Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, August 01, 1857, Image 4

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    Farmer's Depart man t,
Hymn of tho Hal vest.
We gaib.i them In tha bright green leave.,
Willi 6ir scythes nnj rakosto-da.,
And tho mo growl bli.nt the pitcher iienvet
tll.lifliol I In swill'rlrig hay,
O hoi field! for.tjhe mower's ecyllio,"".
Until n rlnj niofdettlnyi r'
-Sweeping ihacatth of ila Ixirtlien Mho,
At II tung in wrathful glco.
Vee,Hhor ilumln-the nodding plumee
Of tho yellow anil l)i tided grain.
And I he fleeh of out tickles' light Illumes
Our march bVr th vanqulsh'plain. ' "
(non, wo mine with III. steed drawn rsl
Tho etfinlhgofmodcrn lawsi
Ami theatres stoop In lit clanking Jar.
,At llroclislt.hangrvjaw..
'Wo gather thnt In tho mellnw fruiis
t'rnm the shrub, tho vine and tree, : i
V.'ilh ih'lr russet, and golden, .ml purpil suits,
Togarhl.hbur treasury'.
And each ha) n Ju Icy Hcnsu t .lored
Allnneath'lla tainted rind,
"To chcr our gueetaalthe social board,
When we leave out caret behind.
tv'egnlh.r them In In this goodly tlorc.
But not with themlser's gust,
For'thetlteat All rather w.adore,
II a Hi out given llintruii,
.And our work f death it but for lire.
In tho wlnteiy dais to come
.Then a alerting upon lha Beapcr's etrifo,
And a ahout at tbia llarveat Homo.-
Birds Thoir. Utility. '
Wo do not' always know our tost fricn-laj
'But experience) sometimes toaclics us,
,'-farliii''g out for ua conclusions very unliko
Ihoo, jt'o liaJ previously ntortainod. In
tho history of birds, similar examples aro
.not wanting. ,A writer of noto says, ''After
some Statos had paid threc-penco a duzon
.for'lho instruction of blackbirds, tho con-,
.sequence was a.toial loss, in tjto year 1740,
of all tho, grass and grain, by means of
insects, which had flourished under tho
protection of tho law.?' Another ornitholo
gist, Wilson, ccuipuloa that each re J-wingcil
blacklird devours, on an avcrago fifty
.grubs daily during tho summer .season.
Most birds live entirely on worms and
insects, and though,1 somo aro destructive
to our cherries and other fruits, the num
bers of such aro small, and tho propensities
aro to bo sot off by numerous and valuable
services which no .other .agoncics oau' per
form, Tho following dosoription3 may throw
light upon tlio treatment theso birds havo
right to claim nt our' hands :
Tlio Daltimofo Orjole, a beautiful nnd
well khdwn bird, called s.ometimo3 Qold
Tobbin, Hang-bird, etc. It feeds chiefly
on Imccts, and its services are .of great
-rlue,i Thoy visit our gardens'for grubs
only, tvnd thus protect our pea vines and
loth'cf plants from a destructive enemy,-
Tljoltcd winged Blackbirds,oftcu arrives
t tho' North' ere the suow has disappeared.
It feeds on grubs, worms and caterpillars,
-without inflicting any injury upon the
.farmer. ,Henco it docs him a very impor
tant' service.
The Crow Blackbird, is. less .numerous
Shin tho 'species just doscribed. They
fo'low'our cattle, andcaich and, devour the.
-insects ihaumolest them. From this fact
Ihoy- denvo their name.
Tho. Hice.lluntiog or Bob-o-liDlr, -is
constantly employed in catching grasshop
pers, tpiders, crickets, etc, and thus docs
good Bervico. It is, however, said to do
eonfo Srgury It grain, -especially, at tho
.South, and particularly when theyicollcct
'their young in flocks preparatory tu a flight
atowards their winter quarters.
The Crow BlackbirdJione'of our early
-visitors. Whilo it.devqursimmonso num
bers of grubs, cto., it is also clcarlj proved,
thatit pulls up tho corn. Southern farmers
attempt to diminish the amount, of such
depredations, by soaking their corn in
Glauber's salts, making it .unpalatable to
Tho American Crow, devours everything
citable,' without mucH' 'oppircrit choice,
r whether fruits, seeds, vegetables, reptiles,
Jnsectsead animals, ctc
Cedar-bird gathora catcrplllars,
worms, etc., which it devours' with 'fin
insatiablo appetite. Our cherries and
otficr fruits, aro not spared, but are de
voured, in their season, as rapidly as are
tho canker-worms, and other enemies of the
-tree?, in; their season, Hut whatever
injury thoy may thus. inflict seems irrcmc
diablo, as their numbers can scarcely .he
diminished by any agency in our control.
Tho' King-bird lives -wholly on 'insects
and worms,, without any uuscliivcou3 pro-'
penalty, unless it. bo occasionally to devour
honoybec?. . That lie, has a tasto for suoh
food is pretty well established though some
deny it.
Tho Oat-bird is constantly 4mpl3yed in
devouring wasps, worms etc., but docs not
always spear our fruils. They devour1 of
tho latter, however, much less than would
tho inscots they destroy.
Tho Wood-thrush lives on -worms, beet
les, etc, aad .never commits depredations
of nny kind, Their rcsiilenco is much
more constant in thc-extrcmo South, than
farther north,
The Blue-bird confines himself to tho
destruction of beetles, spiders, grubs, wire
Vforms, eta , and though they attack -the
sumito and wild cherry, a.nd olhcr wild
terries, they do no injury to tho fruits or
vcgi&Mcs' pf tho, garden.
Tip Uolden-viinp:ed Woodpcckor is ro
pulcdws a fruit stealer, bul ''with all its
fiultU' it. is of great 113 to tho liorlicultur.
ThclHed headed Woidpcokcr liko the
formcAhclpi itsdlf to Irutts of ullkiuili,
oanyit on apples, oven in its bill ; but
this usVul, laborer is also worthy of Hi
biff i illoci much rcoro gcotj thnn rvil.
Side $ Stover.
liace Street, above T7drtl( rhilaitdphia
JMta THi'Vi. of the Ultlon lltilel,
AintuiHi.lHM .
" fmai.distcy ofeeeile Ha, Co.rt Ueuii,)
HAVINO been recently; rcnofntcd nud rurnrnlahr-d
In .superior style, this elrganl HotellsnoW reoprl
liittlio reception of strangers and visltors.vrhosepa'
ronogelsrespeclfjlly requested, nRAUlT,
Iyi5.l3.. '" . ' . ...
An, North Third Strut. .
Ahovo Rare, Tatt Side, Two doora above; the nigcl
Una cnnalantly on hand French Hrandlea, Holland
(7in and 0 criicrnl aaaorlmenl of Foreign Wjnca, nleu.
all kinda of American r?pirie, Ac
Match 15 lao-r.
" JOHN M'. T?6itD,
'amu 'rniM.Mixca,
A'o. 02, North Ttirrf St, riiladclphtan
pURCHASnna will find Ittolheir advontago to cV
X amine inyDiocK.wiiKii i nv..
chaecd forCaah; andconaiataiiiallthevurlotyofNew
Bljlcaoluoodatn rnyllno.
W. II, nuurucra annii iiu, ,,aitu,.iuiiu i,u,i,
frsii, GiiBEst: ntorisro.vs.
No. 47 Nor'tli Wnrvff (below lii"e Street)
Ilavecontnillyon tmnd a largo na nni,
VISIONS, whlrhtllty tiro prepared toacjlnt, the Jowcat
poi'ilt1e rn'ta.
UTOHIIF.riS promptly ntten leil td.
i'tbuirysi, I8J7. 1
Nos. 2 ,J- 4 Chtsnut, Street soiitti side be
low Water,) Philadelphia.
(Tira.OuiasT Wnon-w.m Houai, In Tn ClT,)
MANUFAUTU1IBIH and Wholesale dealers In Tal
ent Machinn-inade Droma, rateul Grooved Cedar'
warn, varamednol tit alrins, Wood and Willow-ware,
ili.'Uruitiea.&c;, ftfull doicriiona. rieaae cnll
nauiine our atOf.k,
nary 31. ISA 1 y. :
Arch street, abovo Third. Philadelphia.
UrkakfasTi 5,tinnd,7 o'clock to 10
Din.tcR',Uentteiiienoritinaryl o'clock to!3,
"i ..idlei,!! o'clock.
Tba. Jfio'clockto 11. t
Aug.U.183S.t-y. 1
.KuMI3WT8--Voarepreparf(Jto fiirnisli Agrlnili
XSro1 Iinplcmviitioltho vcrytieplquitlltT monufac
P'aVt'irftlut our Acrisuliura! U'orks, Itrlilol, ra.
mm ft, the lowest c.ith price, wli'olcsftlcor re(ail,ai
wtllchnlleno comparison witlj tlioru niannfarturedbyj
nny otliAretali1islun0til in Hie country. The first pro
ml urn of one hunilrpd dollars wae awarded uii by tbe
CnmnilltCGof tlieU. 8. Auriculturnl SocietVsto their
iNtn Cxliitiltion &t I'OWCHon. (or tlillieit illtnlav nf
A(rricuUurntImplcmcritnianit(acttirel bylheexhiliilor.'
uvry ariif n-soiea uy us is warrenicu to ueas rcnrc
cnied.or tlie moneyrcturncd.
( mplement fan d Seed U'a rehou?c
Nov ember 6.
Pennsylvania Hotel.
rniUS wMlknown flotel lalelykri IivBam
XfiTLBfllKRp.on Main Street. 1 n inville.fiVi
Uaa been taken by the subscriber, WP ts pre
naredtoaeconiuiodate travsllersaiid s angers
i the beat minner, The house has L.en thoroughly
ivcrhauled.nndia now rpnitaU up .and luruialied for,
oho elite rcaium6nt of guests
Misatabillig is large nud .-oinuiodlous. with Horses
and 'vehicles fur hire.and tie; will epure'no paiualo
render gciioral sntiifaetion
rjA libcralahireorthe publie'palronage is respect
DanvllleDee. 50, IMS. ' . r
' . . GOAL ! COALJ !, . , . rv
pv P. 'FULLER Sl Co,, would resnecfully.inh'rin In
ilr' people ori'iltitonand Hie public'l irgeneral.ths
hey have opened i Ujnl Yard, of ample dimensionn
tre prepared ntAheir o'aice, cotnerof Main and Rnil
daarti to lit I all orders for coal f.r douicsticuud
,nherf asps,. , r . f .iq ... p
A ltd I supply of 4Iio prftnliim pra'r Corn
Shollers.irom our onn iMaimrartury, tiow
on hand nt Wholenatfl irr.d If tall. Tliev
' lire adopted foe pJtlicr hand or horse powor.
nml arc iieiicvca to ue uie ueei cnener in
tho market.
Implement a no Seed Storo,
Till and Market IMillidelphln.
IMPnOVCD Hay free ses. Farmers Bmle
Mors? Towers Q-adThrefUnrs, Grain Pan
Saaaaje Outiors and Stuirjrs of vanou
pitronj. Imnroved I'rrlatflQ Grain Mills
VejtaWe. AT3y (lay straw auJ faJile r
'L'utlerj increat v.irialv.
VAiimi ATjiionnw & co.
Agricultural WarohnusQind Seedirre. ,
"Hi anJ Market rUilaJeljOila. 2'J,18;g.
Clock. ami lVatclimaker. "
South Side of Main Street above the Rail
jSinf ICULWepairlng'ln'ivaicliet and Jew.
U clrv Claasesfur Uuntinc watches anJ
cHtolaelea, dcc.J
inpoaitburg, Aug, 30, It an,
t NO. I33,.N0R1 I TIlIRfl. BJRV. CT.
(Inthe,dgle 11'uil-Ungs, Above Race jSt.)
TlIC u,nders.20e4 be Vave to inform JilifrlcnJ and
Vtitj public, ibithft liasopenedantemvi
in Iho Cagle. Rulldmgs. No, 133, N.. 3 1 St., as above,
I where he will be bippyto supply M.-rchanta, Hotel,
keepera.and ciHtomers generally, with the choicest
brauda kept in 1'hiUdelnha,
Mareti-h,lf57,-y. . -J".v .
SIIEDT'H a-nd-beltzdrs
No. 232 North Third Street.'
(Above Callowhill.)
p iiii,iVj)i;i,i'ilrA.
A geneial ntaortnicnt pf Brandlea Wines, Cordials,
and Liquors of every 'description
K . suesre. r.t.eimsn.
October 7, 1831-2 yra, p. '
ai. Bouth Front Btrcot,
. ,,.. . rlllLAUELPiUA.
DR. ano.M. IIAQGNBUCII has Just receiv .and
haa for aale, at Jilt Urug Utoru, aelccedaoit.
meat of all kinds or tltrdtn Seeds, freatllfroni Mr.
li'ilafatleed llouaoiu Philadelpliia. ,
Mjy U. IB37. '
Fas hi o liable Hat & Cap Store
r5- llerclianta and visitors from Nollliernl'enniv
vaiiia.urerttatetruiiylnvltedto clye hlnittcalLwhon
vlaitliisl'hltadatphia. . " I
t June vq.ieJo.-y. t r
Vdv. J. C. Kttjttcr, '
I! o ra co o i a t li 1 c I' li y s I clan,
T-knarnCTFULLYlundoiahll I'rofaaalnnnl R.,r
itlolheelllienanrillooiiiaburgand vicinity, generally
V3r O nice on the rorner of Main and Iron Street.
liiuomuiiTK, iiiiuiiiiii, liiuwii tatore.
CARPET1NCB, OHCIutha, Window Bhdde'.Malian
Miilinji Juat received 20.UUO piece, new atyla
nufaetured and Imnortod cipreasly for CAKPUr
liij, ijrcuaui n.i iiouacReeptr. win please no
Noi. ldaaasoorthB4eond Btrect .1st door below
sal's t'hMirh,
Ifliiitwiooi urn I.TAAtaiimiT .t
Direct ftailrond etnnrtlfan Itttostn Jfiagarn Fills nA
rSUsJetpSta. iknrttrt AnitUtt nd Chttipeet fitwttfrom
It ts'tra Mil York to rhUadtrithli.Jtarrpbrgt fitUbnrg
Iiainort, natntPglirn cuy. nun in rvtuii,
a IFldr.Ntirirt YrlAINa tcavo lllntlrn tlallv riv-M
riiindnyt,) nil A, M. passing Wllllamspnilot 10 15
A M.conuerllngwlih Rcld'na, Rail Rmnl ntl'yrtCllii
lon.iniil reaciiliiR I'lin.intipiiin ni 7 ;m r, m
lietnrnlng. leave 1'liiUijrlnhlafrom corner of Drol.l
and Vlneairrcta,al7.ltl, A,M reaching Witllnmapori,
nt 3 IS, I'. M. anil nrrlvllie nt nia.lru ri 1 1, I', M ,
Hired, vlii llailphlnrihil tiia'iuelmiinii ItoilRnnil.rAi Hi)
riaimrg nt o r. ai.
nntiirniiianvc'llnrt aimrcnf 7 l5'A.lM..coni)crtlni
nt l'ortciiiitori wtthCattflwlea.lttalu bonnilweat form.
Iilgtho tnutldirect route tullarrlaburg', ri.laburrf, HaU
tlllioreaniltne womn.cnnncciing incpo I'oima Willi on
Northwealcrn ronnaylvnnlannd WeMernNew Yntk
Connei.lngnt I'.lnrira wiih tralnann New Vorknml
nricllnll Hoadt alao, with The Clmirn, Canatidugau,
CVrnccllngdirertly with the Great VVcalern Rnllron
nt Suaponalon hrlilto for Delrolt, Ulitrngo, Bt I.onla,
&e , thna making the hdrUat,and tlionpCat route froil
I'hlladolpliin tothoeO.polnta.
Will leave Wllllamipott DAILY, nt 0 30 A.
rrclghllrdiii i-o and from rhlladelphialwitlioullrnn.
hlpnient. from Rending Rail Ruad 1'reighlUcpot, corn
er nfllrond nnd Cherry ttrodla'.'
oolnn s&af .
Paeaongcr Train
I'rclglil Train,
1 M,
9 21 ft,
rneacnetrTraln, 3 3SPM.
Freight Train, SSl'.M.
rAnr.s. , ,
Dctwcenriiiladelphluii'dnurcit, , ,
" Dnnylllo, 4K)0
"tr Catawiaaa, A SO
" Tamaina 5 IN)
., . m Milton ,. .'. S 10
' Wliliamaphrt,, , S 1KI
nftapoiinda ofperaonalbncgnga allov.edlo caeh p:ll
aeiger cxccalchargidnr double flra.-clfirafrclgrilrnlej 1
HA FONUA, fujunnlintfirrt'.,
Jan 30, leSft . ,
Winter Jlrrangtmtnti for rasscngtr 7ain. '
January isi, 1857.
UP rralnsi going Nortlu lenve rhiladelplii' nt;t
A. M. and 6 P. M.
Down TralnagoingSnillli, IcovoPoltavlllcat "1 A.M
tec. aniM Vi 51.- ,
lUnlrjinapasa Readingnt 10.25, A. M,an,lC,Q3P.M,
down Trains ' 5.I3.A. M, - 0,431'. M.i
The CtpressTrnin Is iliacontinued until further nn
tlce. Close councctionaaro innde- by A. M
tha Train loml'oitClliitoiitn Rlmlrannd all interme
diate pointa! and hylliell,i'2l'.Sl.UpTralnrromPort
Clinton to KtmiraiC.mandolnna, Il'ilielo. Niagara; lie
ni. l!hlrairo. St. Louis, illavcniiort. nnd Iowa Cltv'l
Making Ihia route thcaliqrtcfitaiiit clicapcit to tht Lake
)nP)ind.-iy:thYrown A.M. Train from ToltaVille,
ahdUpP.SI. Train froml'liiladclplila, .only,rin.
lUnatanuxa CosHarrtons, by Dauphin Railroad nt.AU
A1 special Accommodation Tasscnger Train leave's
Rcadiiigdailly.(cxcept 8iindays.)nt7l A.M., returning
from Auliurn atU( P. HI,, on arrival of 3 JU P. M.
TalurrOm llorrishurg.
. AY FAUES Fbom Beadino to
Vhitadctpuri,S1.75andl,4Si 1'ottsvllle 81,05 nnd 0,83;
Auburn, 0.73.
THROUGH llarrlshurg. Tamaqua
l,3ji WlUismeport -54,10; Hlmira 0,33; Canandaia
laSidO: R.ur.ili or Nlagra$)10,00;'Cpaveand $10,
71 Toledo 3 14,7.',; ClnciniiatltlO.OO, CliUara 820,(10.
rotlk laland J'JS.OO.
i ALL PatsengerswWlproeuro tickets beforcencriug
tuecars; lucenisexira on i-nres paiu in uie i-aui
! ! iw
t asscnogc
rii'i h
fifty lbs., or persenai unsgagoarowcit each
nil nvcr lhatwelsht nschamcd Cxtra'tlncca
O A, N'lCriLLH
January 3d, 1857 tf. Ccit'l Biip't
'pilEunderaignedrcepoetfiillylnlurm Mifrienilnii','
.L thepubiicatlargaand the rcat of mankind that
jienaBcaiauiianaaa spienuiu
In tho etrzaiitncwStore House. funtrreciid in Itnli
hurg, Columbia county, To., when he hjs now opened
aiarge anil cuuive nssnri meiii vi
Spring and Summer QooJg.
Which nets deturmincti to sell nn such torin no twill
lutluco a Hat least in this vicinity , who are f n want
oriercuandiza,ioaxtenii mm mcir custom.
-ItriStoekliasbeensclcctPdwiiliDiiirlicnro nnd wlif
relercncc to the wnn tett his community nnd without
gotnc to enter into n infinite enumeration pftlir various
Kinds bo risk tiothlng hi nssurinjr his friends t hit t
'ev ryt'Mnjt uauy Kept in ouniry stores, can;i(ere 15
liadaMtttle chenncrthan tho chranet.' X
rjrUouitry produce, tncl tiding Ciraln.j.umher&C
' ,s , ' WU.i'ON'.AGER,
Kohrshuri, March S3ieS7r-y.. m
rill!3 un.Hraigned grateful fur pnat patronage,
J. apoctfully mrornia htscuttomers,' and thepu '
generully,..Uial ,he has Just -received rromlh6K
,ern Uities.thelargcsl and ntoax select stock of
JAishiotiable Spring Summer Clothfii g
(hathasyct been openedinUloomsburg, to which n
Invites the attention of his friends, and assures tlieiu
that tlieyareoircredforsale.atgreat burgaia. Ilia
r?tockcompriesalargcandge!cr,' nssorluient of
Gentlemen's Wearing Ajparels,
Consisting at fatkionaUe DratCocti, or every tie
stnptnin; I'anla, Vesta, Ehins, Urnvnta Stocks
Cotton ilaiidkcrcliiefa,Ulovea.Sutpeuders,.iic ic.
Gold Watches and Jaaclty,
of everV'dctcrlptlon, lino and chean.
NiU...Rcineinber "LawtnUrg'i Cheap narin " l
uuii i ( nocnargeior examining i. oodn.,
nioomahurg. Ma-ch 81, IP37.
J, S. & IS. L. I'iSltOT,
P ro d u o o Gcnoral
. No IB North Wharvia, .
-, 'rtargREMCssL
John P, Prnl.ton, Kaa."' i t rhlladelphia.l
Messrs Hacker, Lea, in Co.-1 -J
tiller, 1'rjcu ac C'oJ
M llocknor,-AlcCammon & Co,
". Charlea CM,, s-Co.
" H.Morris )Vali(&Coi .
Onterbridger Arvoy'At Co.' '
' . Charles &i Joseph remt, ,.
i ThooiaascMajwalLNcw York. ' .
C,M. McCluug fa Co., HI. Louia, Mot
.. " iiH.-Mom.iBon, Loulatllle.Ky
March 13, 1630-jr
Oattawissa, Pa.
ri HIBOldand tvellknown Hotel,! ntho'town'
j 3iuaunwun ,i stiu Kept oy the uiier.
si2neu,..nujiiapiii!uiuiiiici;iiaB i aw a
bo i, aims.
determined to makehia liouae one of the iuo8tcoi,ifoita
htcplaresfortraveleratostop at, that can bo found In
tho interior of Pennsylvania Ilia table will be furnlah.
od .tally with the beat the Market can afford.
rrjrty old trionas ana traveller 'generally arc invited
to rail, JACOU DYER.
May ai, leaji y,
States Union Hotel.
No, 200 Market street. Philadelphia.
GEORGE W. IIINICLII, Proprietor, formerlJofCo.
lumbia, Pa., would Inform hla friends and thepub liecuntlnoesto keep tho above named Hotel
whiehl. welland favorably known thronahoutthi,
State., oneoftheoldestand mottehnvenleni Hotel in
hecity. He most respectfully solicits a aharcof pub
C patronage. April , leoa,.
rJ UTAH Mi OlDSIl MILLS. Wo are ntiw
niauufacturfnc tbese unrivalled Cider Mills.
trrealh Improved and at re tit thsned since last
fvattHnA cansupply orders at Wholesale und Retail.
MUlse hipped to any part of the Union.
Wholesale nnd Retail Dealers In AgrlculturaUtapIe'
inentsaril Machines,
7th and Market streets, I'lillidclphls.
Mount Vernon House.
Second street, above rch Vhila,da
TlIKuuderslgned having purrliaspd the interest n
Mr. I). U Uif in Iheaboveolil established Hotel, wil
now have the sola supervision of the estabUshmcii
and solisiti tbe patrohaue of the public. IU leoUcon fi
dent that a trial ofhis House, Rooms, Table, tiervanti
te't1 will prove thtfbest recoininendatlou he caiieivo
Nqa,.U, 11. 13 and 16 Oouctlandi strcofi
i). DAYiwouneTKU.
Tiiofl, n, wiNciit:t?Ti:R,
I1UNJ. F.WINL'llfjaTfiR.
May 31, 1630.310
llr. Francis V. Harrison,
WOULD respectfully Inform Ihoslllicnsoflllooni.
burg and vicinity, tuaiti.naacoiume nccdllloprac
tit nt UkiuLiM, n nil Hiiuour V. mid solicits n aha, a n
nsasnalwav-be foundaltiieltichnnEcllolelopnnsite
roi'ii ifnnse
niseintbort Tea l?S. -
01' THU,
XATiqNAf. MFF.rr fHysr company.
s I u.I i
WALNUT Street, &0llth West COmcr
rTlllRH. l'hiinlelphla,
irr,,nrin,i i.w ii,rt Klatpfif I'Annttvlvnnla. 1
Mon,-y is reTived In any sum, largo or small nnd be taken judiciously Minuto directions for their
Interest paid f oin the day or deposit to the day of m0 in the'SMerol dipnos lo which they jire np
withdrnwl. pllealilo hrd elvert 6n thotox. Amonjr'lho com-'
Thn nfTire la nnen everv day from 0 o'clock In Iho ' !-,... .. -j:i i?.i lu..-
morning till 7 o'clookln J and on Monday.
AiidThuradiiy cvcningl, till 0 o'clock
All siinistarir, or small, are paid back'ln .COLD on
demand without uoiicctontiy amonnti ,, .
President. Hon III:N'RYI.. IIT.NNnR.
Secretary .WILLIAM J, RULUi
HcnryL. Renner,, CULandroth Miinna
.KdwnrdL. Carter, I'. Carroll Ilrewalcr
'RoliortSclfrlflgc. Joseph 1). Harry,
Samuel It. Ashton, Henry L. Churchmen,
Jaincen.Riiilth. ' rrdncisLec '
This comnanycondnos us b'lainess enllrrly."lo'',Ul6,
receiving or mcneyon interest. Tho Invcsirncnia'n
monnllne to nnnrly.
ta per published trporl pr ASin'S.nre made In eon'
ormlly with the prnvlldn Ofllin charter in RITA I,
1'HTAT.II, MORTCACUf , nltOUNI) RLNTft; and such
Orel class securities raa win always insure perfect r&
cuntv In the deniSslllirSi nnd whir'
en can not Mil to give
ricrinaneiiryanii sta'iiiny to una old an.i wep eaiao
lalvd Inalltulinn, (Feb. 1 ,'1833 )
MnltTtli. IPfLTi . '
iiicnr.Y cocr.?TitATnn cohound fluid
For Vheatu of tho Bladder,, Kidney V, Orartt, , Dropsy,
,McaflM, vvsirucitatti, accjii xyutajrs, j cmaic
Complaints, uiftJ all Diseases of Ms
, biiuat()riran$t .
removing all Imprupr-r Diarliarpes from Die lilidder,
Kidneys, or Sexual Organ",. wliihrr e xinln tu
MAT. f.nlt IT.MAIaC
From whatever caue,lhey nuiy iuivp originateil. ami
110 mailer of how long stnidinj:, fiivljif hcultli, utid
vigor to llic frame, nml bloom to ilia pa'lld rheek.
It cures Nervous aodUeLililaledButrercr, and tfitnovrg
all Hie sympiomi, among wtilcli will he fuinul Indidpa
siiioii to jA,ir.lon.,Toiis of Powut. Lo ss of Memory.
Difficulty of RrftiUiliijr.riGnrrAl VV-akneri, Horror of,
I) is taut;, Weak Ncrvti, Tfem'iline. Ufadful Horrorof
Death. N'icht tiwrats.U'ld IVer; Wftkelilnesb, llin
nrss of .Visron, Iii?aor, UniVrrBal Lansltntfi! of the
Mufciiltr H tent. UUttn llnnrni tui Apprtitf1, W til
Dyspeptle mp'oms.llot Ilan-ln. IMuiriiiigol'thcllDdy,
IJryticrsof thkiu Pallid tJniinlMxncanil Knipttnus i
on thfFJCC, I'aln In trie Haclr', llr.irinesi of Hie Hyo
lul. I'redUiintlv 11 lack Pools fiviiiir. Iirfuro thcRvt'ri.
i with Temporary SiKTuslon niidLnrs til 3f'titjt iint of1
AttPiiUofj, (Jreat Mdu'dy, Iteatleniiins, with llnrrur
I ''f0? Nothing 'in morrf dcslrablo to snrli I'aliunlH f
man suniua1!. ana nomine; nicy mors firr.m inr ienr m
Ihriiifdvos; no r"p4n of manner, niHMnieii iichs no
speculation, but a llurrittl itrinsltlon from one 'incs '
tion tuanoflicr. t
ncdieinc invarj.iMy rcinuvis voou fdlors I.ojs if
I'ovr, Family. ami IlpiU-nllc Fits in 'oiunf which
the patient imycijlre. Wtt'i tan sty that thCfn tt-
cr-Bsea nro nnt fni'iiiPiilfv followed bv thns' dirctul
difca"es-ihifa'iity tin.l iJuMeuiitjilioti J The record- of
of j
Ih( IntancCAvttniii.-nud the iifHirholr ilrnllm hyv
IMniiimnlint. f.o.Tt nnmlt! ntnPfa tn t lnt tnnh hi ttitlM
antjcrtKnis, In Lunatic Asylums Ihj most inclniH holy
pxlulittioit nppi'iirs. Th't cimnttjnancu U nrtmlly -od
dfln uMdMuitHl'iit(ii(i nelili-r mirili nr.vrlt'fs t?f
visits it. Kli)-il.l,a sjijiiJ i'f lio id
rarelyWtlnilnlo. '
'Willi iv )f fut mamnrs won dMpair
l.nw dilk'it fioilntN Ins ciicfli'trin !.
Motility i 1 uinBtUfrhler siid tiilmihtlinnitaild)r
r-rsiid iMJ.nmghtlliiinitaild '
K5nC Vf?!iS n Ali'S
yuuihs..It cjnbd cuR-dy.
7iK.-lR)r.. w !
upuil UMiuif hum iii niiii iiirjiy
Huiiiilluii -w many .tuuie
I lie 11 so cf tin
1 vt'yir 1 tnr p.
Ifynu are si.ftoiins with any ol t tin above die It Bring
niltnents, lhur iiiri Extract iiuciiu will cure you,a'ry
it nii't b& cauvlncol of its clUrjey. j ' v ,
llfvvaiuot Uu -ck XotruniM autl.ftinck Doe tors, uho'
falsely Iviutof alt.litics acd reference Ciiiztnisktiow
and(avoiU utuoi mid sovpIoji? sufT'jrjns iiinnvy, otril
ciposuro, hytsendiu or railing for a bottle i( thin
popular and sfrccidc remedy. " t
It itlliys !iH pilr ti'id iunninination. in perfectly
ptpatititiu )ts taste and odor, but immediate in ih
nr.NMiioMra extract nuciit;
Is prcparfd directly according to tho rules or .
rh&rmaty and Chemistry,
With the crcalcft accuracy and cheititral Knowlcdpo
and care dr-volod in if -s comlunatitm. froffosor
UeWisen' V(ilu.thle Worlnnii tlio pra- tlcu of pliyslt!, and
most of t lie litnSt.indird Works of Mcdiriuo,
KO.NK IIUNimilli l)OlI.AUH.fXa
One li'iuilrt'd dollar will li pud 10 nt y plij fleian
wliu can p'oVo tint th) MedWim evrr injured u I'a
ten l'; and t lctllmny ot thou lands can in prndncfd
to ruv( thai it1 d ies crt-at tnnnl. Cases of liom onn
wei-tc to llu ripen inita' s'an Ui lintu bi-l'i tUVrir!!,
J tt'i mass of volanM.y ietniinny In possvesinn of dm
proprietor, vourhlnir Its virtues and curative itnvcrsr,
is iimiKinsc, embracioj iiamci wo'l fenow u to.tkiunu;
and i'a nit1,-
ll)0,(KX) bottles have been sold nnd not a smjle in
sloncu ofu failure hatt bun reporu-d L
rt'rsoiiailv nnneircd Imtoru uiu.nn Atlernian oT ttiu
ciiy of I'iiiladelphia. Jl.-T. UkLB01.11 CJieunrt. who
being duU sworn dnps say, that his prt'piraiion con
tu us no arcoiic, Slrcury or injurious iJiu, but arc
purely vfL'einlilo.
II, T IIULMliOM), Side Manulacltirjr.
Sworn aiidsubacribi'd Iwlure me tliin .ld day of Nu
vemter Jt5i.. . ,WM, 1' JIIUIlAUi), Aldunnati.
Prlct Alver bottle, or sit for 85. ddioercU to anv adj
drNs,:nccoiniauicd by relublt and npousible ccrtiG
rates from Frofjtaors of Medical Colleges. Clurtcyoion ,
and ethers.
I'reparc-daudeoidby v it t. hui.muoi.ii,
Pffjcticil and nalUicalUiivmikl.
No 12 South-TCNTH Ht- Ulovv Ui.lnut, Assembly
liulldinas, nmauipuia. , ,
T3- Ta ha tad ofJ. 11 MQYEIl. BhontbUrr". and of atl
Diuggists and JifaltTS throughout tht. United States,
Canada a and JiiifHh Provinces,
DtiWAUU tJr CUUIN Ll.ld JjlTtl,
asIc .ytvx m.i.MnuL.D'Si-rAKc no oniCR.
Juno 13, ltar.-
Circulation over 100.000 Copies Weekly
25 Witnesses,
JOHN B. DYn Is tho Author, .yfio has had 'tun
vparseinarlehcti as a Uanker a nd 1'ubllrher. and
Author o f ahtiespf Lectures at the Broadway fiber nade
wncn, ior icn iucbssivc niKiii,uva,r
ILjr ou,VU4 vu'v 4J
Greeted jOmVlth rounds if applause, while he ex.
hibiled the manner in wliichUoiiii(crfciters ciorulc
their iraurfH. antj the surest and hortett mcauB of
dflttclpg thpnU
The Sank AVtf KngrnMrs a)l say (4at Ac istht grtatcst
. fjudgs I'aper JUanty thing
Greatest Discovery of Ihe. present Century
for flctecting Counterfeit "Bank Notes.
Pesc'rib g every Oenuino in eiistenco, and
'exbibilipg a( a glance every.Countcrftit in flrcuu
tion I ,
Arranged soadmlrubly, that Reference la Kaiy and
I)ri.Mlrjn IiutaiitaneoMs. ,
ZJtHf Index to examine 1 Na psftettn. Mm t up .
IMt HO,iinipliGed and .arraugud, that the Meichaiit,
Uankcr and IIusiae's'Mau can tea all at a gtantc,
English, Frtuthund Ocnuan,
Tlim each may rcno the same in hi own Kstivc1
Tonjue , ,
ISloUinrftct Bank. Note List Tablis'hcd.
. Also u tut ofall the
A.eompUto Buuimary of iheFiNiNcK or Djuofs Ja
AmericsV will be publMhvd.ju pif it editlon.-Ufiher
tviihalltlielinnorlat.tNUWHOK TUU 1AY. Also,
A JiBlUr.a OF iTALCfl
from un old Manuscript found in thu East. It fur
nish ihQUjostouipktshU'ory of ,
And describing .the most prpltxinIpoitions In
wlit Jt the.tadies aiidgentlsuen tf that cony try have
bwu -so often found. Theso itsrlt-s will rontiuun
Hirfjugliout lUo wliolo-ypar, and will prove the most
entertaining ever oiTursd to iho iublic.
CJ"rurniiliei( wK1y (9 Kubcrileri only, at 91 a
rear, aii iKiem inuti uv aniiri-nvu-i"
' JOMV S. riJ. tinker.
rublnhcr.anti rroprlotor, 70 VqR t.f Ngw.Yorli.
FtHVLUIrt. 'W13LLS & CO... .
2JJ1 Arch Street, below Seventh; riiila'd
vfK iurniaii oi 1 vvo rhi ioni'iirenoioay ,rnyaioiogy
Pjl-L V.teiJur.,M(uellam, and rhoiio;r.phy,
V jfhoIeaiileaidrluil,lKcw Yurkpricet 1
I. O
rrofasslonalextimitiulioiis with rhartl. ond
lullwiitten ilea-ripiton ol rjiiracler, day oud
aveninr C'abinetfrce
l Wv IJ I6:3.-.v
AY Klt'S
Tiirnr. fi'ai Jorip; r-lril n'ruUid acinanil tiii nn
ClTcctttd hurltU; 1'IH wliltli could lie relied on a
iirr 'nnd porTcrtlj? tntc iii lla pperallqn. 'lliia has
tieen prepared, lo meet -that demand, nndn ox ten
alio trial of Hi virluevboa-cnncliuHtcl)' rdiowii with
whnttiieoeas H nccimipliidic tho purpose dcalcntd.
It It cny to nlako ft physical jn'H, hut not vtly to
mnlio Hie heat of nil iWa one which should hate
nono of the ohiection, but nil the) odtftntaRcs, of
Crty other. 'J'hil has hecu ntlempted here, nnd
Willi what sucicss vlo tiould lespccttully suhmlt to
tho ruUie dccliion. H has been unfoi lunate for
,lhc. palient hitherto that nlmoat ctcry purgatl
mcdieinc Is Dcrimoninus. nnd irtitatlncj to the bow
els. THisds not. Mntayiof them produce so much
eriplng pain nnd rcMilsion In the system as to mote
than corlntcrbalnMe the" nood to bo derived from
them. '1'too ;' tyoduco tin Irritation rr pain,,
unless It nriscVAom n prcUot'isly.cxisllnR'objtrue-
'tlon or dcranRcment 111 tho bowels, ileuignuroly
I tcgotable.iio harm can arise fiom their tisoin any
ntiiinlllvi bit better that anr lnedicino should
tnnymenlion Liver Complaint, in Its various forms
'bfjJaundlcc, Indigestion, Languor and Loss of ,Ap-
I ntl)n. r.i.1ln... Trrltnl.miv. Ilil Inns ITrfldnrbp.
.. r , ,,;., .u Varimis forms
jjuious r ever, Jeter nnu Ague,J.nin in the oiuei
&ud Iina; for,, in tnttlr, all theso nro:but the con
Eoquonea of disenl.rd action in the liver. As an
aperient they nlTord prompt nnd sure relief In Cot
llveness, I'ilrsOolie, Dysentery, Uumnrs, Scrofula
nlid Scurtt, Colds'wUh iotencss of tliotioiW, Ulcer.,
And Impurity of ;(hc blood, Inepjularitics j ui short,
anV and every caso'Mhcre a purgative is iequircd.
lhcv hac also pioduccu some singularly sue-i
cCRsfulcure In ltheumatism, Gout, Uropsy, Gravel,
Hrys'ipelns, l'nlitnlion of tho Heart, I'nins In tho
Back, Stemneh, and Side. They should bo freely
Liken in the spring of the year, to purify iKoblbod
I ana prepare inc, system lor ino cnangc oi Bcasujra.
. -An occasional dose jgtimulatei the stomach nnd
bdwcls, into healthy nclioiirdnd restores tho appe
tite iind fgor. Thoy purify the blood, and, by thcir
itirauluut, action on tho circulatory system, rcno-
vato the alieugth ,of the body, and restore the
waslcd or dinised energies of tho whold organlsm.-
I lleneo nn oci'm-imiM doso is advantageous, even
though nd teii6u derangement rxhts; but un
necessary tloslnrf fchould ncicr bo eatrled too far,
j as otcry purgative' medicine lcducea tho tlicngth,
nhen taken to excess. 'Hie thousand cases in which
a phyMe, Is required, cannot be enumerated here, but
lliey suggest uiemsenes to me. reason oi every
body ; and It is confidently believed this' M will '
answer n bcllt-r. purpose than any thing which has
hitherto been ntailnblo to mankind. Whrtt their1
Virtues; arc once known, the public, will nn'Jongcx
( Aowht vii rricdy' to eniploj heu ill IitrU of ik,
cntliartlc mtdiclnc. Being sugnr-M rapped, lliey ar
jiloasant to tu ke,; and beiiig pincly' egotHblo. no
tiatini can nric ttoiu their.uso m any quantily.
For minuto direrHims.'irc wrapper iu Uio'Uok.'
ri!i:rAi:i:i) uv,"
I'liiclictil nttil Aj:ilylicsil Cliothi&l,
Trico 85 Cents per Eox. Five Boies for.$l.
Vov flii'tlilil Clu-c of
Tmrt rrrheilr' lia". won for ItfieJf such nntoririv
ft-tini it. firpi (if rirrv Amletv'nf nnlmoinrv discasr.
-Kn U U rutiri'lv'ininrprfirv in rcrfnint thn pi !-
t i.. tli t. it.. J.'i.t t
.deiui-s of itsMrtnes in' rtn'v 'comnimillv litro it
u bcuii cmplojitl. So wide U lietil of iU'uie
fnhies', and to ninneioin the cases of lift curt',
that almost cirrv.ftio'tioiii.of tlio inmitry abounds
in poinns jmblictv ltnoun, hnc boen restored
from" nlrtrtnim; rtiitl uru thcrMv tlivtasci of Ihe
InnL'R bv .N nK 'Whtiii tinec liicil lis nupcnuHtv.
over ccrv olbrr jiMUh-jW nf 1U Und Mod fipa,
rent to escape ol-cnnlU, nml whnc iU xirlucs arp
)m , ())) 1(Cilalt. MllJi t a,.(ilMc
to employ fwr.tVo ditlrcvhip and tlaiipoioui alTeL-
turns of tlio puliui iiuiy or-imis wliiili pro incident
to our- climate. Not only in fonnidnlite ntlncks
upon the limes, lint Inr llic innucr 'varieties oi
'Coi-PS, Cot-rms, IUi.utsi'.M-hS c. ; nnd fur Cmi.
imnN It U the plc-i&antc&t'nnd safest mt-iliciiic Ihnt
can be iiblajnetl.
As it lias lung boon in constant mc llirouglinut
this section, wo need not du more than aurc Iho
people its quality is kept up to tho best thatitcver
(has been, and that the jreniiiiic arliclo is 6old by
I-'S-K 1'. LUTZ.nndall Druselrts ill Uloini.bure
unn iic-iicrs in iiieuicinci evcryv.ucre
.uy iu, ir-j,.
Wholesale Warehouse
Odircin 8 onri r3iory.
tTTR 1 nvitcallenlion to our nl.iraid stock i( tirucs
V raiuls,Oils Variiiohf. Aic , rclectcd oxprus-il)
fir our sales, and commit iui! one ol Ilia lin'sl iHsort.
incuts in. thu United HtatPx, which , we, odur ut loy
nrlr.fs.ior enfh or approved pnpr.
Wli MANtn'AUnjRHvdryeKtensivt'ly:
I'riiiiliiiii i'uro Whin Lead, (best,)
L'iiJ'niton I'uic While Lead,
iviiii auow Whiio Lfafj.
Vitf lIu.MortfnaMtf lVench Zfnc,jlott,)
pure rfuow Wlnto American Zinc,
plnlidclphia Htiow, While 'iuc.
Silver's r'.it1c Firn onI Wc.ilher proof Paints,
I'liroin' Greens, Ytiltows, and colors ueueraliy,
AO UNTfl KOlt: p
' Porter's vupsrior Alkilm? Window Glass 1
auritishe Trench Platq Olass, (warranted.)
Tiio New Jcrsey7inc Compmy's products -
Tilden fc Nfphi's N. Y. varnl3Hcs,J','
Ilrooklyn i'repiium Vure White Lead,
H'impden rermancnt Greens,
1'itri) Ohio Catawba Rrandy, ice. Lc. '
il'rcncti and Hnglish rimn 01as;
rreurhond English Cyinidfir 11 lass.
Colored and C ok raved Viudov Oluii,
I'aKUcrreoipc Ol.iss,
Hammered t'lafe for Floors and SkyLi!us,
Priizs. Ohr-micnl. Perfumery, tc.
Drupgiets' Articles generally ,
Fainters'ToOls or all descriptions,
llydraulicand Itonmti Cement, y
Calcined aud Iind l'laster.
IMper .Maker'sUliv.Uittlii While, &e., ke.
riuiNCii. uiuiiARua &co..
Store, N. W corner Tcnlhiid Murk ft hh..
Far lory, Junction York A v., Crown St Uallowhill,
April 11,1827 Philadelphia.
Nos. 51 and Sl Sou ill Sixth at., l'hlljdclphiai
March S3, 1317.
1 1 '
fpiIE imtjorsiciiO(l toVu nloa&tirpol in-
J. forminffthe cltizcha of Centre an'il.felnltv. Ilin
hohaa Juit.receivcd a largo and soltct assoiliuua
Sl'UlK'C tSUJUlCU GOODS, awcknniUnosl variedafaori
mfntof faaliiohuble, useful and fUostantialMerclian
dlie thnlhnvebe.11 oiTned toihopulrlir oloveryltin
guu'iuiiiiiyWuicuucy win teliiursoauy;pay, lit ver
reaafiiablo prices,. ,
TrT Count, Vnroduc, taken 1 no iclinnire' fnr'clnoaa
i ne 11 ruin and Lull ler and IlitrpublicKiialom
rowlcravillc, Marrh SS,'lfi7,
Franklin ffl House.
mm. "', '
I'AIIKUU .V LMIIU, Froprlclors.
Ohesnut St., Iclwcon 'IliirfLnnd l'ourfli,
Hl'lUcpibc, 13, 1B30.
I Tinwarfand rlhaet lruit-Mannfaciiirr-Firr nil Main
"rStgAM, JJNUINIJS. (ANISi.BtfliiXn. V
l'JRaiibaTrlherltoWftH"'flA'rl''iew Maahlno
I"... llllllin,n I
lower'upon llio"l,Heatlniprovidplni,and wlllhulliiln
itdcriWiible'nnd single pbrnblo englnea ; rttin; 10 td40,
loi.rnowerill gteifunmicarrhgeaiw ih llnllof gear-
Ing pumpa.nllrouiplatetnd ready fot action.- Also
.pttilidar Hifcdnd tiibul.itnolieit.catt lion coa! kteakc
iMplei,led-JnlB3G,r,ir threshing grain nitdM.okliirJ
'Oril UUU ill", iiimiu, iii a iuiku u, i in. ,h ,11,
llveallrlg coal. Ileavyluinlftg plimps nnd rlrd enginel
rigged complete with doubts acting foulng pumpt,ni
kinds of iiiillgearlngind house eastl tigmado tr ordefl
l.lneslinlttug wmi nny,ieatril aizes oi pnneya nnisnn
wlihliangers Ironplniiing done,BayV4regl totigid.
klndaof Iron turnirg heavy preaa nnd other screw
lurnen wnn pnjr mvfiivu pucn 01 1 nmau .
rjieheal Rough Iron threihlng Marhlirga, Inal.t'var
eonie beror tire Iron nlnf tyi'ndeninicliinn
tnade fo order. Lever power, t'l.airi of tlcad power
made Uerdcr, Alaolaketordsrafortliefiillewlngma.
rhlncryi llnirlson's Inlrstpalint train mill, JIOUO of
feredht the wlll.grlndlngnnd
line man'lliJ'huthel tin onn hour! Alio holt nnd eleva.
toraallin ol Jr-f.alaoUurjIe'a I'ateniDliiwer.maiiiifncllir.
pdhy 0,1) Ilatrlt Jc t'o.itho most powerful mower
now In usowlthtuelnatiinoiiiil,ofpower,-orto of which
wlllnopntln ureal the Foundry for ethlblllon. A'lol
tlu'nbovc worka wallbe warranted tobn what Iheyai'i
'""aIs'o Tn'ko nr.telt for .lifdti's Totenl rilaeksnillh
pirlker, nndrlglilslotise them tnthecouiilies ofColum
Ulinwn , onu ui iihiui iuub, leniniiM, innn
Marth12.1830. Illiiooiibd,y'oluniliin rc ,
JDr. J. S. Jlougliton's
Juice, rrepareu ,ironi r-rL, 7SL, i
Rennet, or the fonilb jfFffS0f
direrltotisor n.iroti Jiie
bis. tlieirTent rhpsloloc
Icul.Cli.cjulU,. y J. H.J
Youfthton.Mkli ;rhiIo(
TliisNalurc'jOwnReincdyfor an unlieallliy Pio
msch, No Jill of man can conol lla ; curative powers.
. It eoJitaln.iioAlclinlinl.i'mcM
ii.tua. tt tspurcmelv avrcenbie lolhe tnsto.nnd may
hetnkcnliy the most feeble patients who cannot ent a
waletcrackorwlihoutacuio distress UowntcofUrugged
Imllatlona. Pepsin Is not a Urug
O'a'lonthe Agent, nnd get n Descriptive Clrcnln
srnlls, giving n lnrgd amount of Scientific Evidence
from LlcliiB'sAnlmn't;henilslry,nr.L'nmbe'sl'hlsioloey
liHrcstion; jrr roroirnnn rwu mu .',u.,
auer, nf New York University) l'rof, Dunilison'a
Pyslolpgyi l rof. Siliman,otvoioi;oiciige,ir i-orpen-
tol'sl'hysiology: Ac.iogciner wnp icpu,ii u,.
rtnm'all pfiitsortlio United Sines.
Hold by 1'. I'. Lilt, nnd J. R,Moyer.nioomsl,urg
R 11. Ilowninn lle'rwlck. oct3, 1835 ly.
Jcivolr y Stoi-e.
WIlOLttdALU A1NURU'rAIIntIie"l'',nvd,j
dlohiu Watch und Jewelry tSturi.','; A..fbf!L
Vnrlh M street corner of Uufuy, rtillrtdeiphia
field" LfWer Watches, full Jew tied, IB carat -
Silver Lover, full Jewuled,
3ivcr Lc'pine, jewels,
l-'iuftftilvprdo, !
(Sold Mrarnlcts. ' ' '
Mdii! Cold rett&ilfl, '
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(iolj lluiicr rintisMTi ceis lo Jt 0; Wjitch classes,
plain 131 rfnts,pateiii,l8t,tl.unt-i!3: ptlmr articlesin
nrtuortion. All ooods warrniitedin bp what thry ar
Jniafor BTAUrFF.R & 1IARL13Y.
tfV Oil iMiiils-iinf) Oold andSlUer Lovrrs A. nphift
lowortthi!ii tlienbovo prices.; j tOcl i H?56-
7-i Esmst.OF TllF. rillTF. iiuttsu
rpn u 111 ne rsi -llic 11 respcciniiil uiiirii.s
X his friends nud the public that li
continue. itio
innllila various brnnrlics, nl'ls nidi
t.iud un corner nf Ala iu and Mnrhelslrrs.
Wlure he wiI konp conlaullyi" Ivti'd 11 lull supply
and willmanuf.icture to ordsir . ntlkind nnd lyles 0
e-inni i't w.rj-:.?.?. 'rnrf.K'k'a . a-
altlievery owest prices and will bf hippy to serve
hoie who may favor him with n rail in hi tine,
rx)" Ordersfroiu a livtanre 1 n eithi'rhranrhnf the a
bnvft itsi not h v i I l'i fill I vrecivedand promptly
eitcu ted.
Itioomeburg.AUfi, 10, Hi'-12 v
RloomhnrjJi.uWtii'c iUnl ovc Slorr,,
Illb'in liraisned ruippc'fully iulonni liii o. fr 1 c ml h
:k id rmtO'iu-r.thit ti h it u'ln Inn.-d Iiim lirotlMT's
intfrertt iuthtiiiin.V'o fut-iMl-luiii'iit and ih roiirerinvil
cre ilit'r hu cp'diicti"( oy imjih' 11 uumpivrly. lip hat
a. junt M'c lived and uHts fi-s tin lh" lnrtf' t and
rrvs :nit fKniuivi' of PALVCY dTOVF.H
ftpMcver lot ro I 'i rod I nth this mar ki-t. '
Xrfi 1U trit riiii'hti of :i coutph tasin('lm,,nt ol
tiihsl Oo.isiiM onrlur vti'von ill tho mi
iliejr wil'i Hlovo t'ivtun'sof.iivi'ry di'corlptlon.Ovnn
iihi ti'rVrS'i-ven. u.t 11 iuorn, y iiimor vs, uaa I I roll
VI r TtKh rfl'tv , O mil. 11 t?tavf t, tie,
-4ovtrit pound 'riiMv.iruiu Mintit l nn h tin! and man.1
uf.iclitffd to tirl'T All kinds of rcpairinR done, ns on khort ii'tiiot.
The p-iiroii i?' of o.l d frinnds ind new customers re
tpfjoiftlll r siiicMmK
a. m..ruim:rt.
li-iM b nrst Jan U, 11351, If ,
uiibAP iv ATCiitj i:vni.uv S'l OKI:,
mu. 7, iNOrtli Kt-coiiil,
iLililLeverWulrheafirllJenelled le It .Ciises S'.'HU
Silver do do ISIlO
do Lcpi lie do tl 00
Uuiirliorn - S UIILu 7 Uo'
ISoldHpeclacles, 1 5,lu lolltf
HiUtr do , 1
.iliveriauienpoons perielt. M PCKi 1 8 On
do ntscrl do do n urn o 1 1 lit
do Ten dn do . 4 J.1i ,1 7 an
Roldi'cnsaiidGuliiL'aCea, 3 Voto 200
un niiver uo , 1 no
TociMlierwIth 11 vnrieiv ,,r line rioli) Jeivolrv.11,,1
1,11 1. uuii 11-1111,1 1 mi, .Jumna , aii f-onua wa r rn tun I nb
ns prekcitu-d. Watches and J ewelry repaired) n tli
liestmaniier .
N II. Alloiderssanihy'iy inai I'H.itherwisc.wll d,p
punctually tttended to .
rtoveinheri. i
R. it
Omnibus Line.
rpiIH unQersigiiod respectfully inl'ornlB
ji in Miumia iiimi me puuuc mat tie ha lakeuthc
F.iihattcelletel.ln Itlooinabtlrir. lucnihil sin,.. si,.. u.
directlyopposite the Court , House, uliiili hja bcon
throoglily repaired nnd iniprnvcd, whi-re he is' pre.
pnrcu iu uccnininoiinie Ills custumera with eood laro
and tog-piirral Balisfaclion.. , , ,
He also has'in connection wih llic lliclaiiiollo
tel, un excellent ' '
runningreBUiarly'.scveraltlmes perday ito nd from
the Depot on the arrival oflhe Cars, by" nhkh passeng.
""'"" iicueuiiiiy cunvcycuiuinn nepnt station (oi
takPiirromnndreturned to their residenci'S, ifdeiircd.
it" Ho will always be happy to iiutrriaitrnnduccoin
uodalchu fricndt. to the utmost ofhlsabititirg.
Uloomsburg, April, S.l&Jij-y, Provrietor,
S i'EAM GUIST Mlllli, '
rpilh undorslgncd
J. takr pleasure in on
iiuvrlusterected and putln
jiiccessfulopc ration
TUli Hibl'lTDW-N
!T T Tj Ti .
vviiftreilicv aremakne llicvcrv'hfkifr.r I'tAur imi.a
Therenrcfour run of llurs In this Mill. nroo(-i;9.ihv
sle&ni'iiower all perform Inei o neiLion.iindirriiidin
aDouiiiiiriyuutiiiijiDiKruiii peruour- uiq iiourniaiJe
ncre nus iiroiijuiiiiiieuuv iiieoesi uijuuscs. auopror
nniinri..! nan tier lorn rtitrln. U'ol .1 .. . . .
nn d examine for themselves.
on 11 ui ieo wii miv aims 1 (caauiiuivcunuiiJons
N ,B. Cash paid for Grain.
Spring and Summer
Itl'Kelvy, Ncnl & 0.,
HAVINO just receiver! aim opened tholr slock of
mt-rens ndise for Kprlnfs .let, which coiuprls.tthe
LAIlfiBVf.ClllJI'EBT.aiid IIANDpOMtBT assort,
ment now offered In thisTOWN I llavlne nnl,i..n,
.Iteutiontollinoleelion ofthelrenllre alock, aa to
prireanu uaitiy, tney natter th.maelvc. that they
ran compote with tho tiapil, and all llioao wlililna
lob'iy cheap, can save innncy byivlnjuaaepi. We i
have all kind, nl Roods and Worce to supply the
l'eqplo. A vary lnrne lot of
French MeirnotaiWooli'laldai Alpacaa, llonib.zlne.,
deliaiaol'oplinsi I'.rainatta clotha, Mohair Lu.lies,
Muslin De ,aiiies,l'eriiancloli.(jfnBhanit,Oalicoc,
WIIITD fiOOlia OF ALL KINIiS.BicvttiOollan,
llaiidkerrliitls, ilouneinis, baud and trlmminja,
Lnei-sandedinss, bonnet ribj out, ii large yariity,
velvet rlUioiis'.und braids, kldicotlon.nnd llilo thread
jlovea, Mohair mitts, be
We inviteourfrleuda nud Ilia public generally to
ill ve us a caliperureiiurchtsingiilsawliere, Weliavo
Iniimlllour unodaal f.iiWfialCiidhl'rir.ea.nn11vlll .....
i .w ra w u h'lii -iir
ibeun ertoldhynnybudy orthereatofuiankind.
Flem burg, March 21 lfiT
or all llaeieahe greiti.'fitat cause
killings from neglactf IVstiire'a Uara.
UlU a Ua il V A f
, Oli1 StlflltRT DISEASK8
ui oiAyltJjJ. VIOUAOSS.B,
Sttf'Abwu, fftneui MetUltf.'SltUlutn. nimi. nr,.,,
JtUMee, Dletaeei of IAs,A1datyt .nd Illtider, -I),,,,
intumawm, aireiu.i j-oiaj, in in ilattee ene
AnVte, Dleeeeee efthe .uft ThretUA'iee aid tv
" Vleere na the Itedtt er rllmoa, Cnscera IJreptg, i,
irplle Fiu, SI Jtmtr d K 'lroi,
J'roai . iriliemtal tj ! Srriftl Orient. -, nt ilcrvnua Trcliitllni, Loss of Memory, t,,,,
of l'i.nt-r,dencriil Weakness. Dimness of Vlsiim will,
per.uiinr spots oppearinBticioro too eyes Lota of bi.i,,
Wnkerutne..'. llvrnrii.lj. Liver llisenie. i:ri,,.,f... !
upon Iho llce.U'aiu In the. lack and head, t'emaia ,,
,"Ku,,i-a .,u ,M,I1-I.b. ...rv..n.R,. num both
setss. It mattets lint from what cause llio Hint,
originated, however lonj, standine, or, obitinatt il
Eermnncnt curccauhe enacted ijynny othertrratniem1
von alter tlio ilii'-nre ndt banted the skill of rmitieni
physician and resisted nil their nirnirs ef tqt,, i'
tnedlchies are pleasant without odor, causing no tick
ncssono irco iroin incicury ur uuivan,. ,uuiing twem v
cars of prirtico. I lnve rescued from Ihe Jam 0V
Ilcalh many thousands, who, In 1'ho Inst statta utlho
nbova inentlonetl diseases iind been clven un to ,(
their 'IdlV'iclans, uhlcli uarranta lue In pruinlalnt i
eare.itpctfretand nm.t speedy cur.. Secret dltrttts
aro 11 e greutcai ciiemiea in iii-uimi,u? iny are tne flrit
rouse' oi uonsiiiniuiuii, rtiuiw -u mi", uiuiij. uuirr ft,
(nscs and, lKinhlbc:n terror to the human lamiiy, a
npermnnent cure Is scarcely Her ciTaU-d, n nmjorli,
of the ca.e. fulling, Irjlu the, hinds of iniuiitpetcti
pcrsone, who hM utif fall to ciird'tlio diseases'! ui
ruin Ibecoiutitutlon, nlllns tho sysirni with mucur,,
which, wlili the disease, hastens tho surTcrcr into i
rapid Consumption.
Iiut should the disease nnd tho treatment nel ia
death speedily nnd tha victim marries, U'ltli ftcble
emailed upon ho eliililren. who ntjm 1111 Uebla
constltuilonsininl thoenrr'eut oflxre corrupted by a
virus which betrays irsell In Scrofula, Teller, Ulcm
Ernplloainnilolhcrarrtitttonsofthe skin, ryes, throat
nnd Lungs, entailing .upon them a brlefcilstenre of
suffering nnd consigning tlicin t6 an early grater '
Btil.r'.AUUSEIa another formidable enemy to bcallli,
Tor liothlng tlicin the dread catalogue of human Oi,.
cases causis so destructive druin Lpon the system
dritnlntits thodaandabf victims' throegh afew
of suirerlhg down.toau untimely gri)e. It ilcuro),
niltu5 ,r,e,n, rapidly wastes away Iho eneitV,.
llle p0I
ocveiopmcni oi me sysicm, uit-niaiuirs lor marriage,
socicly. builncssaiiii alt earthly happiness, nnd Icawa
the sulfcrcr wrecked in body and mind, predirpoped to
consumption and tf'trnin ef evil. mure to he dnadrd
thin death Itself. Willi the fu Ileal confidence I asiurs
tho unfortunate vIcllinaolBtir. abdlb thai n peiinanem
nnd apeedyeurecan be c(rccted, and with the abandon,
incnt of ruinous prectlcea my jihtleilli con be resiortd
m rflmaT. vlrrnrnu lipnlttl.
Tim Amirtndnrr.atitlone(1'aEalnsl the n nf Pni,
Mi dicinis.(ortlKreDreso many Inpi-nl usitiari-i in
thi'Toliinnis of tho piiblfprints to eafch and rolx the
unwary suiTriers Hint inlllious linyu th(lr conumi
tlonsriiinrd by thu vim conlpontidfi of -inackrioctors.
or till ciftiy gsonous nostiums vundedns Patent
IMnalattlHaaB Tl Mltlfn a I tf.ftl I' V1 nhllllZPlI til fl fl V n f I t. a
so called Patent Mcdiriiifs and find that neatly all if
1I1 pm rptiinln Corrotive BubHn-a 0 which Is one nf
Iho strongest picpiratlons ,ol incrcur) and a deadly
poison, which liureadof curlng'the disease UUablet
the fysUTi Mr life.
Three loimhs of tho nosirums now In u?o
are put up by unprlticipJtd nud ipnorant persons, who
do' not tiudcmtand even the atphabet ol the mctttia
lAtihca.anitareriuflllyns desmme, .l tpy-knuwh'dpa
ol ihfrhunnu system, having one object only 111 vii-w,
and that to niu iitnt.i,yrr;u"-cs of consfqutrcrs.
Irrpgul.iritits and all plfcnncsuf inn Irs and ftmalti
tripled, on principles i-dnbllshedThy, twinty mrsof
practice, aud sanctioned by thousand? of the most re
umrkablmciires. MeiHclne with full .dltctllohs fu-tit
to any jart nf the Unlit a Hi ales or Canadas, by, o.
units touinunirRtiii ilniiry inptcnm iiteiu-r. llun
ncss corr-'sponueiice sirirny cpmnifiii mi
AddrjIP,.- Jt ftUMMr.UVILI.K. Iri ar I'.,
UHIcc, 1131 PtLsrai sticct.(iild No. IW.)
1 UoloW'Tweirth.PhiU'tlelutiia Pft.'
! tiiIioat are nositlvety curable by, itihnlatiuu.
whirl! piinvpv. the rpiueJk's Iu the cuvitxs In tli
In (its through the air passages, andCOmliiftTn dtiirt
coniatt with lun iii-ato, nciiirauz' xuv "vru.,.w
matter ta1l tyd Difcoitgli, Ciussui fr 1 and -aiy cxy c
torn tion. hi-nls ihc lungs, puriHus the blood, i mpiiiii
rcnpwril vitality to tho iiltVouh sslriu, fliViiig thut
totirniidraeriey so iudirpensahlo lor tlii re titration of
henhli, To be alec to state cotindrutlyiliai Cunriimp
tion tsciirablohy inhblatioii, Is to men sourcfpf .n.iil
joyed pk',i'iire.' It Is us lunch 'tindcr'the control irf
nic tin pi, trentmciit as any .oilier fonnltabln dun a in
iiinet'y "'it of every hnndnd casestan be cured in'Miv
11 r I s utc etf and filly pvr cent, Jn the serif nil tni in th
third stage it Is impossible lo'tavc'iiinrc'lhairnve't'i r
Mill., lor. lha Iniifcsaro so cut up by. the iijaka",Dk tu
bid deflancfl 10 'lur-dicalsklll. tVt?n,IioUver. in lbs
latt sttges,f liihalaliou atiords extit.onijiary relirl v
tbe sutTi-nng .Ulcndi-.gtnls fetiful' scmiryr. uhlrh mi
iniuUy d4troH uitpuiy fn jiioniuna pT.tu in tio
llniU'd Htuts al (J n; ami a correct ralculatn 11 howi"
thut oVU) prt'i'iil, 1 nn of tli; e.trihiilit ait I
linns are drstined to 111) (tie consUiuptivi'V crtiM
. Ymlv th tul or ' f death has' no arrow sojflnal U
CoiiHiitupt ton, Iii a II aw it has hfci) i.c j;rral cin, u )
ofrlilH.i tor tt, spares nefh'r sge twtf tvx, but Wwii
oiruliko the btav,?, llif benulipil, tbe j.'rurvfu, and tb
Itirted, lit the hu'p dt Hi ui iifrimio Celn Tn IMiki
rouulh every giind and pi-rdrt fill 1 am imi)iImI In
tiil'-r to the alllirted .1 pi-iuinncnt and ip 1 fj hrf 111
t;iiistiiu tion 'I hr.ArM cm, re i-f tnlu id. i it tr"tn 1 in
imre blimd. and I ho iuiifii'itiatf 'fli rt, prodtirril by 1 h it
iirinf Ithm In the Iniici, i to pri veul the 1 re n.'n ji 11
of in r tuio j'hi'4Ure,i)'r?' whit hni use iaTwjiil"'iT n.
hty through tht; entire iu Then mif I It x n 1 1
.rational ti expect xrfairV ptodfnuu tin dioim h rMi rdi
1 In: cavities nf tho Iiiiius I It 11 is tbope aiiiniriviei'ji
throifjth the slhuiarkf Ihe pat iuritvIU nl-iy find ibi
luns freuanrl the brt sthin eary alti r (t.hjniig niir
dies. fMiusl inhalalioh isulora) rmc,lyV neieitl.J )i is
it ncti coiitiintion.ily.Itind h'Ii nioro urive r and, n r
Ulnlr thuh'i'fciiiedii'Sfldininistnrtjdhy lliVHfiuirrh ') n
prove lh; powerful and difect inHntMiC,? of tjiij inodeni
AtinItiilrHlion, chlornlntm irthatfrt 'will Vmirely de
sfrnymiMlhility ntji ftiw,iiunitt,e. paifl;iig the rn
lire nervis sjrslni scilmla lrntlMr)a iM''nniptitfltrd
jvllimittlM'lijlilfft.p.iini inh.uiiig the orOinan burn
Jt c (rnft n ill destroy hfo In 0 (cx, Imiirs.
'1 ha inhalation of aiumoiila wi route thn silem
tvhriil.iluting'nr apparently dead, Ttie odor nf ivnny
(if tin iiifihci nag )s pfrreptiblclu the skin a few, iiiin
iiirrf tiflor Iir i nn tnh iled, and Way be inuuedi.lttMy it
tected in the blond. , A ronvliirhieproof of itju oiti
intionaleffi'tts'hrinhalnlion Is the fact that Vicknefd is
alwaya prudiicrd by bnuilhiiig foul oir tH hot (I111
pililUvo evidence thn I proper tcutt dleii, rarelutly re
pi rod and judiciously admin Jeered lhr(n;h tlio uiifii,
shoiilil produce llie'iuoil hippy retoiltf iMirjng eicli
ttitjity,irif prnrtirrit many tl.oii)nn,h -suireriNg frem
dInMsus of thu lungs and throat, hive bcijn uudcr uiy
e.irrjHinl, I hnvo niTucteU uiunv reniarkable,eiirt'it. fn
after the suflVreri had been pronounced in the Inn
siu-jeu, which fully satisflus me Unit coiisninption I nu
looter a f.ital dinennn. My-treatiuent of coiisumptto.i
ii original, and foqiidcd 011 Innffeiperiunrf' and a Ibo
rough Inveftlgatitin. Rly perTect ncauaintrtnte nith
thnatureofiirM rclosi eu.Sble mn to Oistingui'h
readily, the vJrlous forms of diseesd that simulnie
rousaiuition, ami upp.Iy tho proper rr-men (; rnrrly
being misiafccneveii iu a single caso. 'Jhls familiarity.
iii'roniM'clion with cartafil pataolQgkal and niitrrice
pie dirovcrjcs, cnablus run to relieve the tunc froir.
lid) eff-ji-ts of. contracicil cheats : A6 enl.-i ih rlir.i
puriiytno uiooj.inipntt to it renewc
energy and tone id the, en Urn system,
Meflrines Uttli lull ,1ircrtJnii in
purify tho blood, impart to It renewed vitality emnc
IgM djrertimis suit lonnypirtr.f
tho United Biatea nndL'auHilaaUy nalirnts rommuni
ralinif their syinptoms. by letter. Hut iho cure, would
nn more certain if ho patient should pay moii vim.
wh,rh wruld.pivc 111 u an opp,irtunily ro examine Urn
Inncs and enable Ini to prceeribo with iiimh grrrlter
certainty, and lli-n thy euro could be cflctM wilhiut
)ny si'dag UiQ patiffntkf Rlnt l ' ' '
(1. W tilt All A Xf 9 II
pmci?, mi FiLBSST street, fnia K'o.MftU.J
.u.y.,1, ,7-(KTr,f'" WWWM
rpHK nnilcraiened propoao Ian Inp about thr'rlrt,o
, I. Oaober, Iej7, it bupk. under tlio above ,1'ilu, to
contain eboiil '
11 u a n n r. n
I' A it i:s 1
leize 01 pfu 1 a by
y 2tllneliea )
Tlio object of the United Hlate. Directory Mllfbe'
1st. Tn-eivellie iiaino uudnn,l oiriceadihr. nr..,....
male peraun (of the age 'ol 15 und upwjrdi) in the
Hd. To glvo the airaei or every post1 omce and' pbat
tnatUr in lie United tatca.
yd. To give Ihe n.nne and placeior pullieatioii of
every Dally, "Weekly, Monlily aiid.duarlt'ily I'.per
uud Magazine publiahcd in the United rJIstia,
l.a nlnl, ,l.llrnllv ,,,.nnR.r ' ' 1 v"
.lucn niuie.ruv. town, vinaeo n-.., nt ire win
ubetically urranseii.
tiBiim ol each, perari wjll btaiiilnbi-lically
l .nndcr the head ortheir retpttiio poit ofhee
he tliilleiTata'te. 'lUieciory'ivjii be . mniii u
Jlie tinnm .
As the tjniieo biotcb I'lircrory ivin be . nieiv ui
llitere.t toeveiy rraldeullu .Anie.irj. .. rvapecllullv
aolicit the (ild-ol post n.ui.v.aeuu btnera, In all parts
of the c.Jriiry, In obulnlng ;io'nieauiid .ending them
on' as soon ns po.siblo.
In making' up hats, write,, tho, lismrf of. l'ott OOlte,
Cuuntyond the head of the sheet, then till
Ihe remainder1 wilh.disli nelly written nanus, of male
peraona.only, of the age of fifteen ycors and upunidf,
nnd'naaooii ..youjiavp tUtrieleiil la fill un envelop,
forward Ihein tin imuiediately.
A Prospeclua will bo scut poal paid to any person
who may older it.
TmrasvHiT msiiKcs-Write distinctly thu name,
potl office, ciintyand Hlalo.
Clneiiinml. Ohio.
N. I!. Publjahora ieaerling the above J'rorneclut.
ineiudinir ihennllre three tlme.lri IhelriwpLiw
am) "11 attention lo the a'ame in their editorial col'
umn. will rucaiva'conv'nfjie U. fi. Iiitrrtn.Jjk
cd at Ibclr office fte. of fhargo.. piiect. all .ichanie
papers 10 llieMlulledBtol.s.DireetJry.- i"g
June j, ir),.
.) brethei., eauihlcr. aert'l nini....1
nieces, bylhat iliendfiil dlfrnie. .'oi)ivmfti(M,)idiI uf.
fenng Willi a t'evf lilmseir, deterniliird to visit iho
Uaflnotea, L'gyptanit Japan, where he diacdvered a
prcersflund ttrtetn cure fuiCOIda, Coughs, flronclu III
Oiiustii((on. Neivoiis Debility and. A.ibiiM,, III. eouch'
-wa. cured liiimcdiately'i l.o'rrldrWcu. rurea hi. V.7.
lir, ,wbo iulirrlied Jho UiKaa., 4n4-in' roliDtction
wlih 1.1. sdn havd eii,T,loy,j fl liVil'eir 'raetlce.ciir it
Ihouaands ufcaa.a coiieiJeiel (inpelo.a byoiliara.
Hor the, purpoteof rtkcnlngas many of his suiTerinj
fe low bviuBsos possib e;,liois aeudliur Ihe Bcclf. lo
.11 who with it lor laXriiita , 3 of il.lo pay the port
age, andhelialaiiuniiiiitiig, 'ill j1
nil Ppilns it
June 1 3, I 37
orfosile Ft
,,,, iiii,ii.
Nen Veik
ueiii-eiou unpen a el ore