tli
AdTanlage or Kiting the proper remedies promptly U ot
vioin, ami In all luch easet the ipcclfics act like a charm.
The entire din-use Is often arrestee at once, and In all cases
the violence of the attack Is moderated, the disease short
cnett, nnd renderid less dangerous.
Coughs and Colds, nhlth are of such frequent occurrence,
andwhU-h no often hy the foundation of diseased limps,
bronchitis and consumption, insy all be at once cured Ly
the Fever mid Cough 1'itls. ....
In Ml chronic discuses, such as PjipppBia, Weak Stomach,
Coimtlpntlon, Liver Complaints, Plies, emale Debility, and
IrrenUrltles, old Headaches. Sore or Weak Kyes, Catarrh,
Bait IlheuiD, and other old eruptions, the case has specifics
uhoxe pi t per application will afford a cure In almost every
lnt:int i OHcn the cure of a single chronic difficulty, such
i liiH'pfili, Tiles or Cntnrrti, Headache or Female Weak
ncss, has More than paid for the case ten times over.
Cnte of 20 vlali cnmplele. In morocco, and Hook 5
Cute of lit) tldlt, and Hook, plain 4
Caflcof 15 numbered boxes, and Hook 2
Cute of 6 hote. numbered, nnd Hook 1
tingle mimlivml boxes, with directions 23 cents,
Pintle lei lend boxis, ulth directions CO cent.
Urge case of 2 ox. vials, for planters and physicians.. ..$15
also srEcinca
Ftm Amin on Phthisic. Oppressed, Difficult, Labored
Ilrt'iitlihig, attended with Cougti nud KxpeUorfltlon. 1'ilce,
W eeiiti per bot. , ,
Fuh UitlhiintAnoisANuPturSESS. Discharges from tl.e
Knr, the rtitult of Pearlct Fever, McasUs, or Mercurials.
For N'tiUfS in tlic Head, Hardnt'ss of Hearing, and Hinging
lu the Kara, and Fnr-nche. Price, 60 cents per bot.
Ft' Pfamin, Futargi'd Cl.tniM, Entarped nnd Indurat
nl Timslld, Ai-11iiig and Old I'lcers, Scrofulous Cachexy of
Chlldit-n. Pi Ice, 60 cmts ptr bot.
FtR (iiMHU. DmiLiTY. ITi)s1cal or Nervous Wealne
Hthcr the reult of Pick tuns, Kxcesslve Medleatloii, or Kt
haustlng Discharges. Price, 60 cents per box.
Fi Dkomv. Fluid Accumulations, Tumid fin ellings, lth
Scanty Secretions. Prh-e, 60 cents cr box.
Ft ib Sba Hicssbs!. Dfwthly Plcknens, Vertigo, Nnuscn,
Vomiting. Skkneas from riding or motion. Price, 60 cititj
HT bot.
Fua Unis.UT DisrAES For 0 ravel, KenM Calculi, Diffl
CiJt, Piilnful Urinnlion, Dlsinses or the.Kldnes. Price, 60
cents per bot.
Fur Pkmisil l.i3ios3. Invntnnlarv Dichargee ami
Comcpient Prostration and Debility, Had Itesults of I.vll
llnliit. The tuoit successful and tlhelent rimcJy knnuo,
and tony be relied upon ns a cure. Price, uith full direc
tions, f 1 per box.
Persons nhn wish to place themselves under the profti
alnnnl care, or to seek adlcc of Prof. IlL'Mnnif rp, en di
eu, at his office 6C2 Hroada ay, dally from S A.M. to 8 P.M.
or by litter,
Look over the list; make up a case of what klndyna
choose, and liieloic the amount In a current note or Btnmjs
by mull to our address, nt No. 662 Droadnay, New-York,
nnd the medicine wilt be duty returned by mall or express,
free of charge.
A0KNT3 WANTED. We desire an active, efficient Agent
for the sute of our Remedies In every town or community
In the United. States. Addrrcs Dr. F. HUMPHREYS A Co.
No IC2 Uroadway. NLft-YORK.
Sold hyE. P. LTJTZ, Agent, U.womiitur;-' ha.
April 7, VCi.
s JL H r; 6 5o ! s
it isroMrouMnni i:vut:i:iiV i'idm t.i m -
J h.t N tuiitf an ,-t iblifl'id fnl it Siiin.liir." IM. . .
:iml npirtivpd hy an i lint 1 luvc uh il it xmi i-
ri'snrli'il In iitli rin.n r. n.'i r-n hi nil
22 rtfi tv in nil tin
wturli it id rt tiiiii.
tt h if curt'il Ihmi".
tlVtl Wllf-4 ,i Ii ((j g,
;i tin' niuneiDii iin-j
mv ptiMi n-t'iii fhnw I
, Th' tln-.c miut hr n
tn fit nl tli' liMividiull
Rlifll T'ntMl' F Ur. to ,icl
hit th't ilieinrt'f nf '
Von n tin ti-.f nf uu.
TOtl ntnl it u(l cur"!
9I1J ,1ltai$, fiypepete
, rncf Complaint t. )yicni
arh tlnbvvatCotUrepem I
Moibua Chvtara inan-1
Female Urakeatints and
ivt iiiit'ii
nntln Mithtn it ,
t n ii u ul I f.tin -r- nt
,m iti ed ten fn.
t'.iPteilln lin- t i
, i.ikti'1.' il Mid i'-' 'i i
(fully nn the li. ti I
vuitr juiljf nn ul i i
1. 1 v j; n in '
JJrtr Clin plaint a li ,
UirOKlt 1iurrhora i
Itry Dtvpsp Sour M,n
Ckohe Vidua (l.uuu
turn Hatuttirr.Jrvitdui
' ni.iv nt u-at ft mj( i . mih
Jlcdmnt Ii un i.i..
ihi uainlt t -'i'
crthrre 'tctpoovjxi nr nrli.
'tuff th' ir tistiinoiiy m
It it -tan (trdtnary Family y
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