Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, May 26, 1860, Image 3

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aT Mr. 0. 15. Hkock way, lirw our ac
knowledgments for a Cnlntoguo of tlio
Greenwood Seminary, tit Milhillo, Inclti
tling tlio Constitution and Koll of Mem
bers. . hnlay , Hkkndl't Reporter, for May.
Is on our Table. It is a standard Haul;
Note Detector. livery Merchant and Uu.
Biness man should havo this excellent
Monthly, l'rico H per ainutni.
, John A. Fu.nsto.v, U(j., Treasurer of
Columbia county, offers' to sell a small
!nml ilcsirulilo Farm, near .Jersey town.
Vo be.-poak to it, the attention of persons
in want of a pleasant and valuable homo.
For particulars, see bills and notice m the
iadvcrtl-ing department of the "Columbia
iii i : in i
A Tilling Improvement. Our worthy
fellow townsman, Mr. J. .r. BiioWEit, in
"m addition to fillini'liia Storehomo with beau-
tiful New Ooodi, lia? adorned his premi-
Bos, by the erection of anew framo awning,
p.Vfand had it all handsomely minted. Mr.
vNIb. ! one of the bci-t men and mo.-t estima -
.sblo citizens of lSloomsburg. Wo love to
tjrecord tho progrcs) of improvement, in
our pleasant town, and hope Ids example
may lie generally emulated by our citizens.
if " Ciianui: or FoitTirxn is Tin: Lot op
IjLm:," and an agreeable change to a largo
portion of tint community, for they oxpo
Srieuce a continued inrre'iso of fortune hy
depo'iting tlieir inon"y in the Franklin
Saving Fiiiid,Xo. HHI South L-'omth.-trei r,
bwdow CIioMuut, L'liiladvlphia, where it
bears the p r cent, intere.-t, vith uit any
ri"l:, they haing a largu surplus capital
rva I'uruy iov iicposuors j an'i any
fi,iouuti. largo or small, ru"'ivd anil
Lfrenaid without lutivo. ThisSuiti'' Fund
jTnover siwji Miil'd, Seu4 aduM'tis-tnieiit in
ia nother eoltiniu.
'A I'oinr Slicing Mii'liiac. .M-sn-s.
iiUMt it M. in1 in, adveitiso a now Sew
,;iJn; Machine in this t olnnOiin Oe iiinsmt.
'jftt is said Id ram meiils, and is a
vyaluablti improvement on allothur I'.itcuK
',;!n ii.Mii. C. tiituni, lisip, ono of lli.
''Siuo-t f.-liiii.ible gi'iitli'iucii in our Coliiuinn
Swealth is one of tho firm, and partner
Mr. Men tin, will in ft w d-iys, Mt llloom
'Mirg and Columbia ronuly, and j.jvo our
' ):i."'iis iiftruetions nn 1 exhibitions on this
itVMndei i'iil niaehiiie.
, .
?i:nmii.vama Kiiii,i:Siu:ii:i'v l!e
'J. . 'ibnta, tlic lioli.' Aucnt (if flu
"Oiiiori Dii lu Sm ii'ty of Htmi, 1'iiiusyl
yarii.i, v. itl piviich in DlO'iiiihiiro', lo-mor-row
S.tlibath :n folloi.o, !. :
l!r('-lli;ri;tli Ohiueli, (it 1 0 oVluuk, A. 31.
M. K.'Clmich, " !1 1'. .M,
;Kv. Liilhciau Cluircli, " ; ' 1. .M.
'i Tin! great int.wi'-i's of lliu IJiMo " the
!o)k of Lit'u" will hit faithfully and e.x-
plioity pre-ujutril, liy Mr. Toireiieu, thu ac
credited Uililu Ajv'iit, who is one of the
jiio-t nealous and efficient MniNtcT.s of the
Jo-pel in the Stati1.
BS Atliinlir. Mnnllihi for .lime, end ot
J.tlie 5ih vol. it on our tahle. It i-, a more
tlnn avcra't" liiimlier. Troiii "Kailwavs
'to "(," from " lOilfjiiig Houses lit lio
son" to "Jnpan'' the reader travel-", pleas
ed and instructed, "Tlie I'l'Dru-tior'nt-torv
w ,
continue, so docs "Cl.triain I'ietnre," and
, ' a new volume commence.! with .Lily.
'Tlio Heviown and literary no.iees are ex
cellent and rtliarp. Uy the way should not
,'tlio man bedevils Jlr. Iteekett.craok
over the knuckles tlio wi iter of "tlio (Ira
nadnu Girl it hong." Jfu ihymcs "hougli"
''and "below," "bo-om" and "blossom"
mid anion;.' other things wiite."
, "puch a sibilant line as tlio following : "r-ad-"dens
somo stranger's careless spoit, ' which
'.(is"absoliitely uiireadabln. So tho author
of "Spring-Song ' is guilty of rhyming
'rol in" and "sobbing," and "sheath'' and
"breath." These things aro in
periodical as.-uuiiug to set tho standard of
literary excellence.
Dnov.ST.l. - On .Monday night lat, l'e
tor Getchkiu, a young man from (Jattawis
Ha, while in a tstato of intoxication, was
drowned in tho three milo level of the Wy
otnjng Canal, about ouo milo abovo this
borough. It appears from the evidence, of
a companion with whom (Ictehkin was
walking, that ho ran up tho tow-pat!i,md
crossing a bridgo, retraced his tteps on tho
bcrm bank. Ho canio down Hourly op
posite tlio point from which ho suddenly
disappeared, and after taking off lii coat
and.oter-sliirt, plunged or foil into tho ca
nal and drowned without a Sniggle, Oil.
igent search was niado for tho body du
ring Tuesday and Wednesday, but with
out success. On Wednesday night the
lovel was drawn, and on Thursday morn
ing tlio corpso was found a few feet from
whero tho fatal occurence took place.
Art inquoft was promptly held over the
b'pdy, by .fames lielford, ., of lieach
Ilaycn, and on examination conducted by
JJr.S. II. Jj. I'reaS milt ii. II. I.lltlo, a'
wound was found on the left car, which
Wl Sltppoioil to hive beell produced by
tho fall. Tho deceased doubtless drowned
, .
V?IlllO UnCilllSCIOUJ from tllO l (foot Of tlio
oontusion received in fallin" The vor-
,;' f,, ., . ' ... ,.
diet ot tho jury was in accordance wilh lln
lacn. utrmrli Ua'ette
01' THE
CulumliiiT Jcnwrnt
Only M eli for i months or, SO cti. In Clubs of 10
The host IH'inocrallc paprr In the Norlli.
nrAVTF.n m Titr.jiniveiicr of rin: ki.kctiox
of nu: .sv.m: axd av.ui.veix.
The coming Ciuliernalnrlal niul Presidential Klectlnn,
ulll lio tho most linnorl.tul of all ottr ileitinus. In ilio
sre.1t stru;c,lu, tho IIemoiiutiu l'tmr, truo to Its old
landmarks niiil lo lis tiresent lilgli duly, plants itself on
itlnclilus, which oro to n tiuliiteiinncii of Hm
Cuntnunoi nnd tho irrrrvntlnn of Urn Unoi. It
will bale to encounter Knm -ikiIIiIiihI sin, lllark III iml.
Ilcinlsm, i.ii.t nil t,cr nllto, In th. lr most ilosiiirata
mood.. They Hill iMr.nil tho Iti-uincrntlc Cniuu, Willi
iivery wriipnu of political tvittfarei bymf.repruseiitatlun,
r.ilseliond, iiml ptausablv sectional appeal. Birrli assaults
must ho refietled ; niul onu of tho inu.t suorussful mi tins
lo do tbls. 1, hy tho ureal fnslr'liueirtality (,f the press
tin tilde ilrcutntiuil of Itoiiinrrattc journals. In order
to rnutribtite in such n work, wo priipn-e to Issue tlio
CAMI'AKIN COI.UMIll.V M'.MO -RAT, nt so low n
prlro as will hrliu it withintho renih of tvi ry Ileum,
irullc mer. And wo ruspetMillly mjrjest to Uiohi who
s) mpatliU' with tho only N'srioxu. 1'inTV, it cnopi-ri-tion
with us In sit Ins till s shell lilt cleii.iiiilrculat ion
'I'lio National ailil Statu Nominees, shall recelvo our
wnrni ami ardent support furllu-ir trluiiiphaiit i lection.
Wo shall also conllally sustain, to thu utmost of our
humble abilities, Ill J i nuilolates of Cnliiuilji i county, mid
the ru-putlm noiiiluees of the Di-trht, at tli (leu, ral
Cleilioii. In short, the paper will go fur "Ike Union, Iho
Dtinociury ami Ike Cutulittition, '
"I h" ; iMfins foi.enu niMocnl"wiII be Iss'itM
v( ry Anuria), n Utile uit-r sl iii,,nth, until therli of
tile I'resl.lentl ll Cleitiou, tit the fullniiiii" I. n-ed ItlJty
, ' '
For one copy, to a single .-ubscribcr, SO 7.
for clinic ol live, to one aililrcs-t, ;l (Ml
To club? of HI or more, to one address A (Id
Ileinorrats wilt jrreniiy n,I this iinlctt.ikiu l.yfir
wnrilini; to U4 pioiupll.i , as matii iiaiues as they ran for
tin' i'imi'ihin DrMoiim. We i-rontUe til iu tho iml
elfu lent Vtwiuugn I'dfrr, rvi r puliii.heil in Die county of
Col rail, In. ill ion e.r .etiie ll-mo, rit in the county,
and la- h luninh'-r i f III 1 Cntnniltfm uf t'is'tnnrr.t'M tl hi
iHtluiicc I'lrnl-e'tis a ( lull, on the alme. low li run. -I'ltuviis,
how in my of,ou will 10 ,ku ; ho, lt,.rl. U'e III,
upiin your pent ro-lly
i In all i a, i r 1, rs luunt ha tie-on unicil bl!i
r,l,iiiu-leir.j, Tay l. Ilcn.
"spciai, lNOflcS'""'s Balaam of Wild Cherry.
Hit . r-iii-ilj li is Ion liffti r!( -ri-.!i dv t'u rniutnii
intv t'm )W r in irkitMi' I'll'u linn in r1ivri4, It.1 .li i
mil curium itic hiu-t(iTi"Unrttr','.il u 1 io-i ' -t.m hm
in4'rtnf (VfffA. Cft't, IfjUueAZL Snrr V."f, litem
It'Jwpnig C'ctrjft, Vrotijt, t.'lthnut ifjlit.iiultun lI 111"' Lung-;
Ulli! ' t t Oi-U HiplWI flritlC lint it III.-I to lU lIltILK
lllll'li IIU' ll ll ill tilll lliritlli Il.t -J fill 'tl. ItrlUll.tU'
hiftnry 1 1 1 j i.k-1 his rt.hii Lal im r.-itmlj ui
Ml .iln ha n ruri' lr th ) u-iuu-niiiH mnl -l.iru. nci
jMil.mi.iai J .itt tioiiri u liidi Tk will .til i' 'T III.' I.ui I.
iir.ii hik i-'jt.i.n.H .'i i n ik? ntun iiiiint-. uh..iM rtuti.
Tin U in 1 w at r..iiMmin il by MMcr-il
lll.hh ll'IH il J I illMllll tlM', II tl.l l.l-l ,U l J K l.'li1IIIS ut
tiif ilKtiifi- in Hit worfl l.triii MttiliiMi:, .M'vi-ri
pi his In ill i lii'ft. hIm r I lifts "I It (ith. iirjlit f fj'tH t
-UlViiic i .tVU'-t I tl.itsituili in .my , hfl nil iii,-
My l.-.tiity in ;irl .ill li.t .ui; 1 1 1 ' ,, I li nl
-v n up nil h..ii of ivruvrrj -t-t it Jtliin dJ in.' rr it I ,
l'M I'm'mil'Ii lit j pfisu.i'i'Mi i.t ii trii'ii.l I v, it- niihicoil to
U Hr. hi 1 ll'ihum f i ihlVif try. 'J'li. f.r-llctlk
rhi'i tl inc r.iM) , atul th.i ilunl 1 utilu ur'il inc
i ulir- Ij . I mm I n -id v l vi r I itil in m 1 1 1--. tin!
itM .iljli) Ii fi'lluw m j" nti up.iij'iti nt innii' r im fully .i-
,ttl (till'.
I .iU'i li nl .i.i-i r in u in.iri' t l nin cl of iu 1 i!m
'nt', It i ni,i it ..ihihi'iI u h t li -il tT o. r n itn I
pi Mil-'. I ui 1 r i iin-il In' Hie VV j 1. 1 Cli rr. lint it iv-
plT'l nl Of fill 111 ll .111.-- illltl oil,' rt 1.1 tl'H 1 1 Of I .IHIOII
j ilt v n i pr wiiif. In tii- ii it ii rally M-jtk rli -t-il.
! I vvmil i Jim 'i. I uu ' all linjir.f r.Iini1-iiU .utli.l 'il to
nij . II no'ilii H"t If Mm.;. I ii Ml rh. ri itly .m
w t ,iu n't" wlii in i audrri'jj in; fin tli- n'llij'it .tii.i
-t.iij -tjr in r I'.ill..
J m,
C.s'tn-ttt f rurrfftirr. 'I'll .m jrnnhir llht'ir'K
H'ttumU.i- iU'i'iitrm P:iiituK- uf "I Hl i i" mnl tli'
piltitf.l o fill t IV -pM- him im Hi. outi-r r.ipp'r; al!
Hit Tli Wl.'iPl.t i"lllll'""i.
IV -psirt-.l i- .-urn U". rowi.i: ; ('(I., lifm nnl
lor k.iI l il. M. ll ifti mi'iili ,ui I J. K. Mur, l.luins I'it.
Mi IA !l.
I'll I ' 'll'hl.S. - Win i v 1 1 m 1. 1 lot UN" !! 'i mnl' r nt
r.-ti.ih l ifki-t htr.'t tii. ilu h ii. 1 1 II hi ila li -,t1-ti
Ir.i.k, V aru . in-.iL' I lit on!) u.i i hul I up
.tii.i ks.cp ;i l.tri'f liiifiif'i'i ti to t II ffon'ln i li.'iip ,m I gi .
(..iliclJiUiiii to cu-'toiii.-ic. 1'r. Unci will ii t .nisui'i.
iiil liniiili K li m Ii il Us it-iy ttti I f in! ml to s II our
;;ootU Iiv- pT n"il. no, .nut' up 'il t dr-f (let la'ir.' itn-l no
U-.) an.) il-i . u latum in in irk- pru. n. Tint k -t in
v. ill kiisi in liH-lf w till m piiihiiir, Wv hluill Im.. a ml
4ft ll i Ml ifi.'f friiib!i. Our .Mi-ulini'iit for lii"H :itil
I.' i id tlK' 1. 1 1 ft t in I'll 1 1 fit Iplii.i, an. I our pnefs jntti It
low t Hi m any oiIi.t. i i.ll at once ami fr )..nrs ,
at i In.'
win n; ii Usi.n.oniivt; n.v. u,
r W. i-orn.T I'ourtli .nnl .M.nUt u, l'lnli.
IV-!irunr -ii, Il.-IJ.n.
I'cruiu Jii;ln t-il w nil I U.J 1A.W r nii.1 Aitni' pliiml.l n i
-p.trjiilli r 1 1 (', troit'il.- nr I'vpt-iuo, to procure Hit.
II Hit r 1 1 it'tt t'bLt'uit lt-ji ihlH, ulios.i ln'iiiliiiiit i f
. tU upon lli-t li mi in f j-tr'iu limb t-ii i li arly prnv-'l to
III. in- .vlio li.iv'-r Ii -'ti if rilo'd ilon n in a !i rt apic s of
Inn'' liy HiN ilr '( If il rnr-i.'. .Iuna tli '''ks nr' .itul
iiitMi!i(, an 1 w lion nmlitH .in nl plon an 1 nll.' ., .ml
li"n fjrs, nn ilimaii'I xniitil, wjtli ilu.itli lrllu tfn'tn
in tU 'Ui' j.tliu ciiuipo'iiitl ni'i-t pfivt' a1il'risiiiii ; kit tit li
lac ill 'in a il wi-r' fro. a Hi - ii-ry ni'intli of lln uravt.
oii" cm knmv il iru until t!i y li.itf t't it it.
Wli 'ii nil otli.TA li.uo fail-'.i, tlfni Ilitt'TH havit ritirjil
tli nit'-riTH h pri'siinf Ii-alili. Th ir popularity in all
tli. W-i' rn .ui I riuatlur:! p.irt t.linlil introJuc tlu-m
to all fimilii h.
tfol I li all ilr UM-l-t in th wrU.
'"c ml vi rli-tciiu nt 't it i"th- r coIuhiii.
.Mlll'l'Vl'.S I. Ill; l ILLS. liiv HMO niul .uuiutii
tbrlt llbirh this ire.eiiiliulit iin-dltliie h is licquireil lor
lis ineari ible t-liii ary in all tl incases uliiiii it pri llbes
to Hire, b ts rendered the u.iial irnrtieetf ol.-utatioiis
pulling not tail) iiuiK-ii'i-s iry hut iiinioithy of tin in. -Tlo-
me kuouii by lh ir IVuits, th ir jpiml uoiks tetl
fy lor them, and Ihey.thnvg n t by the f.tith of the cred
ulous. Iii all cases t f inllveii-hs, l3itoit-i i, Lillitois
and III or allWtlons. piles, rheumatism. It vers V- aiiurs, hea I aches, and all general derang-nnt-nt of
health, !h-u fills h ilu invariably proit u a r rt.iiu niul
speedy reined). A -iiOile lrialii ill place thu l.tlV .'ills
be.ioml thu renih if toinpi tilitui in thu rsllniulinii if
rler patient.
Ilr. s I hoeiiK Ililtirs, will liufuiiinl t"il.illy 1 1'
tiiui I us itt i, rases i f liemeu d, billty, ilj rieola head
ailie, the hlikuess iutiib nt to fei.i.iles in tlrlit.its health,
and ever) klad of wealdie.s of the ilUesliiu ureaiH.--1'or
sale by IV. II. .Mollat, a:t.i llroidivu), Veil Voik,
and by nieiininu deab rs and .Inifrist generally tlirnnh
out thu country
IMirnnry 10, 1-00-1. 'm-rin.
UMflillMITV or' l'illl'i:'-. Atii luiuki.H.
sinks. ; r.rerg one Ate vicn Suleeman I
JtlMW & I'll,
of the Cresent Ono l'. leu I lothing Store. o. 5IH1 Mar
ket tire. I above Snih, I'biiidilpliia.
In addiliou to liiiiui. tlie l.-irfje.t. luot-t latied ami
fislnoiialde .link if t lotliniK in Phililtipliii itmleix
prtssly for mail sales, havo ronMilutcil iviry on.. Ins
own m-iI.-hiii.iii, by luting milked in futures, ou enth
utlnlu al tho n-r low-et pi ice it ran be sold lor so the)
cannot pog.ibly i.ary nil uui.t buy alike.
TIk iioods are wt II (-uuijed an I pripuiei!, and (treat
punt taken Willi ihw iiiakinif so that all inn buy with
thu full iissiiratieu i f jettink' a ijooil artiile at iho ver)
ol tt prue, AUo it l.ireo .toil, if pb-cu t'om's on
b not, f the latet t t,u nnd he.t iUallties, wlurli will
bu madu to order, tn tli-t most fashnuiable an I bvt man
nci, .'. per tent,, btUw iru In prices.
Ki-tuuinUr thu t'rto-c.nt, til Marktt, HlttliKt.,
No. till. JUVI'.S It CO.
y'lhe wire illiiiniu.iUd 01, tlie iiiunu; of
A""",i: "', "'' -i'1""'1"1 A"""''
our ma inthu i.-ulury. Kai. ..fin i lored li-hiil i,h
f,Utmtsiheliy and the . Inures w.n b.auliful in th
'"l0'""' , ,M """i "to "ur " '"
lo f.ini ltd ho could s,o tho sp.itklinn li-.lils form them
selvs mtolho f..lo..ij wt. Iluyull oilrfai,,eilt.
al "'" llr"lvllSl"uu Uoihinj nan of iiochinusc U'usos,
T"' Hlian.1 tlUI'lu .unit ilruil nboic BLth, l lillada
- .
Heeamiurds Linn iNvioin.ion and t'sniiitrii
nt,, , dl, h,r ,,,
CO" THOMAS W-VMATTnO.V, RecclvciUllio l'rfzo
Medal nl tho Wotld's I'nlr In London 1MI, for'l'KL'NKS,
OARI'llT ll.VtlO, It.iots, shoes nnil Hums. Ureal Iniluco,
meiitsnro now ottered lo purchasers if tho nbovoartl.
ties. Tlilslsinilchlholireettstnik uf trunks, Carpet
llnifs, Vul Ices, fee, In 1'lillaiKlphl.i very cheap for carlf
N'o. Wi .Market rMroit, ono door nhovo -It la. SmlK Me.
Dyspepsia I .Dyspepsia I Dyspepsia I Dyspepsia I
ffknt h itt lhm Cured t
Dynpppiln U nur National Dicm weak stomach, fee
Me tli;.sili-in, flintrexti after cat 1 tiff, costive hiMt, bilious
cuinlition. How matiy sufllr with Hand Its altcmlant
smptoirn of low spirits bail tasti1, cn.itcd toiiguo, olistu
pilled head, anil attacks of heailach-j 1 Vtt how fuw
(jw hw to cure Itl OeiK-rnlly.bvcauto tho bom-Nnru
eniistipatsJ, resort H h.nt to rattiartlcs or latatlvud. Hut
such a condition was wiver cured liy cath trllcs, lo-w
only ullko H to wcuktn t!ioiHgL'lloii,aml impair tJtu f
tegrity of tlio tut iru asslmil.ittvu cyMetn.
Hut HU.Ml'llltKVli' IIUMI.Ul'ATIIUI tfVtflUr&'IA
I'lI.LH-a simple lui'diniU'd su-ir pill luvo curud huti
drmU of tD'Mvnrst and inot ciliilhiatq cflti'd. Till is
douo i in ply hy linprnUns llietniKt, and fi-storinji th-j in
h'yrity of thu iliai'stHu org.iin, from uliidi result, cood
iippflitu, rt'giihr h ilnH, a cli-nr head, and huovant spir
its, much a iiK'Jiiin..- h a gum, iimj nnty rciulrus to tj
hiiuwn to UJ appreciated. ,
I'licu, Si c-'iiU U bnX.Hilli illri'ltlons. HixlmXt, ft I,
N. II. A fllll iH.'ttl'llL'MI'IIKkil' UnMHU'VIlIlC Hrtum,
with Hook of lilrntious, and twuni) diih runt Kcinoili'is '
in Utgn liU, itinroico i.mi, $1 ; ditto, In pt.ilu', $,
eaau of liltcru liotus, and liook, $ i. Hnisti! boi', W j
Cs'i't and 20 runt.
'I livsj Ueincihcrt, by tho pinglii but ir ensu, nrJ sent by '
main orcxpns, frco cf ilmrxf, to any address, on re
ceipt of the prirc. Address, j
uk. i'. tii'Mi'iiiir.v&cn. J
o. oiiJ Uro idway, NViv Vnrk
Hold byll.P. I.UTZ, Aijvnt. l:ooiiiBhiirff, l'j.
K'Ajf vill yon ujcr? I)ysp"pfin Is a brief, tint com
pr luiui f term for tho nuim mua il) ntv which aifccl
Hi' Fto.mcli, IHtr.uml in firt, Hi wh'do stcm. Fntil
Hr.tlrteu dla'oLr:d tlu (ityuetui,.! Ititti-rs. mcdlral
-ojiiru hi) ilsJl'iu v.tiu nttumpta tu (uro
h& M &J a o 3 I
Deeds!! Deeds!!!!
IS t'tlM'MI'l flU'VI'V.
row S.U.K .ir rny. (if Tin:
Columbia Bemocruf.
1 !.- j Shoulder.
..75 I Diittor...
. lis I Egjrs....
I Uoni
Wliilo I'cuiis. .
UtirliV. IiinU. .
'fallow. . .
1 DO
. . ."()
.. 1
Li rd . . . .
Dficd Apples. 1 nil
icxa ri-saiiijjwttjeaTOTarsw.TsgTaCTaeiLa5gt
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i 111'. Ktih't hIi.t unnl.l i. if rui Iih i-ti'-ii.l-i,'tlnili h
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at 121 ri ttts pi r In t. All unrl; -d.
1".. I! I'l DLI.M A
Wtnii,lmr?. Viv ii. "ut.
Valuable 5ca! Esta'.e.
VI1.Tj be di-pood of at I'ublio Sale,
1 ' at Hi I'lildi, llo,i.o. i f Jmnea X. -Mllltr. i i J. i
. it, in o (', I'linl,) i , , eoiti .on rUmi, flir lllA ilui) nf Jimr,
A HM M.I.r Mill in M,i., l., ns'iip. Ii In.- a lull'
tint o-l . i l.-r -ew.ioti. in -aid roootj, kiomti a- Hi'
I b-y ,i,,p-,tj , ij, om,. I in Is I it Jauu l'eL.-r, and
nth -rs, i u'll.iiuiiii! ali.i il
.VA ' V A CJ! E .V.
.-)iiu' rin v .rn i l w (ii. ii uri- m. il nn. I i.nt IiiIi i -uf, nn win- h nn- cm i", I, ,i
rr.-itiic litiiist' atMl EJarii,
il.) unit ilil" not Im! I 'iti-, ti.i.l ruit Tr mm. , itli nn c
ri'tl nt -. , u. uj.t ri I -ti I .'ry iniihn ih .
riotiit- iuiii ir t ii 41 run, uf f.u-l ir -inistis, nru TIM
lil'.l! I.W11-.
Tin f I . i 'UmmM i iirp"itv. I) in !-t'iiii h' lnrntol. run-
mm 'lit t i ti ti..,i I Mailt -i ( h.nrlii i. Srlifn I -i, tu, aii'l j
. iiiuj i.iur tun - 'i in i, niif mi n 4.
li r 'Hi t u in j it ih ..pan! rlioin prniirttVt nr-iti
it-il to . x iiiniii tin- runm tun b-li-rn tlio fl.iy .if
t-.u '. i run i-.t y li, i itn 1 1 r il'.
m!i' tn t niiitiii-iin jt I n'l t. 1'. M n:i ai. tl.iv
li "i i'ui tti tiMi.' .i.ii w ill Ii piv.-ii hy tin mi li-r.iii.i.l
JUM' A VI .Ni),
J-f-Mtn n. M... ii. I ihl. ,1jr-'.
iSi'Avin-.UacliiiH1. Depot.
Montgomery DuiMinss, n.inville, Pd.
KUIiKK A ! KUUKIvrti: KU KKKA ! ! !
Kl.l'.lUt TtU .liiilt! 'r I.o'k Mitrli r.tuiily SiMmh.'
M.irliini', rank- Invii hi Ht m.itki.l-t.tiiit,'ji lc i
cillkd. It m pr I i iv r all utli tr
Af;'7,K or Lnt'h-yriraj M.ieriLvv
Cor its Miiipluit). iliir.itilil . tr.'ni;tli .nnl iitiiunuy
T si tn nes nr all .irriiHtfil. IV t 5i.
KAY ?LOVVi;ivf
Ii.iiiMfTlirci'lTit'lit Siit( li Tamil)' fuini: lailnii-.-TliU
M it tntii' i"is-iiH ' tin' tlirtii pr.unl ri iuiiit. mid
I'lnity, ftrjiiDi niul i Ilin-'iu . IVn'f, r,iinl $Ji
nut -il.
Th'.Min-IT)iKH',il hITt' tlii-sf H.'iti4 .Mailiiui'H witli
tin-.-r. ut. st foii'i Iciih' tli.y Uf tluhtliictl tniin'il
Uv wantrt nl tli" pri-p! . H'Hi l t in iiicvuniiiii1 tli ' Isiirf
k. 'Hi ti. I Way I'ltjWiTti I'ri' "iiri li-ii-ln, Htlk, I'nttuii .nn.
I.iiii'ii tlircailri jjinia'il.' tor betting Matliltic, O't li.niil
.(ml ft r si)c Ij
M.i'. ;im:it.
iMiivilic, MivJU. Hul-Hf. J. V. M. ItllV
IJli MA I' iUHU' AM)
'pHH hiili-rritwr ialt' s mt'iitl-wi to IiN 11 w Ktui k .f
aii I toiiiitrii-niL'
JuiL (!E.rLEli:S'S WEAK,
!injti, C titi-ri. Ovfunl Tus, St Itttisli Th'u, .u tunt
itis, iJi jiiii. rx, &c. ac.
fi.illTliUlttHUlil U ItllHIlt ll.'U HIlpJHTd (ltt, Ull-lvlllB,
lVcncli Mirrrrn ILmti iuilliaiit itJtal !!. Id, &.C.
AU, ai i 'ii.i.inti-
of'Ti'ry tk'hcifpti.i t at prli'-'H ui'icli Ik low tliw t-hl ttait
tlaril, nml U tli in tlio n.mii! 'in'ihty nt ltnnU cm lir
Ii iiiclit fnrnt a i tin r Hturu in ti h.
Vil( ol all km Ik iu.n.lbl unltrol tli h 'itt iiiati'ri'tl, in
thoiii Htfhi in. t in I nu rc.wtmalil'" ti rum. u arrant nl
tn u'l' au uly v. ork athl nnulili luu uiy priru-'. 1
ki-t-p in uic but Hi-- d -ri uorkjin n, ami li.iv.-bell r nut.
nil tliaii iur b It ri ltrou,'lii tu thii-iu latt, iliu
i-ry Ij'nt ti b j Iia 1 In tli iit mark. t.
n.inville, May il, J-Tll.-y.
y AtlXintr.NT llNGIt.VVJMJ t)t' L'HKIdrol'HKIl
11 LOi.l WltlS iiml In-IV w.
Thu Jhauiiut ntgritctitg nt iIcmiici! by IIuui-vi-,
uiitj ti j iuiibI rikltratM urtlf 111 it ffr livt-ij , tli;
cuit tii. uriiti,!) ikri'u mnl pulu b Uui
niu 'i i -i i ui Ik t.
'J lu i'liil.tilfip'n t H.tV.y ,irs, day, "tli-' iiuto nominal
Kiiiii nt-hiMi fur in L'ii,'raiiiif, ii ii uiliiu'iiv iinliici'iii nt
lui p. r'iib to p'iiciiai.c, ttm ii.ttliiiuiial Ciit."
toi'iir.uci.i; or uiriri
Tob.;tllt'ii to th,; pun ii.ii;rii. t full i.irticuarn, F-'Urt
iur u inn.
5 Cub,
M C'.idli,
10 dull,
M Ci-li,
IU Cafch,
tf.' "ill
t Cuii,
1 Cuii,
1 I -'.Mi,
1 ( lull,
1 I'lUll,
I Uat.Ii,
vltii i
Of I 5M
&.'xM IH).,
Qliiil U HI,
TiJ'jt tlior uitli nun .it Min-iy "f hIikt v.tni:iMti tMl,
wirri' in v.ttii" truiii '' cents in 3J.t.
An) ptrs'm cm .iln, in u kiti-r 9 1 an 1 live iliro cent
I'ui-t ti!v Mfstnpj, (tu pay I by pusl'Hjo and lii-llt'rj lliiU tl
CMt',b) t.l mail, ttio mitiiiticcnt Ktij;rii ma "f
t'Jirlstupfi.T Col i.nbui, (Hint ono i llnikU itliulU Uit't
a iLr lull.)
.liblrcadiill t'rJuri for UilUor nuaraviti to
r.s. to.,
?u, riiiiaiuiiibu, i'.i.
Mn Jfi, i-r.i-3 .
PIU'j ct'oml avvival of New liooils, litis
X i-'l'riiiff. ut IIAUTMAN'r1.
LM:lMKlt CastciiiLVC'S, untl (Joatings of
IO ' l-itfl btyle. at IIAliniAN rf.
WODJj, Coilou, ITcmii, ami llau Car
pili f.r wloilnan, at ItUttTWANU
W'AIil Paper, Wall Vajier, in frrcat
1 'inaiililli-fl ilvit furntik'. nt II A HTM AVH.
UOUl'S, Hoops, Hoops ami Ikops,
f,r Hdl tit IIUITMAVH.
MACKKIiKL, Ilcrving, ami wo expect
ulutnf hul for Bale ut HAltTMAN'd
CKMHYr ly tho Uavrcl, for saloat
May V, lVtt.
1 ADli:S' lUixVOIv OAlTIIItS, at all
A NI'.VV nooK
0K0. (I. HVANS, l'UHLiailKU,
No. 43ll Uhcstnut Streit,
1-lllLAIir.l I'lltA.
Tim 1.1ft! Of
Thu only atttliintic memoir ofhlm ever pntill.hcd.
l'rico. SI. IK). A ml upon receipt or tho price ami til cents
a.hlitloiialfurriislage, ncopyofllielook.toiti'theru'lthu
h.iiulsiniio present, worth Irnui.iO cents toslou, will bo
sent to any n.l.lrcss in Ilia Unltcil ftatcs.
"Life of bainvtl lloutttin. (I. a. AVams. VhiltAtlnklti-
"There Is no campaign lit modern tnllitary hUtory
llllich for Its extent, nllhnuijli altetnleil ith turh illsas
Irons results, nllliniigli uvcntimlly cnjlug In the liberty of
thu Itcpuhlic, than that coinlucteil by (Jen. rl iiiiik 1 Hons,
tun, ilurlntt thu years 1M0-37 in the ilefunco of tlio Ameri
cans then si ttleil upon Hie frontiers of .Mexico. In 11 brii f
perloj, ulnch 11 smalt baiitl of HlriK-s hastily raiseil en
muter, ami ill v arine,! and aerontiTiid. the brilliant !,..
lencii of thu Ainiuo, was Hindu forcur Rlorioiis hi' thu I
bluialy iiinssacre, perpetrated by tho .Metlcau. 'Tills 1
uiiforlitlinlo elclit ulilrti shoiveil ahiabli lessuns mid
Blorious llliistralionsof the valor 1 1 out Hi,. 11 soldiers, I
mnl of thiamins of tin Ureal I'll f oird lit nt ought not
lo ho I'oritoltcli or hastily slmreil our. It is b.lltieil 1 the niniji.tlirn tlurliitf thu Texan war has in t rccilio.t .
lull Justice In thu narratives which were published, thj
iiuineruiis merits of which were marred b) serious errors.
Ily coiup.iriuif these lariutls versions, ami by roiisulta
llMM u in, . ....... It i, ni.......i ........ if. ... 1
or our history, It is helieictl that this llitMiriipli. or Ih l I
Texan Hero, ulilch Is tlive.teil 01 il.tails of1
iniiinrj uciiiili.ilitles, is a- rilthful and exict as It is
prmticablu to render a nsrrall-oiillblsil.'iriitliiii.
to Ann rknu valor and patriotism, an I to present truthful
.in-, nt in vtiiiirus 01 10.11 int.ioiir.tiiio war no 1 01 niu ion-
uticiot iiu Cliit f 11 In. sprinjls Irion th people, u
froulior warrior, without sti.Mic", ert or cxperruiLO in
toll it iry nir.ilrs. w as enabled thrniiith the smiles of l'rol i
tli'iice, by his slum heart, his sajailuin Inlilleit, and ar
tlent patriotism, to repl. punl-li anj lu-arl) destroy somu
ot th.. most inert ui.iry soldiers thai wir over sent fuilh
by any poMir on thutarlh. Utiirht sin h be pi run
ted tol nle I10111 tile memories! 1 11 p.itiiotie ,eopl.-' ,Nol
itis a reiroa(htolhepriseiit:eni,r.itioti. tint then Isnot
more si'irit exercised ,y our Rovernm.-lit in iMeinllitu tlio
ii.'IiIh 1 four utir.ens and oxlciidln ts
them i tit. h has ever h, en s.iui tinned bi nery tluu son
otlib 'rty. Address -
(ii'.nr.iu' ti. r.v rt,
I'ubllsher, No. UJl'lieflmilsHreit,
.May '.'I. H O-st. Phihiil, Iphi 1.
MIT. IU 'I'M l
'i wii ot' x.ifou:ox i., it. iiAiu'i.nv.
Autlir t f Iho Uf- rf Chl. IUin L'tuvKti r," "Cnu
IJAMLL IIctilM'," i tc , I tc,
WITH I JPLEXDID I'tiimt IT tMlllVXtn ON Si El I..
Onu VulmntM-: nm., ilotu. ;t77 )'.it,'i d. l'rico Si W.
Ami upon ri-LUpt of tbtt I'rlcf, with iii cent mluitloridl
l'ir pn-taye, arupy I tliu Hunk, tui t'n-r itli a liaiiilmmu
I'Uf.'iit, wnrtli Irojii A'l ivtitn to 10J, will lw 8Mit tu any
a blrf3 in tlm L'niti'd r't.iti-i.
1'itoti nn; ruiu'Aci:.
Ib. I.mjiri-'Brf Jui-ibiiii! n n'it; f tin! mnt r Miiatka
bi ut all Hit! cUrauriuii try ilinraititra whornst' into run
Kpicmiid public ii'inttii'iiH hi l .ne'numr uf tli Fri'tith
U.'Milmiuii. tri' ilu Luitff lnr hfr.
With tli kitnb-t ami iinwtanVitniniti' f Innu.m hearts,
fit -111111 -i tit.' -turitt-'f t jiritntpli's i frt-ftit'i In ami acum
pr 'lii'tinivi.- tti'ium.
ii toi.-Miilit. bor Kiim-rionlv to Nainib'on In
mm huh-th1I) ru-iiyiu. il. In; lisk'iicl loln-r ak
tim.iiiii.ti', Inn ut.pir uii'lit h t hi-ca avi-rt.'il. It H
'irtli tifitutici' t.i it tins politital Inrtllit al ability
liMbtvi I'tli.Ttt'il b li.'r tlfsioiihtiW-ltto
iN ipi'I"mi Ml. ainl U.r'sp"aiily tli- pruti'iil Km
li . it f I'r.mci irnl if .tumtiy tlti- nbU'd -,0V
t-T-kni-mnv riiciiny In the i.rU.
'I li " t nw 1 1 J'jit.'piirii''d tilt, nml ri'iiuirl.nblj trnit of
eltir.ntvr uliidivii, iikjil.ti ,. an iiM ttu- nio-t ani'i1114
1 1 1 1- 1 Lit 1. 1 i inrtiiiii . atlbril tut only 1111 txr Imulv
mti r- tiu'baiiiiiiniih-iin.trn n,. Wm tu all wlnm a'l
n rln ii.'r,tp!i. In tin, rLp.'tt In r in-i'r. Ink. n ,ts 11
wIimU', iii.ij 1I1 lib ii. riHiip iri--ijii w itli i.l any titlur
in tm n il pi'rontia'i-4 tu bj,.i ry.
Jo- pln.i.' ctiiHiaiitly Inoki'ti tu tlifpli.ry of rniicv ami
tli i.f h r h-i-.ti.tuit .14 tlictuu niiil iU:ira!ik ub
"t. Wluii Nitpuli-tiii ib hiri il tu pi r;i tnate bit ilynnilv
by a jh.(..ji.I in irriajti' , Im It lniL'lill Itl bun a Ii -j'r
tn .iii, llt.-i'i.' Jus littn ntiil t..uri(b fO iter iiwii tcil
iiii.11 tn tut hiu him tut. I ivijht t wui iaii lutb mlwii
t U'' tf I'r.iiiM'. in bit a i.u'rMt) tin 4 triij woman Inrfjut
nil but tlnir Iiapp it-an uf wuibli-tl i)c-r,:mit,b'rol
not Hi it At ban ii 11 rptitii.itiitl. bat Ac
tuajtc. h.iv fr' ly t'raw 11 upon urimi-i antlmrs w tin lmi'
r lurtl'M aiitcilott .iml til Jn iiliim-.J.u H lt -l in
tii- ui. with tli t ml.'i r jh t"-I .ili'-itinii. wbnb. tnul,tU',
r.ciuui.utl Ii r lull ..luv, by Xap-k'ii buns li, ju dm
1 1 'aiii-j years an 1 It 11 Ifpi'ii ill it tin' lux'k uiM b luitml
r. li il'l in wi H a -t i-ui, rtaimiu. l'uH o truth, jet it i
tii . n Kn.u ntf t f lliuaraplij.
fi'ji s 1 ith r 1 1 tb aim,.- luniks, with a liamlfOni-i
(Ul w . tb fr 'in .ii) t miu tu IiM, will Ii it -nt in. ui) j. i--u.i
in tb.' I nit. 1 d. upon rt ! ipt 1 f Sl.tiU, ami -.'1
1 nin tnp.ij i.ti'r'1 "iii" .ih- pn'ilii In r, uhii
i- ib-Mi'tii" I 1 alli'ta j atl -iitlnii ! In., liable mitliu
,1! tin ' bu-ll. -J, 1,',
li:t.1 itooi; th it i bought nt rMil-tishmeu;
.1 VHI-MJsr a zirca -1 orth jM ill W VI'Yttitj
uxi: mw'unt.ii hoi. ..,".
t Tn pn - Hit .ir.' 1 1 1,'inil 'ptalityaml of tin b.'st Matiu
1 utiiti , an I mi 1 iriti .nfi'UtNi.'.it of (iuki ami
M.wr w.iti b 1 NI r I'l.itfu .ir -. ,ilk Dri.d latt-nm.
J -w .Iry, t It., 1 ti . tn i hiinit'r.itis tu nuMiliuti.
ftl-IIl Ifl.i tu li'f.l- It- .t.-.-lnni ( MUJ1I.I7 or tlilUK"
wlin h will it - i.nib ii lu Jim fr.. ,,f , Np t3 ;tnt on irill
will iHbiirt; iai th il ttm iii-vt pi 11 1 iu Uu roniitrv to Im)
b. ikn, i-, at I Ik Ur-i .mt ri-li ible (.'HI ti-mk 1 -t ibl'iliii nt
r i:i;u:'.(;i: i;. bvanh,
I'u'ilihli r, an 1 Oruiii.a.-r 1' tlu (ki 1 i. t I'a -ii ,--.
1. to Lb Mrmi,
M.ty2M-HI-M. liulab-lplii.i.
.11 I IIK ViiHXr.ll Uf
;U;sin aid ti-on Mtrct'ts,
Uu you iviui si i, us ' tin tu s
II 1. ton . uu I. Kl.l. M'UITM ' lio to IIKUWKIlS.
iiojoii limit i'ii.M.1.1 111:1. mm:s! Hutu i',i:iiwi:i:s.
11., uu nnil, TAiii.r. cuvuiis 1. tin 10 mum 4:11s.
lio j on "."ii i" 1 11 in si liis ( (iu 10 1:1:1 iwi:us.
liujou iwint si;i:i,i:to' smuts i un to i:i;uwi.i: s.
11.1 you ii.iut 1111. cfTi'r.ii's
sMiii -Lvi'i:.iu:iid 1
IM iui unlit Alt'SI.INs f
11 1 i.m ii.iiiti' oi:si
Ilu juu ".ml l..W.s (
111 1 .hi uaiit 11 iu;i;i:s (
Do juu u.iut in: m:t:i:s
Ilu luu want IIIISIDIV '
Ilu you nam (il.tlVi:sf
Hutu iii:uwi:u's.
r:u tu i:itowi:u's. .
co tu i:i:uivi:n-s
r;.. tu imowmiu
tin tu i:i:i)Wi;it s.
Co to llKOWi:il'S
do to iinuwnt'ri
ii,. ) on limn ii.xniir.i:t'riii:rsi tint., niiowcu s. i
Uu you nam UAUl'ia'SATi HKLtO Hutu lll'.HWi:il S.
Ilu you limit Sl'KI.I.A MIAWI.SI Hum l:l!OWi:i:'S.
Ilujoini.uit .Mtlll.MU MI ITSf Cutu'ri.
iiu .i.m 11 .mi silk iiii:iii.i:s! iiu tu m:ou'i:ii'S'
iiu)uu 11.11.1 11 11 vn.cisi tion. in:owi:ifS 1
Ilu 1 ml limit fllOTCIIi:T IIU MI1S' Cutu HIIOWl'.ll !l" wantTll)Vt:orrof
n.,uu want l'Ar.M;F"NH t
)o)..u wnnl nrK hllADCSf
lnn want I M IIIi:i,l.AS f
Dojoii want 0 AhlMCIiKH f
Ilojmi want riX.-UAV I'l Mil f
lloy. u want LIMA UIIllt'Kri t
i).iou want ri:utM:sf
IMji.u w .nit JHAVri I
no you wain .via:i:sr
lo uu wan! (IIMill MSr
Diyou want m'L'M.i?
Dnyoii want I'L'ltTAI V ML'SMVf
IH)ou Mailt COrIICAVimiUi t
Do jou want U'UrJT.CHHJU.Sf
Dyoii want DIINIMS .'
Ho ynu want Ml.KHlA?
IU you want Dli II.I.IMIS f
Jin ml want TIt'KIVfiH f
Ilu j mi want LllCt KM t
I) i you want I. MHI'.S' Htl()i:s.
Dojou want I.AIUIIS' CAlTIUlflr
tin tn i:i:uwi:it'S.
col,, ui;tiwi:irs
tin tu m:uwi:u s.
Uu to Hi:tiivi:ii s.
Uu t i;i:i)Wcr, s-
tin tu lllt(JWi:il S'
tin iu inii)Wi;it'-'.
tiutu iiiuiwr.ii's.
tiu tu niiowmt s.
(iu to IlltOW i:ifs.
uu tu i:i:oivi:u s.
uu to nitnwr.irs.
tiutu i:iinwi:i! s.
tiutu IlltOWlX'S.
Butii iu:tiwi:ii's.
tiutu liuuwr.irs.
tiutu mtowmt's
tiutu r.iiuwi:its.
tin lu UliOWKll'rl.
(into imownis.
Ilu yon limit CliCS.I (iUll iKlllllSI liutullllOWUlf!.
iiu)uu iiaiuiiui:i:'sw.iii:i tiutu iirowi'.us'
IIjjou tiaiit til, VPSWAKi: I tiutu r.ltillVKIl'S.
Iluyu.liiaiit IIAKIIWAIli:! Hutu I'KOWIilt'S.
Ilu jii'I uaiit IlKIJdS I Uu tu IIUDWCIi S.
Ilu )imn. uu ITIillSl'liT.S' Co lo IlimWIill'S.
D.ynu uaiit Ullini' GlIOIlS?! (in to lillOWUHV.
Illooillaburil, May l'.l. 11 o. '
13 UAUYOIADK OTiO'niIXGc!i.rbu
JLj hoiiL'ht ihiMii ut Hie iIiimii tUhlt ktnrj of L T.
Mi.iridi I'll. May I't, lArfl.
iM.OUlt AND l'KMI) lor salu at L.
'1. flundi-nn' fli'Mip nuU fctort.. May II, irt.O.
y V A 1. ) IX G ' S (Jclcliratt'il I'rcparctl
1 ' tilui', fur ..ilu al I,. T. Hiarj'li'ss' clu-ap casll Slotu,
in Main Sir -it. May III, l-isl.
7 0t,'l.nlresiritru1ly infnnii tlio rltueus of .ltd
siri-f t nml iicluity ilisi tbi'i' liatu lust riciv
il n
nciv anil t tu n.ue Htfoititn"it of
illnrtl lliPy ivilt s( II rliap fur ra -ll Tliey havo n lamft
and (ji'iii nl arltly all lint U louniiouly found inn
Couiitri Ul'iro miliar tli 1,-riiiiiiCil lu s ll,lieai, Toi
scli-itiun of Ilu ir t'-ihids tin y hue paid strict altciitlun
,l...r.l .1..... ... i,r, l.i, ti.ll.,. I, ill Ii. n r r,.r,ii,,ni,-ii..., !.,
n,,.i m I. .,,-ti,.. ilr ,i rls" -
Tlio iriinri(lors. 'rdi' lly suliril a lili 'ral .liirucf nn
rouacc t'listm.iirsiiui.l.liluiiillto call ami iimin
lli-l(ili'il,'riiliatli'iyli ', r
Cmintrj iiu.l.ii -i laki-n in nilinitu fui S"odj at in-
lujh ;l i.'arkrt (itl.
M tin it ft iv
Mercantile Appraisement.
CIIANIIISi:, ic, an.l of ll.itlllcrs. UriMvrrs, Eat
In; Ilousn Kccprrs, ultliin tho County of rolitmhia, ro
turncil ami classilloil In nrcoril.inra wittitho Acts
of Asscinhty hy tho Appraiser of AUrrunlllo Tatct of
sslil county, us follows, to It !
7 mi
13 (HI
311 (HI
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' ' ''"Senhuch,
H. II. Aneu alt,
ji.ilia Btroup,
lllias Meiiaiiiliall,
1'riMi l'nu,
I'lillip f. .Mojer.
U. A. Jacohv,
J, IV. Hi ml, rshotf,
John Wlutnitlit.
A. l. Ilnliert, Stoles,
H. II. Miller.
!. U. Wilvv,
Jus, rihnrpli'.s, foundry ,
J.icksou Wooilin.
ilu l'ouiilrySloiis.
N, II. r.ians,
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It. II. Miely,
A. .Iilllet.
ilo ilo Unlit Hlors
A. I'. l:vnn, H. l J'l.'". Z1;,,, . .
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1 net-sumis.
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Klnrpless fc Krei'h.
r ll. It, ioh int.
ll.'oree Hushes,
I'. 11. lit Ifsojdir.
J. S llrubsl,
V. Ilahii t t'o.,
Joseidi llearhart,
11. fOiloier ft Co.,
J. P. I'liubir,
f W )r t. Ill- Jtt. Co..
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J.Rnll KpiUlJ-kT,
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thlbvrt II. l'oukr,
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Iti-rnanl Amtnermnn,
lluwcll A.,!Viitiiii(!tun,
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tln,ri' MasK'ts .t m,
A. nlknr,
J.iiuli filmjli r,
J.ittu's ll.iiniti'ii.
W.In,A.r. f.MOCK, Ilitrri.
.11. ti. ts. W. Il.liui'linki'r,
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Wiirli-s Nu)lmrl,
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t). 1', Louin,
M.irk Williams,
Wurliliit.". Vugcr,
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Win. 'I', trli'liu.lll,
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Kiliifctim St'l'ntlli.iil
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Win. I'riM.
.1. It. Mill lift,
A. I'uli null'.
Jam Master',
J nl.tli riii'irintun,
Thoiiri-. W. I'd.! ir,
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S. . orm in.
ii. T. iti Kluit Hroth i,
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ii. r. it, T.ti'r .1 linif.
Jllt.l. II. Mi llltk,
li.trt. - Ihil.
II. m. Vail r.
II. W. t'riT Vc Urotlar,
Jon. li. Unhbliirf,
Mnrv IlarMry, I'doou,
i;. J.' iliuii, do
H. J t ,t ui'-' Cc I'l li rnrri. I.l.ioiii,
i:t'i Jt r afy.,Miilllii,
lr. A. .1. r.ra-J. l- rvick,
r-. Jan. IU tkli.ird, do
Amu -t Hart, to
I. ihc t.'iian), Itloiim,
... M,nk, .Sott,
Ms .litil. r tv I'ird, P.lo uu,
Mr. C.irolilie Clark idnuta,
li. MmIiiht, do
J. W. IK'inkri-liott, do
Jarub i.iHll. ilo
A. ,t ii rt, ilo
il. li. J.Hl-l-V. ilu
i;. I.. r tt tV Co., Montour,
I'll 1 1 1 li .M. tcfly, Coin null uu,
Jauii't li'irtoii, t'.loom,
Win. Iti-iTrf, do
l' ti-r M. TrJiiiiih, l.ri irrrt-'i k.
ilfiili.'ii iilh-r, ilo
.1 r''iin.ili J.M'oliy, do
J.iltu Vr , It avcr.
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I'rt-tiH ft. limwii, do
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Win. Ilrowii, Wllllin,
, Cattail list.
J.iLoh V'idii', do
i Wi-mIi'v How man, Oralis"'',
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Hum. . IMlmt, tSuitt, Imiibi.r,
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Jmlalt Cln.rtii'.'toii, Roarinsm-i-k,
Kr.'.iti Is. tf!ntf.r. Crtitri',
Tlio". I.audtrbai h, I'Kbiiii'invd,
J. h l.auti tell. Siu.irlual',
llohr v rllnirj, litiitou,
Ueuiicit Miller, Kriarcrick,
J ii uh l.iuli. I'looni,
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n tst
1.1 IHI
13 110
l. IHI
l iii-rnoiiii who nuv fci-l a?L'rn vi'd In tint nhou 1 1 in
lll.atloll tan liavi' uu opportunity of npp.-aluc hv fall
ing ou tli' uuib reiKUt'd al bin r fidvinu in Atur .' tirli
lu-jirvitk torttiship, an iiiiio mi it b.twr' thu l-'ith dai
of Jul. l"iii, atul ou tlii- j:iilt mid 14th il.ijnof Ji'lv. nt
ilu I'oiumii.i.ioui'rt' uilitf, ju ihij t'imrt lions. , in
lilooiiir-bitri;. nitor w hicli tunc no .ippcal w ill be In .ml.
M. ... A V M Kit! AN,
.liny, 'I. I'll". Jhrraiititr .Ijtjirttiacr,
: All
Wlii lor ii.-;
A i il till ri;it.v.ijv&vr uuiu; u tins uh
1 1 llillil I tri-ifiu? roiuplaitit.iisj
Ma.h' by C .Hi:VM(U;il &CO. JUT Njttu rn, s. v.
I'm'i gl ivr box; mmu in-e b pot.
rait .s.iLK .if .rju i. imuao lavs.
Ma) 12, lrlJI-in.i.
Till'; UK HAT lMtlK K1U1U
II ts LilML IM F.
iit:t:x.ix iv rut: cu.i.vriox of tiih nvnui'
l) an 13
Bji JStiaJiaWAW
i siii.i.isi;
AT thf whitu Fr.nnii liiiililiiijri tij)naiti' tin
(tlH k I'd fiiui'biir, wli -ri' lu ' Ilu Hats, t'iijia, ami
Straw i U at in Ii 'rn v to n i oil th.i iiiultilinb'
A xrnt null lac tin tfolt hatx railed .nu,t Yulv
Awake, UoiititK nt uIj-, riauttrx, A.l.
ituys, Vuulll. and Cliil,lri-tis Hals of all sizes uiol still's.
311.1 KKHf,
tl'.. 'SO-
All kinds nf Straw I lain ami laju,
I'ixuru.l. l'lail aii'l Taliiy. Soft Mini Hard Hats, iroiuSU
runts tu S'l uO, lliu wry best 'tu ilily. Silk and old mull s
llal. of all kinds lllliill uru si Id tir I luaji,
y Tile llbulo (juuils lull be suld fur
and hivii mido nrr.iiisfiiinm with l)x Hhcriir MiM-r.
at tho "Obi Arm If," to t.tko tho irduib of tin- l'ariii.ri,
and pi vi: tlit'tu ird rn to yil tlu ir ll.ita of nm nt thu ruklt
nriru, w hi.-h id ft nm 20 to 30 per itiii. li' than any
it I iur llousu in low ii niu tn 11 1 lie in. Horonio nlon, lioih
crt-at and iunll. and hnns your I'roduro for emit and it t
vourii-lf a hut for thu eauon.
a n. ai;v i;r.
Wooitubur-i. M.iy U, l-Mitl.
yin Hrui.ivr, oiM'osrrr. in: i:ciia.mii;.
'I lill uii'd'ruii - l rtpotlfully mtoi in luu fuen-H ,nul
L tni tMiiiiititiMicr.niy. in imrtii Men in
tnijtot 0. f .MilUrd, ami o(i n.'d A NllW TIN 4
lUi i iij,i ri i .ii,. 1 iUfal
y .Lcuiiird for that ihuii-juiLSV.
b thu mid .Mi Milliard, whtru tu' I iirviar'ii to ton
I ilurt tin bUniiii ss lu all its various luaiirlte
I Tt niaru uiul llou.u ioiitiii ) of nil kind ni-vlo t.) or
d r ou .liuit uututiniiil ut mud. r.itu irtii-s,
I Mi u-SI'uM'.rl of larlou , t I.-3 ciuii tanlly Inr nti-
I' 'I'sitmii ton lu ii.nlpi in nuitk nine
' ""t" prnvlit" alien iu rhiii. f-t uil.
lilt I -.Mil
Blobnisburg Ucuil Quui'tors!
. JfcKIJI.VV, SUM, ft ro
in Tim field wiTir av iw.t.i:asi'ii
WK wmthl annoiiiico to tlio public nml our frlsmls
11 Ha inv. 11,1 r.inin.1 r. i.A
very htrgo ussortmcnt of '
Our stock ofltllV noollS comnrl h l.irrr.i. rl,...,,.
est, nm lifinilsnmrst nmv nllcri'il In tills toniil Wu tiro'
,iV,lll,l,irvi i, t,,llll-llj IVIIII IIIU
nml nil tSo.o wblmiK tu hiy cficni, ran snvs tnotirv lv
Blvlus us n cull. Woll.iTcullkluilsofConflsniiil Wares
tu supply thu limits oftlie ucpiiIc. A lnrge lot nf
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Slicws. t'ollnr., Ppnncrr., lln,cfrliicfs,il-oiiiichn..
llnnitsiinit rriuiiiiins, Liiccs nml IMcluir
lliintict ltlliliuiis In brpu rnrlcty, Vt-I
ret llllilsinsnml Imlils, KM,
Cutlnti sc 1,1. Ic Tlircml
liWivcs .Moh.ilr
Mils, Ice
lllnck Hilk, L'n.ltmrn', i:mlirol,lrri.l, rfrtln, ko. Alsun
liirRi' n.surllii'iiitnf Cliitlis, L'usslimrs. Katincts,
Vi .lllics, Tw . oil., Joans. Ileal it Cloths,
Cimtlire, Velvtt Bit.
nnd, fur Um, Women nnil tJlirWrcn.. We hive a
l.iri:e assort ntnf Hat. m.J latostfash-
Mils-We hue also, llarilnure, ttusi
ware, t-'edariiare, A.c. Vcrv Cheap
Cnrpt-t, CMrt,i-t lla?s, Flour,
Tulile him C'arri.isi' Oil
Cloths, tints. Hut;.,
1SI.KI IS, &C.
IhniK'M, I1iug, UrUlnitf-i, &c., In nbitinJnnce. AF10,
u larf-u nnturiineiitof Iron. nli riu-cw, u
. . Ltrire lunnrty nf TJ.ilt. fcc.
Wo ItM itr our frivmin nml tbf -nil, lie puiicrilly. tn givo
iu a ca.l hvforQ purchaniint tlmwiKn'. e haw bom-lit
our koi id 8 at the Loui-ft Cuh Vric. nnd will not n.t
. o, ..j ,m ,n iimiiAiiKi.
IMooiiHbunr, May 12, lido.
list of l 7-fr tk"r s
FI:M.IMN'(I in tint tVBt OiIicj nt lllooinslnira, Ta,,
k .May i:ih, l-wi.
IVimt Or. J. M.,
Hallen Janu-n,
i'.rookn A. N. At C,
Unin W.H..
Hri-ib,iiti It. (l
Diviili. J..
Hand A. II.,
.l.ibJl li. I..
K 1 1 in I'IiiIiii,
Klasa .braium.
Kaiiin Mi,
.M)-ri MimlX, M
Willi-II. if..
Miers U. T...
M.ik'njii Minji Mry,
Murray U.
I .Ntpin-w .Min A. A .
I'.tu Wni.Mlk'ii,
lilobflU Ulir'(
I su.'diieii ltubL'rt,
1 Hp nsl Mm. Hannah,
iriioit Josiph,
Haiur I'liii.
Tummi V. ll..
I Welti. r Jul v ..
WllUoii Jaiiift.
rcrM.iM iniiniir ior tne oiiore litter-i, w ill pK'.iiio say
tlif) uru iulu rtiHt-d.
. L. U. JiLl'i;itT, Jit.
l!loomfmfK. Miy 15, IWi),
" KA ii(Ji0't PA I JON J
ll'rtHKrf. L'ri'lM.Klt. .v. lti)lllllri, of moouiBburg,
I ItL h.iMna porrlimuil thu tMluhie richt nf the nbou
'iltiabtn iM.'H.u Ciikvf Paiint ftwisu .1ahiisl. fur
Ibenjunty nt Coluuibia. w ill b,- h.ipy to supply thur
I triL-iKlti u itlt thi! arm lor the act oiumoilatiim ot theui-
Min'it it'iu i.iiuiiieii. i ne lullowiii are ot the fit
inriur iiihniit.igi-t ilti4 iiiiplcnii ut pi'tutn. s ovir any
nurjit oilin-ii to thi' jtiibln. Vti.
1. ll mi wu irom Mil to bi hi btittiiL-t per niinute, thn-j
t.i vi m; both turn- ntnl labor in tin- opi'ratioii.
C. ti-t i-oiistru'tion m no pUni aii'l Biiupli, with nnv
tluiii; iikv lair ih ij-v, it Is ta- kipt in order ami w ill
gnu tntiru mili-tat tion.
10 ) i J ,,uuf tiircad Mai hincn.aro nlwa) a dicicult toman
10 0.) x,'r' '"'hand) iu thrtMdiuj, but tliU Maiblnu id
tutivr iiirL-itticu iiisio vi-u n i unitiiuji m e lie.
4. Uii.'ot tho morit alHildii I tat urc-a (.f tlii .Miuhin-
(HI I ' tile fm'ill,"-''t "d Hit- toiiip.ii liii'si nf its iut'thaiiiiu.
i .'. It tan bu it'tai lied lu ti buar,l. tnldi or Ki.imi m .(..
uratimj ordi r, ami ib ta li.-d in l.-nri than hull' a inlnutv.
0. It uri-atly t nuvmi.v the tlmad, ami )it, pruduii'u
a Baiii, suih' i'iitl) Mirony; fur any work Iur win. h itli
ib fftun.d, u 'inaliricillon not know u to uttn-r auw ma Ala
. No Inini.m htitil it cipable lu prndacln-j u neani so
rt'ifular atii )t -main .
r. Aiiioni Hi-urn) of Patent .Sjuiur: 1tifhitif(', Hutu
are tnuie ko i Iump and duralde m It vimoni.'s I'Air, but
no Alailiiu.' n au.itcd lo all Minis ni wi.rkajjpciitmM
s. .a ."i . ...
U. I'he op.-iator ran i-liapu Uim n-am, jut n-iho pk-asvn,
w.ivet, Icalea ami tlowirK, tie, tan bv u pre-iviilcil or
ill. It in p-Htiriilarly adnpted to nit kin.U of atitrbina
am h nt ueitilf lutn'd Bhirt. hntmuit, rir-tbatids, tollam,
ttc., mid till kind of Ladies' rewind, lutludiu; nlkit,
law US', ib l-iitic'.ejliiut't, ,Sic.,i i eptnii; lor un'it'rf Uuwy
wear. tlii!i Al it bun; ia rather too I j -r lit 1 1 1 initriittion,
II. Hut all the t.-rtsoiii-r .'id.iuuae-J, lhouh real In
tlu-iiijsi'lwij, dwiii.Ilu iiitoiiutiitllraiae, wli. u t oinp.ireil
with tb'-prf''ri;ition id li.'uith, buns a sauiin ot both
labor and rjnuht, and UMiemlm op.-rator without rtoop
in:;, and i- Mii.ilileil to perlorni bU work, w lujutoi' ,i iu
turn I pusitiiiii.
uJ l'i r fiili by the iitidursifned, at th'ir refpeitl'..
n H.I h, i,i r.iuoi.ihU.irjr, Vxi, u,n pm ,lw IllJ(i,iao ltl
"i"-"1""11 " fc'e ii titLfpH tn iiixtrui ttoa.
iii:.rv zri'i-iMicit,
. . IlAMIJI W. ItUlilil.NrS.
l.oom.b'ir, May la, Imui.
Elcguut Spring Stock i
A. J. SI. OAX,
HAK J.t-t ri'ioiii',1. ,l,r,Mt from rinl.ul, l,,li.i nn,l Xcu
uik, a v. r ili'-ii-c assortment uf
aliit'bt I'li'ty tii'iv I'.iliric liliali lias been lu iiiufaailriH
Iur Mnriin; m.J Su ut as mil as thu usual assoitnu nt
ut Si'AFLl: UOOOSoi'suu.-rliir qiulilii's lull Iiu lu.iuj
in tariil), .mil at inic as lull as tiimUr e.snls tan be
lain liai-il tUi-H In ri-.
It is uu i-ay iu.ilti.-r to dnil ;ou,ls al n low tirlre. luu
.is .i lieu. Ml rut.', ui.y arv jut as low niualit). lu
is. i i ,.""u uiiiiii- ui a irry iuii priiu Is sum .linn ran-.
Surli nu i,M,uiliiiiili, liuncii-r, I. otn-rcil tu auv ulm
!!!! ' I'M' UOOtiS,
lll.liS IVJ1IIK, Flill,
I.H.T. $r., Ift.
' ' ('.ill anil su-. "2
(-OUNTKV IllunCCi: tV.txTCH.
I.louuisbuiy, Apnl ' , iiill.
xuw rni.M xnw s.tuiu:,
M W g B rr
WW h.uii jut ri'fv.Xfil Irnni, a Urv nnd
iib'iiiiid an-mittiii'iit of y-w.wr jjjKuiuiiti sm
I'f.F, (iuoiis, Kuitiibb for tint ni.trki t, which we intftid
to ft II at thu hmrbt In ni (iro"t.
u tome otic owl Come aft.'"
If yon do not uMi tn purcliiHu, coino an 1 .'tannin' our
r.i.oiH and mf our list of jiru. n. We i-1 Kill titkt- irrai
plji mrc in t-d.n i mj unr cood., at all luiiet. to ti-r)
IkTBOii-ri-h or jioir who will ta-torua with n c.tll.
.Now is t'u limn tu mt fph uiii4 b.irj.Min-j,tor we will not
b I Mil.l.SDLii b any i-utabluhiniiit in tho nmiiir).
"hni ill prof tr, and 'pin k kv," is nurniolio. ,'u h,
io'io in llni old iii.tiiii, th it, "tint nniiblu m pi-uro i
b tt r tltu hU thilliuj;" th'-rclor wu will r.
i luitiji' nur (jiiti for lU-a-i) l'.i,itii.t piy tin lucln-vt
ui.irkit pneu for alt Minis ui I'mdinu, Lumbor, Hhmjlfjj
hm pi runt, on th' Hollar dediult'd lor uirli
Mini I en nn uf one dollar and unwnrdti, beni4 t'.pi,il to in
p. rii-iit i r aniiiiui. i'nir ih-aliu;, nnd in, w tuld for
thu nala' of m Mm. ood. iit tlii lions.'.
J r-wtoi ii. M i- 12, j-rn.
kveiiy sour,
SVit Kl-.CtlVIil) .vr
wn Aitr. ni:iX(i wii.n fob rii.miv r.iv,
" Cheaper thin the Cheapest !"
ny- ri.i.ABi: cam, nARi.v. cj
l.lslit t-tri'tt, Al'tll UHO.
iiutrnw e vo..
Mitufacluri r' Vholet3al0 and detail Ileal r
No.u Noiili htioNU tSrit. cr,
abovo Murki t ftrii t
I'l 1 1 L A I) HUM 11
'TU lirvnt tl- "t r-iil t(n ae rtiiutil f I'l
hii.I Kanr lil.tNli: unlHiadtM if any ji lilfhmi nt tt
Ut LH'tr d t v
iri tl Unit t - iuni ti rdr &Tli ftit hi
IVcb&tcr's Unabridged IHclIonnry.
,fm' Fimto.v.
WOO to 10,000 NrAV VOU!)i? in tlio Vorabtilftry,
With other nv k-alnrei-. Toffellit-r with all thn mtttr
"rpreviuus fjtlltfonii. In one oluinunf
1750 past, l'rico $G 0. H..lrl by all ItnotK(llr.
(I. & ;. MintlUA.M, pringflcM, Ma-t.
Zy "Tho cinhtjputei of lllu-irntionB roin-iarablo in
finviicai to tliosu i bank iiuli uruwuillt thtt rrico of
tho linok."-CA. HrrnM.
"(Jil the Hat," Oet the Ifontttomrit, Oct the Cheapen
ih:V H'KHWilii.
t?uccimi;n pampblcti of tlw new (V-attire icr.t by
mail tax upiiliratinii.
Kecommendatlons from rreiidnit of Oologe.
U'ithin tho lait few ucckn the ruMislierfhava rereir
nl llaltcrhiK tfitimoiiriiU of tlw unritJ of tttii edition,
from nearly THIIirV rrt'ubteati of m mnny of tho lei?
ing Cotlugvi of tlm Uiiitud tjutet Among thutu ara
frmii rrciiJetitii Krrtiniihiiytti'ii nf Rutecri. Walker of'.nril, llopkint of William?, h'U-arm of Amlnrit.
fumiiiiiilTi of .Mblilk'turtii, Null ot L'liion, Vn)lMii(l uf
fniiU'dd', Jim k mum of lioliart, Wmxig of l!rumn.iri.
I.'ird of n.irtiuniith, lVasnof I In rim slim, ILiHuii of Tiilu,
Uilenf tJak'ivilli-, Cianir-i nl 1 1 - fy (rotn. Murphy ot
.VMnijtnM, l,:ibnrt'e of AliililWbiir). Audrrw of MuriLt
tn, Finlu r of llumtrltoii, Ucrtil uf Hhurtlitl', Hiurtcunl of
lllitmifi. liL' nf llliiioit, LVilliii-j uf Wilkiimmi, An-li-riim
ot Ifc'clK'Hter, Wnilao) nf Moiimitli, l.'urlU cf
Kii'K, Sec. In them nre L'xiiriaioin liku th- following
""An honor tu AuuTicm unenru, tasto nml critlcimn. '
An uditriiig vahii1 ami niithi-rity," "Sever Iimnil an
wvrk talilch sii uiiilorinly intigtlvd my iii.itirit'." "Hit
ci.r fiitcc Iiuimi my cotmuit tniiiiiaiiUii in my practice
nt tin bar, and fur thelal tivv yvart upon the lnch. I
haw vvvr luu ml it a onfti tuunicllor, ami an iiidiM.'niji
llu help In tlw prfparatloii nrni ilfttHloiuf cisot." "For
Hit pake nf niv roiintrv and thu Knirli-li I uilu.ii. 1
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ipic Minn ably pri-i'iiiiiinit. J'lt-rtf stuini fiery pm
nctt that it will he the Htnintard bouk thi country, ut
Icut. il not for llnalaud. t nm cunti-nt it nhuuld tw so."
"Thi-i truly mnl national uork." "A complvtu np
I turatiin tor all iiiiriMitL'n nf n.i.lltitf mid iinli-rifiii.lit.a
1 1, 1 inn nun jiiiRTiriiu uicraiur'' 1114 in men 11 in ron
rtic of iui)thiiii conld he mlilnl to tit it Iur tin a
entln." "A list trcaniry of ktiimlclKe, the whole f
whnhU iiot-ileil by ii-ry onn wIhi uai-m tin Anglian
lannmiiit', fitluT at a writer 11 jpciker, or n rtader'-'-Ujght
to bu it p-irt of the liirniturt of tery AnuriMu
liou-ie." "We loinr airo nrcrpti-'d WtKttT an the tttiwiar-t
n our colh'(:e,anU tHTpmrnr-fol'imTyttriii fctrmi tb
eii9 our coiuiitiou of tin w rdoui of our choice," ''Ho
lun 8 nd )ou rnntiiiue toinci-rpi rate all the improvement
which art ilo'dopi'd in tho tiitiiee of Ivxicojraphy
Ate, An.
May. fl. K-O-Hni.
V AiN T i U.
f f 'kr Phiimlofi in txclmngo for GoodF.
XVV.UUU WW.WMftH'f nil klndi of I.un-b r
" liifXih:invefor tloodnat Kriamir'!
New Ptori', in Jerttowii. Kio-ir and t'retl, drain, flt .,
kept on hand, and for valo nt Kreatucr'n New Btore.
Jorfitown, MnylJ, ltfis
1,1 KS. 7.Uri'l.tli:n,ivoiilil informtlio Ladies of llloomi
ltl tiur: ami viiliuty, that sliu ricrutes all kinds of
rilaluniid fdiiry sriiing, stitilimir, tniuing.rtf., p.t Iur
n-slilt'iicnln Wc.l.M,iiu Stri-et, siitii of tint Watcli Aiid
Cluck in ,uii k tluu: ami on inuitiralc terms.
Illuninsliurg, May W, lt-bO.
SUl'KRIOll Golden Syrup Molnescs,
Just rsccivcil nnd for salu nt 30 nuts psr calloa, nt
tli.- rlirnp cah Morn of 1 T. t-nar less.
Lahuif mark, r,
Ona liuor uliovii Christ Clmrrli.
A Ui-iifral Assortment uf Corr.ltti: VUH-VlTWRK l
iluilnig CIMf ylVOLS. tc.
-Msy 15, l'CO-lim.
Light Street Store.
AM. ilylislor tluilt MoulJins fur 1'ictiiro Frames by
A I.I. kin -Is e,f I.itinlH-r fur sale by
,, , , , , ti'.UAHV & CO. kinds of Carpet for salo liy
PtMMsr ri
T L' ST receive J all kinds of Lniliii,' Dri-ss tlomls, by
'... . , CUIIAHV tcO.
M.iNJi i.t. i?. 01 uiu laiesi lasnions, lur sain by
CIlK.laV 4: t
CIlKAaV it CO.
JI10S, Nails and Stil, fur salj by
I AIlllOV Oil, fur sal. by
yOXll Coal, for sala by
cnr.Asrt co.
JUMIIKR. of nil kinds, forsalo by
Ml kinds of (Juo I (limits, by
Light Strut. April 7. I'm.
A litllu. but oft. n fills tlip purse.
j-nK.WKMN' HAVr0 ITXIl-No. 130 Routh.
1 1 Fourth rttrtut, bi'twt'tu pii'i-tnut ami Walnutl
i niiii.ii ipnni, pn nit ucpount nn uemrttul, I
IL'iitorH iiio'irv tn purtiil liv dTovcrnniont flf.itM
and ( ity Komis. tin'und IEi ntx, .Mortnuger., &c. '
tins uonipiihj tifi in? nabty bMU-r than larpe
prolit-i, cGiiss-uuintly will run no rilc with tlrjHMi. a
tor inotu-y, but hau it nt nil times ready to n turn
w ith 5 pT rent intm-it tu tin nwnur. aft ttiev havu'
itlwiiys done. Thu totnpaiiy ntpr -luspciided,
. t'cninlt-a, tunrriid or uingly, nnd iinoru, cuu do-,'3
; ponin iin'ir own rrui't. ur'ti melt deposits can bo'-
viiiiurH ii oniy uy uicir (oiimiii. t
t Intrtvr pt'pi'tiuil. Incorpurntcd l-y thtStau cf
IV tiii 1 air.i.1, with iiutliority to rucuivo uii'iiL'V
Imoi trustLt'-i uint IXeiutorii. t
UltiUi: .-i.YI) SMALL HU.VS Ry.CF.H'ED.
Oltic." oik-ii tlailv from U to i o'clock, nnd nu WV.l.
ncniiy (.Vfjiitnij n.iiH o o'tioiK,
Jarob n. Shannon, crun CailrtnllrrdYr,
John liiinil'.r, (Jeorpc KiiFtil,
Malathi W. M mn, lMwartl T. Ilintt, is Kriimbli.irr. Ihnrll)tl.inv,
.Nicltol.iit ltitti'ii!touiiT, NaThnn riinuiiliv.
Jod. II. Huthurthwaitf j:plinatn lllanchard.
Joiipli Jslppnirutt.
lAL'Oll II &I..NUN I'Mldwnt.
CVIU'H CAnU'AI.I.AHUK, Triadurer.
Mirt'h 2, l".Vi l-.'iu.
A nivi'il in lt irt' fiirni-d.'
ui:rna, .v ou.ixaKi'iLLnti
THU undcrpitfiii'd tvouM rcfpt'ctfully inform his ctiPto
niurjaiid thu public iu f.'i, he ban juut rc
cciL'd hli utoc ot n. lcct and f-tahioiidbl'i
at bin old ktand in Oranfl1, ill-. Cotiiuilila ro uhtfre hu
will alwiiyh bu h.ippy t 'i bin I'm ml n nml ciidtoticri
and iirrouiiiiodaU' thc-ir w ut-i in tint tiuo tt Mt-rchardiz ,
LADIES' DilEiaS GOODS, of tvery anet. ntl-j
ntnl p.iitru -iiiijiirp.find lor K-ntity mid clKitpnur-j ur
tn bu ton in I In re in cnat iibiiiidiuc..
1 HX I 'L KM KXb IV hid H,
Our Flork is fifUtP most approved kimlg, and uh they
with piirchafii'd on tnir tirins, tlicy will bu bold nt i liwf
tiBiir.' t"r cttuh. t-r rtmiy p.iy.
tT- tinr old tn ndii nml nun customers aro im itcd to
call n ud fVHiniiii' fur tht'iiui-'Ui'',
Country pruducv i.iKt-u ut t.iu luglictt market p'lc?.
w.m. rnrns.
Oran-jewU'. May., l.Vi-.lin.
l-XUl I LiUfsi, l l)U i i Ui
L. T. Sliarplcss' Store.
pJIC iindiTkiiriicil, luvinfi taken charRu nf tliu Now
J More foriin. rlv kt til bv JoHiidi Slmrnlr'B Iia tuVcm
this method of iuioriniin; bin nutiu'roim cui-tonu'rn that
lit has jut riturni-ti friMii tlic city with a largu n-iHOit-uii-iil
wliuli lv mlVTB for ala nt hia
Iuai V:sh Store.
mi Minn Htri'i.i. Itlo-inifburii, nt tho crv lowei-t litiiis
pric a. Hi mih k had liemi mK-rted with n ureal deal of
iar-' and judgment, nnd will compare fa.rrubly with
any r-tock of .'mid-. i ir hroiijfht tn tluu place
(jotiniry proitin- tiiveii in oxi'liaiign lor uornls M thi
market piu-. He luu on hand tirjtliiui commonly
kt'pt in .t cou nl r tre. tjivt: liiin u call htfur purcha.
ins i'lin;whor''.
i..t siiAnri.ESP.
UlCKiniburg, pnl "i-, !-Wt
" new goods! vUoons ft "
JI E N D E X 11 AL I. 'S'S T O K E
' IU! ciiiiIitfIiil'I lio? Jut rctfei f t from thi city an
X. oUi'Tlull iix.T.uitmtnl cf
SIMIINU it oUilMEU C300D3,
COlllitl.ilj; thu li. Hill van' tyof
mv.ii.ixs, c.m.iLit. inttjut onott.1, ticki.w
.ii.M).-nnr (in in (iiiwtnif.a. luni)
ll.iltr. nl'l i-XMlMK, MUUIV-MjWI.
vijmtixti, i'f.n.111 ,y mLunr
ii.i.'it.. ii.irs .ixn c.i'.
U'iV.'l.VO x.w s,
l-lll. S.11.T.
4- , 4-r
i-T I ki't-p nt all tii.i, s, nu ban I n lareo supiily rf
ill ofnliirli 1 mil nil ch' it. O r Ki iidy l'j . it'., i Oj.ri
. I'm mi
' hioini-luu': Ma a, lr,,0 3in
nn J r III n'Kll Im mime.) tii.uffirp. to Mrtke
nr 't u vi unci ti uisntit Lulu ran t tiiirch.v neri
' il li i. hafr -i .u iru Slants ct bu