Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, December 05, 1857, Image 2

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An Early Itosuhiptiori t
Wo sco it stated thpt tliero is a movo'vnoni
by tbo banks of New York, towards a
resumption of Bpccto'paymBnl3 on tbo firsl
of January. Vo hopo Ibis 'U eo. Tho
aooocr suoh a step 13 'taken, tbo better it
will bo for Ibo business oftlio country now
prostratod by want of confidonco. All tho i
from the County' Superintcndcut.
As I havo :commcbccd visiting the wintor
sohools, may occasionally observe Bomo
thing of interest to communieato for the
bepofit of teachers, and tbo friends of ed
ucation, through such papars of tbo county
as will generously opon tbeir columns for
Blooinsbui'g, Dec. 5, 1857.
Roubon W. Woavor, Esq.
.olvontbank, shouldjook to tho earliest 1.7', , "i ? !
... , . i. , . l lone wbicb interests, or ougbt to interest
possible day for resumption, and the .neol-i,, ,. .' . " . ,1
' . liii r . . t"0 ontiro community, for wbon wo 'have
vent onoa should be put out of harm's way . , , ., . : ' ,. , .
... . - ., 1 , . , ,, igood 6cbools, their mHucnco for good, in
, without farther ceremony. Wo trust tho A..,,' , ,. ,.",,,
, , 'New York banks will resumo with tho I . ,
' , ., . .. ., , . commenccmnt of tho now year, and then ,, , - . ,.,. .i
tlsewhero, with regret, tho untimely demise , .... . . , , , ' , . tho dcCcionoy Is felt in tho samo way, as a
' ' , . r.v. think all tho solvent banks of Pennsylvania' , , , ,, , ,P ... '
of -our colleague and neighbor, tho Editor , . , , ., ,. . ' . i most deplorablo loss. To pass from an
of. tbo "Star of. & North" whoso name i , X , ' nllglitonea community in which good
introduces tins article, wr. v caver was
quite a young man, comparatively fn tho
biorning of life, and yet ho had mado his
mark in tho world, Possossejd of an active
mind, improved by a thorough education
and good legal training, ho was industrious,
ambitious, determined and energetic He
was mo drone in society.
The death of Mr. Weaver has created a
voldinthiscomjnunity. Ayoung andinter
esting wife loses an affectionate husband j his
aged parents, mourn the loss of an only
child, tho M. E. Church, of which ho had
exaniplo. Tho New Orloans banks have
already resumed.
1 1 tl ....lA.l ntwl wnll nnn
RU11UUI9 UlU HUH DUIlllUlHilt HUM itui
i ducted, to ono in which tho spirit of educa-
r ! , A, m . . . ' tion lies dormont, or degraded, is like
8 Our friend Col. Tate, having just, . , f ,, , ,
returned from a tour through this State passing from tbo light of day into tho midst
and Ohio, after an absence of over a month, of darkuess, when tho light is obscured by
paid us a visit a few dvs since Tho tho murkv clouds of icnoranco. From my
Col. is looking remarkably well, and has notes of visitation, I havo nothing yet to
recreation. Vermel; Gazette. I . 1 . . . . i i i 1
n ,, , . '(ho part of teachers to excel and to mako
' , J,. , ' . , ,,r the r rcspoc ivo schools moro deserving of
.1' . i i 1 .1 . tho meed of praiso. I suggest to tho
UiUV3 VUIUI lUiltUU IUU UW1U1UU IIU a ... , it . . f
. , , teachers of tho county, tho propriety of
, , , . r m v Ii forming township assocMions or institutes
who bavo such Verv fino lookinc bettor-1 . " .... .. i.
UtWlw.nntnn fL in dunrirril nf nnn 1 .1 " - ,l . "r tllCir UlUtUll instruction. 11 any buuu
of ier most promising ornaments, and this 'juagc3 of beauty, say that wo are'-LooKINO slia11 bo fTarmod',1 ,U0Ct ,
community of a good .cituen. Wo offer j bemahkablt well," we do not feel like 03 pa D' .cn"U"g.
6nr "warmcBt, sentiments ot sympathy calling in question tho legality of your , ,. . ,
i ,i. . . a 1 . b J ... J .. tpmnlnt on. An carlv eorrcsDOndenco witti
and condolenco to the surviving friends
of the deoeased in this their hour of deep
affliction; and join with them in tho well
grounded assurance, that 11 they mourn not
as 'those whd'havo no hope," confidently
trusting, that " their temporal loss is his
Jn Tpcnning tho foregoing melancholy
refieotionSj our mind is naturally impressed
with a most suggestive meditation. It is
the uncertain tenure of this mortal exist'
fluty to follow three of our brother Editors,
Messrs. Webb, Best and Weaver, to the
silent mansions of the dead.
judgement. Hcndsomo men. liko Dr.
Brower and ous elves, aro accustomed to
high comp!imeni",by our brethren of tho
Press, but wo doubt tho cxpodienoy of
"setting llv.m up too steep."
EST Congress meets on next Monday,
tho 7th of December, Sir. Loidy, member
elect from this district, will then tako his
seat for tho first timo in that body. As
tho Democrats hive a decided majority,
During tho eleven years wo havo jthoro will bo no difficulty in organizing, so
in Bloomsburg, it has been our sad . that tbo President's ifir3t annua.! mcssigo
Tbo Btroijgth of tho Monnons.iBrighamYounBProcl9iiiation. 'tWC'VttSCtttCltfai.,
I no a.oramcnto go um.m i d Cm,ENa op UtaiiWo aro .invaded
. Turin the citizen 6f llumsbtjrenmt
Mi'ltlilionni Mlnliiirs. und nil. purinni !
ii.m. luBj .m...... j""" - .,h pl()tr of religion, m ili'''J "?.'"" , tlie niiuir. In nonctnl. tti-it tlicy tiara
incsiiiorscs, traincutocampEerviou, ernment. from constables ana justices, to ,..., . ,." " """"" 'jmirMfirni a iwn nu
8Sb A K SB M V.
Oyster .mid Haling,! Saloons.
actual power of tbo Mormons i I bv a hosiile foree'.' who aro evidently as- mMtnfRftrVI tn'StDaEAfftl'f)
At tho order of their loader nml'proplioi ... v.i. .ml "rpnn Ntv i(iur Wnnhhi, in Miiniitviih.,cnintn-
thv olnnnl innntKr 15 000 inon. hrincd 'B '"-""'"l'"'" '"""" X Mi erainlir, l' , wllllm dnllcntea totno trnrha or
tny emnot mUStCr 11,UUU inou, ariutu . . ....... n .h.Trhpne jrJmvnli.on Humlnv.Slie Will ilnynf tlCMm-
With tbo most ClTcctlVO instruments Ot uesirutuuu. ' inyu-j brKrclf.M commence nl 1U n'clof k, A. M. 1 rptlC un.lertisncit, rpp-etr,i!fy In
dnntriin Ian. Tlinv havo manv thousand vears we lave trnstcu ullicinls ol llio gov-. .jy' ','" ' " "". VL"k.' ' . . " "
of tho finest
only to
rovoWng ilfloj nnd pitfols aro mnuufactu- M scorned, litld in dcngion, mittlMd and
rea, equal 10 liroso mauo at iinnioru uuuujuu, uuiuuuewniuuuuiirnUVwu SU1A33 P ti i P HJ1 & iNV
lacy have every munition 01 war ana and tbon burncu. our ncius lam wasio. our i w a j
cr tuC X l Iml lif 1m llio jiroprietnr of Hie nhovn
il llm
iiionm-DiirB lire o. iro fivr. .nf imrni rr tnniro (JitnntP. 'iovt, rfjit.. umrn-i
irrCoMmftia County IitpultUan nnd r v Jwrt , uti. Notiom, ami nil kinds of goods tiiuohy kt-pt in
ncccaiary provision and means of trans-, -..j,,,,;,,..! , hutrlirrml wl.ilo under
porta.idn witldn Ihomselvos, .,d even tbo lcd d fnith ()f tj10 g0Tcrnment for their KUtf
women and children aro ustruclcu m tlio 1 . b . . , . . f0r tin
r nou If niul hts prepared lilmlf wltli tlio hf-nt
e necotti iiioil.i lion of tho trnvollim public, IIn
USO of arms. iBUCiy, nun our inimnca unvuii uuui uicii CoacimMH rn. is iicreioiori). i H'weexiy, ueiwicn
Add to tbis their gcogrnphical posMon. homes to find that shelter in tho barren; Lwc
To reach Salt I,al;o from tho Hnst, it is wildcrnc and that protection among SWfi !JK5
iiuviiMui y iu iniDfliuiuutiiiiiaiiiiuiiiiv.j- ho;Hla flavftrtn nhich were denied llicin ill t ii icriiii.Aiii.iii'iii .uaii-.niiiHii n-iiniiiiii.iii 55
.!t. ,,,i. i,ni. . ,.n.r.n,1 w nostiio savago'wmcu were ucmca uicm 111 and,Vt. Lo,i, nioom.iwr, encii day nr, (jag?
u. ...i.k., uuuv. u.i.a -v tin. - .---j .. T,..,J f f! I, ricl i n ni K' onM i h ppiiiar Irln. on the nrrivnl nr Ihl rillnii',lpuln la Bf?!
that n dozen men could hlirl down an 1 1 MmIi, on.l nrilvie at Cambra ot lmlf nnst 8 o'tlook SJtslS
Cembre, December 1. 1857
.. . . . . nililivnttnn aam.. Mrnl n.
avninnn in n crnniia nn nn nnnrnnpn n 7 ' . , . ,, . x , s rim., in nam vv
......vUV . ...v- e; . . 1 Hi'CUl.irtlonpmc pinfrs nn inin liuuie nrfnioiiowsi Itnrhel HiicIipb. Imp Haclipl Toi ! Franklin
liaiimi , am nwu it. tuu uvcuy wi puiw-ii j. mini uuu.. vm vv.......wu Vw.. , qi , V .f . iiV I i.i .ii ll nnrtef , uuarnm n oi Kiirnaci r
thousand troops reaching tho valley, tho guarantees uutn us all that wo do now or 1 mmicd thai it uin i iiie nmiiition of tlio l'roprlcior
besieged, with their herds, would tare to ,mvo cycr dalmcai If tho constitutional j " "''
sayago allies, would, in turn, besiege thoir r'g'"3 11 Port!"n unto 09 Amcricnn
bcbicgers, nnd cut off supplies until tbo citizens wcro extended to Utah according
invaders had starved outi to tho spirit and meaning thereof, and
They have, it is said. 20.000 Indinn f;riv , imnartiallv administered, it is
'.111.. ...1..... ll.. ... 1. f.,..,!.l. I .. '
milts1, iiuju tuvjr uiu luaujr iu iuiuuii
with arms and horses on nn emergency.
Tbcso Indians arc partially instructed iu
tbo Mormon religion enough to maljo
them superstitious in regard to the God of a
all that we could osk all that wo have
ever asked.
Our opponents havo availed thotn?elvcs
ofprcjudico existing ugninstus, because of
Doath of Daniel Loacock) Sr.,
Air. Xeacock's death was fearfully sud
den. 116 rotircd on Saturday evening in
usual health, towards morning bis compan
ion discovered, ho was unwell, when she
-cpoke to hiio, and en procuring a light nnd
returning to his couch, sho found tho vital
spark had fled. Mr. L., was an honest
man and a worthly citizen. This sudden
dispensation of Divine Providence, not only
reminds ns of " What shadows wo aro and
what-'ha'ddbw3 we pursue." But it also
admonishes us, that "In tho midst of Life,
we aro in Death."
The Bloomsburg String Band.
may bo jodked for at an oarly day. 'I'his1
document will bcinxiously awaited by tho
people in view of tho many important and
interesting subjects it will no douht discuss,
prominent among which may ho named
tho money crisis, anil tho Kansas and
Mormon troubles. Wo shall publish the
messago in tho Democrat tho earliest prao
ticablo moment. .
Xffi are ranch gratified to learn, that a
nnmber of our cntcrpiising young men
.HeBsra, Ilowers, Millard, Keyhard, Smith,
Brown,, Stahley, etc., havo raised and
torganized. a musical company, under tho
nanio of the Bloomsburg String Band." !
Tho absonce of a good musical band, has long
been regarded an important desideratum,
which wo ar happy to obst rve is now being
Stippiiea, and wo sincerely wish tho enter
prize great success. Wo return tho Uand
roar hearty thanks for tho charming Sere
nade, held on tho pavooent opposito our
residence, last Friday cvoninK, and should
ihave delivered them. an'Inancurjl Address,
wero. it not that wo thought thu Serenade ,
was intended moro far tbo ear of the yoi?ng
;Ladies in our house than otherwise, so wo '
-"got'off," by raising tho window,, pronoun
cing a pancgyrio upon tho company and
bid them. a very good night.
Declaration of "War.
By reference to the Proclamation of
Brigham Young, in another column, it will
lo seen that tho groat Mormon prophet
liaa mado a virtual declaration of war
against tho United States Government.
This ia treason, and must bo met with tho
most prompt and decisive measures of the
"Government. We would not bo much
turpriscd if a most serious and protracted
'war should grow out of those Mormon
trouble's, a3 they will doubtless enter into
.alliances with all the neighboring tribes of
Indians, while tbeir distant position, and
iho difficulty "of reaching them with an
' nrmd 1force, is such as render il both a
hazardous and expensive work to subduo
them. - Bet the sooner it is done, the
United States Treasury U&timalcs.
It is stated thnt the treasury estimates
of appropriation for tho next fiscal year
havo been made up, and despito every
effort to reduco them, tho total amount
estimated is about seventy millions. Tho
estimato for tho War Department alono is
twenty and a quarter millions being
largely increased by tbo anticipated Mor
mon war. Tho total naval estimates, in
cluding tho special service and tho con
struction of tho new steam sloop3 of war,
amounts to fourteen millions.
BgyThe Commissioners recently appoint
ed by tho Governor to investigate tho affairs
of tho Bank of Pennsylvania havo concluded
their labors as far as is pnssiblo at this
time, and forwarded their reports to tho
Governor on Thursday. It is understood
that they find tho condition of tho Bank
much less deplorable than many had been
led to anticipate, and that thero is good
reason to bclievo that every dollar, not
only of its circulation and deposits, but
other liabilities will bo liquidated.
tcmplation. An early correspondence with
all who feel nn interest in such things, is
requested, nnd any suggestions which may
be offered will receive respectful attention
I feci confident that there is enough public
spirit among tho teachers of our county to
Jmahoan advanco step in our educational
history. Let ttsrcsolvo that it shall bo
dono, and a few determined spirits may
yet movo the tranquil educational waters
of our country, 'till tbo wlieiO will become
a sceuo of invigorating agitation, which,
like tho inertia of a bo ly in motion will
havo no power to put itself again to rest.
Our publio schools aro open but for a
short timo, and every hour of that timo
should bo appropriated to tho advancement
of our pupils, and tho improvement of the
schools and teachers. Hut not on the
teachers, nor to tho superintendent alono
should wo look for theso results to be
effected. Theso may bo useful agencies,
but thcro must be mutual co-operation of
all interests concerned. Directors, parents
and tcachors should all work in harmony
for the publio good, and if directors arc
careful to secure livo teachers, thoso who
can feel an active interest in their oalling,
and who possess tho requisite tact, ability
and experience to fcic, the result will bo
most salutary, and instead of a desire to
diminish tho school tax, a demand would
soon be made to havo tho term extended.
We havo somo good schools in the county,
especially in tho graded districts, and it
should bo the interest and the pride of every
citizen to extend a helping hand to every
movement calculated to promoto the publio
welfare, by enhancing tbo cause of oduca
tion. WM. BUKGESS,
MltyVJXLB, Pa., Nov. 23, 1857.
superior raoo, yet modifying nono of their ' our roiijous faith, to send out a formidable
ferocity. With allies 1 iko theso and fight- . . . .. , , , .. ...
, r.i.- , ,: ,i. host to accomplish our destruction. Wo
liiK iur uiuir uuiiiui, uuu uuuucuiug iu uiu .......
belief of tho ignorant, under tho direct , La LaJ D0 P'lvilego nor opportunity of
supervision of tbo God of Battles, and from j defending ourselves from tbo false, foul and
tho ramparts with which nature has sur- unjust aspcrsons against U3 before tho
rounded them, it is easy to eo nccivo what natiorli Tho govcrnmont ha3 nol oondc.
would bo tho fate of a few thousand troops,' ... .. .,
who travelled a thousand miles to ht; ccndf locmso an lnstigating coranuttco
their own oountryracn, bravo as themselves, 1 01 other person to be sent to inquiro into
as well armed, better used to field life, and I and usccrtain the truth, as is customary in
stimulated by llieir Jove ot uomo and tamiy,
and assured of victory by revelations of
their prophets.
Terrible Collision in llio Gulf
2Vic Steamer Opcloitsas Sunk Eighteen
to Twenty-Five Lives Lost.
New Orleans, Nov. 17. -A catastro
phe of the most lamentable character oc
curred on tbo Mississippi, on Sunday night,
tho 15th inst,
'J ho steamship Opclousas, which ran
between Berwick Bay and Galveston,
Texas, and which was then on her way to
tho latter place, came in cellision with the
steamship Galveston, belonging to tho eamo
line. Tho accident occurred about mid
night, and the Opolousas sunk almost im
mediately. About twenty-fivo of her passengers
perished, and among thera was Gen. Ham
ilton, formerly of South Ctroliiu, but of
Into years an influential eilizont of Toxas.
Those known to be lost number eighteen,
but it, is believed others havo perished
whose names aro not known.
AH llio otficcro nutl (irnw tccro saved.
There woro altogether fifty paEengcrs on
The Galveston was somewhat disabled
by the collision, but she stayed by tbo scene
of disaster and succeeded in saving the
officers and crow of tho Opclousas, nnd a
largo number of the passengers.
tuch cases. Wo know thoso aspersions to
bo false j but that avails us nothing. We
arc condemned unheard, and furi'cd to an
issue with an armed mercenary mob, wlnVh
has been scut against us nt tbo instigation
of iinonymous letter writers, ashamed to
father the base, slanderous fnlshoods which
they have given to tho public of corrupt
officials, who have brought false accusations
againit us to screen themselves in their own
infamy, and of hireling priests and howling
editors, who prostitute the truth for filthy
lucre's sake.
Tho issuo which has thus been forced
upon us compels us to resort to the great
first law of self preservation, and stand in
our defence a right guaranteed unto us
by tho genius of tho institutions of our
country, and upon which the government
i3 based. Our duty to ourselves, to our
families, requires us not to tamely submit
to bo driven and slain without an attempt
Valuable Real Estate.
WIMibflBold nt Public Bala. Inr JACOn HARRIS.
Ailmlniiirntor, wttli thr witf ntnifxcd, nf David
Smith, dtctattd, of Uemtock township, Columbia
county, I'a., on the premise,
On Saturday i the 2d of January ?icxtt
As tlie properly offald -leectlrntt a
Valuable Plantation,
Situate In tho township ami county nfarcsaiJ, colt
Seventy fire Acre of whlcli is hnrmivnH nnd in n good
tatu Af cultivation i lie bnliiirc is wMI timbered
Thorp nrp rrrrteil on 1li n win t SO A ft
Frimn UWHI.LINO III) ITS!1, nnd cood J
KilcliHu, ft Tramo Hflt'k ILirn. Wiijton 2Si
She'l. fprlup MoiretUood Home nml tit.
Oirifrniu uniitiing mere is uii farm jyja,'
mrc' Miming urcniiru ui umm,u riiuii
Tticre is nitri on trie premises a large ami
valuable meadow.
Haul premise Iff adjoining tnnde of Sum
nel Huflpr, Jacob Kmney, Joi'tih Matisl.
John K'.KolibHs mid othr.
rrJ-SaM U com inflict nt 1 o'clock, P. M or slid
day, wlit-n conrhtioi will be mado known bjtlic un
i'",gU'i- JACOn MAURIS,
Ueinlcek, Deremlier 1, 1657
Titclr tiock comprises a Isrire supply ot Almonds,
Oranpet, Lemon l'riiiies Hates, Citron I'mran's,
ris, fin Mini, rtffstMilcT N"t-, I'llbMU, Walnuts,
around Nuts, U'Coiiiiuls, Macaroni, Sardines, tiro
Urai'fcers, Sugars, Cnttec, Tobacco or nil Kinds, Domei
lie and Intpo rted Begnrs, tl wholesale ami Reule,
H3 l-iinllics sitppllocfftt nil times w hit nreod.Csktt
riei,OytCri( fee, and ail orders promptly filled.
THOMAS a ftl.feK.
nioomftburg. Pec Sg, 1S.17.
AT nn arnhnn's Onurt held nl ftlnbm
i?T5!2 liurir, in nnd for snld County, on Monday
Huntointitr Till. a fulu U't brnntoil
lives ot unoii rox, inic oi j.rcuit town
Sfrhtp, In said county, decenwd ( lo wit.
oiPiiacnei i ox j rransun
t Fox. and Crttnnr Iltiches.
nuardian ol Llimbrtli i'ot llnrriel rojcjntermarrie!
with Uriah Ti lay and William Fox, children of Willinni
Fox, decensed) son ol mid Ungcl Fox. Requiring Ihem
to (jfi nnd appent- nt nn Or pilau's1 Com I lo Le held at th
Cou rl Hound In IHooiiuburc, in said count) of Coliim
bla.on the Till (lav ol !ecmbcr next i thennnd tlierc
In accept or rcrtiso tho eslntr of llic said dicedent at
the valuation thereof j end In rnse the said pnrlies lie
gleet or refiiFB so to take the r-nme, then to shewenuso,
tf any they have, why the snuo should not bo sold,
according lo law.
The heirs nnd lefral representatives, nnd nil persons
tnlcresled In iheKntnteorthcsald Knsel Fox, decerned,
are hereby notified of the obtaining nnd existence of (hi
above rule, and oft ho return day ihetrof.
sTKi'iiuN it.
Il'ooniFburp.OcI 17.1P.17
IIU II U i Lili illllllllli
.N'V V'i'l! tf- MANUAL it I1ANI1HOOK
HPf,VfV-',''' , roit 'inn Arn.itrruD,-
r'-yiLtl,i W&k cniitiilnliis an nullino of thn
,&JZfi:- n.i cure ofivcw fotniotJU
ZC'eiZij,: ' tonirneleii liy promiicu
TSiSKKS oujmxllal intpicounc. by
THIS popular Uousn hn been renovalsd,
and fireiuli improvtmtnit inaiip lor I lie nrcommo
datlms ol guests iC. In eonnectioii wltli the nbova
Hotel, the iiropriMor hi opened, in tlif basement, a
the r,statillhtnent compares lavoiaitly with llm first
eliss places ol accommodation for Traveller. Cillxns, t'-jn within a short dUtance of tho Xew York
and Rait I moro Landings, nenr the Ton Office and Ex
hnnge. nlifr Omtibuses, going to all parts or lbs
CMV start Irora.
The Froprlctor hoprs, by strict nttenllon to lh
wants of hi puftti, to receive itlibtrul share of th
public patronage.
f.ite of Haiti moro, Md., and Cincinnati, Ohio,
Octlll. lt-37-tm
NOTICE I hereby ejven to nil poruotis Interested,
that the following accounts huvf been filt-d in lh
I'rothu Hilary's tJtrice of olumbta county, and will la
prcs-iitud to tho Court of Couinum VU' of said coiioly
for cotififiiiatiuii ami tillowancc un Wednesday, the Bth
dny ul Dec mber. A. D. 18.'w
I The ncciHint of Jhn It Moyer, Conmiitlee of rh
person nnd estite of l'eter Melick, a lunatic of feeott
'2 The sccotiiit or Jonathan llUhcl, Commillte of tho
penon nnd eftnin of John RUlirf, a Junaiic, Into of
Montmir township. ... . , .
3 The account of John Snyder. Cnmmillee of tha
person and estate or Aleiaiidet Hlokcr, an liubilusl
nmnkanl, nf Uloom WWPJaC0B EvnBl.,f
Nov 14, lfM rslnlTf.
to preserve ourselves
country, our holy religion, our God. to!, Il rive, mi plmuir tna.l.l iiiylCftlmnny to ihr
o I I ! nrnlPK onnl 11 i IV of I i llltho' of till .lft(uol
frcotlora nnd liberty, ronuircs that wo I jfi." Nuwcrnu, eoe,rf niwarciiriiiiniMi
, " : h.ii uisan,, nonic iii inin in iiuiir ftmiiins, nave
should not quietly stand still and see these emit umirr my noticr. in which i.inkiu iia rm
. . t ., . , maiilfust III restoring to perli-rt hi-alili, In boiiip
toitfirt fntQWii arOUPlI ll Wllirll nro CatCU- - IllfUina iviirp Jlic lialitlit IIU ttvn roiiftidrp'il
, ii i. I- hojontl nirilical aul In thf tlPalittcnt ul fcniltnl
latCU to ClISluVO atld bnilg US m Subjection j 5 wcakn, nr ilKirrainirim nl oiitm lun'tinns irn-
n1nn.r..l !l!i l i t 1 t j iiiicpj nv tfij .lottee, or i-.icesit 01 vr-nory, l no nol
iu uw uuMinui miuiaijr uusiioiism, SHUil as linow Ills riipiTior In llii-,rolrriinn. Ilia
can only ctnamtc, in a country of consti- i
tlltinnnl law. frnm iiiimlinn Ivnnu on.l , to llie unmrtunito viclii.i of i-arly indl
' crrtion. inrriouiiiiPiid linn a. one in l0so pro- . - . - . ,,.. .,.. ., 6,n.,;iril, .,.
?Moi,aiiiMlaiiuiiiil(iiiyii,iyiinytalulyconnilc ' . ,. ,1V . f ,hp UllMfd p.,. ,
iv Ool. Tatb. of tho Columbia Demo.
rmt. has turned boatman. Ho started on
o irip tip the North Branch Oanal,in quest
of epal last week, and on arriving within
nlmpst a stone's' throw of tho Wvoramg
ol b'eilS, his boat froze up in tho ico.
-JFhq crew ol eoursa Deat a nasty reiroai,
satisfied, no doubt, with their experience
ia arctic navigation.
Allentoivn Democrat.
Jfo, Col. Hannum, wo were only tempo-
xirily deftatetl, not satisfied, for on
SCuosday last, we returned to tlio sccno of
cur former adventures, with tho samo crew
named last week.-niid on Wednesday evon-
iiig, uccoeded in aooiing the " Edwin
Forrest," and load of ooal, rort
The News from Europo.
The lato news from Europe is highly
injoonant. The Bank of England has
i?uspei?dod specie payment, and haa been
aujuoru'cd to issue small notes, (ono pound,
wo presume, fivo dollars,) until further
notice. This is the first time a suspension
has taken .ilaco with that mammoth mon
eyed institution fiipco 171)71 period of
sixty years.
Thero havo been tfcvcral very heavy
failures in England, and tho crisis in
financial affairs is very soporc.
The following item ot news by the
English papers tell its own hisi'ory, and-is
too monstrous almost for human L'cJicf.
Look at it : "Tho massacre at Delh.i aa
horrible. All the people found in tho City
wcro put to tho sword."
Brother Masser, of tho Sunbury
American, i9 cynical because wo received
a plato of Venison. (For instruction, vido
Esop's Tables, pago , caption, " Sour
Grapes.") It may bo that wo wero extra
vagant in thus indulging in deer meat.
Puffs, wo arc told, aro cheaper in Sunbury,
t"We are under obligations, which wo
hopo' somotimo ,to bo able to re pay; to
Mossrs. Baiui, of tho Fitisbiirg Post, Col.
Seapiqiit, of tho Genius of Liberty, and
Col, Alexandeb, of tho Clarion Democrat.
Notwithstanding tho pressure of tho
times tho enterprising firm of Edgar and
Uilncs aro pushing ahead their Planing
Mill, in this placo and will havo it in full
operation by tho 1st of December next,
They will then in connection with their
completo establishment at Eepytown bo
prepared to fill orders, for flooring, sash,
doors, blinds and all kinds of work ncces
sary, or ornamental in finishing houses.
They are putting into this Mill, tho very
best Machinery, manufactured by J. II,
Lester of Brooklyn, N. Y,,who is conceded
to bo tho best Mccbinist in tho U. States,
They havo also scoured for tho Mill at
Danvillo tho best workman that could bo
found in Philadelphia, William and Georgo
Soudcrs, who havo finished somo of tho
best buildings on Chestnut htrcet. The
proprietors of this establishment, possess
tho means and will continuo to add moro
extensivo improvements, as tho patronage
they rcccivo at tho hands of our citizens
will justify. We hop they will bo liberally
encouraged as they aid materially in tho
growth and improvement of our place,
and at the eamo timo furnish tho articles
they" manufacture in tho best style, and on
tho mos.' accomodating terms, Addross,
Edgar and Juilnes; cither at Espytown, or
at Danvillo. Plans of addition's, or of now
buildings, will bo furnished, corresponding
with tho-amount ot lijonoy tho butldor in
tends to expend on his improvement.
MontbUT American.
Confession of tlio Murderers.
Henry Eifo and Charlotto Jones, who
(together with Mouroo Stewart) wcro re
cently tnoa tietoro tho Allegheny Ourl
and found guilty of tho murder ot Georco
NYHsonand ililizabeth BlcJl asters, his sister,
in that county, havo mado a confession to
llio Jailor. Ihoy acknowledge having
murdered tho two old people, Tho inten
tion oricinatcu with Uharlotto Jones,
When tho two coined admission to tho
house, Fife stabbed tho old man, and
Charlotto struggled with her a"cd aunt,
Failing to kill her, I'ife was obliged to
assist, and the douulo murder was comple
ted. Tho chest was then searched, and
its contents taken, and tho two left the
houso. They both assert that Stewart is
entirely innocent cf tho murder that ho
was not there at tho time, nor did he know
any thing of their intentions.
Our duty to our i zl
BClf abii.i. or bv rpiutl n-
cess. Willi advice for lhilr
prcvpntlnn, wr'ttpn in a faaiiliar ftyle, avoiding
all inedlral tpchnlcntitifa, and ewrythlns lliat
vro'lld oirenil Hi1 oar ol (trcenry.
7ejlloitt cf the Prt'ftitor of Obstertri in Ptnn
Cellist. Pktlaitlfhia -nil. nuXTOCS .Vr.MC.1l,
V.f XUAL ' Tho nailior of tlilf work, unlike lliu
m ni'ijnrily of Ihoxo who ndirrlinRlo cnri1 llio ilippavci
ol nlikli II trp.iK. Is a graduate of oiip of Itic liesl
U. CnllcuPM in llm UnilPd Status it alVurdli me plpa.
i cum to roc'iii'inpiid Ih'u lotho unfortunate, nr to
T, Hip victim of mat practice, as u Bitrmrful and ex,
111 pericncC't practitioner in whoe lion ir and IlllPg
UJ I'ly III- IHy jJtiici' ill', Kii-m'-Bi r'Miuni'iiqv.
From A. IVoodicaTiI, -V. It. tf i'eaii. E7nirrl(y,
orriui:, walnut bt., s.w (ornhr oiTiunz
Jirrangtmtnti fur Ilusinttt during the iurftnmn tf
Sttcie pajivtintt by the Dank$
1. Deposit received and payment niaJe dnlly.
2. Current Hank Noun, Check and Hpecic Mil bo
received on drp'iKli t m
3. Deposits indJo in Bank N' let or Cnerks Witt do
paid Imrk In current Hank Noipb
4. 1)cioiu made In Guld or tii'vtr will be poid tick
Ill'.MtY L. EENNCR, frt(dnt
Wm. J. Rted, Sterttary
Nov 'itf,lft7
know his superior In the jpmlc ilnn. 1 have hrrn
ncaTiiiilctlwilJi Hip AiiiIkt souh' tlnrtv vtttTH.flml
d-Mii it no iiiorc than justicr to liim nn ucil at a
nv Minn viucima r. iownscnii.
n t S3 TOWNSUMI is known as one of our best
1M innviizinc wrltcri,, aid iiltliougli Qiiitu Youn.', tils
not tier pti il In'lipr pppiiliar (lyl.. 7'he pr sent vol,
limp uicludps soiiip ol lPr bp-t Talpg nnd Pk'trtiPS, toneUier uiih a eonprt nnd beaut! Tu I portrait of
the nillhor, by that di-ttmguUlled artist, J,.lin Harlain,
1t , will render It p irliculnrly acceptable to hF nu
liiprnus friends.
'lie llook is n iiaml'iime ismo. voinnie. printed ou
Thotoforo I, Brigham Young, Governor
and Superintendent of Iudian Affairs for
tho Territory of Utah, in the name of tho
peoplo of tho United States, in tho Territory
of Utah, forbid,
First All armed forces of ovory descrip
tion from coming into tho Territory, under
any pretenso whatever.
Second That all tho forces in said
ALraKD Woodward, ,M. D.
One copy, securely cnvclopnd i III be forwardPil
free of postage to anj part or the United St. tea,
bir m cents, nr Ii copies for 31 Oil.
El-Address (JUrSDKNi UO.,fublisliors,noi 197,
3r RonksHlers. Canvassers and lloi Agents
tupphtd on ike moat liberal ttrm$.
UcS, 1637-v
vrOTICC is lipre'iy alven thitan application will be
n ina
ade at the next sassion ol tin Keels lature ot
I'ennsvlvania. fur thu iuporpiira.ion ol u llanlt. Willi
the usual privilege, to be called ' The lllooinvburg
Dank," with a capital of two hundred thousand del
t.irs. nml in be locnled in the town nl lll.iniui.ltiiri..
-territory hold themselves in road nnsa to I i-oiuiiibia coun y iu.
wm. svvniiu.
8. ii. siuvn,
Ul'lllt .MM V. 1.LTZ,
A. O. AltA'lJII,
jaco ii nvuit. iiii.i.Mi:vi:n,
ItLOOMBDcaa, June 27. 1857
n, Mr.Nni:iiAt.i..
A. J. UVANrt,
A. J. Sl.OIN.
n II. Altl'IIIIIt.
Will KUL',
march at a moment's notioo to repel any
and all such invasion.
Third Martial law is hereby doclarcd
to exist in this Territory from and after
tho publication of this proclamation, and EAGLK FoUNDltir. ULOOMSHUltG.
no person shall ho allowed to pass or re-1 StovcS ,1Utl Tinware.
n. Sntn or rlircicl, , frnm !, T S- , HMIi: subscriber havlns creeled large new brick
...Hv u. v. ,uv ii.iuwtj j rountiryanu .iiarnino enop, in place o, inc
Exporimont tho life of Success
A largo portion of mankind remain in
poverty for the want of a littlo energy.
They plod on from day to day without
malting a Etnglo experiment towards inv
proving their condition, whilo a few persons
who havo enterprizo aDd boldnoss, reap
rich rewards for their exertions and becomo
wealthy. Failure only crushes tho timid.
Tho courageous man is stimulated by it,
and says in tho words of Shakspcare :
nll, boi k, and candle t h II not drive mc back
When Gold and Bllver beck mi to come on
and so tho busy world is kept alivo and
society blessed by this class of individu-ils.
It requires but littlo effort to enclose to
I'.iiinilrv .mil .Mnchnin Hlinii. In nlure nf (tin nM
wtlliniif n nnrmti fm.n thn v I one, Is prep'ir ed to make oil kimls of castiiii: nt the
,..1.,.. iu iiiuiiii uiumi, lowest prirts. I'lowa constantly on Hand. The sub
Givftl undpr niv Imnrl nnrl seal nl ,,) scrlher has also removed his Tin Shop from Mam si
uivon unucr mj nana ana seal, at great foundry im, where he has orecicd n buiidm
G.ll T..l,rt r':i MVw:i-.. -c tti. ii.i- llocelher for Stoves nnd Tinware.
-m av, w,, ici.iiuij, m u mil, tins - The L'ofikliutSlnvcs consist nf the WM.rKNN
fift.Pf.ntli dnv nf Ronlnmlioe A.Tl s!,Msl sJsSHCllllK, ItAIIll COOK, VANLICU COOK, and
J 1 - - - ') Vlfau,VUH
hundred nnd fifty govon, and of tho Inde
pendence of the United States of Aincrioa
tho eighty-second.
BniaiiAM Young.
fee of nestsse, on rfreint of the pr ce, l
J W llltAIllillV. fuWuss-,
4a Norlhirourili Hticct, Philadelphia,
Nov U, 1857
Mill' MAltBLK VA1UMS 11L0031SBU.
HA3 opened n Marhlo Yard In Court Alley, opposlta
llie Ckcli.iii70. where ho is prepared lo finish, tot
best work from Italian or American MatMefor
Tomb-stones, Tables, alnntles, Window-sills and len
rnrthe character and tlnisli of his work tin refers to
sucliaslie haa innda is this county, lie v ill furnish
uesigns forwork or execute any that may be furnish
en in uuu. iiiswura suan always liu saiisiaciory in
ilsslyleand reasonable!! Plicc.
Uloomsburjl, llec. 0, IBSti.
j-saurAiti.ou t lovr.a ot an kinds, the i:i;u i;y
'CSlIt.lNlinit STOVU, JiC. All kinds of Bpoulin
mado to order.
joscrn BHAitrLESs.
nioiin.liiirc, April 11. 1S7.
The Pannma papers contain the procla
mation of Martinez, General in chief of tho
Nicaraguan army, dated October 22d,
declaring war against Costa Rica. The
General declares that Nicaragur will pre
serve tho whole lino of transit from ocean
to ocean ; also tho district of Guanaoosta.
Tho Costa Rican General has mado a
formal demand for tho surrender of tho
fort of San Carlo, Tho latter is renortcd
Swan & Co., of Augusta, Georgia, ten nrl to to on tho Lake, in a steamer, and had
five dollars for a wholo or half tiok'et in ono 1 ceen uPo by tuo Nicaraguan troops.
of their lotteries which are drawn every
ALL you tint want lo ret and sleep eood. call on
cr.or.uri w. uoui:li., umi buv ouuld's pa
rWTBi:) 110TT0M3. lie has cousin llie patanl
right of Columbia county, nnd Is now prepared lo fur
tilrb tlottomsapplicubletnolitaswell oa newbedcieads,
lie has also on hand all kinds of Cabinet Puriiilurc,
Clmrs, Cottazo Itedsteads, and oilier Cottage t'ur allure,
whu li he will sell as cheap as the cheapest.
Also, Ready-made Cufllns.
JllooinsMirE10.:t 17. 1857
AlU'll Sl'llKUT, abovi: SIXTH.
TUT. STAR COMPANV. composed nf Ihe rinest Ar-tl-tes
in the wnrld, nnd exd-eiliug ,n rluenslll nnd
Talent a y Dramatic combination heretofore otfered lo
the Theatrical mihlie. will nnnear everv niohl m nnm
cdv.Traged, erio Comic lliama. Vaudevilles, Musi
cm ouriu'iiis
Oct 31, lH7-3m
fplir. Trustees ol this Institution Iiavo unanimously
X elected II, 1), Walker, A M., of l.rwi.tuip, Prin
cipal ol said Academy, iu place of Trof. Anderson.
iMiosc nine expirts with Die present tirm, Mia 191b. day
of llctciberiiisl.
Mr. Wulker will succeed Mr. Anderson im mediately
anirllie close of his labnrs.
Il is desicned by the Trustees, with their new rrin
clpnl. lo mako this institullon ono of the best of lbs
nilid in llio flats,
Oct 17, ier.7
Tiin undersigned take pleasure In announcing tn
Merchants that they are manufacturing a supeiior
article ol I14KGS nl llieir New l'actery on fishing
Cteek, above Orangi'villc, Columbia county. Mer
chants wishing to purchase good Hake ran have them
atthe ructoiy, or if ilesued wecan forward ihem to
lllonmsb'irg. to R i! Sliive. where Ihev ran eel iliem.
or we can forward Ihem to thoietitorei iliaiare not
ton much out of our nay
All orders should be nd.lrpssed to Hanitip! Rhlwa.
Tealers 1'. O., Columbia coiinly. 1'n.
April 15, 1857 lin
tec ice. When titillug the City, go
Saturday throughout the year. They aro
.iSr'K- J. JTaldcman, J?sq., of tho liar
jisburg Patriot and Union, is favorably
epoken-flf in jconoecttorcwitb thq offioe of
Secretary of State,- under the incoming
administration. 'Mr. II. is a young man
cf ability and acquirements, and would
viakc an excellent oiBoor.
Body of Canvford, tin Scidptor.
Tho body of Mr. CrtAVfFORD, tho sculptor,
arrived in tha city of 'New York yesterday,
in tho ship Southampton, from London.
U was to be interred in Greenwood Ccrao
tery in that city.
JO" Mechanics and Laborers aro badly
rvWrrted in Kansas. Good moobauios aro
earning from 2,50 to $3,00' per day,
Carpenters, tailors, shoemaker's, black
smiths, .tinsmiths, &c, aro wanted.
More Specie from Europe. 'Tho steam,
ship Vanderbllt from Havro arrived at tho
nrt. nf Nw York on Thursday, brincino
1 8250,000 in specie, and 300 pisscngen.
Bo-oloctlon of Senator Clay.
A telegraphic despatch, received at this
office at too lato an hour for insertion i.n
our last issue, briefly announces that the
two branches of tho Legislature of Alabama
met in convention on Saturdy last, and on
tho first elected Hon. C. 0. Clay,
jr to the Scntio of the United States fr
six years, from tho 4th of March, 1850,
when his present, term of offico cxpiros.
Tho legislature of Alabama have consulted
tho interests of their State, and the welfare
of the Dcmocratio 'party, and, wo might
add, tho general wish of tho country in this
renewal of confidence in favor of ono who
has not only been conspicuously faithful to
his high trust, but who his exhibited in his
comparatively brief but brilliant publio
career capacities and qualities which have
oxcitcd general admiration and secured
general respect. Washington Union.
men of integrity, and all tho drawings aro ?ls on , tbo ,s'clm y itnpartii.g to the
.- i i . i , , o . I discafed part a natural current of e ectri-
sanptioned and supervised by tho State cit,. bvhich the restoration f n 11 h
authorities. A trial may lead to success natural functions aro produced immediate
and improvo one's condition in lifo. Thero ' ly, and a euro is nt once oht iined This
i3 but littlo capital, requires to lead to large 13 tuo Kroat secret which no other medicine
returns, and many a man has found his in lho ""l4 I,a3 J-0?' an,d lie.nC8 tu9 gt
. .i i i. ..ii.. success this medtcino has in curbs dis
investments in iheso lotteries attended with oasrV 8 '
less risK, inoonvenienco. and loss of time
than many of the business schemes of the
TUB subscribers have just returned from the cily,
with a eood assortment of floods at nrlnes in .11,1
the times, which they will diffuse, of at pries for
risay pay
we invite nil persons whow sh to hiivehean. mean
n. ww.,,.,,; . iuuucb wsen as
11, C. & I. W. IIARI'M AN.
Estate of Benjamin Piatt.
T" ETTHUS of Administration on tho
J C, tale of llenjamin 1'ialt, Inlc of Tine townshlii,
Columbia cnunty. deceased, have been granted by the
Register of Culumbia county 10 Die undersigned who
resides in sain I'ine township, In Columbia county;
all persons havinj cliims ncamsl tin estate of tho
decedent are requested lo present them lo llie Admin,
isirator without del y, and all persona indebted la
make payment fj nbwilb.
IRAM di:rr.
Oct 81. 1837 rfmfsli'ratsrs.
and examine our stock.
tSf Last TucsJey a yonne Bon of Dr,
Sullivan, of this placo, broke through tho
Sold by G. M. Hagenbuch, J. R. Mnyer
d E. P. Luti, Illoomsburg, and Country
Merchants, generally,
Good. It ia 6eldom that a modic'ino
meots with sucti general tavor among tho
ice and almost drowned while skating on , classes, and especially among tho eduoatcd,
the dam opposito tho Montour Iron Com- ; as tho Oxygenated ltitters. Theso Hitters
pany's Mill, Ho was rescued, wo are told, 1 aro frno from aloohol, and aro a novor
hy means of a ropo Ho was immediately failing euro for dyspepsia,
oarricd to a neighboring house, and, al- I ,
though lil'o waB almost extinct, groat and I Done. A lady of this placo
harjai'Alinn Avprltnfii fiflvrirl Iiim 1'liia Villl Inn 1 . l . I. .
t.v.uu.H.,WA . .b A.t.vM ifuvaaiiui.i as u Kindle BUOt, one
oxataplo should toaclt boys not to be r-o daylaetweck. She unitentionally came to
rash and impatient as to venture on ico whero a sportsman's dog wa pointing to
only a day or two old. I them, and a gun being accessible, she tried
Danville Intelligencer, 1 her hand at s booting. Lycoming Gaeette,
T"?,?"?."1''''1 ,n!1 Manage" of the Caltawlisa
Dlldpe l.omnniiv ImvA Mil. n. v Ani ...i . .
of3percl (73cls pei share) on the Capital slock of
r...- ....,,,, ,u, , alx monins.puyabK lo tne
icfn"i J.0' 'J'" lc' eP'ieiitliv "it or aner
,itw v,i, ui vituvar
JOHN BllAri.G.a,
Callawlssa Driile Office, I TVssiaesr.
Oct2t,lol7-3t 1
mim subscriber announces he will tarry on
J. COOfUIMNd HUKINEBSathls Drcivery'jn I
klnsville, where lie will make
Barrels. Tubs. Kes.
And everything in thai line of business, lie will also
repair work olall kinds, and wllldo il skilfully and at
, , C'lARt-na W. IIASSCRT.
Brick! Brick! Brick!
tf;. ui'.lHF l'R,';K'. J""1 """"'I "at, al the subscri
t!." "nik".11? onm.burc. and are offered lor
sale, Ibebistin thacounlrj. Apnlyto
lilnoBishurf. Oe.tebe, 0, 1P57 ART,,UE-
BOS 14.18 BV aSjiiJtfJiUlL.o
. uasii.s una jubi l OI I ENOEO, Acnlv
Sloooiburj, Nov M, ie r Tf
Estate of David Smith, deed.
TyrOTICl! Is lipn by plveu that leltfrs of Adialnlst'i.
1 tion. with the will annexed, upon ihe Estate of
David Smith Uite of llesilock township, Columbia
county. deceased, have been granted tn the undersigned,
(cuing si uueannru, in ine sai'i inwnsnip or HrmlnCK.
All persons indebted to tlio Cslale are rpqupsied to
make payment without delay, nnd those having ac
counts lor settlement to present them in
rfmiafslrarericlfA lAl tcff asacisi,
naekhorn, Nov S. JS37.
CUSTOMERS to tho Aqueduct Mih,
win have nn settled accounts with the subscriber,
for FEED. II.OUR. Lc , are respectfully notified.
Hint as they have been accommodated I hope that tbey
will now accommodate Die, and make immediate py
Anueduct Mills, Nov. 51, jei7.
CIIARLCB PTAIir. would respeelfully
inforiii the eitUeua ol Dloomsburg and
vicinily, that ho lias lite y eslabllsl.ed.
In this nlaea. a Itonk llimlerv when h
is prepared to do all kinds of work iu his Jlne, on tba
shniieLt notice, and reasonable leiiiis.
OrrtCB Oil Main meet over Hl,.lnts Rnet slid Rhn.
Bloto.opposlio tha I'os, Otfice, llloouisburg,
ALL praoni hnowinffthempf Ivh IndeMfd or htpr
uuiftitfil I.ipi accountu wlib ihe rubvcrlbfr j
hcrchy uoiififil to call tlpOil fotomtit fttyh&rit, JSff , who
can be (omul la his nAirn rvrry Maiurdny aileruoon.aiiit
eitlo tlio ame hffbre (tie firt( of Jaiiuaiy next for
Kltrwhtc' limn all unrollPctMacounli will tep1zcd
in htiinlofoffietrffor collection