Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, November 28, 1857, Image 1

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Editor, rublishcr & Proprietor. S
" To hold and trim the torch of Truth and Wave it o'er the darkened Earth"
. . TERMS :
One Dollar & Seuniy-flve cts, In advance,
Pubtished every Saturday Morning t by
In Bloomsburg, Columbia Oo
OmoE. In the new Brick Building, op
positethe Exchange ,by si'le of the Court
House," Democratic Head Quarters?'
terms or lunscniriioN.
01,00 In advance, for ono copy, for six montui.
1.76 la advance, for ono copy, ono year.
2,00 If not paid within the first throo monthi.
2,25 If not paid within the first six months.
2,50 If not paid within the year.
10" No subssriptlon takon for less than six months,
And no papur dlscoiitlncd until all arroaragesshau
iuvo boenpatd.
t7 Ordinary advortlsemetis Icsertcd and Job
Vork executed attho established prices.
XIIB founder of tliis Uclebratod Insti
tuUon.offjri the mosUcrtaln, apurdy and only
lual remedy in ihe world for pflerts for Otreta,
Firicliircf, Semtnal waoknefi, Palni in the Loins,
Obniliiutional Debility, linpotncy, V takncii or the
Becknnil, AflVetiona of tho Kidneys, l'.ilpita.
tlon ofthi Heart, Ilinpepiia. Nfrvou Irritability.
Dlieaie ot the Hmd. Tbront, Noio or Skin, and all
lhoi lerlous and melancholy Disorder armiiff rroni
iho deilructlve habiti of Youth, which destroys (jotM
hotly and mind, These aecrot nnd iolltarr practicct,
ore more fatal to their victim than the ions of the
tiyntni to tho mariners Ulynsci, blighting their most
brilliant hope of anticipations, riit)rlnp marriage
A.c , ImpoFsiblo.
Married pnrsons,or Voubt Men contemplating mnr
rlnzo, bilng aware of phyoic.U ivcaknoss, at same de
hilliv, deformities, Vc,, nlio'.M lm'n.lii tely cons nil
Dr Johnston.ond be restored In pTlocl henlih,
Ho who pit e(s himself itnJer tho care or Hi. John
stou may religiously confide in bis hnnor as a gentle.
men, andconllilnntlv rely upon his Rkilt asepliyncian,
Organic Weakness
immediately cured nnd full vigor restored.
This dlacaie Is the peinlty moat fn-qucnly paid by
those whobdvo become llio victim of improper indut
rencles. Vo'ing pcrsina are too upt to commit ex
cess from not being n ware of ilia dreadful mnscq'irncc ;
that niaypiisiif. Noa, wlioth-it untlcralamlj lliu ul i
jeci will pretenJto deny Hint the power of procrea
lion is loit aooner by Mojo r.illln; into improper !
habits than by tho prudent. Iteildes being deprive d of
l lie pleasure ol healthy olTiprlng, the moat sorlotn
and iealruclive Bympioms to both body nnd mind
orlsc. The system becomes tie ringed; ilir. physical
ail I ipiittil flowers neakened, ncrvuii deb. lily, dys
hvp'tu. oalpi tat ton orthe heart .Intlueitioii, a w at ting
ofihe Oame, couah symptoms of conmnitpiion K.C. Na.Tdoimt PiuntrttLK Street, seven doors
from U.tltlmore etreet. Knit side, up the steps He
particular Inolmmiij tlia PfAMB and NUMULIt,or
you will inistako the piece.
JtCtr Harranttd,er no t'Aara Madet In from One to
Two l)aij$.
Dr. Johnston,
Member of the Ccllrge of Hurgcuns. London
ftraduitufrom one of the most emmcui college ol the
United Htateii and the (treater part ol whose lilo lins
Irleii spent in the first llospltala of London .TariiJ hi!
Isdt'lpuia and (si se where, has elttrtil immiiw of ihe
Mtoniihiug currn that wero ever known; many trout)
Id with ringing in the head and ram wten askepi
great nervousness, being ahirmed nt sudden sounds,
and bashf.ilnetiR, vriih freinent bluhkug, attended
sometimes with duningcuieulofmiudtWerccurcd im
A Certain Disease.
When the misguided nnd Imprudent votary ofplna.
sure find hi Iuh Imbibed the si?.U of thin pa in Till
disease, it too nfieti happens an illllmed sense of
rhnine.or drvJdnfdiVfirrry, Jterfl hi in rrom npplyi
I it if to those wit j from editemfnn and rcApectabillir
ran nlunc befriend itlm delaying till tho cniittliuliony
symplnim nt thin horrid disease innks thei r nppenrana
nth js ulcerated ntn throat, iliscnked nose, noclurre,
pains in the head and II tubs, dimness of sight, de ofniml
nodesort the skin bones, uud arms, Motcheifron ens
head larii,ani evtremetio s, nrogressiiig with h ip Hi,
r.tplditv.till at list the patnle of tho inouttn lnul
bones of the nose fall in ,n nd the vietim of thtioi tho
tlitraie beeoiaes u horrid object of eummtsseratinn till
d-ath puts a period to his dreadful sufferings, by icn
fliogbliu to "tint bourne from whence nu traveler
return", ro sum inereiore ur. joiirifion pIoiJg'
hlmseirto preserve Ihn moit enviotitile rreoy and
from his extensive prnrticc In thn fjrst llo-piinls of
Kurope anT Americn, he can confidently rfcommena
afe and spedy cure to the uu fortunate iccim of this
hojrid ilu'-nse.
Take particular Notice.
Dr. J addresses ail those who hnve injured them
solve by nuvaliiandiinprnpcr indulenres,
These are shii.c of the sad nnd melmchotv effects
T.rolneed by early habit of youth, vix Wenknen of
the Hick and Iiinibs, Tain in the Head. Dimnefsot
8ijht. Iioss Tower I'alpttatioit of the
Itftrt, Uvspnpsm, Nerviu 1 rratltiitity, DcraiiKement
ufthe Ueatiro Functiona.CencralUcbilityyniptoms
of O'insuniption, St.
MUNTAIjLY -Tim fearful eirerls npm the mind
me much to he dreaded, hots ol .Memory, Coufin ion of
Ideas, Denri'Kton of the hpirlts, lil Porebodiucs,
Aversion of Uociety, Tlnilly,&c,,ato some of ihccvils
Thousands of persons of nil nges enu nov Judge
what Is tti- cause of tneir declining health. Loocing
thu!r vigor, becoming weak paleandemaritled, having
singular appearance about the eyci.coushand sjmp.
toms of Cons'impilou.
Dr. Johnston's Invigorating Remedy for
Organic Weakness.
Uy this grat aiid Important remedy, weakhessnfthe
organs arc npnedlly citicl, and full visor rrstnird.
Thousindsof tlia mot nrvoiiH and debilitated, who
had I st all hope, nave been immediately relieved. All
impediments to Marriage, IMiynlral and Mental nhi'ia-llflc-ttion,
Nervous Irritabilityl'rcuibMngs ami Weak
nets, or I'uh.iutilnn nfthe most fearful kind, speedily
cured by Doctor Johnston
, Young Men
Who have Injured themselves by a ccrtilu practice.
Indulged, in when alone t habit frequently learned
from evile niipmions, or a t school the effects of whir It
are nightly full, even when ;t sleep, and if not cutpiI
render m-trriaso imitiiiible, and destroys both mind
attti uouy, inouiii apply immeuiateiy
What a ot I v that u vouiil' ui.iu. the hone nf his conn
try, and thu darling of his parents shnnld be snatched
from alt prospects and enjnymefits of lite, by the courc
i)Unces of deviating from the rath ofnature, und in.
dulging In acertain secret habiti Such person bufwo
should reflect that a sound mind and bodynrc the mns
ueeessaryreiuisitiesio nromo'e conunblnl hanniness
Indced.wiiho'it these, tho Journey through life becomes
a wsary pilgrimage, ttio prospect hourly darkens to the
view: the mind bceoinen shadowed with desnxir and
filled wlllt the melancholy reflection tint the hajipincjs
of another berontes blighted with our own,
W.B, no fa 10 modesty prevent you, but apply im
nteuiaieiy emir r imrsonai ly or vy iri iit-
BKTX DiaUAHl'.a BfUtiMMf curud.
To Strangers.
Tbe many thousands cured at this institution with'n
the last 15 yean, and the numerous important Surgical
Chelations performed by Dr Johnston, witnessed by
tha reonrterHol the naoers nnd inanv other
tteesofwbicli have appeared again and Hgiln before
tos dub he, lysines his standing as a gentleman or tha
racterand responsibility! is a sufficient guarantee to
the aulicted.
Take Notice.
N. fl. There are so many ignorant and worthies
Quacks advertising themselves physicians, ruining
tha bealth oflhe alreidy afflicied, that Dr, Johnston
dsems It necessary tosay, especially to tuose unc
Suit Died with his reputation, Hut hi rredentlali and
niomasalwavshans in his office.
kVtaec Notice, All letters in nit be post paid, and
contain a postage stamp for the reply, or noanswe
feewill sent
tnutrly 7 1857.
patronaga with which he has been lavord for
TlIC tindersliriied. thanitlul for the libera
years eoneby, would Inform bis Irlends and
cuttunieis, Miat he cnntnuies to roanuiactore
Boots and bhocst
At hla ntd snrl well known stand, on ATtln street
Bloornibur j, in all their various and forms, in good
ly e and on moderate terms.
jus t
I lone nrneriencp in tho Ollfind... and eennra
knnnledg.of ir-e reoplo nf Columbia ounty, super
added to. Axed determination lorender mil. faction
lo alibi, customer., ahould eecuro him increased pa
tronise which h. hoped to merit.
Bloomsburg, Mauh 10 1 837
AN assortment of Conlectlonery, Jewftry, rrrfume
rjr, Hoapi, Hair Oils, Pomade. Ac . to bo bad at
n, t .. . . c" CtAUK'B BoukBtorc,
&TVMi'CtiALlor.ale bv
From Philadelphia to Noa York, and tfcj,' Placet
Leaves as follows, viz : , Fare,
At t A. M., from Kensington Depot, via Jerspy
City, Mail $2
At 0 A, Mm via Camden and Jersey City, New
Jerrey Accommodation.. 3
At 0 A.M., via Camden and Amboy, Accommoda
lioi 2
At 7 A. M.. via Camden and Jerspy City, Morn
ing Mail 3
At 10 A, M., by steamboat Trenton, via Tacony
and Jersey Cltv, Morning Kipres. ............ 3
At 2 P.M., via Camden nnd Amtoy, C. and A.
Express............... 3
At 5 1'. M..Vla Cnmdan nnd Jcmev CltvEf cninir
Malt 3
At :i P M , via Camden and Amboy, Accommo
dation, 1st Class . 3
At 3 1'. 2 . via Camden and Amboy, Accommo
dation, ild Class. 1
At 0 P. M.. via Camden and Amboy, Accommo
dation, 1st Class 2
At 6 P.M., via Camden and Amboy, Accommo
dation 3d Clas 1
The 5 V, M. line runs dally, all others Sundays ox-
KiDtesa Lines ston at the nrlncloal stall ins only.
for Uclvldere r.niton, Fiemlngton. ftC, at 0 A. M.
and 4 r. m , from Wninut street wharr.
For Water Can. Slroudnture. Sera tittn Wilkesbarre
.M nut rose, Crcat Dend.&c., at b A, M., via Delaware,
liacKavitnna at western ttaiiroau.
For frceftoid nt ti A. M.and 2 V. M.
For Mount Holiy nt 7 A. M., and 21 and 5 P. M.
For Bristol, Trenton, &c , nt '.'1 and 4 V. M.
way LINi:
For Palmyra, Ranrocas, llcverly, Burlington, Ttor-
acniown, occ, ai j r m.
Tor Mount Holly, Uurllngtou dnd Way Btatloni a-t 5
Steamboat Richard Stnrklun for Durlincton and Prl
tolat&t A M., nnd fur Unrdentowu and intermediate
places at 3 P. M.
Steamboat Trcr.lon for Tacony nt Mnnd 11) A. M.,
anu i r. ni., ami ror uuruntfton ami urntoi at 4 i . m.
nit lines, cxcrn i a, A , leave waium si.wuau
jj Fitly rounds ot baggtge onlynllowed each paf-
scni;er. I'ansenicrsareprohibitid from taking an) thing
us baggage but ihcir wearing apparel. Alt baggage
over III ly pounds to be pnld for extra. The Company
limit their responsibility for baggage to one dollar per
pon no, snd will not be liable for any amount bejond
9160. except by special contract
tvai 11. ua i sWiAi, rtgent,
(J fe A I . It CO.
R, n. MOIIRLLL, Agent,
SeplfliJ,iai7 rhila.Tr. R R. Co.
TI1H undMSlgurd, grntofnl for pant patronage, re
spectfully informs his ct stonier and llin public
generally, that he ha Just received from the Eastern
rltl :s, the largest and most select stock ol
That Ins yrt been opened (n llloomsburg. lo which he
Invito the attention of his friends, nnd orrures them
that" thev im pile red (or sa e nt craot barealnd. ttt
Stock roniprisos a large norimeii of
Ucutlomen s Wearing Apparel,
Consisting of FAS1I10NAIILE DRLSS COATS, ol
every uecripunn ; t aiin esis. muris. uravnts,
Stocks, Cot' on Handkerchiefs, Cloves, Suspenders,
Gold Watches and Jnvchy
Of evrry description, fl'n nnd cheop.
N. U Remember lAircnbsrg's ihtap Kmponvtn
Call and sua. N'o churgo fur mnilnlrfr Gi-oris.
Uloomsburg. Aug 59. 1357
T7HOLF.flLF. AND IIKTA1L, at the 'Philadelphia
v v
Watch and Jewulry Bloro,' Va
1 iS (Old N'o 'J I-)
v.irih 3KCOND Ht reft, corner of Qtiarrv
Cold Le vcr Watches, ft) I (Jewel led, 18 caret cahes, DO
Cold ipiuc, m caret, . m vu
Silver Lever, full Jew tiled, . . 12 00
Silver Lepino, Jewels, . otto
Superior Uuarllers, 7 no
Onld Rpectacles, - - 7 00
FineSilvr do, J 50
Cold Hracclcts, 3 GO
Lady's Cold Pencils 1 00
Kilvor I'va. rfn..nns. set - - 2 00
Cold fens, with 1'cucM and Silver hold r, 1 im
Cold Finger Uinpa, j f ft renis in jtu ; watcuuiass'is.
pliin, ll cents, patent Lunet S5; other arm Ids
in nrounrtiou. All goods warranted to be what they
are sold for.
EJi AUll'Hl cC llirlUIij.T,
ftS-Ou lirnd soino Gold and Silver Levers and
eplnei Ft ill lower than the above pnci's.
October 10, 16i7
nnlin undcrsientd resptclluiiy tnmrms tne citizens
ol Utoomsburg and the public in general, that he
has opened a
Hoot ana onoe usiaoiisnmcni.
In the white bitildjii2, on .Main street, nhnve lllse'a
k WiUon'a Bakery, whero hu uas constantly on hand
a Urge assortment ot
Hoots, otiocs, uauers. 'o..
And will make up work to order on short notice. II H
lonp mperience in me iiusiiicf, anu general Know
ledse ni tht wantiot tho people, will enable him to
render satiMnrtiun to all hi customers, nnd should
ccur him patronage wnicn no nones in ineru.
nioomfchurc, May 2, 157.
rpR subscriber bavinc removed bis Marble Yard.
1. from near the Court llo tie, to the South w st cor
ner of MAIN nnd MARKET t reels, in Rupert's Row,
wlure he s prepared to furnish all kinds of
Marble vnrns
Viz: MONUMENTS, Cradlo Iambi. Uox Tombs, and
Head stones of cverv description, (lis stork is of the
best k ind, the workmanship not surpassed by any in
tuc couniry, anu ut low prices, uan anu jtiage tor
u3 lie m i niso i urn i6ii inuio nmi uuri'itii inps.
.Miuitfjs f r houses, ,il.ue Corses, Liuttes, an d Bills
forWJnt'ottfl and Doors, ota low fiptiro.
Tlumktul Tor pastfuvora. wo hope font conifnumcc
of tlje same.
Rloomsburg, April 4. 1657. Cm
THE undersigned rrFpectrully fnrorms his rriends
and the public jeneioliy, that he has opened
Jl Nlxo Tinware and Sheet Iron Esta
In the htiildine formerly oreunfed for that purpose.
b) Josetdi Hharptess. where he is prepared W conduct
iir nuiineis in an is various Drai'ciicv
'J inwaro and House UpoutJrig of all kinds made to
order on short notice and at moderate prices.
AIo-STOVE3, of vurloui stylus, constantly for
Repairing done to order In quick time.
ttCouniry produce taken in exchange for work.
Dloomsburg, May 1(1, 1857 y
HAS nncncj n Marblo Van! In Court Alley, nppoilte
thQCxctuiigQ.wliere Ua i. prepareil to the
be.t work from ItalLin or American Alnrblefor
MOiNUM' M'd, TuMilS,
Tomb.itouei. Tablet, Mantle., Wmdowiilli and len
ill.. ofhiiwork ho refer, to
utlia.l.n lias made I. till, county lie will filriiUh
ue.ign. foruork or expcute any that may be fiirnUh
edtohim. III. work .hall alwa). ue .alhfjclory in
lt..tyl'iand rea.oualdeln price.
Illoom.tiurii, Dec 6, lfc30
TUB subscriber, havo Ju.l returned from tha city,
with a good af.orlment of Good. nt price, lo suit
the times, ubicli they will dispose of at prjcia for
tttiv ?')
We invite all person, who with to buycheop. to call
and examine our .lock. Country Produce taken as
II. C. 4c I, W, HARTMAN.
Oct 17, 1357
Dr. Francis 0. Harrison,
W0U1,1 respectfully Inform t lie citizens of llloont
buif and vicinity, thall.ehasroiumenced the pra
die oI'McDiciKK uudSoaueay, and solicits a share of
public patronage.
lie eanalwiyihefoundalthe Ulehange Ifctel o p
rciitelbf. Court Heme
Eleorai'juij Hb , Hi)
Selected Stern.
A Truo Tale.
Ono cold windy morning, the last Sun
day of December, 1810, a half naked man
knocked timidly at tlio basement door of
a fine substantial mansion in tho city of
Brooklyn. Though tho weather was bitter plied tho doctor, syrapathisingly. llo had
even for tho season, tho young man had forgotten for tho moment bis cold maxims
no clothing but a pair of ragged cloth of prudonco and added, " ho must be car
panls, and tho remains of a flannel shirt, ricd to a room without fire, and placed in
which czposod his muscular chest in many a comfortable bed."
largo rents. But in ppito of his tattered Tho coachman was called in to assist in
apparel and evident of fatigue, as ho leaned , tho athletic stranger, who was soon
heavily upon tho railing of tho basement oarried to a room in tho chambers, whero
stairs, a critical observer could not fail to
ncticn a conscious air of dignity, and the
marked traces ot cultivation ana rclinemeut Tho young man soon becamo partly con
in his palo haggard countenance. j scious, but all conversation was forbado
Tho door was speedily opened, and dis- him, and ho sunk quietly to sleep,
cloicd a large, comfortably furnished room, j n u0 ;3 d0ig won . i0t him rest as long
with its glowing grate of anthracite j beforo , as ho can should ho awako in our absence,
which was a fashionablo attired young g;T0 !,;, b00f( taa auj loapt libitum,"
man, in a brocado dressing gown and vcl- - said tho doctor professionally, as ho left
vet slippers, was reclining in a sott Jauttil, ,
busilv readiurr tho mornum nanors. Tho
beautiful young wifo had lingered at tho
t iblc, giving to the servant in waiting, her
orders for tho household duties of tho day,
when tho timid rap at tho door attracted
her attention. Sho commanded it to bo
opened ; but the door was already opened,
and the sympathies of Mrs. Maywood en.
listed at once.
"Como in to tho Ore;" cried tho young
wife, impulsively, " boforo you perish 1"
Tho mendicant, without exhibiting any
surpriso at such unusual treatment of a
street beggar, slowly entered tho room,
manifesting a painful weakness at every
step. On his, Mr. Maywood,
with a displeased air, gathered up his pa
pcrs and left tho apartment. The com
passionato lady unwisely placed tho half
frozen man near tlio fire, while sho prepared
a bowl of fragrant coffee which, with
abundant food, was placed bcOio lilm -But
noticing tho abrupt departuro of her
husband, Mrs. Maywood, with a clouded
countenance, left the room, whispering to
tho servant to remain until tho stranger
would leave.
Slio then ran hastily up tho richly
mounted stair case and paused before the
entrance of a small laboratory and medical
library, and occupied solely by her husband
who WrtS n physician and practical chemist.
Shu opened the door nnd entered tho room.
Mr. Maywood was sitting at a small table,
with his head resting on his bauds, appa
rently in deep thought.
" Edword," said tho young wife, gonlly
touching his arm, " I fear I havo displeased
you; but tlio man ionised so wrctoncu, 1
could not bear to drivo him away," and
her sweet voico trembled as sho added
"You know 1 take the sacrament to day."
"Dear Mary,1' replied tho really fond
husband, "I appreciate your motives. I
know it is pure goodness of heart which
leads you to disoboy me, but still I must
insist upon my former commands that no
beggar shall ever bo permitted to enter tho
liouso, It is for your safety that I insist
upon it. How deeply you might bo im
posed upon in my frequent absences from
homo, I shudder lo think. The man that
is now below may bo but a burglar in
discuise, and already in your absence
taking impression in was of tho different
keyholes in tho room so as to enter somo
uight at his leisure. Your limited experi
ence of city lifo, makes it difficult for you
to credit bo much depravity. It is no
charity to givo to street beggars, it only
encourages vice, doare?t,"
"Itmiyboso," responded Mrs. May
wood, ''but it seems wicked not to relievo
suffering and want cvon if tho person has
behaved badly and wo know it, but I
will promiso you not to lot another beggar
into tho houso,"
At this moment tho servant rapped vio
lently at tho door, cryiog out that tho
beggar was dying.
"Como, Edward, your fkill can savo
him, I know," said his wifo hasteniug
from tho room,
Tho doctor did uot refuso this appeal to
..... j. . ,
vauity, for ho immediately
o'sflyiug footiteps as sho
his professional v
followed his wifo's flying footiteps
descended to tho basement. Thoy found ,
tho mendicant laying palo and unconscious
upon tho carpet whoro ho had slipped in j
his weakness from the chair whero Mrs. 1
Maywood had seated him. j
" He is a handsomo fellow," muttered
tho doctor as ho bent over him to ascertain
tho ttatc of his pulso.
And well ho might say so, The glossy
locks of raven hair had fallen away from
a broad, white forchoad; his clooed eyelids
wore bordered by long raveu lashes which
lay like a silken fringo upon Lis palo
bronzed checks, wbilo a delioato nquilino
nose, and a squire massive cliin displayed
a model of manly Leauly,
"Is Iio dead I" asked tlio young vilo
" OL, no I it is only a fainting lit induced
by tho sudden chango of tcmporaturo and
perhaps tho first stago of starvation," re
tho doctor administered with his own '
hands, strong doses of port wino 3angarco
the room.
In les3 than an hour afterwards, Dr,
Maywood and his lovely wifo entered tho
gorgeous church of " tho most llcly Trin
ity." Amid tho hundreds of fair dames that
entered its broad portals, dressed with all
tho tasto and magnificence that abundant
woaltlt could procuro, not ono rivalled, in
grace and beauty, tho orphan bride of the
rich physicUn. Her tall, graceful figure
was robed in a violet silk, that only height
tned by contrast her largo azuro eyes,
bright with tho lustro of youthful happiness;
yet thero was a touch of tender pity in
their drooping lids that won the confidence
of every beholder. Tho snowy tcrmine
mantilla, which protected her from the
piercing wind, rivalled, but could not sur
piss, tho delicate purity of her complexion.
M any admiring eyes followed tho faultless
fiuic of Jim. Maywood. fs sho moved
with unconscious grace up tho central aisle
of tho church, but none with more heartfelt
devotion than tho young, wayward, but
generous man who had recently wedded
her in spite of her poverty, and tho sneers
of his tiristocratio acquaintance,
The stately organ had pi. hi its last rich
notes, which wero still echoing in tho dis
tant arches, when a stranger of venerable
aspect, who had previously taken part in
tho services of tho altar, roso and announ
cod for his text, the oft quoted but seldom
applied words of tho Apostle. " He not
careful to entertain strangers, for thereby
some have entertained angels unawares.'
Dr. Maywood folt his forehead flush pain
fully; it appeared to him for tho moment
that tho preacher must havo known his
want of charity towards strangers, and
wished to givo him a public lesson ; but
he soon saw, from the tenor of his remarks,
that his own guilty conscienco had alone
mado the application in his particular case.
I havo not space, nor indeed the power to
givo any synopsis of the sermon ; but that
it combined with the incident of tho morn
ing, effected a happy revolution in tho mind
of at least one of its hearers. So much so
that on tho return of Dr. Maywood from
church, ho repaired at onco tn tho room of
the mendicant to offer such attentions as
ho might stand iu need of, But tho young
man seemed to be much refreshed by rest
and nutritious food, nnd commenced grate
fully thanking his host for tho kind atten
tions ho had received which, without doubt
had saved his lifo. " But I will recom
pense you well, for, thank God, I am not
tho beggar thatlBoera, I was shipwrecked
on Friday night in tho Ocean Wave, on
my return from India. My narao was
doubtless among tho list of tho lost-for I
, , , . , T
scarped from tho waves by miracle. I
attempted to mako my way ti Nexv York,
whero I have amplo funds in bank await -
ing my orders, but I must havo perished
from cold and hunger had it not been for
110 " , . ;
you and your wife s provident chanty. I
was ropulsed from every door as an impos -
ter. and could cot neither food nor rest.
an exilo from ono'a native land ton
I , , r . ..
Years muu. niiur uauuuiui; irm mu
' perils of the ocean, to dio of hunger in tho
, . .... ., r c u . i
streets of a christian city, I felt was truly
a outer tutu.
" My name is Arthur Willctf," added
the stranger.
" Why, that is my wifo's family namo.
Sho will bo doubly pleased at her cgtney
iu your recovery."
" Of what SUto is sho a nativo V aBked
' Arthur Willett, caacrly.
" I married her iu the town of J5 ,
I whero sho was born."
j At this moment Mrs. Maywood ontered
tho room, surprisod at tbo long absenco of
her husband,
Arthur Willott gated at her with a look
of tho wildest surprise, murmuring
"It cannot bo it cannot be, I am
delirious to think so."
Mrs. Haywood gazed with littlo less
astonishment, motionless as a statute
"What painful mystery is this!" cried
Dr. MaywOod, excitedly, addressing his
wife, who then became conscious of tho
singularity of her conduct.
" Oh, no mystery," sho replied, sighing
deoply, "only this stranger is tho imago of
my long lost brother, Arthur," And Mrs.
Maywood, overcomo with emotion, turned
to leave the room.
" Stay ono moment,'' pleaded tho stran-
gcr, drawing a small mourning ring from
bis finger and holding it up, asked if sho
recognized that relic t
f It is my father's grey hair, and you
" His son, Arthur Willott, and your
Mary Willott Maywood fell upon tho
raondicant's breast, weeping tears of sweet
est joy and thanksgiving.
Dr. Maywood retired from tho room, !
and left sister and brother alone in that
sacred hour of ro-uniou, saying to himsolf.
" Bo not forgetful to cntcrtjjn strcogors
for thereby somo have entertained angels
Saturday Wight.
What blessed things Saturday nights
arc, -and what would tho world do without
them ? 'I heso breathing moments in the
tramping march of life; those little twilighU
iu tho broad glarish glaro of noon when the
pale yesterdays look beautiful through the
shadows, and faces changed long ago smiled
sweetly acaiu when ono remembers the
old folks nt home, and the old fashioned
fire, nnd tho little brother tbit died, and
tho littlo sister "transplanted."
Saturday nights mako people human ; set
their hearts to beating slowly, as they used
to do, before tho world turned them into
war-drums and jarred llicm to pieces with
'i ho ledger closes with a crash ; tlio iron
door of the vault comes to with a bang; up
go tli: shutters with a will; clink goes the
key in tho lock. It is Saturday night, and
the business man breathes freo again.
Hnmoward, ho ! The door that has been
ajar nil tho week gently closes behind him;
the wnrld is shut out. Shut out I Shut
in rather. Hero aro his treasures after
all, and not in tho vault ; in the record
of the old family Biblo and not in the
May bo ycu aro a bachelor, forty and
frosty. Then poor fellow, Saturday night
is nothing to you, just as you aro nothing
to anybody. Get a wifo, btue-eyed or
black-eyed, but abovo all get a true-eyed ;
get a littlo homo, no matter how little, and
a littlo sofa just to hold two and a half in
it of Saturday Dight ; and then read this
paragraph by the light of your wife's eyes
and thank God and lako courage'.
Tho dim and dusty shops aro swept up.
tho hammer is thrown down, the apron is
doffed, and tho laborer hastens with a light
step homeward bound.
" Saturday night," feebly marmurs the
languishing, as ho turns wearily upon his
couch, "and there is another to come,"
" Saturday night at last !" whispers tho
weeping abovo tho dying, "and it isSunday
to morrow, and to-morrow I '
Married Lifo
Tho following paragraph is from Ihs
Springfield Republican :
Married lifo has its trials and its sorrows
Tempers may prove incompatible, and call
for forebcaranco. Fortunomay be chary
or its favors and enforco selt'-deuial
ClliIu.ron f lo. "D8"tnfu, ?"d, ""S.ft0
1 poor heart that has pillowed them, t-ick-
j ne33 mj oomo and haurjt a household for
j years. But ask tho poor man, struggling
'with bis debts, and tbo weary woman,
, toiling oarly and lato, accomplishing tho
frui? of a11 h" t,ba,Uty ?nd l'
, if thoy would bo placed apart could com-
, petcneo ho given thorn, and all their trials
1 ho broueht to an end. Tho answer would
, bo, "there is something sweeter than tho
wonu can oner irom in siorctiouso oi jojs
1 outsido of it, and something that would
. . - , ,1. . ...
mako oven severer trials than ours, only
iron bands to draw us moro closely to
gether." Sgy "Dio poor!'' as if anybody could
dio rich, and in that act of dying, did not
loose tho grasp upon tho title deed and
bond, and go away a pauper, out of liino I
No gold, no lands, no jowels or tcnoments.
And yet men have been buried by charity's
band who did dio rich, died worth a thous
and thoughts of beauty, a thousand pleas
ant memories, a thousand hopes restored.
tQrThat friendship is of adiviuc nature
vtblob anticipates snHeitatioiis.
Tbo Gravo of Jamo3 Madison
Tho Richmond South gives an interesting
account of tho oponing of tho gravo of
Jaincs Madison, for tho purpeso cf laying
tho foundation of a monument to his mem
ory, Hero is a description of tho monu
ment: Tho monument is of James Ilivcr granite,
in form an obelisk, and as graceful and
appropriate as anything could be. It is
composed of seven pieces of stone, two of
which measure five feet by seven, and weigh
over nino thousand pounds; two others,
which measure four feet by two foot, wcih
irif over six thousand pounds; another,
two feet ten inches by two feet, weighs
thrco thousand pouudf ; and another, thir
teen feet long, twenty-Cvo inches at its
base, and thirteen inches at tho top, weighs
ton thousand pounds. 'J'ho gross wefgkt cf
tho entire monument i3 about 32,000 lbs.
It rises just twenty-four feet abovo the level
of tho burying ground. Tho height of tho
monument proper b just twenty-two feet
six inches, but the foundation on which it
rests being raised some eighteen inches
abovo tho surface, adds thai much to tho
apparent height of tho monument. About
nine feet from tho base is chiselled tho
following inscription :
BORN MAB.0II lOTIf, 1751.
Lied June 28t, 1830.
Tho appearance of the ooffin and eornso
is thus described :
In digiiinj for a suitable foundation, it
becamo necessary to go below tho coffin,
wuicu was consequently exposed to view.
Tho boards placed abovo the coffin had
decayed ; but no earth had fallon upon it,
auu cvurjiuiug appoarcu 10 ue as wuen
tln nnffin i1f.;tmi tl,,n ,.., '
tho coffin lid was slightly out 'ofplace al- I
lowing a partial view of tho interior. As
there wero no fastenings to prevent, tho
pari oi vue na covcrinc me suuenur nor,
i .I i i
lid covering the superiur nor-
Hon ol tho body was raised, and tho several
gentlemen present looked in upon tho re
mains ot ttio great Virginian. Tho coffin
itself, of black walnut, was in perfect pre-
evjivuiiuii, uuu iuu lub-rior r,as nearly iiueu
wan a species ot moss, wmcu adhered to
nacioutly to tho wood,
Boneath this, and partly hidden by it,
wero a few of tho larger and harder bones.
Tho lower jaw had fallen away, the bones
of tho breast and the libs wero gone, aud
tno only parts ot tlio skeleton which re
mained wero the skull and portions of the
check bones, tho vertebras of tho neck, tho
spino and tho largo bones of tho arm. All
else of tho upper part of tho body had re
turned to tho dust from whence it was
taken, and in a few years moro every traco
of tho body will disappear, until tho trump
of tho resurrection shall re-unite tho scat
tered particles. Tlio body had been interred
just twenty ono years.
un reaching sumciently nrm ground, tho
foundation was commenced and built up as
two walh, one each side of tho coffin, until
it reached a sufficient height, when it was
arched over tho cottin, nnd then built up
solid to tlio surfuco, thus forming a vault,
in which rest tho remains of Madison,
precisely beneath tho centre of tho monu
ment. Tho foundation was mado of hard
surfaco stone, gathered off the Montpeilcr
farm, within a short distance of the gravo
CS5Wo havo measured the ago of
Methuselah only by the sun dial. Let us
take tho coil of the life, the nine hundred
sixty and nino years of his pilgrimage, and
roll it out from th's present, over a past
which historyShas lightened. It stretches
back beyond tho landing of tho Pilgrims;
beyond tho brightness of tho reformation,
into tho dim twilight of tho middle ages;
back beyond tho now birth of a continent ;
boyond Agineourt, and Orcsy, and Hastings,
end over the graves of twenty-five genera
tions, to tho very childhood of tho Dnglish
people ! William, the Conqueror, if ho
should riso at this day to confound tho
ambitious names which claim to have 'coma
over' with him, would be younger, by ono
hundred years, than Methuselah was when
ho died 1
C6T" A teacher ono day endeavoring to
a pupil understand tho nature and
,. .. , . i . i ,i
application oi a passivo vcrD saw, -a. i
passivo is cxprcssivo of the naturo of re
ceiving an action, as, Peter is beaten.
Now what did Peter do 1"
Tho boy pausicg a moment, with tho
gravest countenanco imaginable, replied,
" Well, I don't know, without ho hollered."
' 1
BST"Sir," said a littlo blustering man
to n religious opponent, "to what sect do
tui i '
you supposo I belong ?'
" Well, I don't exactly knovr," replied
tho other, " but to judgo from your tno i
and appearance, I should think you belong
to the class generally called insects. '
jfiy A lawyer in ono of tho western
courts litcly threw a cano at anotbor'ts
head. Tho court required hira to apolo
gize for it. Ho did so, and added
" Whilo I am about it, I may as well
apologizo boforoliand for throwing another
cane at bim tbo first chance 1 get,"
Country Girlff.
Mrs. Victoria Fuller, in tho Ohio Cut'
livator, in a sisterly way, thus talks lo
country girls :
The farmers' daughiera aro sdon to be
the life aa well as pndo of the country ; a
gl irious raco of women which no other
land can show. I seek not to flatter thorn,
for before they can become this they will
havo to mako earnest efforts of ono or two
kinds. Thero aro acrr.o who depreciata
their condition ; and somo who have &
false prido in it, bocauso they demand
moro consideration than they mortt. A
want of intclligonco upon all subjects, and
of refined education) is no more excusable
in a country than a town bred girl, in this
age of books and newspapers.
Many girls aro discouraged because thoy
cannot bo sent away from homo to board
ing schools ; but men of superior minds and
knowledge of the world would rather hayo
for wives women well nnd properly educa
ted at homo. And this education can ba
had wherever tho desires aro not wanting.
A taste for reading doos wonders, and an
earnest thirst after knowlcdgo is almost
certain to attain a sweet draught cf tho
'pionan tpnng. ' Thero is a tarmer'o
daughter iu 1I113 very room in which I am
writing, a beautiful, refined and intolloctual
woman, in whose girlhood books were not
as plentiful as now, and who gained her
fine education under circumstancos which
would havo discouraged any ono but ono
who had a truo love of study..
Town girls havo the advantago of nioro
highly polished manners and greater ac
complishments ; but country girls have
infinitely more to rocoramend them as rivals
of their fair city sisters. They havo moro
truo household knowledge and economy,
health, and consequently boauty, simplicity,
affection, and freshness of impulso and
tbought. When they have cultivated minds
tlier0 ar0 more chances in their favor for
G !eui0 B.uu ro" uJui'"a.u
IU"?U3 not demanded by tne tnyoimesr
snemtv. Tho added lustro of loreicn
accomplishments could easily bo caught by
such a mind from a very little contact with'
the musio.
1 would not speak as thoueh our Jarm.
ers' daughters wero deficient in education,
Many brilliant scholars and talented women
miv bo found nmon" them : in New Eng
land this is especially so ; but.I would seek
to awalco the ambition ot all to beoome
that admired and favored classes which
they ought to be, if they will but unitb
refined culturo with their excellent graces.
A sweet country-house, with roso and
honoy.sucklc3 trained to climb over it, with
good tasto, beauty and intelligence within ;
toil enough to insure health, and leisure to
court acquaintances with books and flowers,
nnd the loveliness of nature, with peace,
plenty and love, is surely ono of tho para
dises which Hoaven has left for tho attain
ment of man.
Yankee Poetrv. A down cast poet
thus immortalizes the beautiful river Con
necticut. " Boll on, loved Connecticut, long hast
thou ran, giving shado (o old Hartford and
freedom to man !"
J6T Alady in Holme county, Miss, hung
herself a short tirao since from mortifioa
tion on account of her husband haying
been caught playing cards with a negro.
BSJ Courting is an irregular, active,
transitive verb, indicative mood, present
tense, third person, singular number, and
agrees with all tho girls in town.
i .
At a colored ball, tho following
notico was posted on the doorpost :
' Tickets fifty cents. No geraman ad
mitted less ho como himself I"
JST In peeling cnious, put a largo needla
in tho mouth, half in and half out. Tho
needle attracts the bulb, and any number
may be peeled without effecting the eyes.
J5si5" Go to thunder," is now rendered
thus : "Take your dtparturo to tho abodo
of tho reverberating ochocs of Heaven's
BS?-Punch advises tho Governor of Utah
to "go it whilo bo's Young." Tlio advico
, , , . ' '
1 CUCCli 1UIU.
tST A rascally old bachelor asks.
"What is tho most difficult operation a
surgeon can perform ! To tako tho jaxu
out of a woman,"
j- Iu what does tho American Indian
j differ from the modern ladies? Tho ono
tvar hoops in tirao of battle, and the other
wears hoops in time of peace.
j ,,7T
tST What is more beautiful and poeti
j cal than tho ljulo chnd.a Woi of lca
."Water gone to sleep."
j A wise man will spoak well of hid
neighbor, lovahis wifa, tako the Deiuoent
and pay for it iu advanco,
tSf Why is a loafornin a printing of
fice like a shado tree I
Decauso wc are glad when be tsaves.
ttSr Arrived Mr. J. Frost. He it
rether "cool" theso mornings.
lay Why i a dead duck lib" a dead do
tor ' Dccsuso bnlh havo stopped qim'k n'