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Bloomsburg, Augusts, 1857
Democratic N o ml u a 1 1 o n s.
Of Lycoming Counly.
Of Cicstcr county.
for Jurxirs op TnirpuruEME court,
Of Deris, County.
Of Erie Cluuty.
Id n late speech of Senator Douolas.
tit Springfield, Illinois, lio took tbo ground
that If tho reports from Utah elioutU bo
nubstantiitcd, Congress should' repeal the
organic net of that Territory, and placo it
under tho act of, 1700 ; di1 especial;
should that be done, since, as was alleged
tbo mass of tho inhabitants ofthatTcrritory
nre not citixons of tho United Stores, and
refuso to tnko tho oath of allegiaoco. Tho
Black Republicans aro a good deal czer
ciaed over this speech, They proclaim
that Senator Douglas ha,s abandoned iho
ground that Congress cannot lcgisMo for
Territories, and now actually propose to
legislate fcr them.
Tbo Ulack Republicans don't understand
tho position of tho Dcmocralio Party on
iho subjcot of tho powor of Congress over
T crritorics, and they aro never likely to
understand it. They show their nescience
whenever thoy undertako to comment on
tho position of the party. The Deniocratio
Party never Ireld that Congress could not
legislate for Territories at all. They have
announced no fuck doctrine ; nor have
they practiced any such theory.. Tho
orgamio act of every Territory is a logis
lativo act, Thuy do hold, however, that
Congress is restricted in its power by the
Federal Constitution. It' can only exercise
tho power grantcd.injthat instrument, and
tho power that may bo necessary to carry
out Bomo oxprdss grant of power. There
is somo medium between unlimited power
and no power at all, which tho faction dou't
seem capaple of compre&nding-. They
havo been too much occupied with tho
horrors of slavery tospond a thought on tbo
great practical question of iho times, the
government of tho Territories.
Looking to tho Constitution on this
subject, Congress has j6wer to admit now
States ; and tho organization of a Territory
is tne first act in the admisuo.n of a State
It is not difficult to seo, thai unlimited
power oi legislation in Ungrosa is not
necessary to enable a Territory to $ row
into a btato, and therefore Buch unlimited
power is not justified by Ibis clause of the
Constitution, It is moreover provided
tbut Congress "shall havo power to dispose
of and mako all needful rules and regula-
lions for the Territories, and other property
Belonging to tho United States." This
certainly gives Congress tho power to
survey the lands, to secure tho tides, and
to protect the person and property of tho
purchaser in iho purchaso. Congress has
control of the army and Indian affairs, and
can employ the former to enforco any
constitutional provision, and the latter
according to its beat discretion.
We may look in vain for an unlimited
power in Congress over our Territories in
tho Federal Constitution; but the power to
Jo what is necessary to carry out express
.grants in that instrument, wo admit.
"Whilo some measures may bo constitu ional,
and others plainly unwarranted by tho
Constitution, there may bo cases that aro
doubtful, which wiso btatcsnen will aviod.
In -tho oaso of Utah, if tho people thero aro
in rebellion to iho authority of tho United
States; if they aro alien enemies, thero is
no purposo of maklog them a JStato, and a
territorial organization cannot bo justified
on that ground ; which is tho only one
upon which a Territorial organization an
--to justified. The repeal of tho organic
act thero would bo right and proper .as
c soon as thje design of making it a State in
its present condition is abandoned. Thero
is thin no warrent for such an organization
in tho Federal Constitution, and it ought
to bo expunged from tho list of Territories.
What changc may be wrought by December
next, and how, far the reports of lawlessness
may bo confirmed, wo don't know ; but we
presume 'tho stato of affairs thero is not
exaggerated, and thero is not a very flat
tering prospect that it will be improved.
Address or Ilie Stato Coiunilttre.
TJio address of tho Democratic 8tato
Coramittco, will bo found upon our first
page. Jt is from tbo pen of tho lion. 0.
H. Duokalew, tho ablo Chairman of Iho 1
Committee and U an admirable document,
fc'uch of our opponents as aro willing to
hear both sides of a question, aro invited
to peruso it, as tha -issues of tho Ccrapaign
aro set forth iu a tnas'crly .manucr.
H icnABD J, IJaldeman, tho effi-
gallant Editor of tbo Patriot
v.i n .:, t
and Uiion, Iho bctt Dcmocratio Pancr
ever pfbliehed in Uarrisburg has obtain
d thobemQcratlo nomination of Dauphin
orStaV) Senator. Wo hearlly approvo
of the jriceedirig. Would .that we could
record la election of so able a man and
pure dcrtpcrat as Mr. U.ildenian.
WJlmot'a Answor.
Tho Lock Haven American WiUcliman,
a fast and furious abolition JF'tlmotorg'in,
in n very profound and learned article, in
thoissuoof July 24th; very signifioantly
"Where nre u-i drifting tool"
Without wailing to cxaininj tho sonsa
or tho grammcr of that ominous question,
which puts us in tnind of "Old Ironsides
on a lea shore;" wo bcg'lcajvo to answer,
in a Epecch of Wfjnot, which has for
months been going the rounds of the press
uncontradicted. It is a frco and completo
answer to tho Watchman.
"I am determined to arouso tha peoplo
to tbo importance of the slavery issue, and
get up an organization through which thoy
can fcl control of tho Government in '00 i
mm li x Dccomo eaiisuca mat tneso c Harts
ttill fail, and that tho peoplo will not ctsert
their rights, then I'll bo A d if I don't
join llie party that 1 think will send tho
country to hell tho quiokcstl"
CTbo Philadelphia Sunday Mercury,
an independent .Journal, in nonoine the
Communication of tho Dcmocratio Stato
Oommittco to the Dcmccratio Candidato,
against stumping tho State, says :
"Tho Committee arc, wo think, sensible
in their conclusion. Thoro aro plenty of
winuy orators wuo go through pjliiical
campaigns, each acnuiro thereby an im
mense reputation for oratorical talent, but
who really havo no moro brains, oomnara
lively speakinc, than rurrotfl. Tho affoet
of adopting tho stumping custom of tho
oouin woum De to givo tboso noisy, frothy,
superficial spoutcrs, an cminenco to which
they aro not justly entitled. Oood'common
sense, administrative ability, information
ana juugmont, would bo entirely over
whelmed by ''clack," and very inferior
men would bo thrust into publio stations
merely because they had a faculty of talk
ing fluently about nothing, and expending
a fow unimportant idois into a multitudo
of words. The action or tho Democratic
Stato Committee is a wiso one. The day
has gone by when a ten or fifteen minutes'
speech on a political platform, at a noisv
mass meeting, will bo accepted as a proof
1 1. . I iT. - i ( 1 t . . . .
uij iuo counter una nullity, judgment ana
The Editorial Convention.
This Convention met on Tuesday last in
Danville, pursuant to arrangement, and
was well attended. Wit. P. Minbb, Esq.,
was called to the Chair, and L. IT. .Davis,
Esq., appointed Secretary, for tho tempo
rary organization. Tho Committco to
report officers for tho pornianent organiza
tion of tho Convention, reported tho name
of tho Editor of this papor, as President;
V. Best, G. L. I. Painter, 0. N. Worden.
and L. -H. Davi', Vioo Presidents, and
J . Henry Pulcston and. John Youngman,
Secretaries, Tho proceedings of tho Con
rcntion wcro characterized throughout by
uninterrupted harmony, courtesy and- cor
diality. Gen. V. Bust invited tho Con
vention, on i:s adjournment, to his mansion.
wherd they wero introduced to a most
inmptuous repast, to which it wero useless
to say, tho Corps Editorial did ampio jus-
tico. 1' rocecdines next week.
Mrs. Cunnisoham, Tho mystery of
tho liurdell murder ia enveloped only in
legal doubts for thero is a mordl certain
ty as to its perpetrators or at least to its
stimulators. Another strango phase of
the drama has been developed, and Mrs.
Cunningham has been arrested for felony,
on the' charge of having forged to bo
enciente by Dr. Uurdell as her husband.
and going through all tho preparations for
the fictitious birth of an heir achild hav
ing been obtained from a hospitil for
carrying out tho deception 1
UONGRE83. Gen. V. Usst, Editor of
tho Danville Intelligencer, publishes a
sensiblo and lengthy address iu his last
weed's issue, to tbo Democracy of tho 12th
tongrcssionaj District, announcing himself
as a Candidate for Congress. Ho espec
ially asks tho recommendation for that
office from tho Democraoy of Montour.
Tho Annual Convention in Montour will
bo hold on Monday tho 17th of August.
jJSy Iho Farm Journal, of Philadelphia,
has been discontinued, and tho Now York
American Agriculturist, will'Jje sent to
ubsenbers iu its placo and stead. Mr.
Emlex & Co., published a good Journal,
and we regret that they did not meet sus
taining patromgo. We trust the Amtri.
can Agriculturist, which is an improve-
mem upon tho i'arm Journal, will be pat
ronizod and sustained.
" Fizzlal cut.'1 Yes, Fizzled cloar out
before arriving at tho raeri(of tho case.
Such was tho result of tho effcrt of tbo
Republican, of Thursday in attempting to
bo witty It our expense. We really can
m.t see 'how tho Doctor managed to raigo
a'IIal ha!! ha 111" nt such an abortivo
Gen. M'm. II. Mulsh. We aro grati
fied to lnarn that tho President has ap
pointed Gen. William II. Miller, of Dau-
Vhla cmalJ Consul at Trinidad do Cuba.
Gen. IT., is a gentleman of cxccllont abib
ities, and will discharge tho duties' of tho
trust with acceptability both to tho govern
mcntond ourcitizenstradingat Trinidad,
VST James B. Sansoj?, Esq., of tho
Fullon Democrat, has been tiominateiWor
lb P"'"0- Wr' 8. years ago,
sylvauia Legislature He ia a jood Dpm
oort and would adorn a seat in tbo II alls
of Legislation.
i" Tho question of "brain stealing?'
hasbccnnUallYadju3tc.l)butaimrly.U,,dSon Monastic 7th of Sen.bcr, nt
tcmpof arily mljoumcil. ' l'itlsburg, '
Columbia County Convention,
Wo publish below, tho " Rules and
Itrgtlatiitu,n adopted by ifull Dcmocrutic
County Convention, September 0, 1851,
for tho futuro government of tho "Delegate
Elections and County Conventions." They
;ions anu uoitniy ivouvcnuons. iiioyij. " . . "nt,! , V
. i 1 , , ii .i ' Congress, imposing an additional, or subsi
ffcoiivo and of binding force, lly tbo . ' .A,. inbn ef nnr ' ..
aro c
first Rui,E,it will bo seen, that tbo Delegate
Elections will bo held n Saturday, tho
20th of August, and Iho County Conven
tion, on Monday, tho 31st of tho s'amo
month 1857k
Domooratio Rules.
Rule I. Tho aurual Counly Convention
shall be held at tho Court House in U looms
burg, on the last Monday of August, at
one 1. Iu and tbo Dclcgato Election
shall bo held on tho Saturday previous, at
tho places of holding tbo general elections
in tho several election districts, between tbo
hours of 3 and 7 o clock in tho afternoon
II. The Delcgato Elections shall bo by
ballot and each general election district
shall be entitled to two delegates
III. Tho Dclcgato Elections shall bo
held and conducted by a Judgo and clerk,
to boseleotcd by tho Democrats in attcu'
da'noc, and tbo said officers shall keep a
list of voters and tally of votes counted,
to bo sent by tbcm to tho convention with
their ccrtiucato of the result of tho elcctiou
IV. All cases of disputed scats in con'
ventions shall bo disposed .of openly by
veto after hoaring tho respectivo claimants
and their evidenco.
V. All delegates must reside in tho
districts tboy represent, in caso of an
absent delegate ho may doputo another, if
ho fail to do so, his colleague in attendanco
may sub.'tituto for bim. In other oases tho
convention may fill up.tho representation
from citizens of tho District in attendanco.
VI. Tho voting in Conventions shall bo
open, and any two members may require
tho yeas nndnays on any question pending.
VII. Special conventions may bo called
when necessary, by tho Standing committee,
tho proceedings ot which siidU conform to
theso rules,
VIII. All county nominations, and all
appointmcuts of conferees and of delegates
to Stato conventions, shall bo mado In
county convention.
IX. The Standing oommitteo shall bo
five in number, ono of whom shall rcsido
at tbo county seat, and shall bo chosen an-
ually in convention. In caso of vacancy
tho oommitteo may fill up their number.
X. No member of Leeislaturo shall bo
cuoson by tins county as a jjejegato to a
Stato convention during his term of offico.
XL In Convention a majority of all tho
votes given shall bo necessary to a nomina
tion, and no person named shall bo ncremt)
torily stricken from tho list of candidates
until lifter tho sixth vote, when tho lowest
namo shall bo struck olf and sn on at each
successive yoto until a nomination is effect
ed. XII. None of Iheso rules shall bo altered,
or rescinded unless by o voto of two-thirdi-
at a regular annual Convention.
John KmrrEB,
Emanuki, Kazamjs,
JOHN a. jiunhton,
Stii. II. SemvANK,
August 8, 1807.
Tho Magic Oil Exhibition.
Wo' last week unintentionally omitted
to say a few words in reference to the
Magic Oil Exhibition. Our citizens know,
that'tho man with tho broidbrim, and tbo
olher with tho large collar, did their duty
by way of introducing tho wonderful
Magio Oil. It is believed to bo a good
curative, and is for salo by Dr. Ilagcnbucli.
B&r How to Do Business: a Now
Pocket Manuel of Practical Affairs, and
Guido to Success in Life ; embracing the
principles of business education ; choice of
a pursuit ; buying and selling ; general
management ; manufacturing ; mechanical
trades; farming; book and nowspapor
publishing; miscellaneous enterprise; causes
of success and failure ; how to get custo
mers ; business maxims ; letter to a young
lawyer; business forms; legal and useful
information ; and a dictionary of commer
cial terms. Fowler and Wei.ib. Publi-
shew, No. 308 Broadway, Now York.
Price, prepaid by mail, 30 cents, paper
60 cents, cloth.
" How to Do Businesi" is tho most
completo and thoroug manual of practical
affairs that has yet appcaredr It contains,
in a condensed form and methodically
arranged, an immense amount of informa
tion on business in al its varied aspocts
mercantile, manufacturing, mechanical,
agricultural, etc a groat deal of sound
and wholesome advice, valuable hints,timely
words of warning, and usoful suggestions.
and points out very clearly the names of
avoiding failure and securing success.
Opposition Testimony.
Thero is ono redeeming feature in that
Democratic party : what thoy do. they do
openly They never oomo thus, under tho
guiso ot political lnendship. with the assas
sin's knife under their belt, whetted at a
council of schoms, composed of men who,
liko Wilson, Seward &-Co., havo used tho
American pirty for a stopping stone, and
then planted the dagger into thoir very
heart. Wo must learn, as a party,.to hold
nil men by their acts. Tho Republican
partyis yet young ; but I challenge an in
vestigation into their acts. What has
been the- result of their labors, Ono un
iversal obaos of disorder and national dis
content, Cor, Ddiljj News,
Commissioned. Col. John D. Miles,
has received from Governor Pollock 'his
commission as Brigadier Genoral in com
mand of tho Second Brigade, Pennsyl
vania Voluntaora, Thus ends tho long
ponding dispute whioh caused tho im
prisonment cf Gen, Small.
ter Hon, Jamss G. CampbbiTi, United
States Marshal, for the Western District,
will hold a Session of Court, commencing
From Washington.
Venezuelan Dutits Small-pox among
Indians Hail storm inm Virginia, ij-c.
Washington, Aug. 3 Tho Stato De
partment has bcett officially advised of tho
nassaco of an act bv tho Venezuelan
duics eol'ected attho various custom, houses
in tho Republic, froJi and nfter tho 1st of
July last.
Information has been rccicvcd of Iho
breaking out of tbo small-pox arannj tho
Kick. poo, Kansas Indians, Eight had
di&l, J'rrmpt measures were tiken to
arrest tho progress of tbo disease, and
pbysiciaus employed to yaccinato each
member of tho tribe.
On Friday cvoLinff. Lowisburr. Vn . nml
vicinity only was visited by n haif-storin,
wiucn, lor extoi't and dostructivoncss, was
without precedent in that part of tuo
conmry. Tho wholo of tbo vegetable and
growing'crops'weie nearly annihilated.
Momo of tho hail stones measured fivo
inches in circumference. Hentiingscn left tho city to dsy
for the South.
Judgo Masoa tvdiy retired fr m tho
offico of Commissioner of Patents. Samuel
X. Shugert, present Chief Clerk, will act
as Commissioner until a successor is ' ap
pointed. War Tho Boston Ledger, thus speaks of
a "patent oilgasaparatus ' lately patonted,
and now manufactured by 8jmucl II. &
Mathow C. Walker, of Lancaster, in this
Wo tako much plcasuro in calling tho
attention of tboso wisbin? a good, and at
tho same time, a most economical liMit to
tho advertisement of tho above-mentioned
apparatus. .Wo havo seen tho mmWl in
operation, and can confidently recommend
it as being tho best aud chopost wo havo
ever examined.
It is especially fitted for lighting up
Churches, Uhcatrc., Hotels, ond private
dwellings ; being cheap sinplo and easily
managed. It is calculated, for tbo abovo
reasons, to superscdo all other methods for
lighting houses, and all ether kinds and
descriptions of light.
t6r Blackwoods Magazine, tho ablost
of tho forcijjn monthlies, and of the
Quarterlies, in our opinion ; for July, is
on our table. It contains-Soa.Sido
Studies No. 11 Bulwer's Now Story, part
2nd Chirles tho Fifth Scenes of Clorioal
life No. 3- Currer Bell Li'o of Sir Charles
J. Napier, and lfeprcscntation of tho
This last article shows that tho revolu
tionary' war taught England a lesson. Tho ;
motor July begins a new volume. Address
Leonard -'cottit Co.. 70 Fulton Stroi.
Prico S:),J0 per. year.
- .
Moxmt Vornon Purchase;
rp, t J r in . .
Alio Ladies of irtiuia uro making
r i it . .
powerlul eltorta lo rniso a fund for tho
purchase of the Mount Vernon Citato. '.I ho
r . , lu"
lollOTfins letter (enclosill" u clieel: for Rltl
, , . "" (
fr m tho l'rosMint of tlio United Statep,
will ho road with interest by every body :
WAsm.vnTo.v. 25tlt Julvr nr,7.
lira. IVm, F. hrrciiiB :
My Dear AUdam :
I ho nnucsi'il U my
cheerful eorifrilinlM in il Vl,.. v f.
(10 .MOUIiL nmon
w ,su I'lUltUb 1 l:iiiuii
prefcnt it in my namo. and to nssum tlm
ladies who Iiuyc undertaken to rniso tiis
funds necessary to purchase "tho Homo
and (iravo of Waphingtou," that I moot
ardontly wish them success in a causo
which ought to cnli.-t tho sjinpathios of
every patriotic heart J
j ours very r'csportfully.
fcST Ameuican State Oanvass. Tho
Chairman of tho American Stato Central
Committeo announces that arrangements
havo been mado to open tho Stato Guber
natorial Canvass and a number of places
aro annosnccd at which Air. Hazelnnrst,
will speak. Tho Canvass opon3 at Harris-
burg, on Monday evening, August 10,
lFAttMEus of Cor.uMiiiA, bear in
mind Iho meeting of tho Agricultural
Society on next Saturday. Let thero lo
a full attendance. Wo hope to see
perfect rush on tho occasion.
& Tho Philadelphia Sun and News
aro lighting tJ kill about their candidates
loruovcrnor, Wiltnotand Hazlchurst.
They will both succeed. Tho Sun willloao
Wilmotand the News cannot gain Hazlo
buret, so they will havo an equal division
of tho spoils. It matters not, as Squire S.,
says, ono or t'other or both. Packer will
salt them any way they tako it, Clarion
Tho Dotnorrats havo elected their can.
didato for Ststo Treasurer, James IT. Gar
ITY, and they havo also a largo major
ity in ino iower nouso, and on joini ballot,
SSy Thero was o time when democraoy
meant somelhinp;, 5nr3 when its honest sun-
porters really held just views of the rights
oi mo peopio, opringjieta llepubluan.
'Wcll,whcrii wero you and tho Sprincfiold
llepublican, at that timo I Hartford
iSf LEwisuuita Bank Wji. Cam-
kbon has been elected. President and
JV. Poliock, Cashier of tho Lewisburg
Bank; a Savings Institution converted into
a Bank by the last Legisliturc.
t6S A "Country Editor" turned out to
a fire whilo visiting Chicago, had his pocket
picked, losing 840 ia money, .and his free
pass! llow-ho pot homo is not statud.
, , .
i4r A conference of tho Lutheran
churchy embracing 20 or 30 Ministers and
l.llnia 1.1.1 f 1 1
Elders," was held ia Lewisbur,
ani Tuesday of last week. !
sdS..? wi 1 coSnoVo
i) uguH IV. y 1
. 1. 1 ... . ... . i
"Will VOU bo liind Clioimh tn'fo,,tni,''"(Ifl,)"(;',"rn"l,l,"L"n'S ImnlrfJ a Ml flfXy
J , , fa" w f-1 lu depth, nn iiumVrcd ou the p.t4 of i.iid town
Estate of Ann Cbmttr,,dec'd, ,
1 ETTERS of Administration on tho
J Eiiate of Ann Coiner, late of llontnn lownhlr.
Columbia tnuniy, detested, hnro born irmilcd lijr Iho
Keriter of Oolumbla eounijr, lo Iho nnifcrilined, who
rridrt In IKtitnn loivmlilp. In CAlumhin ronnlri
allpcrroni bating claims ec-ilnst iioeiiatoM tho dece.
ilnl are rPiHOiieitto pro nmt them (nine AdnilnUmtor
niihoul delay, and ail troni indebted to mako ray
men! tori hwiih.
AujuitB, tMI Jldm'r.
TjRrrnSAI.BwIII "0 received at Dlemer'n ruinate,
X on l
U Intnr, the 16th of SPtpmbrr notti until
1 2 o'clock, 1. of iaH day: for hiiltdlft an open
1 nut bridge over Knnnpf rpeK, nrar i ooei win. in
L.oim lownuiip
ItvCflD Hid Abutment
Iho bVldeo m he M rel lonf bo-
mr..,..i.u r..., m'..i
9r. i. mm., mart.
" " ............... .......... ... . . .
i...t- i. .1,- 1.,.- t,..
lUM.ln riitilnffcrtek lownitiip. on KridT, tho iMtli
of Pept'-mW-f nest, until Uo'rincki 1' M., nrnUI day,
for luil.llrtij nn opn truei lirMio orer IluntH'cJon
cr'k tifjir tlie Iioum of Jnhn lien, In Fiililna creek
townnhip. Tills brMffp is tnhn! el 0nj. with n
pier In th? middle. 10 rm wide Ir-ni otit lo out, nntl 0
ffptalMive low wttr mnrk.
riam nnd ?ppclf.tiiHdn fif botlt brldct "enn he fecit
(.oiimMioaFa'i Omrt, C7r.
Ulnomiburg, August 9, 1637
A Valuable Farm
VXTI1.U c aCcred-foi ante, nn tho premise, m
'V Tuesday; Oth of Odab.r next,
with tli(!)rrprovpmcntt, known ns the JonoiFnfnV
ikunte in Snamekln townhtt. Norlliitntbcilnnii Mum
ly, IM , lyinir ln Hlnmokln treck ninl ths I'lilLiilclphia
and Bunbnry Rallrona, about 7 milrs tuuth of Danville,
8 roilci front Sulilmry, ami 10 mltet from Simmokli.
nndTrnverton, thui giTirtjf It at crput sdmntaiie of a
runvciiicui nuu buuu niaiKci aiinaioi aoj omrr ire
tlon nf the Stato.
The Northern Central Itrtllroad, now proa'epilnff
w n every proiprci o i us eany conipieimn, will open
n communication by rallroai with Philadelphia utid
nillimore, and bring tho phco wdhin two or three
nouri' riue oi iiairuiurc. ino nrra contains
Two Hundred and Scvcnty-Ono Acres,
ahout on hundred bchi aro cleared, tho bal
aucc in (lOODTIMUCR, n part of which hai
been cut, and is now civcred with eicellent
yonnx trees.
Tha imoroTCinenU on taid nrnnertv nro a comiurta
sola i3m vuufsi iiuuoB.wnn nfprmg
of oxec'tont Water.o new Hank I'-irn,
ann outer nccesrory outbuild. ns. To ft
perron nptiring n tnjtn inai mnl In
crrflie In value and makti the moil nlen.
SCfHEfffant of nnv in ths vallev. this ninirda
an npponunity iB tiom oiieren.
XT Terms made known on thn day of salr.
fl!. UARTOX.
Augusts, 137.
BY vi rtue of n writ of vtndithni ftpotiaiQ ma dime ted
there will le exposed to public sale, at the Court
Douse, In Uloomsburg, on
Momlay, the 7th day of Sficmher nrzf.
at 1 o'clock, P M., the following real estate to w,t:
Three tracts of Land wifli the water notvir nnntirin.
nnnt, the first tract situate in Bcott lounshlp, Culutu'
Filty Acres nnd Eighly-Ninc Perches,
bo the tamo more or less, an I nil nf wbtch la improved
land, bounded and detcribed as follows, to wli: On
the north by land of peter Bchuir and John 1'nlj on the
couth by land A Samuel Alellck; on tho east by the
road leadint; from Light ilre t to OrangcTille ; on the
west by land of John White and ol tiers, whereon are
creciea a
Dtrnace, Grist
SiigjggJiI with the appurtenances
co.inly. contalnuz
The ecron.l Iriict, lilimle in tfcolt low nshlp, In laid
j seventeen icroi unci rour 1'erjiiw,
strict minKtlre.lio Hut R.ttun lnnrn nr Ifi.a tifwiiiilr..! nnd
i deicn'iid aa lollowa, to wit; On tha north by land of
, jtmn v line; on tne loitinny nniiui John v lute and
ither landa Of t?ainiil L. JlitMi1 on tho e:it l lande
t J'i'ij iv iiiif. iiiiiui i.nii aiiu oini r land oi euiiiticl J..
""'i" "iihtiio a piirienoncea".
' 'Iho third tract, mujto In Vt rieatant lown-hln,
"h'1 "'mtrat'orcaiid, containing
' lFoUr Acro3 aD,d Sif,,J,;Sif, P?rplic, ,
ho tho lime more or ln,nl of ivlilrh Ii Improved,
I'onnd. d on the nonh ly lundol Jolm Wnili-i uu iho
to llli by Hi" ame ! on the won h Iho s.inn'. f;i I on
'If"" by p"" Bclw Jshn'ijni ; a!ii...n nil.
Two Story Frame Store and
f.Vi.a ito elloist iy f.ot.of Uround,
.l'-WH.illliatoln Msht alreel.Pcnlt tlwnihip,
in fai-l con n'v, Inn i'(i nn itie cmi l-v n nnd .
1 Iruin Isitclit ni rn lo Urjiief vilto. on din nml I v uthpi
11 1 f 'V1" ' l lh". n."f."' ljy .n"cv
n- tli- smiili lm. ..f (.'!iwl.t in.. I UMiimii T Star. n
nn II
Nn, 3. Alvo.nll tint cdltii n lot nt vionnil. Kituntrt In
j.iKni sircei. ticoii lowuanip, n fai i C'Juiii)',cnUiniiis
sijiy fftt front and ono tmndftt andfltiv f'.ei tit depth,
nnd nun litr.. In plan o Mid 'own N. 4. houndttd on
the eatt by a rotid leading frm Light sircft to OrniiFO
vih, on the west hy oihir landi cf Hnmm't IJt Aid tie,
on tho south dy sn nlltjy , tiiul vn ttw itih tij
Jtihmoiit uliereon are erected a
Two Story Frame Duelling House, a
F'ame Stable tcith the ajwitittnantcs
P'iz'd end t.tken li excrution us llu property of
srsriin.v 11. milixr
Snniirr'u Orrici:. I tir(y.
Illoooisburg; Aii8ui b 1P27
Ont cf the Largtsl and bett IMtrary refers ef the day,
TIJItMt) Of SUBSUUIrl'lO.V fi;n )Ay,
And a Rift will oo presi;uicil to (acli subicrllior lut
meilialily on receipt ofllio subscription mouoy,
Each subscribir will to emillcdtou silt ivorili from
SI lo $300 00.
3 copies for 1 jcor $ 5 00
10 ' " ,..15 10
I rarhaao containing..
..SOO in rjold.
10 Hold IMfnt lrn Kii;llrli Hunting
Cased Wnlclics,,.
.,100 Earh.
ts ' Ootd Watches to
ICO " " 10
300 l.ndiri " " ' 3.1
lUOBilrer llunlini Cased Watehcs, '2S
COO Watches 10 to 20
J 00 Gold Vest and Guard .anil Cob
Chain 10 to 30
J00O Gold Lockets....: VIolU
Gold ltlngs Ear Oiops Uroaches
llrcasl Pins Suds CulTl'ins
Hlceve llullons.&c, 4c I lo 13 Ilach.
Immediately on receiptor tlio sutscni'iiuu money,
tlio subscriber's namo will bo eotered upon our sub.
scription book, opposite u number ajid.the flit corres-
Jionulos will uiat oumber will to forwarded to lus or
leradaressby tnallor express, pott paid.
Address ItKCKLT & CO., fWiiJfrl,
Sri MolTil's lluildinfs, New Yotk
lO Newspapers throughout tho tluitod states anil
Canada, wbo will give llie abovo olgUt inserltous, will
be entitled to a olamniolli Gold IVn, and Gold .uib
desk Holder ami box. north 91. or the some amount lu
any kind of Pens or Jewelry they may on'or , payable on
rettlpt cf ike firtt tcpy containing til. advertisement,
handsomest and cheapestas
sortnient ol Bole Leather,
isjlir Bennett Dreie 7Vals
Fropellers, Leather and Carpet Dags, Packing Trunks,
Celebrated London Trizd Medal, Improved Btetl
Spring, Bolid Bole Leather Trunk Maourrclory,
South tvost corner fourth and Market, Philadelphia,
A'lguat 8, 1837-tf
WHO has been cured of great NERVO'ia DF.niM
TY, alter many earsafmliery, desires to make
known to all fellow sufferers the sure met in of. relief
;'. ..? r"'i'a sisiop in pay return postage, airs.
MARY ; 15. IIEW1-IT, Boston,Mas.,ona II e nfeierip.
August.B, 1857-301
MEe3R8. HURLEY U LLOYD. Clell EsffMsrs. tsi .
tlysrs and Map fnUiiAirs, are now in this placo
!?rn JutPoso or making a thoroughly eortcct PRO
!.,.., "AP, allowing lha Ground Plan of every
Building, tho size and Shane of each l.m. with ,.'
era1 n lines oi Initials prirled Ihereno, Colored, Var
nished, and mounted on Canvas, and Rollers, all
5!""!ii " p" t0M P0al,,a " silvery of
Thf rare also nrerTnrerf in mil Sn,,. mA
Skeleton Maps of Earins, with contents calculated
and Inserl.d thereon, of any rm within a reasonable
... ,, UWII.
uioomiburg, JulyiU, 137,
ffxTnx No,TMAT;irKi(irt, m, .ate
ftmZwW'WS 1,ramc Duelling Si.
jM'$&Hoitsc. a Frame Darn.
KSfl M timWfivc one story
&iX&&im&IIousrS. awl a
Valuable Real Estate.
TlY vlituo of an unlet of thij Orpn.ini'1'nu't nt Co.
1J lumiiia counly, nine k. kiickuju
i Uxceutot'nf
John Kline, UecaaiciMvlll, on
Saturday, thcd day of August , icxt,
At in o'clocK In Ikii forenoon, eipnao to public tnlo,
on the promliet. In Ilia loivnililp or iicnion. in inn
rniini) of Coin inUia, at ilia lale rrnldrnee of the isld
iiccnicni, l lie louowing Heal uaiaie. Tin
" A Tract of LanH;
Tho welt end of Iho farm adjoining laiule of Jacob
Ann, on the aonlh, the heirs of John Kllno, deceated,
on IKo enil and north, and annuel Ithonoon lliewcel,
Forty-Thrco Acres nml Five Perches,
Most of uhieh I a timber ant. A
brancU of Kavenereek runt Ihroiieh
tho land, and a flood Haw.MHI In V n
I J" ' "ca!lc!,,.'I",,,",yi ,B?
Innil.nfler lie I HI cleared, will
Itic iiunicainie vicnm?. roe noil
ana ine
well ndaoledto farming. I.nlc Ilia
I j" iril.x .i ll.n
I rtntp nf J n tin Kline. 01 Hinlon
townUlp, uoiuinbra toil nir, rtt
. . . . , tt Mam Tt
Panton twp., X. 1P37-Q . . .
..,,. n . T T,
l'U IUjLU oAJjb
I op 1 - -
' tt 1 11 ir l in 1 1
I Valuable Real Estate.
.rrVIOuiidcriljtned, UotBoroftli Catalaor IVetlry
I Uoat. deceoeed. will olfer al 1'uli lit Bale, unon ihn
6'atunlay, the 3d of OclAlyr next,
At t o'clock, 1' At ,lho firm lielonginir to the eald
ettaie.slinuto In lit mlock township, (Jolumbta county,
rontalnin; ' '
Ono Hundred and Twenty-Fivo Acres
and Thirt-'-'cvcn Perches,
Anl Ailjolnln Linda of Hugh Mcllrlil", John McRey.
noldi.I'ci-r Afplcnun Caleti niirloii, Br., and 8lvri
lerl'uncll. II l illuato In tho
Iron Ore Region
of Columbia county, two mllea from llloomihiiri;. and
on the public highway loading to Ituekhorn, A branch
of Ilcti'lock creek passe through Iho preailica. and
Iho whole farm It in a fjlr Hate of cultivation. Ilio
linprovemenl, arc a largo new frame
A newantl commodloua frnme tenant Iiotuo, n Io'rc
new bunk bnrn.n new wagon lioune. nml other out
bulldih2i entirely ntw. Iiiejilon will b clvcn on
the lit of April,
Condition! will bo mau known onihniliyot sate,
I ncuttr.
nloQmiburg, Julv W, 1M7. .
r 1ST Or l,r.TTr.RR remnlalr in tho Tout Office tt
nioomiibuia. I'a.. Quarter endin Juno 3l).h. Itf37.
uirn i.imi ra
Dnmbov Wntton
Slilihell Itiy.T.
Ilrceco John
u.-irneit u n.
i nner riinciia
Hire Chliicev
llnylor John
Cramcr'A. V.
lwiry Jimes
l:llle Thoinai
Prcc'and Tliaddcui 3.
TrrczoJ ti.
l'iiher Havid
(eigt r Snrnli Ann
Oilluipy M'Miain
tJaiMo John
llli 0 lyaac
Itarer John
HerriiiB (leorco A. O.
Iln IT John
l.eaclitholten tuurad
Mills II O.
llliodeii Matilda
Plmrkley I hntlii O.
fiocl Hannah M.
HalniQiiJ at.
Blanton r, W. 4
Titer John
Titt'o Ailalino
Tolbert John
Treasurer Lack & U. U. It
Woodlock John
rrcrm Cornrlina
fvliesler Alii'diiego I a
epiem William fp
Woliunun l'icklea J
trnvreona calliiifor the above letters will pteate
aay they are advertised.
eyf- YKAHS OF AOB, havlnii lost hli father, two
I O brothers, flau,htfr, son-ln-liw. iiiphews and
niecea, bv that ditadful diswiso. (.'uaii'tirrios, ap.d siif.
fenny with a Ccvgk hiusoir, deti-rmitifd u visit the
Cast 1 ndles, Kgyt't ami Japan, whrrc ho discoti red a
prersadosand terlalK rkre fur Colds, t.'nwghs. Jlronchllln,
CeniKmptfen.Neivoiis Debility and Althinn. Illacoush
was cured InimcdiaHl i he returned, lured lit. rr&i
rfpss. who inlicritcil tho dikeaso, and ill connection
with hli eon have employ ;,l it in th-lr ptaelicr. ruring
tlioilennds of enses cunsidelod hopeless by others
I'or the purposo of rreeuiiit' ts many of his siifTerint:
fellow, heinus nn possible, he is sending the H.iilpo to
all Tiho wish it lor nn eent ; 3 of it to py the post
age, and the lalaiter prii itoir.
Addrers Pit HEATH,
1111 n R st , opfosite Ft Nirholns II, lei,
June 13, !ti7. Niw Yolk.
OTtCn Is li're'iy jlven Hi it u application will he 1
t'enssilviiiie. for Iho .iiieorpuni.lnu of a 11 in'r. with
mat oi ni ino t ii session or i o i.eii uiiuro oi
tho usual pHi'ilt'cei1 to bo enlled ' Tho Rlnotnborit
laok,, witha rn)iliil ff two loindred tlioiluitd ilol
Inrs, and tol.clrcau-d in the Icwn Ulio-ui tuirtf.
Columbia couoiy Tn.
WM. PNYl)i:it,
n, MnniiF.vnAM,.
A, J. tVVj,
J. lUMrlHV,
A J. fll.OW,
It. II. A It I'll lilt.
A. (J. SinVi.MI,
J.ii in in i.
piirna nii.i.MiiYK'P,,
UMAR Diirruitii K,
Hliwoian, June 27 IK7
B A I, T 1 M 0 H I! 0 A H D .
SaSU Sail. Salt!
WE olfer f r side
i.ivL'itro'jL riNB ir,
no. t;. a, no,
no. dairy no.
Country M'rihaiits who will send us their orders
in adv-inc'1, Willi instructions toslnp, when no l.nvo
acargo AruuT.rau secuio Hue orU.A. fall at tlvo
cents persiclt less off tlio ship, than It an bo supplied
out ot Mora.
cAittt, Gtnsr. & co.,
Grail an I Lunihe r Commission Merrlia nip,
.. Spear'a Wharf, UAt.TIUOUE.
Juno 97, IS57,
rjMIE undersiene.l n fpittrully inforios tlio rill:
X. of Illonu.bjrg and the public in geoerat , tliu
I Ir An
liut liu
Aiirji, aim .Diioe usiaiitsiimeni.
Ir.,. cl. t-v. .1 f. I
In lh j wjntolwillinj.nn Main stroll, abovo Elso'a
i. Wilson s Itik'r, w.ieru lis his roiitunlly on hand
,11Jfl'ots &I10CS, Waiters, ,to.,
AnJwlllmikeiii work loorderon shoit notice Ills
!cdo ot thel wauls o,
iw .5.:poritnco in me Hisinrss , and aenoral l.uow.
render satisfaction lo nil hi
tlio neoplo, will enable him lo
securo hiui pitrouaje which ho hours to men
tu'ium'.-, ono snouiu i
, . .. , HENRY Kt.ElM.
RIoomsburg.Mny 1, ?Z7,
Horses For Sale.
THE llndetsirned oner
nl lirlvalo salo. at a low
a lo sell
iote.i Jkr
bltlnish, .'J.f J .
bcautltut threo year old Li
well brokn tini very docile.
iiorsn. wiiuoiii snni
A valusb'o spm of young Iron Grays well mid hod
PerttCIIV SOUnd Uod CeilllO III OVerv rmnri. n vn,i
uj,s.orjuire at tuts omce. .
... . ''CVI h. TATE
filoomabiirg, August I, 18S7.
V "!"" " i-V ' " viuiny; nor ICS,
riMlK ItKV. 0. S. BUItNKTT, while
l laboring a. a Mis sionarv in Hoiulierr, Al. ,od
tuvcicu u impic .mu c.riaio cure lor Lomuntplloa, jlstk.
ru,,i,, w,;.,,, percent ueemty , ami all
impuiilio ol Iho Diced; also, an easy and HIYclnal
mode of illtiatlnir tho ttemtdy. Actuated by a desire to
wvuviii ins suite, tim leiioivs. ue w 111 ciierrlully send
the Recipe (free) to such as desire it, with full and
einlicit dire, tiousfor nreoariiia ami iiinanM .,.1...
4ho Mcdiciue. Address,
Itev. C. S. BURNETT,
Ml Broadway, N. Y, City.
August 1, 1857 Gin '
STItAY 1100,
WAS taken up.on tbo HOth lost., tresspassing upon
. Vl'X' "'" ut'icriber, uear McKetry,
Nsal & Melick's Furnace, a
ll'hite Hog,
Bupposedtobo nbout one year old. Tho owner
slred to prove propeity, pay charges and lake it awst ,
or It will be disposid of as the law directs.
Bloonisgurg, July 2J, 18a7 31
GIIARLEa BTAI1L would leipoctfully Inform Iho
Citizens Of lllooniihuri, etui vlelnltv I..
iiteiy esiabiistied.lntbis place, a Book liipderyj stheie
ri.faiuu ik uu sn sinui ui woric in ins line, or
the shorten notice, aud seasonable Urnis,
Ornta in East Bloouisburg, near tho loner end of tin
July 18, 1627-11
I, OUR MEN to work in n Keg Factory; Four Coop,
en active laboring uiou will an
sw.r, Btudy employment and good wages will b
gli-cn. ArPly at the Mlllgrovo Mills, near Light st.
Fwawr ,'AT"ifj'
Junel3,lW, Hr W, & Vi N. CREASY.
pANCY AnTICLKS.a good assottment of Hosiery
u,i?'if,:m"h.' J'ressTrlniinlnis and Linliii's.riewiug
Bilk, fhreud. .c tec, to bo had next door lo the
rj?" SIoUr Demoobatio IIki.p. tjol
I John W. Forney, has issudd the folloninJ
!' , ""'"
( rrj'pcciui .
T l'UOI'D.Hli cstabll-hing n firat-tlaa,
X llallyN'lvpaner,n Ilia eily of I'liiladHltihls tV
tyvten lh Willi of Juty.and the 1st it auiuh.i!, i
entltltd "
"TlinrunsB" will ho liemocralle In Its nnlltt,.
nnd will sustain the policy ol iho National Adniini.'
It la my determination lu make It wonbr of tii.
atipportof every cl.nsof readers Ulnnitv. cou,tfl,'
ond Independence In tho titiorance of n,y "iili,ni''
enterprise nnd efflelency 'n the Commercial, l,itct,'
and ofews liepartmcnis, and roiprct for the oniau
ofotheia, will ho kept eonilonlly In view. """
t have cmbaikcd nllmynwii means In tins arolrvr
ond Intern' btnlillns up a Journal ihat will not nnl , I u'
crcdlttble to our City and our State, but nil) lo,;,"?
mo an independent livelihood. n"u
A somewhlt eitenslve flpcrlence In public lift j
msny cars'coiineellon nltlt Journallim.wiii, t hnh
oilaln for -Tho Tress" n.favornbla focei,tion
Mr friends in the difleieni.Wacds.and t oiinil.s t
roniisylinnla. and oilier emit., will piaeo h,o un,i
many obligations by jiving Tho I'lcu" a helpinj
,ian ' TnuMH.or Ttiti rttEsa..
DAlt.Y.iper Dniiuin.Ji.i ....((..... ae. f0
wjicicl.r" ; ... .. , ...r soo
Address the Editor oi.d rroprlclur, nt iho uffles r
'Thol'res,"No.4l7l.'hcitiiut street, ivbbsii.
Tanln llgnk nuilding. fctiovo t'Jnrth St.. l'ln'n.te Inhksl
Auillll t.lPJJ.
" Nlfw DltUO STOUEl '
rpiIEundcniiin'uwouldreipccllully lnformhlsf,tra
X njid tho p.i'ihe rcnertlly, that lie has piirchasui rr
Tusaita llriiuand Chemical Store, and lost rrtiiti,...
froui thectly with ulnraonnd scleet stork, consisting (
Fresh and 1'urc Drugs,
Medielnce, Chemicals. aroondand wholt ripices, ralet.
Oils, Varnishes l)i f Bluffs. Window Gloss nr all sites'
tniothei wild a completo assortment ol Point, Tooib auj
Hhnvlns llruihci,Tobacco.clcgaic,roiie) Soaps, Siav.
l'ure Winff nnd Jlrnndirn.
For me. I'.nellsll. Frencliand A
fiimery ; In short.e very nrtirlt kept hy Drurglits genC.
N. H The UctTAb rnoresfiof, will be contlnuM
iiciiilln HlonHibur and LtKht Street. full assortment of the (alert ttila Tcsih.
for sale by
Ktuxi. iii , ii.iiik.ilUUUIJ,
'HtniSirt, Pihrmry 1.1857
Spuing & SuoiELt,
fpHK undorMignod hr.viuie removed lh
j Btore, up town, at tho stmd, lately orciipled by II
C. I. W. where wilii KtcHcr locreaied
loriliilcs. ho la enabled in od'ir a fnllussoiiiiientnl
Spring anil Summer Good?,
Which he juil rceeivedfroni the rnH iii t.'itiei,
roniiristuir llry ttnods. tiiocerlce. Hard-ware, Clutens
waro Uodar-wnre llollO'Waro, Urut's. Fish,balt,8.c,
Plaster, Irnu, ,ails.Iloota, Shoos, Hals ,Caps, &e tie.
Inshort, every th i re it sunlly krpf in country Stores,
lo which he iiivitesthn puhlicfeuerally
UsaIi.Lii nhcr. Old Iron and Country TroducQ
taken! nexebange tor Goods, at tlio liigtst ttmiltet prue
A. U. MlSNSUll.
llloonifburgt March 21. lf-57,
TUB nittprm of this Pchool uill conmrnco on
MONOAV, 7th nf Bcnttmlirr iifii. nnd continue
tin veil wtcks. I'upiM nre rrreivftl nt in) tmic.
Contiom l.rn'l nh "linlles (.... $
Ifigh'r UngtMli fliiidjes andt'lasicf. it
To nice ti a ieiict of prrrrnt pupils and if other
pirtirs, an .Urn nine In the print in d rn-(-piili oil if
Ireuiln I li:ivr; itetf-rntittfd In cpsn-zc, in ill v !
nf AriRUrt mxl. n 'lenrhr r't ('Inn, to n ilmir t lirn
mnnihi, T he flmtfp Itir tiiitiMi V, ho fivu du'
ti.r tha setslrn.
Any ifortiLitlon r frf r in p tin trhewn of Instruc
tion, l.i.i'ri'l dr. fin , mil he promptly eiveii. on oppti-
.ntvlmr c;, June 27 185741
Tl'IR n'ltirrril-fr I'ttvlrij rm'Vpa Mt MniMe Vnnl
tr-) in imtr Hi flmift Kfi-iift, n llirHuiti t r r
ti"r M MU nml MARK RT trtrtc, in Uii..'H'f Uow,
whom lio l rrttnrril lo hiriiVi dll klMr i f
7urble Tfo,
Viat.'.MONCMCNTfl tlfftdlo Inmhi. Wax Ton tn,ntn.
I Viid ytrtni'ai i-t vvtv ilrHcnption. II i tcrV t n thu
tii't Xlmt, Hi .t Murkiii itihlii)) iHit surpn'i)it tynnv in
iho rouiilry, niij ut law juices, Call ami Jinl.t fur
IK" il 'ilrt fnmfklt'r &inl tuirrtt Tfy,
MhiitW tit Imiii'i, tirifK l)T'i, I.ilith't nil I tfilli
fir Winiiiw r aiil fl'mrw.ut n .low fig'irr
Tim ikftit for ytfUUvum, u.i t lie I'or n rrx.iirmincft
ol iltu ti.inii.
l.lopiiiJl7,l' A pill 4. lK'i7-i;in
Staves mu! Tinware.
rv III, inbsirlhrr ti-ivlpg cirti1 a liircn tw U r Irk
1 roundrynit'I Mncliine Hliin, in t.irr of Uw i-U preparit to miiki all html nt cMttii's at Hit
luwrit pric. I'lowv cnuatnntly tn IioimI. Tlio ul
pcriWr lifiRnlsnreinnved 'J'ImFIii'p iruiu .Vpiii n.
In the Foiimlry hit, where lie fa vrirtcil a htiMtliiiff
ultojithpr rorBtnvf hti-l'l'iii .vnr
k TUilfkliis8ifvfOMilH nfthp WM.rKNV
fQQgOtJtiKi UAHH HOOK. VANMKK t t'OK. ni tl
(yi'AKi.()ii KTovr.H or all Kh.,i.; itm i (.; c,
'ciANimu srovn,4ft. au riitiI of tfpuiitina
fiiitJo to order.
joiwii aiiAnn.nPP.
IltniVFbiirs, 4pr(l 11, .857.
mv mmuM ymwik m.oowsnuiM!.
lnii...i.M,.Li.v,..ii..n ...
1 11 iho llxrliiino. wh-ro lin is prepirol to' finish tim
hen wolklroin Italian ot American Maihlelor
Tonib.stonos,Tjbles. Mantlss; Wiiiduwii lr and leu
ills. '
J'orthe character and lliush ohis work he refers to
surhnslio has made I s this llu will furnish
in.sigoa uu IK or oxrru4e any that loav I'f fur null
cdliililm. His work shall alwa)a he salisfnclory In
... J . .v i n, iiiicc;
llloomsbuig, Ilee.G, mill.
JJ 12 patron'
THE undersltnod, thank lul for thclileral
nagn wnli which ho has been tnvord lor
' (ton e by (Would liifornihls Irienls and
cusiuincie, -nallio cotilinues lo rnanulacluie
loots and 6'hocs,
At his old nnd woll.knownstand, on Maliislriet,
liiooinshurg, In nil thtlrinrious and forms, In good
siyioandon muderaiutcrms.
Ills loog eipurlenco in iho tmslnoss, and gmiol
knowledgeor tho nenplo ,'t Columbia! ounty, super
added ton tiled determination lurender sutllfnction
?n,iL'il.Ci"i","meI",',"",IJ",c"rol,i" pa.
nonage which ho hopes to merit.
llloomsburg.Mntfli Id Ifj,
Columbus Wale nnd Female Academy.
fTHIE Fourth Term of this Institution will commence
-a op Monday, Iho 3d day nl An pun next. Tho'In
stltution laving Peon In siicccssluMiprroiion slnco
last October, under Iho charge of Prof AnDaasot, as
1 rtncipal, with compliant aud reliable assistants, .ml
has been will patronlzsd hy studonts from abroad
lne com tin of Bucks. Lehigh. Carbon nnd Columbia
naving furniibed a qnod portion oftueSctiool, besides
overal from the far west, who have attended Iho
ITJ-An Operlng Address, will bo deliverod ou tho
day ol tho coiumenceuienl, ot 3 o'clock. P. M.
New Columbus, July 2S, 1857
Estate of Cornelius Reynolds, dee'd.
LETTERS of Admiristrotion on tho
Estate of Cornelius Reynolds, lata of MlOiu
township, Columbia county, deceased, havo been
granted by the Register ol Columbia couoiy, to tb.
undersigned, "ho resides In said Mifflin uwnihlp.
in Columbia county all persons having claliui ngainrl
Iho estate of the decedent ate leiuesied to present
shem to the Admiulstratoi, without delay, and all per.
Ions inditted to mako payment forthwith.
. rtdM rde bent fern,
July 4, lr? j7 Ct
rjMI B subrcrlbc r announces lha t he will carry on lha
X COOPElilNO BUSINESS ot his Brewery ill Hop
llnsvllle, where ho will make
Barrels, Tubs, Kegs,
And everything In (tint llnepfbuslncss. He will also
repair work olall kinds, and willdo It skilfully mid at
fair mice.
Bloomsburg, June 13, 1M7,
XT7E havo Just received. by railroad, a splendid ts
VV snrtuiniilor IVAI.t. PAPER, wlich wo intend
tosell al Philadelphia prices-froia 8 cents to 17 J cent.
a piece.
CAiiaoa so
11. C. Sl j, W. IIARTMAN.
July 4,
l?Oll Ma nulsclurini ond llurning puipot
1 by
fee, for .ale
IyM 1857
Nes 7 and 6 eouih Wharves,
June c FT