Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, April 04, 1857, Image 1

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ALEM B. TATE,. Publislior.
fLEYI L, TATE, Proprietor.
"To Hold and Trim tho Torch of Trutlt and Wavo it o'er tlio darkonod Earth.''
WOL. XL NO. 4.
II n Uloomsburg, Columbia County, I'a.
Office. In the. neto Brick Building, op
t posite the Exchange, by side of tho Cow I
I House," Democratic Head quarters,
inus op suDScmrTio.
'41,00 In ivlvnnoe, for ono copy, for tlx month.
1,75 In ndvanoo, for ono oopy, ono yoar.
2,00 If not paid vrttliinthc fiMt threo months.
3,25 If not paid within the fl rat l months.
2,50 If not pal.l within tho j-unr.
fjtr NoflubijrlptlontftkoiiforloMthanalxrr.ontnB,
. and no paper .lUcontlncd. until all arrenrng.g shall
havo Loon paM.
lOT Ordinary advertisements Inserted and Job
work oxocutcd at tlie cjtullishod price
1)00X011 JOHNSTON.
fTMIE fouudcrof this Celebrated Insti-
I tuiioii,oirrs ihu inotci-rtoiu, Kopedy, anil only
ftTloctii tl rdmmly In Hid world far eirecta Tor (Heels,
ftrictur i, diiiuitidl w itUix;, liina In tlia IjoIob,
i;,)(iiUuitioti.i1 Ddtiiity lnipol'Mcy, Weakness of 1)10
Uuctt nod Llm'is, AiTectloin uf ttiu Kidneys, l'atpha
tliu of lli'i ileiri, Ii ipuosU, Nurmii Irrltnlilllly.
lilicattjol thi lluad, 'i'lirodt. Noo or Skin. 011 d alt
lAni-i serloiit find melancholy Diordera arising from
tut dmtr.ictlva UtiliiU uf Vouili, whlcli do 1 troys both
uody and mluJ, Ttint: secrut mid toll t &ry practices,
ri more fatal to their victims limn tlio song of ttiu
Byrpni to the mariners Ulysses, blighting their most
brilliant liop of untlcinalljn. rniidcriiig niarriogo,
A., iuipoisililo.
loung Men,
ipiv.l3l1v who liavo becomo tlio victims of solitary
vUfl.ttiut d reai! lu 1 mid destructive habit, which a mm
' ally sweoti to hii untimely i rac thousands of ) citing
' mtin of tlio motii-xalicd talents mid brilliant Intel
lutt, who nil j lit otherwise huo ciittuncrd luti-ninr;
eanatti' with the tliiutCcre n cio'pir ne, or waked tu
.wxtaclestholyru, m.iy cnll with all confidence.
Married ptjronior Voun Mn conteniplatinjr. mar
ri0, being nware uf physical ivciiKiif., organic do
bility. deformities, &x,, huilt ini'imdiatcly consult
Ui Johnstontgjd bo restored to perfect lii-nlih.
Ho who plicca himself und'r Hit cure nf Dr. John
ton uiav rnll(jlouily ennfide in Ms honor us n gentle
loan, anilconhdentlv rely upon his cktll us ephystclan.
Organic Wenkncs
(miantiHnly cured ntid fnlt vigor ruotorod.
Th1fdlsensn Is thi pcntlly moi fru'iutinly paldr.y
this who hive become the victim of improper litdul
gonclflt. Voung persons iit loo apt to rotuinU cx
es from not being awarn uf tho dreadful consequence
t bat niayeiiu. Now, who tlmt underinndi the enb
Jeet will pretend to duny tint the power of prncret
Hon is 1'iiL iotiiiur Uv thoe ftillnic Into iniiirotior
habitR than by tliti prudent. OftldeA boln? dtpritcd of
tba pl'iabure ot htaliliy ollspnng. Hie moil nerioiis
and desiruclivu ttyiuptoniri to hih body and itilnd
urisn. The yntu'ni bticnniei ilo m u'-it; iliu p!islrnl
unl urtbt'il powers wuukoiied, ucivoiis di-hllity, dys
Ppi4, iialpitntton of tlx hcfirl .indiiteslioit. a wattng
uf ihe fvd. cough, tiyiittoiii kitf n Hi4inplion 4c c.'
7T J""-7 rn.T.t I t.upRRK k riTRKB r. soveii uoors
-rr' I-. 1 u,.t. tut lh.. uIi.b Ita
me JrirrtTti J rainV.A 1 B audtNUMlJi;Ut or
onwiII miiiiakii tlit! plttiif)
Dr. Jahnsto.i,
Mimbirof tho! (toy n I Oollejfo of Hurfiem, London
Gr luiiu tru'tt oii uTthu inuat t'ttiinciu cnlIeitcH uf the
UnitiJ States, and tlK'yrenter p.tit ufwliosu lift has
)4mi annnl in I he itkI llnfiuln a 0 l.oinlon , Tdrit. I II -
U I'lphia and Alsewhiru. tun Mlkrfd hoiiki uf the iituit
rt niton m at ng cnrn that were ever known ; many timiii
til wiift ritiitiiij liiitm head and wlia ueltcp.
t grl nervniisiiess. Innng alaimcd at miilden doun.ts.
A aad bafjluosi, with .freiuuni Idmtilnjf, uitoiidt-tl
MniHtntifs with deratisooiuul ufiniiid wire cured 1m
A Certain Discass,
Winn thflliHluguidijtl and imprudent votary of plea
sur.j flndj hJ hn imbibed the m of this pBinfu
Jlinase, it too nficH happens that an UHfuied stnsu o
; nhrirne, or dread of dheui uiy, deter iiiiu frmn nprly
ItiC to thosii wh j from ndueniion and regpretabihty
tn nlono bffrieiid Mm dpliying till the conitiluiionil
ymplmni ofthtshorrid diseam malm theirappenrance,
'1 sash s ti lc:ritiij .ue throut. diittnsed nose, nocturnal
, pains in th 1 head and limbs, dim nun of siji lit, deafness,
nojosnn in sain nones, uii't arms, uioiriifti on thai
bvtil fttce.nud eilrcm'-tieB, prngrrsting nilh fnghilul
rapidity, till at list tho palate of lite month or tint
boats of Hi nose fall in , and the victim of tins aw ful
dinette bccotiws a horrid object of commitseruliou, lilt
diili puts a period to his tlreadfulsutluringB, bystiu
llughim to "that bourne from whence no t rave It r
Tstuni." To nucli therefore Dr. Johni-ton pledges
riinielf to preserve tho moil cuvioi ilile sccr? cv. anil
(rom his eitnnalvo practice in the rtrst Hospitals of
Bsropo and America; lie ran confidently rccoiuinetid a
tiU siid gpqedy euro to tho unfortuimto vicilfu olthis
horrid disease
Take pirliculir Notice,
Dr. J addresses all those who have injured them
alves by private and improper indulgence,
Thtse are smr.n of the ml and mulanclioly effects
produced byoarly habiin of ouih, 11 : Weakness or
tha (luck and l.lmbs, I'eiu 111 Hie Mend, Jimitesof
' fight. I,oia of .Muscular I'ower. l'tlpiintioii of tlm
Heart. lV8pepln, N' Irratlldlity, Derunc'nient
of l bo DiR'iHtive Functions, Qonoral Debility, syn-ptfimn
Mr.KTAiiLY The fearful erreits upon lha mind
ere tuueh to hedreidad, J,ojs ol.Momry, tJonfotnn, of
, I do as, Ueurerition of thu ptnts, Cvil rorebodiucs.
Aversion of Society, Timny,i.c, are sume ofthi-evils
s 'produced.
yiotsnds af persons of all ag ran now Judge
; wnlt is th cauieuf fioir declininjt licnlth . Looting
' tholf vifor,b('ciiijug wuak pal'Mmt cm if laud, haviu
y a sinfu lar appearance about the cyei,ctiujhmid Bjmp
tonisof Consumption.
Dr. Johnston's Invigorating Remedy for
I Organic Weakness,
y Dy this great and import ant remdy, weakness of the
orgsns arn peeJlly cured, and full vieor rnstoied.
Thmiandgof the moiit ncrVftn and diliilitulet, who
, hid l-it all hope, have heen imiuudiiteiy relieved. All
Impediments in .Marringe.riiysical and Mental DUiua-
liflestioti, Nervous Irritability, Treniblings and Wafc
nets, or eili.viBtionorthe m st Icarfutkind, speedily
' ared by Doctor Jobn stun
Young Men
x Who htivo 1 11 lit r Afl thHiiidul vfd hv a eertiln practice.
Indulged in when njono i habit frequently learned
from evil companion, r at school thu ufiVclu ofwlur li
are nijlitly fdlt. oven when asleup, uud if not curorl
render marriiae impossible, and destroys both mind
bu uouj, buouiu apply iiniucuiaiuiy
What a niiy that u vouuu man. the hone of hit coun
try, and th j iliirllng of his parents, shoulJ be an tit clad
irum an propccis unu etijoynuiiit) 111 itia conse
auinecs of devlatlna from the path of nature, and In
dulging in acerlain borct habit, Puth persons befuro
ahout't reflect thai a inuqd mind and bodyaro the moe
naidSBirv re'ial ulies to nrom )iu couunbUl huinltiefis
Indeed, wiiho it those. the loarnov through life bteonr's
weary pilgrimage, the prospect hourly darht-ns to tlio
view ; the mind becomes shadowed uitli despair and
Oiled with the melancholy retletlion thattlie happiness
of ItllOthnr livrnrnnil htllthlo.t with mi r nwn.
OFFICII NO.7 hOUTll PUUDIiltlUK r3T.,iarnnJrs,.VJ
N. U, Lq tuo falsa modes iy prevent jou, but opp'y im
wvuioioiyeuuor personally or iy leuer.
lh Strangers.
The many tho man It cured at llii Institution witli'u
tho last 15 years, and tho numerous inmnriini Bitreicut
Cporatlons performed by lirt Johnston, witnessed by
the reportersol the paptra and many other
ticeeofwhiehhavo appeared ajiaiii and again before
ihn dulillc. besides Ills stindinii as a ffcntlanian ofclia-
raelerand responsibility, Ua sutQcient guar an tea to
too amictea. . .
Take Notice.
N. tl. There arn lomanv Isnorant and worthies
flnnrlri nrlvorlUln? ihomselvtS PhVSldans. ruilllni
the health of lha already atthciad, that Dr, Johnston
dooms it necessary to any, eupcciany 10 inusu unao
tiualntuilwitri his renutation.lliatliii rredentlala and
diplomas always hang 111 his umre. .
trSTiBBNorics. All lAttcre mnil beppstpaid, an
contain a itottaxu ttoiup for tho reply, or uoauswe
willbe sent
January 17, 1857.
JOtlN ir.VYLE & CO.,
01 Norili H'arvcs, abuvo Itaco Street
.r ruir, Aiinr.vniA.
f'ltrilllllM IMIItVtflinVH Jc-f
Spirit! oT'lurncmiuo. Tarnl liljU ami llf?. I'ltdl
.a Ri.ln, kiii till Alcaliol llurnlncl'luidau
I'liiuOirior.oloniM ii irartuiDs' Hlrc6 Oakum &c
An Mr wn.ivk i Wlicci Gitaso
Jljy3J,lPjl. r.
May Term of Court.
Wlir.nnAS, the lion, W ARficK J.WonDWARf.rresi
nernl Jail Itclivorv, Court of Uuarter Sessions cf the (
Fence end Court of Common Fleasand Urphau'a Court. ,
In thoTwenty-rfixth Judicial Hlstrict coini-oscd ofthn
cttunties of Columbia, Pulhvan nnd Wyoming, and tho
(Ion JACon uvans nun i'ktkr kiiki, issoeieie junjrs
iu Columuia county, have issued their preci pt, beating
dale the7lhday of lVbrunry,ln the ycarufuur Lord
n..n thinirid eirlit hundred nnd lift viix. nnt to lite di
reeled for holding n Court of Oyer and Terminer nnd 1
fleneraUml Delivery, General Uuarter Pceeion of the '
Peace, Common Fieri nnd urphin's Court, in lilooms
Lure, in tlm county of Columbia, on the first Monday,
(being the 4d day) or May tint and to contluucono ,
WNoick Is licrchv given, to the Coroner the Juittrrs
nf the Fence and Constables of tlio snid county of Co
lumMn.lliat limy be then and there in their proper
pcrsontnt 10 o'clock in the rorcnoou of raid daj , with
tliHlr nrords. intiiWUionsnnd other rtuitmbra ores id
do llioie lb in ai1 which In their ofl.crt appcrlhfti tube
done And ihof that nro bound by rtcogniraiire, in
pififueutM nj;a ins l the priontrs that are or may bo In
the Jail off aid county ol Columbia. to be then and there
lo prmerute them as shall bejust. Jurors are rfpiest '
rd to be punctual In th ir allenfance, apretabiy to
their notices. Dated at llloomsburg, the Inlay of,
Maich in tho yenr of our Lord ono tliouund ciplit 1
hundred and nrir-ipwn. nnd inthebUt ytnrot tlm In
depeiidcnre of tho Unilid Htates of America, ,
(Gottsavo tho Commonwealth.)
1, Jr-hn Orrllnitrtnl. ts, L'hntlrs F. Mann,
a Pnuiuelli.McCulIoclcetal.iJ Kimuell-, Ucadlcy
3 Willi.imKonus rt. (Jeorgo h Kline cl al,
A William Koonsts.Ccorenli. Kline.
5 Frederick Ueafs 1'hl Hp Winterdceti el il
U Joseph Htnrkhousc rt flllbcrt Fowler.
7 Jano MJIernltigerrsW. A. Kline,
a David ileliilioldet AnrnuWolI.
l Frier Applcman el I.eonird II Ituporl el at,
1U .Miry Vniisrckle tt Joseph Rurkla vt al.
11 itcortjo hilt rs umiworiny nm-i .
li dcorgo Miller ts Nntliaiilcltlverdcrf.
l'etir t Leonard H uupirt,
1'hoinau Furkeres John II.Farker.
Giorgt' i. Kline rs Moses Coirman.
John Wagner u Sally Waancr.
Susannah Hall v$ 01 em up I llcnry,
Isaac ilrown rs Robert J Ion.
William Kntiison vh Wilson Agcr.
Isaiah Huiimnu rt Jacob LShuinan ct al,
JeEij Hicks rs Joseph Kltkcndatl.
Nathiii Hueiv rs Daniel Sponcnberg' Admrs,
Fletcher U I'lodsou vt Willmm hnng.
Catliirlnti Tanner rs John D Weaver.
Adm (lablo vi Ilnslc Fox, Adm'r.
Wilhim Wiehtrt Cordon R. Coir.
Jir.athau Mastellcr rs titepluu llaldy.
jacou rchuir rjWiHon ni;cr.
.1J Willi 1111 llop-errj Ddmoud Crnwford.
Uhrisinn iifiit ri imniei iiipir
31 (Mr;y Feitenoan rs folnnon IVtitrtmn.
3i Mart in Mowrer vs 'lliomns ftncklnuiim it al,
31 GilVrrt Fnwlcr rt Daniel Fowler . Hi.
: (itorpe Monro i t nlrs David LtvMn ct ul,
3i Diniel Kustenliader rs David Mann
37 To'ghmin 1), Slrotuc cl nl rt John Uvk .
3 William llilteiihoimn rs Hamueir. Hdtdley.
3J Ji.ueti RftiHioii vs Jamei Uiistiin.Jr . Aiiut'r.
l,nn ter W Ka'ilman.ct atri Lrum VMjers ct al
11 D tvtd lie! itet.ranl rs tleojumiu Fnux.
12 Kebi'.ciCarruon rt Alfred llow-ll.
4't Dnmei i. Wi liters teen ( l nl 1 1 Cbrutmn Shumar,
41 WitlKtm llubiFonvt WHti.ilu IMgar.
Utoiuuburg, Maich '-ii.idtT.
Qlt AND JUKOlltf l'OK MAY TlillM,
Uri nrcrrek John Do ah, nichard'lhrjU'pfion,
Centr-' Rolomon Ncjhard.
Citawisa Charles Krcigh
Greenwood John Ltmou.Geo. Matters, Udward
A Iheruen, Ira Johmon Waac Dcwilt.
HeinUck- FutPf Appkrnan.
Locust Jolin
M(n nlpleiifanl J.icob Coltn.
MilMiu brahnni Monot iir.iWitli?m7J.IJrown.
Mime Daniel hl.unian .
Montour F ter Unu.t.Hrh
Madison Ju men Juuns. ii.tCoIfer A Sulth , John
rum Albtft Hunter.
Fcott John Trembly 1 Harnitn Q.Croveli nj , Jack
son Carre I on.
Hujnrloaf Andrew La'ibscb.
Uloomeburg, March tH, le37.
Uloom-M irrh Van HuikirL
Uri arcut'k Henry Kit tciiliotue, Henry Douk, John
Heaver Chirlcj Mi:lmal, Moses ?ctilicher, Jactb
lleuton Richird Stllee, Joseph C. Hchs.
Centre J0I1 11 IV -ter . Jacob llagenbuch
Catiwisui Daniel Clu) well
C'eeuwood Abrilnm Drelbel bis, Jacob Plttn
bcudi'r lleiii Ofk Reuben Ropsrt.
Jackon tJeorgi Far t-r, I rn in Derr
LocuHt lohn L. llirbi(junt;neritinger, 0. C. II
wer IMw in J Im
Minim-Jrthu Folk:, Henry ndlns, Tliomas A(un,
Hiram Freas
Mi'lism tfehemhli Wflliver. Richard IVmoit.
Moiiitpiiiiaut John hipiusn, Fhilip Crawford.
Paul Kline.
Roirinjerpek Wil liam Drelkbach.
R:ott -ll-ece Fairniau, Willmm Myers, Thoruat
Pchiieidnian WillardC Green
H'learloif Ceorgo Fiedman
IlluOiiKb.irg M urn U,ld57.
G00D3 FOR ie.r)7.
npllfi subscriber respectfully iuforma his
K customers nnd the public gtncridiy. that he his
receivoda tullstoik of choice
S)rini( aim Summer woods.
omprisinc a full uirorlmet.t of Clcthi, Casslmers,
Satiuetts. Delaines irii7irs CaiJroL A.e. iKtlur
with ti great vaiiety of otli-.r atticie. uiuallj Uvt in
unuiiir aiures.
ALSO -Hardware Cutlery, (ineentwuro Pali, Fih
Moalifrcs. Iron, Steel, Half. Ceps, Hoots, blions. &.c.
Mi Country produre, inrludlrg Grain, Lumber, &e.
taken 10 eirli.'inne fureumlu
5 Tiiauaiui lor p.idipatrouage 110 rtspccimny usss
coniUJ anc ui me same.
rpiICundeulsncJ respectfully Inlorm hlifncni'.on,.
jl me diiii.ic at nrge uini ;ic rfsi vi in-iuniiiu uiut
una, tiiabiisntuu .plenum
In lha flcrant new Stnrn Houne. luetprectcd In Roh rt
burg. Columbia county, Fa.,wlierelie bda now opened
large auo cjioico Hssoruueni 01
Spring auu bummer uoous.
Which belt determines to sell on such terms nswlll
nituco allat least in this vicinity, who are in wan
1 lerciiauuiie, to exteuu 111m tiieircutiom-
H ib stock lusbeeii selected with muchcare and will1
rctereiiLO lo the wants oft hi s community nnd without
11 1 tip tniiittr into u iiunuiu c i literal o i o i o various
litis lie nth uotnins inasuring his intruuN mui
v ry thing nuilly ki pt in t'ountr) stores, can litre be
ana "iiitie cueapci iiiuo uo
itfr'Couiiirv nruduce. iticltidiiU' Gruin, Lumber, Ac.
taken lueichaitgc for goods.
Rohriburj, March 23, l?57,-y.
rrUlE untlsrsigncil take pleasure in an-
1 nouiiclu tn lliclrriiflmiierH unit Itin uublic crttlr
oily, llmt ilicy li.ivoJu.UicuiviiJ, at tliu Lline KUgu
titore, a chole. aiBortniciit cf
Spring aud Summer Goods,
Comprising every aniclo usually hrpt in
country Etof? mcii lme im, .nicctf.i with cam,
aodnilt bo iul.latvory low price. for rendypov.
t'fflfS'W" (r.tfhifh Whl
'Jm,M. VVU''JU'.3.
lirilTiri.caTicorS f L'"""' C",",C'"
try Country produce wun in udiancr for cod.
ulinnpr for (tod
y dit-fJUllul
& G, LOW
ilvo ui a call, nuuc rucua'i awoy airviiuiui
Select Jfetni.
Linos to a Bluo Bird.
First messenger nf Rpringl
I love to stnj of you,
I love tho new you bring.
At fiowcr-cup loVe the dew
That Civcs it life and beauty,
Kxpandt lis opening charms
For thus, thyjoyrul tidmci,
Iy heart and feeling worms.
1 love thy sweet, wild lay,
So full of melody.
An, pci died 011 tailed ai pen's spray
It miavcrt Joyously,
A thousand scenes ot splendor
Heeei wurb'ed (roiu thy throat
For Pp ring's untold abuiidauca,
Is conjured by tacit note.
Thy song h but tho prelude
To Nature's "land djsptav,
In rcsjrrectlng wondrous ond
From Winttr's past decay
In ucrkluit in other earth,
In fjr mor lovelv scenes
Than cro inspired Oenlus,
Dreamed in her noblest dreams I
The odor of Spring flowers.
The hum of busy bee,
Fresh from trulisied bowers.
Finals In the passing breire,
Nature's tune ful harmonics
IJrtak forth in sweetttt praise.
An 1 Join their thousand voices,
With thy diar, simple la).
Ihou fccm'it n weird mngiclan,
Sweet bird! iliy thrillii'g notes
Conjure tho full 1 ru it ion
Ul'bltsilul. future hoped.
Then ning thy loudest carol,
Make I'll! and valley ring,
Tor each loved lone brings near
Tlio dawn of ceiitlo Spring 1
Aflifon, Fibruary iil, 1857.
1 havo seen tho infant sinking down like
a stricken flower to the grave tho strong
m'Ati fiercely breathing out Lis soul upon
tho field of battle tho miserable convict
standing upon tho scaffold, with a doep
curso upon It is hps. 1 havo viewed deatlt
iu all i'a forms of darkness and vengeance,
with a fearless eye; but I never could look
ou woman, young and lovely woman, fad
ing away from tho earth, iu beautiful and
luicuiainuiKiutr niui.uiuiuiy, wunoui tecum:
1 !.!.. . '.1 !!
tho very fountains uf life turned to tears
and uutt. Death is always terrible ; but
when a form of angol beauty is passing oil
to tlio silent lantl ol sleepers, tlio Iteart
feels tint something lovely is ceasing lrom
existence, and brooils, with a sense of utter
desolation, over tho lonely thoughts, that
coiao up liko spectres from tho grave, to
haunt our midnight musings,
Two years ago, 1 took up my residence
for a few weeks, in a country villngo iu
tho eastern part of New, England. Soon
alter my arrival, i became acquainted with
a lovely girl, apparently about seventeen
years of ago. She had lost tho idol of her
pure heart's purest love, and tho shadows
of deep and holy memories were resting
liko tho wing of death upon her brow. 1
brst met her in tlio presence ot tho mirth
ful. She was, indeed, a creature to bo Wor
liped; hor brow was garlanded by tho
young year's sweetest flowers ; her yellow
IocIir were hanging hcautilttlly and low
upon hor bosom ; and sha moved through
the crowd with such a floating, unearthly
grace, that tho bewildered gjzer looked
almost lo sco her fado away into tho air,
liko tho creation of some pleasant dream.
oho seemed cheerlul, aud oven gay; yet 1
saw that her gaiety was but tho mockery
of her feelings. Mio smiled, but there was
something in her smile which told, that its
mournlul beauty was but tho bright reueo-
tion of a tear; and her eyelids, at times,
closed heavily down, as if btrupgling to re
press tho ttdo ot ajouy that was bursting
up from her heart's urn. fchc looked as if
she could havo lelt tho sccuo ot testivity,
and gone out beneath tho quiet stars, and
laid her forehead down upon tho fresh
green earth, and poured out her stricken
soul, gush after gush, till it mingled with!
tho eternal fountain ol lifo and purity;
Days and weeks pnssid on, and that
sweet girl yavo mo her ojuudenco, and I
became to her as a brother. Tho smile
upon her lip was fiint, tho purple veius
up.m her cheek grew visiblo, and tho ca
dences of her voice becamo daily more
weak and tremulous. Un n quiet evening
in Juno, l wandered out with her In tlio . .
open It was .then that sho told mo jgy Tho following are said to be infal
tho talo of her passion, and tho blight that Hblo recipes : For preserving tho com
had como down liko mildew upon hor lifo. j plosion tcmperanco , for witeuiug tho
Love had been a portion of her cxisteuco. Lands, honesty j to remove stains, repon
Its tendrils had been twined around her. tinro ; a beautiful ring, tho homo circlo;
heart in its earliest years ; and when they I for improving the voice, civility ; tho best
wcro rent away, they left ft wound which companion to tho toilet, a wifo ; to keep
flowed till all tho springs of her soul wcro i away moths, good society.
blood, 1 am passing away," said she,
"and it should bo so. Thu winds have j Good. Quito a joke happened to ono
gono over my life, aud tho bright buds of1 0f our doctor craft somo littla time since,
hops, tho sweet blossoms of pasaon, aro ! Ho ordered somo very powerful medicine
scattered down, and lie withering in tho
dust. And yet I cannot go down among1
tho tombs without a tear. It is bard to j
tako leavo of friends who lovo me; it
very hard to bid farewell to thoso dear
scenes with which 1 havo held communion
from childhood, and which, from day to
day, havo caught tho color of my life, and
sympathized with its joys and borrows.
That little grove whero I havo so often
strayed with my buried love, nnd where, at
times, oven now, tho sweet tones of his
voice seem to comu stealing aroutid mo, till
tho wholo air bcco.ncs ono intenso and
niui mciouyi u.a Pe, sivo star in
! which my fauoy can still ptcturo his form
ilooking down upon mo, and beckoning nio
1.1 .!. .1
on to his own bright homo: every flower,
nn,i tr,n. ud rivulet, on whloh our oves
had bent, it. mutual response, and bore
- witticas to our cany soai, uavc pectimo
.dear to me, aud I ctiuuut, without a sigh
'close my eys upon thtm foievcr," '
I havo lately heard tho beautiful girl of
whom I have epokca, u dotd, Tho closo
of her life was calm as tho falling of a quiet
ftrcam eentlo as tho sinkini; of tho breozo
that lingers or a time around a hod of t
withered roses, and thcu dies as it wero ,
from very sweetness,
whv is if. that t in raniimv.' ana riouui
come over us uitli a boauty is not of'
earth, and thou pass o(T and leave us to
ntuso upon their faded loveliness! AVhy is
it that tho stars which hold their festival
around tho midtight throne, nro set so far
abovo tho grasp of our limited faculties
lorcver mocking us with Ihctr unapproacu
tiblo glory I And, finally, why is it that
tho bright forms of human boauty aro pre
sented tn our view, and then taken from
ui, having tho thousand streams of our
affection to flow back in cold and Alpine
torrents upon our hearts ? Wo aro born
for higher destiny than that of earth,
Thoro is a realm where the rainbow novo
fades whero tho stars will spread out be
fore us liko tho islands that slumber on tho
ocean j and whero tho beautiful beings that
hero pass beforo us, liko visions, will stay
in our presence lorover. Jsnght cioature
of my dreams, in that realm I shall sco
tliw again 1 Evou new thy lost imago is
sometimes with nie, In the mysterious si
lence of midnight, when tho streams aro
glowing in tho light of tho many stars, that
imago comes floating upon tho beam that
lingers around my pillow, and stands be
fore mo iu its pale dim loveliness, till its
own quiet spirit sinks liko a spell from
Heaven, upon my thoughts, and tho grief
of years is turned to dreams of blessedness
and peace.
A Stubborn Stripling-
A big stripling, awkward youth, fresh
from Vermont, oueo entered tho Dummer
Academy at Dyficld, Mass. At that time
tho boys aud gills were kept in oce apart
ment, ouly tho middle aisle separating them.
Ono day this Vermont stripling who had
jmt been helping one of tho girls through
u hard turn, thoutht it not more thau fair
that ho should take toll fur his services ;
accordingly ho throw his stalwart arms
around tho rosy damsel and gave hor a sly
but rousing suiitck which slariled the wholo
assembly. '-Jcbcdiah Tower, come up
hero !" roared out the preceptor.
The delinquent appeared : his face glow
ing with blushes liko a red hot winning
pan aud looking as silly as a ninny,
" tiold out your hand, sir 1" said tho peda
gogue. " I'll teach you not to aot thus in
this institution."
Tho huge paw was extended in a hori
zontal lino toward tho instructor, who sur
veyed its broad surface with a mathematical
eye calculating how mauy strokes of his
small fetule it would tako to cover tho largo
number of squaro inches which it outlin
" Jebedi.ih," at length he said, " thi3 is
tho brst limo that jou havo been called up
for any delinquency; now, sir, if you will
say that you wcro sorry (or what you havo
douo, 1 will let you oil this time without
punishment I "
"Sorry!" exclaimed tho youngster,
unking an attitudo ot prido and Indiana
tion; "sorry! No, sir, 1 am iut. Aud I
will do jest so agin, if I havo a chance
So, put on, old feller, jist as bird as you
like, liy tho jumpin Jchosifat, 1 d stand
hero and let you lick mo till kingdum hum
aforo l u bo sorry at that,
J53?- Mr. Jones, after having spent nu
evening over his bowl, went homo a little
' how como you so," Ho was fortunato to
Cud his bctterhalf asleep, Ho wont to
Ixd, and altera moments consideration,
he thought it would ho host to turn over,
lost his breath should betray him ; when
Mrs. Jones opened her eyes, and in tho
mildest manner in tho world, said.
" Jones, you ueedn t turn over, you re
, drunk clear through 1'
for n siok bov. aud tho father not likiug
tho appearaneo of it, forced it down tho
cat's throat. When tho doctor called again
is! and inquired if tho powder had cured tho
boy, tho father replied, "No, wo did uot
civo it to hint."
'Uood heaven 1" said tno uoctor, "is
tho child living I"
" Yes. but tho cat am t wo navo it to
Tho doctor sloped.
E-Shopkeeper "Halloa, there; hero,
you iiiuger, what aro you doiug with thoso
boots i
Nigger " Sah, I'so only jist takin 'cm
Shopkeeper " Taking them awny, you
scoundrel ; uon t you know that is stoat
Nii'!?cr H Ho kcerful. ma:-sa. how vu
'cuso dls uiguarof stcaliu.' I'so morally
u canuoi no ui;n carui uuu B ouiy i uuio, ami nr. jvjiskleii, lor several years of tllQ g,al Mcj j10 i1s ,s0 l0D
atjidinsjilaco. it cannot do inat our me is tito popular pastor ot a large Ucrman Uon. ... i- i i . n .
n l,M,1r, nt n lv Hi nonnn of rtemitv 1 mvj.tfn,, in Hn1l!n,rn l,n,1 nl.o n.ln.l I With Credit to hltUSclf and benefit to
to float a moment on tho wavo, and then ' as a teacher and pastor in Switzerland, I community. In expressing our regret, w
sink into deep darkness and nothingness I pn poso to commence this spring a rcular but spoak tho sentiment of tho wholo com
Else, why is it that, aspirations which leap ' and well organized Normal school, or ' muuity. As a gentleman, tcholar and ju
like angels from tho temples of our hearts, Teachers' Seminary, iu Allontown. tii, JuJ Lou bll9 few c(.uahi anil vo
aro forever wandering about ursatisnod f This school ta to bo conducted iu tbo . ' , . . ,, . . .
Wl.v U it. that bn iaiubow Slid clouds ' laror, nr.l lnntifnUmihlinr, nf bn A Inn. bmCCrcly trust that WllCU tho UnVentlun
Normal School in Allontown.
Wo lnvo learned with groat deal of
ploasuro that Dr. Hkvmolds, fiT many
years I'rof. of ancient languages iu l'enn
sylvania Oolle(;e, snd for somctimo l'rcsi
j dent of tho University iu Columbus, i
town Seminary, and with a special refer- .
eneo to the wants of tho German counties
of Pennsylvania.
Dr. lloynolds is very favorably known
.t. I... i.i i.... i. p
lu uic lliurary icnu. uuiu us a mail ul
learing nnd as a I'rofessor and Teacher.
Ho is tho founder of tho ''Evangelical Re
view,'' and has written a great deal for the
public pro3S, As Principal of tho Allen
town Teachers' Seminary ho will exert
himself to train teachers to speak tho Eng
lish in its purity and teach it correctly.
Dr. Kc?slcr,as Qermau Teacher will give
nil tho pupils a fair opportunity to learn to
read and write tho noblo languago of Ger
many in all its purity. Tho best arrange
ments will also bo nude ti communicate
such other branches of knowledge as aro
required by teachers.
It wo desire good schools tor tho pooplo
generally, wo must, in tho first place, pro
vido good teachers; for without good teach
ers' there can bo no schools." Hut good
teachers do not fall from tho clouds
nor grow up from tho ground, but
thoy must bo taught aud trained, for, "no
one is bom a schoolmaster." ilo who is
to teach others correctly must first bo taught
himself. Mcro kuowledgo or scicuco gen
erally is not sufficient to mako a man a
good teacher of youth. Ihoro aro a great
many learned mou whose attainments aro
very extcnsivo,who aro yet not 'aft to teach,'
and aro unfitcd to act as teachers. Teach
ing and keeping school, to bo done prop
erly, demand peculiar qualthoations, which
must bo received by bein taught, and for
this Teudterv bemmurtcs aro indispensa
bly necessary.
Dut if a school is to be good, tho training
and discipline of tho youtia must go hand
in hand with their instruction. Good or.
dor or discipline is a part of the instruc
tion which schools require. JNo ono should
begin to teach until ho has learned from
experienced teachers how children should
bo treated, differing ns they do in their
bodily constitution, in their mentjl charac
ter and tho habits which they havo formed
at home how is ho to proceed in order to
lead in tho right way begins such as theso ?
To this important branch ot tlio teacher s
education tho proper attention will be giv
en tho Allcutown bemtnary.
l'or tho Uerman counties ot l'onnsylva
nia uieio English teachers, who understand
neither tho language, nor tho feeliugs and
habits of our pooplo aro unsuitcd, and tho
German counties should theroforo have
somo of their own youth trained as teach
crs, so that they may uot bo uuder tho ne
cessity of bringing in strange teachers
from abroad, It' a teacher entirely Eng
lish has chsrgo of children speaking only
German, tho ohildrcn do not under
stand tho teacher and learning aro both
alike toilsome and tedious, With
such a teacher tho children may per
haps loarn ta rcid English fluently, but
they learn tho languago as mcro parrot3,
by repeating whit they have heard without
understanding the meaning of tho words,
In this manlier an important part of tho
precious school time is lost, tho children
are net taught to think, their uudcrsUnd
iug is not awakened, aud thus, with all
their learning, tlio children remain igno
rant simply because the teacher is not in a
situation to speals intelligibly to his schol
ars' and to explain nnd illustrate wuat they
ought to learn. What is tho uso of Eng
lish if it is not understood 1 A man might
understand how to read a hundred cr a
thousand languages, but if bo did not un
derstand what ho had read, ho would after
all, bo nothing tho wiser, tt is not tho
letters ond words, but tho sense and con
tents of tho words which enlighten the un
derstanding and give loarning.
Old and experienced teachers aro well
awaro that a lorcigu or uuktiown lauguago
is best acquired by translating it into our
mother languago. l'or our German chil
dren wo should, therefore, havo teachers
who have iho coinmaud not ouly ot tho
English but also of tho German, so as to
bo able to oxcrciso the children by trans
lating from German into Euglish and from
English into German. In this way the
childicnwould at tho same, time and without
any inoreaso ot labor, learn not only to
read but also to understand both langui
gcs. And two languages educate tho mind
bettor than ouo alono; two languages aro
liko two eyes or two ears with which wo
can fco aud hoar twico as much as with
ono cyo or car ; or wo might cotnparo tho
two languages to two keys, each of which
opens a door of useful knowledge.
Xho urst session ot tno Aitcntown xcacn
ors' Somiuary, iu which it is proposed Jo
givo teachers this thorough traiuiug in
Euglish ond German, will open on tho 4th
May, and continuo two quarters, namely
uutil October.
Any ono desiring further information in
reference to this institution can obtaiu it
by applying cither to Dr. Reynolds, or to
tho Hev. S, K. llrobst, editor of the "Ju
gend Eieuud, Allcutown, I'a. D.
1 tCT Cure for tho Gout board with a
1 printer
Withdrawal of Judgo Lowia. U Hoop-do-doodon-doo I
It U with unsigned renrot that wo pub- , Ubeenily a worthy mn, nH much h
lish tho letter of Chief Justieo I.owis to tho 1 olsorvor of fashion, roturned t) his homo,
Domooratio State Central Committee, do- I within twenty miles of usj ftor huing ab
r.lTr,!nr tl.n nnminntinn n iiven ' sent in tho farncst about a yoar. Tho
him for a position on tho Huprcmo Bench '
filled i
o ,
ro - 'msombio, ho will be induced to withdraw
the letter, prompted by tho most magnan-
iimou3 sentiments, declining tho uomina
I ..
Wo hope yet to Lave tho privilogo of
laboring to soeuro Lis election with tho
rest of tho gentlemen whoso names ate
found on tho Democratic ticket.
West 1'ens SqiUhb,
rillLADELl'lllA, March i!S, 1857.5
To Cn.uti.ES K. RucKAi.EW, Chairman of
tho Democratic Stato Central Committco :
Dear Sir At tho lato Democratic Stato
Convention, tho local claims of the different
sections of tho State were generously waived
for tho purposo of securing my continuanco
in the high and important office of Supremo
Judge. Tho energy with which thoso
claims aro note urged fur tho offico recent
ly vacated on tho Supremo Donch, shows
tho extent of tho sacrilicos then made, and
tho nature of the dissatisfaction which may
exist after tine section shall bo gratified
and the other disappointed by the anticipa
ted nomination. The Convention, when
ro-asscuibled, might be ablo to harmonize
theso claims, if that body had two nomina
tions to make, instead of one. I thcrcfuro
feol at liberty to decline, as I now do, tho
ro-nomination tendered to mo by tho Dem
ocratic Stato Convention. In thus promo
ting harmony, I consult my own earnest
desire to retires from judicial life, aud at
tbo same time put tho delegates to no in
convenience, as they will bo obliged to come
together again for tho purposo of nominat
ing a caudidato to fill tho existing vacancy.
I havo been laboriously engaged in ju
dicial duties nearly twenty-four years a
longer period of servico than that of any
living Judgo in Pennsylvania. I have
been thus engaged uuder threo changes of
tho Coustitution. 1 havo aided to tho ex
tent of my abilities in bringing up tho ar
rearages of business, in replacing upon
their ancient foundations some of tho land
marks of tho law which had been inadver
tently removed, and in maintaining tho
purity aud tho independence of tho Judi
ciary. I have constantly cudoavored to do
justice without delay, lo ir, favor, affection
or ill will. 1 now occupy, by tho voico oi
tho peoplo of my native Etate, tho highest
judicial position in it. My long career as
a Judgo has received the approbation oi
tho Democratio party iu tho ro-nominatioo
so getiorou ly and unanimously undo by
tho Stato Convenion. All my ambition
is satisfied. I have but ono wish left, and
that is to return to tho freedom and itide
peudeuco of private lii'o. I do this with
a grateful heart for thf long continued
c-infidcucc of my fell w citizen, and in tho
full trust that they will appreciate aud ap
provo of my motives.
Very respectfully yours,
Thk of Tuub Love .not
Smooth YtT Considerable excitement
has been created in our city by a claudes
tino marriage between John Deau and Miss
Mary Ann ISokcr, tho daughter of John
O. Dokcr. Esq., a wealthy importer of li-(iu-.r.s
in Front Street, Dean was formerly
in linker s employ as a eoacumati. au
attachment springing up between the par
ties. Mr. D on leariling tho fact, discharg
ed him ; but Deau managed to correspond
with his sweetheart, and ou tho 4th init,,
tho msrriago ceremony was performed by
ltcv. Edward 1 llartficld, Mr. Roker,
ou learning that tho marriago had taken
place, resolved to set it asido, and shutting
his daughter up in tho house, would not
permit her husband to sco her. Dean
sued out a writ of habeas corpus beforo
Recorder Smith, but tho hearing was post
poned ou Mr. D.'s promiso to settlo tho
matter. Ho offered Dean a, handsome
sum of mouoy to set him up in business in
California, it ho would go thero and aban
don his wifo. This ho refused to do. In
tho mean turn Mr. ltoker, on the night of
tho 18th, tried to get his daughter on board
tho Persia, which was to sail for Europe
tho next day, Dut sho contrived to let
her husband know her father's intention,
and ho applied to Captain McKce, of tho
lutti ward, who vnicucu tuo iiouso "
night, with an adequato police force, aud ricanism, though basely betrayed by dem
prevented her being taken off. Poker also , HROguCs, who would barter principles for
insiuuicu nouinu cm miuu iiiu umwiugv, outco, is not ucau, out a itvlug principlo,
upon tho ground of Miss D.'s insauity. and will provo itself, uot ouly ablo to .via
On Thursday, Doan sued out another writ ,Ucate its owu integrity, but to overwhelm
.f I.nfn.n .,,,.. lit. Ma tv!l(, ,
has appointed a committee of physicians
locxamino and report in relation to Mrs.
Doau'a mental condition, and adjourned
tho case until Monday. Tho caso es.citcs
much comment ; somo insist that a coach
man has no right to tall in lovo with a rich
man's daughter; others think poverty is
no crime, and that tho parties 6ha'uld judgo
for themselves.
K3- Thero should boos littlo merit for
loving a woman for her beaut) as in loviug
a man for bis prosperity, both bung equally
subject to change.
first thing that puzzled him on his arrival
was hU wifo'a sfeirts Ins wuo wis in tho
habit of calling tho new hoopod Biirt
" lloop-de-dooden-doo 1"
A 1i-ly tatln her rocldrj ehilf.
(Tlila tnle w. yet may rut)
llrnklru metlcil rutin wij,iff
rromhir Mlliopde tlo;dtn doot
iter lord had cone a lon(r irny off. ,
pml ,tpd too long Hre. loo:)
Ei. Hie lady i.tcrenicd her iklrtt at bom.
With her t4ltoui de.doodcn doof
Lnrig tnnrilh. on n year flew by,
(To .lup lline'iil-tfcr suf..)
Still ne lriytf sklMi In fiKhion iiuek oat
fiOm her .lloop-du.dooden.uyo I'
Toward winter time her lord cime hom. f
(IVrll apt hit no, a lookrd blue.)
He " emelt n rnnieM stared at thi eklrtei
All! their "Hoop do-duodou dou I"
At letiKth ho rpake untotiU wir
(Now Kood wlvra nil .peak true,)
'. My dear, ivlial make, you r fklrta eif all ot t"
" VVIiy, my "llvop do dooLca.doo P'
Thn good mnn saw'twai fa.liloli. whiin,
tilveii a fathlon wive, piraue.)
nm lie vow, hi, wire's .klits .rared him ao
With h.r .-Iloop.dtj do-iden dool"
Gen. Packer's Acceptanoo.
Gen, Packer, on being apprized of Lis
nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania,
by a committco appointed for that purpose,
was introduced to tho Convolution, and ac
cepted the houor in the following addross:
Mr. President and Members uf tho Con
vention : For mo to assure you, fir, and
tho delegates hero assembled, that I am
thaukful for tho high honor conferred on
mo, would bo but t'.intly to oxprcss tho
profound feelings of gratltudo which I en
tertain. To bo selected under any cir
cumstances as a candidate of the Democratio
party in Pennsylvania, for tho highest of
ticu in its gift, is a most distinguished hon
or ; but, sir, how vastly that houor height
ened when such a mark of confidence is
bestowed after an exciting contest, and
after coming in contact with gentlemen so
distinguished, so honorable, and so worthy
as wcro my competitors on this occasion.
Iu accepting the n:iniuation, Mr, Presi
dent I confess I would bo discouraged wcro
it not for tho reflection that the Democratio
batalions in marching on to victory loo't
less to their standard bearer, thin to lha
flag of their party that good old flag
which for eighty yoirs has ''braved tho
battle and tho broezo" and upon whoso
broad folds aro cmbhzonod, iu lottsrs of
living lijht :
Tho Union the Constitution;
Tho equality of the States;
Tho equality of classes ;
Religious liberty tho right cf ovory
man to worship God according lo tho dic
tates of his own conscience.
The right of tho people, in every gov
ernment, to enact their own laws:
That flag, Mr. President, w's doar to
our fathers who havo gono beforo us, and
around it tho Democracy wilh rally with
that enthusiasm which has heretofore, -and
will, I hope, again in October uejtf be
crowned with glorious victory.
Pennsylvania has just placed one of hor
own distinguished sous in tho highest office
in the world to morrow ho -will outer up
on tho dischargo of his official duties
what a burning shamo it would bo, if
at tho first general election alcr his eleva
tion the Democratic pirty should fail to
sustain his administration. For my own
part, in assuming the position assigned
me by your partiality, I promise you, that
so far as I havo ability, tho campaign shall
be so conducted as it least to roflcct no
discredit jjpon this Convention or upon thj
Democratic party.
Gcntlemeu, again I tliank you for tba
distinguished honor y..ti hayo conferred
upon me.
But ono Sontiinout among
Wo nro ".ratified to learn thai thero is
but ono sentiment among the eousorvativo
anil national minded men of tics city, in
relation to tho action of tho Republican
Convention at Harrisburg, and that ono of
indignant and unqualified condemnation.
Tho Americans repudiate its action, and
will refuse to support its nominees, becausu
they aro national in their principles, and
will support no ono fur office, who is n
sectional jgitator, and docs not recognize
and endorso American principles; and thoy
havo accordingly a ready started a move
ment for tho h dding of an American Stato
Convention, to nominato a ticket worthy of
their confidence aud support.
In this movement, in defenco nnd sup
port of Americanism, we havo no doubt all
Lonest and true Amnein.m ,l,,.n ,.!,.
out tho interior wi I cordially unite. Amc-
111 itrliomv tho ltpnillllil-nn Iniilnna
proclaim their purposo to be to crush it
out. Daily (It hig) iTcui,
llEAUTlI'UL SIMILE. Tho attention nf
a little girl being called to a ro.-a bush, ou
whoso lupnioat stem tho eldest roso was
fading, but below and around which threo
uuaumui uuuj wero unioirting their charm,
' sho artlessly exclaimed to her brothor, kSee
)V,.1!'lc ""wc littlo buds havo just awakened
t0 tl3 tll0lr wofher b fore she died,"
' '" 1
' CO" Pi. est, Jib work '