Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, February 06, 1858, Image 4

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Corn and Cobmoal.
The ritrr assumes or takes it for gran
ted that llio question ns to the value or
Use. ol'r.obmeal lias been ileftnttoly setllcil.
Not being fully satisfied in my own mind,
A.wl .I.,, ..ttilrt i ilifnraif V nfi-mitl..
nun iinii.i.iiij, jiii.w j !
inn nn flip stiltifrt in (bis riMriotl. I liro- 1
, . . ,
pose u give a lew ngurcs tur tut: muist
deration of your readers. i
In the "Patent Oflice Hcport," for 18S5,
page 103, 1 hnd t lie analysis of sevrral
varieties of corncobs, by Charles T. .lack
son, M, I) of lloston, Mass., which
' weas undertaken with the view of as
certaining how much nutritive matter is
contained in the cobs of Indian corn."
The specimens vary a little, but average
n little below 3 J per cent of the. cob.
The "Dulton" com rob "yielded an
analysis, of matter soluble in cither,
alcohol and water, about 3) per cent ol
the cob." Tor convenience, and to give
it all it is entitled to, say 31 per cent, is
about the average ol our common kinds
of Indian corn. The amount of nutritive
matter contained in Indian com, as shown
by "the analysis of Sir Humphry Davy,
which arc relied upon as accurate in the
average of numerous experiments, is 77
percent." Thcso figures would show
that one pound of corn is worth as much
as twenty-two pounds of cobs, or one
bushel of corn is worth as much as twelve
hundred and thirty-two pounds of cobs
for feed. Allowing corn to be worth fifty
six cents per bushel, which is all it will
bring here now, and allowing fourteen
pounds of cobs to u bushel of shelled
corn, the cobs from a bushel of corn
would bo worth, to feed, nearly two thirds
of a cent.
v What cow, or ox, or horse, if ho could
reason, would not revolt at the idea of
eating twelve hundred and thirty-two
pounds of cob meal to get as much nutri
ment as is contained m one bushel of
corn X It is the opinion of many, that
corncobs arc worth more for fuel than for
iced, and I confess, I incline a little to
that conclusion. The cobs lrom one
hundred bushels of corn willlgo about ns
for as a cord of wood. I always calcu
late thai the cobs will pay for shelling the
corn, for fuel, and the increased facility
with which com can bo handled to take
to mill or market is no inconsiderable
item. As to the digestion of cobmcal, 1
shoulll SUppOSC It WOllUI rcqilll C a CllSt i
. " , . . '
iron sioiuacii, or sruuieiiiuig as Mrong, 10
do it.
Why use cut Peed?
Ail intelligent farmer ?sks for tlie
philosophy of cutting hay. lie can un
derstand that it is useful to cut corn
6talks. and COUrSC fodder, bccaUSC the
cattle will cattUcm better. Hut vUcn,:;,
nattle will eat up good English hay per
fectly clean, why should it be passed
through the hay cutter? j
Our friend evidently supposes, that the j
stomach does its work upon everything
that passes into it, with equal facility,
and without any tax upon the rest of the
system. This is manifestly an error.
All food lias to bo ground up before it can
8imilatcd, and pass into the circula-'
DC assni itdii-u, anu iiivu wiu uiLuw
tion of the animal. If food is not artili-
fiallv nrcpared by cutting, grinding, or
steaming, the animal lias to prepare it '
himself, so far as lie is able. Certain
kinds of food will pass through the sys
tem, imparting to it only a part of their
nutriment, because the teeth ofthe animal j
have not perfectly masticated it. Whole
kernels of corn or ol oats are frequently
seen In the focces of an old horse.
The more perfectly food can be pre
pared, the mora completely will the sys
tem appropriate its nutriment. If the
whole labor ol gi hiding up the food is
thrown upon the animal it is a serious tax
upon the vital energy, which every good
farmer wants for other purposes. In the
rase of the horse ami tlie ox, vouwanti
the strength applied to locomotion and to j
draft. Whatever strength is applijd to
grinding footl, is so much taken away i
from their capacity for labor. If three orl
four hours of strong muscular labor are I
spent in working up hay and straw into j
a pulp, there is a grest loss ot strength i
ami oi itiuL.
In the case of fattening animals, you
want the aliment to go to the formation
of fat, and flesh. This process goes on
successfully, just us the animal is kept
quiet, and comfortable. No useless labor
should bo oxpended in tho grinding up of
food. The straw-cutter, working up the
hay into fragments ot half an inch in
length or lcs, pcrformc a good part of
the jaws, and makes the feeding of the
animals a light matter. If the hay could
he ground up into a line meal, il would
he still better; as it would make the work i
of tho animal still lighter, and would
more completely yield up its nutriment. !
If it could bo steamed it would be best
of all as it would then bo wholly appro
priated. Wo have no doubt that it pay.s quite as
well tn(pass hay through the machine, as
the coarsest lotldcr. A root-cutter is
also an indispensable adjunct to the barn,
ami tho more perfectly it comminutes the
roots the better.
The farmer who has ever experimented
with these machines, and marked the
results- of feeding with hay, and roots
prepared in this way, can have no doubt
of their utility, haziness, wo apprehend,
has qulto as much to do witli tho neglect
of these machines- as ignorance. It is
work to- turn- the crank to cut up hay
enough tu feed twenty head of cattle, and
in prospect of spending" the olbow greas,
it is vory convenient to believe that it
will not pay. Sloth, however, is a poor
counsellor in this case, as in all others.
Wo should as soon think of feeding cattle
in the open field in tho bleak Winter
weather, a3 of feeding thein with uncut
hay. A warm stablo and a straw cutter
are both goad iiivctmrntt. ,'tmtrirun
I'llft.Mllll.rillA AMI TUUNTON HA I LRU A U ,
From Fhtledtlpkh It Xeu I'.rA, end ti'ov Flare '
l.rntr, a lnllnw. tl?i I'APr.
At I A. M , It "in Kon.irijlAn Ill-pot, via Jcrtcy
Clly, .M ill SI
At ti A. M CnimlHti and Jci.ey City, New
Jprwy Accntnmoil.Hion. . 3
A I li A. M i Via C'uuitk'ti mill Alulioy, Accoinmoila
Hoi !!
A 7 A. M. via C.iiiitlcu ami iem'y Ciiy, .Murn-
I lie Mt.ll
AUII A. M..1.V "Icuiiilinit Trr-iiloii.VIa Yacuny
ami Uitv. Mnniii'il Hxiircti
Aim. SI., via Cuuiilt-n uml Anituiy, U. anil A.
At A r. M.iIj Uniiiileti nml Jvmry City, HvcniiiR
MnjJ 3
At H r M Cuudi'ii ftitil Amlioy, Acconimu
diil ion, 1st Cl.tsd
Al tl I'. H vln Cumlcii and Amtxty, Accnminu
it,it inn, Cii t;i.ij l
AtlilVM. vli Onnulpii ttint Antimy, Aceoinmo
tMlluii, Ixt (,'l(ln S
At(U',MMUit Cinitl.'n and Atnboy, Atcnintno-
ihlion U.I i;iasa 1
TiiuSl'. l lino tuns dally Mt oitiefs entubys et
f;vV'r' '1,cf r'np nt ttm iirlnrlpnl ulaM n only.
l'tr i:ilviilutii Kiutnii, ri-mtngtoiu &.c.,Jit 0 A. M.
ami 4 I'. M i Irnui Walnut xtri t wliarf.
Tor Wat" r (J.ii),f injmlI.Virir.!1(,MU)ii-ii( WllkPfliarre,
MotiUopi', final lie ml Icr , nt ' A. M,t via Unlaw tiVe,
L.icknr.uiiia ai Wet tern Itnilroml.
Tor rreiliot.l nt '1 A M.ainl 2 V M.
Tor loiuit Unity nt 7 A . M.. nml 21 nml 5 V. M.
Tor Urlilo!, Trenion, fcr , at -'l and 1 1'. M.
rnr rjilnivra. ltnnrocni, Itcvirly, Ilitrlirigloti, Ilor
iti-ntowii, r., nt 3 1' M.
Tor Mount Holly, llurlltislou 1 Way Stations ut H
V. M .
Sicanilmnt Klclnrit Stockton lor lltirlltitni nntl ItriM
tnate( A M-, mitt for Itnnlentowii unl iiitfrmctliatc
plarfit jl 2J 1'. M.
tfirainlnHit Trenton for Tncony nt lOnno 11) A. MM
ntiit 4 I. M-i nnd for llurlnigtmi uml Itribtot nt 4 V. M.
Alt IIiips.pxci M 1 A. M , trnvo Walnnl Ft.wlmrf.
13" l'tity cmiiiils ol b.igi.i?!' mil v allow pt cacli iuf
ifiisjcr. t'atMHrfnrcprtluliin il from l.iUltis iinjtlilnii
in Uneffisf 1ml ilictr wennnj npparvl. All bagi,racu
mer iliiv noil ntf- io Uc tanl lur Vlra. TJic CoiiiliaiiV
limit tlioir reMio tiPitHtty for b.ijsnpf to otic dollar cr i
liouwi, aim win nm uu uai'ii- mr any aiuouiu uujuim
S1U0. rxcviU liV spetlnl roulr.irt
W.M. II. UAT.MCrt. Agent,
J. k. A ! . II. CO.
It. V- MOURLIil., Ascnt,
ScitCU.19i7 l'liila "IV. It a. Co.
Of all dis.iew; the great, firt c,iuie
tarings lrom ncgloct of Nature's laws.
. sumit xot,
Stlf-Atm, ATtrtOK J)chtittf, Strlttitrtt. Meets, Gravel,
Diabtted. Distates of the KtiiicKs and UlAdder. Jilcrca.
rta' ilhtumatism, errfala. Paint in the JJones and
Ankles, Discard f the Lungs, Throat, A'vse and lUjct,
fleers upon the Itody or Limbs, Caaeers liropsy, Kpi
Itjttie Fits, tit Vita's Dance, and alt mheates arltwg
front a derangement of the Sexvnl Organs,
Such ns Nervous Trembling. I.riss of Memory, Ln-i
of Pi,wer,iencrfil Weakness. Dimness of Vision with
neriihar snots nnnrariui! before the eve Loss of tfialil.
Vakeliiltiets, liypi p"i.i, Mver Hi ae, Hruptious
upon Ihti lire, Pain in the buck and head, I'emale In t
r'KUiarilics nun an improper uuroaries irom uoin
me.w. It iiiitlirtt not Uolii w 11.11 rauso tlie itienf)e
originated, however long stnniliiiz or obstinate i lie
case, rttoccrif is ecitain, and in a phorter time than n
permanent cure tan be i tlec ted by any other treatment
even a iti r the di"-at liax tallli il the skill of cml i"ut
phynirjaiifl nnd resisted nil their mi. In? of cute. 'J hat
medicine are pleasant without odor.CJUsiiiE no eirk
nesnaud free lrom nicriuryor ha I fain. During twenty
years of pratticc 1 Invc rescued from the Jaws of
llealli man y thouiauds, who, in the last stapts ol (he
abou mentioned diseases had been given up in ihe by
Hmir physictaiif, which warrant me in promislnp In
the atllicted, who may plate themselves under my
rare, a pcriert ana mn-i rpeeuyeure. cucrei (ittefnt
are il e ureatcet enemies lo In alt h. as they are Hie first
rause ol Consumption, b'rrofu 'a nnd many other du
uic nudshouldbe n terror tu the human laniily. As
a permanent riur is sinrccly cut ( Heeled, a majurilv
ot the cases tailing into the hunts of iiiconipelent
perfone, w ho not utilv fail to cure the dUeases but
ruin the constitution, III ling the yiem with merrurv,
w Inch, with the disease, liaetetis the sutlercr into a
rjpid Coiijtiiupiinn.
Jlu l Flioii lit me disease and the treatment not caue
death sinctlily and the virtint marries, the disease Is
enlnihd upon Mif1 rhildien. w Ih arc Lorn with lei blu
I viruit which betrti)fc irell in Srrofula, Tetter, UUirc.
Urupl ior.f and nllur atU'ttloii' uf lli akin, ryt's.
unil l.ungc. 1'ril.nliii? ii poll tlii'iu a liricfexLltnce o
ior.f anu ouur auertioiisoi ine skiii, ryes,,
uiii:k. eni.iiliii! ii noil them a brief existence o 1 1
BUtlerin: ami cuiisignlm; tnem to an early grave.
SUl.V Ai!L'tCis another lonnid.ibie piiemyto dealt, '
Tor nothing else In the dread catalogue of human dis- ,
cae causes t.o dPEtrucilvc a drain upon ihc syi.teiu, ,
drawing its thousand; of victims through a few jars j
of stiirenhjr down to nu iiMimely grave. It deMrnys
the nervous fvfteui. rapidly wastes nwav Ihe eueimt s ,
of llle, rauses mental dernngempnt, prevents Hie poor
development of tlie sysicm, iI1subIi lUtf for,
?ofjeiy, business, aiidall earthly Jmppiiu'e-t, and h-avo
the suilvrer v recked in body and mind, predisposed to
consumption and a trnin of evils more i be drealrd
thin death itxelf. Willi the fulliHt coutldenre Injure
ami speedyrurecnu )m eirected, and with the abandon-
1 be atllicteil are cautioned again si the use of Patent
Medicines, for ihereare so inmiy hicni us snares hi
the columns of the public print to cutch and rob the
unwary sulferers millions have their coiiftilu
lioim ruined bv Ihe vile compounds of nuark doctors. '
or the equally poisonous uostiutns vended as Patent
Medicines." 1 huvo carefully nna!td many ofihe
so-called Patent Mcdiciueti and Hud that nearly all of
them coiilain Corrosive fciiibllmu e which is one of
Hie strongest picpnratlnns of mercury nnd a deadly
poison, hich inireadof curing ihc diteae diiables
the system lor life.
Three lourths of the patent noMrums now in use
are iml ut bv unurluci nled ami persons, who
1,01 "lrstand even the alphabet ol Hip maria
nedicat and nre t-pially as destiiuteol nny knowledge
of the hum in system, having one object only in view,
mid that to nu.kc money rf girt less ofconseinences,
Irregularities nod all uheasesol u.ahsand females I
i treated on principles established by tweniy yiars of,
prarilce.nnd saiuiioued by thousand of the most re 1
markaMe cures. .Medicines with full illterHuns cnt i
to nny part of Hie Unil to Rules or Canada, by a.j
ticnls coniii'tinii-aiiiig llnir symptoms by letter. JIusi ,
ness lorresnondeuce sirictlv confidential
Ollice, 1131 rautiti'tjtrcei.(old No Hill,)
lielow Tivrlftli. l'ltiladelnhu. Pa. ,
Jtllv II. lr'ST-fMnreli 4
. ... ... iiii uuNrr.ii's jir.nicAi,
'if.. . A A . fj- A- I lm:
vjif.r..'..ruii Tiin An'i.itrrKii
iyiv-ujJ1l(;7ycte;ciiiiuli!lii! ai outline, nl Uin
V7jY i&XHrTtic'i o'ifi'i- lirosri'rt. trcalmcnt
CilTJf:- aim curn ., t-vcry form of .In-
caaijroulrnctfl.l byproiitiscu , WnlKIi: W. UtN'KLi:, fitriiierl) olt'o nitticourc, by , V i luinbla, would in farm his Trie mis and ther-iib
oil' n.ii,
or ny ef'tuii ex.
llii ctdi. with mlvirc lor lhoir
prevention, wr-tlcn In n laiiuliir Hyle, uvoidin-;
nil medical icchulcnlitis. and c try llilna that
uo'ilil nirciid the cur o( dixcucy.
Tettimomt of the Professor of Obttrics in Fenn
Collejs, Philadelphia.-'DIt'S MF.DlC.iL '
Jit.H.'UjiL Tim author ol Him uork, unlike ilie .
majority of thoi'i who ndwrluclo cum tlio itiscares 1
( which it treat, is a rn1iiate ol onu o( tha tn'il
Cull-irs in the United Slates. It ailrdb mo p'ea
tuire in rccMUMtieud hi in to thn unfortunate, or lo j
tlie victim of nrtl practlre, t a eticroerful and cx
purx'iiciMi pr tctiiioiifr in wiinf uon tr ami 111103-1
nty they may placu th! !reaiet rnufitlence.
From Ji. U'oodicard, M. D, of i'cin. University, 1
It plvf inn ideal urn to udd 111 y icrriniony to the
prob'tvinna) ability of tho Author tf tin "Medical 1
-Ufldiifl. NuincrouB cac of litfe.iep ofthe (In
ital Orpan!, dup. of thfiu of Inn;; en inline, havo
conic uiidvr in y uoiiri. in which bid skill I in a been
manifest in restoring 10 OTfect he.iltli, in koiiiu I
OlIHlaliCIH IIIU piiuciii Uiis uutn cuiieiuf rt-11
bey li ml iitcdicnl nld In Ihe treatment of tcmiinl
2 wenkiieg. or ili-iarraiij:i,iiiriii ot thu fuirtmnn pro
T (tuced by e!f.1bse, or Excess nf venerv, I do not
A know hii nuperior in the prolusion. I have been
nc'iviajntnluith Ihe Author tome thirty yiau.utid
deem it no more than Jutlicoto bunas well n3 a
kindncs 10 the iiuior.u'iaic viciiiu 01 rany inuia
cretion, to ricomuieii'l him nn onp In Lose pro-1
iinK.D vouu HM, .... ...
One eoiiv t-rrurely cnvtloped will lm (orwarded
frro of p, to an, jiarl of the U.utcU at.te.,
mr'Jirpiis.iiriii-'iffi"! t"i 91
r.-y Minn O'OSUKN ii L-U.,I'ul)lulier, llox PJ7,
Itj- l'..)'.!i!-II'rJ. Canvooon an.l Uo Ajcnls
evpptled en the ittoit liberal termi.
I), c .I. U"i7-v
It 9i O iTl ti 5S U it i
C A li I N K T W A 11 E R O O 31 S .
rpllE imderf'rsned respectfully iuvite ihe attention
J. of iiiu Tublic to ha elenilvo asdnrtiiifiit oft'iibiimt
t'urniiuruaii'l Chair' which h will warrant tubvinadt)
ofnooiimteriiliutid in n workuianlikii inaruier At
hU'U'tablKhiiiiut.can alivayi he found sgoodaigort
1 Willed I.riitalln .lyleand tiniail to ttiat of I'llll
tfc, ailrlphiaor New Yoik citiel.amlal J. low pricel,
33.110 In."
of ailTornit style and pricca, ffomg?g?J
iml and Mahojouy, TJrlor chalra, Hocking and cap)
chiiro, 1'iaiia Ptoohi, nnd a variety of upholstered work
Willi Jirif ''lUS ilHU iaiiuiuyvuy, vi., i..iiii vnniv "
..u.i.j.1 d -lirtir,.nli.r ivh:il unlit fi nil r.iiiiia n
t.u.tfj.l. B.itetailiu.. clieirunler. whatnot, andcoinaii
ilrra.ooil nil kinds ol' f.iihionao'e ork. HI. .tuck of
uiimiuii oneloied anil coimiioit wit. It aland., drei.r
table. .cotner i-niiboard.. nolast brcatit'ost table,, iibd
.leads, cane .entaud common cliair., i. llio lar.csl ill
lliil .fction of ill. country, flu Hill at.o keep a cood
a.goritnenl oHookuij ulat.e. with fancy sill and com
mon frame.- Ho will alio iinii iiialri-i.e,
hue.l loony .lie of beaditead. which are u.nor f.r
durability utid come fort to any bed
ill il u.
.iimim o. Klltvif.
Uloom.lnir; April etli. IMI
771 OR salo at tho oflico of the Columbia
1 Iicmoerai.
Circulation ovtr lUO.liMI dimes Weekly.
25 Witnesses,
...IIM it llVn I m I hi uin in. Tin
I01IN t, 1IYR in t h 15 Author.
J ninriiinnilrnri n. a It.l likrr
I .1 i Vn V i t nrt Ho n mi n n Mi iikpr n nil Piilil l.lirr. n inl
AulliaralflMrlr.pJ li.le.ree at the llroedwaff Tab..rtiacle
" f . .. .. . . . . yi
irr. m iai iirvaajcuw . av..riut,.
wlicni Tor ion Ml'lPmlvp maun, ntrr
ff ill OtiU l'lnilo .O
nrfinilYilin vltli ynmiiln nr .irmliiu.r . U IiIIp 111 ft
Iillillcd llio nijnner ill nlildiUuiinii tli lli'M it.cnlo
ner in wiiiuiuoiHili rn ilPt t tfcmc i
llielr Ifiiiitf. the entctt nml phot t't nii-uun 01
1 its I I ft I II (f llll'lll t
I The Bank Al r.ngraterii all nay that hell the greatest
Judge tf Paper Jilontg tieinp .
Greatest Discovery of the IWscnt Ceittttry
fir Detecting Counterfeit Hank Not(s
lccrltlns rvcry (Irnulta Hill in uxlsnencr. nntl
rliilHiitg nittglanto eVcry Ccuiiurfclt In i-irrti a
tin n t
t Arrnng',il sonilmlrality.tliat Ucferencc Is Huty and
Dctrtilon timttihtniird'tn.
! i No liidrJc Hi eta in I m I No page to hunt up I
lint Mnintlfictl ami nrriiiixctl, ilmt llii Miuttianl,
uaiiKcr ami itutinnn jiinn ran ficc nit ei a giante,
IlfpHth, French and tertnnn.
ThiM each may rtau the same in lilsown N'jlVrt
i OliptlC
Moil ptrftct Hank Koc I. hi Published.
.1 in a i ipi ii i a 1 1 i iii-
A rntn)i1oip Pnnitnafy til t lie t'litstn r Ei rofk Aa
AMmiri Will li'l Hl1ili?lM'it lu racli cditlnu.'lil'f
wltlinlltliulmporlnntNi:WrtoK Till: Alio.
Prom nn old Mam. crii Co-mil in the HatX, It fur
' nlslics tue mot rnmi'H t't liliory of
I ouniNTAii urn.
And dcpcrllihiif the ntcmt (irrpliins pnnitinim In
I wlnrh t Tic ladicflaiid'ii.ttleincii ( conntry liavt
IIh'pii o often found. 'J'lit'f.! Horlc will cimiIIihic
i lliroiialiout tin wliolnyear. and itlprbvc the moi
enlfrtahiiiiff ever oM't-rtil to ilie public
XCT I'lirtualn'd vi'kly to Hnbrrihrrs only, nt $1 a
, year, AM Iclcrs must be ailtln-'il to
JOHN H. llVH. Prokrr
ruldiphrrnnd I'ropriel'r. 70 Wall t., NuV York.
lllntir .1rraKtmtntt fji ratecHger Treiet,
Jnlttlaiy Isl, 1S57.
ffPrraim, going Norih.
leave Pliiladlrhia ni?l
M.ainl SI I'. M,
llnwn Tralnspoinsiiouth, lenvcroltsvlllcal 71 A. M
ice. nml 4 1'. M.
! Uplr.iiiMp.Hri Reading at JO.Oi. A, M.nmloV.VH'. M.
down Trains " fl.lU, A. SI, " 3,43 V. M.
The r.upreaiTrain Is discontinued unlit further no
tlrn. (Tlrun rniitifrtioii arc maile bv Ihe 111''' .. SI-
ttia Train lrom Pott Clinlonto Cluiir.i ami all interim!. I
diate points: and bvthi!A"Jl' M Hp I'r.iln from Port
uuiiMMi in liiinir.i. u.tnaau.nau a. is'in.'io, niaparn. lie
nt, Chlrai;u, ft, t.ouif, Davenport, ami lowaCuv;
.kins nut rouie iiieiiorutaiui cucap't to ine i-ae
'rlccsandCanadde'i Down A. M. Tnlu from Poltavitlc,
and Up P. 1M. Train from Phil idtpliu, only, run.
llAtitiiPiit'Ru CoiiKiTioJis, by Paiipliln I'alroad ntAti
bin it
A special Arcommod-iiion P.isiencer Train leave
Iteadiueilailly. (exrept Sundays )at l A, M., returning
from Auburn nlrtj IV M , on arrival of U.1U P. M.
i rain iniui u.irrieoiirg.
WAY FAKES Fiiom Heading to
'hil.idcphli.Sl.TJaudMi; Pottsvlle 81 U5 and Q,2o;
Auburn, D ?..
TIIHOUHH CAIing. to llarrisburg Si 53; T.imamia
1,3.1 ; Wii am t. port 3 1,10; Cniira $'i,:i.i; u.i
$HM0 liuirii or iiagra$lu.mi; 7.Mvciml in,
uTodo 614,7-1 ; I SIU.OU , CI near" S.'O.I';)
Ok Uand 5-.'5,0i.i.
AM, Pagju'iigerswilprorure ticket) before e uterine
0 ears: 10 cents etira nu Pares paid hi Ihe ram
tybs.,nr perseifnf HatriaceaZovvetl enrh Pageno g
01 over ihat welcht nsclfargcd Kttra llaeate1
jinuary.ld. I317 If. neu'fup't
J. S, ti
P ro d u c o
li, It t'KHOT,
a il General
No 3'J .Vurlh Wlutvi ,
JiiIiii T Ti'iilston. i:.'!.
Mcrerl Mackcr, I.p.l & Co.
r-iti't, rrjt-it i;o '
' ililrknor SliCaninioti A. Co. "
" Charles L'llin c L'o.
" S. Morris Wain ti. Co n
" Onti-rbrtili;!', Arvov &. Co.
' Charle. k Jojpph Prrnl. tz .Maxurll, N'ow Voth.
" u. Jl. McCInn; h Co., SI. I, mm. Mo.
J t. Minris& Hun, Louitivilk'.Ky
Varrli 1.'.. Ifl'ili-v
wffl m
rIJ: m 1 1 Ms
(Form'rtij Webb Xiiccomer,)
Areli srno, abnve Third, Philadelphia.
ItHUAKr.m, 5, 11 ami 7 o'rlock to 10
IJi'.Neii.tlentleiiieii'fiiriliiiary.l o'clock top,
' Latlirit,2n'elock.
Tea, ri'cHkto n.
Aits .11 .1P5V-V.
Sides 8 lover.
Iletcc Street, above Third, Philadelphia
rET.nSiDKa.l'itDoriiii'llrm .itevHii.,i:olliiiy.licaOiiCo
Jam.d T. SnivKit. of tin) Union ilolei,
An-iul '.). Kill
Cattawissa Pa.
r lilt? otdnnt! weltknmvn !I ottil.l tu he town
ii y.
jl Cannula IkhIiII Kent bv tho mulur-
sisnrd, .tin! in Hpttrof all hrciisc laws, ho i Jj8'
ttftcrinincd tu inAHiis bouse ouo of the mosti ouilutta
i un- ii i ui n I" I 'ihiwi-i " " " J n i mil. mi il u IUI1IIII II
IhaliiU'riorol L'umiylvuni.i IN table w ill bufumikh.
1 cd naily with tin bi'stthcMarketcaii aflbnl.
I 1TM void rrieiidsaiid traveller ejncralh nreinvifnii
m rail JACOlt UYWt.
States Union Hotel.
jXo. 200 Market street. Philatictvhia.
jcthat he continues I hei-n the abovu iiauicil llnei
uliichU wtllitiiil favorably kiMiun thrur.glionttho
Siatt .ii oh to ft hu oldest a ml moet convenient Hotel tit
hncity. II o iiioslrctipcctfuIlysotlciUashnrenl iub
rpiiuigc, April 7,
W)I, S. SMITH & CO.,
Produce Factors
ay.xF.ii.iL co.umissiux .yf.iicii.ixts,
No. 00 North Wharves.
Tlci Mil kit talne of nil coiisiinnicnlii ailvaaccil in
(Jili lu-n Ui'iiiri'il.
Marcli II, ICS!
310 ST 6 U H 11 0 U S 1J ,
llnimciieU'lt oppottte the Court Jhuee,)
HAVlNtI linen recently rrnovatcil am) refurnilieil
in ft.iipi-rinrslylQ.tlu. ok'sant Ilou-lin now rconn
lor I lie rcci'tition ol trangfri anil vi attorn, tvlioiepa'
ronauQ iaru.nuctUlly re'iuv.tcd.
I lytJ.IsSG.
JUUiN w, irjrtULU,
Hat &U.11) Store
unit aih't tmii
Merrhan ,, vl.,,r f0m vrllcr , Pi"'v
.. . . ....... . . .
vani.i.nnri'S)i:ifu11yinvilciIlu give him acall, when
VMitini; rimauL'ipiiia.
June 'Jd.lfaiG. y.
CAliri:TlfiS, Oi ICIothft. Window fl linden, Malrati
MaUina Jut received ii'J.UUU pu-ctu new uivlc
niifactund and Imported cxprcnily fur CAItrlVl'
IiL. Merchants and llougekevpers wilt.nlfatu no
Nm. Id nud 2(J North decond Street, lit iloor bcluw
Qkt's 'Jhuri'h. t
March '.M IHO. DVliYJONES.
rpilCnniler.lsncilreipeciriillyiiilorm liUfnendt nno
X puh.ic ullargg ami the rell of nunkiiitt
helioa citabllihcd a oleniliil
in i lm plePAiit new Storn II ouic.luit erected in Itohn
rirff. Coluuihia comity, I'a.. where tie liaa now opened
R(E(J miU VHU"-- "' I
1 A " .V, - I! , I r.
iiiu uuu uiuiui uuuua,
which helm iletcrmiiieii to icll on iticli tcrmi aswlll
induce least in this vicinity , who ate In want
of Merchandize, to extend him theircmloin .
ti is stock ha been tutected Willi mnchcaro ami wi
reference lo tho vuut s ollhl I c om in unity und without
B0)ns to enter into niniiiuie numeration oft ho various
klnd.-lie ink iiouilnt Hi ijbiirin( i iiih irieni a mat
f c ij ,. , ,......
i,,t!i ..Utile ehennert iaii the clH-aDe.t
tt.'Coantry produce, mr I nding Urain, Lumber, Ac.(
takcultiexcansotornooo. WI,S0N A0CRi
Bolirs'iuri. Jn l.lPSS.y
iu:l9IIiol's ulwhxk rm:PAi!.Tiox
lltatll.V coNri.NTitA'rnn cnvroNli t'l.Utrj
Far Dheetrs 1 He Uladdtr Kldartl, llrarrj, Dreply,
11'ealiHeneea. ObHrnrttons. Strttl lUtieera. Female
Cemplatntt, end ell Dinette ef tkt
... "" "1 " . .
Arll lrom i;tccc niul I mPriiiinicic-i a ".ana
in. iv iii it mi i iiiiLniipr niM-nnrni. irui i u i? i.ijiiiilt.
Klilury..ur Hernial Orurtli. ttliitlifr Miitlne in
, , "... j. .. a...a.. I
lllflllll VMV , ..,.(, .
rro'M.wnatr-Yrr cau-r XnrV may tiavu nrtiilnatnil, anil
mi iimitrr 01 now ions iiiiinins,
liniima. glvjiiff henliti ami R
oom lo Hi" pallid ell".
. . . . 7llnoll.
,rn j.
.mv tit vin: JFFr.tCTiDi ! r
nil tlicfjinptoniii iimotur, willed will bo found Indifpo
II riireorrVlll Ulltl in mm uni Dunnuif, iiimi j.-iiiw.. a
flUOtl III l.TI'-MIIOtl, l.lllKl)l limn.imnill hi-iiih i )
IHlbtiilty or.llr'aililncrtnueral Wukn'-i. Horror, tt
DWiuu Wenk Neri, Tremblmc Hreadfol llornr of
Ddiib, Nifflu Swiidt Colli IVtl. Wakfil.ilm.'Pi. Klin
iirH of VlMon. l..tiiunor. ItnlverFtil l,nMiinM of ihc
Miirlar H)tnn. mien lluorniotis A . I it", w III
Jtyfpepttf Hviiipinim Hot lliind. riiihlnmil thn Uodyt
IJr ut'ior tlirrklii I'lillid CoiiiitPiiiMCfaiiil Uniptmris
uu'rit' I'Jce, 1'iln In tin ll.ick, lt'-;iinci or llio l'.e
lld, frtiienily lil.irk fc?pot ll)iiijr, beforn llio I!yi'i,
w ill) Trinpourt Hnl'iislou nnd I.oh iI Sljlit Wixui ot
Attention, (Irtn't Al odi Illy. llrall('MiiPi, with Horror
nffnrMv Nothing N tuont tUflrablc to vim Ii I'aiicnlP
ll.aii solitude, nntl notiili'S tlicy mure dread for fear of
UiMiih"Mj; nn p'poae oi manner, no earnetfi nests, no
WZ'muX'' """U''' lrJ"!""" lro"1 """
IliiMt BVinplonn.if nllowrd lo go on-wlurji this
medieine huariaMy reinovrs-cnon rniinw l.omi i
powtr ritliiitv.and Hpileptic Pits hi one of vvhlrli
the p'llienl ni.ty ei Ire Wlio can say that thci! ex
' ceses are not fre'iuenily billowed by tltone direlul
I diseases lna'iityaud Consumption t The records of
Hie Insane Anliim, nnd the mclam holy deaths by
1 Con eitrnpl fan. ample wltncs tc the truth ol then
I nastttiniis. In l.uii.ille Asylums the mo?l mehimholy
exhibition appears 'i he coiniten.utce it artu illy od
dun and M"'t" de-niiuti neihT mirth or eriefi ever
visits it. SUoald n sound of l ho Voice occur , H li
lenv sullen niiitd hH prief In pui 'ed.' i
lb billty la moiUerrlalul add h ii brought lhouainN
i npnn ihoilMmli to uiitlim.'ly graves. thus tilasil u g Hie
. iiinbitioii ut many .mble ) out lis. It can be tuied by
I he UOU If till
i' nr.Mr.DY.
If v on are Hifl'ittlug w Hi any oltlie above dlst resihi
ailmeiif. tie- 1' uid i'.vtrr.rt Hucln rrl ll euro you. Try
il and be eniniurnd ol its t flirnrv.
llewaie id (hi 'ek NnsiruuH amt.thiick l)ortnr, who
l f.ils.-lv boast of nbililiiv.ntd relereure Citirens know
and avoid them ami savelmi eiitrariuii mtniey, and
ipo!ure. by sending or railing for a buttle tf litis
1 pnnutar and sperlllc remedy
It n'livs all piln a'nl iiiflnmnntloii, perfectly
1 pltannt'hi lis taste ami odor, hill immediate hi Its
I nc!im1' n:i,MllOM)'3 KXTRACT IHJCIIU
la prepared diridly ncronling lo the rules of
Pharmacy and Chemistry,
With the greatest nriur.icy and rhemiat Mioutedgn
'and care devnted in Its rnmbinaliou. rVe PrnteHsor
t 0rihu li'tu t?iamhrd Work or.Medh
DeWfev1 VidiMble Vork on ine pr.u lice ol pliysic, and
One hundred dollars will be paid In any physician
whovau ptuve Hut the .Medicine ever injured a P.t
I. ent ; and Hie tent i in my ol lhoti.ui's ran ue prmluced
to rove that It d-tes ureal cood. Casus of fioui one
week tntlnrleen im' standing hne been rll-tted.
"I ho init of volu u .1 y tetiiil"iij in pnseioii of I Ik;
proprietor ourhiugits virtues uml uirUive powers,
14 immc'ise, embracing iuiuqs we I known to Hi ieiice
and P.ime. ... . ,
lOU.utiti bottles have been sold nud not a single in
stance of n lallure h.i b.i-n reported I
Personally appeared beforo me, an AMormnii of Ihe
ehy of Pli ladelphi.l, II. T. IUirolu Ctieiiiit, who
being dulv sworn iloes say, that his pri-p iratiou con
taiiisuo Nircotic, Menury or injurious Drug, but ntu
purely vegtlabh;
II. T HlIf.MUOMl, Solo Manuf .cltirar.
Pvvorit and suUicrile-d betore me ibis Odd day ol o
vcuiber 11. W.M. P- HIIIUAKD. Alderiinn.
Price 31 per tett'e, tr tit far $T, drlivcrctl to etiy aj.
I rfrcfi, arciitiip.iiiieil liy rtj..lj.- nml ri'Jponnilile n rt.11 -
tales fpnil Prof-Jjaora ot' .M-'ilicul Collfgi-s, Clergymen,
uml rtlicr..
PupariiUKilaolilliy II T IIIILMIiol.I),
Priictictranil n tlytii-iit CIhmiiI-i,
' NNi .-i2 niltll TCNTII Ht , li!lo t'lltatliilt. As.i mlily
i lluililiuc.. I'liU.iili'iplii.i.
ET To be lied ef . I II .WJVI.'R. Woom-bnrn . nod of ell
i Ihtirglstt end lltnltre Ihronhoitl the United Mates,
t'anadnj end HrllUK I'rorlncee.
iir.H'Aiti: ir couNi'Unrr.n'f.
ASK i'D't iii:i.m taki: vu Ul'IICIl.
i;uui:s uu.MiANiuno.
Juno 13, Irti.
Franklin House.
IMUKEK & LA1KI). J'ropridors.
Chcsnut St., between Third and Kourth I
tfrlUtmbct 13, P;ti,
Kill 10 KAIL H0AD.
Mrttt liallrctd eotmrttion tctirccn Xfapara FaiU and
Pht'adt,:ii'na, ihortcU twrAof and Chcapnt Hunt from
He. era .V" York to Philadelphia IIarrt3br, Pti'tbur j
Uctltiiuare, llUsingtJii ett-j, and the Saatk
ijAr.Nfil-U TKAINfl Ifnvc r.linlra dally (i-xron
,, :U7 A. ,M i.iB-iin! W 11 i;t in ipn r i at 10 lCi
A M. loii null n wllh U.'.nl'n;' Hail lloa.i at I'orlUtin
ton,. utd rent lit riiiladiiphid at 7 'M l M.
licuiruiua. I'-aw riiil.i.U-l'hi.ilroni corner ofUrop..!
anil Vlnctiirrtit, ut A M r.irlt i it Vill.imnort,
ai5 l.i.l' . M., iiimI tirrlin at alt), I'. M ,
ltirn I, via Uaujiliinand Siu'inchniin.i Unil, nit llio
nrrivalod'aiawisa Traln.nt 4 4jT..M .rcuhinc IJ u r
.i.i.... i i
Ui'iumiuiilruvp llnrrlfl urpnt 7 1-7 A M .counprtlng '
ut I'oriC'liiiiou iili Cat law in.ti rain bound iw nt lo rut i
iii' (lie tmioldiriTt loutL' inllarrifbtirt,', I'i tM-urtf, Hal
tiiuoieaiiillhu South. cuiiiM'ttinj; tht'hu iu1iid with nl
N'or lliwtulrrn rnnisjlvaitiaanil Weelrrn e York . !
Ctniiicr. Iniit Klmnu with train on cw Yurk.iud
Hrii'liu'l lloud;alo. with tho Llinirn, C.inaiid.ig.ui,
itiii u& liuu.iioiimi .Miiy.irii r uiii.
t-Vr.,ir( liuyiiypctry wiui iiiu (i real wcjitprn itaiirna
al HufnpinMon brlttnu tor Ui troli, ChiiaL'Oi Ht. Loui)-,
, I hu i nu kin i! the xlmrtcai.aud then peat rout v fr on
l'liiladulnhia lotlto-r vohits.
Will Ir-ato WilliamJliort DAILY, at 0 A. .11 .10
rri-ishl t rain to nml rroin riiilailrlihin w illiont Iran
8liiimiiit.rroni Urniltnit Kail Kuail t'riisUtP',lot,corn-
vroi nroiiii .mil uni-rry .ititik.
OOtNO LAiir.
riengpr Train
I'rcigln Train ,
I'aFif-iipcr'rrain ,
1'ri'islil Train,
a '.'I A,
M ,
.1 I'.
'11 f.
Ut-twecit Pltlltulr Il.liii andHiir.r-rt, C4 10
' D.inville, I ol)
' ' t'dtjUllld.'l, '1 HO
'.'iiia M HU
.. 1 1 Milton .1 III
. William. port, 5 I0
riftipoinnlfr ofi)Prtonalli'i!ri;at'i' allowi-ilto oacli ynse
,sngor cxccs.cliarjfi-ilal iloubli-llrB'-claFPlrnitrlitrfit f.
11 A I'OXUA, Vujierliilrnildit.
Willow (irove, South Uloomsbilrg.
riilir, iiiHiL'riiL'io.l ri-flH'Ctfully inloiink In, Irienils
J. ami tno I'lil'li'- ei'iii'rall.v, tliat lit- liax lnl,i u tho
atanil litilj oiniilril liyjlr Uolierl lln I, U lll u
lirovi-. rijiitli ltlu..uiLn rt'. Iitlotv the 11 i loitil, wlieie
lie will lonuiiue llic
I ra"on-makiiii! Business,
In all its talio in ili'iiarlnienlB, in gooil
!iylc nml oiiiuoilciati' ti-rini-.
Al.o lteii.iiriii!f WflL'Oim.yllni.'jrli f, Carriaci s u.
khiiU &r . itoiii' to nnler nml on tliort time.
T I'ro.luce taken for uork.
oiiarlus nsfcwnii.
llloomiburs April 25, 1I5T 3ai
makriam'. rihih: iiy nn.
.MAituiAiii: cuiim: iiy im
MAiutiAdii Ri'inn iiy nn
MAiiiii.vii; (iL'iitn itv im;
MAituiAiii: ui'iDii nv im. wiij.mai youm;
SriivHiui.tJdiUAh worn;. Tin: ioc'Ki;t
2J5Sy.T:riOULAriUd, or Kvery One hii own
CS- Doctor, hy U'm Youva, M I. It U written
in plain tauuau for the gi'tieral render, nnd la illus- J
uatfil with upward ol onu hundred cngravlnca. All j
young people, or ihoho contemplating inarnaso, and,
hiVMi-r ih't ltd! iinnedhneut to nan led life. fchouM
read tills hook. It diar-lot srrrcctn tint every one
should beac'iuaiuted with . still, It I p a honk that miii't
ho kept locked up. nud not lin ulioutihc house. It v ill
be sent loauy ouo on the receipt nf twentyllvo cents
Addrusa, DIt. tVM, YOIJNO,
152 Spruce street, nbove 1'ourtli,
Aug 33. 1827 I'hitidclphia, I'a.
Importers and "Wholcsalo Dealers in '
tUiuc0 anh Ciquots,!
o. 407 Arch SI. above Fourth,
. OLiriUMT, J. WoODitDK, Gk.0. MeAr.fl.1.
January. Jd.lSi y.
ninomhur. Aug 15. le'57
PRIMn Timolhy and Herd Grass Seeds, OreharJ
Grasn. ttnlun Hyo Grass, Aiuyriraiuaud Uuilliti
Lawn Grass, Keutuelcy niuo Grass, ke., nt
Iinplement and Setd 8toro
7 Hi and Marki t ttr ti. riuladclphU
October 10, 1857
fpllU-TlMRU arrival of GOflDS for the Seasoji ji i
S IljrUiau'.
salamanijuh lrniH and thief
Tlltl IiA(ir.8T APSOrtT-
niRiit In llio Unllcii Siatoi.
Wurmntoii in do finni in nny In. nml will lin mill mi
rroiti nny oilier lioiuo in llio
rountry. nt ..,..
SH S, 4 til H.. I'liiladulI'liiJ.
nuiiti'it Id AVI1 IVtl.t. PttCVAlM
. tffUCommHttt 'h'tointrdte- Bui'trhtentl the Hum
'i Jm itHtatUpp. F'trunm J7. 13.-.7
- ' Pi.:,.,.,, m,.;. . 1. 1..?.
J'Iia iimtnrctff rifit liiPinhom fil tlin riillllltllll'C. da
rrpf f thillv rrport i tlml tv nw the two s.ilci. or 11
nally tijirird upon by rarri lt II rrl ug iml Hvnntfc
Wntpnn, plnnd edit! by fid" In n Inrnirc, viz. The
Ha In fit i bv tin- pn ma pier of tlii'l'liilidelpiila nnd
Itpndli p Utill'road Ciipl'iv )n ilMiftrt Kiadhitf.
matin niMti n d t.v I'arn lf& Ikrrinn nnr the H.iii In
Mm by II A !niiiT. In lil toio m mulVtiimt bj
IWrnii1 Wat"oii, and (ml In book and pnpcrvj '
cl'i'lv aiiltr
riifir" w:m fin rtctl ill o'rlorh A M..andkcpl
up until tntiffnrdir irmn h'tknry. twmords drv
oak nid hall" tli.sliiiil lop wood win- cnllrcly i
sinned, tin- wholi under tin snpcrl ntnnienr, t.f llio
itubrcrlhotii iiicmberf ol tlif Coiimtltlu. 'Hi'1 S.ih'i
with then toolid ofl with wnter, nf i r ututli tliey
nifiied ti ml the liimlis A ltd pniers Juki ti mil by
ibn Cniiinittlfi and H'lit to It A.liant-, tore lor
publicpxnmlnil.ort.nnd markn 'I by the uoiumm -
iifi ""K" i' ' 'w1""'1"
i iipml bv i'n r re I At Iter rlnus Were .in mir ludzuient
damage il fully HI teen per rent .more than those taken
froii Uin in & Wptson'tt Pale.
We believe ihe above tohavp been a Tnlr nnd lm
parlultrlal ofthe resparllvr'p'n"!'!1 "I l,ntd Safes.
DAN U l S. HHN'TI'.ll.
Having been abent during tlm liuriiipg, wo Cully
cniiuitle with Hie nlniVo sli lenient nf tin cnndHloii
of the papers nud buoksluketi out of the resp-etive
(!. A . NMIJOLt.S.
ii. ii . iiuin.r.Ni!i:r.n.
Mirrh ,1W.
Ilulle I'cniuilcama Jirtnitlurnl lotlrtu o,( t) ,
l..rrflf 1 VlMHtM
cernlVenitln tvctittn. to lUtt'JXUI. yilOXt:l-'It'.l.D V
CO , Jer BJiCtr Lcituretctt t cuciau, u;i 1 1 i.t. i tin
1"t'l lliirfi-s, II lin in'.nliialilc romMv fir II i' rum
' anil i I'U'iiliun nl .ill ihc s luclili'iil i u I : i'l Ul-i i"T, C.iiibIh. 'I'.ury, 1'i'vcr-. I If
lilla, 1'i'dt iH-iai.!- Li'liil l i, lit li, (.n'n-fii
UtlillR. IllllHlllliall'HI. JllllltliLO, Klilncv il instfii'M,
lll.ll.iUrn. Tllli-k I,'",'.. III.I'Iihim.I HI.imit. Viuti,
L'kcri in LuiiL'r. yurl'iil, I'uun J.ts, tilr ii jlll Hair,
Wutnid, Hun p. i:
l'DI! Vli vr UATTI.I!
In J.iilinlirc, Vi'llnn.. Il.ivei. nr lllown, tllnoily
llrii !, Hi il WAlci. .Mnrrian. l.n- nf I'ml. Liw "( Ap
...ill'-, kli.irrl or l.fn9iiii'e-. Ili-nf ili-omo, Woll in
lliu T.ill. Ilnlluw lliirn, Uluuil) Mllli. lilouil ilUc.lse,
I'Olt nuns.
In Swi'ltoil Vick. liili'K in Uin Liver. AWjsch mi
tin' I.uii(:ii. Uin ti ol" tliu l!uwcl(inm. ot Cramp.
CiinUi' iliiieiin n.
Nu lariuiTnliiiiM tiowitlimit it :i .iiiulu ilay I It la Ins
flml'ai i nor I'm ilmi'iin- nf Iii. mule. Il Inrrrasm
ti. anii'lilil nf niilli. Iiulli-r anil lat In Ik'.lllliy aiiiiniU.
Irui I nnimiiil. or lunil at lial tnmi 'Jll In '." mr
unt. us II"' '!" rli'liif nr ov.r III DUO UrmiTS, in
li.ivii llffil l ill titiry at any tllin!
ANDlllllll Sr.W IllstUOVUItVI
C A 'J' T 1, Ii 1. 1 N I M K X T .
1 L' 1 1 . 1 1 ii 1 1 1 ' any nl ln-r Llnlmriit or 1'inl.ri.cntlon
1 1. 1 i. l n io tln viorlil It i S'""l fr tli t"l
InnliiK iIIji iim- I ptot oil itH-ll III Hi" lianila ol
tlinufai.ili. i.l l.iitHti. I.irini maml utasi .r irn lnrs lo
L'VCi lilanjlllll'l I I 1 In' I-lll'l "IT I'll'iTril llilll"inlillC
7 tin d i ri.r. Lixi.vKvr is noon nut
Sprains, ltruls''8,
I'minduM d I'n t,
tp.niu, tfweuiiy,
ristul.i. titi.isi.
Cm ills olWrry kind.
1 Wiin'y.i'li.Siiid Cracks,
Meruit h'- or IJuum:,
I'luek hi (k,
I ll.inl 'I'liiimurs,
Uubone. pull IMI,
' t.'racK-d Uiilri,
. Uotteii Hool,
Mai bp.
Horn Ili'tempT,
' And in u ti v in her divrnf-es.
Weak Juluin,
Couiracltid tfincwi,
Trust ttilet.
Cli.ippal Hands,
Tuuiou ri,
P.'lili hi the Leg',
Piim nthulturk,
I'.i i ii In tin Humidor?,
Nervou Pain;,
Hlill" Jniitf.
It in i tiirt in' "lost
. iiimiplete and universal l.iniiuuit thai tiicncc
I ever jet prt duietl.
liewxre nfCountcrfiUs, nn both our vahublo diieover
i ie areulrendj i oiintLrleiP-il by pcimni in dill rent
t pari nn the rt He Our pWikr h'u our written U
iLilurn on earh botlle
1 .Maiiur.iLtuii-d nulv bv
Mitr.tNh:. i'iior.rn:i.i) ft i;o..
'n-3!7 s
N, 1. LMirur Til ml W ood,
!'".'. n, i",7--ir
i.uronrr.Hs .qki m OTfamu r.ns,
171 tniKsNur STitKi:T,
Ale now (irrp-ired in uxhiblt lln-ir if t?t ks
llhW-l r.nil rolnri-:lsllii M.intilla Cli.mlly Lac Man
M.irlill.i8. I'ri'iirli Lau- M.tnlil a, liiiilirniil.-rril tilk
.M.intill.ii, ltiilcil Liiri-anil N'rt .Maniill.iH, Mourning
Manlill.i. lt.n-liM-8. 'r.llm.i., . A.r.,
All orulncll ullllio circn-il ut tin' Lou-mi rrii-r".
UUO lllll.l'IV k I'D.
1T4 fllli-finilt Strei-t, tiliovo7ll', riiil.uli-liia.
IVIi Till, IH1'.
I?DU 'Manufacturing ami Ilnrning pnrjioc!., for salo
a. uy
J. II. A. i S. Al.I.n.V.
N'o.. 7 ami 0 Soulli WliarveM,
Juno 0, IS37.
GOODS roil isr3.
jIIIO subscriber respectfully informs liirf
. riiftomerf nml tho imbhc guuuraliy, ihat hu lus
ruccivt-da luIUtotk ttf choln;
Kali and Winter (lootld.
ronipripinp n full usfortniei.t nf (Jluihi. Ci'siiners,
P.itiurtta, IMaini'S Ilrhlors Cuinn'i). Ac.
it li 11 pn'iit v.u M'ty of oilier article usually kuyt in
Cuiinlrv riinrcc.
AI.HO-ll.irflwari'.Ciiil'Ty. Oufrpvare ?.ilt, Fish,
Mciili??u. Iri'ii.Sicrl, Mali-, Oapy, liooin Miotri. &s.
tlj' Cdiintrv prmiuc, mm hiding Ur.uii I.umucr, lie,
takuii i u ei liatiijH fui fooil.-t
riTh nikliil fir p itrounsc ho respectfully asks
a cwiiui j uacu ui ine iiaiun
Milltilli!, I. Idj-i-y.
''l ho undersigned., grateful for former
i liberal patronage, tmpectfut ly lufcrmfl Ills
frii'tnln and cutomrr fu oiieral, Ihat li'i has rum
iii'Mircd buslnnesin IiN eparioiis Now Htorc IIdihu
iifMiloor lo In:'iah humnirs Hotel. where lie has
j il a I received, afullsupply of
roinpriiiis 'very variety of fashion, nualitv and style
iiaually M pt in the bent stnrcfc, (J rocurieK.tiuiiiccware
Hardware. 1'isii, H.din, Hats, Tap, thiol , flioua, Ate,
IhlIi (il I bo sold on ins Term.
13" Oram and p-odurc of all kind w uie(),
JIanvillc. I.IFJ, y.
Wli. S'tiSS E20 J'BiPi.
Nos. 0, 11, 13 and 1 5 Oouitland street.'
,'i?irr vnif ;r
I) llAVI-i)ll!'jJTIP.. i
My 31. ?m
A'. 1-13 North Third Street,
Above Race, K.nt Side, Two door, above the litiel
lias constantly on hand t'renrh Ilr.iudefr Holland
(im and n cnrrul aiortmcni of i'ureiju Winci. also,
nil U mil 4 nf Ami'rirfiii Hrtlrlli. Lt.
I Mnrrl. 1.1 IUM' V.
i;tiNf i i iiuy uiim piii" "mi nuuvr nuntf, nr ininu
, or hone power thepo are uuiurpased fjr cUlcicncy.
; ui in plicity nnd duruhlhty.
Nenffham's Patent I'ortahle fitenmer for cookiug food
t for ilork n great improvement on nny ihat hove ever
Dedereck's Hav Treiscs. Corn Shelters of sunn -lor
miaul and Aiiibli
f riough In ureal variety and of 1 ho most approve I
patterns, Rfcol Cullers, Hujar Mills, Lime nud Guano
Bpieat'e,rs, and all other implements needed by dm
fanner and gardener. Orders solicited und ptoaiptly
atlended to.
N'oitU L'ait corner Hh and Market ,
Jan U, Jtj7 I'hllaJvlpliM-
I aw
steam engines and boiler
IMin ubscrlbrrli now prepared, wilh nr-w Mnrbin8
1 i imllil kitiihultirv niff I lien lrom 5to 1UU liofc
tower, upon latest Improttd plans, u in! V.HI biillitl"
irdcr donbleand sJuglc pormblu engines irom Hi lo 1"
lorno power,Ultr(icd upcu carrl.icoa. will' .Tloller Rear
tug At pumps nil rouipluli1 hnd rendyToraclion. Also
cylmiter llueaml inbiilaibotlers tiit iron coa! brcakjr
lrnpatrniPd hi ie:m,for llircflhlng priiin nnd cratklnr
torn nnd now imitln on n lartto xriilo lor rreckiiiR m
Lrenkinp coal Heavy mining pumps nnd, firr tiinintl
rigped comidetewilh doiilln acllnp forclnp piiiiipni
kiudA f uiillptnrlng.ind Iioihv caftlng in.ula to onleri
I, lur nil, tiling with iiiiydetlrl mtvn ot pullryii hnlnh
wltlihanper I r?n ntanlii? done ry '-'IJIrel lonm n
klmti of Iron turhll f heavy pres mid other screw
turned wild any detrc il pit h ol Hi rend .
Thebet Uougli Iroiuhrchlii? Marhinfi Hint eter
romeberore th nblic,ca,l Irop ami w ndenmathlnei
made to nrilrr'. I.evcr ndwer, tl.ain or tread lower
made ta c'nicr. At(toliikedorilerRfortli',foHoti2ma
rlil ne ry llarrf ion' latent pit nil it rain m il I r (T 1 UUO of
fen d by tint Patent re for il final 11 will ffrind In ti'-od
Ihic mi-.t I'JT liuliel?i u oni hotir AU'o bolts and elevii'
tor ti ill In ot.ler.aif ol'it!ple P.i lentil hi wer, tun nnf.tctiir
ed by (1 tl Harris t Co , tho mot pnworfnt IMowrr
tmw i ii u?e iihthele.Mt iiuotiiit nfpower, ouo of w hleh
uitliif pull n uieat l In 'on od ry foe exhibition, Mn
tbeabovc works vv 1 1 lUu wauaiiioil lob" whai llicyu
sold (nr.
ANo Take orders for HroltN Patent lltarkxmlth
PirlKrr, andrlf-'litx to tiite them in t her nun lien o Colum
.la,.Moit.our..Norlli'tni'iirland,I.vrunnnp, Hullhan nnd
CHnUn . nnc of which ran be reii nt mv tbnp-
M'.WttS 11.MAU3.
Mar.-li-i.lS.'r,. ntoniucbu .Coltutdiia fc ,
AD-Wlt' .;uu:..n.rl DA3nnA f.,1l.. .
'JMJh UIHierflned rC3pPC fully inlomift
I tilt. rrioiuiB lllill. till! Itlllll!
iilir t iii t he has taken the
F.trltnHfe ltvtc!. I lMm)tiflnlri!. luruK il mi M.iln ltv
ilirrrllyfiipislU' Uin L'ourl llon-f. whkli Ii.ib liron
llirninlil rni.ilri'il nml 1 1 u)i r. . v.-.l . niii'fi' Ii" la .rn. 1
parnl lo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIiiIi- lil.ciuluiii.'rp Willi gooil l.iru j
i ml I ii ij i-III 1.1 1 Kill k I'll I 1 too
He al5i h'i Ih cdnhuttloii hitli the Uchrtiicc II o
tcl, an cxci-lli ui
0.1 Nil! US I.l iXE.
riinnlnsrepulnily fteVe'rattiii.ef perday.ln dnd frinir
ihe Ih-jml on Ihe ariivnl nt Hie la ri, by whirh paneti:r
ith will liu ple.iF.uilly convej edtn tlie'lli pot Elation .01
taken lrom and n lurned to their rVpldeticefi, tdlestied.
X3 Uuw ill always be happy to rnti-rt.iin andiitcoui
inudalt Ink Iriubdn to lheutiuoi ol IiIk tibilili'1.
PUTIIlt P.lIiliMI i:u,
lllooiunbur-i .AtUil ,5 ,1 f .10 y .
Aviso's gk
1; 11 rj a i" w a to 1 1 & J 1 : w 1 : 1. 1: v sto i; c iiuSS
an, (!, iortli bfcontl Blreoi,
UiililLcvurW.tlclii'aliilUonvllL'il It 11 "t.'ac'J . S'.'s "
Silver ilo
r- no
!l (III
S (Kilo ; nu
4 .illl o III oil
I 30
It. 14 Ollto I MIO
! lllllo I I II C
lo Lcpinc
..iijriierti .
nnlilRiii'clarli's, ilo
.SllvcrTalili Spoons peMi
no ui'Fnri no
ilo Tea ilo lo
(iiltlt'entauilCnlilCa.f s,
ilo Silver ilo
4 7.'.tn 7
Tncollierwilli :t variety of Tine llulil Jenelrv (lol
li r.t! mini a ml l'nli Chains . At I uooiln warrtintr t tnii
iifiri'ente,l. w.ilclies anil Ji'Melrjri'ii.iireili ,, ii,
N II. All)iilera.etttl,viiymai lorollieru Ise.ullllir.
ptinrinallv tttenileil to .
Voveiilhe r I V M1:l l
rPIIK undersigned having removed Iii--"
Hlori'.nii linvn. at III,- nt in, I. l.iti'lyoi-Diiiii'iiliv II
(! I V ll.irininii wlii-n- with ur r iii-ri'.i',l
lacltilii-i he l h ii :i I h ininrir.i liilla.'orniciitiil
I'atliionallo (Jcotb,
Wliirli lie Iiik j il t ri-rt i ill friini tin- l'..i-ti-rn tJinr.
cnnirihij Dry l.'iiiiil3.t:riici'rlu.,llari'.-v.iri. tti
w.iin t.'i'ilir wiirn Hollo wan:, llruan. l'l.ll.b.ilt A.0
I'lanti-r. I run.' V i II.. I!, Hi, Slum , lal . I.Viik, 4.c he
liisliuil.i'.vi iy iim"c miially liopt in conntiy Slon-s
to ulin-li lif invili'.tlii' iiil.tiriii'iii'rallv
l, I's.itl, I, ti nli.'r. Oh! Inn) :itnl (.'on nl r i- 1'rn.l,..
uUniu-''iiiijt'lijr Hi. ii. I.., .it Hi,. iii;i'i iii ii,,.i pr,,,.
A. V. Jll'.iNSUJJ.
lllonnifl.iirp Jin 1, H.'.H
.13'S4t;lvy, Weal As CO.,
TAVINtl n.l ri'ii-ivi'ii ami np.i.Hil Mielr Block o
I Sur,'''?-m'i.rJ'oi,'1!';'l',',"',w! ' 'I'.tl...
I. .MILLS 1 .1.111.1'Lr.r I IIA?;l)St)Mt.sT an.ort.
ni.iit !,.. i.llcri-cl lu tltix TCHVV I liavins .,,,1,1 ,..- ,
alli'iitionloU,. .,.,rt,n ,.. ,1,,', ,
l'ri,-i-anil -iiialliy. fn-y t,.r u,..,,,..,,., lh,,t fHV
rail c.iiiii.,,. , u, 1 1, eleip,,,, ,,,,p i,,ln'e
to uityc lira ii, can auvf inoni't l,v cii Inj: ii a ri.n. We
Nave nil klmU oi tloiiiln t, wute, lo mii.ply tiie
l'coiili'. A vry large lot oT ' '
rn-lil-li Mertnoi' ,M,,tn,, .,17p,,
lun.iise l oiillii.. I,),, tta i'Ioii,., jolnr Linirei.
"v ' ii ."r-'iiinrioiiisuiii5lianis,Ojiioi e,
WIIITI! CtlOVfl OP ALL KIMDS S.i'.eK.Collar.,
" Ilii'ri-liii'ln, 1,01,1, rinun. I, amis ami ttiinmiil"K
l.aii .lllili-il.lli;'t,,,.,,it'l ril.l, M( :lr vllri, '
velvet rililioii., niul l,' colln,anil ifde tltrftiii
al n ', Mokiiii mint i
We invileiiiirl'rii'iiil iilliI the pnl. lie Seni-l a II V to
81 ve no a ral I before iiiri'linm; elu lo-re. Weliive
lioiU'llloiir l,oel t',n, I'r ire. .uml will not
lo mi er.oldliyni,)liinly orlt,eri .lo''ii,a,iknitt
McKliLVl', M;.Ui .V 00.
Illnnn. i lirp, Jan , 1
Dr. J. S. IJoiigli ton's
juiru rrcparfii irom
Ki'iiuci, or the hm
Plfllilirli ortllf(),
dircrtioiieof D.ircih
tlt'.t hi-great I'liymnl
leal ChcmiM, U J
toion Ag isa RbBQ
Tmiahioii.M. I) , 1'ljiia
ueipiua .-a
Ill' isN-itiiro'sownU-iiH-ii) lur nu until nlthy Htn
niarji, Nnartoi man e.ui ciunl hj rurativf nnwer
' coittuinK im Ah h'lhiil IMtttrh Ai nit, or Nuni-noii
I Mist-. It Ncstri'iiii'ly(i?ri-ialii iMhetniio.and umy
1 ciakfiilij the mueil'ei-hk' patient lio r.uiniii lata
water enrkfrwillHHM acute dl-tircBs HiiWareulUruifril
lliill.ttloiii I'i p-iii Jh iii't a Drit' "
Ct'l on the A jjr nt, and -ret a Di -rriptive firm In.
f rails, jilviug a lar-n ainuuiit of ciiiMic IUiiIoiich
from IiIi-Iji'k ui ma it-lu inn-try :llr.t'imilif 'nl'l)iifOny
nijtoi-tiou; I ) r IVreir.i on l'mnl and In? ; lr. John U
T.'ai'er, nt Svw York Uuivercilv, t'rof. IliiliirhMiii'a
I I'yinlntiy; Prof. Silnmaii. of Vnli-Cu'ledpf, Pr t'arptii
ti'Tf INiv-inlnsy: .r..ifi!ri'ther with rt portvof Cuiea
, from alt" o I the United Sinen.
Holdh i: IV Lur. and J. K.Muyer, Ulnombiirfr
8. II. Ilowmaii IlenvicV. Uct,l, ldj. jy.
Illoomshiirg Thnvarc ami Stove Ston
rpHUunderaigned rr pcfittl informs hid o,i friend
1. und nistiMicr. that ho has purfliaf-d his brother
inlerrnt iiiiheahnvc eetahlihirirut arnt i Ii curicti rn i i 11
hcrealu r ho conducti d ly liii.Tji'll pxt-1uivrly. He hni
k jut tecricd and ulTcri fui s.ile, thu larccet and
fl.i moBtPXirtiidivo assortment nl" PAN'OY STOVKil
itKAl f-'Ver i nl renin i ed 1 ntuthu market.
Hi? ntntk cnuiNU nf a com pli-tcanaor linen t ol
eulhesl Cooktn''nnil o.irlor stoves in thf
theser with Hlove rixturetiof utery dci-triptiMii.Oveii
nnd lloxriluveit, Iladnitorn, Uy tinder Stoves, Cm Iron
Air TijjU Stoves, Cannon 3tov, Stc, ic .
fllovrpit peand Tiuvareeoistanit) on hand ami man
ufactured ti rdcr. AH kindg of renairins done, as
unual.oii vhortuotiec.
The pTtroniifit'of old friends and new customers re
A. M, UUl'URT.
iigon)iunrp. Jan. jcj. tr
cjiF.sir irjiTCHF.s jixd
XXJUOLY.AW.V, AMI IIHTA II.. at tho Thlladrli-hia
W Wnlih and Jewelry rilore," No 113 (Old u HG) I
North t!i:COM) Hlreet. corner nf Qitarrv.fliilaildnhia,
(old l.everVatrhei,fullJcivelIed, IB caret cut-erf, S-'tf 00
Gold lupine, IH caret, . ','1 Cil
Silver Lever, full jewelled. J2 00
Hilver I.epinc. Jewels, - UUU
Hupi'rinr Huarlleri, 7 00
Cold FpcctQClcs, 7 00
I'ineHilvcr do. . . 1 50
Gold llracetctn, . H 00
Lady's Gold Pencil 1 00
Hilver Tea Spnons. e et . 3 00
Gold l'en, with 1'ciiclt nnd Silver holder, I CO
Gold Finger King, VI7 1 cent to $t0 WattliGlasics,
pl'iln, liij cents, patent 1HJ, I.utiet i.'5j other nrticlcs
in proportion. All goods warranted to be what they
are sold lur,
BTAurrmt & haullv.
tiyOn hand soida Gold and Silver hevers and
I.e nines elilt hnver than thuahove prices. .
Octohor 10, h,'i7
Kspytown Coach and Wagon Factory
fpill undcrigncd having succeeded Jacob S. Jva
J. 111 the Wagouand Coach making husineii'.at his lspyiown respeittully inform their frlcnc
andtho nulitic, tlmtthcy rontinui will tho
Wagon Making Pusintss,
In at) its dcpai tmenis, here they will he hippy loro
reive orders and promptly executi-all huvines In thi
Mae, with uealncfeaiidilef patch
X3T Wheel harrows tnado to order, and allkliiili ol
repairincdonc on shor inoilco
Lljwii JuneT, ltO.- y
1 1
iji .. n.igSnmwMimTmmmmt
t Vnv lio lap hi Cure of
This rimedy Is oilired to Hie c iiinily with Ida
ronndi'iicuwitliM In flu nrtlcla which ntdom hits tn
rtatle the happiest eUVrii Ihat ran b" desired 8n
wide th the field of ha usi fulness nud to numerous (he
rni-ei of ts itirei, tlwl nlmosl every sertion cf the
country nnouniis in pirsi u, uuuuy mh ii, who nave
nepu resioicu iiuiu nui niiiis u"" ""r ime uh'
easen rf the lung.?, by Its use. When onre tried lti
f npcrlorlty over everv otln r medicine of It kind 1 4
foil nppaitu to ifcnpo otsirvtion. nnd whne its
Mrlip s are Known the public na longer hesitate uhat
niitidolu to emploi lor the ditreslng nud dangerous
uilectioni ofthe pulmonary organs, wh'ch arc incident
to our cliniaie.
Noibing ban rallril louder for the earnest enquiry of
medical meii.tMu the nlarmliiir prevalence and fatality
nf consumptive rotnpinln!. nor lias anyone class nf
discncM hid more nf their Investigation Mid rare.
U" t a " y 1 1 no a de'i u u t e r i iiied v li as I' r ti provided, on
,lic)l tVpnbUr could dopemf for protirtlon fmiu at.
tacks dpon the respiratory iirunns. until the hitmdnc
Hon ol Hie Cherry Ptctmnl. This article h ine producl
oi'u lotej, I IirMcvo ucreiul,endeaVor,
lu furiilfU III 'innipilly Willi mi li n rinirily. Olllil.
la-t Mat'-uii'lil tlie Alrorlran piciili! arp now llinnrfl
cs prrp'iri-d to judct'i nnd 1 urpfiil wllh cm tide nee io
llinr ik'iiion If t lirr Ik any iopf nriniccto hp plarcit
tu w hat men of i ver dura tnul ntnlton certify it has
dune lir Hum if wonni triittour own fences, when
' d.intiiri: ullVctloiis of tin: threat and tiinjt!)
jk Id to It, If we ran upriid on the niuraiice nl lnti-1
hpi-nt l'lijatii.niB, who iL.ikn it thu r Imslniss to know,
in fl.uri, f there U nny r'llanco upon nii Ihiiiif, tiit-u
U tt HrMutnMj proven (hat thid tnedhlue ilors relieve
nntl ittnt inrti Ihe i;is. ol diciisen it is dcrigncd for,
lipjf.iul nny and till Mlirr that are Icnpwii la nmiikimt.
If Uitfl ho true. It muiiiit he mo Irn Ir puMitihril, ntr hu
too widely known The attlirM d ehmih! know it. A
n til' curcn in prici vnn (n them. I'a ten ti rhotitd
knnv'it. their cliihmh an priceless to ihem All
should ki iiw il, ftr health ran he prin d lo no one
Ni t oi ly should It he ciriutnti d herri hut everywhere.
iMitnulyin lliiw couniry In t fill unintiim. How l.uih
fully wii havo aclid on this Lnniitioii,jt t-hf,w n In the
lacl Ihat ulre.idi tliln tiilitli: linn m d- the Irt t rr tho
ghilio. 'ltu sin new r sen on its litull. No ronl ini:il
is without ll. rind lull lew people AHhnugh not u
hi ceiiernl use lu oilier nut ion n - in Hii. it is employ
i d hy Ihe mo in I lilt thrill lu lillliiit lilt Civilized lolin
I r M'F, It i t' teisiely ( mplowd in hnlh AmericnN
in Hurt pe, Al.i, ATrica Australia anil Ihe far nil i
hunt o ilo xti. I. lie is as dtar tn il Pitoessnr therek
ni In re, and they grasp at n Vt'iiaMe remedy with iei;
iti'ironvjiliiy "h in nnrfKt" I'nhke most preparations
ol itn kiud.H ii no fipeusi-io roitipofitiun of cosily. Mill il 1 iillnrded io Dm: pulilic nl a rr.iM-n
nhlv low prn-i and w hat is nl 'ully merrly Import
linn to Ho in its niia'ity h im r fiiHWf d to del line
lrom iti original standard f rAtelltiuc. Hveiv hottle
of lhi) iiM'ilictiH' intw tnaiiul.unni'il is a pooil n t-vcr
h i lid ii made hretooro. or i we si-v inpal le ot nn.
kiii! o h'li orroht 14 spnicil. in uiali.iitiniu!! It ut
the hel n'i"clii'li Which H I pnsjlle 10 produce.
I I e ui i' the pa i h nl who p reti I lie genuine I'umnv
I'i i i i uml ran rely on ln ii-t n moo un iirHi It as has
r-r hi en had hy tlin.e w ho ti hhly to its rnri f
li pnr-uliiL' hi 4 ronrii I hnvt' the hop r.f doinc
i)li'i nni In Hie World, fl Wf II (is the sat isl'.illioit ol
hi le hii! lint unit h his heit ihk ii heady
ntniuui.ii un nu j u avi:u. I'UAtrncAi, am;
A.N M.YTH' li riiHMia r i.ovvut.r.. MAHH. ,
IT? i; I' I.DT.. ant a'l Hiu in HIoouiHliurg.
and Di'.ilfru In Medo Intu tverjwti ie ti, in
i.mpuktan r DISCUVEUY 1
i Nil AM. IHHHAM:: tip T II! I.fNHK A NH
'rilll'MT nte p'lrimel) turahli) hy tulialAlioii
whuh niiej- Hie riiiii.ins to lite uailn In Ihe
Iiihs Ihriiuuh the air pai'-iif!' " unit mini n- in iliitil
contaU with Ihe tlin-;iM'. neutrali? the thhernilar tei ,n 1 1 ij s Hie cntih t',t.s i. t r u lid t epi t
lor.itio-i. Inn li Ihe luiis. pur.hi s I lie hlnud. m p.tri
ri in-wnl ii.ility in Hie i.rrvi'it hImh, (.'ivniL' I hu t
loin aildeiiiMSt Mi itti!-peii",il.le lll III" It'KliTiitli II Oi
IomH'i 'lol It ( I" -I..I. t oi'lldi'llll) I riUiMimf-
: i urn I.-1 ! . i" i . i- in me a m.uh p of una I
Injeil pli iimim Ii ii- ns imidi uiiilir Hie contit.) n; Irtntiiit-iit nt iiii!. i.iIhi loiiiiH nl-le (1 in. i-i ,
o i in ly out oi evet IiiiihIm d i .i-i tan let un d in Hie
1) rst ftnges nud lit ly per mil t it Un mm olid ; in Hit
third si.iiif it is; lo ntvr inoru (He per
cent . I tt r Uin luusure ho cut up ly the ih'-zicci at f'
tiltl deluiliie in ineilital tklll I. veil howitr III lliw
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w ithout Hit1 fiilil'st pin ii ; i ii lin ii 11,1 thf urdlnar) hurn'
i J!:i" W ill d r-Uny life in a l w lioiirx.
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1- iTi,'in:il. and f"U n!ed on'epi rieiife and a tho.
rouh un ftivntf n .My perlitt nr'iimlittanci wiift
the nature r.f 'uln p Ic, .V.c , eiiulih g me in illhllngiilHi .
nadily, the vnrloiis lonns of difenn' ihat simulate
roiiBumi tion . and npply Ha iroprr rrmntlrs, rarctv
being niiitakcn c wn 111 u sinpir can. This familiariiy
in fniiiiecilnti witlHerlnin nud microeru
pic dnroMTii t, t uiihU'H me to relieve tlie lunps from
thoftfiits nl' r ftitriit t d! to enlarge the chrsf
purify llio liluou . uup.iit to it rtuew cd v ilalily , giving
tiergy nud tone in the entire sygtcm.
Me iriue.i with lull oi ret lions si nt loony part of
the United Htnies and I'.nmr'ns l.y patieuls rojumum
taiing (heir symptoms, ly Inter. Hut the cure would
Un more eeri.1111 if lite pal m i.t should pij me a viit,
wh-ih would (.-ive n.c no f'pputiuniiy to examine Ihn
Itiuss and emblo mn lo pn (.mint with miuli greater
riTtalnty, nud 1 Ik ii the cure could he cllcclctl without
my seeing ihe patient iifom.
G W GltAIIASI, ftl IV.,
Office, IH I FiLCkHi strii i.(old No, 1U9,1
lielow Twelfth, rhlltnlelpha, Ta
July 11, lPaT-QIarci 4)
Arrangements for Jlusittess during the Suspension of
Soecie payneit lj the Hauls.
. Deposits received and payments made dally.
S Current Hank Notes, Checks and fcjpectc will be
retclvi'd on deposit
'J. Iiepums made In Hank Nctcs or Checks will he
paid hack In current Hank Noies.
' .1 r . j ,.,n(n 1 11 --l,l ... .. in 1 1.1 t..L..
1. ui"imo tiiuuv 111 vwih ui ui ui mil uv paiu uuvr.
in Coin
IIDNKV li, UKNNEUi President,
Wm. J, Reed, Sctrttary,
Nova. 1M7
JKEtQJfa-iMa-" L-lllLIiltr.vs i:iiAnin:R.
rropcllcn, I. collier anil Carpet Has , racXIiic'i'runka
kc, tte.t at
Celtbratcil I.onilnti rnzo AlcJdl, Improvcil Stes
SpiJng.Bollil Holo Lfiithfr Trunk Alanulnclorv.
South vp.t conif r I'ourlli and .Market, I'lillodclpliia
A icust rJ. JW? If
S. L. Pancoast & Co
ANitB iND nr.Aw:
17 N'ntlh WlmrvPi, riillailolpliia.
c. c. a a dl eii iy co.,
NO. 0, North Water Srcct Pliiladel-
plila UOMMlfSION MIIUCllANTa.aiiil Jcalcre in
I. anl. Bliuulilen, C'licno , n.iiua. lliitkein, l'urk ,
l'lour t.c.
April 1 . 1p55 ly
" A. M. llUPliUT
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