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UTUHUVY MO UN., OCT. 6, 1819
fss- -
IVui ili Ilumh Canal.
Wedirect attuntiori wiih profound satinfaction
inlh., .dveiliscuionl of Mr. tur:R, in snuth
minium lor the letting on ihe N-nh Branch Ci
... . . T . . . I. fc. b .... . 1
lul It will tiKn place i niiiKii iiiuuin en
ah ,.;n rii,... tnle-in. lhal o November. All will rejoice tolearn,in.u
this (treat STATE IM PKOVEMENT, as such,
ia to ba iiWfFieiirt,.y rwiniii and sp-mjily
C'IMPLKtkd. They w ill niorcovi-r bo gunned to
observe that its conduct and management has
been signed to an Engineer of such acknowl
edged competency and knowi. experience and
thorough business .lualilicaliuns, a,-hy common
cunsent.-aiUeh to William I). Fosrm, jr.
We also notice with pleasure, that Mr. has
appointed Mathmv A. Gmhh:, Esq, (the
younKor brother of John .1. ii ambit , our d.u.o
crs ic nominee for Canal Co nitus-iuiier,) First
Assistant Engineer. This appointment w ill give
general satisfaction. Mr. 0 , pos.K-sca all the
qualifications I'f n thVient oflierr.
newer is about lu opu. in iNorthern Teiin
lylvania. IV hitherto dotmanl energies of this
entire section will now revive and assume taw
and active functions Hefore two more yeais we
may hope to enjoy the advantages of adiiect com
munication with the Lakes, and exchange the
minerals of Northern Pennsv Ivams for the com
merce l Western New Yoik. Iluz-.h for the
North Branch Cl.
Election Itcturm.
We intend supplying our readers aiiJ exchanges
with the earliest election icturns.and request our
brethren ol the Press to remember us in return.
The Draught The severe drought which
prevailed throughout this entire section the past
two or three months, much lo the injury of the
crops, was vanquished on last Sunday by a re
freshing rain, of continuous kind, much to every
body's satisfaction.
Thb Washington letter-writers now
speak of a rupture between our government and
the Chilian representation. Go o I ! The Whigs
are plunging us, by their awkwardness, into a
difficulty with every nation.
Very Disastrous Fire in Owego.
a New York, Sept, 2S
Yesterday morning.aboul 4 o'clock, a very des
tructive fire broke in Owego, which raged for
aev'en hours, baffling all attempts lo subdue it.
Tho entire business portion of the village is in
a heap of ruins. One hundred buildings have
been consumed including the bank, the postoflice
and tho Telegraph ollice. The bridgo across the
Susquehanna!! river is also destroyed. The loss
is estimated at one hundred and fifty to two hun
dred thousand dollars over in Insurance.
Destructive Fire in Cincianatli Ap
pointment. Cincinnatti, Sept. 23.
A fire broke out this morning in Lewis' tobac
co store, in Green sheet, near Third, which des
troved the six four story buildings formerly known
at Scott's Hotel. The loss on the buildings will
reach 80.000-insured for $15,000. Mr. EUctt,
who oc cupied the upper stories as a Cabinet ware
house lost about SCOM worth of properly, ,000
of which is covered by insuianeo. The Union
Co.'s lumber yard was also destroyed, me loss
not ascertained. The whole loss will probably
reach 30,000.
Archibald M. Gamble, his been appointed
Post Master of this city, vice John M. Wilmer,
Santa Fee. Alarming
impiiu'ii ."- - . ii
Indian Depredations-Americans Mur
dered -Fort Bent Burnt -The Com
mnnd Supposed Massacred -Great Po
litical Excitement, $c,
S r. Louts, Sept. 29, P. M.
Mr. Jmt Urnwn, the Government Freight
Agent, arr v.-d here last night Irom Santa Fe.
Ha was 2 J -nvs on his ay.
He rep ult trade at Santa Fe gcn.ral'y dull,
particularly in dry goods, though gruceiies were
in good demand.
Two Americans were murdered by the Apache
Indians, at Los Vega', on I lie Oils Septemher.
1 The Indians stole twenty Government hniscs at
I the same lime.
I When aiiout 'wo bundled miles this side of
' Santa Fe. Vr. H' iwn w as attacked by a party of
100 Arranai.ees who robbed him of everything.
fhe next day im y g ve him hack some mules anil
H-hiui to pursue his journey.
On the way Mr. B. met a party of California
migi ants, w ho supplied bun with previsions and
her iucesary artie'es.
Col. A cxander was in command it Santa Fe
hen Mr- B. left.
Col. W.shington.&t theheadofalltheavaila
force, td oe in pu.suit of a large body of
ilile imliaiis
a.,jor Bafl still continued stationed at Taos.
Ij ir Sien. rueently had a skirmish with the
:.. nd was AuHHili'd
i a
band of Chevenne Indians, a short time since
,jmled and Burnt fen Fort. Wm Bent,
several men win, were in charge ol the Fort,
opposed to have ,, massacred by the In-
no'hing -inc. been heard of them,
j" n paed several California traders, which
;,r,',fr.redmoreor le.t from lh depredations
''he 1'idnr.t.
I K, Walnut Creek Yt me. Col. Monroe, in com
W,. f a.-, drat', nis ...,J inf.ntry, en route for
ft" a,MtP even where evincing hostile
Vision. ndb..,o-r,inir quite troublesome j
4 was plenty in the plains a"11 l"
' tail to be geltinii t,i well.
nirlerable exr itenii-nt prevailed at Santa Fe,
qnence of anatiertipt bm'ng rn,(le to f"'
envention lo fiirm ;.,., govrnment.
Canal C'oinmhMtmcr.
To the Edilom of l'it Pennryvanian :
I have ( . ken some trouble, uml heeli at some
xpi'iirio, to ascertain the probable result ol (be
election for this olhccr at the coming election.
I will not trouble you, nor weary your readers,
wiih the details winch have been lurnishtd me
mi lb subject. They hae brought mc to the
conclusion, that on nest Tuesday, John A. Gam
rle, will have a majority of nut less than ttn
thousand over the Wliig candidate. I have come
to this condition lioln information not ouiy irom
the various districts of the Mate, but Irom wen
mfotmtd and aclive p.ihz.ns of ail pai lie
r. c.
"ThkStAR THAT N -VKR S-TS."-ThU8 thi
Whist speak of Vermont. No wonder she never
set; being a Whig Slate, she has nothing to set
on, and could not hatch an) thing if she did set.
Luuiioitle Democrat.
News and Items
fjtj. Ten thousand letters wore sent to Europe
in an extia mail by thedlibimia.
J- Tliere are 11 daily and I'J weekly papers in
kJ Father Malhew was received wiih enthus
iasm ut New Bedford, Mass., on Wednesday
Q3 The famous tretting horse Mac has been
sold to a gentleman of Philadelphia fur -1,000.
tyf- Governor Fish expects to remain in New
York for thieo or four weeks
fjrjv- The steamer General Worth is lying at the
mouth of the Yazao river, with must, ol her mac-
hineiy bioken. ;
f- The population ol ihe United Slates will be j
101 ,-131 ,735 persons in the year l'.luu.
' The Annual Fair of the Maryland Institute
is now in session in Baltimore.
A continuous rail-road communication is to
be established between N. Yoik and Burlington.
, An exchange heads an account of the shoot
ing of a Sheriff, by the Anti-Renters, N. Y., with
the words. "Commencement of the Sporting
fjrj-Thc cotton crop of Texas will be much
damaged this season by worms.
00 Lieut. Siarr, ofthe 2d Dragoons, is being
tried by court martial at Austin, Texas.
03- The Electors ol Concord, N. H., have de
cided against a new Chailer lor their city.
03-A Mormon colony has been established fur
lyfive miles north of Kanesville, Iowa.
fjry- The loss by tho recent fire at Quebec w as
Suicide nr a Murderer. Frederick Smith,
convicted at Gettsyburgef the murder of Freder
ick Foster, was on Tuesday last sentenced to tie
hung. On Friday the prisoner anticipated justice,
by hanging himself in his cell.
In Bloomsbuiif. on the 12th of Seritcmber.lSIO.
by Rev. Joel Ruddrrrolv, the Rev. AUGUSTUS
A. MARPLE, Pastor of the Episcopal Ct.uicn,
at Wellsboro', Tioga co,Pa.,and Miss HAR
RIET N., second daughter of William McKelvy,
Esq., of tho former place.
On the Uth ult , by David Davis, Esq , Mr. ED
MOND H. THOMAS, of Valley, to Miss PR1S
S1LY DELEY, of Roaiingcrctk.
On the 27th ult.. by the Rev. Wm. J. Eyer,
Mr. DUGLES HUGHES, of llloomsburg, to Miss
MAT1LDA dat1ghter ol the Hon. Stephen Baldy
Al Port NibU.nn last Tuesday night, Mrs. Ma
ria CoopKR.wiie of William Cooper, aed about
33 years.
In Danville o.i Saturday 221 ult., Miss Jane
Lunger, of Hemlock township, aged about 22
On Saturnay morning 22.1 nit., in Muuntplcas
ant township Mrs. Etio.R Crawford aged bl
In Valley township on Friday 21st ult., Mr.
John Mii.lkk, at an advanced age.
In llainbii'lge, Chenango county, N. Y-, on the
C-lOi inst., Cel. James W. Johnson, recently of
Pilts'i'ii, Li.zen e ci
1")RuVI;iON d' all kinds, Ci rn, Ha, Pump
kin', Potatoes, liuckw heal, Apples, Cider,
I urn -st. cl. Wood, Sec , 'eg.-iher wuh whaiev. r
unrgn-id triends ran conve.nen' Iv spare. Now is
the time we expect suinetning tioin t tie farmers.
Xicholas BoehurCs heirs andlcul npre-
mill', belts ml 1-.".1 representaiivis of Nicholas
I Itochalt late 'l Madison tl .Culuil.hl., celinly
rtir-rase., ar. hereby iiolified .hat by vinue of a
writ ol partition and valuation is-ued ei:t of the
Orphans' Coml ol Columbia county aforesaid, the
real e-late of said deceased, situate in said Mailt
son township, not admitting ol partition, has been
valued and appraised, and the inquest ci t himrd
by said Court ; and that at the last August term
of said Court, a rule was granted by Court on Ihe
said heirs and legal representatives, to appear in
saidCouit the first day of next November teiin to
w it the third Monday of November next, and ac
cept said esta'e al the valuation, or shew cans"
whv the said Court shall not order the same lo be
,-ld. RENJ. HAY.MAN, Sheriff.
1)Y virtue of sundry -.vrits of Sequestration tn
me directed, will be exposed . sr-'e at Ihe
puolic house of John Keller, in Mifflin township,
Col. co., on Saturday the 2'Jfi day of Oetobir,
next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., the following Lile
Estate, to w it :
All the Life Estate of Philip llnilockr r in a
certain tract of land situate in Mdllin lo-vnship
Columbia countv.contaiiiing ' ai res n.oreor less,
about 40 acres of which are cleared lands, bound
i ll by land of C. Kirkrndall, Leonard Kirki ndall
and others, whereon is credo.! a Lug Dwelling
fiuuse, a large I'ranie bank-b. rn and there is on
the premises an apple orchard with theappurlen
ances. Seized and taken into ( xecntion am! lobe fold
as the Lile Estate of Pliilin Harh.cker.
Shenft's Office, ?
piooM'BUPr., Jrpl, 2: '15 S
SEALED PROPOSALS will he received at t lie
engineers office in Tunkannock, Wyoming I
county, until sunset of Monday the I Will day ot
November, is I'J, lor coiisii noting portions ui the
following seel ions of canal, to wit : No's II, I'.',
21,27, 07, (i!), 75, OS, uS, 111, II-, ll'J, 1".
i.'tl, l.VJ, 102, I7:i, 171 1S2, l.', ltl. Also,
lm furnishing a quantity of limber to be used in
constructing dams No's 2 and :! respectively.
plans, profiles ntul specilicmions of tho work, to
be let, w ill be exhibited at I he office aforesaid, 3
days prior to the rxpiutimi of the time for recei
ving proposals, ami for luriher inhumation teter
ence tuny be had to M. A Gamble, Esq. principal
assistant engineer, upon the line.
lly order of the Jioard ol Canal Commissioners,
WM. 15. llKlT.K, JU .
Chief Engineer A. II. Pa. Cunat.
Oct. 2. s..K ij.
(Siii'ces.fvr to Snli, Brothers.)
TT"AV1Mj just returned Irom Europe, with a
I I eiLicT stuck of i uiis is now mnnufae-
ltd iiu; I hem in a vi ry superior tt;le,auil liim-
iii i in' i Ihmu iii the most eleirant mauner.and would
invite the aMeiiiinn of Merchant" and others, to j
his supciior and ixtensive asorlinent,lhirh he
inanul o'luies as well as imports, lie is enatileu to
ntler at sw'h prices, as lew houses in the United
States Can compete with.
No. SG, Arch (Mnlhrrn ) St, 0 do"r Ik low 3d St.,
next to Loudon ot Cu's Family Medicine Store.
nf- Store al vajs c.'luse.i on -i itmilays.
I'he high-st ca-h price )tid fur shipping furs.
Philadelphia. Oct. 0, 1 5 I'J bm.
Mun'is, no as, vi( i bitiAS,
.?. 1) CfJflfiV, K-VNCY FUIIKIKR.
. 1 J Ul'LD must respect fill I v call the aliention
V Ot 'ill nersurn in wa'i' of f' 'article ill t lie
'hat he has now ready a splendid assortment of
the above mentioned articles, made of every des
cription ol r UKS, and in the greatest variety of
shapes (hat are now fashionable, which he olfers
In sell at very reasonable profits, at his FUR
stork, No. 32," North Second Street, (two doors
below .Arch .Sheet,) Philadelphia
Merchants purchasing to seil again, would find
it considerably to iht ir advantage to call and ex
amine his stock and judge for themselves belore
purchasing elsewhere.
'.The Store always closed on Saturdays.
tii- Tho full market price always given for
SKINS of every description.
52 i. 'id ut , (two doors below Jlrch) Phitud'a.
Oct. 0, IM'j-Sm.
Eestate of JACOB BOWED, deceased.
ATOTICE is hereby given, that Letters of Ad
j ministration on the estate of Jacob Rower,
late of lliiarcrei k township, Columbia county, i-!e-ceased,
have been granted liy the Register ot Co
iumbia county, to "the undersigned, tcsiditig in
Hi iarcreek township : All persons indebted In
said Estate are requited to make payment, and
those having demands against said t-ta'c, will
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
0"t. 0, l'l -fits-. Jldmiiiitsriilol.
Clothing E m p o riu m.
r 11 HE subscriber reaper: I uily informs his Ir tends
and Ihe public, that he has dissolved the
paitnership business and opened an entire NEW
STOCK OF GOOD-J, Iresfi Irom Ihe cities, in Ihe
Cheap Clolktiij Eiiqwiium in the san e stand,
on Main Street, above the American IIuUsK,
wheie he can beat bo'h Jew and Gentile ut sel-J
ling cheap Goods, Clothing, Sec. Take the tol
lowing sample id his prices:
Fine Dress or Frock Coals from $A to 12
Splendid lilue Black Diess Coats ItJ Id j
Cashmerelt, Alpaca and summer cloth, 3 0 I
Lionel! Coats ol all kinds, 1 3 j
Black C rs.inere Pants, 3 !i
Spleuded Limartine Pant', 4 ')
Cutloiiade and summer Casiincre, 1 !
Plain Silin Ve-N, 2 3
Figured Satin vc.-K 2 H '
Mai-seiles and Cashmere vcstF, 1 1 i
Kov's I'aii's and Vests, 1 3 j
Men's Casinet Patds, 175 3n0 !
of every (b seriplion. Dry. Fancy, and Staple
GOOD-!, and a general a--(.rtinent of Shiils Bo-,
som-', CiiRim, Gloves, Suspenders, Stocks, Hand-
kerchiefs, iic, ice.
Ctinut uts made to order on iii7 notire.
fry Pei sons residing out of town will find it to
the'ir advantage lo 1 un'hiii-e clothing of him as he
is determined to put p rites (low n so low us to make
an object to those who come Irom a distance.
Gentlemen don't forget toeiiquiie for Nathniis's
Chean Clothii.L' Sluie, on Main Sheet, one dour
above Mr. Dccblei's American House, Blooms
Hlnom.burg, Oct. 1, 1 s-10
Ill R Purtnership lierelofore i xislii-2 under tbe
tii in nf I la hurst and I'ahlv, is tins i!;iv d is
le.., ,v inn tun eonsent . a 'ei-ui s ii nenii ii m
I 'aid firm arc requeued to ictike iinu ediate p'V
mi'Ht, to sp-heu I'laldvwbo islnllv null'' lis'1
to reei ive t1"' s.mie. T-e w lm ne r 1 eel this cell
' iniNl not ci rpn'aiu iflbey leceive a visit from
a proper ollicer.
Bl.anrnsb'll'T.O-t. lt, Is 10.
v. R. S. Baldv will attend at the StorcHone,
Curlier of Main and Iron stieel,
Inr settlement with those who ol
very Saturday
Estate of Jacob Zimmerman, deceased.
i '11111' heirs anil legal repr-'sei latins of Jacob
' j Zimmerman, l.te of Milllin township. Colum
bia euiuitv, I'a., deeeased, to it Jacob Zi miner-
man, Maudlina Ziininerman, Margiiella Ziminer-
man, i:.ten,rarried wit'.i ('lurirs Iarks, Saiah
Zimti'Ci'i' in iiitermarried with William Pii-tun,
! t'e'irge Zimmerman, John '.mi: f-rman, I!. Marg
! a ret Zi in ui'' i man ii.l eimai i i.-d w it b Ciiui l s Ze-ii-
ler, Uusa Z.unnereian iiilirmai rit-,1 wilb Jumi
I Mans, Fredeiick Zimiiiei inan, Ludwig Zimim-r-!
man, Christian Ziininerman, Margaret Zi.iiii.t-r-'
man in!' rmarriecJ with Aarun Fry. and Hie child-
,pn nf Jacni) .i m merman, late ul G"i inanv. dece a
i sed.are hmebv noiiliei' that in pursuance of vvr.t
! of partition i-'icd'"l of the Oiqihins' Climrl i f
'. Columbia eu'in'y lul the p ' lition i f 1 he real es.
i laic nf said d-reas.-d.-itu ite inthe township afuii
I said.cnn-i-'ingot v vend tracts id .,ml cnlai.iii' ;
in ;
two I . ' Hi i r . ' ' I a i . 1 . i .. 1 1 1 . -1 1 . ai les ii, uie or
. 1 1 : i ' i .
'r-t I i'.' I, i -1 1 s at 'I I 'J il lel'I'Sei'laliVe.
ut the said dcec-.s
i I'lel'li -is ill the -
- I Will
Ii bold "I, n
t oil
I I ll.'S-
I. Ill
i d.iv. iheslMb day N"el.:
I A.'M , when and wbeie ..
, tend.
Sh.Tiirs nirire, Hluunivhnrg,
Srptnnbci ii!li, I' IJ.
t ; u ,icicck
-i..d P. at
'. Shrr-jf
YAr.UAiu.i: n::.h kstatm.
IN puis 'la ore of an older of the Ui plums' i noil
ol Columbia county, on Thursday the I'.UkvJ
j out irlirr next, al lu o'cl ick in lni furrnuoii,
Lemiaid II. Hubert, Aminisirator, &.C., id Sarah
Ri i'EKT, late of Montour township, in said coun
ty, decoasod.will expose lo saie by Public Vendue,
upon tliu premises, a ceitaiti
Siluatu in Montour township in sid County, ad
joining land of John 11. Quick, and thu Susque
hanna river and Fishiic: creek, containing s ioul
180 Acres, on which lire erected a laig
In which the Intestate resided at tha time of her
death j w ith the appurtenances.
Secondly . tract of laud situate in Montour
township, adjoining lauds ol Jonli Richards, l'der
Appleman, and olhets, containing 'JjO Acres, or
thereabouts, on which Elias Dietrich resides as
K luiit : with the appurtenances.
Late the Estate ol said deceased, situate in the j
township of M uitoiir, and rouniv aioiosaul.
jACOd EYERLY, Clirk,
BiDom'burg, Or.t. G, ISI0.
The first iilmve named tract is a valuable prop.
erly situate on the Main road fiom bioouisbutg to
1 t.ail.iwissa. lalelv in the oi ciiiuncv of Leoiurd
i.t, iw a dtcea.'d. The North Urancli Canal
tuns thtuugh it, upon which is ronvetientanu ex
tensive wli.iil.itu. 1 li'-re is upon it also, a liugei
liaiik bai n, a good well, a si inig, and a variety ol
out buildings and other improvements.
The Second tract ubove named is an excellent
farming properly uml will be sold entire or in
tivo paicels. There is a valuable depocite ol iron
oie upon a part ol the trad, and limestone upon
ine other put. There l 4 house, bank bam and
other buildinLS ui.uh ihe pieiietty
..,.., , ,, , . ,:. ' , .. ,...i,..,-
w .'''TiT' " h nl,
mo,.ey to ,e paid on day l sale,., e tout h .. 1.1
Am il when possession will be (MVen, anil
i .. . . , i ...m.i ,.,,-t h
aildlMo.i , loonti oi lust ol .Apl ll 1 'Jl. one toiiilti
.... i .. i . ,; i .,
oi ill ill , ii'i i..i' :i in lm i r 1,11 1'" ' i ui
October I S'IO.
V. B. PALMER, ci iner id' Third and Chest
nut Street, is an authorized iigent (crthe Colum
bia Democrat, in Philadelphia.
To the Citizens of Columbia Countj.
Fellow Citizens :
At the solicitation of many friends, I became
acaud.dale for the olfice of
and having received the nomination ol the Dem
ocratic County Convention, 1 most iespect
lully solicit the sutlrages of my lellow citizens,
and promise if elected, totlischatge Ihe duties ot
said ollice with fidelity and impartiality.
Liberty, Sept. 10, lSPJ te.
To the Electors oj Columbia County.
I'kli.oW Citizens :
II avmg received the nrniination f Ihe Dtr.xo
erotic Coitnii Convention, lor the olfice of
CC"J3LTTT TP..Sf3J?s2?o
l would res;) clliiilv solicit the suppoit id the
free electors, of Columi i.i county and hereby
promise if elected, to (iischavg.j Ihe duties of said
ollice with fidelity and to the best id mv abilities.
Deny, Sept. IS, 1S10 to.
To die Free Electors of Columbia county.
Encouraged by many fi ientls, I ofler myself as
a candidate for the ollice id' blienfl of Columbia the approaching general r.lcclion.
Should 1 receive a majority of your votes, and he
elected, IcartifSlly promise todischarge the du
ties of said ('dice faithfully and itnpaitially.
Yot.i suliu''es are respectfully solicited.
Madiaon, Sept 17. IIP.
rpiIF. undersigned, nfTers to
sell at piivalo salt, a Val
sitJ.ile, on the waters of st
Creek, in Jick-oii townsiiip,
Columbia coU'.ly, near K.; slot
's Saw- mill, run
IM.;i:il. iiius;lv
taii'iiig-lO acies, of excellent
Ibis properly is well adapted
fur t'armi n. and !
lun.heling and enjovs t.ii excellent
Water power"
j A seventy acre tract, in SugnrlcK'f
; township, about I 0 arcs of which
I is imiiroveil . thf h lUnee nbuinuis
j with excellent umber. The half olgVgi
;a new saw-mill will be sold with it. with 1 he
; privilcdge of purchasing t lie other. Tliere is on
j slid premises a good House, Barn, f:c, with an
' Anpleatul Peach Orchard.
Sugirloaf township. Sent. 20, 1 5-10 -tiw.
t'ursimiice i; an order .1 ihe Orphans' Own
I C'd m l ia roiiiity, on rniPAY mr. 2d
rnvir isovFjiiirH nixc, at ten o'clock in the
I folenoon, Samiikl K 1 s N l-'. H , Exi'Clilor, kVc. of
MillHAF.L EVF.RT, late nf Madison township,
in s lid, (licra.-.e,l, will expose to sale by
Public Vendue, iloon the p'ernisi r., a certain
'it'ia'e in Ma lismi tow i'-liip, i
One Hundred and Thirty-Seven Acres,
nior or le-s", a.! joining lands of Jul n Ilell -r. aim.
; M.lil eii.i, Paul Halt"! and Geo;i.,e i:. ait, about
1 cim TV Acm s of w iiii'li is ele u -'d land. Thi-rt
1 i;te "ii tu. premiers two log houses, i v K
J" " I' g birnagooil apple or .Ifa j
't'i'rVhard, and all kinds offefg
llV7- ' other FBEIT; one gooili.Jy:5ji
.Vr-is.S'.ii'ii!g ol' w ater at each house.
I,,.!.- loe K-'.ite of said deceased, situate in the
! township ol Madison, and rnuntv aforesaid.
' J ('()B l-'.YF.RLY, Clerk.
r.l""rr.sVirc, Sept .'!, 1
pthlh: sale of real estate.
V VLFABLF. FARM wiil heolleredat pub.
lie sale, upon the premisrs, at the late
I.-..I' ,i'i.t' l,l..'.vBD h7.Mit '. on S.1TUU-
H.IV.tlx- ID day vf XUl'llMBEK nut.
The i.u iu contains
"230 A cms of good Lautl,
of ul, n il about l-i0 acres are chared and in n:
-'ii" i I en ion. , The land con' a ins a body of I
IK'iN tillE, a bed i.f LIMESTONE, vrl I he re
V.-i upon the premises two
gf i j P-..dwellir,t HOUSES, twu
fMlttOi!:C!!.l!hS, a Siil-
aiT.j'.Vr Ke'tl.s, Hogsheads. S'u
i,re upon the prein'ses two ''? !
UfCI.'k- i--,-Tf't
2!s i
ot i upper J'.e'tl.s, l ii gsiieacs, s.--., a suin g .
Iiu !.o, and a n.-' er-laiilligspniig i I water. i
Ti. : l u ci is ii Mu'it'Uir towns!. ip, along the i
iriain T'-.i i I- i l; gli '.n iiluuic-'uirg lu Danville, j
and is about live li i'es from e.vb place.
s I'C I"
r:i!i ii 'iice at
I' I Of ii.
f raid
n, and
eav, when du-i v i. idance
terms made known, by
be givi
Jdai'ni,frali.r wahthi unntxtj.
Mnntcnr, s. ' t Sts
ULooM-sisriit; acaui:my
a mutt n iKiiii,
For Yonnii Ludirt and tltnthmen
J. I! llli HLEY, J'riiuifal.
Tint uet vMiitir S'.imiiii ol itns Institution,
w ill i uiiiiuein e on AiOA I'A Y Me bi day uj Uc
ti ber.
Text .'(iciiS.
Emerson's Spelling, and Reader.
Goodi rcu's (jcogiaphy,
llulliou's English (iiamiiiar.
Parker's Progre.sive Lxi icues.
" Aids to Engli,u Compoitioii.
Blair's Rhetoric, linivtisiiy edition.
Davies' ariltimeiie.
" .Mgt.-liia.
" (i.'onietiy.
" Smveying.
" Mensuration.
Foster's Reek Keeping.
Ackerman's Nat. History. S
Cutler's .Anatomy uml Phlsiology.
tiueinsev's History ol the I'mioU States.
Laidner's Onlliui s.
Olmsted's School philosophy,
lluiritl's Geography id iheHeavtin.
Johnston's I urner's t-'hem.stry.
WomI's Iiotny.
Si'lmiucker't M-intal Philosophy.
Wav land's Moral Scienco.
Webster's Dictionary.
L A T I N.
Bullion's La' in (J i a miliar, Lul I ion ' Latin Read
er, A. itho'i's Ceasai, SOIusl, Cicero, Huuce;
Folsulll's Livj , Li veielt's Latin Lcmloii.
O R E E K.
Bid I ion's GreekGrau, mar, Bullion's Creek Read
tr, Kjbinsun's Greek T stament, Xenophon's
Anabasis, Xenophon's Memorabilia, Pickering's
Greek Lexicon.
There will be frequent exercises in Declama
tion and Composition. Instruction will also be
given in Penmanship and Rook-Keeping,
i. ..-iii. .i. .. .i i i .i-
i ii "nine ine ami oi me leacner in inis
h'-. i'l' the A THOROUGH
j KyWI(KI1111 1P b.jn,, ,.,Uivliy lu tlucult
, '
, 'heir Hiuii.., and thus to prepare theui lot hou-
I r
i oiable pl.iei s Hi rte
T E U M S .
The win'er session will consist of 21 weeks,
or two quarters ol twelve weeks each. As this
ses-ion is two weeks longer limn the last sum
tuei Sv-ssion,a conv.-pondiiig addilion is made to
the price of Tuition, which will be as follows,
per quarter:
For Reading, Penmanship, Arithmetic, Book
keeping by single entry, Geography, Cum.
mar, Hi-t. U. S., - - - ' 3,25
For same and Algebra, Geonutry, Surveying,
Mensuration, Hook-keeoin. by doube en
try, General History, N'jt. History, I hisi
ology, Philosophy, othci Euylish bralidl
es and Drawing, -1 50
For Lalin and Greek Languages, 5,75
fjr- Good hoarding can be obtained in private
families at trom $1 .00 to ij-2 oo per week,
Col Joseph p.ix'on, jRev. Daniel Steck,
Hon. Stephen Baldy, )Rev. Joshua Evans,
Hon. George Mack, (Michael Biubat.Esq
John McReynolds, Esq.
Hloomsburg, Sept. 29, 1S-I0.
l)r, L.. L. Soule ) Lo. J-
I1IF. Proprietors, full nf,'!e'.ce in Ihe re-
honiCPs id JJuilor V t ' L .'j' S Sovereign
halm Pills winch have named lor themselves
such all enviable reputation in the space of
live yeais they have been beluie the public; Ihe
man) cures they have pettoi med- bmne of the pa
tients having been confined to their beds lor
months and jears ate tmh I'-lonishing, nuw
challen.u the w oi hi In produce I heir qual.
For long standing Dyyt puia and habitual Cot
tivirum, they have iieVer tailed, when taken ec
cording to directions, to tiled a cure, ur give
pi-rmaneni r 1 1 I'.
Old Liver Complaints, Jaundice, ftc., .-an he
Permanently cum1, l.y l!.e useoftliise Pills, as
they opeiale directly n;.u:i the Liver, mid cause it
to pel form its iia'nial and lovlthv aetinn.
Fur sadden attacks in cIiiMien snt h as Colds
Fever, Worm, ..(:., for Gi.ivel, I.heui.ialisin,
Spinal A flection-, Ileadache, I't.uI.s ntid Colt's,
Ihey hav proved an i.iv.iluab!" R.-medy,
No medicine yet discovcied has proved so ef-
ft dual in cuiiiig Ague and Fevvr, ate., in Ihe
I Western States, as the Gi.m im: SuVhikiun
I Bai.m Pit i.s, We have never known a single
case, when taken aecoiding lu directions win re
1 they havo not effected a curt in from une lo eqjht
I tiajs.
They cleari-e and purify the Mood, and are
therelure an effectual iimedv lor Scrvjulu Ey
i nijn (.", and all diseases aiisi ig Irom an impure
! sta'e of the hlm.d.
i lu Kfinvuus Ilriiu.iiY ami Fi.mi.e Com
! ri.MNT-, Ihey hae woikid wui.ihis. They quiet
the nerves by removing the cause ol Nervous Ii i i
; lalion.and gradually slrengthen andhiingup the
' whole system. I'J w ay cl advice to females :.l
1 flicliid with the a'love diseases, we would siv
that 1 il 'ie doses of any kind of r.nhartics aie al
I ways iniuiious. These Pills should hetaaen one
at a dosf. every ni!it un:il a cine is filleted.
sec Cncn'ais
Tbce l'iilJ weie first inlrudnced in a noiseless
manner. Nu gandv -'imv raids or lung adver
lisomiMs lilleil wiih cntilicaies irom persons that
iiev.-r lived weic restored lu, hut weie u-lt tu work
their w;.y into public lavur on llieir own mer-
, it-.
i They are purely vegetable, mild but sure in
' their operation, and perlectly bile for young and
old nfilcbilijaied constitution. They never leave
the bowels costive, which cannot he said of any
other pill now in use. Great care Inn been tak
. en in selecting and compounding Ihe medicine
; which Ins alwavs been supennltnded by Dr.
I SOCLE in person.
' For further d.iecl:ori,cirlificate., kc, fee the
' iWw York Botanic Institute, published at F.u
' clid, by Dr. E. L. SOL'LE t Co., which may be
' had ol agents gratis.
j As tliere are spurious Pills in circulation call
! rd Oi iental or Suven in Balm, be sure to see be.
i for" von buy that the name of ' Dr. E. L. SOCLE
k CO.' is on the face nf the boxes None others
! can he genuine. We are not aware that anyone
w ho is making a spurious article has yet cared to
make use of our name; but some of then have
had the impudence to imitate our hexes and conv
our circulars, oirlitic ates &c. I'nlo's the public
are careful when they puicase, they will he de
ceived. The genuine SOVEREIGN BALM PILLS
can be had of
John R. Mover, Bloom-bur, fdnnn & Thnrnn
sun, Light Stieel; P. Moure, Danville; A. Lev
ers and Co., Wasbingtonville ; J. M. Sheldon,
Jerscvtown; Deir and McBvide, Whitehall;
Haves and MeOorlniek. MoEwnrvdlr: J. H.
Riser, Milton; J. D. Normande, Northumber
land. A. C. Norton, General Agent Carlisle, Ta,
Sept. 29, If la.-fini'.
To the qinff,l i:iiluri y Colvmbia
County, in the Cunmonwcullh vf Penn
sylvania :
VOI ICI. is heiet.y Ki,., lna, Tl'F.SDAY
the A iuih uoy oj Vrtuhtt, One Thousand
riglii Ho died ai d K.n v-N inn,
Within said Comii.oiHverlili will be held; st
Allied time the Elect. iB ol the county alure'said
will vole III li tD' lpeetlVe tlisliitlN, lor
U.YE PERstKS jar Canal Conimmiovtr.
aE PiJtSVA Jor XnnUr oj the JivVte
uf U'pnseuloticei, oj J'tuiityieoitia
OA E pehsli jvi ,y,;, J),
U.E y .yubt , jui County Treasurer.
V. I: I I.H OA Jt.i Cot-n-.y Ci mmniiciitr.
CA E PEHSOA f,.r .lintavr, aid
t).E PLlit,.X jui L vi ont.
Ai i nonce is given lu the electors of
the toiiiit i.fou-snid. tint Ihe denim. in the
several ul i lu said county, will be held
r spell He.; al lit pi,.Ct.s l.trlcli.aitl r Ouitimclj,
to wit .
Aniiiuny township, Jas. Jolin-oii as Judge and
Jacuo buiikinaii and William Ht-inltrshot, Inspev
tors, will hold the election at the house ol Jos.
Levels, in said township.
Bio. ui township, at the new Cunt House in tha
town of lilooiMsburg.
Briareieek township, al the (own heme iu Bet
wick. Beaver township, at tho house of Christian
I C.dt awissa ( (he house of Stacy Mar
jerum in the tow n ol Catawia.
Centre township, at ti.e lieim.e i f Jno. Hiss
Danville bom', ai the old Couit Eohsi , in the
born' nf Danville.
Derry loAiiship, "i the house of Altl. L.
Cummiiigs in Washingtonville, in said lown.hp!
Fishiiigcreek township, at the house ol Ji cob
Sturdier, m said luwdship.
Franklin township, nt the School H' use, near
the house of John Mensh, in said township.
GieeiiWe.od tuwnship, ut tl.J house ol Jo.cph
PaMon, in said tow n-L i j.
Hemlock toiMiship, ul the Buckhorn.
Jackson lowiKship, ai the huuac cf Jahua
Savage, in said township.
Liberty township, at the house of V. ugh M'-
Elt'ath, III S.ld tow I ..ship.
Liuii-stoiii! township, at ihe Union kSchool
House, in said township.
Mahoning township, at Ihe couit -house in tha
town of Danville.
MillPn township, at the house of John Keller,
in said township.
Madison township, at !hf house now occupied
by John Welliver in .Icrseytewii.
Mnuinpleiiseiit township, ut the t,uu.t of l'led
eltck Miller, in said township
Montour township, at the house of Samuel
Lazai Us, in saij tow nship.
Maine low '.. ship, the housj cf I.aac letter,
in said to.Misl i )
Roii iiicici k j nsln'i , tit (he l.ruse now oc
cupied by William Yea'er, in said lowmhip.
Orange township, at the houso of Rielnird
Brewer, in Oianeulle.
Su.iiloaf township, nt the of E.ekiel
Cole, dee'd., in said township.
Vailey lowi.siup, at iiu, hou-e ol George I tx,
( In pursuance c I an at of Gcrrral Asscrr ldv nf
ti.e coinmoiintali.h ol Pennsylvania, entiiieii "An
Act r.'i'ding lo the elettjis ol the common,
wealth," passed the Ifd r!sy o July, A lb l'sri'J.
.olite is hertby given. Thai in all t as. s
wlielu Ihe lial.'iu t i,e pi-r.-on ciain.ii.g lu uae .1
iiolto he tenud on ti-e li-l fin ni.-l'tu by the C n.
inissiuneis and Assessors, er ii im'l.i p, V(,e
wbetmr fiium! thea-iuor not, is uhj-eit.: lu i.y
any qn-ilitied cilien. it shall be the di.i v . ! the
ii specluis In exiilnttie such pels, ii on o.dh, ... u
his q- a i.'u! iu.s, an.! , .L. t JUIIIS lo hilU
ded within lie Slain f,-r m:e ye.ii or mire, his
o.dh shall be si,ll-iem pioul tlif'i,. , I,,,, f,,. shall
indie pi oo l.v at In. si one ciTq eient wiimss,
ii-i snail i e a qna'inrd i -le'tiir, t: .1 he m,
ded wilbietlie (liijLt lor mine than l. n
next d;att'iy pii-i e li:, eh t i"i:
-hall also l.imsel! s'.iear thai his h i 11, ,.
ri si
oay s
U'si. in piiisiianc- u , lawful cilling
in the disiiicl, anil li,;, ! c ,; .,, ,,,vi
is w it!i.
into U,e
c.i-iiici lor ii, e piirp. r ,,i , ....
Every pe mii ijualiini as . ion .
shall inake due pr.'ol, if ie.,iiii.
deuce and payment of (axes ;is;,!oi(
admitted to vuli: in the imw:.,-np,
trift in w liich he ahall reside.
aid, and who
!, "I I, is i.:,i
said, shall bo or lilj-
If any person no' qialilied to vr te in Ihi-rum-inowi
ail h, agreeably In law (exeepti.R :;.c sons
ofqujliiied Cl'i.ens) shall anpeal-al m r.'.aCK of
election ler the puiio-?,,! i..suing tickets or iuflu
encini' Cllizens qiiiilified tu Vi e," he shall en con
victiuli foi leil and pay any mini not iwcecdnu: onu
bundled dullais fur every .such, ai.d bo
imprisoned fur any term not exvi-dir j three
That every persnnxrppt justice? of Ihe lu-arA,
who sh.'ll hoi il any ollice ul appi iiitmi ni el profit
or liu.-t urikii-i lhegoveiiimeiil oj the Culled Stales
or uf this Slate, or of any cry or incui poi ati d dis
ti ict.w hcliicr a cotnmissiuiii (i oilieei o,- niheiuite,
a s'lbordinale rllicer or agent, n tin is er v 1 u shall
be employed under Ihe legislalive esfoiilive ur
judiciary denaiticent i f this state, or el the Unit.
I'd St.di s, or ol any city or i ncoi r.ii, n district
and also that every member o( Ci in.ress, jip ,,(
the stale I.e'ishuuif. ;ii;d uf the select nr rem.
iiiou council o! any ciiy t i ri miliissioiuus i f anv
incorporated di-li id, is by l.uv ii'ci'ilde of In hi",
iog or exercising al the same time ihe ollice or
any appointment of judge or other i Ihcer of any
election, shall he eligible to anv ol'ice tu he then
voted foi.'
'No person shall he permitted to vote nt anv
election ns afi ie-aid other lhan a white (leciiau
of Ihe age olTweiity one year, or mure, who shall
have resided in this stale at lr;nt ore year, anil
in the election district in which he olleis to vole
at least ten days immediately pieccidiog such
' tleclion, and within two vr-irs have paid a r-tat
' or county lax which shall have been nxessrd st
lea-t ten days belore the election. But a cinzui,
of the I.'nited States who has jueviomdy been a
' citizen of this state ani! removed Iheiefioin and
returned and who shall have resided in the elec
! Con district and puid taxes an aforesaid, shall h
i entitled to vots : I f -r residing in the ft de six
months Pftitiided. That the tree white freemen,
citizens cf the United Slates, btl.v. en the age of
twenty one and twenty iwn ye .11 .- and having
rcs dcl in this niife one year, and in the t lec
tion district ten days as al' resaid shall be entitled
to v ile ailhough the) shall not lave ,a , taxes'
A-rei .'''!' to the irovisinn nf i)u nxiv-first
seeiiori ' I s .id act, everv '.cm ial and special elec.
(lull shall be oi eued bet eeli tbe houis of eiiiht
ai d t.-n 1. 1 the I' renooii, and shall continue with
out ii.i- i ip i n er ndji iiriin ent until '.tn
clock in 'he evening yn n the poll wiil heclos
ed. And the judges if the remieclive disliiets afore
said, are hv llu act req it n meet t tho
c mrl hou.. in ' I.OOMSPUUG, n t'e third tlav
after th sa I eleclicn, beinr Friday the tliirleenth
dav nf October, then and there in perfom the
things required nt them by law. Cod rove the