Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, November 14, 1857, Image 3

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t; II.' ' -" I
AIjIM B.; V ATE; ''DCAt' """OB,
Bloomsburg, November 14rl857
Divind services will bo hold, in Bloomii
turgr to-morrow, (Sunday, Nov. ,ICtb,) at
I ho loiiowing uimrciica :
LuthcrmChurch Kcv.E.A.8llA..rti!TTS,
Servioo at Oi o'clock, V- .M;.
Presbyterian Church. Ur.v. D. J. Waw
ler, Scrvioo at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Tho Frco Schools of this pl&ea
"opened doors" on Tuesday morning lost.
e- If you wish to know who sells tho
Lett goods si 'tho lowest prices, read tho
advertisements in the Democrat.
J56S" Mr. James- Hand, an old citizen
or'Oolumbin county, wo aro sorry to loarn,
met with a serious accident oa list Tues
day, afternoon. It appears, that Mr. II.,
was hewing some timber, with a kand-aro,
when tbo axo glanced culUng bis leg rcry
jgy Wood piles ara very numerous on
tho streets. Evidently our citizens axo bo prepared fr a tng a&d
dreary reign of tho Winter' King, who'
will soom set himself upon his ioy throno
and deal out cold weather ''freely and
without price.''
frji Tbo weather Ha pa,ct woek wns
rnther(!peasani. Perhaps we aro going
havo.'indian Summer now. Tlio evenings
aro" quito-cool, and standing nrou'ud the
strcat corners after bight has ceased lo be
indulged in to any great est irt. It gnus
hard too for a fellow to keep in doors in
tho evenings, but it must bo done or freeze.
SsSf Wo should bo pleased to have our
citizons cominucicato any tiwal news thai
may occur under their observation, orsmy
other source, if well authenticated. As
wc nro.confiued to tho office on account of
business, :iny local matters (hat is ot im
portance, will bo gratefully' roooivod by us.
tS3 As there arc Indico-tions of a riso in
tho prico of coal, it would bo woll
of our patrons who have not. done so, to
procure, their winter's supply immediately.
Wu believo prices, at present aro as low as
they have,becu this season, and they will
certainly rango no lower, as wo otacrvo tho
trado is becoming moro brisk.
823" reterilny, tJio ealtlo tH:irkct in
I'hilmlclphia foil ono tlcll.rou tlio liuodred
tjriglil below the price of l;ist week. 'J'lio
market is vory UulJ, ad tlie sujiply largCly
exceeding llie ilctuu.uil. 'I'hcro i.s a nros-
pect, befoic Ihc winter U over, i f beof be-1
nig ilnun to a fair au'iage prjuo. It has I
teen up for tho few 30 is tu mi jjiordinate ,
figuro, out not proportionately grtnter ttau
evcry'otbor kind of f md.
CST Wo had come Io tlio conclusion last 1
week, of noticing do farther, tho unof- paragraphs, from tho llcjmblicai
but knowing 1)19 Dor rqr to bo n,c ambitious'
man, and one ihatiikesit'i have hii writing
liolhed, wo nilliJiero'bro givo him tho ben-,
efit of another article,, hoping, however, ho '
may survive the xereek of time and tho
crush of blasted hope. lre may perhaps,
in tho bourn of his deepest adversity, iind
consolation in the efftisicns of sno timilarly
lituated, when hesanj hid own fate:
4 'I feci like one who treads alone
Borne banquet hill deserted.
Whose tights aiedled. whose garland drad
And all but ma depa lied."
ESTLosc wbo .have small mechanical
iob3 to bo pepforuvod, that ihey mean to
have done, and that they can afford to do
at any time, would render the best possible 1
. .. , . , l, . I
w . .j uuWiua u, ui"s
them done now, rthon work is slack aud
winter .coming .on. Families that havo
clothing to mako .up ihis .winter could re
lievo many seamstresses wailing in .waut
fur employment by .putting tho jobs imme
diately into tbeir'bands. Thcro is scarcely j
a family in tho -city but lias gome job or
other of work -to -do, which would not in- j
.. , , , , . ...
convenience them tho least -to havo it dono
now.' Itls not r'rquired that ponplo shall i
- . . , ..... .. ..
incur useless anu law cspendituro to keep
vmcio uujptpveu, uor necessary, mo
ordinary wsnts of tho setson, if now requi-
rod to be supplied, would go far to reliovo
labor, and
reatoro a bettor condition of
vex A ru.v .t.:i j
Aw i wwuhjuo abut WU11U VVilU,n
iug our ry througb-ODO of .the principal j
thoroughfares of tbis place, our ears were '
mluted with curacsdeep and loud, emaoa-
t Dg from a hoy abput 10 years of age, I
a iooicea around tn uro thn rilo'
,vrath, when wq beheld a little girl, his eis
t. it, trying to perauado her brother to " go
I ino. as it rwas getting late1 and was
:tfrid to go alone. 8hojIcnd in words of I
iimdness.butit WHS ill vain, for his nn '
, wer was thwo of curses. Is it not do-j
C rttoie, tnnt.iuo jouiii ot opr jtowji we
u .i bettor trained by their parents 1 On ,
intra rests tha responsibility of want of
ri..rpcct for ngp and morality bytheir child.
rtn- " irain up a .child in tho way :!io
.j , t ..... ...
juiu to, anu Wlion 110 13 Oltt HO Will not
. . .. . I
'pan irojn it " is a maxim but Ii.tlo
iiotdud by parents nowadays, Iho results of
, j ;i 1t - , " . . , . I
" .-, -
ctsuessand depr,vlty of tho youth of
mutu. tvyit(ier ru we tending, and
trill step forth to arrest this ontfet
u of vico nnd immorality I '
eST Thoro Is no department of a coun I
try nawipapor which ia more Important or
should rcccivo moro attention than tbo
Local. Tkd circulation, of such papers
being almost exclusively confined to the
immedlato toctions in which thoy aro pub
lished, of courso It is but right that tbo
patrons should expect to seo chronicled with
particular caro all matters of interest
occuring iu their pirtioular localities. No
p'Apor oan bo supported which uogleoU or
pays but slight attention to this Depart
menl,! and it Is equally truo that one, which
treats tbis matter in its proper light can
not xaii, ot a i,i,oer,3i catronago. it is our
desire, as it shall bo our aim, to mako tbo
Local Department of tho Democrat a com'
plcto index (as far as possible) of theso
looal items whioh aro porused first of nllln
a county paper. And to, do this wo would
ask tho aid ot all our friends through Uiq
county. If, whon anything of Interest
occurs, thoy would let us know of it, they
would confer a favor not only upon us,
but upon all tho roadcrs of our paper.
Thcro aro occurrences Imppeniog overy
day which would bo of interest, but which
aro not published simply becauso they
nover como to our knowledge. Will our
friends throughout tbo county assist us in
thi3 matter I.
. As far as our town itself is concerned;
wo hope to get along moro easily. Still,
if any of our merchants or manufactures
contcmplato getting on ti '-bust," or any
of our eititons generally meet with broken
heads, nrras or legs, such information shall
rcocivo duo publicity on coming to our
cars. Our motto is" "Progress" wo go. in
for pensioning printers and preachors, and
Jamming ljvfyprs.and loafers. With such
a coinuiondablc principle of action, who'll
obstruct our march, or doubt of our ulti
mate suoccss I
IioyTunos nro gettinn; monstrous Lard
jmt'now.- As rtn evidence of ihis, wd notice
lli-it a dnrkcy who foltows the lawful occu
pation of cuttiug wood, and doing other
miscellaneous jobs nbouUown. has, within
a few ihiyA prist, pistcd on tho crown of
- . , . j , 1 1
111a uaxf it ytoco OI-pipWTnn XUQ WOrtU 1
Term, O.tsh" very ptainlv
written '
thereon. Wo ltopo lie may liavo n liappy
time getting his "casb." Wo 't now that
wo liavo u; Imppy timo yottillg' some of
-Tho l'oBtmaster G fcncral lias recently
ilecidcil tthnt if I'ostinastcr3 do not givo
publishers of newspapers notico when their
papeiB remain in tte Post Offi as Without
bcin taken out by tho subscriber, within
Jivciici.s, thoy aro-liablo for tho pay.
UiiwvjlSu TJio post affico in 'Berwick
h s beeii rcajised iCrom Messrs. Mclleury
it Owen's Store into the Oflieo of tho
"ficrwlck. Gazette," and Lcyi F. Irwin
uppoiutcil Postmoster, vice JoLn J. Mo-
lleliry, resigaed.
tiir Wo that tlio Furnaoo
and iron oru land of Samuel If. Woods, at
e Hank, Point townsLip, haye been bold
"y that gettlemari for SSOO.OOO.
Oi'l'ho Postmaster general has ordered
a contract with Col. John Cummiugs, of
Selinsgrove, for conveying tho maih daily
f,oul Banbury to Williamsport by railway.
US?" If you havo a sore or painful dis
ease, go and get a botiJe of Du ValCs
Galvanic Oil, and you will not ruo it no I
you will purchase- more ; tliia has been the
case, and mil be so iu timo tu come.
Sold by Q. M. Hagenbueli, J. R Moyer
aod li. I'. Lutz, BloBrcsburg, and Country
Mercian's, generally.
0n tll(J autn of October, by Rev. Jno.
'.V Da, Wf- ;Vie0i",?)w" to M.is3
llannalullcss, both of Mifflin township.
ijoiumtiia county.
On tho Oth of Novtrnbcr, by the same.
Air. Adam Marks, to Miss Margaret J
Kostenbader, both of Locust township,
IB E & W SC Sm
In Akron, Fulton County, Indiana, oa
Wednesday, Octobor 21st, 1857,
f''W,r'tM ?f m &,
Mastellcr, formerly tit Ulooiusburg, aod
ono ycar; J bl
, . , , ,,, ,, , ,
" VIU'iiliVIU. Ull uaiurUHV IrlHt, II1U I til
0f Jfrjvcmbor, 1857, Mrs. iJvniA Evanb,
who HI llenrv JiJvans. antt dauohtcr ni
Samuel Tate, nged 29 years.
....SI 25
Lard ......
QqY ' 00
Oats IJ5
Buckwheat 50
Wiiito Bcang., .1 7,5
I fried Apples.a Op
Tho following aro tbo receipts to tho ofiioe
of tho Columbia Uemociut, during;
tbo month ot-Uctobcr, 1 007
5 00
4 Ot)
7 00
Cll.. U. Monro, 40 94, Howell Uvans
J?"' 0!.WJ'!.'. Snyder.sw John punivirl.
J.Ult tlol.C. V. Jicksoii
I Hev. 1). 8. Tobias,
I Lhai DicUris'k.
3 OU; Franklin llnusu,
"30 Mayberry Snyiler.
'J75 11 A. Hrliwf iienliner,
1 SU. 11. II .ll.irli.ia.i,
uon I'rof. Anilerson,
1 mi Trustees Uul. Acail'y,
a on II, II. Wusner,
330 Jicoli H..tvani,
G 6fi, Attain llarlon, ,
1 UD T.J.Jorilrrslico,
3 lill U. u. Ailams,
2 60, ltev. 11. 'Xullldee,
'JiQII V.I. Wlnleraleaii,
3 00' (;eorge.W. Wagu.r,
ncip,d' '
Amuth NvWp.'
Rnorgo W.'Bllllir.r,
1 UO
2 00
:i vo
3 AO
5 00
-3 50
1 50
1 -00
uincnui-'r Jtuu.,
llicliaril .MaiiP-n.
1 75
Wm. Young, m.d.
3 00
Our -customers, lercabouta. will ploaso
. , , ,
w w . x i '-' i.w hms huv iru. tvuni-i
wo can net all kinds of tiroduco. Hoof.
n.s. n..-i.i... n:j- ai '
"i ..uiiintiiuov, uiuit, iiujucq, uuu
all tlio ncce39nes of life included. Now,
, , . ,. .
friends, joll up tlio articlcr.
Special Notice.
n remedy for Disease., nfllm Bladderi Kidneys, Cra.el,
Dropsy, Woaknrsses, fcc, bit no cinat. Head the ad
vertisement In another column lioadid " ttelmbold'
(lenmne reparation "
80 The Five Per Cent. Savins Fund
ofiliO National aarcty Gommny, rivus. street, south.
wrtltprnrr of 71lrii street rhlladvlptila, now Ima nearly
0i Miujoh inn a of Dollar all In Rot. Err atk,
Mopithii", Orooiid riMTK, and ulhtr flrilclaii sccurl
Ilea, to the benefit to depositors.,
O-TI10MAS VV. MATT80N, Received thn rriM
Medal at tha WnrM'i fair In londjn. 183t. for
TRUNKS.OARrET DAGS, llnols..slioes and, Iliim,,
Crrat inducement arc now offered in purchaser, of tho
above articles. Thlsl, much trie lartest ttoekortrunkt
Carpel Bags, Vallees.ace.. In riilladelplila very cheap
orcaib. Mamtraeiorieat 130 Market Blreot, B. W,
rorner.ond 183 Market street. S. tl. rornerof Fourth.
DTHURlIiY'H BAIUSAI'ARII.LA. ror ill rilnuniea
of Hie (jtond, nothing hat yet bfen round to fcomparo
with it. Utteanai tba lyctem of nil Inipurltiea, acta
gently and efficiently 011 (be liver and kldneM itrength
ena tho digestion, glvea Una to Hie stomach, makes
(he akLrv elear and healthy, and restores the coustttu-
lion, enfeebled by disease, or broken down by the
rxcennefl of youth, tuffs prlstiae vigor and strength
Hrery ptuddnt person should 'Use a (fw bottle, parttc
u.lar,ly eVirlng the spnrg and summer months.
ItVmtngten Star.
CJ- A COOL RCFI.GOT10N. "For every m lie that
we leave the surface of our earth, the temperature falls
Ave degrees. At forty five miles dlitanco from the
globe wejpt be yonI tlieatmofplicrejnnd enter strictly
spcaklnff.into the regions of spue, wbose temperature
ts S23 jlfgrrcs below zeio, aod hcrocoIJ relgna In alt
parts. The ntlcman who went "beyond the at
mosphere,' andlicldthe thermometer In tho "regions
of space' has,ince his return declared that tho next
coolrit thins; Is, a milt of tliosollgfit.rlecantand grnce
ul summer cloilic. which have rendered the fashion
nbloj Emporium of Ur.iuvllle Flukes No. C(l7, la' 0 SOD
Chestnut Ptrret, famous on thi tmltnri il orb.
trwnrrc ykktii, rciu'u:MUD nncATii and
IlIiAUTIPUL COMl'I.KXION-cnn be acquired by
using the "Balm'tf a Thousand Flowtri." What lady
or gentleman. would remain under the curse of n die
agreeable breath, when by uing the "Halm or
TuociUND rumens' as a dentrldce, w, uld not only
remit-r it sweet, -but leave the tniji jhltc as 6U1
1 tcrt Many pcrmns do not know lhlr breath Is bad,
1 nnd IliC Miljeet U ao(IcGrate tliat their ttlem's mil
1 iievpr mention ll, Ik-ware of counterfeits. lie sure
I each bottle i Big ned
1 FCTRtnnn & co.. v v.
XHSr lj this MuniiiioiU-worsfrlpplDg apr, t ja jrjre to
find a man rHacQiilsuselu1n(ssn ihu publjc before hii
interest. During a Into. visit to the City' f f Spindlca,
wo were presented by a prnfcAslnml friend, to the
celebrated chemist. Dr. J.C. ATan,wtioe name ft now
perhaps more familiar than any other, &( tho beilvldc
of ricknebs ,m thU country. Kiu wing the iii!precc
dented popularity of hie medicines nnd the immciiso
sate of them, we liad expected to find him n million
aire and rot ling In wealth. iliK ht we oued him Ui
his laboralory, busy with h in t.Atatnn, among the ru
clliles, nlcmliHn nnd retott giving hii bet perwMial
i c iu ma (.riMjMMiitua, tin iuu villus!' Ol IIICH 111 Oil
sands hang for hi-altli. Wo learned, that nolwillisiand.
'"s ""l,""il,c" nn(1 It I'roiupl reliirns In caili,
in- imrnr is noi ncn 'i nil rcaton narigned u tlint
Hie inntcrlnl Is coilly, nnd ho perilut In niiklnc hi
preparation, so cxtciiKlvcly, that llie nclt profit ;a
small. .merlra t'armtr. rhtla.
Wll.t CllltllllY AT TIID SOUTH .
Oir oysnt at .Mhttr, Gcorp-in, renclr vs thi ftllotcin sr
Utttr. tcilA f errnl.ilSH to juMiha;
Atiiess, Augmt 51.
Dear Sir: Hiving Jieen afntcted for more than leu
""ro-Hcliiflantniatlenortho LnSs, a.
limes very severely, and having ndoplcd many mcill.
clncs wiLliuut ojiy Jjirt ttlnpordry relief, 1 purchased
aliout tlirce liottlcs uf tVutar't Bait am rf mid Cherry
now Uio sCt'CtR of which 1 bblalnpf) morn
from nil the mciticlnci liiave ever taken Tor liin
Upm.iix uiontir. I have, by the rrcat;() um ofthn
valuable Ili.(inii), Uen more frie from preKsur fer
hrrnth an J oppreion on the Lung! than J had nnU
clpaipd, and niili'iit ronreie thia 1 will occured liy
cntitinulnp hi uc of lliiiiuoat tli.linrteiilng mataly.
I do moM chtrrf.illy temlcr ou this ocknoulcdjnjpnt,
which )ou will ue ui jour Jutlrucnt d'Halei.
Wjiynittoroiifb, Uurke Co , Georgia.
Beth W. fowLK ic Co ( 133 H'mliinglm gtreef, Vos
ton, Prop rietoM. fold ly thoir agcnti nvcrv wlicrn
lUtry oho Ats ovn alltaeu
JOND.-I & r:o.,
Of the l-'rcsccnt One rrloo Clnlhln; Store. o. S!00
.Maiael street, above Priih, riiilndelphl.i.
In addition to liavliiff ltto!ar3esl, miPt varied ai.d
lslvlonahlettick nf Clothing in riiiludelplna, msde
r-spressly .for-rotal sales, h.-rve ronrtilnled every one
hlsowa, hy liaving marked in figures, on
eachartitle the vqry Inwest pa,cet can be sold for
they rannol possibly vary all must buy nlik
The ficodsnrc well sponged andprcpared,niidgrcnt
reins' taken with the inakinr; so .Hal all can buywilli
he full aauraure ofnettlng a good article at llie very
lowest price. aun,a i.irse siock ot piece rniins on
. . . . . . . ...
anu.o tue i.te a yie n.,1. nest nnamie.. wnic , ,,,.
htt madn tn nrr inf. In ihn mntl fusKlmmMn nml f..tsi
... . ...... .v. -vo.
manner, 25 per cent, bfdow crt-dft price
Kr nember the Creiccnl, In Market, Above Sixtli
Sueet, No U00.
IE? $1,000 nCWAlllTtt'lLti DE VAin FOR AXY
Medicine will excel Pit ATT fc BUTCHER'S MA
GIC OIL for the fnl towjn; dinaates: Rlienniatisin,
Veuralffl a. Spinal AiTectiour, Contracted Joints, Chutic
i'alna.PoIni in the Side or Hack, Headache, Tooth ache.
Sprains Soro Throat, CutB, Uruucs, Burns, ami all
diiea of )hi Sliin, Muticlcf and the Glands, one
geauine without the signaltiro of "Prail ti Dntrlirr"
attached to each label. Principal office, '-0J Washing
ton alreet, Brooklyn, New York, Sold by O. M. II A -GCN1UJCII,
Pruggiat, Gloointburc.
0"TJ)H is tocfNTlirythat J have made-hut ono appli
cation orthe Magic Oil on my Angers which have been
drawn from contraction of ihe cords, brought on by
rheutsatlsm. It wan of seventeen loontlis standing,
and I am now Entirely cured, I cheerfully rtcommrnd
it to all Ull air J likcvviEO.
7i Locust street, llarriiliir?.
An;iift 1. iKS7
TO- A OA HD TtTlWuTTMiCS. Da. Dyro'cco'J
CouEtj I-'itB.vcii Pills are infalUhl$ tn remootM stopp g ts
vrtrresvUritiet oftlkt men set.
These Fills nro nothing new, but havo been uM by
the Doctor for many years, both in Franro and Ameri
c,,iwl,h ""p.iraiiei.,in.rcc..ineveryrnscjnnd i, i,
i u'bcu y many .nousmiu i.uues woo nave nson mem
to mako Uio fills iiulilii.. I'.ir iliuallrvlallou nr tlmrc
sufliiriiii; from any iiri'sularitii. wli.Vevcr, as well
as aprcvemivu In llini wlusu licalili will not
lierinitaiiiiicrenbt! uTfmnily.
rrcgiiaiit Icinalcs, or tliose suiiosuia tkenisetvcs so
ari cniitioneil Against usinr; these rills, as thn liruiiri
rlor nskinncs nn rrsr.niiiliiliiy allrr tho .iImivo nilni'T-
nilioii, although their inililues. wuuhl prevent nnv in
jury to lieaitii i otherwise, xlicso Till, oro reroui
Ilircclions arconininy carh liox. I'rife $1. Eohl
wholesalo nnd retail, hy
(il'.OKIii: M. IIAUCNBUL'lt,
(Icne'ral lUuomsburg, T'a.
II o will supply tho Irnile nl tint proprietor', prices,,
anil send the Tills to larfia (confidcKlialty) by mail on
recjjdejjntjiliohtho Ithinuiibiirg l'iinOHieg .
MPWNCOTT &. IIUNIXU'H Clolliing Vnrrhoue,
jFnuiliWeit cornet nf Fourth miJ Markul strict, 1'hil
adeIUia. 'l'ooty Out VrltvfJcthing Store in America
oash purqlusers ol Men's or bus Ctothmt!, .at
.wholesale and telail,ca" hero, mako their vHertiou
from nn inline iie faihion.ihly cut and well
iiiatlflclothing, 30tMj with ii view in gid illifaetlou'
tn all ,iin1 at tdo very loweit piinililo iclting prico
mnrKen. n piam njurca un every cnrnieni, ail buy at
the Rjinepricviaod whether ihey are juJjev of gotHli
or not, they raunqthe dtcieve!. One uniform low
price to ak and take, suitseverjbody, wile Ihe usual'
mo-le ofaskmg two nncw. and takins alt that can hQ
- - - - - -
a man aika$l5uracoat,aiidn(erwardsa3rees totake
$10, and H is equally rr.nain , tliat he would have taken
i ,Vin, co,,,d La"rrt and lllu "i"y ch
lie purcnasw om oi nvo uoiurs. up remeuy mis evil
tlitniil,l.lI,i'INCOT It
e. on all their goods, (very
) " wm-.varYo;..
. co-11 uiformb.iw pne
I much b low the usual rates
cent linger any clrrunistanws
i a-vfith and pi-ru
At llieBomli Win co'ae ol rvmih :.M(rkri soeel
YTrtinRnABt thf lion, JiWmiifrAitPirrMl
W riant rr Ilia I Iran ft nfntnf lild T t ni Inf. t nnil fl.
rterai Jail IcMvcr Court of Uuurter Britons of Die
esce sna coun ot, ;ommon neaiaim urpnan's i;ourt,
n trinTwrnly-aiJlh Ju'lclM tllstrlrt. eonposcd nfth
:oii ntlftm of Colombia. Bull! van nnJ Wroii.ins. nndthe
linn Jsona Evivsaft-1 1'rTtR Ktt-vc, Associate Judges
ti Columola county, have isnued their precept, hearing
i ins ii in uajr m ne pieniD'r, in mavpar 01 our ioju
lhAiian1 lehi Inindrcil fin. Aftr rlt.na4tn tn dl
rrcteti Tnr holdfnf n Crurt of Oyir mid Terminer nnd
nenrraUsil Delivery. (lennraiaunrter 8ealnnii ohli
Peace, Common flenaand Ornnii'f Uoiirl, InRloomi.
ditry. In lh4 county orooluuihtn on the flrtt Mondar,
(bclnf th7ili day) of Dccmtot nrxl and lo coiitinuo
onp wek.
Nohm ji bercfw Biven. to thn Cornnff. Uio Juitirea
oTtlie I'ftaoo nnd Conitnblea of th tald fOiinty of Co
lumbia, that they da i hon nnd (here in their proper
rf-riontat 10 O'clock lnlhe rnrcnnnn of talri ilny, With
lilr rreoriti.lnoiiUlltnninnd oihr fetuembra nteu In
du thou liitnin which to Ihrlr of Hera oppfrlaln to in
none, tnn inoae mat are noun a 17 reccgniinnre, 10
f roaeriild ajrafnai the pri'oucri that arr or may bo In
lie Jail of said entint.v orColumbin.ln bftlhen andthern
in pna?ruin iiifm ai r-nnu nejuii jutvjm aro rrqurai
cd to be bunctnnl in th (r attendance, airecnhlv to
ineir nouces. nat'd at (iloomsburg, tne umn daor
October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eft hi
hundred and Itriy'Aeven, nnd IntheM.t yearor the In
aepenaenre orthe united ptatea or America.
(Uou eavo tlio Uommonwcnltli.)
Oct .11, 1R37
List of Causes for Trial Dec'r Term.
1 William Knont m Ceorge h Kline et at,
2 William Konns rs Ocnrce L- Kline.
3 Joseph Btackhoase es nilliort Knwlor.
4 Thorn is Parker rs John II. Parker
5 Isaac Brown vt Untie ft J, Stjon,
0 Jacob Schuyler vi Wilson per.
7 Fletcher n. Pod twin et at esWilllnin Long.
8 UhrUlian llelsivi Han let tiller.
V Martin Mnwrv es Tliomnn t inrkhmiso.
10 (lilbert Fooler vt Ullbert H Fowler et nl,
ii iviiunra vxsamuci r neauiey.
13 Pavid llitrfebrant es Benjamin Fox.
13 la?ld VVInterMtfen el nl v$ Chris. Bltumnn.
14 William Uonwdw Daniel flmilh.
15 James Rlttenhonse et nl r Uarny tlole.
Id Jneob Warner riStatn Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
17 John fln viler r Levi U. Tni.
io v. v. iinier lortne use or wm, itociiifon vt rrcu
crick Rnbb
ID Henry Fiork rt Nlclyic HJlenan
Vi Adam Ptronn rt ntv h.B.ltunert el ill.
21 Cornelius McKxren it Ueory f Vsple.
Traverso JurorsDecoin'r Term
Itlnotn Sninuel flliafltr, Jnniea I,, llarklcy. John
WIilleniKhl, Jrhn K. Crols. Zebu Ion GroM.
Uenlon Ilnulien Davie, et., J'citr Caie. iolin Mc
iienrv, nr,
llr'ar Creek Pnmiiel Ketcluier-,
CemreJjevl Alkinftn. titenlicn Million.
Cntlnwlami Sainiie) Knitcnljdrr,AIalthiae ilartma-n.
1'lFlill'K Creek JeUn tiers, i;jard Unanprt, Daniel
iii-iiiy nrrr.
flreenwood John Monre.
Ilrmloek J a men r.mmlll, John nruher, Jcjffl Olil,
John II Tuuet.
I.OCIHI l:ila llrlnli, Teter K. Ilorbcln, Pamuel
ueiilltnlil, Ipaac lUlonth.
Alilllin Jo'phO. VVIntnrrteen. Leonard Klikcndull.
niiun-Knniuei ri-nr, icninli Hhittnan.
tiratige jnnn Aciienh.nrk.
rian lliinjiinln Wlntervleen,
Hnnrmir Creek Adnin (!vble
KuMrloal Alinnvl.'ole.
Brnii Daniel Whiimlrej Jacob Keller.
Oct SI, 1857
Grand Jurors for December Terra.
r.tnrm t.ewlt II M-ius, Itarnard llupctt
Iteavcr John J. Urelrlmcli.
Itnnr i,r''ek Stephen Aetienbach.
Centre tllnhlon lljrks.
X'nUiwi si Uetijniiitn Zcrr, Jobn dcoic
1'ra.n.Mln Joejvh ICJtlnr.
l-'ishlpg Creek JVillinni Uuckalew.
(Jrf'CDviiod Joseph K''ller, Jncksnn Kobh'uifl.
l.itrnst Wlllltilii llenrh. Menrs.
Midison I.pwIs Schuyler, Nelson Kitchen
Monlo'ir Art. llus.
Mifflin It...r Snyder.
Main' Hainan John.
Mount Pleasant Daniel Mnrdtn.
(Irange It. Kline, Benjamin Wcrlniau.
riiiu Wllllnni Caslinrr
lluuriii! (Iretk John Whltncr.
Bcnll ttli OLvehng.
Octal. ibj7
'The clnry of n youn
r ,Jt.,iav JJ'S W.. 2i. ,637 )
I Our renders are nwiiro that we seldom: ir ever. n'.
commend nnv medical publicni ion, ifnot endoised by
llie vi' ry liighni nutliori y. At such nn ii.Ftanr wo
iiiayjiipnliou Dr. CuvtRUFLt.'ti niv pv Lit cotton on Ner
(wu DebtUty and other tceafmeatet, the rcmill oC early
inttiffrreiiixi. It in a imnll but valuable iiamphlet.
Hh nrruar.-ilioiin the " Ittoennnoa" nn N.xvtiit"
nre now corn IdtvM the wnv and only cllcclual remedies
extant f-r ihf rmnplnint n lrtrtii to.
Neiivins. the BOverriptitrpnitH! lor Hcmlnnl IVrnkncus,,
b'txi'ol Ufhilitv, linpol'iity nvohintarj UniuPinim,
I'lley, &c.,(ire for f-nlebv most cf ihelfadiTif Urutglsii
in the r.mmtr.
Dr. C 'r rAMi'iirRT.aa rtmve, roniaininc full ndvJccB
fni thr riiro nl ptjrnmtorijtca. A.C., ran he had in a
secure envelope, hy ?.ndnitsn Flmip to
1M Avpii'Ip, corner 19Hi titrett, New York, Pout nox
No. 45811. June I 5, IM7.
S'yt .l . 18S7
LIBT OP l.P.'PTCriS remalnii g III the Post Offlre r.t
llloomshurg, l'a., Quarter ending Bentcinber 30tb.
Uarr.n. William
iltMuati Harry 1!
Downing Aeore
J. vans L'stlinrtvn
Avails Jesepli II M
llrnns llllirk
I.nmin James
Moyer JotTfroon
Nowey It. mc
Norton John A
Oil Jrne
Sharp Richard
Snyder Jnroli
tichriiiT J XV
Story James J
HlUiinim Mi
Ht.H'1 Itamiii
Tinii Juini t
Wooll Thomat J
IVillinan I.ewU J
White (.YorKc D
David Jones j
Janifi rimn j
Kobe it McDonald j
Grillith Davnl II
Uiillcglry Patrick
;arvev J tin
IlcUtfr InsppJi
Mitrl Pulnrk
H;hf .David
Ham .Peter H
Il.iuwr Aidpuliaw
Hill faimttl
Kencngcr J O
Koichum IV Iff
Kolchum l'uter James rimn fflnp
i '
Kirk Alarv
Knorr Thoinai
, ,,;, m fal tbo , ,, , , ,
,i .t" i 1
Oct 3, 1M7
rpm: uiidcrtigntd respectfully invitee the attention
X orthe Tulilic to his extennlve nsgortmeniof Caliiimt
Fnrnituri'.aiid ChnirH which he will warrant to be made
of fcooi m ncrt-ilfi and In n worhinanlifco juanner. At
lit l-.&intliihii.cnt,canalwa)i be fouud agatjaiisart
vvnirii -m eviai l etyiennii uniuii to iital or rtn I
adclphiaor New York ciiic9,audatQ low pncei,
lie has
of different tyle nnd prices, from
to flit). Divani. Louncfs : Wal-1
nut nnd Malmcony, Tarlor chaire, Rocking nnd eaa
ciairitti'iana mooIf, and a variety of npholrtrrd work
with Dressing nixl pnrlor bureaus, acta, card centre nnd
plcrlnh. s.ilftnthiij, cheircniera whatnots nnd como n
driM.and all kinds of fahiouiljle work. Ills vtork or
boruaus, uncIOFed nnd common wash ittatif.s, tlrpsft,
tables, corner cnpboardc. break fin t lablci, 1ert
ptraiti. rnne watand commoti chair, is the lar etrt in
this section of Hip country. He tvjll also keep a good
assortment of looking ehisea with fincy rlltnnd com
mon frflinej' He will nlvo lurnifli spring nmrfi'M
fitted to any sineof bcadftuud, which nre superior for
durability audcomiforito any bed In tne.
simon c, smvi:.
m 11 loopiihurg April Pih. 1R54
NOTICi: is Iicrrby alven tint an apphcithn will ho
made at tlio next npn.on of tlm l.eglsktiure of
IViinsyJ vatiin. lor the incorporation or a Hank, -with
tho tiHital priilCRu-t, to bq called The llloointbiirtT
Hank," with n capitnl or lQ b-Midrcd thousand dot
lrs, nnd lo be locnled jo Uie 4owu ol Llaajibtiurg,
Columbia coJiniy i'n BNVDUR,
W. IJ. HlllVli,
miRAIM 1'. I.LTK,
JAPOI1 UVlllt.
i:i.iah i)ir.ii:i:n:K,
IlLO OMSDURO, June S7. 1
n, Mnviir.viiAi.1,.
A. J. i:MNS,
A, 1, rJUMN.
It. II, AltTlllIR.
Stoves auit Tiuwarc
rpllli eutBcrjber hiving cr'-rted n lnrjo new 4rick
J Foundry and Muchino Shop, in placo of the old
line, is prepared to maka all kinds of casting ot Iho 1'lows constantly on hand. Th. suit
scrlher tins also removed Inn Tin Shop from Alaiu st
i tlio foundry lot, wliero he hus vrerted a bulldiui
Ilo getlier (orStove. and Tlliwaro.
a Tho L'ooklneBloves consist of the WM.I'DNN
Sl'ARI.OR STIIVI-.S nl all kinds, the W.J v
ISHlLINllHR BTOVU.ic, All kind, of Bpoutiil.
ui-iile io order.
Josnni siiARrLuas.
niooinsliur;, Apill II. 18i7.
TUn urdcrsipnod take pleasure in annnunri,i- to
Merchants that they are maimlntlurinita suneiior
rtlclo Of II A K K H nl ihiir Kt-w l'jrir.rv nn 1,.h.,,
I Creek, nbnve Oranccille, Columbia county, Mer
t chants wihinff to purchase gooil Uakes can Jiave Ihcm
"'miJi'jrc, in B.O Pltivo, where ihey can gel-them,
w.. f.'1" .l"l?or'1 ,h"m 10 Uio.eiore. thai are nit
.... u.,i j, ur ii miiroq nrcap luraru mem io
huihi ".ii uj our way.
All onlers slionlil bo ailjressnil lo Samuel aiilve,
rcalru i'.o Uolumbia couniy.l'a.
. euiiti sc ill. Jx..
April 15, IM7-JM
a 11, persniis knowing til
I unsrtlleil Liuie arrou
LT persons knowing themselves indebted orh.iwjrvr
rem, ni vnj ine ruoscritier nje
Upon iotomt ,ivkrd.E$ir . who
Ifice everv K.-ilurd.lvalleriiuijn.niKl
iill' Iho 1,111)! hp for" thn hri nf Januavv nt vn.
HlKr whifh time all un'ollerled arouuls will be plserd
in hands of offirerr fur roltrrtlrn
Spring and Summer
THE undersigned regpcolfully Inform
llieircuftlomfrinnd tlio pnbliRfrenerMlljr. tliat ttiey
linvejii't received altlirlr newllrlck Htorp llmKa.ln
LljlilBtr'tl. a Itlttl OKoitineiit ol laihlonable
Sprinif Hid Summor Goods.
dlrrcl from 111 tSnnlern tlllea, emprir:n, -it! Iljc
wflrloue eelerttonr-to found In Cnitntry Hiorea,
Ountlflmg ot Cloth. Caarlnif rra. lrlalnp, llraaen,
Ralleoea.xc TnjMlior wltiiail kind! of llreat foil
l.!o.-oEfTl..MNf wrjAB, op almost
l,Anli:STAI,MAHIIIt()!MMa,IIAV!.fl tit.
aroeerlei. Mnlic, Bnjnrr, Ta. t.'nirre, Pplrn,
and in tiorl,eirer;lliln!lntliirnjr or Merchandize,
lir.ADY MAUliULOTIIINn. ol every deierlptlon
CJ- trod, steel, Nai1i,8ulkyPriai&i
Kl-Tli'JnkWr ror .nt patronaee, itwlllbl nelr
tiiiiloui aim to plaaie Iheli cuttomera and If clvo
eeneral aatlafaeiion.
Uehl Bireel, -plll 11, li-ST '
Farmers' Depot and Plaster Mills.
rerlt Jten0, Crtwn aiti CalUrkitt Utttlt,
TTTB niTer n taree stock of Chemical Manures andW
i t rent liters oi ww nnces. and v
tenumet amotif which will bofouM
1000 tona No. I (lorrrnmeut Peruvian flnann.
JdOOtnns JleDure'a No. 1 tiiiperplinsplistn ol Lime.
The nhitc atalii.M nrlirles am. earh or their kind.
till best III llie world 1 Our Land Plamei .man iifiietiired
from selected stone, Is enlebratcd throviluullliu Union
lor.u. purny aim sirrnRin.
wu inviru unucna ron
f)o lliirs's No. 1 Hnperphosphate or l.lme
no. i i.nvernnieni reruvian i.uano.
French's Improved Uuperpho.phata of Lime,
French's I'lltlndetphln I'nildrcllr:.
No. I Pho.phate Guano, Thllad'a Cd 4)
Meriean Uuano. A)
Ultra l.a' sater. Ordinary Land rtalcncl
r'heinlcal Done, I'ure Uone Dust,
Tlsh (luano. flrouud CJiarconl.
10 oio barrels I and Matter.
li.000 " L'n.llnj Plaster.
10.0H0 " llydjaulle Cement,
SXAiO True Roman Cement,
1,000 " Tortlaud (Cnlih)CLincnt.
Dcnlitl'f l'blrr, Powdered Anllincltc Cual tn IbU
BtrrrolVu I'lanfr, rowdf-rpn Biutmiimuf Goal '
tilats MaKPr on cirounn nrown etono '
(1oi.tu potpHimio, White ?.ind
do. While Mnrhlut (1 round Urickn fnr IMtnlert.
do. Illnu AlarMPf. Chnnicnl Hon Hurt
S'ram Mill" nnd Fnrinrr Pepol,
Jit junction of York Jtetnve, Crown end Cullovktll Nt
Brpt jSt tW7 gm
IUK und'irsieticrl take pleasure iu an
JL noiinclii? lo tticircuplomer and llie nuliUr poncr
nnv.uiniincvnavp ing l, ino iiiiiff
. Sprioc and Summer Goods.
Comprising -every article usually kept in
uonniry Mori, w jiicn nave ncrn rricctpn wnn catc,
and wm oo mm at very low ior rendy pay.
consisting of a larc,. nrleiy ul ulotB, Cassimci
Vetaines, Urazcs.Cnli oee, be
tt? Country (trodnco taken in exfhnnf'efnr poods.
Give us a cull. Nunc need go away dissatirled.
o, & a. low.
I.imo Itiilse.lvlarch S9, 1B57.
fMio uinlpruigDeil, grateful ,far forroer
1 liberal pttrnnage, respr-ctfu I ly iafcruis his
Iricnns nnd cu"loniers la itcneral, that Im has1 coin!
inciicuil huslnessin his fpacious New 8ioru House
nmtdoor to Iseiah Shunian's liotcl. where lie has
just reccived,nfull8t!prynf
comprising ivery variety of fashion, quality nnd stylo
usually kept iu tin: best stores. tlrn'crii's.Uulnceware
II.. ..I.un I.W.. ll. I.....I. wl ...
.IHnuiv,(I, n, . v UJ,-, i.umn, C(Ut:S,C.,
which will be sold on acenninionsarng Terms.
X3" Grain andp-uducc of nil kindw nted.
Ilanvllle. March W, lf,s;,y.i
spina HAIR DY 13 neeil. only a trial to aliry all of
X its pir lection as a Dye, and Hi" following test!
i.oni ii irom ina.1 eiutncnl AnaJyilcU'nrmlst.J'roliistor
Uoolli.olllio U. S. Minl,Kilioillyrliflrm what thou
axuJs liaro previously bnrnc tejlnnnny io.
"Laboratory Jor Practical ChemtMrv. t
St. BipplKii'a Place, Miliaria, j
IVJog well nrt'la in tell ivilhllic substanrcs rnmnos
liW Hover'. I.i'piiil Hair Dyoilam salisflnl lhat by
lo'ii nvlng thn simple .iirections givm lor 11 use, it
will tint injure tho Hair orSkm.bul svill give a nam
ral anil durable color to tile liuir.
jamcs o. nooTii.
Aug Kl, IS57 .Ualftle Chemist.
t Iit:i.IIII,c iNKel.nri-toowelllcnownanilintroduceil
tn requlru any additional testimony of Ihoir clia racier.
Th'i Kilos havp hern Increasing since their first inlro
Oiicttnn, giviiis evidence that the trticles truly po-sess
lhat iiilrinsic merit claimed a, first (or them hy llie
Orders addressed tftthft ManuTact i,No.4ia Rare
street, alinvo Koiirth,(ol,l No. HI,) riita.lelnhia, will
re to prompt ultelitio n,
joscru n. hover,
Aug g), 18i7-ly .lj.satlrer.
npllEunder.isneu would respectfully informhls friend
X and tliepulilie. ftenerslly. that he lias purchased Dr
Tcgsvl's Uniftand Chemical Btoro, and Just returned
iroui tnccity with alarseauu.elect stock, consisting ol
Fresh and Pare JJrugs, round. ind wlioleiiole.. Paints.
Oils, Varnishes. IJj e lull's. Window Cltssof all size..
ingi-iuerwnn a complete assortment oi raiut, loot h and
ouaving urusjiea, t oDaccO)riesars,i-oncyBoaps,Hiiav.
log Cream.
Pure Wines and Brandies,
For Medicinal use, English, Frenchand American Par1
r" My'"' sll0"'cve-'ar"clek,1U,l,'I'"1 W''t" Bcn(!
irj-PrescrlptionscarefulMcoiu non mled.
N. It TheDsiTAL raorrssioi, will he cpntinucd as
..".I in uiuuuisuurg anu i.tcut Direct.
Also,.i full assortment of llie latest style Tcclli.
for sale by '
Dolmsburg, Pehniary 1, 1857
Corner ot Silt & Arcli Street,
Phi I a delp hi a.
Henderson & Co.,
INVITK tho attention of all Persons Wi
ring I'lnUdtlfhia, whether nn Hiiemetis or pleanuro
to their Cztraordiii.iry Collection of Cooks upon all vah,
Hook sc Hern, Country Dc:ilfr, Trnchm, FuLlicjini! Ijibrarlej, supplied wKh Do&lu & Biatwnary al
lowest atca.
.M.irch 7, 1357 Cml.
espytow-N TEy stoke.
TUP. undersigned', Jtnvin,? afnciatcd tcgctlitr in t
Mt rcaimle ilusniCFs, take vlftfu Inn imoonci
.to their triends nod thr public in gpneral, that th
new Htoru llouap, locnUd on Main 'street, central
-Lffiytown, Ooluniliia county, has just been rice
New Spring Goods,
Conpriinjt an extensive assortment of Cloihs.Cas!
nturcst Veslinjjt Miislins, Ijines. and every othr or'
tide In the weirii.jj tine, including ilurdivaro, China,
fiarlhti and Hollow wares, (Jroceries, Sugars. 'IV is,
Collst), Ltlco, Molasses, etc., etc., with all othur arti
cles of coiumerco adapted to rountry stores,
tZf-Uraiit, I. limber, -Provitiona, Produce, A.c, of all
kinds, ukou-lu excluugo for tu err ha n dim.
11. V, EmCMAnil,
Iiipytown, April 4, ld57,
K. . X)ltVIG,
JUaMfa-trer and IVhohtalt Dealer in
UI.OIIIS, r.itusiits, WIXDOtV SIIADKS, tc.
No. 2U5 North TIIUID Street,
Owl door below (If Cify llottl
AngW, IWT PUll.AUtitpiIIA,
rAlMi. Race.
OrtSl, I'M
A GltT WITH JiViSllY 1300K
Worth Doin 3d emu to 100 dollars,
Mt Mtigee's Gift Hook Store
f d door llow r ourth j
On-. JSj7 rtltl'DtUHit
Caplul rrlzc $00,000.
Thelolhwln. Schemn will b drawn h. M. i, I
, Co., Manntera or the Tort flalnea' Aeademy l.oli.rr, I
in rarn ni ineir ijaurrie lor noieniDer, irtiT, fit - - . -
.Vf? rriipi'umee.1 whl',, ef'' wooo.l Department lias just, rpecived, dcpalelicj
To,drawnln..,.cl5n?tt l" '",C rCP0fl3 lhat
oii8atordar.Nnreriiber7tii, IM7 , llie Mormon.? arp bent on resistanco to thq
CLASS 09, '
ToUdrawnlntheeliyor Aoirtiia.oeorih.iiipublic.Unltcil States tfooni. The appointments
cm Balurilay, Niremober I4th, ie47, , , , '
i , clahss 03. of the army and tho general preparations
Tobdrainlnthetltrnr Aiuniia.Ororsh.ln puldie, , , r . .
on Bamrday, Noemhersist,ii57. aro such that no fears are entertained as
CLASS Gl, I. .i i.
To be drawn in Uie city or Auiusta. ( public, , to t lie result.
on etalnrday, Novemlwr Sth, IB57. . in i . . i . .
on Tiir: plan or eUNCM! NUMiiEitA. i he Administration u.tli received no
Nearly ono l'rize to every Nino Tickets, pnrticularlj -Important dutches relatir.o
IU BK rain.
I rrt
q T y 11 D A Y
i NovnMBrn!
S of 4 two
10 000 3
7.060 3 "
5,0011 III
3.500 50 "
' lilSI 10(1 ii
APpnoiciSiA'i friN Vmpa
4 rrlits.tlnOApprox'lJie tatfln.oinrrlraiari 8jnno
4 t 300 1 " 1 Ifi.COJ jsoo
so tiro
I'lO amountlnir to 130.000
WIIOL.H T1CKU1S $10; HALVES ti; UUAK- sjvt.
Flan of the Lottery,
Tli eN'utn hers from 1 to 0,000. eorresnnndlne with
llioso Numbets on tho Tickets printer! nn separate
alips nl fiapcr.nre encircled with amuii tin tube. and
plcea in ono nurci.
The flirt 40?. Pri7ee, slimhrty printed t rid cnclr.
f lil. nrr tiHrpd In mini her wheel.
inn wueeis life iiien revoivm, nnn n nunmeris
drawn from the ulieel orNumbers nnd tit the same
time a Prize Is i!inn from the olhcr wheel The
Number and Vt Ire drawn out are opened nnd exhibit
nl in thn nuillcncp. and reeistered bv the Cnmmia
sinners iltn 1'riee licleir nlaced acalnst the Nuuiliet
drnwn, lilts operation Is rcpcalcu until oil tne nre Brawn oni.
.tfrareznialtoi. 1'riie. The two titcccdins and the
two suece.dlna- those drawinr the first
i rtaeg win no cntitien in inf io .pprosiinawun
1' Fur example! If Ticket Nn. ll'Uodraws the
C0.000 rrize.tho.e Tiektts numbered ll.'ile". II Sl'.l,
ll,!li 11.152, will ench beentltled to SlllO. II Ticket
No,.iOdraw. the 811.000 piixe, thore Tickets num.
hired H4H.S49.S1II. 002, will each beentilled to S'JUO,
and snnn n. rnrAinn In Ihf nbnve srheine.
mc tiUUU 1 rif,'s or tiU win no lieierinint'n nv in'J
Inst fleurpfif IhfV.ittilM'r llintdraws I lie StiO.COO Prize.
For example, ir llie Nunrlier .lruvlnir the gnooob
Prize ends uilh N'n. 1. then all Hie Tirkrts. whero
the Number ends. In 1. will beentilled to '.M, irihir
Nuiutierends with No 2 then nil the Tickets where
the Nninber ends Irt S will be ontitled to U),ai)dso
Ull II V.
Certiflcntrn of P,iri,'nes wfl ho sold at the follow
Ine rates, whiclr Is the risk t
Certilicatoor IMcklige or 10 Whole Tickets,
do do lOllair do 40
do do lOdtinrtrr ilo Sfl
do do 10 Cishth do 10
Unelnse the uimievto our address far the tickets
ordered, on receipt or which they wil' be forwarded
by first mail. Fiirehasersean have tickets ending in
any flu site they may designate.
The I.lst nf Drawn Numbers and Prizes will be sent
topurrliasers immediately after tun drawing-.
rehnsfifs will olesie write t hel r ti matures rlaln.
amUive their Tost Oilier. County and Stale.
Rcmemticr tnat every rnze isurawn una pa)Uiein
full without deduction.
All Prizes orsiOul) and under, pild immediately after
the drawing-other Tribes at the usual tlrac of thirty
Alt rommnnicMloes strieilyconfidfnllai,
Address orders for Tickets or Certificate to
S. SWAM & CO .WuffKitn, (7.
Tcrsons residing near Muntitomery. Alt, or Atlanta,
Ca.,ian Ivave their orders titled, and save time, by
addrfmlnc H. Swan tCo.. al either of those cities.
Kj A llstol tho Jiiiitt!u iliat aro tirawn from the
nneci, wnn i ii amount oi ttie fitzc tnai earn ono is
.. . tit l,A ..i.kll.lio.1 nr.....i.lllilrnaL. I ..
tlic followini nant-rs :-AVw OrlMvt JWa Mitt It t
glttrr. Cfinrtaton Standard, MukttlU Gaulle, Atlanta
jwietitztnctr, jtw writ tteentg uat hook, fiicannai
Jlhrmng J'twt. Itlchmond nityatth, Xeia York Uhpatck
and panldiag IMss ) Clarion,
Oct 31. ltJ57
la tbo JsTow brick thrco Story Carriago
Factory, on Main below Market.
TUB subscriber would respectfully announceto rhe
public, ih.i' ie has commenced the
lit nil lis braiifJie. Il is priipariidloeceeiiie all orders
and has on hand at resent nn assortment of finished work
winch pu rchaaers wu inndit to their advantage to exa
Will begone Ju the most orman-t asiA carp fit i manner
and upon terms which cannot tail lo aive sat is fnr lion.
Itloomsburg, April lit. 185.1.
Auctioneers & Commission Wcrchauls,
Otic door below Vine.J
Bales offsets and SAoet, Dry Ooodt, Gunt,Iftrdware,
Si'atehtt, Fancy Goods, ,
t3-Counlrv Storekeepers and ntlirrn wilt nlwnys find
At our Cvenlng Sites a larjn and desirabto assortment
of Ihe above Goods, to be sold in lots to suit buyers
Goodspackc4 on the premises for Country Trade.
Sept ail, 1757 3m
Horses For Sale.
THfi underiisned offers in sell
,c" -A
i CiTo
, wUl J ul
at private sa.te. ai a low ngure,
beautiful three year old Lion hen
tiorse. wiinoui ipui ur uicmi
well broke and verv docile.
A.valuab'e span of Iron flray Mares wII matcJied
perfectly sous d and centle in every respect; a very
dvsirablespan nf cirri. ire (family) Horrcs.
13" inquire at this office.
Dloonmlmre. Auzusl 1, lf.VT.
rilllH subscriber anndnnrea Hiat4io will rnrry on the
X COOmilXG irusiNtSSal Ills llrcntryiu Hob
kinsvllle, wliero Jic will make
Barrels. Tubs, Kegs,
And everything In llial line oriinslness. lie will also
repair work olall kinds, and ullblo Ii skiirullyand ul
fair prices.
liioonisnnr;, June ia, 17.
JOHN pOMi, No M4 North Bcrond street above
Arrtt, Phi mklpWa,
Importer of Toys and Fancy Goods,
lias the larjen asirtmetitt of (Juriositief in the city
Toys of nil kinds, Pancy niskfis.tjmnkepirtes.Tobario
Hovei, Viotitifc and firings. Harmonicas, AfcnnteJnn,
and a luge, arlety of other arllclcs too numerous to
.Storekeeper and rthers will please call before pur
clnsirg eMcwheru.
Auj 0, lfc-7 am
Clock and Watchmaker.
South Side of Main Street above the Rail
DirriClIl.TrepauriiiEin uatrliesandJew.
clrv illarses for liuntinir uutrli.. s.ii
Jsirctacles, 4c.
r uiootiisruirri Auc, no, iFoO,
WHO ha. Iievn cured of great NGUVO'18 DKRll I
TV, niter many year.orml.ery, ileslros l.iiin i,
known to all fellow surTircrs tliesuronieins of relie
Address, cnclo.lnrr stainii to nay return nosta:a. Mi
Al AH V n. IIEWrnllo'sloi.,'Ma.s.,aiidtloi.rtVcri
tion will be sent Ireo. by next post
Amust 8. 1M7-3UI '
. It. BIKKtl, w.'t. OSTCallo vs.
lasidctursrs and Jt'liatcialc Dialer, in
IlatSs Caps, Straw (iooils ami Furs,
NO. i03 .V AKKUT STREP.T. up slairs.J
aovg rtnit smssT.
Auj 2J, 18J7 PrilLJMKl.rHM.
TIIL undersigned having nisociated together, under
Iho Ilrm and styltt of
J'arsd Jactby,
U'JII font! into the BriarcreaU rowdor Ilu-iiness in All
is deparimcnts.
K. D ruiisu,,
Aug 10. 1837
hU persom tiidebte.l to thi firm ol Hartman fe
Ilowiif, are Jivrehy not lied to rail and selllc ie
Als), thre I'ldrMed to ttie ruSicib-sr, tt likevm
reiufcsM to cm l and sMt'c
LjpUun June Mi 'ro
" v-m,vvu "
WAslIINn'M'. Vnr 1 1 This War
to tue ovents in Ucntrjl America and t in
Costa Hiean inovemDiits. No inaltor what
otlitjr OovornijicnU may do with regard to
tlieso nffdiri, ours will pursuo an indepen
dout Amoiican ppliqy, without anyentang.
line allUncea,
svr F.nrnospitjiTr. of t.iMr..
CIAUTION. Uo particular to observe.
J that ptrry barrel nf our article has shf mm mA
last if rstii A'trii branded on the head. This Caailm
Is rindcred necessary, r.s there ate so manynrticlrs of
iiiMiii.Kif nn:r inn name oi tsvper.rittipnat
rUmB, as to mislead tliase who am unacquainted with
or.NuiNr. AuTicr.n,
Price g5 rcr 2OH0 His. (ii cents nrr ll. A lil,r:,r
deructlun mailo to dealers, Ordrr. fnr Ihis valuable
yerttltttr attended id nronintlv Pamnhlet. rlfarribln.
it, and the mp'e of npplvtK,caa be had gratuitously
at our stores, or by mall when drslred.
itias no superior a. n aunure ror
wnr.AT. rtvii. cni'.N. nT
nnd all other crops reiiiling n vierirmifl rtnd
nnniinil 1 t.K 1 1 l.lKIl,
prn.ln ting not only n heavier yield n!,t!rat than rent,
vinn Gil inn, littt slijlstnf rAe flrato to tvpporl (is head.
GR Arel rUCI) rorelf sls la lake Iveli where ouf
rhorphate is applied to vAesc land.
PACIKIC OCEAN GUANO-tt'e luvoa small ouan
tlty still in it-re.
1' 1 1 1 1 MANUlin A supply of this valuable article
fltrsale. I'rlre $m per eoo In. (I rents pr lb.)
KO. 1 GOVCaNMENT l" UVIA UUANO for salet
at the iawelt sates.
U7"lrie leadlitf AffrJeulluraJ Jnurnata.aibl Tlewspa
pers are regurarly filed ot our cflice for tilt use ol Far'
Goods ran be loaded at either Iron! nl our Waro
houes Tarmcrs are rceornmended tu drive to Water
street and avoid the crowded Wharr. Ample rnelilti"
are afliit.lcd in leading wagons and attending lo Lht,
horsca. ' ' '
No. S3 Foutli H'lnrvM, Biiulli Water st ,
l'Jt ritif. .bo. CliSf. llut Bl., rhilo. '
Auclist !,"l-:i,ii
10 It the last, three years. I liare been engaged in ft
t business known only to tutself, and. comparative
ly, lew others, wlnm I havo instructed (or tnpnm of
Z'im eicl), whlrl has ave roped meat the rate off-SKM)
83dti) per nanum; ami havJnir made arranvementa
o go lo Uuropc in the Spring of 115y to qnjage in the
t-anifj l.tttincs, I am willms-to'irive mil Instructions'
in in o an to anv person in the United States. 0 Caii?
dus, who will remit mo the sum of 31. ! hm fnditeett,
Jroin iho surcs I have been favored Willi, and t(m
many thankful acknowledgments r have tecclvedfrom
those whom I live instructed, and who arc makinpl
from 4' to QI2 per day at it, to give any person an
opportunity to engafR inlhis business, whifh is Misy'.
nleannt.nndverv p'olitablp lit asmall cosl. Therf
Is jwsitlicaty No Hombco Id the mazier. ReK-rrnces of
tlieJifrt flSH can bn elvpn nl rtmrta lla rhimriisp
and I can rpler in v"rsom u horn I bjiye instructed.
who will leiifyiiiatihpynM making from $1 lo 15
per nny a mo satj!,e, ii isa which either
ladies or gentlemen can engage and with perlcct eaie
make n very Jjamlnoine income. Several iadtet In va
rious parts in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland,
whom I have iutirii-f t-il, rire now mukln? from S3 to.
Si per dnyntit. It is n Ciktcll I.csinfm, nnd but a
tew shil.'ings is rciuired to stari iU Upoo receipt of
91,1 will iiiimediaicly send to the opplictinl a printed
circular contaivhiJnH instructions io jhe an which
i n i e peric-cuy i iiiiersioou at o-icc.
nu ltJl c" ,au uc nunresseu P""'"
1 . , '"
a . 1,,. ' Broadway, .New ork.
Pept r. l"7-3m
"costaivs" noACii,
QSS. mm
Put up in 20ft 35e .Cic.. and $1 boxes.
l'nt up in 2ic. 50s .?5e anJ SI bottles.
"W3T'S" nLKCTiuu rowDta Fon a:;ts,
1NSGCT3 he
Pul up In U!ic. and-'Oe boxis.
rtinclojl Ilppot, No. 31 Broadway, New Vorit, and
sold by Druggists and Dealer, everywhere in the Uni-ti-d
Stutes, t.inaitas, West Indies and Soulti America.
Auf 2i. 1837 Im
Greenwood Seminary.
iliillvillo, Columbia Co., Pa.
AHYrfTCMATio course of insiruelicu is civeir in
nil the English branches usually taiuhii Tno
Principal wilt be ns9lite,d itung the present mar by
T. M. POTTS, nn experienced teacner, recently from
thf muiuy Xormal School
A vacation of even eeks will rommenco July'lst,
Tuition, for nay pupiia. $3,20 to $1.10 per quarter
Hoarding, Tuition, Washing liyhts. lit , 530 prr
qu.iiter o eleven weeks, one-half in advanre
Tor circular, catalogue, or other particulars, address
ivm uuitacss.
MilUille. April 1.1FU7. Principal,
t? YJIAR3 OK AGC, havlnt; lost bis failier tsvo
nieces, by that dreadful disease, Comckpti
i ft) r i ni with a Covgh hlntse.f, determined
I Kan 'nole' i.Ryi-iand Japan, where he d
t prtren'ice and certain rare for Colds, Cuiighi
I VniHIIlMina rVd.UAlia llfthili rs si n.l
i u uniiufri. n.iusuit-r, son-in law, nepnews anil
i to visit the
discovered a
CoaiutnMlo. Nervous DehilitVnnd Asilima Ilia enuirli
was cured immediately; ho returned, rured hit rrfa
ifcrt. who inherited the diseaQ. ait A in. conitectioii
with hi son h ive employ jd it in their practice, curing
thouiind of cares considered iiopeleta hyotbersl-r
Tor the purpose, of rernlnc a many of his suffering
fe1owbetnsis possible, huis sending the Uecipa tu
all who wish U for ten centf ; 3 of it lo py the pesu
age, and tJic balancopriiitlnirV
Addrens nit HEATH,
it) I Pprini St., opposite Ft Mrholn Hotel,
J"ifif.t. M7. New Yoik.
rinrt K llliilor.cionorl Titilv
i thatshernnttiHiestlin Tttaomslurg Book Store and
Stationary hUtablisfiment, lauly ronuucled hyherdeceafed
hnMiatKi. Mnjnr Clail. in all their various hramhc,'
at ihe old mudiii (Im l,Ychatit! I uitdnifis, first door
l-.i;tof Hit Kxchai-tci Hold, n'nt tia ing replenished
her c3taMihment with n choice sirwjX of JWw Rook
and Stationary, sin i prepared in .'iceomniodale all
ho may give her a call in Juvluie,
Th lleFtaiirajit Ualffi , i tl.ehatemcnl of the above
ei.tahlihiiieiit,wti;bi ro'iliuucd ns mual by the suti
scrihar, vlere th thlic-;ii nt all times he supplied.
Wtflhtltn rhoieesl UiMftia a no Kt-rRR'UMutTs, surji
,as Mineral. S.irsaparilla, ter, Ale. 6zc , Hard in en,
liiredaud PifUIrd Ov ler, l'icKleiM71ain, el.
C3The puhlie custom is respectfully eoilelifrf.
caromm: ui. i:k.
fvttejtot to Jate Q. Clark.
lltoDnitl.iitg .May S, I W7
UEV. C. S. BliHNETT, while.
8. lab inns a Mhsiofliry in ouUicrn A-il.n, rtif
roweri'd a Jrnple and certain cure for Contmptlon,Atth
wa. Hrcnthitxs. Covsrkt. Coldt. AVrreitj. Dtbthtv. nrn nil
inipuritien ol the Stood; also, uu easy and eiTVcloM
nioue oi iiiiiain-s inu nemtay. Actuated uy a desire to
heneht Ml tufletitijt follows he will cheerfully send
thi UfClre (irtie) to ug!i as desire il . with full and
explicit preparing and successiully using
the Medicine. Address.
i:-v r s urnxETT,
Ml Uroaduay, N .City.
Aiifusil lt?7- Cm
SI KYAXS, IO.000 I'llI.MK.'t, A
15 LiirfiN per ilnur; H V
11 ruMUukim ri
A M. .,.uliHH, S. .
Trt Huranl I'.iib f H-.r,l.
4 oa iM,M,us.ti..ri'ii.fMiif..
Per. Library, FODUTII ST. bclmsrh-tniit
IOR tbo s'alo of t.rulu, Floor, Feed., Iron. I.umber
. te., Nn. '.'li Norlli Water streat, I'lillaileljihi...
KJ-Cood. forwirded with ea-rt, to all oltu. prrtlie
Norlli Urancli, ScUuylkilt,' Union, tusiuebanna abvl
Junlatta Canals, - T
rJ'SjIl, riaitcr, C . for palom llie avst
Au- :v, if.'7 a. di c. ic. ro,
lljjl'. K iitlM.b,
llie best l ii o.o ; IVtieter's IJorsa Towers an1
'I'breshers I'nriisii.l ii. nfvnrtnu. lr..s. ll..
n.rnv ur.d fattii.) ii rem, Crsin rnr. Una
Cutlers, KKrinrrs' Killers. Hi,!. Ihl', Sub tf,.ll no. I
oinrr rip. ( ion ij. -liifs, Loili lis sets, ,'IJH,
Alii.penc Cll rn Ae nti.l let-it),
1 rAat'II.M,l)lU(;(a.t8 fa f(i,.
Iniiilruienl and Heed 31 ore
7i a anJMarun .tr.t, Pblladtlpliia.
Octcisr IS.IS17
1.0 3 MAt'I.E&..I. 'list rrteierJa'