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Ulciomsb ur g :
SATURDAY, AUO. 25, 1819.
I)c moc ra t i c ("a iitliilatc
' ' ' - - - 1 - ..- - -' " . ' ..! J
0J- Wk have thrsk new candidates and one
tle lout ion this week. '
The Homage of ru1ilii(lc
We return unfcinned thanks for (he larsn c
cession of su bKrihcrs we luve received, and thi
liierexii)4 patronage with which our oflien ha
been favored. Never, since we linvc been enga
ged in business, has onr mieco-s in mbtlantial
patronise, eipiolled thai of the present week.
On Monday lust alone, theie were kkvmh
patronj, added to I ho list of the COLUMBIA
DEMOCRAT, -and since that time the number
Jus been moie than doubled.
A gentleman who had long been a patron to
this paper, but who had been aimed from our un
cial greetings, came in and remarked that he must
renew the old asocial ions, as himsell mid family
felt quite lost without the Democrat. Another
who had been oil for a short time, returned to onr
books, and owned, that this was the demorrary in
which he believed. And so we might enumerate
instances of voluntary encomiums, in reference to
our course, by the very people w hose opinions
wo most value.
Wc thank them sincerely and truly for thpir
unmistiikeable tokens of friendship. The senti
ments of the ever faithful democracy of Colum
bia couuty have breen freely interchanged and
fully expressed , and we here aver, that we have1
never before known them more resolutely deter
mined to frown down all efforts at dictation and
to utterly route out the last and least germ of
disaffection and disorganization. We are not in
fjlible, and hence we may be deceived, but we
think we are not mistaken in the stale of the po
litical themotnetar.
Our advertising department too, contains this
week, about three colums of paving advertising.
This is truly encouraging, a it is the strong
demonsl ration we could wish that our labours are
approved by the peoplo and thedemociacy. Iiut
how will our little neighbor Weuvur of :he Star,
reconcile this evidence, with hisa llacious
Mtrwn,"that he was "running into our patron-ag,.-
Look at the columns of the Democrat, and con
trast them with those of the S'ar.' In that sheet
you will find one new notice it's wetlr, and the
advertiser there told us, voluntarily on Tuesday,
that he bad such an announcement to make, and
bad directed a former similar notice to be inser
ted in onr paper, which appeared in the column"
of that organ, but would this time have it in the
Democrat, but when he informed us who his
roilmil was, we promptly told iiim it would ap
pear there again, ami we were not disappointed.
Last week our advertising was more than three
to their one, and the week before the very time
that tiling boasled of the injury it was in
flicting upon us, we booked thirty two dollars
worth of advertising and it had not even three.
Another fact we might mention, as we are con
sidering r;m things, that our columns are al
ways wki.i. filled with paying advertising,
and we frequently nmit, for want of room, three
or four columns, after passing every one out as
soon as. they come to maturity. Not so with the
Jt-lar. In its columns may be found some near six
months out of date, and quite frequently a column
or two published and republished (in the other
side) in the same paper.
V.'e should not have noticed, thus minutelly,
the business operations of the two offices, had not
that little'cntly and foolishly,
urged the issue. It is now before tin; public and
lie is welcome to its benefit. When we can find
time, otherwise unemployed, we may lay out the
young limb of the law on his boasted theme of
wealth capital and ability. We will give (jcte
and figures.
515-On motion of Joshua W. Comly, F,sq.,
Leonard Kean, lNq , of McF.wensvillo, was ad
mitted to practice law in the several Courts of
this county.
QO- On motion of F. Stewart, C-kohof:
Tfokins, Esq., of Wilkesbarre. was admitted to
practice la in the Several Courts of I In., cuiiiily.
A Contrast.
We are somewhat at a loss to know which of
the subjoined extracts, one from little Reuben's
Star, and the other from Thaddy O'Reyley'a letter,
are of the best manufacture :
inu-,1 pardon us if they
(1 1 not receive the Star
ol (his week, "Circum
Uances," as said adis-
innuishcl man, 'will
ot allow it !"
P. S.-If Ibis letter
doesn't reach, yon must
let me know by return
of Post and don't wait
for another uniil yon
hear from me again.
fy.We learn from the Luzerne Democrat,
t 011 Saturday nisht last, about midnight a lire
discovered in the barn of Joseph Slocum in
'esbarre, which destroyed a large amount of
priy('ows, horses and a large stable. Mr.
rii's lois is about .$2,0110. The work of in
irijm ;'e nrnlcr-i an I Jesse Crawford , one of
iV.nn convicted of passing counterfeit
. sentenced to one year's Solitary con-
"Herei, . ., ,..ii,ru mu hiviiiL' been
t i disanpi
1 r u 1 1 - 11' "n r-
anncri... . . . .1 1 ....1.. ,.t
1 , ... n 0 ine nanus o uit-
ns not .since heen hcwi Ketneen two diys.
'T forfei'Cd, ' -M,r. tt r
ft The last Democrat barks at Stewart Tearce.
Kelson lid has slopped Tate's paper, and ne
glected to pay t ho proper tribute of black mail
levied on him by that notorious Hob Boy ol journ
alism. Tate boa's that ho committed himself for Gam
ble; in December last. lie fdiould have addid
the fact that k month or two alter that time he
wrote to Mr. I'earcn su ing, if that gentleman
would net him tome mibscrirem, he would favora
bly notice his position before the people asa cand
idate for Canal Commissioner. It getting nome
ubucribers could buy Tate's support of Stewart
1'eaice; query how many would it take to hire
him to be honest for the term of one w hole w eek?
And echo answers : "how many ! ! ! "
The Diitorgnuizer't Journal.
We have very gaod-iuluredlj transferred to our
columns the forgoing interesting extract from that
delectable sheet the last issue of the Culling pa
per in liloomsburg, for the three-fold purpose of
showing its spirit, correcting its falsehood and ad
ministering a caution.
Instead of barking at Stewart Pvarcc, we had
the independence to inform him that a portion of
his address which the .cordially approved,
was deficient in fact, and an unjust reflection up
on the friends of Mr. Gamble. This they dare
not deny. And shall not a freeman speak his
thoughts ?
The story about oflcring to support him for sub
scribers, or on any other consideration, is utterly
at varienrc with the truth. We do not deny, that
two or three months after we had embarked for
Mr. Gamble, Mr. Pearee apprized us of his in-
ttntioni, and asked what could bo done, at the
same time intimating that be would soon send the
Democrat several subscribers, (an act of which he
was nf-t guilty,) to which we simply replied,
in 1 slip "i our next number, that when they j
camk alono, tee vovld talk about Canal Cow-j
missionrr. Shall we publish thecotrchpondcnc ? !
Now, without desiring as we certainly do not
wish to raise an issue with Mr. Pearee, who was
down this week from Luzerne county, at Court,
and had Ireqiient confabs with Lord Weaver it Co.,
who as-ume to be his conscience kecpers.we will
j 1st asi him if the developement was made with
hit approbation. A.i affirmative answer will
clear our way at once ; but if it be a negative or
evasive one, we have only to say to Mr. Pearee,;
The attendance at court this session, particu
larly during the first part of the week, was unu
sually good. There was quite an amount of Com
momwealth business. No doubt the Sheriff is
pleased that the thing is over, for he has had for
the last few weeks a precious time of it.
The Grand Jury did up the busiuess before
them with "neatness and dispatch." We hope to
see a lew more of our friends on hand next week-
Sth Co'jld not aghke. Tho Hunker and
Barnburner Conventions, held at Rome, New
York, last week, with a view to effect a union of
the Democracy of that S'atc, could not agiec up
on a platform. Sorry for it.
fJ- What is the difierencc between Noah's Ark
and Joan of Arc ? One was made of Gopherwooi!
the other Maid of Orleans.
The corner slone ol a new Episcopal church,
was laid at Milton' Pa., by Bishop Potter, on the
11th ult.
W" A politician. There is a man in Illinois
named Barrow, who has changed his poltics so
often that he lias now got the sobriquet of w heel
Barrow. fJrjJ-Tlm man that sleeps in Church, is becoming
quite a noted character. He wss last Sunday seen,
in Trenton, and has visited German' repeatcdlv
within the last few months, lie is now in Bloom.
Qrj-The Salary of the President of Mexico has
peen fixed at gViS.OiJU annually the same Is our Pre
O-'J-Thore are no less than fourteen candidates
for the oflice of Shcriffin Columbia county. Why
dont Col. Tatk, come out nml beat the whole of
them :Jersyshore Republican.
First. Because we are not an aspirant for office
Second. Because we wish to light in the ranks,
Third. Because we might not be elected !
Col. Setly, will this suffice, or h ive you any
more questions to propound !
Wash i 11 s Ion a vn lv
The Washington Cavalry, of Berwick, on .Mon
day last elected the following officers :
1st. Lieut. EN OS FOWLER,
2d. Lieut. J. I). CORTRIOIIT.
(JC- A Cii AsifiK. We perceive by the last No.
nf Howen's North American Fanner, that E.
Bdwkn, Es'., having been promoted to a lucra
tive station in the Philadelphia Post Ollice, has
retired from the editorial depai'.rueiit of that pa
per, and Ibat it will hereafter be published by
Mvi:R Strorse. who was conuecled wilb Mr. II.
in the publication of the paper since its establish
ment. The "f armer" i an excellent Agricultu
ral, Literary and News paper, and we hope Mr.
S. will meet with I lie encouragement he so justly
Dkath ( Col. Thomas Colonel John Tho
mas, lather of ex-Govi rnnr Francis Thomas ol
Maryland, died at his vesidence, near PeleisVille,
Md, on Friday lust, Cnl. Thomas was in his SMh
CHm.Kn a in Cincinnati. Folly six thou-:
sand people have died of cholera and other disi a-
ses in this city, since the first of May. The esti- !
mate is lonhded upon published reports
Nor Discoi RAf.KO. No less than ten ve-n-ls
are advertised to sail from New York lor San
Francisco, in all of next week.
Pk Cavtioi:.. -Spurious bank noli .iie in cir
culalioii, alii ri d from the Slate Bunk o 'I lenlon.
to r'rescnt bills ol the Caiinlcii and M hii
Branks. 5f5 counlcrfiMt bills of New Haven Paul. , in v
plain, and dated October I, an efioat
51 bills of Eagle Bank, Boslon, al'ctcl in'o
jf a, are rrporled in 'be citv f ij f .
(fj- Olo Dkiiks. Thu Demociacy of Old
Perks, t their County Meeting lo ld on '.he 7th
inst., unanimously endorsed the Platform adop
ted hy the Pittsburg Democratic State Convention.
fjrj-" A Democrat of 1SU0," aJ also our main
rejoinder to the pusillanimous pimp of the Star,
is unavoidably omitted until next week, w hen i
will appear, and with it, will be swept away in
i the language of Clayton" the last refugu of a
j scoundrel !"
II li: It! I D:
In Woomsbiirg, on the 2 1st inst., by the Rev.
J.Kudderow, Mr. EDWIN W. PAYNE, of Phi
ladelphia, and Miss CAROLINE M., daughter of
John H. pnrton, Merchant, ol'the former plaeo.
On the 2:1.1 insi., by the Rev. D. S. Tobias,
Mr. CHARLES SlIUGG, of Northampton co , to
Miss CATIIAR BNE MILLER, of Columbia co.
On the 7th inst , by John Hichart.Esq , Mr.
II. KITCHEN, and Miss SARAHA A. Mdll-.N-RY,
both of Fishiiigcreek township.
In PoflsviPo, eti the I Ot h inst , Mr. JOHN C.
BOYD, formerly of Danville, aged 05 years.
J- . - 1 1 ' 1
fflHE first quarter of the next year will com
JL ineuce on Wednesday, the Oth of September.
It is very desirable that those who wish to enter
the. school, shonlJ be present lit Itscoiiimencemeiit,
Hates of Tuition.
Reading, Writing and Spelling. 2 Of)
Elementary Arithmetic.Geography,
llistoi v and Drawing, 3 IJO
A C A OE M I C D E PA It 1" M E N T.
Common English. 3 3')
Higher Ei.glish with Lectures, .000
Latin and Gieek. 0 UU
German, French, Painting and
Drawing each, -t 01)
Iiistiuctionsoi) Piano, S 0'J
Use of Piano, 2 00
Contingent charge, for warming &.
cleansing house and printing
Reports, &c. 37$
N. I!. Tuition and contingent charge invaria
bly in advance.
Those wishing to enter must apply to the Prin
cipal at the Seminary building. '
Aug. 22. 19-10. .
ALL persons are hereby cautioned against
taking an assignment or transfer of a note
of hand, given by me in favor of Mahlon Jlnmb
lin, abut the 20th of April last, for one hundred
and ten dollars, payable in six months from date
with interest, as I have not received value for the
same, ami am determined not to unless
compelled by due course of law.
Lighlstreet, Aug. 20, ISM.-lts.
TN pursuance of an order ol the Orphan's Couit
of Columbia county, on SATURDAY, the
Twenty second day of September mil,
at 10 o'clock, in the lorenoon, Gi oiii;v: Ni:n-(,r.-si:n.
Administrator, &c, f GEORGE NUN.
GESSER, late of Mlllin Township, in s;i;il n uMy
deceased, will expose to sale by public vinoue,
upon the premises, u certain
Plantation and Tract
of Lands
situate in Mifflin township, in taid ceunty, ad
joining lands of Jacob Schweppeiihei-ser, on the
north east and south, and lands of .lacob Swank,
on the esst. containing
more or less. -jisA
Th.?re is on the premises, a one JEv4 j ' V
Story Ls "OUSE.jJ g
f&Lntr Hani, nn Apple sM&a&jl
ORCHARD, and aliout Fiftv
Five Ackek of Cli:aui:d Land:
Late the estate ot said deceased, situate in the
township of Mifflin, and counlv al'nresaid.
Blontnsbiirg, Aug. 21, llii-fifs.
rpiHE subscriber would inform the citizens of
J liloomsburg, and the public at larte. that
he has just opened a Nuw S i on k, in the brick
huildin?, lately occupied by Albright ftMopg'd,
on Xlain slreet, iiorlh, where he oilers for sale, a
general assortment i f
Cloths and Ready Made Cl(illiinr,
of the best kind and latest btyle, summer and
w inter wear.
Also DKY GOODS, COFFEE, etc , chea er
than the cheapest for cash.
(t J-Garrneiits ol all kinds cut and made to order.
Thu public are invited to call and examine his
stock in trade.
Klooms'inis, Aug Q5, IS-IO.-om.
Eeslate. ff'.lbllX KLINIj, dercaard.
"TVI'ICE is hereby eivr-n, that Letters of Ad-
ministration on thi-pstate of John ICi.iNf,
late of Sural loal low nship, Coliiiebia couiily. Se
reisinl, have fccti uranleil by ihe teijister ot Co
liimliie counlv, lo the undei siloed, residing in
Fishinacreck township : ,-Ml persons indibted t
idd Estate are re.pio-ied to make payment, and
those having ilciiiatids against said estate, will
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
HMi.MAN L.Mr,-,
Aug. 20, lS4:l.-r,ts. t:.r,rvlii.
rotate ffJEssi: nnr.Kirrs. d, rt.
TOTICE is iicrrby given, that Letters of Ad-
liii-iralion on the l.-late of Jfsk I'oiichts.
late of Beaver township. Columbia county, de
ceased, have been granted by Ihe Ib'L'istcr nf
ColtUnbia rouuly, to Ihe subscriber, residing in
lilackereek township, Luzerne county ; All per
sons indebted to said estate ate reijiiosti i o make
payment, and thoso hivini; cb-iios nuain-l it, to
present them forthwith to the su'-isci-ibcr.
PETF.u i;i:i:kts.
A of C"'. 1 " I''. -'its Mministralor.
I Hot k 1.. formerly . Vi-
kepi bv Fcnliii.nid U.t- A-tf,; VS
ter.'on Mti'i street, in JtffcfcT
While iJrtll, Hr,;:f
Columbia cminty, Patim. ,5oi;ilw. y'f f;
.111 the upper fide o sat I .jVv;.v,., :-!ia.U
slreel.anil 00 the main "
read leadio:: from I'loo!i-I iu lo ", is ..,w
lii pl liy Ihe iiii.eiii;ued. who is lo!l pi, '.ii. il
to a"'oi,ii lot 1 l',e pub I H-, an I v lil In picked
w.ul np-iti trav. Ib is and others w lio In H I it 1 1
him with their custom.
v n: '.r,.;:,i;
v...'.- il r.i. .'.; -.-.f
Franklin township, will we are authorized to
say, be a candidate lor Coi'nty CoMMisionei ,
and respectfully milieus the support of his fel
low I'ili.ens.
rwiritoN ioatk.v
A iiikii hy tin, nnmi) of C..1 1'P ten i'nptd wllh
young ninn of th www nf r. Ton mom!, anil uc hw
nainn lo put un a Patsaisnl!a, winch limy rail Dr. Tows
MnirParMiii,dt!nmiiiirtl!ng it OF.XU1.YF., ()riMnal,
ele, 'I hi, Towriicii'l is nu ilortur, anil ntver was : liul wm
forinorly worker on r.olmnils, canals, unit ih like. Ycl h
uunifs Die lille of Dr.. fur tho mirp i' el iinln trtiliifnr
what he I, not. This la in ooiiiun llic put. lie not to Imi j
' aim unrciiiM nnnr lm the MK.Vl'.VK OHHII-
ttJll. Dr. J.icoli ToHnwnil's HiiMninnlla. hnvnii; oa
II the OIJ Dr's likcnim, hi linmly cent of arms, and hit
lnaturn irro ihr uont of anus.
Prmciftl Offir.t, l2 A'ltsnx-tt., Xrit York Cilf.
TIIH DUlCINAI. l)l;-l,'nVi:itLK (ll-'TltK
(icntiiue Totra.srnd Sarsaparilla.
Old I'r. 'l iovnseiid n nov di-mt 70 vrirs of iije. tool has
liK hern known m thf .iU!H)H Hint Dlxc.oVh ltf U
( tin- UKXU1.YF. " TOHXsy.Xl) S.1H
S.iP.1Hll.l,A.'i ',Knf (i.Bir. hu was rmiipi lli'd to limit its
ninul..ruiri-, hy whii li mnans it has hci-ii k -t nut of mar
kcl, and Ihe mles tir-iiiiie nl-i( 10 thuse enly who hail
proved Us mmh, and knottn lis value. Il hud reiidiml
Ihe -nri of many, nevi riliela. ns ilinse tiiIih vvlm h id
turn hritfd 01 sine iiu-i,5i-s, nal sand iruai deaili, iro
daiiued lis exeehenre fnd uninlrrfiil
Kiicuvinj, mini; jiun.n in- iiaj, hy liis skill,
rlfiop nml ..iitu i.cii, i!..v.n'd an iirnclp which would be
of iiic iii iiliiliie ndtaioaie to ni wikinil lien the meaiu
would hu fiirnisheil In win" II into movers il nntn-e. wIhm
lis Inmiiiiiaale viruie wi.iilil h known and appreciated.
1 an t'liin iia-- roiiie. me nn :ms are siijiiiiietl ; thi
au.ixit .ixi) cxi:iu.ii,i.i:i I'HKi'.nt.iTiox
Is liiiintll.irtiirrd on the larjesl r.slc, uml ii culliid I. .r
llmiiiirliiiiii ihe length anil hreadih of the land, e-wciallr
M ins fuiinit incapalile ot ih-.-eneration or dioerioraiam.
I' iinkn ycnii.i; .-. I' Timnund il improves with nee. and
unver rlianses, hut fur Ihu Iwtier : liecaii-o it is prepared m
icirRtijit primilti by a jco nuc ot.ipi. The hmliesi kmiwl
edn of rheini.iry. and the hti -t iliroveries of the art,
Save all been brmi'jht iniii reiiiiiiiinn in trie minnfartiire
of the Old ln's SvirsniMnlla. Thu Mmapunlia rout, it ii
well known lo meihral men. enutains many niedirin'd pro
priies, and siuiii- itroiaTties wliii ti are inert ur iinless, and
uihers, ivhicn If refoned in preeiriiie it for iw-, produce
I'ermtntiittnn and nnif, whieh is tiijurious to the syatein,
dome of the pmier:ies nf S ir.i.iiarillii are so rlatite, that
Ihey entirely evunurate and lire lo-t in ihe preimrition. if
they are mil preserved hy a nat-ntiHc iracr.-v, Known only
to Iho-.e experienced in lis tii;onit;it'tn,. Moreover, these
oifaoe prttiajilea. which fly oil' in v.ipnr. or as an exhala
tion, under he.u. am the very efenttnt metlictU prujiertut
if the root, which give to it all 111 value.
Any gieriiin ran hnil or new Ihe root till they tret s dnri
eolored lliual, ik fioin il.e caorutL' mailer in
th root than from any thm eNe ; they can Pan strain
this liisipal or vapid r 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 , srteeieu with Hour molasses,
nd tan call il s, A !(:-Al'. II I I.I, A lA'l'UAIT or SY
Ht P." Hut slch Is tint the arurle know n a llie
'J'lus in in trt'tari'ti Ih'it nil the iiifft iTnMi'V'.les ef lh
Sitrnni.inllii runt iiiK nru (vmmetl, iry ihiiii' t iprtttu' k(
bi'iM'iiiir a ih;kI nr of I'i'i ufimtt iti. is t'Urnr-,t'i) tml riH-ited ;
(Im'D every (i:trtu l ol iniltf tl virlno n Mmri t m n punt
iin'l Cnnrcit(r;i(f il h.rni ; thu i: ! r. nl rn! ihc 'klIU' f
Uwmp uy nl'liii v;nii'tl.l'' tunl hful.tia pruprrtiuH. I'n'jiuri-d
III til l Wity, it t: IliiuJ'' tl.O lli-i.rt HtAftllil n;'iM.t III lllf i
lIui cti iho r)M"nn v ii) wtj lie tr imumi -nl ii.miis oii evtiry
giilr in its ftvnr ic im.n, nun !i, ;u.ii cjiiiiii n. U'e it
d-tttty W'ttihtfr! mi lite fUrr n('
(ttXhi'Mi'I ;.'.V. y i'f''Vv. r... I.HiU tM
nj.h.8, v.u.y nyyjtfss, m i.i'w.vj;oi .s hitvp
Tit JfS, I'tMI'Lla, l:?jiCTlh., ami all vil!iclitoi
anting (rum
It (Hvi'.rs-'e n nnrvelioiis i iViu icy t;i niiij''it'; nriiinf
from in4ifttiiin, Cmin ,'Uulihi ,f tin .l 'c-d-;. U. Ii.m uucijiial
Cirrulttion. (l't-iniin.n'ii 't f ;'! U. im m fl :t iii'.a
ol' the ti4nrt. rU i;iu xnd It tinK. nli cin,' , t.ul vl II istiei
nvr the hi't.y. It lit.-, nni its c-.A in ( h! i ,11 it toughs;
ftnit rnii c.'i va rivturiiii'jN !un! : ni' j r-pin in,
rlh&irii! -un:tnrf of ilit Ihm'-n, tlinnu, in,l " ry utn. r p'trl.
Hut mi iM-tliMi i it 1 1 c r 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 ' iii-ifi! iii;m,i( -tiy ..ctu itnj
vkni''-' ' tird iti tt in nil kii t-'' !'! -I 'V"- - f
j;.I.I.K tOVil'hAl.sTS.
It w rK 1 . j 1 I t- in r.i-i'i nf f a, t, ii r tfiifr. F.tfl-
IVf'ty ti.f HtuH't, ttt-triirtttl ,SV;if'..VHi, i.y I'ttiufttt Mrntttj.
Irrt'i ''tl i!h nl tin: n.i n li ,l i. iUlntii, :tl.l tin iihf, and
id ft rlli ritru ci ' '.iii,:i nil t)n I 'itui H' h,il rij Jirurt.
Htf ri!ihiiM; iii-iiiii'Iii,iih, iiimI rfin'iiir Hie enfrnl
ijst'jni it t'ivi nt' - hi 'Iilii.h tn ui .' wlmit: iumy, aui
tliu fires ml luitii'. ul
.cnotis tiiM'asrs ami ik'lnlity,
aiirf Uuu prnvt'iits ) r-l f ;i tinut variety ui "I'mt nnl
tilth, ;IH Sptihll irrttiilntil. Xiuril.hl, t. I tWi JJu4C$
Il clt;;ui-t s lite I'M-itc.H the her in lualtliy iiclinu,
(iihk the sPiiM;.rh, ami mis pM.I iiiii- tinu, rl ari the
tmwi-l nf Mrpttr and t-uiittip ilin, aiMM intl mnnatiun,
Ufill ill' fikili, ;utiluci 1Im riuu'alt' H i'l I "if tiinoil.
priKluritic "'-iitle warmth fNM.'!'y a'l mil tde ii.iiy, anil
Hit? inst'iivbit pcrpit'ili'Mi ; rr;,iAt iill .i.cliu ami (ilit
trs, nii. ivi's .iii tilir'i :i"ii . a: it ir. ra , tin: L-niir
nervniiH ti-ni. U rp'i Un thru
The mrdiiiur psT-rraiaccfj)' lh'iM
Itut can oiiy n tlit -t thu,!-. I- 'mi . I', I nun '.'m.'i
I utt r r ariulf' 'l'i vtiur mni' hipi"! i- ti"t to lit
Ifraiht ot nu-(.K"i)i iii.a tUe n s I.NCAl'A
Itl.h nl UKCKKh HiATI'iN, nn t
While the ntlief P'jK; .mUr, j'i-m r.-fVn w. 'mil k'-ixtiig
Itit but Urn i;iitit;iimiii.' it iuh 'r;i;'na'iii ; the hi -ur, .i'UiH
ipmilih aiii: ! ni tuiL uttit r .ihIn '. .lnl not it.u ii'-rn-tie
coinjio' In: pii'tiinoiiM t Hit' yn't'iit 1 - H h' t ! ut
tctd infi a .( tihtwii aisi fit it ,uti W h'H taitiet
ly-rt'psi;i liai ? Jii, mil ill k:n llial wlmti h"i
ourH in our stoaiiirh-i. what ihi-rluef it proilures ) tin tn
k'lH '. i'tartldirn, p ilpitaiioii ol the h'ri. Lut I'l-infitaiiiL
dnrrlwa. il'MMit'-r . rolir, nii'l cri'i'iion ol tiif lt'oli
W rmi is n.iMM tin an ;mh) It'in. r in Ha- Inlv ? Wh il
rotut"n ail Hit h'i.'iior uh.ih hr.t.i! t..i l.iimtiMin of lii
kui. .- hIi Mi-ail. mIi h'lictii'i. l',riMii'ii, A li t" it
iiij;s, ffver hres, ami Nil ih ihn ihal and t:u-riMt1
It ih iiuthni!; nmP r heini'it. I mi in unil ul t"in t . u Jich
sour . tml tti'. "iiiU all t'ii liii". i( the lioii;, inorf or
lf. h t 'an !(ln' ni.;iii.i inn i .H-nir r m .il lt;n.1
Hinrfi itiMDii itn U-i il i..m tt ft it thi' joint ami il ei In r:.
Itril tiili: ,imi hi;l ti., ,c ln'j iti .irtir l.-to , w: ri it
Rri-1 ,-.) ,( p,.jinis u .( -i ni mijittrtiy m tli-' t I i . 01
demnpt il i in.ii.niH'iiK, .tun m ifty nil tin uiniic it'- win It
ifihcl huinaii ri.unrr,
Now ik it not li'irril'ic i" ni.iKu nn l ?rll, mhI m. intt.y
mrai In iiif IJii
I'UI N!)'' (K S. P. TUVtSi:V !.
ind cl h wan 1. 1 l uu hvt it u mh t ;-ijj ttc! 1 ' it r. Surnh
rons nii 1 fi nuin' 0-ttrtr.i: S:' inurftm. I- an IMITA
I I o.N ol hu ink i mr p.'Ct-r tii"ii ' !
ivi n turtml trrtl f .-iioiiiii ilcl in an s'lirlc whirh
ami. (I l :ir ttif nm-t ili.ittnl r" I'm 'a nr- ti r. I'. 'I'owu
'fnd tirtirtr! a ml wh.rh so i! tfiiii; n n ilpuii the Oltl
Or. Mich :t it u 1 1 :n l ' 'i-iii,'; i.nt'. it..i i.riiii'ii iiion.i
if'im l,',iii Iid i i i- nl'l, n:it1 ptirri.:t er-, i. have iuihI
S. r. 'iiii,ni(r. K Kit Ml Nil Mi (UMIMI'M.
Virih ti until riiti.d, M r i'i-r il ih the ui."ilntr fruTA,
th. t ii p. 'I'own.i'ml . artirlr ai .1 Olil lr. .laroh Tuwa-
enl Srtr-ai'.ni; , u'r Af.:-vf a tria t:;nn, nnd n fin:1titt hi ; that th- y artiaiikf in i ury p.irtii .ilar, tiavinj;
mil one miiit1 t:u'ir in I'litMrn n-
A S. V. n-i'tiil is iiii ilofiur, ami nevt-r wi. t nu
hfimt. ii I'lrir.ti.H a-iint - known i.o more ol int'rju-int nr Ih tn .Tiy oihiTf.-'iuni it, hum i'in:i.-. 'inpoileinrNi
a ni, , h it r.i :r.i ,;, r i nn the puliia lave that iliey r r
ieiu:k' ;t j i. ;it:c - , ti l . ti : li litiiic. roiilairiinf all the
Mr ha Ml (he ,ir in us ii- .r. :n nr'-inrt in it. ai-l hih are in
Mprtn.p nf rhttn,-'. u h . Ji tn.i;iit n-i; lir llii-in the At.lvN'l'S
Hi t I' l-r if; t'.f ! til , :.;(!.
Ilat winf I i Mutuiil ! MptTK'l li'iru or,e who hnow
;iothi' i' inti ir -tiit i', ol imi'iI.i m "i t: ''ft"C' ! It iti, tires
i jiTM-xt ( .nii t'i'i-rifpir.j in r mk M-fVt Hp rvt'n l
"III a ii.-. i nf nit ,il Idn; tiihcl, ni' 'l i- II t) ' t' Liifl t n n tf
Hit' p-f'' US Ii" rri.iiil',',irtnrr t.i'i ,rtict tr. rt - 1 -r
W:AH .SToil.M IIS AM) f;F. KHI.Jvli Hi'STMS,
.tl'llL.t kl
.Hi.1 lli.l'H
mil t'je tinilii-'il proiTtiic el plarl. th(
nl MTtintii: ainl i i rr ti.t ,r ht:Miun(
il ' 'I'm -i v kti-tw l '".I.' nl l It'' arioii i ill .rinui
I,- 1. il th til M "tMH. aii. 1 HUM il ft MIClllL'H
UN 11 -tl,
i lie
Il i, I .
I '1 III V. mIiIH
Ui I'M. In
up ii tie i
.1. I i Kinali
Mil IU..I l.i.
Ji'inr b.ilin
.1 Ii ,:,
!e-mi ririj
.r n iii i tie
. - ! . 'I T.,1 '
liMr''ln:l-f I'li'l
' i,. In .-.Ii ii.,. iy i tml I IK.
I. Mi l,.is m il I nun K'll'.M1 llif iii
m. .'i In mi: Il
ni CoiKei'it t atesl
l' t,l i (I v
l ml Ii. 'Ii.: K.i-i.l n.l.e nf i 1 1 v e. 1 1 U,
i in-
o . in I. .i , .. .1 l-ii. . !,;. ) lii, i,,. . ni l' .'J
Ti.utM riidcul 1'nwi r tti iif al
i' I.I I -
-oiiV lillincry tV iTl.nilna
rilllF. undersigned taKes pleasure in announcing
J to her old customers and thu citizens ol
luoouisbuig, generally, that she has lilC.MOVED
to her new apartments, on Mam street, immedi
ately over II 11 mian's Sloir, up stalls, (entrance
at tho head of Foundry Alley,) where she is pre
pared to execute, in Heat style and on very slum
notice, all orders in the lino of fashionable
Millinery suhI Maiituamaking.
UJ-Ladiw' woh, of evi ry descriptmn, will
be attended to promptly a.ol sertioj; i-ictulid u
Vashti PANCOAbT.
l'lluolinburg, Aug. !S, jlu.
T)ERSO..S visiting town during ,'.;.
1. t'ourt week or any other tune, "C- s
and in want ol a Cheap Family Bible flKK-(A--
or other ai ncle 111 I.10 Book and bi a-' '"
liouery way, can be accommodated 'on applica
tion at the Ri.ooMsrtURU Hook Store, 111 the
Exchange buildings, by
Swarlz .y Messenger.
Rlooms'mrg, Aug. 1 lblli.
I Noril) UraiulpCniidl.
i Beach IlAVi:N,Aug.l,1819.
! Col. Tats:
Dear Sir The following bIiowh
Dip cnllcctiona of ctul tolls at this ollice.
Amount per last report $'1U,.V.i7 03
" inotith ending July .list.... ll,'Juti7u
Wliole awoMtit since .tuth Nov. 1S-1S, 0,004 -14
Do. tu end July over lust jeat, 'i'J.Osl 27
Increase over last season to same dale,
Deinof ratic Co. Convention.
rnilE Demociiitic electors of ColnrTibia county
are requested to t.-ient at Ihe usual places of
holilini; general flections, in each election
district, on lr Saturday, -CO the first day
ot Septemher next, between 2 and 0 o'clok P. M.
there and then to elect two delegates from each
election district, tomeet in County Convention, at
the Court House in Itlooniiru:, on
Monday the third day of September next,
at 12 o'clock, M., for the purpose of placing in
nomination a Democratic County Ticket to hu
voted for hy the Democrat of Columbia county
at the coming fall election.
By order of the Standing Committee.
(D-JOIIN 1)1 1". I'i'ERICK, L'sq., whose name
had been announced, without Ins knowledge or
consent, as a candidate for Ihe Legislature, has
authorized un to say that he will not be a candi
date at present.
Hemlock township, will be a candidate before
the Democratic County Convention, for Uepresen
l.itive of Columbia county in U Lej;islaluie of
township, will lie a candidate before Ihe Deino
cral ic County Convention, lor Hepioscnlativr. ol
Columbia county in the Lcgislaluie ol Pemisjl-
GnJUKNAIiD ItUPER'J', of Ulooms
iur;', will he a candidate for 'J'ri:asi;her. if
I nominated by the Democratic CountvConveiition.
stone township, will be a candidate for the ollice
of iioiinnulcd by the Democratic
ConnU ('onvontion.
H'A. LEVERS, of Atitliony fown
slu'p, will be a candidate for Trkasuh kr, if nom
inati'd by Ihe Democratic Couuty Convention.
ol Anthony l)., will be a candidate for TliKAS
I'KKK before the Democratic County Convention
this lull'
pleasant tow nship, will be a candidate for the
ollice nf Av uitor, if norninaied by the Demo
cratic County Convention.
.1 O UN j7 fl V. E '. (,
Attorney at Law:
ty Okkick, next door to the Court House,
liloomsburg, Columbia County, I'evna.
TIUSINP.SS entrusted to his charge willre-
J ) ceive pi
aili'tit ion.
nmpt, professional and caielul
n hereto siven.'hat the uriiL -rsieneil will atleml
t the bouse "f Unbelt llatrcnhm-li, Light St.,
on llir "nl lav "I Si plembi r rcxi, for the
purpose 'd' Kivini; tile tax payors an opportunity
of pavini; their Si hool Tax, as levied by the Di
rectors for Ihe School Year, ol Is-li).
Treasurer of the llloom School district.
July 1, 14'J.
OJicc of the " Calitiriissa, H'illiumsport
nml I'rie Hail Road Company,'" An. 4S
Sioitli fourth
June 4th, 184!),
Street, Philadelphia, ,
1)Y an act of the Li-eislalnre of Ihe Common'
) wealth nf Penn-vlvania, approved the '.'nth
day of March. IH'.i, it was declared that the
Little Sclmvlkil! and Susquehanna Iloilroad Csim
nany hnnld, there .Iter, be know n bv the name of
the Catawissa, Williamspnrt and Krie Kailtoail
Cmnnanv, and the President and Managers of
said Company this day passed the followim; reso
lution :
" Resolved, That the Secretary publish a no
tic of the change in the name of the said Corn-
panv, anil to request the Stockholders, thereof lo
sntreiiiler up
the old formicates or mock, ami
i .I. n mil new ones in conformity to Ihe chance in
the name of the Company , and that he also t-ive I
notice lo such of the Slockholders of the late Lit-
lie Schuylkill and Stisipiehanna Railroad Compa- !
whose stock is forfeilalile for non-payment of
' iust.ilineiils thereon, that the owners of said stock
shall have Ihe rinlit to rnnsnlidale the payment
1 made tliei eon, and take shares nt the par value in
; the Calawisa. Wiil iamspoi t ami F.rie Hail Hoad
I Compat.v, o llie amount i f the actual payments
' on the 'hares so forfeilalile. provided, the ohl
I certificates are surrendered lip in ninety day w
! from Ihe lime of (he publication of such notice in
, two of the papers priiilcd in the citv (if I'liilath'l
plu i. and one ill the county of ('.diimbia ; and in
. default of lb. surrender of Mich cerlili. ales atol
cmiviliilr:tinn, the said iharoi and all previous
payment llietimi ate hereby declarej tobefoi-
lei led.
I) LK.W rreiidtnt
:i'it "-om.
IV JUJt. tilitJV of IM1III111 t., .,
w ill be a candidate lor I he olhce of Coiinni
sioner, if nominated by the Democratic Cuuni;
r-(;i:()R(iE W. HARDER, i.fl'A,.
wis-a tow h.ship, w ill be a candidate for tin- vut ,
ef Commissiuner, 11 nominated by the Demorratio
t'oiinty CoiivpiiIioi,.
I r-JOSEPH VETTER.S, of Cait;,-
wissa lovMi.dup, will ne a candiua't ot the -tlici-
( oiiiuiissionei , il nominmed b) ihe Dm.o-
I UOOlV ( Ijlill'lll 1011.
l F
MAIiTMA.N.ol'Jjlooiii twi-
we are le.pi.steil lo sv. ill be
"ill or a 1 aio ouii- L r
mi. at toe eiiainir
MlKRltk n I oi.umhia
'eio id 1 !, tion, aiol t.r sion ili- the kui,i,,.n .,1 his
tiMli.WCIIlCH!! tftsIM! ,. IV j
it -
To the l)t iiiiicraiiit lectori ol' 'oIiiutfi;i
Uiffcil by iionirioiir fi it.-i.ijM 1 would ,.!. i iii).
sell Us i f.i rul i j:. n fi r tin llice of I to lit . In
not mucli rcvsvil in r.i,liln -.1 i,jM,WIl,i ,-ai,nol,
lln-ielotr, make iiolilis l.n.111. ss, eveti i,j ie
hope ol olfi.v. Slis.iuJ J rtc.'iie (l,e i.oIj.jolIioi,
and lie eli s ttil, I pr.iriijs in Ji-, Unrgv Mm Jutios '
ul tile ollice f..illnuily anil iiiiiiirti:ui.
, , J- H. 1LT:.VaN
Hl'inmsiinri. ,'nno In. 1 ;
To Ihe Democratic Electors tt Columbia
Pillow Citizeks:
At the solicitation of many of my friend 1 f.
fer tnysell as a camlidte lor XhLbu-, to tie
Dc-tiiocuiio County Convent, on. 1 iJR th kUu
porl of Biy friends and reinain
Cloinnio v nship, June 2, ),i la..
To the Citizens of Columbia cuumv.
I place msolf helote )ou as a candnlaie K.r I ho
ollice of Slienir, at the eiisuiiiUM.irti,,( j pl,.jK
my sell that ll,e initios of the ollice nbail he fant,.
f ally periornied. Your Mipport is
Danvule, July 7, JS4'j.
To the Voters of Coltimliiij counlv.
At the milicitatioii of many nl tnv friends imd
neitliliors. I am induced lo oiler rny-ell a can
didate for Sherili: Should I be elected. I wiil
ilincliarge the duties of the oflice wilfi fidelitv ami
impartiality. J therefore solicit the support ot
the Electois.
Liberty, July 7, 1 SI J
To the Free Electors of Cnitimbia CoutitJ.
lutJuced by the partiality . t many old friends, I
ofler tnyscll as a candH.ole lor Shot ill. 'iour
generous suffrages are earnestly and most i-specl.
lully solicited lor the nomination. Should 1 bu
fortunate a to succeed, I pledge my best endeav
ors, to discharge Ihe ilnlies ofbaid ollico with
impartiality audslnct fidelity.
RlnninOiiir'.', June II'J,
To the Democratic J'olcrs f Colvmbii
At the solici'tition of nmiiy of my friends, I of.
fer myself as a candidate for the office of Sm'iun-.
at tlieensuiimel-toliyn. makeno pledtien th.y
are in bad keepmi; ; hut mhcit trie support of n.y
friends thruughout the couiily,
J'amf.s i kkkxi:.
''.loom township, Juno ',, sp)
To the InuVjientluu Electois of Colunhu
Solicited by tunny friends, and nrdd to mn'c
Ihe effort, I heiel.y ofl. r invself as a t-i.hilirl..i,- i,t
Ihe enmiiie; election, tor ihe ollice of u mi
If successful, it shall be mv first a-,n t ,li,b ,rc..
Ihe duties nf said mee, to general sallslaclion - .
More I cannot promise.
Madison, June Mth. lS I'.l .
To tlie Electors of Columbia couniv.
Kncoiii aeeil bv nipi v
.r h
k hose frie
enJsllltl Ii niiiliiv v.lllleil. I el . .
invseii to y-iir cons i .n as a candidal', lor
Snnurr, and respeeifnlly .olicl snflrsen
f..r .said oflice, ptotnisim;, if nominated and i Ij ct
ed. to disehare Hi,, varimw duties :i m-'-i t i 1 1 i i. -theieunto
with strict fidelity and tr, the hes- of
my humble abilities. '
Amzi IJnowN.
IIo irin'crck. Ana. .1. ts.r.i
To the Democratic
Elictors of ('..IiimI
Warmly urged by inanv of my IVieei'j. ! ..('. r
myself as a candidal.- for tbe oliie, i !4, m,,., ,.f
a' the otisuiriu election snliciliii". ;,t il,,. i,mi,
of my Democratic hrethcrti.tlu: pr.-liioin.irv t
iiialioiii,l,,(li;iti n.vsf-l I, il ininiiirateo anil eh ,
ted, to Willfully disciiait'e all tbeduliis inciim
bent upon the ollice
Hemlock, .Tune I4. 1 !!).
To the Independent Elector vj 'Columbia
At Hie solicitation of mv friendi. I aeiio nflo.
myself asa Candidate for office ol Sm.mvt",
the clisuitii: cls'ilien. Should !,mi, fnrfim :i1
to receive a ncijoritv of vioir mitlV; n I iile.ti-,.
tnVSHlf to icCOtc the illllies o said ulT.e., Willi
fidelity, humanity and impartiality
J i' kson. .tune ) . 1-1'.
To, the Independent Vvlnx of Columbia
lo. lured liv th" fi CMriii:; oticotirr ;nr-.i nt i,f r ,i .
meroos friend'-. I aii'i-uiiee mvwr-lf n ctoei-ilnte p r
the ollice of s'iii.uit, a' the en-.iiii,L; V riion,
and should I ren-ive ain.ji.iitv "t v. vr vt t,.
I can onlv protni-e lo di ..
.0-...., ... it... I. ..-.I ..r .,
'ro-'i. th" ('nlict o'' -.Mil
uiltiies, aril wilb fn u t
r,.I.-l i tV 'I impaitialily. "
Mitllin. June lib. I I
To Ihe Democratic Tlcctarx ot Columliu
Thronirh the Iriemllv indieations of many
ft lends, ami in acci-rd-men wilh mv own I'Mies,
1 (ifler invself to as n camlidnto
for the oflice of Sncnirr. respeclfully pnliritinj
your snllraircs; and, il elected, promise a prompt
and faithful dtsrharer of the important dutief of
that responsible station.
Orance. tnne -lih. I l!'.
To the FrPC Elcelors rf Cnhitnhia ronntv.
Enrmirnaerl hv many friends, F oiler mvcntt'"9
a candidal., for Hie office of Sheriff of rntnn.l.i i llir jpprnBrliiim erneral Klerlinn.--Shonld
' -ereivr i pir.ji.rity of voir vols. nod l,P
elected, I leirnestlv promiep to discharL". th du
ties i if il eflire faithfully and impartially -
Your ."ii(lrai;es arr re--pretfnlW snlielle.l
Madis.m. .'..'v 7 ".9
To the ciiiens (,f Columldn rnuntv
At the sell.
nation .. many . my I. Tends and
in ipdns'id to . t'ei inch',. ,
didale for
1"H-' Shinil.t hp eleetert t .. ;tl
di-rharcr Mie duties rl'lhr s flo-r w ill, fi1I(.jtv .,,(
imp irtialilv. I thciefoir solicit the fnflnc'r f
the KlrctcTK
Valler, July IS