Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, May 05, 1860, Image 4

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It is not uncommon lo hoar men say
thoy lack manure cannot obtain onough
to render tliclr soil productive. Wo in
voluntarily look about to sco tho cvitlenco
tlint thoy bavo used all tbey bavo t band,
and to discover tbo character of prepara
lion of tbo 8amc. Cannot get luanuro
t neougb t but what effort aro mado to in
Crease tbo stock on band 1 How is manure
in tliia country prepared I how used after
1 preparation V If tho farmer has a sta
ble, tbo inanuro is gencraly thrown out of
windows under caves, on the sunny side of
the barn, where it lies during the spring
rn'un and sunshine, -mtil May or .Tune,
often during the entire summer until au
tumn ; or it is thrown out at the door and
through or over it tbo eutiro herd enter the
t table, and that is all its preparation. Vow
look boyond tbo excretions of stable cattle
for manure. And yet this forms but a
small part of tbo material for plant-food
every farm should afford. There aro
leaves of tbo woodland, tbo muck from tbo
tloughJ, tho straw from tho thresher, tho
night soil, manure from tho hen-house,
bog-inanuro, all the slop not used for 'swill'
from tho house, dry grass in the fence
corners, corn s-talks and dead vegetable
mutter, which afford shelter and breeding
unU tor insects all these, and many more
items .u might enumerate, such as bones,
ishcs, old liwc, corn cobs, chip manures,
etc., mixed, put in heaps, sheltered from
tun ai.d rain, and pitched over when there
id liiiuro to do it, and added to, every op
joitunity which is much more frequent
than people imagine who have never prac
ticed it will afford less excuse for the
complaint of want of fertilizers. It is bet
tor two heaps should bo prepared, or kept
ia a process of preparation, one to receive
such material a3 may bo used immediate
ly, or as is deemed necessary, and another
to work up tho coarso manures which ro
tpiirc time in their decomposition. And,
when we talk of decomposition, let it be
remembered wo should have absorbents
umck, chorcoal, etc., to absorb what cs-
c ipe-i Irom decompoting
Huston Recorder.
RISTS. At a recent meeting fo the Phil
adelphia Agricultural Society ,S. G. Fisher,
stated that a gentleman of his acquaint
ance, residing within the bounds of the
city, has been making manure by decom
jOihig bones with sulphuric acid. Tho
cost of the manure thus mado was but
SHI a ton. If bought in tho regular way
it would cost very considerably more.
Mr. Landrcth thought it would be difficult
to collect the bones at the price which it
was sfated had been paid for them. Tho
uao of sulphuric acid was not in his opin
ion necessary; as the bones can bo feof
toned by being covered with hot manure.
Mr. Fisher read a letter from Messrs.
Foihour & Co., paper manufacturers at
Mauaynnk, on tho subject of the uso of be
gasso (the refuso of tugar cane,) in tho
manufacture of paper. The firm say that
they are tho only manufacturers who havo
made paper from begasse, and they will
pay for it from fifteen to twenty dollars
per ton, if livcrcd at their mills, makiug it
in almost any quantity. Mr. Fisher
thought iu view of theso falts, that it was
important for farmers to turn their attcu
tion to the cultivation of tho Chinese sugar
I'OTAT OES. Preparo tho grounil well;
and if not a strong turf tho ground may bo
furrowed very shallow. Drop the potatoes
any desired distance apart you please,
cover them with a plow, malting a sharp
ridge. You will disturb some of tho end
hilh by turning around ; but with a little
more seed and a boo that evil may be
remedied. Thu potatoes will bo covered
rather deep ; but somo days after plant
ing take a common lo" chain, hook each
cud of the chain around a good bunch of
timber brush, and hitch your team to a
centre link of the chain, putting a spreader
into the chain iu order to carry tho front
end of tho brush in each furrow, letting the
brushy parts lap over each other j lay a
short board across, and you may rido at
case, and sec your ground swept as clean
us you could detirc. After the potatoes
havo begun to break ground, repeat the
samo operation, and you will bo pleased
to seo all tho small weeds brushed out of
tbo hills. The remainder must be done
by hoe and cultivator. L. Beach, Rom
ulu,N. Y.
Tho " Now England Farmer" states
that tho Northern Spy apple now sells
from fifty to seventy-five cents per dozon
at retail in thu Boston market. This re
mark of couse applies to those only of fiuo
quality and well kept. Fruit that is bet
ter than the average will always bring
not only a high-price, but will also com
mank a ready sal. It requires, however,
careful preserving and packing, as it casv
)y bruises and becomes unsaleable.
Makino IIoxev. Tako ten lbs. of
sugar, dissolved in four pounds of water,
two pounds of honey. When oooling, stir
in ten drops of peppermint.
S6?"It is a pretty sajing of an old writer,
that men, liio books, begin and end with
Mill Notice.
TYi pr.mi wrns jtx-n t;k nttnun nnxriuttLr.
1 HAVE removed 10 tho Montour mmid, nmi nncmi
A keeping a supply of flout nml feed on hand, and ror
.ale for rt, lw?ulJfUilh
to tloie tho old Nooks. Bo rail anil see us, friend., and
your cuitom and caili will b thankfully received.
Montour Milli, April 14. 1!CC
rTSIIF. undersigned respectfully Informs tha cltlsens of
J. lilooinsburff, ana mo puwic Eincrsny, ui.n in.- nai
located In Blooinsburg, and U prepared lu execute all
kinds or Mason Work, In snort order nnu on reasonable
Residence in Sir. tlrowcr's house, on Iron Street,
next door to llrowcr . Hlorc, Wlicre nn timer, in in- imu
of business nill bo thankfully and primpily if
fnniln.l tn.
uonrnuv uav.
Hloom.buri;, April II. Iafil-3m.
A D Ml N 1ST It ATO 11' ti NOTICE
Eit'ile of John Aiirtoson, rrtraseil.
v OTICE ll hereby tlven, that Letters of Admlnlslm-
Unit nn Ihd P.kl.ta of John Andcrsan. late of S:olt
tow-nshlp,ititlt! counlvof Cidunibla, deceased, havehoen
granted ta Samuel U. Ander.un. w ho Is rcililinit iu Uspy;
town. In the said county, to whom all persoi . Indebted ,
to said lI.iHto aro to .make 1 aymcnt, and to whom all !
persons having claims are to present them properly
authenticated, for setlicment. .
April 14. leT0-f.t.
AVrifn'ff and Garden at Riling Sun IVIaet, rhill..
AVHRYInrge nnj extensive etnek of Pltado, Onm-'
mental and Fruit Tre, E ergrcenf, Hoi, riantu,
Vlnc-i, Secda, k.c. cuhltntej and for ink, Wliolcnlj
ami Kit ail, at re .luce J prices. All onleM promptly at- ,
tended to. Catalogues had nn application. DcaU r find
dtlicrs would do vttogi-e una call, riants, Trees, '
StCm pnckal to carry any distance.
Tbo Kiting Sun l'outtli and Kiehth Sin. Passenger !
Cars pass tint Nursery every ten miuutei. r
April 21, 1300. I
RL00M3BITR0 cheap cnvli Strrt. aeain reptsrWiVd
with ft (tcbIi' stock or SMLW (WODi -v ate
now prepared to oiler to the public a very h.nii!soma lot
of tfpnug and Summer Gooda at usual low prices, for
K 1 A 1) Y PAY tNLY,
Come along nith your caeh and produre,
March 31, 1?10.
1I3S0L,UTI .)N OF I'Alt rNKUSlllP.
NOTICE 1. hereby given, that the p a rtner hip here
fore existing between: Ltislla 1). l'urstl an J Tliotna
C. Fowler, trailing under the firm of Pur.el A: Timler,
Is this tlay ills.olved by mutual consent. All persons In
Uebted to said firm, nil! please make settlement without
delay. Thebiulnessofinanufacturingnnd selling Duf
fer's Tatent Washing Machine, will be continued as utu
al by the said Pursel.
Espy. Marsh 19. 1PC0.
-p r.vrnv rir.scitlPTlo.v. suitable TOR
UltAILKOADS li c, for weighing hay, coal.nre'
nml merrhanilisc eenerallv. l'urrllascra run no risk,
eery scale 1 s guaranteed correct, and If, after trial, not
round satisfactory, can be returned without charge.
Qt7-Factory at the old stanil,cbtabllahcd for more than
Ihlrty.fHc years.
A11BOTT .t TO.,
Corner of ninth and Melon Streets, ruiLADU.rulA. 31, lKU-3m.
Estate of llamtty hagenbuch, clcctnsrd.
LETTERS of Administration m the Eitate of lUMSkV
IUoevoi-lu, late of Scott townihip, Columbia county
deceased, have been granted by the Register of Coliimbi-t
county, to the undcr.igned residing iu Light Htrect. iu
Bald township, all persons luting claims against thd
Estate of the decedent arc requested to present them to
tlie Administrator, without delay, and all persons in
debted lo make payment furthwith.
March 17, lPOO-Cts. Mm'r.
tiXhlOUTOK'S NOl'IOti.
Estite of Elizabeth Yohc deceased.
LETTERS testamentary on tho estate of Elizdxtii
Vohc, lite of Locust township, Columbia county do
ceased, havo been granted by the Register of Columbia
county, on t!ic above. Estate, to Stephen Vohc, residing
in said Loeufat townlhip, Columbia county, notice is hru
by given to all persons iiaving claims or demand aninut
tlie estate oi ills saia ueccuem io uiuki; ijiciii Kiiunn
without delay, to the said Executor, and those indebtfd
to sam estattt, to maku immeuiaie payment.
March 10, ldCO-Cts. lUtevtor
Main street above the Forks Hotel
THE undersigned, having removed from Espytownto
Dlooiniburg, respectfully informs his lnends and
customers, inoi nc uus epeneu a uvv sunu, uu jnuiu
street, inoomsuarj, aoove me ictks iioici, wuerc uq
will conduct the
In alt its various departments, and on a morJ exteuuive
scale than heretofore,
Uuggies, spring WajoiiB, Sulkies, Light Vagons, and
all kinds of w hales, made to order, on hlmrt notjte uud
fair terms. Also-ltoerca and Fakm Wiiti.L-Biait.ons,
ma le to order.
C7" llEPAiRiNd, of all kinds, including Heavy Wagons,
promptly and cheaply executed.
Bloomsburg. April 21, lSCrO-Gm.
iilaij UIoiut
WHEREAS, the Hon. Warhl.i J. Woodw aed, Treii
dent of the Court of 0ir and Terminer and titn-
oral Jail Unlivery, Court of Quarter Si'bfioiu of thn 1 '" without notice with 1 ivt rm itT jNTta
Peace and Court of Common Tleus and Orphan's Court, i "T from th.' day of depi-Bit to the d.iy of withJrawnl.
in the atth Judicial Distrut. coinpcaed oi the counties, OrntE Holrs-1 rom P until 5 r.'thxk em day, and
f Uiduinbia.tfullnnu nndWjouung. and the Hon. Jacob 1 on Muniht Lwmmj. from , until U otlock.
Evans and Petfr Kun. Assoeiita Judges ot Columbia , I rJiidcnt-TI.l'HI.N It. CRAV TOKI),
county, hae issued llu-ir precept, li-anng date the iiiuih t reasurer 1 unv I hk.
.Hi ,.f IVIi in itn. i.i.i. r.l nu I .hp. I nnn lltoiiBnn.l i-lalit 1 IU f J Hilt $ Jt. Hunttr.
hundred and sixty, and to mu directed Uv holding u'
Court of Oyer and Ti ruiim-r and General Jail deliviry.
UcusralUuarti r Sessions of the IVace, Common lVus
and Orphan'. Court, in Illoom.burir, in lbs cour.iy u;
Columbia, on tno nrsl iionuay. iieiny tin uayj ul
iijuy lieu, ana lo continue ona wees.
the Teacc au.l Constables of His said county of Columbia
i.u..i ucr.u; "" -."I mi "
mat luey be men ana mere in mcir prop.r persuns hi
luu'clocs in tlu forenoon of said da), Willi their records,
iii'juisitiuns aud olh.r remembrance to do Hiosa ihiugs
w huh lo thtir unices appertain to bj done. And th. se
that ara bound by recognizance, tn prosecute a;uiast thu
prisoners that are or may be Hi thu Jail of said county of
Columbia tu be tiuu and there to prosecute them ns shall
bejutt. Jurors ure requested lo be in their ul.
tendance, agreeably tu their notices. Haled ul Iduoins.
burg, Uie 2olh day of March, in Hie year of our Lord one
thousand eiaht hundred ami sixty, and in tlu Still ear
of the Independence of the United Htatcs of America.
(Uod save the Cominnnivrallh.)
JOHN, Slurif.
March 31, WO.
Trial l.isl fur May Trrm, I8C0.
1. Dtfiijunin Alfred Cole ri, William irimonii.
ii. I'lUt ntUr ci. the . V. I'.nts KailroaJ Co.
'J. baumel Leumi, vs. ,. XV. C'reumer.
4. John .Met 'all a vt. Iltnrv Man.
5, LeunarJ II. Kuperl ct al, vs. WtinltinjitOQ L?e, Jr.
l Pinion I'ltteruidii r. WrU'il IiukIicu.
7. John Al. af lit I Jun is. "Seal Mcl'i-y, tt al.
V. Uu hanl Torty r. rinlii II cay.
It. henry Kreany, rs. Juntpl) KitkenJall.
10. Jtrub cliu)ltr r. Vilon .gcr.
11. Jamb rfanjir cs, Williatn lttz.
li. rtmrlfi Itciiiiiitun r Ladvvig Diehl, adm'r.
13. Townsf-nJ XV. KaliUrri. Daniel Nt.)hirJ.
14. John .UcMulligan, et a., r. ?atiui:l Uhoue.
li. John K, Girton . Hdnnr Uartnii, eta.
It'. William HtiieytT r. John lluirnaglc.
17. John Maihlii tl al. vs. . It. Wilion'i exerutor'i.
It?. J. 1. Jukrion tt at .ct. tiiDth ihhibi-11.
l'J. John H, .Merrill et at., vs. Hiram it. rrc.n, ct a.
20. Muijlieu II. tliller ri. Uanil 1'. Hubert,
ai. Hamutl Ileal.', tion., Kx., rs. Wiltum Atcar'.
'.h2. John R. Aut-Jii rs. Hrnjninin lUyjon,
Ul. EilwarJ Lyun is. lU.lurt 1). Mcnah,
24. William (idrrcion, ct ut.t is. I.. Al. II. Kailroad.
j. nat.K oi uan me j. jienj. i uuic, adnrr.
'I'rriVflrfin . nrnrs. tni TYTnxr Tnrm
Bloom Newion Uonn, John Purtl, Jacob R, Croul
UobPrt i atl.cart, tftrphen Knorr.
llcnton llendrick Hangs, '
Ucuver Jacob llerring.-r, Samuel Fiher.
Uriarcrek -Moses JJavis, Vincent IlialiarJ, Samuel i
Centir Jolma KohIci1, gauiud Jtageobucb, Knranuvl i
Hill, Allen flicl I hammer. I
rattauiia-.Miclufl Urob.t, John Keifer.
(Jon) ngham Daniel T. McKier man.
Kuhius3ml(- William Ikltr.
tJr(.'nuool-Jtjlin Ist'iiinn.
Hemlock Isaac 1'urntl.
Jack ion Thomai W. Voiine, John Mcltenry.
I.ocubt-Luca Folinnjfcr. Amzi Faux,
Montour Win. Hoberls, Haniuel Lazarus.
Madison-Htnry Kycr,
Mililin Hamuel Creasy.
Mount rieaidnt John White.
Orange John Vance, David E. Ha) man, Jacob Pnyder,
Abraham Keifer.
Pine -Calvin CiKMiilicrlin,
tfcott Da nul niler.
ttluomitburg, Martli 31, 10,
Grand Jurors, ibr May Term
Benton Mosei Vocum.
Ilriarcreek-Charle WMtmire,
Centro Henry Itelon?. ;o, A. Ilvrnng.
Conynshaiu Keubt-n Waiter.
Fuhingcrcek Lit liohbiim.
lirct'nwnotl Jamea Van horn.
Hfllllnck UtulM'n t.liltdd. John Vovnn Mnimtol AKl
JarktiMU John t Iierr. ' f
Loful-Ianiel Ueavtr, Ctni, Dillii, Wm. CooJown, '
Jacob llamcr. 1
MkinuVVm. Hitler, John Keith nrr. j
Madmoii-Iitnj. t tVuil, Ucnierifl. Milli, Inafher TW-
Montour jonn Gelfcr. I
Oranso Samuel He id Urn an, John Iferriof
jvvFii,iiKi,ive. 4uuii luviau.
f MF 1 lii iiTi I
' .... , ...
InriK III! V 1 LOOK MM I'Olt Al, ,
.UCCCvll. t.lll-ll Mil VI, HI. im.v IUIIUII. ..II ll"UID
In trouble-nil who have been unfortunate.--tU whoso
fond hop.', have been disappointed crushed and blasted
bv liili'i pronil.c. and deceit, -all who have been derilv
..'i -...I ..I ..III. .tt H in h.r Co., find .nil. I
fueilon. all ho are In dnobt. of the) airectlmn of .
they love, consult ner to relieve anu .aiiaiy meir iiiiuus.
iv inn: -t-.i;s MR XF.VI.ll FAILSI
Phaha.tho .ecritirliinlnirtho affection, of the op
poslni.ct. It I. this fact which Indurt. illiterate pre-
tender, to try to Imitate her, anil to copy h.-r ailvcrtlic
menu. tli! sne snows ymi ine
or absent utclnl. Mi' guides me single in a unppj iimr
rlnge, nml make, tho married happy. Herald and ml.
,cc hn. been nollciteil in Innumerable Instances, und the
result nan oilcan men me menus t'l st-emma
a irr.lMY A.YD
11.11'I'Y MAHIUABV.;
8112 Is IhiTi fore u sure dependence. She linn been tin
mean, of bringing many hundred hearts and hand, to.
pi-lhcr, Thousands of broken heart, have been healed
mill mans nippy iiy ue..
I u is well known to lh public at larce. that tho was
in., f,,.i nn. I .h 1. ilia onlv nerson who can show the
likeness in riality, and who rnn slve entire satisfaction
.... n -...,;. f,ri,r.. whi, li rnn tu te.leil anil I. rnv
e,, j,.. thousands, both tnarrt.'d and single, who daily
011, int,,,t,. x it her at
v 1.1.111 lliirit tilrrrl Pllillllleltllliil
M. I JjiMiinart.1 Oli rni. 1 nil 1 ci pi la,
All Interviews arc itrlrtly P' ate ami con(l,l.-ntial.
IfF-tl.TH r.V.VI.l-.WI OOOD LVtK
AMI I . Vri'lMISrt are within the reach of all. Khe is
tii'n iiviiiff unmtrr tf Hie enliclitpncd ase t all who enn
suit h"r are astonished at tlu trui!ifatiuss of her irifor
I mation and predictions. AIX tliosj who lit 1 bad lutk
cimpiilt.'d h t, thtlr lud left them, and they are now for
tuiialtf, rich, eminent and happy. To ALX in business
I hrr advice is lunluabl. Kh can forttel wilhtliepn-at-I
tit certainty, th-i result of all commercial and business
transactions. If ynu f-diow h-ra-Uice. you will
i iMPiwrr. Yuun cftct.v2WAVi..v
and succeed iu all your uudertakinss. ThoB3 who hae
h.en fiii-tiinntp and innuect isrul In lift1, and iu business
tlios' ho hae worked hard and ktruecled against
ftdeiity and misfortuie tlu creater part of their lies
and found the more thev tried to pet forward in tlu
world, the more tiling things went oginet Iheml All
cases have coimulfd lt-r for the last twenty years. Al
thos-J who wls'ly followed her adico arc now
nrnif iMPPY jtxn srcVifL'.
in alt hir undertakincs; while tlnsc blinded by preju
dices and ignorance, m-ft tec led her actiee, are ptill la
boriim against adversity and poverty. If you vatue jou
nappl'l'-en, J oil w in consult nvi uurfii, uuu uu But-ci-pa-fill
and happy also.
Ail iutemows are strictly private nnd cnnndcntial.
Oonit) one I romtf alll to
between Juniper ami ftrnat, riiilacli'lplila.
. wfiV
f flnr3ill3V'f s-Thl.f nroof Salaiiiander Pjfes.
-mMitiI!rSiiSAI"o. Iron, fur banks and
UvfvSi "H,,"", lrml shunts iron, all
i5tre.'ta,5s;4Sty?i makes of locks equal to an) made
in the l.'nlted Plate..
Fire Softs in one .HrJ. .Ill came out riff fit : vlth can
tmti in paoit conllllo.
The H.ilamander t?afts of Philadelphia against the
hsve had the surest Ieino(,tration in the fullowinc ctr
tiflcate that their manufacture id" Sataunnd'-r afn has
at length fully w arr.mte.i the represenlatloni which
hwn made rf" them na rendering uu undoubted security
against me icrnnc t jeinem.
rilil.lddnlila April 12. IrSfi.
MrsfrB Eranti Sr Watson- (lentlfinfii It atrordd us
tha hiclicst satinfaction ti ntnte to ynu, tint owing to
tiiA verv pri'tectivu luaittU's oi two m inc Miamanuer,
SafsS which we purclns.d of you some live month sinry
we i-aved a l-irze nurtioti of jewelry, and alt our hooks
!iC.t exported to tlii cal.iiiiinous.tlre in Uaitstcad place- on
tne moriunj tu in: jun in hi..
Wlien wi' rid.'ft (hat tin-si safes wero located in the
fourth arorv of the buildiuir wr occntdi-d and that they
fi.ll iili9f!ieiitly into a heap of burinmr ruins, where the
ast conc'iitrntion of the It nt cnust'il the brims platcH to
melt, we rannot but regard thejireeration of their vnl
uahlu contents aa ni t coinincniii rruof of the, great se
curity atTonlt'd by our tnU.
We pIkiU great pli-nstire in recomnu'nding them to
mui of business ut u sure rcli.inee nu.tinvt fire.
:r.ow;i: v. jjimmon& into.. Jrwcitm.
CT7"Thev have since pnrthnsod lx large Haftn.
AiigimtCO, lt.Vi.
rue amann life ix&uiu.wk. jixxurrrxD
mvsT coMp.ixr of puiuwm.phia.
orriCE, o. 4t t in stmt h rKF.t r,
CAl'lTAl. (p.tid up.) $MN OUl).
Charter Perpetual.
V- tho mont renfonable terms.
The capital b nig p.ii.l up nnd invested, togi t!ir with
a large and roiist.iutty hirr.'uiing reserved luml, o.Hrs
a nerfi'ct srctintv to llu Intuired.
The preiniumns must bj paid yearly half yearly, or
ill',' uomnanv n u n mi.M r ner ouica v to ins iiihh
rauces of life. '1 In- I'lUriT IION'L'H appn-pnated iu
cmiun r. ic-n, inc siauuj itu un in u iimier. 1?4 t.
theTIIIKI) IUIVL'3inI),'eember, lSit and the FOUUTII
VUMJSln Hecember, 15 J.
B.7"Th"'ht atlditions am mado w itliout requiring unj
increase in thti pr.'tnlums to b pnid to the fompauv.
The following are n lew examples lrun tlu lpgiter
imnuuif)t runty al u
I'JstaTJl'lS? MOVED tu SOI CUMtant AYrrrf,
,TSi ttltiSiSS'l'l "b"" ,htrd I'Mfdrlphia, have on
'ie hanil a large ussortinent iu I ire
Iioimik to b' inrr ns d
No. til
- m
uy luture additions,
1, in i on
li t73 DO
I'.tmpelelB, containing tnbl.'s of rates and explanation,
ftiniii of application, and further information can hi
found at tlu uilice.
THOMAS niDOEWAY, Prexident.
Jso. T. Jamm. .Ictuarv.
V, t !Urrisoi, nxamininr PAvsieian.
OitobT 10, lCi7-ly.
U. S. TrustCompauy,
Center of Vhiril anil Chestnut S s., Philtt
I r AUtiE ami small sumi received nnd paid batk on
I fctinhen n Crawford
I ii..,fi ,.., vv Tliulsv
,.; ";o,,'liird, JI. II.
;l)amel M liIlfiuaH,
(I'll rue Jun tin.
Ol.'Virt'.llart, M, II,
)WiUiiiiu M, llodwin.
.11 rr.iuhliti Jackson,
I'llliy 1'iss.
'atrlri liradv
James Devereaux,
, Thomas T. .n.
.March yd, lrJ'J-ly.
1. II. lULOUIf. A. D. LlM'ERMiN, l, n. MUl.RH4N
M 2 B G H A fi T S ,
Hosiery. Cloves, Ilmiims, Trimmings &c.
l'o. H13 JlarkH Street, PiiluMijuu.
fi bruary JJ, Irt 0-3in. Taint and Color,
Stoic nnd Office, iV If. lonur of Fourth
J- Rnce St i cits, rit ihiili tlt ia.
W'm. Wali-rall Al Co., rionrii tors
IjtJIlll U'lim- r."ud Trench and Amrrlcau Zinc I'aiul
1 Wiiidnw (Hiss, I'ullv.Cliroiiii tjri'i'ti. Chrome
Yi'll w I'lii.siaii lllus, Vsrni.hi'S, Drying Jii'ans,
l.ln.ssd Oil, '1'u rpsnlinf- llrushs jud fvcrtlliiiiir p-r.
taiiiinj loth.-l-AIVf UUINBStf, at ulilirccdenli-d
low pines lor ca.ii
WASIIINC 111, UK lor Uluein; Clolhcs nul uu in small
hoxfs for llsiail siles.
fi'liriMry 2 IrUI fin.
iro.Uitfoith bttiutn Arch tJ-
Jl'ice Philatklnhin.
, TMI'OttTBIt of Toy. I.mcv tlnki-ic, I'luci. HnuiT snd
, " V.V.r'.'.": '"in'-s. uominoeac
Manufjetun r of Vtagt St Alphabet blocks.
Fcbrnarv t5 :Jm.
& Alii S3 0 53.
w txA CJ D If J A
iini iiciuiiti imier in
and ononi iDipTirt m
No 302 Market St., Lower sido, above
Oetobrre. IrKD-Cm.
Arch ilrccl. Abucc TlnrJ,
V 11 I A D K I, P I A .
Tilt! situation of Uiis lintel renders It one of tin most
convenient for those itlioare visltini I'liiladelnbla
on business i fho. in .....i., :.
constantly passing ami repassinn City Uailway ears
and thoso in clnsu proilmiiy. atrur.l a cheap and pleas!
nt ride to all places of interest and ainusenient in or
iho proprietor liive. assurance that 'Tho Union
shall bo kept with such character as h 111 meet nubile
approbation, and would respectfully solicit, reneril uat.
'Tf1 s, Un'ON &. NXWCOMl'lt.1
a'tbruary-J-l, lgCO-l-im. I'roprietor
1 FiiisiimrjTii cfciluoTiirnsi
I OH AC lit UK X hints
, ,. PHILDA LflllA.
Ftim Uonus or
Insured addition
rlXI S.-p7 .V)
:ui)i io:.i o
10110 -lod Uu
A.C, A-C.
rplin founder of this Institution, offer, tho
. ' .:. ,ni.jv mid nk'ttunl remedy hi
,h V?'!"Jk, KVaS
f llll'E.IUI. iviiivuj II.
cturcs, Seminal weak I
H' J . . . :.(Ul BB ,', ..-v. ........... ---- - .
the Kidney., Palpitation or tho Heart, lllspepslJ, Mra
Vou. Irritability, lllscase of the Head,, Noli; or
nkln, and all those .erlou. and inclanthuly lllsordcrs
Com ll,,. ilnal rill I ivit habit. tf OUtll. Ullltll de
siroys both body and mind. These secr.t and solitary
practices, are more fatal to their tlctlms than the song of
lie sytenstotheiiiarliiersLljsses, bligliliug tin Ir mint
.troy, bolli body and mind. Tlic.e .etnt anil Military
Married persons, or Voiuig Jlin conteinplatlns mar
rlage, being aw are of physical weakne
ilgd lii'tllg aware 01 puynrai m-uiwn-flBt Mi(iuiitt- ih.imi.h-
ty. iUlormnti. -c, miouhi iiuiui-oi.uvij- cvubuh im.
Johnston, and bj reMored to perfect health.
llo who places hlmnll under the rare tfl)r, Johniton,
may nllgioinly conildu in his honor us n gentleim n,and
confidcntl) rely urnm hU skill a a physician.
tminedlfttety cured and fulUlgor restored,
'i i.u ii.-MPnttt! Is the ticnalty moi frtq
'.'."h'e' SS.W.lKllu.nU, PaU by
it...... Is t I. trs. 1., .mum llu t irtllil llf illlltroui r
cics. Young persons are too apt to ronunU exciss Iroui
not bohitf aware t.f the tlnatlul ioiiseiuuiee that may
..... xi.ti- itlui tint inn erntmu s lu.f FUDji-tl will lire
tL-nd to tU ii v ttw power of prurrentlon li loit sih.ner ,
by those Lilting Into Imiiroper habits than bj tlu prud.. nt. (
HesiJes b'tiu diprHedt.f tti pli-aure of healthy ml
siiriiigB, tliu mom serums Him urnuumw rjm.inni
i.i.tii KslIv mi. I mlti.l rl4.. Thu itteill beiuuits dumiig'
edi the phyciiot and metitnl powers we.iki tied, nervous
debility, iiyspepsl.i. iialpitailon oi ihe heait, liidlgetiloii,
a wa.tinii ol the frame, foiuh, Symptoms of
uV" Oilice, No. 7 Hoviii l'ltLiuuiK STRti t, seven doors
from llalthnure stret t. Uust side, up th-J strp. He par
ticular in observing the NAME and M'Mm'.U, or jou
will mistake tho pl.icf. 1
A Cure H'arrcftttd, or no Charge Made, in from One to
Tiiv hant. I
Dlt. .(JAVmVt 1
Member of the Ro)ul ColLge ot S trgions, nt London. (
(Jradnat i frttmoiiei 1" the mut emiiunl Colleges i f tlm
L'niled Statrs, an I tlm gnater part tf whose lifj has
be.'u spent inthertri-t lloxpitals i f London. lris. Thil.1' ,
ditpluaaud the wlu-re, has ellected some M thj most us
touching cup's that wuueMr known; man) troiibi-d
with ringing in Uu head mid cars wlun asleep, great
nerxoiiMu-ss, Uiing ularuuut at sudden sounds, and bah
fulness, w ith tri'pi'.'utldutihiiig, nttnded somi'tiuu-s with '
dtrangeineiit of miuti. were cured ImmetiiaUly. ,
VI i. mi tliemlgulded and imprudiuit otary of id'.isure
liuJ iu tias iu.bibt-d the seens of tliis patulnl (IUase. it
too oitLii an ill timed sense of shame or
dread of iliuery, deters him from op t)lng to those
who from education and respeitability tun alone h. friend
him, dilaiug till the coiutitulionary s.vniptotin of this
horrid dioedse inuki s tlu'lrappearanre, suih as uteeriiti'd
sore throat, disuned iio-c, noiturie, p.iins in tlu head
and limbs dimness i f tight, deafness, nodes uu the tkln
bones, and arms, blot thus on the face and eitreiue
tieii, progreo-ingwith rapidity, till at last the pah to of
the mouth and bonus of th iiotu- l.ill in, and the iitiiu of i
thii desvase Wiomes u horrid object id romuiiseralion I
tilt death jiutun period to hit dn-noful suikriugs, bj neii ,
ling linn to "ih it bourne from whence no traveller re
turns." To ttuch, then fore, Dr. Johnston pledg.-s him
sill to preserve the inoht euvioable Beirety.and from liu
elinsij practice in the liret lioiipitalt of Europi uiol
America, In; tan confidently n t oiniuend suf.' nud spoedj ,
curututhe unforttimiti vinimtf tins Imrrid disease. ,
Dr. J. address tall thoi-e who hac injuie.l IhcusiUrd
b private and impruper imiulgiiiecs.
Iliene are sunn' of tlie nu uud iu tuitcliul) efleitt pro- .
fiaffi "Kill lii M l?um""rf til!!. I
i.nss nt Mii'Liiiar rutr. rjltiitaium r tin: Hunt, ids i
Iil'Jibiii, .M-rtuu. irraiiiuiiiiy, iktiiiikvii"-11 ini,"-'.-Ili
riiuctiuils, UliktuI Dtflility, sjml'luiiisiif t'onsuinii
tluii, &c.
JlKNTM.l.Y. The fearful cUVcts Uion tlm n iml arc
inuili to linilrtiiili'il. Lnssnl Mtiiiiiry.Ciiiitiuiiiii uf Mras
Depression of tlm tfinnls, 1MI roriliiiiiltiss, Avvrsiuii
of Hocii'tv, Tllinty. tr an: simiii nf tliu ctils iruiliuiil,
'I'liotisunils of tiersiiiis ol till aes tun now juilii: .
' is tlm i.iiisl- of tlii-lr ilriliiim liuiltli. Lousing tluir
l2nr. Ii.'roiiiiiig vii'iik, lull1 nml cmaruti'il. Inini,r sin
frulnr ntMi'aruiic about tlioujes, cuugli anil slulitoius of
Uy this cri'lit iiilii liutiurtalit n'liu'ily, w.-nkni'ss nf the
L r.rjransi aru sjieeilily cureil, anil lull viirur riturcil,
TIiiiusuiiiIh if the most iienmis aiul iHbihl.itt'il, i.lut
httl lo.t all Impa. hae hern iuniieiliuti'ly r.lietetl. .til
iiiiii-i!iiiii-nls to M.inijzi'. h)iluI ami llisiiati-
iRiuion, im mm irruiauiiiiy, i ri'iuiiiiiiRsiiiiu 11 c.imii-ss
or vxiiaiiiitnlliiif of the most tearful Kiuil, speeilil) inreil
by lluilor Juliiistoii.
lllL'.M. .UL..
Who li.ive Iniuri'il by a certain uraiti'c.
imliilgeil in uh.'ii alum: a li ..bit truqililtl li arneil fruin
evil ruiiipjiil'ins, or at sihoul tho elfeits uf uhleliare
siitlitly Lit, den when asleep, anil if not inreil ruiuers
niarriuiie impiiM-ible, ami ileslro). butli niitiil aiul
snutilil apply liiiiueilialely. a pitt) that Juiln man. the llnpu of ins iiiuntr),
and tlu darling (.1 his parents, shnulil be suatth il Irnm
nil pruspeits am I'lijujmeuts ul 111', by tlu cuiiseiieu
tes i filet i.ilini: from the pulli nt nature, ami iuili.lglii
iu a sertaiu seir.l habil. rijcll p rsntis belure .uu
shoulit ri fl.'rt that a souuJ iiiiuil and binty arc XUo must
necessary repii.ilies to prniautJ tnmimiiul li ippiui.s
Indeed, llilhout UifMl t!l rjoitriiej throiitih llfj b enliies
a weary pilritiinge, tlie pro.peit limlrl) daikilisln
llic tion ; the niiiiil becuines shadowed with despair &
lilleil Willi tlii iii'laucln 1 Hie happi.ii-i,
of another bicuines with our own,
urru.i: mi. 7 s-oiTii ri!i:in:uii'K.-iT.. uiiiinrc mi
AM. SL'I!UIL AI,Ol i:il.THIXfl I'KIll UK Ml'.ll.
N. 11.- Let no false prtt.iit you, hut apply
iiuiiKiliati li . Hliur pir.onally or hv la tti r.
tiKIX lllrir.ArilWHlT.IUMI.V Ll'ltUII.
The many thousands Hired tit llns iii.tituliun within
Ihe last l.i Jears, and the uiiiueroiu iiiipoitaul tfurgiiul
tlperaliuus perfurtueii by llr. Julin.tuii, witueM-ed b
thj icporl'Ts of III.- paperii an I ni'iii) other persons, no
tics i f whiih lia.e appi nred a!aiu an I again li I in: Ihe
public, be.l lis hi. .taut'iii'4 as u gcntl man uf
and respuii.ibilit) , is a lUliuieut miaruiiteetolheallicted
N. It.Tli'Te ure so tii.tnv unorant anil woilhless
j Quirks Hi ium les l'ii.iciaus, ruiinun' Hi
neaiio hi me airriiay uuilti'Mi. . nr. suiiaolou Helms
It uecesiiar) tu saj , I'spi'iially to thu.e liiiacpiaint ,l
llh ins ri-iiitatiiia. that lu crediutials an 1 uipluiuas
alw at s haii in hi. olln e.
II" Tikl Num.. All li Hi rs must lie pnst p.n I, an I
cumaiii a po.lage .tatnii for Hi: repl), or iiunnswir will
UJ sent,
Virih I", M II.
Fltt.Dl'jltlt'K IJUOU'N,
C II IO .11 1 S T A ! I) It U li (J I S T ,
Xiith-Eiat Corner tf Che$tnut and Fifth streets,
wOU! ni.uiiif.icturcr t' ltruuH lni'ttc of J.tin.iicit
t Uliitjir, nlinli i-t rrci't'ititfl urn! iri'scnbt;.i by 1il Tartilty. mui Itati Imtciihj thu (-(.nnlard ramil
Mt-'dicniti uf thu rmt'Ml Mi.ii'K.
Thin l.aainru inn .niaration of pc. lit iirr.
In onllnar) tliarrliti'.i. nuiiiiiit rhokT.i, in ill .rt. in all
cjsi'K of pnMralion of tlia dieMiu function, it H ft
iiicktiin.iblu nlut.'. 1 in r i ti le tins pr'tali-nri) oi rH.lunic
cliolcra and Mimmor i-oiuil.iiuiti of thiblren, it in h-.u-H.irly
c'luariunt ; no l.iuiily, iiitln idtiat, or traveler
bhould bt; without it.
To ire cnt thi-i nlunldt; IsHM-nrw friiin hving counter
fv'itfd, a new t-ti-il ci.gniviiijj, Xfcutfil .tt a a rent ciM
ill be found on tin; ontcide uf tlm u i;iiT, in order to
puard llic imrth tfi-n aniiint In-1 tig tujporfLtl ujkiji by
norihlot-n of If 5-.
I'mpared onlj Ijv I'ltDDI.KlCK ItKOW.V. and for sale
at Ins Dnis aiul ( hcmii .tl Hit" re, . K, coni.r of I'lflli
an i L'h-'-tuiit Streil.-, i'liilaitctphia.
AUo for t-alu by all rLcpettablu Druggists in thu Uni
ted Mates.
March 10, lcfO-Uil.
Wl! hci.' leavo ti call your attention to nnr ldr(.'' and
well aborted fcHKk of (JnuJa eK'cially fcvlucted
for the unidy uf the
I'ltlNi; TRADII.
lleiog pohseHi'd of ivcr) necusrary facility, wc have
now on Innd, and intend to kevp one of lliu largest and
li'kt holaleJ tllk of
JKWni.RV. Ac.
to be ftiuiul iii this mnrkit, which c are prepared M
ol)ir at price iltfy ioiujh th inn.
We arc thankful to all ilio hai c faureit u in Ihe rait
with lln'ir ciitftum, and trul they will renew tlieir
faors. We M'licit all w ho ileMri' fitiodri in our line, to
rail aud cvainiiii' our Sluik. iiihI uc ided?i onr.cHt bv
glrini; entire Jtifatttun to merit i contiiiutiucc of their
co nntti.' n ci.
Kefpeitttitlv nurx,
DHtiiFU'riri it it.hmii:k(;ku.
riiitaMi. Marcli 10, Km. No. JU.i . Third fct.
No. 118 North Fourth Street, Arch,
riiiL.ADni.rii i. . -s r-
Wholesal & lictjil Mnimlai turi-r n f (yT "Tv-
tort movnaii'.s. rorKi- nooKt,C.Jv?
Hloiicy llblis, Saiclicls, Puses, ('.litis,
Hunkers' Casis, Dieting Casrs, Writing
iJenks, Port Follios, Rill Books,
Itc , itc.
Fchrtlliy i'h IfcGU llm.
Xo. 38 South Finn-Hi St,, I'lillntlflnhia
MANUi'Ainuitr.iisor ai.i. kinds of
I.nnl inn (l aa Portrait nlmfnomh
, , ssihvq , 19 ft
BCHDIN OII.T MOUM)lGS.I'lai.. ord Ornamental,
rAHBtsi'AUTUU'iH, nr int Mi filtintf h lor Framta.
IJIE'UlilXSlt lift'
Potichonmnia, (Irecinn and Oriental roiiitingi, D.a
phae, tr Imilaiion tfiann-d Ulan, , r U
Materialf, &.c.
Oct ol. i'i B, ltjj'J-Uui.
Ill llM1unrTlr luniiui, on....
lil.tMIJlbLiUKti It A II BKlt SIIU1.
THE underslsned respeclfully Informs Iho ciliiens of
Illoomiburg, and tlie Public generally that Imhatl
"!!iV,,;?".l,,,.,.l',.,!','0','",J", '" EitlMiU" Woem
.;... .1 """sr-aoy 10 won upon lilt cus
toniers lo snlirn salisfacllon
Will bamecilteo with locand ne.lnnsi and 1.1 thn
most fashion ible style, a ml nn very moderate lerms.
IlVlIIA.MI1HIIN'r:. .Innau,.ln I' II...
I icTta increased publie palronageand plrdges' bis best
I .ndwror. to also every reisonaUeraiisractlon.
I IT . nrtiuroDii
"isnminnr Js. It, 1PIW.
It Is a fact that, at some, period, ctery mem
ber of the human family Is subject to illscnsc
or dlBlurbaneo of tho b6Jily functional but,
frith tho aid of ft good tonlo anil tho cxcrclso
of jilain common sense, mey mny do 0010 so to
or Jilam common sense, tiiey may us a
j.C),ulalo the) ryslcm as lo Bccuro pc
. "... . . riccomrillsH tills
this tlcslrcJ
lileet. ilm trim rmiran to Tmrstia ia ccrtntnly
that which will produce a natural tlnlo cf
things at tho least hniardof Vitnl strength and
life. 1'or this purpose, Dr. Hosteller has in
troduced to this country a preparation bearing
ids name, which la not ft new medicine, but 0110
that has been tried for years, glvlnK satisfac
tion in nil who havo used it. liio Hitters
"P wcrful1v ' "P Jl.o .loh, bowels,
and liver, restoring them to n, healthy ana
vliroroua fiction, nml thus, by tlic iviniplo vro-
CC83 of strengthening nature, cuabb tho sys
tem to triumph over dUensc.
Tor tho euro of Dyspcpsin, Inrligction. Xnu
tp.t, Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, or nnyUilloua
Complaints, misinir from n inotbhl inaction
of tho Stomach or Uowcls, pro'luchiR Cramp?,
j)vscn(cry. Colic, Oliolcra Morbus, &C, thesQ
f . ' ,
Utarrlioca, ilyscntcry or flux, bo generally eon
Irrictcil by new settlers, nml causcil principally
by tlio cliniigo of wntcr nml tlict, will bo speedily
rcgulatctl by n brief uso of this preparation.
Dytpcpsla, a disenra which Is probably moro
prevalent, in nil its various forms, than any
oilier, nml the cause of which may always
bo attributed to derangements of tho digestive
organs, can bo cured without fail by using
itriaTrTTPn'v! crmtAril lllT'rr.HS. n. nor-
directions on tho bottle. 1'or this discaso every i
phybician will recommend Hitters of tomo Mnd ;
then why not uso nn nrticlo known to bo infal
liblo ? All nations havo their Hitters, ns n pre-
ventlvo of disease and strcngthener of tho bj-s- ,
tern In general; nnd nmong them nil thero is (
not to bo found rt moro licallhy people than
tho Germans, from whom this preparation ema
nated, based upon scicntiSo experiments which
havo tended to prove the value of this great '
preparation in tho ncalo of medical science. j
FiiVEit axii AauE. This trying and provok
ing disenso, which fixes its relentless grnsp on 1
tho body of wan, reducing him to n mete sha
dow in n short time, nnd rcniletiqg him phy- ,
sically and mentally useless, can bo diivcn 1
from tho body by the uso of IIOSTr.TTIHt'a
KEN'OWNED UITTCItS. Further, noneoftho
abovo-slatcd diseases can bo contracted, even I
in exposed situation's, if tho Hitters aro used
ns per directions. And as they neither ercalo
iminrn. nnr olTend tho tialnte. nnd render tin- .
necessary any cliango of diet or Interruption
of ordinary pursuit!., lmt promoto .ouml j sleep
anil licnUhv iliscstton. llio cotnrlnint is tc-
uiovoil as specilily as is consistent with tlio jhij
duction of a tliorouglt nml peimrincut cute.
For 1'crsons in Adoamtd Ytari, Vflio nro
snlTerinc from an cnfccblcil constitution ami
infirm body, tlicso liittcrs are invrilunblo ns rt j
rcstorntivo of strength and Tigov, nnd need I
only bo tried to bo appreciated. And to a
mother whilo nursing tlicso Hitters aro inilis- j
pcnsable, especially whero tlic nioliier's nour
Isliincnt is inadequnto to tho demnnds of tho
cliild, consequently her strength must yield,
and liero it is whoro n good tonic, such as
Hostcttcr's Stomach Bitters, is needed to impart 1
temporary strength and vigor to tho system.
Ladies should by nil means try this remedy
for all cases of debility, and, before so doing,
should ask their physician, who, if ho ii ,
acquainted with tho virtue of tlio liittcrs, will
recommend their uso in nil cases of weakness.
CAUTION. Yo caution tho publio against using
any of tho many imitations or counterfeits, but ask
for Hostettek's Ceiebrated Stomacii Binins,
nnd seo that each bottlo has tho words "Dr. J.
Hosteller's Stomach Hitters'" blown on tlio ldo 1
of tlio bottle, nnd stamped on tho nittiillic enp
covering tho cork, nn-1 obscrvo that our autograph
signature is on tho label.
3- Prepared nnd sold by HOSTETTER &
SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pit-, and sold by all
druggists, grocers, nnd dealers eencralljr I
throughout the United States, Canada, Bouth !
America, and Germany. '
i?nl.t hy J. II. .Mim-r. II. I'. I.ul7, rionui.tnirx' ; A. Mil
lar fcl'o. Ilirnick; ll. 1' IliisliarJ. i'suttuun; M. f '
tin r. Jus. I,ii. A. H. It.inli. A. ('ii., tliinv ill- i
ncliih'r I lV Urn.
I lb V Kit 'is IN'wtff.i lil!,l-:"'l.". " ,
TtVllKIN'llf-Oni-Hitli thi- iiiiinlant aril lho ulipr
m Hit III.- Ink su Jitt'ii irs-.l tii-ilil, iilircly iilii inti-s th- 1
list- uf th- f i ii". Tii sal My all Mh'i hai c h 'i-n ilcrrii cil
Iu pun Ii ii.ui!;. priii-il iiin'i trial tu In- utuuly
utirthli'S. Ill fiillnwi'ii; slriuuj ' ccrtitical'- uf I'ruft-.Fiir
ttiiiilh, oflh - rranktin lnilitnti' i f l'a.. an I wlmsi- ii-pu.
tatlun is'iisif Willi Uu tltllizi.l iiurM, is pn-
' I.AI1II ATllltV IS Till", (JI.II M1VT.
rh,i,Mpliu, Dec. 13. 14 J.
To Joseph Ii. Iluvi r. lls'l. Ili iir Mr- ll.unis ,'iannn"
th riiinpiisltum .f yutir Iu d llilili: Ink an.l .nipt' yi-.l it
in my fiimly, I can spi-ak i. itli inc i f its uiiu i cilli nci- in iiitnp.iri.nn ullh'.rs i'f n mnilar
li.ilttrt'. It is rf such .1 iui.,ti'ici a- a'lapts it i-ii.illv
w.'ll I'.ir cuar-i- .mil lltu- I'.ilirir,, .mil uh- n Its full .li.iilii
. f btnek is ili'irlopi-il, it is nu .ilt.:r.-ii l.y UR.hing ur at
iuuiihcric ui,'i tits.
ni'sp-ctfuily voiirs,
JAMIISC. IKiolil. AniliticCli-mi.t.
Orilcrs niMri-ssi-il tu th Manuf i.t-iry. Nu. tin Unci trt.
nhilV" I-mirlh mill No. 111.) 1'hll.nli Iphl l, III ricuv,
pruiupt iitU'iitKiti 1,
Jdr-r.l'll 1J. IIUVCII, AMsoaclini-.
March 111, l-1'.rl.
Tn I' Alt M M US 'XDIi ltI)K.'KliS
'III! sulnrriliiTb mlVr fur dale r,o,0') Parril. rf pot'.
I IlKIVri'i:, tnaili' hy lhi I.ODI MAM'r.i iihimi Cum
r.NV. hi Luis tu sun I'urcli'i.i'rs. Tliisatlicl- is Iu ihu
tiMMilii-lh ji-ar nf Us i in r.nliirt ion li.iu ,, rimiitry, ami
ha otitltvi-d iVrtilieri of cwry other de-nnptn.ii' for
tin following rciiKons '
It in iii ido t'rnin thi-nicht Kmt r,f the t'ltv rf Vi'w
Virk. Lytliol.., hu iinvoa cniinl nf' iihi rsvi
l itesini in uie liuvlili'ss, uhiih is at ti.k .houl.l thty
iiiiisi- ii uao arncie.
J I. riirCnrn nml VcL'.'t ibli's it is tin', m-nt-est
uml,li,,.t manure in tliL wnrld ; it can lie i-lncid
in direct cnut.ut tith 111' st-i-il, f.irn-s nnd ripens vi Be.
talitin Imi unks earll T. prevents ih cnt wmm, duuVsj
tin.- f rui, nml U irttliout aunprrc-iMc ufor. Threi' di liars
ttnrlli nr tn birrels is all tullicii'iil tt inanuro an atre
t.f corn in tin: lull.
I'rticE I bbl. .-! Mils. $1 51,-5 ,1,.. , ,i ovcr
r, libls. fl 5u pi-r barn I. .l-lii-.-r.-tl free of enrtaae, to ves
els or ralroad in N't-w Vnrkf ity.
A pamplili-t cunlaiiiln.' every inf irniation, nnd certifi.
cites Iroin farmers nil imr tin I'niloil Mates, ttlio haio
u-i-il it Iroin tun tn si-v,-iitt-eti yean will be sent frcs to
any oiu- nppli nig for til' ..line,
(iitirriMi imoTHKiis Jt rn
N'nrlh lliver Agrn nllnral tVarehoij..,
Hirnurtland Klrrft , tf York.
Or. 130 Poutli nelauare Avenue, rillLAm:i.nilA, l'a.
.March 10. lSKl-Sin.
to in ;co SKO US
wiini.i:rt.i,i: unAi.Eiw i
Maimracturnl .t U:f Tohnrcn,
N. E. Cornar of Trout and Arch Streets.
ART Ml it IHUEN, j
i rplli: ilild.-rsisneil respi-itfully Infnrm, his nd friinds
i , , . P","mi"- IM 'll bas purchased Ins brothers
....... .n. ,,. ,v UuUIV .liiiiii.uinent umit in ceru will
liercarter be cnniluclcd by liinmlf, u,u,,
"1 11 '"elled and uirers for sale, lho Inrir
&Z ",!,"",'! etn n-iivc assortment nf A N i: V
fXTi s 1 l.B ever introduce,! intntliis niarkil.
illrr . r- ,"t f"" c!""i!" f " eouipl.te assortment of
thn best ronkins uud parlor stmes in ihu market, tnirith-
Mi.h Vn' I,"""" .','r.l'r' 'leserlrlioii. o. en and
lloi Moves, lUiliamrs. I'jl r ftov,'., r.i Iron Air-
1 H'llt .toies. taiinnn ttnves, tc, ic. Sliiteiiine nnd
Tinware constant v nn ,,,,.i c '. u
-ncz-irniiis -.-.I.. ifU'ima and iii'w ciiftoiiii-ra re-
, i, ', . " H1.
.-. ,ol - , , .,
1 H'-O i HtUMfa! !
rpiiKlirf-vit, hcst liandBom
tt-taud cheaiH-Nt ashort.
mcnt nf Huln ii'nther soli.l
1 Kivftd Travi linjr Trunka.
iMaiei vo nntl jtrcss Tronic
Children' Coachen, l'ro)t-It-rx
liUatliT and C'arprt liapi
1'atStins Trunk i.c. &c., al
Tll(lT ttj w , .. ..r.
.""V."? ''!"lol I',iM ,lrda1' 'mprotfil shea spri'nii
solid sold leather Trunk inauufaclory. No. 411J .MJrk"t
,lri": 'V1;'' 1"ourtn 0DI' Market I'lulad'a.
- n"a" '
mcnts iter offered in rinUdclph 1
in rialadelpliin. erubra
- cms many now Implements, not to ho found
ilsewlieru made cf lho best idterials and
workmau.hln. exnrr.klv for mv nun ...1a.
Farmers aro invited tc call and examine ibe sort mcnt
, . .0 .... . 1 -inLiiAl.l. .ilUKIUH.
Implement and Seed Warehouse Tth and Market slrett.
March l'J, Ie3!.
, w-,. . , . . . .
, tiitMi,w, ...nipccvonencirpcw . Ir
..i 1 twirf ,,,ni Pr.irnr 1lLiEYs,
with Hi moU BitNfictnry remits and hatliin fim crnifl
deuce lit their (tiMiulnenen, I'urlly, mid ellicicy, clicerfivlly ,
recoininfliid to all jroptu wlm wl'h t-i lt jc
liible, uu eiUeachmi remediVn at hwl tt prlviile or do
Thti U-v. Wm. H-rtmer, lllur of "The Norlhcrn tnde
reu.lcnt," Anlmrti, N. V i llic lU-v. R. II. Vrwy, 1
itertrir .if Pt. lVtrr it Clinrcli, Anhurn, N. Y. , Ihe Itev, It I.
Ivm, Cinidhi nf the Auiiitni ?tnt I'rlfjiii the Itev.
Six-iiOer M. KKe, RiL'tr, Ne ll'-dfonl, Mnw. J the Key.
A'K'tt PicV, Sf-V'jrk diiifereiiee J the liev. Suiml-I
Nkhul-t. t;.it-tinieit Oonlcruiuv. N. Y. th IIpv, P. f.
i. iV.,,.,i vt tl. tt.v .lotni tl. n,t(1e. IVilTnlil , C.
j Mirt,'li, t'tl -l, N. Y. t IS lln. Ncal !., rrllanil,
' M ; Ih" II m. Hirhnvl-T CMftx, South Itoml, lnd.itli IUn.
i tlrcf lttrii.l.rej, S. Y ( Uri.rv I). Cook, I'-t. Wllrtr
Tlu llhld SMte .Viurii il, C'tlniiihiM, Ohmt the II-mi. K, II,
' (Irilni'ti, .M'lii.e, 11. t lho Hf llimn t'li Jlor.r,.
llrUi'.), I'Mtl'iI". N. Y.j . f. 1'inil, Y'i.t I ilea, N. V J
Jtiml Hmaett, Ks , NhM1u. Turn,
i i . Kir IVver, f'ntni-tlon, and IntHmmatlnn.
ylt -t,ir U'iirm Vvvrt Yirm Colic, Wettlnc the He-f .
Nn. .t. l-'or C'llt, Crjinr'( TtretMuj, nud Wnkefulnen nf
'"nI1 4 For Dhrrtiei, Chlvit Iiihutant, nn Summer
C"s!l:5!-!:.r (irli lurt, n.-wrtrfft r r.h.ty Hut.
S,i (i K-r t"irU-r t, UholiT-i l irhiH, ondtiiitf,
.) 7 i'nr O.ftylif, I'd.', Tut' niii, and Son-Throat.
rirTiiPia-l , Ku."Vl., nn I
$y 5. For llctiUclnf, Yilf , licit nn I fuHtiescf Mm
"n.i ID. t,rr-.u rnti I'-c in I DurnnFe-l
S'.mnch, rn?Mllilloi., nn I l.hir Omt"l!h.t.
y. 11. F.Hi Fkmu.k IniiKbti iniriif, S;.u.ty, IVtlinul, r-r
Snntri.,"'t",l ivilti'n, ,
Nil. II Fr 1.0'Korr!'"!, Viofimf McnsH, and nt-nilr-i;
Dmn f KnnU.
Sn. 1 1 i'r t'nmii, llrw 0"uh, Had tl-"ill.Inff.
Nj. II.-it Itt4 n.t -Tr Kr.c1.- r.nij..'.on(
pi'Oi.lct nn tlm K
Nr.. UHKi-MMh I it rr 1'ihi, I.Ttipri'-"', or S -relies
hi the Jluf, Kv. lln, r 1 lTb.
V-r i'fV-:t vi I ''. '"il'l Ffr, Jiituh Atfn, 01!
MViun itel "i" .... ,
P i ,r IH'-i'l r l1'"- '.'mil r hi fin!.
(7 S .r.',' H" ii,. 1 i' . ! Pf -ui I r HI ' Kit.
"c. For Catarrh, of lanft itantlins or recent, either wlta
oVtructlon or profuse dischnrge. ... .
W. C For Whoyplng Cough, abfttlng IU Ttolence na
ahortf nlnic Us course.
In All acute diseases, iuch ns Fevers, Inflammationf,
Dhrrl.en, lMstnttry, Croup, Jthiuniatism, antl such erup
tiTedliiM ik-arlU Fcvt-r, MciisUs, nnd t.rysl(ielas, tht
sdratitnpc of iyivlrj tho propir remedies promptly Is ob
vious, nnd in all such casts th ppeilQcs act like charm.
1 lie tntlre tllse.'ise It often tin cstcd nt once, and In all eases
the loknce of the nttack Is modirntcd, Uie disease thort
tin'd, ciid renderid lefS dHiij-'urouH.
rv.iifha nml iintJ. niilch Hrc of such freouent occurrence.
nnd nt.lch hj often lay the foundation of ilWeased lungs,
hroucldtts and conmiiipiion, may nil be at once curtu by
the Fetr nnd CulIi TiUi. ti .
In MUhmnlcdismscH.such ns Djrpcpsln, VieV fctomach,
Cons'.i.;iti.m, l.her Ct.-iiphdiit, I'lli", ttnnle DeWliiy, and
Irre?al,irltUi( nl I llcidncherf, Sore or Weak Fjef, Catanh,
Suit nheiuii, and other old ti ui tkiip, tl.e case has aeciaca
nhtiMj prtipiT application will nflorJ a cure In almost ry
liiM.uit Oflin the cure .f u fimjle chronic dlfliculty, such
as lnp'ph, I'd i or CntHrrh, Headache or Female weaif
ne, hai r.ior than paid for the case ten times oer.
Cit!of Sfl uU compMr, tn morocco, nnd Book 5
I'asc of '."J lal-, nnd Doll, plain
Cit-ei.r 15 nmnbeir.l hoxcn, and Hunk 3
L'itst nf rt lioxis, iiuinbtrt'tl, nntl Honk I
tualo nunibtrf.! I .ei, with rl'rcctlons 25 cents.
S-Infitc lettered how, with directions 10 cents.
I. true une of 2 oi. Oal, for plinters and physicians... .10
Yok A5TIIM nR rutiufio. Opproit?'!, Dillicult, t.abored
Ihcathln, nttfiide I with Couali und Kx pec to rat Ion. Price,
b') cents pir hii-c.
Fori Ka th'rnutf, Dk irMft. Placharpes from the
F.ur, lh reult of Scark-t Feer, MeasUs, or Mercurials.
, For NVIm'i In the Ileid. Ilartlin-M of Ilenrhnr, aad ItlnglDS
In Ihe har, and K ir-achf. I'rlce, M cents ptr bux.
l-uii bLHon l Uidarj,'etl (il tiaN, Enlarged and Indurat
ed TmmK Mt IHnii ami Old fleer, ScrefiJuus Cachexy of
ChiMrt-ii. I'i iff, 6fl rent pi r box.
Knit (U.smu, UmiitTr. t'hjsical or Nervous. Weakness.
Klthi-rthf iMiiltof fak-kiK-s., Kxt-csilve Medication, or El
ba itlns liKhnrpii'. I'Hie, fin i-enti per box.
Fun DmiftV. 1 luld Aevimiiil Ulmn, Tumid Baclllngs, with
Scamv t?wn ti-ttm. I'rb-o, in finis per ho.
, Fuk tx t-'ickM;" nenthly Mi'knci's, Vertls-n, Nausea,
VomUlnj. gicki.i- from iMlng ur motion. I'rlce, 10 cents
per hot.
Fuk I'nivinv )w For (iravil, Renal Calculi. DifR-
t-ult. I'.ili.ftd I'rliuitii'ii, Iihe:ii.a of the Kldnejs. I'rlce, to
Cfl'l pi-r box.
Fun MfMivtl. Kmioms-i Iiiv-ilunlary Discnvti and
Coiw'iueiil I'r.iclratioii an.l Utbilltv, livl Results of EU
KaliUi. The mot fctu'cen'tf il and ethrknt remedy known,
i and may be rrlirt n ai a cure. I'rlce, with full dlrec
! thin, 1 per box.
I ivrnuiH who wish to place tlitmselrei under tht profes
i fl.irinl rare, .r to ietk a Ivlce of l'rof. HvMrunmH, can do
so, at hU uflVe .'.02 llro idway, dilly from S A.M. to 8 KM.
, or b.v htnr.
Look over th. l!t; m.iVe up a case of what kind you
cho'.d. an 1 Incline the amount in a current note or stamp
I by will to pur nldris, at No. !,61 Ilroidway, New-York,
' and the medicine will be duly returned by mall r express,
I free of charge.
1 AOF.NTS WA N'T I'D. We desire an actlvc.eCDtlenl Apent
for the sale of our Remedlm In every town or conimunity
n the Lmted States. Aitire-t ur. r. ML.iiriiitr.ja uo.
Nn IiCS Fboadwav. Niw-Yoas.
Sild byE. P. LUTZ, Agent, rf.owUULUii- i a.
April 7. FtO.
Till-; PlMIil)KMMlIA.
(ash, Taint ai d (iiass Store,
H. H". cnr. rt.urth nnd Cilfnu hill f-treiK
" . I)nifjft, f(rrIlul, IMiimrs, nod tho publie ev ri . I will Kill nt w lnd aalc and r tail, to the
tfpnn'j! 'i'rat'i. f l-w, ,ihen ui ofHruga. U iliriu-jv.
I'ii 'inkaU. Vr., tte,. &.r
ao.ihcj ltu a of iuitv Glu.h.sT-Miri.fd $izf tc 'iiiahtPF.
IW) iMunila of 1'tHty, Wltu I'.l.irk, Heil, &c, in bulk r,r
2D ,1)00 CilhuiH l.HKfitl Oil. Ppints Turpentine, C.itn-
phlii', Altish'd. JLc
20 Turn ifl'iim Whit- I., ad. in ChU.. 1 b! , 100, 0.
ill nud lb. Kit.
3(1 Tuih f I'.'nri Hnuu VYiiitd ,tid, in Itblr.. 1 Ilbla., Hx,
50. Jjuu.l Ih , kiL'f.
40 Toinof New ork U'hitJ lAad, in Hblo., 1 Bbls. KK(
( 6d -j an 1 l.'l Hi. lit its.
4i) l'oni if Aiikjic.1 mm While Zinc, in Pbla., Kbit.,
imi, ii, un i id. iv-gs.
20 T'""1"' 1'i'ii'sh Aiu UbU., ihg., 100, 5ft,
J3 diid ih. Ki-p.
" ",,s "f I'niiils, ul ilitfjri'tit unlors. I'bls . llbl...
, UU. 5". iiaii.1 I J Hi. K.;Es.
30 Tons.f M,.,,rnl I'anits, of ...trcrent colors, dry nr
V.m rrencl, rireen, Cronie. Crsen,
1.I.IS. .S.Yf'rnna'lt
an I oiIkt ii-biru.
100 I'arkB uf tii'lil K-itt, filiRiera' Diamonds, fJlancrs'
I'utt), Hark Knn-es &e.
WMMWtiiniii lloih-d Oil, ViiriiuVs. Japans. Zinc Dry
er, Str. I'.tint, arnisli an I ah nuiue iuuafii't. togitu
cr w ith a compb t.-in Jitmeni td' first rlana liuota cm-
braced in tht, Drui;niiJ I'aiut biuinera.
2.0.H) i'bls. Uoiinn fcm.'nt.
3.IK1.1 lo'iid,ile und li,lrnultc Cement.
J.UdJ Calciu-d. l..iiidllKntitry.Cnatim: riaiter.A..
All of uliiili I will ad! at WilOLUALR or UU-
TAIL, atfrum 10 to J.J per coiit. Ura than uther eitabliih
l'mprn lor nf the
rtuladclphiTi Carh Drutr, I'miit .ind t.ldai Ftore. I
Pouth-ttrat turner rf Fourth and Callow hill titi., rblln.
March IT. I.-..fl-yin. I
.vlAt'K-i "Nil HUUKMKir
llth, lulawar Aenue, I'llll.AIIF.LPIIIA.
Sole sgi-nt fur rcnni-tKanin. Ii. lawarc and New Jcrsiy.
I fill "" -''''I'es (.rfiif will en.ual in cUVct and
lUtl lai-tlut! powers, 1-.". Ili4 Rett Vtrutian Ouana.
il It is parkul inslrong l.ajs, of 160 lbs each, and Is sold
at oi lui per ton. or $1 (Si pir .nitle bag.
It Ins liu i sperienei i f 7'ca rears, an I Is safsly rcr
oininenil itasllir best f:rtilizer mm in use
rJanil les. I'lrrularsand I'alupliltts containing rccorn
meiidatious from 'arnitrs, stnt gratis lo all who request
Aiisu.t an. I'5.i.
.nl &. wnoi.r.f i,b pkai eh in
'j wirj,
IIoiiiicls .nit! Downs,
No. a? north Tiitmi snir.BT, niii..riKi.riiiA.
.March IH. Ww-lJni.
IT ,m, , ,., . .,
,?.i 5. ' Maniiljclurer nf Jewtliy, nf tmy d..
t oilutry, Storo Kcrni-r.. A . , .
US celltrallv. an, .1, VlT V
abll.hment the larae.l most varied and Fa.h onaMo
assortment nf goods in tin. M .w!.s, and , ,,.
.11 per cent f , than any other House iu mis Coin ry
More. Keepers and others, w ho cannot come to tho
can order thtir good, by .!,, ,,! have , , &
fcipre.sto.iiypartof Iho Country, as cheap n'd M
No. III. North Second Pt above' i'l!ow"w'ii,Jt
. vi. 1 j , flltl'AIIKLI'HIA.
QUMMKIt 8llAWI.8,Mlound &SquaM
VJ Bord.s.)of the IniMi ,ty, for
May2l .1838
Jkjtma i
VKVntl tlfiltlUTATtB.
J h.u hi-coiiif tin rrt iMidhcd lait n Btnndard Jledicm,
&nd np'i roved hy nil lmt
iii.iti; ukvk iiijiiiu ii riLW
Idtiiice in ell th dfteaiH
nnda Mittitn the list
fit uf HI honm or relict,
to tcr.ed cvtl.fleatei In
les'ini'd io wiui conn
ca fo, which il ia rrcoin
It h.ia cured thou-
ttvtiypiiM w hit hud ftiv-1
an Hie nunierout mi '
tnv (inssesrlon hiw
Tin dnf m'tt br ft
tniit nf thf Itmividu il
tuch nidiititlra na tnuct
hlaptedtn thu temi
" tnkliis it, iiht! used In
W Rinily on Ih Bnfceii.
O yoitr Jihtffitneiit Cultta
Ii I V Bit HVVlGfjKAi.
P .frer Cutnplainti hJ
Chrovtt !tarthtt &m
r etV n'Pf Airrj
2 Chotle. Vhelsta. Chvltr
tun Flatvttnte,Jaunitt9t
mav usui succi fit)
CS Medicine. It will curt
M t'uusHiuU tnn testifyj)
or tkrtt leasfoonfuli ttt
M trig their testimony In
Let tho ilictitPR nfi
vnu n ihi- up nf the
THU. "n't It "HI enr
oll JlUatkt, tJvpepti
mtr Complaint, nyntn-
tirn iiaouvaiuotuvtnfts
Motbas, Vhtlera nun-
Ftmaft U'enkenetitts. nml
tv ann Ordinary Family
In twenty mtautri tftve
token n rnuiinciirenioiii
All who u$t il ar$ gtv
Un lavor
PttiCF. VXt: iJOUtAH rt:n buttle. t
s afuITd's
mm pills,
roMCoUNiicn rnoM
pure Vtgtttoh lUtraets, vdpvtupin Olaia Oue,JTrf
IjfrV, ttdK uut ttptn any Mnmjii
l'ti.1 r'A.MU,Y OA
(TPniit but nrtup in
pttKor In, .land In Ins
twenty )inr
i Tn' coutiaiil y In
tnii'1 hit li.iv Iukk
naUil'itcUi'ii is Inch all
tri r nee h.m nithicetl
in tlm ri'.i'h uf all.
'Me prntM'itin well
Ilia rt ic-t .irt on ditf'M nt
Minnie which the nf'
uracllcu more X h a rl
tnfinf rtemand from
liwe-1 thu I'lU-y and Ibf
ci irM In retard trl
' I tin In plan th with
ikiwiw Dial ilifferrnl Co-
, purlinlll tl ttH ilOMflp.
Ini.AKIlO ril.I, ham
t h i yv it tu.iii)ihd
jln tit a vnrkly nf tlf
Itraeta which nr ahkvo-1
i ue Mai) canal, .md nrfl
l$eh w h' n-n fathaitie la
aKfiiMifiT tf ibr PiA-
XH ItIK If At K A tI ,0INH,
jfn r k j tt a me
jdn C'lin, wl.tcfi Ift-fioi-fi.
.a l-njr r"'iiri.rnr Fitrtd,
i Btkp.Hn Heuatior ot
(KE'iLtntr. II c a n-
It'l lrtriAMMTilT
wiih ihi rMrencc lo.
fact, bi'Pii enmpunndriiF
punai Vrjfi,iti.. Es-I r
fifty part cf hf .i'i
nnon aiul nrk in ti'l ta-(
nt-i'ili'd, p ii r It ii n Ob-
Macii r-'mrriiMr Ptifs
;n'lllB. ltt A"tn
UIIOLIC MOl'Y, frfirl aml-j 2
1 1 y If MijlerM'd, eid ln
Lohf UF A I PETtTK i M
l'olp urn ink dipt (
n. .s. . ... I
IhitCMi rijiM, n cri-nli O
rairisa i r the t tc-D
nnd nnny .inca! to (h-lt Mch ii heir tnn numcr-
cu i' ini'iitmii in Him tiitv-riiKii'i'iii uosc. I ti 3.
rid' i: :m oi n ib
Tnx I.ivrR IhTin'itTi'it isD I'akily rAiiiAinc Pitit
arc rri jit Ifd liy UriL'i!ita st-m'rnMv, nii.i tolduiide
.i In ly dm Ti:iIh in all l.iriu tnwim.
ti. I W rANf f)i:P M I .
M ii ii in rr r and Prnprielor,
rt 3 1 R r n i p w v , New York.
Jun'1 1. If.rt (5u
Cliarterrd b7 tha State ef rer.nsT.var.ia,
1. M"nry i rcf'jivj.l tvi'tyilay, and la any amount
larRi it Ktti.tlt.
HVi: l'LIM.'KNT intcrett is paid for money fren
th1 rinv it ia put in
3. minc iHfllnnyr pni 1 bark in GULP, whnor
it it i r.ill.-d tur. nnd itilhuut n tic
I. M'tll-y It ri'ciH-u'd f.i'Jll t.ietutorn, JdnumttraUr.
(JunrUians and ntheifi who dmir-J tn h.ive it in a ph! t-f
perl ft pnfctv, nn I wIkto Interrrt ran h- nbtHtncn for it
5 Th uum -y rccivcd fintn d(pn-itirs H.r etJ in
lUnl Fstatr, Mortgages, thound litnu. tin I u,h Mb'-r
ll ri.t ili miuntiijs at the t harter diri-rt-.
t. ttiS") I Imin ery day tnmi !i till 5 o'clt rk, nni
i'ti Al'-iislny-i an I Thuri'd.i till ti u'tl i k hi ihe iiv inni
llm. IJKNJIY I.. ItlANLK, Preiidmr.
KOltl'K r SlII.rrtiDfiK. Wee I rWtV.
W m. J. Urrn, Secretary.
Urn tJrriry I, B-nni-r,
Kiaiici I,p,
I'. Carroll (ticn str,
Joseph M liarrv,
Jrj'ih c,
ilenrv UifTHUJcrffor.
rMwnr.l 1.. Luit.r,
Itih rt H lfriJfo,
t1 iinu 1 K A Kht -n,
i'. I .a n I r 'tli Mumm
I) V V i
no'nut street, th Went Corner rf Third nv.'
April 10, ( Aug. li. i-.l Feb. 1. '5H 1
J-Bf noLDHMI'l'll ft in., Sn. II f., ,.,-i, fir..
ll liursli, I'mn'ii. .ml cuiiiiMiitu,, l,.i cnniulu d r-i. nil
ilneisis i,rn I'rivale or ililicnlo iial.ire. Iruin a i.ns
1 conr.o f .tulj nml practical i'iorn-iica of iiiilmiil
ftlir.l llrs.l. f.Ku. Iialelh.8r.ilificatltiili.fpres.iit
iii IIm iiiiluitiunt' v. llh runciiirslliatliari.' mtir folM
tururu tlm must alar ig rato i,f liiinnrrlicHs and Hvphil
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American Violins.
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MILITARY DRUMS ef Ml itzea en a new nlin.
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I Stiit'gs, Organs, Mtocutt .y JjusUfU
No. 538. (old No. 15J) Xorth rtseond Elrcst.
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Itohrshiirg, .March 10. lSftl.
Oranges, Lemons, Prunes, Hni.ini of all kinds, rlss,
llales. Nuts, aud Confectionary.
No. 101 Nonli Thinl t., I'lilladeliilila.
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