Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, October 03, 1857, Image 2

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j.svi t. T.ri!i KDiTon.
Hloomsbunr, October
ron aovEUNon.
in I that It is vour dutv to voto the democratic
.'A l ' ticlit, n oi moro by reason of j our politics,
(than by tho fact, that tlioy aro Ilia best
i men. nolhiuj: keep you from tlio
' polls go early, stay nil day, and see that
oil. i the wholo Btrengtli of your township is out.
Tho work cannot lo dono on any other
day, thau on Tuesday, October tho liHli.
'l'ho next day it vtill bo too late, Work
iu time,
Ho active, bo earnest mako no com
promises j and let your watchword bo
" Tho ticket, tho whole ticket, aiid noth
ing but tho ticket."
Gov. Pollock and t,ho Bauka.
Iu another column of our paper will bo
found tho Proclamation of tlov. Pollock,
calling' nu extra Session of tho Legislature,
to eonveno nt Harrisburg on Tuesday, tho
Oth day of October. Iu this case, tho
session of tho Legislature can List only Jive
Uays, and any action of that body, must of
necessity bo hasty ; and any person who
Fpccio payments by tlio llauks of tltii aud
a 01 ii
or ummii tvi'MV.
OF t-UMTOK lt)L!41Y-
remembers tho performances of last winter, eccuro a full vutc of our friends at the
will naturally conclude that it will be inju- elation. " J ' , our ir.ii.npii is
. . , , suio; ami nothing but exertion is necessary'
dicious. Iso man in tho Stale lias any tQ sMc h anJ obta;u ovorchniug
confidenco in tlio moral character of a victory over tho opposition. Wo appeal ,
majority of that body, and what object tlio 1 to jou to see that every reasonable effort
...... ,i. a,.,. n :.(. other States, of tho Union, and tho failuro ,
V- of many long established commerchl , , A wiry,
In tho following circular, addresses, in- houses, loading to tho distinction of coufi. VttUlclbiO MCftl JLOSlcUe. iLlbZ'
dividually every mumber of tho Dciuo- deuce, and to tkofgcucrnl umbarraSSnicnt m.iuiii) inu
crntio party In Pennsylvania. Wo hopo and deprcssipn of trade, and threatening to "J X purslittuco of an Ordor of tho Or- M,'i'uio i"i'!.'l
,i, jii , .. I,!, ii,f,rptlinn, , llllcct disastrously tllO credit Ol lUC Worn-i .L pliaru' Court of (.'ulumllacnunly, on
PltlLADCLt'llIA, Xfjit. 22, 1857.
DKAlt Silt ;
Tlio fJemocralio StjtoComtniltoaro
Impressed with tho importance of effort to
Paul Loidy.
rou jupom or the sotuemk radii?.
or tuts cartTv
DKiiiot i:tk; (oiivry lvojuwvnoxs. ;
run co.nobcss,
Hon. Charles R. Buckalow,
op Columuia County.
PETER ENT, of Columma Co.
JOHN V. SMITH, of Wyoming Co.
JACOB ftYEKLY, of Bloom Township.
DANIEL LEE, of Dloom Towusliip.
ELIAS JHETERHK, of .lloiitour hip.,
JAMES S. WcXIXCU, of I'atawissa lwp
for auuitou,
JOHN ft. 53UE, of Jlillliu Township.
Tho democratic ticket, State, District
and Cdunty, is now completed and settled,
as found at tho head of tho Columbia
Democrat. But one more issue of bur
paper can bo made, before our readers will
bo called upon to vote; and of that issue
tome of our subscribers may not receive
.the benefit until too late to affect the result
of this contest ; wo thereforo seize tho pre
sent opportunity, to make an appeal to the
members of the party to be up and doing.
Fellow DeinooratsI this is not a timo to
lie idly by, in fancied security, and in tho
belief thai the democratic majority is so
largo as to carry the State without indivi
.dual exertion. It is becauso every man
Bid his duty last fall that we were enabled
to give Mr. Buchanan over FOURTEEN
HUNDRED majority in tho good old
county of Columbia ; and it is only by tho
personal activity of each one of cur demo
cratic fellow citizens that wo can this fall
accomplish tho sitae result.
Hemcmbcr that we bavo the votes and
tho more shame to us if wo supinely permit
(ho glorious opportunity of thrashing David
Wjlmot, and tho " nigger worshipping,"
" bleeding Kansas" opposition, lo pass by
uniniproved. Never was there a time
when it more behooved the democratic
party to bo active ; not becauso it is so ne
cessary in order to carry our ticket, but
because a political stumping Judge aud a
venal, corrupt ind unprincipled opposition
arc marching under a flag inconsistent in
all its devices. " Up, Guards, and nt them I"
Wo last week briefly announced tho fact
i.n lmtl T.oiiK lflfi.. nf Mnntniir pniilitv. :niv li.i.Iklnlivn liodv mature
tllttb mm. " ' v , - " J J - - . T . J ......... , j L . I
t.l 1 -.. .1.- .1 ..It .!,. II.. :., I.,.. .ltt.ol Nn.m Win,
liail UCOU UUUUUUIVU un luu iiliuuvi.iuu Ul liauci.ius,mi.ii. . if 1 ,,w i 1 , i " . . ' o. . "... .r ,1 , A (I, ,,, ,l ,!, , .!, ,
j candidate for Congress iu tho district, ' not wait, therefore, a few days longer, aud , to J1''- . ?m ; nsideration, and adopt such measures of
composed of the counties of Columbia, ( call the lilatutc about to be elected, to , h" whcro Democratic majorities in the promises as tl,p present exi,
Luzcrnc, Montour and Wyoming. The. his counsels, take their advice, assist iu nro iarfc,0) aud iu holding meetings an4 j genoy may seem to them in their wisdom
struggle was somewhat protracted, but the 'their action, aud pormit them to sit so long i pUttingef0'rth their exertions in tlioso parts j 10 jlcinaml.
result is ono highly creditable to the people ! a time as tho present financial crisis, de- of the Stato whero they have majorities. 1,1 tostunoiiy whereof, 1 ljavp bcrpwntfl
rsa is one uynj n f i mi. Their obiect. doubtless is. that the voto ' Mt my hand, andcaused tho groat seal of
01 lUO llSiriCl. , ujauuo i mu ui-iiv.v. ..-i... . .. ' , ,1... nnmnmntrnnll
Mr. Leidy is comparatively a young advised course- on tho part of tho Governor, oro tuev aro
aud active aid for the short time that will Ic"'"co of the United States tho eighty
elanse before tho election, to the measures . J T"1'""" )
1 , ,
or Tim Ari'i.u iiAiiyiMf or iwt JIam aiuiIvuu.
tun, li n.l tli it llili'i' liumlrL'-l !! In r
Iroiti RiiiniHiiiit tlie irooiln h uiir town .in.t
ltirll lull i ion mil .l.i ll l.i.d,i...i
purUuuco of nu Unlor of tlio Or- ma tci .1 Hunj.ii i.6 cntniniii u vt
, p "IM'' 1 nam iu iumi nirt any tinnj utiii rnti'
inonwcalthjnwttbcgroatiiidustpaliutcro&UlA'rti the ilUt day nf OttoUr wra. ' ,,'n'lnf
, ot tno people j j and the several days Mow mrntlovcd, TiiZ7 uw viriZWXU
A ,,.J ,1r, A K t. AH..tH on lnn..1!- 4. 1rt .. ..... . Itli.M.. . . . . ill) .I-II ItinrllllH'rl lltirllllf lllll M'.'l-I.n.
jititi ii-ftw ,11 utuaoiuu vAiiauiur m iu whim k hi mr inrriinini, iiiitiin miyiUT liliil ,, .,t ., , j titni 1 i i i , i tui
ll.ii n Innfc hi'it I vt ttiiiti! carr m r nt nrr.iimvtl iu lo
readilv lu'jii! imtlt I 'i iln1 iiif (iiuililii-n 11 f tin; iir ncu
of ii)itv4 ur uilnv liuit. Ihn wrknif 'inulilii-n u(
v filch hut" mh)'iI cxffllciit tinil imvutilaijiiiK tit
Hie ronifiHiultj , tin) ni.umt.irlumft, Mcrw Put.
J K'nt A. Fn-lcr liivn nlrnirty (urn called on lo kum1y
' mure lliiiti li.ilfa itiiHinh 1'iiidiilfn
J ritATl'H Al'IM.I) Hl.lill'.lt inn. I" to nr-ompnny tha
j I'.imt, u.'m 1,1 1 1 11 till In 1H,"m1 It ti n miii ill iwnllv ruii-
Mrutlcit mucliiiM't uihl tiki its ( niiiinnlni. pie I'art r,
I Iikb inot I'trnlli nt vnrk, dittltijji in stiunt ft vtj m-c-mull.
i.-kIi Hj.'to (til 11 tuiMiiy-ium .;iri. Icnvliit
wttlnmt wiidl'1, only a kuiuII inn-tu In-ti'inyyjjl. A
rhl lil rati ruultly nurn elthi r I'atrr ur S Icrr a; l upcctl
iifulittiit ihft'i 1.11 lit N prr hour.
ItlW'AII, l'UIUi: 111 r.ACIt M All nr.lorit ,v
nn ihcNurtti; Jolin llfllcr tiul .'MaiiliiJn in ill or otln twtit sliuiitil, to unci iirumnt attcnliun, liu
mi I tin W I ll'.i.l !.... II nil... I r. .1.1 ,1 I 1 1
I lie Uatt, cuhtiiinlng ' i II. !,. 1'ltA'lT.
1IUN1HI15U Si SIXTY.TIIltEli ., "BlnF"""1 'i.vimj.Pa.
'"" aim ci i uicilCB, siMd HlCtlSUrf.
nnry requires prompt and officiant action $$&X& ti'lTZ' lUnS
io reuuvu au uiuruieu auu suuuuug coin
munity ;
cuaH'd. will expuBu tofitlo.l.y
Therefore, I, James l'ollook, Governor Upon ,crM prtlul,rti , roowl Awut
of tho Uominonwealtli of rennsylvauia, by I n j f ,
virluo of the power? ponfprrcd on mo by! iQUI lliSlillOj
the constitution, do hereby couveno the , to wit:
(Governor can havo in view, in calling it," madoiu your Uounty to get out tlio fullt'- ...u.jr un amtruuu, uaoxrv-wt,
..Ml,r. nr., t a W to ftlccturo. voto 01 ollr Vatti'' - t!'13. causo , , ,"f !;' " s -s 1. " Hm Tract of hand, situate in Mad
... j I there is room to tear that a i-cnsc of security " ' ivepreuuiunvua iu inuut m ,Bln iohihm., aiijoinitig irmis lam or j.icoi. inn
i) nai wise auu juuiuiuus
i they aro strong and thu Gommonwoaltli to bo atliscd, at llarris
ro not. We thereforo liurg- 8'h '' of September, in the
togivo your intlueneo yor of our Lord. 1357, and ol ihe nido-
uccessary to secure a full Democratic voto
in your Uuuuty. Our friends everywhere
will bo urged to co-operate iu this duty,
Anhuew U. Cuiitin,
Secretary ol tho Commonwealth.
man, but his position at tho liar of Montour is of apiece with his well known bank
county, among lawyers of the professional , policy ; and those who yet remember tho
stauding of Comly, Baldy, jiud the lament- ( facility with which all sorts of banks were
ed M outgo mery, is high and firm, lie has chartered, in all sorts of places, by tho
reached this point in politics by no mean body of men, now again called into lifo
arts or devices, ho has bowed to no popular aud vitilfty, by tho Governor's I'roclama- and it ;s llopoJ that it will )0 ovcr).whcrc ,VTanl fti prttC fmni t
clamor, leacued with nouo of tho wire ! tion, will tremble to think of tho handi uiy discharged. Tho Sdlutarv results of vv -UvVVWvlllVlli
workers of party j but by tho forco of high into which, in this great monetary crisis, a decided victory over tho opposition at
moral aud christian character, through tho wo aro falling. timo will,.bc fcJt f"rnanJ J'". a,utl 1
... , , ,. ..... . i ur . ... , .ti , wi I relievousfroiumuchellortanddilliculty
absolute confidence iu his ability and m-1 c say again, it is imposs.ble oven to LorcBftw It will suttlc all lLo fanttUcisnis
tegiity, of every man in community, ho conjeeturo what course tho Hanks will force j 0f tho day, destroy tho factious spirits who I
has outstripped all competitors. tho Governor, and induce the Legislature would array oue pjrtioii of the national ,
A self made man in tho truo Eenso of tho to take: but we greatly fear that the result , couleiloracy against anotnor, anu utterly
term, risinr-from the ranks of the nconlo 1 will ho. to le-alize. because it will nioan crusu ine ion monster oi uisumon. x,vcry
r o c , ' :
! crush the fell monster of disuuion.
instinct of patriotism, then, demands our
witu no auvcntitious aiivaiuages oi mnn, tliat, ilio suspension ol specie payments uy ,best cfforts" alui cvcry man who loves his
,nlnn.(!ng HA, fni. .. nn lin l.n.rin ni'ill-n'tl.n l.n..Va Tf t-n intmr. n vn iirn n vnnnl. ' . ! . i ll.!. l 1.1
vwuuvutuu. w, ,, vfe.m v...u im; uuu. ww, -.- nt. iv . v COUIIl.) , IJ13 par iy, UUU 1113 1 u t'C, UUU1U UU W
life as a Teacher of a Common School, and ' tho end of these financial difficulties ? If bhow bis faith by his works by deoided,
devoting his leisure to tho fctudy of tho banks kuowins the result of a suspension J vigorous, cuergotie cUort,
noblo and elevating scienco of tho law, I conduct their business in such a manner
camo iu due time to the Bar ; and from
that day to tho present, by a close, prompt,
honost, and faithful discharge of his duties,
personal, professional uud social, he has
acquired lor himself a reputation among
his neighbors upd constituents that any man
might envy.
Mr. Leidy has never been an office seeker.
Almost against his consent he was forced
lo accept tho post of District Attornoy of
Montour county ; but while an active and
influential member of tho rank and file of
the pirty, bo has never aspired to be a
leader. But that ho will lead tho column
gallantly, tuid in Congress represent us
ably, no man doubts. lie is a gentleman
of great industry, sterling sense, and sound
judgment; qualities moro especially ne
cessary in a member of the lower house of
Modest and unassuming in his deport
ment, Lis cool head and high character
must mako his influence felt wherever he
is known. Not u noisy, but an alio mem
ber, not a talking, but an acting one ; we
predict for Mr. Leidy a eaioer of useful
ness and honor.
that in any event, a suspension becomes
necessary, ought they not to bo hdd re
sponsible for such result to themselves, and
is it good policy to relievo them of tho
consequences ? Wo think not, aud we
belicvo tho people will so deorce. Sinco
tho fiat has gone forth, may good councils
guide them.
for it.
In tha mntttr of tht ' German Htformtd Chnrch H
lifottmsburg "
X That (luorjni Wcuter, Damei Kernwalil, JjuvJiJ
llclz, John Uciswick, William Hntlir, Jncub H'wni.oy,
unU Hcv William Uonilncii fur Uii-ni8Cv,j nint ihur
mrrt.i.iuM. nil bi'lnir citizens ol tho Statu of IVnmylva-
ma, ami tiding iki-inms oi" nC'iulrnii: and mjoyii'j.' llic
imiiiiiiiitie inul privi!Kfa nf n Imdy ruriuirute, liave
vxliil'itu I and prusiciiieJ to liit Court nf Uihiiiiioii Plena
cti Columbia county, un i inirumenl in nrlliiiR. nurpuit
lug tu bu I he prniiostil charter of "TliMii-rnian KpIh rul
ed Clmrcli jn lluoiii!-tifg," in llm i'iwnslii of llhiotn,
ami county CutumWa, pi-ciryiitc the ohjcctii.ariiclcs,
cniHlMiuiu, i.ntJic, style and title, under lijrli tlmy
Vrn lnnt? In im u aC J ,flnd llieill lUi'iliHo . AQlI ItiO llJiU
u AWUJS. u wu Ouiirt haviu' pcrUbCdaiul exauiiueti liirj haidiiiflruiuunl
I UHil 114 ring jnuiiu nu uitjviiv uiiu Luiiuitiuiis iiiviLjii
' rpHIJ iiniler-ii!neil r f i(u--1 Till ly invitea tho nlti'iilln
A , 1. m iim ruuuv in 11 is i- An-mil u i-ni 1 tin viii i '-iiuiiM-i
Certain House and Lot of Grounui rimiiuin'nt,doiiairiiicii he wiiiwiirr.uit tuiieminii
Oi Montlay, October 20th,
1 of em.1 mill. ri iIm find in a wotltminliki. inamur. At
his UKlaliluliini nt, cun ntwnjB bi' lumul a good uf.uii
incut uf
Willi h innitinMn rI vie ami lliliili In lhat if i'liil
f tidi lihiaor New York cillc8,amlalan luw'iricct(
uiiu nas
r.r illiri'tpul Fit Irs 1,11,1 linen,. (lamB ft!5t!tfaS&
A Certain -Johp.0 nd Lot of Ground. S3? 10 . i'" , i-"""i!; 1 . n-ii-e
' T .. tun ini.l ,M,ili,n..iiy, r.irlnr (lialu, lUi h liicr mill ram
V. '"S Lliairx. l'i.ina nn,.l. mid a muIi IV uf,. , lin n d w,,,k
l cpm It. urn
lilnalu i;i llm town o( tllnonipliiirg,
1.1 hi; un tliu .oiuh giiltr of Hiromt tri'i l
of tait! ton'ii, ailjtiinlns n loi of Jaml,
llt'llrtick. on thu Kontli; Atiilrf'W tiolli" 1
I.T.011 lliu Until atl iillryon tfonlh
ro i,l ill i.l filly feel Iu Iroul jinj in
-Ssihi ii r, V.. V . . , ' , w tn uri'siiija .inn par nrni rea ih, qm. tnni i-nirc nih
iOMStti'n,, !l!nHlZlV?!lV J;i,r,,,S' I'lcr laid. ..f.iaIIji.!H.rlMire..lerR W hat nU ai,dcmo
tW 1 H BliiVi V . Vi. . ii i I ,,n's aim nn Kinn in ianiniinim' nrw. II In Btnrk or
Mlffi l,BS i u 11 tHimi.H, curios.-.! ami c.n.i.....n :iMi ntumU, drrn,
03kfi3la. tin I llilr. mntl kail town, on .uI,t(.s., ,,rmr of.i: Imnkiit ml.t ... i.l.i
di itli two iHimlud uud two feet
roumiun cliairn. in 1 hp nut in
tllis ii'tllitt, Of tin tnntitfy, lu nlu kucp a fttMiil
bSflnrt'iK-iil ot linikini! Willi r.mcy silt nnil com'
J; Align di-iinv- in.- jih .iiiu nirnisii npnns inair(Hiii'i
1 !iU',iU'i any im of lieadi-tiMd, which are xuuerinr fur
TJic upaiviilod third part of a Certain i"r.'"ihiy andcu.mrortio "''y; KnlVK
wrlb )Joiisf uiidl-ot ol (Jrnuml situate in Itiooiui Itloomstmrc April Flh. 1MI
T "2 huiff- l)inB un the uml n Idu u I" drift ttrteiof ! -
Jii?H.iaiiUu n. ntijniuiii a tm u r llurh-y & Cath- TUltLIO BALK
cut mi tlio east, land heluiieing to thu lllnoiiisltufff ' nP
llutli'V . Ca'hdirt un the IHnutli ami Went .and lirpt
strirt ol thu town ol liiioiitiiirj! mi ruiitti , rou
Valuable Real Estate.
Vil'Tio'lJir' "-Cl tlC, ' '"t ,""",r,, r.lll R nmlCHM-J, i:t.,rihn ..... .,, r W,..
ana .io in.'uljlKt-ulcuiioii i
A Certain Lot of Ground, situate in
Scull Iii.mmIi1.. ailjimiliiit lauds of (.eorgf Ivri'.l'T
inul mlitir. on N.otlli; linn!, of llio llloouiKlmrg
U'ulronil Iron Uoiniany 'an(d olJivrii on the t-oulh,
.... -(1 . .i e?, , . t . . s't foitli aii.l conlatiH',1 lo be lawful, nnil no. Iiijurloiifl ' . '
TllO candidates on tUO htate ticket dedOrVO milic ritiiimuiiltv. Iim- ilirrrt.-J said riiln-'or nalnl- "'"""""I.
1 .!..!- u I i..piit i il, olnro r.l Ihn l'rnlliotiolurv of tilt! Court of ,
uur LiLtuons, auu uiu ""a 1,1 11 u- , common 1'1-a. ol ai.l ...unly, anil nonce to l,e BUcn ' j lluttlUvi aa Twunly-V" i'ettht: mat
UU10I UitU Llt.4 V4V Jt-a' 1111. l IJJtJ O i I II II HV IIV n l u 1, I " in lib J
llirru ai'llinu forth an floolicatioil tun licl'll
in tdu to .ei,l Courl to er.itc i. tCiarlr of lucoipor.ilinii,
Constitutional Ainendmente.
We trust our friends will not forget tlio
necessity of casting a full voto on the pro
posed amendments to tlio Constitution of
tho State, It is truo they sccin to meet
another important election will be held
before an opnortUUltV Will Oiler to UO SO s niftilo il in mnl iiilruuu.iil o' ttnllniri inn anon.
. 11 , , c ... r.tllou liat ULt'ii jiuailt' ill llic -Jfiitcmlit'r "1 rrm ol allt
much aa can now be done for our principles ; conn. aVii. IKS?, to erant uel. n tliarirr; timl that if
and our cause. n BtitCrXtM.t ruaou l... liowu u thf; ronuary Ly tho
It is not a mere nssuuiption.tliat Pcnu-' iincrw Inul ttcuro .iu i.rnii'to n.siiattii io tic a
Or, 'fwsilay, October 'ith,
The undivided half part of a Certain
"nun ii,,.
ir .inibc.i on
Satuxhy, the Sd nf October next,
At l o'clock, V M .tlu' linn lielonKing to tlie .ai,l
e. tlil, bilu.itu iu II tin lock tow nsluu, Coluiiilna cuuuty,
contain l tig
One Hundred and Twenty-Five Acres
and Thirty ''even Perches,
Ami Ailjiiiiiini: l.iiuls of Ili.-I. MrllmliN Jolin Mrltry.
iiol.l, lVt'r Ai'itli'iuau l.ali Ii llarloii, r. r., uiul r.)ltc.
I, r,'" il bill, ll i- m luu m In Un i
Jivu Ore Jlcgion
of ,t'olunil,in county, Itto inline froii. lllnoni.liui(;,ani
on tlii j,.. I, I c liigliway trailini; to Itiir.ldiorn. A tirincl.
of lli'iiiloik tii'i'k'. throtiti llic prfiumrs. an'l
llli" wliolo farin Is iu a Mr Unit; of culll.alloli. Tin
iiulirovciui'lilK ale n larpo now Iranio
T.nM ..r I ... .. t 11 ....... .1 -all, , 1 1 I'll I , Inuu.
qvlvnn.'n linliU (lift fnlp nf tlin nntinli ill lior 1""l' Vinic or cornnmioli, In law ami in lau, jicuiru. , ,,, foiinty, li.ui.ici on tlio Nortb I, llm n "V. '"" '""i"o i'"ic vo.iiii o....... ...... u
SlVania U01U3 tllO late 01 tUO nation IU ner , 1(1 ,,, ,ld arnCt,, a e,,on,. ami to l.nvol ,,, sunuui li ii.n. nihrr lamlsol taul il.ciwl , i,i1 le,w, 'n. i. now wi.goii Iioiim; nn.l m il out
hands, dlCtallUK its policy, atlU CUrhllljr and coiilli.u..ncc l,y tliciumc, ttliaud tilloiu .alJlnaltu. jo,,.,,.i W lli' r.lo.l, on llic Snutli. nn.l l.iuils of , b,ull""" i'1" .'".'J. '""""lo, ' 'l" lvt" u"
eotitrolins its factions and its famticisms. MCoB ,.V,.,LV, hAi, o.. ihE..i .d w..i.ui.i,,iB , ''"i,!.,,, t(. JjjjSitfv,. .....
i prMn. nun i i-xiiifisfc. Auiiiss by mm
Illooli'lliure. Si'lil it, lp5
litui, ,atil"li,ii, bail uiu uuuauiu .t, niuugi
and llio bulwark of civil liberty will remain
as freo from iajury as though no boisterous
wave beat against its base. Iu a recent
with general favor, at least we havo scon contest, l'cnusylvama, by tlie influence ana
' I .c . ......... ...t.!l - ,1.. .....I...
jiuwui ol iiur ijiu-i numu, wihiu iu. muuiij
If she waver, these latter will soon riot ia
tri.itnnl. over the ruins of our nationnl
. 1 i i . , . I lrST OT l.r.TTi;il8 rcnuilni' in Die Purt IIiIich ti
glory, and power ; but while sho remains 1j m0oii.i.iare. l'a.. tluaii.' v54s scntcuiiicr wu.,
Hon. C. K. Buckalow.
This distinguished gentleman has been
ohosen by tho Conferees, representing the
district composed of tho counties af Colum
bia, Montour, Northumberland and Snyder,
as tho democratic candidate for Stato Sen
ator. Personally and politically wo are
gratified at this result. It is a tribute to
tho worth and abilities of Mr. Buckalow
which ho deserved, and whLh the party
has honored itself by offering.
When we remember that Mr. Uuckalow
was not named as a candidate before the
no actiyo canvass against them in any part
of the State ; but it is of the first importance
that they receive u very general support,
and thus become an invincible check upon
tho recklessness of corrupt politicians.
Those amendments aro not a party mat
ter. Our citizens aro all iutcrcstcd in
them, and wo hopo they will see that tho
vote is general, not confined to localities or
Thcro aro four alterations proposed, and
they will havo to bo voted on separately,
that is, on four tickets. They are :
1. Iu relation to thu creation of Public
Debts :
a. In reference to the erection of now
IJirrns Williata
il'mmali ll-irry 2
llutviiiujr Ccortio
JJvans l.'ntl.ariuo
Kvann Joftnli It M
Urllhtli U.ivnl H
(Jallcslcy Patrick
Uarvt-y J In.
Xav David Wilmut out cold now. and vou
will have done with his nroviso and Ma primary elections, wo bw ot onco that the
niggcrism iu Pennsylvania lorovor,
Friends, tho secret of our iucecss, apart
from our glorious principles, lies in our
harmonious action, our admirable order.
It lies in the solid column with which wo
march to the polls and support our ticket
from top to bottom. It lies in tho fact tbat
wo feci and act like brothers fur measures
of polioy and not for men. It lies in tho
fact that each man feels with his party
was trembling with fear ol tho worst re
sulU. Tilaeud hor mnst eminent son iu tho 1 1'art Patrick
National Executive Chair. He has ad. i ilu'sl'p.icTs''
mustered the Government with maikcd
ability aud justice, and has well nigh stilled
tho voice of faction and turbulence. Shall
we now prove recreant to him iu the hour
of his triumph, aud by supineucss lost; tho
glory aud tho public profit of his achieve
ments! Itathcr, shall we not, like truo
men, i-trikc a blow with energy with
all our power to overwhelm tlie opponents
Lamaii Jaiu"t
Moycr JoiriTuon
Nowcy ln.iac
N'ortou Jolin A
Sliarn Hidnrit
Hu) ill r J,ii on
tic Ii n ii m r J W
Plnry Jauic. J
PllUmnu Ml
Ptfcl lliiiua
Ti alb Join. II
U'oull Thomas I
lli.uwr uluutiam Wil'inau l.cui. J
Hill Sin, ml Winn: lli'orcc 1)
Ktucnt'f r j U i.l Joitta l
Kf Icliuni IV-tT JaiiHV riiun cl"p
Kuoir 'riiomu. Itobuit MiUi.iialil )
Kirk Mary
ZT Pcrwui. calling for Uio alio-vo letters will plcaro
siy Llicy arc uilvcrtitiU.
Oct 3, ld57
Worth from auccnls to I..U ilollars,
of his policy, establish his and our doi'triucs, At lrIaKOO'(S Gift Book Store,
l! .VII. .1.1 . 1 . ......... M
as luuispuiiDic law, auu ciius secure lasting
pcaoe to our couutry, and good will amongst
all our people 1 To dischargo this great
duty, and to secure these highly patriotic
ends, wo repeat to y.iu, it is only necessary
to go t.o work with manly determination to
uud Ttiiriy-ifuur I'm lie. ..met iu(.a...rc.
The undivided half part of n Certain
Trict or Lot nt Lund, silti.itu in Cattauiasa tmvusliiii.
tziirtrsaid, (iiljoiinni; Ijii.Ih of 11 inii:l Hlnnnnn ami lil in n
Kritni, un tli1 North ; iiinl tin1 Ins. I nldve (lihcrilPil true t
on tint t'J-'i.niKl thu riVLr tjutiueluniia oti Uic fcimitli,
mnl Tour rorcjca ui J.jjiJ, etrict measure.
On Widnctday, October 2Sti,
A Certain and Lot of Oround,
, ...tiate ... Oraiicctilli'. ttraiiiii' town
.firj. ,lii. .H.joi.ilinr a lol of Willow .Miitlr,
i.cf4 i jl j on low VVi'st, a lol ol Willow lli'iriuj;.
VlTJi jl 8 tm Ui.i c.ifi ; Hziniii I Arln ul.acl 1 lit
iX'-aiiL'Sre"01'!!'. ."' Market stifi'lof hiii11omi,
(2l-iSi2!3iKloi.lI.o Nor.l. roiiliiiniiii;
j I.utr tin; nf Hiid drriMSt;.!, uittinto in the
lowiijii 1.6 uiit: cumity aiuri-tfiiM.
lllooi..f.liurg,, July V, 1M?.
3. In relation to tho Legislative Appoint-1 6cl .out a .voto of 1,10 peopkt the
ments, and tlie election in certain cases of
Keprcsentativcs by single districisj
1. In relation to charters of incorpora
tion, proposing to give tho Legislature
power to alter and revoke any charter when
deemed necessary.
Tho manner of voting is described and
regulated uy tho Act or May 12th, 1857,
Pamphlet Laws, page 407; and care ought
ensuing election. Let us not fail iu this,
nor havo cause hareafter to reproach our
selves with indolence or iudillercncc.
We desiro also to call your altemion to
the proposed amendments to tho Constitu
tion, Tbcso aro of very great importance,
and deserve general support, lhcy will
arrest much improper legislation, prevent
many loeal dfficulties,and protect tho people
against the accumulation ot publia dents,
it tloor lr:low Poiirtl.,
A Valuable Farm '
Wll.l. tic ollorcit lor ui'. on .lit., ot.
Tius'lay, 15th of Octotnr next,
A ll.tmr; TI-ACT OF LAM),
with llm imp rn emeriti, known n llm Joih,h' I'jrni,"
litiiJtu in HlKiinnklii t unliip. orlhiiiiib''rl.iiil I'ntiti
ty, rj . I v i :t if on liiiniotthi rro.-k and tho lhil.iilul(ihi4
and Huiilnir) It.ulint'i nbont ? niili'N ftmitti nl Oaiivilln,
H null' Iruiii iSunlmry, and 10 nnlc (rbni luii.nkiu
and Tri'it rion. ih"s jjiviua it an cri ut iidv:initit!i i.f .1
K-nv.'iMi'iK and i;uu 1 nutKf I ua that of any uthtr
ti.'ii uf tli.'Sul"
Tli" NorilH'iu Onlral ltnilmtd, now prnt'Miii
h it h vi-rv prof p ri ui us early r niiiph'tlou, will t yin
11 i uiiiinuint anon Ii y r.nlro.iil with riuljitt-lplii t and
ltillini(irf,1 aud lirinj tin) plu-i- wuhm two ur lhr-.i
Iki tin ' ride il lUuU.-urf,' 'llm l.irm t nntaini
Two Hundred and Suvutit-Ouu Acro.s,
ahoiii on1 luiinlri d ;n nn arc clean. I. tli hil- fp
aiav (Il)l)l TI MlUJi. a part id nlnrli hnti 'fc'Jy.t
bri'ii rut, and t- now civtrnl witu i-if clli'titJ-j.,
) oiing tin ft ...A
'i hu imjifuviii'Miti in s'lld propi ity lire a rmntoru
, l Jl If IV Nl ll IU IL'D;,W lilt ll Mir 1 114
T7a. of i-xri Dent Wtiter .1 m-xv It. ink Hun,
fc.K!fl f Pr; 1,1 'H'r i fn!! r on Urn ild ma To .1
KjU VI l AUiSO. I JMJI&gireniiu in VMlti.iaiid make tli" mohi .l. a
riie furfcoiiu valuadienrnnertvwi'l do rnld unrn ' UiiKW5.jf " " J'' "' tllL' v'"k' ,ms u:1"" "
11.,. r..n '........... !,... i 1 .1... .i.i,.,. 1.. an iiiMidiluiiitV m' iinin u lure,
"4 "Ul "P S lIlu -veral"p.- n to r am f the Lands i.f the V.V T.nn madu know 11 on Un il.i nf rait'.
i-i J n aJ nurrh urTii iIiniiiL' her naliiiiil litti. tli" iiiirufl thenol . .
: .. . . Aiii.nit n . 117
"n-i 10 n ami mi iy ami ri'L'iiuny pain ic jiu r uy me pur (
j cli.ii'-m. H-cir tin r ami nsn!iin holdiiit; tin pruperty,
iiiiuai iiLTU'-'ceaic UTrtiiaro 01 inn puruidb.. mum-y frjy'0 j I'll hll. I Ai liTJUAUi I'
tu liu paid lo tin: perion legit llv tuUtled thereto, ten , fcW v nl TV i"1 At n v
percunt. uir tliiiiwo tbirdi of t(ii! pu-rcliaMi inoiirytu 1 UUiStj JirjiN.
le paid on l lie d.iy f tixln oui Lair ol llm Ii.ilf "f tin 'i tm tCurj nl it o.inn ni'in
two third-t on iim irt,i day al" April iieit. mid the t iH Um i-niU '
liialiider 011 tlio (im lUy of April, A. 1).. lfc5'J, w l (1 (f'rpw the Sunday ;jitrA. Xno ) u., .lug 'J, 1 1
uin:ieni inuu uio j naj 01 April, v. n., imc. uur i-iiirrt ate awnio mat we tcld'tin, r
nai.i fan: to tie rontuiue.i I rum uiy to uav.uuiii uu
iiietiuim- iiefcniieii lamitfiire vol.!.
WILLIAM SNYDlilt, ? ...
l!looni.bJr,T.Soit. MOKiT St
y -o Vi 'K
l'lllI.HIini.l'IIIA AM) Tl!K';o. fc.ll.UUAl)
co.Mt'ANy n i.iNUH.
nomination is purely tho result of his su
perior fitness for the post, lie hts already
spent sis years in the Senato, and at tho
present crisis, there is no man whose ca
I pacity, sagacity aud experience tho Stato
and the party more urgently need. In
the opinion of every man in tho Stato, the
1 thirteenth Senatorial district has done it
I self credit, in selecting its candidate, and
I tho pciiplc will never have cause to regret
and that ho personal feelings are allowed ,113 eloct,OD to a soat 1,1 tLo Scaatc'
.to scduco him from tho support of his prin-1 Able,and cxcellont gentlemen wcro pre
ciplcs. scntcd by each of tho other counties, com
Knowing tho staunchness and doteimi- posing tlio District, any ono ol whom would
potion of our friends wo call upon tho, Iiavo made an active and influential Scua
fiabiegorcck country, to roll out to tho 1 tor; is Dot too much to say, that the
polls its tiadomitablo legions; upon the advantages of fitness, ability aud csperi
jffestcrn end of tho county to ttir up its ' onco wcro so vastly in favor of the nominee,
pino woods and .rally its cohorts under our that the satisfaction at tho selection, was
lime bDBojed banner: and we look to Scott,' actually telt even uytho opposition! know
.and Centre, and Uriarcrcel:, lo maintain ( ing that ho must bo clecfcd,:uud that there
.tho battle as firmly as of yore; whilo fromj was no man either in or out of tho party,
tho cast side of tho river, froit Maine- and so well qualified for the post.
Mifilio, from Locust and Heaver, and their, -
worthy riva's jn democratic spirit wo shall ' T,1E U S- Dmioouatio Heview,
have such a voto as it will bo a pride and '.published by ,C. Swickhamcr, at 335
pleasure to record, .Broadway, N. Y., for October, is on our
Tho ticket, fellow democrats, as settled tall- 11 'li tuo tcst rtumbcr of tho now
in tho district .and county, is eminently ' erieS. anil worthy tho warm support of j winter quarters
worthy of your support. We need not lu ocmocrauo priy. n viuuuiiiwu
upeak of the persons who compose it by ' with a portrait of our Minister to Sweden,
name : wo nave aireauy aone tuat at somo u ."v" TvU.
to ho taken by Kilitors, to print tho tickets We- hopo you will sco to it that tickoiB in
conformably to the regulations there made. I P.rI,0,r torn fop thorn are printed and
, , ,i ... . , .i circulated with tho SUto .ticket m your
Wn hnnri ilio niMzttnd 111 tlnln.nltin pnimK. "
, . .ouu.v
will not loau si"lit of these, in their zeal
for the other matters claiming their atten
tion, on tho day of tho election.
A Dirrtriu.Ncn. Tho Itlaok Republican
papers iu all parts of tho State aro engaged
in publishing notices complimentary to
Mr. "Wilmot, taken from Democratic
jouurnals at a timo when that gentleman
Tlio Extra Session'.
Tho Governor has called an extra session
of tho Legislature, to devise somo relief to
the present fiuancial troubles. Tho efforts
of the members when they meet should bo
directed to a resumption of specie payments
at the earliest practicable period. An
was acting with tho Democratio party, and I icdefinito suspension would bo au extended
contrasting them with what tho sarao papers VU. ' Ho comuiumty belicvo mat suspcu
Say Of Mr. WiLMOT's.COUra at tho JircSCUt faton as 031i frcC(l Upon tllO bauksilSaj ForMouutllolty.llurlliigloi'iAiKlWayBlatioiiapi
irn ...t. .1 r. 9 I tomnorarv measure. and soutii nolicv should . 1 l.1!!.'..,! it:,i,n..i j.i . u.,.ti..n.nn n,i
tllUU WUilb illUb '1UU I"- '
Gcnoral Wabuinuton praised Ahnold I nuco hanks so to rcgnrd it, aud vbo
when 'Jio was fighting for the liberties of
iiw country, but when ho turned traitor mid
joined tho enemy ho changed his opiniou
and denounced both tho man and his
trcasonablo acta.
S& Judge Wilmot, tho Republican
candidate for Govcrnor,continueshi3 travels
through tho Western countries, discussing
tho wool question, and that only; but
nowhere has he excited tho least enthusiasm.
I J o finds tho people even colder than tho
weather, and is prcparingto retreat. to his
From Philadelphia tJj.Vcw 1'ori, and Jt'ay Flares
Lcavi-ii folios a. viz : Tare,
At 1 A. M., from Ki;ii i.tylon Depot, via Jersey
City, MjII SJ
At 0 A. M.. vin Uimlcn ant Ji Miy City, New
JlTrlty AcCiMlllllQlIallllll 2
A l ti A . M ,Mii C.iiniti u ami Am'ioy, At roiiimotla
lion -
Al 7 A M . ia Camden nnil Jurfcy City, Morn
ing Mail 3
Al 10 A. M , by strninlioat Tnntii, via Tacony
uud ,Ierji. titv, Murmiiy K.vprcs 3
At 2 l. M., Camuii ajul Amlmy, C. and A.
Uxprfsx 3
At 5'i. MMi;t Camiiijii and Jeitcy Cilyt;i:voiiins
.Mill .1
At'3 I M .via Caunloii and Amboy, Accumoiu
ilalion, 1 t (,'Iohj , 3
At 3 I'. M , via Cniuden nf.d AniLoy, Accammo
daliuu, Cl.ns 1
Attil' M. vi i Camitcu and Ambuy, Accommo
dation, 1st Cinis 2
At G l . &!., via Caimton and Ambuy, AcLMmmo-
dtitiou Si Class 1
Tin: $ I'. M. Unc rune daily, all oilier a tindya lx-
i:jpfC3d Lines Hiop at tlit principal a tail ins only.
I'or UeUidere, Jlabion, rleininton, fcc, ut ti A. M.
and II M , I ron i Walnut Hired wliarC,
Fur Walrr Cap, irDiidFtnirjf.craiitun. Vilkobarre,
Montrose, Crtat !!t'iid.iC, at t A. M., via Delaware-,
acUwaniia at We Urn Hnilrqad.
Ir Freehold titii A M.aiid'Jl' M.
l'or Mount Holiy at 7 A Mm ind 'Jl nnd 5 I'i M.
Tor llrisloLTrciunn, &tc , at "k nnd 4 P. SI.
For Palmyra, cocas, Uctrly, Hurlinton, Hor
den town, &.c, it 3 1 M.
WAV lll
bieamhoat Kichard Stockton Inr Iturlj rmton and flrU
.lot at Hi A M.,aiid for Itnrdciitowu and ititermertiate
pldCCH ataj l.M.
Bn-andi'iat Trt'r.ton for Tacony nt lftnnA llj A. M,(
and 4 I'. M.t nud for Uiirliuginii uud llnstol nt 1 1', M.
AU liiifo.i'vcipl 1 A Mi lcap Walnut et. wharf,
ZJT I'lTly 'on tids nt h.Tiic only a Mowed t'ach MR
eru'jrr . 1'assf u ji;rt aro prolnlainl I'rom taking fin) tliiittf
,ua bairsajfu but their wenrint! aiiparel. All bagng'!
over nfty pounds io .p paid tor extra. Tlie Company
limit the i r rfMnoimibilily fur li.ig.ifto,one dollar per
pimn6, and will nt bo lialdu (ur'uiiy ouiaitut be)ond
Sltl), tct'iit byjpi rial cooir.ici
WM. II. (3AT7.MCII, Agi nt,
)J. t A 4 11- CO.
11. It. MOURLIJi. Al'piiI,
Eept SH. H&7 liil i. Tr. K It. Co,
Valuable Real Estate.
BV Wititurf an i,riU'r of tlio O. pliant' Court oT Co
lumbia ronniy. Laic K Kiiikb;iiin, Lst tutor if
John Klme, deceaitd, vil, on
Saturday, the 2Mh day of October tv',
At 10 o'clock in tin! loriiiiinii, t.iuhi! to jmblic bulc.i n
1 14 pft'inincb, in the towiubip ti) ilfiiton, iii lin; toutiiy
ul Columbia, at tho l.itu reei.U'iicu ilIio cnl dccuJcm,
tbuful lowing Ittal Kbtutc. ml.
t n A (ST, Off e ,
The wvt-l cud ol the farm niljuiinns Innili of Jacob Atli,
on lliu foiiUi, thu lii'i rs af John Kl.n. dcnTuril, on i ti u
i'a t and north, und Hauiuel Utionu on thu went, con-latniii-;
Forty-Thvco Acres aud Five Perches,
Most f.I which U timber and. A
brancb,of (Caveiif f tck run it ilnonh
me iana. auu a goo i raw auu is i
thu nitmediatu -.icinily. '1 lie noil i
ui cicclliinl (tualilv. ami Dig I.-ind.
afui being rlvart'd, vii b wdl
ndnpti'd toiirmJag. La it tiifvsiato
of.'ohn KhiH',' ut Ikiiion low ui-hip,
womniuM couiuy, ucxt'UEUo,
lieu ton iwp ,.Vpt III, 1857 5 Clerk,
fOllHlll'lld.tUH .llldlLj IMlbllL.ll Kill, i f not I'll I III e
,thu,i'iy iiij-iiiel iiuihori y. An hiirh nn iiiuiii-
may iiH'Oli'ni llr. i. mw t,i V mu piihUcattvii on t
I tons Ihhil'ty and oilier veaknrcg, tin rfhiill of r.uiv
, induirttiou. Ii is u a null but t.ilmiblc iiinpb)i
11 U prt'pjniiionit tin- " lUui m.a i)it" uu "Niiuimi '
an iitiwcoiciu.'riMi uio hunt ii nu niy tucciuai riinuini k
ex taut I i ilio (oiui.i.tini n-it irvd to.
St-JICiJlL iUt,khbllA I Oil AMD IU)I
N k it i s k, ibt' tn igu ri'iut'dics ior Si' aktifi",
rti'Aimi I'tiMiiiy, iiupoicnc), i uv omni u j i.miMtioiiH.
1 rib", Acc . nrt- fur feulu b) itioi it l lie leaning l)nit;i
in tli u riiiiuiry.
J)k C 'a 1'ami iii.i:i , in i biivc. roni.niiiMif f ill nihici'i
loi tint niii ol pi'iuiaturiiii;!, Ai , i.m Im lui iu a
secure eitvi.lonf, by eiiLbuig a hi. nop to
Dr en i:i.r. J. c. Ki.ivn,
Ut Avmif, loriier l'Jtli Mii-tl, Lw York, Vunt Uui
No. Ticfi, I Juun I 3, lt57.
IJHOI'Oci.M.H will Im ri'ii'ivcil l.y M. W. Jackson,
i;.'l , ufUurttick, lur lUf tlf'ttt-ry tirgnutl.
Dry, Hard Woo-l,
Tor l.oriMii .1 tm il.c, r.n Hir Ijnr of lh! I.tirhaw.innu
nnil llttimiwiMirti K lilrnail, al KtTttick nnil ll.liw n.
iu lou ol' nuu litttMlr'-il coriln unit iijiwunlti l'riiotfr
will rial.1 tli.i Itinil. nf tnoil l'ir null1, unit prim., an.l
wlun it cun t.i iIhIivlti it. Mr. J.'irl..un will
nny furllier inliirmutiuii on Hit1 biiIm'ti
i-. J. i.uavi:nwortii.
Hi'pt 5, 1W7 Ut UjicWurHirnt.
every mcaus iu tlcir power to placo tliin
selves in a proper position by resuming at
tho earliest day.
Tho Presidents of tho various hanks,
yesterday, held a incctiug, and decided
upon tho following important measures:
1. A buspeusion gf tpecio payments on
all notes, largo and small. 2. Tlio prompt
issuo of their own notes of tlio smaller de- 11 It 0 0 K K H & M A It S II .
T-mVZlt9' ? a L Auctioneers it Commission nicrcliauls, ; KS...'
obligations against them. 3. An iicroaso , htiuxt. "'.!""."
ol Uiecouut to tusir customers, wtli the
; 'lO'O'nci: it l.rily ivt-ii lliu ni nppliratinn will tin
' Hindi, ntltiu nt'Xl m.'it.iou ol'lll.iliiri! nf
rcnn.ylv.ini'!. Inr tliu intoriinni.iuii i.l u Hank, tvilh
ttlt- u.iial )iititi;i'4. In 1m mlli-il Tliu lllnlin.tiurs
! .lank," twtli u of Itto Ininilreil llii)ll..ind tlot
i Ja r. . nnil to In li.rultil in lliu tutvu of Ulouriisljurif .
I Columbia rnuiily l'a.
Valuable Real Estate!
PtiltSUAVl to lliu proviMoiiH of the List will and
tusiiiiueut of l'etfr llurlnckrr. Uti- of Milllin town 1
bip, Coliiiubii county, dm-awi), thu umluri)Eiied.
Hxerutor of lliu ufurcaid ili-tetlent, will eipoty to
1'ublic Halo . upon the prcoiiscg, on '
Saturday, OdoUr 3f, 1857,
Tho follower described Vatuoblu Ut-al IM.iie, viz '
pant Milllin low ii. lili, Col liiiliia county.
- .uu n. i ........ .....i tti.tunuaii , on
ri. u. Sill vi:,
a. u ai nvoii.
JACOIt uvuit.
i-r.Ti-.u iiii.i.vr.vuit,
ULIAK IHI'.TllttlClf,
liuiom uu, JuiiuT, lb7
A. J. UV'AN H,
A. J. tlMMN.
U II. AltTllim.
number contains fourteen articles, politics
and litoraturp, talcs and poems. Thrco
dollars per annum, in advance.
length In our columns; ar.d wo now ask
you to give it lhat united and hearty sup
port so tbaractcristic of your principles
nnd practice. Nothing can compensate
your remissness in this respect. Give oue. Tickets. Tho Tickets for the Demo
dy to your country, and see that no votes' cratio candidates, aro printed and jpady
remain at home. The result of the clcc- i for distribution. Friends from tho country,
ion is in the hands of eacli ono of you ' when in town, will please call and get a
individually, and your country expects you 1 supply for their respective townships.
to do your wholo duty. . - -
Dopt cut tfie ticket. ,Votd it through' Tho JIontourlloll'iDg Mill at Dan-
itfrora Packer to Vote. Comparo tho nom-' villo has suspended operations on account
object of atlordiug immediate relief,
In regard to tho third proposition, thcro
may bo different opinions as different de
tires actuate those that entertain them. Ii
X3T It is reported on good authority tint I ja not calculated to offtct an early resum
jKrs. Cunningham has.rptaincd David Paul, ptiou, and tho Legislature should authorize,
Urown, Esq., of Philadelphia, .& her
counsel in tho coming trial uppu tho bogus
baby charge.
jCir Tho Presbyterian CJongrogation of
North Danville, aro building a beautiful
parsouago. '
(One itoor liclow Vlne.J
g.itci uf Hovt and Sltuti, Dry Goods, Guns, Hardware,
H'areAts, 'awry Gucdt, JJ-i.
Cj-Coimtrv Hlorekcoprrti and oilier will always find
ul our Kvunhiff ties a largo and il mini Mm uunorlmt'iil
Cl Ihti abovu IJoqiM, la bu tmld lit loU lo tutt huyiTs
f(;ooiUpack d on the prummei for Country Trade
(Bfpl 1757--3IH
Stoves and Tiinvarc.
riMll. subfccribpr having ercrtetl a lari;o new brick,
J rouudry and Macbino r!iop, in pluto of the old
one, i prepared to mako all kud iS caBtins at Ibu
oulh bounded by ih Nocopeck Mountain on nw luw.''l pricm. I'lowi coti.iantly on hand. 'Iho ul,.
by bunts of Levi Kikeiida'l, and on the norih ,y ux n """'veJ " Tin tfliiy from Mam m.
.w V". J ."...IK."... .'. VIVt.ltlt UUtlUlllj;
aliuntilier for Htoiffs unit Tuivtarc.
. Tin- Uooklni! tllotcii of iim WM. 1'UN'N
jnQ I'A t .Oil STOVI-.J ol nfl 11.., I. tl, I'l-n
i.iftui.u iaiuvijc. All kiniis or pn
Hiaiitj iq orucr.
Ahii Jlacc tlTtU.Jarmtrlij " V.AOLK HOTEL,"
tGF Contributions aro being taken in
tho different cities for tho relief of tho
sufferers by tho Central America.
Sffif A military encampment is proposed
inccs of tho democratio party with ihoso of of the heavy failures in tho Kat, and tho. to bo held at SeJiuJgrovo soma timo nest
,tho opposition, and you will be convinced tightnnsa ol the money markU , mouth.
no movement ivhicli will tcud to delay
Leyond a limited and reasonable period
that dcsirablo event. It is manifest to tho
commonestintclligcuce that thobauks cannot
resume till they havo reduced their business,
aud increasing their loaps is not such a
reduction. Tho following is tho Governor's
Proclamation :
In tiir. Name, and ly the Author Uy of
the 'Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
Tamp I'r.r.ficir (lorernor of'thc said FhniiWiirtin .lull nir.a. itii- cuuifuri nnd aiuntion
j I uincii mu tm roumi al tiiuoity hoici.
Coinmomtealtli i ' Jn i8.v.
7 . . , , -t!i IMRTMAVrt
Whiruu, A bonous financial rovulsion T
has ocourrcd, rcijujtiug m the buspensiou of o ji w.fcis- n ijhbiw
lainl. of lilulliutti l.uu, containing
Ono Hundred aud Twcnty.Eight Acres,
Ami alltittpnrc. uiierion are trcticj Ihc lullowtui;
A litone Dicelui" Home.
Tins lluu.e, L'urii t.'ni,
lUrrrt'.n.anii Hprini; or
)r, with al I otlur rii'iui-
Aliuut ouu luui!rtil arri.'H of tract U initirnvtiil
ulitl in it ooit ktuto of tiillitutiou, .null! fiuliti.'i:u acieu
I iiupravt'iucDts
I Kft, A Stone Due
l BwSTl Ii'1,l'lt 1!arni Hiirins
I tUTZwillx? .He runteiucnci'ii.
Mopki us u tty Hotel, ViW&rssir"' '"" "a
A I iu -A wii lira i! Orchard uud a cnal varl-tti
ly ofnelt rt Fmii Tn-cs on wu.l pn iniheg. -.r
H-ri.iid rami will l.u void tutfUlivr. or in two p. m,
.' nitty bjt soil purchaser
Hz Kile iu i vmiiKiitu at IU o'clock, A M., on van
mil 12 under fig ncd han tiki'ii the aUvu wellMiowij 1 4iny, when uiuuddiiu! will be untn and conditions
I lU' tfpoutiu.
JOjSPPfi rii Alinr i'j
Hloopubiirg, Aplil 11. I;. " "
TOIIN DOLL, ,Srj U( North fecund ilrvcl
1 .ncu, I'm uutiiiuia.
Importer of Toys and Fancy Goods,
Ma the !ar;'ct oHdortiut'iiu fif ('uriorilit g iu thu r f ty
Toy of all kindi, 1'aucy Jii-kelt,Slni.kt;l'ipt', Tobacco
.luxe. V lot) in, Mod blrmsii. Uaniiouicuii, Accprd' ti n.
aud a Urge variety of other arliclti (ou numeruuit to
Hioriki'cpcri in Jollity w i pleusu call hcl'vi pur
chai.ln riM'U here
Auy '-J, lfj7-3in
llouttooiia laJiL'and f.ivor.ib ntcaoe, and ha rcn- 1 tnnd knoun.l-v
ovnted ami furuii-litd it intirely anew, and in each a , JOHN II. Hli'lTLUlt, JCztcutor.
iyi auu iiiiuiivi aj nut nu "JiriJ-uuii iu an miiu million (VVp .. AUKUM !, IM,
limy ihi uum mis yni-BDi. 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 i .. 1... .,. 1
(jt'iitleuitJi who wiilucon be furuibhed a room and I timunpn lw.c?T umrtwi 1
,.,.,.li,,l v.'.ll. int-iiK at their Ir n I.i.kii ' i'UWUlUt JJlooU JjU I IUN. 1 .
JU'iaurjniand baling r-aloon aitatlicd. on Ihu -Kuru- I rrini; nvtnerfcluo hcrLtoforu I'r.-iin,.,.,.., V wanl 0,1 now tlicn-cl ve iudelitPd to im
PHUiplai.;" or at the hotel labia, ul regular hour a L lihirKJS VV." tnMl1' "ul ur ,,0"h arLi,ul,x of ix ,,,n,lllu
i ne propni'ior iiiurrti iiiuiicii mai no nouee in ,,miii;ii mAi n ' f fi i UI1IU e-pici io wirem iuty vum msh.
r i. r. nr,, n. . : " 'j inuiuiin. io ej anu nny ny ii e ui i oi iui, inr
"'L'. I niinii. Jim hnnl It' l".iF
Cpylown, Aug lAlfW
1'UWl.UU CUKVm.lNd.
t N.iM.iriiuiiuiiiri.'onriclloiicri Jctvclry i TjlEIHrilNrt uirliivn lion mlulc 1.1111111 rau (iuJ It ttf
jt. twap, uu,i win, rinniu.i Atr lol. li.ol al jl euiiiuyui
Uloiim. ,ur; May 50 IcM
C CLAKK a HouK s;w.
loullia biib.ciilitiril I'.i
J 11
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