Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, May 02, 1857, Image 1

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1 To Hold and Trim tho Torch of Truth and Wavo it o'or tho darkoncd Earth.
AIM B. TATE, Publisher.
X JJ, J-il-iUj J. lUJJi.J.UlUl
f OL. XI, NO. 8.
Imltloomsbiirg, Columbia County, Pa.
OrricB. In the, new Brick JJuildivg, op
'posilcthe Excltangr,by side of titt Court
House," Democratic Head Quarters,"
, TERMS op iomcntrTio.
41,00 In mltranoe, for ono copy, fornix month..
1.7 i In ndviinco, for ono copy, ono year.
2,00 If not paid within tho first throe luonlhl,
'5,25 If not pat J within tho first six months.
2.40 If not raU within tho voar.
tO No subscription taken tor loss than six months, ,
And no paper mscontliieu until all arrcarngcttsliall
hayo beonpalJ.
U7 Ordinary mlvcrtlscmonts Insortcd and Job
work exeeutod at the ostitbll.hnd prices.
W1ICREAS, tho Hon, Warren J, Woodward, rreil
ftentontio Court of Ojcrnnd Terminer and On
neril JnllDellvcrv, Caurl of Quarter Hiniom of the
fence and Court of Common rtirunnil Orphan! Court.
In the Twenty-Sixth Dlsirir t. compotei) ortbe
counllci of Columbia, B-jll.vnn nmt Wi-yming, nnilthe
lion Jacob Uvn nnd Petcr Kline, A'n hoc fate -Judget
In Colum uin county, have itaucd their prrccrt, itenrmf
date the ?tli day of February In the year of our ho Til
one thousand eight hundred nnd fifty tlx, nnd to mo H
retted for holding a Court of Oyer nnd Terminer nnd
CenernlJail Delivery, Cenernl Uunrter Svm.oii uflho
reace, Common 1'leos nnd Orphan'i Court Jnllloome
turg. In the county ofColumbit, on the flril Mondav
(bcingthe 4d day of May ficit and to conUnucone
notice n hcreliv giren, to me corona r ina juiuct
Select JjJoctrtj,
Spring is Coming
BY DB, J. nAYr.S,
Yc. tho tluo eyed Spring is coming,
From tie balmy, sunny south ;
Sco her sporting, skipping, running
Songs of joy are in her mouth !
Sco her roll old Winter's carpet.
Whito and fleecy, o'er tho plain ;
Dowii the mountains, sec her roll it,
To its frigid goal again.
Til R founder of this Cclehratod Insti
tution oiTjr the iuotccrtftln,tpcdy, and only
t dec tn il reim'dy intlio world fur effects for Glictf,
ttrlcttirHt Heminal wnHniiii. t'jlns In the ho In it,
Ouustltutioiinl Dobility, Impotfiiry, Wcakuen of the
Utek and I.tmbs, Affections oT tlio Kidneys. 1'alplta
lion of thn Heart, IH-.iepil.i. Nfrvnu Irritability.
Dliaase ot tho UimhI, Thro nt. Now or Ski it und all
i lit) u serious and mclanrholy Disordirn arising from
ttie dmlrictlve JiaMsoT Voiiih, which deatroyn lnt.i
body nnl mind. Then fcrut and solitary practice!,
nre more fatul to their victims .than the hour of the
Hvtdiii to niarinerit Ulvite. blielitlnir their trnoit
brlllinot hopei of aiiticlpatioai, rendering marriage,
tee., linpoisiblc, I
young Men.
tnfelOly who htve become w uettme of nolitcry
Vlcti.tlialdrcadrul and destructive habit, which annu
ally Bweuu ! nu iinUtimly u rate IhouMiidn of young
men of the moat exulted tntmits und brilliant Inlet
lect, wlm mi a lit ulhvruiie hi.t) entranced Imtftung
H nates with 1 lie timui'crsoi Ho lumcf. or waked to
Xtic.eUulyre,in.y e.ill wlthall coiitldunce.
v Marriage,
V Married nsraont.ot Vouiu Men contemplating mar
rtie, hriu aware of weakti"H4, organic de
hlluy. defiirmilles, a.c,, sho'ild liuinediatety consult
Ur Jtliiistnn,(iud he renlnrrd to pi'rlrct health,
sZ llo who pi i Cf'n.liluui'll u ndr th enro o( Dr. John
stoniu.iv ret igi'Hity,cnn tide in hit honor as n gentle
i lueu, undcouIidiMitlv rrly upon his skill asepliymeian,
Organic Weakness
luimidiitity cured and full vigor restored.
' rhU,dis".is(i it th! pfuilty most Ire'iticnly pnldtty
l tin j wholnvebucitiuf the vlrtim of improper itnlul
gdiict'i, Voung ieri"in nr too ipt to cominit ei
re n from not lioinp nwJru of tlmdrradful conroitieiice
that miyi'UHii', No.v, wlio that unilernlund the sttb
Ject will pn-tcud to deny th it the powi-r of procrca
Miun is loit sooner by llioae falling into Improper
Jubitt th ti by Hit) prtidont. Itesidiis buiut doprivcd of
K tti pl"asiiri of he.tlthy o(Tipilng, the moil serious
aiil destructive symptoms to both body nnd mind
ttltt. Th j ynteni becomes denngi'd; Hie pkiyxicnl
nnl th nil powers unnkened, nervous ilcbi 1 1 1 , dyi
pepl i, natpttation ol the heir I ,nidi;rsti(in. a u listing
nf tlli I '!!. Cfinirli fin hi nu, m it f CO lis 'I Mi lit in 11 lif,'
J3i.)ll.: No 7tfuuTii I'rr iik nu k SiKUti, seven doorr
frau Ittltlmore street Uit sl'ie. up tin- steps J(c
i Ittnicutar Inotis irvim; thNMlKnud MJMUKH, or
iu wil mistake the pi ir,
JtCun HarrKt,vr na Vhnrgt Jlfadl. U from One to
ivo Inut.
i Dr. Johnston,
-Mmfi r nf the Uoval Collfirn of rturceons. London
4irid'ntc I'm i n one oTUih mosi i-iiinit u. cilleiitM n( the
Umt"d ,Sttlt4, and thpsrcati'r pail ol whose Iilc has
Lieu Vnent in III" timt lliiniulii ofLomlon . I.iri.I Jii
Ul.'tp'iia and etnowhere, has i tlorl'-dsimie of the most
amillHU 111,; cures WTP rvr known, ninny irimu
11 wto riiuiiij in iim liuad and t-ats wlin nslcep
erKl tivrv.Msiii'ss tM'ine narmd si vudtb-u soundi,
sriinni'if jiiii'ss. with fn-'iueiit blii-limg, uttended
stninlini's with durung'iiiuiitulniiiid wtrecurud iin
. A Certain Disease.
Vhn hn niisgiiidd and imprudL-ut votary of ptca
sura. ft id In h is iiiriilifd the sevds of this paiuiit
disease, it loo ofim happens tint on iltlJuifd fLitsu u
lame, or dread of dnuoiery, driers hint from nsnly
I tif to llios' vvlu from educjiimi and respectability
ck al-tue icfriendlitui lying till tht cuustiiut tonal
tymiUoiui oi tins dorr td dicaemttk8 tlmi rajtpearancr,
? such is ulcerated hore tl.ruat, diseased u'iie, nocturiml
pal us iu the liad and limbs, dimness or MSlit.dcarni'm,
imdcs on tlid skin hones, and arms, bloidus on the
held lure, and extremi ties, proreosiug v. i Hi frit-'htttl
rjpiditv.lHl al list the pilule nflhe mouth or Hid
vbonrij of tlie nohe t.ill in .iiiiiI the vision ol Hih nwful
. cUtrair become a horrid obh-ci of c ouiniieeralion. till
d'alli nuts a period to hisiu;e.iilfuUuilcriiigi, by ten-
' dlnihim to "thai iMinrii" Irem whence no Oiiecr
return.' To such Hie refute Dr. Jnluitton pledrs
liiiaiclflo preserve the must eiivi.iia'le seen rv, and
rom hia eileiuivi prnctku in liefiri HoipitnU of
Kjrop4 an t Auicric.i, he ran confidently rtcoinmend
afj audspeedy euro to the unfortunate ictim olllils
uorriu uisvase
Take particular notice.
(3 Dr. J adJresNcs al tliofe ulin have injured them
'oWei hv orivatnanil imnropT itiduliieiire.
iM,Thesu are soii.eoi the s4d and mel.tnrhnv olTerls
Vstrolnred bvearlv halutf of 1 outli, vi IV t nKi ( th ot
,2tti lick and liimbs, I'aiu in the Mend. I M fsof
lumbla,thatthfly be then nnd there In their proper
person nt 10 o'clock In the forenoon of said day, with
thfilr records, inquisitions snd other rcmcmbra ncea to
done. And thofe that ore bound hy rtcogniranre, to Sec her OpO the Vftlo of plc&SUrO.
P.rf 1 " o pa I n 1 1 1, e p r i -om r 1 1. ".rr "'J1 J I Aa nUU :rtfl nnA
ine j an oi snin couniy oi (;oiiimnin to uvuivu nnu iiil-io
v7 prosecute them oi fliil I bejust. Jurors nre reiucit
ed to bo punctual In th Ir attendance, Agreeably to
their notices. Dated at Iltoonisbtirg, the i!tithdny of
Majch in the year of our Lord ono thousand eicht
hundred and fifty-seven, nnd InthcBltt yearof the In
dependente of the Untied Stales of America.
(God save tho Commonwealth.)
As, with macio's fairy wand,
And restore tho hidden treasure
Winter stole with ruthless hand j
While behind her groves aro nodding,
Nodding in tho silver sheen ;
And tho purple bloom a dotting,
Dotting o'er tho velvet green.
All around her vocal rivers,
John Grrllngrtat. . Charles T.Mann. j l iping forth their merry B0n,
Pnniuel L. McUullock Samuel F, llcodlcy . WI.JU n.,,al,:nr, ctrnnmlpt nliivcra-
William Koons ti.Utorgfi L. Klinu el ai, u mio iiio gusning strcamici quivers
uauKiu as it moves aiong i
And a troop of warblers singing
Notes ethereal on the plain :
While tho echo music's ringing,
lunging in tuo chorus strain I
Spring is coming o'er tho mountains,
Laughing, frolicking and gay I
See her opo tho summer's fountains,
And with rosrs stroir the way,
All around her clouds of glory,
Paint tho festooned, fringy trees ;
Whilo tho youthful and tho hoary,
Dance beneath tho golden leaves 1
William Knnnt n. llfuma U. Kline.
Frederick Heat's Cirs, t Philip Winteritecn et a I
Joseph Stackhnuso ri Ullbtrt Fowler.
Jnnn M,IlernlngerrW. A. Kline.
David Ueliiboldt's Anron Woll.
IVtcr Applemanet al, t Leonard U Hupcrt et al,
Mary Vansic-tla r Joseph Kuekle ct ul.
(leurge Miller v$ t;iotworlby Fisher.
(eorin Miller rs Nnthiniet Ovurdorf.
1'eier Applcman v$ Leonnrd II Uupert.
Thomas Parker i John 11,1'nrkrr.
George L. Kline v$ Moses Co (f man,
John Wn;ner vs Sally Wagner.
Susunnnh llntl v$ Clotnuel Henry.
Isiar. IJrovvu rs HnhertJ L)oii.
WillinmUoliison Wilf-nu Ager.
Isaiah rilinmaii es Jnob LHImuiau ct al,
Jesse (licks rs Joieph Kirkendatr.
Jdco'i Schuyler rs Wilson Ager.
Nathin rieclv rs Dm let HnoncntiPrg'i Admrc.
Fletcher II Dodson v Wlihain Long,
Cutharlne Tanner rs John D Weaver.
Adtnt Utihle vs Hnitlr Fox, Adm'r.
Willi-tm Wichtr(Iordon It. CoiT.
Jtnathan Masteller n Stephen HaMy.
Christian llelil rs Daniel Cigcer.
Wllliim Hopper ta CdmondCrnnfnrd.
(leore Fetttirman vi Holomoit Fetterman,
Martin Mowrcr vt Thomas rtlneklmusu et nl.
Gilbert Fowler ri Daniel Fowler, Kx,
Ceorge Moore el nl rt Dld Ltwis ct al.
Daniel Kustenbader r David Hans.
Te'cJiiiinn D, Blrome et ol r John Hess .
WilliJiu Hittenhousc l Hnnincl F. Iliadlry.
Junes Ualstnn ri James Ralston, Jr , Adm'r.
Jeauder W Kaufman, etnlri Lewi" V Myers eta
D-tvid Del de bra nt vs llenjnuilii Fnux.
Kebccca Garrison vs Alfred llowelt,
Daniel I,. Win'crsteenct nlrsChrisiiaa Shu ma n
Williiui itohisonrs William l.cigar.
llloonifcliurc, Mnich i'3 .lf57
(SDrigiual Storu.
Written for the Democrat.
Tho Strength of Principle.
Itri arcrnk John Honk, Itkhardl hompson.
On im Solomon Ncjhtirtl.
C iiaiiisi-Char Irs Krrich.
Greenwood John l.tuion , Geo. Mniteri Edward
A Iberlflcn. Ira Joh tison , Isaac Dtwitt,
lienilof peter Appleman.
t.ocust-John Yeaner.
Mnu nip tea rant J.irrdi.Coho
Mililin 'brithuni Mostelltt. William.N. Crown.
Maim Dn idel bhuinan.
u.intmir-Tfter llrloiLarh
Maiiisoii Jcuifs Jonns u.KcifcrA Snlili , Join
pine Albilt llunler.
Heott JohtiTresibly llarinan O.Cmvcll r.g .Jack
sou Girreuoti.
Sajtir loaf Andrew t.a'itnc h.
Uluoinrburi:. March S-. WiL
lllonui Morris Van Ituklr k
Hrinr creek Henry KHti i.l.cuse, Henri Doak, John
lleaver Charles Michtel.Moiet Frhlicher, Jactb
IMiitou RiehardHtilea, Joseph C. llcss.
Centre John Fertrr. Jacob Hagcnluch
Catiwla a Daulrl Uh) wvll
tJ'teawood Abnham DririLclbis. Jacob D tten
Hem ork Ilrubrn Uogart.
J.irVsnii George Farvrr. lrnm Derr.
I.orust- lohu I.. JItrit.Jonis (Ucrnluger, O. C, II
fr ;dvvln Ji'hn.
M'ltllin John, Folk, Henry Iklla. Thomas Aten.
II s rnin Freat
M tdMon h Wctliver, Richard Pemott.
Mo'intpn is an t John dh Ipmn, Fliihp Crawford.
Paul Kline.
it it in ii ur reek William DrrUharh.
So.itt-Ueece Fairniau, Willi.itu Nyeri, Thomas
ihlfhl !.' nf lou -r l'.iliii'.itioii of Hih I Re hno nlman . Willard C Grcru
llart.Dvspepnin, Nervous IrratiUlity, Dcr.iugt inetil J Sngarlnaf Grnrpc Hlrdnni.
-ftfiliR Digestive Functions, Gencrui Debility yn ptojus
oiuonsiimptiou, r.
MflN TALLY The fearful rfl" rt upon the mind1
, .are much to bo dreaded, Lih ol M "inry, ConriMiou of :
I loas, D-iire-ion of the hpiritn. l'ortlodiiici
sAversionof ducicty, Titiiity &c.,arc suinc oltln-uvild
,,-v Thousands of persons of all ages can now judge
m what is tin came of tleir dt'Chning hCn ltd . Looting
Ithalrvigor, becoming weak pnlesmleintrined, hat in
J appearance about the cycs.ciHighond vjinp
ilonis of Consumption.
Dr. Johnston's Invigorating Remedy for
Organic tircakcss.
dwDy this great and imporiant remedy, weakness nfthe
forgans are speedily cured, and lu'l vigor reftoird.
iTb'iusjndsof the most nervous and debilitated, who
.had I t all hone, have been I mined lately re In ved Alt
Impediments to Marrlige.l'hysirnl and Mental Disfnia
tlftcatfon, Nervous 1 rninhilrty. Tremblings and Weak-
,nesi, or exhaustion ntthu matt (earful kind, speedily
cured by Doctor Johnston
, Young Men
.Who hive Injure.) themselves by n rerttln practice,
'tftlulged In when n In tie i hntnt freipientty lenrnei
ffonrt evileompaniotia, or atsckool theerTects of w Inch
nre nighi'y lelt, even when asleep, and If not cured
' render marri ip iiuposslble, nsd destroys both mind
itad Uidy, should apply immediately
lUWhii ti nitv that u votmc mm. the hone of hit conn
oTry.aud the darling of his parents, should bft anutrhed .
" "from all prnjpects and enjoy meiits nf life. by the eoiifo I
ki,Viunrcs ol deviating from the rath of nature, and In-1
uuiging in areriuiu necret naijit, cucn persons ucioxu
VT"Z Marriage
flhould reflect IbM a sound mind and IWynre the inns
Llndej 1, withnut tlieie.tlic journey through lilo becomes ,
weary pil4riinnge,thu prospect hourly darkens to ilio
view ; me nnnu itecomes iiinnowru .iiii oespair ouu
f nnoihi'rliernrites blurhled with our own, i
lOMMfjU MJ.7 b()U 1 11 f it tilll.uii'lv Dr.,waiiiworc..Tja
(ALL fUuli ICJA It Ul tillA l KtAB I'liKX Uttfll l.u.
N.H. Lot no false modestv nrevent you. but onitlyiiu
ftfnadJ&telyeiiherperfconally or by letter.
To Strangers.
JTk. f.t.aA . tlilu I ii 1 1 ill Inn ulth'n
,4 ha, last IS years, and the numerous important Surgical
superations periornieu ay ur Jonusion, wiiuessuu uy
rlha reoorlersel the naniira nnd manv other i
ttlcei of which have aitpeartd again and ugftln beforo
llloomsburc. Mirrli 2J, IB57.
NO'l'lUll Is lirrchy civen tint the fnlluwini; periods
in Ouluinliia cmintv hnvt) MNnI Up ir scvrrtil )cti.
(1'iiis in llie i:oitll if (ln.irltT riibvlom or the inil
oMinty, for n Invent liccn.u s it tln'ir rn.pcctivo town
tliii, ulncli bui.l petitions will 1h pn-.nteil lo thn
aid Cou it, oil Mnml.iy, till 4lli ilsy of Mny tint, of
ivlnch nil iieiions iiitcrutcd will lirrvhy InKo tittle,
n ml Hit lirvnii'1 lor the County nl Coliimliin, Mill be
titntttcil nn Wednesday, the Clli day of May next, Qt U
u'clock l'.M.
Oliver A. Jacohy,
J.iUiun Wnnier.
WilliaiH Lous,
Ttiontns Connelly,
Franklin Hhuro.u,
Joint l.inttt-ii,
John J. b'tilci,
Tctrr Shop,
l iiuoars.
Jo.irh II, Long,
Isaac Yelter,
Ramuel Andrew.,
W. A.Klino,
Frrilerirk Nicely,
Kl'irerA Hinith,
Hatiiltel Koai'nhorilur,
Utiorh llunell,
Daniel I., i'.verliatt,
Hajiiticl Mdlenry,
lltcliaril l'lumMcr,
tUmurl Uvcrctt,
1'eicr r. Klino,
Georgo 1.. Shoemaker,
l' ter llllltneycr,
llavtd Miller,
Jnliii 1. Hunt.
J.inies i'leece,
William llttichison,
JucoU (lOOll,
Johii Keller,
John I.earnck,
Jacob Dyer,
Daniel Mellcnry,
Bulnucl llarinan.
Stephen WolT, Store,
John Hharnle.i.tlnrn,
Fredenck U. l'.yer, store
ll&uc K.Swepenhelicr.
Store License,
Stephen woir,
II loom,
diuyn? Iiatn.
Hen ton.
l.i(.lit Street,
Mifflin township.
II. 11. W. Vanawker, (resliiurai t) tfnti
m. - ni.l l!, nlillnn ill
Ih.dtililic, iHsiiles i ll i. un.liuiansenlIenianorclia. I ,h ,nllia t0Url fir license to keep uu paling house or
nacterand reiponsihllity, ,Uu sufficient guarantee to
Take Notice.
N.n. There are so ninny Icuoiant and worthless
lucks O'lverliiinj Ihemsclvn riiysiciaus, rulninj
o lieallh ortho alreidy alUirted, that Dr. Johnston
eems it necessary to say, especially to those un.ic
ualntud with his reputation. th it his rreiWniisIs and
inloniasalwaysliaim in his otBce.
nf-r.pir Novici. All lollcrs must he ncsl paid, and
contain a postage slump for tho uply, ur noansner
t- willbfl sent
January 17, laor.
Stoves aud Tinware.
THE subscriber havlnj erected larjo new brick
Foundry and Machlno Shop, In pluro nf the nld
1 .one, is prepared io niaito an mini, ui inmui a. m.-
lowest pnets. 1'lowi constantly on hand. The rub
criber has ulso removed bis Tin Shop from Mam it
to the Foundry lot, where lie has erected bulldlnc
,i alloretlter for Stoves und Tiuware,
. Tlie Cooking Stoves consist of tho VM. TUNN
.Ql'AIM.O.l KTOVF.S ot all kind', the I'.GU CV
'CTSl.lMIKlt BTOVU.ic. All Muds of Bpoullnj
side to order.
Jnooaioirj, April Jl ifjr,
restaurant In their resptctivo toninlnps. and thcio
petitions will lie nreiciiieu ana ncieu upuuui mu samu
lime iviilt those fur tavern licenses,
Mary llolmec. Fishin;creek.
T C IIUii Sc O T Wilson, Ulouinttiurg.
Joseph W. Henderihui, do.
CarulinaClark. lllonui.
Ja'ljCeiiBeli. JohnCngold.Cottauissa.
Hiram Sniet'.iers, Iteinick.
Illootniblirti April 11, 1857.
Estate of Elijah Price, dfc'tl.
TETTERS of Adiniuistration on tlio
jr.iue of lllllah 1'rlre, lato of Iocilil township,
Columbia couulv, uecenseil, have been mauled by the
U Ulster ol Columbia county, to David lleinliold, wt,o
residrs in said Locust township, and J. r. Trice, who
nsidee in Ashkiua. Brhuylkill county! oil persons
having claim, against the estate af the dicedent are
re'iuested lo present luein to the Administrator Willi
out iU'Uv,aud all persons indrbird to jnako payment
forthwith, DAVID IIU1NUOLU,
J. F I'lUCi),
April 18. 1I3T-C Ain'tt
Milt,, H W &W.K CREABV,
In o beautiful but sequestered valley,
and a short distnnco from tho sloping mar
gin nf ono of those placid streams which
beautify and fertilize our country, itoid a
little cottage, almost hidden by tho shrub
bery in which it was embowered. The
dwelling, humble as it was, resembled a
diamond encircled with cmoralda, as the
reflection of tho last golden rays of the
Betting sun was scut brightly back from tho
eaBcments upon the grass-carpeted lawn
and tall lilac bushes. To the north rose a
mountain, exhibiting nil the hues peculiar
to an American autumn, boyond this
towered a chain, so distant ns (o resemble
a wreath nf vapor losing itself in tho mi-ty
blue of tho horizon. On the opposite
snore ot tno river stretcuou an immense
tract of prairio laud, whoso soft green
afforded a pleasant relief to the sombre
shade of tho mountain. It was a lovely
spot, one on which Nature had tbowcrcd
her gifts with a lavish hand at loast bo
thought the two individuals who wcro en
joying its beauties from tho vino covered
porch of tho cottage.
Ellen Osgood was the delight of he
father's house. Her merry smilo was ever
successful in driving every mark of care
from his brow or depressing thought from
his mind. She wns a pure, disinterested
creature, whoso only aim was to lighte
the oarcs of thoso among whom her lot
castj and admirably sho succeeded, for
her home was rendered as bright nnd
cheerful as though sorrow existed but in
fancy, and had never cast a blight upm
Uio fair prospects of the inhabitants
earth, Alas, that so lovely a scene should
bo marred by the hand of tho spoiler 1
Henry Elton was tho accepted lover of
Ellen. Ho was a young physician who
liad just left college, where ho had been a
general favorite, and perhaps it was owing
to this that his moral character had bo
como somewhat unsettled for, in trjing
to please all, lie was obliged to assimilato
himself in some degree with tho habits of
thoso with whom ho associated, and il is a
fact long sinco established, that all are not
purely moral in theso institutions. His
manners wcro pleasing, and ho possessed
conversational powers of tho highest order.
He was engaged at tho time our talo com
mences, in pleading with Ellen to shorten
tho period of their engagement, and, from
tho gratified expression of his haudsomo
faco, a spectator might havo inferred that
his ploa was successful. Tho preparations
for tho approaching wedding wcro rapidly
progressing, when, ono day a3 Ellen Iras
seated at licr worlt near an open window,
but concealed by a luxuriant honoysucklo
that shaded it, sho heard Ctcsar, an old
servant, say tosomo ono beneath: ''Wat a
nico gemmau Massa JJnrry is. Pity ho
drinks so much, but dou its do only fault
ho has."
Tho color loft her chook. Could it bo
that her Loan's idolwas a druukard? She
est indiscretion. The breath ot suspioion
bad never infused a doubt of his innoocney
into her mind, and ho bad doomed him
abovo the foul aspersions of slander. How
could she solvo her doubts t Sto could
not ask a servant if her betrothed was un
worthy, and, as Elton was absent dn a visit
to one of his college friends, sho had no
opportunity of observing his condtjet. Sho
tried . lo banish it from her thoughts, but
tho imago of a drunken husband was con
stantly recurring to bcrjmind.
About a week after, whilo on a visit to
hor cousin, Isabella Welding, who resided
in a neighboring towr. the unexpectedly
met him in ono of tho frost public streets,
where he with sovoral otters was discussing
politics rather more louily than tho occa
sion warranted. Ilo immediately joined
them, and Ellen obscricd that his faco
was slightly flushed. This was almost
sufficient to corroborate! hor former suspi
cious. At any other ti ic sho would not
havo remarked so common an occurrence;
but, now that ono painful thought com
pletely absorbed her mind,icr perceptions
had acquired an unnatural quickness, and
sho gathered food for her troubled spirit
from tho most trifling circunstanco.
In a few days, the cloud lhat rested over
her happiness was diepellcd. Elton bad
been her nltnost constant coupanion during
that time, nnd his beaming glance of lovo
had gone as far as his rcpcLtcd assurances
in convincing her of bis innoconco. Ono
evening her father came in.
"Well, Ellen," said ho, "aro you willing
to leave .this pleasant villago for your
country home to-morrow 1"
She expressed her readiness, though not
ithout somo reluctance at leaving her
lover. Her arrangements wcro accordingly
made, but her aunt who had felt unwell all
day, became very ill during tho night, and
they were obliged to remain.
and your voncrated father for my guido,
wo will have nothing to fear."
Ellen was softened, but sho had often
heard that intemperance was an almost
incurablo moral malady, and this thought
ctccled hor heart against his eloquence,
and saved hor from that most awful fate
a drunkard's wifo. With her eyes blindod
in tears, she extended hor hand, and with
a choked uttcranco, exclaimed, " Farewell,
may God bless you, and cnablo you to
conquer your imphoablo foo." Elton left
tho place, and no tidings of him ever reach
ed hor cars, though her prayers for his
welfare wcro constant as the return of
uight or tho dawn of morning.
Writttn for the Democrat.
Tho First of May.
Tho Boatman's Daughter.
During tho year 1814. while tho allied
arraios were concentrated about Paris, the
following remarkable incident, posiossing
all tho interest of romance; occurred. It
is strictly true, and the parties aro still
A young lieutenant of dragoons was
engaged with three or four Hungarians,
who, aftor having received several smart
strokes from his sabre, managed to Bond a
nan into
It was ono of. thoso tbuudcr and light
ning gales at night, when for moment all
would bo ns light as day, and moment
after, so dark thai you oould not boo an
oar's length from tho vessel. The oaptain
was forward, and all hands except the cook
and myself were aloft.
Tho ship was pitohing mtdly, and tho
wares were toppling sometimes ui high as
the yard arm, and then dipping away with
a l,;.l I. 1 il
L. .. . .w .. . .1 n.iii, uuuci vjui aws, malt utauc uvury
is shoulder, to niorco his chest :.i... : .t ..t s rri.. h...j Ji
, ... . ... I mulfi;s " "io vwaoci uuivur. j.uo inuuuer
with 'a thrust from a lance, and to lea vol im, 4i ,i .i
him for dead on tho bank of the river.
On tho opposite side of tho stream, a
boatman and his daughter had been watch
inn this unequal light with tears of despe
ration. But what could an old unarmed
man do, or n pretty child of sixteen ?
However, tho old soldier for such tho
boatman waj had no sooner seen tha
officer fall from hii horse than he and his
daughter rowed most vigorously towards
tlio other side.
was roaring like ten thousand oannons.
and every now and then, as I said) -half
the sky would be lit'up in a stream of fi'ro
that glared over the top of tho waves, and
glistened on tho wet deok, and tho span
lighting up everything so plain, that 1 oould
sco the m6n's faces at the main top, and
catch glimpses of the reefers on tho yard-
armclinging liko death then all would
bo horriblo darkness.
You could hear tho spray spitting a
gaiust tho canvas, and tho groat waves
Tho curtains of Mrs.Wclding's chamber
wcro closely drawn. The almost perfect
stillness which reigned throughout the
partment was broken only by tho vibra
tions of a small mantel clock which stood
opposito tho bed, and an occasional moan
from tho sufferer. Isabella was sitting
near her mother's bed, watching tho almost
impcrocptible motion of tho thin covering
as it rose and fell to her gentle breathing.
Kllcn had tlrJwn her chair to tho window,
nd, leaning her head on her hand, her
thoughts wcro wandering back to tho days
of hor happy childhood, and thou wcaviug
a bright web for her future years to untold,
when she wa3 started from her rcverio by
tho sound of voices on tho pavement below.
" I say, Elton, is this tho place where
your fair enchantress sojourned when sho
blest our village with hor prcsenco 1 l!y
Jupi'cr, it's well for you that sho's homo
ward bound."
"Never fear, Morton, I always take
caro to cuaru against suoti a misbap as
Ellen glanced out ot tho window, and
saw Elton and his chum, Edward Morton,
staggering down tho street. How rudely
was tho veil torn from Lcr eyes ! How
quick tho transition from exquisito happi
ness to the deepest anguish I Truly, " tho
heart knowcth its own bitterness, and
stranger intermcddleth not with its joy."
Sho siid nothing, for sho saw that Isabella
had been so intently watching her mother
that she had heard nothing of what had
passed. Sho hid her faco in her hands,
and tried to collect her scattered, bewil
dered thoughts. Oould sho marryat'f!;
Wo do not cay, with tho anti-utilitarian,
'.'Alas 1 for tho good old times," when peo
ple went a-Maying ; thoso rollicking an
eostors of ours, old and young, matron
and maiden, siro and son. And rare sport
it was, to bo euro ; and tho mimic Quean
of tho Day was oftentime, doubtless, hap
pier thanherwho wore thojcwcllod diadem,
and swayed tho scepter of power over na
tions. Flowers fade, 'tis very truo j yet
tho crowned of thoJMay-pole's gathered
crowd, her insignia withered in a dyi
saved at least her head from tho pressure,
physical and moral, attendant on tho in
heritors of thrones. Wo do not, wo s&y,
regret altogether, that holidays nre not so
fashionabhboro as in some other countries,
and as erst thoy might havo been in our
own land. Other means and moods of
enjoynent havo taken thoir plaao. Tho
press, ever sending forth it3 forest of paper
leaves, percnial as they arc, and thicker
than the poet ever dreamt of m Vallam'
hrosa's Vole, is ono great diminisher of
outdoor pastimes. The parlor and eon
ter-table keep U3 from tho fields and woods,
and the bye-ways. Steam, railroads, mig
netic telegraphs, and allsortsof machinery,
havo set the world agog, and thero is no
time, in tho hurry to get ahead, for piuso
or dallianoo with Nature, over the Bamo.
You must be on board when tho bell rings,
Tho Watts, Fultons and Morses havo
knocked romanco into a cooked hat.
There is no poetry savo in tho practical
And thero is poetry there ; in Iho spinning
. . . i. .1.
lennv: m tuo sieam-enginc in an iuiu
aids to develop genius, bkiII, and give em
ployment to labor. But, about tho first of
Tho morning was loworing, and little
hearts excited by altcrnato hope and fear.
Tho qucFtion arose among tho whito-robed
Then, when they had deposited the ..i .).. i. i
wounded man n their boat, those worthy 0f the: wind. through' tho rigging, and nowM
people crossed tho river again, but. with 8Dd thin, when a gasket g.vo way, .amit
faint hopes of reaching the military hospital ihe Bki to lccwrd-you could,
m time. ...... hcor 'tbo canvas slitting liko tho crack of
"lou havo been very badly treated, my nTr,ivet ' ....
i .. . i .1 . . i . . . I,. , --""-"
ooy, saiumooia guarusmanto mm; "uut
hero am I, who havo gone further, still, and wtttd Bcreflming.D ordcrS) ,J t!l0aato t
como home. I .1 ' . ? ' ....
mi i ji .i . i .... i , lUB crosa-irco screaming inem .over; mi
The silence and the. fixed attitud.q qf thd lightning came, and.tlTe thunder, both
Lieutenant S- showed tho extreme l0;6t, and deadened their voices, 'if
agony of his pains, and tho hardy boatman lia k lf o m,j8 j' Bti
soon discovered that tlio Wood winch was Ias ' I j .
gathering about tho wound 'on .th-e loft.sido h! e of tL'Q' j, thaj-fsaw a-,
7t? L wly, if?,, -i'l'?.St.CnCC-' the yard-arm lose his foot-hold r3
.... ... '.. .. "' . I tho shin rMva a nlun?e. but hia arms wera
"Wary bo sd, "you nave ucard mo clbricheTround tho spar. - Bcfo.o I couia
tell of my brother, who died of such .ano, ,6ce) tishueiai3a eaul0 tjvcr. bnd thtf 1
ther wound as tins here; W oil, now, had lfi.j..i' i. ..i.-,i.. i,Lip.i.f.,
hero only boon somebody by to, suck the 0MditnBj I .thought I heard aonietliing ,
hurt, his lifo would have been tUved.' 1!ko -. tin Low ?t d-d off .nd: '
Iho boatman then landed, and went to Vit: n.'.i. rit..i.:.t..
look for two or three soldiers. to help him V i, mom -,y sho'ld ,
frt nirft' thn rtMi nnr 1 a a tr n ir hie Hntinlilaip I
; w..., .rv.,.v.,.., p. tufrtop Of.orwat tho1 wares alongidc, out
m charge of him. Tho girl looked at the Tom Wcet tL iightniDg, gj. 0'n,
sufferer for a second or two. U hat was f 80 tLst t c1ouJd,18eo , tho
her emotion when sho heard him sich eo rn ' i - . -
BI2I1 BO ,-.
deeply, not that ho was resigning life in As jack would W it !te
the first flower of his age, but that ho should Lauht hold of ono ol the studdini, ilL
dio without lk mother's kiss
"My mother! my dear mother,"
said, " I dio without"
Her woman's heart told her what he
would hivo said. Her bosom heaved with
svmpathy, and her eyes ran over.
Then she remembered what her father
had said, and thought how her uncle's life
might have been saved. In an instant,
quicker than thought, sho tore open the
officer's coat, and iho generous girl recall
d life with her lips.
Amidst this huly occupation the sound
of footsteps was heard, and tho Washing
heroine fled to tbo other end of tho boat
Judge of her father's surprise, as he canio
un with two soldiers, when he saw Lieu
tenant S , whom he expected to find
dead, open his eyes, and ask for his deli
Tho boatman looked at Lis
saw it all. Tho poor irirl camo
with her head bent down. Sho was about
to excuse uerseit, wnen uer latner, erawa- -,. from tbo Tessci
"?r ii TToM on. mv man 1" shouted the cs
cing her with enthusiasm, raised up
girls, can wo go ? Elderly maidens looked , spirits, and the officer thanked hor in Ln
sheets, cs bo fell, and as ho pitched: 1 oould
sec it slipping off tho coil, upon the, deck., ,
I shouted like mad 'a man overboard f
and just in titno to catoli the rope, when
wo could see nothing again. I was a boy
then, and couldn't hold by tho rope tho
sea w6 too high, and the man too heavy
for mo.
I shouted and shouted, and felt the sweat
starting all over my forehead, a tho rope
slipped out through my hands. Poor Ton
had been our mes-iuato tor a year, ana,
wo all loved him,
Presently tho captain left his aft, and
took hold with me, just as tho coil was
nearly spent, and we pulled upon him (,
and the cook camo, and wo three hauled,
together on him. Poor fellow I it must
have been a desperate work for him, for
, the feli'ip was drifting at a prodigious rate,
emm ana we pulliDg up at lhe Bame timc; but
..i bo clung like a man.
By and by, at a flash, we saw him on a
it turco oar s icngiu irom tuc vessel.
1 Hold on, my man 1" shouted the cap.
up and said thoy thought not ; mothers did
not exactly know ; but tho boys said
"Como !" and that settled tho affair.
The young folks sallied forth, and our
heart went with them : and we csid at our
labor, let the lip bo wreathed with the
smile of innocent girlhood tho bright cyo
dance with joy, and tho guileless tonguo
pour forth tho thoughts of hearts untouched
by tbo cares nd tho sorrows that will surely
como. Let tho pleasant voice ring out in
tho wildwood'; pluck tho first flowrtta of
Spring i clasp whilo you can tho rose, cro
tho thorn shall pierce. Tho stern realities
of life, anon, will bo upon you. Tho eyo
that now i3 bright and clear, may become
dull and clouded i may becomo toarful
! with untold grief ; tho fair and sunny brow
these nronhctio words
" You havo saved my life ; it belongs to
After this stie tended mm, anu necame
his nurso j nothing would he tako but from
her hand. No wonder that with suoh a
nurse he at length recovered.
Mcauwhilc, Master Cupid, who is very
busy in such cases, gave him another
wound j nnd there was only one way to
euro it so very deep it was.
The boatman's daughter bccaino Madame
8 .
Thrilling Romanco Sold.
Somo timo since a Cincinnati paper re
ceived and iprintcd the first chapter of what
promised to bo a thrilling romance, in tho
expectation of being provided with the
may be wrinkled by flare ; tho clastio step
anil Oh, no for eko remembered that .drag heavily witn ton, anu me nosom now
tho wrath of God rested upon him but boating with a happiness that thrills through
did she not lovo him 1 Alas! too well thu heart, yo Lardly know why, bear a
but oughts cho to give her heart's best J weight of wo of which yo wot not. Tho
affections to ono who loved not lehovah I lip that nowuttors tho (eeling of tho heart.
to one who was tho enemv oi her best will learn to bo silent, when that heart
......... r
r?' .1 ,1 V;nf mlcf.rvnr.nn would MJCllV ClVfi It UttCraCCC n
X' WUUUf UUU I1UV IIWUVI Mliu iui-vij .w D IV
all with whom sho was connected T These joy, then, the hour, did our spirit sjy to
tlinu. bts flitted ranidlv tbrouch her excited 'tho seekers of pleasure, whilo yo aro in
brain, but she oould ariivc at no decision, the Springtime, of lifo, for Summer, Au
and in tho fulness of her heart, she offered J tumn and Winter will como to all things
up a prayer for tho guidance of Him who animate. .Perpetual bloom i3 not of oarth.
has promised to bo " a very present help j May.days, to you, willsoonbo memories of
in time of trouble." Her heart was soothed jtho past, dimming in tho distance ; rcmcm
by communion with iho I'athcr of Spirits, ! brances, gleams of suushino, Bave in retro-
and sho roso with a firm determination to ( specuvo visions, uasuiug muu, mwu, u mt
do her duty, and resign him who had been lightning upon ihc benighted traveller,
paramount iu hor affections. rendering his way darker than before
When on her return homo she saw Elton, Enjoy, then, wo rcpoat finally, in a rational
and uuflinchinclviold lim what ehc bad manner, your young hours; they aro wing-
seen, and that their intimacy must now ; iug noiselessly but swiftly by, and onco
forovcr ccaso, ho at first appcard thunder-1 gone, aro gone forovcr.
struck, jxnd attempted to laugh nt what ho I -' '
called merely a "a youthful indiscretion." ( " I liko you," said a girl to her
Ho portrayed in tho most eloquent terms j suitor, " but I cannot lcavo homo; I am a
tho happiness that awaited them when far widow's only darling; no husband can
removed frojj the scdustions of fashionablo equal my parent in kindness,"
hud no other foundation for belief than socioty, Ho would becomo all tho fondest "Sho is kind," replied the wooer; "but
tho gossip of an old servant. Sho hid hoart could wish. "In tho bosom of this 1 bo my wifo; wo will livo altogether, and
never known him to lo guilty of the slight. 1 peaceful valley, with ycu for my solace, 1 see if I don't beat your mother."
" For God's sake, be quick," said tho
man, and went down in a trough of tha
sea. And wo pulled the harder, and tho
captain all the timo calling to him to keep
up courago and hold strong, Uut in tho
hush, we oould hear Tom say
"I can't hold out much longer I an
most gone. "
Wa called out' tho moro to'hira to bold
on, aud presently wo got him where wo
oould most lay hold of him. and wore only
waiting for a good lilt of the Bca, to bring
him up, when tho poor fellow groanod out ;
" It s no use, I can't good-bye 1" and a
wavo tossed tho end of tha topo olear
upon tho bulwarks.
At tho next flash we saw him going down
under tho water.
I nev.r shall foreet how ho looked for
expectation ot ueing provmea wuuj u L plain-when he said "good-
conouding portions a3 they might bo needed "u Dal ,,.. i,,.,
Tho chanter was very inRcniously written. W and let B h,a h,,1J-
nnd concludod by leaving its principal -m-c,
character suspended by tho pantaloons A IiUUIJ UM a,
from tlio limb of a tree over a perpendicular John D. G ough leoturcd in Cincinatti on
precipice. It attracted the attention of Friday night of last wcok. Hero is ono
the press, and inquiries began to bo made of hia anecdotes.
concerning tho continuation of tho story A long, lean, gaunt Yankee entered a
and tho fate of its hero. Day after day drug storo and asked;
tho victimized publishers looked for tho. Uo you tho drugger t
remaining chapters, but in vain they Well, I 'sposo so, I sell drugs,
nover camo to band. Jmding that liiey Well, hev you got any oi iui oouatin
had been sold, and wishing to put a stop stuff as tho galls put on their hanke'ekers l
to the jokes ihcir cotemporarieswero crack- O, yes,
ing at their expense, they briefly concluded V,T our Sal's gwin to bo married, and
tho story thus : sho givo mo nino-ponco and told mo to
CHAPrxn II, conclusion. invest the hull 'mount in sccutin stuff, si's
After hancing to tbo treacherous limb to make her etink sweet, if I could find
for four weoks, his pantaloons gave way,
and Charles Melville rolled over tho yawn
inc precipice. Ho fell a distanco of fivo
somo to Buit ; if you'vo a mind I'll jes small
Tho Yankee smelt round without being
rnilns. and camo down with tho small of suited untiUho'dru2er', cot tired of him
his back across a stako and rider fence, and taking down a bottle of hartshorn,
which so jarred him that he was compelled said: 1-
to travel in Iuly for his health, where ho Pvo got a scentin stuff hero that'll suit
is at present residing. He is engaged in y0u, A. single dmp on a hankcrcher will
tho butcher business, ana is tuo lamer oi a stay lor weejes, auu you eiiu i ivas;t u um,
largo family of children."
but to get tho Btrength of it you must take
a good big smell.
Is that so, mister I Wall, jest hold on
a minnct, till I get my breath, and when
Isst neow.vouput it to my smeller. Tho
hartshorn, of course, kuocked the Yankou
Man Hu.vq by a Mod. Tho Ohio
Statesman, si vs that Edward Hawkins,
who last month snot and Killed James iu.,1 nil Inaan Awiniv Rnorifr nml fiOn-
stable of Estill county, Ky., was taken at down, as liquo has done many a man.
his father's in Adams county, Ulno, ana uo you suj.pu no ........ -6.
lodged in tho jail of Estill county, Ky 9 the drunkards do I IN othc-but roll
On Sunday, tho surroundiug inhabitants ing up his sleeves and doubling up his fists,
assembled together, UroKo into tuo jn, " ' "
j .irii.j.!.,. ...1 1,! l farnal everlastinc Stuff. mUtCf. HOW 1
carried off Hawkins, conveyed him
fipnt of tho murder, and there hunj him,
'jnake vou smell wollin.