Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, November 21, 1857, Image 1

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Editor, Publisher & Proprietor.
" To hold and trim the torch of Truth and AVavc it o'er the darkened Earth"
One Hollar & Fcvruty-fivc xts, in nd-ncc
YOL. XL-NO. 37.
Published every Saturday Morning, tV
In Bloomsburg, Columbia Co.,
Omen. In we new Brick Building, op
pontethe Exchange, by side of the Court
JlOUSt, wcmocraiic ucuu iuuricrs,
41,00 la advanco, for one copy, for clx month)
1,74 In advance, for one copy, ono your.
2,00 If not paid within tho first three months.
2,25 If not paid within tho first six montlis.
2,50 If not paid within tho year.
Uy flosiiosoripuon laiton lor less uiniiaizuionius
rplIK founder of this (Jclcbratctl Insd-
I tution.oiTirs the moileertain, Bpreily, and only
effectual mnedy in the world for r fleets for Gleets,
Ftrictures, tieminnl ivaektieii, .'.tins lit iho Loins,
Constitutional DcLllliy. Iiiijinti'iicy, Weaklier! of the
Back and Limbs, Affections of the Kidneys, 1 p 1 1 u
lion of I tin Henri, Ilisnensia, Nervous Irritability,
llie3ie ol the Henri. Throat, Noie rr Skin, and all
tho icrloui and melancholy Disorders
the destructive Jialots ul" Votitli, which drtroyiuili
body and mind, These secret nnd solitary tunc t ices,
.n rc more fatal to their victims than the jo tig nf the
fly rem to the mariners Ulysses, blighting their most
brilliant hope of anticipations, rendering marriage
fee , ImpoMibtc.
Married persons .or You 04 Men content (tlating mar
rlnae, btlng award of physical HHkMcni, organic do
WlTty. deformities, ike,, should Immediately consult
Ur Johnston, and lie restored lo nerlect hculttt.
He who pi. ei'n liimiclfuuder lite care ( Dr. John
ton may rcliciimily cunhnc In Ms honor as a Keiitlt1
men, and confidently rtlv upon Ins skill asephysiciuii.
Organic Weakness
immediately cured nnd full vigor restored.
mil diflfjic h the pennlty moit frequcnly paid by
thjti who liuve hucome the victim of Improper hid til
fjotici'ii. Yoiiiik peranm are too apt lu commit ex
ci' from not being; aware of tliadreadful coimi-quence
tiiat ni.iyensu'1. Now, -who that undurstandi Ihecub
jfet will pretend to deny that the power of procrea
lion is lost sooner by those fall in Into Improper
lulu lit than by the prinluru. ileal d being deprired ol
lite pleasure ot heullliy olfpitng, tho moil serious
and detrucllve syin,(iiomi 10 both body and tnind
arise. The system becomes dennged; the pliyitiCdl
and iruetul powurs weakened, ncivnus deblliiy, ily-iH-piia,
oal pi tat ion of the bear I , indigestion, a wustnitf
ul tliehmiid, couffti symutoini4nf consumption &r.'
Fy Office No.TH'iTii L' RCDERiLKSTRLeitsevt'n doir
from IMHimore street sidu. up Hit- Jiieps Ue
p.irliculnr InolMdrinif tlin N A.MU ami, or
ymiwill mintfike the plecp.
.i Vur itarrante4,vr no lifarg 1 Made, in from One (0
Ttoo Days.
Drt Johnston.
MpihIit of Hip tiny 1 1 Co I tec e of Hiirgfoti'- London
'Indunif froni one rifihu must euiMP u cs'llfftfn ol the
IJinl"d rttites. and the crratf r put win. Iilf hits ,
l-'cn spuni in l lit ti t Hoipi talE. oT London HI.iris,I hi!
U'lflpliin and elsewhere, has eltcct"d some of the iito.t
a 1 ton 1 thing cured that w re ever knou u ; m my truub
I :. witli rMiing Initio head nud ears Mt inhfp,
riil nt rvoiisn"Hi bin toiddcu niintH.
and banhf il ni'"H. with Iri'incnt lilu'iiit, nttenduii
t) ime times with dern 11 ir meiit uf mind, were curtrd Itu
A Crrtdtn Viscaw.
Wh-n th mirignldl tin.) iinp'udeiit votnrv ofpteii
r irtj funU h htji luiljilfd tin; sxHs of titu pnuiTol
siisetmu, It Inu ntirn Lapi vi an 1 1 lit im d .,tiM r.f
shtme or dre'id nf l'm .0rr.1v d tcr him frn.11 afpHI
intjlo Ihtmr si , from education and respt clulnl tf
cut alone befriend him del lyitiy til 'lie ctii.stin;l:u:iy
rmptutns ol tint horrid die"a-emaks tin 1 r npp.-11r1.i11
.fit in nlre'iiled rtii'e.'hro it. die.iaed none, nocti'rre,
pain in the hr;tdn,l liiubM.dimoens ol inibt.d (if until
in., if. on the hk in tiiiiie., an,) nrnni, bloichenfu,, en laee. si) I exlremetlo s, iro;'re?ineiM illi h ijf tit.
1 ipldit .till ai list the palniu .oftliu nnuiti htttl
t. 'tin ..f the nine Ull in ,:i nd the vi. nm of tlilioi tli.-.;.--ae
lixftnncs a horrid olijtct of commim -rAiioa nil
.1 ath .H.- r. perm 1 in hi dreadful suireriups, by eu
iini'lum lo 'tltit lioiirpe ft.nii wln-iicn tin traveler
uturn. To such therefoie Dr. J0I111M011 plcdeei
1'imselfto preserve Hie moot envlniible ncrreov nnd
from lili eiinijiivp prartice (n theflrsi Ilitspiutin 0"
rjiimpo nter meica, ho can ronhdently recuminem.
Kite stid spedy euro to the ttnfoit-innie-vicciui of this
hoirid dim .tiit!
Take pirticu'lar Xoticc.
Dr. J .iddresse al those who have injured them
clve by pnvateaud improper Indulenres,
Tfien are smi.eiif the nad and meinncholv cireet
produced byearlyhabitu of youth, viz Weakness of
the Hack end Limbs, Tain ill the Head. Dininrssot
Hijjbt. Loss of Muscular Tower I'nlpiu.tion of the
llenrt, Dspepiia, Nervals 1 rratilulity, Dirangejuent
of the Digestive Iu net ions, Uvr.ura I Debility, symptoms
Of Cinsumptfon.c
MENTALLY The fearful eflerti upon the mind
nie much to he dreaded, Los ol Memory, (onfiHlon of
XiVis, Deoreriiion of Hie bpirlts, Lvil rorftiodinsi,
Avertirinof3oclcly, Timiiy.ic.are some oftheevils
produced .
Thousands of persons of all nges can now Judge
what Is thi ciuseoftiieir deelmmj health Looting
I heir vigor, becoming weak, pale and emariated; having
singular appearance about the eyes, cough and symp
toms of Consumption.
Or. Johnston's Invigorating Remedy for
Organic Weakness.
Hy this great and important remedy, wrnknefsoflhe
crcmn are speedily cureil. and (nil visor rvtmred.
Thi'isandsofthp most nervous nnd debilitated, who
In 1 1 tit all hope, have been immediately relieved, All
Imp.Mimeiils Marriage. physical and Mental Dismia
liflc itlon, Nervoiu lrrit.ibility,Trnuibliugs n nd Weak.
ui, or'exhauiion ofthe most lenrful kind, spced(,v
curd by Dortor Joititstun
Young Men
Who have tnj'irodtliemielves by a rertiiu practice,
Inlulged In when alone .1 habit frequently learned
front evil companions, or at school the eflccis afwhich
are nlshtly felt. evtn whon asleep, and (f not cured
renders 111 irriave impossible, and destroy! both mind
and dy, should iinply immediacy
aat a pity that u voting man. the Imp 9 nf his 1011 n ii, n uni iny .ii in. ,iiruiii 'lllulll no n.iiciirii
fru-n all prospect, and tlio cuns.
dulging in acertaln secret habit, riueli person, beforo
should reflect that sound mind and body are the mo,
necessary requisites lo prouio'o conunbial liappineaa
1 ii deed, without these .the journey through lilo becomes
a weary pilgrimage, the prospect hourly darkens to the
view ; the mind becomes shadowed with despair and
i'tril with tlie melancholy reflection that the happiness
i mother hr-comes hlighte.1 with our own,
OFFICE N0.7BOUTII I'll EDERlCK S r..Balllniors.A4
V. 11 l.i, t no false modesty prevent you, but apply nil
mediately either personally or by letter.
To Strangers.
Tia manyiousanda cured atthis institution wilti'n
ihu last ISyears.andthe numerous important Surgical
Cporatlons performed by Or. Johnston, witnessed by
the rrporiersnl tho papers and many other
tiers ii" Jhich have appeared again and iiglln before
tbe ' i' lie, besides bis standing as a gentleman of cha.
racers.nd responsibility, Is a surlicient guarantee to
the , licleJ.
Take Nolioe.
N. n. -Tlicro are so many Ignorant and worthless
Quaclls idverlising themselves Physicians, ruining
tllo heallll oflho already ulilicted, that Dr, Johnston
dee isltneretsary Insay, especially to those unac
qiial-ited with Ills reputation, tlialhis credentials and
dipiimasaiwaysuaiig in ma omcc.
KJ-r.RKNoTics, All letlers innst Le post paid, and
com iln a postage stamp for the reply, or noajiswer
bewiilsent l
.niariy 7 iesr.
THE undersigned, thank lul for the liberal
Ll D&trottage with which he lias been favord for
j years goneby, would infoimliis triends and
-customers, -nal lie continues to manuiaciuru
Hoots and ohocs,
At his old and well-knownsland, on Malnslleet,
illooLnburg, In all their various and forms, in good
style andon moderate terms.
ills long experience In tho business, and general
knowledgeof the people of Columbia ounty, super
added to a nxed determination lorrnrler satisfaction
toallhls customer. .should secure him increased pa,
troaage which he hopes to merit-
ninnmsburc, Mslrh 10 1 857
assortment of Conleeilonerv. Jewilry. rerfunio
-1 ., boaps, llslr Oils, Pomades. A:c , to be had at
C CLARK'S Hook Store.
-loorosuurg. ai.y au. IM,
SIOIAVIXML lorule by
II W. 4. W. N. CREASY.
and nopapor clUoontlnod until all arrearagesahall A; V.Via'camjcn'a'nd Je'iey'cViy'.'i:Ve'ning
have boenpald. Mli 7 3
lET Ordinary advertisements Inserted and Job- ai 3 r si . via Camden anil Arauoy, Aceommo
work (xecntod at tho established prices. dntion, 1st Clan S
uuiMmMiuMB AiiV Si,, fo'rt ofa. ",.'t.C" . f .?n.".0''. .I"?""110 1
BALTIfllOUE LOCK HOSPITAL. dJ.L'icii.r f"?! !': ' ""i
Tltn d.AJtnnN and amroy itAiuidAD AND
Frcm Philadelphia to Alu FerJfc, and Way Mates
Leaves as follows, viz : Fare.
A L!, i1"'.?.". !??.' ". "T:..1:.'"lst
At 0 A. M ., via Camden and Jersey City, New
Jersey rtcconiuiouaiion.
A 1 0 A. SI ,via Camden and Amboy, Accoinmoda
Hon.... 1...1
At 7 A. M.. via Camden and Jersey City, Morn-
1 log mail ,,
At 10 A. M.. Iiv steamboat Trrnton, via Tocony
and Jersey Oltv, Morning Erpreis
AlSP. M., via Caiorica and Aiuboy, C. and A.
At fl I'.Rl.t via. Camden and Amboy, A cenro mo
nition Vd Irw 1
TlioSI. M line tuns daily, all oihern Bundajrs ex
cepted. Ijipresa Lines slop at tho principal only.
For llelvidere, Cnsion, Flemlnglon . &c, at C A. ,M.
and 4 I'. M., Irom Walnut strei't wharf.
For Watir Gap,Btroudbburg.Pcranti.n,Wilkrfibarre,
Montrose, Great Ucnd. &c, at o A. ai., viaSJelaware,
Lackawanna at tVctcrn llallroail.
FnrFreehold at 0 A. M.and 2 P M.
i'ur Mount lloliy at 7 A AI.. and SI and 5 1'. M.
For Urtslol, Trenlun. &o , at '.'4 and 4 T. M.
Tnr Talinyra, Rancneas, Ueveriy, lltirlinton, nor
dentown, &c, at 3 I M.
For Mount llollv. I'.utlliiilon and Wav Slnllnin at S
P. M .
Pleambnat tllrhard Btockttin lor nitrlinctoi nnd rtrls '
tot at ti A M., and for llnrdenlown and iuternicdiate
place, it 21 I'. M.
tilrnmuti! UVer.ton for Tacony nt 10 and II A.M.,
and 4 I' M.,nml for IliirlinpUjii and llrittol at 4 P. M
All tini'.,cirpil I A..M , leave Walmil st.wbarr
XZ? i'llty ouud, ot bajigJce nniyalloned each pis-
.eiiKer rn,eii:e rs are prohibit td from takina unytliini;
as bnrgase Inl their icnriiifr apparel. All linccac"
over lilly poupds to be paid for extra. The Company
limit their responsibility for bargnpp to one dollar pi-r
pouno, and will nut lie halib'.for any amount beyond
9IU0, except by special rnutrnrt
C It. A b . It CO.
It. II. MOI1RLI.I,, Aaenl,
Si-pUO, 12.7 l'blla. Tr. U P.. Co.
F ALL TrI I V Al7.
IL V IU !i W Q
rpUB undcrsisned, sraleful for tmut patfonaae..rr-
X sperifully i ti firms Ji rs ci stumers and ihe public
(tencmliy, that lie hat Jiul received from the Castertt
riti s, the Inrpesl ami most elcci stock of
Tlut et been opened i n llloomsburir. in which lie,
invites Hie nttcniioit of his Iriendj. nnd Acpures theni
that l hey are o lie red lor mi e ut great baigaiua. .Ilisj
Mlock fompriHen a large (iorimeiit of i
Gcntlcmcn'8 Wearing Apprcl,
rnusiming or imsiiionarli: nuizs coats, nr.
every tlerrtption ; I'aiiH Wnti Sl.irl. L'rnv.itM.
&lm,ki. Cottini Haudkerclncfo. Ol jves, tiuspcudera, i
Gold WairfHs and Jtvchyy (
Of every desr riptioii fine mid rheiip (
N. II ReineniLcr "Zirfii&a'ff's theep fmpcrrjm
fall and t-eo Nu cliaiC' for cjnuntiitif: Ci.i.ds i
lllivniuburg Aug Ci IS 17
STAUl-T II ctl) Aiuin tl'JiTCitKS JKIt'ELHV.
WllOI.CrUt.r AND lir.TAlL.i.l Iho -Tli iladelphla 1
V,':i'it and Ji , Miry Siore,' No 113 (Old Nn 9b) I
Hlorili St;"(lND iiretl, corner nf Quarry. P il.nii lnln.t
fjuld I ttrWdtrhi'i. fulljuvclkJ,.ldt.'tret can's, gi8 IH
fio Id l.t pine, in ca rut. 'JI Ul i
Hilver l.tvir, full Jew died. . . j-j oq
Oliver Lepine Jewels, . o (in
Hupcrior uuariiers, .... 700
(iojd Hpertnctett, . . . . 7 nit
I'tneSilver do, - . 1 511
(Tr Id Uracelets n (Ml
Lady's fiuld I'encilf, 0U
Silver Tea )pnoiH. set . 5 qq
Gold I't-ns, with 1'enci1 and tiilver holder, . 1 itt
Gold Finger Ulngs, .i7i renin to : Wa tth f, lasses,
phin, l'.'l cents, patent IfJ, Lunet other uttides
in proportion. All goods warranted to bu what they
are soul lor,
sTAurrrn u iiaklkv.
rjtun hfind j:orr. Gold and Silver Levers And
Lepmes slill lower than the above puces.
October 10, WSI
'lLJE undervlened rcFptctlully iliforlils llie rti7.euit
L of blnuuuburg and llie lutblic in general, ibal lie
lias upiMifd a
Hoot and Shoe Establishment,
In lhe white building, on Miin strerl, almvo nine's
4l Wilson's llakery. witeiu lie uas constatilly on ham!
.a large assortment of
Hoots, Shoes, Gaiters, &e.,
And will make up work lo order on abort notice Ills
long experience in tlie business, and general know,
iedxo ot lb Mnut,ii. the people, will enable linn to
tender pnti.fartion to all hi, customers, and should
secure bun p ilronage which be btipra to merit.
Itloomsbnrg.'May 2, IF57.
rp lU subvribcr liavlng reinuved hi. Marble .Yard.
1 from near llie L'nurt lio'tae, to liiefinith wist cor
ner of MAIN' and MARK ll'l' , treats, in IIUH'it's ltow,
wliare ho is prepared lo tiirnlsh all kinds of
MarUe Wvk,
Viz: MONUMENTS, Cradle louibs. Ho.-: Tomiu.nnd
Head Stones nf evury ileticri pi inn . His stork is ol the
best k led, tho workmanship not surpassed byauv in
llie country, and at low prices. Call and judge for
CI" lie wi'l alo furnish Table and nurenu Top,,
Muitttl. if Illlll4,.. ILiui lliirki.. I.I..II..U nn .1 U.M.
lur ivinuiw. anu uoors, at a low ngurc.
Tliunutiil for past favora. we Injpe lor a continuance
nioom.burg, April 4. leOT.-C'in
THE pudersigiied respectlvl ly IlifclDJ ,), fs.ends
and the pubhcgeneis!ly, lhathe lias opened
JI New Tinware nnd Shcit lion Esta-
lln tho biiiidttig formerly occupied for that purpose,
' b) Joseph Sharples, wiirc he is prepared lo conduct
i the business in all Ms various branch.'.
'llnwareand Mouse Ppouting of all kinds made lo
order on short notice and at moderate prires
Also STOVES, of various styles, constantly for
Repairing dqoe Jo order in quick time.
E3"Counlry produce taken in exchange for work.
II. (J. MIM.AllD.
Illooaisburg, May 1(1, 183" y
HAS opened a Marble Yard in Court Alley, opposite
the Exchange, where he is prepared to llinsll,tbe
best work from Italian or American Marblefor
Tombstones, Tables. Mantles. Window-sills and len
Forthe character nnd finish nf his work he refers to
suchaajia lias made is this county lie will rtiriiinh
neitgns for work or czertite any that may be furnish
ed to him. JIis work shall always be satisfactory in
Ittsiyiennd reasonahlcin price.
mooiusburn, Dcc.G, lesti
THE subscribers havo just returned from the city,
with a pood assortment of Goods at prices lo suit
lhe limes, which Uiey will disposo of al pricis for
ttady pay.
We invite all persons who wi.h to buy cheap, lo call
and examine our stock, country Produce taken as
Oct 17. IW
Dr. Francis (-. Harrison,
WOULD respectfully inform Ihecillzensorilloom'
burg aud vii'i inly, that l.ehaseu in menced the pra
ctic ot Msuit'iMaandHuauaay, and solicits a share of
, alwaysbe foundaltho Exchangollotel op
I posite tha Coutl House.
I Ulcomsburg Feb ,1,1637.
aud Alone.
In the steeple. Atlanlie remote and atoni
1 a rock wiilcli Ike wiM wavp, eternally
Its echoing bulwarks wilh sendrilt are slrnwli,
Ami da'lc arc the waters that roll at its furl.
Lctilie shrill winds of ocean io forth as Iticy mny,
It wars with the surges, and knows not nf rest ;
Its plnnnoles dilp with the fast fallinf. sprny.
And billows arc breaking In foam on Its breast.
"", ,,.cep.brc:','e" ""' wh,r'w,n''' " w
And the mariner .res it null breasting the deep,
As It flung bark the .utf in the years that a re gone,
All worn but un.hakeii ibat desolate rock,
Fast rooted where islands and earthquakes are born,
Looks fearlessly down on tho breaker's rude shock.
And laughs the vain force uflbo Iciopcst lo scorn.
Olilhoul that reverest a Master above.
And slghenl for glories and high,
llo strung in believing, and steadfast in love.
Whin lias-inn li loud, and the tempter is ijgli :
When Inrldclslild tlicc be raise tolliy I.oril,
When H"y Inuitb at the Inilli Ihnteii nobles nnd saves,
When they icoff at luspeoide, and rail at his word,
He thou to their uildtiess thai lotk In thuwuves.
A I Mnud like that sea rllir nor ak llinu to shun
-mai Hermit 01 ocean lives conqifrlnir nn
Xliere are Irt-nsures of Intlrite price to be woe.
There nrcitrcn.urcs of infinite piirolo bo ln,t--
( jnc work ol oticiiiencc. llie cnrs, or Ihq rust:
lJ ',. S'.;" " . . T. s rV"1".""r """
Sir! Vi' thou III. run hold and Illi, l.iith hi I l.riun n
Aim llie sorrows and toils ol thy wariare on eanh
J3ha he naid In the neace and the raniurfii or M cm vn ii.
Si illcrrn Skctrlj.
Uon. Hardun's Resignation.
Tho General had been many years 1n
commission, and it seemed to the anxious
ones who wore waiting ci'hcr for his death
or resignation, in order to odvancu, that
neither of .thoso dchtrablo events would
evor ta'ke 'place. Tho eld man was touchy
and clung to lifo nt,d oflico with all tho
tenacity ii a dog ito a bono, lie .was a
.rare specimen of, the " gooJ old fellow,"
and not a voire would have been heard
even among -the youngly move
for his removal, llo was thus tolerated,
although ho was a sad Uoek in tho way
of .their official progress.
'i'.iieir patience at last become cii:iustcd,
mid alter consulting together they agreed
upon a riic by which the old General
would bo driven into resignation. Having
Lid their plans, ithcy prepared to o irry
them into execution.
Ono ol them meeting iho General tho
next day, shook lnuds with hint very cor
dially and told .had just lioird of
his resignation, which ho hopi d was not
true, and before tho General had a chance
to reply, begged .tho old man to partake ol
a suppor with a party of his fellow-officers
tho next evenin.', as a paning tribute.
Tho General was much surprised, and
informed his frend that ho had not any
intention of resigning, aud oould not think,
fcr tho lifo of him, whero the report camo
from. After a few remarks more on Loth
sides thoy separated.
Tho General plodded along by himself,
thinking over what had boon said, APd
mut cring. " What does it mean 1 Have
I said anything about rcsigniug when I
have had too much wine ou ? Perhaps I
"avt" good fellows. My association with you
" Good morning, General," said another, j has been tho most pleasant, I may say
meeting , him i " how ate you this morning, I glorious character. Wo have long served
fc'rJ" I together on tho tented field, and fought
'"Very well, very wcll,.th:ink'cc," replied aDd bled and died, so to speak, or would
tho General. j have done so at duty's .call, cemented to-
"So," continued tho other, "you are 'gotker like bricks in that deadly imminent
going to reign, General j well, you have breeches of war. With a full remembrance
served tho State long nnd faithfully, and of this, I will that in view of allvvcur ro
I should'tliink you would like to rest." I gard and of the feeling you display about
" Whero did you hoar about my rcsig- j l0,inK mo, I should bo an inerato if I allow
nation i saiu tlie ucntjrai,moro surprised
than before.
"Col. Jones told me," was tho reply;
" X was in thero after you had gnno last
night. Why can't you meet us to-morrow
night at the tavern, General? Wo think
of getting up a littlo supper, in honor of
your resignation."
" Thank you," said tho General, ' I'll j wink nrounJ tho buar(j vcry cxprossivo of
1)0 llicr0'" the belief which ho at that momont enter-
Tho General turned away with an im- j tained that they wero all especially hura
prcssion that ho had, tho night provious, bugged, and that the General wasn't. This
whilo under the influonco of tho Colonel's impression continued till .tho next day,
wino, given tho intimation that he was hcn tho ones who ordered tho supper had
going to resign. " Hang my tongue at both I to pay tho bill. XToiton Gazette.
cndu," said ho; " this is a queer stato of1 , , ,
things. I never thought of resigning. Stow. A oountryman passing over a
lut '' j railroad in Northern Now York, which is
"Ah, GencrJl, good morning ; gljd to 1 proverbially slow, asked tho conductor
seo you," said Col. Jones, coming abruptly 1 wuy a cow-catcher was attached to tho
upon his superior. " Well, your intended 1 rear car instead of tho usual placo ; ho was
resignation gives tho boys a chanco to 1 informed by that officer that it was in
manifest their Tegard for you. Thoy arc 1 order to prevent tho cows on that road
having a lino supper preparing to como off ' from running into tho train."
to-morrow night, in your honor, and you I
must reservo yntr fire." Jones Mr. Smith, I wish to speak to
Tho General laughed, slapped his ftiend, you privately. Permit mo ta talio you
(tho Colonel) ou the back and " Ccrtaiuly, apart for a few moments,
Jones, tho Dro of tho flint is hero yet, I Siili'ii icho isn't in the IcaU frighten.
Good for twenty years." edi) Ccitainly, fir, if you'll promiso lo
llo did not dsro to ask Jones for an 1 put uic together agaiu.
explanation because it would bo an ad
mission that ho was weak headed and
nnnrofiriliinrr townril dfitnrrn ta fip.Vnnwlndttn
that ho had been ovcrcoaio by wine, and
that was iho oiily way by wlrich Lo could
account for tbo resignation which they
spoke about. Jlc had rather actually ro I
sign than labor under such a stigma as ,
this, and accordingly ho said :
"Well, Jones, you know I've Uscn in'
tho scrvico a good while, and want a littlo ;
quiet, so you sco I thiol; it best to resign.
( Tho poetry of dying in tho harness is very
nice, but hang if I faae,y it
Thoy blook bands and parted; the
General in a whirl nf perplexity, and tho
Colonel in a furor of fun at tho success of
tho ruse.
Tho nest night a splendid suppor was
prepared and a large number of military
guests invi ed to attend in the tallest foa
thor. Tho General was thero in full regi
mentals, bis faco was glowing wilh tho
excitement of tho wholo affair, as tho vil-
'i , . ..
, lag Pp0 sauj the- UCXt mnming " Was
snlendidlv rrotton un. wavml l.or
illninlno.l soJii noi. (l.n .,n.
i lllUlnineil Wing over Iho SCono
t - ' o ii ri '
and tho
genius of chcorlulness rested in gonial
content on every heart and beamed upon
every countenance." Tho Colonel, to quoto
the same authority, " presided with tho
usual dignity," and when tho cloth was
removed ho called upon all to fill their
glasses to respoud .to a eetitimcut which ho
i to offer, whion he would preface by a
I few remarks.
j " Wo have," said he, " as our honored
f guest this evening, our beloved General
Hardun, whoso long service lias bcon fully
i appreciated by us in common wilh tho wholo
counaituity. Wo rejoice to meet with him
t" t'1'3 occasion although our meeting is
not one of unalloyed festivity. 'I hero is
bc bitter ingredient in our eup : General
tlardun h:is signified his inlontion of re
signing ! 'I his announcement, 1 need not
say, was as unexpected i s it was pain'ul.
Our com celioii h .s been si long and inti
mate that pasting seemed impossible, yet
such is tho decreo of futo. liut while yon
flag floats in triumph over our heads, wo
will iemcmber tho undying gl ry shut!
upon it by iho illnstt ious who now
withdraws, from its support. I pledge you
the health and long cpntinuanco of our
gallant Irieud, llarduu."
'like spcc;h was received with nino
cheers, n l igor, perhap-i, but whether .the
growl which resounds from all sorts of
jungles was then known it a matter of
doult, Tho greatest enthusiasm was dis
played and his health was drank in thrco
brimming glasses, ono after another. As
soon as silence was restored the General
arose'tc respond.
" Friends," said he holding to tho ta
blf, for his emotion mado him unsteady,
and his voico was husky from tho same
cause " Friends, kindness overpowers mo.
I never, till this moment, dreamed that I
was 'half so much regarded by you. Gen
tlemen, fellowssoldiers, brethren in arms
it givos rao ploa3uro to moet wUh such
a selfish consideration to inspiro mc.
Thoroforo whatever I may have said about
resicninsr, I hereby retract, and deelarn
that I will stick to you to tho last. It
will bo impossible for rr.a to leavo sui'h a
'glorious set of boys."
j A shout of laughter re-ponded to tho
sneecli. and Col. Jones r.avn nn ovfnnnV,!
Tllo Dying Boy and tho Violots.
A litilo sufferer lay in a Jiigb. dreary
garret and the beams ubovohis head and on
every side black and foul. His checks
were sc -riot with tho flush of fever,
iiiv; uinirituiui iiiriiL Ul ilia tyus uiiaiiuu Ail.
,, ,. 1 ...
tho unnnoss of tho coming evening like a
,. ... . . . , .
diamond on its clooiny bed of anthracite,
,. ,
bomcthing told tho child that death was
W. ,? , , ... ,
with his heart. It might have been
, . , , .
an angel, for angels gather in bands around
tho despised couch of poverty.
"Mother," he wisnercd. and a palo bent
' . "
woman knelt besido him, " is thero one
blown now ! Look 1 look 1"
For the twentieth time the sickly wo
man lifted the tiny box of violets, and tho
blood rushed to her face as sho beheld nuc
Kiii T,.i .1. :..,. :,,. i.
... i . t lMi t !
infant, and a smile lighted up his innocent
"I'utitdown mother, whero Lean look
at it until I dio."
AVitli a wild sob tho poor widow placed
it upon his pilloiv, and watched his glassy
eyes eagerly as they watched the flower.
Hours passed j Abo brow grow whiter, tho
fingers that sho clasped wore now clammy,
the round lips that had so oftcu called her
mother, were purple, fading into a bluish
iiuiii,, u,. v-i.iu.uuo no ...uugu ,l,uu ......US
voico struggled fo.r uttoranrc. ,6ho placed
her car close lo his little faco and heard
him distinctly utter
" G'ood bye, mother ; take good caro of
my violels."
After tho rough pino coffin was carried
away and covered with tho mould, whilo
her worn fingers where nervously stitching
ou the ill paid for garment, that mother
could sec a vision of her early hurried child
in tho pure white robes of heaven bending
over the box of violets.
"'I Guess You Can Come."
Wo heard
a rrond storv a dav nr twn
up i which wo tell in auger tho risk of its
being scei'tid-hauded ; and it is too good a
story to offoud even thoso whose sect it
hits. Sonio good lady, at tho outset of
Univeiotirism, conceived a iholy horror at
tho bljsphemy ol its bold suppoitors in
pretending that all would be saved. It
was preposterous, outrageous; in tho spirit
that tilled hor, tlie wouldn't have a man in
her .house wlw believed in the abominablo
doctrine. .Sho ,kent a boarding house, and
applied a test of boliot' to all who sought
to obtain board. Tho first who offered
was a sea captain, and sho began with
'.Do you believe that all tho world will
bo sjived.?'
io, madam,' f aid ho.
'How many do you think will bo damned!'
continued she.
' Oh 1' said he, ' I don't know perhaps
a million.'
' Well,' tho old lady rcniarked,,in a.touo
of content, ' well, that's better than nono
at all ; I gues3 you can conio in."
Lynn's Reporter.
Hear Him ! An editor away out in
Wisconsin, referring to lhe remark of a
brntlinr plitn f Iiflf " pililnrs nrn nnf ni .,
general thing, overstocked wHk worldly
goods," pronounces it a humbug," aud
1 happily discourses of his possessions :
"Hero we are, editor of a country pa-
, per, fairly rolling in wealth. Wo havo a
good office, a double-barreled rifle, seven
shifts of clothes, three kittens, a Newfound
! land pup, two gold watches, thirteen day
! and night shirts, carpet on our floor, a
pretty wife, own one corner lot, havo
1 ninety-three cents in cash, are out of debt, !
end have no rich relatives. If wo are not
wealthy it is a pity. Hurrah for hurrah!
Who cares for cash ?"
ItaT Every married man should let his
vifo havo tho management of tho Home
Department, and givo her, as Secretary,
control of tho different bureaus. Don't let
her havo anything to do with tho War
Department. Ex,
Then how is sho to bring tho Infantry
up to tho "breast works," wo should iiko
to know, in oaso of an "attack of the moa
sles ?" It is evident tho writor of tho
abovo has never been in any t' engage.,
mcnts." New Haven Jlegister.
"John T.Giliuau, editor of tho Bath
Organ, Maino, says, after extensivo trav
eling in both regions, that nioro corn, wheat,
beans, peas, buekwhoat, potatoes, barloy,
&c, aro raised to tho acre in tho East than
in tho West. The raising requires more
labor in tho liasteru States, but moro at
tention is paid to fertilizing.
ltAn Irishman was challenged to fight
n duol, but dccliucd on the plea that ho did
not wiah to leava h'uold mother auorpham
Spoak Kindly to Your Mother, j
Young man, speak kindly to youriflother,
nnd courteously, tenderly to lief. Hut
littlo time, and you shall sco her no more
foroyer. IJcr eyes is dinii her fotm is
bont( nd LoPfjTiadow fall. t.wardlio grave.
i r.t , . r 11.. . t..., '
, Others may l"vo ' you fonjlly; but never
. , ., . . t n .
' again while time is yours, shall any one'4
i . . . .. . . n .
i hive bo tn you as that of your old, from-
i bang, weakened mother bis boon,
, . . . . t . , , .
ihrough helplcsi infancy her throbbing
'v. l . ,
I broast was your safo protection and sup-
' . . , , : . , , , .
" .. .. ,
nntmnflv wilh vnnr MinimlttloCd riulonnaq !
patiently with your thoughtless rudeness ;
sho nursed you safely Ihrough a legion of
ills and maladies.
i iler hand bathed yourburuing brow, or
moistened your parched lips j her eyes
I lighted up tho darkness of nightly vigils,
watching sleepless by your side as nono
I but her could watch. Oh 1 speak not her
nifiin lirTstl f itt. trtn nn mint 1 Iim en srn ntiir
1 years as would suffice to thaok her fully.
Through, recklessness s,nd impatient youth,
sho is your counselor aud solace. To a
bright manhood sho guides your wayward
slept. f-pcak gently, thou, aod reverently
of your mother; and when you, too, bLall
bo old, it shjll in sonio degree lighten the
remorse which shall bo yours 'or other sins,
In lriinnr nnrni tuonlniil if tini.. im
! , . , . ' ,
ESy A capital story is told of a young
fellow who ono Sunday strolled into tho
vnhge church, and was electrified aud
I gratified by tho feparkle of a pair of bril-
l. I 1 . i
liant black eyes, which were rivstod upon
lita faco. After service ho saw the posses
sor of tho witching orbs lcavo the church '
alone, atd emboldened by her glances, he
ventured to follow her, his heart aching
with rapture. He saw her look behind,
and fancied sho evinced some emotion at
recognizing him. Ho then quickened his
pace, and she actually slackened hers, as
I if to Il;t 1"' C0I:I "P her but wo
will permit tho young gentleman to tell tho
rest in his own way :
''Xoblo young creature !" thought I
" her artless aud warm heart is superior
to tho bonds of cus om."
" I reached within a stone's throw of
her. She suddenly halted, and turned her
face towards mo. My heart swelled to
bursting. I reached the spot whero she
stood. She bcaii to speak, and I took off
my hat as if doing reverence ti an anol."
"Are you a peddler?''
" No, my dear. girl; that is not my oc
cupation." " Well, I don't know," continued she
not very harshfully, and eyeing mo very
flte,ruly, " I .thought when I saw you in tho
meeting 'house, that you looked like iho
peddler who passed off a powttr half dollar
on mo abuut three weeks ago, and so I was
determined to keep an cyo on you. Bro
ther John has got ho i:e now, and says if
ho cakhes tho fuller, he'll wring his neck
for him ; aud I ain't sure but you're the
good-for-nothing rascal after all," "Pa." Asking the consent of
parents or guardians is, in this country,
where women claim a right to chooso for
,"'c";fdvcs' f mero
? "JHwd with.
form, and may often
The lady's wishes,
however, should be e 'Uiplicd with in this
as in all other mailers. Aud if consent is
refused? This will rarely happen. If it
docs, thero is a nmcdy, aud wc would have
a poot opinion of the luvcor -tho spirit of
tho woman who would hesitate to apply it.
If she is of age, she has a loal as well as a
moral right to bestow her love and her
hand upon whom sho pleases. If sho does
not love you well enough to do this, at any
sacrifice, you should consider the refusal if
her friends a very fortunate occurrence.
If sho is not of age, tho legal aspect of the
matter may be different, but, at worst, sho
can wait until her majority puis her in
possession of all her rights.
Old and Poon. A writer in.tho Ilnstou
Courier Gcorgo S. Hillard thus touch
ingly oxpresses a great truth :
" It was formerly our fortune not an
enviablo one to administer the insolvent
law. An old man who camo under our
jurisdiction, onco said to us : It is hard to
bo qld r.nd poor.' It was a simple remark ;
but tono and look gavo it pathos aud sig
nificance ; and how sadly, painfully true it
is I Tho young man can confront lortuno ;
tho stono which sho flings at him ho can
piok up and sot as a hi3 crest ; but
tho old man falls under tho blow. Itojoico,
then, man of genius, in thy genius I O
puro in heart, rcjoico in thy purity I and 0
young man, rcjoico in thy youtL ; for tiuio
and thou are good against any two 1"
JteiyA young lady was asked recently
how she could p. ssiblv afford, in tkesu
awfully hard limes to take inusio lessons, j
Uli ! said sne " l confine myself to the
ho Concort Singer's Story.
at sAfuii r. Mssair,.
Wo h id been talking of somo noted cel
ebrities in his lino. He sat thoughtful for
a moment, and thou, looking up with a sud
den sparklu in his eye, exclaimed
'I!ut you should havo hedrd dnstaico !'
'And whd WMtshct' I asked.
'Ah, I forgot. She died before you
wore born. It is a sad story, and yet I
c&n loll ii, if you wish,"
I drew my chair uoarer; andpreparod ts
"Some thirty ycar3 ago," to said, "I
was tho manager of a troupo of concert
singers, called by my own name. Wc
traveled over tho Union, stopping oftencst
in country town3 aud small cities. At ono
of these, I was detained by tho illness o,f
my chief fomalo singer. Sho left us, after
a few days ; and while I was at my wit's
end, not knowing where to look for another,
I received a nolo, stating that a lady, with
a vcry powerful and highly cultivated
voice, had ho ird of my dilemma, and wish
ed to offer herself for tho vacant placo.
Of course, I called on her at onco,
"J was astonished when sho entered the
ioo where I was waiting for her. lean'.t
tell what oj who I expected to see, but
when a little, pale, sad looking creature,
aim oat a, child, glided in and stood beforo
me. I rose from my seat and bowed, with
as much awe as if the Qucou cf England
had been thcre Sho wts far more sclf
poss3csscd than I, and making merely a
business affair of it, soon turned to tho
piann, and began to sing. What a voico
she had 1 Strong and powerful, yet at the
same time liquid and sweet as a bird's.
You may well believe I lost no time in
securing her services, at a liberal salary.
And then, fjr the first time, I saw a faint,
pleased smile pas3 over her wan littlo
" Her first appearanco was an immense
success. She gave no other namo than
Constance, oven to mc, and tho mystery
that surrounded her, made everyone curious
t'i see her. The littlo, graceful figure stood
alono upon the stage, at tho end cf the
concert, with bouquets showering around
her, but though sho courtcsied and smiled,
h-r dirk, blue eyes wandered impatiently
around, as if seeking for ono who wis not
there, 1 noticed this in her every evening
and when the concert was over, she would
go into hor dressing routn, and sob and
cry like aiitrlo child.
" Of course, all this mystery mado us
feel a deep interest in her. Hut sho was
so quiet, so dignified, and said so little to
any ol tho troupe, save in tho way of
business, that we could ask her no question-.
" She had a favorite song a pensive,
touching thing, supposed to bo addressed
by a dying wife to a stern huiband, which
she was fond of singing, when alone, though
never on tho stage. Hut ouj night, wheu
in the city of Now York, tho audience
appl tudcd her rapturously, and tho cries
of "encore" wero so loud, that she was
forced to apprar again. Sho did not repeat
the song, however, but after a moment's
pause, began that sad, thavgh dclio ous
strain. Tho audienco held their breath,
and as I looked cautiously through tho
curtain, I saw a gentleman who hid just
entered a side box, close beside tho stage,
start, and lean forward towards her His
faco was pale as death, and ho seemed to
tremble in every limb. Suddenly sho
looked up her eyes met his - she faltered,
and the song died upon her lips.
" He leaped from his box, str ight upon
tho stigo, whilo tho auiienco looked on,
dumb with wonder.
" Constance, is it thus I find you?" ho
asked, in a tone of anguish. " Oh ! my
husband, you little know ' she faltered,
and then ho caught bar in his arms for
she was just abcut to fall, llo knelt upon
the stage and held her, 'I he audience roso,
to a man, and looked on with pity and re
spect. Sho looked up in his faco with a
ilanco of uuuttcrablc love, and placed hor
white arms feebly round his nook. He
bent to kiss her I was kneeling by her,
then, aud as their lips met I saw she
He paused aud wiped away a te ir,
" Audas that all 1" I asked, with breafi -less
" All that I can tell you," ho replied -"Her
husband was almost brukou-hearicd,
but never cleared up tho mystery that huu
around hor. nor gravo (1 have often icon
it) is iu a beautiful country churchyard, but
tho marblo monument h.s only that one
name 'Cooetanoo' upon it, A mystery
she seemed and such sho must remain to
mo through lile. But bo i o d.iy 1 shall
hear her singing among tho ungcls," hi.
added quiitly. "I shall know her by lhe
sweetness of her voioe ind then all will
be made plain,