Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, November 14, 1857, Image 4

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.Advice to tho Tillers of tho 8olhSelrMti9tt rvti; ri.n.t.V(i.nirf,
'J'lio revolt in Itmu 13 tho barbengor of j
faraino IPO millions of human treaturcs (
treed l:irgo supplies of food from tho '
n-mliict. nf rillinr rncinrifi. Tha arniv ot i
1 . . . ,l , I
India, tho transport licet for that army anil
. ,, ., ... . . ,,,,, e
Its Pllpplic', tllO lieCC9?ltlC3 growing OUt Ot
.i i . x r ..... . ,1 .1 ...... i t.',,1S,,l.
VIIO uiauirueu aiiaiu ui iiiu. ""6"'' 1
3(rpcndcuoy, will call for much of our,j;;;n
a l,f r1- nml flnnr Tim two hit
IH beet, porU allU HOlir. J HO IVO last
SUrpilH uoei, porK .uiu num. '"" i
inmoil nrlieloS nri! tllO nfOcltlCt Of CVCrV
uamcil articles re tui, junuini ui ulij
"year, but bcof ranulros years of tmurish
jnent before it is roady for use. Tlio
wicked, wanton waste nf breeding power,
w Well is tho lesctting sin of American
farmers, ought to -bo checked, Every
farmpr ought to to rcquirod to give rtn
account of himself, who hills a female calf.
We ought to preserve every ''cow call"
thatis dropped for five years to-vomo. Ily
ibis method wo might soon havo a supply
of beef, not only for ourselves, but for aDy
emergency abroad.
15ecf, mutton, sugar, eggs and butter,
the expensive items of life, are shamefully
neglected by tho general farming in'erest
of tho whole country. Calves areslaught
ored without rogard to sex or tho prico of
Tood. Mutton is neglected every where,
north and northeast.
gard to mect,is tho hobby, and tho farmers
prefer to malco shoes than feed "oats" .to
liens aro left liko prairie chickens, to
tako care of themselves, A farmer who
lias twenty hens lets them .feed themselves.
and buys or goes without eggs. Ono rainy
day devoted to giving them shelter, and
fivo minutes to direct proper food, would
give him eggs to eat and eggs to sell.
Care in making butter is necessary. It
is now as a business neglected, or, in most
instonccs, done in so slovenly a manner
that it is impossible to got a good orticloat
reasonable rates. A'immouso quantity of
butter is in a do, which has to be sold low,
becauso of the want of care in putting it
up for market. The few careful farmer
get large iprofits, whilo thousands oro dis
gusted with, the icsult of their darics, who
aro themselves alano io blame.
A little attention to theso suggestions
would produce millions of dollars now lost
to our farmers, and would help 'to make
labor light and tho ways of lifo moro
cheerful to multitudes. IV. Y, Evening
Thrashing OatB.
The almost universal practice of grain,
erowers is to thrash with a machine "cue'
" ... i
rallv a travchnx machine, accompanied by
, ', ,,. , Jl
four horses and three men. at tuoi.armer
has no barn this is, perhaps, tho best way
he can adopt, as his labor must bo done in'
ifair weather. But many of tho farmers of
this Stato can pursue a much moro econo
mical and profitable! method of thrashing.
In a climate such as ours, where Artie
winter reiens during a goodly portion of.
tlio year, the s'raw of oats is an important
item in estimating the valuo of tho crop.
This is usually much wasted by using tho
thrashing machine. Stacked in tho yard
H early becomes wcathcrbeatou and almost
valueless for cattle. If tho farmer has his
own, one of tho railroad horse-powers tbi3
wasto may in part be remedied by thrash.
jng at different times during tho "inter,
but, all things considered, the flail is the
best implement with which to thrash oats.
With this thrasbiug is done at the season
of tho year when, if ever ; tho farmer has
loisure, and consequently it need not be
performed in a hurry ; and also when the
stock of cattle most need, in its best condi
tion, the straw, tlio longest of which may
be bound iu bundles and stored for use,
whilo tho loose and unfit to biud will supply
the wads for food, bedding or litter for a
fairsized herd of catile.
iTreadiug out oats with horrcs'is a much
moro economical way than thrashing with
a. machine, and if the straw is only wanted
for cattle and litter is as good and fully as
economical as with a flail.
Foot Rot in Sheev. Tho predisposiorr.
that is tho csscnti.l cause of this dixoasc, U
a virus or poisonous matter which is gen-
erated in r.od issues from tho sorscs upon A0k ui.ind$u,oo.
... , , , . . ,, 111 AM. I'aisangerswiliprocuro tlckrt. before cnerlni!
the feet of diseasod Sheep, and 13 quiokly I hecars: IOo.ntscj.tra on Fares psi.l lit the cam.
,. , , . t:ty!bs..r.f personal llama sealowed each l'aisenoeo
Communicated to SOUOd Sheep by OOlUing jjolovcr thai weisht ascharjed Cxlra llBcaso'j s
in contact with their feet. Tho "fouls" ii January 3d. 1357 ir. 'cen'.sup-t
a laraencrs similar to but entirely distinct jj.XDIt&TH'S WAKRANTED GAR
from the foot rot. It is caused by pistur- DEN SEKDS.
ing on low lands, and will disappear with
out medical application if tho sheep aro
removed to high, dry ground. As remedies,
cither of tho following will probably effect
a cure ;
1. Take lb. of alum, 2 oz. of blue
vitrol; boil them in one pint of tvaUr;
when quito cold, and J of a pint of aqua
fortis, and it is ready for use. It is equally
cfCcaciotH for tho foul in tho feet of all
.I..... ?.f
n.. v. .u,.-.,..
'i, VVltli a Bliarp J.nue cnt away me'
, ,
incfected part and then with a clean wood
skewer apply once a tiny some muriate 01
U J-
'ri.t a mill tati-in Hin rlicnncna nnt
MllUUlUtiy, II.. t w..v,i-.x.l-
effeot n cure. A strong solution of sulphate
of copper would answer tlio purpose, ap
plied with a brush; hut it is neither so
tpcedy oro so effectual.
3. Tnko a six-pcnnysworlh of nitric
acid, add the same quantity of good vinegar;
puro tlio hoof well, shake tho bottle andj
apply to lho parts effected ; one or two 1
npplicatiouB willhcuuSicioDt. IlurclNcw
Of nlldliarsef Hip fircal,,(lrt rauic
Springs irom nefttect of Nature'.! U
I ikiikv ifttpf laniTAK Avrnctt IK At.t. STAUIM
.wwi. w
i jiasetes, silicosis sy "" ,.,...., -
rla' .Animalism, errfuUt. fains tn tht and
.,., Diseases l. iV'i 7MI.JVi and J-.jr.l,
Vlters npoa IKs Roily or lAiuts, Car Dropsy, I pi
Irptte tilt, H Ilia I (mtl, end ( itteasts alius;
Jrvm a tleranrement of the denial Organs.
Hurli n4 NVrvoltfi '1 rviiibllng. I.OsS n! Memory. l.os
nf ii.ivt.r.i.etierni Weakness. Dimness of Vis I
mi w nil
hei - u tin r snot s nntien r i nil behtte I ho ens Loss nl Ulchl.
. vuketuine.s, vytvuin, Liver nmw iirui.tini.s
Uipnn Ihe lite, t'ultt In the biiek nnd head, Prtiialo Ir-
, ' arn,., j all Improper ili-chargo, from both
"!"' " nutters no! I ruin what rnnn tlio dlsc-iee
originated, how'ever long standing or obstinate lire
rerorerf ts rermni, nnu Ml a siiuiiir nine u'm. n
OLTIIianetll Clire CUII no eni'C II II ny nity outer .ii-.iiiii.-ii.
even mur the ilfn ban Inmeit ineminni linn .il
.ltl,ran ntitl mstntrd nil llt.-ir tninn ol rnre. -llml
,,yrla,i nlul re.lne.l nil llnlr mmm ol rnre. '1 tint
me,lltllieBM pleaialil wlllioiu uimric 'i ins o " I
lm(,lll lrro om ,rlcut) rbnl--ain. Iiuilna twenty
lent, of pricticu 1 Into rt.cuetl Irom Hie J1W. of
Ilea III in'lnv ihiiiirnhiH.wlu', In t'.ie lal ol tne
abut e iniiiitloiied dlseanr. h:id I ren given up to illc by
tlielr phy.lcl.inii, nlilili wairanti meJii promising lo
ihu niUicied. who mnv nla-o llicliiirlvcit uiiilrr my
rare, a perfirl nml moil .pertly cute. Hi-crcl dlreae.
nre 11 0 pre.1lt.ll cncuiics in lil.itlil.n nicy uri-' lilt' urn
cause nl Uonaumpltoii, b'riofuiit and itmliy oilier tlis" 1'
luse. and rboti Id he a terror to the human I a ml ly. As!
anerralincnt rnre I. narcely ccr .'Heeled, it inajorlt-v
of the case, lalllng lulu lln' liinu. ot inronipcii'lil
per.on., who fail to cure the c. but ;
ruin the coii.tltutton, llillns me ry.icnl wim invrctirr.
which, with the disease, hastens the Fulfcrcr Into n
rapid Consumption. I
nil snoi ti tie unease nun itio ircaimtui nui om-u , .. '"-"'v. 1 , ., . r.r .....i. l..a tlit
dtMilnpechly mid ihe victim marnc, the fll.enso Is ,J- the ittarge nnd t ho rest of mankind that
entailed upon Ut children, wl.o ale born wlliileehlo l licha. establlsluda splendid -roiiitltiillniiK.nnd
the ctiirnil of life corrupted by n ) INPffW ffifFltTirfltS'i in, 'Itiiei, Ulcers, UJUjW lnyjJLJOj
I'. In. . ...i.n. ..i.s.tli.ia nf ll.u akin, t v. ill milt. ' t . . nsw Alnre 1 louae. lilit ii.Cled in IlOll B
nnd .Lung., ontalllnp upon tbeiu u brief cjistenro of
.iiiii'ring nun rwiiBigiiuiR ..'v." . .in "i ij nu.. i
SKi.r Aiiusr.iaiiotiicrr.iiiuid;ibioeneniytoheniiii. I
for nolhiiiR ilso in tlio dread catalogue or human dis-
ea.e. tin.... n destructllc a ilraln upon the system,
tlrnwlnjlt. thousand, of victlui. throi'sli a rnv years ,
of suirfnhi down lo nil untimely prnve. It dcslroys j
the ncrvou; syileni. rapidly away the mclties
of lite, causes mental derai.p. mi i.t. prevents the poor
dovilopii,enlorthe,ystcni,dl..iui.lilies for marri..e,
ioe.ely.busiiit..on.(all tarlhly liBipint...andleni. s
Ui.i .utferer wrecked In body and mind, predisposed to j
r.instliiiption nnu a irniu 01 i-n. mure , oe .iiimw' ,
Ihiu tleutli it.elf. With the fiilu.l roiindente.lns.ute I
the u nfor lunate victims olt;ill.4lii.e pciuianrni
and spi edy euro tan be c Heeled, and Willi the abandon
iiienl ol ruinous practice. uy patients can he restoiid
Tbeonicti'dnre-caiitioiu'dngfilrirt the use of Taunt
IMcdicMiPri. r t here a rf fo inany iitfcnl 11 a
trti coluimit of the public prims 10 catrti mill rob the
unwary fullerera llut inillii'tis have thulr cunr.UU
liHin ruined by llie vile cutnpouiu! of quack.dactnrt,
or Hie c'lually puisonoui nniiuins vendtd aa PuIpiiI
Me.iicluea." I Imvu cureluHy nnaljitnl many ofilip
no'callcd rtnt JUiiliciiieaoiid find that nenily nil of
tliei.i contain CVrrojive iSublui'a v which la one or
the ftroii5Pl ptcparatlons ol mercury nnd a deadly
pulflon, which Im read of curing Hit disease dis a Me a
the )stem lor lilc.
Three lourtlta of llie patent nclrums now In use
are put up by unpriiicipItU and Ipnoranl ptitons, who
do not iindorslanil even the alphabet nl Ihu materia
mfjjca, ami are fiuatly tn desiituieol any hnow ledcc
ol tlm Ii Hindi 1 Leii.,IiJvin one ubjeci only 111 view,
and Hint to rnku monry regan-lcia of roiiBPqiiPi'Cf a.
Irrcfinljrltici and all nisiaiea uf malra and females
irpntfd on prliiLip'eB cainlillahrd by twiniy ymra uf
practice, aiiJ Kuiiiiourd by tlionpainl of tho moat rp-tuarkabk-
turps. iUpdicinci with full dnrclloiis iseut
tonuy part of the Uniliu Biati-a or Canadof, by a
uenlii 'umti uniratlo their iyniploiii tiy hitter, bus!
neaa corrPinoiiJeiiep sirlcllv tmiiutpntial
Addrtiff HWiM MI.RVJLIjI:. M. D..
Otllce, 1131 riLBLRT tnt 1. (oltl No. 100.)
Jlcluw TwtlMi.l'lillai'clpliJa. i'a.
July 11, !MT-(March 4)
Direct Jtattroad connection hettrten Xiagara Fails and
phitaJctnhia. Airffi ll'HtktH and Lficapetl lioutt jrom
Jf e ern A York to Philadelphia, Jiarrtsburff, i'HUburg
fiatimore, H'a3hKtet ciftf, aiul tha South.
rA.i5ur.vnr.!! TltAlNS Icavn ninilra dillv (exepn
JL aiiudayaO nl7 A. M. paf"lnr WilUainoportat 10 151
A M connecting wltn Keau us uan uoan atroriuniv
,nn ....I rnni-Mn' IMlitllllt I nil i a lit 7 'M V. M.
nnirniiiir.lpavG Philadelphia from corner of II road
and Viiiestrpcta,al7 art, A.M. reaching Wilhainsport,
at 5 13.1 . .il., ami nrriviuc an, r. .u ,
rAPCililat- ililAli'U IVIJjU liljAVlj
i)ir.'fi.vla ILiimhinnnd-BusattpSianna RailKond,on lb
arrivalnfCainwis'fa Train. at 4 45 P . M. reaching Har
rUlmri nt SP.M.
Ufillirningieuvc nairienuri:u v-.i..i;wiiii','.ns
ai rOrtUlilllOU WllUljauuwias.i.iu.n uuiniu ihbi lumi'
inpiliomosldirPcliouleloIlarritbiirB, I'i.Uburg, Bj1
Ulnorcilliltlie Poullltcoiliircuug vueitu imtiu.
0rti1we.ifnuvn11syiva111aand .nrn,ew
Conner. Incut Klniirn Willi trninson Xew
nrieita:i iicni also, wait the nimira.uan.
ttlliorcindtlic POllllliCOUii'-Ciiug vnrcu coinw wnu ui
V i OIK .
'ork an d
lr.ii-liir nr lliitTnliind N'liiirura riill.-.
Crrapclhicdirectly with the Grejl Western Itnllroa
atBiipeiihioabridae for Uetroll, Chiraifo, St. Louie,
, iiws tnaKttig inu iutici,iiiu uiuuijBMiumiiiiuii
riuladelphia tolhofc points.
Will leave Willianuport DAILV, at 0 30 A.
Tii'IpIii train in and from rhil.idelnhia without I ran-
sliipuif'nt.froiii neatling Kail I'rctglillJepoi.corn-
uroi nroau ami i.ncrry nn-ris.
rreighl Train, 2 A.M.
PasBpnpprTr.itn , -3 "SI' M.
rreiglilTruiu, -
nelvecnriladcjp!m.andllupert, $ 10
' ' Oalawihda, 4 :i0
.. Tama in j 2 !0
4. Miliuu 3 io
Wnluuitipori, 5 UU
nfijpntjdf ofpfrfcttwallhisn'igii allowed io each pass
verger Pkcefoc ini rg-u at 'uounii i.r"citJbirriKi'ir.ii.-9
Jan Jfi, lt-5
I'mi-.f rrasf tmcntsfr Passenger Trains,
January Is', 1857.
UlTraiiH, goin Norih leave Philadelphia
A M and 51 l. M.
Dtiui. TriunniiuingHouth, leacrottsilleat !
UiTtMniipisi Ucadingat 10.Ji,A. M.andO;C2P. M.
down Trains -5.U.A. H, ' ,4i r. M, !
The HsprciiTrain is diicontitmed until further no-!
iic. r-lii-H roiiticctioiii Qrt! ma tlu hv Ihu 1 ' , - - A. M'
! Uu ti Iroml'ortClinlonto Clmirnand all interme
diate puinu : ami ny mo ii.j r. .ii iiiiraiiiin)iiiiri
Cliiiloii lonimira.OinauddlKUa. ll'itU'lo, Niagara. De
pot Chicago, ft, Loan, Uuvcnport, and Iowa City;
K.iking this route thcihorlciit and cheapest to the Lake
,exd Cafiifa.
OnBuud.iys.thn Howu A, M. Train from Poltsville,
nudUpP.M. Train from Philadelphia,, only, run.
lUnatsaeRtt CosNcriiosa, by Ijuphin"Ucii'road at An
bum , ,
A spcinl Acciuimoihtion Pasaenger train leaves
Heading d.ully. (exc-pt riundays )at7i A.M., rtturnlng
fmiit Autium at il P M., on arnvai of 3.10 1. M.
" ralufrom Ilurrisburg.
WAY FAHES Fuom Ktuding to
'hitiJWpMi. si.jsand Potuvitc $i,oj and 0,10;
rtuiiurn, u (.1.
( S'",1
Hyft'' !?"?';,?Ju:;r
VJ nlillDS, for sale by
n. LT.'oni;Tti u s-om.
N'os Jl and li South r-illi si , I'hilJdelphiai
March 'U. IM7
i MAitKiAnr, fifinn iiv nr.. wii.i.iam vtit'No.
mmikiaoii r.m n; nr uu. w 11.1.1. jj; vu i.x
Maitl.Mt'l. iiUl.'l. 1.1 Jill. 11 ini.i.i " ........
1 kkuob oim.'.: i.v hu. w.j.MAx. vo.-no
maiiiiiahe giiiiic mv int. wii.i.iam yowixo,
MAituiAui: uuiiii: nv jm. wim iajooung
I . . .
M A UR I AO I! (1 P I II 15-YOU Nfi'S fl R V. AT
?3SfiTISti'.It;iJI.AI'IIJS, or Every one. his own
"niai Doctor, by IVa Yocso. . M.I). It Ii written
In pljiu language fur the general reader nnd is illii.
irated Willi upward, ot one hundred engravings All
young peojile, or Urns.- contemplating marriage, and
hull.' line Ipnst iniiimlinicul to mirrieil life, rkoald
re.ul tins book It discloses strrerls lhal every one
should heariu-iinte.lwjth ' still, it is u boot, that must 1
he-k pi larked up and nut Iio abn.ilthe liuu.e. livill t
be sent loni.v uu. un lliereceini of iwenlv-dve cents
Admoo.' " 'M. YO11N0. I
JJ. fpruce slreel above Pourlli,
At.g 2.1, 1357 Pliihldelplita, l'.i
A. M. lU'l'ERJ'.
t ...i. XI (.una. nr. .
l.iv II .-ri . .
1 ui .Man
KliiSU Az War.sSO.Vtf,
Oyster ami Haling Saloons
riMlB undersigned, rrspccuuiiy ininrui.g.
1 the. ittr.Mi. nf niunniBbi.rg ninl the nub
lie In central, limy luvrUiougliltho
Interest if .Mr. Ilofluiati. In llif above
P.lllllilHl.mol.t, mi Mnlll Ftrccl
.. lies, rv. 1 til.lf r tilll I 1 .
iihiiiIi where tlii'y will l lllliiiet.
in pood order nun on moiiem! . erms
".,,. Inr.o niiinU- ol Alwoiiii.l
rim.naioni. Prune", Nun. .Wtitnuli. llatM ToUjiii .
(:iai.etc , wlllieveryliiiaclliii ncarticiein nun iiih
, iiiiiiivm.,iiiii. w. .
yn- i-nnillieouiipne nil n-i in..-. ,
l'e,,Oyncri, &.c.,nn,lnl order, proii.plly Bl ed
l'e, Oyrtcn, &.c.,nn,l al onlrr, prr.ii.piiy "''
an pain lor .-mioiry inl". l "-
respectfully hulttil.
I 0 E 0 !R E A M-,
always on hand, during the sunnner ,
wniHiw.iya ucniiiig.ii.v. . ...ilcnM
1'IIOMAB U. niir-U. . IH.lVMl 1 . Vv ll.SON.
Illnnnlilhlira. t ell J,Jb.,
i ,m
lllli V 1 f
,.. ,.,,,, riie Inlurm M.ftionnsan,,
,nte, Citlii nitil ) couiny, I'a. .where he lias now opened
a large aim .m... ".
ijDrin and Summer Goods.
P " o ' " . ....,, ...t,i
VVhlrh hel, , etc nnlnc.i t n sel 01 a such ten ' "
induce nllat leii.l in till v c In 'y -w0 "1 ln
of Merchandlre, to citeml I' m llio 1"' I01"
Ilis.tock lia.b"Cli .electe d ' ' 'cn,cJ"d, '.
,0erencelolliewnnlstifthl.comniunity-nntl wyiioilt
pains loonier nlo nmliiiitecniin.ernl.oii r,rihe nroiia
kinds-he n.k iiotlilnp in aiurlnp hl "J'"1
v ry tlilni .u.illy kept in Country rJtores.caii nercne
i.;ui .1 -uinu,.,,. ........ .... .... .... . --
n. Counlryproduce, incliitlliijOrnln,i.umner,c
taken inexchangt for goodB
Itohrs'iurg, March 23.18.17, y.
J. S. & B. L. PBUOT,
V to (1 11 0 0 an'l General
No 30 North 1.
Jnlml" Penllton.l'.l. nillndclphia.
Messrs Hacker, l.en U t.'o.
Pner, l'nco fit t,'o
. Iliicknur. MeCi.iiiinon At Co. "
" CliarlesTlh. t Co. "
" H. .Morris Wnln t Co "
t Onlerbridee, Arvov h Co. "
.. Charlct fc Joseph Peiot, "
.. TI1..11U1& Maell, NetWork.
.. CM. JlrChinsStCo ,SI l.oliis, Mo,
.. i.e. Morns&iioil, Louisville, Ky
It' arch !. lcSil v
(Formerly Wctb Sc Xttecomer.)
Arch street, abuvo Third, Philadclplito,
H OUliS ur ail-.AL.n-IJreakfast,
3, (I and 7 o'clock to 10
I)iNNEn,wenticniPn'stiniinary, t o clock loj;i,
hadiPS, - o'clock.
Tf. ICu'clockto 11.
iVn. 143 Korth Third Strict,
.i.... I-,,.. Kl,l T...I..,. w. il,...i..l
Hotel, j
Has constantly on hand t'renrh ltrandlps, Holland
Oin and a upih ml nnsortiiipnl cf l'oreigu Wi nea, nlso, I
all kunN of Aiuericau t-pln'u, Ac.
Slarrh 13 'rt5ti x. '
Cord 4, Itruthen &c,, of oil
and examine our stork,
Janiiry 2t. H?3 l y.
Oallawksa Pa.,
ri lllnoldnnd wcllknnwn
I jrt;attawispa.lsstill kept hv lho under- Uv
slaiird.andiiiii)itnoralliceu'o laws, he U i'ti
.ti terminen tnumKPiiis nousconeoi themosicomtotta
blpplarpufortrivclerstOBiop at, lhar can be fouud in
the interior of Pennsy I mn.i Ills tab lew ill be lu mi r.
ud ihlty with thp best the. Market can ailord.
TJ-MyoldlriendsandtravcllerFganprally arrfuvitcd
tocall. JACOli DVKU.
.1Iay21.I853. y.
States Union Hotel.
No. 200 Market street, Philadelphia. I
GnoRCK W. IIINKI.i:. Proprietor, formerlyofCo-1
In n. bin, Pa. 1 would 1 11 for in his friends and thepub I
IC lini He- e.iii.iiiur . it. Krrp ,hh nuuvc name.. Ilnlel
which is wclland favorably known thruiiebniittlie
I Stat as on cof the oldest an ti most convenient Hotel in
heciiy. lie liiostrespcctfully80liritsnsharcol pub.
llrpaunage, April?, lajj.
Produce Factors
aF..VERAL CO.V.Ui.;ujv MKRClliltTS,
No. 01' North Wharves,
The Mitkrt iane of all eonsignnicnts ndvanecd in
Ca.h when desired.
IM-treh 1 1, I f 34 -ly-
!!ol Arch Street, below Seventh: I'hila'd.
.rfs. "l?ilrnish nil work, on i'lirenologv.Physinliiffy
rJyS-l- WaterCurii Mason. nnd I'lionosmphy,
V Provisional esauiiiution., wilh charts, on.I!
CO lull written description ol character, day and
ovenlae. Cabinet free
oveniae. Cabinet free
,l,ly i, lea, v.
(fminea'tatey opposite the Court llouss,)
HAVIN'G been recently renovated nml refurnishnd
in asuperior.lylo.this elegant Hotel is now reopn
I nr the reception of strangers and visitors, whose pa.
ronage isre.peciluily requtstcd
B. A. lir.AUV,
F shi unable Hal & Cap St ore
TT? .Merchants And visitors from Northern Pennsy
vnnia.arern.pertfullyiiivitcdlo give him acall, when
visiting Philadelphia.
..tune t!e,,le.3u' -ry.
NO..'), North Wato Strnot Phihdol-
Iphia OOM MIHrtlON M II RC I! A NTS . and dealers in
Larrt.Hiioulders. Cheese lUini. Iluckcti, Porks,
I flon r &c.
j ApJilJ.Jf3.5-Iy.
i 'Bp J. fiti(et
II o in 05 0 p a t h i c P"li y s i c i.a n,
) HSPCCTl'lIM-iVtciidora his Profesmonal Serers
Ltn l h eciiizciiK ofll loonifchu ra i nil v ic i n tt , jfputiriilly
Office on the corner "f Main and Iron Htrculs
HtooniAburg, Adjgiuintf Mr P.rovver'tHtore .
nepi -y, jci.
T O SS A C t K A I. E. R S
Pivedour.lelowr.ari ,
IUR a'o at t'jj office of lho 0' lumbsi;
5 Htm . a'
National g Hotel.
Sides $ Stover. 'Iffi 1 i U ,v-7J "
Ilacc Street, aleovc Tldrti, Phihulilphia t a -f.sZ' "1 " ' - " "
PErta?.oKs.l..totirilielirio?t.vons.(!olliuchuio:i;o iyiSit:KiXirt'ih&. El SJBI U ,vj i -. - ,r, - ijt.fa.
JOHN IL ALLEN 0oT' " j M 1 j
Xos. 2 .j- 4 Chnmit, Slrctl south side ie-, mseSS I frf.fe
low Water,) Pliilmlclphia. XMM i i 'U 'J,"si,xv.-r. HirtAe.
(T.. Ol-ossT Wood waB llorsa. L 'llie C.TT ) 1 LSirSijSSt t ffg f t fekxl--WB-"
MANUr.tniJllf.KS rn.dWh.desa trs la l'nt- rfM.H2rflKK!t ?l5l!l'Bug 1 toif SS-"
ent M lehiiie.inadf llr. n.ns. Patent Ornovid fttlar S?H Kt'tKtt-!jptl 1-fejW titHflait .v-J.-!iVjSlfei?:
.ire.araalnlnM to sarinl Wood and Willnv ware. Strik'iivVfiaiAf!KrVi' rar,5lT !?H ?f io I nrro
ducri.oi,.. Pkniuciii msaeissrtirsawr.r
lll.l., 3 UL.1IU
I or
nioiit.v mxcnvrnATtin rnvrfjuNn Fi.iiin
i;xi haot mU'lll).
i'cr HI"a,M rf IU llhilJtr, KUnrf. Orattl, Dropl)
llro4nef, OJ.Irn'i"1"- I'll""''- I'cmtH
... n i n . 1
In liQ-. an,I ,
M WallJOr,
tll,n( frrth, illlil I llinrUllenrlfR
rrniovini nil InlpMlirr HirrharsM Iroiil Ihi)
Kldiifyi.or ?e.unl (irj.m", In llli-r rilillm'
' M .t; nil ri.MAl.ll.
Prom ulnti-vrr cmi-o lliey miy luvc oritfl nnl i-l, nml
rl niin li'vo i.i.fiii.nii '"alter nl now loli t His. (If In lunllh ami
, 'i,?i,.?,.rT.i Mi Uiortoihe ihine.niHll.ti In Hi-pn H rlwek.
r l, .WY IV TIW. JlfVt.nUTMUl
o,.i,iL . i n. i , ' It ciireNiivoii" nml In bllilnli ilsnhVr.T,niid temovra
f, Z . ' .ih .a" Ilicujioploina ImioLil wlnfli will bofounil Inillrpo- 1
flllon to l'xnnlnii, Lof-
of rower, I.Qt of Meninry,
lillTiciilir of nrinihl'is
"lc"l,'.nV''rL," ,l..M ".V,..' y.'
1,' ,1!IV..t1. Hwran.'unlil I'eil Vnkcl line.,, Him-
f .J,,.- iMeW, ttnlverfal l.n.illii.l.i of Urn
il'jnf Itin
M.Knt -ir Htneni. unon l.linrnuins inneilie, w 111
t,. ,.pttll Hynipli.m Flollllll.U. tlinlllllf ortliulloily,
it nr.f til-Win I'lilllfirmmtenlnrennd Uruptlom
ii,je,..f til-fkln 1'alllnt:
( . r.f,., pilli 111 the. ini
ii, rreiuenlly Illicit Hpo
ll'irk. Ilravlhc.or tho lie
lid", rre.iu. nlly lllitk Hpi.l. Illiii-tbefore the llye-
Willi Triuparar) Huliii- on nail -ox ol Slph want of
Atifuiion, ur'ai auvwiy r.wn'i. i-h,
v "". .v y. . .1" .. "m..- -.1. ..c
1 ..i...i.tnifi. amnio u itncss lo lliu Iritlh nl lliCM?
ns( tti'iiis. In LmiulEr ,AjIniii8 Uio.moit nielaiKlioly
rx.nbttlon ntprjirs Tliu cminlenance l actually o.l
1T011 wiul iuiic tli'i-tlltitc unth'T mirth or prlef ever
visits Iti lionlil a suuntl uf 1 lie joico occur, il la
rarely atlifiilatc.
Willi woeful uifnpiirca wan iicfpoir
Low millrii ouii.1 tils cricf blcli'ed.,,
llrlii lit! I and Ins liniugtitlliousandfi
mum thousand, to untimely graves. th is n g tho
nml.ltlon ol many uoblc youths. It can be
" iM ,
llyminri Bullerin tlh any ol llie above iliBlrcf fi ns
fttliiipiit", the r'uld iWtrnrt llnchu 111 cure you. Try
itnudbe' ' ,
Ilewnreortlua'lt Voslrilins und,Uuaclt Dortors, who
falsely bonst of nbiiiiie. ami rcieienees iciiitens know
an.l.nvold them a,,d save In,,, ,uir'rins money, nnd
exposure. l.y sel ; or '. ,s .or a n.m.e o u... nml iiir iti P. rPHIL'tl V
It allays nil pi in and Inflaniniatlou, is pprfcctly
pil'.lSaililll MB iHOIW "il ".v.., iiui "Ui"'....uiw lit no
Is prepared dirpi t ly acrnrilnts to thu rules of
VhuTmnrtj and Chtulttry,
With I he erealt'f-t atcur-try andj rheinicnl li.owtrclgc
nml care tlmntnd In its combmaiion. t?pe l'mfctipur
11,'Uim'-' Vulu.ible Workaou the practice o phyatc, nnd 1 1
11101 01 1 in: i ii-; " Y;v i . ,'' ,
One liuudrpil dollirs will be paid to any physician
who can prnvi- that tin Medicine everj injurpil a I'a
tt cut ; and tin- testimony ol tliousauds.ran tic produced
to ruvp that it diea cood. Caaea of iioui one
pck lo ilurlren yrnia' siiinding hao been cflirted.
Jhe inassof vuluuM.y tcstimoiiy in possession nf tlio
iironrlilor oiirhliiciis vlriuea and rtiutlvi powers,
.is imnifufe, cintracing nan.ewttll known to t3cieuco
nml I'a hip. ... . ,
100.000 hollies Imvp lipen sold aid not a single in
bIiiiiip of a ftiilure lui Iip-u rrporttd I
l'crtKiuaily appi-arpd befoni me. an AMcrnian ol Hm:
city of Philadelphia, II. T. MunoLp, L'lt(iiiit. who
winir dulv sworn dopa say, thai his preiviraiion con
7 . I, Mn.e,t... urln intr,... 1.,.. I.ii I m
T IIEI.MIiOLI). Solo Mnnulnctiiror.
-Pworn and subJcribe.1 More me ilii.SId day of No
vcmber ISil. WM.l' IIIHIlAKli. Aldcrnilii.
rric. llptrtelIe. " sUor S-,, drlic.rr.1 to any ail
irwi.'ncrouipaiiied by reliable and respolmible eerlin
oalcs'lrout Professor, of .Medical Colleges. Clergytneu,
"crated and sold.hy II T. IIUI.MI1ULD,
I'r.Ttleil'.inil innlytlcul Chcinl.t,
No .15 Himth THNTII Kt., below Chestnut, 'Assembly
Build. ncs, Philndelpl.ia.
trs- lie hail ofj. ti nloamlbnrn. and if all
Diveststi and Draltrt tkrauhonl tAs United States,
ur.vv.Mtn n' roi'NTi:nrciT8.
juuo 1.1. iro,.
V ALNUT Street, South West corner
I T fr'Tlllllii, l'hila.lelplila
t..a 1 i... Mm unite uf l'.,nti.vlvnnia
Money is re'i ived I u any .am. larso or small tiri.t
liitere.l paid f-oin the day of deposit lo ol
withdrawal. ,
The tifllce is open every thy from Oorlnek In tha
luorninit till 7 o'Llocl. In tile eve and ol. Monday.
andTlinrsil.iy evenings, till Su'ilot 1.
All .nnisl.irj" or small, are paid back in t:OI.D on
demand without notice, to uny autonni.
I'rL.idcnt Hon IIIIMIYI.. linXXRIl.
Secrelary WILLIAM J.KKCIl.
lrtorf; -Ilenrl
L., O . Lan.lretb Mtlnns
f.dwni.lL. Carter, P. Carrnllllrcwstcr
Robert?elfridco. Joseph It. Ilnrry,
BamuelK. Asl.ton , Henry I,. Churchman ,
JatuesD. Smilh, PranelsLee.
Tills conipanyconllnes ns business cnlirely to the
reneivln; or nicneyoo Interest. The investments a.
"n?;x!'ei".,if!,.0.tnrv AND A II ALP OP DOLLARS I
are made in conformity with tho provUions nf the
UIJNT3, and such first class securities, mwill always
tnu... narCurl eOflinlV til I llP dPtlOS It lint, and flllCll
rnnnot I tit io give permanency and t-tamlity to thi&
A Substitute for Linseed Oil
rpvrrvr APi'i.ii'.n mil I
rplIG u inlcwi fiied oier to Um pulilic ilu-i rOtPii m 1.1
J 'imi as an eUkieut buhiitutp foi Liusied Oil, as i
thinner fir all sons ol t'ulats cround in Oil, except
Vllielinu Hetl.
When lliinued with the Oleum the Taint will enver
latnlslied, llie I' will have nn.l reialii lho most
-lossy tinpuraneot ana thu elasticity ff he llnnner
will eu.ible Ihe paint in ,yie d lo the v.irnth i and the
inuier. tiry qmcitur and will b miMine, uimi wueu
crarkina and ptuliug oil. n common in iiruinary vai
n itlicil ml iinliila In oiiiii-olv nvcilr!rit
Vat i-unling Tin IEnuid its epial ran nut be found.
The Oleum can hn used by itself, or In common with
fdiispeil Oil. Varnish, Japan or Turpcnliiu at the op
lion of the Painter.
Its cobl Is about one half of thafof Mneprd Oil
thus considerably leducing ihe uxpr iisp of p.iiiitme.
Wef.iilhlully rcrounucud il Tor nil purptis-a Indica
ted and w.irr.iul It to give satisfaction- A liberal dis
count to llie trade.
DIIiKUllONS. Thin the paint with tho O'otim Li-(pi..,-
t.ud work it wel I, until u tlows freely from ihe .
The brush must b free from all iiioNturo and in.a
riahly nuplit to be soaked well with the Oleum hhym'
previous to painting.
Instead ot placing thebruthes lnwa'erover night,
as painters gi-nerally do. ihpy oupht lube put in Die
Oleum I.huor, which will greatly l.trllitate th work.
The paint mixed wilh lho Oleum Mi-inr will work
belter if it bo allowed to from 12 to 111 hours pre
vious to its btlni; uspiI, and 4l.f n thi'tm-d to such a
rmmistencv as to work free a hiI easv under tho brush
iy I tie line or Jap in, tlip paint will bp rendered still
.f.iuer, Mn ihe Jnpm hrsi with ttit pilm and thfti
thin it wilh thu Ultum hiiuor in Ihe manner men
liomd alrovo.
pounds of Paint thinned wltht'ip Oleiipi I.i
nuiir, will cover a Mrgcr surficu Unu 15 pojiids tl-iii-tied
wilh oil.
'llie oleum Uli-07 i-not in be me.t with Wniilau
Kcd, nor with Pamt nml uning any pioportion of it.
llUUINli;. U.M'TMAN fc llltniNKl,
Aint-nctn P.iint and Coirr Wuiks,
Corner M4lh and Creen Ht .PJillaiMphla
OITicp N U coriiuThird and Wood ts P illad ti
phia. Pa.
Juna U, lri.'7.
IMKKEK ,V L.Mltll. Froprietors.
"nV":". " n.,.. .riM.,Pto m nn-u-l.trh Dili v ltic eTfl mlnol iort.fl n d ma ike rt ny 1 11 com mil iep M.irn ibo. ..inoniM.ii'i..
m,.irtinc inv'ariaMy r.,noie.-,oon tMlo, Ln ( of Tta.bMk.ap 'Mwc'rV ! r".VjX.umn. W1,nn m ,r,i,.t7ir
Ch hen Third' and Koi,,,.;'
Bepinnberl:!, 1P30.
'1 Somh l'ront street,
I'll t nDII I'll,
rtlOOl? SVFKS.
uwut g'""'
mz'j. tiH'. i.ariiiist assort-
SrfrrrsjaFSriSSSiiieiii lii ihn Unltta Sinin.
RxlfliJ&'JiJ'WXwuifiiiiiiMl in bo equal toouy ln,
ajyaM!ffilSRUr.ow i.,?.Ie. V:T.,,in'.i li
WfT7ISlKWSRJl,,m' ""y oli,!,
!ihHil i5AM 0,l,llrf.,".,..0 , ,.a,
rN"1 llVANS U WATriOV'M,
Wifitjr'VrfaiS 20 B, 4llnl., riillailclplila,
rniirii m MiniiTV ani. wim. vmmu
5 ;ra taitt i IKrtij.Ww'l 5J7, 1557.
" lu0, M,C,4. UHI.
T, un,rricnecl, mcinhera of Ihu coiiiinlltef. ill
..' "! ",,,iv ,e5orl, Hint we aw the lo M(e, oiljl
n,yB),rceil iipnii by Par rein & llrrrin ami I'.vJiMfc mmle
Wnlnn,iilnp.i flilo u y i e i ii . . ' - aoo
ye IlV tll0 payinomrr nf the rMlmlelpiiln toil
..i. ...i KiiTH in ti I ii rii ice. vii. i lilt:
Jir?,?,r.ftnMl Ii? r irrrld Herriim aniltn' til In iliif-
' 'r,t..,.e l . rnrieln i llerriim and Hie S.ilu In
II A t.u.,1. in II
In iJ b tioip'Mi 'ir
.1 .... nml iiimpri i
y," v,tuil. ami mil & .iUuii, aunpiiv
:' ,..,.i.i at A T ti.,1 Intil
' J J ir"c"r, s of nreen
'"ill onr cor . i i v
'rhrnrfMvnunn ncu i cj . i "'"'" i-
ii'CKury. " ,,,)f
luik 0 ml nan ciiuevnni uu whbm, . .
iinir.l the wliolf uhUir 1 .em per iili.mli'nr i til tlio ,
v itniiitvH tht nl 1. iv n io navp been a lair ann mi
DANitii a. iiuNTr.ii.
Ilavinji bciintiSPiUdiuhiK tlio burning, we litUy
r-ntnrt.ln if III I tin ftlllfTIIinit Of 111'! CalldillOll
of the papers and bookMukcn out of the rfipTlivo
I"8'" O. A.NMCOMfl.
( 11. 11 . ii;iir.Kvnnno.
1.a mi i.iirir.T.AMli.
March 29,liSJ.
- - -
8 T It I . (i & S U M ill E R li 0 0 I) S.
, rjHE undersigned taVn pleasure ol in-
R irormln .... .,, cnl're andvlclnllv. the
,,,,. , a la,.e d select assorllnua
hp hi ic sir.MMi-.i: Gimns,
Coinprislnj;i)ic heat It t sfckaiul niost.v ariod assort
mi in nffnohioimtilp. tist fn 1 nml aiiopLnuialMcrchnti
(lite thai haw hem oficred toitlippubllr oe rr Kin
nndqiinlity.whifhihey ver
reusoiiablL' prlcci.
t-Counrry nroducrtavrn i nexchanpp for tioorta
iiclii.'ini: (Jraln nnd Lut. ber and the public custom
rcspornuuv no iciien
mwlersvH'c. March Sf 1MT.
XO. 133, NORTH TIlHtn STimCT,
'In the r.agh Hiiil'lings, Move, llace St.)
rplin undprsigncd hc-t 'eavplo Infiinn his frlcm and
Jl llie iiilmir. i nil iip im upeiiiM iiimmih"
the ragte nnlldfnps, No. 133, N.. 31 St., ns nlove,
where he will Iip hippy lo supply Mfrr In tits, Ilotpl
krepera.und iiirtniners centra I ly , with the 'choicest
brands kpptin I'hiludelpha.
wiMiAM imons.T.
Lateof DantUlc )
March Tlh, y.
iVO lVal
iMroitTr.Rs Jixn MdtfUF.icrunxns,
Atp now prepared to exhibit their New Styles
11 la ..irk and rolorcdSHk ManUMas rhnntlv T-acB Man
Mai iiiMa- Pretich Lari; MaiiHl n. limbroidert d J?ilk
IM.iniilla), ITngled Lnp and Net Mantillas, .Mourning
Man ti It ip, ltaf'pipi. Talmas, Ate . fcr.,
All ofwluth willbe GUVrH at Hip l.mvpst rricei.
c no At t:o.
174 CliPfiiut Street, uliovp?th, Phlladi-hii.
M.irc.i7lb, 1H57.
Oil .M.iuuljtiuring and Jlnnutij,' purpoftfl. rr (talo
J. II A A. 9, AI.l.HV,
No. T and H South Wli.tri'f ,
June fi, 1P07,
I'llilstUel jiln .1
GOOPS POll isr7.
rpiTE subscriber respectfully informs his
a cuoinuiersanii inn puonc generally, inai lit? ins
received n lulimock oT choice
Sprins ami Summer doous.
comprisiut! a full u9Mrlinciit f Cloth i, Cassimers,
H.iltiieiis. iJel.tini'b llrhi-iers Calicoes. A.t ., toijeilur
with a cr'atvimety of other nriiclccj UEU?lly kept in
Cout.lry Bfores.
AI.SO-HardwaiP.Ci.ttpry, ?npeurre Palt, Pish., Iron.HtccI, llatr. Cap", lioots. Shoes. &.c.
13 Country produce, nirhidln Orain. Lumber, c,
lakpu in exchiintiP for zroo.Is
pj-Tlt.iiiklul fur past patronage he respectfully asks
a cuntu j aucu of the simp.
Mlllville, Mnill 53, lA'.T-y.
Willow Grove, South Bloonislmrg.
THIl uiiilersisned rcspeelfully li.foiuii, his Ircnds
tin, I the public eenerntly, Hint be hislunen the
stand Litelt ocitlpied by .llr Ili.l.ett Plfl Wil'ow
drove. Mouth Uluomsburir. btloiv the Km i t n. il pip
he will roi.iiiine Ihe "
lYagnn-mal hig Business,
Cr n ' ,B vn" ,a departiiicnis, in good
a.c mv o on ii i i mn.iern e iern f
Alio-Itepjlniig Wi'tfuns, Iinrglrs. Ca rrin 1 1 !
Kinds Kr . itone to onler and on hoii Lj;ne.
iCsjT Produce laken fur work, lmownii.
Illoomsburg April 2., 157 It m
D E iN T I S T 11 .Y,
iiLooMsnunr;. coi.uMniA ro.,
nesidoiice, first Uruk buildm. below Jlartnian'rf sior '
on Main fc'mct.
RIltPi:C'ITlM,l,V nlrs hi professional services
tothclidiis and gentleim ii nf Jlloomsburg and
vicinity He is prepared it intend to a' lho various
op'-ratlons in Dentistry, and s pioiiled with the la
tent iii'provcd
Po r cc lain Teeth,
Which will bp Inserted on pivot or tiA plate, to look
as pll on tlie naitiral.
ITj A Kiip-nor iirlicle ol TOOTH ro;VHi:a. alt
ways on h.iiid .Juno n 1H7. nv. JA, '5.'l,
Asbloii's Una Liverpool ground Turk's 1. laud and
Dairy S.ilt,iiitistauliy un liauu and for sale, III lots, to
.Ull the trade.
April 4, IS57-GM
Importers and 'Wholcsalo Doalers in
llJincs, anh Ciqnors,
1 - No. Ml Arcli St. above Fourth,
I r.OwnusT, J. Wooii.iuK, Geo. .Hc.liria.
, Juuuury, :i.l,157 y.
WliS'l'tiKiii SBOTKIi,
11. D.wiNoiu:.iTi:i:
My 3,
, Nnssortnien i orCoiiHt eiy, Jewilry, Pcrfiimo
I. ry. Soaps, liulr OH-. Poni.tics r 10 1.0 had
'- CLAIIK'll Store
tlliioiustiurg, May di Iri7.
j.'.vru 11 imvki 11 in t,
rovultlana,aniI will IniilJ 1
rlnhlfi ellDlllL'fl frnlll 10 10 4"
.. nnn ill imr il nnoii cj r rlnum . w ltd lloil
cirrlngea.nltli Holler Bear-
fc P'"V ndr.....-l.;ieni'-! rcJ.lyrorarllon
iun "n"
cual lireakK
rrs nfilrntpil ln 183(5, for thrrsliliiK tmin ami crarklnr
lorn run! now iiin.ln on a Inrge rala for uretklnn oil
ttM,I1, ri itcavynilnlng punii ami riri- iiitlni-l
,ct,r coiiii.lclc with double atilnc forjlnii punipi.oi
klmu of inllleonrliitiiicl home cj.llni! mail" In onlorl
l.liienlmaiiiii uitli uiij ilcv'r-cl ulrwi ol pnllcyi (lnlilin
IUilian;cr Iro ipMnliif ilono pay MTp' t loin i ,
UniUoriron turnlra litnvv prea nml other acre
tr.,o.llth any ile.lreil !pll,holll,rea, .
Thehen noiigb Iran llire.hlns Mnrlilnpii that vv
f. before the public, ca.t Inn- nml w" odeiiniaclnn.
i inns. . ii
icrew ,
If to nrilcr.
vcr power, i i.nln or tread tower
rllrolakcfl order, for llieroilovvilte lua
elilncryi Hnrrison'i 1.ilplpn.tntirrnln ni-ill(flHniil oM
tuniin nnrncri
tiicn tutihrlm u on' linnr AUn lolt and Movtv
tornall In ni.lflr,nlno!tii(fsli; a r.-itnitUliiwurjunnuriiciur 1
,t Im fl 11 llnrtl A. Co.. Iliff mnk iinUfirfiil Itlnivpr
now in me wim l'lcieatniimuiii nipuwrr. nne oi Allien
ultlnn'putln usrnt ihi rotimiry fnr ctliiMtlon A'loi
ili' In ii.Pnt lhr Trill ii.lrv rnrni i i t nn A ..I
t i-"." ",; '' ,7 , ' : 1
lll"Uvu mi. .......v., .
Also TflKr oruo
Also TflKr onuirp ior erou i nicm mncKtmun
; in npp 1 11 fin in iiiccouiiii1 01 i.oitjin
rtlri mierl indjjvcomirtft. Sullivnn.anrl
men can lie ftcti hi mv Riinp.
i 11 ni Alia,
'PIIK UDdersined rcspcotfully informa
I his frlpnds and the public that he hat lakrn the
Kithavge Hotel Aw llloouipburtt, located on Main Strrcl,
dirictly opposite lho Court lloufc, uhlrh lias brcn
throitghl repaired and Impnivcd, where ho Is prp.
pared to nccommndnlp his cuslomcra wilh good (are
...! n ., mil., II I ttllUhl- t ion
lie also iins In connection with the Cxchangc Ho
tel, uu excLllent m
rnnnlnprcgulnrly seieraltlines per day. to and from
tho Hep. ilon lho arrival of tlio Cars, by which passe..);.
erswlllha pleasjiitlycnnveyedlothe Depot flmilon.oi
taken from and returned to their residences, If desired.
Eyilcwlll always be happy to entertain 11.11. ....... m
tnodalc his Iriendslolliciitiiiosl olhis abilitje..
prrr.n nu.i.Mi'.vurt,
nl on mshurg .April ,5.1?5C y.
No. 72. North Second Street,
oppoairn tii n mount vnnNoN iioubr.pii ii.a
OoIdl.evcrVVatclicsrullJcwclicd IBK Cases, !il
Hllver do do 12 011
do I.cpinc do 0 U
tluartlers 5 OOlo 7
Roldgptctcclcs, SOt old "'I
Silver do f 50
SlIverTalilcSpoona pcr.ctl, M OOlo 18 DO
do llescrl do do UOOtollllC
do Tea do do 1 7.'ilo 7 50
noliircnsandnolnCnses, 3 95lo Auo
do Silver tlo I on
Togethcrwith a variety of flue Gold Jewelry ,Ool
iir.tiiinrunndt ouunaina. a 1 1 aonus wn r rantct.t o t.
nspresented. Wnlclies and J ewelry repaired! n t)i
N 11. Alloidersscnlhviiyinallor.itherwlse.vvlliiie
pntietiiniiy.iitentieii io .
Vovemherl'.' 183:1 Iv
Spring & Summer,
s b m a '0 B
rpiIE unJcr&igned having removed his
1 Ptore.i.p town, nl Ihu stand, lately occupied by II
U fc I W llnriuwin wheip with grcaer incrpnel
laci lilies, he is pnnbltd to offer a fullasiormeulnf
Sprinc and Summer Goods.
Which he lias Junt ncfiiPit ffoui the r,.i,-tiii Cities,
ronnirislnj Dry Hoods, (1 merries, II re. Q up ens
warp CVdir-wnrc llf.llo-wnrp. Jirncs. 1'Wi, halt Ac.
t'lnstpr, t ron, iYail. Hunts, bhnpu, Hals . (;npc, &c etc
Also It Ii A I) V UiiUTIllNG
In short, pvpi v tlune usually kent in count rv Stnros
to which hu Iiivitestliij pulilic gritf rntly
Z.tT 'ih. I. u ulir, Old lrmi and Country l'roduce
taken iupjuahiuigo lir Goods, at llie hicrst marlpi prirt
IllooniFhtirg. Marib 21. 1837.
Spring and Summer
Wiielvy, ftcal A: CO.,
nAVlNtl Juni tpfpivtit nnd opeiird their stork o
inert. tMiiuirp furprinp s.ites vii i, h t inii;irJi-pBie
l,.Ui;LNT,tJlli;Pi:T, nnd IIANIiOMlfT nHsort
infill now oiler I'd in Ihii TOWN I Hsivinc paidreal
ailenlini lo thf Ml'rlion ol thriri'iiiiro -iidfr:, to
prirennd 'piality, thej (latter themAe Itiey
ran cnmpc.e with the theaptft, and iilltlni wishinp
to buy cnean, con mive nionev bv ivitis h. n r.n Wp
have all kindi nl (iioidh and Wurts-to nt pply the
i uupiu. o i-iy lurr in n
Trench M rrnoes.Wooll'laidB. Alparap. Ilonibnrliies.
i in t Poplin-. I'.iraniPtta cloths. Molmir Itimtrex.
Munlin Pe I.aini'B, Persian rlollie (Inghams.OalicoL'P,
Handkerrbipls, l!nuiiciiigi, hands ajid trliiinilng,
Iiari"4.iuitPdi;iiigs,bouiiei ril'j om, hi large vnrJety .
vp.lvet rihbom.and braiiM,l;i4.oiloii,and ;p thread
gjuvcH, MobaM mills. Ate .
Wp ln Up our friend s nnd the pulillr gpripraltv to
give us a tal Iberori'purchawincpli'PWhpre. U t Unw
buuphiour aodiHi l.owetlCush Prices, nnd will not
beun rrsoldhvanjliody orllierrsto' mankind.,
nioom 'luirc. March SJI , If;.?,
Dr. J. S. Houshioii's
J nuiti. or o".tVi?Da HOUGHTON'S
JuJre Prenared from
UiMiuet, or thp foil 1 1 Ii
aininiii ii ui i hit ui , nugr
dim tionsol ll.i ron hie.
hij, IhuKreatPhyitiolojr'
leal Clinuli-t by J. H
Tii.sitotiM. I) , Phi la
do I phi a i'a.
Th'risNature'gownrmedyior nn unhenlthy Sto
njarh, No ariof mnnrnu einnHts rural he powers.
J . V,""",l:,l",M,I ' lV" or ausaous
t !, ' S. u v i. ,,1V t .""'"'V01'.' lfl- r,nn'' mny
walcrcraclicrwltlioutarutp distress L'pwareonrur;gpii
Ua' I on the Aifnt, and get a Descriptive Cjrrula
iratU.nivint' u large unioniii nl rcieutlfir r.vH'pnee
iiw l.ii-big'n Aninist'olieinlstr) ,I)r. Combe's Phisiolncy
Hipilioui llr Pereiraon x'ood atul Diel.Hr. John V
T.aper. of New Vork Lnierfity; Prof. Hungljcon's
Py -jiology; Pruf. illinnan,o VulcCo!ed.'p;I)r.CHrpen
lei'sPhyxiolojy. ,.c.,togttiicr with repormof Cuics
f rm all pnltsolthu United Siarv.
flolilfcy li-1 ititz ami j . K.Moyt'r. uioomsiiiirg
S It. Ilowiua.1 llen.ic!,. Oclil.lfj.'i y.
lilooinshiirg Tinware and Slovc More
piin .uticrlbor U now prepnrrd, Willi new
1 y,tn lmlMlnlloiMr eiiliii-, from tin
., nio uti'.iiup'v"iMani,aniini
,r,icr .louhlcnncMlucle nonnbls eiijlnct fron
A. I
rnjinunder.isnedresppc'fullyinrorinslnsold rn'end'i , lire nervous syotem, sc that a limh maybe amputated1
L and ritstoiuer-! that he has purchased his brother j wit bout the shghtent jin.ii . tn hating ihe ordinarybum
in teres I in the above ertab1ihmput,atid itiPtoncern will . irg gas will deftroy lite In a few hours.
jiereaner no couuucicu n uimseii eiciumveiy. iiehasi
I net tt-r.'lieit ii ml t.flftm Cue anlr. tlm Uma.i nn.l 1
juel irci'iied und oilers for sale, tho largest nnd
musvesiRUSlVP. nspor imeiu 01 i ajvuy ft i U VJio
ever introduced intoth is market.
: ills stock consists of a com nlete assortment ol
c bthcsl Cookit'giuid parlor stoves in the market. to
thiv'r with tHoo Pisturesfif every description, Oven
and lln&moves. t'.adutotn.CvlindtrStoves, Cast Iron
.ait iigii niiiva. L.ani.u.n oioves, icM &c .
iitovenlt neaild Tinware r.onslantlv on hand and
utaUured in order. All kinds of repairing done,
usual, on KhortuniiPti.
The tialrnnnseof old fricndii and new cu sin men
. 91 1 uupi;kt,
rdooniMlinrg, Jan. '2, 1F5-J, if
Pennsylvania Motet.
rpillBwellknown Hotel latelyker liyS.M S,
..L l ri. II llsan.on Main Bueei n. iiivHIe.fVaV
lui been taken by the .ubrcribrr ivli is ore-
parcaioacconiiiiodQte travs Hers and s -angers
ii llie lie. i manner- The house has I en thoroughly
Iverliauled.and is now rellltcd up'.nd furnished
oheenlerliilninem nr..ue.ia
iiiMeinuiiiig 1. nrgo nun eomniouious, wim Horses
.ami vehtclesior hiro. nnd he will spare no painsto
rentier general sati.f.iction
U3"A liberal. hareofUie public patronage Is respect
. cuougl: w. riinnzc.
llanvilleDec. SO,
Jlspyttvn Coach anil M'agan Factory
r"iIHtindersignci having succeeded Jacob ft i,
X intheWaguiiand Uoach making burlite.s,.it hit
slum .in i:iyluwn re.pectlully liilorm the, ,ene
uiidlhe nil.lit.tliutlhe) coniiniiiwilltho
Wagon Making Business,
1 11 all.llsdepaitinent., where lliey will be ,,,nnv lrro
celve orders and promptly csecutcall busine.. in the)
UVANl. Jtr It A.,l.,.,,,,...
P..pylown.juni7, IS5C.y ..mie.11.
rtAIIPF.TINOS, OilClolli. Window ki.,,i.. ...
at .(;au.j,jUsi received to.uco
nnfacliired and Imnorlod rjpressly for I'AIIPPP
xJn. iKi1!l"l,V',i,i0",,'l,r'l"" P1'"'" "
Nan land'.'iiSoriliSwjndrlrecl I., 1 our I., Imv
.1, 1 s ' h 1
M e,u , , . ,
ANkw nnd ulneulartv fmcufssful remedy for tho
cure of Ml llili(mn cli('risc, Cost, mens, Indi
cation. Jnnndice, Dropsy, Ithiitintini, I;emi,
Oout, Ilumnrt,N(rimsncsrt liiitftWIity, ln uina
timn, llcadsiclio, Tftini n Hie Ilrrntt, Side, Jlack
and i.tmbs Female Com pi .nuts &r. &c. Indeed,
very few arc the diseases in which a rurgaliic Medi
tino is not moro or 1pm rcftilred, nnd mncli slclt-
uno Is
ncss and suirerinfi mlil be prevenirn, n a. naim-
lrs Imtcnectnal Catharlln w;re more frceU liscd.
No person ran feel ell while ft cosme nauu oi r,roin!ln ImlirW. It .nnn LMirr.ltP8 BCliOUS flnti
,ftcn fatal aiKcaRej,wliicli mignt nae ncen ovomcu
hy tho timely arid juiieious use of a pood purRatiTC.
. 7. .. . i.iu ..... ..r . A M.cnr.l .
nv tno iimciy ana juainuus uv j "H""1 p'w""'"
Th - r -j kR tr.,e Dr i"q(H. l'CenHll nmpn)mu,uiia
liillous derniiKemciits. They all tend to become or
produco tho deep seated at.d formidable distemper,
which load tlio hearses all oter the Intnl. Hence n
reltablo family plijslc Is of lho first Importance to
tlio nubile health, and thlt 1'ill has been perfected
Wim consummate .mm i.i mi . .i '''.'
cxtcniite trial of its virluei by l'hysicians, 1 rores
sors, and l'liticnls, has khown results surpassing
any tliiim hilhorto known or any medicine. Cures
havobcen elloctcd beyond belief, wero Ihey not ub-
.l.nlt.l.,t nerant, nf Uliell Olllllcd UOsltlOn 0110
' characttr ns lo fotbid the suspicion of untruth.
Ainonir tlio many eminent Roniienicii n ...
testified in f nor of lhee Pills, we may mention :
JKrof. J. M. Lockk, Analjtlcal Chemist, of Cm
clnnatlj whose high professional tlmracter Is en-
"mN'IcT.nAX, Judge of the Supreme Court of
41.A TT..II..1 Rl.lea.
Titos. Coi'.wtx, Secretary of the Treasury.
Hon. J. M. WiitoitT, .Governor of Indiana.
if. LoNOWiittTlt, nrcnt winoRrower of the W est.
Also, Uu. J. II. Chiltiis, 1'racticol Clicmi.t, ol
Hew York Oily, endorsed by
Hox. VV. I.. Mahcv, Serretnry of State.
U'M. 1J. AbTim, the richest man in America.
S. IiKMNti & Co., 1'ropr's of tho Metropolitan
Hotel, nnd many .others. .
Did spaco pcimlt, wo could give many hundred
rertiheatis, from all parts uhcro the Pills bans
been used, but evidence .even more convincing than
tho experience of eminent public men is found in
their cllerts upon trial. , . Pills, the result of long investigation and
study, are oll'crcd to the public as the best nnrl
most complete which the present state of medical
science can afford. They nre compounded not of
the drugs themselves, but of the medicinal "Hue
only ot Vcgclublc remedies, extracted, bv chemical
process in a state of purity, nnd combined together
in ui.h a manner as to Insure tin; best result.. I his
system of composition for medicines has been found
iti tho Cheny Pectoral and Pills both, to produce p.
more efficient remedy than had hitherto been ob
tainod by any process. The reason is perfectly ob
v ions. While by the old mode of composition, every
medicine is burdened with moro or 1cm of acn-
rllect is present. All the inert and obnoxious qual
ities of caeli nit-stance employed are left ticlund, the
curatiir virtues only beim; retained. Hence It u
RclC-cvidcnt tlio cllicts slumld prove, as lieyliaie
proved, more luilc-lv i.-inr dial, and lho Pill, a surer,
more powerful antidote lo.iluo.w limn an) other
lncdriiio Ititorm t thu v.orld.
Aa It Is freouentlv esptdicnl ttiat my medicine
should to taken under the roiiusel of on attendn
Phi.ilan. and as lie could not properly jiulee of a without knowing its eoniposilion. I lme
supplied llie accurate loriinil.T l.y wlmli both iny
Pectoral and Pills are inado to the whole tody of
Practitioners in the United States and lliitish Amel
ican Prminces. If, lioneier, ll.erc sliould te any
one who lias not recciied tlicm, lliey will b.
pmmpllv foiwarded by mail to his request.
Of all'tiie Patent Medicines that ai e ollered, how
few would tc tnktn if tl.iir composition wns known .
Their life consists in llnlr nij.tery. 1 hate no
invcteries. . . , . ,
'flic composition of mv prcpaintions is laid open
to all men, nnd nil wl.o nre competent to ittdRe on
thcVuliieit fied) neknonltditP Iteir comictions of
tlnf- inlrinsie merits. The Cherry 1 eitornl ,u
iiionomicoil by seienlific men to be a wondcrriil
iiieditino ils ellitts weie known. Jlanj em
inent Phisieians liaio tlotl.u-ell tho same limit; or
mv Pills.'nnd eien nolle ennlidentl), nnd are will
ini; tn cerlih tliat llicir were inure
than lealicd liv their cil'icts upon I rial.
'II. cv npeialc Irt llirir ptuMrful influence on the
Internal Trttein to' putifv Hie bloud mid stimulate t
Into licallhv at lion i i nline llie t.l.slrnt lions .rf
the stomn'l',, 1,', liter, nl'.d i.tlirr oiit.iiis of the
Im.lf, iei.t.ninK llicir ine(:iilal- nrti'in In lit-oltli, and
by ioneetiilt', nliereur ll.ei oxisl, "utli der..nee.
niriils 03 arc the first mlaiii of disease.
llejtijr. siif!..r-iM:ip.e.l, they are plismnt J" lake,
nnd 1.,-nu' purely mki liarm tan arne Trnm
their iif.f in 'Hi) 'I'l.'nti'y. , ,,
l'or ininulc diie 'tiom . sec winppcr tut the llos. 11Y
Hit. JAMES 0. AYF.l..
lraclio:i1 auid Analytii.til ClliemiH,
IaOWKLL, mass.
-Prico 2i) Otnti per Box. Fivo JJoies for SI.
XCT T. P Tiinv. and aM Dm eints in lllnmiibliurg
an. I Dealers in Medicnies tvisnwhTe
May 10, li7
and am. inai;ABi:rt or tji: i.unhp ami
I THKoAT are pohiinel) curable by iith.1l.1tnm,
whkh conveys t lie reuie.hts lo the cniiliM in th'p
lungs ihriiugh the air pasxnges, nnd coming hi dirul
rouinct with il.e diseatie, ntulralizts Ihe tuberrular
matter, alla)x ibe c.iuh. Liiuth l I ret and tas) uptc
lorntioi. lit nl the Inngf. purlfle the blond, iiiij.-uii
renewed ii.tlily to ihe ncrvmis fjsiem, gintg iluu
tone, andenergy to indipeiiab1e lor lh" rettoratioii i f
health. ToXe utile to contideiilly thai Cunmnip
lion is curable by i n halation, is lo me a source iirunal-lo)c-d
pleasure. It ib as much under Ihe control nl
inednal irratineiit ns any nlhu fnrinii able dlnease
:iiii( ty out of i v ry hundrt d t ur s tan I e curt d in Ibe
iiui -I.) get and tiny percent in Hip second ; bin in the
third fta'P it Is impfMlhle to tnr more I fin ri per
cent , lor the I n 11 ((c are so cut up by Ibe disHnse n to
hid dclinuce to im-dica! fkilj. I.ven.Jiowner. in lho
l.iit tingef, iuhii lalmn ntlonlK ext ir orilmaty n In t to
Ihe su tiering u tie ndiug this Icbtlul srnurge, w Jiirh an
nually iiet-iroj uiiteiy iin iiioiifinni percoiis in ine
United Ptates nluue , and a correct ralculutiou shown
that ol the present population ol lie larth, ciyht mil
lions are destined to fill lho coiisiimpliveV grnie.
Truly the tuiw-r of death bus im arrow fo fatal ns
Consuiuption. l-n all age it has Ktn te great en mv
of lite, lor it spares m itlur age nor fx, bui sleep's
oirnlike Ihol'iave, the beautiltil, Ibe graceful, and the
gifted. Ily Hie lie'p id that nprenie l.elng.fn m whom
omth terygood and perfect plfl, I nm cnnhlert Ir
offer to thu siilirtid it pennnnrnl and sptrdy cure in
Consumption. '1 he Aim t f lubtrrli t It from im
pure blond, und he J.n no di a te ejfirt, produced by I heir
itepo'ltlonln the lungs, ji lo prevent the fnc adiuisfioii
(fair into iheoircehs. wlnchcauspsa weakeutU lilu
hty through the mure Bjntem. Then fun ly Ills mm a
ratimial tn ej pict gi eater good from medicines en let ing
the rovltie" of the Inn trs Ihmi from those ndiulnikiPi, .t
; ihrouglilhe slpmnch; ihe patient will ulna) s find Ihfl
i lungs tree and the breathing easy alter inhaling rrmr
fdus. 'thus, inhaliition is a local remedy, ncveiihtlesF
pi acts constitutionally, and wiih more power and ter
1 tuinlv thbii remediendiuJniUi'redby Ihe siomath- 'Jo
i prove the powerM and direct in.lnence ol this modp of
1 iidministrallon, chloroform inhiicd will entirely d
f.iuj r ii uuiniu, (lurai)zing n.c cn-
j m innai.iiioii ot nmniruia will rouse- th sistt iti
when fniiithirr nr nnnnmiiilu Ti,. .i - r
when fnintlng or apparently dead. The odor of many
... ........ .... i" i i" 11 uir ckiu a iew nun
utcg after being Inhaled, and n ay be immediately dp
lected iut the Mqod. A ronviurinpnroof of the coiiFii.
tutionalctrectsofiiihalaiion.ts theinct that sickuefn is
always produced ti brenlhiug foul air. Is not Uns
positive evidence that proper rcmrdles. rnrelully pre-
I should Jirniliicethp moil hnniiv ruiiM. t n. - ..i.'
I H .' "ij milll-ll Itll (irt'U!ll iiig lungs,
as . in years , prnriice, many ibaufoiids eullermg film
j diseases of the longs and throat, have bptn under mv
pp. rare, and 1 have effected innnv minii,Lnhi..ii.n. ......
1 slages, which fully satis fies me ihu consumption Ir no
loiieer a fatal disease, si v trenlineti! nlr...
is original, nnd founded on lonpexperielire nnd n tho
rough Investigation. jiy perf,ct nciuaininiice with
the until roof tubercles, fee., enables ine lo dlitlneitlih .
readily, Ihe various forms of disease that simulate
eonsutiiriion. and apply ihe proper rrmeolrs, rarely
be,,,g mistaken cvonin a singlccnse. lhnf.mll.Miiy,
ii connection wnh certain pathologiral and mlcrosro.
pic disrovciies, ennb e. me in ml... . .1.. 1..
the eireels ol contracted chests; to enlarge the Chen ,
for , P"riy lh blood, jinpatt to It renew id vilnlitv.civlnr
1 enemv and tone In,.,. n,l,n ..... .........
., '.."'""e- wnn 11111 iircrlii.rt. sent tn onv liirl of
eaTii . iielV . ' bypalicnl. con, ,,,,.,
ealiiig their sjinploni. by letter. Put Ihe cure would
iB more certain if ihe patient ihoiild pay me a vim.
u ' i ,"'d .'.vo ""-' "n nPP"'iuniiy toemnine the
Mines and eniibli! m In priscrjlie with iniitl, grrster
certainly, and iheu lho euro 1011I1I lie ellecled wllho.t
my seeing the pnllentngnin.
m .... r "' w ,!RAM. M, D
Office, 1131 Fiiiist slreel ,(i,d No. 100,1
July , 1P.vr-(;Valr,c?iW'lfl" ntMW '
handsomest and cheapest us
lorinrent 01 Bole Leather
Po'id Ilivfled 5
ifSFZ. . VAI.lSi; TRPNKh.
Propellers, Leather and Carpet Uag,'raekinsT,unk..
, . . THOMAS-V . MATTSflNxs!
1 ..-e"bl,r',. London I'rue Mednl, lninriivcd aieii
...... rJpnng,rolid tsule l,eM,er Tm.k M.'nVt,, ...
s".".l.'", -- tsj ami Plarklt, Philadelr.h a
-VnoilH lei'-if '
"V -W T MKKIiri 111.1 tf.eivrdnl