Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg general advertiser. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1850-1866, March 14, 1857, Image 4

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Ha ItiJt by the plough would thrift,
llimtslf mm either hold or drtre.
Goldon Rules, for Gardouors.
Nni-or wn.ln nnimll nr rorrnllliln rofne..,
never vrasio animal or vcgovauio rcmso,
Thn vnrir iinnn.ilrii from tlio linnilrir nrn
1110 very sonp-suus irom mc launury aro
rich manure.
Uavo all flower-pots washed, dried, auil
put away as soon as tliey aro empty.
Never Ctl a pot so full of soil but that it
may hold water enough to go through it ;
ovory pot should havo half au iuch of va
cancy above tho compost.
Never grow a bad variety of any thing,
if you can help it. It takes tho same room
nnd wants tho same attention as a good
Never buy cheap seed. It is Only by
getting good prices that a seedsman can
supply articles to bo depended on.
Cover all seeds with at least their own
thickness of soil ( but as somo of it gets
washed off you must allow for it.
Gather fruit in dry weather, and with
the sun shining, and placo them as care
fully in tho basket as if they wcro glass.
The smallest bruise commences a decay.
Never subject a plant to a rapid chango
of temperature. Sudden checks or sudden
excitement aro equally injurious.
Never grow the samo crop, nor crops of
tho samo family twice on the- samo spot with
out an intervening crop of a different nature'
Never transplant shrubs and trees in a
growing state. However carefully it may
bo done, tho cheek is dangerous, i( not
Keep all kinds of plants under glas3 as
closo as possible to tho light
Never tic up lettuces or endives, or earth
up celery, except when perfectly dry. They
are sure to spoil if you do.
Keep your plants clean. Dust and dirt
on leaves make tha plant unhealthy, and it
spoils tho plant to a certainty.
Never train or support a plant unnatur
ally. Climbers will not do hanging about.
Trailers will not do climbing.
Never sweep a gravel walk with an old
broom. It not only tears tho edging, but
it also scrapes up tho walk itself.
Mow lawns beforo tho dewisoff tho grass,
unless you havo a machine, which cuts it
best when dry.
Rapid growth makes a mild flavcr, slow
growth a strong one. Therefore grow
vegetables quick, and fruit moderately.
Tlio Esthetics of the Sty.
A pig, when ho first enters upon exist
ence, is not without beauty. Childhood
admires his gambols, his ejaculations of
surprise wiltli prioked-up ears, his slock
wliito sides, as he hangs npou the breast.
But beauty soon fades in the littlo porker,
as in higher life. Ho is neglected, soils
his fair skin, and becomes a loafer. Pigs
should not thus bo suffered to fall away
from this original attractiveness. They
aro gruntcrs by nature, and should never
be suffered to squeal. They should liyo
tho aldermen of the farmer's stock, in easy
circumstances. T hey aro too often far oth
erwise in cold, wet weather. Kept in small
filthy pens, with imperfect shelter, and
very poorly supplied with stray, it is pain
ful to see them wallowing through the ac
cumulated snow and mud, and squealing
their discomfcrt in tones that drown tho
wintsw blast. But tho esthetics of tho sty
arc not to be named, in comparison with
tho economy ofihis carelessness and filth.
Tho pig should bo kept as a gentleman, in
winter ; ho needs not tho puddle or any of
its appliances for ridding himself of vermin
io win not tnnvo wituout a snug warm
3 bed to sleep in. He should havo a saug
board floor beneath him, as well as a board
roof above hfm, water-tight, Tho frozen
earth, even with a straw covering, conducts
away tho heat of his body veiy rapidly.
Ho wants under him the non-conducting
wood to retain tho heat. This greatly
economizes food. Many farmers seem to
think they havo done their duty when they
have protected theirpigs from tho droppings
of the skicp, Dut it is quite as important
to protect them from the frost beneath. A
warm bed upon a floor, we aro persuaded,
will mako a difference of twenty per cent
in the fattening of swine. Now i3 a time
qf leisure, and theso littlo items of farm
economy' should be attended to. If you
hate not a snug warm lodging-houso for
pigs, let ono bo built immediately, It will
pay a largo interest on the labor and capital
invested in it, as long as you continue to
use it!
Pruning may bo attended to this mouth
nnd what cannot ho dono now should be
adjourned over to June. Remove all dead
limbs from tho orchard. Young applo trcc3
should havo their superbundaut wood thin
ned out. Limbs that cross each other
should bo removed, Tho head of a tree
may bo trained to almost any desirablo
shape, by early pruning. A low head,
formed initio shape of an inverted umbrol
la, is on tho wholo tho givo tho grow
ipg fruit tho most air and sunlight.
Lord Kinnard's experiments show con J
clusively, that manuro produced and kept
under cover, is much inoro cfficctive than
. 1 . V. f L - - il - .
mat prouueou auu jicpt iu tuu upcu tur
And they show, just as wo should ospect
from, accurately conducted experiments,
that tho advantago U quito a decided on
4 Farmers prepare for spring?
iHnilE fcundcrof this Celebrated InstU
I JL tuiInn,ouir th, mo.tcertaln, speedy. nil only
'eilcetual remedy In tho world for efforts for meets,
M,rli.i,.. rtjtinln.l WAiikneil. P.lln. Ill lha l.nltls.
Con.lliuuonal OoMlliy, linpotcuey, Weakness of the
I Hack mid Minbs, Affections of Ilia Kidneys, l'iilill.t
? ...(.. ll Itl ...Id hi... ...... I llnl.!lltw
, Disease ol tho llejil, Throat, No.o or Skin lid all
.,. ...I.,,, ,,i ,,,Bi.,nciio y d son ers r ilni from
llOn Ul III" HCiWlt 1M",0.., .1:,(ll.- I "
' till loltuctira lialiiHorYoulli, which destroys both
, i mMt Tiioxiuciiit ami solitary practices, ,
nro mom fatal lo their victim. INoii the nong of the
Syrem lo tha mariners Ulysses, oiigiiiing men moat
brilliant hopes ofautlclpaiioiil, ruudcrlug marriage, i
&.C linpoaiiblc. I
loung Men,
.noclilty, who'hnve becomo lira victim of solitary I
Vlco.ltinldreatiiUI nd destructive which annu I
ally sweeps to an untimely v rave thou. and. of young !
menofllie most exalted talenta and brilliant InU'l-'
l.el. who might otherwise have enhanced listenm.
Senates with the thunders of eloiuence. or waked lu
extacics the lyre, may call with all confidence.
Married persons, or Young .Men contemplating mar
rlate, beiiiff awnre'of physical weakness, organic de
bility, deformities, &c. should Immediately consult
Dr Johnston, and be restored to perfect health,
lie who iiliccslhiuasolfiiniler ttio cara of l)r. John
ston may religlousl)eonflrla in his honor as fciitle
nien.anuconlideiitly rely upon his skill as epliysiclau.
ursaiuc weakness
Imtnedntcly cured and full vigor restored.
inisjuiseaso is ine penally niu.i iruucnry paio'oy
those whohave become the victim of Improper Indul
gences. Young persons are too apt to commit ex,
cess from not beina; aware of tho dreadful consequence
Ject will pretenj la deny that the power of procrca
lion Is lost sooner by those fjllfng Into Improper
habits than by the prudent. Besides being deprived of
ma picasuro 01 ueauuy ouspring. me most flonous
und destructive symptoms to both body and mind
nrise. The system becomes deranged; the physical
uuu unieiai 'tuners wcuKenetii neivuu. ucuiniy, uys
prpsla, palpitation of the heart, indigestion, a wasting
of the frame, couzh. svmntotns of eonsuuintlon Ice
t-Omea No.7r?otrTll t'Kf 0KRIL1C STRUT. seven doors
iroiil miiimoro sircct. ua.l Slue, up me sicps. 110
pariicular inob.erving Hi a NAM12 and,NU.HUi:it, or
you will mistake tho place.
JlCnrcin'irranleit, er ne Vtarft Mail, III rem Oat 10
4 ko nasi.
Dt. Johnston,
Member of theJKoyat Collego of Surgeons. London,
i.raiiunie irom one oi mo must emiueut eeiicges or tue
United states, and the greater patt of whose life has
been spent inthu first llo.nlialn of London .Paris, rhl.
ladelplun and elsewhere, has ellecledsonieof tho most
asioiusning cures mat were ever known; many troub
led with ringing in the head and.ears wtcn asleep,
greAl nervousness, being alarmed 01 sudden sounds,
and bashfiilne.s, with .frequent bluihing, attended
sometimes with urungemcutofnlndiwcru cured laj
A Certain Disease.
When thetmisgutded nnd Imprudcut votary of plea
sure And. he has Imbibed the iceds of this palnfu.
..Dvasc, ,, ,uu uueii Happens iiiai nil iiiuuieu sense o
sname.or dread of discorery. deters hiln from osply'
lng to those who from eitucution and respectability
can alone befriend him. delaying till tho constitution!!
symptom, ofthis horrid disease make their appearance,
such as ulccratod sure throat, diseased nose, nocturnal
painsin tho head and limbs, dimness of sisht.dcafncss,
nodeson the skin bones, and arms, blotches on the
fiend face, and cilremelles, progressing with frightful
rapidity, till at list tho palate ofthe mouth or tho
bones of tho nose tall in, und the victim of tins awful
diseuse becomes a horrid object of rominlsscration, till
.it... ki... i u - . . -o- "j B-,
n turn. T7 .nlh i Jr.-'f"'!.,'!,..1'0 aveler 1
,7 I uf " lu "is ureiiuiui suuerings, nysen
nnnse It 10 nrescrve t ha moit n frrH nn.i
it urn iiib cA4;iiaivu prnciico in tne nre Hospitals of
Liironu and America, lie can eonrtdnmlv rprnmmnnil u
afti and speedy euro to the unfortunate victim olthis
horrid disease.
Take particular Notice.
Dr. J. Addresses nil who hn v In In re 1 hm.
selves by pnvatennd improper Indulgence,
iMo(uiuir,cui uiu Ksiu anu ineiancnoiy etiects
produced bvpnrlv haliiti nf vnuih. wit lvitr..-.,. r
the Hack and Limbs, Fain in the Head. Dimneof
Heart. l)Vinrnin. ,Tvr.iim Irrt, il.illtir nArn......n I
f,i " ve runciions.ueueraiucDiiity.syniptoms
MITAL LV. Tlio fearful fnrla mln.l
are much to bedreaded, Lois of.Memory, Oonfuslon of
ub'prejaioii oi mo opirtts, i;vii roretiodluss,
Averionof Society, Tlmily.&c. are some oftbeevlin .
lilOUsinds Of nersonjuf nil nirai ran nnn
their vi?or,hecnilll III uenk. nnlnan.l nmnrlntpil. linl
i T i ui muii nctuuiu lie hi in , uoosing
a .insu lar appearance about the eyes,coughand sjwp
turn. V. V.UIII.U U1MUI1.
ur. Joinston's invigorating Remedy for
wrgnnic wcaiMCis.
Ily this great and ilnnartant remedy, weakness nfllii-
orgjn.aro speedily cured, and full visor restored. I
Thousand. of tho most nervous and debilitated, who
uau ixiaii nope, nave uceu immediately relieved. All
Imperii niciils. to Marriage. Physical and Mental Ul.m.v
macation, Nervous Irritability, Tremblings and Weak
ness, or exhaustion ortho most IcarCul kind. Bpccdily
cured by Doctor Johnston.
Young Men
WhO hlVO flliuroil tlietnanlvpa tie n lrlnl.i
indulged In when nlnn. n l.t.l rta,....n,. !
from evil companions, or at school the effects of which
uiu iu5ii.y ieii, even wnen asleep, and ir not cured
renders mirriaire ininn.uihle. mirf ifunrnv. i.mi.
aud body, l;ould apply imniediate'ly
....... in mm a yuung man, mo nope ornia coun
try, and tllU darlini- Of 111. n.irrnt.. Elinitl.t k. Bi.nipl.o.l
from all pro.pi'ct. and enjoyments oflil' the eonso
nuenccg of deviating from the path ofnature, and in
dulging in ncenain secret habit, Sucti person, before
.hould reflect that a sound mind and bodyare tho mo,
nccessaryrc'iuislties to promote conunblal happiness'
Indeed, without th ese, the Journey through hie becomes
a weary pilgrimage, the prospect hourly darkens to tho
. .in iiiiiiu iiecome. sii.moweu witn despair anu
(lllcd Willi tho melancholy reflection that the happiness i
Ol'anOthcrlii!rn:npa h liu liln.I tvi t Ii nur num.
OFF1CC NO. 7 SOUTH Fit UI) CRICK ST.tBaHlmerc,Ml, Let no false modeitv n re vent vnu.hut
mediately cither per fcoually or by letter.
ffl Strangers,
The manT thousands cured at this institution wlih'r
the last 15 years, and tin: numerous important Surreal
Cpuratlons performed by Dr. Johnston, wituenaed by
the reportersol the papers and many other
ncesoi wiiicii uuve appeareu again ami Hgain ueioro
till dubhc, besides his standing as a gentleman of clu
ructetandresponsibllityt 0' a suflicient guaxantet to
sue amictea.
Take Notice.
N. D. There a somanv Ignorant and .'orthlsi
Q.uacks ailvertisin!; themselves l'hvicinn. ruininir
the health ofthe already afflicted, that Ur, Johnstcui
deems It necessary to say, esneciallv to those unne
qitalntod withi his reputation, that his credentials and
uij'iomasaiwayb uang in ius oiuee,
E3"rKt Notice. All letter innst beDOstnaid. and
contain a postage stamp for tho reply, or noaniwer
Will BU 1C1II
January 17. 1807.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
French, English and German
No,i55Ncrlh Third SUOjovo Arch.'Jliiudclph'a.
TIIU Vera would J rcipetirully, Inform their
friends and the public in ccneral, that tbev have
tasen tnemrKeana eoniinomous store, Ko. 171 JVortli
Second Street, efcove Itace. and furnished it wnh an
entire new stock of Goods, to whicli they would invi'e
their particular aucmirn
lussessing Uiisurp-ik.en laciiiues.nnu navin naa ni
lone emcrieiice In tn business, heis enaliled tn fur
l.o their patrons nnd Mcreil&nts general))' with the
latest styles or raucv uoods. uiuroiocrie.. cc. a
unusual low prices, and hope by strict attention to uicma snare oi punucpairoitsce,
riuuirunH sc ri.ur.lJLu Kit.
No. 03 North TUrilStieetiabove Arch,
January 10, 1857
Country Dealers supplied with German
rJilvertJpertacles.lnassorled dozens. Also with
rauies. lllued Elastic Meet. Hilvsr.UoM &c
(n.tabli.hed WM.)
l'Jl ClH'uutStreel
January 31, 1657. 3m.
rpuB FIKST BOOK of the Rational
A Ky.tcm orungliin Cirainmar. Sacts.
TIlllHIXUNU iiuuk ol the national
system of English Cranitnar. desicned to
teach the process of Analysing the English Language
with sound Judgement; and the ait of using it with
graiualical propriety 31 els,
These work, are now used in the Publie Schools in
the nrst Kehout Dutriel oM'eniiaylvaiiia.
TUB 'rillUliUUOKortlioUallonalrlyslem r,r Oram
mar, designed to enable the learner tu become most
thoroughly aciualntidwlth 'he nature and of the Pre
positions, and uuy ee read by him either in or out of
school. so cts.
sets aslda tliu old Grammars, exposeslheir deflects,
demonstrates llio little uso of attending to them, ant
presents to tl e'l'carher thn unerring and oniywayto
lie Graimiier cf IheKnillab Languase. 371 els.
For sule by 1'eter Uiltfcclld AKC1I Street. Thilada.
rebruary SI. ISM.
Nos, 2 ij- 4 Chesmit, Street south side be-
lota water,) I'jiuaucipuia'.
(Tna Ouisst Wooo-wiae Hoj.i, In Tin City )
MANUI'ACTUttUlia and Wholesale dealer. In Pat.
ent Machine-made llrnoms, Patent Grnoved Cedar,
ware, 10.rs1.ls1l mi t. tkrtnk. Wood and Wlllowwore,
Cords, llrushes tc,, ofoll ilctcriptma. 1'ltare call
and .lauiina our .lork.
bniiry , 1M .-1 y.
savii vvxn.
jl lll
WALNUT Street, Soufo West comer
fTIIIRU, I'lilladelphla.
IncortturaleJ br Ilia Statfl of I'ennavlvsnla .
Alonev Is receivrilln AliviUm. Inrrrn nr small .in. I
Interest tald from the day of Ucpoilt lo the tiny of
The offlco Ii open overy day from 0 o'clock In .he
mornlnjt tIU7 o'ctocktn the pvenlnp, nnd on Monday.
All turns large, or small, ore paid back in U01.U on
ucuiauti wnuoui uoiice, ninny nuinnni, llon.HENKY I,. HCN'KCR.
Vice President, ItOIU'.liT HCLFltlDUC
Secretary, WILLI AM J.ltl'.UD.
Henry L. Donner, V. Landreth Munnt
GdwardL.Uartcr, F. Carroll Brewster
KobortSelfridge, Joseph C. Harry,
Samuel K. A.hton, Henry L. Churchman,
JalticsU. Smith, Trancla Leo.
This company confine, lis burinesi entirely to the
receiving of incuey on Interest. Tho iHrestments a
inonntlngto nearly.
as per published report of A8S IITS, are made In con
formity with the provisions of tlie rlnrier lu Ki;AL
first class securities , tas wil I alwa)s Insure perfect se
curity lo the depositurs, and which cannot lul to give
permanency auu tiaimuy to lllisoiu nnil well rstab
ii.neu jnsiiiuiioiii
(Feb. 1, 1835.)
March 7th, inn.
rlin subscriber i now prepared, with new Machine
iy, to build sUtiouary engines, from Sto lull bursa
lower, upnn tho Litest Improved plans, and n ill build lo
trtlcr douli.eanil liujjle portable engines from 10 to 40
iorei iinwnr. ltlffpod unoii ca rrinneu. wllli Wall fir pear.
tng & pumps all complete nnd ready for action. Aro
-cy i inner nueanu muuiar uoncri can iron coa: urenig
trs patented hi 1810, Tor threshing grain nnd crackini
torn nnd now iimde on nlnrzQtfcala for erfe'tlm o
creaking coal. Heavy mining pumps nnd Are engincl
rigged completcwillt double acting forcing pumps, ni
sinui vi nun tv-aung aim uuusc casii c mntie lo nrueil
Line shaft ug witii any desired sizes ol pulleys flnlshe
lropla.,i,,gdo.o,.a,l ft,, long: a.
Rinusoi iron mrnirg ueavy press aim otucr screw
turned with any desired Itchofihread.
TJiebcst ilougb Iron threshing Mnchinos, lhfit ever
come before the public, cait Iron and wccvlenmachjnes
made to order. Lever power chain or tread poer
made to enlcr Ato takci orders for the follow! n? ma
etiincry: Harrison's l.itPfct pat in t Rraln mill, of
fered by tho I'atenteo foritsciual. It will grind inc. nod
finemoal'Ji IiusIipIj in one hour. Also bolts and elwa
tors ail In nrder.nlio Ruble's ljlpnt IJJowcr.inanufactui
cdby O.I) Harris fc UoM the nitxt pouerful Ulower
now in use with tlielenstiniount ofpowcr, one of which
willDo nutln use at the Foundry for ciliibition. Ailnt
n - illnn niillfl use at the Poiinrlrv f,r iliil.ilti, AM,.
tfiH above works wilibo warranted tob what they are
Alio Tatto orders for Scott 1'atent Dlnchsmitli
Sirlkrr, and rights to nse them i n thn conn tics of Colum
bia, Montour. Northumherland.Lyconiiug.lSiilliran.and
Clinton, one of which can be seen nt inv tinn
SIrch25.1Pjfi. Rtnnmihiipi. f.'nlMmh.. r
i''iusiiiitmi &imoTiiFRs.
SO.103.NO11TH TlliniJ STKEET ,
Five doorsbclow Race.
NO. 0, North Water Street Philadel-
phia COMMISSION MERCHANTS, and dealers in
Lard, Shoulder,. Cheese Hams, Bucket,, fork,,
r!aur &c.
Aplil 1.1SJ5 ly.
Dr. Francis 0. Harrison,
WOULD respectfully Inform the citizens oflllooms
burg and vicinity, that helm. commenced the prac
tic of MsuiclNEandrjoltasRy, and uolicits a share o
fi oanilwuysbu foundattlicExcbacse llotelopposlte
Court House.
llleomsburg, Feb . 3, g3.
i J. C. ESuttcr,
H o m ic o i) a t It i c I' li y s i c i a n,
TjESPCCTPUM.Vtcndors his l'rofcsslonnl Sercea
XVto the citiiensofllloornHbu re and vicinity, senorally
m co u tu eurwci ui .uitiii uuu iron cireets
Uloomsburg, Adjoining Mr.Erower'sStoro.
rfept.ii'J, IS5S4
(Immediately opposite the Court JlouteA
HAVING been recently renovated and refurnished
in a superior style, tin elegant llutelis now rcopn
lor the reception of strangers and visitors, whose pa
lyiS, I65C,
rpIIE undersigned inform theirg
fritndinnd the uublic ia ueneral. that
iney nave openeu anew
Under the front basement of their Store, on Ma In
Street, where they arc prepared to accommodate nil
who niav see fit to civc them a cat!, with CIIOICU
OYSTERS, and other etceteras, in the beat style ef
prcpeaatiou and at very moderate prices.
LiehjBtrsst.noT., 1,6150.
rr URNTfl-Wn nr a nrenns1 In rurnlili Arrri'-iiit
feirdl Impleincntiottho vcryhevt
fgitiired at our Aerirultural W'orki, Jtrlmol, I'a..
,- --1 ti, loneii caBli prirci, wholcsaleor
will challenge comparison with thoie manufieturedby
any other eriiaMUhment in the country The first pre
mium of one hundred dollari wae awarded u by tire
CninmUti'eof the U. B, AsTicuJtural their
I a to exhibition at rowenon, tor "tncDcst oupia of
riculturaiinipienienii manutaciiiretinyineexnitiitor.
llvervarlltlfjjolcdliy ui ii warrenlcd to he a renre.
lented.or ihe.moncy returned.
lfiJiil,lii.I.lJl i!U.N ,
Im-pluufl ntiand Seed Warehouse,
Noi.21nai'i3;?Jouihriiitli street, VhilaJeliihla.
NovBinher S1, 185W.
mim i,nri(fifned remocifulv informs hit old cub to
X men and the public. n general, that lie contiuuu
t 1 1 It ...Inn, ilpnn rlmf ntl . in tho old stand. Ui
cbaiiee block, llie only shop in town, opposlia the
Columbia Democrat OBice, on Main rUreet, lllooinsburif,
where ho will always be happy to accommodate his
customers on sigm auu iu ius imv. ... v..m. .m.u.vji
nioomsburg November lest ii.
HA? opened a Matblo Yard at tho corner of Main and
MarKtt Streets, where liu ii prepared to Qui ill the
beat wurk irom Italian or American .-uarmeior
Tomb. atones, Tables, Mantles, Window-sills andlen
rorlho character and finish ofhlsworfc ho refers to
such as he has made is this county, II. will furnish
uesigns forwork or execute any that may be furnish
ed to Mia. llisuork shall always bo satisfaetoiy is
ilsstyl'and reasonable In price.
llloomsburg, Pec. c, lBSo.
O and wnniesaio ueai.rsin
JJl Straw, Goods,
No. 41 North Second sirct. neat dooi above the
Madison Home, riuuAui;i.riil a.
i.irhnnt. vlsltinc the city will find it to their ad
Tantaneltu call andezaulue ourgoodsbBfore making
leietus icciiuu.
Mar.h IS. le)33. y.
Clock ami iratcbmaker.
South Side of Mum Street above the Rail
nrlVFlCULTreuairinir in watchc. and Jew
J J elir Qlasse, for huntln. watches ,nrj
I'P" '""!"'.... ,
LMQOmiUU't USI "v1
OFFICE Next door lo the Post Office.
Ao. 83 Dock St reel, I' h iladelph ia . 1 BC 1 . INTER EST FIVE PER CENT.
.JL nnu nti aininir t ie rosi till cc. receives inoiiFv nil
noon l nlro Mondy m pi.lnf! .from 7 to 11 o'clock, lutcretMt nilowi il.on deposits nt tliu taw vt FIV13 l'CR CLNT
Dcrnnntiiu, Dpnonlts Kill bo rcliirnnl In whole nr in nut on dmnml wit mm urnim. 1
Tlienotmlirily of thlsOIlco with nil c In sen of the comnitiititv. mtlilti tmvn ni.t fmim,. i. .
urresi, nmy bd nscrllied, Inpnrl.lo Iho TulUiwlns substnnllal reasons
IM, It oiTert aconveulent.rpspniulhln and pruntablo lpiotUoiy tn Rxpeulnrn, A1mlnlitratnr. Atslttnee
roratcil or oilier w Iso tnimrrJeil or PliiBlelAdlrs in isiii,iinu. Mrrrlmni tiivrk .nn.i i.n'.in.. -it..
,.iihui in, ariiirri(.uinor uiuirrncj mihiuii who nave
niiny tlmo with fire tt cent Interest milled,
hi i iK'irniinri receive tonni nil nn n isrncini iiip iiv
which books serve nsvouchets. TIiav tmuidetii'rifiip.ln
deposits. wltfiuulWu'intoivenllfiii nti:xecniors or Admhiistrntors. Any one orniorc ncrionimay denosit In hltt
M. d Report Is tiindecacliyrnr to the Lrglslnturcand Council sort ho City.
3 tli. TheOfficersare sunrn heroretlmv enter tinnn their duties In ndditlon Incitlnc ttnnds with itirctlos.
3ih 1 lia Htalo Hnvimrs liind is n realsn villi's fund
itotitorsanJ tho IMil ladclnhla public, liavcbccncarcful toobservcihal thochattcr nvaidi iho tnnidrs nn.i h.l nf
Ctht I uteres lin thlieornnnn doei not cense rourlrcn
Till t n order to 1 fiord evcrr asanbla rncllltv to
tits.nrspcriiiiiicdtobo wittidrn n by chickf, niter tho
luruishedtn depositors wllboii to t urc.
TNOHM'nrpatrofisffe tiCitowe upou thiJomro y n
Wiiiumih ""iuhui mi tiiu i nii m i. mi is ucbi Kiiun u,iu
CIIAial:3U.l.MUV.7rai.l r,
Till! under. Ignen would respectfully Inform his friends
nnd the publi, ttenorlly, that liu lias purchased Or,
Tuggi.Ta Orugand t'lieinicnl Hloro, olid Just returned
from lliccily with ulargennd select stock, cunsistlng ol
Fresh and Fare Drugs,
Medicines, Chemical s, ground nml w hole Spices, I'aints,
Oils, Varnishes, 11 o Btu trs. Window (lla.sof oil sizes,
together with a complete assortment of Taint, Toolli nnd
Shaving Ilruiliesrobacco.tlegar,, FnucyMoaps.Mliiv.
lng Cream.
l'uro Wines and Brandies,
For Medicinal use, English. Trench and American Fel
fiimerri in etiorf,evcryarliclekepthy Druggists gene
rally ir-Treserlptions carefully compounded.
jv , u i no ulktai. i Rore.sion, win ou coniiMucuiu
lJloomsburir nnd Liaht Slrei-t.
D loimsburg, Puliruary 1, 1 B."7.
INSUIirs Detached llulldiiig., Stores, Morehandiic.
Farm Property, and other Uuildings,aud tliclr suit,
tents at moderate rales.
Capital S3,000,000.
Hon. John J I'earce, Hon tj. o. Harvey,
Jclm 11. Hall, T. T. Abrnius,
Charles A. .Mayer. K Jackson,
thatiesi;iinst, iv.ivnue.
rcterllickhison, Thomas Kitchen,
11QN.C.U. HAIIVGV, President.
'. T. ApRtltj, Vice Prca.
Tiioa.KiTcnES.Scc'y. I II. C Uimah, Ccn Agt,
itlil xiitliivuLia.
annuel II. Lloyd,
Tlins, Iloivman,!). D.
A. A. Wineirardcr,
L. A. Mackcy,
A. White,
Win. Vnnderbelt,
Wm. rcaron,
l)ri J. S. Crawford,
A. UpdegrafT,
James Amstrong,
Hon William lllglcr,
W. WHIT, Agent,
John W.Mnv:.iJ.
June HI, IMC
Oyster nutl Ealing s.iloons'
TIIH undersigned, respectfully Inrornii
the citizens of Bloomsburg and the pubv
111- III IJt-IKIMl! til. I I ,11V HdlC flfUll llHO
interest of Air. IloAuiaii. in the above
establishment, on .Main street, lllomnsbiirg, nnd also
n uenernl Uakery, Confectionary, nnd Oyslrr Uptablirt
ment, where tbuy willat all limes keep a full suppljef
ProvU ions. Sweet meats nnd Ilatable, such ns liuatl
1'ies, Hweet Poiatocs, Cheese, Altickrel, he, Et-rvid uji
in eooi nrdor aiift on moderate terms.
Their Stock comprises n Inree supply of Almond
Figs, Unions, Prune, Nuts. Walnule. Uati s.Tobareo
Cicars. etc .Iwiib every inweinableurliclc in their tine
of Misinc34,and of lite best quality.
homines uipucu ai a t unies wim ltrenn.uaKCs,
Vies, Oyitcra, &c. nnd all order promptly fllted.
Cash pnid for Country produce and the public custom
respectfully invited.
N B. A Ladle's Saloon disconncctedfrom tneabove
edtatiliihmdnt, has been prepared in good order and
willahvayj be nt their commond.
Uloomsburgi l eb. 1( 1631.
1 Mill unders-jim-d reipuctfuHyinforms
. his friend and the public that he has
n,it rhniti'i tliu i;io!tstore. piniionarv U3-
i.i.iUhmpHtand Kcstatirnnt Salon in, of 5iU..(3.Kj
Kra. Sv-rtz., nrstuoors in inc i.iriianpu uunning,
.im rn. Iia will continue tho aborebuiincfd in nil their
vifariou brandies.
Iiavinit repieilisncu HIS caiauiieiiuitrin nun tmuru
lock of New Book and Slut lone ry ; he is prcpaflo
accomiuodateall who may rive him a call in his line
OYSTnUS.filne, fat und fresh, received dtltynt Ins
HesluranlSaloons, during the season, and will be served
Tin tp tmilhcwn ofts no picurei
mi in.iihllro.ini.'itit la resBCCtftiltv pollened.
IWoomfhura Of loin 0. 1855 y.
J. S. H E. L. 1'EROT,
Produoo and Gonoral
No 16 North Wliurv.s,
John I Peniston.Ksi. Philadelphia.
Messrs Hacker. I.ea & Co. '
" Biter, Price U Co, "
.. ItiKknor, MrCammon at Cos "
Charles tills & Co.
" H. Morris Wain & Co.
.. Untcrbridge, Arvov U Ca. "
m diaries & Joseph Perot, .
.. Thomas & Maxwell, New York.
. C. M. McCltlug &s Co.,BI. Louis, lo,
.. J.H. Morrifl&don, Louisville, Ky.
Yarell IS, 1850 y
Pennsylvania Hotel.
rpll IS well known Hotel. lately kept hy Bur
XiVLH EBD.on ,ain nireei,iu iianviiiP,rtS
has been tanen uy mo suusrriuer, who is pro'isi
fareU lOHttUlUllluumu liar V imili,lia
n ihfi drat mitiuer. The houae liaa been thorouchl-jt
overhauled, and is now rehtfed up and furniehd for
noenteriainraem oi guests,
lii.uinhilnir la lamo and commodious, with Horae
and vehtelei for lure, and ho will spare no pains to
render fencrai sauiiaciion .
trs A liberal sharu of tho public patroness Ji respect
fully solicited.
Danville Dec. W,4ie5J
Bloomsburg Tinware nud Stovo Store.
TUB undersigned respectfully informs his u)d friends
and customers, that lie has purchased lus brother's
interest in the above establishment .and ihricouccrnwil
be re alter be conducted hy himself exclusively. He hat
just leceivurj oau-oners iur Bum, inu larceai nnu
rfwgmoslcxteiuivo assortment or FA NOV STOVD
over introduced into this inaiket.
f lift stock consis ts of u complete as3orlmf nt ot
hihcit Oooklitirnnd nnrlor stoves in tho mnrket.tD-
theser with Htovo Fixtures of every description, Oven
and Hoxflloves, Radiators, Cylinder Stoves, Casl Irou
Alr-TigH Btovtii, Cannon Stoves, fee, kc.
elovep't peauu i.niwarcr.uufciuiutj'un iianu ami ihbii
ulactiircd to order. All kinds of repairing dono, e
...mi. nn Bhoftnotiee.
Th paUonngeof oldfrieodj and now customers re
.pcOUu.iMOt.c.ieu. iiMuunn.
Hloomsbirg, Jan, 2, 1854, If
EsyptoAyu Coach and Wagon Fclory,
Tlllluiiderslgneilliiivins succeeded Jacob 8. Kv.
in the W.gon.nd Coach maklnR busl ness.nt hi.
mini, in E.pylowu' respectfully inrorni their frlenl.
cud tho iuMic, that they continue will tho
Wagon Making Business,
In nlllil. derailments, where they will be hippy trro
ceive orders andproinpilyexecuteallbuuiiierslnihuli
iin., r..nlne..nnddesnalell.
E3" Wiieel-lorrow. made to order, and all kind, ol
npMHW.H.H.w... fc IIAonNUU(;u.
n,pylown,Jun7, iBK y
ust finished and now otTcis for sale, a
.. t.i- ....r,n....nn Main Hueet. n few iloori belov
this oinee.(oppotHa side r.f tho Street.) maue ofthe best
material, nnisn-u in iim w
10- Holnvlic, hi, frienili to call nnd oxamlnefo
,h,,"e,vo,' B.A.W1LBON
March 15'ieiO.
01 Nerth ll'varvcs, above llaco Street,
l'KODUCU.rltOVialONS, c .
Bpirlts of'lurpentiue, Turin hbls. anil kees. ritch
und, Oil Alcohol, Uurninil luidand
Fin. Oil' fur saloat Manufactures' plitas,,
Aeenis for Wilcock', Wheel Oreaio.
U,y 31.IM0.-ir,
I'hird Street,
iliinnc t ils lv rrninn n ih mnmiin. t i .n, '
mnui, IIIUC1I or I UUU lUilCiIOIil , WlK re tllCV lllQV t)ti hail
' uuu
i.n wa.i iki tttr inn inn in tviiiriiiu am.... n..i. .1
not an 1 tisurnnto nndTniair?nnimifiv. niirif.rnf)ii.nrr.u
iinvs nrcvicm tn the wltlirnufilnrilic mnnnv.
Dr-naiilomwlm rrtldont n illctnum frntn Dm nir.a ti..i..i
manner customarvwlih tho Hanks, Check Hooks wlli ba
nrnverlilniMcnntfoiiY nnd diicrlmlantinp rnmnninitv.itnd
Kftiiii ihk Juki kv iitiiu iiiv i mi Fi rr p lit" I re 1 o cfl 1 1 tittenen
UCOtlUIl II. 11AHT. Fruli!.
Holloway's Ointment.
Tho World Unanimous!
rpiIU virus of dldcnsc often makes liu way to the In
J it rnul organs through tliu pores of tho skin This
penetrating Uinlmcnt, melting under the hand as it it
rubbt-d In, Is adsorbed through the uuiu thanuels,aiid,
renc lilus the scat of intljuunaiion, promptly nml invu
rlahly subdius it, whether locnteil in the kidneys, tho
liver, mo lungs nr any omcr important orfian. it
penetrates tin surlaie to the interior, through tho
cotiuuess luues mni cominunicnie nn I he iKin in
sunimcr rain passes Into the fevered earth, ttilluiliig
ts coo I and rcfHcrntlmr inlliieuce.
bkin uiar.AdUSAwu ta.ANDur.AuawiiLi.iNGa.
Kvery spectesol exterior irrit-iiiuii is ftiirkly reduced
by the untl Inilamiualory action ofihis Oinlineiil.
Angry luptiun, such as Halt Kheum. I.r)sipetaa.
Teller, Iltiigwoim, Scald Head, Nellie Hash , fccabies,
(or ttcnj c, nie uui, iu rettmi nu more, intiirr, its nn
plicntion. Hospital experlcnrein all parisof Ihcwurld
proves its infallibility in ill .nines of the (Kin, the
muscles, the joints and iho h'lunds.
Thn etfL-et ofthis unrivnlM external remedy upon
BcorlutJ.and olliervirnhnt ulcers and sore Iratmotu
mlrncnlous. h llrsl dischartten the puiron iv likh pro
diicen sitppnratfonand proud ilcsh.and thus ie cures
which its henlinz properties afterward coioplete are
sitienn well us pcrmniient.
Iln r.tsei. ot ihu fracture of the hones, injuries caused
If iicnui explosiims, Itrtiiscs.Iiurns, ticaldf, Kheunia
tlfntilitrnen-i nfthr Joints, and contraction nf tho si
ncv-i.ilis employed and warmlyrecninniended hylhe
faculty. Tli ic mirvclous rrmcdy hf-ru Introduced
hv Us inventor in person into all the leading Hospital
ofCuropo.and no prhatu houiihold should he u I thou
Tho medical ntall'of iha Trench nrd Unglnh armies
ntlm Orluier, have oincinlly Flgnpil theii apprnvtil o(
Iloilowav) Ointment, as the most rrtiahle drtssing for
eahro cuts, stalm. and -nn Phot wounds. It IsaliO
used by the Surgeons ol the Allied Navies.
Both the Ointment ami Pills should be
used in the following cases :
llunions, I'ilos, Sore Heads.'
Uurne Uhuumatinii, ore Throats ,
Ihifirtt'ed Hands, Riiip."" ' re ofall kinds
Chilblains, tciu micum, t rains,
rintula, Hnildn. t, 1 Joints,
(out, irk in Diseases, Tel r,
l.umbaso, H welled Clauds1 Hire ,
.Mercurial Erup Sore I.rpn, Vco
tloi.s. t(jreUre;isU, Wounds, allns d
HuM at tho inauuf.ictnriP4 of prof'-s&r Iloilowav
tfOMdidcfi Lane, Nw York, nnd "11 Strund. hnndou
y nil i
nil rtpi!Liitula IJriiffi(int mid ih'nlrrs lu Ainiiiclne
out inu uuren cM.ues nu uui nvnisewonu
iu pots nt i'i cents. UJ rentii.nud $1 each.
There is a considerable ejvi n jnai
e largo
Uintir rfrrafigcmentsftr Pa$itvgtr 7Vaiwi,
January Jsr, 1857.
Ur Trains, coinj North, leavo Philadelphia' ot7i
A. M. nml i P. M.
Down 'I'r.iiuaeolugSouth, lenePottailleat A. M
Ice. nnd 4 1. Al.
Vptrniuspas Rcadin;nt 10.51 A. M.nud o,S3t M.
dowuTralns " 5,13, A. M, 5,13 P. M.
The r.xpressTrnin is discontiiued until further no.
lien. Close connection, ure inaile by the 10.2S! A. M
tha Train from Poll Clinton to Llniiriiunil oil intcrme.
ilii-.W P'l'niU: and by tho 0,9. J P M UpTrnin from Port
Clinton lo Ehnira, c.niuudiiie.un. llullaln, Niogara.Ilc.
not, Chicntto, sit, J,oui. Davenimrt, and lonu City;
MuLii.g tin. route the shortest and cfiea.eit to (As Lake
Ertta and Canada.
Oiitfiindnys.lhu Doivn A. M. Train from Poltsville,
unuUpP.M. Train froial'liiladclphia, only, run.
UiltRisni.rta CossEcnons, by Dauphin Rairoad DtAu
lnin. , . .
A special Accommodation Passenger T rain leaves
Ilcadinsdailly, (except Suuiljys,)ut71 A.M., rclunung
In, in Auburn atus p. ill., on urrlval of 3,1(1 P. .M.
Traill from liarruburs.
Plii(.id;phll,8l.75andl,13j Pottsvllle $1,03 nnd 0,63;
Auburn, 0,75.
TIIIKK nil FAItl.'S. tu lfarrl.liurs S2.55; Taninqnn
S1.33! Wiliainspoil Sl.ll: I'.niiru Su.:!5 Canamial
eunSlOO- His ll'.i nr NiasraIO,l)0: Cleove.inil SKI.
70; TudoSU.7': Clucinuall $113,00 , Chicago SJU.OO"
Ilock Isanil $'ii,00.
ALL Passengerswil procure tickets beforo n licrliog
th tiura 10 cent, extra on Fares paid iu llie car
Flf y lis., of personal Itaguncealowt'.l each Passenger
n over I hit wciElllchargcdasDxIra llntpnco-
nnuavu. 3d. 1637 If. flcii'l Bup't
Greenwood Seminary.
For Youth of both Sexes.
mlHS Imtitulion which has been in successive onera
X uou for several yearn hag recently been enlarged to
Civu belter nernmodationn for boarders and increased fu
cilllies lor Tuition, &.C.
Eachr quarter of the School year consistH of eleen
Viccks.audlhe iiext nessiou willcommenceon thu 11th
of August, but pupili will he ttikeu at uny irtiriim
lu addition lo the constant nt tent ion ot tho I'rincipal.
tlio flcrvlcesofaneinerieiifedteachcr have been nin
cuied. Instruction will be given in all the English
firntitiipiiiiHllviatht. and aho iu Latin.
Naturall'hllosopliand Astronouiy will ho illustrated
by appropriate apparatns ai'd nceets oven lo a Library
and the use of uia'heniatical instrumente. Hooks and
Stationary wilt be provided mr an whuuesiro.
$3 50 34 and SI 50 por quarters raded hytho
ffiiu rdi of ludv.
tfj itnir.l 'ruiiirin. wnahinv.
lights, Uc, , SSI ps
lia r,f. ftufi hlf navati ei.intrter v in tt-ivonce
four fur liter particulars -iddress tho principal,
31 ii i vi ue, Juiy if, ioju.
R. R. Omnibus Line.
THE undergipDcil rcspeotfully informs
his friends and the public that he hat taken the
RxchamTtlloteHn Ulooinsbure, located nn AlaiuBtreet.
directly opposite the Court House, which has been
throu?Mv rcuaired and improved, where lis Js ur
parcu iu ftccniiiuiounip un customers wim cuuu iare-
anti to Kcueriii iiisinruuM ,
IU also has in connection wim inc tsicnangciio
tel, un excellent
runninereeulnrlv sevcrnltimes and from
Iho Depolon the arrivalorthe Cars, hy which passeng
ers willbe pleasantly couveycdlothe DcpolSlallan.oi
laseu irom nun reiurneu 10 hibi. ic.iiihh..., niii.ucu,
Ullewill always bo happy to entertain andaccom
taoaate in, irienusto tue uiiiuisiu. iii.iiuiuui;..
Dloomsbiirg .April,!, 1830 y.
TIlUUNnilRalCN'CO, Infonus hi, friend, and tic
traveling public. that helias purchased the abnta
valuable propcrtyand thoroughly improved the Csmblu
lintel, inentcd 16 miles Noi 111 of Uloomsburi.'iii Cnnibrn.
Luternu county, and is well prepared; to entertain
strangers and customer..
1'ersons going and returning from the City, will of
course travel oy tue ,.,, ,
Cambra Mail Coach,
and will always find this tho mo. I convenient pari
, tuning unu arriving
Tte sub, keep. u
Livery Establishment.
InconnectionwithhisllotelandMail Ilnule, br which
hccunatall limescarry visitors, Hunter, or Fishing
parties, to the I.onsl' any other destination, on
hortnoticu ana wiiiicuoutraveiiiug lucnines.
Cambra.Julj i.icjo.
Cattawissa, Pa.
ri lllSolduiid wellknonn Hotel, Intholnwii
I I . . . I. ... II bnn, ku ll.u illiil.r.
signed, and Inspi'teof allllcenso laws, bo ls-l"ts-i.
detcrmiuuil to mukenis nouse one oi uie inostcnuuoiiu.
bleplarcs for travelers to slop al, Hint can be found in
tho interior of renn.ylvunia His table will bo furnish
od daily with the best tho Maiket can alfuid.
tO-My ud friends and trivell.rig.nerallyareinvluil
83 Dock Street, next door tn Thin
Dr. J. S. Houghton's
Tllri True Dlje.llve
, , rinlrl, or Uastrlo
Juleo. Trrpared from
Ilennet, or tho fouilh
mTA 1a.l.U.,C0W,"l""r',yf'! " Uhhenlthy Pto
?5h.' N.0."0n."V1l,? ?1""" curative powers,
tw,? O"1"'"" nnAtrhpliol Hitn-rs.Aciil., nrNausnons
i.'.w,,.lt ';i-lrcm;'l'"l!'"ll'lnllietasto.anil may
Iiotakenby tho mo.trceble pnlienls who cannot rat a
.M'i!;?.ck0i.,vll,!o',.,acl',l,d,.",,rc' "ownieofUruggcd
Iniltj ions . Pepsin , not n Uriig. "
Cu' I on the Aeent. n ml ..I n nuiMlniU. r!......
jratls.ujvlne n inrgo nmounl of Wcleinirie llvliionco
Diec.tiont llr Pcrrlrn nn Tnn,l n.t.l lnl.
Ttaner, ofNcw York Unltersllvi Trof. llunotl.on..'
ryilologyi t'ror. Sllllmnn.orValpCnllcdcciDr.Cnrpen.
tei'sl'hysiolopyi fcctogctlior with reportsof cirea
fromall paltsofthe Unite.1 sines.
Roldby 15,1". l.uti and J, Il.Moyer, nioninsbnr..
8.11. Ilowman Ucrwlck. Octa, 1655 ly.
U.1.I1L.O .UilllUmt, Q
H. Ii. corner of Second and
Cheitnntms. l'lillnilelpliln .
Whero may ho lound ono
tho Inrireitandhest nssortmofl
nfClncks nnd Tlmo Pieces in
osultpurdinsers from iinnlei'i,i, . i
Clocks! enihrnchi'.everv v
in eu n iicn oinies, i n quantities
CnnnMloat.niMl liallroa.! Car.: aim
Niihop'S.? f0,,l.a'.l''' .'y Patenleil BclenllBc
rZiilL'1!''.".' '"'""nnil a variety of Fancy Bnods.
iv.,.nir ' " '"""I""''"1"0 "HI "ndltto their intcro.
foh. to, issl'll C,,eit"ul & 8co"J Sti.,rhlla
Stoves ! Stoves ! !
rnilE iiDilcrsigncd informs bia friends
J and the nubile i twnnor.ii .iimt i,, i,..i, .k k
tire Incercstinthe
lin Ware and Stove Establishment...
On Maill Street, mm Innr nhnvn Ilia I'
IllooniPbtirK, where he is prepared to furnioh Tmwnre,
Stoves, Stove I'ipe.and Hponllnp, and all olherburflncsB
In his lltiuon short nollte und In uond nrdf r.
Thu Now Haul) .Hid Win. Vtrnn. ftmib li,(r St(n,.n nn
also nlurpo assortment ofl'mlor Stoves constantly a
hand nnd fur bnlu at niLdernte prin k.
Cj" Thank fll I fur form, r itn I Mini?o.l, ppci.p r tful l
lie its a continunuce othe same.
J 03 mi siiAru'LLsa.
Itloomstnirj Apr! 51, ieiO
cnnAP watoii&jcvi:i.uv store,
No. 7a, North Seoond Sircot.
Oold Lever Wutchesru II Jewelled lr R, Cases , $28 0
Silver do do l'.1 ou
do I.cplne do U t'o
amirticrs. s OOto 7 00
tioldSpectarles, ,50tolll00
Silver do I 5ll
rlilvcrTableSpooni .perse 1 1. 14 OOto I B 00
uu imipri au no liuiitoliuo
do Tea do do 4 75ln 7 fin, 3 25lo 5 00
no Kilvcr no un
Tocetherwlth n vnrfftv nf fine flold Jituelrv .nI
Ciir.OuardundFnbClialiis. Al I wa rrnntei tnb
as presented. Watches and J ewelryrepairediutlr
bcstmaniier .
N II. AlloiiterasentbybymaliorulherwiBcvrlllbe
punctllallyittendedto .
NovemberlV 15U. 1
George M. Hagcnbuch, Surgeon Dentist
rsilltliiihscrilier re.perttully nlfers hi.
gentlemen oi Llirlll Street, anil vicinity.1
tin i.nrcnnreil to nltcml lo nil the vari.
oiisnperaiioiiH in Ueutistry, umlls provided with the
Whichwlllbci iiprtedoiipirot or gold plate, tolook
ns wellns the natural.
A superior rllrtec 1 or th Vow ders . nl w a) i on lion
al topi'iiimn. r n the Teeth Warranted.
Permanent reldenec in Light sircoi, Cnlrmhiii rn,
May SI ,li35 v.
fpIIK undersigned
take plrnmiri In an
thcpublirut liirnetlhattlicy
i.iivc liuterectcd and ouiln
oiicrPAf fu lun ' rat ion ,
WhP'ftly arp iiioklsp the ver bcst'ol flour,! nth
linrti'sttimpniulinlendtfellincat theln'weittprirfs
ilinrpnfo four 'run of Iliirs 1 ii this Mill. Hi-one I f dhv
iteani-powcr ullpcri'orminpio perfection nnd in ndiug
ahOUltlliriy uumititiui gitun (irr miur. i ue nan r iiiaiir
ItnrP nn II M'til f KUIUIIMMi uy lUUUI'SI (I I IIHILTS. 11 II II I' TO
iiouncednauperiorarticlt. Wc invite ourl rleudi-toral
nmintnnilnn fur theuitieles.
()rilerlr "our, chop, fcpd.&e., thank lull) received
alii! U I eil OU LHUIHUIM cnsniii.t LUIIUIIIUIIK
N, U. Uasii paiuior uram .
II spy town, July g'i.tH53
Th r.aillNOF T1IF. irillTF. HOUSE.
till; undersigned ru.pi'cllully I nliirii.s m
. his friends and thu public that lieJ
ri.utliilie. tin; vi
in all its variolic branches, at his old
uiniiil nticnrnrr of Malu nnd Market strrs.
Where ho will keep constantly on hand u full supply
and will manufacture tn urdr .nllklu-Unnd Mtyieso
althevrrylowebtprices.and will ho happy to serve
j pnup wno may i a vur mm witn u run i ii limine
TTi UrderRfrotn n listaucti in either branch of the a
IHooniBburg,A'ie. 10, 1852.12 v.
3UnDunderlheseal, anclioii a n il authority nf th
University of Tree Medicine and I' know ledL'e
Chartered hy the stale f Pennsylvania, April "'J, 1K53
With ncnpital of fllio UOU, mainly for thupurposeo
arreilini; the evils of Spurious Nonruiun.
Also for supplinir t lie Community with reliable rem.
cdies whenever a Competent rhyviunii ennnolur will
not be employed, navo purcuaseu irom nr. JUllM u.
JIUWA.MJ. UIP ci-Jenriiivu
noit'jixirs toxic JirxTuriE.
Knownfor upwards of twenty-five years as iho only;
sure auu suit, curt" mr
And bia Inestimalile Ilemcdv for Howe I Cnmnlultili
Itnwaiid's Compound Syrup of Mlacfrberry Hoot, which, nnnrnvfd and Remedies, together wilh
the Unlversity'uHeimdy forComptainlsofthe f.unes.
ThcCiiiversity's Uemcdyfor l)yspep-na nr (ndigcs
tion, TJl University uenicny tor i,umu uowrii.
Alsolhe Universily'i. Alinnnnc may he had, at' the
IlranciUtspensarytoral llie ol theColumhlaIeiii
Mays, ibjO. iy.
Having Removed from No. 51 Comcinroe
South-Wcst comer of Sixth and Carpenter
BEQ'tocallthe attention of rtirrhaners to their eiten
sive assortment of L'uper, and rapr Markers' Ma
Mrials.i'riulins I'apflrs for Hooks und News, Watc
leaf, nixed, uncatlendered and eallendered.of all iuali'
ties and n rices, always on hand: Hardware and MaiiiU
la Tapers, TrunkUoards, Uinderi'Uourds, llungiugt'a-
Particular attention isinviledto Ihelr eitennvo as
sortrnent of
From the mo$t CettbraieU Minn factor let in the Country.
Amone their WRITING PAl'Ull STOCK may
Cum. Note,
AtlanllcNolo. liatliPast, ,
lluartn l ost, Midi I U)i naii.ap, i
Folio I'ost, Thin Medium lleiny.
Medium, lloynl. Hup, (loyal.
Tlatb TAriRSi o every description, el ze anil quality.
Jlfij repirs.ln.reat variety. Knrrlop. Vapiri, while,
buff and gold, either laid or wove. CQlortdPoptrt.Ilue
..MToii.nml nilicr tarieties.
Manufacturers areliivilcdlocxanilna their stockof
lines, foreltn and Domestic. Illeaching I'owders, or
approved brrands; Alum, nroiim! or crude; Sal Soda,
un,t. Aah.rcitinas.Wiro Cloths. Ultraujrlue.tft ml v.
per Makers' Materials generally,
ry'Vliuy are also prepared tolake ordcrsof odd sizes
and weigh's of nay ofthe abore description of Tapers.
March IS, 1850.
CiUCCCSSORS lo James M. Uolion,ileceased,Cominls
four. Seeds, Irnu, Lumber &e.,No. 13Nurlli Wutfi It.
r,l.i.liiH. Cuod. forwarded wlili alln
nnthe HeUuylklll, Union, Kus'tueliaunn, and Jui-
MSr Sali.PUit cr .Grindstone .for iale a it he
Gorman Bitters.
T 1 Villi l!()Ht1r.AIMT tt. .
Toil o h to ii ! M 11 Phi l ! I"n.l'l8":;r' "od, Kullne.sot Wei,ht In ti"t.
i.iiSiii. p. "'I'"' mach.Dour llructotlons.Hinklng or Flutter nr al u,i
1,l'l,''' . Pit of the Stomach. 8ll.i,lng8, e Ilea. "'l! t" 3
lng or rJuirocatlng sensation. Um"a i li h'osii,.
dimness of Vision. Uols ol websberore "ise 'sifh, f J.'
bad llullpnln in the Head, Deficiency ofl 'e s rfilo!
yellonncM of the rkln nn ,l;yes. pn In tie lid.
llack, Chssl.l.imbs.&c .Bud, n Flit,"',, of li.!t i f,.'
l"S In the FIg.1i. Consiantiylbe Inlng. f LVl'l .?
ercat Depression of Hplilta i. miiui
U.'T r'l"'tor in caning inc atlenllonol the nublli
This pieparallon.doi'S '
torclivjcoln It. virtue, and or'oplallon lo tbe discs...
orwhlcliltlsrecoininendcd. ".ouisst,
It I no new unit untried nrtlclc.lliut one th t.hst
stood the test of n ton ears' trial beinre the Amcrlrau
yeonlo nnd Its Imputation nnd sale Isuniivalled byan.
similar preparations extant. The testimony tif lis r
or given by the most prominent nnd w ell-known I'hr..
-.v...,,. unu inuiviiiunis in nn parts oi tne country i,
ImtiieiiFe.nnd t.rn,n jni.n.. h..i.,r.v
d inuiviiiunls lu nil parts of the country i.
1 mitiunlly by llie .rop tlo t nr . nn ! tr. l.e bad .rails ol
,nnv n hi. Aieill..ennnntliiit nllfllim..A...?.r!
d'nlber 'l ' "a"" ,c,c,,,l'll the great cel.bilty
Ctrttfcatt of 11. nOOlJli'jtlil),, the Kill inevn (r
teller for the Vuncannon Iron UorK$t i'trryto., fa.
ItUNfAHNON, January ll,lbdi.
Dr. C. M. Jnchion Iear t?rr I usi lor Ave von
'severely nnncieu witn unronic unious uy.enlery, ru,
severely nfllictPd with Chronic Illllous Dynontery, fur
in the country, hut all of no n ail, I also used various
reiucuit'R, dui couiu una nutuing 10 uvne in inc, uuiil X
was Induced to try your Uermau illltors, nnd after tdk
ina four htHtles of which, I was entirely cured, and tta
enjoying the liest of health "
Monn lUTctrra ov rut o human nmnns im
Ccriillcalcs of J.C. CUKTIH. Vi.. Reporter the
live nlnn Chronlclo, rittshurg, l'a., who, I'ctmiary si,
iya5,says, Tor soma weeks past my wife has breu
iisine your German Hitlers, with n happy clfect. Hlit
has been nfllicted more or less, for several yesrs, iih
discisu of the Liver nnd l)spepsla,und until she com
uiiiicpd using tho Uitturs, iioiliinn iiad given her much
relief. Her health is now runidiviiiinrnjmt.
good, nnd wc havn every reason tobehevo sle will b
pe'lcclly restored. Bhc sas it is tlio best tncdiclat
ehe has ever used,"
J. M. Kctnitztn, Covleitnwn, Tn. Juno so, le
snvs- My wilu has heen a 111 ic ted w Ith u nervnn .1.
bility, since September, lh51, since which time 1 hnvg
been unatlo to find any physician nr medicine thai
would henffit her in the Iciet, until cmc day I willed ai
the s tort) of Ur. Harvey, ofthis town, lor some tincture
of Iron, nnd depcrllied to him ihu n fillet Ion ot my ife
ho then handed inn n lot of pjpersto rend, among which
I found one dcFcriMnir umr urrnian Unlets. I inm.
dinlcly procured aftw I ntllrsfrom litru.aiidam pltas
tn statu that the use of iho Hitters han'nne her niori
good than all the medicine he has lierrtoiorv taken I
Willi J UU IO scnu nif n 11 m 1 nnzrii Doilies
J. V. Wick, MartliHhiirg, l'a May iia, 1P3, ihtii
With much Pleasure I testify tn I he vlrtiirs nr.n,..
Get man Itltters Font ell me since, I was f-ert-rely nf,
fiicled with a disease nf thr Liver for wh'rh J ite
various remedies, hut with no bciicilcinl rllcrt, until I
was Induced to try your Hitters, which 1 am now ha to
to statu have entirely cured im" rv
Thnv are entirely vein-table, free from all ntffthr.ii.
flimulants.and pleasant lu taste and siut-H, Trice 74
cents per noiue.
Sold hv HriiL'eistt and -tort-keener in avpfv
and villuculu the United tnirs nnd Canans and br
H. II. IJOU'JIAN & CO., llrtwisk.
J, WUKT.MAN, Uolirthnrir.
II. It. ItOllllINS. Light Mrcit.
H. A. WURMAN, lny .
June 7, 1830 '
Victory is Ours.
Such Ii theprogreos nltiience in this age thatnotliliia
seems nuposMhle. Tha t there urj new nim mciu niifie
diFcovenes being made every day, 110 one w ill douln
Alier u thorough invetigatiuii ol the Vigitdblu Kliti,,
do.ii, with a itvv to obi 11 n n pomUvcor fpcctlic nmeily
fur thr muiecominoii it) ol humauit) ,1 have succetdrd
in bringing together such. Thrtu tar Invi- elnpinl
since Its iulnductiou, and it i s now esteemed the mot
popular remedy 111 tliu World, know n uh
lldmbotds Genuine I'npation.
Highly Concentrated Compound Fluid Uiiract Uuehut
Forall llHeaes 0 the Ulrddur, Kldnej , Urinary und
Sexual Organ.
It cures Disenprsolihe IU ailJi r. Kl.lii-j n, Cniile. 1'iep
sy. Ulmtructions, I'liuuie ('uiuplanu thioiic fit m r
rhucn, Hiilciuri-, Cltit. umull ditutn. uriiiiig Iiim
eicesies and )nipriuieiiceip In lile,
jycrvous ana UcttCetaUa Suilrrr rs.
And removes all iinpnip'ri.utim'iufrr-
Kidneys or BeiunM'rguns. wheihi r t Aittfii in Alsltt ir
r vriiimi' r ruin Hiiimvu iuiji; uu y i gj I It t iiM f itiU-
ted, nnd no nintler ot huw long stand lng, piling lit tilth
ami Vigor to th Irauie and huomtu the rnlhd iltik
Debility, brought on by abuse, n mon ii rr !!,
w Inch has brnughltha hiimU' Itht huuiau family to uu
timely graves, thus bl.iFting hr brilliant ho nt ym
unti nutl blighting it the hi il t lie glnnoiii an'hiiiou of
many he :uredh the use of this.
IiifutiOtt licjiuat,
sodas a medicinu winch must benefit ever)lodj frnm,
the simply delicate in tin confined aiiUdi ipairing inva
sc, noe-tuul Is tohe fout d. If )uu have cunlMCii d th
ierrihle disease, wnich a lien once healed 111 ihu s)sum
undermindtc the coRitutimi, snppingthe vry villi
fluids of I iff, procure tin t remedy at once.
The Leprous iHstilment, w bonu 1 iltrt
lluhU cikIi un enmity with Mood 1 f man,
Tint s ift us quickmlrur it iuutK'nitin.u(,h
The mil ural pati nnd nMes of the tfil ,
Crudhn!!, like eagfr droppings iiitoiuik,
1 hf thin nud whdeoini' bluod,
Hiw.ire oT'iunck iiontiuiin nnd 'piack Docton 3
IkimbohCs Highly ( onccntt atcd Compound
I 'laid Extract of J indue
Is prepared direct!) nrrcrdmg to ihe rules of I'harmsry
Sl Clif inelry, with the gritUsl ni curacy and chui'iint
kunwledgandcaru devote din ituLi mbj nation. I In pi p
ulajity his ex tended in a'ldin ctions, and whether 11 m d
in lown, country, hoBpiiul nr pritate practice, has in
variably given the tnosl decided and unciulvoral rati
faction and produced the moit rolutar ami bi nt Ccial
pirects It Jj.tff bepnand is used In all the prinrlpal ca
fes In the United States und lirilifhl'roviiicin,ii. boMh
nuhlicund private practice, w ith great sunets lit nee
Birth let it be understood, for tin pii't'fn art tdn.vrr
whtlming to be cniitrailictril, tlint Prlmbuld's Highly
Concentrated Compound HuJd l'.ilrnci Hiilij.u Uio
ipot.1 vnlunblo rc medy ever ollertd to lliroftliclid.
1 1'hf maxs of voluniury testimony in poifet'Sriou ofih
oprtclor is immeniie. embracing names well known to
iiiencennd Fume 1 celebrated rb) slcians and XJikllug
euhedClerg)unMi. Hon I'rolesior H-ewen'ri valuable work ou the I'rnctira
ofl'hysicand most of thclaiu iiandardlwil'riui AHti
elne. Dr. I' 'ti rani McDoew II, nhighly iliitMiguilird pi) j i
alan and im tuber ofthe I.kj'H Ciiltg'Ot Hurgruim, lr'-amd-nnd
published in the iraiitadioim ol the King and
Queen's Journal, sn) s The (l'luid lljirnct l.urhu
having been lately slruugty Kcoiniuciid, 1 wan iiuluu il
to make it a trial, and my cxpt'tiiiiinlshnvt n fculttd iu
the uioEtnlieJact) manner, having tucctfiUd in sav
ns Ui u most invetcrutu cases in which I had no hupi
of sueccrs. , , ,,
An iutere&ling letter Is published In the Mt dice Chrur
fiicallCeviuwon the subjuctnf extract Huchu, by IJeiija
luiu 1 ravers, F. U.S., fpeHingoiS) pbiliKUiul disenst
arising from excess of mercury he slates ilia f no rem
edy ig ciual lo it Hi power is exlraon'inary, more iu
than Hiiv druif I nm aciuainted w ith. It is iu the strict
est sense a Tunic with this invaluable ntlribnte, that il
Is applicable to a stale of tho ytfmsu tuiikm and jet
solrrtinble as loroudur other substance of a lonirclcss
unavailable, or Injurioui." Wo take the liberty m
marking, (In Italks.) eays the distinguished edit- r. Dr
Johnson, because we iiiostcordially concur with Mr.
Traverse In his statements ol Lxiruct Huchu
It Is a medicine wiiich is perfectly pieasnuiiiuis tasiv
and odor, but immediate in itsnclion, audit is taken br
persons oTcither sex, withom hindrance from business
ur medicaladvice. asexp'icrt directions for mo and nn
ample numberof relinbleand leipnusibteccriineatrs to
convince the moat will accompany inch bottlu
Trice SI per bottle, or six bottles for 5 Del lit red tu
any address. I'repared and sold by II T IH'.LMUOLD.
i'racllcal and Ana1vtkalChemJit
No 323outh Tenth street, helowChestnut (Assembly
Uuildiugs.) Philadelphia,
To be had of
and of Druggists and Dealers throughout the VnitsfS
States. Canadasand Urilish I'rovinces.
Augusts, 1650 y.
Important Announcement, "
To all persons afflicted with sexual disras seuch
nfE.V,(H.EKTSVrillLId iictc.
lllio IIOWiMU) ASSOCIATION or niiladclphla. In
view ofthe awful destruction ol hunnn life and health,
caused by Sexual diseases, and the deciplions wllithou
practiced upon the unforluiiuto vldiuis ul such ar
by llnoks, havo directed Ihiir Consullini! Surgeon, ns.
a UUAIIITADI.C ACT worlhylorihcir umnc to f.rsj
.ii 1 11 11 a 1. a 11 v llM! nn ATlrt. in nil nersons thus su.( i
ted, Male or t'einale, who npply by letter, mill a lug
bo , "V""".0'' B'J":?' '. "5.""' ,""",V' .
I C.. U" "I" u. I .II.UIU I'.I.tll
iMinuiuti m iMitiiv'i'a I'll i'l'. nl i. II Allr'.c.
Tho Howard Association is a beneoleiillnlllullon,
established by special endowment. lor Hie yellff or. the
tiekand dlitres.ed, uHllcted wilh Virulent and Lpidem
In Uncases.,, anil its lunds, can be fur cither purpoie,
Il lias now a surplus ofriuds, which llie II. rectors hay.
ToleJIoadverlisollio above notice, It is needless to
add that thn Associllion cominands the highest Medi
cal skilloftlieoge. and will lurnish the most approved
modern treatment Valuable advice also given 10 sicls
and nervous females artlicled w i Ih a bdoininu I weakness
Woinli Complaint. Cosliveuess.l.eucorhnfn, Ac..
Address.?posl'paid)Ur. jr.O, U. CAI.IIOUN. Con
eullingrliilieon. Ilnwurd Association, No, S South !!l
llyordcrofthe lliicnors.
O LO, PAlllCIIII.U.Secrrisiy.
Angus! 'J, 1650 y,
.In A
I.AllGr.aud select ossolluient of tho above was.
J Ii. ranted genuine, nnd embracinir many hunir"-
nls choice arieiies. lur sale, wholesale and retail.
sua ry t e a I c r u p j; 1 1 o d n I 1 1 1 . c r a 1 .1 i e o u n t .
i rAHijlI A 11. .MUHlila ulu,,
km Agricullural Warrhouss aod ce-d rtnrr ,
ivornsraevf niniDu mbi pi,
May 3, lt53.