Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, April 28, 1860, Image 1

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LEYI Jj. TATE, Editor.
SVOL. 14.--NO. 8.
ICnluiitliiii lentnrrnt
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nl n Bnck nuiUUnt. cppo$itt the Etthttnft, ly tiit
$1 0() In ail. one.', fur onu copy, for tlx mouths.
I "4 InHdvatiLtf for one ropy, one year.
II Oil If not pal J within the lir,t three month.
i M If not pat.1 uitliiii the ti r fit ill moutll.
'i W) If nut mid within the yenr.
S3" No BMlnrrljitioB lakt-ii fur lean thin Bit mor.tliF,
find no paper Jiicontluiied until nit arrearajHPlm1lliats
l.nan t.m.t
Ufilinnry Aiakrtiskmehts irmortcd.onil Job Work
i iw-utfJ, nt the cKMMnhctl price.
FA very need man in an Alma house.
I was asked what he was doing now ? He
W ..It 1 I.-l. ?it ttl
lejun'U, -mjiiiv waning, j
Onl mutm tiH tti- "tiiiiluvifl
Mi a littlt' !mii(f r iinmii.
i uly waiting 1111 the i;lhniii r
of Ihi! il.iy'n lift K-iiii i:i ( ;
'1'iU the iiU'ht of cnrtti 14 I'aiU-il
J'rin tli' h'-iirt mire lull vf Jay ;
Till tin1 tint t( li'-.ntn ari br itku.J
'1 lirn-i-h tl.u twilight Put: ami pi. .
Onl) wait in till tlis r-'apfr1"
ll.nrth ir l.wt hht nf p.uticrcd lionif.
J or tti-' tiiuiit r t nn j ip f.iilt-d,
Ami th' tiiittimn wind romv,
Umckly, fap'T! patll.T UniiMy
I'll! Ian rip'1 huuri of my lunrt,
l'nr th Mimiii nf lifl Ii with ri'.l,
AnJ 1 hasten tu .l.(i;.rt. twittinc till th iiiij.-I
Op -ii wltlo Hi - iii)' Kiit
Aluh'Mct "'t I h ie Im? r;d.
UViiry. ( cm r ami dc 1 itf.
'tn lion I Ii -nr thu fuotxtci
A tnl their t I'tiri far uw.iy ,
If th.y r.ill rrti' I U-il Uiutto,'.
0;il iMllti'ig tunhc).
(tn'y u ait i till th Khaduw"
An1 i litllt-1 tif:-r frrou u.
Only wiiitiiu'tiU tli (.liim.if r
! th d.i'n l.i li'Mtn i tl-nn.
Tli'-n Irutu out the ritli'rinz dark in jt
Holy. di-:tthl-. t.t -hull nn.
Itj uhu-c liLht nt Mini pl.l'll
'I f'-i'l itf p uli ay ti th ki".
tfllthtl fy
thr Vutumhtt Hunt rat.
' I" i i c l-lhmus of I'.inam.i, nr, as it i
sometimo" called, Darien, connects Xorth
ind .South Amiuiea, and i the groat tbnr
oiighfare for the trade and trawl between
the Pacific and Atlantic oeeaiH. Steam
ship lines coiilor hero from all portions of
the world, and almo t nil the produce of
California, tho we-li'in rout of South
America, and the ea-tern eoa-t of Asia,
crosses at this point instead of taking tho
teiKoiis voyag,' round Cape Horn. Tin.
principal cities to which foreigner.-, have
jii'cess, arc Panama and Aspinwall. The
former pine is situated at the head of the
Uy of tho same name, and tens a place of
come sue and niaguilicenee, but it is now
evident! v on the decline. Its former situa
tion was farther d"wu the Hay, but being
racked by a Scotch pirat', it was removed
to its present position and strongly fortified.
Holivar stormed the city a few years ago,
and took it, though at t'io time it waj con
sidered impregnable against assaults by
iand. Tim walls are very thick and strong,
.ml towards evening, when the soa-brceze
i 'ts in, fo':ni a delightful promenade.
Though nearly 300 years have rolled round
since they wero built, their solidity and
preservation to this time attest how well
the work was executed by the Spaniards.
A few dilapidated cannon, and an immense
number of shells and balls are yet visible.
Tho most of their guns were sold to the
United States by the XowOranadiau Gov
ernment, and when they wero remoulded,
enough silver was obtained from them to
pay for their co-t and transportation. Tho
walls, iu places, aro deeply indented with
marks made uy cannon halls iu various
sieges. Ha-tions, or towers, are placed at
regular distances from each other, and
command a full view of the Hay, which,
from thcin, has a beautiful appearance,
being dotted hero and there with beautiful
Ulets, which iu this tropical country, are
always green. Just, inside the walls aro
the barracks and foit, which are almost
surrounded by a deep fo.-'c or ravine. In
a few place- the foitilieations have been
undcrminded by the action of tho water,
and are in a ruinous condition; but the
wonder ceases when we remember that the
tide sometimes ri-e- to a height of W feet.
The huge breakers, though they break on
the reefs half a mile from the city, yet
come rolliug on with an almost deafening
sound, and shake the foundations of tho
city as they da.-h against it, and cover tho
whole beach with spray. When the sea
is somewhat calm, it is delightful to walk
along tho shore and gather somo of tho
beautiful shells of which there is a lavish
profusion. What we would prize hero as
curiosities of Xatuic, aro 'used there to
pave the erects, and the .people laughed
at mc for eathcring Ihcm.
gathering Ihcm. I
ThoOityof Panama is regularly laid;
out, hut the streets arc very narrow, a u
founders did not anticipate the ue of
wheeled vehicles A large and important
part of the city, called Ctonogo, h situated
ouUide of the walk and near the railroad
deiot, the inhabitants of which arc prinei-
pally Jamaica negroes. Since the rail-road
has been built across the Isthmus, tho city
has gradually lot its importance, and il
slowly declining. The inhabitants spcal:
with regret of the times when thousands of
people were encamped in and around the
city for srvcral day- at a timo, waiting tho
arrival of a steamer; for then they grow
rich on exorbitant charges, whereas now
the pacngors go from the cars immcdi-
ately into the htcamcr, it the tido permits,
I without even passing through the- cit..
The hotel keeper informed mo that for
mi-rly tlio crowds wore- to groat, mat noi
only the room-, and tables were all occit-
pied, blithe oubged to chalk out places
on the floor fur the gold seekers to lie
down. The churches, convent', and nion-
a-tcries, which formerly mu-t li'ivo been
lmigiiiliejiit, :irj now mo-tly in ruins the
cfl'ecls of earthquakes airl-tinn-. The one
at my left has been turned into a distillery
and cigar shop, while nothing remains of
the grand cathedral in the center of the 1
city but the bare walls, which arc covered
uth a tropical bramble so luxuriant a to j
almost prevent exploration,
alone out two or three acres
I he rums
ally .i muttcuiig priot i seen on
stmts in and w-turo, but he ap- i Panama, an immense quantity was found ' l,om l'lace. Then with a palpitating
pears only as a relic nf the pa-t, as he has I in hicinis, or graves of extinct tubes of In- heart, he ascended alone tho bare mount
for.'ottcii the duties of his otlice and instead dian-. The gold was of the finest qualitv, top. (J'i reaching the summit the long do
of being a sample of virtue and self-denial, ludug already moulded, and was in the sired pi o-pei't bur-t upon hi-view. It was
hi- di-tiugiii.-hiiig traits arc seu-mlity and shapes of alligators,, birds, .Vc. I saw ns if :i new world were uufnlded to him,
omiption. Thaush celibacy is ei.j nied i men eomu in with live and sit; pounds nf it ( separated from all hithi rto known, by Ibis
up. m him h the c-in ms of the ehuri h, yet 1 at a time in their hate and handkerchiefs. ' mighty bariier nf mountain.-. lWow him
children follow after him calling him t -III- j It is universally conceded that Panama 'extended ,i vast chaos of rock and forest,
without unending him, and dignified . U one of tho hotte-t places on the face of ' and -reeii tavauua- and ivandetingslreams
women aro proud to be considered lus uus- j
tiv-sos. Xo more do the nuns of the con-
vent ontho son hore gaze li-tlesdy tlirougli
iron bars on the blue expanse beyond and
liriitht heaven above, and
t"'ror gly j
implore tlio pvsing traveler to release
them from an unendurable thraldom, as
time has now spoiled the fair proportion-
of Iho-e temples dedicated to (mil, lint
u-ed for the worst ot purpo-e-, and tlio
captives are now nuoiauci, nu. miij
follow a life of infamy in the streets. Tin-
marriage relation is nlmo't entirely ubnl-i-h-d;
and it is a mortifying fact that men.
claiming to be American eiti.ens, not only
couiitenanca this looseness, but themselves
aro participators in it. A prominent man
there laughingly told mc tbatthere was not
si virtuoii-woman in the city. Sunday i tho
principal fea-t & market day & the time w hen
the horse-races, cock-fights and bull fight.-
take place. I cou-ideied that I was trav
eling for the purpose of observing the man
ners and cu-toiiH of tho people, which is
my excuse for attending such place. All
classes of people, from dignitaries of iov
e.rnment to Jamaica nigroes, wore present,
and betting ran high, especially among the
prie.-t. There wore about 1000 negroes
present, who originated the Panama liots,
in which ho many iuoffeu-ivo American
men, women, and children, were ruthloss
ly massacred. To tell the excesses which
they committed, (and under the sanction
ofthe Government of Panama,) as related
to mo by pye-witnesscs, would bo a hor
rible and sickening recital. The United
States Government aie obliged to keep
men-of-war vessels at Panama and Aspin
wall continually, in order to keep them in
subjection, and preserve tho lives and prop
erty of American citizens. Tho negroes
regard the abolition of slavery in the lirit
ih West Indies as their curse; and since
the completion of the Panama rail-road
have no employment, and so are obliged
to resort to thieving and murdering to gain
a livlihood. Three men were murdered by
them while I was there, but the affair did
not affect the public mind in the lca-t. I
met an intelligent negro, who had been
Gen. Walker's, body servant, (and ho
shnwid me that gentleman's note as Presi-
dent of Nicaragua for 8iMO,) and ho drew
a doleful picture of his mhoiics since- tin
emancipation, stating that befure ho bad a
family, a homo and a kind master, but
now his family was wandering over the
faco of tho earth, and ho him-elf was al
most reduced to beggary. Kvcry one I
questioned on tho subject, gavo, iu sub
stance, the same answers.
And this has been tho effect of English
emancipation j to reduce the negro to a
lower condition than before ; and in spite
of their precautions to stop the slave-trade,
it is now as vigorous as ever, and the effect
of their interference has becu to increase
Mho mortality from M to 2.i per c
I if r0,(H)() nogroos aro wanted in
cent, and
it .10,0110 negroes aro wanted in Brazil,
80,000 mut ho ghlpped, thus making an
nllowanee of 30,000 for death through
British interfcrcnc. And tlio Fame par-
liamcnt that voted X 10,000 forjeducation,
appropriated XSO,0l)0 topair the Queen'
tables, or, twice as much for the horses a
as for the subjects. They plunder their
poor laboring classes of 5,000,000 an-1
mially to pay the interest on money Mjuan -
dcrcd on the negro, and allow only 100,-
000 annually for the education of the pco-
pie; or, in other words, they rob the la-
borer of fifty cents to elevate tho negro,
and allowed him owe cent to elevate him-
r7j It is estimated that (heat Britain
has expended 000,000,000 10 put down
the slave trade ; and the moH of this mon-
oy comes from her poor, over-burdened '
l.tborers, who, themselvo, are iu a f.nnish- 1
nig condition, and some of whom are in-j
carcvrateil in her mini's, so a never to see
tho light of day. l'aini.-hiiig Ireland can I
tell how those- taxes were wrung from tho
bnes ami sinews of her murdered sons,
while the objects of this expenditure were
basking in a tropical sun, and enjoying all
the IUvoin of a gonial climato. In llreat
llritain there are H,(llM,(IOil human beings
unable to read, ami lit her (ir. t practice
charity at home before she meddles with
Mavery chew-here, as she has done iu the
pat Hut I digress.
Considerable gold exi.-t-'on the Isthmus
but as tho Oovornmont affords no protee I
tion from renegade negroes, it is almo-t
impoisiblo to secure it. Xot from
tho globe, and hence my sojourn there was
not of a very character on that
account, a.- 1 wa., compelled to go almo-t
in a state of nuditv. Tho children here
under six years ol age go entirely naked,
nid from that on till they are twelve wars
old, their only garni'iit u a shirt, which i-
never washed except by the showers of Xa-
i turc, and m-u r changed until worn out.
I 'j'he young.-tor.-
present every variety of
color lrom lilaek to white, as amalgamation
, i r t.-ticcd to the fulle-t extent. The
women go flipping around with their toes
in pairs nf old slippers, and huge eig.irsiu c-e5sary for mo to speak ofthe effect-of that " allgcl"-
their mouths. The waist of the dress is di-covery on the world- i ' Never let them perceive that they
put on only on grand occasion, at other j After cro-Mng a lidgo of exceedingly can vex you, or make you lose jour self
times hanging down. Honncts and hoopi high and rugged mountains, we camo to , eommand.
aro equally u.iUnowii. J he ladies of ton, the level swamps which extend to the Ca-' . . n tucy guc way to peiuianco aim
when walking, take the center of the street ribbcau,and from which ari-es that dread- temper, wait till they are calm, and then
so as to be seen fiom the balconies. They ful malaria which causes the I-thmus fe- yclltlj" ruaf,ou with tllcm 011 tIlu ""'propric
seem to have an aversion to water which ver. The water has a deep, black color, (.v ot t'leir C0liaui t-
produces dark consequences. As the ' and is covered with a thick, green scum. 1 ri-ltemomber that a little present pun
sharks were too numerous in the Hay to Tho inteimiiiable jungles are the resort of iihment, when the oocsision arises, is much
admit of bathing there, I resolved to take 'enormous serpents, monkeys, parrots, spc-' moro '-'"''"al than tho threatening of a
a wa-h iu natiw style, (fur they do snmr . cies of tigers, ctoes,. "'J'he latter, bet- greater punishment should the fault be re
Hill's batho,) and therefore went to a dark, tor known asyi-rw-orl; their way impcr-1 "owed.
dingy, dirty hou-e, in tho outskirts of tho ceptibly into the flesh, where they depo-it' . Never give your children anything
city, kept by mulattos, who admitted me their egg-, and then commence growing, I because they cry for it.
to tho b-ivoi upon my paying twenty five the first evidence of their exi-lence being 10. On no account allow them to do at
cent. I found there rather a mi-ecllane-' an itching sensa-ion. Extreme care has to 0,10 time what you have forbidden, under
ous collection of people of all colors, each be exercised in removing them, not only to i the like circumstances, at another,
standing on tho ground in a state of na- 'remove all partsot the animal, but the lar-i U. Teach them that tlio only sure and
turn, and with a calabash shell pouring
rain watltcr upon their heads, from an
earthen jar. There was no manipulation,
and the water ran from their greasy hides
like "water from a duck's back," to use an
expressive simile. I managed to get on n
stone so as to be out of the mud, and also
out of the reach of lizards and laud-crabs,
which aro there very numerous. Panama
is supplied with water from tho outside of
tho city, and is carried on mule- or don
keys, each carrying four kegs, which are
placed iu an iron frame, while the driver
sit- on thu top, between tho kegs.
I paid S-!5 for a ticket across the rail
road a diit'iuco of -17 miles and ten
cents for every pound of luggago over .10
pound'. As my trunk was pretty well
filled w ith shells, curiosities, iVc, it amount
ed to quite a sum in the aggregate. Tho
cars wero pretty well filled with pa-sen-gors,
there being a number of soldiera to
prevent iu.urriclion-, among the free no
groes. Capt. J , who has seen most
of the world, was my companion, lie was
despoiled of hi- property in China chain
ed in a dungeon in Peru, from which he
escaped by bribery worked in a chain
gang iu Lima for meddling iu political af
fairs, was made prisoner in the Sandwich
Islands for filibu-tering, and was released
at tho desire of tho American Consul
was severely wounded in Nicaragua while
iu tho Kcrvico of Gen. Walker chased out
of California by a Committee of Vigilanco
for shooting a couple of men, and was
now leauti" Panntna for having killed a!
man in n duel, and was nrocecdinc to
Washington to place beioro tho Secretary
of State drafts of the castlo Callao which
ho had made while within itd walls. Ano.
tWgemicman (?) whose acquaintance I
had'iormed in Panama, had been mate on
a whaler, and their vo.-scl branding on one
of the Fejeo Wands obliged the crew and
officers to take a uhalo boat "and pull for
, s-liore. The Island was inhabitcdjjy can.
! nibals who spared M 'a life because he
j could perform certain feats of legerdemain,
The chief dying, M was elevated to
j that post, and was living happily with hi
(seven wives, when an American trader
! topped at the Island and purchased pome
! hogs, at the same time requesting M
to stay on board the vessel one night. -
ho was .slcpiiiu, the caiitaiu set
sail, and when M awoke ho was out
sight of land. The captain's excuse was
that ho needed his services and would re-
lease him at l'auama, which ho did. i
M was only waiting the Usuo of tho I
trial between the captain and himself for .
ibdiution, to embark again and rejoin his
.Soon after leaving tho depot, we came 1
to the mountain from the summit of which
Va--eo Xiinez tie l'ilboa discovered the l'u-
ci (to ocean, on the 0lli of September,!
three and a halfcenturies ago ; and what
then took him twenty duys to perform, v.t
accomplished in three hours bv the aid of
'team. Speaking nf this di-covery W. Ir-
ving says, "Xuncz commanded his follow-
trt' to halt, nnd that no man should stir
while, at a di.-tance, the waters of the
piomi-ed ocean glilt"i d iu the morning
sun. At this "lorioui iiio-iieet Va'eo Xu-
noz sank upon his knees, and liourcd out
thank- to Cod, for being the first Kuropc-1
j an to whom it was "iven to make that groin !
1 ili-pm-.o-v. llo tlion called bis noonlo to
The people, kneeling
down, joined in the 'It n'riim Iwlaiuus
.with pioit eiithusia-m and tears of
never did a more sincere oblation ri-e to
' the ill itv from a .sanctified altar, than from '
that wild mountain summit." It is mine.
vie or eggs, I found five secreted under
' my toe nails at different times, and the'
1 pain they gave me was intense, almost pre- i
, venting the u-o of my limbs. Upon open j
ing the flesh a largo quantity of black mat
tcr was dischargcd",accompanicd by an of -
feusivesniell.and the physician informed me
that mortification ensued in case tiiey were
not removed before a certain time, ami
amputation became necessary.
About r?l'J,000,000 of dollars are invest
ed iu this road, or counting in the steam-
sir. wm mmm . ,l .1... r ,i..
stock i in the hands of the Americans.
'' " ! I '. will.
The ItogliA at first undertook the work,
but failed ; when 1'anhtc enterprise com
menced, and succeeded. So groat was
tho mortality iu building it, that it is
timaled that as many human lives were
lost as tiles or sills were used ! After a
certain number years it will pass to New
Grenada according to treaty stipulations,
it being in her territory. Though we
reached Aspinwall without accident, our
jouruoy about a year previous was not so
propitious, as it commenced raining soon
after wo started, and wo had not proceeded
ten miles before the tender was thrown off
the track by a heap afdiit which had been
washed on the road. After half an hours
labor wo got in motion again, but tho en
gine soon ran into another heap of earth
almost buryingitsclf. Upon inspection we
found that tho slido extended a distance of
fifty yards, and in placcswasten feet deep,
Here we were fastened in this midst cf tho
flwninp, ami the question naturally arose
how we were to subUt until we could ex
tricate ottrsclrci? The cars were Foon
MirrounJcd hy thoNative Iuilians howcv- Some days fincc a very rustic and inar
or, and, though tho food and water they lislic couple, residents of Kentucky, near
gave in was of rather a questionable quali- tho Tennessee line, concluded marriage to
ty, yot in our faiuihed condition wo could Io their destiny, and with this idea camo
not do better than to shut our eyes and to the Western Athens, desirous of 6acri.
cut. Wo had banannas, oranges, cocoas ficing themselves to Hymen nt the curliest
nuts, cofTco, lemonade, chocolate, &c, iu opportunity,
abundance. Wo wore obliged to pay ten' lu due time the pair arrived in Cincin
cents a glass for rain water, five cents a-' nati, and repairing to tho Spencer House,
piece for crackers, two dollars for a chick- informed clerk Andrew Ilium that they
cu, and everything clo in tho saino pro- i were extremely intent onpcrpctraling mat
portion. These articles were sold us by ' rimony, and that nothing could thwart
half naked Indians, to whom the accident their purpose. Mr. Ilium, so far from
was a harvest. The males were all armed wMiing to prevent their immolation, made
with knives. When daylight came wo dis- every effort to facilitate their design, and
covered a few huts built of bamboo canes I bo well did lie succeed that in less than an
tuck in tho earth and withed together '
while the roof conHted of plantain leaves, j
There was but one room, iu the center of
which the fire was built, tho smoke making
egress by means of tho door and lmht goes I
in by tho same avenue. Mud and lilth '
existed iu abundance. Sot long after
dauight the coal train arrived from Pana-
and alter wading some distance j
tlirougli tlio inuJ we reached tiie cars, I
which were open eo'il cars, and mi-erably
.I:..... !. . t.:.... .1. '
cars nearly stopped, though two loeomo-
lives were attached, but !H)t) passenger.' up
a grade of over 1 0U feit to the mile formed
no inconsiderable load. Atone nlaco the
rain had softened the foundation so that
tho road sank two feet while we were go
iug over it, and tlii, too, on the very vcrga
of a deep precipice. We reached Panama
without any further accident than tho
breaking down ofthe pas-enger car.
i:n,i:s von uomk kducatiox.
The following are worthy of being print
ed in letter.-of gold and being placed in a
con-pieit'HH po-itinn iu cwry household :
1. From your children'.- earlie.-t in
fancy , inculcate the necessity of instant
i!. Unite lirmncrs with gentleness.
It your children always understand that
you mean exactly what you say
Xevcr promise them anything unless
you are sure you can tsive them what you
i. If you tell a child to do
show him hew to do it, and sec that it is
ii. Ahviys punish your children for
wilfully disobeying you, but never punish
easy way 10 appear goou, is to oe goon.
Vi. Accu-totu them to make their little
recitals the perfect truth,
iy. Never allow of tale bearing.
1 1. Teach them that self-denial, not
1 self-indulgcnco, is the appointed aud sure
I mctnou oi securing nappinc-.
Veky Goon. Every one kuow3 what
keeping a farm in order means. It does
not mean merely to keep the soil in a
fertile and growing coudition ; but it up
dies to everything on the farm; tho build -
. . . . . . ' . .
I US til0 lu,lCf" ib0 "ult trees, the farm-
I "'S i'pl.mcnts, partieulary the latter j
for what man can do a good job with poor
tools'! Aud what in more, look at the lu-
bor. Every one knows that it takes nearly
tuiee th,. amount of labor to nlow a field
with a poor plow that it docs with a good
one, and when it is plowed, it is not more
than half done. If a mau has poor tool
thoy are all the time getting out of order,
and the time lost in rcpairiug and tho la
bor lost in working will pay for good and
substantial ono3.
We aro willing to servo God when wc
love his son : thero may be obstacles, but
no unwillingness. Wo would be holy even
as God is holy, and perfect even as our
1'athcr which i.- in heaven is perfect.
EST " There John, that's twico you'vo
come home and forgot that Lard '' " La
mother it was so greasy thst it Blipped my
APRIL 28, I860-
0BTM5IX0 A nuo w 110 AM LNrOHTVyATC OMlSrilri!.
hour 'James' and ' Jcminc' were wedded
aflirmly as lay in the capacity of a clergy
man to bind them.
The clerk, after the ceremony had been
performed, believing that all new married
people oupht to be as well accommodated
as possible gave them a parlor and bed"
room on the third floor, and bade thotn
'good evening' about ten o'clock, not ncg-
lecting to wih them every possible bliss.
'J'he twain meekly followed the servant
to the rooms, and were left alone there for
tho iikdit ; the clerk thinking no more ot
them until about two o'clock, when, sitting in an easy chair behind the counter
in the office, ho was roused by a voice say
ing : 'Look here, Mr. Clerk, oh, Mr. Clerk,
I'd like to speak to you jist a minnit, do
Mr. Blum opened his cyc, and beheld
his ru-tie friend, hatlcss and coatloss, with
a flu-hod face and disheveled hair, and
fiieh generally di--irrangcd attire as indi
cated that he had been undergoing some
very violent exercise.
'Well, -ir, of what benefit can I be to
you V
'Why, why. I didn't like to trouble you
and I don't know bow you fellers docs
things in this ,ig town ; but, but, but '
'Hut what ? my good friend,' questioned
the clerk, anxious to free the ruralist from
confusion, each moment on tho increase.
Why, why, you know we're married
Jciuinie and me.'
'Oh, yes, and I with you all manner of
good fortune, my fine fellow.'
'Wal, I 'spose you do ; but confound it
if I can get tho bang of things in this
darned place. May be I'm green ; I guess
I am sort 'o that way; but by jingoes, you
do funny here.
'Explain, if youplerse, my man. What
do you wish to say ?'
'Well, we don't care, Jemimc and mc,
for a little while ; but to roll round on the
floor all night is devclish hard, stranger,
1 11 swear it is.
'Iloll round on the floor, what do you
mcau !'
'Well, I 'spo;e it is what vou call fash
! ion in a big town; but by gumbo where we
come from married people allcrs go to
'Havn't you been in bed?' nskek the
clerk, in great surprise.
'Why, how tho devil ws go to bod when
there wercn t no bed to go to ? That's what
we want the worst sort.'
'My good fellow, there's a bed in your 1 light in, and now see how a thousand nox
room. Hid you not seo it in the chamber ! ious things have made this place their habi-
' iu the rear of the parlor?'
'Did you give us mor'an one room stran-
gcr? By jingoes, T didn't know it. It's
all I want all right, old feller, and so
saying he ran up stairs, and before the
clerk could ascend to the chamber the bu-
collici.-t was in bed, and replied to the
knock on the door : 'All light now ; I've
found it-Jen,i,ne and me'., sati-fied. We
don't want you ; all right, all right. God
i s- you, old tidier. All right fust-rate.
-t.i .-.ii..- ii ..:..i.. r... . ....
, God ble.-s you; good night.
. .
Mr. l.lum went chuckling down to the
office at the idea that the unfortunate ru-
raliit hail passed tour hours in his parlor
without even supposing there was a bed
'chamber attached.
I Poor simpleton ; no wonder be was em-
I barrassed and troubled-undcr the cir -
An Irishman lud been sick a long time
and while in that .-tsite would occasionally breathing, and life bo apparently cs
tiie t lor some time, when ho would come
to, On one of thesO occasions wheu he
had iu-.t awakned from his sleep, his friend
' Patrick asked him ; "And how 11 we know
Jimmy, when ycr dead ? ycr after waking
up cviry time. "Bring mo a glass o' whis-
key. and say to mo, here's till ye. Jemmy
and if I don't riso an' dhrink, then bury
tfiT The memory Bhould be a rtorchonpe
not lumber refm
VOL. 24.
Cod keep the boniilcpg poor,
Who winder through tho Innd.
Becking the ulini the rich nun (ivn
Often irllh a grudging tinnd :
Kcmembrr lonely heart.,
And .end udoun a rny
Of hope and lore, the dimforetnte
Of hteren'e eternal day I
Ttse pale-faced, wenry poor I
That man I. richly hlcet.
Who takee mcek-heartcd Charity
To be his bosom guc.t ;
And to his felloua cter It-nda
A pity broad and free,
That gives, ns liberal as the streams
Give to the hungry eea.
Cod keep the friendless poor,
And, rich man, let thy gold
Co forth to clothe the naked ones
Who tremble in the cold I
And unto heaven thy deeds shall knit
A strong, unfailing cord
Yet "he that glveth to the poor
Ilii londe th to the Lord."
Blessed bo God,tho green pastures and
the still waters, the shepherd's crook and
pleasant company, aro objects which nro
quite as familiar to tho believer's mind as
the howling wildcrucs3 and tho brandished
Tun meanest lamb of tho blood-bought
flock shall bo preserved Eccurcly by tho
"strength of Israel" unto the day of his
appearing, and shall, through every sea
son of tribulation and distress, continuo to
be beloved ofthe Lord.
Ir I once wandered on yon mountain
top, and Jesus climcd up and caught mc,
and put me on lus shoulders, and carried
me homo, I cannot and dare not doubt
that he is my shepherd. If I had belonged
to some other sheep owner he would not
have sought me. And from the fact that
he did seek, I learn that he must bo my
shepherd. Did I think any man convinced
mo of sin, or that any human power had
converted mo, 1 should fear 1 was that
man's sheep and ho was my shepherd.
Could I trace my delivcrence to the hand
of a creature, I should think that soma
creature might bo my shepherd ; but since
he who hits been reclaimed of God must
and will confess that God alone baa dono
it, and will ascribe to his free grace, and
to that alone, his deliverance from sin,
such a one will fed persuaded that the
Lord must bo his shepherd, because he
brought him, ho delivered him, he snatch
ed him out of the jaw of the lion and out
of tho paw of tho bear.
WnE.v the light of God's grace comes
into your heart, it is something like the
opening of the windows of and old cellar
that has been shut tip for many days.
Down in that cellar, which has not been
opened for many months, are all kinds of
loathsome creatures, nnd a few sickly
plants blanched by tho darkness. The
walls are dark and damp by the trail of
reptiles ; it is a horrid filthy place in which
on one would willingly enter, l'ou may
walk there in tho dark very securely, and
except now and then for the touch of some
slimy creature, you would not believe the
place was so bad and tilthy, Open those
shutters, clean a pane of glass, let a little
tation. Sure, 'twas not the light that made
j this place so horrible, but it was the light
that showed how horrible it was before,
' So let God's grace just open a window nnd
let the light into man's soul, and lio will
stand astonished to sec at what a distance
( h is from God.
I SfITO.SE a liar says that it is not in hi
. P0"Lr 10 P" iriu,i,,uai ne nrta neon a
I A- 1. al. - J-.ll. J ll t
n ir so lonsr. mat no cannot leavo ir. oir ; it
. ,,l,lt nn ,xa,si; 101 mm suppose a man
that an excuse for him ? Supposi
oi - I --
1 ,n Lis lnnr. ni n rnir l...t tt,U .ll
- -
jou u m u.mS gin a-
""" " fa"-"v "u ua"
not get rid of them, would you take that an
J an excuse. Truly it is none at all. If a
'IrutiUard has become so foully a drunk-
i - tliat lc Cuds it impossible to paw ,
public-house without stepping in, do you,
thcreforo excuse him? No, becauso his in
ability to reform lies in his nature, which
he has no desire to restrain or conquer
The thing that is done, and the thing that
causes the thing that is done, being both
from tho root of sin, are two evils which
cannot excuse each other. What though
tho Ethiopian cannot change his skin, nor
the leopard his snots ? It is because you
have learned to do evil that you cannot
now lesrn to do well ; and instead, ther
fore, of letting you sit dow to excuse your
selves, let mo put a thunderbolt beneath
the seal of your sloth, that you may be
startled by it and aroused, Remember
that to fit "till in to be damned to U eter
nity '